Universal Charity and Religion

The theorem of the physicist Albert Einstein, E=mc2 (energy is equal to the mass of matter multiplied by the speed of light squared) demonstrates how atheistic materialism was knocked down to the ground.

“Matter transforms into energy, energy into matter.” This wise physicist’s theorem sealed the end of materialism.

The binomial Spirit-Matter is nothing other than the manifestation of one single thing, which is energy.

ImageReligions have a scientific base, temples are true plants of atomic energy, and prayers are mental formulae that allow us to generate energy that passes from one brain to another. This is how the so-called miracles are performed. Now, whoever laughs about religion is an enemy of atomic energy, and only ignoramuses laugh at such a tremendous truth.

The forces generated by any religious ritual can be utilized in agriculture or in order to heal the sick from a distance. The day in which these forces will be photographed and measured with precise devices is not so far away. At this point, priests from all religions become true sages of nuclear energy.

Death is a subtractive, mathematical, numerical operation. Once this operation is finished, only the sum remains; these are “values.” Thus, what continues after death are energetic, natural values. These values return, therefore death is the return into conception. Life and death are intimately joined, because both are simply modifications of the universal energy.

The destroyers of religions ignore nuclear physics, and “whosoever laughs about what he does not know is an ignoramus who walks on the path of idiocy.” Religious persecutors are just wretched ignoramuses.

Whosoever criticizes the religion of a neighbor commits a crime against Universal Charity, because all religions are precious pearls linked on the golden thread of Divinity.

In any great social reform, we must respect all religions, schools, orders, and beliefs. The religion of every human being is something very sacred and worthy of respect.

True Cognizant Charity is based on comprehension; therefore, whosoever combats religious principles is lacking Cognizant Charity.

Dialectic materialism was reduced to dust with the theorems of the wise author of the Theory of Relativity.

Scientific method will demonstrate the existence of hyperspace, the energetic value of prayer and rituals, as well as the tremendous reality of the energetic “I” that continues after death; the day on which the energetic “I” will be photographed will arrive.

Religions, orders, and schools must be united in order to work for the social and economical wellbeing of humanity, based on Cognizant Charity.

The fraternal wars between distinct religions are condemned to universal disapproval, because the great Universal Charity is Cosmic Religiousness.

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