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Satan Before the Throne of God by William Blake
Satan Before the Throne of God by William Blake

The Wheel of Life and Death That All Beings Suffer Upon, and How to Escape It

When the journey of our solar system around the zodiacal belt finished, the Lemurian epoch came to an end. Lemuria was a continent that was located in the Pacific Ocean, which had a wonderful race. How long did it last? It lasted as long as the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt. When that trip ended, at the end of that cycle, the planet Hercolubus arrived, a planet that correlates with that trip (an extraordinary cosmic mechanical conveyance). Then, Hercolubus, with its powerful force, attracted the fire from the interior of the Earth: volcanoes erupted everywhere in Lemuria, great earthquakes were caused, and over  a span of about ten thousand years of incessant earthquakes and tidal waves, Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean.

The Era of Atlantis

A new journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt served as a foundation for the Atlantean root race. How long did the Atlantean root race last? As long as the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt. After that trip, Hercolubus arrived again, which produced a revolution of the Earth's axes; the seas changed their beds and Atlantis ended.

Atlantis was a long and immense continent that was located in the ocean that bears its name: the Atlantic Ocean. Obviously that continent in principle had its Golden Age, as we the Aryans had it and as the Lemurians had it.

In the Golden Age, that is, the pre-Atlantean era, when love, beauty, harmony, and poetry spread everywhere, those who ruled Atlantis were divine kings, sacred kings. Those sacred kings had powers over fire, air, water and earth, over everything that is, has been and will be; later the Silver Ages came; Copper and Iron from Atlantis. Of course, the primitive splendors, the cults of the elemental gods were then changed by cults.

In Atlantis there was a civilization that human beings of these times do not even remotely suspect. Suffice it to say that there were automobiles powered by atomic energy, which could just as well travel on land, float through the air, navigate through the waters, and were powered by nuclear energy. The houses of the Atlanteans were always surrounded by walls, ramparts, they had gardens to the front, gardens to the rear.

The Atlanteans made atomic rockets in which they traveled to the Moon and other planets of the solar system. I lived in Atlantis, and I can testify to you about that. However, there were several cities. There was a wonderful cosmo-port, from that cosmo-port, cosmic ships, atomic rockets left for one or another planet of the solar system. I liked to go to a kind of caravansin, which is what the restaurants of that time were called, and from there we would contemplate through the windows, those large glass windows, the entire cosmo-port; I liked to see how those rockets headed for the Moon. At first these caused great astonishment, and nothing was heard except the cries of the crowds; later it became very common.

The lighting was atomic, with nuclear energy.

There were devices, for example, that were connected to the mind, and transmitted teachings to one without having to rack one's brains to learn, marvelous telepathic apparatuses transmitting knowledge to one, which I have not seen again in this age.

In Atlantis there was a yellow race, the lords of the round and yellow face, the lords of the face of the Moon; there were whites, the lords of the dark face, the reds, etc., etc. There were different angles, different places, in which the colors were codified.

One of the temples that was known at the time of Atlantis was the temple of Neptune, and the god Neptune, the great Lord of Atlantis, was worshiped. The God Neptune, the Regent of Neptune, came to take a physical body on Earth and lived in Atlantis; he wrote his precepts on the columns of the temples. The cult of Neptune was very famous, just like that of the elementals of the waters, the sirens of the immense sea, the nereids, the geniuses of the ocean; it was an extraordinary time, the ancient Neptunian-Amentine, which came from a remote past.

The lions dragged the carriages. Today, the lions are furious, terrible, but in Atlantis the lions served as draft animals, the lions were domesticated. The dogs were much bigger, huge, now they are small; they were mastodons at that time, they served to defend the houses of the citizens, they were furious. Horses also existed but they were gigantic. There were huge elephants; the mammoths, ancestors of the elephants, abounded a lot in the jungle mountains, they were huge.

Everything was technical in Atlantis. In matters, for example, of viscera transplants, the Atlanteans outdid these people of today. For example, they transplanted hearts, livers, kidneys, pancreas and, as an amazing thing, transplanted brains. For example, there were people who considered themselves immortal, because, as the Essence is always connected to a brain, at a certain moment, that brain was transferred to a young body and then the Essence continued connected to that young body, for middle of that brain. There were subjects who physically lived for thousands of years with the same brain. All this was much more advanced in Atlantis. That was extraordinary.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the Kali Yuga the Atlantean race degenerated terribly. People surrendered to black magic. A word was thrown before an enemy, a mantra, and the enemy fell dead instantly. Black magic was developed. The forces of sex were used, but for evil, to cause harm to other people at a distance; that was when Atlantis already degenerated. In its times of splendor, it was beautiful, but when it degenerated it was very serious. Alcohol, the same as now; lust, degeneration taken to the maximum; and thus Atlantis disappeared, simply because of the great catastrophe.

It happened that a revolution of the axes of the Earth came, the seas changed their beds and swallowed Atlantis. Of course, the Vaivasvata Manu had already warned the populaces of what would have to come. The Vaivasvata Manu was the true Biblical Noah and he warned them, he told them a great catastrophe is going to come but they laughed at him, nobody believed him.

Truly, the day came when there was that revolution of the Earth's axes, and the catastrophe was violent, but before the catastrophe occurred, the wise men of the Akaldan University knew it and left Atlantis before it sunk to the bottom of the sea. They went to the small continent of Grabonci, which was a small continent that today is Africa. Other lands were added to Grabonci and the continent grew, and the students of the University of Akaldan moved to the south of Grabonci, but later they received orders from superiors and went to Cairona, which is now Cairo. They, among other things, established the sphinx, brought it to Egypt and created the mighty civilization of the Egyptians there.

Atlantis was shaken by terrible earthquakes. On a certain occasion, thousands of people gathered in the gigantic Temple of Neptune all invoking Ramú, the Ramú priest; Ramú arrived and the multitudes clad in many precious jewels—the beauty of their garments, the beauty of their gold, the beauty of their diamonds!—exclaimed: “Ramu save us” and Ramú answered them: “I  already warned you and you did not believe me, now you will perish with your wives and your children and your slaves and your wealth, and from all the seed of this race, death will rise. A great race (referring to us, the Aryan root race) will rise, but if they behave like you they will perish too.” Legend has it that Ramu's last words were drowned out by smoke and flames.

So that, with frightening earthquakes, three times it seemed to sink and the third time the entire continent sank definitively, with all its millions of beings and all its technology and all its industries, powerful buildings and its aerial ships, its atomic cars, etc…

It was a civilization millions of times more powerful than this. This civilization of ours is not even close to the civilization of the Atlanteans, not in technology, in industry, nor in anything. It was more powerful; they were already going to Venus, they were going to Mercury in atomic rockets; so, they were very strong.

The first part of Atlantis seemed even more interesting to me than the second; in the first part there was harmony, beauty, fraternity, love. Ships arrived from other worlds, they came from Mars, from Venus, from Mercury; then those extraterrestrials lived with the kings of Atlantis, they advised them, they taught them.

Our Present Aryan Root Race

Now, at this very moment, the journey is also ending (the journey of our solar system around the zodiacal belt). This journey began as a result of the sinking of Atlantis in the constellation of Aquarius (the Water Bearer), facing the constellation of Leo (the lion). So, the new journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt began; so, what will happen? The sinking of the Aryan root race will come (which comprises all of us).

As a result of the Universal Flood, the new journey of the solar system around the zodiac began, then, the Aryan root race began. At this moment the journey is over, it has come to an end; we are again in Aquarius. The journey began in Aquarius and will end in Aquarius, thus, our root race will last until the end of the journey; it cannot last a little longer, nor a little less, but until the end of the voyage. So, our cosmic voyage is to conclude.

Right now, we are in Aquarius, and opposite to Aquarius is the constellation of Leo (the Lion). What will happen now? As this planet Hercolubus gets closer, the fires that are inside the Earth will sprout to the surface attracted by the magnetic mass of Hercolubus; then, volcanoes and earthquakes will appear everywhere, and this root race will perish by fire and earthquakes. Yes, we will succumb, between fire and earthquakes.

At the maximum approach of Hercolubus to the Earth, it will again produce a revolution of the axes of the Earth; then the seas will change its beds and swallow the current continents. There will be a duel to the death between fire and water, and it will last for several centuries.

Meanwhile, the chosen race, the selected ones, will have to live on that island in the Pacific until a double rainbow appears in the clouds; when that happens, this chosen race, this chosen nucleus will live in the new heavens and lands that will have emerged from the bottom of the seas: then the golden age will come.

The Four Ages

Now, in terms of seasons, you know very well that there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Our Earth travels around the Sun, and has its four seasons. At this moment we are exactly in spring, then summer, autumn and winter will come. But it also happens that in the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt, that is, in the great sidereal year, the great solar sidereal cycle, has also four seasons: spring: the golden age; summer: the silver age; autumn: the copper age and winter: the iron age.

  • Spring, the Golden Age: There are no borders or customs, nor police, nor armies, nor wars of any kind; everyone worships the Sun, the King Star is worshiped; love reigns, brotherhood; people have no Ego, they have come out clean from within the hands of their Creator.
  • Silver Age: The beauty of humanity slightly loses its splendor, but nevertheless, it continues to shine.
  • Copper Age: The first wars begin, customs, borders begin, kings and empires begin to exist.
  • Iron Age: Which is the one we are currently in; when a race reaches its iron age it becomes, as we are now, terribly wicked; then it is destroyed, either by fire or by water or by both.

If we examine the current zodiac, we see that we are in the constellation of Aquarius. Facing Aquarius is Leo (the sign of Leo, the sign of fire). What does this mean? It is clear, at sight, the duel to the death that is going to take place in this century between water and fire, between fire and water.

763px Zodiac PSF

If we look at Aquarius, it is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a catastrophic planet, revolutionary, terrible in a great manner; and as for Saturn it is represented in alchemy by the black crow of death, the return to the original primitive Chaos. And if we look at front, Leo is facing us (Leo is in front of us at this moment); it is the sign of fire, the lion of the law that goes out to meet this perverse humanity, with fire.

So, the two signs, at this moment (water and fire), are face to face... this is terrible; it signifies the total destruction of this root race. There is no truth to the notion that, after the year 2,000, an era of fraternity will come, as the aquarianists expect... no! They say that everything will be love, that the borders will disappear, that everything disappears by itself, as if the ego could create a golden age. Do you believe that the ego is able to create a golden age? As long as the factors of discord exist within each one of us, there must be wars in the world; yes, as long as the factors of selfishness and ambition, lust and pride exist, there must be wars.



How could the ego exist in a golden age? That is absurd. In order for there to be a golden age, the destruction of this chaotic humanity is needed, so that new lands emerge from chaos, to be inhabited by an innocent humanity, a humanity devoid of ego.

In the golden age, no one with an ego will be given a body; any person with an ego will be thrown back, because only one who takes a body whilst having the ego inside, that one alone ends the golden age, corrupts all the others; this is logical. The golden age is the age of innocence, of beauty and good, of love, of fraternity, of brotherhood among populaces.



Student: Venerable master, being that such a humanity is innocent and pure, will it also have its silver, copper, and iron ages?

Samael Aun Weor: Sure.

Student: Do you mean that in later stages there will already be access to egos, from some people who have the ego?

Samael Aun Weor: Successively, in subsequent stages, the ego emerges, within the human beings themselves; the ego begins to be born among human beings (better said, humanoids). This is the harsh reality of the facts. Fortunately, there is a law called the law of transmigration of souls, taught by Lord Krishna in India, about 1,000 years before Jesus Christ; the doctrine of the transmigration of souls gives us a foundation for a golden age.

The Purpose of Hell

It is clear that, all these millions (4,500 million) of humanoids that currently populate the face of the Earth, not being able to dissolve their ego (because not all of them can do it due to lack of capacity or consecration), will be disintegrated by nature. Where is nature going to disintegrate their ego? Well, in the infernal worlds. That is what the infernal worlds are for, that is what Tartarus is for.

So, properly speaking, the inferno for the Sufis is not a place of punishment, but a place of purification and instruction for the consciousness. As for the inferno of our Aztec ancestors, that is, Mixtlan (this is how it is called), it is not a place of punishment either, but a place of probation, of tests, and if one emerges victorious after passing through the nine Dantesque circles, one has the right to enter Paradise.

So, consider Hell from that point of view; not only as a place of punishment, but of instruction and purification for the consciousness. This means that in the infernal worlds, or in the nine Dantesque circles of Tartarus, the ego gradually disintegrates... it gradually turns to dust; that is the famous Second Death. Then, the best, the most decent, the worthiest, the most royal thing that we have inside, which is the essence, comes out free into the light of the Sun to restart a new evolution. It will start with the mineral, continue with the vegetable and the animal and, subsequently, that Essence returns to reconquer the humanoid state that it once lost.

So, let's apply this to the 4.5 billion human beings who will enter Tartarus. Those 4,500 million will leave Tartarus one day, without ego; those who are devoid of ego will take bodies among the descendants of the chosen nucleus, and as they take shape, the race increases, but an innocent race, because it has no ego. That innocent race, devoid of ego, will then be carefully directed by the solar dynasties.

Student: In those infradimensions, will one go through many sufferings, horrible sufferings and will it be very long to pass each one of those circles?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, you suffer too much, because there you have to come face to face with yourself; for example: one who has been a murderer or has committed murder crimes, that one possesses the "I" of murder. Then, the "I" of murder will be found there face to face with you, chasing you; a monster that will look for you, and you will hide behind rocks, and the monster will be  looking for you at all hours; and at all hours the frightful armed monster wanting to kill you, and yet you cannot take it away because that is you too; it is part of yourself, it is the “I” of homicide.

The "I's" of lust will harass you there tormentingly; you will see multiple monsters of lust that will attack you, you will want to get rid of them and you will not be able to, and you will see them horrifying and frightening in the darkness of the Averno, and yet those "I's" are your own self.

So, there the consciousness is instructed; as a first-class instruction, because the consciousness receives the direct, formidable instruction, and the ego disintegrates with full knowledge of the facts. So, when the essence manages to free itself through the gates of the Second Death, well, behold, it comes out completely happy and well educated to the surface, under the light of the Sun.

That essence leaves to restart new evolutionary processes that will start with the mineral. That essence will be a gnome again, but not only a gnome like at the beginning, like before, after the human cycles, but now a gnome of hierarchy, of category, due to the [previous experiences of the] spiral; and when that essence enters the elemental paradises of the plant kingdom, it will always be an elemental of a certain plant category; and when that essence enters the paradises of the animal kingdoms, it will always be a certain category of elemental; and, when that essence enters the humanoid state, it will be with more cognizance, but innocent.

That innocent people of the future who passed through the terrible Second Death will be governed by the solar dynasties, and then the golden age will come. For this reason, Virgil, the poet of Mantua, exclaims:

“The Golden Age has arrived and a new progeny commands.”

Which progeny rules? What is that new progeny? The solar dynasties. The golden age will be precious.

The Gospel of Saint Luke, precisely, corresponds to the future golden age; That is why it is called the Gospel according to Saint Luke, it is the Gospel according to (Luce) the light, the solar gospel.

As for the Gospel of Matthew, it is the gospel according to science; and if we read when this is going to be, Matthew tells us: “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies”; He also says: “when there are plagues and earthquakes at that time” and all those problems, it is because the time has already come. We currently have Jerusalem (current, humanity) surrounded by armies, earthquakes everywhere, plagues, epidemics, diseases, famine, that is what we are seeing. Saint Matthew, according to science, tells us that it is this time.

Now, if we look broadly at Daniel the prophet, he said:


“I saw in my vision by night, and, behold, the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts came up from the sea, diverse one from another. The first [The Golden Age] was like a lion, and had eagle's wings: I beheld till the wings thereof were plucked, and it was lifted up from the earth, and made stand upon the feet as a man, and a man's heart was given to it.

"And behold another beast [The Silver Age], a second, like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, and it had three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it: and they said thus unto it, Arise, devour much flesh.

“After this I beheld, and lo another [The Copper Age], like a leopard, which had upon the back of it four wings of a fowl (like the Sphinx); the beast had also four heads; and dominion was given to it.

"After this I saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast [the Iron Age], dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns. I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn, before whom there were three of the first horns plucked up by the roots: and, behold, in this horn were eyes like the eyes of man, and a mouth speaking great things….” – Daniel 7: 2-8

“I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.” – Daniel 7: 21

This fourth beast, different from all the others, is made of iron, its teeth are steel and its nails are iron, and stamped the residue with its feet. This fourth beast different from all the rest, this beast is the current Iron Age. This beast is able to make saints fall from heaven and is capable of destroying everything in its path.

“Until the Ancient of days (Christ) came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom.” – Daniel 7: 22

And the Just One came, he says, and the Christ came and sat down, the books were opened and the kingdom was delivered to the saints of the Most High. This means that the Iron Age ends with great cataclysms. Daniel continues…

“Then I desired to know the truth concerning the fourth beast, which was diverse from all of them, exceeding terrible, whose teeth were of iron, and its nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with its feet.” … – Daniel 7: 19

“Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom (kali yuga) upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces…  – Daniel 7: 19

“And shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High; and he shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and half a time.” …  – Daniel 7: 25

This will be until a “time and times, and half a time”; what is a time, within a time? The Golden Age. “Times?” The Silver and Copper Ages. "And half a time?" The half of the Iron Age.

So, (according to Eastern calculations) at the moment we are in the half of the Iron Age; then the end is for this time, because the other “half a time” will be spend in the chaos and it will be hard. So, that is "time, times and half a time.”

Our Inner Demons

Student: Venerable master, now that I hear the reference about monsters and the infernal worlds, it turns out that when I was two or three years old, when we went to sleep, I saw big monsters between the walls that always attacked me, my father scolded me because I always cried scared; he told me that these monsters were my fantasies, that nothing was between the walls. 

Samael Aun Weor: Not always... that's why I kept my mouth shut so much when I was a boy, I didn't tell anyone even a little. The difference between you and me is that "you sang” and I didn't sing, I kept my mouth shut, because I knew that if I sang they would brand me as "whacky." I knew that those who surrounded me (my father, my mother my "parents", my little brothers), were people who were completely asleep and unconscious. Since I knew it, because I had changed bodies at will, I had gotten into this “shell” at will, so I knew it too well; what did I do? I kept my mouth shut. I said: “these people don't even understand me, what I'm going to do is to agree with whatever these people say, but as soon as I grow a little, to them I will say 'Adios.'"

Those monsters are (the ones you carry inside), your "I's". Have you disintegrated them yet? You have to reduce them to cosmic dust; they are your "I's" that come from ancient times, from ancient centuries, that have passed into history; it is necessary to turn them into dust, reduce them to ashes, to cosmic dust. That is the harsh reality of the facts. Otherwise, it is in hell that you are going to find yourself with them. What effect did they have on you as a child?

Student: Much terror, venerable master.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if you don't turn them into dust now, in Hell, you're going to feel the same thing multiplied by a thousand. Because if you don't turn them into dust now, nature will take care of helping you, of doing the surgical operation; but yes, she will swallow you within her bowels, and there between the bowels she does the operation, very hard, very difficult; you're going to meet them naked, "pants off", face to face, you're going to see what you do with them; and you know that this is not pleasant at all, thousands and thousands of years confronting those monsters.

If they caused you such afflictions when you were a child, what about in the flesh and alive, fighting, hiding among the rocks to protect yourself and there is no protection anywhere? Those are the torments of Tartarus. Therefore, I advise you to disintegrate the ego and study my book on “Revolutionary Psychology”; it is that book that should serve as your bedside; this is the book that must be reproduced by thousands throughout America and the entire world; it is fundamental, without it one is worth nothing. You have to disintegrate the ego, if not, one is doing nothing, one is wasting time miserably.

Let’s examine the example that someone, unfortunately, has not finished the elaboration of the superior existential bodies of the Being, but dissolved the ego, turned it into dust, and with that he saves himself from having to go down to the abyss, with that he already has the right to take body in the future golden age. But, if he has not dissolved the ego, even if he has manufactured the superior existential bodies of the Being and is a true human, they will not allow him to enter the golden age, because that human is going to do a lot of damage, and here I speak of humans, not of "intellectual humanoids"; that is to say, whoever has reached the degree of human, even to them they will not give entry into the golden age.

The golden age is the age of paradise. It is represented in the Gospel of Saint Luke by the winged bull, it is the gospel according to light, the solar gospel. For someone to enter the golden age, that someone has to be clean of ego; this is going to be the humanity of innocence, of innocence! When one destroys the egos, one becomes so innocent that you do not even remotely suspect it. I myself was terrified of a certain degree of innocence that I had achieved, that I was unaware that I had achieved it, but in the hour of the hour, I found that I ignored elementary things that all humanity knows; that is an astounding thing.

Student: Recently, when listening to what you were talking about reincarnation, since I was a child I thought that I had lived in many previous times and that I had been a liquid, water or a plant, what caused this concern?

Samael Aun Weor: You already had the internal, intuitive knowledge and you had been initiated in other centuries, in other ages, and obviously, you carried that knowledge inside; because of that you have been able to have reminiscences of that ancient knowledge.

Reincarnation, Transmigration, and Rebirth

Now, also, one of us who have lived that, me for example, why do I speak of the doctrine of transmigration? It is a revolutionary doctrine, which I am sure that the ultramodern schools of Theosophy, cheap pseudo-Rosicrucianism (spiritualism, flip-flops, acrobatics, and all that "out there stuff" that is currently in the world), do not accept; they reject the doctrine of transmigration. It was taught by Lord Krishna, but even the Theosophists do not accept it... However, if one has awakened the consciousness in life, if one has ever been "awake", then obviously one must recognize the crude reality of the doctrine of the transmigration of souls; that's clear.

But do you know what I am basing myself on for the doctrine of the transmigration of souls? I base myself simply on this: that I perfectly remember the phases of evolution and devolution that I went through, exactly.I inhabited a very ancient planet that does not even belong to the old Earth-Moon (because, before our Terrestrial chain there was the Lunar chain; before the Lunar chain there was another chain, I am from that much older chain); on that planet, I evolved as the whole world evolves, I started with the mineral, vegetable, animal, i reached the status of humanoid that I once lost, etc., etc., etc., I went through all those phases, but when I arrived the humanoid state I was assigned 108 existences (as it is always normal).

During those 108 lifetimes I did not care even in the slightest, not even in the slightest, about anything related to spirituality; I dedicated myself exclusively to earthly things, to profane things, forgetting everything that smelled like spirituality; it didn't interest me. Until I reached the last one (which was the 108th existence); in that last 108, I had a life, an existence, let's say, of an evil personality. The 108th was a female, evil personality; a little woman like that, “short”, but perverse; that was the last humanoid existence, the last body that I had, and it is clear that I physically died and thereafter I entered into the infernal worlds. Thus, I left that female body and entered the infernal worlds. I devolved within the entrails of that planet; she cursed and blasphemed, she hated divinity, I was a wicked soul, until I passed through the Second Death. I was disintegrating, turning to dust; all my "I's" were being converted into shells, they were turning into dust. Finally, there was nothing left. Since there was nothing left, I felt as if I were dying forever, a great annihilation. Then I saw myself turned into an innocent child, a child. What happened? The Essence, the elemental, had been freed from subjective elements, the subjective elements of perceptions had been eliminated, the psychic aggregates in their entirety disintegrated, reduced to cosmic dust by the centrifugal forces of that planet. Thus, the free essence remained, naked in front of the Sun.

Well, that soul was released; the devas examined it from head to toe, to see if there was any undesirable element left inside. When they were convinced that there was no undesirable element left, then the devas allowed me to exit through the atomic doors and I went out to the surface of that already free planet and under the light of the Sun (a hydrogenated Sun that illuminated that planet of that solar system). It was a solar system of which today there are not even its memories; at most, its memories are in the Akashic Records.

Then I entered the evolutions of the mineral kingdom, then I saw myself become a gnome, but no longer a gnome as I had been before, no, but a higher type of gnome. Much later, through the centuries, I earned the right to enter the evolutions of the plant kingdom; I was once again a plant elemental, but a more cognizant elemental; then I went to the stages of the animal kingdom where I evolved into different animal creatures, and I talk about that in my book “The Three Mountains”, when I went through that little animal called a frog; I was walking around, then, hopping along the banks of a stream with singing, pure waters. I remembered yes, I had not forgotten the terrible sufferings of the Averno, and I never wanted to return to the Averno, because of the horrors suffered there. I made friends, yes, with the elementals of that river, a great friend, and when I felt humanoid footsteps there, I knew they were terribly evil, I jumped into the water to avoid the humanoids, because I know they are bad, and so on. Time passed.

Later, I was given the right to enter higher evolutions; I was able to enter a world of very intelligent fish that lived in that world. I always liked to go to the rear, not to the vanguard; sometimes a monster appeared; and I remember a monster so terrible that it ate everyone in the school for lunch, I was in the rear and it didn't manage to devour me, it swallowed the others... I remember how the treacherous one, after his belly was full, turned his back and swim away very calmly. I was among a few survivors and so we lived at the bottom of the oceans as fish.

Later, I entered a kingdom of amphibians that would exit the water to the earth, in order to take in sunlight; I walked among the herd with the amphibians.

Later, much later, I was given the right to take on a humanoid body. I entered with promises not to return to the abyss, since the tortures of the abyss, the terrors, the horrors that I had gone through, that was very alive in my consciousness. So, already outside, already converted into a humanoid being, I said: “Well, I am going to transform myself into a human being, I know I am a humanoid but I am going to transform into a human”

I found the Guru (my Guru), he instructed me in the mysteries, precisely, of life and death; I got from him the key, the unspeakable secret, the Great Arcanum; I worked in the forge of the Cyclopes because he guided me. I manufactured the superior existential bodies of the Being through the fulfillment of the Parlock Duty of the Being, and I carried out the magnificent transformations, let us say, of the sacred sperm (the Mercury of the Wise), and thus I managed, through Mercury, to crystallize the solar bodies, because it is very true that the sacred sperm is the brute mercury in alchemy; by transmuting it, it becomes Mercury. Sexual energy is Mercury, it is the metallic soul of the sperm, and that Mercury in turn (which is energy that rises through the sympathetic cords up to the brain), is fertilized by the Sulphur; that is, the fire that awakens. Salt, in itself, is the raw material of the Great Work; there is salt in the sperm, there is salt in metals, there is salt in gold, there is salt in everything, so salt must also be sublimated.

I am quoting for you from the time when I first became a human. I am talking about a very old solar system, I am speaking of the first time I managed to reach the state of, let's say, a true human, in a world that has already disappeared, a world of which not even the dust of the centuries remains; that is what we are talking about. Then, through the operations of Sulfur and Mercury on the Salt, I managed to crystallize Salt, Sulfur and Mercury in the astral body: I made an astral body. In a higher octave, that sublimated Salt, that served as the basis for the operations of Sulfur and Mercury, crystallized in the mental body, and later, with that same base, I achieved the creation of the causal body.

Provided with the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies, then I managed to incarnate the psychic ethic principles (the Pneuma of the Gnostics) within myself, and thus I transformed myself, becoming a human, I became a human; I had come out of the humanoid state. Now turned into a human, I kept working. Later I reached other states, I reached the Angelic state, Archangel, etc., etc., etc., well, in conclusion (not to beat around the bush), I achieved the integration with my Logoi (in this mahamanvantara): I became the governor of the planet Mars and acquired all the powers of the heavens and the abysses, all the wisdom and all the universal powers.

You might say, “Well, if that is so, why do you now live here among the earthlings?” And I am going to tell you honestly: Later I continued to live in different solar systems; in the past existence I was in the ancient Earth-Moon; I lived, well, among the Selenites, I made the Gnostic movement among the Selenites, I spoke to them as I am speaking to you. The Selenites created a powerful civilization, I lived among them, that's where I ended up. Well... the Selenites were very cruel; there were a lot of people, there was a terrible religion, worse than the Catholic one... they judged me, sentenced me to death and crucified me; as I am telling you.

At the beginning of the aurora of this present mahamanvantara, integrated with my internal god, I became the living spirit of the center of the planet Mars. But, my deep inner Lord, understanding that there was a need for him to acquire qualities of the earthlings that we do not have over there (certain characteristics such as those that Count Saint Germain has, those that Cagliostro has, a diplomat, a politician), he sent me here, to acquire characteristics that I did not have. I retained characteristics of innocence and wisdom, but not that spirit that the Cagliostros have, the Saint Germains (masters from here on Earth); thus, he sent me here in order to learn. Certainly, he sent me, but indeed, I made a mistake during that revolt of the angels of Lemuria... I was one of the first to enter the wave, right? It was that subject-matter, about the fall into animal generation. In Lemuria itself, I managed to get up and in Lemuria itself I once again obtained the Elixir of Long Life, the Philosopher's Stone.

With that Lemurian body I lived in Lemuria and in Atlantis; I saw Lemuria sink to the bottom of the seas and I saw the civilization of Atlantis rise up and I myself saw it swallowed by the ocean. I have all that knowledge here, and I can talk about Lemuria and Atlantis. I have not lost any knowledge, my memory is correct.

In the central plateau of Asia, I made another mistake: I threw the stone back into the water, and that made me "fall again on Saturday." So, I had to suffer a lot on the face of the Earth, until now, in this time that I am finishing making the Philosopher's Stone again; in 1978 I will have that precious gem in my possession again.

So, sincerely really, that's why I'm here. Of course, when I entered the upper part of the work in the Great Work, I was taken to the abyss by the Father. He instructed me from the planet Mars and gave me a tremendous scolding, he told me: “You had all the powers of the universe, all the wisdom of the infinite, all the wisdom of the cosmos, however you threw yourself off the cliff, why did you do it?”.

So, my answer was, “Lord, I admit my mistake, but what can I do, the only thing I can do is ask for your forgiveness”.

And, certainly, the Lord forgave me and so I continued working in the Great Work; and I am working on the Great Work. For what purpose? In order to return to have the Philosopher's Stone in my possession, the Red Carbuncle, the Precious Gem. In 1978 I will have it in my possession, the Red Carbuncle. When that happens, I will go to Europe to begin my work, which will be very similar to that of Cagliostro in Europe; that is the harsh reality of the facts.

So, at this time, then, it is clear that I know all the processes of the transmigration of souls. If I speak of the transmigration of souls, it is because I lived it, I know it. I am therefore teaching a doctrine rejected by all the pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists of the present times. They have not gone through those phases, they have not lived through the transmigration of souls, they have lived in a world of different Kalkian schools. In those Kalkian schools, Kalkian personalities abound, who know nothing and theorize too much. What is meant by Kalkian personalities? Those personalities full of pseudo-esotericism, cheap pseudo-occultism. I am not interested in those pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools; the only thing that interests me is the eagle and the serpent, my eagle and my serpent. My eagle is the deep interior Lord, and my serpent is the Divine Mother Kundalini.


The Human and the Superhuman

I have been established in Isis for several years, I live in Isis. That is to say, I was “devoured” by the serpent (seraph שרף): I am a serpent (a seraph שרף), that articulates, that speaks, that explains. In short, if I am a serpent (a seraphim שרפים) it is because I was “swallowed” by the serpent (seraph שרף); that is why I tell you that I am established in Isis and the only thing that interests me is this: the most important thing in life is to reach the superhuman state.

First you have to create the human, and then reach the stature of the superhuman; the human is something that has to be created, something which does not yet exist; what exists is the intellectual animal, mistakenly called "human."

Once the human has been created, there is a need to reach the stature of the superhuman, that is what is important. The superhuman is that human who has achieved absolute integration with the divinity, who has been integrated, who has merged with his god, that is the superhuman.

That someone awakens the (seraph שרף) serpent, makes it rise to the brain, but that is not enough; one cannot enjoy the powers of the serpent (seraph שרף) until one becomes a (seraphim שרפים) serpent, and to become a (seraphim שרפים) serpent one has to be "swallowed" by the serpent (seraph שרף).

In Yucatan, I found a stone serpent in the temples swallowing a man. Only then can one become a serpent, it is the only way. That the serpent ends up being devoured by the eagle, the internal God? He "devours" it; the Logoi "swallows" it and then the Feathered Serpent appears, as Quezalcoatl, our Lord, the Mexican Christ.

Thus, the harsh reality is that one must become a Feathered Serpent like Quetzalcoatl, that's what counts. And, in order to reach the heights of the superhuman, in order to become a Feathered Serpent, one has to go beyond good and evil, turn away from good and turn away from evil; depart from all conventional moral codes, written by stale and clumsy minds, replace all that with comprehension; make an inventory of yourself to see what you have as left over and what is lacking in you, and get away from all the codes of ethics and all the prejudices of this age; to march along the revolutionary, rebellious path, which leads to the superhuman; move away from the lines of evolution and devolution that are mechanical laws of Nature that lead to nothing but natural mechanics; entering through the path of the great rebelliousness, only through that path can one reach the superhuman.

The same virtues, no matter how noble they may be, sometimes they serve as an obstacle for the superhuman, because, if we don't know how to handle the virtues, with them we can do a lot of harm. How many virtuous doers of their duty took the innocent to jail or to the scaffold for the virtue of fulfilling their duty? Many judges convicted the innocent or led them to the guillotine. So, one has to turn away from the good and the bad and to tread on a path of comprehension. Instead of good and evil: comprehension. One with comprehension can advance a lot, one has to make an inventory of oneself to know what is left over and what is lacking, and so one must change oneself; one must resolve to die within oneself.

To die within oneself, the best is the forge of the Cyclops. There (working in the flaming forge of Vulcan), one must use the spear; one must use all the electrical sexual power to destroy the demons that one has created (all those psychic aggregates, all those "I's" that oneself gave them life), one must destroy them within oneself, and one can destroy them with great force deep down in the abyss.

Lucifer and the Treasure

Nobody could go up if they don't go down first: "who wants to go up, must first go down." It is absurd to want to go up without having gone down first. You don't have to look for the treasure up there in the heavens, you have to look for it in hell, in the Ninth Sphere, in the forge of the Cyclops; among our own demons is where the treasure is. The treasure one seeks, the Golden Fleece, is guarded, yes, it is duly guarded, by none other than Lucifer, but one has to be smart enough to defeat Lucifer. That is the great dragon that must be overcome with the spear. I don't want to say that Lucifer is malevolent, on the contrary, he must be our best friend; Lucifer is a great friend, he is Christ in disguise. Lucifer is Christ disguised, that is, adapted to our conditions, converted into the force that can free us, because if it were not for the Luciferic impulse, no one could perform the sacred copulation, or chemical or metaphysical copulation, or whatever we want to call it.


“Dan (דניאל) is a serpent (a nahash seraphim נחש שרפים from Geburah) by the way, a dragon שפיפֹן by the path, Which is biting the horse`s heels, And its rider falls backward. For thy Jesus לישועתך, I have waited O יהוה.” – Genesis 49: 17, 18

"And of Dan דן, he (Moshe משה) said: Dan דן is a lion`s whelp (a solar fire); he (as a nahash seraphim נחש שרפים, a ben בן, son of ש shin, fire) doth leap from Bashan בשן (Geburah into satan שטן, Scorpio)." - Deuteronomy 33: 22

In order to truly perform the chemical copulation, the Luciferic impulse is needed (it is an impulse of rebellion), so with the spear, one defeats Lucifer. This means that one needs to be strong enough in order not to spill the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the three times great God Ibis of Thoth); to be cunning enough to play Lucifer's hand, to play with him; be smart enough to beat him. If one succeeds, then one goes up on Lucifer's back, which serves as a ladder.

"Lucifer is a ladder to descend, Lucifer is a ladder to ascend"; that is the reality of the facts. If one manages to defeat Lucifer (who is the Dragon), one snatches the Golden Fleece; that is, the treasure. The treasure is down there in hell, underground. Treasures are hidden underground, any treasure is hidden underground, and you have to dig deep into the earth to find it. The roots of the superhuman are down in the abyss, on the precipice, because where does a tree get its life from? Is it not from inside the earth, from the abyss? A tree could grow upwards greatly, but to do so its roots need to go deeper and deeper downwards; the more the tree goes up, the more its roots go downward. A tree cannot grow, if its roots do not descend.

Likewise, no one could rise to the degree of superhuman, no one could, let us say, emancipate or liberate themselves, become an Elohim with powers over fire, over air, over water, over earth, if they do not first descend to the bottom of the precipice; and there one has to live among the demons: as a demon and among the demons.

You have to learn to walk with both feet. Many little brothers, especially the Kalkian personalities that abound so much in the ultramodern schools of pseudo-esotericism and cheap pseudo-occultism, want to walk with only one foot; they don't realize that you have to walk with two feet, they ignore that, they want to walk with one.

What would we say about a tightrope walker, for example, doing somersaults on a rope, walking and who wanted to keep his balance on one foot, how would he walk on one foot? He would fall. So, we too, whosoever wants to reach the intimate Self-realization of the Being, has to walk with two feet and not be afraid of Satan, or Hell, or the Abyss. Hell is needed and Satan is needed, what would we do without Satan, without the Abyss? Where are we going to get the treasure? With what impulse is one going to work in the forge of the Cyclopes? This must be taken into account, ladies and gentlemen.

In the Middle Ages, there was a sect that was the sect of the Satanians; the frightful Inquisition put an end to that sect, all the members of that institution were burned alive at the stake, but what was it that they worshiped? They were worshiping Lucifer. And who is Lucifer? Well, the reflection of the Logos in us, Kristus-Lucifer or Christus-Lucifer, without whom there can never be an “electric spark” for the work in the Forge of the Cyclops.

Cain and Abel

There was also another sect in the Middle Ages, it was the Cainites, who worshiped Cain (the Cainites). They were burned alive at the stake. But let's see what was the argument of that sect, the base; that argument was very interesting: the Fire. “Cain” rearranged, how is it pronounced? Inca: The Incas, the priests of fire. So, "Cain" means "priests of fire", it is the sacred fire within the human being.

And why does Cain kill Abel? Who is Abel הבל? You have to find what "Abel הבל" is and what "Isabel אישהבל" is; here one has to appeal to all the studies, let us say, to etymology, to the roots of the language.

Is-abel, from Isa אישה: “Is איז”, as a particle, reminds us of Isis איזיס, the Isiac (or the Isaac יצחק) mysteries, which is nothing else but the mysteries of Buddhi (Geburah), the Guinevere of the Jinns, the one for which Lancelot poured the wine within the cups of Shukra and Manthin, the inner Buddhi.

And as far as Abel is concerned, he is the Human Soul (Tiphereth), which is male, the causal. Behold the sign of Gemini within us: Isabel אישהבל, the Twins, the Spiritual Soul that is feminine, and the Human Soul that is masculine.

The Innermost (Chesed) has two souls: one is the Spiritual Soul (which is Isis or Is, the Spiritual Soul, the Buddhi; it is feminine) and the Human Soul which is masculine (it is the causal).

Cain kills Abel; who is Cain? The fire. Cain kills Abel, who is Abel? The Human Soul. What does Cain kill Abel with? Cain kills Abel with the jawbone of a donkey, and what does the donkey symbolizes in alchemy? The donkey symbolizes the mercury of the wise, the sacred sperm, the brute mercury. So, what happened? Simply, that when the vessel of Hermes Trismegistus (the three times great God Ibis of Thoth) was spilled, the sacred fire descended; when descending, the spiritual human died: Adam left Eden, he lost all his powers. That is why it is said that Cain kills Abel (that is, the spiritual soul), with the “jawbone of a donkey”, the sacred sperm, because Abel spilled it. Then, the spiritual soul entered the mystical death, lost all its powers, this is how the exit from Paradise came. Well, that is what the doctrine of the Cainites was based on. They were burned alive at the stake of the Inquisition.

The Gospel of Judas

And then comes another Gnostic sect, also very important in Europe, the sect of the Iscariots, supporters of Judas Iscariot, they were also burned at the stake without any consideration; the “holy inquisition” singed them. But who were the Iscariots? Keep in mind that Judas, the apostle of the divine Nazarene, is not, as they say, a traitor; that is a slander raised against the apostle. Judas Iscariot, who is the best disciple of our Lord the Christ, is a Great Hierophant who played a role; he learned it by heart. It is a Cosmic Drama, a drama that has been performed in all times and in all ages; the Cosmic Drama is that of the Christic Gospel. That drama was brought by the Elohim to the planet Earth, it came from other spheres. Moreover, Judas did not want to play that role either, he wanted the role of Peter, but Jesus had already chosen him for the role of Judas. So, each one of the 12 learned his role by heart, it is a work of art, a dramatic work, and each one had to learn their role by heart, and Judas had to learn that role and rehearse it many times, so that it coincided with the Holy Scriptures; the role had to be perfect.

Student: So, venerable master, when Judas fulfilled that role he did not receive karma?

Samael Aun Weor: On the contrary, dharma by the millions, by the tons. Judas Iscariot is a Great master; he did not want that role either. He did nothing but to repeat what he had learned by heart, as he had to do. The role had to be exact, precise, at the right time; everything had to be perfect according to the role. Thus, Judas has never betrayed Jesus, he is the best disciple of Jesus. Behold, the role of Judas did not only end there, but moreover, he descended into the Abyss and lives in the Infernal Worlds. I saw that they hung him, they put ropes around him in the Abyss (when I went to visit the Abyss), thus, he let himself be hanged. Judas has a unique humility he killed the Ego, he has no Ego and there he lives in the Abyss, and doing what? Fighting to save the lost souls, those who have no remedy; Judas is like a ray of Christ lost in the Abyss, suffering for the lost ones.

It is something extraordinary, nobody knows where Judas has arrived; if there is a man who has earned the right to enter the Unmanifested Absolute, that man is Judas Iscariot; none of us is good enough to remove Judas sandals. I don't even think I'm capable of removing his sandals, I still don't feel capable of doing what Judas did, I don't feel capable. I don't know if any of you feel capable. That of living in the Abyss renouncing all happiness, devoid of Ego, yet living in the Abyss trying to save the lost ones (not even in the Physical World); hated by all the crowds and all that subject-matter, considered a traitor, when all he has done is to obey the Lord.

Nobody even remotely suspects the sacrifice of Judas in this humanity. He is the only one who has not had honors; for him there has been no praise, no one has praised him. How dead is his Ego? So, he is the best of the disciples that the Christ has. Well, and yet now his body of doctrine is extraordinary. The Iscariots had studied the body of doctrine of Judas: the Total Death of the Ego. All the mysteries of Judas must be lived in the Causal World. The mysteries of Judas, the absolute death of the animal Ego; nothing of the Ego can remain, since Judas, as Master, left nothing of the Ego. He renounced everything that tastes of happiness and lives in the Abyss among the lost ones; the best one among the Lord's disciples. He is the greatest of those sacrificed, the one who has the most right to happiness and yet lives in the Abyss, among the reprobate, among those who have no remedy. He is there, solely for the love of humanity, trying in the darkness to find someone who wants the light. When he manages to find someone who is repentant, he goes to instruct him and if he manages to get him out, he gets him out of the Abyss; that's what Judas does. So, condemning Judas is the worst of crimes; the one we have to condemn is the interior Judas; that is the body of his doctrine.

That traitor who sells the Lord for thirty silver coins, (which is nothing other than he exchanges it for pleasures, liquors and all the things of the world) is the one who must be condemned and judgedl Judas indicated that to us with his doctrine. That is his doctrine, his doctrine is the most profound: the absolute death of the Ego. If there is a man who deserves reverence, it is Judas Iscariot. The Gnostic sect of the Iscariots in Europe was persecuted by the “holy inquisition”; all the members of the Iscariot sect were burned alive in the bonfires that burned in Europe, so behold, you are learning terrible things, right?

I want to tell you emphatically that the humanoids that inhabit the face of the Earth are little machines in charge of capturing certain types and subtypes of cosmic energy, which they then automatically transform and retransmit to the inner layers of the planetary organism, and thanks to that they can live on the planet earth. So, the intellectual animal is placed solely and exclusively at the service of nature, that is its sole objective: the economy of nature.

Now, however, the Sun is not cruel. The Sun has also deposited the seed germs for the human in the glands of these little humanoid machines. Those germs can be lost… normally they are lost. But if one cooperates with the Sun, if one truly cooperates with that King Star, then those seed germs develop and unfold, and a human arises within the intellectual animal. in the same way that within the chrysalis the butterfly is formed that a day comes, where it exits and flies. So, the interesting thing is to cooperate with the Sun, and one of the greatest forms of cooperation consists in not altering “the ground” (HaAdamah האדמה) in which those seed germs have to develop.

Student: The ground (HaAdamah האדמה)?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, I am referring to “the ground” (HaAdamah האדמה), the “soil,” to the “terrain”; better to say, that “terrain” where the seed germs develop, which is none other than precisely the human body itself.

If the glands are altered, if people are subjected to those matters of animal transplants, if one allow oneself to do tests with glands (to change human glands for monkey glands) or to treatments with thyroxine to lose weight, and things like that for the style, the result is that the germs cannot develop and the solar experiment fails.

When a race becomes too mechanistic and loses all interest in solar ideas, in solar intelligence, the sun, in turn, loses all interest in that race and destroys it; it is no longer useful for its experiment. And the sun is right, very right, because the sun has created this delicate film of organic life in the terrestrial crust; a very detailed job for the sun, very meticulous, and it is fair that he get his reward: A harvest of solar human. He has the right to draw that reward, a harvest of solar humans. So, if a race doesn't work for him, he destroys it, which is what is happening with this current root race; it is not useful to him, thus he is going to destroy it. He destroys it because it is not useful for his experiment. So, then, there is a need to cooperate with the sun so that the human being is born inside.

Now, there is an Anahuac Codex that I read, which says:

"The Gods created humans of wood and then they merged them with the divinity" but then the same codex adds: "Not all humans manage to merge with the divinity.”

tree of life names new

Human Failures: Hasnamussen

So, creating a human being is one part, merging the human with the divinity is another part; when the human merges with the divinity, that human becomes superhuman. Then yes, the superhuman is born; but such a human must be merged with the divinity. Now, humans do not always merge with the divinity. They do not merge with the divinity when they do not eliminate the undesirable elements that they carry within, which are, their psychological defects, namely, anger, greed, gluttony, pride, laziness, lust, envy, and etc., etc., etc., and others... so many weeds... As long as those undesirable elements that we carry within are not eliminated, integration with divinity is not possible, and if we are not integrated with divinity, then we become Hasnamussen, with a double center of gravity; we become abortions of the Cosmic Mother, failures. There are many Hasnamussen out there who have failed. Humans have been created, but integration with the divinity has not been achieved.

Have you thoroughly comprehended, then, what the Hasnamussen are?

Well, now, let us specify more this matter about the Hasnamussen, it is worth knowing them; there are four kinds of Hasnamussen:

The first class of Hasnamussen are the individuals who only possess the planetary body and nothing else. Do you know what the planetary body is? It is (HaAdamah האדמה, the ground) the physical body. Beyond what is in them is the ego (they have no more),  and the essence bottled up within their ego. So, they are subjects that, due to the activities of their ego and some black magic, create a substance, let's say, fatal, which is, practically, that of a Hasnamuss. Well, this first one is fatal because at the time of death all those "I's" disincarnate and remain in the internal worlds, but that Hasnamuss substance continues to exist for a while. But, it does not cause much damage because it does not have the existential superior bodies of the Being, there is no focal center, there is no a permanent center of gravity, these types of Hasnamussen are mortal; the substance disintegrates and the ego returns, as always, to new physical bodies.

But there is a second class of Hasnamussen who created the Astral Body, who have it, but they did not create any other vehicle, they only made the Astral body. Well, this class of individuals, obviously, if they don't eliminate what they have of Hasnamussen (sorcery, Black Magic and all those things), then there is no other choice but to reincorporate them into animal organisms: dogs, horses, cats, etc. etc., etc., they have to continue taking animal bodies until they eliminate what they have of Hasnamussen.

There is a third class of Hasnamussen who are true human beings but who have not eliminated the Ego, that is what we could call Hasnamussen with a double Center of Gravity; they have two personalities: One Divine, clothed with the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being and the other, therefore, terribly malignant, formed by the Ego, by the abominable Kundabuffer organ developed in the Chakras. These are very dangerous Hasnamussen, if they do not eliminate what they have of Hasnamussen, they have no choice but to go through the Second Death in the Infernal Worlds.

Lastly, there is a fourth class of Hasnamussen: fallen Dhyani Bodhisattvas. I belonged to this fourth class of Hasnamussen when I was fallen, I was a fourth class, so I had formed two defined personalities: one divine and the other tenebrous, but the fourth class preserves the memory of the centuries, the awakened consciousness. They always suffer a lot, unspeakably, until they manage to get up (the fourth class), but if they don't get up, they have no choice but to enter the submerged regions of the Infernal Worlds until the Second Death; so, there are four classes or types of Hasnamussen, four classes.

Student: So, in the common and ordinary world, individuals who did nothing to themselves are better off?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, those who did nothing to themselves are little machines at the service of nature's economy and thanks to these little machines, nature is receiving enough food since they are machines at the service of nature, and as machines they are useful and are needed to feed the planet Earth.

Student: I want to ask you a question, master, to clarify a little, and it is this, so that it remains recorded: the Gnostic movement of South America was all moved when the sad reality arrived that it was going into decline and degeneration, what can you tell us about this?

Samael Aun Weor: There were some degenerate sectors, it's true; some sectors were in devolutionary marches. That is why in this year of the law strong, rigorous measures had to be taken; and we must continue taking them strong, because there is no other remedy, in order to straighten out the movement. There were processes of decrepitude in some sections, I don't mean exclusively in Colombia, no! I clarify, the entire Western Hemisphere in general, and rigorous measures had to be taken, including in Mexico; there were processes of decrepitude, but it can be said in terms, let's say, of synthesis, that the movement advances victoriously, triumphantly, that it marches towards total success; that today is triumphant throughout the Americas, and although it is true that corrections have had to be made, as is natural, the movement is triumphant throughout the Americas, victorious, including the United States. And with basic principles already in Canada, that is the reality.

Student: Because it had been accepted that everything, as we said, because it was said that everything, that absolutely the entire movement was in degeneration, that it was the failure of the avatar, that he got into a quarter of a century plowing in the desert.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the reality is that the movement is triumphant. There were sections, there were places, regions, where there were processes of decrepitude, of decadence, but all that has already been overcome and today the movement marches triumphantly. That is the harsh reality of the facts.

Well, so, you have understood this whole thing about Hasnamussen. This is very important to know; one on this path has to walk very cognizantly, right? To have the complete knowledge about it.

The Path to Liberation

There are also very serious cases, very serious... I am going to tell you about a very serious example: We have a case like that of Moloch; I set out to investigate it. I descended to the infernal worlds with the purpose of investigating him—I called him there with the Great Call of Pietro d'Abano, also known as Petrus de Apono—thus Moloch came riding a spirited steed through the Red Plain (speaking in Dantesque terms), then his words were these: “Oh, Samael, I used to make you up there with the little angels, so what is the matter with you, are you down here too?”

My answer: “You are mistaken Moloch, I do not live down here, I only came down in order to investigate you and that is all.”

He turned and galloped off on his spirited steed, but I did manage to investigate him; the sarcasm with which he said “I used to make you up there with the little angels” means that for him the little angels were worth little more or less than an “umbrella”, they were something like kindergarten books; I realized, I was able to evidence that that man was in a larger enterprise (investigating I learned that he was a Throne): Moloch is the Bodhisattva of a Throne, nothing less, a Throne, a fallen Throne, Moloch.

Student: Of the four Thrones?

Samael Aun Weor: No, a different one, one of the fallen Thrones.

What is this man looking for if he is a Throne and why does he speak with such sarcasm about the little angels? What is this man looking for? I tried to know something more about him and came to realize, to this conclusion: obviously, he will go through the Second Death with the destruction of his ego and the superior existential bodies of the Being. He will possibly live for millions more years in the abyss, but in the end, he will be disintegrated atomically and his Essence will reemerge under the light of the Sun, to restart the new journey on a higher step, in accordance with the spiral law of life. Then, he will become a gnome of a superior type, hierarchical, who will carefully study with his consciousness the laws that govern the mineral world. And when he enters the vegetable paradises, he will be a gnome who will thoroughly study the science of the vegetable; he will practice it and learn to handle the laws of the vegetable; a highly intelligent, hierarchical vegetal elemental. And when he enters into the animal evolution, he will be an animal elemental with the ability to study the laws of the animal world and learn to manage them.

When he re-enters the humanoid state that he once lost, he will once again be a cognizant super-human… right? And, when he manufactures the superior existential bodies of the Being, he will create still superior existential bodies of knowledge and mastery. And when he re-enters his god, which is a Throne, he will have risen to a cosmocreator, he will have learned to create worlds and manage laws; this is what I came to discover, that this procedure is used by the gods who want to go up in degrees; that is why on some occasion I said: "The gods were demons previously, the greatest gods were devils previously."

I said that in my book “The Revolution of Beelzebub”: “Demons become gods”... that is one of the great mysteries... I am divulging nothing less than the secret of the abyss. For my part, I tell you frankly, I reached (thanks to my internal god) the degree of cosmocreator, with descents into the abyss, but now I only want one thing, to get away from that path of cosmocreators (if my Father wants it that way), and follow the path to the Absolute. Why? Because, for example, I see the God Sirius, how many times did the God Sirius descended into the abyss? How many times would he go through the Second Death to now become the governor of the Milky Way? So, it is a path in which one gets entangled in the karma of the worlds, therefore, it is preferable to reach the Absolute.   

And what is the Absolute? It can be treated from the point of view of the Middle East, the Turkmenia, the Armenian or the Persian; I prefer to think of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father that is less cold than the point of view of the substances of Siam: the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the All-Merciful, the Infinitude that sustains all. Of course, getting one to merge with one's inner god to become a true superhuman, a true kumara; but later integrate with the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the ineffable Aelohim, the Ain Soph Aur or the Ain, the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, the Infinitude that sustains all…. upon reaching that point one is said to have attained the Holy Anklad. But, remaining within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father is difficult, because it would suffice to long for even one second, the longing to be something or someone or to exist in any form, in any world, to be something, to immediately get detached from the Eternal Cosmic Common Father and fall into the world of the Three Laws, into the Kingdom of the Creator Demiurge; so that remaining in the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father is the difficult part.

We have before us two paths, these paths are before those who follow the direct path: the path of becoming cosmocreators or the path of losing oneself within the bosom of the eternal common cosmic Father.

I would say: what is the purpose of merely attaining greater hierarchy among the dust of the worlds? It is better to lose oneself within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father, who has all powers and attributes, and all happiness. This is an approach that I make to you about the Paths, and that is very important; so that, “the gods have been demons.”

In any case, the gods were devils and many times a hierarchical god like the god Neptune throws himself into the abyss to resurface later, more powerful. Neptune, once here, fell down; but well, there are gods who intentionally descend into the abyss and are confused with the demons and disintegrate, they become cosmic dust. Gods who fall, who plunge into the Averno, later, later on, they re-emerge more powerful than before. The alchemist also throws the stone into the water, later on he gives it life and it is more powerful than before, that is obvious.

Student: I have always had a deep respect for the wisdom of evil.

Samael Aun Weor: The wisdom of evil is tremendous, but let's not think either... Well, and there is a certain reason, for example in the Marquis de Sade, who thought of liberation through evil... in a way, he was right. Obviously, when the wicked pass through the Second Death, the Essence is liberated, that is obvious. But what horrors and what sufferings, and everything; the passage through the Averno is frightening, frightening and it comes out to the other side, after passing through the nine Dantean circles.

Student: Well, there must be something in the wisdom of the Dantean circles, because not only does one see in the path of light; since on the material path I have seen many elementaries of nature to perform beautiful circles around me, some for defense, others for protection, others for information, beautiful circles.

Samael Aun Weor: That is how it is, but the whole world relates to elementals; everyone who has not reached the state of a human being is an elemental bottled up within the "I's." Thus, humanoids are just elementals. When they destroy their "I's," the pure elemental remains, the same one that began as a mineral and as a vegetable, and that continued as an animal, thus, it is the same elemental; when the "I's" are destroyed, the elemental remains; so, the humanoid is an elemental and nothing more.

Student: I think that today they form part, as elementals, as the gnomes of the earth, as the undines and nereids, as the sylphs and sylphids, who are in that paradisiacal state, have a gigantic wisdom and inform and direct events.

Samael Aun Weor: They do have it because their consciousness is awake, the elementals are awake, but what I want to tell you is this: an elemental inside a human body or inside a plant or inside an animal or living in the world of rocks, it is the same elemental, I have seen it in the experiments.

That is why a subject X-X, a gentleman who listened to me in the old Egypt of the pharaohs (he was not an initiate, far from it, but he did accept the doctrine of disintegrating the Red Demons of Seth, as we said in Upper and Lower Egypt, meaning, the “I's”) did part of the work in life, disintegrated, let's say, 50%, and after death received instruction. We showed him how to close wombs. So after death, when he heard the howling of the horrible hurricane of karma, he remained serene, impassive. When his dark demons attacked him furiously, he remained serene, impassive. When the storm rained down over his head with lightning and thunder, he was impassive. When he came to a certain place where he saw men and women copulating, he was serene, without sympathy for anyone, or antipathy for anyone, he did not seek refuge in any cave in the midst of the storm, because he knew that seeking refuge in the storm was equivalent to being imprisoned within some womb. That cave would be some womb. He did not seek refuge in anything or anyone; finally, his Father-Mother subjected him to terrible tests; he stood firm.

The priests of the temple gave him help by reminding him of his purpose, which was to never return to the world; after all, he was admitted to one of those kingdoms (as many kingdoms as there are in the Molecular World, such as the Tlalocan, such as the kingdom of Long Hair or that of the Great Concentration, there are different kingdoms out there),  after all, he was admitted to one of those many kingdoms, and there, his Divine Mother helped him to eliminate the "I's" that he needed to eliminate; and at last the essence was freeing itself and it was taking on a very beautiful attitude: first like that of a maiden of 14 or 12 years old, later it took the form of a very beautiful girl, finally, converted into a simple beautiful feminine elemental, it took that aspect; he thus submerged himself within the great Alaya of the universe as a simple elemental.

Here too, in ancient Mexico, many initiates did the same and left the stage, never taking part again. That is to say, they became elementals who were not interested in later reaching the heights of humans or gods, or anything else, but remained as elementals within the great bosom of the universe. Some of the ancient Mexico did it intentionally with the purpose of coming back in the Golden Age, to enter a school of mysteries and become qualified adepts; meanwhile, they moved away from the evolutions and the devolutions, and they withdrew from the cosmic stage and submerged themselves within the great Alaya of the universe, by means of that procedure nothing more.

Student: Venerable master, then those elementals will be able to return to take form in the Golden Age?

Samael Aun Weor: To take a body, if it is their will, and then create the superior existential bodies of the Being, become humans, later adepts and gods. But, many of those prefer to postpone this, and some of them simply do not want to be humans, or gods, or anything, but rather to stay forever, in all eternity, as simple elementals submerged in the great Alaya of the universe.

So, there is everything, every kind. There are individuals who have passed through all the cycles of manifestation, through 3,000 cycles, and who have never created the superior existential bodies of the Being, nor have they done the work on themselves. Those who finally finished their 3,000 cycles of manifestation, leave, submerge themselves within the Universal Spirit of Life as simple elementals, elementals with knowledge of good and evil, but elementals.

Being a human being is something very different. When one becomes a human being, if one ceases to be an elemental to become a human, one must create the solar bodies, have done all the work on oneself, have disintegrated the ego, have created vehicles, have done everything. But there are many who prefer to remain simple elementals. So, I have shown you different types of people.

I follow the direct path, which is the most exalted path, but it is also the most difficult and the most dangerous. I walk that path, the direct path.

Student: Venerable master, can the level of human being also be reached through the spiral path?

Samael Aun Weor: The spiral path can only be entered by humans, only humans. When someone becomes a human, they have two paths before them: The spiral path that is one hundred percent nirvanic (the Nirvanis rarely take a physical body) and the direct path that goes directly to the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father. Of course, those who go through the spiral path do not have the same triumphs as those who go through the direct path, no gentlemen, since it has fewer dangers.

The direct path, for example, is so terrible that very few can follow it, it deviates from the laws of evolution, of devolution, it revolutionizes against everything and everyone, it is a breaker of chains everywhere, a path of sword in hand, against himself, against the world, against everything; it is the doctrine of the marching Red Christ, of a rebellious Christ who has nothing of foolishness or prudishness about him (like that Christ of the parish churches), but a revolutionary and terrific Christ: that is the path, the straight path, very few can follow it.

Student: Venerable master, is the Red Christ of those who take the direct path, in the end the same Christ of those who take the spiral path?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, undoubtedly the Christ is always the Christ; but it is that, let us say, those of the direct path acquire certain powers, certain qualities, certain profound esoteric attributes that those who follow the spiral path never achieve.

The one of the spiral path spends his time enjoying nirvana, he rarely takes physical body. The one from direct path renounces all happiness; he stays down here in flesh and blood, living as a human among humanoids, struggling, suffering throughout the mahamanvantara, to see if he succeeds at the end of the mahamanvantara to submerge himself within the bosom of the Eternal Common Cosmic Father forever; and if not, it is up to him to follow the same path again, until finally, in any mahamanvantara, he achieves it.

I have been following this path for several mahamanvantaras and I still have not achieved it (and I am walking on the direct path and I have not achieved it).

Student: Did the Master Jesus Christ achieve it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, he achieved it. But I have not achieved it... let's see if I can do it... I don't know. For my part, I have resolved to renounce all happiness above and below and stay here, as they say, “in trousers” to work terribly for humanity, renouncing all happiness, all paradises and all happiness. That's pretty hard, right?      

Mummies and Reincarnation

For this purpose, in order to continue for humanity, I have had no choice but to reincarnate, because I am currently in the process of reincarnation, I do not need to go through the common and ordinary reincarnation as all human beings go through, no! I reincarnate in life. My American life gave no more than 58 years; as an American I died at the age of 58, thus, that American does not exist, he died (he died last year 1974). You will say: "That's strange, isn't it?" Since then, I began to reincarnate in my Egyptian body and an atomic exchange began between my American vehicle and my Egyptian body that is a mummy inside a sarcophagus under a pyramid. A very interesting atomic molecular exchange began. That atomic molecular exchange allows all the atoms from here to remain there, stuck in Egypt, in the sarcophagus, and that all the atoms of the mummy remain here. In a word, if you, for example, did an experiment: An atom of yours comes off, for example, here from your arm and passes here to the arm of our brother X, in turn from there, from the arm of brother X at the exact same point, the atom is detached, where your atom has to be placed and returns and occupies the empty place; and so the atoms keep performing this atomic exchange between the two bodies; you will end up dressed in the body of brother X, and brother X will end up dressed in your vehicle, that's obvious; it is an atomic exchange.

Student: Venerable master, in one of your first books, you tell us about the case of a master who also had to carry out this work.

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, in a similar way, but not in the same way because I am carrying out the atomic exchange with my own Egyptian body that is alive inside a sarcophagus, alive, in a state of catalepsy, so that I am exchanging the atoms, reincarnating in my own Egyptian body. Today, esoterically it is said that I am a 1 year old.

Student: Venerable master, is that sarcophagus hidden?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it is under a pyramid, and I have my Egyptian body there. I already have at least part of my Egyptian head, and the whole body is subject to constant atomic exchange, from moment to moment, from second to second. When I am 2 years old it will be noticeable a little more, when I am 7 years old it will be more noticeable. When I reach the age of 21 (an adult age), you will see the full Egyptian body; and fully complete at the age of 30. So, the whole Egyptian body will be here and the whole body of my present incarnation, will have remained in Egypt, in the place of the sarcophagus, within the sarcophagus. This atomic exchange in esotericism is called "reincarnation." I am reincarnating in life, to be able to remain with the Egyptian body, working in favor of humanity for infinite time, during the entire mahamanvantara.

Student: Venerable master, does the body of your present incarnation then remain as your reserve vehicle for any need?

Samael Aun Weor: For any need, there it is in the sarcophagus. And I no longer have here the whole body that you knew. Now this head, if you look closely, is no longer the same, and the head more than anything else is Egyptian. I don't want to tell you that the total change has been made, it starts, until now, and is only one year old. The body of my present incarnation died. The vital body that I have here is that of the Egyptian body; I have already made the change. The vital of my present incarnation had, back in Egypt, the vital of the mummy, remained here.

The personality of America (that personality that talked to you and all that), I constantly have to fight it since there are times when it shows up and I unsheathe my sword and take it out. One day I was giving a lecture and that personality sat down next to me, such personality was coming to give a lecture; I had to draw my sword and run him out, make him to run out of here. "Go back to the grave," I told him; and he went to Egypt, I discarded such personality.

Here the personality that I have is the same that was in the time of ancient Egypt of the pharaohs, it is the one that I have here, my Egyptian personality; through that personality I am speaking and I am acting. It is clear that, by having the Egyptian vital body and the Egyptian personality here, I am pulling the atoms of the Egyptian body faster and more effectively, from moment to moment. So, in that way I will continue working, because my American body died at the age of 58.

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

“And there was a day when the sons of Elohim came to present themselves before יהוה, and there doth come also the Adversary (satan שטן) in the midst of them.” - Job 1: 6

"And I saw in the right hand of him that sat on the throne a book written within and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

And I saw a strong (Geburah גבורה) angel proclaiming with a loud voice, Who is worthy to open the book, and to loose the seals thereof?

And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.

And I wept much, because no man was found worthy to open and to read the book, neither to look thereon.

And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.

And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne and of the four beasts, and in the midst of the elders, stood a Lamb as it had been slain, having seven horns and seven eyes, which are the seven Spirits of God sent forth into all the earth.” – Revelation 5: 1-6

The Flaming Star

“The seven Amens are the seven Weors, the seven Spirits before the Throne of the Lamb, the seven Planetary Spirits, the seven Regions. The seven Voices are the seven Spirits before the Throne of the Lamb. The seven Genii are: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, Samael, Zachariel, Orifiel.”

“The five Impressions of the Great Light, and the five Helpers, are contained within the Flaming Star. The five Helpers are the five Genii: Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Samael. The entire Treasury of the Light is contained within the Pentagram, and this allegorizes the human being”

"The five Leaders are the five Helpers within ourselves, here and now.

In the same manner which the five Helpers Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Michael, and Samael, exist in the solar system, there also exists five Helpers inside of the microcosmic human being. They are five autonomous and independent parts of the Being.

The inner five Helpers guide the initiate under the supreme direction of the Father.”

“When the sincerely mistaken ones (who believe that they are Rulers, yet they are not) are reborn, rather than receiving the Spirit of the Rulers, they receive the power for the struggle in life. This Martian power (Geburah גבורה) is combined with the world of destruction (Απολλύων), which is the mixture or the result of the mixture of laws and forces.

The power of the Savior of the world is found in a very superior level, in relation to the powers of the five Helpers.

The power of the Redeemer of the world is cast into the First Commandment, which states: To love thy God above all things, and thy neighbor as thyself.

The First Commandment, which is love, casts a portion of that power into the Great Light.

Unquestionably, the Great Light also casts a portion of the love-power into the five Helpers.

The fifth Helper (Samael), acting with great power, takes a certain quantity of the substance of love in order to cast it into the mixture, into the world.” - The Gnostic Bible, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

bronze serpent 900

“And the people (in the mixture) spoke against Elohim אלהים (Binah בינה), and against Moses (Tiphereth), wherefore have ye brought us up out of Mitzraim מצרים (the mixture) to die in (bamidbar במדבר) the wilderness? for there is no bread, neither is there any water; and our soul hath been weary of this light bread.

And יהוה sent (the nahashim seraphim הנחשים השרפים) the fiery serpents among the people (in the mixture), and they bit (nashak נשך) the people; and many people of Israel (fell from Tiphereth into the mixture and) died (because of the animal orgasm; 'Daniel דניאל, that is, the judgment of God is a fiery serpent יהי־דן נחש שרפים'  - Genesis 49: 17).

Therefore, the people came to Moses, and said, we have sinned (fornicated), for (in Daath-Yesod) we have spoken against יהוה, and against thee (in Tiphereth); pray unto יהוה (Binah בינה), that he takes away the (kundabuffer) serpent (HaNahash הנחש) from us. And Moses prayed for the people.

And (from Binah בינה) יהוה said unto Moses (Tiphereth, willpower), make thee a (seraph שרף) fiery serpent, and set it upon a pole (the spinal medulla): and it shall come to pass, that every one that is bitten, when he looks upon it, shall live.

And Moses made a (Nahash Nahashoth נחש נחשת) serpent of brass and put it upon a pole (the spinal medulla), and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld (Nahash HaNahashoth נחש הנחשת) the serpent of brass (or Kundalini), he lived.” – In the desert, bamidbar במדבר, Numbers, 21: 5-9

Tree Of Lives 1

“And a mist (Od אד) went up from the earth and watered the whole face of (HaAdamah האדמה) the ground” - Genesis 2: 6

This (mist, Od אד is intimidatory related with Scorpio, it is the mist of Mah מה the lower waters, which) refers to the sexual desires (of Yesod in Scorpio ruled by Samael) experienced by the female Od אד towards the male Ob אב.

Mist (Od אד) rise at first from the earth, heavenwards and, after forming clouds, heaven (Ob אב) causes them to descend and water the earth. This applies also to the offering up of (sexual) sacrifices (meaning, sublimation of the libido in the sexual union of husband and wife), the smoke and fume of which ascending on high (through Ob אב and Od אד around their spinal medulla) are caused to descend in blessings on mankind. If the congregation (archetypes) of Israel (Tiphereth in the heart, through the blood, Dam דם) had not first offered up (sexual) sacrifices (to Kether in the root of the nose, Chokmah in the pituitary gland and Binah in the pineal gland), blessings would never have been showered upon tine world (the spine)." – Zohar

"It is written: 'And the serpent (Od אד, the female creative power of sex) was more subtle than any (chaioth חית lives) beasts of the field (Yesod, the genitalia) which Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה) had made'" - Genesis 3: 1

Rabbi Joseph said (“the word shedah שדה field” addresses Yesod, the center of gravity of Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה) and which is the root of): The tree of (knowledge, where HaShed השד, the demon satan שטן) which we have been discoursing was nourished by the (HaShad השד, the breast of Tiphereth, the) supernal light (of Christ, Chokmah in the heart), by which it became great, fair and beautiful as (the Latin lucifer, the carrier of ‘luce’ aur אור) the light.

It is also written:

'And a river went forth out of Eden to water the garden. 'The garden here mentioned denotes the female (sephirah Malkuth), whom the river (or supernal light of Chokmah) made fruitful (through the blood, Dam דם of Tiphereth, the heart). Then (through sexual alchemy) man and woman became again one (flesh), in the sense as it is written:

“And יהוה (Binah בינה) will be king over all the earth (male-female sephirahs Malkuth). On that day יהוה (the Iod י) will be one (with havah הוה-Eve in Yesod, the genitalia) and his name one (Eloah VaDaath Iod-Havah אלוה ודעת יהוה, in the heart).'


After disobeying the divine commandment (But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, Elohim has said, You shall not eat of it, neither shall you touch it, lest ye die), a deterioration in their heavenly state took place and (through the orgasm) they (Ob אב and Od אד, Ida and Pingala) became separated from the higher and diviner life (Aur אור in the Sushumna) as intimated by the words, 'And from thence (Daath), it (the river), was parted (into male female, Ish and Ishah איש ואשה polarities)'" - Genesis 2: 10

(From Geburah גבורה) Rabbi Isaac said: "The serpent of which scripture speaks is the tempter (or sexual fire that descends from Geburah גבורה and enters Malkuth, our physicality, and makes the mist Od אד to go up from the earth to water the whole face of HaAdamah האדמה, the ground.)"

(From Tiphereth) Rabbi Jehudah said: "It was (a seraphim שרפים from Geburah גבורה) a real serpent (of fire)."

Going to Rabbi Simeon and making known to him their different views, he replied:

"Your interpretations are really one and the same and are both correct. Samael (the logoic light-fire from Geburah גבורה), when he descended on (Malkuth, our physicality) the earth plane (he did it through dam דם, the blood of the heart, Tiphereth, and) rode on (Od אד) the serpent (as a seraphim שרפים).

When he (Samael, the logoic force of Geburah גבורה) appeared (in Malkuth, our physicality) under a seraphim שרפים form, he became satan שטן (or passional animal fire in Scorpio). Whatever his name (in every gibborim גברים), he is the being known as the spirit of evil (because the logoic force of Samael from Geburah גבורה, as an archetype, rules Aries, the head of the serpent Od אד or Ida, and he also rules Scorpio, Sex, the tail of the serpent Od אד or Ida in every gibborim גברים or humanoid).

It is said that when (the logoic power of) Samael descended from (Geburah גבורה) on high as just described, all the other (logoic) animals (named chaioth חית or living forces in Malkuth, our physicality) fled away frightened and terrified (by Kristus Lucifer, the carrier of the light from Geburah גבורה, the might of the sexual power of Scorpio in Malkuth, our physicality).

Then, by his persuasive and cunning intelligent words (you, as souls, shall not surely die: For Elohim does know that in the day you eat, meaning, sublimate the mercury, thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil), he (as Kristus Lucifer, the sexual power in Scorpio) deceived (better said, overwhelmed Od אד, the mist of Mah מה the lower waters, which) refers to the sexual desires of the genitalia in Scorpio ruled by Samael, experienced by the female, the woman, Malkuth, our physicality) and thus (by means of the animal orgasm) caused death to enter into the world (meaning, the animal orgasm caused the development of the Kundabuffer Organ or tail of satan שטן, and Nephesh, our lower nature then ceased to be amenable to and obey the dictates and supremacy of the higher soul, the chaiah חיה - Binah בינה). He (satan שטן or sexual desire) succeeded in doing this by means of the sephirah Chokmah (wisdom of the Elohim in the heart through dam דם, the blood), prostituting and using it (in Yesod, our genitalia) for his evil (or animal generation) purposes and thus caused the world (of Malkuth, the Planet and our physicality) to become accurst, and (the light of) the tree which the Holy One had planted (in Yesod, our genitalia) to become destroyed (because of the animal orgasm).

Master Samael stated:

"The Zohar emphatically warns us that in the depths of the abyss lives the Protoplasmic Adam, the differentiating principle of the souls. With that principle we have to execute a struggle to the death. This struggle is terrible: brain against sex, and sex against brain, and what is even more terrible and more painful, heart against heart." - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

Let us continue with the Zohar

“What (in Scorpio) Adam (אד-דם) lost, Samael (as archetype of Geburah גבורה within the gibborim גברים or intellectual animals) gained and enjoyed until the apparition of another sacred tree in the person of Jacob (Tiphereth-Israel in the heart), who, by means of wisdom (Chokmah), acquired paternal blessings (from Isaac, Geburah גבורה) which neither Samael (as archetype of Geburah גבורה, the heart within the gibborim גברים or intellectual animals) on high (Aries, the brain) nor Esau (Jacob’s lower sexual nature) below (in Yesod, Scorpio, the genitalia) should be able to enjoy. Jacob was therefore an after type of the first Adam (who already knew Od אד, satan שטן's evil generation); and here we see that as Samael (as an archetype of Geburah גבורה in Scorpio) deprived Adam (אד-דם) of blessings proceeding from the first tree, so Jacob (through the blood, Dam דם) deprived (his archetype) Samael of blessings above (in Aries, his intellectual animal head) and (Esau, his lower sexual animal nature through Od אד) below (in Scorpio) proceeding from a tree having a human form (head, heart, and genitalia). This is the mystic meaning of the words:

jacob wrestling with the angel alexander louis leloir

"And (two hearts - Aramaic, leb du לב דו) there wrestled, (namely) a male fire (איש from Geburah גבורה) with him (Jacob in Tiphereth) until the breaking of the day" - Genesis 32: 24

Rabbi Hiya said: "And Elohim (Gibor גיבור) said, Let the (sexual) waters (Od אד) bring forth abundantly the living creature that hath life, and fowl that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.” - Genesis 1: 20

What is the meaning of these 'living creatures that hath life (nephesh chaiah נפש חיה)?' It was the soul of the first human beings as it is written: 'And Adam (אד-דם) became a living soul (nephesh chaiah נפש חיה).' It is also added, 'and fowl shall fly above the earth,' denoting the angelic messengers who appear to Adam in dreams, as also those who manifest themselves in various forms and different aspects.

'And the serpent (Od אד, the female creative power of sex) was more subtle than any (chaioth חית lives) beasts of the field (Yesod, genitalia) which Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה) had made'" - Genesis 3: 1

These words refer to (Od אד) the tempter, (satan שטן in the genitalia) the angel that (through animal generation) brought death into the world, and knowing this, we can understand the meaning of scripture:


'And יהוה said, I will destroy Adam whom I have created from the face of the earth; both Adam אדם, and beast (behemah בהמה), and the (ego or) creeping thing, and the fowls (HaNephilim הנפלים, the fallen angels) of the heavens; for it repented me that I have made them. And Elohim said unto Noah נח, the end of all (fornicator) flesh is come before me' (Genesis 6: 7, 13).

The angel of death (satan שטן in the genitalia) having (through the orgasm of the beasts) destroyed (the nephesh chaiah נפש חיה) the divine life in Adam, who now had become (gibborim גברים) wholly physical, governed and controlled by (only nephesh נפש) his animal or lower nature, and therefore dead and resistant to the heavenly influence of (chaiah חיה) the Higher Soul (Binah בינה).

"And he said unto the woman, Yea, (aph אף nose) hath Elohim said, ye shall not eat of every tree in the garden?" (Genesis 3: 1).

Rabbi Joseph said: "The serpent began his discourse with (aph אף nose) and thus (through the nostrils) cast it into the world. What he said was this, 'By this (sexual) tree the Holy One created the world, eat ye therefore of it (meaning, sublimate the mercury within it) and become equal to Elohim and able to distinguish between good and evil.'"

Rabbi Yehudah said: "Not so spoke the serpent, for then he would have spoken truly and the tree would have been recognized as the means by which, like a tool in the hands of an artisan (better said, alchemist), the Holy One (Binah) had formed the world. What he (satan שטן) really meant and did say was this, 'The Holy One יהוה himself has eaten of this tree (as an Elohim) and was thus able to create the world. Do ye therefore eat of it (as an alchemist) and ye will also have power to do the same as He. Elohim knows this and hence his prohibition.'"

Rabbi Isaac said: "The words of the serpent (Od אד) were a tissue of falsehoods. At first he said, 'Yea (aph אף nose, because the beasts first smell the genitalia and thereafter they have sexual intercourse) hath Elohim said, ye shall not eat of the tree?' Since he knew well that Elohim had said, 'From every tree of the garden (meaning, your physicality) thou mayest eat (as a human and not like a beast, a gibborim גברים).'"

Said Rabbi Joseph: "Tradition states that this command of Elohim related to the sin of idolatry, denoted by the word 'commanded,' to blasphemy, by the name יהוה, the denial of divine justice, by that of ' Elohim (Gibor),' by the word 'Adam,' the crime of murder, and fornication, by the words 'said unto him.'

In answer to the question that may arise, were there so many Adams in the world that the Divine Being saw fit to ordain these commands on Adam, it can be said that in this tree were involved all the negative behests, so that whoever violated them became numbered with transgressors guilty either of idolatry, murder, or fornication: of idolatry through denial of יהוה (Binah) above this tree (Daath דעת); of murder, for he (satan שטן) cuts short the life that proceeds from the sephira Geburah גבורה on the life ‘Od אד’ left side of the tree and under the domination of Samael; of fornication as this tree is (Od אד) the female principle (or serpent Ida, satan שטן, sexual desire). Now it is known that the law forbids a man to be with any woman except in presence of her husband, so that there may arise no feeling of suspicion whatever. Whoever eats of this tree is culpable of a like offence. Elohim in all these commandments to Adam, forbade him to eat of the tree of good and evil (as a beast or a gibborim גברים), wishing to preserve him from all the sins and their penalties which it contained."

Rabbi Yehuda said: "Truly whoever eats of this tree (as a beast or gibborim גברים) transgresses, as he who is found alone with a woman (Od אד) when her husband (Ob אב) is absent. This therefore is what the serpent said to (Od אד) Eve: 'Behold! I myself have touched this tree, and still I live, do ye the same and ye will find you will not die, for Elohim has only forbidden you eating therefrom (as a beast).' We read that the woman at once saw that the tree was good for food (Genesis 2: 6). How did she see and discover this?"

Rabbi Isaac said: "The tree was exceedingly fair and beautiful and odoriferous as it is written (that Isaac said), 'The smell of my Son (Jacob) is as the smell of (Yesod, genitalia) a field, shadda שדה, which (יהוה hath blessed' (Genesis 27: 27), and she (‘Od אד’, Eve, Havah-הוה passion) was therefore induced to take and eat of its fruit."

Rabbi Joseph said: "Eve (‘Od אד’, Havah-הוה passion) saw the tree that it was good for food, because it had the power of opening the eyes of all that approached it."

Rabbi Yehudah said: "Not so, as we learn that only after eating (as an alchemist) of the fruit thereof their eyes were opened.” - Zohar

Prometheus giving fire to man

“The like of thee have never moved My hate. Of all the bold, denying Spirits, the waggish knave least trouble doth create.” - Goethe