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Resurrection by William Blake
Resurrection by William Blake

The True Origin of the Human Being: Atlantis, Lemuria, Hyperborea, Polaris, and the Chaos

Gathered tonight, we are going to begin our lecture in relation to precisely the enigma of the human being, which it is necessary to know in order for us to form a clear idea about ourselves.

First of all, it is convenient that we try to know the origin of the human being: where did it come from and what was, then, the fundamental reason for its existence?... Much has been said about the human being, and it is necessary to delve deeper...

Currently there lives, on the face of the Earth, a population of about four thousand five hundred million people. What populates the face of the Earth, obviously, is the Aryan root race. Today's continents are densely populated: Europe, America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, there are five continents where humanity develops.

If we ask where this humanity came from, what is its origin, do you perhaps think that this humanity, which populates the five continents, had its origin in them?

Human remains were found in the Grimaldi and Cro-Magnon caves, and attempts have been made to reconstruct the history, or prehistory, of the Grimaldi and Cro-Magnon races.

Bones of giants have been found—in Brazil a human skeleton was found that was several meters, about six or seven, meters tall—skeletons of giants have been found in different areas. Skeletons have also been found (particularly in Cro-Magnon caves) of human beings that look simply like gorillas, orangutans, or something of the sort.

As a result of all of this, it has been mistakenly deduced that the human race possibly came from the apes, or from monkeys.

Darwin's theory had a lot of resonance in his time, and it was thought that man came from the ape. This matter worries humanity a lot from time to time… about knowing if man came from the monkey, or the monkey came from man, about who came from whom? At times, this restlessness subsides; at times, the same concern resurfaces again.

Somewhere, a pseudo-scientist, a kind of "mama's spoiled boy", had the idea that the human race came from the savages (he said), and of course, "mom liked this a lot", but in the end, in the grand finale, it didn't solve anything...

Who came from whom? I do not think that all this population (the four thousand five hundred million that populate the world today), have come from these five continents. I don't think so, because it turns out that the world has changed its physiognomy several times.

Before having this physiognomy that you see on the map (or in any hemisphere), it had a different physiognomy. There are older maps; there are different maps that have been found in other corners of the world, where the physiognomy of the Earth appears different. Thus, it has not always had the same continents, nor has it always had the same physiognomy. In another time, it had a different physiognomy: what today are the poles was the equator, and what is the equator today was the poles. So, the current continents did not exist, or only part of them existed (which arose from the bottom of the seas); and, there was a densely populated continent, which was located in the Atlantic Ocean.



So, the physiognomy of the world was different. Thus, I do not believe, in any way, that the origin of this human race is found in the current continents.

When the human race developed in ancient Atlantis, it was very different...

The apes, or species of ape-men found in the caves of Cro-Magnon and Grimaldi (and other caverns), belonged rather to degenerate descendants, or to degenerations of the Atlantean root race.

I say this to emphasize that, just as evolution and devolution exists in plants, likewise in animals, or in humans, etc., there must also exist evolution and devolution in civilizations.

For example, when one talks with certain tribes of the world, located either in the west or in the east, one realizes that they have enormous civilizations behind them; that they have or preserve in their memory legends that correspond to their ancestors (disappeared ancestors, and ancient civilizations), and speak of such ancestors with much ecstasy. The cannibals themselves, who seem so primitive, have enormous traditions behind them: they preserve traditions from time immemorial, from enormous cities, etc., etc., etc. So, they are not "primitive"; they are simply degenerate, devolutive. Certain very cruel and bloodthirsty tribes, savages, are devolutions, or descendants of ancient civilizations. It is difficult to find, today, truly primitive people, and that is because the human races evolve and devolve...

Before these five continents existed, I repeat, there was Atlantis. Today, we are very much in love with modern civilization: we are amazed at its atomic rockets that travel towards the moon, or to the sphere of Jupiter, or to the planet Venus; we are surprised by atomic experiments, physiological investigations, the study of living cells, etc. We are so fascinated by these experiments that we have firmly concluded that ours is the most powerful civilization that has ever existed in the world. We have fallen into a kind of “geocentric system”. I put it this way, because in other times you know very well that in the Middle Ages, it was believed that all the stars revolved around the Earth. Well, we have fallen into another kind of "geocentrism", when we think that the entire history of the world “revolves” around our much-vaunted civilization.

I think that a kind of “modern heliocentrism” is needed; a new Newton that is capable of showing us that our much-vaunted civilization is nothing more than one of the many and many civilizations that have existed on the planet Earth. A day will come when this can be demonstrated concretely... There are systems, there are methods, by means of which one can evidence the fact that behind our civilization (which seems so “shimmering”), there was another civilization more powerful than ours... Well, I want to refer now, emphatically, to the famous Akashic annals of nature, to the memory of nature (yes, nature has memory).

Experiments with "carbon 14", for example, have shown us that the Moon is older than the Earth; and we too can show that there are systems by which it is possible to read the memories of nature. The Akashic records are a reality (one day they will fall into the hands of scientists, I do not deny it). We Gnostics have procedures by which we can study the Akashic records of nature. Whoever wants to study those Akashic records will have to develop, in an extraordinary manner, the lotus of the 1,000 petals, which is related to the pineal gland (the Sahasrara chakra) and the latent powers found in the pituitary gland (the lotus of the two petals and its 96 radiations). This pair of little glands are extraordinary. Developed, they give us access to the "ultra", to the extra perceptions, and also to the Akashic records of nature.

When one studies the Akashic records of nature, one sees in them a kind of "living movie", within which is found the entire history of the Earth and its races. The sages who have been able to study the Akashic records know that Atlantis was a reality, that it was a huge continent that extended from the south to the north.

This gigantic continent served as the stage for the race that preceded us in the course of history. I am referring to the great race of the Atlanteans, which was a race of giants (that is why the legend of the centuries speaks to us symbolically of the “giant Briareus”, “the one with a hundred arms”), a race of true cyclopes. Such a race came to have a powerful civilization, millions of times more powerful than ours. In terms of transplants, they transplanted viscera of all kinds: livers, kidneys, hearts, and even achieved brain transplants (that was formidable!). In the field of nuclear physics, they achieved atomic lighting en masse. All the cities used atomic lighting: the fields were lit by nuclear power, their houses by atomic power. Within the field of mechanics, I can assure you that their cars were not only amphibious, but could also fly through the air and were propelled by nuclear energy. They extracted energy, not only from uranium and radium, but from many other metals, and from many vegetable grains as well (and it was very cheap for them). In terms of aerial navigation, they had more powerful ships than the current ones: true flying boats, or "flying-ships", propelled by nuclear energy. Trips to the moon, they did better than what the modern "tyrians" and "trojans" are doing now. They had amazing atomic rockets, with which they traveled to the Moon, and not only did those astronauts land on the Moon, they also landed on the other planets in the solar system.

So, we do not hit even the heels of the Atlanteans with our much-vaunted civilization; we don't even hit the heels, we're not good enough to clean the dust from the Atlanteans’ shoes.

In matters of anatomy and biology, they made progress that we did not even remotely suspect: Jezebel, "she of the sad destinies", was an Atlantean queen who managed to keep herself alive (with all her youth) for thousands of years. Unfortunately (and that is how the decline of the Atlantean civilization began), she established a "solar anthropophagy" worthy of regret. Thus, this is how the degeneration or devolution of the Atlanteans began. Then, maidens, young people, etc., were sacrificed to the gods, with this or that purposes. Then, those corpses (any young sacrificed corpse) were taken to the laboratory and in there certain glands needed by the famous Jezebel, "the one with the sad destinies", were extracted, and those glands were used to replace the worn-out glands of Jezebel.

But it was not only the physical glands that were extracted from the corpses, no. Today the famous modern scientists are so degenerate that they no longer know how to handle the principles of life. The wise Atlanteans knew how to handle the vital principles, contained in the endocrine glands. The Atlantean sages were not unaware that the vibrations of the ether, or better we could say the tattvas, enter the endocrine glands (or small micro-laboratories that produce hormones), and never leave there again because they are transformed into hormones; the Atlantean sages were never ignorant of this. They knew how to handle those tattvas or vibrations of the universal ether. When they did a gland transplant into Jezebel, they did it together with the handling of the tattvas, they manipulated the vibrations of the ether or principles of life. So, these scientists were vastly superior to modern endocrinologists, who know nothing about these things, who are ignorant even of the existence of the tattvas, for they have never bothered to study Rama Prasad, or Dr. Krumm-Heller. The Atlanteans were enormously advantaged...

There was a wonderful Atlantean university. I want to refer, emphatically, to the Akaldan society, a true university of sages. These sages studied the "law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock" (the law of seven) in wonder; they learned to concentrate the sun's rays to make them penetrate into certain chambers, they knew how to transform the seven colors of the solar prism, that is, they took the "positive" or "diapositive" out of the rays of the solar prism. It is one thing to see the seven prismatic colors, and another thing is to transform them into a positive form, to get the “positive” out of them. Modern scientists have studied the seven fundamental colors of the solar spectrum, but they have not taken the "diapositive" out of those seven colors. The Atlantean sages knew how to get the "real positive" out of the seven colors of the solar prism; and, with that "positive" of the seven colors, they performed true prodigies.

I remember, in fact, the case of two Chinese sages who did experiments (these, of the Atlantean style) with the seven colors of the solar spectrum. Taking out the "positive" of the seven colors, they placed, for example, opium before a colored ray and then they saw how the opium was transformed into another substance... They put a piece of bamboo, moistened in a certain substance, before a blue color, for example (the positive, not negative of the spectrum), and it was seen how that bamboo was firmly dyed with blue...

For example, the sound (such notes, for example: the notes Do, Re, or Mi) was passed in combination with a certain color, and it was seen how the note altered the color, gave it another completely different color.

The seven rays, in their positive form, were used to perform prodigies on the Atlantean continent; the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock was thoroughly studied.

A sage who used goat's milk mixed with pine resin on a marble plate saw how when the milk decomposed with the resin, it formed seven different layers; this induced him (in Atlantis) to study the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock, the law of seven.

The Atlanteans, then, managed to do true wonders in the field of science. They were scientists and they were magicians at the same time: they created a robot, and they endowed that robot with an intelligent principle, with an elemental plant or animal that served as the robot's "soul" or "spirit". So those robots became real living creatures who served their masters, their lords.

This Atlantean root race existed before the current human Aryan root race existed. They had enormous cities, but unfortunately, they degenerated, as I said; they created the atomic bomb and even more deadly weapons, and in the war entire cities were devastated, multiple cities became a holocaust, or atomic holocausts...

So, if we believe that we are the greatest sages in the universe, we are mistaken, because behind us there was a more powerful, more civilized, more cultured race. In truth, we, together with them, are nothing if not barbarians, uncivilized and uneducated. Too bad Atlantis had degenerated; and that is because every race is born, grows, develops and dies...

In the decline of the Atlantean root race horrible things happened: humanity degenerated (in vices, by the way), into homosexuality, into lesbianism, into drugs, etc., etc., etc. Everything was abused already at the time of degeneration, and obviously that race had to be destroyed. That such Atlantean root race had seven sub-races? No one can deny it, but in the end it degenerated.

The sages of the Akaldan society made remarkable experiments; they were the first to use the sphinx, which they placed in front of their university. Much later, in time, when the wise men of the Akaldan society understood that a great catastrophe was approaching, they emigrated to a small continent called “Grabonci” (I am referring to the African continent), which was initially small; later, new lands that emerged from the bottom of the oceans made the continent of Grabonci (today Africa) huge.

The members of the Akaldan society were located, at first, towards the south of the African continent; later they emigrated to “Cairona” (today Cairo), in the lands of Nivea, the Nile, or Egypt, and there they established their famous university and the sphinx (in front of it).

The claws of the lion of the sphinx represent fire; the head of the sphinx represents water; the bull's legs of the sphinx represent the Earth element; the wings of the sphinx represent the element air. There are four virtues that are needed to be able to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being: one must have the courage of the lion, the intelligence of the human being, the wings of the spirit and the tenacity of the bull; only in this way is it possible to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being...

The Akaldan society in Cairona (today Cairo) established a temple of astrology. There the stars were studied, not with telescopes, as is done today, but with the sixth sense. When the pyramids (especially the great pyramid) are examined, one sees, as "tubes", certain channels that go from the bottom, from the depth of an underground crypt, upwards, towards the top of the pyramid. Much has been thought or conjectured about such "channels", but those were telescopes, and the observatory was not above, but below, at the very bottom of the crypt. There, was placed a container with water; on a certain date it was known that such a star would be visible, and it was certainly reflected in the water. The adepts of astrology observed, in the water, the star in question, not only with physical faculties, but also psychic ones. Instead of looking up, they looked down, towards the water, and there in the water, with the sixth sense, they studied the stars...

The brothers of the Akaldan society, the great sages, were very wise astrologers: a child was born, and immediately they drew his horoscope. Not those horoscopes in the modern style, not merely conventional and quoted horoscopes, no; that was very different: the wise astrologers looked at the stars directly. With procedures that are unknown today, they could read the children's horoscope... hundred percent true... ...they never failed in their prophecies or their calculations. Newborn children were married in Cairona; it was known who was going to be their spouse, thus, they were married. It does not mean that, for this reason, they were going to live together from the beginning, because that would be absurd, but the newborn girl already knew who her husband was going to be, and the male, at his own time and hour, was informed who would his wife be. When they came of age, they were joined in marriage.

The citizens oriented themselves, with mathematical precision, under the direction of those astrologers, in their profession, in their trade, in their occupation. They knew very well what each citizen was born for, what each man was for, since every man is useful for something. The important thing is to know what one is for, and these wise astrologers knew what each creature that was born was for, and they never failed; they were the wise men of the Akaldan society!

They left Atlantis before the earthquakes and tidal waves shook that continent. They left in time, for they knew too much of the end that was drawing near. And of course, when the revolution of the axes of the Earth came, when the poles became the equator, when the equator became the poles, when the seas shifted and Atlantis cracked, sinking to the bottom of the dark ocean, the Atlanteans, unquestionably, had already been warned.

It was then that the splendidly dressed crowds gathered at the temples (one of them was the temple of Ra-mu). Jeweled women and splendidly dressed men cried out saying, “Ra-mu, save us!” At last, Ra-mu appeared on the altar. The crowds wept asking him, “save us!”...

Ra-mu answered them,

"You shall die together with your slaves and your riches and from your ashes will arise new nations. If they forget they are superior, not because of what they put on [materialism], but of what they put out [generosity, serving others], the same lot will befall them!’” —How I Found the Lost Atlantis, The Source of All Civilization by Dr. Paul Schliemann [1912]

It is necessary to know that it is more essential to give than to receive, and to know how to give what is received...

Well, Ra-mu's words were useless. They say that the smoke and flames drowned out his last words; Atlantis sank, with all its millions of inhabitants...

Today entire palaces lie there, at the bottom of the ocean, and serve as habitats for seals and fish; entire cities are submerged at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. That gigantic continent perished, larger than all of America together, from Canada to Argentina and Chile. It was a huge continent, with a mighty civilization!

So, ladies and gentlemen, we don't have anything very special. The current civilization is not the first, nor will it be the last; neither is it the highest, nor is it the greatest; until now it has been the poorest, the most degenerate.

Can we, at present, conquer space? Are we already capable of traveling in atomic rockets to Mars, Mercury, or Venus? What are our projects? Yes, there may be nice projects, but currently, are we able to do it?... In terms of transplants, are brains already transplanted? Are we already capable of creating robots, endowed with intelligent principles?... Nothing of that; we do not have to have the presumption of being the most powerful! And there, our vaunted modern civilization will perish; “and of all this perverse civilization of vipers, not a stone will remain upon a stone! Babylon the great, the mother of all whoredoms and abominations on Earth, will be destroyed” before a very short time…

We feel very big with our supersonic planes, we believe that we are the "masters of creation", but before long there will be nothing left, absolutely nothing, of this perverse civilization of vipers!...

So, before there was this race that populates the five continents, there was the Atlantean root race. Descendants of Atlantis, there are the Mayans, for example. The Mayans emigrated, to Tibet, to Egypt, to Central America. It seems incredible, but Mayan is still spoken in Tibet, and the Mayan language is a sacred, ritual language of Tibet. Let us remember that the Naga-Maya is very similar.

Jesus of Nazareth learned Mayan language in Tibet. That phrase of Jesus: “Heli, heli, lamah zabactani” (“lord, lord”, some say, “how have you glorified me”; others say: “lord, lord, why have you abandoned me?”), well, such a phrase is not Hebrew. For this reason, when the Jews heard that the Christ said "Heli, heli, lamah zabactani", they said to themselves: "But, this one calls Elijah, what language is this"... They did not understand, they believed that he called Elijah to come to save him... However, any native from Yucatan or Guatemala translates the phrase “heli, heli, lamah zabactani” for you, because it turns out that it is Mayan, not Hebrew. That is why the Jews did not understand it, and it means (according to the Mayans and the translation they give it): "Now, I sink into the predawn of thine presence." Thus, it is a Mayan ritual phrase.

The Turanians were also survivors of Atlantis, unfortunately dedicated to black magic. They managed to reach Tibet too (to the breaking point of it all off), like the chosen Aryans, and migrated to ancient Persia. The great law was finally able to defeat them, and they were destroyed.

The redskins are descendants of Atlantis; our ancestors, ancient Nahuas: Zapotecs, Toltecs, etc., originally came from Atlantis; almost all the tribes of America descend from Atlantis.

So as one advances in these studies, one realizes that the current root race did not have its origin (as many suppose) in the same continents that we inhabit, the current root race comes from another root race, it comes from Atlantis. It does not come from the apes (from the orangutans, from the “monkeys”), as Mr. Darwin and his henchmen stubbornly suppose; it descends, I repeat, from the Atlantean trunk, and that is proven.



But the Atlanteans, with all their powerful civilization, in turn do not descend from the Atlantean continent. The Atlanteans, with all their civilization, were great, but the Atlanteans do not descend from Atlantis, they descend from Lemuria.

Lemuria was a continent even older than the Atlantean continent. Lemurians inhabited a continent that existed in the Pacific Ocean. It was a gigantic continent that extended in that boisterous sea; a huge continent that covered almost the entire area of ​​the pacific, bigger than Atlantis, bigger than Europe, bigger than Asia.

The Lemurian civilization was obviously also powerful. The Lemurians were a race of cyclopean giants, of cyclopes; it was normal to find Lemurians four, five or six meters tall. They were giants, it was a race of giants.

Lemuria had a powerful civilization too, huge, formidable. In Lemuria, huge cyclops cities were built, surrounded by stone walls and lava from volcanoes. Many people also lived in the fields, like now. In the beginning, in pre-Lemurian times, we can tell you that there was a race of hermaphrodites, Lemurian hermaphrodites. The division into opposite sexes occurred in the post-Lemurian era. Thus, we can divide Lemuria into two halves, or the Lemurian race into two eras: the first was the existence of the hermaphrodites; the second, the division of the race into two sexes.

Let's look at the Lemurian human race, at first, as hermaphrodites. Separate sexes did not exist, the race was hermaphroditic, so, each sacred Lemurian individual had fully developed two sexual organs (male and female).

"And the Spirit of Elohim רוח אלהים was hovering upon the face of the waters." - Genesis 1: 2

“And he (El-HaYam אל-הים, the sea God) created (the hermaphrodite) Elohim Ath-HaAdam אלהים את־האדם in his own image (or his divine Tzelem צלם, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה), in the image (in the divine Tzelem צלם of Ath את, the sea Goddess Elah-Yam אלה-ים, the Schekinah שכינה) created Athu אתו (Ath את in their ו Vav, their spinal medulla); male and female created Athem אתם (Ath את from their ם Mem, sexual creative waters, the Ad האד of Mah מה, or the Ad האד that waters the whole face of HaAdamah האדמה)” – Genesis 1: 27

They reproduced through the gemmation system: the hermaphrodite eliminated (from her ovaries, naturally), through the "menstruum", at a certain time, a perfectly developed ovum or egg the size like that of a bird, with its complete calcareous envelope. That egg, placed in a special environment, within their interior, gestated a new creature. And at last, when that creature hatched, it normally fed from the mother-father's breasts. This is how Lemurians reproduced. The sexual act did not exist, because (the Schekinah of) each individual was complete within themselves. Its reproduction was through the gemmation system.

But it happened that, when the post-Lemurian era arrived, it was clearly seen that some children were born with one sexual organ (Chaiah חיה “life”, or Havah חוה “Eve”) more noticeable than another (some were born with the male organ [Zain זין] more developed than the female [Zain זין], or vice versa, and such a process became more and more noticeable, until it finally happened that unisexual children (male or female) were born.

Lingam Yoni


zayin large

 (Note of the translator: The seventh Hebrew letter Zain זין forms the yoni, the uterus along with the canal-like organ located inside the female’s vagina, this opens to the erected Zain זין “lingam” located outside the male body)


And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה, intelligence) caused a deep sleep to fall upon (the hermaphrodite) HaAdam האדם, and he (the hermaphrodite HaAdam האדם) slept: and he (Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, Binah בינה, intelligence) took one of his ribs (one Vav or one Zain, in each side of the letter Chet ח), and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib (Zain זין), which יהוה אלהים had taken from (the hermaphrodite) HaAdam האדם, made an Ishah אשה or female fire, and brought her unto (the hermaphrodite) HaAdam האדם. And (the hermaphrodite) HaAdam האדם said, This זאת (Zain Ath is the Schekinah in the lingam-yoni) is twice bone of my bones (Chesed, right rib), and flesh of my flesh (Geburah, left rib): she (the lingam-yoni) shall be called Ishah אשה, because this זאת (Zain Ath is Havah חוה, life, the Schekinah in the lingam-yoni, which) was taken out of Ish איש (the Iod י, the brain, in the middle above the letter Chet ח). Therefore, shall an Ish איש (male fire in both genders) leave the Ath of his father (Ath Abiu את אביו) and the Ath of his mother (VeAth Amu ואת אמו; both "Ath את" are the Havah חוה, life, the Schekinah שכינה of HaAdam האדם, the brain), and both shall cleave unto their Ishoth אשת (or Havah חוה, life): and they (both Ishoth אשת - lingam-yoni) shall be one (Ath את, one Schekinah שכינה, because she "Ath את" is the mother of the whole tree of life היתה אם כל־עץ החיים, in the) flesh (Malkuth).

And (obviously) they were both naked, (the two male female) HaAdam האדם, and their Ishoth אשת (lingam-yoni, were one in the flesh), and were not ashamed (because they were alchemists).” – Genesis 2: 21-25

Thus, this process of division into opposite sexes was carried out over several thousands, perhaps a million years... it did not happen overnight. That is why it is said that "Eve (Havah חוה, life) was taken out from the hermaphrodite Adam's rib". This is a symbol, to represent the division of the sexes.

When the total division into opposite sexes came, then cooperation was needed in order to create. The "menstruum" continued to exist in the female half, in the female element, but that egg was created infertile or came infertile. Cooperation with the male sex was needed, so that the ovule was fertilized and thus be able to reproduce the species.

The creator Elohim, the Kumaras, gathered the people for reproduction, at certain times of the year. It was amazing how those races, those tribes, traveled from one place to another to go, to attend on certain dates the temples where they had to reproduce. The sexual act was never performed outside the temple; that sacrament was only performed in the temple, it was a sacrament of the temple, and the couples, man and woman, in the cobblestone patios of the temples, united sexually to create, under the direction of the Kumaras.

Humanity enjoyed spiritual faculties: it could perfectly perceive all the wonders of nature and the cosmos. Their ability to see allowed them to see half of a Holtapamnas, that is, half of all the shades of universal color (we well know that a Holtapamnas consists of five and a half million shades of color). The ear was penetrating, it captured the symphonies of the universe; the sense of smell was so acute that it could perfectly surpass that of dogs today.

It was a humanity that could use, in its alphabet, 51 vowels and 300 articulable consonants. The power of the verb, of the word, had not degenerated; it was spoken in the universal language, which had powers over fire, over air, over water and over Earth. It was a superior humanity, millions of times superior to ours. It built powerful civilizations and also knew how to use the energy of the atom and cosmic rays; it had cosmic ships, with which they traveled through the infinite space... marvelous cosmic ships...

Any human being, in Lemuria, could live about 12 to 15 centuries, that is, a little over a thousand years. They were a strong, vigorous breed; they could, perfectly, grab a huge stone and throw it with great force, far away; a stone that today we would need a powerful crane with which to move it, and perhaps not even with a crane we would do it. So, the Lemurians were a vigorous race, very strong...



However, the origin of the Lemurian root race was not in the pacific either, as it is believed. The ancestors of Lemuria were in the Hyperborean continent, which, like a kind of horseshoe, closed around the north pole and the south pole.

On the Hyperborean continent there was a powerful race of androgynes (not hermaphrodites, but androgynes). Not a race that could simply perch on the Earth's crust, like the Lemurians, no; the Hyperboreans were different: they floated in the atmosphere, in the atmosphere of those days. However, they created their civilization… many have thought that the Hyperboreans never knew war, but in truth, there was a race of Hyperboreans that knew how to make wars.

The mineral, plant, animal, and human kingdoms were mixed. There were mineral-vegetables and vegetable-minerals, animal-vegetaloids and vegetableoid-animals.

As for human beings, they were completely androgynous; they could elongate their bodies at will, to enormous heights, or shrink them to the state of a mathematical point.

They reproduced as corals reproduce: that is, by budding. We well know that there are plants that can reproduce by simple sprouting, when you plant a shoot, and it grows and develops. Likewise, from those bodies some bud could be born that would later break off and give rise to a new creature that fed on the father-mother.

It was a very warrior-like race, of tall and thin human beings, protected with large shields and wielding spears; they used unknown weapons and fought against other tribes.

The Hyperboreans lived in a very different time in world history. They possessed fully developed spiritual vision, that is, they had an outstanding pineal gland, which allowed them to see the ultra of all things. If we think that a plant is the physical body of an elemental, then each plant has a soul, and the soul of each plant is a vegetable elemental. The Hyperboreans, when they looked at a forest, did not see it as we see it today (as a set of trees, or something like that), because for them that forest was a forest of giants, with enormous hands, who like that of Briareus (the one with the hundred arms), they moved to the right and left. That forest was not something silent, but the voices of the colossi or giants were heard here, there and everywhere, that is, the voices of the elementals of the gigantic trees. That was another way of seeing things, not how we see them now, with this degenerate view, with this miserable view that we have, which only sees the physical things, it was another view: it was the view that allowed them to see the superior dimensions of the nature and the cosmos; it was a different view (pervasive, omniscient); they saw the Earth as it was and not as it apparently is, not as we are seeing it now.

There was knowledge and wisdom superior to what we now possess. Everything that we know now only serves to structure the intellect a little, and that's all.

The Hyperboreans were wiser and were governed by the superhuman, by the superhumans of all times and of all ages. 


They had kingdoms and civilizations, but neither was their racial origin on the Hyperborean continent. They knew that their ancestors had been left behind in time. The ancestors of the Hyperboreans were the protoplasmic human beings, the polar humans, the ice humans, the first root race (this one lived in the north pole cap)... The ice humans!... The protoplasmic humans!...

One cannot help but laugh at the “protoplasm” of Haeckel and his henchmen; yes, that Haeckel's “pinch of salt”. They believe that protoplasm, the muloscoid, the mollusk came from there, and followed evolution in accordance with that unbreakable dogma of evolution, also accepted by Darwin and his henchmen. No, the protoplasm is older!

Neither is the “protoplasm” that of other authors, “floating in the ocean”, no; let us think of the protoplasmic human, let us think of the protoplasmic root race, which existed on the sacred island, that island which was the first to exist and which will be the last to cease to exist. I want to refer to the Nordic Earth, to the Earth of glass, as our Anahuac ancestors used to say; to the "distant Thule", to the continent that is now covered by the ice of the north pole. Said continent occupied, at that time, the equatorial zone of the world, since the position was different: the current equator was poles, and the poles were equator.

There were huge and deep forests, and a gigantic polar civilization was created. The land was a magnificent, beautiful blue; the mountains were transparent as glass. The human race was reproduced by the system that we still know, in our body, in the blood: that of cellular division. We well know that a cell divides into two and the nine-month gestation process begins, the germ cell divides into two, the two divide into four, the four into eight, and thus the gestation process begins, the process of cellular division. That process still exists in our blood. Why does it exist? Because it existed previously, and the polar human beings reproduced themselves with that process. At a certain time, the organism of the father-mother divided into two (as the living cell divides) and thus they reproduced themselves by the process, then, of cellular division .

When a child was born, it was celebrated as a great event. The hierophants met in the temples to work on the elements, and the esoteric symbols were used (at that time) in a different way, to indicate that life was going towards materialization, towards the physical.


"Even though it seems incredible, the truth is that the First Root Race that existed in the world was of a very beautiful black color. However, it is a little difficult for contemporary people to comprehend that in the cheeks of those black people, and in their face in general, in spite of being a race of color, shined a certain redness similar to fire." - Samael Aun Weor

The humans of the polar era could lengthen their body at will or shrink it, until it became like a mathematical point. They were androgynous, and as soon as they could bring out the feminine aspect (to appear as beautiful ladies), or submerge, within themselves, the feminine aspect, to surface, bring out their masculine aspect. That is to say, they were true divine androgyns. In their imagination the starry firmament was reflected, they talked with the gods of the dawn of the mahamanvantara, face to face; they spoke in the verb of gold, which "like a river of gold runs through a thick, sunny jungle."

Then Uriel, a great master from Venus, taught them the arts and science. Uriel left behind a book written in Runes; it was a book that they studied, the humans of the polar epoch (or of the primary epoch, if you want to call them), the protoplasmic root race...

All of this is written in the Akashic records of nature. If you develop the epiphysis and the hypophysis, with that pair of glands, and properly concentrated, you will be able to review all these writings, you will be able to verify for yourselves what I am currently saying.

The Chaos

"First I sung the obscurity of ancient χάος Chaos, How the Elements were ordered, and the Heaven reduced to bound; And the generation of the wide-bosomed Earth, and the depth of the Sea, And Ερως Eros the most ancient, self-perfecting, and of manifold design; How he generated all things, and parted them from one another." - Orphic fragment (Greek)

Where did the polar race come from? What was its origin? They knew, very well, that they had developed in an earlier age. Those who had lived, then, in a higher dimension (in the fourth coordinate), those who had acted there and had known the mysteries of the universe. And the humans of the fourth coordinate were not unaware that they had come from the fifth; and the humans of the fifth coordinate were not unaware that they had come from the sixth coordinate; and the humans of the sixth dimension were not unaware that they had come from the seventh; and the humans of the seventh dimension never ignored that they had developed from the primitive original seed-germ. In such a way that the primitive, atomic elemental seed-germ of the human race existed before the universe existed, it existed within the chaos...

Tree of Life 2.0 void

All the seed-germs of the human race, of the vegetable elements and of the animal species, were within the chaos; before the universe existed, those seed-germs slept in the chaos. When the universe was shook by the verb, when the creative verb of the first instant set all the atoms in motion, those germs emerged from the chaos, made their first manifestation in the seventh dimension, crystallized and developed a little more in the sixth, then in the fifth, later in the fourth, and the day came when such germs appeared (already with a certain development) on our planet Earth, perched on a protoplasmic soil, as simple living protoplasms.

So, the human race came from the chaos, developed from the chaos, progressed from the chaos, and exists today. One day, human organisms will return to the primitive germinal state and return to the chaos (from the chaos they came out and to the chaos they will return)...

One day our Earth was a protoplasm; later our Earth will be a corpse, a new moon (after the seventh root race). Then life will unfold in the higher spheres and will return to the chaos, because it came out of the chaos and will return to the chaos...

So, that is my lecture tonight. Those who want to ask something, can do so with complete freedom.

Questions and Answers

Disciple: What was the cause of the division of the sexes?

Samael Aun Weor: The division of the sexes had to be carried out because the divine entities, the beings, forcedly needed to have separate masculine or feminine vehicles for their own self-development and individual experience. That is the cause...

...any other questions?... Everyone can ask freely.

Disciple: Being in this three-dimensional world, can one travel through the fourth, know it, or have any manifestation of the fourth dimension or fourth coordinate?

Samael Aun Weor: Last night, precisely, we gave a lecture here about that; and we explain what the fourth vertical is and how to cognizantly enter the fourth dimension with the physical body. We said last night that it is possible for the physical body to enter the fourth vertical, and we gave a key: we were talking precisely about Harpocrates (or harpocratis). We said that if one concentrated deeply on Harpocrates, when one is falling asleep, if one imagines a blue colored egg, and that with his imagination one feels like a pigeon inside that imagined egg, we said that if the concentration was deep and we invoked Harpocratis, there would come a time when we would feel like a kind of "itch" in the body, and that if we scratched, we lost the opportunity. We said all that explaining it here. Then we clarify: that if in those moments one felt inflated, felt "chubby", and got up from his bed full of faith, one would penetrate with the help of Harpocrates (or Harpocratis) in the fourth vertical, where one could study the mysteries of life and death. We spoke extensively last night about jinn science. Today, I do not intend to talk so much about jinn science, since today we are talking exclusively about Gnostic anthropology.

Does anyone else have something to ask?

Disciple: From that "chaos" that you mention, from there did those “I’s” begin to gestate?

Samael Aun Weor: The egos have nothing to do with the chaos, they are a diabolical creation of our own, of our mistakes, of our shortcomings here and now. The chaos is the chaos and the raison d'être of the chaos is chaos itself. The chaos is sacred; there the seed-germs of life are latent, there they develop and from there they unfold and then descend, from dimension to dimension, until they appear here, in concrete form. That is all!

Any other questions?

Disciple: Yes, brother of mine: I want to ask you, respectfully, if there is written documentation about the intelligent lecture that we just heard from your lips, and if there is, in any way, that we can take to our intellect..., where we can drink from that source? Do you have any books on that documentation you just mentioned, at least in a form available to us? I don't know if I explain myself?

Samael Aun Weor: I once wrote a "Christmas Message", I don't remember what it is... Is there one? Take a look at "Christmas Message of 1969" [Cosmic Teachings of a Lama]...

Disciple: 1969?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, in the "Christmas Message of 1969" is where I talk about all of that... 1969-1970... Let's see if suddenly, I'll get them to you, that "Christmas Message" from the years 1969-70, where I wrote about all that.

However, there are other authors who have elucidated much on questions of anthropogenesis. I can especially recommend the second volume of "The Secret Doctrine", entitled "anthropogenesis", whose author is the master Helen Petrovna Blavatsky. Also Rudolf Steiner, for example, in his "Treatise of Occult Science", sheds much light on the subject.

I can speak to you (about this) extensively, due to the concrete fact that what I am explaining, I have lived. So, I do not need to study it to say it; I’ve seen it, and I haven't expanded on the whole topic today,  because we could be here all night and it wouldn't be enough... not in a thousand nights could I finish explaining to you all the development of this universe, since it emerged from the chaos. In any case, I have lived it and I know it by direct experience.

Do any of you have anything else to say, to ask? Let's see...

Disciple: Well... talk a lot about the “chaos” and about the “cosmos”. There is a lot of confusion, because "chaos" is understood as disorder and "cosmos" as order; so I’m...

Samael Aun Weor: From the chaos comes the cosmos. Undoubtedly, through the law of three, that is, through the holy Triamatzikamno, it is possible to create new units. When the positive, negative and neutral forces all impinge on a given point, a creation takes place. The creation of any new cosmic unit would not be possible without the conjunction of these three forces that form, in themselves, the holy Triamatzikamno. These three forces are: the holy affirming, the holy denying, the holy reconciling. But, creating is one thing and organizing is another thing. It can be created, but if there is no organization, what use would creation be?

For a cosmos (meaning, in parentheses, "order of worlds") to arise in existence, another law is needed. I want to refer, emphatically, to the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock, that is, the law of seven. Through the law of the holy Triamatzikamno, creation is made, but through the law of seven the organization of what has been created (in the form of a cosmos) is made.

Thus, our solar system exists thanks to two laws: first, the law of the holy Triamatzikamno; second, the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock. Thanks to these two laws, our solar system and our planet Earth currently exist. So, from the chaos, then, a cosmos arose; from the chaos all cosmoses arise. Out of the darkness comes the light...

Any other questions?... Well, since I’m not hearing another, since there are no more questions, we'll end this lecture.

Inverential peace!

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.

It is written:

יראת יהוה ראשית דעת חכמה ומוסר אוילים ב-זו

The awe of Iod-Havah is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom, and (this is why) these (silly) oils are removed in this.  – Proverbs 1: 7 


“In the beginning (Daath דעת, knowledge along with Chokmah חכמה, wisdom), created Elohim אלהים, Ath את the heavens VeAth ואת the earth. And the earth was in chaos Tohu VeBohu תהו ובהו” – Genesis 1: 1, 2

This Ath את is the Schekinah, Aphrodite, the prima matter of the great work, who abides as Ad-אד in the creative fiery waters which all humanoid physicalities accumulate from their Dam דם blood in HaAdamah האדמה, the ground, their physicalities; in other words, in HaAdamah האדמה, the ground, our physicalities, she is Jonah יונה, the dove, the fire of the holy ghost within Addam אדדם, which humanoids expel through their bestial orgasm. As it is written:

“And he, HaAdam האדם, drove out Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה); and he (HaAdam האדם) placed Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה) and the Cherubims הכרבים at the (od אד, the) east of the garden of Eden, and VeAth ואת the flame of (the Schekinah שכינה) the sword (that was in his Vav ו or spinal medulla) turning every way (concealed in his sinning Dam דם blood), to keep Ath את (the Schekinah שכינה in exile, out) of the way to ( his spinal medulla or his) tree of life.” – Genesis 3: 24

“The lighting of the (Schekinah שכינה, the) Sabbath שבת (bath בת daughter of Shin ש fire) candle is devolved on (aholah and aholibah אהלה ואהליבה Ezekiel 23; symbols of האהל ואהלי בה) the (lingam-yoni or) ashoth אשת, wives of the holy people (the alchemists), the reason of which is that as by an Isha אשה woman (lingam-yoni) the heavenly light (of the Schekinah שכינה) became extinguished, so by an Isha אשה woman (lingam-yoni) must it be made to reappear (in the spinal medulla of husband and wife). Another and more important reason is, the canopy of (the tree of Daath דעת, knowledge, that symbolizes) peace signifies the Matronitha מטרוניתא of the world, or the Holy Spirit whose emblem (in Yesod) is an Isha אשה woman (better said: the male and female Ishoth אשת, lingam-yoni), whose expressed desire it is that an Isha אשה woman (better said: the shabatoth שבתות or Bathoth Shin בתות ש, the  daughters of Shin, fire, symbols of the lingam-yoni) should be charged with lighting (the Schekinah שכינה) the Sabbath שבת (bath בת daughter of Shin ש fire) candle, as being not only an honor (thy father (the lingam) and thy mother (the yoni), as Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים hath commanded thee; that thy days may be prolonged, and that it may go well with thee, in HaAdamah האדמה, the land (physicality) which Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים giveth thee), but a great benefit for the procreating of good and holy children who shall become as lights in the world and distinguished for their Daath דעת knowledge of the secret doctrine.” - Zohar  

“And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים formed Ath HaAdam את־האדם of Apher עפר, dust of HaAdamah האדמה, the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and HaAdam האדם became a Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה, living soul.” – Genesis 2: 7

"It is written, And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים formed Ath HaAdam את־האדם;' in these words is expressed the mystery of the formation of Ath HaAdam את־האדם from the right side (the Vav ו) and from the left side (Zain ז) of the sephirotic tree of life. Ath HaAdam את־האדם was composed of two natures, the animal or lower soul (Nephesh נפש) and the spiritual or higher soul (Neshamah נשמה), and this because the former is necessary to the development of the latter.

“Male and female created she them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam אדם, in the day when they were created (in her womb, because she is HaAdamah האדמה, the ground).” – Genesis 5: 2

It is (Nephesh נפש) the lower nature of Ath HaAdam את־האדם that excites (Ishah אשה) the female principle (or sexual organ in the male or female Adam אדם).

It is a tradition that the north that symbolizes (Ish איש) the (brain or) good principles (in men and women) seeks attachment with the (south, the) female (or evil principles in men and women) and therefore is she (the sexual organ) called Ishah אשה, a term compounded of two words, esh אש (fire) and Hei ה, signifying the lingam-yoni or female principles. The higher and lower soul cannot become united and harmonized so long as sexuality and carnal desire are dominant. The term Ath HaAdam את־האדם has already been explained, that at first it designated the androgynous Adam, but afterwards (when Adam became hermaphrodite, Adam) became sundered and separated (into lingam-yoni).

"We will now explain further the esoteric meaning of the phrase, Apher עפר, dust of HaAdamah האדמה, the ground.' When a woman marries, she takes the name of her husband, therefore is he called Ish איש and she Ishah אשה. He is designated Tzadik צדיק and she Tzadikah צדיקה, also he is described as ophik אפיק and tzebi צבי, she as ophikah אפיקה and tzabiah צביה; as it is written:

“The tzebi צבי, glory of all Eretzoth ארצות, earths”  - Ezekiel 20: 15

“Rabbi Jehudah יהודה said: “And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים formed Ath HaAdam את־האדם of Apher עפר, dust of HaAdamah האדמה, the ground." means that he (Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים – Binah, left hemisphere of the brain) is considered (in women) the "husband of (HaAdamah האדמה) the ground (the uterus).”

It is also written:

“Noah (Male-fire) from the ground נח איש האדמה” – Genesis 9: 20

Rabbi Jehudah said: "Noah was called “Ish HaAdamah איש האדמה” for the same reason that the husband (the Ish איש) of Naomi was called (my God is king) Elimelech אלימלך (Ruth 1: 3). Of Noah it is written also that he was Tzadik צדיק, just, because by the (sexual alchemical) sacrifices offered up by him, he freed the Earth (or physicality) from its curse, concerning which we read that (during sexual alchemy) ‘יהוה smelled a sweet savor' (Genesis 8: 21); or in other words, was pleased with them and said:

“I will not again curse Ath-HaAdamah את־האדמה, the ground any more for HaAdam האדם's sake” – Genesis 8: 21

Such are the reasons why Noah was so called ‘male fire from the ground איש האדמה.’

It is also written:

"Thou shalt not plant thee an Asherah אשרה grove of any trees near unto the altar of Iod-Havah Elohim Asher יהוה אלהים אשר'" - Deuteronomy 16: 21

"Why is it not permissible to plant Asherah אשרה groves in any places not contiguous to the altar of Iod-Havah Elohim Asher יהוה אלהים אשר?

In reply we say that the word Asher אשר (bliss) designates the husband and Asherah אשרה (grove), the wife; as it is written:

"Bring forth out of the temple of יהוה all the vessels that were made for Baal בעל (husband) and for Asherah אשרה (wife)." -’2Kings 23: 4

The esoteric explanation of these words is this: the altar designates her, the Schekinah שכינה, or divine spouse, and therefore it is forbidden to raise or build any other altar and present a spouse to Iod-Havah Elohim Asher יהוה אלהים אשר beside it.

Note that the worshippers of (Bel בל) the sun are termed worshippers of Baal בעל, but the adorers of the moon, the adorers of Asherah אשרה.

The wife is called Asherah אשרה, derived from the word Asher אשר, designating her husband. Why then (these terms) are not they used any longer to distinguish a man and his wife, and also the celestial husband and spouse? Because the word Asherah אשרה comes from Asher אשר in the same sense as found in the words:

"And Leah (Jacob's Asherah אשרה, wife) said, bashari באשרי blessed am I, for the daughters will call me asheruni אשרוני the blessed one, and she called his name Asher אשר (bliss)' (Genesis 30: 13).  

Now the altar of Iod-Havah Elohim Asher יהוה אלהים אשר on the Earth is not honored and blessed by heathen nations, but despised, therefore the terms Asher אשר and Asherah אשרה are not longer applied to the altar symbolizing the celestial husband and spouse, nor to a man and his wife; and this is the signification of the words, 'Thou shalt not plant the Asherah אשרה near the altar,' that is. thou shalt not present to Iod-Havah Elohim Asher יהוה אלהים אשר any other spouse than the legitimate one, the altar of Adamah אדמה (HaAdam האדם’s physicality), as it is written:

christ appearing to his disciples after the resurrection 1943.3.8995

Aheieh Asher Aheieh אהיה אשר אהיה

“An altar from Adamah אדמה (HaAdam האדם’s physicality), thou shalt make unto me” - Exodus 20: 24

"It is also written, 'And (Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים - Binah בינה, intelligence) breathed into his nostrils the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים, breath of life; and HaAdam האדם became a living soul” – Genesis 2: 7

Meaning that (in the resurrection, Adamah אדמה, which is HaAdam האדם’s physicality) the Earth, was then made fruitful as is the female (fire, Ishah אשה) by the male (fire, Ish איש), for it is animated with life-giving principles and force. Furthermore, HaAdam האדם is endowed with a two-fold nature and thus able to develop the lower soul (as Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה), by which his earthly frame is animated.” - Zohar