The Seven Planets of Alchemy

Alchemy is the science of transmutation.Although it may appear to be incredible, it is true and factually certain that the science of Endocrinology is closely related to Sexual Alchemy.  Endocrinology is bound to produce a true creative revolution.  Scientists already know that the sexual glands are not sealed capsules.  The sexual glands absorb and secrete hormones.  The hormones of secretion are called “conserving,” because they perpetuate the species.  The hormones of absorption are called “vitalizing,” because they vitalize the human organism.  This process of hormonal absorption is transmutation; it is Alchemy: the transformation of one type of energy-matter into another type of energy-matter.

Trans • mutation: the change of one element into another.

Sexual Magic is intensified sexual transmutation.  Through Sexual Alchemy, the alchemist absorbs, transmutes and sublimates the totality of the sexual energy-matter.  The rich and abundant sexual hormones inundate the circulatory system of the blood and reach the different glands of internal secretion, stimulating and inciting our endocrine system to work intensely.  Thus, with intensified sexual transmutation, the endocrine glands are super-stimulated, naturally producing a greater number of hormones that animate and modify the entire fluid nervous system.

As the planets of our solar system revolve harmoniously around the Sun, likewise the different glands of our internal secretion harmoniously revolve throughout our blood.  This is how our glands hormonally and harmoniously stimulate and incite our metabolism to work intensely.

Endocrinology, studied through Alchemy, enters into the field of Psychology and Astrology.  When the endocrine glands are super-stimulated, they naturally produce a greater number of hormones that animate the metallic (hormonal) planets of Alchemy within us.

The seven planets of alchemy If we see the order of the planets in a clear and Alchemical manner, we can then draw a perfect schematic diagram.

Observe carefully.  Observe the order of the planets to try to understand what the work of Sexual Alchemy actually is.  In front of us we have Saturn, and below us we have the Moon.

Let us now establish an Alchemical order of the planets: above the Moon is Mercury; a little above that is Venus; then the king of the sky, the Sun; Mars, the planet of war is further up; then we continue with Jupiter, and immediately after that, as I have already stated, is the most elevated planet, Saturn.

If we carefully observe the order of the planets, we can see that the Sun is in the center.  The Sun is the one that gives life to all of the planets of the solar system.

One can achieve marvelous transformations through Sexual Alchemy.  As we study Alchemy, it is necessary to know that these planets have their exponents in our own seminal system and within our own physical organism here and now.

Within us, through Sexual Alchemy, Saturn, the Ancient of the heavens, converts itself into the Moon.  Why?  Because the two extremes  correspond to each other.

Through Sexual Alchemy, Jupiter, which represents our innermost Being, is transformed into Mercury (of the secret philosophy).  For one to see his own Mercury before the mirror of Alchemy, is precisely the most interesting part of this great astrological, psychological, and endocrine work.

According to the great sages, this is when our own particular psychological Saint Thomas (which each person carries within) becomes confused and bewildered.

Therefore, Jupiter transformed into Mercury is something extraordinary.  It is then that the Astral Body splendidly bursts forth, producing a magnificent change in our psyche.

Mars should be converted into Venus.  That belligerent and terrible Mars that warrior and fighter that each of us carries within our depths should be transformed into the Venus of love.

Finally, it is the Sun that remains at the center, giving life to our entire inner psychic constitution.  Therefore, those metallic planets are also found within our own metallic chaos.  This metallic chaos is our seminal system, the Ens Seminis (entity of the semen).

It is astonishing indeed that venerable old Saturn is transformed and converted into a child of captivating beauty.  This child has to be born within us.  As the psychiatrists state, each person in his old age becomes a child, is converted into a child.

It is extraordinary that through Sexual Alchemy, thundering Jupiter, whose wife is Hera, the symbolic Sacred Cow, Devi Kundalini Shakti, the very essence of our sexual matter, is converted into the Mercury of the secret philosophy, into that Mercury that we come to see through the extraordinary mirror of Alchemy.

The great masters of Alchemy have stated:

Blessed be God, who has created Mercury, because without it,
the great work would not be possible for the Alchemists.

Mercury indeed astonishes us.  Mercury is derived from the sexual hormonal transmutations, the transformations of the sacred sperm.  Mercury is the outcome of Sexual Magic.  It is like the vapor that rises from the will, like the cloud that rises from the metallic chaos.

The Alchemist works with Mercury

This Mercury, however, possesses a sublime, ineffable type of intelligence.  Indeed, this is how the lead of our personality can be transformed into that magnificent spiritual gold.  Mercury can also be shown through our face.  Mercury can be seen through the mirror of Alchemy.

If we think of Mars, the warrior, the Lord of Iron, if we think of those bellicose forces that we carry within our interior, if we think of those hard and terrible forces, we cannot but be astonished to see how, through Sexual Alchemy, they are transformed into the Lord of Love.  This is how the Lord of Love is born in us.

This invites us to meditate on how the venerable Ancient of the Centuries converts himself into the child of affection that moves himself within the temples of the Universal White Fraternity.

The Alchemist is bewildered, amazed, when thundering Jupiter, this ineffable Third Logos, this Arch-hierophant and Arch-magician of which the famous Spanish writer Mr. Mario Roso de Luna speaks, is transformed into the Mercury of occult philosophy, into the God of Eloquence.

The Mercury of occult philosophy is transformed into that lucid form of Cagliostro or into the portentous form of St. Germain, or simply, into the apotheosis of our psyche during magnificent ecstasy.  Indeed, this cannot but astonish us.

I, Samael Aun Weor, have been able to see my own Mercury reflected through the mirror of Alchemy.  I give testimony of what I have seen, and indeed it is grandiose.

Mercury is not only the outcome of the transformations of the sperm into energy, and Mercury is not only the agent through which we are able to convert lead into gold.  The last words about Mercury have not yet been said.  The explanation about Mercury is complete when we state that this Mercury is more than a pure metallic agent capable of bringing about transmutations.  There is something else in that Mercury, in that God of Eloquence, in that living genie who shines in the Astral Body of the Alchemist.   Mercury, indeed, is the very Logos converted or transformed through Sexual Magic into the Son of Man.

Mercury is not, therefore, a mere gross substance, or merely metallic.  It is not only that sacred material spoken of by Sendivogius, Raymond Lully, Nicholas Flamel, Paracelsus, Bernard Trevisan, etc., but Mercury is something more.  Mercury is thundering Jupiter converted into a manifested genie, thundering Jupiter converted into the metallic planet of Mercury.

Metallically speaking, we can state that it is this status converted into that beautiful and perfect creature that wanders in the temples, among the elder friends of humanity.

It amazes us greatly, beloved reader, how Sexual Alchemy produces in us the permutations of the metallic planets, the transformations of the planets one into the other, the radical change that gives birth to a new transcendental psychological creature.

How can it be or in what manner can we cause these metallic permutations within ourselves?  Obviously, without the sacred fire of Alchemy, without Sexual Magic, it would become impossible for us to make changes of this type.

As you are now realizing, dear reader, we are, through Sexual Alchemy, seeking to convert ourselves into something psychologically different, to become someone psycho-physiologically distinct.  We attain it through the transmutation of the diverse chemical substances that are combined within our organism and are related with the diverse biomechanical or physiological functions of our endocrine glands.  If so many catalytic and metabolic phenomena exist, if sugar can be transformed into alcohol, undoubtedly diverse Alchemical permutations can also exist.  Indeed, these Alchemical permutations, through unending combinations, convert us into almighty, divine, and ineffable Beings. Obviously, the Sahaja Maithuna, Sexual Magic, is the living foundation of this Great Work.

Alchemy is a sexual transformation

Planetary Influences

The human being enters the maternal womb as a mere germinating seed to develop and evolve.  After nine months, the same seed comes into existence more developed, but still not completely developed.

During the first seven years of childhood, we live under the lunar influence. We then enjoy the happiness of the home, unless some negative Karma harms these first years of our life.  Yet, the seed is still not completely developed, it is still in the process of development.

The fact that a germinating seed has been born, that a child came into existence somewhat more developed, does not mean that this seed, this child, has finished its development.

During the first seven years of our existence, there becomes manifested in our organism, in the males, the first testicular layer that permits them to exist, and as to females, their ovaries produce certain cells, certain principles, that vitally sustain them.

Later, that seed, continuing its process of development, enters under the influence of Mercury.  Then the child goes to school, studies, learns, plays, etc.  The child can no longer remain at home at all times.  Mercury moves him, agitates him, and makes him restless.  The second testicular layer produces in the male particular cells that come to specify and to completely define his sex.  The female’s ovaries produce certain cells, certain principles, that come to specify and to completely define her sex.

In our development between fourteen and twenty-one years of age, we pass under the influence of Venus.  It is stated that this is the age of falling in love.  Men and women begin to experience sexual restlessness, because the sexual glands become activated.  The third testicular zone in the male develops and produces sperm, but the latter are still not sufficiently mature, because the male who is between fourteen and twenty-one years of age has not completed his process of development. The seed has not concluded its process of development.

Therefore, it is very serious that a seed, which has not finished its natural process of development, enters into the field of sexual commerce.  Undoubtedly, sexual intercourse is not advisable for seeds that have not yet completed their development.

It is not proper for a male who is undergoing his second infancy or adolescence to copulate.  It is obvious that copulation between seeds that have not completed their development, or in other words, by teenagers or adolescents, undoubtedly, irrefutably, seriously damages their physical and mental health.

These damages, if not felt during youth, are felt during old age.  This is how and why it is normal today for a man to begin losing his virility between the ages of forty and fifty years old.  Why?  Because of the abuse in his adolescence and during his second childhood.

We have already stated that the first childhood is from birth to the age of seven and that the second childhood is between seven and fourteen years of age.

Unfortunately, although it is pitiful to realize it, nowadays many children of twelve and thirteen years of age are already copulating.   Moreover, those who are not yet copulating commit the crime of masturbation.  They eliminate their hormones, degenerate their brains and atrophy their pineal gland through masturbation.  This is how they become sure candidates for a mental home.

It is well known that after coitus, the phallus continues with certain peristaltic movements conducive to receiving vital energies from the feminine uterus in an attempt to replace its wasted creative principles.

However, when masturbation exists, instead of assimilating vital feminine energies with such peristaltic movements, useful principles for existence, the masturbator absorbs cold air, which passes directly to the brain.  The outcome of this is idiocy, mental degeneration or insanity.

The vice of masturbation is, unfortunately, also very popular among the feminine sex.  Obviously, with such a vice, many women that could have been genial or good wives have prematurely become degenerated, have aged quickly, have lost their sexual potential, and have become true victims of life.

Therefore, it is important to know all these aspects of sex; it is important to know what sex is.

For adolescents to have sex is absurd, because they are mere seeds which have not yet completed their development.

Development, in itself and by itself, concludes at the age of twenty-one.  That is when adulthood really begins, the “responsible age” as it has already been called.

It is between twenty-one and forty-two years of age that we have to conquer our place under the Sun.  Our vocation, whatever we are to be, remains forever decided.

Unfortunately, those who have reached adulthood, ordinarily have not had a specific upright sexual education.  They have squandered their hormone capital and wasted their virile potency without having completed their development as seeds that one day enter the maternal womb.  Thus, on arriving at the age of twenty-one, they discover that they have very weak mental strength.

Obviously, the pineal gland and the sexual glands are intimately related.  So, mental strength and mental force are radiated by the pineal gland.  Yet, when this gland has been weakened by sexual abuses, then the outcome is that we are at a very disadvantageous position in trying to conquer our place under the Sun.

Consequently, when we are not capable to radiate our psychic waves with force due to the weakness of the pineal gland, located in the upper part of our brain, we fail professionally, or the labor for our daily bread becomes more difficult.  Our business fails and those people with whom we should establish commercial ties do not feel our drive, cancel their business with us and we are then hardly able to obtain our daily bread.

If the seed were to develop without interventions of any kind, if the seed were to evolve without interference of any sort, if sexual abuses did not exist, then upon becoming twenty-one years old, we would possess an extraordinarily energetic potential and we would conquer our little place under the Sun with great success.

It is good to know that many millions of inhabitants, many millions of people, are struggling to exist.  There exist many millions of illiterate people who are suffering hunger and misery.  One could protest against the government or governments and would solve nothing with such protests, because indeed, we should not blame others for our bad situation.  We are the only ones responsible for our bad economic situation.  We always blame the different political or economical systems, always accuse the president or presidents of the countries, and that is absurd, because we alone are the creators of our own destiny.

It is obvious that if we begin the struggle for life with weakness, if we do not possess the potent psychic-mental-erotic forces as to be able to carve out our niche in life, we will have to suffer hunger and misery.

If that seed that one day enters the maternal womb was allowed to harmoniously develop to the age of twenty-one, we would enter the path of life with great success, strong and powerful, full of health and energy.  Yet, unfortunately, most of us have been copulating since our second infancy.  That seed that once enters the maternal womb has not been allowed to successfully continue its processes of development without interference.

As to the feminine sex, I will state that women develop earlier than men.  Because of this, she can certainly marry at a younger age.  Yet, for a teenager who is not yet a man, but a seed in the process of development, to marry before twenty-one years of age, to be copulating from the age of fourteen, is absurd, criminal and monstrous in the most complete sense of the word.

After the age of forty-two, that is to say, after the solar influence has elapsed during which we were to conquer our little place under the sun, we enter the age of Mars, which begins at the age of forty-two and lasts up to the age of forty-nine.

Whosoever ignores these cosmic cycles that repeat themselves in the human being, the microcosm, undoubtedly does not know how to take advantage of the cycle of Mars and he creates for himself a very miserable old age.

It is good that we think a little about old age, my dear friends; it is good that we begin preparing for old age.  It is not right for us to wait until we are old men to then try to arrange our existence.

Just as in our childhood we had a cradle, a home, a father, a mother, likewise in our old age we also need a house, we need a home.  We need to have a source of financial income, enough so as not to perish of hunger and misery.

Between the ages of forty-two and forty-nine years old, the cycle of Mars is present, and in this period we should work very intensely to the maximum.  It is during this time that we should give a concrete form to that home which we should have for our old age.  It is between the age of forty-two and forty-nine years, under the influence of Mars, that we should create an economic source, which is absolutely secure for our old age.

Mars helps us with its energetic potential, but unfortunately, many have abused sex during the cycles of Venus and the Sun.  When they arrive at the cycle of Mars, in spite of receiving the influence of this planet through their endocrine glands, they are totally worn out because of their sexual form of life, their abuses.  Therefore, they in no way know how to take advantage, as they should, of their share of the potential.  The result is lamentable, not taking advantage as they should of the cycle of Mars.  Then, as a consequence or corollary, there arrives a miserable old age.  Old age arrives and finds us without any secure source of income; and now, instead of being useful in some way or another, at least to our grandchildren, we undoubtedly become an obstacle for the entire world. All this, because of not knowing how to live!  Because of not knowing how to live!  Because of not knowing how to live!

From forty-nine to fifty-six years of age, thundering Jupiter enters our life, almighty Jupiter, he who gives the scepter to kings, the staff to patriarchs, and the horn of abundance to whomever deserves it.

However, if we have not really worked during the cycle of Mars, or if we have struggled at a disadvantage due to the abuse of sex, if we have not taken proper advantage of the solar influence and have not allowed the harmonious development of that seed that once entered that maternal womb, then the influence of Jupiter, instead of becoming positive, instead of granting us the scepter of kings, comes to give us misery.

Keep in mind that every planet has a dual aspect, positive and negative.  If thundering Jupiter has as its ruler, the angel Zachariel, it also has as its dark antithesis, Sanagabril.

Distinguish between Zachariel and Sanagabril; they are different. Distinguish between the horn of abundance and the stick of the beggar. Obviously, whosoever has spent his sexual potential, has spent his vital values and his cosmic capital, reaps the consequences: misery, poverty, and humiliation in the cycle of Jupiter.

Old age, properly defined, begins at the age of fifty-six years with Saturn, the Ancient of the Heavens, and ends at sixty-three.

I do not necessarily mean that we must all die at the age of sixty-three.  No, rather, that the first cycle of Saturn properly begins at fifty-six years and ends at sixty-three.  Other cycles follow.

For example, the cycle of Uranus would then follow, but then only the internally developed individuals, the great Initiates would grasp it.

The cycle of Neptune, with its seven years, would also be for the great Hierophants.

A cycle of Pluto for Mahatmas.  Beyond that follows two transcendental cycles, and lastly, exquisite harmony and powers for those who have acquired the Elixir of Long Life.

In synthesis, the cycle of Saturn, for the human being of the streets, lasts seven years.  On arriving at the age of sixty-three the cycle of Saturn ends.

For the common human being comes more combinations; for example: Saturn with the Moon or Saturn with Mercury.  A similar change takes place every seven years, Saturn with Venus, etc.

That is why we see elderly people changing as the years go by.  Take an old man or woman between sixty-three and seventy years old, for example, with Saturn and the Moon combining in him or her.  They become very infantile in their way of being.

Between seventy and seventy-seven years, they would have a certain mercurial restlessness, certain desires to study or acquire knowledge, etc.

In any case, during old age, Saturn is combining in one form or another with the other worlds.

It is obvious that Saturn, the Ancient of the Heavens, is the sword of justice that reaches us from heaven.  If we do not know how to live harmoniously with each of the planetary cycles, we will reap the results with Old Saturn, the Ancient of the Heavens.

Therefore, dear reader, these extraordinary, vital transformations of our own existence are marvelous.  The ordinary human being thinks that on becoming twenty-one, one has come of age.  Normally, yes; the seed that was born, or what one day entered the womb of existence and was then born alive to live, concludes its development at the age of twenty-one, that is precisely so.

Yet, if we were to fulfill our cosmic duty, as was done by our ancestors, the Lemurians and the Atlanteans, we would be converted into genuine Human Beings.

Our Cosmic Duty

What is our cosmic duty?  I will tell you what our cosmic duty is:

First:  The intellect.  Not to allow intellectual concepts to pass through our minds in a mechanical manner; in other words, I will state, become conscious of all the intellectual data that comes to the mind.

How do we become conscious of this data?  By means of meditation.  When we read a book, we should meditate on it and try to comprehend it.

Second:  The emotions.  We should become conscious of all the activities of the emotional center.  It is deplorable how people act under the impulse of emotions, in a completely mechanical manner, without any control whatsoever.  We should become conscious of all our emotions.

Third:  The habits and customs of the motor center.  We should become conscious of all activities, of all movements, of all our habits.  Do nothing mechanically.

Fourth:  Instincts.  We should take possession of all of our instincts and subdue them.  We should comprehend them in depth.

Fifth:  Transmute the sexual energy.  By means of the Sahaja Maithuna, we will unceasingly transmute our sexual energies.

Thus, in fulfilling our cosmic duty, it is obvious that our life will develop harmoniously.  The Superior Existential Bodies of our Being will be formed, built in us, and thus, we will be in harmony with the Infinite, attuned with the Great Law.  We will be able to arrive at an old age full of ecstasy and conquer Mastery and Perfection.

Before the great Atlantean catastrophe that had completely changed the physiognomy of the terrestrial globe, and even before the abominable Kundabuffer organ of the continent of Mu had been developed, human beings fulfilled their cosmic duty and could then live, dear reader, a thousand years.

When one fulfills his cosmic duty, life prolongs itself.  Unfortunately, the intellectual animal mistakenly called a human being became totally degenerated when he developed in his inner constitution the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

It is obvious that after having lost that organ, the consequences remained: the ego, the “I,” the myself, within us.  Once having these consequences, we became perverse, no longer wanting to carry out our cosmic duty and life became miserably shortened.  In other times, when humanity was not yet degenerated, when it still fulfilled its cosmic duty, it was clear that existence could be prolonged.  Any human being could reach an average of a thousand years of age.  The results were that the Superior Existential Bodies of the Being were formed in each creature, and it was during this era that many Solar Men and Women, many Devas, many Divine Men appeared upon the face of the Earth.

Today one hardly sees these beings, because people do not fulfill their cosmic duty.  It is therefore necessary to live attuned with the Infinite, to fulfill our cosmic duty, to become conscious of ourselves, and not to waste our sexual energies.  We must teach our children to transmute the sperm into energy, warn them that it is a disgrace, a monstrosity to copulate before the age of twenty-one.  Let adolescents know that they have not yet completed their process of development and that it is monstrous for a seed to be copulating.  Seeds are seeds and they should develop.

Therefore, dear reader, meditate on all this, utilize Sexual Alchemy in yourselves so that you can accomplish these transmutations of the metallic planets within yourself.

It is through Sexual Alchemy, through the fulfilled cosmic duty, that we can transform old, aged Saturn into the Divine Moon, into that juvenile child.

It is by Sexual Alchemy, as I have already stated, that we can convert thundering Jupiter into the wise Mercury of secret philosophy.

It is through Alchemy that bellicose Mars can be transformed into a creature of love, and we can, thus, genuinely be born as Adepts.

The important thing is, I repeat, for our seed to develop harmoniously and that it then continues with the processes of ultra development until it achieves the Innermost Self-realization of our Inner Being.

Inverencial peace!

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