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The Private Life of Jesus and the Inner Jesus Christ

Someone asked about the private life of the great Kabir Jesus. I certainly do not understand... I would like to know by what right some brothers and sisters investigate the lives of others. However, with the greatest pleasure, I will answer in a few words, a few simple words….

First of all, what should interest us is what Jesus means. The historical Jesus exists, the great Kabir who taught the doctrine, but what should interest us above all is to know ourselves, to know our own inner Jesus, our particular Jesus Christ; he is the golden child of sexual alchemy that the Divine Mother Kundalini carries in her arms. Thus, what should interests us is the Logos who becomes human, who enters a maternal womb and who is therefore born by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit.

Later that Second Logos, that particular Jesus, arrives in the stable of the world and enters our body of flesh and blood. That is also very true; I mean, in any case, this is what I have experienced for myself, right?

On October 27, 1954, that solar spirit was born in my stable (my physicality) full of animals, the animals of desire. Little by little that little child  grew within me as he eliminated the animals from the stable. It is true that he lived within me the whole process of the cosmic drama, it is true.

So my dear brothers and sisters what should interest us is the Jesus particular to us, since the personal life of the great Kabir Jesus is very sacred. Frankly, we should not be interested in investigating other people's lives, right? This is even more important in regard to the life of the great Kabir Jesus.

In any case, I want to tell you that the great Kabir Jesus went through what every initiate must. The great Kabir Jesus had to incarnate the golden child of sexual alchemy within himself. The great Kabir Jesus had to work with his priestess wife. The little child grew and grew, and lived the whole cosmic drama within himself until he passed through death and resurrection. The last thing that the Inner Christ does within the heart of a human being is to kill death so that it may then resurrect in the soul and our spiritual principles in the intimate Christ. I repeat, with his death he kills death. The Christ as savior within the heart of a human being... it seems to me that this is more important than the private life of the great master. The Christ as savior within us becomes owner, becomes master, takes charge of our mental proceses and desire, emotion, sex, etc…. He eliminates the infrahuman elements that we carry within, he lives all the cosmic drama within our own heart and finally resurrects within us. When he resurrects in us, we resurrect in him and we become gods. It seems to me that this is the most important thing, right? Our own particular Inner Jesus Christ.

That we must work with the arcanum AZF... Yes, it is true to a certain point. Beyond a certain point we are prohibited to perform the sexual act, that is also logical and true. So, that is what we should be interested in : I repeat and I repeat it again, the intimate Jesus Christ, the particular Christ, Jesus Christ as Savior within ourselves, living in our own heart all the processes of the four gospels.

Though Christ a thousand times in Bethlehem be born, but if not within thy own heart, thy soul will be forlorn.

The cross on Golgotha where he died thou look to in vain, unless it is set up for you again. Useless that he had died and was risen, if he does not die and rise within thee again.

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