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Diogenes lit a lamp in broad daylight and said, as he went about, "I am looking for a human." - Diogenes Laërtius, vi. 41.

The Human Being and the Universe That Surrounds Us

Brothers and sisters, we are all here together tonight. Let us start our lecture. I hope you will be fully attentive. The time has come to study in depth all that is related to the human being and the universe that surrounds us.

It is first of all indispensable to comprehend in depth the processes of life and death. Unquestionably, within the human being there are superlative and extraordinary faculties of cognition, which are in a latent state, but when conveniently developed could help us to study the human being and the universe.

The internal worlds within each of us are surely what matters. Thoughts and feelings (emotions, desires, aspirations) are invisible. At first sight, nobody can see them. All those values constitute in themselves our inner selves.

Each person has their own inner life. Each person has their own inner worlds. If a person does not know their own inner world, their intimate life, even less will they know the inner worlds and the intimate life of the planet in which we live. And if one does not know the intimate life of the planet in which we live, one will not be able to know the inner life of our solar system, or of the galaxy that goes around Sirius, the central sun.

So, if we want to know the inner life of the solar system or of the Earth, or of the galaxy, we must first start to know our own inner worlds.

No one can know someone else just by observing the mere physical form or the physical body.

If we are invited to a party, we will see a lot of people dancing joyfully, happily, but indeed we only see their mimicked movements; we hear their loud voices, their guffaws, or we discover the “subtle smile” Socrates spoke of, their body, but indeed, we do not know anything about the inner life of those people.

See physical personalities does not mean that we are discovering the inner life of people.

When we say: “I know this or that person,” that statement is absolutely false, because nobody can know any other person as long as we do not know ourselves first. We exaggerate when we state we know a friend and his intimate life, because indeed we cannot know intimately anybody as long as we do not know ourselves first.

But if we know our own inner worlds, then we can also know the inner life of the people who surround us.

When one discovers one's inner life, when one knows one's psychological errors, one becomes a better friend, a better brother, a better son, a better citizen, because one understands others better.

If one discovers for oneself that one has anger, then one comprehends other people’s anger, and one does not demand others to have no anger because one knows one has it.

If one discovers that one is jealous, one won’t offend others with one's own jealousy. One won’t expect others not to be jealous because if one knows one is jealous, one will think others must have it too, obviously.

It is therefore essential for us to thoroughly reflect upon all of these things.

The inner life of each one of us is what matters, since it is more real than our physical life (more real than this table or this recorder), since it is closest to us, since it constitutes our psychological processes, since it is what we really are.

Nobody can see the neighbors thoughts unless one has divine clairvoyance, but thoughts exist and they are internal. For the clairvoyant, other people’s thoughts are like an open book.

Thus, the hour has arrived for us to become more comprehensive. Again, we cannot know the inner life of the planet Earth if we do not know our own inner life first. And we cannot know the inner life of a friend of ours, that is, we cannot really know a friend of ours if we do not know ourselves first.

Therefore, the knowledge of ourselves is essential when we want to explore something, when we want to know the inner worlds of the planet Earth, when we want to inquire, search or investigate about the mysteries of life and death.

We have to educate and develop some supra-normal faculties in order to explore the inner life of the planet Earth, but if we do not know ourselves first, those faculties will never fully develop.

So, it is worth knowing what inner life and its responsibilities are....

tree of life worlds

The Vital Body

It cannot be denied that the Earth has a vital body! We also have an organic vital seat, without which our physical body could not exist.

When we die, our physical body goes to the tomb with the vital body that will decompose slowly in front of the tomb. It has a phosphorescent color and shines like the will-o’-the-wisps at midnight. Clairvoyants usually see the vital bodies decomposing slowly in front of their tombs, as the physical body is decomposing.

The vital body is the seat of organic life. No physical body could live without that “nisus formativus,” that is, without the vital body that is essential for biology, chemistry, physiology, etc.

It is urgent, unpostponable, and essential to go deeper into this subject-matter. Thus, how is the Earth's vital world?

If we have a vital body, the planet Earth must have one, too. The vital body of the planet Earth is Eden, Paradise, the Promised Land spoke of by Moses, the great kabbalist-initiate, the great Hebrew legislator.

The one who has developed the extraordinary faculties of the vital body is able to travel in Eden with that body. I don’t mean that the whole vital body can be used to travel in Paradise.

The vital body has four ethers - first, the “chemical ether;” it is the basis of the chemical forces that work in the organism in the assimilation and elimination processes.

The second ether is the “ether of life,” which is directly related to the processes of reproducing the race.

The third ether is called the “luminous ether,” which is related to perception, calories, etc.

And the fourth ether, that is called the “reflecting ether,” is the vehicle of imagination and will.

Thus, the vital body has four ethers and it is the basis of organic life. The initiate can extract the two superior ethers out of the vital body in order to travel in Eden. Those two superior ethers are the “luminous ether” and the “reflecting ether.” With such a vehicle we can study the Garden of Eden, the terrestrial paradise.

Those who suppose that the Garden of Eden was located at a definite place in the Earth are wrong. The explanation the Bible gives about the Tigris and the Euphrates and about the Paradise located in Mesopotamia is completely symbolic. The Garden of Eden is the vital body of the planet Earth. It is the upper part of Euclid’s three-dimensional world. The vital body of the Earth is the seat of the entire organic life of the Earth.

The vital body comprise two spheres. The first one is the Moon and the second one is the Earth. They are like the two yolks of an egg. This may sound strange, but actually it is not. Let us remember that the Moon that lights us from the infinite space was once alive. Its life was rich and generous: deep seas, erupting volcanoes, vegetable, animal and human lives, etc. The pseudo-esotericists or initiates who asserted that the Moon was a part of the Earth that had gone apart were proved to be wrong after the explorations done by NASA. The various lunar rocks examined with carbon-14 indicated that the Moon is older than the Earth. Therefore, it cannot be a part of the Earth’s crust as some ignorant people wrongly assumed.

It is obvious that the soul of the Moon has been transferred to our Earth! After the Moon had become a corpse, its soul, that is, its vital principle, was transferred to this region of space and served as the “nissus formativus” for our planet Earth. This is why our ancestors of Anahuac called the Moon “our grandmother.”

Mrs. Blavatsky said that “the Moon is the mother of the Earth.” According to the initiates of Anahuac, the Moon is our grandmother because the Moon is the mother of the Earth, and if the Earth is our mother, then the Moon is our grandmother. Behold how they could define with their wisdom something that modern intellectuals have not been able to define.

I can tell you something I have noticed: wisdom is terribly simple. It has an ingenuousness and innocence that astounds.

The Moon has an important role in the organic economy of the Earth. As the vital body of the Earth also contains the Moon, the latter can act directly on the Earth, on organisms, etc. We already know its influence on high and low tides.

We already know its relation to the function of women’s ovaries. We also know its relation to various diseases and, among others, with the mental illnesses of people who are in asylums and whose illness becomes more serious when the Moon changes.

The Moon influences the conception of all living creatures directly.

It is known that sap rises when the Moon is rising and falls when the Moon is sinking.

Thus, the vital world is something worth investigating. In Eden, that is to say, in the vital world, truly there are marvels. The one who can travel with his vital body in Paradise can see the human races that are there. There are paradisiacal races who live in the fourth dimension, and they are human. They live next to us, but they are invisible to us. I know one of those races. They have a physical body and reproduce like us. They live around us without people seeing them, because of the different modifications of matter.


There are still human races who have not left Paradise. They are happy. They are made of flesh and bones but they are invisible to the people who live in Euclid’s three-dimensional world. They are inhabitants of the Garden of Eden and they have not yet eaten the fruit about which we were told: “Thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” These are people who have been able to obey that commandment...

The vital world or the world of Eden is very beautiful. The mountains there are transparent like crystal and have a beautiful blue color. The seas are blue and so are the fields. The basic fundamental color of Eden is blue. I do not mean that the range of colors does not exist in Eden. Colors are there, but the basic color is the intense blue of ether.

The vital world is very beautiful. There are extraordinary temples. The temples of the elementals of nature are there. Each plant, for example, is the physical body of an elemental. There is, for example, the family of oranges, the one of mint, the one of pines, the one of roses, etc. Those vegetal elemental families have their temples in Eden. Those innocent creatures meet there in order to receive the instructions of the Devas that govern them.

The one who can travel with his vital body can check for himself directly what I am telling you.

Therefore, it is worth investigating and studying this doctrine more deeply in order to discover all those wonders.

John the Baptist undeniably lives in the vital world; that is, in Eden, in Paradise. John the Baptist is a Christ. He has already embodied within himself the Word; that is, the Intimate Christ.

If we want to go into Eden, we must first be able to travel with our vital body and receive a thorough esoteric education.

The Astral Body

Beyond the vital body that is so precious, we can discover what we could call the “astral world.” The true initiate has an astral body (all human beings do not have one, but an initiate does have an astral body).

The planet Earth also has an astral body.

The astral world is marvelous. It is the world of color. There are seven basic, fundamental tonalities in accordance with the seven basic colors of the solar spectrum and with the seven musical notes.

The astral world has extraordinary sublime areas and, unfortunately, others that are infernal. In the astral world we find angels and also demons (we might say that angels and demons fight against each other in the astral world).

The one who has an astral body can travel in those regions of the astral world. He can know them and discover their wonders, etc.

We can assert that the astral world is the world of sacraments. That has been proven esoterically.

The true adeptus has an astral body.

It is possible to make the astral body visible and tangible after the death of the physical body. In high esotericism there is a sacrament that is called “Almznoshinoo.” Thanks to that sacrament, a master can live materialized in Euclid’s three-dimensional world for one year after the death of his physical body to instruct his disciples. The Almznoshinoo sacrament is tremendous. When a master wants to instruct his disciples in the physical world after losing his physical body, he can do it by materializing his astral body and making it visible to his disciples, provided he has carried out the Almznoshinoo sacrament. The adeptus will put a little of his blood in a chalice and his disciples will put a little of their blood in the chalice, too. They will mix that blood and will celebrate a very special ritual during which each of them will drink blood from the chalice and the Almznoshinoo sacrament will take place.

This deserves a precise and clear scientific explanation. In arterial human blood there is the Being’s Hanbledzoïn (astral blood or particles of subtle blood that correspond to the astral world). The liturgy, combined with the blood operation I have mentioned, enters in the astral part of each person who has celebrated the sacrament. So, the Hanbledzoïn of each disciple enters the master and the Hanbledzoïn of the Being of the master enters all the disciples. To say it more clearly, the astral blood contained in the physical blood will reach the astral part of the disciples and the master. This is the only way for the master to be able to materialize himself after the death of his physical body and to live here with his astral body in Euclid’s three-dimensional world, in this dense world… The first is the region of the light, the second is the region of darkness, "where only wailing and gnashing of teeth are heard."

Thus, the astral world is a fohatic world (angelic and diabolic) and this is something we must understand.

The dead live in the astral world: lost souls, captive spirits; and so do those who practiced high or low magic.

In the astral world we find Elohim Gibor or Andrameleck, Michael or his antithesis Chavajoth, Raphaël or Lilith or Nahemah, Michael or Lucifer, etc.

The armies of angels and demons who fight each other live there.

Those who dedicate themselves to practical magic are in the astral world. Let us remember Eliphas Levi, the abbot Alphonse Louis Constant, he is a great master who undeniably lives in the astral world. He lives and works there because he is a magician.

We must reassert the value of the word “magician.” Nowadays magicians are charlatans and conjurers who deceive people with their hand skills. In ancient times a magician was a wise person, an illuminated person who had developed in his esoteric anatomy the annular serpentine fire that develops in the ascetic’s body.

We can invoke angels, and demons, too, in the astral world. There are ineffable angelic phrases thanks to which Elohim can assist us. But there are also diabolic mantric phrases by which we can invoke demons.

Angels and demons obey the magus. A magi is the one who knows how to enter into the astral world at will, the one who is capable of abandoning the physical body in order to move precisely in the astral region. I cannot denominate magus an individual that does not know how to leave the physical body at will. The magi live in the astral world. Any adeptus who has dedicated himself to high or low magic has to forcedly live in the astral world.

The astral world in itself is a world that has tremendous glittering colors. The astral fire ardently burns in the entire universe.

We find the disembodied souls in the astral world, there they live and exist, and we can talk with them if we can leave our physical body at will.

The Mental Body

Beyond the astral world there is the mental world. When one is able to develop an astral body, once one has it, one can also travel through the world of the universal mind.

In the mental world, we can find sapience, wisdom. There we find all the temples of the gods, the temples of Hermes Trismegistus, where his works are mentioned and where wisdom is worshipped.

There are very few people who can travel with their mental body, because there are very few people who, for their personal use, have developed a mental body.

When one learns how to travel with one's mental body, one discovers that the mind of the Earth is huge. In the mind of the planet Earth we find the suburbs, the markets, etc, but we also find the subliminal part of the universal understanding.

There is a bit of everything in the mental world. Every person’s thoughts and ideas are there.

A few souls who behaved well during their life are rewarded. They can stay for a while in Devachan, that is to say, in the region of the superior mind, and they can even achieve to visit the causal world, although later, they have to come back and take another physical body once their period of reward is over.

There is pain as well as bliss in the mental world. It depends on the region one is in. In the inferior region of the mental world there is pain. In the superior regions of the mental world there is bliss.

In the mental world we can also find some Devas who love humanity. They work for humanity, for the good of millions of people who live on the surface of the Earth.

My brothers and sisters, the time has come to understand clearly that if you do not know your own mind, if you do not know your mental processes, if you have not learned to subdue your mind and control your senses, you will be even less able to know the cosmic or universal mind.

Let us remember that “the mind that is enslaved by the senses makes the soul as invalid as a boat that goes astray in the wind.”

How could we know the universal mind if we do not know our own mind, if we haven’t studied the 49 levels of the mind, if we have not created a true mental body, if we have not disintegrated those undesirable elements we carry in our understanding?

Thus, it is possible to explore the mental world when we have explored our own mind.

The Causal Body

Much further than the world of the universal mind or the earth’s mind, there is the world of natural causes.

If we have not developed a causal body for our own use, how shall we be able to explore the world of cosmic causes? How shall we be able to travel with a causal body? How shall we be able to know the world of natural causes?

We must study our own causal life, discover the causes of our errors and know ourselves to be entitled to become a causal human.

Only the causal human can live consciously in the causal world. Only the causal human can travel in the world of natural causes. Only the causal human has access to the secret records of the causal world.

In the world of natural causes the prevailing color is the intense and profound blue. The adepts of the causal world work for humanity. They are dressed like people on the Earth. They have their temples and are very busy with the work they carry out for the good of humanity.

In the world of natural causes we find the law of the scales. The causal humans always works in accordance with the cosmic scales, which means they live in perfect balance.

In the causal world we discover there is not any effect without a cause nor any cause without an effect. A cause creates an effect and an effect turns into a new cause, which creates in its turn a new effect.

The laws of cause and effect are real and can be known thoroughly when we investigate the world of natural causes.

The causal human is the human who has developed a causal body. The causal human has individual will.

We must state that the intellectual animal, erroneously called “human being,” does not have any real willpower yet. Obviously, the intellectual animal is not yet a human being in the full sense of the word.

When one can afford the luxury of developing a causal body, also called “body of conscious will,” then one can really know what will is.

If we think of the multiplicity of the psychological “I,” if we think that each defect of ours is perfectly represented by an inhuman psychic aggregate, we can clearly notice that we have several “wills.” Each aggregate is like a “dark entity” within ourselves that personifies an error and has its own willpower. Thus, the various aggregates that are within ourselves represent different volitional impulses. There are, therefore, several wills within the depths of our psyche which fight against each other. The intellectual animal does not have any autonomous, independent, and unitotal will. There is no unity in the intellectual animal’s willpower. But when one has created one's own body of conscious will, one has individual willpower, one can work with it in the entire universe.

In the world of natural causes we find the causal humans, those who have developed their own body of conscious will.

How could we know the causal world if we do not first know the causes of our own errors? The one who wants to know the inner worlds of the planet Earth must first know his own inner worlds. This requires self-exploration and conscious work on oneself.

The Buddhic and Atmic Worlds

Beyond the world of conscious will we find the buddhic or intuitive world. We cannot, of course, enter the buddhic or intuitive world if we don’t know our own intuitive reality, that is, if we haven’t developed intuition within ourselves.

There is a clear difference between the process of comparative reasoning and intuition. Reason uses the process of comparison - “this is white because that is black and vice-versa.”

Intuition is something different. It is the direct perception of truth without the depressing process of options.

Beyond the world of intuition we find the world of Atman, the ineffable. But in the world of intuition we find the wisdom of the universe, of what was, is, and will be.

In the buddhic or intuitive world there is ineffable wisdom, brotherhood, unity, unitotality, love... Those who live in the world of intuition enjoy authentic bliss.

It is therefore worthwhile to investigate in all of this...

Beyond the buddhic or intuitive world there is the world of Atman, the ineffable, the region of the Innnermost, the Being (the Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be is to be the Being itself).

The Human Soul and the Spiritual Soul

The Innermost in himself has two souls - the spiritual soul which is feminine and the human soul which is masculine. If we read The Divine Comedy we will see that Dante also mentions two souls: one “works” (the human soul) and the other one “contemplates herself in the mirror of nature“ (the spiritual soul).

A lot has been said about the zodiacal sign of Gemini. I can tell you that we have that sign within ourselves, in the depths of our soul.

Again, the Innermost [Chesed] has two souls - the spiritual soul [Geburah] which is feminine, and the human soul [Tiphereth] which is masculine. The spiritual one is Valkyrie, Guinevere, the queen of the Jinns, the lady who poured out wine to Lancelot in the cups of delights of Shukra and Manthin.

The human soul suffers and cries; it is masculine; through it vibrates the Cosmic Crestos “the powerful astral mediation that unites our physical personality with the supreme immanence of the Solar Father.”

It is possible for us to incarnate the two souls, but this requires rigorous esoteric disciplines. We must first develop our astral, mental, and causal bodies. We must work deeply within ourselves, here and now.

Only the free initiate who has eliminated the ego and who has really worked on himself is worthy of incarnating the two souls. That means incarnating within ourselves the zodiacal sign of Gemini, as those two souls are twins.

The human soul must undeniably marry its lady, valkyrie, Solomon’s Sumalite, who is mentioned in the Song of Solomon.

The one who manages to incarnate within him/herself those two souls gets total illumination and wisdom.

It is first necessary to get the human soul that is masculine, then the human part must marry the spiritual part, that is feminine. The Logos radiates through Buddhi, Valkyrie, Guinevere, Dante Alighieri’s Beatrice.

The most powerful divine principles are, of course, contained in the soul-spirit, that is, Buddhi. Mrs. Blavatsky spoke about this in The Voice of the Silence:

"Buddhi is like a vase of alabaster, thin and transparent, through which Prajna’s flame burns."

When the human soul (the human part within ourselves, here and now) marries the soul-spirit, an inner light settles within us, we are transfigured and we become radiant and illuminate. But we have to work hard on ourselves for that to happen, by developing the superior existential bodies of the Being, by eliminating the animal ego and by sacrificing ourselves for suffering humanity.

So, my brothers and sisters, what is essential is to convert ourselves into true adepts of the fraternity of the inner light. If we do that, we will acquire true inner illumination. We will get authentic bliss, we will be able to enter the world of legitimate bliss, etc.

We must get out of the regions of darkness we live in. It is urgent for us to reach the world of splendors.

We must investigate and study these things. If we do not analyze or study these matters, we will never reach the final liberation.

We all have to work hard on ourselves if we long to reach authentic illumination one day. But if we want to work on ourselves, we must inevitably have the knowledge, the keys, and practices.

Here we will teach those systems and methods to our students so that they can work on themselves in order to get an absolute change.

We must, first of all, have continuity in our purpose, because a lot of people start these studies but very few go to the end. People do not have any continuity in their purpose - they start with a lot of enthusiasm but abandon the doctrine some time later.

There are all kinds of people in the world: there are “butterflies” who go from one school to the next and who believe they know a lot although they really know nothing.

We must define ourselves clearly. The only purpose of this institution is the human being’s self-realization. We are not interested in “butterflies” that is, in people who go from one school to the next but reach no conclusion. All that interests us is to work on ourselves to get a radical transformation.

We must become adepts of the fraternity of the inner light, and this is possible if we work on ourselves here and now.

The time has come when the Son of Man must teach the way to humanity. Unfortunately, people hear yet indeed, they do not understand; and see yet indeed, they do not perceive. They are shown the way but they do not understand and if they understand a little they do not have any continuity in their purpose and they soon go astray.

The Gnostic movement is like a train running; a few passengers get on at a station and get off at another station. Few passengers reach the destination. But the members of our institution can reach their target if they want to.

It is a pity people change their mind with the weather. If they were serious they would only be interested in the work on themselves.

In this institution we teach people how to eliminate the undesirable psychic aggregates they carry within themselves. We teach people the way of authentic sacrifice and how to develop the astral, mental and causal bodies to become true, authentic and legitimate human beings in the full meaning of the word.

As long as the human is born within the intellectual animal, extraordinary changes take place, some powers and marvelous faculties awake. The unitotal human gets perfect control over the tattwas that are vibrations of universal ether.

The Elements of Nature

The tattvas are synthesized in the elements of nature. The vital-ethereal principle of water is Apas. The vital-ethereal principle of air is Vayu. The vital-ethereal principle of fire is Agni or Tejas. The vital-ethereal principle of the earth is Prithvi...

The authentic legitimate human is the one who has developed his astral, mental and causal body and who is able to enter the ethereal world. He is able to move in the astral world, or in the world of cosmic mind, or in the world of natural causes and he also acquires power over the elements of nature - over the perfumed earth and over igneous fire, over stormy waters and over hurricanes. That’s the way an adept becomes a king of nature and the cosmos.

Tattvas belong to the ethereal world, to the vital world and the vital body of the planet. Tattvas are vibrations of ether. They penetrate directly into the endocrine glands of the human organism, but don’t get out of them. When they enter the chakras, the tattvas go through the endocrine glands and turn into hormones which circulate in the blood and that’s all. They never get out of there.

Awakening tattvic powers is amazing but it is possible only for the authentic human who is able to live consciously in the astral world or in the mental world or for the causal human who has established his center of gravity in the world of natural causes.

A self-realized adept is a human in the full sense of the word because he or she uses the tattvas and can handle them at will. A human who rules fire, air, water and earth and is able to stop storms can use tattvas. He is a real human, a self-realized master who knows superior worlds.

The time has come for each of you to fight for his self-realization, to know his own inner worlds, to know the inner worlds of his friends and of the planet Earth, of the solar system, and the galaxy we live in.

To be human, in the fullest sense of the word, is something very grandiose. Yet a true human is, solely, one who has fabricated the existential superior bodies of the Being, the one who has established oneself as a citizen of the superior worlds. True humans are therefore, those who have attained the dominion of the elements of nature, not only in the cosmos, but within themselves, here and now.

If a true human did not learn how to master the intelligent principles of one’s own physical body, represented by those atomic or elemental gnomes of the skeletal system, then one could not dominate the gnomes of the planet on which we live, the gnomes that live among the rocks of the earth...

If an authentic human could not dominate the restless atomic waves that live within one’s seminal waters and the lymph, then one could not dominate the undines and aquatic elementals of the rivers and seas.

If a true human could not dominate the air of one’s lungs, if one had no capacity to control, in truth, the elementals of one’s own mind, those who play with the substance of his understanding, those who boil and throb among his intelligent inquietudes, then one would not have power to dominate the sylphs of nature, those who govern the clouds, those who move the hurricane and the storm.

If a real, authentic human did not have perfect command over one’s fire principles, if one could not master one’s fiery sexual urges, if one were the victim of one’s own atomic salamanders, then one could not dominate the fiery elementals of the erupting volcanoes, or the interior fire of the planet where we exist.

Therefore, in order to be able to handle the tattvas, we have to start managing our own impulses, within ourselves, the natural elements we have within us.

If a human being does not learn how to dominate the body, much less can one dominate the great body called "earth." If a human does not learn how to master one’s own vital body, one could not manipulate the tattvas either. If one does not learn to master one’s own personal emotions and desires, one can not handle the astral current of the planet earth. If one  does not own one’s mind, one can not own the universal mind. If one does not own one’s personal will, one cannot own the cosmic will.

Whoever wants to sit on the throne in command of nature must first take possession of oneself, become a master of oneself, lord of oneself!

To be a king or queen of nature is something magnificent, but it is not possible to be a king or queen of creation if one has not first become a king or queen of oneself. In order to become a king or queen of oneself, it is indispensable to learn how to deny oneself.

Rare are those who know how to deny themselves. Only one who learns to deny oneself can one sit on the throne of command in order to rule all of nature; only the one who learns how to deny oneself acquires power over the fire of the erupting volcanoes and can make the earth tremble; only the ones who learn how to deny themselves can pacify the storms; only the ones who learn how to deny themselves can unleash hurricanes.

To Deny Oneself

As long as one has not learned how to deny oneself, one is weak, incapable, a victim of circumstances.

It appears as if denying oneself is very easy. In their minds, everyone feels capable of denying themselves; yet, in reality, it is different...

I would like to give some example of self-denial... I will appeal to the question of marriage, weddings, in order to indicate ideas...

Let us consider the case of someone who is an alchemist and is to be married. We know very well that the alchemist manages the vitriol (malleable, flexible, liquid glass), or speaking in other words, the sacred sperm, or the azoth, as it is also said (the brute azoth). Obviously, an alchemist can never spill the cup of Hermes. I would not imagine an alchemist, dedicated to the great work, spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the triple great god, ibis of Thoth), or in more concrete terms: reaching the ejaculation of the ens seminis during the chemical copulation. If the alchemist proceeded in that way, he would fail, in fact, in the science of metallic transmutation. But when he has married, he knows that when he makes the connection of the lingam-yoni or pudenda on his first wedding night, due to sexual overexcitement he could lose the mercury of the secret philosophy. The danger is serious: the athanor [alchemical oven]—that is to say, his wife—could demand the “fulfillment” of the chemical copulation [ie. orgasm], but he knows that he would fail [as an alchemist]. Denying the orgasm would be the right thing to do. He must refuse even if the priestess protests. Therefore, in cold theory, everyone says it is simple, but in action, who is capable of doing it?

Now, let us suppose that it is not a male but a female who dedicates herself to alchemy and the domain of esoteric sciences: she marries. Obviously, she has to perform the metaphysical copulation on her wedding night, yet she fears that when she performs it, she may reach what in organic physiology is known as "orgasm" (the loss of the creative energy of the Third Logos). She must “deny herself” that night, and say that she is not in the condition to do it. Could she do it? In her mind she would say, "Yes, I will deny myself..." But in action, things change.

I am giving you just an idea, a blueprint, of what it is to "deny oneself." It is about something tremendous!

As long as man or woman does not deny themselves, as long as they are not able to sacrifice their animal part for the love of the  intimate Christ, the Logos, they will not be able to sit on the throne in command of nature, to govern the entire universe.

Whosoever wants power can acquire it if they deny themselves!

We have a concrete example in the power to become invisible. It is possible to achieve that power, and it is wonderful, but one needs to deny oneself. There is denial of oneself if in the moments when a beloved relative exhales his last breath, we renounce the pain that causes us such a terrible loss. Naturally, if we are seeing our mother who has died, or a son, or a brother, or our earthly father, we may fall into despair. But if at that precise moment we deny ourselves, and that pain is sacrificed for the sake of the esoteric power for invisibility, if at that moment, we transform that supreme pain through conscious meditation into power to make ourselves invisible, the reality will be that for that reason we will acquire that precious power. But who is capable of doing so? Who is capable of really smiling, renouncing pain, facing the bed of his dead mother? Who would be able to sacrifice that pain, to renounce it, before the bed of his father, or his deceased wife? Impossible! It is very difficult to find someone with that capacity. So, if we are not able to achieve that power, how can we learn to become invisible? To achieve this, we have to deny ourselves, and if we do not deny ourselves, how will we achieve that power?

The powers are before us, but but to attain them implies sacrifice and denial of ourselves. For example: the fuel that impels a machine that drags a railroad in motion must be sacrificed for the sake of the impeling power that makes the whole train work. We see, then, that this fuel, by means of sacrifice, becomes a different force, becomes a movement, a power that drags a vehicle along the rails; that is obvious. Likewise, any inferior force can be transformed by sacrifice into another completely different force with different characteristics. The technique is to learn how to deny oneself in order to transform, by means of sacrifice, an inferior force into another superior and different type of force. Only thus, by proceeding like this, by transforming ourselves in that way, in that manner, is it possible, in truth, to become kings and queens of the tattvas! Humans, in the fullest sense of the word! Solar humans, human-gods [elohim ath ha’adam]!

The hour has arrived in which we meditate a little on the ancient times of Arcadia, when the rivers of pure water of life flowed with milk and honey; when humans had power over the elements of nature; then they spoke in the pure orto of the divine tongue, which like a river of gold, runs through a thick, sunny jungle. That was the age of the titans, the age in which the rivers of pure water poured forth milk and honey! Then there as no “what is mine and what is yours,” because everything belonged to everybody, and everyone could take from the neighbor's tree without fear. Then humanity had not yet degenerated, and possessed power over the tattvas...

Now we need the reconquest of that power. But to achieve such faculties, sacrifice, renunciation of oneself, radical transformation is necessary.

The Superhuman

In this institution, we teach the path that will take you to the superhuman. The superhuman's hour has come! The time has come when we begin to create the human! Unquestionably, first will be the creation of the human, and thereafter we will enter into the kingdom of the superhuman.

The human being, in itself, is grandiose: a human is a king or queen of nature and the cosmos. The superhuman is beyond: the superhuman is the human who has managed to integrate with the divine.

In the secret doctrine of Anahuac it is stated that, "the gods created humans of wood and that after having created them, they merged them with divinity." Then it adds, "not all humans manage to fuse themselves with the divine…”

So, to create the human is first; then second is fusing it with the divine. When a human merges with the divine, one becomes Nietzsche's superhuman. The superhuman is a tremendous reality...

We need to emerge from this pitiable state in which we are in (since until now we are just miserable wretches in the mud of the world); we need to regenerate ourselves, and then integrate with the divine.

To live like this, for living, that is, to live for eating and thus to exist as parasites clinging to the epidermis of this huge animal called "earth" is one hundred percent absurd.

The hour has come to understand that we must change intimately. Therefore, brothers and sisters, we must study, more and more thoroughly, this whole body of doctrine, disintegrate the ego, create the superior existential bodies of Being and sacrifice ourselves for humanity. That is the obvious way to go!

Questions and Answers

Now, I will give some opportunity here, to you, to ask what you have to ask, in relation to the subject exposed tonight... Let us see, whosoever wants to ask something, can do it with the most complete freedom... Yes, brother...

Audience: Master, by principle of accounts, is it necessary to be honest with oneself?

Samael Aun Weor: Of course, indeed! Because if one is not honest with oneself, one deceives oneself. And if one deceives oneself, one harms oneself.

Audience: Does our moral exist?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, each country has its moral. Morality is a slave of customs, times, and places. What in a past time was moral, today is immoral and vice versa. What in one country is moral, in another is immoral. Morality is also the daughter of prejudice.

We need to pass beyond any moral code. We need to enter the kingdom of creative comprehension, the kingdom of the superhuman...

Undoubtedly, all codes of ethics that have been written in the world, all moral codes are, frankly, reactionary, conservative, regressive, and retardant. What one has to do is a balance of ourselves; one needs to make an inventory of our own values, in order to know what one is lacking and what one is full of, and to walk, then, where one has to walk, in accordance with our psychological needs. But if one stops in the postulates (rancid and torpid) of all the moral codes written by different authors, one will fail in this inventory, and will not achieve, in any way, the inner self-realization of the Being.

It is necessary to discover that we have within ourselves undesirable elements. Are anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony beautiful? We have frightful defects. We have to disintegrate them, we have to reduce them to cosmic dust. Only then is it possible for the consciousness to awaken. An enlightened consciousness, an awakening consciousness, can see the path and tread it firmly. But if we do not disintegrate the undesirable elements that we carry inside, obviously, the awakening will be impossible.

How, then, could a person with their consciousness asleep investigate life in the superior worlds: in the astral, in the mental, in the causal? In order to be a competent investigator of life in the superior worlds, first of all, one must have an awakened consciousness. It is not possible to achieve the awakening of the consciousness as long as that lot of negative and fatal values, that is to say, all our psychological defects that we carry inside continue to exist within us...

Is there any other question?

Audience: Master, a long time ago I asked myself if there could be on this planet Earth some person who lacked all of that.

Samael Aun Weor: It would be good to finish specifying your question.

Audience: Well, master, I am referring a person lacking everything you have just explained, that is, all the faults ... one realizes that from moment to moment, we are exposed to error, and that there is much more in the way, that here one does not find that person. I cannot ask you, master, if you are one of them, but I can ask from the depths of my Being, your response to this.

Samael Aun Weor: First of all, I appreciate your good intentions, your beautiful words, the sincerity of your heart ...

Obviously, as long as we have not eliminated from ourselves all the undesirable elements that we carry within, such a ray of light, would be impossible. But if we die in ourselves, if we achieve the dissolution of the animal ego, that ray will not only shine in us but will also be projected onto the multitudes. Therefore, it is necessary that we make an inventory, as I said, of ourselves, in order to know what we have and what we lack. Because we believe we have many virtues that we do not have, and many qualities are missing that we must acquire.

So brothers and sisters, the hour has arrive in which we must be sincere with ourselves, in which we discover ourselves, in which we resolve ourselves to really eliminate our psychological defects.

Any other questions... You can take the floor...

Disciple: The way is solely personal, only one can walk it, or it could be traversed in another way, as we were talking right now when Christ forgave the sins of a man and dissolved all those egos he had?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, certainly, each one of us has to do the work within oneself; the master can only show the path, and that is all.

Obviously, in the field of practical life in relation to our friends and our relatives, in the street, in the temple, or at the school, or at our job, is where we must discover ourselves. In interrelation there is self-discovery, when we are alert and vigilant as the watchman in the time of war. It so happens that in interrelation our hidden defects arise spontaneously and if we are alert as the watchman in the time of war, then we see them.

A discovered defect must be integrally comprehended by means of analysis, through creative comprehension, during meditation on the evident self-reflection of the Being.

When one has comprehended this or that discovered defect, then one can afford the luxury of eliminating it.

One can eliminate a defect when one appeals to a force that is superior to the mind. The mind, by itself, cannot radically alter any error. The mind can label it in different ways, to pass it from one level to another, to hide it from itself or from others, justify it or condemn it, etc., but not alter it. We need a power that is superior to the mind, a power that is capable to disintegrate any psychological defect. That power exists within us, fortunately. I want to refer emphatically to Devi Kundalini Shakti (the igneous serpent of our magical powers, the particular individual Fohat, which is a variant of our own Being, and which the Hindus call Kundalini).

If one appeals to that power, if one implores the help of Devi Kundalini Shakti, one can eliminate any psychological error duly comprehended in an integral manner. But if one wants, based merely on exclusive comprehension, to remove psychological defects from the mind, one is mistaken.

It is true that with the “knife of the consciousness” one can separate from one's psyche any psychological defect, but it will continue as a tempting demon within us, it will seek a way to intervene at any given moment, and finally, it will return to accommodate itself within the five cylinders of the organic machine.

Therefore, comprehension is not everything. We need elimination, and elimination is not possible without superior help.

We need that Fohat, that sacred flame that develops in the dorsal spine of the Gnostic ascetic.

We need Kundalini Shakti (the Cosmic Mother). Only She, the particular, individual, Divine Cosmic Mother, of each one of us, can eliminate from our psyche the defect that we have previously comprehended in an integral manner in all the departments of the mind.

Behold the obvious way to go: first one has to discover a defect, thereafter one has to comprehend it, and finally eliminate it.

In war, the spies are first observed, second they are seated on the bench of the accused, and third, they are taken to the firing squad. Likewise we must also proceed with our psychological defects, with our I's-defects, with the I's that we carry within.

Is there any other question? ...

Disciple: Master, when referring to the Cosmic Mother, you also previously referred to the two souls that we have (the human and the spiritual). Does the Cosmic Mother refer to the spiritual soul?

Samael Aun Weor: No, I am not referring to to the spiritual soul! I am referring to the sacred cobra of the mysteries of Eleusis, which the Hindus call Kundalini Shakti, a variant, I repeat, of our own Being.

Only by means of the knowledge of our hidden anatomy can we know what Kundalini represents in our spinal medulla, dorsal spine. Indeed, Kundalini, I repeat, is a part of our own Being, but derived!

This is how Mother Kundalini, the sacred cobra of ancient mysteries, the divine viper, Isis, Adonia, Insoberta, Rhea, Cybele, Tonantzin, etc., is represented.

Each one of us has, in his secret, Innermost Being,  his own particular, individual mother. Only she, our particular divine, individual mother (let's call her Tonantzin, or simply Isis or Adonia, it does not matter, she is what she is, what she has been and what she will always be), that blessed viper, that cobra of ancient mysteries, is the only one that has the power to disintegrate any psychological defect previously comprehended in all the departments of the mind.

Disciple: Then, in order to eliminate our egos, we need to have that knowledge of our hidden anatomy?

Samael Aun Weor: In order to eliminate the different I's that personify our errors, the only thing that is needed is to know how to love. If one does not love one's own Divine Mother, one cannot disintegrate the I's. The ungrateful child does not progress in these studies. But if one truly loves one's particular Innermost Mother, represented by Mary, Maya, Isis, Adonia, Rhea, Cybele, etc., one will then be able to disintegrate one's own defects, one will be assisted.

Disciple: But if one does not know one's own mother, how is it possible to love her, if the knowledge of her is nothing more but abstract and one does not have a spiritual experience in order to be able to communicate with her and to love her?

Samael Aun Weor: All the sages of antiquity spoke to us about the Divine Mother. I am not quoting anything

new. Christianity itself also symbolizes the Divine Mother as Mary, Maya; among the Egyptians, that female god or Divine Mother is Isis. Among the Hebrews she is symbolized, represented as Adonia; as well she is represented by Cybele, in ancient Crete; or by chaste Diana among the Greeks; or by Tonantzin, here in our Mexican homeland. Thus, I am not stating anything new. I am saying that we should love the Divine Mother. This god-mother is within us, not outside of us. She is, I repeat, a variant of our own Being but (I clarify) derived.

I indicate that if one knows how to love the Divine Mother, one can achieve the elimination of the psychological defects. But in that I see no need of theorizing. Love her, that's all!

When one as a child addresses one's own mother, one does it without the need of so many theories, nor of so much analysis. Likewise, one can also address one's own ineffable Divine Mother, it does not matter what name one gives to her, namely, Mary or Isis, or whatever, but one can address her with true love, begging her to disintegrate the defect comprehended in all the levels of the mind. This is a matter of the heart, this is a matter of knowing how to love.

Any other questions?

Disciple: When referring to the levels of the mind, could you list them ...?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it would be long to list them. There are 49 subconscious levels, which are represented by the 49 notes of an ancient instrument that two initiate brothers invented in ancient China.

In ancient times, when one wanted to reach samadhi, ecstasy, first of all, one brought the mind to the most complete stillness and silence, not only on the merely intellective level, but in the second, related to the subconsciousness, or in the third, or in the fourth, even deeper, or in 48 or 49. When one managed to quiet the mind, take it to the deepest silence on all levels, then the Essence escaped in order to experience satori.

The 49 levels of the mind could not be explained from an exclusively dialectical point of view. To understand the 49 levels we need music, the law of the eternal Heptaparaparshinock, we would also need the aya-atapan, that instrument that two initiate brothers invented in ancient China and that gave, exactly, the 49 notes, corresponding to the 49 levels of the understanding. But, this would be too complicated for the student.

Advancing within oneself, one discovers level by level without anybody indicating them. By oneself one will discover them, as one goes deeper and deeper into them, and at last, one day, one will discover their 49th level, not because someone told us, but by ourselves and directly; that is all.

Is there any other question? Let's see, who wants to ask? Let none be left with doubts. It is necessary that this topic be properly comprehended... Well, as I see all of you brothers and sisters so quiet, I have no choice but to say: Inverential Peace.

“I am "Ani Iod-Havah and Ain (אני יהוה ואין)," another besides me is Aelohim (in other words, אין אלהים) Ain Elohim, I gird you, and you have not known Me." - Isaiah 45: 5