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Techniques for Awakening Consciousness in the Astral Dimension

Student: We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your teachings, master, and for the message you have given us, and abusing of your kindness, we want to ask you to give us a key or technique, master, with your wisdom, in order to awaken our consciousness, since we, in most of us, the brothers and sisters, are struggling to awaken our consciousness and we find ourselves asleep. So let us ask you wholeheartedly to give us a technique or a key, a specific way to awaken our consciousness.

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure, we are going to give some explanations related to the awakening of the consciousness...

First of all, it is essential to comprehend, my dear brothers and sisters, that the consciousness of human beings is unfortunately asleep.

People do not want to understand that they are asleep. Everyone believes they are awake. Nonetheless they sleep. People drive cars while dreaming. They negotiate while dreaming. They walk through the streets convinced that they are awake, but they sleep profoundly. They dream.

We can assure that there is 97% subconsciousness and 3% consciousness. Speaking with other terms, we would say that 97% of the consciousness is asleep and that only 3% of the consciousness is awake.

However, there are people who do not even have 3% awakened consciousness; normally they reach 2%, and there are those who only reach 1%. But if we tell people that their consciousness is asleep, they will not believe it. Rather they would be offended or they would believe that you are hurting them, that you are offending them. Thus, it is laborious, then, to tell people that they are sleeping, because they do not believe it, since they believe that they are awake.

It is necessary to wake up, and the sacred scriptures insist on the need to wake up.

Unfortunately, the sacred scriptures don't teach how. They don't give the key. They don't give the explanation. It is therefore necessary to explain, and that is precisely what we are doing here: teaching the path of awakening.

First of all, it is necessary (first of all) to sincerely convince ourselves that we are asleep. When one accepts that one is asleep, it is a sign or symptom that one wants to wake up. This is something very similar to the lunatic who is mad: no lunatic accepts that he is mad. All lunatics believe that they are very well. When a crazy person accepts that he is crazy, it is an unequivocal sign that he is improving. And you can prove this in the asylums: there is no lunatic who accepts that he is mad. Observe in the asylums that those lunatics who are almost ready to leave the asylum accept that they are lunatics, comprehend that they are lunatics, and that is, precisely, the unequivocal sign that they are already improving remarkably... The same thing happens with people whose consciousness is asleep: they do not accept that they are asleep; but when they already accept it, it is an unequivocal sign that they want to wake up, or that they are beginning to wake up.

How to achieve that awakening? Obviously, we already know that the foundation is in the dissolution of the ego, that is unquestionable, and that is an issue that you are not unaware of, but, of course, we have to help you with different methods and procedures. Everything that contributes to awakening is useful...

So, I am going to explain the “S.O.L.” technique to you, but I want you to pay close attention...

It is necessary to divide attention into three parts:

  1. first, subject
  2. second, object or objects (speaking in pluralized form)
  3. and third, location

First - subject: to not forget oneself. When one forgets oneself, one commits very serious mistakes in life. For example, if we forget ourselves before a glass of wine, what will happen? That we don't just have a drink, right? But that we will drink many more and get drunk. So, then, it would be serious to forget oneself before a glass of wine...

Now, if we forget ourselves in front of a person of the opposite sex, what will happen? We could end up in fornication, right? Or in adultery. In such a way, then, that one must never forget oneself...

If we forget ourselves, for example, before an insulter, we will surely end up also insulting, even thrashing ourselves with the insulter.

It is therefore essential never to forget oneself. But it is very easy to forget oneself. Ouspensky, for example, set out one night to walk awake through the streets of Saint Petersburg (I say “wake walking” to differentiate this from “sleep walking," which is what all common and ordinary people do, right? That is what the whole world does). Thus, Ouspensky walked and walked, self-monitoring, self-observing, controlling his mind, and his “guts," that is, his senses. This man walked everywhere. Suddenly he wanted to get some cigars, (he smoked). He saw a cigarette shop and went in, to prepare, not just some cigars, but some tobaccos. When he left the cigarette shop, smoking, he no longer remembered the exercise he was practicing...

He walked through many streets of St. Petersburg, until he came to his house. Entering his bedroom, he remembered himself again; then he painfully realized that he had forgotten about the exercise. That his consciousness had fallen asleep when he entered that cigarette shop. After that, he walked around many places, truly like a sleepwalker. He fell asleep...

You see how difficult it is not to forget oneself. It is easy to forget oneself.

But when I say, “not forgetting oneself," I mean to be watching one's “guts,” that is, the senses and the mind (because if one does not control the senses and the mind, one falls into the dream of the consciousness), self-observing your guts, that is, your feelings, your internal and external impulses, your emotions, your instincts, your habits, etc., etc., etc.

The second aspect or the second phase of the awakening of the consciousness that is, object or objects: if one, for example, sees a beautiful object: a suit, or a ring, a perfume, whatever, and one sees it in a display case (as you say over there in a showcase; I think that is the adjective, the name that you have for those places where things are exhibited), and if one is "enchanted" by that object that one is seeing, there the first thing what happens is that one falls into unconsciousness. Why? Because one forgot oneself.

Seeing the object there are several processes, first - identification: one forgets oneself and identifies with the object. One says: “How beautiful, how beautiful is this; if I had money, man I would buy them! etc., etc.”

Then comes the fascination: one is fascinated by the object. If it's a nice suit one says: “How good; the day I have money I'll buy it; this color is very beautiful! etc., etc., etc." And the woman would say: “Yes, this dress is very beautiful. I would buy it!..." (However, I am speaking here, let's say, with the very Mexican terms, right? There… I think they call a suit, you, too).

Students: ...

Samael Aun Weor: Oh yes! Well, total fascination with that object, with that garment, would come, and then you would enter the dream of the consciousness.

Television, precisely, is very much based on this subject matter, isn't it?... People in front of television forget themselves and fall into the fascination of what they are seeing, then they dream "in a very absorbed manner." Since television was invented, the unity of homes has already been lost, because, for example, the husband arrives tired of working, the woman no longer comes out to receive him with open arms. Man no longer has that happiness. Why? Because his wife is watching television; the man may need her and she is busy. She is watching the soap opera of the day. She is fascinated with... ... but well, let's not just blame women either, right? Men are also fascinated by everything they watch in there, right? To such an extent that they completely forget about everything that is happening in their home. That is a vivid example of the dream of the consciousness.

Location: One has to look carefully at every place, every place, even the familiar place: the living room of the house, the bedroom. Look at it every day as something new. Try to see it, in a different way, differently. Wherever one arrives, the first thing one must say to oneself is: "Well, why am I here? What do I have to do with this place?" This is essential, if you want to awaken your consciousness.

A very interesting experience comes to mind right now. Many years ago, it so happens that I arrived at a house, crossed a beautiful garden, crossed the threshold of a room and finally entered an office, where there was established a business on law practice. In front of the office, I found a very kind lady. She attended me... Suddenly, while talking with her, I saw two butterflies made of glass on her desk (they were very beautiful butterflies). What amazed me the most is that those butterflies had life. They moved their wings (and they were made of glass!). And they moved their little heads, and on their little heads their antennae. They were made of glass, and they breathed like all the other butterflies (and they were made of glass and multi-colored!). So, I thought to myself: “How is it possible that these butterflies made of glass can do all of this, that is, they have a life of their own? Obviously, phenomena of this kind can only happen in the astral world, because in the physical world this is completely impossible...” 

I looked around and I said to myself: “And what am I doing in this place, in this law firm?” And observing other objects I could see, on the right, in the right corner of that office, a lamp, that is, a seven-branched candelabra, and on the left side another candelabra, also with seven arms...

That lady conversed kindly with me. I decided to ask the lady for her permission to go away for a moment (I pretended to go to the bathroom)... Of course, she politely, well, gave me her permission. She said “You can go out."

Already outside I said: “I'm going to do an experiment...” Then, I jumped with the intention of floating in the surrounding environment, and I was certainly floating. So, I said to myself: “I am in my astral body!”

I came back again, entered that office, sat down at the desk. The lady there was waiting for me, and I told her: “Madame, I want you to know that at this moment we are in the astral world. Your body, remember very well, madam, that you went to sleep a few hours ago, and your body, at this time, is exactly sleeping, resting on the bed, on the bed..."

I expected an intelligent response from that lady, but what I saw in her were the eyes of a somnambulist. Obviously, her consciousness was completely asleep. She didn't understand “not even a iota" of everything I was telling her.   

Well, in view of that, the state of such a deep sleep that lady was in, what did I do? I got out of it, said goodbye to her. I left that office, and took flight and floated away with my astral body, heading for California (I needed to go do some research in California).

Along the way was a man who had long since died. He was carrying a heavy bundle on his back; it is seen that he had been a loader of heavy packages from some market. The unfortunate one had disincarnated a long time ago, but he believed that he was still alive. And I went up to him and said, “Friend, what is happening to you? Why do you carry such a heavy bundle on your back?"

His response was, “I am working, I am working."

“But what are you saying, my friend? What are you saying? Don't you realize that you are already dead and that this bundle that you carry on your back is nothing more than a mental form created by yourself? Don't you comprehend?" He also looked at me with the eyes of a somnambulist. He did not understand “not even one iota” of what was being said to him.

I decided to float, like this, around him and over his head, to see if in that way perhaps he would understand, but it was all useless: he did not comprehend anything. He was asleep. The unhappy man had done nothing in life to awaken his consciousness and was still asleep, with consciousness asleep...

I continued my trip, towards California; I needed to do the research and I did (some research on some schools, etc.). Then I quietly returned to my physical body...

Years passed, perhaps many, some... well, I estimate about 30 years, 40... many years passed... Later I personally had to go to Taxco, Guerrero (by the way, that town is very rich in silver mines, and it is said that many silver objects are obtained there, very cheap, etc. But they are not really that cheap. What is abundant is tourism and the place is very attractive, because it is located on a hill and is totally colonial, and of extraordinary beauty and landscape). I had to meet there with a certain gentleman, whom I was, in those days, helping to cure a hemiplegia that had afflicted him; he had been paralyzed half side...   

I went there with that intention of helping him, and I helped him (and I think he was even fine, he was healed). I made him walk, by the way, with magnetic treatments, and he was able to walk without a cane after having half a side paralyzed. I gave him therapy directions. I advised him to move around a lot, because he spent a lot of time sitting down and that affected his healing...

Well, in order not to make the story so long, I'll tell you that I crossed the garden of a house, then I crossed a room, and of course, I immediately recognized the place I had visited so many years ago and finally I entered an office... A lady was waiting for me in the room. I recognized it immediately, (it was the same one I had seen in the astral world, so many years ago). She told me: "Follow me sir...." And I followed her. I went inside to where it was a lawyer's office: the only difference is that this time I didn't find her in front of the desk but her husband; he was a man of mature age, a lawyer, although not a graduate, right? But he was a lawyer, that is, a “two-bit attorney," to be clearer (here we say “coyote." Yes, that is a term that we have here for the “two-bit attorneys”...)

Student: Shyster...

Samael Aun Weor: Shyster... Yes, well, that's funny: so, then I found him there in front of his law firm.

He stood up to welcome me. He made me sit at his desk. I was presented with the patient who I was to heal. We talked about “magnetism," because of course, I was going to use magnetism to heal that patient. And of course, around the subject of magnetism, prana, psychic healing, there was also talk about astral projections, splitting, distance healing, etc., etc., etc., the talk was very interesting.

That gentleman had a certain disposition for this kind of psychic studies and some information, although very incipient, but enough for him to understand something about astral projection...

I told him: “Some years ago I came here in the astral body, into this office..." ...Well, the man was totally astonished, stunned, perplexed. And I told him: “I also know his wife”; and I narrated the case: the talk we had; in short, everything we had said with his wife; how I had seen her, etc., etc., etc.

When dinner time arrived, already seated around a round table, in the room; then the lady, in front of him, tells me, “I have known you, sir, for a long time; what I don't remember is the exact place where I met you, but I know you, I know you, you are not unknown to me; I've known you since a long time ago." Of course, I immediately elbowed the man and told him:

“Are you convinced now? Are you convinced?"

And he told me, "I get it. I am totally convinced!”

Well, that man had evident proofs and if it had not been because he belonged to a certain sect of a dogmatic type and because his religious preceptors, well, had not forgiven him, undoubtedly, he would have come to the doctrine, to the gnosis, because the proofs for him were definitive. That is clear.

Well, I have narrated this to you, so that you realize the procedure to awaken consciousness, and I am explaining it to you with vivid stories...

I also remember that about 40 years ago... (between 30 and 40 years) a very interesting case happened to me... Suddenly, I saw myself in a room. There was a group of people. We talked about esoteric matters, etc., but since I am not used to forgetting myself (first); second: I love to observe in detail everything that surrounds me: objects, things; third: I do not remain in any place unconsciously, without first having observed it in detail and having asked myself: “Why am I here, what am I doing here?" is clear that on that occasion these three aspects of the division of attention came into activity. First: I said to myself: “Well, what am I doing here?” I did not forget and looked at the place... "What am I doing?" I looked at the people. I saw the people around me: “Why am I talking to them?” Everything seemed as if it were physical, material. Those friends had coats and in short, nothing revealed us being in the astral world. The objects, well, frankly, were normal, but I didn't forget myself. Seeing the place I said to myself: “Why do I have to be here, in this place? And why this meeting, if I haven't made appointments with anyone? Why am I here in this room?" But, looking at it, it was so physical, so material, that it seemed as if my questions and questions were unnecessary, but there was no detail that revealed me being in the astral world. But instinctively, I have always divided my attention into three parts: subject, object and place... What did I do? I asked for an excuse too. I pretended to go out there and I really went out. I pretended to them that maybe I would go to the bathroom, or that maybe I would go out there to get a breath of air, out there, to inhale some fresh air and then return to the place; well, so many things...

Being out of the room, in the patio of that house, I took a long jump with the intention of floating and I certainly floated in the surrounding environment. After I floated, I convinced myself that I was in the astral body. I returned to the room, took my place again, sat down in the chair where I had been sitting before, and addressed all the attendees, “Friends, I told you, I have to tell those present here that we are in the astral world...”

They all looked at each other, as if surprised (and some of them, in the physical world, studied esotericism, the occult, etc.). They did not understand me; They looked at themselves and one of them said to me, “We are in the physical world! Are you crazy? Where are you getting that from that we are in the astral world?"

I told them, “Yes, we are in the astral world." But since no one wanted to believe me, I left that room and..., after I left that room..., I went to a certain place with the purpose of doing esoteric research, etc., etc., etc. And then I returned, certainly, to the physical body... But you see how I woke up: by dividing attention into three parts (subject, object, location)...

Now you are going to ask a question, here, our brother...

Student: I want to ask you, master, if at the same time that you ask yourself the question, for example, "What am I doing here?" ...should I give myself the answer, for example, if I am listening to a lecture, to that end, should I give myself the explanation?

Samael Aun Weor: When asking the question, instead of giving explanations to oneself, one should “open to the new," and then do the experiment. If you can't jump inside the place where you are listening to the lecture, then you should ask permission and do what I did: go out and jump outside, maybe in a street, maybe in a patio, to evidence if one is in the astral world.

But it happens that many times the individual, even asking himself that question and even taking the leap, does not float, because his mind unconsciously puts weight on what has no weight, that is, subconsciously, or infraconsciously he is believing that he is in the physical world and then, when making the jump, he puts on the mind a weight that does not exist and then it weighs (and even if it does not weigh, it weighs) and then, the individual deceives himself by saying: “I am physical," and fails in the experiment.

Notwithstanding! One must get rid of the doubt: if when taking the jump one does not float, then one must climb on something and launch oneself into the space... Well, be careful and do not go up on a very high tower or from a bridge, or from a ladder, and launch yourself from there, and kill yourself, so then you will remain lame or dead, no! What I mean is... To get on a chair or on a sofa, or on one of those things, yes, an object that when you jump you won't break your foot, right? And you will see that then, if you are in the astral, you float... let's see? Tell me brother...

Student: Master, we need to be very clear about this. In some explanations that a instructor has given us, for example, he has not said that when one asks himself, with respect to the subject, "who am I?" to be aware of himself he says: "I am so-and-so"; then it does not seem to me that this should be so, but rather: "who am I?" Observing myself... I would like you to explain that to us.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, at that moment, what one has to do is not forget about oneself, that's all, without further ado. There is no need to ask "Who am I?" Or any of those things; at that moment. I repeat, what one has to do is never forget oneself... Object: look at every object to see what is strange and unusual. Place: why am I here? It is a question that one has to ask. If I live somewhere else, what am I doing here?

Student: To perform this permanently, master?

Samael Aun Weor: This must be done from instant to instant, from moment to moment. In principle, serious discipline is needed to be one with the attention divided into three parts. Then there is no need to be disciplining yourself, then this becomes completely instinctive and works on you, let's say, almost automatically.

I, for example, never live doing this to myself properly, let's say, with forced or rigorous discipline. In me it is already instinctive. I am here, speaking at this moment in front of you, and I am already alert, vigilant, right? I already know where I am and everything, and if we were in the astral, already, at this moment, I would know that we are in the astral, without the need to be behaving according to this rigorous discipline, because I made it instinctive. It became, let's say, a function of my instinctive center. But for it to become a function of the instinctual center, it first needs to pass through the sieve of rigorous discipline. At first it is hard, while it becomes instinctive. After it becomes instinctive, it already works automatically.

Student: Master, even to go to sleep, does one have to try to enter the dream under identical conditions?

Samael Aun Weor: At the time of going to sleep, well, naturally, one should observe his room rigorously and say to oneself: “Well, this is my room." One sees the ceiling and says: “Yes, my ceiling is painted such and such a color. The walls of my room are painted this color..."

Observe them rigorously. Observe all the objects in the room and then say to yourself: "If I appear, after this moment in which I am observing, in another place, either in the street or talking with some friends, or at my work, that is to say, in those places where I am used to always being, or in any other place where I am not used to being, it is a sign that I will be in the astral world and then I will remember, and I will remember, and I will remember, and I will take a little jump with the intention to float... I'll do that, I'll do that, I'll do that!..."

Well, practice this exercise for half an hour or an hour before falling asleep. If you combine this with the practice of dividing your attention into three parts: subject, object, location, I am absolutely sure that you will achieve the awakening of your consciousness very quickly.

At the time of physically waking up in the morning, after sleep, one must remain still on one’s bed, to not move (because with every movement, let's say, the psyche of the subject, of the individual, is shaken and memories are lost), be still on one’s bed, and then practice a retrospective exercise to remember, in minute detail, the places where one went, the people with whom one spoke, the "state" in which one found oneself (already asleep, already awake) outside the physical body, etc. , etc., etc. The same memories that you are getting, are indicating if you are waking up or not waking up, and to what degree you are waking up (you realize it by yourself, by your own effort)...

Well, so then I clarify: this exercise, then, of the division of attention into three parts: subject, object and location, is practiced while awake, from second to second, from instant to instant, from moment to moment, until it becomes a habit, until it becomes instinctual.

Then this will already work in one, let's say, instinctively. But initially and for a long time it is necessary that this be practiced in rigorous esoteric discipline. It will happen that the exercise that (practiced while awake), will be recorded so much in the subconsciousness, that it will work later, automatically, during the hours of sleep.

You will have seen, perfectly, that one often dreams of events that have happened during the day. It can also happen that one has a great preoccupation and dreams about that preoccupation that night. Well, using precisely that aspect... ...of the mind, it is convenient to practice this exercise intensively.

When you get used to it, when you get used to it, it repeats itself automatically, during the hours of sleep, and then the result becomes the awakening of the consciousness. Because if one practices this exercise in moments when one is out of the body, obviously, the result is the awakening of the consciousness, because when taking the little jump, it floats and stays awake. But you have to get used to this exercise well in the waking state, so that it repeats itself automatically during sleep.

It is convenient to know that during the hours of sleep, always, let us say, the soul, the Being, is outside the physical body. During the hours of sleep, let's say, the psyche (to be clearer), the psychic material, although bottled up within the ego, is outside the physical body (the ego being outside the physical body).

It is clear that one lives in those regions as one lives here in the physical world; and if you do this exercise in those moments, then the result is the awakening of the consciousness. Once you wake up, you can go to any place on earth, you can go to the temples of mysteries, you can invoke the ineffable beings, talk with them face to face, receive direct instructions from the great masters, etc., etc. , etc.

What were you going to ask me, brother?...

Student: Master, is every dream an astral projection, every dream is an astral projection, or can it be a mental projection at some point?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, during the hours of sleep, the ego cannot be within the body, because if the ego remained within the physical body during the hours of sleep, then the vital body or lingam sarira would not be able, let us say, to repair the body, physical body. Normally, the lingam sarira, the vital body, during the hours when the ego is absent, repairs the body itself. In those hours, the thyroid gland secretes many biological iodines that disinfect the body. The solar plexus also works intensively, the hepatic plexus wonderfully. The hepatic plexus captures, in such moments of sleep, let us say, the solar energy, passes it to the solar plexus and the solar plexus then distributes it through all the channels of the great sympathetic nervous system, and the physical body is repaired. In other words, when the ego returns to the physical body again, this body is already completely repaired and ready for the new activities of the day. Therefore, what is lived in dreams is lived outside the physical body.

The ego wanders through the internal worlds, through the supersensible regions of nature and the cosmos, and the dreams that the ego has outside the physical body are simply projections of the mind, because after all, the ego is mind. It takes everything and projects its dreams, lives in dreams...

However, there are cases in which the psyche, the Essence can, momentarily, let us say, perceive things that are not dreams. You can perceive, for example, revelations from the great masters, or receive some special illumination and all, but that is only on rare occasions. Normally, people live in a world of dreams, projecting their dreams and dreaming, unfortunately...

If we want, then, the awakening of the consciousness, we have to wake up here and now. Whoever wakes up here and now, wakes up in every corner of the universe. This is where we need to wake up, understand? Is there any other question?

Student: That is to say, master, that attention, that one lives permanently projecting it outwards (which is the aspect of oblivion of oneself) so what you have to do is collect that attention inside. That is, not to forget what I am, who I am; and here where I am listening to this lecture, (well, the one I am listening to is me)... ...trying to have a center of attention within myself, towards myself...

Samael Aun Weor: Sure, that's obvious: don't forget yourself. The individual who forgets himself falls into the sleep of the consciousness; that's clear. But I repeat: this is where we need to wake up; who wakes up here, wakes up everywhere. What were you going to ask me?

Student: That one lives outside all the time, and that wherever one goes, from the moment one gets up until the next day (when one gets up again, after having been sleeping) one was unconscious, without knowing that one is one...

Samael Aun Weor: That's right!

Student: So, we have to modify...

Samael Aun Weor: That's right! If one walks unconscious, like this, without remembering oneself, because here in the physical world one never remembers oneself, and one notices this, very especially, when driving a car: one is amazed to see how the people throw themselves in front of cars, throw themselves under the wheels; that's something terrible!... Everyone is absorbed in their own thoughts, but absorbed, let's say, remembering the buddy, the friend, the business, remembering this or that; but they do not realize that a car can pass and kill them miserably...

Student: Master, is it the case that a sleeper dreams that he is working, and goes to bed, sleeps, and brings back the memories of the dream world?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, you can also dream, let's say, that he is awake; many can dream that they are awake, but they are not yet... waking up, waking up is the important thing, and not dreaming that they are awake!...

You dream that you are awake, simply, when the kind of phenomena that we are talking about happen to the individual, because the individual who is awake, really awake, does not have that kind of phenomena. The awake-awake lives in an intensified vigil during those moments in which the physical body lies in bed.

Student: ...if you don't see the physical body in... it asleep?

Samael Aun Weor: That's not exact either! Because if the individual distances himself from the body, if he is not interested in the body, if he does not think about the body, if he is busy with other things in the universe, in the cosmos, he is far from there, because that does not matter. That is, he may be awake and not have seen his physical body lying within the bed...

Student: Look at this master, for example, one night that I was trying to wanted... work, to enter sleep consciously, well, I had the feeling that I hadn't really slept; but I realized that I was outside my body, but at the same time I saw myself inside my body; then, since the room was dark, I said to myself: “well, if I'm asleep, the room must be dark; then I opened my eyes and saw that there was clarity. But it was a phenomenon that I could not explain; it was a thing that..., I tried to see what was around me, but what I saw was clarity...”

Samael Aun Weor: There was a process of splitting the consciousness (splitting or division of the consciousness), that is, part of the consciousness could have remained, we could say, trapped inside the physical vehicle and the personality, and part outside the personality. It was a process of splitting consciousness...

Student: Master, when a person goes out in the astral body and in those regions has a vision, but does not understand it, what does it mean?

Samael Aun Weor: It means that he lacks intuition...

Student: Master, why has it happened that many people come out in the astral... ...but if the Innermost appears to him in that region, then he doesn't understand...

Samael Aun Weor: He doesn't understand it due to lack of intuition. In any case, the astral projection is very interesting (the voluntary projection). But many people have a hard time learning to leave the physical body at will...

I consider it essential, first of all, to wake up! Because when one is awake, the problem of astral projection disappears immediately.

Student: ...Master, people who practice a lot, but who are very intellectual, who reason a lot about astral projection, and who manage to do it ...

Samael Aun Weor: Well... first, let them awake their consciousness!

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  • What you guys are doing is really wonderful. You have helped me understand in my spiritual practice. I am truly grateful that your works is changing lives. When the student is really ready, the teacher has finally arrive to guide.