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Prajnaparamita: "Perfection of Wisdom"
Prajnaparamita: "Perfection of Wisdom"

Spirituality, Materialism, and the Experience of Ultimate Reality

Here we are, tonight, to talk with you extensively. You have come here to listen to me and I, frankly, am here to speak to you...

First of all, what we need is a total change in our way of living, in our way of thinking and feeling. We need, then, to totally change our lives, because indeed all of us, really, suffer, we are full of unspeakable bitterness, we have multiple desires, aspirations, etc.

When one has read something in life, one unquestionably reflects. Many of us have read about life in Tibet, and we have studied, for example, authors such as Tuesday Lobsang Rampa, Krumm Heller, Mario Rosa de Luna, etc.; we are told about marvelous palaces, enchanted cities, and many other things.

Obviously, we would all like to see something different, hear something different, reach a place where this painful and unbearable life in which we find ourselves does not exist: the noise of the cities, the cars, the gasoline, the smoke, the bitterness of each moment, the pains, the incessant sufferings...

Unfortunately, people do not know how to change their lives, and that is precisely what we are going to study tonight...

First of all, it is good to understand that we are in moments of world crisis and bankruptcy of all principles. We are faced with the dilemma of to be or not to be of philosophy. These are moments of unspeakable anguish. It becomes urgent, therefore, to comprehend what the path that will lead us to true happiness must be... Friends, it is necessary that we know ourselves deeply and at all levels of the mind.

In the world there are essentially two schools that fight each other. On one side we have the materialist-atheists, enemies of the eternal one, the Being; and in the other, we have the spiritual type of people, the religious people. They are two schools fighting to the death for supremacy, and which will be right? That is what we are going to investigate deeply tonight...

We well know that the materialist dialectics of Karl Marx invaded the minds of millions of people. No one is unaware, for example, that in the Soviet Russia there are millions of people dedicated to the study of the dialectical materialism. On the other hand, religions fight terribly for supremacy. Religions have their dogmas, their beliefs, they want to impose their ideas everywhere and in every country of the earth. We are living that bloody struggle between religion and materialism. We need to become aware of this issue. Who will be right, the materialists or the religious? Obviously, studies are required to comprehend...

First of all, what is "matter"? Actually, matter is something that materialism does not understand. If we say that "matter is a piece of iron", then what is cotton, or what is a piece of glass, or a piece of copper? To affirm in a global manner that “all of this is matter”, indeed, in truth, it is unreliable. Nobody, in chemistry, would dare, for example, to give the name of "phosphorus" to any substance found in the laboratory. In physics, that mistake is made, they call "matter” a piece of iron, or cotton, or copper, or sodium sulfate, this is absurd! In truth, the "pontiffs" of materialism do not know matter.

But let's delve a little deeper into this enquiry: then, what is "matter"? We must understand this so that we can find our way in life, thus, I want you to pay close attention...

Matter is something that is not known; matter is "terram incognita" for science; no one knows what "matter" is. It is a concept of the mind, but a concept that may or may not be wrong. Normally it is wrong, because calling every substance that exists in the world “matter” is false. "A mode of movement (say some people of science), that is matter." Alike, that phrase is very popular among people of scientific thought.

So, what is matter? Nobody knows. But the Gnostics do know what "matter" is. Indeed, what we see as matter is nothing more than a crystallization of the original, primitive, divine homogeneous substance. Obviously, such matter or substance must have two poles: the positive and the negative.

Originally, the substance that they call "matter" was in the chaos before life dawned. The earth as a substance was deposited in deep chaos millions of years ago; it was a formless substance, a kind of “seed”, a cosmic-germ within which everything that you currently see around you was contained. That substance was very pure, ineffable, homogeneous... Just as the germ of a tree contains within itself the entire tree (in a latent state), so also this psychic world, this substance, this Yliaster (from Hyle “matter” and Aster “star”) of the Gnostics, this Yliaster, was a seed that contained, in itself, everything that currently exists in the world, a cosmic-germ and that was everything. But that germ, that substance, that spirit, was a single thing, it was homogeneous.

When universal life dawned, that germ was differentiated by the electrical impulse of the causal logos. Then it became like a chaos, and such chaos was fertilized, in turn, by fire. And that germ had life, and it had it in abundance; it began to crystallize under the impulse of the creative word of the first instant. It was the luminous and spermatic fiat of the dawn of the mahamanvantara, who originated the crystallization of that world-germ.

In the beginning that germ-world was nothing more than a world of the mind, later it crystallized in the astral form, and much later in the vital form, and finally in the physical form that it currently has. Due to the primitive, original electrical impulse, that germ of life called “earth” was differentiated into positive and negative poles. But through time and ages, the two poles of universal life called "spirit" and "matter" became more and more differentiated, until they became what they are now.

So, indeed, in truth, spirit and matter are but two forms of the same thing: that is all. The spirit is rarefied matter; matter is crystallized spirit.

So, the two schools that are fighting each other are based on ignorance, because being biased only by the negative aspect called "matter" is absurd; or cling to the intransigent dogmas of many religious sects, is also absurd.

The truth is not in the thesis or in the antithesis, but in the synthesis. The truth is not resolved by the struggle of opposites; only through synthesis can we truly solve the problem of opposites.

So, matter, in the last synthesis, is nothing more than a homogeneous substance unknown to physicists, totally unknown...

The time has come to understand that the struggle between spiritualists and materialists is based on ignorance, because spiritualism is only the positive pole of said substance (called "earth"), and materialism is the other pole, the negative pole. But the truth is not in the positive pole or in the negative pole, but in the synthesis.

That is why we, the Gnostics, advocate for a transcendental monism; we come to the conclusion that what matters is the universal substance, and that this substance called “earth” or “matter”, or whatever we want to call it, is ultimately something homogeneous, pure, spiritual and terribly divine.

Obviously then, if the truth is not in spiritualism or materialism, where should we look for it? at either pole? No! We must go to the synthesis, we must seek the truth within ourselves, here and now.

But it is necessary to arrive at the experience of the truth; and no one could reach the direct experience of the truth if one did not first disintegrate the ego. You need to know that you have an “I”. When one knocks on a door, for example, and is asked, "Who are you?" We answer, "Me..." That "me" is the one that needs to be self-explored. What do we have inside? Who are we? What do we know about life, what do we know about death? We need to explore ourselves to know ourselves.

Certainly, the physical body is not everything. A body is made up of organs, organs by cells, cells by molecules, molecules by atoms; and if we split an atom, we release energy. Ultimately, the physical body is summed up in different types and subtypes of energy. We really need to explore ourselves in order to know ourselves.

Beyond the physical body we have a vital seat; this has already been discovered, by Russian physicists; they invented a lens with which they see the vital body; they are studying it, they have photographed it. That vital body is the foundation of organic life, but beyond the physical body with its vital seat, there is the “I”, the myself, the self-willed.

Friends: it is necessary that we study that “I”, that we comprehend it, because that “I” is a knot in the free flow of universal energy, it is a knot that must be untied...

The “I”, in itself, is a multiplicity of psychic aggregates, and each one of them, unquestionably, represents some type of psychological defect.

We need to know that the consciousness (which is the most worthy thing, which is the most decent thing that we have in our Being) is trapped within all those multiple aggregates that constitute the ego. It is clear that we need to disintegrate them in order to liberate our consciousness.

Only a free and sovereign consciousness, owner of itself, can truly, my dear friends, experience that which is the truth, that which is beyond the body, the affections, and the mind.

We need to know the truth. The great Kabir Jesus said:

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

Any idea that we have about the truth is not the truth; any concept that we forge about the truth is not the truth; whatever opinion we have about the truth is not the truth.

We need to experience the truth directly, like when you stick your finger in a fire and get burned. Only the experience of the truth will give us enough strength to continue on the path that will lead us to final liberation.

We do need indeed to release the essence so that we can directly experience the truth.

Really, the consciousness, is indeed the most precious gift we have. Unfortunately, we have it trapped within the myself, within "our person", within our “I”, in what we carry inside, within our psychological defects.

We need to totally change, disintegrate that myself, that “I”, to put an end to what we have that is inhuman and perverse, so that the free consciousness can experience the truth.

The consciousness, in itself, is wonderful.

A fisherman, for example, accustomed to fighting sharks in the vast sea, will never fear them nor can he be harmed. Similarly, the awakened consciousness cannot be harmed by the most terrible beasts in the universe.

A fighter, a man of war, with his lance will be able to defend himself against the worst enemies, to break their armor and steel. Similarly, one who has an awakened consciousness will be able to defend himself from the dark forces and not receive any harm.

A chemist who has invented, for example, an antidote against the venom of snakes, would not be a victim of them. Similarly, one who has an awakened consciousness cannot be a victim of all those inhuman psychic elements that exist within us...

We have been told (and this is true), that the awakened consciousness is like the “lion of the buddha”: it roars! And when it roars, the wicked flee in terror...

Bodhisattvas, disciples who are on the royal path, come closer and listen...

Certainly, the awakened consciousness is great, sublime, ineffable, and confers multiple powers on us...

In the name of truth, we have to say that we have not known how to use our conscience up to the present date; we have it stuck within the various psychic aggregates that constitute the myself, the self-willed.

It is not the materialistic schools that can, in truth, lead us to the experience of the truth. It is not spiritualist-type schools, or religions, that can lead us to the direct experience of that which is not of time, of that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind. Whoever wants to get to know the truth, must know themselves deeply, must self-explore, to know who they are, where they come from, where they are going, what is the purpose of existence, for what they live for, why they live...

Friends, I invite you to study yourselves, to get to know oneself. You do not know yourself. You need to know yourself.


You have been told many times that your consciousness is asleep, but you do not understand it. And if we told the people of the world that they “sleep”, they would be angry with us; nonetheless they sleep...

The hypnotic force exists in all of nature, it is active, it is terrible... Obviously, each one of us is hypnotized, and that is unfortunate.

Wars come, and we go to war against our will, but we go, because we are hypnotized...

Actually, people indeed do not even see the physical phenomena that happen around us. They cannot see them because they are in a state of hypnosis. It is therefore urgent to wake up.

In the Eastern world, the awakened and developed consciousness receives the esoteric name of “bodhichitta”. We have been told that the one who has an awakened bodhichitta in his heart has nothing to fear from the lords of the law; even they respect him, because he can negotiate with them and come out victorious.

The bodhichitta is a treasure that all the people of the Eastern world aspire to have. Whoever possesses bodhichitta will obviously reach enlightenment...

We all want to see what is from the "roof up", we all want to touch the great realities of the Being, but that is only possible through enlightenment.

We have been told, in Eastern esoteric science, that before the bodhisattva is born in us, the bodhichitta must be born. That is, we need to awaken the consciousness first of all.

A sleeping consciousness, a hypnotized consciousness cannot know anything about God, or the reality, or the truth, or that which is beyond death. A sleeping consciousness can only live by virtue of its own conditioning.

We need to wake up, to know what is beyond death, to know what really exists on the threshold of mystery. Unfortunately, people continue with their consciousness asleep.

In the Eastern world it is said that "when consciousness awakens, it transforms into bodhichitta." Obviously, this, in itself, means multiple cosmic powers...

Yes, they talk about transcendental faculties, but these only arise in us when the consciousness awakens.

The spiritual gold of bodhichitta is great, sublime, terribly divine... We really need the gold of the awakened consciousness. Only in this way can we get to experience the reality, that which is not of time...

The Void, the Absolute

There are two very important aspects in life, my dear friends: one is this painful world in which we live, that is, the world of relativity, and the other is the illuminating void [shunyata, emptiness].

Obviously, the illuminating void is beyond the body, the affections, and the mind.

We live in the world of relativity; here, where everything is processed by virtue of opposites: good and evil, joy and pain, victory and defeat, etc., etc., etc. In this world of conceptual dualism, everything is bitterness: being born is pain, living is pain; pain is old age and even in death there is pain. We need to free ourselves from the world of pain; we need to take the great leap to immerse into the illuminating void, beyond the body, the affections and the mind...

Indeed, nobody could, really, take the great leap if one had not annihilated one’s own "dear ego". That is, if one had not dissolved one’s own ego of psychology. We need to pulverize our ego, if we want to take the big leap...

Friends, it is good that you understand that there are many heavens and also this painful earth. The illuminating void itself is far beyond the heavens and the earth; the illuminating void is what it is, what it always has been, and what it always will be; it is the life that throbs in each atom, as it throbs in each sun.

Tree of Life 2.0 void

We need to acquire the true freedom of the Being, until we achieve the joy to which we are entitled to, that is, to achieve the authentic happiness of the Being; to get out of this prison of pain in which we all find ourselves; to abandon this ocean of bitterness, but this is only possible through the great leap, by immersing into the illuminating void.

There are religions in the world that offer us many forms of sanctification. I want to tell you that in the illuminating void there are no saints, the illuminating void is beyond sainthood. The saints are great, but they are born "for their merits" in some ineffable heavens and then they are born again in this land of pain.

We must free ourselves from the heavens and the earth; we want the truth and nothing but the truth, whatever the cost! This cannot be offered to us by spiritualist schools, nor sects, nor religions, nor materialist-type schools, nor Marxism-Leninism, nor its dialectics. Because, I repeat, spiritualism and materialism are nothing more than the two poles of the homogeneous universal substance that is originally deposited within the chaos.

Materialists and spiritualists know nothing about that substance called "matter." We need to make the great leap and immerse into the illuminating void; and the schools of the right or of the left cannot give us the experience of the truth...

Friends, the time has come to understand these questions deeply and at all levels of the mind.

Much has been said, much is admired for the great mystics, the great saints. But I say: they too, not only are they born in heaven, but they return to this valley of bitterness, to this painful earth...

We need to free ourselves from this fatal wheel of samsara and enter into the illuminating void, beyond this hideous machinery of relativity.

Thus, the illuminating void and relativity are also, basically, two antitheses. The illuminating void, deep down, is nothing more than the prelude to the great reality, the tality (or totality). We really need not only to reach the illuminating void, but later to immerse ourselves in the great reality, in the truth... Jesus the Christ said:

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” – John 8:32

I say, in truth, dear friends, that we have here, in this school, methods, means, so that you can directly know the truth.

We teach you and we will teach you here, the technique of meditation; and a day will come when your consciousness will be able to unbottle itself from within your “I”, from within your ego, from within your human person, to truly experience that which is not of time, that which is the truth...

It is necessary to know that humanity has been the victim of a great illusion: because on the one side are the schools of the right with their pontiffs of the god "spirit," and on the other, are the schools of the left with their pontiffs of the god "matter," which are just as hypnotized as the others. Polarizing ourselves only with the right or with the left is something incomplete.

We need to comprehend (and I repeat, which I have repeated many times tonight) that what we call "matter" is nothing more than a homogeneous substance with two poles: positive and negative.

It is necessary for us not to be victims of the struggle of these two poles; let us see that beyond these two poles is the synthesis; and that the synthesis of this, is that this world is nothing more than a crystallized homogeneous substance, and that in its original state it is spiritual, it is divine.

By understanding this, by comprehending that the schools of the right or of the left cannot, in any way, give us the truth, we must search within ourselves, we must self-know ourselves, we must self-explore ourselves, to know who we are, where do we come from, and where we are going to, not because others tell us or stop telling us, but only by our own selves.

It is obvious that if we explore ourselves, I repeat, we find the “I” of psychology. And this “I” is what we are interested in studying: this “I” that suffers; this “I” that has so many aspirations; this “I” that has to pay house rent; this “I” that has to pay taxes; this “I” that has to raise children; this “I” that has to fulfill obligations, etc., what is it?

What is the use of continuing a mechanical life, full of wrong habits? It is better that once and for all we dedicate ourselves to the knowledge of ourselves. It is necessary to know ourselves so that our consciousness awakens. An awakened consciousness, an awakened bodhicitta, is of inestimable value.

For those who know about esotericism, I will tell you the following: if a bodhisattva does not have an awakened bodhichitta, he cannot serve the purposes of his deep inner god, he will not be able to share the laws of the buddhas, he will not be able to work with the cognizant circle of solar humanity, which operates on the higher centers of the Being.

Whosoever wants (for example) to know high magic, needs, first of all, to learn by heart all the mantras, all the exorcisms, all the conjurations, etc.

Similarly, I also say that those who want to come to share the life of the gods, that those who want to share the life of the ineffable beings, that those who want to share the life of the Buddhas and of the Christified ones, need, first of all, to awaken their consciousness, because with your consciousness asleep you cannot see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the superior worlds.

With the consciousness asleep one cannot be an investigator of reality; indeed, with the consciousness asleep one cannot, to really, get in touch with the conscious circle of solar humanity, which operates on the higher centers of the Being.

It is essential, first of all, to awaken the consciousness here and now. I do say, truly, that you are asleep and that you must wake up...

It is in the field of practical life, in relation to our relatives, on the street, in the temple, at school, etc., where our hidden defects come to the fore, and if we are alert and vigilant like the sentinel in times of war then we see them.

A discovered defect must be studied, analyzed, deeply comprehended at any of all levels of the mind. When one has comprehended a psychological defect, one must disintegrate it, reduce it to cosmic dust.

How to Eliminate Defects to Liberate Consciousness

The mind, by itself, could never radically alter any defect of a psychological nature. The mind can only label the defects, pass them from one department to another, etc., but never annihilate them.

We need a power that is superior to the mind, a power that can disintegrate our psychological defects to liberate our consciousness, to awaken it. Fortunately, that power is in a latent state within each one of us. I want to refer emphatically to devi kundalini-shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers. She is a variant of our own Being; she, and only she, can help us...

Let us remember Cybele of Crete, or Tonantzin of our Mexican ancestors; let us remember the dark Isis of the Egyptian land; or the hunting Diana of the sacred land of the Hellenes; or Mary, Marah, the godmother. She exists in the depths of our consciousness and is a part of our own Being. For this reason, all orthodox religions of the past worshiped her...

Marah, Stella Maris, can help us in this work of the disintegration our psychological defects, provided that we have previously comprehended them, in any of all the corners of the mind.

When one has thoroughly comprehended it, when one has discovered a defect and analyzed it, then one is ready for its disintegration. It would be enough just to concentrate on Stella Maris (the divine cosmic mother that exists within us), and emphatically beg her to reduce such a defect to dust.

The result will not be delayed, and it will become cosmic dust, releasing the percentage of consciousness that is bottled up there.

Thus, my dear friends, along this path, annihilating the psychic aggregates that together constitute the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed, we will achieve the awakening of the consciousness.

How could someone, for example, with an asleep consciousness, share the life of the great enlightened ones? We need to wake up, and that is essential, cannot be postponed, it is urgent, cannot be suspended!...

Friends, whoever has an awakened consciousness can face the worst enemies and will never be defeated; whoever has an awakened consciousness in reality will truly be able to penetrate the bottom of the oceans and enter the palaces of the serpent; whoever has an awakened consciousness will enjoy the happiness of the pure spirit. So, friends, the time has come to comprehend the need to wake up!

Sad, it is very sad to live asleep!...


In this field of transcendental esoteric inquietudes, there are truly two defined currents that we must try to comprehend: on one side we have the pratyeka and sravaka buddhas, they work on themselves, they fulfill their duties in life; they are, in truth, beings who have sought their individual liberation, but have never incarnated the Cosmic Christ.

And on the other side we have, truly, the bodhisattvas of compassion, those who, having created the superior existential bodies of the Being, that is, the mercurial bodies, and have dedicated themselves to working with the third factor of the revolution of the consciousness, they have sacrificed themselves for humanity.

Those bodhisattvas who through different eternities have been giving their blood for all the peoples, those, precisely those, are the ones who truly come to receive the Venustic initiation later; and in that great cosmic event they incarnate the Christ! It is written:

“Whosoever knows, the word gives power to. No one has uttered it, no one will utter it, except the one within whom the Word is incarnated” ...

H. P. B. calls "bodhisattvas" those who have the superior existential bodies of the Being, through the fulfillment of the Partkdolg-Duty of the Being. But speaking in rigorous Christic and Buddhist esotericism, we come to the conclusion that bodhisattvas, really, are only those who have sacrificed themselves for the planetary humanities through successive mahamanvantaras. Only they, the bodhisattvas, can reach omniscience... The bodhisattvic state is reached through sacrifice for humanity, struggling to bring this doctrine to all the peoples of the earth, without differences of race, creed, caste or color... Bodhisattva is reached by launching, through all these streets of God, with the word that creates and creates again; Bodhisattva is reached by loving our enemies, blessing those who curse us and persecute us; Bodhisattva is reached by kissing the whip of the executioner...

I truly say that those who are not capable of sacrificing themselves for humanity will never be able to become bodhisattvas.

The one who has awakened the consciousness (speaking in Eastern language we would say: "the one who has awakened the bodhichitta"), obviously could never be stopped on the way to the great reality. The pratyeka buddhas will try to stop him on his march; but he would continue marching with a firm and determined step towards final liberation...

Behold, then, the advantage of working with the third factor of the revolution of the consciousness, that is, the sacrifice for our fellows, the love for all beings that populate the face of the earth. That is the path that leads to the bodhisattvic state.

To achieve the incarnation of the intimate Christ is the most formidable cosmic event in the entire universe. But the verb, the great word (the logos), the lord of perfections, could only be incarnated when the bodhisattvic state has been reached. That is why I invite all those present here to study the doctrine and walk the path of sacrifice towards the final liberation. Thus, and only thus, can one reach the bodhisattvic state.

My dear friends, understand, comprehend that love is the foundation of everything that is, has been and will be. Only by loving our worst enemies, returning good for evil, could we, my friends, truly reach the bodhisattvic state. Only by humbly taking the word, from door to door, to the people, only by calling the crowds to listen to us, could we reach the bodhisattvic state.

It is urgent to understand that the bodhichitta, that is, the awakened consciousness, is a precious, extraordinary gift; but we have not known how to take advantage of that gift and our consciousness is asleep, we are hypnotized, living like machines in a terribly painful world.

Our Level of Being

Everyone wants bliss, joy, but joy cannot be achieved while our consciousness is hypnotized.

There are people who write to me from everywhere, wishing to improve their economic situation; wanting more: to improve the circumstances of practical life... Obviously, it is not possible to improve if we do not pass to a superior level of the Being.

Within this level in which we find ourselves, there are the sufferings that currently surround us, the circumstances that currently come to us daily. We could only change our lives if we pass to a superior level of the Being.

It is necessary to know that below us there is a lower level of the Being; above us there is a superior level of the Being. Each level of the Being corresponds to a series of circumstances, good or bad.

If we want to change our lives, improve the situation, be different, we need to move to a superior level of the Being. And that is only possible by destroying the psychic aggregates that we carry within.

As we eliminate, disintegrate our psychological defects, we will go to higher and higher levels of the Being, and finally, the day will come when we will go to the superior level of the Being, to the highest level, and then the final liberation will come.

However, before that comes to us, before the great reality comes to us and we to it, we need to go through the Buddhist annihilation, which is the disintegration of the totality of the ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed...

My friends: to reach the complete awakening, one needs tenacity in this work; fighting tirelessly every day, watching ourselves at home, on the street, among friends, at work, etc., and whatever defect we discover in our words, in our looks, in our thoughts, we must annihilate it. If we persevere like this, if we comprehend the need to work with each defect that arises in us, our consciousness will progressively awaken. Thus, one day, our consciousness will be fully awakened.

I truly tell you that the most precious gold that exists is the gold of the Being, it is the gold of the bodhichitta, that is, the gold of the awakened consciousness. The gold that shines in the astral body, or in the mind, or in the will (in any of the superior existential bodies of the Being), has been provided by the bodhichitta, that is, by the awakened consciousness. Thus, the awakened consciousness is a very precious treasure. Behold, if someone is going to learn the sport of shooting arrows at a target, the first thing they will have to do is to learn how to stand on the ground, place their feet properly, their legs in the proper posture, and then, yes, they can shoot the arrows at the target, and it will go to the target with absolute certainty.

Similarly, I say: before we can know something about the reality, about the truth, we must learn to ground ourselves in the awakened consciousness, we must awaken it and learn to base ourselves on it in order to be able, to truly cognizantly work in the most highest worlds.

The great problems of the universe cease to exist when the consciousness is awake. The consciousness, that is, the bodhichitta in the Eastern world, is the basic foundation on which we must lean in order to launch ourselves into the high explorations in the cosmic worlds.

But a sleeping consciousness can do nothing; an asleep consciousness will always live in profound darkness...

Friends, the time has come to understand the value of an awakened consciousness...

Have you ever heard about the "milk of a lioness": if a drop of a lioness milk were deposited in a container full of cow's milk, you will see how the drop of milk of the lioness, will not be confused with the milk of the cow and will fall to the bottom of the container without being confused, or will float within the liquid element. So too is the awakened bodhicitta, the awakened consciousness. Whoever has an awakened consciousness will be able to live among all the perversities of the world without being confused by them; one will be able to descend to the infernal worlds without being confused by the wickedness of the demons. One will be strong, in the ethical sense of the word...

Thus, my friends, the consciousness is wonderful, but we have not known how to take advantage of it. There is the science of consciousness, which is great...

A Revolutionary Leap

The time has come to understand, my friends, that through awakened consciousness it is possible to take the great leap to immerse fully into the great reality of life free in its movement, beyond this dualistic and frightening machinery of relativity.

All of us are victims of the law; karma falls on each of us like a bolt of revenge. We err and we err again, and karma punishes us and punishes us again.

We are in a world of causes and effects. Every harsh word (for example) that we utter will later fall on us like a bolt of vengeance. We do evil and receive evil; and there is no effect without cause or cause without effect... This is the machinery of relativity within this machinery of relativity everything is processed according to the law of cause and effect. All of this terrible chain of causes and effects has enslaved us in this valley of bitterness, in this cosmic dust cloud...

In this world of associations and combinations, the only thing that exists is pain. We need to get out of this world of combinations and take the great leap to immerse into the illuminating void, and subsequently enter the great reality, the tality, free life in its movement.

But this would not be possible if we did not explore ourselves deeply to discover our psychological defects: anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc. They are the multiple defects that we carry within, and each of these is the head of a legion...

In the Egyptian doctrine these are known as the red demons of Seth. These are the psychic aggregates that we carry within, the living personifications of our psychological defects.

It is necessary to disintegrate them, to turn them into dust of the earth, into cosmic dust, in order to awaken our consciousness and take the great leap, the "bold leap" that will allow us to immerse into the illuminating void and later enter the bosom of the great reality... 

Listen, this is not an evolutionary leap. Evolution is the twin sister of devolution. They are mechanical laws of this world of relativity. And neither of these two laws could allow us to enter the great reality.

It is not through incessant evolutions (through millions of lives) that we will one day be able to reach the great reality, no! The innumerable births and the laws of evolution and devolution revolve here, in this universe of relativity, incessantly. And neither of these two laws (of evolution and devolution), will be able to allow us to take the great leap.

We really need to be revolutionaries, rebels, take the big leap no matter what the cost might be; and this is only possible by breaking chains, destroying all those perversities that we carry within, all those barbarities that make us unhappy, wretched... Only in this way, my dear friends, will we be able to take the great leap.

There are virtuous and ineffable saints that religions revere, that have merits; but these, in the last synthesis, only (as I already told you), will allow you to be born in the heavens of the space or on the painful earth, but never enter the bosom of the great reality (where there are no saints); Within the great reality there is only life free in its movement, humans who have freed themselves from themselves, those who have destroyed their defects in life, those who have rebelled against the horrible machinery of relativity...

If we want final liberation, we need a revolution in motion; only in this way we will arrive where we have to arrive, which is, to authentic happiness (to which we have the right), to inexhaustible happiness. But we need to break chains, revolutionize ourselves against everything that currently exists on the right or on left of the world; to comprehend that matter is nothing more than a homogeneous substance that, in the last synthesis, becomes wonderful from the ineffable chaos, from the unlimited space, from the divine, and not allow ourselves to be biased by the schools of the right or of the left, that is, spirituality or materialism.

What do the priests of religions know, for example, about reality, about the tality, about that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind? They may have read the teachings of the enlightened masters, but they have not realized them in themselves and therefore have not experienced anything.

And what do the pontiffs of materialism know about matter? Nothing! Let us look at matter, a piece of iron, what do we see there? “We see matter!”, the materialists will say; but they also call a piece of glass “matter” (pure empiricism, we would say, between parentheses).

But those atoms that rotate there, around their gravitational centers with their electrical charges, what does it mean? They know nothing about it. They only know that ions revolve around their electrons and understand something about protons, etc., but nothing more.

We say that there are igneous particles within those atoms (igneous souls).

And those igneous souls are really extraordinary; Those igneous souls, those igneous particles, are the ones that weave and unweave, incessantly, that which is called "matter", that which many call "matter" (an issue of name), because nobody knows the substance...

There are magicians in the East, who act on those igneous souls or igneous particles placed inside atoms, and by means of them they perform extraordinary prodigies. So, ultimately, these atoms also carry what is called "spirit or fire"...

It is good to understand that these electrical charges of the atoms are cognizant, they are the igneous souls. Understanding this (understanding that the spirit exists in everything), it is worth reflecting a little...

What do physicists know about the substance itself? nothing, absolutely nothing! Therefore, the time has come when we, passing beyond the electrical charges of atoms, or the reverse charges in antimatter, dedicate ourselves to self-exploration of ourselves, with the purpose of knowing something about ourselves, something about our own Being. That is what we have dedicated ourselves to and that is the purpose of the teachings that we have here...


Everyone is free to investigate physics, chemistry, wherever they want, but the most important thing for us is to investigate ourselves, to deeply explore ourselves. Only then will we get where we need to go, my dear friends...

The consciousness, I repeat, is valuable and worth paying attention to. But, to wake it up, to get it out of the state of torpor in which it finds itself, we need to learn how to self-observe ourselves daily, this with the purpose to self-discover ourselves.

There is no doubt that in all self-discovery there is self-revelation. When one discovers a defect and disintegrates it, one knows a new truth, one receives a message of light, one learns something new.

This is how we can daily feed ourselves with the transubstantial bread that comes from above, which is the bread of wisdom.

As we disintegrate the ego, we will feed ourselves with the bread of wisdom.

However, before disintegrating the ego, the only thing that human beings have in their minds are ideas, and theories and more theories, and as Goethe said:

“All theory, dear friend, is gray, but the golden tree of life springs ever green.” ...

I also address the Gnostic instructors tonight. They are following the bodhisattvic path, because by sacrificing themselves for humanity, these instructors are advancing along that path that one day will convert them into bodhisattvas. They are working for some day (later, through time) to incarnate the intimate Christ (that is the merit of the bodhisattvas), but it is also unfortunate that some instructors still have the way of thinking they had before entering in these studies. Instructors really need to transform their thinking, to be different, so that they can show others the way.

There are also instructors who are currently doing very well: they are victorious on the path of great achievements and who promise much for the bodhisattvic state. To them, naturally, I can only send my congratulations and greetings...

Self-esteem: Pride

Friends: it is good to understand, once and for all, that as we go along this painful path, the “I” of self-merit will emerge in us. Understand that we will be victims of that “I”.

We must be vigilant when we work for the awakening of the consciousness, because we all have a tendency to give life to the “I” of self-merit. In truth, we do not have merits of any kind, because only the father who is in secret has merits; him and only him.

The “I” of self-merit can hinder the steps we take towards the great reality. That belief that we deserve everything is absurd, because we deserve nothing. But the ego of self-merit will make us believe that we are worthy of all merit and will stop us along the way. That “I” will be an obstacle to advancing towards the great reality.

The “I” of self-merit can take us to be born in some unspeakable heavens and then bring us back to this valley of tears.

Let us recognize that we are worth nothing, we are nothing, that the only one worthy of praise and merit is our father who is in secret. If we do so, if we proceed in this way after having examined the whole course of our mistaken existence, the ego of self-merit will be dissolved within us.

It is also necessary to know that there is the “I” of mystical pride, the tendency to believe ourselves gods, to believe ourselves ineffable, to believe ourselves powerful, lords of the universe, great initiates with so many initiations. This leads us down the wrong path; because it is urgent to understand that there are three types of relationships:

First, the relationship with our body. If we do not know how to relate to our own body, we get sick.

Second, the relationship with the environment in which we move. If we do not know how to relate to people, we form conflicts.

And third, the most important relationship, is the relationship with oneself, with the different autonomous and self-cognizant parts of our own Being.

In order to reach ecstasy, samadhi, the experience of the great reality, it is necessary, first of all, to learn how to relate, not only with the different parts of our own Being that we carry inside, but even more: with the highest part of our own Being, that is, with our father who is in secret, with the ancient of days, with the truth of truths, with the hidden of the hidden...

Pride, mystical pride, conceit, believing ourselves to be gods, feeling ineffable, is an obstacle, an obstacle to the correct and perfect relationship with the different parts of the Being, and even more: with the highest part of the Being.

And whoever does not learn how to relate to the different parts of the Being, and very especially with the highest part of the Being, will never be able to experience that which is the truth, that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind...


The time has come to understand, too, my dear friends, that the inferior psychism can never lead us to the great reality. In the world there are too many inferior psychics, those who enjoy putting their hands on a table so that it moves, those who enjoy hypnotizing others, those who enjoy mediumistic or spiritualistic events, those who believe that through the development of certain psychic powers they can get to the truth.

Obviously, the lower psyche only serves to bind us more and more to this horrific machinery of relativity. We need to reach the highest part of the Being, and this is not possible if we entertain ourselves with the inferior psychism.

It is necessary to understand, my dear friends, that the noblest faculties of the Being can only awaken in us with the destruction of the myself, of the ego, that is, through the Buddhist annihilation...

Total Awakening

There is a faculty known as intuition. Intuition has different degrees, but the highest form of intuition is only the type called prajnaparamita, which is the faculty that will allow us one day to experience, through the awakening of the consciousness, that which is not of time, of that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind, that which in the East is called "tality", which is beyond the illuminating void...

Thus, whosoever wants to reach the awakening of the highest degree of the prajnaparamita intuition will need the total awakening of the consciousness. Only then will that one succeed.

So do not disregard the elimination of psychological defects, do not look at this as a matter of foolishness, do not believe that this is something merely sectarian of a pseudo-religious or pietistic type.

Let it be understood, once and for all, that this matter of the elimination of psychic aggregates belongs to the science of the consciousness. Let it be understood once and for all that it is the most important thing. While the consciousness is embedded within our ego, within our defects, within hate, within anger, within envy, within jealousy, etc., the awakening of the consciousness is more than impossible.

There is always a general tendency to underestimate this of the elimination of defects. Many of those who come to our ranks study Gnostic esotericism, but totally underestimate the subject-matter about the elimination of their psychological defects; this “smells” to them like pseudo-religiosity, like a tiresome subject-matter heard since childhood; They really don't know how to understand what the science of consciousness is...

Friends: I am not inviting you to sanctification or puritanism of any kind. I am only indicating to you the path of mystical death, the path of Buddhist annihilation and of the great reality.

Friends: I really want to tell you, emphatically, that neither the materialists nor the spiritualists, neither of these two poles of the single substance, can give us the experience of reality.

The time has come to explore ourselves, to know ourselves, to be able to know who we are, break chains and take the great leap into the illuminating void.

Inverential peace!...

Questions and Answers

Well, if anyone has something to ask, that one can do so with complete freedom...

Student:  Master, I don't know if I understood correctly, and I didn't want to take materialism and religion as criticism either, but rather as an observation (because at no time I want to say anything ill-intentioned), would humanity need to walk, I would estimate, on two feet? I clarify my question: because I feel that we do not know how to appreciate these two aspects, and that it will be necessary, then, to find verticality, walking on those two feet, precisely; neither to one extreme nor to the other. I don't know if you have understood my question...

Samael Aun Weor: I am very happy about this question; it's quite interesting. Undoubtedly, the materialist school with its dialectics, then, investigates in the field of physics, chemistry, biology, and etc., etc., obviously worships, then, the god-matter. I don't want to say that their conclusions are all useless, because that would be absurd. We have airplanes in which we can fly, we have automobiles to transport ourselves, we have medical science, etc., and this cannot be neglected either, because it serves us in some way and in some manner.

As for the spiritual field, well, obviously there are many sects, schools, religions. Some of them, undoubtedly, have delivered the teachings of the great masters, of the great enlightened ones. But in truth, although all religions are useful for the good of the people, this does not mean that they can deliver us to liberation, no! The spiritualists, the religious, the mystics, have not experienced in their sects that which is the great reality; except for its founders and the most select disciples.

Thus, neither those on the right nor those on the left can save us. Because I repeat: spirituality and materialism are the two poles of that substance that has been called “matter”. That is a homogeneous substance; that in itself contains the two poles.

Those two poles are property of that substance. That some people are partial to the left current and study dialectical materialism; that other people are partial to the right current and study the spiritual part or positive pole of matter. But neither the positive nor the negative pole can lead us to the great reality.

We need to solve the problem of antitheses by synthesis. The synthesis leads us to comprehend that this substance called "matter", in its origins, is homogeneous, most pure, virginal, divine; that before crystallizing in the form in which it currently exists, it slept among the cases like a germ, containing, in itself, all the possibilities. But that through time, it came into existence, that it became bipolarized in opposite tendencies, until it is what it is today.

The positive pole is needed; the negative pole is needed too; because they are the two poles of that substance.

But, I repeat: the solution of the struggle between the opposites, is taking the leap to the synthesis, and comprehending that only a transcendent and transcendental monism can lead us to the comprehension of what the great reality is.

I have said that neither the negative pole by itself could lead us to liberation, nor the positive pole, even if they are useful in the manifestation. I have not attacked either of the two poles (I underline), I have only shown them as they are, and I clarify that through the vertical jump we reach synthesis.

This is a transcendental monism that leads us to comprehend that ultimately, matter is an imperishable, eternal, divine, virginal, purest substance. That is all... any other questions?...

Student:  Master, why is it necessary that: “For many are called, but few are chosen”, within the catastrophe that is approaching?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that really is the law of natural selection. There are birds, for example, that are born, and shortly after being born they have to emigrate to other latitudes; and many do not resist such a journey and perish. It is also very true that of many fish that are born, not all survive; a certain number die before they have developed. It is the law of selection of the strongest, which is a natural law.

There are many millions of people on the face of the Earth; some affiliated with the schools of the right, others to the schools of the left, but truly there are few human beings who have resolved to work, to march along the path of the center, along the internal revolutionary path. There are very few who have resolved to abandon the schools of the extreme right and extreme left, to self-explore themselves, to know themselves, to transform themselves. For this reason, not all of them will manage to save themselves from the great cataclysm that is coming. Not all will manage to be selected, not all will serve to conquer the great reality. That is all... Let's see, take the floor...

Student:  How could you call a person who is neither on the side of materialism, nor on the side of spiritualism?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if that person has not set out to self-explore himself, he could be called lukewarm; and about that, the Christ spoke clearly in the book of Revelation saying:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” – Revelation 3: 15, 16

That is all.

Anyone who wants to ask can ask. And whoever wants to refute, then let him refute at once; here there is freedom of speech for everyone, here the freedom of speech is not forbidden to anyone...

Student:  May I have a question?...

Samael Aun Weor: Of course my friend!

Student:  Well, master, about a year ago, in a lecture in Europe... ...I was saying that I estimated that humanity was living the last stages of a crisis of sensuality and that the only way to get out of that crisis was a new synthesis of faith and sensations. My question is the following: if you consider that in Gnosticism (which I am only dabbling in it), that synthesis of faith and sensations can be found?

Samael Aun Weor: Friend, with the greatest pleasure I will answer this interesting question. Indeed, the whole world, really (as you say), is in a state of world crisis and bankruptcy of all principles; we are in the dilemma of to be or not to be of philosophy. that is true! Now, as far as gnosis is concerned, I want to tell you emphatically that "gnosis" is knowledge, wisdom. Through wisdom we can orient ourselves...

Here you will have faith, yes, but cognizant faith, not the faith of the charcoal burner, but cognizant faith. Here you will have (something more than simple sensations) the living experiences of the reality.

You will be given precise systems of meditation, for direct experience...