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Seven Minds and Seven Truths

Let us begin our lecture for tonight. I urge everyone to apply maximum attention.

Above all, we must remember that there are seven sublime lords and seven truths, and this invites us to reflect.

Indeed, there are seven Dhyani Buddhas. Up to this Aryan race, five have truthfully acted. In the future two root races, two shall come: the sixth for the sixth root race, and the seventh for the seventh root race. The one who is here, inside my insignificant, worthless person, is the fifth, and the latest in this root race.

seven planets angels

Notwithstanding, we must make a full differentiation between Buddhas of Contemplation and terrestrial Bodhisattvas. Unquestionably, Buddhas of Contemplation are prototypes of the terrestrial Bodhisattvas. Buddhas of Contemplation, in themselves, are Father-Mother, because every Buddha is dual. In any Buddha there is a masculine principle, the Father, and a feminine principle, the Divine Mother Kundalini Shakti.

Some eastern authors think that Anupadaka — that is to say, the Buddha of Contemplation (because of the fact of being in itself the Father-Mother, the glorious complement of any terrestrial Bodhisattva) — is Fatherless and Motherless. This concept seems wrong to me, because any Buddha of Contemplation, any Father-Mother (a glorious complement of the Bodhisattva) obviously has emanated from the eternal, common, cosmic Father (this must be understood) and of the unmanifested Divine Mother, the unmanifested Prakriti. The cosmic, common, eternal Father is dual, is Father-Mother in itself. In turn, from it emanates the Buddha of Contemplation, who is the particular Father-Mother of any Bodhisattva, and you all must understand this… Therefore, I do not think that Anupadaka, the Father-Mother, is an orphan. I think that the inner Father-Mother of each one of us emanates from the eternal, common, cosmic Father-Mother, that is coessential with Absolute Abstract Space. So, I allow myself to dissent with some authors regarding the term “Anupadaka" — that is, the Buddha of Contemplation — being devoid of Father and Mother, just for the fact of being in himself the Father and Mother of a Bodhisattva. Indeed, Anupadaka is something more than that. Anupadaka is the Buddha of Contemplation that has emanated from the eternal, common, cosmic Father-Mother.

Each one of us has their Father who is in secret, and each one of us has their Divine Mother Kundalini. The Bodhisattvas of the Buddhas of Contemplation are no exception: we are an unfoldment of the Father-Mother, and we appear here amidst humanity in order to show the path, the way, to others. It is necessary to you all to keep understanding all of this… 

Obviously, we seven are the prototypes for all the Buddhas of this planet Earth. This does not signify that the Buddhas in themselves do not have their individual prototype, their Father-Mother. We only clarify that the seven in themselves constitute the prototype for any Buddha, and one has to learn how to understand this...

Thus, there are seven sublime lords and seven truths. Each truth is contained within each one of the seven. If my inner profound God has the truth about power, obviously the god of Mercury, Rafael, will have the truth about science, about wisdom, and Saturn / Orifiel about death, etc. So, there are seven truths, this is obvious. But what I am stating is repeated in every human being…

Seven Minds

Much has been said about the mind, as if truly there was only one mind. Yet, indeed, there are seven minds. 

We might call the first the "intellectual mind," yet if we begin from the bottom to the top so that this can be understood better, we may say that the first is the instinctual mind, second the emotional mind, third the mental mind; the fourth the balanced mind, etc.

All of these seven minds are significant, very important. That the instinct has mind is true. That the emotional center has mind is true. That the intellectual center has mind is also true. Who could deny it? That the motor center has mind, no one can deny. There are seven minds.

centers and brains color seven

One is astounded, for example, by the instinctual mind, how it marvelously controls the organic processes! One is astonished by the sexual mind, how it governs the sexual activities of human beings! One is perplexed by the motor mind, how it wisely directs the movements in the organism! Likewise, one is astonished by the emotional mind, and by the intellectual mind.

Yet, do not forget that the three lower centers of the organic machine — namely the sexual, motor, and instinctual centers — form a formidable triangle, a splendid triangle that can perfectly handle the three forces (positive, negative and neutral) of electricity. That surprises us, indeed. 

As for the purely emotional mind, obviously it leaves us with too much to think about, since emotion also has mind. And regarding the intellectual mind, we all know it. 

So, therefore, the instinctual, motor, sexual centers, the emotional center and intellectual center, etc., have mind.

Moreover, there are two types of superior mind. These are the superior emotional mind and the superior mental mind. Unfortunately, these kind of mind are inaccessible, unavailable, ungraspable to present humans…         

Whosoever wants to really truthfully be in contact with the superior emotional mind and the superior mental mind must achieve taking the personality to a passive state. And whosoever wants to live continuously in contact with these two superior centers (the superior emotional mind and the mental superior mind) must disintegrate not only the ego, but also the personality.    

Much has been said about the centers of the human machine. Much has been said, perfectly, about the instinctual center, about the emotional center, about the mental center, and about the motor and the sexual centers. Indeed, much has been said, truly, much has been talked about, yet what has not been clarified is that each of these five centers has mind, and that the superior emotional mind and the superior mental mind are the two highest minds. Thus, each of these minds of the five centers of the organic machine — the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual and sexual have their own mind. And the superior emotional and superior mental centers each have their mind. 

Therefore, there are seven minds, seven spheres of action for the mind. Seven are the minds, and within each one of them is contained a truth. These seven minds contain the seven truths. This is why the brothers and sisters must understand the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm. Once one understands this, one can proceed.

These seven minds fully control the organism, especially the five, as I already said. The two superiors minds are presently inaccessible to ordinary humans. Yet the five minds from the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual and sexual centers completely control the organic machine.

These seven minds regulate all of our activities. Unfortunately, we always have a bad secretary in the intellect, and this is the ego, the “I.”

The Ego

Humans have three brains. These are related to the five centers of the human machine. Intellect, emotion, movement, instinct, and sex relate to the same human machine. 

The intellectual center, the emotional center, and motor center are worthy of attention. Obviously, the motor, instinctual, and sexual centers form a perfect triangle. The motor, instinctual, and sexual centers do not have any kind of antagonisms with each other. So, this is why we generally speak about three brains: intellectual brain, emotional brain, and motor-instinctual-sexual brain...

As I already said, we have a bad secretary who is responsible for sending messages, sending representations, sending impressions to the wrong centers.  For instance, this bad secretary sends an impression to the instinctual center when it should not have been sent to the instinctual center but to the sexual center, or an impression that should be sent to the intellectual center is sent to the emotional center, or an impression that should be sent to the emotional center is sent to the motor-instinctual-sexual center. Thus, human beings live in a completely mistaken way due to their ego, the “I,” the myself, the self-willed, and that is the big problem.

These seven minds would work wonderfully if within us there was not such a lousy secretary, that ego, the “I”, the myself, the self-willed; behold the grave fact of the matter.

Up in the macrocosm, the seven planetary spheres work in perfect harmony; everything goes correctly. Unfortunately, down here in the microcosm, man, everything goes wrong: the seven minds operate in a more or less abnormal manner due to the ego. For instance, messages that are for the intellectual center reach the sexual center; messages that are for the emotional center reach the motor center. Conclusion: the whole world lives in a mistaken way. What is for the intellect reaches sex, what is for sex reaches the intellect, what is for the emotional center reaches the instinctual center. Under these conditions, the whole world is wrong. The seven minds function wrongly due to ego, due to the “I,” due to the “myself.”

Not so up there in the macrocosm; there the seven minds march wonderfully. Why? Because there everything is in harmony. Each of the seven planets has its own mind, and every one of those minds marches in a perfect concordance with the whole cosmos; behold this interesting order.

Now, regarding the seven Buddhas, they have their synthesis in Avalokitesvara. Who is Avalokitesvara? It is the synthesis of the seven, it is the Logos, strictly the Solar Logos. Gautama Shakyamuni, for example, is the Bodhisattva of Amita Buddha / Amitabha, yet Gautama is just the terrestrial Bodhisattva. What is important in Gautama is the Buddha of Contemplation; this is what is fundamental.



Whosoever reaches the Buddhic state has done so because of placing the seven minds in order. Yet, in order to reach the Buddhic state, it is first necessary to have passed through the Buddhist annihilation, which means to have disintegrated the ego, the “I,” the myself, the self-willed. After one has passed through the Buddhist annihilation, the seven minds march in perfect harmony with the whole cosmos, thus the human is perfect in the fullest sense of the word.

But, while the ego continues to exist, the seven minds will be in disharmony, in riots, in bad situations, managed by a lousy secretary (the ego), which — as I already said and I repeat again — sends messages that are for one center to another center, causing chaos within us, causing chaos within our seven minds.

We therefore need to accelerate the process of the disintegration of the ego, and for this the sacred fire, the Fohat, is necessary.

Electricity and the Sacred Fire

Obviously, Fohat is one way during manifestation, yet outside of this three-dimensional Euclidean world Fohat is different. During unmanifestation and in the cosmic nights, Fohat is the transcendental sexual electricity. Unquestionably, in the dawn of any creation electricity is what organizes the atoms within molecules. Fohat organizes, makes, etc.

Some think that electricity emerges from an individual entity, from one of the many beings who belong to the Army of the Great Word, yet in reality and truthfully I say electricity emerges directly from the Ancient of Days. The glory of Shekinah emerges from the Ancient of the Centuries, the Father, “who is in secret.”

Unquestionably, in herself the Shekinah has the power to arrange the atoms within molecules, the power to organize the worlds. In her are the needed possibilities for the making of any creation. For such reason, my dear sisters and brothers, I understand that electricity itself is sacred, that we must see electricity with profound respect, with great veneration…

The Seven Seals of Revelation

This talk about the Seven Minds is also related to the number seven. We know that the cubic stone has seven aspects, and that the seven cardinal points are in the cubic stone. The side facing up is the fifth cardinal point, and the one facing down is the sixth point, while in the center is the seventh. Thus, in the center of the cubic stone of Yesod, in the center of the Cubic Philosopher's Stone, the Master has to be measured; there he is crucified. To understand what his degree of intimate Self-realization is, he has to be measured in relation to the stone. 

The adept who has reached the seventh qualified degree, who has reached the seventh qualified initiation is obviously perfectly handling the seven minds, and after having disintegrated the ego and the personality receives the baptism of fire, and this is transcendental. This is why in the Revelation of Saint John, when arriving at the seventh seal, when the seventh seal is opened, it is stated by the voice of the seventh angel that, "the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

There are seven seals, seven cups, and seven trumpets; this is something that none of you can deny. Indeed, the Revelation of Saint John is the book of wisdom. It is the book that the Apostle James the Greater has rolled in his right hand. It is the book that guides the alchemists. Without the book of Revelation, the science of the Great Work cannot be understood.

We have to live the "Apocalypse" externally or internally. If we live it externally with all of humanity, we have pass through the abyss and the Second Death (the Bible indicates it; the Bible begins with the creation of humanity and ends with the judgment of humanity). Thus, the "Apocalypse" is transcendental. 

Revelation addresses the seven angels. The Bible is sacred, especially the “Apocalypse,” because the "Apocalypse" is an Hermetic book.

The initiate has to break each of the seven seals. 

tree of life seven bodies

The first seal belongs to the physical body. When the initiate breaks that seal, he knows the mysteries of the abyss.

The second seal corresponds to the vital organic depth, the linga sarira of the Hindustani, and when the initiate breaks that seal he knows about the science that corresponds to the beheading of John the Baptist.

When the third seal is broken, which belongs to the astral body, the initiate knows all the mysteries of the astral world; his vehicle sidereal becomes a vehicle of pure gold.

When the fourth seal is broken, which corresponds to the mental world, the initiate obviously knows all of the mysteries of the universal mind, knows about the seven minds, which he has properly organized. His mind, in synthesis, has become christified. 

When the fifth seal is broken, which is the seal of the world of the conscious will, obviously the initiate becomes the Son of Man.

When the sixth seal is broken, which corresponds to the consciousness or the buddhic or intuitional body, the initiate knows the mysteries of the soul-spirit, the mysteries of the consciousness.

And when the seventh seal is broken, which belongs precisely to Shiva-Tattva, the initiate then knows the mysteries of the Being.

There are seven seals to tear, one by one. The one who tears the seventh seal receives the baptism of fire and remains illuminated within. This is what our sisters and brothers should understand.

The Lack of Progress

But many complain for the lack of illumination; they say to themselves, "Well, as much as I have I have worked, as much as I have studied, and finally, as much as I suffered, still nothing, enlightenment does not reach me. Nothing, nothing! nothing! What is going on with me?"

They protest because their chakras do not develop. They protest because they cannot consciously go out in their astral body. They protest that they do not know how to travel in the Mental Body. They protest because they cannot visit the White Lodge at will. They protest that they still are asleep, unconscious. Yet, they do not realize that they have not organized their seven minds, and they cannot organize their seven minds as long as the ego continues to exist within them. They have their ego very alive, fat, and robust, and like that they are complaining! So, how inaccurate are these brothers and sisters to complain when their ego is alive? 

As long as the ego is alive, the right to enlightenment is impossible. From where are we going to get enlightenment if our consciousness is bottled up within the ego? From where are going to get enlightenment? That is impossible!

Dissolve the ego, brothers and sisters, and you will become enlightened. Dissolve the ego, and your seven minds will become marvelously organized. Because as long as you do not dissolve your ego, the seven minds of your seven centers remain altered.

So, really and truthfully, we must work on ourselves in order to organize the seven minds. Only those who have worked very hard upon themselves know what it is to tear of the seventh seal, and what it is to receive the Baptism of Fire.

Whosoever tears the seventh seal and receives the baptism of fire enters into contact with the various parts of one’s profound inner Being. This is how enlightenment occurs. 

One becomes astonished when one knows that the twelve apostles of Christ are within oneself. And so it is: they are.

There are twelve cosmic powers within each human being, within one’s own inner profound Being. When one knows how to be in contact with these twelve interior powers, then one becomes enlightened, then one no longer has to complain. Yet while one is not in contact with these twelve powers, from where is one going to get wisdom? From where is one going to get enlightenment? From where is one going to get these powers?

There are also twenty-four emanations, twenty-four elders, who are twenty-four parts of our Being. How could we indeed know anything about the zodiac, something not merely from that mechanical astrology or that amusement park astrology, if one is not in direct contact with the twenty-four emanations? Within us, therefore, there are many marvels... 

It has been also stated, and quite clearly, that there are three kinds of relationships:

First, the relationship with one’s own body. If one does not know how to relate with one’s own body, it gets sick and dies.

Second, the relationship with the external environment. If one does not know how to relate with one’s fellows, one originates conflicts and problems.

Nevertheless, the third type of relationship is the most important: the relationship with each of the parts of our own profound inner Being.

One cannot relate with the seven or with the twelve, nor with the twenty-four, nor with the four, etc., etc., etc., if one has not previously eliminated one’s psychic aggregates [egos]. When one eliminates one’s psychic aggregates, then the seven minds are organized. When one’s seven minds are organized, one knows the seven truths. When one knows the seven truths, one knows the seven sublime lords, which exist within each one of us. Yet, if one has not eliminated the ego, one has not organized one’s seven minds, then, not by a long shot can one contact the seven sublime lords. Thus, one is resigned to live in ignorance, in error.

So, my dear sisters and brothers, you must comprehend the necessity of working upon yourselves better. Understand that the intellectual center, the emotional, the motor, the instinctual, the intellectual, and the sexual centers each have their own mind. Understand that the superior centers (superior emotional and superior mental) each have their own mind, that there are seven minds, and that there are seven truths, and seven sublime lords within us, here and now.

Understand that what I am stating about the human being correlates with the macrocosm. The seven truths, the seven sublime lords, and the seven minds correlate with the seven planets, because the macrocosm and the microcosm correlate: as above, so below. Understand, therefore, the concordance between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and work upon yourselves.

Here within me is the fifth of seven, who is the last in this root race. Yet, in the sixth root race, at the end of the sixth root race, the sixth will come. And much later, at the end of the seventh root race, the seventh will come. Each of the seven fulfills his work, his mission, with seven root races that have to be on the planet Earth. So far, there have been five root races. The sixth is next, and later the seventh.  

There are also seven important chakras in the spinal cord, and this is not ignored by you. Everyone knows what the seven churches are, this is obvious. There are seven musical notes, seven arts, etc. 

Murillo Jacobs Ladder

Jacob represents the soul of Malkuth, the consciousness of the physical body, the first level of the ladder

The number seven is the scale, thus at the seventh scale, the master receives the baptism of fire. Christ baptizes us with fire, John with water. In Jacob's ladder, [on the second level] we are baptized with water, and on the seventh level we are baptized with fire.

It is necessary for the brothers and sisters to understand all of this, and to take seriously this issue about the dissolution of the ego, because when the ego is disintegrated, I repeat, the seven minds are organized, perfect, then we know the seven truths and the seven sublime lords within us, here and now.

Questions and Answers

Well, brothers and sisters, now I give you full freedom to ask what you have to ask, but do not forget, brothers and sisters, that the questions asked must be related to the topic, and at its level, because here we are not in the antechamber, or First or Second Chamber, but Third Chamber...

Disciple: Master, about the Buddhas of Contemplation, I have a profound interest in knowing how the Buddhas of Contemplation differ from the Buddhas of Compassion. I have understood that there have been thirty-two Buddhas of Compassion, and that the last of them was reincarnated on Earth about 34,000 years ago. Given what you said, it would be interesting to know how the Buddha of Compassion differs from the Buddha of Contemplation.

Master: With pleasure. Above all we must clarify the following: Seven are the prototype Buddhas whose synthesis is Avalokiteshvara, the Buddha-Logos. Very well, thereafter comes a great quantity of Buddhas who have to march according with the prototype of the seven. Even when amongst such quantity, each one of them have their ray or individual prototype, their own Buddha of Contemplation.

Within the term "Buddha of Contemplation” — who is the Father-Mother of any Bodhisattva — there exist a great quantity of virtues, facets, etc. For instance, one Buddha of Contemplation could be specialized in power, another Buddha of Contemplation could be specialized in science, another could be specialized in art, another in the laws, etc., yet, this does not signify for that reason that there are no Buddhas of Compassion amongst the wisdom Buddhas, the Buddhas of science, no! What happens is that the term "Buddha of Contemplation" is always related with the divine prototype of any Bodhisattva, with the glorious complement of any Bodhisattva, be this protoype of whatever nature.

Therefore the Buddhas of Contemplation are unquestionably specialized, some in this branch, others in another branch. This is how one must understand this Buddhic matter... 

Disciple: Venerable Master, which mind is related with the remembering of the Self and self-observation?

Master: Well, obviously the remembering of the Self is related to the superior mental center, likewise self-observation. However, I think, and I have always said that the emotional center (I am specifically addressing the superior emotional center) has more penetrability, more omniscience, more sapience, thus it is more important. 

Remember that the entire Bible, beginning with the creation of the human being in Genesis and ending with the judgment of humanity in "Revelation," is written with the superior emotional center, in the language of parables, and hence the sapience contained in each verse. That is all. 

Disciple: Master, you told us about the twelve apostles. I would like you to explain to me what part of the body each one of them is governing, since I only know some...

Master: Obviously, the twelve apostles within every human being relate, some with one organ, others with other organs, yet really, truthfully, not in a specific manner with this or that organ, since each of them know in themselves the science of the organs. I say this because it so happens that inside us are the twelve emanations, inside us are the four, inside us is the lion of the law, inside us is the individual Anubis, inside us is Minerva, etc. Thus, indeed, it is truthfully clear that among themselves, together, all the parts of the Being control the various facets of the human body, and not specifically one part, thus to say that one part only controls one particular organ, and another part another organ is wrong; if that were so, these entities would be merely mechanical creatures, and that is not so.

apostles tree

The Twelve Apostles of Christ

So, to learn how to relate with these twelve apostles within ourselves is extraordinary. Peter, for example, teaches us the mysteries of sex. Matthew teaches us the pure science. Luke teaches us his gospel according to light, the solar gospel. Andrew teaches us the path of the disintegration of the ego in a complete manner, along with the work in the flaming forge of Vulcan, and how to sacrifice for humanity (the cross of St. Andrew is clearly telling us about all of this). John is the Verb, the Word. Thomas, what does Thomas teach us? He teaches us how to handle the minds, and especially the intellectual mind. Thomas teaches us that we must not depend on outside concepts, that we must only rely strictly on our own profound inner Self, and nothing else.  It is clear that Thomas addresses those who can already perform that grace, those who can already depend on the different parts of their own Being, since at this moment, I think, none of you can [consciously] depend, by themselves, on their own Being.

Precisely what is the work of a guru? A guru has to put one in contact with the different parts of one’s own Being, and also with the superior part of the Being, who is the Ancient of the Centuries. When a guru has fulfilled that mission he withdraws, since he has no longer any labor to do for the disciple. Thus, from that moment the disciple must learn how to depend only on the knowledge that he receives from the different parts of his own Being.

What would we say about Peter? He is a specialist in the mysteries of sex. And what about Philip? Philip is the writer; he also knows about Jinn states, and how to travel outside the physical body. Behold how extraordinary Philip is. And, etc., etc., etc., because too numerous are all those parts to mention. But in any case, the twelve powers or twelve fundamental parts of our own Being are the true twelve apostles.

It is necessary to stop thinking about the historical twelve apostles, and to learn how to directly think of the twelve apostles that we carry within us. That is what is fundamental. It is necessary to forget about the issue of the historical Christ, and learn how to think of the intimate Christ. It is necessary to understand that the Divine Mother Kundalini is not only a woman from 2,000 years ago, but that each of us carries her inside. It is necessary to become a bit more individual.

Disciple: Venerable Master, you quoted "Jacob's Ladder," which I think, in its fourth rung, we receive the baptism of water, and that in the seventh the baptism of fire...

Master. No. The baptism of water is received exactly in the second rung, and fire in the seventh!

Disciple: Then, the question is this: in "Revolutionary Psychology" a "wonderful ladder" is mentioned where we are situated. Of course, it refers to the levels of the Being of every one of us, but I have a doubt regarding the relationship of "Jacob's Ladder" with the ladder you mention in this book.

Master: Well, properly said, Jacob's Ladder relates rather to a merely initiatic matter concerned with the fundamental seven steps. And as for the levels of the Being, that is different; it relates to the vertical path, and many are the levels of the Being before one can reach the summit.

Disciple: Venerable Master, is there any coordination between the seven minds and the law of octaves that governs the entire universe?

Master: Unquestionably, each of the seven minds has its own seven octaves. Obviously, because it is a law of the universe. 

If the number three has the power to create, the number seven has the power to organize. The number three can create any universe, but it cannot organize it. The law of seven is necessary in order to organize it.

Disciple: Venerable Master, the seven minds are also summarized in one mind, right?

Master: The seven minds have their synthesis in the mental body. But one thing is to have the mental body, and another thing is to have the seven modifications, the seven minds. Obviously, these seven modifications or seven minds are related to the seven centers, namely, again, intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctive, and sexual, and finally the superior emotional and superior mental.

Disciple: Master, have the seven Logoi reincarnated on Earth? Specifically, my question is this: can the seven reincarnate always in the solar system, let us say, the same seven on Venus, the same seven on Mars, the same seven on Jupiter?

Master: I am going to tell you. I have said, of the seven, five have incarnated in the five root races. The sixth will reincarnate in the future sixth root race, the seventh in the seventh. Yet obviously, when the cosmic night arrives, those physical logoic bodies — meaning the planets — will disintegrate themselves within the chaos. In a future mahamanvantara, all seven will enter into new activity.

Yet, let us distinguish between the seven Buddhas of Contemplation and the seven Bodhisattvas, the seven unfoldments of the Buddhas of Contemplation. The Seven Bodhisattvas are seven human beings who appear in the world, working in the world; they perform a labor in the world, and then they withdraw from it. It is clear that those seven will have a glorious activity in a future mahamanvantara; they will enter into activity, yet in a superior order, and in a new universe.

Disciple: Venerable Master, could it be said that the mind of the seven planets of the solar system are related to each of the seven centers or minds that you were talking about?

Master: Well, properly, yes, yes in a certain sense, but the correlation is not perfect when the seven minds are not perfect [in us]. Likewise, the twenty-four [zodiacal] elders that are twenty-four ineffable parts of the Being within every human being. 

The Being, in itself, cannot be outlined and diagrammed. We cannot make an exact diagram, since the Being is like an army of innocent children. That is the Being, and one must learn how to know this in order to understand it.

To be in contact with the twenty-four emanations is not so easy. Whosoever wants to have a good relation with all of the parts of their Being, either with the twenty-four or with the twelve, or with the seven, etc., first of all has to have disintegrated the ego, because the ego is not admitted within the superior regions of the Being.

Distinguish then, my dear sisters and brothers, between the Being who is properly what we might call "Atman" (Atman in the complete Sanskrit meaning, or Atma-Tattva) and Chit. One thing is the Being, and another thing is chit (the consciousness). The Self is Sat, the consciousness is Chit, and the happiness of both is Ananda.

To achieve happiness, the state of Ananda, is the supreme aspiration. But one could not reach such supreme happiness if one does not previously pass through the baptism of fire, and one could not pass through that baptism if one does not disintegrate the inhuman psychic aggregates, living personifications of our psychological defects... 

Disciple: Master, you say that one must also disintegrate the personality. My question is in regard to this, since among the different psychologists who have given the concept of "personality" do not agree. Thus, could you give us an esoteric concept about what the personality is?

Master: Indeed, the personality is truthfully something that has to be created. Every human being, when it comes to the world, has no personality. The personality is created during the first seven years of childhood, and is strengthened with time and experience.

Within the personality are all the possibilities for error, the acquired habits, the false education received, the violent passions. Thus, even whosoever has dissolved the ego, the myself, still has the personality, and within the personality is the possibility for error.

The book of Revelation speaks about two beasts. The first beast is the ego, the second is the personality. The burning lake with fire and brimstone is reserved for both of them, which is the Second Death. Therefore, let us distinguish between the Beast that is the ego, and the other beast or the personality, which is the false prophet who makes miracles before the beast.

Thus, whosoever has dissolved the ego has to dissolve the personality. When the personality has been atomically disintegrated, then the advent of the baptism of fire occurs. Understood?  From that moment, the profound interior enlightenment and true and authentic happiness reigns in us. That is to say, the advent of three important parts: namely, Sat (the Being), Chit (the awakened, enlightened consciousness) and Ananda, the supreme happiness... 

Disciple: I understand that on one occasion you told us that this accumulation of psychic aggregates that make up our ego from the first seven years of our life is not nor has ever been the personality, and that the personality is acquired when we acquired enlightenment. So I seem to remember ...

Master: Maybe, brother, your remembrance is wrong, because any esotericist knows that one is not born with personality, that one has to fabricate it, and one fabricates it during the first seven years of childhood, and one strengthens it with time and experiences. 

There is no tomorrow for the personality of the deceased. When one dies, three things go into the pantheon: the physical body, the vital body, and the ex-personality, which must be disintegrated.

So, whosoever kills the ego, whosoever has disintegrated it, whosoever has died in oneself, has to pass through the normal process of every initiate, that is the disintegration of the personality.

It is not difficult to disintegrate it, it is disintegrated in less than a year. But the ego is difficult. One needs thirty years in order to disintegrate it, since it has ten thousand aggregates. Thus, if one does not judiciously work for thirty years, the destruction of the ego will not be achieved. But if one works with true intensity, one manages to pass through the Buddhist annihilation. Once one has passed through the Buddhist annihilation, one has to annihilate the personality. And once one has annihilated the personality, one reaches the seventh rung of mastery. Thus, as a result, consequence or corollary, one receives the baptism of fire, which brings enlightenment.  

Therefore, those who want enlightenment beforehand are completely wrong. Without death, nothing is achieved, from night to morning. This costs just over thirty years of work. Indeed, I am telling you a truth, and it is hard, but you must comprehend that what is worth much, costs much... 

Disciple: Master, when the apostles awaited the coming of the fire of the Holy Ghost, is the rumble from that moment when they had annihilated the personality?

Master: The baptism of fire! This is a teaching on the baptism of fire. Thus, do not think of historical matters, think about what you are doing now... are you destroying the ego?

Disciple: Yes, Master...

Master: Well, when you reach the seventh level you will receive the baptism of fire, not before, and this is what counts. The true Pentecost is for the baptism of fire, understood? One must stop being a little (regarding this Esoteric-Christic matters), less historians and more realistic, because all that is written in the four gospels, everything that is written in the “Apocalypse,” all of that is symbolic, and one must not take it as the dead letter [literally]…

Disciple: Master, the manufacture of the solar bodies is performed after the ego has been totally killed?

Master: Well, what do you mean by solar bodies? Let us see...

Disciple: I understand according to the studies that the different solar bodies are manufactured in the Ninth Sphere, sex, utilizing Mercury, Salt, and Sulphur, and in correspondence with the seven Buddhas, with the law of seven. Thus, this is how the solar physical, mental solar, solar astral bodies are manufactured and so on ...

Master: Indeed, first one creates the existential superior bodies of the Being, and then one has to Christify them. Only when they are already Christified are they called solar bodies, and not before. Understood? So, what were you asking me regarding that matter?

Disciple: That if after the death of the ego is when the solar bodies are fabricated, or if they are fabricated before the ego dies...

Master: I already told you, first one creates the bodies. Once the bodies are created, we have to convert them into vehicles of pure gold, so they can be recovered by the distinct parts of the Being. But one cannot convert the superior existential bodies of Being into vehicles of pure gold if one has not eliminated the Dry Mercury, and we already know that the Dry Mercury is constituted by the inhuman psychic aggregates [egos] that we carry within.

Thus, we need to eliminate the dry mercury and the Arsenic Sulfur. The Arsenic or Poisoned Sulphur is the Animal and Bestial Fire that needs to be eliminated. And as for the Dry Mercury, there is no doubt that it represents the psychic aggregates.

If one achieves the elimination of these two factors (the Dry Mercury and the Arsenic Sulphur), then the Antimony can set the spirit of gold within the bodies. But that spirit of gold is in the sacred sperm. Thus, only by transmuting and eliminating (as I said) the psychic aggregates is it possible for the Antimony to set the gold in the bodies. Only thus can the existential bodies of the Being become vehicles of pure gold. So, what were you asking about these vehicles?

Disciple: That if one fabricates them after one has died in the ego...

Master: I already told you that one fabricates them before the death of the ego, and that one needs the death of the ego in order for these bodies to become vehicles of pure gold. 

Someone can fabricate these bodies without having disintegrated the ego, thus if one does not disintegrate the ego, one becomes a Hasnamuss with a double center of gravity. The abyss and the Second Death is for the Hasnamussen, because they are failed ones, abortions of the Cosmic Mother, and that is all. 

Inverential Peace!