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Cain Killing Abel by Gaetano Gandolfi
Cain Killing Abel by Gaetano Gandolfi

Secret Meanings of Cain and Abel, the Ark of Noah, and the Apocalypse

From the words (Ath את, meaning “you” in Hebrew - female singular, the Schekinah) in scripture, we infer that a quarrel arose between Cain (fire) and Abel (human consciousness) respecting Abel's twin sister (or divine consciousness), which is further confirmed by the traditional rendering of the words:

ותסף ללדת את־אחיו את־הבל
 'And she brought forth again with her brother Abel,'

 showing that Abel was born with (Isa אישה) a twin sister.” - Zohar

Samael Aun Weor: Well, yes, it is very useful, for example, to reflect on Cain and Abel. Genesis says:

And the Adam (the cerebrospinal fluid - the head) knew Eve his wife (the genital sexual fluid); and she conceived, and bare Cain, and said, I have gotten a (איש) male (esh אש “fire”) with the help of Iod-Havah יהוה (sulfur and mercury). And she brought forth again (Isa אישה, a female “esh” אש [fire]) with her brother Abel הבל. And Abel הבל became a (רעה-bad) keeper of sheep (soul archetypes), and Cain became (abad Adamah עבד אדמה) a cultivator of (the sulfur of) the ground (physicality).” - Genesis 4:1, 2

Well, then Genesis continues:

And Cain talked with Abel his brother: and it came to pass, when they (fire and human soul) were in the (shed שדה breast) field (of the Almighty God Shaddai שדי), that Cain (the fire) punch down against Abel (the human soul) his brother, and killed him.” - Genesis 4:8

It is depicted that “Cain killed Abel” with the jawbone of a donkey (you see how intriguing the question is, right?) If one appeals to etymology, one discovers in the word Cain (קין) something grandiose: When reversing the syllables of the word Cain it is Inca; the Incas of Peru, the priests of the sun... the Incas are the (male איש) priests of (esh אש) fire... So then...

Disciple:  And we also see in the word Cain (קין) the “IN” ין of a fiery origin; it is INRI (Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra), too, right?

Samael Aun Weor:  Of course! So, the Incas or Cains, are the priests of Esh אש (fire), right? In other words, masters of fire. In other words, Cain itself is the fire... … the fire that killed Abel with a donkey’s jawbone. But, the word "Abel", what is this a representation of?

In order to understand what “Abel” represents, or who this “Abel” is, one has to again appeal to comparative etymology.

One finds the word Abel הבל within the mysteries of Isabel אישהבל: that is very sacred. Isa אישה and Abel הבל (Isis איזיס and Abel).

Isa אישה, “Isis” איזיס, is in this case, let us say, the Valkyrie. This is Isis in the aspect of the Valkyrie, or of Guinevere of the Jinns, the Queen of the Jinn knights; Is יז or ישׂ is an Isiac particle (of Israel יִשְׂ-רָ-אֵל). Abel הבל (the human soul), was a shepherd of sheep... Abel הבל means that the human soul, then, is the one who receives (קבל kabel) the responsibility of being the “shepherd of sheep:”  

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that enters not by the door (the pineal gland) into the sheepfold (walled enclosure of the heart), but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.

But he (Chokmah) that enters in by the door (which is in the pineal gland) is the shepherd of the sheep (soul archetypes).  

To him the porter (Abel, the human soul) opens; and the sheep (soul archetypes) hear (Chokmah) his voice (Logos): and he calleth his own sheep (soul archetypes) by name, and leadeth them out.

And when he (Abel, the human soul) puts forth his own sheep (soul archetypes), he (Chokmah) goes before them, and the sheep follow him  (because Abel, the human soul, follows Christ, Chokmah): for they (soul archetypes) know his voice (Logos). And a stranger will they not follow but will flee from him: for they (soul archetypes) know not the voice of strangers (only the Logos, Christ, Chokmah).” – John 10: 1-5

Certainly, it is the human soul of the masters, the one who fulfills the work of the shepherd or keeper of the "sheep", watching over his sheep: his sheep know him, and he knows them, thus he shepherds them... Abel הבל...

So, then, we see that Abel is the human soul and that Cain is the fire; therefore, the human soul and fire, both, are brothers. But why does Cain kill Abel, if fire shouldn't kill Abel? Obviously, because when the human soul fell into the animal generation, the fire fell downwards: instead of ascending on an ascending scale, the igneous serpent fell downwards and remained enclosed within the Muladhara chakra. Then, spiritual death came for Abel (the death of the soul, mystical death), and the soul could no longer manifest itself with its beauty, as it once did when it still lived in Eden... Abel died spiritually. Now we have to resurrect that soul again, with the help of the savior (the intimate Christ).

But, comparative etymology allows one to follow in the footsteps of all that: knowing that "Cain" with sylables reversted is "Inca" (a priest of fire and of the sun; in a word, fire). And “Abel”, only, looking up the word “Isabel (אישהבל)” from the ancient mysteries (“Isis and Abel”) - Isis who is the queen of the Jinns, the (feminine Isah אישה) spiritual soul, the Valkyrie; and Abel, the human soul (which is masculine) – one then deducts the meaning of "Abel".

Abel was a shepherd of sheep. Yes, the human soul "shepherded the Lord's sheep" (they were all masters, people who lived in Eden). Yes, Cain, the sacred fire ascended through the constitution of the human soul, all of the people of Eden were enlightened.

But, when Abel fell (when the human soul fell into animal generation) then the sacred fire descended; it immediately descended to the atomic infernos of man. Then, the soul passed through spiritual death; this was how the human soul fell; this is how “Cain” killed “Abel”, with the jawbone of a donkey.

The donkey has always represented the brute mercury, the sacred sperm. Thus we understand that Abel spilled the glass of Hermes and "got crushed", that is why "Cain killed Abel with the jawbone of a donkey".

There is a lot of talk about these matters, but we have to reflect a little, right? If Adam and Eve have two children: Cain and Abel, and no others, how then did humanity continue to reproduce, if they were only two boys? Unless they laid with their mother... then it would be incest and that would be absurd. Thus, you reach a dead end if you don't know esotericism.

“Lift up your eyes on high and see who (מי) has created (אלה) these (Cain and Abel).” -  Isaiah 40: 26

“These (אלה Cain and Abel) are the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim made the earth and the heavens.” – Genesis 2: 4

“In the beginning … the Spirit (of Adam and Eve who are יהוה Iod-Havah) of the Elohim (אלהים) moved upon the face of the waters.” - Genesis 1: 2

Disciple: Do the laypeople know about this?

Samael Aun Weor:  They don't know anything about it. The reality is that "Adam" represents a completely alchemical symbol. Genesis is alchemy. Adam and Eve represent the alchemists (looking at Genesis alchemically). What perfectly represents Adam? Adam is represented by the sulfur. And what does Eve represent? Eve represents the mercury of alchemy.

A moon above a queen dressed in blue and a sun above a king

That is why Adam (king), in an ancient painting, is represented under the sun and Eve (queen) under the moon (sulfur and mercury, the king and the queen of alchemy).

“For (alchemically) the husband is (the cerebrospinal fluid) the head of the wife (the genital sexual fluid), even as Christ (INRI - Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra) is the head of the church (our body): and he (Christ) is the savior of the body.” - Ephesians 5:23

So, then, Genesis is a completely alchemical formula. It is not convenient, therefore, (for Adam to drive out את-Ath, the fire of the Schekinah), to fall into the original sin, to fall into the kingdom of death.

“ויגרש את־האדם-Vaigaresh Ath-HaAdam… And HaAdam drove out את-Ath, the fire of the Schekinah” – Genesis 3: 24

“Therefore יהוה אלהים Iod-Havah Elohim (Binah) sent Adam (symbol of sulfur) forth from the garden of Eden (into Malkuth), to till the ground…  (Alchemical meaning of: (“עבד את־האדמה” – “Abad Ath-HaAdamah” Abad-עבד to cultivate; “את-Ath, the fire of the Schekinah” in האדמה HaAdamah, the ground, our physicality) from whence he (Adam) was taken.” – Genesis 3: 23

“Behold, thou hast driven they (הן) out this day from the face of (האדמה Ha-Adamah, physicality) the ground; and from thy face shall I (Cain as fire) be hid; and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth; and it shall come to pass, that every one that finds me (as kundabuffer fire) shall slay me.” – Genesis 4: 14


The Ark of Noah

It is written:

“Make for thyself an ark of gopher-wood (עצי־גפר otzi gopher; עצי־גפרית = sulfur trees); rooms dost thou make with the ark, and thou hast covered it within and without with pitch.” - Genesis 6: 14

Samael Aun Weor:  Undoubtedly only the key to the ark of science can truly save us. And those who embarked themselves in the ark, those who have entered the ark, will be secretly saved on the day of the great catastrophe. As in the days of Noah: only those who boarded the ark were saved.

So,, those who board the ark and who are willing to navigate through the pure waters of life, guided by the polar star, by the sun of Osiris, can be saved. This is how it is!

Unquestionably, sister, a great catastrophe is coming. And they will be saved, I repeat, those who have entered the ark of the covenant. Let us see how many enter. In any case, we comply with delivering the key, so that those who want can enter.

Undoubtedly, when one interprets all that wisdom that is in parables, one can easily find one's way if one has the Donum Dei, that is, the gift of God to understand them.

Much has been said about the waters of life. It is clear that from chaos, from that brute mercury (which are the sexual secretions) through transmutation, that pure water of life, that starry water, is freed. It shines in the darkness, that is why it is written:

 “And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” – John 1: 5

That pure water of life, that star of the seas (Stella Maris), the mother star, the star that guides our interior... Those who know how to orient themselves by that polar star will not be shipwrecked in the stormy waters of life. But those who do not orient themselves by that star will be shipwrecked...

Great sages have been shipwrecked because they have not oriented themselves by that star; but those who orient themselves with that star will not be shipwrecked, they will sail in the Ark of Ra and reach the resurrection...

So, my esteemed brothers and sisters, immortality is something that must be achieved, and in order to achieve it, well, one must work on oneself. Because if one does not work on oneself, one does not achieve immortality. One has to get it! And you cannot get it if you don't die (psychologically). Because "only with (psychological) death comes the new"...

If for example, one were a great erudite, even more, if one were to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being but did not die (psychologically) in oneself, one would become a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, and would fail, that is, one would become an abortion of mother nature, of the cosmic mother.

“Whoever wants to live must die”, that is the law. Because I repeat, "only with death comes the new"... Of course... what time is it?

Disciple: It is 8 pm...

Samael Aun Weor: We have passed the limit. So far for today, my esteemed brothers and sisters. Do not forget these alchemical statements...



Samael Aun Weor: Paracelsus was a very brilliant intellectual alchemist… you can see...

He was one of the school of Abbot Johannes Trithemius, a disciple of the Abbot Trithemius. The other disciple (a very good one) of Abbot Trithemius, was precisely Cornelius Agrippa.

Cornelius Agrippa unfortunately did not accomplish the great work. Cornelius Agrippa dedicated himself to nothing more than theorizing with everything he learned from Abbot Trithemius, and from many, and many other authors, he became an intellectual: theorizing, theorizing, and theorizing, and when he wanted to do the great work ...he died. He was already in the thick of the fight, fighting to take possession of himself, but death surprised him...

Instead, Theophrastus Paracelsus… he made it: he is a resurrected master. At first, as I’ve said, he was at the Salamanca school. Now to say or dare to say that he was a sorcerer, a black magician... I don't dare to say that, because he didn't harm anyone. He was in the school of magic in Salamanca (and that is the same Klingsor castle where the hall of witchcraft is), but since he dropped out, he dropped out; he dropped out of that school. At first, when searching, he went through there, by the magic school of Salamanca...

Disciple: As you, who were affiliated with the order of the Jarretera...

Samael Aun Weor: At the order of the Jarretera, in Rome... One passes through wrong experiences that one has in life, right?

This is how Paracelsus became, let us say..., I wouldn't even dare to say: "black magician", that is a bit exaggerated. He went through the magic school in Salamanca, right? But later he already became an adept of the white universal brotherhood. He is a resurrected master, immortal, completely immortal...

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was wrong in believing that Paracelsus said that he was abstinent of sex, because he was never seen in an amorous affair... ... H.P.B. was wrong; since he is a resurrected master. That he had never exhibited his wife is something else; but that he had to have a woman in order to perform self-realization is a fact, because, without a hermetic cup, the laboratory does not work; it does not work, it simply does not work...

So, in order for the laboratory to work, that is, in order for the transmutations of lead into gold to be carried out, it is necessarily necessary to have a hermetic vessel. You know very well that Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim performed the great work, since he is a resurrected master, and he knows how to make gold. Thus, everything that is said, well, regarding that matter (those that say that Paraselsus did not have a wife) is false, completely false...

Three colossi, then, were disciples of Abbot Trithemius. Abbot Trithemius taught esotericism in a Catholic monastery; he belonged to the Benedictine order and taught esotericism there, in the same monastery; he taught his disciples the science of the Great Work.

Paracelsus was a disciple of Abbot Trithemius, who learned all of his science from Albert the Great. Albert the Great was formidable: once he had an extraordinary banquet: he celebrated, he held a party. He invited many distinguished personages to the banquet. Among those who arrived at the banquet was the Count of Holland. The host had deigned to set the table in the middle of the garden, during wintertime in Europe (when snow falls at all hours and with a terrible cold).

Behold, this man set the table in the middle of the monastery garden. All were perplexed; they sat down, because Saint Albert the Great called them (as he was himself the “main one, the main one” of that monastery, the Abbot)... and how could they say no? Not even the Count of Holland turned down the invitation, and even his wife (a very delicate lady...) had no problem sitting in the snow to celebrate the feast. Do you see?...

And in the end, well, what happened? Suddenly the snow dissipated, the weather improved remarkably; the birds began to fly and sing as if they were in full spring; the sun rose in all its splendor; they all began to sweat profusely. Very happy, they toasted with wine, they all celebrated the banquet joyfully and amazed, because it was as if it were late spring or early summer, hot...

They celebrated the banquet splendidly, everyone left happy; the plants and trees full of flowers; the birds singing, and it was the middle of winter... (the trees in winter do not have their leaves, right? Well, they were all filled with leaves). He changed the seasons at will. They ended happily ...they went inside the monastery, then everyone left...

Of course, when they left, they were back in the middle of winter again. But while they were in the garden, it was spring. How did Albert the Great do it? How did he handle the elementals of nature to perform such wonders! He is a resurrected master. It is said that he is “resurrected” because he had the philosopher's stone; and I cannot conceive a master who is resurrected who does not have the philosopher's stone: that is obvious. For the same reason that he is resurrected, it is because he has the philosopher's stone. The philosopher's stone is that which gives one resurrection. That is the reality of things; yes sir...

Behold for yourselves the medieval wisdom of esoteric Christianity...


Disciple:  I would like you to tell us, how can a person recover solar faith, when it has been lost?

Samael Aun Weor: Faith is not recovered until the ego is dissolved. The ego can never have faith. I think that true faith doesn’t exist in the Gnostic movement. If it is trapped within the ego, where is faith going to come from? The ego is one hundred percent a materialistic unbeliever. As long as there is the ego, there is skepticism. Absolute faith, one hundred percent, cannot exist as long as the ego exists. Ego and faith are antagonistic, they cannot be combined, just as water and oil cannot be combined.

So, let's not talk about faith; it is not possible to achieve it until one has passed through the Buddhist annihilation. Let us instead talk about comprehension, and the fight to die in ourselves. As the ego disintegrates, faith will arise; but, as long as the ego is alive, any possibility of faith is nothing more than a vain fantasy. That is all.

Disciple: Master, what is the difference between premonition and intuition?

Samael Aun Weor: Premonition and intuition... In premonition there is a presentiment of what is going to happen in the future, then the presentiment can take forms... ... intuition is different. Intuition is beyond  presentiment; it is a higher level, a higher octave than mere premonition.

Intuitions come through the different superior centers of the Being: they reach the mind, and if we are receptive, we capture them. In truth, intuitions come from the superior part of the Being to the mind, and they arrive, as I said, passing through the superior centers of the Being. Intuitions are marvelous, by means of them we can practically orient ourselves. Thus, we must make a clear differentiation between premonition and intuition. Cleared up?

Disciple: Cleared up! Master, I would like you to tell me if there is a difference among the concepts of planes, dimensions and heaven.

Samael Aun Weor: Matters of names, matters of names... As for the word "plane" I have already abolished it from my books. You will notice that I do not use it. I used it in books like The Perfect MatrimonyThe Revolution of Beelzebub (which are really incipient books), but in my superior books I have not used such a term, because it leads to many errors. The word “plane” puts in the mind the idea of something that is flat or horizontal. And, if we speak of astral, mental, causal “planes,” it will give us the false idea of climbing rungs made up of different planes, which is absurd.

I have therefore preferred to use terms such as: dimension, superior worlds, or inferior worlds, etc... Dimension, well… obviously we live in a world of three dimensions: length, width, and height. Beyond is the world of the fourth dimension which is time; the world of the fifth dimension, eternity; the world of the sixth dimension is beyond eternity and time; and, the world of the seventh dimension that is the unknown zero-dimension, pure spirit. It seems to me that the concept of multi-dimensionality is wiser than that of "planes", in the theosophist style. Is there something else?

Disciple: Yes master, regarding invocations what we have been told is... ...well, it is believed that the lunar angels of Venus and the angels of love are different. I would like you to tell me if they are the same or if there is any difference between them.

Samael Aun Weor: Astrologically speaking, we will say that Venus is love. And if we say that the Venusian angels are angels of love, we are talking about something very exact. But we must also keep in mind that love is the height of wisdom. It is therefore not surprising that the angel Anael, who is an angel of love (of the Venusian type), is both wise and powerful. In the angel Anael’s voice, wisdom and power are combined. And it is absolutely Venusian. Let's remember Hermes Trismegistus when he said: "I give you love in which all the summum of wisdom is contained"...


You ask me about mantras and why don't I talk about these anymore... my answer is clear: why continue repeating what I have already said in relation to mantras? They are part of a very pure language of nature, of the golden verb that like a sublime river always runs under the thick jungle of the sun.

I don't talk so much nowadays about mantras because I'm more concerned with "death"; I wish that each one of you to die in yourself. As long as you haven't died to yourself, you haven't achieved anything. As long as one continues alive...


Disciple:  Venerable master, what plans do the Gnostic movement have today here in the Mexican Republic?

Samael Aun Weor: At two in the afternoon, we will speak on television on channel 4. In the evening, at eight in the evening, we will have a new lecture in the auditorium of the municipal gallery of Guadalajara; it is the “auditorium of culture”. So, the work we have today is intensive.

These public lectures in Guadalajara will attract thousands of people to the ranks of the universal Christian Gnostic movement. We have proposed to do a great intensive work throughout the country; especially now, we have to work with projections to the north.

Gnosis will flourish throughout the north of Mexico; Throughout the north of Mexico, a great spiritual revolution will take place. Obviously, in the north of Mexico great revolutions are made, that is why we have to work in the north of Mexico with great intensity.

Disciple: Which cities especially, venerable master, will we immediately work on?

Samael Aun Weor: For now, after Guadalajara, we will continue with San Luis Potosí; there we are already waiting. There is a lot of propaganda in the press, even Coca-Cola is going to be advertised there, etc. They have given us for the Gnostic work, for three days, the “room of culture”. Obviously, I understand that this cultural center in San Luis Potosí will be very beneficial for our work.

Disciple: When we will start in Europe?

Samael Aun Weor: In the coming decade we will have to work in Europe. Then Gnosis will shine in all the European countries. I think that over there, after 1983 or 1984, or 1985 or a little more, a little less, we will have to travel to the old world, with the purpose of making a spiritual revolution throughout the European continent. Along with us will be the master K. H. (koot hoomi), who will come to London from Tibet; I will work closely with him, so that the universal Christian Gnostic movement can shine in each and every one of the countries of Europe.

Disciple: Venerable master, will the year 2500 be definitive for the planet Earth?

Samael Aun Weor: The year 2500 is symbolic. If we add the 2 to the 5, we get 7. This reminds us of the seventh seal of the “apocalypse” of Saint John. Humanity has torn six seals, the seventh seal remains to be torn. However, "the day and the hour no one knows, except the father", so it is written and so it will done!...

In any case, what I can assure you is that the final cataclysm is closer than people think.

Disciple: Master, I would like you to tell us something about how to obtain the 3% that one has at birth? Because some authors say that it is still 3% essence, let's say it is... embryo... ...of pure essence that grows... the personality is nourished. What is that essence, how is it born and how does it develop?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, first of all, let's start from where the essence comes from; where does it come from? Possibly it comes from the galaxy; I say that it comes from beyond, from beyond the galaxy. There are many concepts in that... In any case, for me, the essence comes from the stars in the firmament. Normally, it is said that it comes from the infinite (at least from this infinite that we know). It descends to the galaxy, and from the galaxy it passes, then, to the sun that illuminates us. From the sun that illuminates us it comes, well, to the planets, from the planets it comes to the earth...

Well, and you can even speak in the language of music, right? I have always thought that there are several “infinities”. Einstein's infinite, for me, is just one infinite. Einstein said: “the infinite tends to a limit”. That is true...


The capacity for speech has terribly degenerated. Certainly, the vocabulary that is being used collectively is too poor, very poor. Even modern writers no longer have a very rich vocabulary in their books, but rather a poor one. Normally seven vowels could be used today; the M and S are also vowels.

Disciple:  The M and S are also vowels?

Samael Aun Weor: Hello! The M Mmmmmmmmm. The S Ssssssssss. They are vowels...

There are so many things... For example, currently, of all the phenomena of nature that happen around us, only one millionth part is perceived! It seems incredible (I am not referring to metaphysical phenomena, but physical phenomena), and that only a millionth part is what is perceived, indicates that the state of the consciousness in which humanity finds itself is so asleep...

Disciple:  Humanity no longer have even 3%...

Samael Aun Weor: I have noticed, for example, among the phenomena of nature, things that I have sometimes commented on with some of you and I have resolved not to comment on them again; since you don't understand them...

For example: I (60 years old) personally knew Marshal de Gaulle, General de Gaulle, a French general, during the Second World War. A young man (he was young when he rose up against Hitler) disagreed with Marshal Petain. Marshal Pétain played into Hitler's game. And yes, Marshal Pétain managed to prevent the Führer from invading all of France: Marshal Pétain, not having enough resistance to be able to defeat the Germanic forces, decided to play a little game, little political game there, right?

Disciple:  To prevent him from bombing Paris?

Samael Aun Weor: To prevent him from bombing Paris, and ending up destroying all of France... By the way, Marshal Pétain was paid poorly: in the end he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Marshal Pétain has already disincarnated...

But, well, what I do want to say is that I met General de Gaulle young, as young as I could be; and believe me, when I have gone to comment on something, nobody has ever understood me, ever. I don't expect you to give it much heed. He disincarnated at the age of 80, General de Gaulle, and I met him as young as I was, and he disincarnated at the age of 80.

I don't expect you to understand, because it is impossible that the areas of the brain, made to register that, are working in you... They are not working. Being us of my same age, how does he disincarnate at the age of 80?

Disciple:  Allow me a clarification. It is possible that half is understood, right? Or maybe we get more confused. I am confused, but I would like to clarify something. You knew him at the time of world war 2...

Samael Aun Weor: Yes!

Disciple:  When he was, as you say, his own age...

Samael Aun Weor: Young! Around the time when I was a... ...year-old. That's the truth! young man!

Disciple:  And he disincarnated at the age of 80?

Samael Aun Weor: And he came to disincarnate already 80 years old. And I met him young, young man. Mathematically we would say:

Disciple:  "There is no way"...

Samael Aun Weor: “There is no way”. Absurd!" And I tell you: the areas to record this phenomenon are not working in the human brain...

Disciple:  But did you know him physically, master?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, at that time..., and he died at the age of 80...

Disciple: ...he lived his normal life...

Samael Aun Weor: His "curriculum vitae"? Normal.

Disciple:   Did he life his “horizontal” life of life just as any other human being?...

Samael Aun Weor: As anyone!

Disciple:   What is the difference if he lived a life as any other human being?...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in nature there are many loopholes, that have no “logical” explanation.

Disciple:   Of logic has nothing!

Samael Aun Weor: Now let's not talk further on Marshal de Gaulle, let's look for a...


Disciple:  Well, you were telling me, master, that here in Mexico it cost you a lot of work to form the group and so on...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, of course it did! The thing is that here it is quite hard, because it turns out that Mexico is governed by Saturn. I understand that the constellation that rules here, in this country, is Capricorn, right? That is home of the planet Saturn, so the work here in this country is quite difficult. For many years I had to fight to be able to form the Mexican Gnostic movement.

Fortunately, after about 18 years of hard work, I have managed to form a group of Gnostic paladins. And these paladins are willing, then, to form, let's say, a gigantic movement that goes from border to border and from sea to sea, throughout the country: from the Guatemalan border to the United States border. And from the Atlantic to the Pacific. But this is a matter of much struggle...

Disciple:  Yes, master...

Samael Aun Weor: Hard work, then. Today, well, there are several groups that are duly organized, right? We have, for example, the first chamber that many people go to. The second chamber is already a little less crowded because here it becomes a bit of work to admit people to the second chamber, you have to be sure that these people are already completely defined, right? So, it is clear that in the second chamber we are going to officiate. And so, there needs to be a lot of veneration, a lot of respect; that they are duly prepared to appreciate the esoteric value of the second chamber. I could not put individuals who are not completely defined in the second chamber, that would be absurd. So here it takes a long time to pass someone to the second chamber...

Disciple: Indeed!

Samael Aun Weor:  Yes, I often take up to one or two years; there are individuals who have three years studying and have not yet passed them to the second chamber. Because they don't give, they don't give the note that is needed. Of course, in "constitution and rules," in the "regulations" we have to allow for the differences in the countries of South America, right? Because we have to consider the psychology of people, right?

In South America there is a more developed emotional aspect than here in North America. That is why here, to move people from the first to the second chamber, first we have to instruct them a lot, prepare them properly; only then do we dare to do it, otherwise not.

Now, for the third chamber, this one does have a few. The third chamber works, well...'re going to have the honor of seeing it. I'll take you there, so you can see how the third chamber works.

I wish that South America would follow the example. So, I am going to take you to the third chamber, you will be able to know how the other chambers work, etc., so that in South America you can, let's say, speak clearly to the brothers and sisters, about all of that.

I am also going to teach you a series of special, practical exercises so that people of a certain age can return to youth. And other practices, for example, that we have for sexual transmutation. There are many individuals who still do not have a wife and those individuals have to learn how to transmute sexually, anyway, right?

Here you will get all those teachings, you will have them anyway... Now, when the congress arrives, it is your turn to go to that great event, but then you will take that knowledge that is so needed there in South and Central America...


Disciple:  Master, we want to know how you do to write your books, where do you get so much information, who helps you and how many works must you write to fulfill your mission?

Samael Aun Weor:  Certainly I still do not know how many works I will have to write. I obtain the information from the higher worlds of cosmic consciousness. I normally use nirvikalpa-samadhi, in a state of manteya: rapture, ecstasy, or whatever you want to call it. I collect the information; I get it and I bring it to the physical world. The truly arduous and difficult part for me consists of having to adapt, to the cultural environment in which we move, all the information brought from the superior worlds.

Obviously, it is necessary to document myself and I do it, naturally, with infinite patience. Thus, the harsh reality of the facts is that I bring the body of doctrine from the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos. The work of writing books is frighteningly difficult. When we think that we must coordinate the spiritual aspect with merely rhetorical, grammatical, philosophical questions, etc., the task becomes laborious and delicate.

Disciple: To what do you attribute the fact that a high number of people enter Gnostic studies and then withdraw?

Samael Aun Weor:  We must think, first of all, about the permanent center of gravity. Unquestionably, very few people are the ones who have formed, in themselves, such a center. It is clear that the ego, in itself, is made up of a multiplicity of “I’s”; that is, we do not have a singular “I”, but a plural one, and our consciousness is bottled up within that multiplicity of inhuman elements that constitute the ego.

All those psychic elements fight for supremacy. The “element” that today, for example, swears allegiance to the Gnostic movement, moments later is displaced by another that has no interest in the movement, and then the subject withdraws.

If people understood that within oneself there are many "persons" or selves, they would also comprehend the reason why there is so much variety in characters.

The man who today swears loyalty to a woman is not always the same. That “I” who has made the oath is only one of his many “I's”, displaced when another “I” takes control of the human machine; then the oath of love remains without foundation, then the subject leaves, is absent, and the woman is disappointed.

Within the same human body, many “I’s” live. The ego that today is determined to tread the path of the razor's edge is displaced by another that is not interested in this path, and obviously, we see that sooner or later the person withdraws.

Disciple: Master, did you want to explain to us why, in order to start esoteric work on ourselves, it is necessary to have the level of a good homeowner?

Samael Aun Weor:  Certainly, whoever wants to achieve self-realization, successfully, to travel the "path of the razor's edge", must start by being a good homeowner, knowing how to manage their home with harmony, with beauty, with perfection. Those who in practical life have not known how to organize a home are not fit for the path, they can never self-realize. I have been able to observe that many who are currently walking on the path and who have not known how to be a good homeowner, have certainly been a manifest failure.

Disciple: Master, many have been struck by the fact that books like The Revolution of Beelzebub and others are full of diatribes, severe criticism and statements against certain authors. There is no lack of those who see a contradiction between your old attitude and the "doctrine of the heart", of which you speak in numerous books. What caused those attacks and why do you no longer use them?

Samael Aun Weor:  The farmer who is going to sow has first to burn the weed, the thistles, the thorns and everything that is useless, so that later he can plant the grain from which life will come. The workers who are going to build a house must first break the ground, dig into the hard earth, in order to establish a firm foundation to build it. Likewise, to me, who has had to deliver the message for the new age of Aquarius, I had the task of any farmer or worker. I had to point out the obstacle, show the danger, the error, before being able to throw in the "cultural grain" of the new era, which at this time begins between the august thunder of thought.


The wonders of the cosmos... It also helped me to remember... ...a higher education and a lot of details, right? So, meticulously, I fight and fight, let's say, desperately, and at different times to get up from the mud of the earth... ...until the day came, well, when I returned to the royal path, as Dante also did, right?

If one reads Dante's “Divine Comedy”, he says... (and he begins, well, descending into hell, and all that, right?). He says:

“In the middle of the journey of our life, I came to myself, in a dark wood, where the direct path was lost. It is a hard thing to speak of, how wild, harsh and impenetrable that wood was, so that thinking of it recreates the fear. It is scarcely less bitter than death: but, in order to tell of the good that I found there, I must tell of the other things I saw there.  I cannot rightly say how I entered it. I was so full of sleep, at that point where I abandoned the true path.” – Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri 

This is how Dante spoke, right? Well, I say the same since, like him, I was a fallen bodhisattva. But El אל returned me to the straight path; finally, I stood up again, from the mud of the earth.

So, when the real Being wants to lift you up, he makes supreme efforts; he lifts you up, right? When he wants to pick you up, he makes desperate efforts and picks you up. Now I'm on my feet, thanks to El אל (God), working for humanity, fighting under the father's orders; there we go little by little.

The main thing is that people get the teachings, right? That everyone gets the message... ...that's the important thing!...


Disciple:  Turning now to the field of anthropology, could you tell us where the Mayans came from?

Samael Aun Weor:  We discovered the root of the Mayans in Atlantis; their “trunk-root” is in Atlantis. Before the submergence of Atlantis, many Mayans left for America; they arrived in Yucatan. They arrived to the land of Guatemala, etc., and others left to Egypt, Tibet, etc.

Disciple: Also to Peru?

Manco Capac

Samael Aun Weor:  No, the peoples of Peru are another race; the Incas of Peru, the Incas of Manco Cápac are other peoples.

Disciple: They say that Hermes Trismegistus was an Atlantean deity who arrived to Egypt, which at that time was a semi-civilized people. Is that right?

Samael Aun Weor:  Hermes Trismegistus is an Egyptian; a great sage, a wise master, the great avatar of Egypt. Of course, he inherited the wisdom of the Atlanteans and that is something else. From Atlantis he received, then, all that ancient knowledge; but, Hermes Trismegistus is an Egyptian master. He is the great avatar of the Egyptians. The Egyptians inherited the wisdom of Atlantis; we do not deny that.

Disciple: Could it also be said that, for this reason, the Aztec pyramids coincide with the Egyptian ones? That for this reason both reveal the same knowledge?

Samael Aun Weor:  Yes, naturally: Atlantis is the common trunk of the East and the West, of America with Europe, and other places in the world. Obviously, then, the Egyptian pyramids and the pyramids of ancient Mexico are based on the same knowledge, on the same wisdom. The pyramids of Mexico are older than those of Egypt. In the times of Atlantis there were two places of pilgrimage: one, to the pyramids of Egypt; another, towards the pyramids of Teotihuacán. They were two places of pilgrimage.

Disciple: Is there any relationship between the Bermuda triangle and Atlantis? That is to say, in times of Atlantis, was what we now call the Bermuda Triangle found in the lands of Atlantis?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, the Bermuda Triangle is an open door to the fourth vertical; that's clear. Planes, people, ships, have disappeared in the Bermuda triangle. There is an access door to the fourth vertical in that region. Atlantis totally covered all the Antilles; it was a large continent located in the ocean that bears its name, the Atlantic, and extended from the north to the boreal regions, and from the south to the north. The Atlantean continent was quite large. Indeed, it is not possible that Atlantis could have fit in the Bermuda triangle, which is a small triangle, but rather, the Bermuda triangle was a part of Atlantis. Instead, Atlantis covered the entire Atlantic Ocean. It was huge, huge...

Disciple: When 2500 is spoken of as the year in which the current fifth root race will conclude, should we take it as a symbolic number or does it obey some chronology?

Samael Aun Weor:  It is symbolic. That is why we have cited it in The Secret Doctrine of Anahuac. It is a symbolic date that coincides with the moment in which the seventh seal of the apocalypse of St. John is torn. It relates with the breaking of the seventh seal, because 2 + 5 is 7. Humanity has broken 6 seals up to the current date; thus, at some point, humanity will to tear the seventh seal, and it is said symbolically that this will happen in the year 2500. Do not take this number literally. The definitive beginning of the catastrophes is in the year 2043, because the 13th Katun (of the Mayans) begins in 2043. That is written and that is known by all the sages of Maya. I asked an old Mayan man in Palenque, “Will your son see the 13th Katun?”

Then the old man replied, "No, my son will not see it."

“Will your grandson see the 13th Katun?”

He answered, “My grandson will see it”...

The 13th Katun, like the other 12 Katuns, will be fulfilled to the letter. Each of the 12 Katuns has been exact; none have failed. The 13th Katun enters around the year 2043. They estimate an average between 2040 and 2043, give or take; that's where the Mayans place the 13th Katun.

Disciple: What is all this about the “Katuns”?

Samael Aun Weor:  You have to study the book “Popol Vuh”, or the book of “Chilam Balam de Chumayel”; there you will receive extensive information about the 13 Katuns. It is impossible that in this small talk you can realize all the wisdom of the 13 Katuns. They cover enormous extensions of centuries, of time; it is a very broad thing.

Disciple: Is there a cycle every 52 years, according to the Nahua calendar?

Samael Aun Weor:  No, that is the cycle of the "renewal of fires," when “the old fire ends” and a “new fire” is kindled. Those are seven cycles of 52 years each, which are very exact, but those in turn are related to larger cycles. The people of this time see only the small cycles of 52 years, but, really, each of the seven great cycles corresponds to a root race, and 5 + 2 again gives 7, the seventh seal.

So, one thing is the first root race that existed in the world, which was the protoplasmic root race, and another thing is the second root race, that of the Hyperboreans; another the third root race, that of the Lemurians; another, the fourth root race, that of the Atlanteans; another the fifth root race, our root race; and a sixth will come and then the seventh root race.

Obviously, those are the Nahua suns: the first sun, for example, is the first root race; the second sun, the second root race; the third sun, third root race; the fourth sun, fourth root race; fifth sun, the fifth root race, which is us: we are the children of the fifth sun. So, when speaking of the fifth sun, it refers to the Aryan root race. The children of the sixth sun belong to the "resurrection of the gods" and those of the seventh sun will be the last, those of the seventh root race.

So now we are in the fifth sun. It is around this time that the 13th Katun of the Mayans is awaited. The great catastrophe that is approaching, which is already at the doors, will come in the 13th Katun.

Disciple: In the year 2043?

Samael Aun Weor:  Yes, somewhere between 2040 and 2043 the 13th Katun will begin. We are in the 12th Katun; we have not yet reached the 13th. With the 13th Katun comes the maximum approach of Hercolubus. It is clear that when Hercolubus approaches our planet in an exaggerated way, it will produce catastrophes because it is a very large planet, many thousands, almost millions of times larger than the Earth. It is a "monster", that when approaching its closest proximity to our terrestrial orbit, well, the planet Earth will not be able to resist its forces. Hercolubus will turn the earth upside down, completely.

But before the catastrophe happens, where it will turn upside down, with its magnetic power, Hercolubus will pull to the surface the liquid fire that is inside the Earth. That liquid fire, when brought to the surface, will spread throughout the terrestrial crust and burn it completely; there is nothing that can remain without burning; everything will burn.

So, when everything burns, then, all humanity will perish. That will be the day of the “great universal fire” prophesied by Michel de Nostradamus; prophesied by Peter the apostle when he said:

“The day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night. The heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat, the Earth also, the works shall be burned up. The heavens being on fire and the elements shall melt with fervent heat.” – 2 Peter 3: 10-12

This is likewise prophesied by Jesus of Nazareth in his prophetic sermon; prophesied by the Mayans in their 13th Katun; prophesied by the Nahuas when they speak that "the children of the fifth sun will perish by fire and earthquakes"; that is to say, it is prophesied and prophesied again and again by all; there is a lot of documentation on this. That the terrestrial crust will burn completely, that nothing will be left alive.

Now, at the maximum approach of Hercolubus, there will be a revolution of the earth's axes. There is, then, a complete movement: what are poles today will become the equator, and what is the equator today will become poles. The earth will do a somersault; it will be something horrible...

An extraterrestrial said that if Hercolubus were to explode (they have the methods and could do it), the catastrophe would be so terrible that it would destroy this entire solar system. Behold how big Hercolubus is...

Disciple: Will the approach of Hercolubus also affect other planets?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, that's what astronomers say. We have, in our institution, a map drawn by the astronomers themselves; so, we are not inventing anything of our own. This has already been duly studied by all the observatories in London, Paris, Manila and everywhere. There we have the map that astronomers have drawn; we have not traced it. It could be said: “well, because of your fanaticism you traced it”, but no, we have not traced that; it is the official astronomers who traced it. According to this map, Hercolubus directly affects the Earth and secondarily influences Jupiter, Mars and Uranus. We say “secondarily”, because it fundamentally affects the planet Earth.

Disciple: Why, specifically, should that happen in our solar system?

Samael Aun Weor:  It is the mechanical “game” of the spheres; this is a “game” that has existed since the dawn of creation. Our solar system travels around the zodiacal belt,  with the ending of every voyage around the zodiacal belt, the end of that voyage coincides with the orbit of Hercolubus. So, it's a stellar mechanical movement.

Disciple: Is all of that synchronized? 

Samael Aun Weor:  Yes, synchronized. Hercolubus has its orbit around the Tylar sun and comes to coincide, at the end of its cosmic voyage, with our earth and our entire solar system.  So, Hercolubus cooperates with this, marking the end of the sidereal year.

Disciple: If everything will be burned on the Earth's crust, how or in what way will humanity, animals, plants and everything else flourish again?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, there will be some places that will not be affected. It is possible, for example, that many points, many high hills are converted into islands; that many high hills, such as mountains like Everest, do not receive damage. Today Everest is 8,800 meters above sea level and would be a wonderful island. I can assure you that Everest is going to become an island, and if some were clever they could climb Everest so that nothing happens to them, but the poor people would starve; meanwhile, they would die in the snow and ice. Well, and there will be so many places of high mountains that will become islands.

It should also be borne in mind that the nucleus to be formed will be made up of the world salvation army. That nucleus, obviously, will have to march towards a new exodus. Before the catastrophe, they will be secretly taken out; they will be taken, driven to an island in the Pacific ocean where nothing is going to happen. It is a fairly large island, where you can have agriculture, where you can have cattle, where you can have horses, where you can take care of many species so that they do not disappear. The select group will march to that Pacific Island...

Disciple: Master, the thought occurs to me now: what will be the fate of our Moon, after the catastrophe that is approaching?...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I have not investigated what the fate of the Moon that illuminates us will be. I have always thought that it would fall to the Earth; I have always thought that, because the Earth, little by little, through the centuries, has been attracting it. With the coming of Hercolubus it is possible that the fall of the moon to the Earth is caused; that's a possibility. Now, in case that doesn’t happen, the fall of the Moon to the Earth will happen later.

But, well, in any case, what I can tell you and guarantee you is that the catastrophe is inevitable. We are forming the world salvation army with people of all nationalities, peoples and languages. But, what are we looking for? We seek to form the nucleus that will serve as the basis for the future sixth root race; that's what we're doing. We want that core. The Gnostic movement has grown; it is established throughout the Western Hemisphere. Millions of people already belong to the movement; they are people of gnosis. The Gnostic movement will soon grow throughout Europe and Asia; in Asia it will reach its peak.

But among all those millions of people who enter gnosis, only the personnel who have worked on themselves, who have dissolved the ego or at least part of the ego, will be selected in order to lead them to the island where they must be led. But people with ego, people who have not worked on themselves, who have not been able to dissolve the ego, are not people we can trust; that class of people will perish by fire and water. You can really have confidence in those who work on themselves; these are the people in whom you can have some confidence. That is the harsh reality of the facts!

On that island, the survivors will wait for a few centuries in the midst of water vapor, because in those days the Earth will be enveloped in fire and water vapor. There they will wait for new lands to emerge from the bottom of the oceans, for the scenario of the sixth root race to emerge, because with the revolution of the axis of the earth, the current seas will move and the current continents will remain under the bottom of the sea. Then we will have to wait for new lands and new skies to emerge from the bottom of the seas (as Paul of Tarsus also said, and that is true), where the sixth root race will live.

Now, to go and live in those new lands that are going to emerge from the bottom of the seas, it will only be possible for those who have definitely disintegrated the ego. If someone, however intelligent he may be, has not disintegrated the entire ego, one hundred percent, he will not be given a body in the golden age, because in the golden age no one will be given a physical body who does not has regained innocence in mind and heart. If there is any person who is not innocent, who has not yet attained it, that person will not have a body in the golden age. The golden age is for pure, innocent people. That is the harsh reality!

Disciple: When this new scenario arises, what will happen to the submerged circles of the infernal worlds? Will they be cleaned up or continue as they are?

Samael Aun Weor: The nine Dantean circles, the “Tartarus”, the “kingdom of Pluto”, will continue exactly as they are. Of course, all of these millions of people who currently live on the face of the Earth will enter the submerged devolution in the infernal worlds; they will devolve in time, and through a long period of years their ego will be disintegrated.

So, when a person in the infernal worlds disintegrates the ego, that is, when he goes through the "second death", which is the death of the ego, then the essence comes out into the light of the sun, resurfaces pure and innocent to the sunlight to evolve in the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, until reconquering the humanoid state that was once lost.

All these millions of human beings that populate the face of the Earth will enter the infernal worlds, will devolve in time, and with the "second death" they will escape from hell to restart new evolutionary processes that will begin from the mineral, continue in the vegetable and to the animal, until reaching the humanoid state that was once lost. Upon reaching the humanoid state, all these essences, returned in humanoid bodies, will form the peoples of the golden age, which will be an innocent and pure humanity. So, in the golden age, humanity will once again come out of the hands of its creator, completely innocent and totally pure.

Disciple: When the future sixth root race reaches its iron age, will it degenerate again?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, yes, that is normal... We see that the Earth revolves around the sun and has its four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. This is also the case with the sidereal year, during the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt; it has its four seasons: (spring, the golden age; summer, the silver age; autumn, the copper age; winter, the iron age). When the iron age returns, a perverse humanity like now will return again. But for now, the golden and silver ages are back (after the great catastrophe, that's obvious); many centuries will come, thousands of years of beauty, with a virgin nature emerged from chaos, emerged from the bottom of the seas. Everything will be beautiful...


Disciple:  Venerable master, I would like to ask why today's humanity cannot develop the internal senses, no matter how hard it tries; that is: why is objective, real, positive, true reason so disturbed?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, we must know that there are two different types of reasoning. Objective reasoning has, as its basis, of all its functionalisms on the data provided by the essence, the consciousness. Subjective reasoning is different: it elaborates its conceptual content with the data provided by the five senses. We already know that these are: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. With these data provided, then, by the five senses, subjective reasoning (through its system of associations) elaborates its concepts. Thus, with such concepts subjective reasoning makes its reasonings.

Looking at things from this point of view, or from this angle, what can subjective reason know about the reality, about what is hidden behind the world of appearances? The only thing it perceives are phenomena; the only thing it can really know is the succession of merely sensory causes and effects. But, about what the "thing in itself" is, about what is the reality, about what exists behind mere appearances, about the laws of nature in itself (as they are and not as they apparently are), subjective reasoning knows nothing, and nothing can be known, since its data are based exclusively on the information given by the five senses and nothing else.

When one wants to know something more, when one wishes to know something more: to know what is hidden behind the mere illusory appearances of the physical world, one needs to develop objective reasoning, because it works (naturally) with the data provided by the consciousness itself. But, for objective reasoning to have its functionalisms, for it to be able to develop correctly, it is inevitably necessary that the consciousness (which is called, precisely, to provide the data to objective reasoning, for its functionalisms) be completely free of all its wrappings, free of all those receptacles in which it is normally bottled up.

We already know, we have already repeated it ad nauseam: such receptacles are, precisely, the "psychic aggregates", those various "inhuman elements" that together constitute what is called "ego", "I", “myself”, “self-willed”. As long as the consciousness is bottled up within such “psychic aggregates”, as long as it is embedded within the ego, it is not possible for it to be free, and not being free, therefore, it cannot provide data for objective reasoning.

So, first of all, we need to undress the consciousness of its clothes, of its vain clothes, which are the "psychic aggregates"; we need to destroy such garments, such inhuman suits, which are (I repeat) the various “inhuman elements” that we carry inside.

Once these infrahuman "elements" are destroyed, then the consciousness is free, it can function. In it are the data that nature itself has provided to us for our own regeneration. I have already said (and I repeat it again) that religion, the Buddha, wisdom, and also those particles of pain of our father who is in secret are in the consciousness. Our father has suffered because our errors and the particles of his pain are deposited in our essence; that is, in our consciousness. If we know how to take advantage of such particles of pain, by working on our errors (working with joy, with pleasure, because there is nothing more pleasing than destroying what is inhuman), the result will obviously be the awakening of the consciousness. But I have already said, and I repeat, that the data we need for our own regeneration and culture are in the consciousness. The important thing is for this consciousness to become free.

Thus, destroying the "I" is absolutely essential for the consciousness to be free. Once free, it will provide (to reasoning) the necessary data for the functionalism of the objective reasoning processes (do not confuse this, and I clarify it in parentheses, with the subjective reasoning processes, which are different).

The people, what can they know about the reality, about the truth? Well... nothing! What can scientists know about the antichrist? (In parentheses, I am referring, then, to materialist-atheist scientists, enemies of the eternal one). Obviously, nothing, right? Why? Because all their reasoning processes are subjective; their processes are based on the data provided by the five senses. But what can they know about the laws that govern the mechanics of phenomena? Nothing! They may, for example, know how the living cell works (accepted), but what do they know about the laws that govern cellular mechanics? They believe that they do know and try, with their subjective rationalism, to link phenomenon with phenomenon, to explain one phenomenon with another, and although they believe that they have managed to discover the "thing in itself", they have not discovered it. The laws of cellular mechanics are not known to men of science, although they think they know them. Rather, and to use the Socratic style this time: they not only don't know, but they also don't know that they don't know. Being in error, not only are they, but they also ignore that they are, and that is the most serious thing.

Thus, it is important first of all to comprehend the need to use, for our reasoning, the data of our consciousness. But if we want to use such data (I repeat, even if we fall too much into repetition), we need to free the consciousness. To free it from all those egoic “elements” that condition us and make our lives so miserable; then, it will be able to contribute (to reasoning) extraordinary data. Reasoning based on such data is able to elaborate its concepts of content and even verbalize its reasoning.

Objective reasoning is great in itself. There is a need to develop and unwrap it. I think that with what I have said, it is enough...

Disciple: Very kind, venerable master, we are infinitely grateful for this explanation. Now we would like you to explain to us, a little more thoroughly, what is related to the protoplasm of the human being. You have spoken to us, very sporadically, let's say, about protoplasmic bodies, but now we would be interested if you could delve into the protoplasm of the human being...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, when talking about the protoplasmic human, well, we have to go quite a long way, because keep in mind that the first root race that existed in the world, and that lived in the northern polar cap, was precisely the protoplasmic root race. Later came the Hyperboreans; then certain atomic elements joined the protoplasmic bodies, to form that second root race. Then came the Lemurians: new elements were combined with the protoplasm, and we had the Lemurian hermaphrodite, properly speaking, living in Lemuria with their bodies of flesh and blood. Then the Atlanteans continued and today we are the Aryans. However, at the bottom of our organism the protoplasmic body continues to exist.

If we (we would say) create a vacuum around what is called “matter”, if we create a vacuum around what is called “physical human body”, we would find the protoplasm. Not the "protoplasm" of Haeckel (which is too "cheesy" for the high investigations of the spirit), no, but the protoplasmic human, the original human. All the rest are aggregates of molecules, atoms, etc., etc., etc. However, materialistic scientists believe that they have discovered matter, but they have not discovered it. The fact of being able to see, hear, touch or feel certain molecular groups, accumulated on top of the protoplasm and to its sides, does not precisely indicate that matter “in itself” has already been discovered. The matter "in itself" is the protoplasm. But I repeat, I am not referring to the “protoplasm” of the “scoundrels of the intellect”, to the “protoplasm” of the Haeckels and the Darwins, to the “protoplasm” of the antichrist. No, I am speaking of the legitimate protoplasm, of the protoplasmic human.

If we were to remove all cells, particles, molecules, we would find protoplasm. "No (the scientists would say), we would find the skeleton, we would find the dust of the earth!" This is how it is for them, because they only perceive with their five senses and that is all. But the true human, the authentic human, the one who possesses objective reasoning, the one who in addition to that has developed the spatial sense and who has access to the fourth vertical, and the fifth, and the sixth, etc., etc., etc., undoubtedly for him it is different: he can see the protoplasm, he can see the protoplasmic human.

When one learns to act on his own protoplasm, he can in fact change all the molecular, atomic, cellular, biological principles, etc., of his own organism; that's obvious. But unquestionably, what we are saying belongs to pure science; the antichrist does not know about these things. That is to say, the false materialist science does not understand these things, because it is based exclusively on subjective rationalisms, and such rationalism, as I have already said, has as its only source of information, the defective information of the five senses.

We have other modes of perception, which are different. We have developed other cognitive faculties that perfectly allow us to see the protoplasm itself.

And I repeat: when one can thoroughly handle one’s protoplasm, when one is already able to act on it, one can certainly also change, directly, the molecular and atomic principles...

There has always been talk about superhumans. I understand this, but not in the manner of a Nietzsche; no, rather, in the form of the self-realized creature, of the legitimate human, in the full sense of the word. This legitimate human, this true human, this authentic human (to differentiate him from the “intellectual animal”, which is different), knows how to handle the protoplasm and therefore can even immortalize his physical body.

“Absurd!” the antichrist would say. Yes, of course, for the antichrist, everything that does not belong to his circle (that limited circle in which he operates), is absurd. A sage, however great he may be, if he does not submit to the prejudices, rules and systems established by the antichrist, he becomes an object of ridicule. But the wise human is wise, even if the antichrist laughs at him.

So, I repeat: the antichrist is the false science and the false scientists of our time. But this, of course, is not accepted by scientists. They believe they are the "non plus ultra", the true masters of knowledge, although they are nothing more than midgets who do not see beyond their noses. They believe that they see everything and that is their deception: not only are they deceived, but they do not know that they are deceived, and that is even worse...

So, if we are to learn to handle protoplasm, we have to do it intelligently. First of all, we would have to start by handling the intelligences that live in the protoplasm. And, what are those? Well, they are the atomic elementals of our own body.

Unquestionably, in the waters of life, in the sacred sperm, we have the famous atomic, molecular, proper, individual Undines. I am not referring to the “undines” of lakes or rivers, but to those that we carry in the seminal system, to the atomic ones, to those that are part of our own body.

In our mind we have all the "elementals of the air", the famous sylphs, but I am not talking about the "sylphs" that live there in the clouds, but about the atomic sylphs, those that form our own mind.

In our calories, in our red blood cells, in our blood, in our sexual potential, etc., in all our energetics, we carry the famous atomic salamanders; but, once again I say: I am not referring to the "salamanders" of the volcanoes, but to the atomic salamanders, to those that are part of our blood, to those that constitute the red blood cells, to those that originate our sexual ardor, etc., etc., etc.

Finally, in the bones, in the flesh, are the gnomes; not those who live in the bowels of the earth, but those who live in the bowels of our philosopher's earth (which is our body); those that live in our bones: the atomic consciousness of our flesh, of our cartilage...

When one learns to manage his own atomic, elemental consciousnesses, he in fact acquires powers over the protoplasm. But one learns to master those atomic consciousnesses through esoteric discipline; that is unquestionable.

How could we dominate, for example, a sexual storm, when the undines of the sperm itself, or of the active secretions of sex, are in turmoil? Only by force of will, of intelligence, and with suitable exorcisms.

How could we dominate, for example, the atomic elementals of our sexual ardor, at a given moment, in our lustful storms? Well, through the help of our Divine Mother, Kundalini-Shakti.

How could we control those thoughts of lasciviousness, which constantly assail the mind? Well, simply, knowing how to exorcise the atomic sylphs of our own thought.

And how could we submit the body to the will of the Being? Only by dominating the atomic consciousnesses, or atomic elementals of the flesh, of the bones and of the cartilage, etc.

When one acquires power over the atomic intelligences of his own body, when one becomes the master of all those atomic intelligences that live in one’s own organism, in fact one also acquires powers over the protoplasm, where these atomic intelligences develop and unfold. On the way to the path of perfection, one will be able to rejuvenate oneself like the good Faust of Goethe.

So, then, one has to comprehend this: there are immortal masters, they exist. In Egypt, there are said to be two masters whose bodies are of indecipherable age (they are mentioned in ancient religious scriptures). And what shall we say of the king of the north, that great being of the northern regions? What would be the age of his physical body? Nothing is known!... Kout Humi, in the Himalayas, the guruji of the great master Helen Petrovna Blavatsky, is of indecipherable ages. The Count of Saint Germain, who acted during the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries in Europe; the one who returned to Europe in 1939, and on his way back to Tibet,  was interviewed by Giovanni Papini, the Vatican's "spoiled child".

Thus, let us think that we can all become authentic, legitimate, true humans; in which we can get to know the protoplasm, that living functionalism of our organism (we would say), the first base and the one that truly gives rise to all the processes of life.

When I speak of the protoplasm itself, I am not referring exclusively to the etheric vital body; no, do not confuse the “lingam sarira” or vital body, with the protoplasm (the protoplasm is different). To know the protoplasm, it is necessary (truly) to develop certain faculties that not everyone has. And to develop these faculties, one has to wake up, and to wake up one has to die within oneself, here and now.

So, it is with great pleasure that I have recorded this answer to the question that has been asked to me, so that everyone can receive the correct information.

Disciple: Venerable master, we want to ask you one last question. You spoke to us about the incarnation and crystallization of the Being, but at the same time you told us that opportunities had to be given to the different particles of the Being, which were being self-realized. Does this mean that the Being does not descend all at once, in its entirety, but in parts?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the being is the being and the reason for the being to be is to be the being himself. When speaking of the Being, let us think of the sacred absolute sun. Obviously, from the sacred absolute sun emanates the omnipresent, omnipenetrating, omniscient Holy Okidanock. And in turn, from the Holy Okidanock becomes the Holy Triamatzikamno, or in other words, the Logoic Trimurti, which (as is already known) has three aspects: first, holy affirming; second, holy denying; third, holy conciliating.

The sacred absolute sun and the Holy Okidanock (omnipresent and omnipenetrating), wish to crystallize, in our body, these three primary forces of nature. In the East, such forces are called Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva; In the Christian world, they are called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Well, the sacred absolute sun and its emanation (the most holy Okidanock) wish to crystallize, in our organism, the three primary forces of nature. All esoteric work consists in that: in achieving the crystallization of these three primary forces. It is obvious that, first we will have to crystallize the closest force we have: the holy conciliatory; that is indubitable. Much later, in time, we will have to crystallize, in our organism, the second force, which is the holy negation, or the Hindustani Vishnu, the Hebrew Chokmah (the cosmic Christ), and later, much later, we will have to crystallize ( in ourselves) the first force, the holy affirming, in other words, the kabbalistic Kether, the Hindustani Brahma, the Father (in Christianity).

Thus, speaking in a language that everyone understands, in a Christic-esoteric language, we would say that we must crystallize (in our organism) the three primary forces known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When we succeed, we will have become absolutely perfect creatures.

First, we will have to crystallize the one closest to us: that one is the Holy Spirit. Much later, we will have to crystallize the Christic forces in us. Lastly, we will have to crystallize in ourselves the first force, which is that of the Father. That is the order of crystallizations within ourselves, here and now. That is what the sacred absolute sun wants, that is what the Holy Okidanock wants, and we must cooperate with the sacred absolute sun, if we truly love the great cause. One cooperates, then, with the crystallization of these three forces within his organism, when one is truly dedicated to the great work; that's obvious.

Then, undoubtedly, the third force (which is the first that we must crystallize, which is that of the holy spirit, the holy conciliatory) comes to crystallize completely in one, with the esoteric or mystical resurrection. Such a resurrection is only possible after multiple works, after having died in ourselves, after having gone through the whole drama of the Christ, after having created the superior existential bodies of the being and having brought them to total perfection, etc. Only after all that, does the resurrection process come, the complete crystallization, in us, of (Binah) the third force.

The second force is a little later, and it is only possible to condense or crystallize it in one, cooperating with the same second force, through the negation, the complete renunciation of all things.

Much later, then, doing the will of the Father (in a radical manner), well, we will have the crystallization of the first force. But, in short, all that is wanted is to crystallize three forces in us, and self-realization is precisely that: to be able to crystallize the three primary forces of nature, within the human organism. That is what is called self-realization.

I am speaking in synthesis, that is understood; I am speaking so that everyone understands the need to cooperate with the sacred absolute sun. It is necessary for each of us to crystallize the three primary forces within our organism… that is all!

Inverential Peace