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Purgatory and the Absolute

The time has come to understand the necessity to strengthen the Essence  [consciousness]. Remember that it, in itself, descends from the Milky Way. It is therefore obvious that it possesses transcendental, spiritual, marvelous powers, by means of which we can see, hear, touch, and feel the great realities of the superior worlds. Unfortunately, my dear friends, the Essence is bottled, engrossed, embedded among the various inhuman elements that, in themselves, constitute the ego, the I, the myself, the self-willed. Undoubtedly, the elimination of these undesirable elements must be done with infinite patience. Remember that only by dissolving such elements can the Essence be liberated, in order to awaken it in a radical and extraordinary manner. So, reflect…  

In these moments in which I speak before this microphone, in the moments in which this lecture is recorded, I cannot help but to remember that in a very ancient past even the sacred Absolute Sun itself had to go through a great catastrophe known as the process of the choot-god-litanical [chootboglitanical] period. It so happens, or happened (to speak more clearly), that those who became Self-realized were entering, inevitably, into the sacred Absolute Sun. Unfortunately, some sacred individuals became inhabitants of that region while still having in their interior certain "soul sins,” certain undesirable inhuman elements, residual, very subtle. Obviously, when there was a certain quantity of such individuals living in that sublime region, they established, so to speak, within the sacred Absolute Sun, a geneotriamazikamnian contact, which infected the atmosphere of the sacred Absolute Sun, and therefore, nefarious results were known in our solar system of worlds.  

Thus, the latter, that is, those disharmonious elements mixed with the sacred Theomertmalogos, that is to say, mixed with the living essence of the Logos, infected many individuals who were fabricating the superior existential bodies of the Being in our system of worlds. These disharmonies also infected the superior parts of the Being of said initiates. In addition, disharmonies occurred in the movement of the planets around the Sun.

For this reason the ineffable — Aelohim, that is, the eternal common cosmic Father — had to establish in our solar system a planet called Purgatory, a secret planet, a world where those who still had inhuman elements could freely live and exist. It is clear that those who wish to definitively enter the sacred Absolute Sun are purified on that secret world. All those who still had undesirable elements in their intimate nature came to dwell there.


It is stated that this secret world of our solar system is the best of everything: it has varied singing birds, ineffable and terribly divine, exquisite minerals, plants full of wonders, delicious flowers, etc.

A lot has been said about the caves where those initiates dwell. In those caves, they dedicate themselves exclusively to eliminating the undesirable elements from their inner nature, with the purpose of one day entering into the sacred Absolute Sun ...

Behold, dear gnostic youths, how difficult it is to eliminate the inhuman elements from our nature: if ineffable beings have to pass through the planet Purgatory before entering into the sacred solar Absolute, what does this say about us? So, it is convenient that today we reflect deeply upon all of these things ...

In order to save the sacred Absolute Sun, it was necessary to make certain modifications both in the law of three and in the law of seven. It is written that previously the sacred sun was autoegocrat — that is, that it could be sustained by itself. Later, due to the modifications made to the law of three and seven, it became trogoautoegocrat. Now, by means of the contact with this manifested universe, the sacred Absolute Sun harmoniously sustains itself: it gives and receives. Behold the trogoautoegocratic process. So, by means of it, it lives and does not dissolve.

My beloved Gnostic brothers and sisters, the sacred Absolute Sun is the octave lateral of the Sun that illuminates us. It is the spiritual sun hidden behind the physical Sun that shines upon us...

So, it has been said that there was a tragic period for our sacred Absolute Sun — catastrophic, I said. I want to again refer emphatically to the time of the choot-god-litanical [chootboglitanical] period...

But what was that catastrophic age of the chootboglitanical? It is something that we must clarify: It so happened, that at the beginning, when those who built the superior existential bodies of the Being could directly enter the sacred Absolute Sun, they became indwellers of that place. Unfortunately, catastrophes can happen. There were some self-realized beings who entered into the sacred Solar Absolute with inhuman elements in their superior existential bodies of the Being. Due to that was established very seriously what we could call a geneotriamazikamnian contact. In other words, when those sacred individuals with residual elements in their superior existential bodies of the Being mixed with the atmosphere (we might say) of the sacred Absolute Sun, unfortunately they infected it. The most serious thing is that this morbid, nefarious psychological influence infected all the inhabitants of the Solar Absolute, and therefore, this was really disastrous...

I want you to analyze this in detail, to comprehend it deeply...

Undoubtedly, for this reason the Theomertmalogos — that is to say, the solar Logoic force that emanates from the sacred Absolute Sun — became altered. Naturally, thus altered, the Theomertmalogos then also infected the higher parts of the Being of all of those individuals of our solar system who worked in inner self-realization. Obviously, the altered Logoic force negatively influenced the superior existential bodies of the Being that were in the process of development. So, the subject-matter was grave...

In addition, disharmonious cosmic phenomena were produced. As a consequence: infinity, Aelohim, the eternal common cosmic Father, had to establish, so to speak, a planet for those divine beings that had been, we might say, infected by inhuman elements. Since then, that planet was given the name Purgatory. Well, every esoteric type of system gives it a particular name. It is not strange that in the East the region that corresponds to that planet is called the region of Atala. In any case, it is a world where the ineffable, those who have managed to crystallize in themselves the three primary forces of creation, can really purify themselves, to eliminate undesirable elements from their psyche, in order to be able to enter, or to penetrate into the sacred Solar Absolute.

This Purgatory planet is, then, for the totality of our universe, the heart and the place of concentration of all the results of the pulsation, of everything that works and exists in the universe.

In an esoteric manner, a certain master affirms emphatically that “Our Common Father Creator Endlessness appears there so often only because this holy planet is the place of existence of the most unfortunate of 'highest being-bodies' who obtained their coating on various planets of the whole of our Great Universe.”

Obviously, those who have become deserving of living on that sacred planet, suffer, yearn, want to enter the sacred Absolute Sun. Obviously, Aelohim, that is, That which has no name, the eternal common cosmic Father, assumes some form, appears frequently there so that these apparitions (proper to Him), can, we say, console the souls that struggle to eliminate all the inhuman elements from their psychic nature.

Undoubtedly, this sacred planet is the best, the richest, and the most beautiful of all the planets of our solar universe. I am referring, therefore, to a secret, esoteric, hidden planet. Undoubtedly, all the space of our grand universe, or as we would say, all the heavens, all the worlds, reflect their glory in that secret planet.

It is stated that it has exquisite and incomparable splendors; it is stated that there only are fresh springs and nothing but fresh springs; it is stated that on that world there are ten thousand mineral springs, and vegetables that, because of their purity and naturalness, they say, have no rivals in the entire universe.

The initiates assure, clearly, that gathered there are the best and most beautiful songbirds from all of our universe, whose number reaches twelve thousand species.

As for the supraplanetary formations, such as flowers, fruits, berries, and others of the same type, the words of the best initiates would not suffice to describe them all with complete, dazzling clarity. It can be said that gathered there is almost all the flora and fauna of all the planets of our solar system.

In every corner of that sacred world there are all kinds of mysterious caverns, some built by Mother Nature, others artificially made. They are inhabited by those who are fighting tirelessly in order to eliminate the last inhuman elements from their nature.

Also there are wonderful cosmic ships with which those sacred individuals can travel throughout the unalterable infinity. Such ships, it is said, were given to these people by that angel, or better said archangel, who in esotericism is known by the name of Herkission.

So, it is worthwhile to understand all of these mysteries. It is worthwhile to understand all of these subjects...

There is no doubt that each solar system of the inalterable infinite has a sacred Absolute Sun; there is no doubt that these Absolute Suns of the infinite all form, in themselves, the Holy Protocosmos.  

tree of life laws

Normally, the sacred Absolute Sun is addressed as if it were the only one for all of the cosmoses that live and palpitate in the inalterable space. This is how it is always addressed, because in those suns only the unity of life reigns. But indeed, there are many sacred Absolute Suns. I repeat, in order to be engraved in your mind: each universe has its own sacred Absolute Sun.

So, there must also be innumerable Purgatory planets throughout the starry space! There is no doubt that in every solar system there is a Purgatory planet.

It would not be possible for the inhabitants of any system of worlds to immerse themselves into the bosom of the sacred Absolute Solar without having been purified first. Obviously, they must eliminate the residual, we might say, subjectivity that has remained in their superior existential bodies.

When making this statement, when speaking now of the sacred Absolute Sun, stating that it was about to be dissolved, or vanished, and that it was necessary to create the solar system, that is, to initiate the new mahamanvantara or new great cosmic day, I do it with a definite purpose. It is clear that if this solar system had not been created, the sacred Absolute Sun would have been dissolved... Now, through the external influx of forces that reach it, that system is sustained. Thus, it gives life; but in turn, it picks up forces from the outside world that maintain it; behold the law of the eternal cosmic common trogoautoegocrat...

Let us now enter into the strictly sexual field.

Undoubtedly, if the laws of three and seven — meaning the Holy Triamanzikamno and the sacred Heptaparaparshinock — constitute the foundation on which this whole universe is sustained...

As for the first laws, those of the Holy Triamanzikamno, we already know that they are: The Holy Affirming, the Holy Denying, and the Holy Reconciling; that is, the positive, negative and neutral forces.

As for the law of seven, I will say the following: the forces or line of the flow of forces constantly deflecting according to law and uniting again at its ends. There is no doubt that the law of seven has seven fundamental magnetic centers; in esotericism they are called the seven stopinder...

Thus, the electric and magnetic powers, the sexual forces in themselves, undoubtedly pass from region to region, descend from world to world through the seven stopinder or magnetic centers.

The line of sex forces in their descending process, obviously, cannot be interrupted; they normally originate vehicles, that is, they become the generating force through which species multiply. The children of fornication, the intellectual animals, do not ignore this ...

When the creator energy has descended from the higher worlds, when it has passed through its seven stopinder or magnetic centers, when it finally crystallizes in the physical world, it must receive a special shock, if what we want is to return it inwardly and upwardly, in order to make new creations, otherwise it will flow down to generate new organisms.

When we analyze this issue, we understand the error of some abstaining monks and nuns: these individuals proposed to abstain in order to save the sperm, but since they did not know the science of transmutation, they degenerated frightfully; they were loaded with terribly malignant poisoninoskirian vibrations. It is clear that when the sperm does not receive a special shock, then it degenerates terribly, giving origin to the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

The sacred Absolute Sun gives us the example: from it emanates life, which descends from region to region, but later it gathers its forces from the same life, that is, it receives a shock from the outside world and when it is received, it sustains itself. This is how the esotericist should proceed. But by keeping the sperm, the monks and nuns went by the path of devolution. The degenerated sperm originated two classes of subjects: in the first case of these we see individuals too obese and loaded with fat, and in the second case, skinny and lean monks. Both classes were charged with terribly perverse poisoninoskirian vibrations, both are regrettable cases. This class of subjects are usually full of fanaticism and expert cynicism in high degree. Behold what the monks of the Inquisition are.

Thus, only through a special shock can the creative energy be transmuted, for the regeneration and intimate self-realization of the Being. Such a shock is possible only with sexual magic. So, without maithuna, regeneration is not possible...

I have spoken clearly so that you understand: we must imitate the sacred Absolute Sun (the Cosmic Christ).

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