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Easter is not just Christian.
Radha and Krishna

Mysteries of the Gnostic Easter

By practicing sexual magic, the Divine Soul becomes one with our Innermost, after this first Initiation of Maior Mysteries, a vast and grandiose sea is opened before us, because here we have to redeem our animal soul.

The union of the Divine Soul [Geburah] with our Innermost [Chesed] signifies that we have accomplished, within us, the development of this terrestrial period; nonetheless, this does not signify that we have accomplished our entire development. In order for our Innermost to assimilate the consciousness of each of our four bodies of sin, each one of these internal bodies must attain absolute perfection.

tree of life monad soul

Our dense Earth will become subtle and ethereal in the age of Jupiter. Afterwards, our Earth will become of the same matter of the astral body. Much latter, the Earth will become of the same matter of the mental body.

Therefore, the (common) human being will not have an absolutely perfect ethereal body until finalizing that future ethereal epoch of our future Earth. Likewise, our astral body will not attain perfection until finalizing the epoch in which our Earth will be made of astral matter; moreover, the human mind that until now is just in the dawning of its birth, will only reach absolute perfection when finalizing that future mental epoch of our planet.

The proficient consciousness of each one of these instruments must be extracted and assimilated by the Innermost when those vehicles have reached perfection; then the human being will become realized as a hierophant of Major Mysteries.

The First Initiation of Major Mysteries or the high initiation is just the union of the purely Spiritual Soul with the Innermost. This purely Spiritual Soul becomes the sum total of all of the fruits of our millenarian experiences throughout our innumerable reincarnations, and those who receive the high initiation are just finalizing their education in relation with the terrestrial period, and as is natural, they harvest their millenarian fruits in the form of powers and divine extracts. The result is the Diamond Soul of the Innermost.

The Second Initiation of Major Mysteries allows the adept to harvest all of the fruits of the future perfection of the ethereal body of the human being.

The Third Initiation of Major Mysteries allows the adept to harvest all of the perfections of the body of desires of the human being.

The Fourth Initiation of Major Mysteries will allow the adept to harvest all of the perfections of the mental body of the human being

There exists a Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries that we are not allowed to reveal because we won’t reach comprehension of it.

tree of life seven initiations

Thus, this is how we liberate our animal soul from the mud of the earth and of pain. Then, we will liberate ourselves from the four bodies of sin and become Dhyan-choan, in other words, ineffable gods living within the immensity of the infinity.

Through each one of these Initiations of Major Mysteries we acquire the correspondent wisdom of each one of these future cosmic periods.

Common and ordinary humanity acquires this same wisdom during perfecting processes that take eternities of pain and bitterness.

Each one of these five Initiations of Major Mysteries has nine degrees which are analogous to the nine arcades (or initiations) of Minor Mysteries, to which the majority of masters of the doctrine of mysteries refer.

Many students of occultism (such as Theosophism, Spiritism, Rosicrucianism, etc.) think that in order to become an adept or mahatma, it is necessary to abandon the world and to withdraw to the snowy summits of the Himalayas in order to live an ascetic life, far away, very far away from any sexual or human relation. Such “models of wisdom,” through their morbid fancies, are just searching for ways to avoid real life and for consolations to their pietisms and vain mental lucubration, because indeed, the human being can only be united with his Innermost by living an intensively lively life and by practicing sexual magic with their priest/priestess spouse.

When we state that sex is the same Eden, we are not speaking in a symbolic way, but in a literal way and without any type of metaphors. The Edenic light inundates the interplanetary spaces with an enlightened rosy color, which is filled with transformative atoms of high voltage; thus when we sexually connect to our priest/priestess spouse we attract to our individual atmosphere that powerful Edenic light that then submerges us within its ineffable ocean called Eden.

Thus, this is how we penetrate within that precious Garden of Eden, to which the Bible refers, and we transform ourselves into angels. The Edenic light is the agency of all the cosmic creations of the infinite and this is what Einstein forgot when he delivered his theory of relativity. The Edenic light is the great universal agent of life that the gods manipulate in order to elaborate their planetary creations.

Humanity must know that the gods are perfect human beings and that each human being is a chained god, a Prometheus chained to the hard rock of matter.

promethues chained

Prometheus / Lucifer

The solar system in which we live, move and have our Being, is just a scale of the igneous serpent of a Great Being (the Solar Logos) to whom we render the same adoration that the atoms of our own individual bodies render to our Being, meaning, to our Innermost.

People are afraid of losing their beliefs, within which the mind of many, too many, sick mystics are encaged, and which is filled with very ancient pietism and sanctimoniousness. Gnosis is not a matter of believing or not believing in this or that; it is what we must comprehend and discern with the scalpel of the consciousness in order to undress the symbols from their values and to see what they have related to reality. Beliefs are dead forms, hard crusts, to which the sanctimonious and weak attach themselves.

Max Heindel stated the following:

“When the Savior Christ Jesus was crucified, His body was pierced in five places, in the five centers where the currents of the vital body flow; and the pressure of the crown of thorns caused a flow from the sixth also. (This is a hint to those who already know these currents. A full elucidation of this matter cannot be publicly given out at this time.)

“When the blood flowed from these centers, the great Sun-spirit (the Cosmic) Christ was liberated from the physical vehicle of Jesus and found Himself in the Earth, with individual vehicles. The already existing planetary vehicles He permeated with His own vehicles and, in the twinkling of an eye, diffused His own desire body over the planet, which has enabled Him thenceforth to work upon the Earth and its humanity from within.

“At that moment a tremendous wave of spiritual sunlight flooded the Earth. It rent the veil which the Race-spirit had hung before the Temple to keep out all but the chosen few, and it made the Path of Initiation free thenceforth to whomsoever will. So far as concerned the Spiritual Worlds, this wave transformed the conditions of the Earth like a flash of lightning, but the dense, concrete conditions are, of course, much more slowly affected.

“Like all rapid and high vibrations of light, this great wave blinded the people by its dazzling brilliance, therefore it was said that "the Sun was darkened." The very opposite was what actually occurred. The Sun was not darkened, but shone out in glorious splendor. It was the excess of light that blinded the people, and only as the entire Earth absorbed the desire body of the bright Sun-spirit did the vibration return to a more normal rate.”

However, Max Heindel did not reach the “high initiation” therefore, he could not clarify this event very well, yet, I Samael Aun Weor, Master of Major Mysteries, can clarify this mystery as follows:

When the Bible relates the event of Golgotha, it affirms:

And it was about the sixth hour, and there was a darkness over all the earth until the ninth hour. And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst. And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost. - Luke 23: 44-46


So, when the gospel affirms that there was darkness over all of the earth in the moment in which the Lord gave up the ghost, it is simply portraying a truthful and real spiritual fact that is repeated within any initiate that reaches the High initiation. In the moment when the human being becomes united with his Innermost, he remains submerged within the profound darkness of the infinite, thus illuminating himself with his own spiritual fuel; the light that was illuminating him within all of the cosmic planes and within the entire infinite was a borrowed light, that light that nourished him was the light of the gods; they were his spiritual parents who nourished him with such a light. Now, he has to nourish others with his own light. The gods were nourishing him, were taking care of him, were illuminating him and feeding him in the same way that a mother does with the fruit of her womb, while her child grows and becomes capable to work and to be a cognizant citizen. So, once he is capable of becoming self-reliant, he no longer is in need of his parents.

Therefore, the one who becomes joined to his Innermost is already an elder brother capable of illuminating himself with his own spiritual fuel, extracted from the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil; thus, from within him, the gods remove their light, with which they were nourishing him during his state of spiritual gestation within the bosom of the Blessed Mother of the World.

Thus, when the human being is born to a spiritual life, he becomes a cognizant citizen of the cosmos; then, he has to illuminate himself with his own spiritual fuel.

During the first days after the high initiation, the master feels that nostalgia that the adolescent feels when is abandoned for the first time from his paternal care and he feels alone within the great cities in search for a job in order to get bread. Now, there are no considerations for him; now, only strange faces where “everyone is for their own,” where everyone has to rely on himself.

So, one experiences the Golgotha of high initiation in the body of bones and flesh. Judas is never absent in this personal event, as well as Mary Magdalene or Peter; thus, in the complete Calvary the disciple feels abandoned by his own Innermost and the world no longer grants any attraction whatsoever onto him. This is when the initiate, filled with pain, exclaims to his Father: “My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

So, the initiate has to live his own Golgotha and to repeat the life of Christ within himself, thus when his soul becomes united with his Innermost he resurrects within the internal worlds.

This initiatic process of Easter is very minute and delicate and therefore we only give a brief synthesis, because we will require full hours and even entire years in order narrate the processes of the high initiation. Moreover, the esotericism prohibits revealing onto the profane the great secrets of the high initiation; this is why we only limit ourselves to state that one experiences the Golgotha of high initiation in the body of bones and flesh and that the resurrection is internal. So, initiation is experienced in the same life!

Any initiation is a Nature’s parturition, and any parturition is painful!

In my personal case, my Judas was a very dear disciple of mine, and my accusers in their overwhelming majority - it is painful to admit it, but - they were the spiritualists of Colombia, the enemies of my book The Perfect Matrimony. All of them were protesting against me and against my book, thus in the astral plane they were accusing me before a black magician who was my own Pontius Pilate.

Therefore, those who want to comprehend the mysteries of Easter must reach the high initiation; they have to live the tragedy of Golgotha in their bodies of bones and flesh. They will have their own Judas, their own Pilate and their accusers when they decide to climb up to their own Golgotha.

The seven chakras of the astral body, the endocrine glands and their correspondent ethereal and mental wheels are only the purely animal exponents of the Seven Suns of the Innermost. These Seven Suns of the Innermost reside within his Diamond Soul.

Therefore, when we state that the Kundalini opens the seven churches under the guidance of the Innermost, we are talking about the Christification of the Diamond Soul. This soul has to light her Seven Suns and to totally Christify herself so that she can become fused with the Innermost.

The eye of Brahma has the shape of a white and glowing star that the master carries on his divine forehead. The ear of Brahma is a marvelous white sun that the master carries on his creative larynx. The heart of Brahma shines with the divine white and blue colors within the heart of the master. The solar fire resplendently shines in the navel of Brahma and finally the other three centers of Brahma shine as ineffable suns.

The Innermost has his seven churches in his Diamond Soul and the astral chakras are just his animal exponents; they are something like the shadow of the Seven Suns of the Innermost.

Gnostics are neither interested in inferior psychism nor in the astral chakras of the animal soul. We are concerned only in the Diamond Soul and the Innermost.

We are concerned only with superlative powers of the consciousness. We must put to an end onto the process of the animal soul and extract the psychic extracts from our inferior bodies with heroism in order to assimilate those psychic extracts within our Diamond Soul, for each one of us to become Self-realized as a Brahmin or as a Dhyan-choan or as a solar Pitri.

The Diamond Soul is the Buddhic or intuitional body, it is the body of the spirit of life, it is the “soul-spirit;” it is Buddha, the superlative consciousness of the Being, and even when the astral chakras rotate and shine, they are nothing but simple and mere weak wax candles when compared with the ineffable radiance of the seven churches that the Innermost has located in his Diamond Soul. Joyful be the ones who liberate themselves from the bodies of sin!

By carefully studying the Bible we will understand that the event of Pentecost on which the apostles receive the Holy Spirit happened after the sacrifice of Golgotha and this is very significant.

When the Gnostic has already passed through the Golgotha of high initiation, they must continue practicing sexual magic with their priest/priestess spouse for two reasons: firstly, because the sexual connection between husband and wife is indispensable in order to maintain the harmony of their home and this is understandable to any person who has a conjugal life; and secondly, in order to receive the Holy Spirit in Pentecost.

The fire of Kundalini is the fire of the Holy Spirit that protrudes, after having opening its path through the superior part of the cranium, through a certain ethereal orifice, which remains always closed in common and ordinary people.

When, by means of supreme efforts of sexual magic, the fire of the Kundalini protrudes over the head of the human body, it assumes the shape of white dove within a bluish color flame.

That white dove is the Holy Spirit, which illuminates us with the omniscience of the sacred fire of Kundalini. We have already explained that the Kundalini is the same fire of the Holy Spirit. Thus, when the Master receives the Holy Spirit, the Kundalini becomes the Omniscient instructor of the Master and the Holy Spirit wisely guides him.

Any master is a child of the Holy Spirit, because any master is a child of sexual magic, this is why the Holy Spirit appeared with the shape of the white dove over the Christ in the moment in which he was baptized in the Jordan, and this is why the Holy Spirit said from heaven: “This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

baptism1 Botezul Domnului

That white dove floats over the head of any master and instructs and guide him with his omniscience; this is how the Kundalini is converted into our instructor when we have dominated the beast completely.

When the fire of Kundalini protrudes over the head of the physical body of any master, Jehovah delivers unto that master a profoundly symbolic sacred jewel.

Let us read the verses 1, 2, 3, 4 of the chapter 2 of Acts:

And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place. And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.


Those “cloven tongues like as of fire” over each apostle are the Kundalini of each apostle, they are the sexual force, they are the sacred fire of chastity; they are the atoms of omniscience.

Therefore, the master is a child of the Holy Spirit; the master is a child of the sexual force; the master is a child of the igneous serpent Kundalini.

When the fire of the Holy Spirit lights the atoms of language situated in the seminal region, then the master receives the power of tongues, thus he utters all of the languages of the world.

Great clairvoyants can see that over the head of any master exists a bluish flame, and within that flame, the figure of a white dove.

So, the omniscient atoms of the Holy Spirit or sexual energy, called Kundalini in the East, assume the beautiful figure of the white dove in order to illuminate and guide the master.

Therefore, any master is a child of the Kundalini. Any master is a child of the sexual energy. Any master is a child of the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit always says from heaven to any master:

"This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased."

Krishna and Radha

"The beautiful Mary Magdalene is without a doubt the same as Radha, Salambo, Matra, Ishtar (EASTER), Astarte, Aphrodite, and Venus. All the priestess-wives of the world constitute the solar aura of the repented Magdalene. Blessed be those men who will find shelter in that aura, because theirs will be the kingdom of heaven."

Easter is a sacred day which symbolizes the culmination of the process of initiation. This sacred day is universal and is not limited to the Christian dogma; it is a day for all human beings who march on the path of the Self-realization of the Being.