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Movies, Education, and the Difference Between Egos and Mental Representations

From the questions asked in Wednesday's lecture, I realize that not all the brothers and sisters were able to grasp (capture fully) that lecture related to psychic aggregates and representations...

In the name of the truth, we must say that the world of the mind is the repository of all past, present, and future mental forms. The world of the natural or universal mind must therefore be thoroughly studied, deeply, if we want to understand something about the ego and representations.

Many brothers and sisters have not been able to clearly think of the difference between ego and representations...

We have said, emphatically, that the psychic aggregates (all together) constitute what is called "ego". Each psychic aggregate is the vivid personification of some psychological defect.

We have also said that within each aggregate there is a certain percentage of intimate consciousness. We have clarified that by disintegrating these aggregates, we free the consciousness. We have given the techniques to follow...

But, in our last lecture, we added something different to this matter of aggregates: I am referring clearly, precisely, to the question of representations. What difference would there be, for example, between aggregates and representations? That is what we are going to study in today's lecture...

Within the merely practical field of life, a person is a person (an object of the senses), and the mental representation or mental image that we have of the person is something else. It is something similar to the difference between a person and his photograph. The person is the person, and his photo is his photo. The photo of him is the representation of him, what represents him.

There are mental photos, too. And one thing is really a person, and another thing is a mental picture that we have about the person. The mental photo becomes the representation of the person.

The psychic aggregates constitute the ego, but the representations...

...perceive the objects of the senses in the world of the senses. So too, it is true that there are representations in the mind. In the esoteric worlds (the internal worlds, in the world of the mind), such representations are called “effigies” by the white universal brotherhood; there are thousands of them...

Movies and Theaters

I am going to cite a specific case of the formation of effigies or representations. Many years ago, I still had the bad habit of going to the cinema (about 20 years ago). One day, I attended a movie with a rather lustful taste, a couple appeared there, etc., etc... I saw that movie and I forgot about it, I didn't think about it anymore, about that movie, but in the world of the mind things changed: in that region I found myself (in the mental body), inside an elegant room. I was sitting at a table; Next to me, there was also a very elegant lady. But she was the same one I had seen in the movie: her features, her way of walking, speaking, etc., etc.Obviously, I was facing a representation of the mind; a representation of that figure from the screen, which had been deposited in my mental body. I had an encounter, let's say, of a romantic type, with that "mental lady", who was nothing but a representation...

Obviously, there was a very serious mistake. I had created that representation, that effigy. Suddenly I was forced to descend into the astral world. I then found myself in a great temple, before a great master and a group of masters.

I still remember (although that happened 20 years ago) that adept gave me a note written in his handwriting. I read it, he said, “Immediately leave the temple, but with “INRI”. That is to say, conserving the sacred fire, since there had not been fornication or anything like that, but yes, a certain erotic aspect; that is all. 

Quite ashamed at heart, I realized my mistake. I went towards the entrance door of that great temple. But before leaving, I decided to kneel on a bench that was there, near to the door... I asked for forgiveness. Suddenly, the one who had brought me the note advanced again (he was nothing less than the very  guardian of the temple), and he told me, “Sir, you have been ordered to withdraw; obey!”

“Well, I want to talk with the venerable one”.

“Now you can't sir, perhaps later! At the moment he is busy examining some effigies." (In parentheses, I say to you: representations). I had no choice but to withdraw from that temple and I came directly (very embarrassed at heart), to my physical body.

Once inside the dense vehicle, I concentrated on the Christ asking for forgiveness. I recognized the mistake of having gone to that movie; I understood that I had made an effigy with my mind, and I begged the merciful to repeat the ordeal.

I was heard, because I had true compunction of heart; and the following night (in the mental body), I was taken to the same place: to the same table, to the same chairs in front of the table, and before the same "lady" (which was nothing more than a representation of a mental type). When the same “flirtatiousness” of the previous night was about to start, I remembered my purpose of amendment, and unsheathed, at once, my flaming sword, and pierced her (I pierced that “mental lady” with the sword) . Then I disintegrated it, because it was a mental form. The flame of the sword allowed me to pulverize it, reduce it to ashes, quickly.

Finished with that work, I descended again to the astral world. I penetrated inside my astral body; Already in possession of that "vehicle", I found myself inside a great temple (the same as the night before). Then I was received with joy, a party, I was congratulated, and later, my inner buddha or intimate buddha instructed me deeply: he took me in my mental body to the movie theaters (to show me what such rooms are), then I saw that they are all full of larvae, of representations, created by the very attendants to the films; mental forms deposited in those dens of black magic.

The inner buddha instructed me about all the dangers involved in going to the movies, he told me that instead of going to see the movies, I should start reviewing my previous lives, and he even made me review some pages. Then he took a sword and broke it like this, and he said to me, “You can end up like this: and to lose your sword, if you continue attending those black magic dens”.

“I told him: sir, I will not go back to those dens”. And I never went back.

So many years passed without ever returning; I confess, however (because I can't be false to myself), that they once showed a movie about the end of the world (a Michel de Nostradamus movie). Well, I said, this doesn't seem bad to me, it's about Nostradamus, about the times of the end; and I went... It was about Nostradamus and his "centuries" (I don't know if you know anything about it); I found the movie very healthy... This time I was not reprimanded because the movie I went to see was about Nostradamus, about the “centuries” (written by Nostradamus) and their prophecies. I didn't dare to go back, because, they can go and suddenly "pull" my ears, "for butting in where I didn't belong."

So, to those “morbid” movies, or those with a lot of eroticism, a lot of lust, and all those things, I never went back to that. I had an exception which was that of Nostradamus; that is all. In any case, I recognize that it is dangerous to enter those dens, because there are a multitude of larvae that are nothing more than mental forms, representations, of people, of bandits, of thieves, etc., that is, of everything that the spectators have seen on the screen...

So, in the name of the truth, I tell you that psychic aggregates are one thing, and representations are another.

The Devachan

The deceased usually waste a lot of time in the devachan. I cannot deny that the devachan is a place of happiness, bliss and peace. But unfortunately, the figures that make life pleasant and pleasant (in devachan) for the deceased, are ephemeral, they are mere [illusions], moving representations of their families, their relatives, their friends that they left on earth. In a word, the forms of the devachan, those living representations or effigies, are of an illusory nature; that's why I say they waste a lot of time in the devachan.

But they are happy, on the other hand, joyful; they feel accompanied by their loved ones they left on earth. They do not even remotely realize that what fills them with happiness are nothing but mere mental effigies; if they realized that, well, then the devachan would lose all interest, for the deceased...

In the mind of each one of us live many representations of our friends, our families, our ancestors, our relatives, etc.

It is clear, if someone tells us something against a friend, or against a relative, and we change the good concept we have with respect to the latter, that figure is altered, that mental effigy, let's say, is altered, and when altered it takes the new characteristics that we have given it: violence, theft, bad faith, anger, etc., and these attack us violently, becoming an obstacle to our esoteric work.

Crystallization of Mental Representations

alexandra david neel

Right now, I remember Alexandra David Neel (it would seem that David is a male name), but no: she was an European lady who was in Tibet). She set out to create, truly, a living representation, at will, a mental effigy; and she gave (to such a figure), the form of a Tibetan monk. And she even achieved the crystallization and materialization of that monk.

It is obvious that when someone knocked on her door, instead of going to open it, the monk went (he was seen physically), because such was the power with which she had materialized it.

After a certain time, that figure, that representation (intentionally created by Alexandra David Neel), began to assume dangerous characteristics: the effigy no longer obeyed her, it did what it wanted, it began to attack everyone (even her, etc. .), and it is clear, that the lady was scared.

So... a monastery, together, they dedicated themselves to disintegrating such an effigy. It was so strongly materialized that even though they were true experts in the world of the mind, they spent about six months of continuous work to be able to disintegrate it. that is a materialization (but complete) of a mental effigy!


I told you in the last lecture that we should not open our minds to negative representations because this was harmful; that we should only open the doors to positive impressions.

If we open the doors to negative impressions (to someone's gossip, who comes to speak against someone we carry here in our mind), the result will be fatal. The effigy or mental representation that we carry about that person, against whom they are speaking, can be altered, precisely, by negative emotions, coming from negative impressions, as well. Such a figure, then, assumes dark characteristics, turns against us and violently attacks us; that is clear, we carry a multitude of representations, and naturally, any of them that is altered becomes one more internal enemy of those already existing.

So it is convenient brothers and sisters that we reflect on this; that we learn how to live intelligently. Only in this way we will walk the path that will lead us to final liberation.

It is necessary to take care of the mind. Blavatsky said (quoting the Bhagavad Gita):

“The Mind (Manas) which follows the rambling senses, makes the Soul (Buddhi) as helpless as the boat which the wind leads astray upon the waters” (Bhagavadgītā 2:67).”

We need to control the senses and the mind. Many “mental birds”, or thoughts, get into the cage of understanding and harm us (I am referring to negative representations). Now you will comprehend better what I am saying: that you have to control the senses and the mind.

You go down the street, and suddenly you find, on a corner, a pornographic magazine. You start looking at it with some obscenity, and the result is the creation of a new mental representation. This new representation is a "bird of ill omen" that gets into the cage of the mind, to cause harm and fortify negative emotions and lust. The senses, therefore, must be controlled. Unfortunately, people do not remember to control the senses and the mind, and that is very serious.

Instead of looking at pornographic images, which lead to nothing but the creation of new mental effigies, it is worthwhile to study the books of wisdom, the holy scriptures, etc.

There is no doubt that true initiatory knowledge becomes fire, and therefore, power.

Modern Education

In this question of wisdom, which is so related to the mind, I think I understand, my dear brothers and sisters, that there is an antithesis: I am referring to that culture of the intellectual type, with which one is fed during the preparatory age. Certainly, that culture that they give one from kindergarten, in elementary schools, in high school, in college, in the university, comes to cause us terrible damage. I would qualify such a culture as black magic of the worst kind.

The university brothers and sisters, excuse me here, like everyone, brothers and sisters who have so many letters in their heads, I mean everyone, even myself. I recognize that I also went through such vaunted primary and secondary schools, and all that. That type of culture no longer has any relationship with the different parts of the Being, rather, it is related, of course, fatally, with the five cylinders of the machine and distorts them.

The intellectual center is the one that receives the worst damage, then the emotional, motor, instinctual and sexual center.  So, these five cylinders of the human machine being falsified, due to the type of "nourishment" they receive during the preparatory age, they no longer detect the waves of the cosmos and the universe, they hinder us to the divine harmonies of the infinite space and trap the essence, in exorbitant manner.

All this results in the "scoundrels of the intellect", who currently have the world in disgrace. They rule all the countries of the earth in this black age of kali yuga. We already know the disastrous state in which humanity finds itself today...

I confess to you, sincerely, that I was a lousy student, and it doesn't bother me...  They gave me a lot of "zeroes"... I swear to you that I am very happy for all the zeros that they gave me in my qualification. If it weren't for all those "zeroes", in these hours the five cylinders of my organic machine would be well melted, well burned...

But all those studies of the primary and secondary schools, "high school", etc. seemed dry to me; I yawned tremendously during class. The last one was when the grammar teacher grabbed me by the hair and put me on my feet in the street. Thanks to God, blessed be God! Otherwise, what would my life be like today, with the five cylinders of the machine burnt out?

Over there, in Guadalajara, they gave me the title of "doctor." I know they did it with very good intentions, but, word of honor, I didn't like it. I feel happy as I am.


My dear brothers and sisters, true wisdom is hidden wisdom, which, as I told you, becomes fire, real fire, real fire, that burns, in the universe.

I want you to understand that fire is really an unknown element for the intellectuals. It is an element that nobody knows its origin.

We strike a match, then, and fire is produced. Anyone would tell us that it is the product of combustion; there is no such thing: before such combustion existed, there was fire inside the arm, so that it could move itself; that's obvious. And continue to exist after the actual combustion of the fire...

I would rather say that with the touch of the match, or of that match, the substance that contains the fire in a latent state is destroyed, then, by destroying the envelope within which the fire is in a latent state, the flame comes out into the open.

What interests us, really, is not the physical fire, but the astral signature of the fire, that is to say: the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame. Such an igneous or Christic power, or such a power, let us say, the logos itself, the solar logos; that is what interests us.

We know that true knowledge becomes solar fire; but one thing is the fire here, in the physical world, and another is the fire during the non-manifestation, or in the world of natural causes, or in the chaos.

There we find ourselves, directly, with the lords of the flame (who are true fire). There we find that power that is latent in the chaos, that electrical creative power that induces all life in the universe.

That is what we see in the higher spheres of cosmic creation; latent fire is a wonder... those igneous breaths of the constellation of Leo, living creatures impossible to describe with words; living representations of the sephirothic crown (of the Hebraic kabbalah) are Kether, Chokmah and Binah, each one of them (is fire) ...

There are twelve orders of adepts in this cosmos, related to the twelve zodiacal signs. There is no doubt that that order of the lions of fire, or lions of life (from the constellation of Leo), is the most exalted. So it is written, and so it is! 

For all these and other things, you will see, the need to study this universal cosmic wisdom, the study of gnosis, because only this knowledge (because it is related to the different parts of the Being), can become fire, in living and philosophical fire...


tsong khapaMuch has been said about the buddhas, and there is no doubt that there are buddhas of contemplation and buddhas of manifestation, but those are creatures that dominated the mind, that destroyed the ego, that did not allow negative emotions to enter their hearts, that they did not give themselves the bad taste of creating mental effigies in their own minds, nor in the minds of others.

Let us remember Je Tsongkhapa. He is the same Buddha Gautama Sakyamuni reincarnated in Tibet...

One thing is the manifest Buddha (for example, Gautama Sakyamuni), and another thing is the Buddha of the Buddha: Amitabha (who is his true divine prototype).

Amitabha is the buddha of contemplation and Gautama, let's say, the earthly buddha, or bodhisattva. We cannot deny that Amitabha brilliantly expressed himself through this Gautama. We cannot also deny that later, Amitabha sent Gautama (his bodhisattva, or earthly buddha), to a new reincarnation directly. So, he expressed himself as Je Tsongkhapa...

These buddhas of contemplation are masters of the mind; creatures that freed themselves from the mind, lords of fire. It is clear that all those buddhas adore the great buddha and worship him, who is the logos.

Looking at things from these angles, from these points of view, we are increasingly comprehending the need to control the senses, subjugate the mind, free ourselves from the mind, to learn how to live wisely, if we really want to come to turn into contemplation buddhas; that is obvious.

Times are passing, my dear brothers and sisters, and as they pass, we must feel the need for the final liberation…

In the name of the truth, we have to say: that as long as we are only slaves of the ego and the representations of the mind, the final liberation will continue to be something more than impossible...

Why do the disembodied waste time? I repeat: for representations. They accompany them in the devachan; and although they enjoy an apparent happiness, obviously, they are wasting their time, miserably.

Humanity wastes a lot of time with representations; humanity wastes a lot of time with the ego; all this, truly, is more bitter than gall.

The time has come to understand that the uncreated light is fundamental. The desire towards light becomes uncreated light. This uncreated light emerges from the deep darkness of non-being. All of us must yearn for the light, desire it, and work with the purpose of being born, one day, really, in the uncreated light.


Currently, there are many bodhisattvas in the world: it so happens that in the past epochs of our planet earth (during the golden, silver and copper ages), many entered the mysteries, became adepts, or in other words, became bodhisattvas. buddhas; but when the age of kali yuga came, the ego took on a terrible force in all those ancient initiates. And it took strength, because they did not know how to live, and they succumbed to temptations, otherwise the ego would not have resurfaced in them.

Today there are many fallen bodhisattvas on the face of the earth. If they took more care of the mind and disintegrated the ego, if they resolved not to create more effigies, they would stand up, they would reemerge victorious...

What is a bodhisattva? It is simply a germ, a seed, or in other words, a "seed" with an etheric, microcosmic organism, which can develop, in itself, into a celestial being. (It is clear that if the bodhisattva works on himself, but if he does not, such a "seed" does not develop, and the opportunity is lost).

Glorious beings who lived in the civilizations of Egypt, Babylon, India, Persia, etc., etc., are now latent in those "seeds", which in some subjects, is stored within their own sexual endocrine glands. If such a "seed", with an etheric organism, achieved its full development, those beings would remain in full possession of their body (again), and would be a blessing for humanity.

But unfortunately, the worst enemy that all those fallen brothers and sisters have, all those dethroned adepts, is the mind. That is why I have insisted so much, in the last lecture (and in this one), on the need not to open the doors of our mind to negative impressions, which can alter some representations, which would hinder our inward and upward progress.

For this reason, I have also insisted so much on the need to disintegrate the beloved ego. it is that the ego and the Being are incompatible! that is obvious.

Well, my dear brothers and sisters, for today, so ends our lecture; I hope you reflect, very sincerely; and I think that now, with this explanation, you have been able to understand the issue of mental effigies or representations, deposited in the world of the mind.

Questions and Answers

Before finishing this third chamber lecture, I give freedom of speech, so that those who have not understood, ask, and can do so (as I told you), with confidence...

Disciple: Master, there is a question: do the effigies return when the ego returns to a new matrix, or do they disintegrate like the personality?

Samael Aun Weor: Effigies can be kept for some time, until they gradually weaken. Sometimes they return (not every time they return), and they gradually weaken. When one loses interest in this or that effigy or representation, it can no longer feed, and dissolves.

Any other question?

Disciple: I don't understand that thing about "sphinxes", master...

Samael Aun Weor: I am not talking about “sphinxes”, but about “efigies”.

Disciple: Master, one makes good and bad images and representations, right master? Those good representations, do they also form effigies?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, they exist; there are representations or effigies that can be positive or negative, but they are nothing more than mere mental forms. When one learns to live from moment to moment, the possibility of creating such forms ends, concludes; but if one lives only in time, the effigies end up creating also, continuously, in time.

Disciple: These effigies (master), the positive ones should also be eliminated?

Samael Aun Weor: Both of them are nothing more than fleeting, vain, “Mayavic” figures, who have no true reality, and therefore it is better to disintegrate them.

Disciple: So, definitely, the negative effigies are the ones that are harming us the most?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously that's the way it is, they are the ones that do us the most damage. But it could happen that a positive effigy, let's say about a good friend, was altered by having "heard", for example, a gossip about him; then, once this effigy has been altered, he attacks us violently, because it assumes the new form that we give it, and of course, he becomes an internal enemy that attacks us and can even cause us harm.

Disciple: Master, I have understood that the difference between an effigy, a representation and the ego, is that the ego has bottled up a portion of our intimate essence and the representation does not. it is right?

Samael Aun Weor: It is correct, in the representation there is no bottled essence. In the ego there is indeed a bottled essence...

Disciple: Venerable master, when the effigy is a consequence of an ego, for example: the vanity of believing oneself to be a “good gnostic”, is it a representation that can, consequently, bottle up a part of the essence?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that already changes things. If one has the vanity to believe oneself to be a “good" gnostic, that is already due to the “I” of vanity. There is no effigy there, there is no representation. It happens that, simply, one feels like “mother goose”, or “the father of Tarzan”; that is all.

Disciple: The method to eliminate the psychological “I” (more or less), we are assimilating it day by day, through practice, master; but is another method needed to remove the effigies?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, “similian similius curantur”; or that other thing that says: “as above, so below”. Through the fiery power of Vulcans weapons, we can disintegrate an ego that is so heavy.

Because there are egos of 96 laws, there are some of 48, 24, and even 12. There are also egos of 96 by 1, by 2, by 3, by 4, by 5, by 6, by 7, by 8, by 9 (multiplied), and yet we disintegrate them through work, with the technique of the forge of the Cyclopes, in the flaming forge of Vulcan, how much more a representation! To disintegrate a representation, so much effort is not needed: a little attention and a single job that one does in the “forge”.

Disciple: Is comprehension itself enough?

Samael Aun Weor: That's it! I did not need more than a single job with the "flaming sword" to disintegrate that effigy, which had its prototype in a movie theater.

Disciple: What do we do with those effigies that we have since childhood? That they have had it for one year, and suddenly, they come to one's memory, and one remember the "better said"; one comes back and sees those things that one saw ten years ago....

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it seems that you are confusing the teleoginooras tapes with representations...

Disciple: No, I say, a representation that one has done many years ago... One saw, for example, a movie (when one was little) and that image remained engraved in one...

Samael Aun Weor: Ah, well! If so, then you already know: the procedure is the same, it is the same that is used to destroy the ego. It doesn't take so much work to be able to disintegrate a representation; turns to dust in seconds...

Disciple: Venerable master, as a consequence of what does one forms representations? As a result of his psychic aggregates? Does this have something to do with the state of our mind, or that we do not have a created mind? Or perhaps as a consequence of the Kundabuffer organ? Why do we create representations?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, then, due to the senses. Because it is clear that the forms penetrate through the senses and reach the mind, and there they are deposited in the form of representations.

A buddha, for example, is a creature that has no representations, that is why he is a buddha, because he does not carry representations in the mind, neither positive nor negative. That is why he is a buddha, he is integral, unitotal, enlightened; he has, let us say, developed, in himself, the uncreated light, he has self-realized it in himself.

Disciple: Venerable master, you have said that there are positive and negative representations. I ask: for example, if one knows a person who is sick, and one who is already healthy, completely healthy, visualizes it, does this force us to create effigies and in what way does it influence us?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that representation that is used for that person to heal is a positive representation; but, after having used it to heal that person, you have to disintegrate it, otherwise it stays there bothering the mind.

Disciple: Venerable master, do representations have anything to do with mechanical imagination?

Samael Aun Weor: When the representations arise mechanically, it is obvious, that they are related to the mechanical imagination; but, when they arise intentionally (as in the case cited here, by the sister), then undoubtedly it is the cognizant imagination; that has taken part in shaping such representation.

Disciple: We have spoken, venerable master, of the representations that we can make of other people; but, really, can we also create representations of ourselves?

Samael Aun Weor: One can create as many representations as one wants. Alexandra David Neel created the representation of a Tibetan monk. Six months later she spent to be able to disintegrate that effigy, because it was already dangerous. So, one with one’s mind can do what one wants.

Disciple: Venerable master, could you give me an example of a representation that we could create ourselves?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if you imagine that you are, well, a superhuman (let's say), then of course if you imagine that you are already a superhuman, full of power, of majesty, you make a representation of yourself, positive (or full of pride or whatever you want). But negative representations can also be created. One can create with his mind, positive or negative representations. that's clear!

Disciple: Master, are incubi and succubae a variety of effigies?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is said that such incubi and succubae are a variety of effigies. They are representations; that's clear. But I would go further, reflecting here with you tonight...

I have thoroughly studied Frantz Hartmann’s “elementals”. He assures that if a person, for example, spends his sacred sperm, through masturbation, of the respective erotic, lustful images, he creates, if he is a man, a feminine representation, that is, a succubae (female), but, if it is a woman who does the same, creates an incubus (which is male in nature).

These are transparent like glass, it has been said. They cause great damage because they continue to feed on the vital body of their progenitors. 

It is said: “representations!” But we are going to analyze these things in depth, will they be representations or not? I simply think that those such incubi and succubae (already analyzing the question and getting out of Frantz Hartmann's text), are psychic aggregates created at will by the vice of their progenitor. 

So we could call them: "incubi aggregates" and "succubae aggregates" in the human psyche (that's all), since they steal part of the consciousness of their progenitor, or their progenitors. So, they are not mere representations...

Let's see sister

Disciple: Venerable master, then do the incubi and succubae require a special form of destruction, a special technique?...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, I have been reflecting now, and I see the need to disintegrate them, just as any other aggregate disintegrates...

Disciple: Are they aggregates?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, created by those who have such a vice!

Disciple: So, would a smudge cleaning help us with this [such as sage, rue, etc]?

Samael Aun Weor: Smudge cleaning is not worth it there! there the only thing that is worth is the spear, and a firm work with the divine mother kundalini in the forge of the cyclops! There are no smudge cleanings for psychic aggregates, these are not removed by smudge cleansing.

Any other question? Let's see, ask sister.

Disciple: Venerable master, I had understood that the incubi and succubae, with a little "sulfur powder" placed on the soles of the feet disintegrate.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, up until now, that's what I thought. And now I regret having believed so; now I am realizing that these are inhuman psychic aggregates, that must be turned to dust, like any other aggregate such as selfishness, such as hatred, violence, etc. That is the harsh reality of the facts! And may Mr. Franz Hartmann forgive me, then, for having contradicted his text: “the elementals”. We have changed our minds about that; experience is telling us the right thing.

Disciple: Venerable master, in your book "The Three Mountains", you tell us that as long as the individual or person has the mind, even if he has finished with the ego (of psychology), he can fall again. That is something we have not comprehended; that's why we ask the question.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, don't think that's weird. It is obvious that if a buddha has disintegrated his ego, but that buddha, for example, falls into the vice of fornication, of adultery, if he spills the cup of Hermes, simply, the ego arises in him again; it resurrects. But it is not a "new ego", it is "old"; and it rises from his own ashes, like the phoenix of mythology.

Disciple: Yes, but the question is: already being dead, why does he fall again? Venerable? If the buddha has already died in himself, why does he falls back into fornication?

Samael Aun Weor: Because you have the right! He can make of his life what he wants: if he wants to fall, he falls; if it occurs to him to go down, well, go down (that's his thing); well, we have full freedom for everything: there is freedom to work, freedom to live, freedom to suffer and to cry, and for everything, and for everything there is freedom in life...

All that host of the creator Elohim, did they not fall in Lemuria? Or we fell!... (Because I also went down in Lemuria). and why did we do it? Well, I did it because others did it; well it's a very silly answer, really, between the "ball" we went down all the ancient pitris of the Earth-Moon; even old Neptune, well, also fell. But thereafter we get up; that we had to cry a lot, scream, to be able to get up? That is true! But at that time, we went down...

Something very interesting comes to my mind right now: one day, being by the sea, it occurred to me to investigate something about sex in Lemuria. I asked my Father, who is in secret, to give me permission to do the research, in Lemuria, and permission was granted.

I penetrated what is called the "akashic archives" of nature. Already among those "akashic files", it was not difficult for me to invoke, for example, a group of friends that I had met in Lemuria. "Let them come here, I said, that family of lemurians."

Such a family arose (a group of giants); their bodies were so tall that their size would not fit here in this room (their heads would stick out through the ceiling and something else). They were dressed in the Lemurian style, dressed in their robes of that time and their mantles and their strange metal hats, etc., etc.

Said giants, at my order they sat down; I asked one or all of them, “Who is the boss here of all?”.

One of them, the head of the family, said:"it's me".

“Very well, are you going to answer me how do you reproduced yourselves in Lemuria, in your time, did you spill or did you not spill the cup of Hermes Trismegistus?”

Answer: “Yes, we spilled it”.

“But that is a crime, gentlemen, it is a taboo or sin!”.

“We did it with a lot of respect. And we only had sex when we wanted to engender a child, and nothing more; and with deep reverence...

“But, you acted badly, because you spilled the cup of Hermes. You are from the seventh Lemurian sub-race, and therefore, you were already fallen, stained. But, your ancestors, the third lemurian sub-race, reproduced themselves by the power of kriya shakti, and I am going to prove it to you.”

I made another great invocation. I then invoked another friend of the third lemurian sub-race; thus, a venerable old lemurian arrived, about four meters tall (a complete giant), but so it is. He had on his head, not only a mantle, but a multitude of hats of different nationalities.

I told him: “Why do you have those hats on your head? Those are mental forms! you come asleep, I am seen that you are fallen! dissolve those mental forms! Aren't you ashamed to carry that?"

He concentrated for a few moments and dissolved them instantly, in milliseconds.

I looked at his eyes and he was a bit comatose, which indicates that he currently has a body somewhere on planet Earth (but he is fallen at this time. He was not fallen at that time).

I told him: “Well, how did people reproduce in your time, during the third Lemurian sub-race? When people had not left Eden, how did you reproduce?

Response: “We never spilled the cup of Hermes. Reproduction was by kriya shakti; and the intercourse was carried out exclusively inside the temples”.

“Are you willing to bear witness to that?”

"Yes, I am willing".

“You see my friends, I told you, the two sexual acts: the one of the fallen and the one of the one who is not fallen".

“We understand” ...

We left that room. We saw a great building with five floors, representing the five races that have existed in the world, that is, the Polar root race, the Hyperborean root race, the Lemurian root race, the Atlantean root race and the Aryan root race, when observing the fifth race, I saw that it was the most degenerate of all.

The fallen of Lemuria, that is, those fallen Dhyanis, or fallen Elohim, or fallen bodhisattvas, fallen angels, of the seventh sub-race, who were then degenerated, however their degeneration did not reach the point (nothing more) that they only consented to have sexual intercourse, or they made the mistake of spilling the sacred sperm, but they did that exclusively when they wanted to engender a child (and they were already considered degenerate, for that reason, they were already degenerate). The Atlanteans, in the seventh subrace were (more degenerate)...

Thus, there are two forms of reproduction: one is bestial, or animal, spilling the glass of Hermes; and the other form of reproduction is the superior one, the one in which the cup of Hermes is not spilled, then select children are born, creatures with possibilities of very good spiritual development.

It is therefore clear that the possibilities of falling always exist during the cosmic manifestation. Only in the absolute, such possibilities, have ceased to exist. But sex, in itself, is never negative (of course, in itself), everything depends on the use made of it.

In Greek mythology we are clearly told of a divine trimurti: Chaos, Gaia and Eros, Eros being the Holy Spirit. So Eros is the third logos, the erotic force. Therefore this, in itself, is not negative; rather, it is needed for deep inner self-development. It is irreplaceable. Eros, in himself, is divine, since he is the third logos, he is the Holy Spirit.

The bad thing is not exactly Eros, but lust, and that is in the mind. That is why it has been said clearly:

“The Mind (Manas) which follows the rambling senses, makes the Soul (Buddhi) as helpless as the boat which the wind leads astray upon the waters” (Bhagavadgītā 2:67).”

Morbid thoughts generate new psychic aggregates; morbid effigies undoubtedly stimulate us, again and again, to the satisfaction of concupiscence; and that's it!

Any other questions brothers or sisters?

Disciple: ...

Samael Aun Weor: It so happens that in the same way that the human personality could coexist with things and people, or a photograph and its respective owner. Thus, a mental effigy is a kind of living photograph of something or someone, and it is deposited in the mind; that's it!

Let's see brother.

Disciple: Master, we have perfectly understood the idea of ​​effigies or mental representations. These cease to exist at the very moment that things are seen in themselves. When there are no representations of something or someone, it is because we live from moment to moment. Seeing things in themselves, well, a representation is no longer made, because we are awake...

Samael Aun Weor: That is, then, the importance of learning how to live according to the philosophy of the moment: always from instant to instant, from moment to moment. Thus we do not create effigies; It is the best!

Disciple: But then the work?... There is the question, master, one has to be awake from moment to moment so that images or representations of things are not created... That is almost impossible for us (to live from moment to moment), either because of the aggregates, or because of the images that we already have built. Undoubtedly, the work is much more arduous, now that we know this about the images; Now we have to eliminate the ego and eliminate effigies. It's almost impossible, master!

Samael Aun Weor: But it is not so impossible! If one learns to live according to the philosophy of momentariness: always from moment to moment. We don't create that; we don't create it! that is not impossible!; a little training is enough; and that is all!

Disciple: Venerable master, a question: the essence, outside the body, the affections, the desires, would see this world in a very different way (it would see it as it is). But, already the essence within this physical body, wouldn't see things through representations, already in a more complicated way, in a more conditioned way?

Samael Aun Weor: No, one would see them within the crude reality. Because if one, for example, through samadhi manages to live in that world of Atman, in that region of light, in which Atman is expressed with all its power, one discovers that everything there is mathematical; one sees nature as it is... ...which is exactly as it is and not otherwise. Because one thing is the photo of a thing and another thing is the thing in itself.

It is one thing to see a painting of nature, as it is, and another thing to see the photograph of that painting of nature. In this case, photography is the representation of that painting of nature.

Disciple: In other words, that a person who has died in himself, even though he has this physical vehicle, through it (which is the window through which he looks out onto this physical world), is he going to see things as they are?

Samael Aun Weor: Just as they are! But we must distinguish between things and "things in themselves". This was already established, very well, by Mr. Emmanuel Kant, the philosopher from Königsberg, in the “critique of pure reasoning”.

Disciple: Venerable master, by not transforming impressions, do we form new psychic aggregates, and by living according to the philosophy of momentariness, do we not allow representations to penetrate our minds?

Samael Aun Weor: When one lives according to the philosophy of the moment, it is clear that he does not make representations, because he lives from moment to moment; that's obvious!

So, it is better to dissolve the psychic aggregates, and to learn how to live from moment to moment. As one eliminates the psychic aggregates, one learns to live from moment to moment.

Take into account that the psychic aggregates are time; the “I” is time, it is a book of many volumes. But if we disintegrate the “I”, we will disintegrate time. And it is obvious that we will learn how to live from moment to moment.

Thus, learning to live is carried out little by little, as one eliminates the psychic aggregates, that is, as one eliminates time; as one eliminates the ego.

We have been told that Heropass is the worst tyrant, and it is true; Heropass is time, and time in us is the ego; when one dissolved the ego one has been destroyed Heropass, then time no longer exists, we learn to live like this, from second to second.

Disciple: Master, would you recommend a representation in order to eliminate the ego?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that turns out to be, let's say, a contradiction of common sense. It would be like starting a car by applying the brakes, obviously the car would not work. Using a representation to dissolve the ego is like... It doesn't work, in concrete terms: it doesn't work because no representation works to dissolve the ego; to dissolve the ego the only thing that works is the fruitful work in the forge of the cyclops.

Disciple: Master, to see things in themselves, we are achieving it to the extent that we are dying (so we have heard, from his person). To see the ego in itself, not a representation of the ego, not a non-existent, imaginary ego, no, but such as the ego is, we need to see it, see it in itself, that is, see it in a momentary moment; see it (with that superior sense, with that superior emotion), with the superior imagination that allows us to experience it. It is the only way for that ego to truly die, because the practice of the death of the “I” becomes sterile, at the same moment that we do not see the ego as it is, but rather we are making a representation of the ego.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, this is simply, let's say, a game of the mind, because in truth, we could not see the ego, in itself, if the sense of psychological self-observation has not been developed. Only by developing such a sense is it possible to see the ego.

To see the ego as a representation would be to fall into a vicious circle, a form of self-deception.

What interests us is to dissolve that which we are feeling, that which is thinking within us at a any given moment, that which at one moment, within us, is offending another person, that which at one moment is feeling lust, that which in our flesh is burning us in an instant of lasciviousness, that is what must be disintegrated. We need to be practical.

It is not about forming representations of the ego, but about psychologically self-observing ourselves and disintegrating it.

Disciple: Venerable master, touching on the sense of self-observation, does this have any direct relationship with the higher centers of the organic machine?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, obviously, the superior centers of the human machine itself are already falsified, precisely because of the education received. So, we will have to purge these centers of the human machine, and that is precisely why the work of the intimate self-realization of the being is so difficult.

There are two things that are harming us, that prevent someone's self-realization. I want to refer, precisely, to the false education received (as I already told you) during the preparatory age, and to heredity.

Our earthly father, our earthly mother, had certain habits, certain customs (wrong, or not wrong, but they had them). They, in turn, had them, because the inheritance was carried by the genes, they had inherited it from our grandparents. Our grandparents had the same customs because they had inherited them from our great-grandparents, and so on.

So that in the inheritance that we carry in our genes, there is a tendency to repeat certain mistakes of our ancestors; and they are so ingrained in us that we are not even aware of them. So that and the terrible negative education (received during the preparatory age), are an obstacle for the self-liberation of the Being.

Disciple: Venerable master, we who want to work to die within ourselves would like to know: are mental effigies exclusively mental, or are there also emotional effigies (originated by an emotional crisis), or are there instinctual effigies? Are there sexual effigies, or are they exclusively mental?

Samael Aun Weor: All effigies are mental, because being (after all), well, of the world of the mind, the mind is the mind and the Being is the Being.

The astral world itself is nothing but condensed mind, and the physical world is nothing but condensed mind. So, we must think that the effigies are mental; That is obvious!

Disciple: Master, one must not only observe the moments in which these manifest the “I”, but also those negative manifestations of thought. When we listen to someone (for example, you, master), and in us, at that moment, a negative thought passes, at that moment, what do you do, listen to the master (or how you are observing yourself) or comprehend the negative manifestation that one has, what does one has to do?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if you are paying full attention, these negative representations do not come; but if you don't have full attention, when you're listening, well, other things come to mind: negative thoughts, concerns, memories.

If one is fully concentrated in a natural, spontaneous manner, there is no possibility that those kinds of thoughts arise, which you are talking about...

Disciple: Well, but what if they come up? What one does not know...

Samael Aun Weor: Well, if they come up, it's because you're not fully focused. So, you have to pay more attention.

Any other question?

Disciple: How can one know, if working with the imagination, one is not forming effigies or positive images; how does one know that one is not forming mental effigies?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the one who is asleep is asleep, what will he know? You must wake up and then you'll know! That is the harsh reality of the facts! A sleeper is asleep, what will he know? We have to wake up!...

Let's see brother.

Disciple: Venerable master, speaking of impressions and relating it to "refining the commandment of Rome", when a person is practicing alchemy, or transmutation, and identifies with feelings, as the product of that program that bodies have, magnetism, do these impressions crystallize in “I’s”?

Samael Aun Weor: Well yes, they can crystallize negative impressions in the form of “I’s”. So, within us there is much to explore, and that is important to know.

Well, if you could, for a moment, unbottle the essence, you could then see that those twelve orders that exist in the universe (in which is the order of Leo, of the lion), they do not have ego nor do they carry mental forms, or effigies in their interior. They are creatures that live from instant to instant, and never have the bad taste to create mental effigies. Let us think about all of that...

Well, brothers and sisters, I think the lecture, for now, up to here is fine.

Inverential Peace