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Love and Sex

Allow me to speak a bit about love and sex.

Love begins with a flash of delectable affinity. It is substantiated with infinite tenderness, and it is synthesized with supreme adoration...

A perfect marriage is the union of two beings (male and female), one who loves more and the other who loves better. Love is the best religion available...

Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice-great god ibis of Thoth, author of The Emerald Tablet, wrote the following sentence, 

“I give you love, within which is contained all the sum of wisdom…”

Indeed, love is the extract of all sapience. It is written that in its final synthesis wisdom is summarized as love, and love as happiness.

The Power of Love

When human beings are in love they become noble, charitable, helpful, philanthropic; they are in a state of ecstasy, and if the being they adore is absent, a simple handkerchief or a portrait or a ring or any love-memory of them will be enough in order to fall into a state of ecstasy; that is what love is…

Indeed, love is an effusion, an energetic emanation that flows within the deepest depths of the consciousness; it is, we would say, a superlative sense of the consciousness. 

The cosmic energy that flows from within the bottom of our heart stimulates the endocrine glands of our body and puts them to work, then many hormones are produced that inundate the sanguineous channels and fill us with a great vitality. In ancient Greece the word “hormone” meant “longing of being," “strength of being”…

Let us observe an old decrepit man. It would be enough to put him in contact with a woman, it would be enough for him to fall in love with her for him to become mystically exalted; then his endocrine glands will produce abundant hormones which, flooding his sanguineous channels, will revitalized them extraordinarily; this is how love is…

Indeed, love truly revitalizes, love awakens in us the innate powers of the Being. When human beings are truly in love, they become intuitive, mystical. In such moments they forebode their future, afraid of what might happen to them, and often exclaim, “It seems to me that this is a dream, I fear that later you will find someone else on your way.” Such intuitive hunches, throughout time and distance, become exactly fulfilled; that is love…

In Europe and the United States, there is a wonderful order; I refer to the Order of the Swan. Such an institution scientifically analyzes the various processes of that which is called “love.”

In India, love has always been symbolized by the kala hamsa swan, which floats marvelously upon the waters of life. Indeed, the swan emphatically allegorizes the ineffable joys of love. Observe a crystalline lake, where the swan glides over the most pure waters where the sky is reflected. When a partner swan dies, the other succumbs with sadness, and it is because love is fed with love…

To love, how beautiful it is to love. Only great souls can and know how to love... So said a great thinker.

Observe the stars rotating around their centers of universal gravitation: they attract and repel according to the law of cosmic magnetization. They love and turn again to love each other...

Often, stars have been seen to approach each other, sparkling, shining in the starry night sky. Suddenly something happens, “A collision of stars,” exclaim astronomers from their wonderful observatory towers... Love, yes! They have come too close, their masses have merged, have been integrated by the force of affection, they have become a new mass. Behold the miracle of love in the firmament… 

Let us observe a flower: the atoms of the molecule in the scented, ambrosial rose, bathed by the rays of the moon in the starry night on the banks of the crystalline fountain, speak of love...

And look at those atoms around their nuclear centers: obviously, the molecule resembles a miniature solar system. Why are there atoms rotating around their gravitational centers as the planets rotate around the Sun? It is because they are attracted by the wonderful force that is called love…

It is written that if all human beings without distinction of race, sex, caste, or color would even for a minute leave their resentments, vendettas, wars, hatred, and would dearly love each other, then even the venom of vipers would disappear. This is because love is a cosmic force, a force a surges from within the vortex of all atomic nuclei, a force that surges from the vortex of any solar system, a force that surges from the center of any galaxy. It is an extraordinary force that properly used can perform miracles and wonders, as those who were performed by the Divine Rabbi of Galilee when passing through the Earth. This is how love is…

The kiss itself (which some give in a morbid manner) is indeed the mystical consecration of two souls eager to express in a sensory way what they live inside...

The sexual act is the consubstantiation of love in the psycho-physiological reality of our nature...

In Asia, they never built monuments to great heroes, not even to Genghis Khan with his bloody battles, but to love and to women. And it is because the Asians understood that only through the marvelous force of love we can transform ourselves radically.

Maternity, love, woman — lo and behold something grandiose that resonates in the coral of space in an always perennial manner. Woman is the most beautiful thought of the Creator made flesh, blood, and life...

We males are fascinated by a beautiful painting, or are enchanted by a beautiful sunset, or are captivated when observing an eclipse through an observatory. But the woman immediately provokes in us the craving of possessing her, the urge of becoming one with her, the drive of integrating with her, in order to participate in the plentitude of the universe.

Nevertheless, we must not, in any way, look at love or at women in morbid manner, we must remember that love in itself is pure, holy, and noble.

When a male defiles a woman with his perverse gaze, indubitably he marches on the path of degeneration. 

We must learn to see woman purely, in all of her natural beauty. 

For us males, the woman, born for a holy destiny, is the only being that can liberate us from the chain of pain.

For women the male is something similar; she sees in the man all hope, all protection, she wants to be completed by the man, she sees in him precisely the masculine eternal principle, the force that has put into activity all that is, everything that has been, and all that will be. 

Indeed, man and woman are truly the two pillars of the temple. These two columns must not be overly close nor exorbitantly away from each other, there must be a space so that the light can pass between them.

When the force of affection is studied, when one comprehends that which is called “love,” we then feel that at the base of sex there might be something that can indeed bring us enlightenment, a mystical relevance that can transform us into superhumans. 

There is no one that cannot be changed by means of love. Indeed, it is only by means of this wonderful force that one can be changed.

Adam and Eve left the terrestrial paradise together, and together, hugging each other, they must return to Paradise. Adam and Eve left Eden for having eating the forbidden fruit of which they were told, “Thou shall not eat of it…” 

It is obvious that by not eating the forbidden fruit we will come back into Eden.

If through the door of sex we came out of Eden, then only through that marvelous door can we return to Eden. Eden is sex itself.

The atomic powers of good and evil fight for supremacy; they clash within the sacred sperm. 

The sacred sperm is indeed formidable. Within it are found the mystical, ethical, and scientific principles that could make us something different: a superhuman.

The Superhuman

Friedrich Nietzsche addressed the superhuman. Let us remember the words of Nietzsche when he said:

“When Zarathustra was thirty years old, he left his home and the lake of his home, and went into the mountains. There he enjoyed his spirit and his solitude, and for ten years did not weary of it. But at last his heart changed, and rising one morning with the rosy dawn, he went before the sun, and spoke to it thus: You great star! What would your happiness be, had you not those for whom you shine? For ten years have you climbed here to my cave: you would have wearied of your light and of the journey, had it not been for me, my eagle, and my serpent...

“Zarathustra went down the mountain alone, no one meeting him. When he entered the forest, however, there suddenly stood before him an old saint, who had left his holy hut to seek roots in the forest. And thus spoke the old saint to Zarathustra: “No stranger to me is this wanderer: many years ago he passed by. Zarathustra he was called, but he has changed. Then you carried your ashes up to the mountains: will you now carry your fire into the valleys? Do you not fear the arsonist’s punishment? Yes, I recognize Zarathustra. Pure are his eyes, and no loathing lurks around his mouth. Does he not move like a dancer? Transformed is Zarathustra; Zarathustra has become a child; an awakened one is Zarathustra: what will you do in the land of the sleepers? As in the sea have you lived in solitude, and it has supported you. Alas, will you now go ashore? Alas, will you again haul your body by yourself?” Zarathustra answered: “I love mankind.” “Why,” said the saint, “did I go into the forest and the desert? Was it not because I loved men far too well? Now I love God; men I do not love. Man is a thing too imperfect for me. Love of man would be fatal to me.” Zarathustra answered: “Did I talk of love? I am bringing a gift to men.” “Give them nothing,” said the saint. “Instead, take part of their load, and carry it with them - that will be most agreeable to them: if only it is agreeable to you! If, however, you want to give something to them, give them no more than alms, and let them also beg for it!” “No,” replied Zarathustra, “I give no alms. I am not poor enough for that.” The saint laughed at Zarathustra, and spoke thus: “Then see to it that they accept your treasures! They are distrustful of hermits, and do not believe that we come with gifts. Our footsteps sound too lonely through the streets. And at night, when they are in bed and hear a man walking nearby long before sunrise, they may ask themselves: Where is this thief going? Do not go to men, but stay in the forest! Go rather to the animals! Why not be like me - a bear among bears, a bird among birds?” “And what does the saint do in the forest?” asked Zarathustra. The saint answered: “I make songs and sing them; and in making songs I laugh and weep and growl and hum: thus do I praise God. With singing, weeping, laughing, growling and humming do I praise the God who is my God....”

“Many fine things has Zarathustra said, especially for those who are young enough for them. Strange! Zarathustra knows little about women, and yet he is right about them! Does this happen, because with women nothing is impossible? And now accept a little truth by way of thanks! I am old enough for it! Swaddle it up and hold its mouth: otherwise it will scream too loudly, the little truth.” “Give me, woman, your little truth!” said I. And thus spoke the old woman: “You go to women? Do not forget your whip!” —Thus Spoke Zarathustra 

This painful phrase has been misinterpreted. Many have believed that Zarathustra will advise man to whip the woman or something like that, no! Nietzsche, the author of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, was very sweet and he loved woman very much. Indeed, truly, he only wanted to insinuate the idea of using the whip of willpower in order to overpower ourselves and not to get carried away by our animal passions. Therefore, the whip is not against woman, but against ourselves, since the whip is the symbol or allegory of willpower.

“When Zarathustra arrived at the nearest town which is close to the forest... Zarathustra spoke thus to the people: I teach you the superhuman. The human is something to be superseded. What have you done to supersede it?” 

“Zarathustra, however, looked at the people and wondered. Then he spoke thus: The human is a rope stretched between the animal and the superhuman — a rope over an abyss. A dangerous crossing, a dangerous on-the-way, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous trembling and stopping. What is great in the human is that it is a bridge and not a goal: what can be loved in the human is that it is an over-going and a down-going.” —Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Well, Nietzsche spoke of the superhuman but he forgot to speak about the human.

First we must create the human within ourselves, then and only then we could afford the luxury of elevating ourselves to the level of the superhuman.

Indeed, it is necessary for the human to be born within us. Since, day by day, it is written that we are just “rational animals”... A professor of medicine exclaimed in Mexico, when addressing us saying, “We are just intellectual mammals”... Okay, they can name us as they please, but the truth is that we need to create the human being within ourselves; we need to have the necessary available elements for the creation of the human being. The human germs for the creation of the human being exist, and are located exactly within our sexual glands.

I know I am before a learned audience here in the Auditorium of Culture of Hermosillo, this is why when addressing these things, seemingly morbid, I do it with the absolute certainty that I am standing before a decent learned audience. Therefore, truthfully, if I say that we are intellectual animals, I do not think that anyone would be offended by it, since we have always heard that we are rational animals, thus, if instead of rational we say intellectual, we understand that both terms have the same meaning.

Thus, truthfully, we need to have the necessary available elements for the creation of the human being, that is clear. Again, the human germs [seeds] are within our sexual endocrine glands. These human germs could become developed or permanently lost. If we develop them, the human being will then be born within us, but if we do not work on ourselves, these human germs will be definitively lost. The human being must be formed within us in the same way that the butterfly is formed within the chrysalis, and this metamorphosis is only possible by means of the marvelous force of love and sex.

I said it and I repeat again: The sexual act is the consubstantiation of love within the psycho-physiological reality of our nature... 

So, we will become transformed by developing the human germs.

Undoubtedly, these human germs can and must grow within us, by means of love and scientific procedures.

Transmutation and Elevation

In these moments, the Sun is making a new creation. The Sun wants to create human beings.

During the time of Abraham, the Sun did a test within the test tube of Nature, and achieved some human creations. During the first eight centuries of Christianity, the Sun made further experiments and managed to create a group of human beings. And at these precise moments of global crisis and bankruptcy of all principles, the Sun is performing a new effort within the laboratory of Nature. The Sun wants to create human beings. Thus, the creation of human beings is possible; what is important is knowing the clue, the system, the method.

Regarding transcendental sexology, the Oneida Society in the United States, controlled by illustrious doctors, was conducting remarkable experiments: twenty-five couples were subjected to scientific observation. Those twenty-five couples were taught the sexual act by which the transformation of the creative energy is possible. Unquestionably, that sexual act is based on the following clue: 

“Inmissum membrum virile in vaginam feminae sine eiaculatione seminis.” 

In other words, during chemical copulation the connection of the lingam-yoni can be achieved, but, the doctors from the Oneida Society said, without the ejaculation of the ens seminis, meaning without the spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great God Ibis of Thoth. This signifies that during the sexual act the couple must not complete the consummation of it. “Coitus interruptus,” exclaim the doctors of medicine. Some of them pronounce themselves against this formula, yet others accept it. Those who accept it can transmute the sacred sperm into creative energy. This very fine type of energy will reach the brain through certain nervous canals that relate to the vagus and the sympathetic. When the sacred sperm is transmuted into energy, the brain is then seminized and the semen is cerebrated.

Behold a way for an extraordinary revitalization, a path that can transform us radically. Behold a method in order to produce sexual energy. That type of energy is more powerful than electricity. That energy flows in everything that is, in everything that has been, and in all that will be. That type of energy put the universe into existence. That type of energy put our solar system into existence. That type of energy, flowing from every nuclei, placed into activity the galaxy in which we live. Thus, truthfully, the creative energy of the universe has a formidable power.

We might say that in our organism there is a complete power plant by means of which it is possible to drive that very fine type of energy towards our brain mass. Comprehend that this does not mean that we raise the sacred sperm towards the brain, because if we did that then the mind would go crazy, thus that would be absurd. The main point here is to transmute the sperm into energy, and that is different.

As the wise Einstein stated: 

“Mass is transformed into energy, energy is transformed into mass.” 

It is possible to transform the seminal mass into creative energy in order to dynamize the brain and awaken transcendent faculties that are in our organic physiology.

Those who accept this wonderful, formidable clue will be transformed into true human beings.

The human germs must be developed in order to give rise to the human being.

Regarding human germs, I mean, for example, the seed of the astral body. When the sacred sperm is transformed into energy in a higher octave, then an astral human germ develops, and comes to crystallize in the wonderful and splendorous form of the astral body. That sidereal body is related to the grand sympathetic nervous system. One knows that one has an astral body when one can use it, when you can leave the physical body at will, when one can travel with that vehicle through the unalterable infinite.

When the sperm is transmuted into energy in an even higher, second octave, then it comes to crystallize within our organism in the extraordinary and marvelous form of the mental body. One knows that one has a mental body when one can apprehend, capture the great cosmic truths contained within Nature. To possess a mental body is something extraordinary.

Thereafter, when the sacred sperm is transmuted into mystical energy, it then comes to finally crystallize in an even higher, third octave, in the most magnificent form of the cognizant body of will.

Thus, when we possess the physical, astral, mental and causal bodies, we then receive our psychic and spiritual principles and become true human beings. Before that moment we are not humans; before that moment we only are “intellectual mammals.” 

Now, not all human beings achieve integration with the divine. Obviously, those who manage to do so become superhumans in the most transcendental sense of the word.

The human beings who want to reach the heights of the superhuman must eliminate from within themselves all of their psychological defects; in other words, we would say: they must eliminate the psychological “I” from within themselves. But first it is necessary for the true human being to be born within us. 

Nevertheless, as I said, the seed-germs for the human being may be lost, and what is normal is for them to be lost. But when one works with those human germs, one then manages to not lose them, thus they germinate and the human being is born within us.

The human being is the king or queen of creation, the human being has power over fire, air, water, and earth...

A handful of humans was enough in order to produce New York’s Blackout. Remember, my dear friends, that case about the New York blackout… Really, two spaceships appeared in the atmosphere of the United States. Then the US armed forces sent against them airplanes heavily armed with machine guns and atomic rockets etc. The two ships floated in the atmosphere, and when they saw that they were strafed, they separated. One was lost in the firmament; the other descended very gently to an electric power tower, then came the New York blackout, which was extraordinary: the traffic was interrupted, there were many accidents, people seemed like crazy throughout the streets and avenues of that skyscraper city. They immediately investigated with electronic brains in order to see where the damage was, but they did not find it, there was no damage of any kind, and nonetheless the lights went out. Full of despair, the generals of the United States said, “Behold here the Achilles heel of our mighty American nation…” Indeed, what would all of their rockets serve for, if they do not have electricity? Extraterrestrials, a group of humans (true human beings) in a cosmic ship, were strong enough in order to paralyze the United States and part of Canada.

Thus, this is how the human being is: a king, a lord, with power (as it is written) over all of Nature. Yet, another thing is the intellectual animal. The rational mammals have no power; they are victims of circumstances. They are weak. They are born, die, fight, suffer, weep. They are unhappy creatures...

We need for the human being to be born within us, and that is only possible by means of the love between a man and a woman in the sexual act.

The Degeneration of Sex

The time has arrived to learn how we must forever stop desecrating sex. It is horrifying to see how we look at sex, namely, pornographic magazines, lust, etc., as if sex were, indeed, something filthy. 

True human beings never desecrate sex. True human beings know that sex is sacred. Human beings know that wonderful force put the universe into existence. They know that the day the sexual energy ceases to flow in nature the plants and animals would cease to reproduce, all that exists would disappear, the Earth would become a desert.

So, why should we see perversity in sex? Why do we spit on the holy shrine of love? Why do we look lustfully at what is sacred, that is, the chemical or metaphysical copulation?

Let us reflect a little, it is time to reflect. The time has arrived when we must learn how to transmute the sacred sperm into creative energy.

Unfortunately, the world has entered into a descending, devolving cycle. Right now, there are countries where homosexuality has spread alarmingly. There is a country where 95 percent of people are bisexual, homosexual, or lesbian.

Yes, the world has entered into a descending, devolving wave. Authentic masculinity is being lost. Males now have the tendency to become feminized, and females tend to become masculinized.

It is necessary for the woman to return and become the queen of home in order to instruct her children. It is necessary for the man to reconquer his masculine values and to express himself with the potentiality of a male. The man should be very manly, and the woman must be truly very womanly.

So, the moment has arrived to realize that we must learn how to transmute in order for the human germs to be developed within us, here and now.

Again, right now, the Sun is performing a great experiment within the laboratory of Nature. The Sun wants to create solar humans.

Any human race on the face of the Earth has only one goal: to serve for the experiment of the Sun, a very difficult experiment. If we do not cooperate with the Sun, then it is impossible for the human being to be born within us. If we do not cooperate with the Sun, we fail. 

Unfortunately, present humanity has become frighteningly mechanistic, lunar. In these times, all interest in solar ideas is being lost. Now people think only of bank accounts and the latest technology. Unfortunately, even the songs about love seem to flee. Now marriages think only about bank account calculations and the latest technology, and that is all.

Young men and women in Russia do not want to get married. That is unfortunate. The Russian government is alarmed, and I understand these young people, since they have been submitted to so many regulations again and again that they have lost interest in marriage. 

Instead, degeneration, homosexuality, lesbianism are multiplying in all the countries of the Earth, and there is supreme pain. Soon we will see a Third World War and a great atomic holocaust. This is because when the sexual energies are not truly properly channeled, all that is brought on the face of the Earth are wars and bitterness.

We all are guilty of the future World War III, since all of us are channeling the creative energies in the wrong way. All males have stopped seeing in the woman the beauty of love, and have only converted her into a pornographic figure. The humanoids of these times wallow in the Procrustean bed. Venereal diseases spread everywhere. This is infinitely regrettable.

There are countries where there is a kind of memory of what the charms of love were in times of yore. Let us remember the geishas in Japan. With infinite decency, they attended men. Their mission was exclusively in knowing how to serve them, and for that they prepared themselves for many years; they were polyglots, etc… When a geisha loved a man, she took him to a crystalline fountain filled with flowers, and there she bathed him, massaged him with lotions and wonderful ointments from the Eastern world. She venerated him, and religiously took him to her chamber for the chemical copulation. But this copulation was not the brutal, violent sexual act of the Western world, since it was preceded by many mystical ceremonies. This is how Japan was. Unfortunately, the Western world has entered that country, and before long even the most beautiful fragrance of Japan will be gone.

Remember that thirty years ago the men and women of Japan bathed naked in public. They did not have perversity. No one felt lust when contemplating the opposite sex. They seemed like older children frolicking on the beaches. But, one day Douglas MacArthur arrived and banned bathing naked on the shores of Japan, arguing “principles of morality.” The Japanese, who had never thought of perversity, looked at themselves and were like the biblical book of Genesis states, “And the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” And as the book of Genesis continues, “And they sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves aprons.” So, likewise the Japanese covered their flesh. Thus, it was from that time when they began to see what they did not see before: perversity in sex. Before that they saw sex with respect, they did not feel lust. Now, everything has changed. The Western world is corrupting, damaging Japan. 

I do not know why people want to see taboo, sin, where there is none. I do not know why they want to see in sex something undignified and perverse. 

Let us observe the flowers. Their sexual organs are in their center. They rise toward the Sun and show to the Sun their creative organs without perversity of any kind. Why would we be lower than flowers? Why do we not understand the holiness of sex and love? Why do we not want to understand that sex, the creative energy, is a marvelous force whose original source is divine, the Holy Spirit, as we would say in pure Christianity?

Unfortunately, people march down on the descending, devolving path. The face of the Earth is rotten even to the marrow of the bones. Corruption has reached the breaking point. The fact that there are countries where 95 percent of people are bisexual, homosexual, and lesbian is horrible, monstrous in the most tremendous sense of the word. The time has arrived when we must understand these issues...

In these moments where I address these sexual matters to you, I also remember how the priestesses of love in Rome made sex a sacred worship. Likewise even the very women who were part of those ceremonies in Athens looked at love with deep respect. Never were man and woman thrown into the Procrustean bed in the brutal and ruthless manner of the people in this twentieth century.

Diverse sacred rituals that were practiced by the Vestals always preceded the wonderful charm of love and the sexual act. In ancient times, sex was always seen with great respect and profound veneration.

I am certain that if men and women learned how to love, the world would be completely transformed...

Lemuria and Atlantis

At this moment, Lemuria comes into my memory, Lemuria, that old extraordinary continent that was once located in the Pacific Ocean. Lemuria was inhabited. It is clear that when that giant planet Hercolubus arrived — which also now is approaching again in order to end our Aryan root race — it produced catastrophic events on the old continent Mu. The fire of volcanoes erupted to the surface. All over, the liquid fire burned the face of the Earth. Terrible earthquakes and horrific tidal waves ended the great cities of the Lemurian continent. And finally, it gradually sank in the raging waves of the Pacific Ocean. Easter Island and Oceania are remnants of Lemuria.

During the time of the third Lemurian subrace, it happened at certain times that men and women who loved each other were guided to the sacred temples of mysteries. Then, under the direction of the great sages they sexually united in order to create and again to create anew. Yet, in those times of Arcadia where the rivers of pure water of life flowed with milk and honey, the sexual act was an ineffable sacrament. In those ancient ages, no one dared to perform the sexual act outside of the temples. Even the kings and queens of the various walled cities attended those holy places in order to copulate before the altar, since for them the sexual act was sacred.

Then, human beings reproduced by Kriyashakti, the power of will and yoga. No one spilled the sacred sperm. Men and women withdrew from the sexual act without spilling the semen. Then, their sperm was transformed into creative energy that awakened extraordinary powers in those Cyclopean men and women... It was another time… 

In these moments, there are already devices that will prove the reality of what I am stating. Soon the sound waves of Lemuria will be found and transformed into images. Through television sets they will demonstrate with concrete facts the reality of these affirmations.

Indeed, truthfully, in Lemuria sex was sacred. Any spermatozoon could escape from the endocrine glands of the man in order to fecundate the female womb. So, this is how the children of wisdom, the children of will and yoga were born into the world. 

In that ancient age, the rivers of pure waters of life flowed with milk and honey. Everything belonged to everyone, and everyone could eat from the tree of the neighbor without fear. That was the paradisiacal epoch, the epoch of the Titans. Humans had not degenerated yet. They had a sixth sense that allowed them to see the aureola of the stars, and to communicate with people of other worlds. 

Let us say that they were “giants,” yes, they were about four meters tall. We have stone representations of them in the wonderful sculptures of Tula. They have said that those sculptures are Atlantean sculptures, but indeed, these monuments remind us of the Lemurian humanity, the children of wisdom; they remind us those people who spoke delightfully in the great universal language, which like a river of gold always flows as the golden light of the sun.

There was no pain. This was the epoch in which humanity still lived in a paradisiacal state. It was the epoch in which the one who knew how to play the lyre sang with its delicious melodies. In that ancient age, the lyre of Orpheus had not yet fallen to the floor of the temple and smashed into pieces. It was the age in which humanity was considered one family. Woman did not suffer during childbirth. She enjoyed bringing a new creature into the world. There was no hatred on the face of the Earth. There were no wars. Everything was love and spiritual beauty. 

But when those humans began to fornicate, when they started spilling the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, then they degenerated, they lost their precious faculties, and left Eden. 

What I am stating will be corroborated one day, when certain devices currently being refined capture the waves of the continent Mu and transform them into images.

Friends, that humanity degenerated on the continent Mu towards the end of that continent, when people began to reproduce themselves in a manner similar to this present humanity. Then, they no longer attended the temples for the sexual act, no. They began to reproduce themselves in their huts, in their homes, in their palaces, ejaculating the ens seminis. Thus, it was from that time that the descending, devolving human process began.

When Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean, then the famous Atlantis sung of by Plato emerged from the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was located from the south to the north pole; it had a powerful civilization with atomic rockets that could cross the infinite space and descend not only on the Moon but on other planets of our solar system. The lighting system of Atlantis was atomic. Their amphibious or aerial vehicles were impelled or propelled by solar energy. 

In the beginning, the Atlanteans also had a great spiritual culture. They did not know wars. Love reigned everywhere. Men and women made of love a worship. They remembered the previous Lemurian epochs and in no way they wanted to fall back into devolution. Unfortunately, at the end of Atlantis (as we right now are at the end of our Aryan root race), they frightfully degenerated and delivered themselves also to sexual orgies. Then, it so happened that on a given day, when the planet Hercolubus came in the starry space, there was a revolution of the axis of the Earth. Then the seas changed their beds, and Atlantis with all its millions of inhabitants sank into the stormy ocean waves that bear its name.

A little time later the new earth emerged, which are these continents where we currently, perversely live. In the beginning, our race was beautiful, exquisite. Let us remember the paradisiacal people of ancient Mexico. Let us remember also the powerful spiritual cultures of the central plateau of Tibet. Likewise let us now remember ancient Ithaca...

There is no doubt that at that time the gods of the Aryans communicated with people, and happiness reigned everywhere. But the diverse historical cycles were changing, and in these times of worldwide crisis and bankruptcy of all principles, humanity is finally rushing down the path of sexual degeneration.

What Determines Our Future

Obviously, we need to transform ourselves before it is too late. We can and should give birth to the human being within ourselves. We must cooperate with the Sun. We must care about the solar ideas. We must become solar humans in the fullest sense of the word.

Since the dawn of creation, love has emerged. This world, this universe, sprang from the Chaos by means of the marvelous force of love. The Army of the Voice, the Army of the Word, also knew how to love, and it was at the dawn of creation and within the same Chaos when ineffable beings gave rise to this current universe. Obviously, only by means of love could this creation emerge. It would have been impossible for this universe to emerge from within the Chaos without the magnificent force of love.

As a proof that love was the cause of the existence of this universe, we have that love flows, as I told you, from the center of each atomic nucleus, flower, solar system, and galaxy.

Ineffable beings have come here to this world by means of love, namely Gautama, the Buddha Shakyamuni, came here because of love, and gave a message of love to humanity; he had his wife Yasodhara. He was happy with his wife. He loved her. And what we will say about Quetzalcoatl? He also knew how to love. And what about Hermes Trismegistus, the thrice great God Ibis of Thoth? He also loved, and this is why he said, “I give you love, within which is contained all the sum of wisdom…” Or what will we say about other men, like Krishna? We know very well how much he loved his wife. All great initiates that have come into the world have known how to love. But this humanity has poisoned some of them: they poisoned Gautama Buddha Shakyamuni. They poisoned Milarepa, the great holy Tibetan. Other great initiates were poisoned. Those who were not poisoned were stabbed or hanged, killed, banished, etc., like Apollonius of Tyana. Finally, the great Kabir Jesus of Nazareth was sent to us, and he was crucified.

Next to the great enlightened men of the past a woman was never missing. The most wonderful Mary Magdalene shines next to Jesus, as Yasodhara, the wife-disciple of Gautama the Buddha Shakyamuni tremendously shines. Great women have always been next to great men. Women have animated them. Women have given them life. Women have incited them to fight. Women have raised them upon the pedestal. Women have guided them to make gigantic works...

Woman, as I said, is the most beautiful thought of the Creator made flesh, blood, and life.

Woman is born for a holy predestination, which is to bring children to Earth, to educate them, to guide them along the path of revitalization of the solar principles so that they may achieve self-realization together...