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Fire Cult

It is relevant to tell all the brothers and sisters from the different countries of America that every Easter and primary, sacred event — namely, the 4th of February or the 27th of October of each year — they can always come; yes, they are welcome to come here to Mexico in order to receive instruction. All of you, take this news to your countries of origin.


First of all, it is convenient for all the brothers and sisters to never, ever forget themselves. When I say don't forget themselves, this has to be properly comprehended. An athlete for example, might believe that he does not forget himself, and nonetheless, he completely forgot himself. An anchorite, a hermit, living in a solitary cave, fasting for long periods of time, with his body covered with ashes and sackcloth, mortified by hardships, skinny and hungry, entirely committed to esoteric issues, would indeed truly seem as if he does not ever forget himself; yet, indeed, he is completely oblivious of himself. Why? It is because he has forgotten his physical body, in the sense that he does not take care of it as he should.

The physical body is a useful tool that is given to us for the realization of the inner Self, the Being, so if we abandon it, this means that we have forgotten ourselves, because the physical body was given unto us for a purpose. It has been granted by the law. It serves for the consummation of Karma, yet it also serves for the realization of the inner Self, the Being. It is a marvelous laboratory that must be taken care of.

Behold for yourselves the two extremes: on one hand we have the athlete that would seem as if he never have forgotten himself, and on the other hand, the anchorite or penitent that lives starving to death within a cavern, who also seems like a subject that never forgets himself, yet both extremes are absurd. One as much as the other is oblivious of himself. One as much as the other has violated the law of the scale. One as much as the other is in complete disequilibrium.

So, what would be the perfect way to proceed in order to never be oblivious of oneself? Indeed, only by means of the perfect relationship of the consciousness, the body, and the external environment is it possible to accomplish that wonderful taste of the self, the spirit — that is, the authentic behavior of one who never forgets oneself. The consciousness, the body, and the exterior environment — properly balanced — can indeed, truly maintain a certain marvelous relationship, which targets with exact precision the one who never forgets himself.

The consciousness must express itself through the organs of the body, through the organic machine. The consciousness has to be alert and vigilant as a watchman during the time of war. It is through the organic machine that we interact with the environment in which we operate. Thus, if what we want is to never forget ourselves, perfect equilibrium of consciousness, body, and environment is necessary.

If the consciousness is not intelligently related to the body, sicknesses arise. If consciousness is not related with the exterior environment, conflicts arise. Thus, consciousness, body, and environment are vital, cardinal, definitive in the one who does not forget himself.

Those who forget themselves march along the path of error. When we forget ourselves before a glass of wine, we end up drunk. When we forget ourselves before a person of the opposite sex, we end up fornicating. When we forget ourselves before an insulter, we end up insulting. So, indeed, truly, no one can attain the awakening of the consciousness if that one forgets herself.

How do we proceed in our daily life? If we observe the people on the streets, or at their jobs, or in their homes, we can evidence the concrete fact that they forget themselves.

Obviously, those who forget themselves cannot discover who they are. They will continue with the consciousness asleep. Undoubtedly, we need to discover who we are, and this is only possible by means of interrelation — that is to say, through interrelationship. Yes, while in relation with other people, the hidden defects that we carry within emerge spontaneously, and if we are alert and vigilant as a watchman during the time of war, then we perceive them.


Any discovered defect must be submitted to study by means of the self-evident reflection of the Being; any discovered defect must be submitted to meditation. Yes, only by journeying on the profound path of discernment can we become cognizant of any psychological type of defect.

Undoubtedly, any given defect is represented by a psychic aggregate. These psychic aggregates can be perceived only by means of the psychological sense of self-observation. Unquestionably, this sense is latent in contemporary human beings. Nevertheless, we will state that a sense that is not used becomes atrophied, while a sense that is used becomes developed. Thus, the more we use the sense of psychological self-observation, the more it will be developed. Unquestionably, the development of this sense will allow us to perceive our psychic aggregates.

It is intriguing to be witnesses of ourselves, to perceive how these aggregates become pulverized in a didactic and dialectic manner.

It is obvious that in order to achieve the disintegration of this or that psychic aggregate, inevitably one needs to appeal to a power that is superior to the mind. This power exists; it is latent in each one of our magical powers. It is Kundalini, the Cosmic Mother. She is Marah, Tonantzin, Isis, Diana, Selene, etc. Unquestionably, it is a power that lies dormant in all organic and inorganic matter. She is a part of our own Being, but derived.

During deep, inner meditation, we can be assisted by Marah, our Cosmic Mother; then she will disintegrate any psychic aggregate previously comprehended in any of the levels of the mind.

Durga Mahisasuramardini

So, indeed, it is convenient for us to profoundly reflect on all this. It is convenient for us to comprehend the harsh reality of these issues.

Marah, Mary, Isis, Adonia, Insorberta, Rhea, Cybele, will give us her assistance. Indeed, truly, we need to be assisted.

Unfortunately, the consciousness is bottled up within psychic aggregates. Yes, every psychic aggregate looks like a bottle within which the consciousness is bottled up. If we break the bottle, the consciousness will become liberated, awakened.

We need to awaken the consciousness in order to gain access to the truth. We need to awaken the consciousness in order to attain the state of a constant samadhi. We need to liberate the consciousness in order to experience that which is not of time, that which is beyond the body, the affections, and the mind.

Therefore brothers and sisters, I want you to comprehend the necessity of being alert and vigilant as a watchman during a time of war. That state of alertness is not achieved through either of the extreme opposites, but in the middle, in the center. Again, an athlete is not attentive, is not alert; he has forgotten himself. Likewise the anchorite, living miserably with a hungry body within a solitary cavern, is not truly alert; he has also forgotten himself. The path is in the center: it is about knowing how to relate the state of alertness and conscious alertness with a healthy body in the external environment; only thus we will not forget ourselves.

The path is profoundly internal.


First of all, we must all know that the maximum power of the Divine Cosmic Mother is fire. She in herself is fire. Stella Maris, the virgin of the sea, is Fohat, fire. Thus, by means of fire we can destroy the psychological aggregates.


Unquestionably, the sacred cobra of the great mysteries has its maximum power in the forge of the Cyclops. There is no doubt that the transcendental sexual electricity reinforces the power of our Kundalini Shakti. Thus, this is why those who follow the path of the perfect matrimony must summon the sacred cobra precisely in the flaming forge, thus they will be assisted. By means of fire we can burn, disintegrate, the psychological aggregates.

The fire in itself is profoundly divine. It is named Fohat. There is a tremendous difference between the fire that is used for cooking food and the fire placed on the altar, between the fire under which the deceased are mourned and the luciferian fire. The fire of Kundalini is a very special fire; it is the Vulcanian fire that can radically transform us. It is necessary for it to be developed in our own nature.

Verily, brothers and sisters, I say unto you that one thing is the fire that burns here in every manifestation of this tridimensional world of Euclid, and another is the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame, the astral signature of the fire. Unquestionably, there are many fires, but the fire that destroys the psychic aggregates is Vulcanian, and this is indeed astounding. Thus, our salvation is in that fire.

All sacred books were written amidst the crackling fire. The book of Apocalypse — which is the book that guides all alchemists — was written with flaming coals. Yes, the sizzling fire is found in every apocalyptic verse. The four gospels were written with fire. The Old Testament was also written with fire, with the incessant crackling of the flames.

We must become comprehensive. Our gospel is igneous. It sizzles within the whole aura of the universe, and it transforms us radically. But we need to be alert and vigilant as a watchman during a time of war. We need to never forget ourselves. Only thus we will march along the path that leads to final liberation.

In the physical world, Fohat has multiple uses, yet in the higher worlds Fohat is different. One remembers the solar god Apollo, who is a flame. One remembers the flames that began the dawn of the mahamanvantara.

All of those holy gods of ancient Greek mythology are flames. All those ineffable gods of the Nahua, Hindu, Chinese, Egyptian, Druid, Hyperborean pantheons, etc., are living flames. This is why the Apostle Paul stated in an emphatic manner:

“Who makes his angels spirits and ministers of the fire... For our God is a devouring fire.” - Hebrews 1:7, 12:29

Moses, wise as no one else, spoke about אאלהים Aelohim, yet he also cited אלהים Elohim. We must not forget that there are two unities. We could never chisel, symbolize, paint, etc., the unmanifested unity, because it is unknowable, and is beyond the fire.

Bourdon Sebastien-Moses and the Burning Bush

On one occasion, when a great elemental god of fire was asked, “What is beyond the fire?” he answered, “That is something that we do not know.” Indeed, the unknowable Seity is even beyond the fire. It is אאלהים Aelohim, the eternal, cosmic, common Father. In no way is it possible to allegorize that. Nevertheless, אלהים Elohim, the hosts of the word, the verb, emerges from that vast unity. Unquestionably, each one of the Elohim from the great host is a living flame that emerges from the bowels of the incognizable.

I want you to understand that the fire is the unmanifested verb that has arisen from within the bowels of the incognizable. I want you to know that the fire is the word, which is the verb. This is why, in his own right, the gospel of John begins:

“In the beginning was the Word [Logos], and the Word was with God [Theos], and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not.” - John 1:1-5

The entire army of the voice, the demiurge architect of the universe, is fire. Thus, as a corollary or logical sequence of all of this, comes the following statement: the fire has the power to handle the cosmic forces of the universe. The fire has the power to create and to destroy. The fire has the power to create. The fire can organize chaotic matter; it can integrate it, and can also disintegrate it.

The fire always gives the first impulse to the atomic forces that are contained in the chaos, with the purpose of creating worlds. The fire gives the first impulse, and thereafter it becomes law. The fire has the power to create, and create anew.

The fire is the intelligence that makes new atoms, which Democritus never realized. The fire can disintegrate existing atoms.

The fire is the intelligence that can create living organisms, can transform them, use them, crystallize them. The fire is intelligent, and can always clean the aurora of the mahamanvantara.

Like all the universes that exist, this universe will never be extinguished. It will never finish in its forms like people believe, but rather, on a day among many, it will sleep within the chaos. All of its disintegrated parts will be immersed within Laya centers, yet its life will not be extinguished; it only will be disintegrated, and life will remain latent in each of its parts, with the possibility of resurfacing later.

There is no doubt that after having disappeared, one day this universe will resurface with more splendor than before, stronger than before, more powerful than before. Who makes this wonder? Who is capable of making all things always new? It is the Fohat, the fire, the army of the word, the igneous flames from the dawn of creation.

My dear sisters and brothers, once this is comprehended, we must worship the fire. The Parsis worshipped the fire, and they continue rendering cult unto it. In different Christian sects, there is the burning lamp with the sacred fire.

zoroaster carries fire

Three Steps of Christ

Thus, I want you to know clearly that Vishnu विष्णु – derived from Vish, which etymologically means “to penetrate” — is the author of all that is, all that has been, and all that will be. Vishnu is the cosmic Christ, the Logos, the word, the sacred fire that crackles in the infinite space. Vishnu has the power to penetrate, as the syllable Vish implies etymologically. He can penetrate everywhere. He has the power to penetrate within ourselves, to crackle within our organic nature as Devi Kundalini Shakti, the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Vishnu — the Logos, the Kristus — must always take three steps within the seven regions of the universe; thus, this is what Eastern sages have told us. The first step would be taken in the world of the spirit, the second in our own soul, and the third in our body. Conversely, by working in the Laboratorium of the Third Logos, we give the first step. The second step that the Christ should give within us will be in the world of the psyche, and the third in the world of the spirit. These three steps of the Kristus within us through the seven spheres are fundamental in order to achieve final liberation.

The same fire that has to pulverize the psychic aggregates — once its work is fulfilled — will become totally established within the soul. The third step will be in the spirit.

Christ will have to give life to our body. It has to grow in our organism.


Thus, as a living and philosophical fire, it has to burn in our consciousness — that is to say, it has to burn in our soul and shine in our spirit. Behold, here are the three steps of the demiurge architect — that is to say, the three steps of the fire.

Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra: The fire renews nature incessantly.

It is necessary to renew the body by means of fire. It is necessary to bring the fire into our souls, and we must take the fire into our spirit. When descending, the fire shines in our spirit; it becomes fruitful in our soul, and transforms our body.

This is how the three Kristuses are within the seven regions of this universe.

Kristus guides us. He is the sun of midnight who, when shining in the east, shows the path to mystics. When something new must arise within us, he shines at the zenith. When we are in plenum twilight, when the ego dies, he is the sunset. While in a state of profound meditation, the midnight mystic must learn how to interpret all the symbolism of the Lord. The midnight sun must guide him. Christ is the fire that must lead him along the path of the razor's edge towards the final liberation.

The Inner Christ is fire. Fire exists in a petrous state. Likewise, there is fire in an aqueous state. There is fire in a vaporous state, and there is fire as a burning flame without limits. The army of the Elohim is the army of fire. Elohim takes three steps in order to descend down here into the world of forms; he has to take three steps in order to fully manifest in this physical world.

The ancient gods, the solar gods, those burning flames of ancient times before whom the adepts of Egypt, India, Persia, Great Tartar, Lemuria, Atlantis, etc., reverently bowed, emerged from within the bowels of the incognizable, and took three steps across the seven regions. Unfortunately, many of them fell. The solar gods who shone in the past have now become vulgar, lunar creatures, who are only remembered in the world of universal archetypes, in the shape of symbolic sculptures made of living stone. The gods from ancient times died.

We have been told that in the future sixth root race the gods will resurrect. In order to again become Elohim, they will have to make the fire within their bodies, within their souls, and within their spirits. Then, afterward, at the profound night of the maha-pralaya, at the termination of this universe, the Elohim will immerse themselves within the bosom of the incognizable.

In this day and age, there are many fallen gods that must awaken the fire within themselves. They must make the fire that was extinguished within them to burn within them again, to make it to burn within their bodies, within their souls, and within their spirits in order to return to the state of Elohim, to become again what they once were.

It would not be possible for those fallen gods to take the three steps within the seven regions if they do not disintegrate by means of fire the psychic aggregates that unfortunately they made the mistake of creating. Woe to those gods! Their consciousness became bottled up within those demonic creations, within those creations of hell. Now, only by utilizing the fire to burn those aggregates can the gods recover their original pristine state, that state they had at the dawn of the mahamanvantara.

All the brothers and sisters here present must never forget the fire. Each one of you must worship the fire. You must always have a lit candle in your home. The sacred flame must never be absent in the house of any initiate.

sacred heart

INRI: Ignis Natura Renovatur Integra.

It is urgent for us to transmute in the flaming forge of Vulcan the Exiohehari — that is to say, the sacred sperm — into the mercury of the wise. This mercury has to receive what is called sulphur: fire. Sulfuric mercury ascending up through the dorsal spine is the serpent of brass, the Saturnian snake that can burn, reduce to ashes, all of those aggregates that we have alive inside and within which is bottled up the best: the consciousness of the Being.

If we burn them, if we make them to blaze, if we turn them into ashes, we will then awaken, transformed into primogenital flames of the army of the word, of the army of the voice.

The verb is what is, what it has always been, what always will be. It is the life that beats in each atom as it beats in every sun.

Each one of us is called to be a soldier of the army of the word, a flame of the aurora. But if we forget ourselves, if we do not know how to maintain the perfect equilibrium between the consciousness, the body, and the external environment in which we are, it would not be possible for us to be transformed into flames. It is necessary for each one of us to become a flame. There are three steps that the fire must take within us so that it can convert us into Elohim.

There is the sun that shines in the infinite space, that is to say, the sun of midnight. There is the terrific and threatening lightning and the fire of Vulcan within our sexual organs. Only by developing that marvelous fire in our anatomic constitution — guided by the Sun of the midnight — can we be liberated by means of the ray of the father, Brahma, the ancient of days.

The Law of Seven

I stated that we have seven centers:

1. intellectual

2. emotional

3. motor

4. instinctive

5. sexual

I also emphatically stated that we have two superior centers:

6. the superior emotional center

7. the superior mental center


I stated that each of these seven centers has its own mind, thus we have seven “minds” that control our body. One is the intellectual mind, one is the emotional mind, one the motor mind, one the instinctual mind, and one the sexual mind, and one the emotional superior mind and finally one is the superior intellectual mind. I stated that there is a truth in each of these seven minds, and therefore we have a total of seven truths within us. These are contained within our seven minds. This is why we need to always be alert and watchful as watchmen in a time of war. We must not allow our intellectual mind to behave in a whimsical manner — that is, to take us along the paths of morbidity and lust. We must not allow the emotional mind to lead us on the path of negative emotions. We must not allow the motor mind to make of us simple football players or boxers, or to put us to do something useless. We must not allow the instinctual mind to be altered by misconceptions about our organism, about life, since this mind has specific defined functions regarding how to make each of our organs to function correctly. We must not allow the sexual mind to take us along the path of lustful sensualism. It is necessary to develop the superior emotional mind within us, with pure emotions, with living art, with the symphonies of Beethoven, Mozart, or Liszt. It is necessary to develop the superior mental mind in us with the culture of the spirit.

Each of the seven minds will become refined as we go about eliminating psychic aggregates. When one eliminates psychic aggregates of the intellectual center, the mind then remains under the service of the spirit. When one removes psychic aggregates of inferior emotions, then the superior emotional center shines within us. When one eliminates psychic aggregates from the motor center, represented by wrong habits, bad habits, etc., then upright actions shine in that center .

When one eliminates lower animal instincts from the instinctual center, then this wonderful center accomplishes with its chores to perfection, managing the eurythmy throughout our body in full harmony. When one eliminates all of the psychic aggregates from the sexual center, then it marvelously advances, by transforming the sacred sperm into creative energy.

Whosoever eliminates within their very self — by means of the sacred fire of Vulcan — all the psychic aggregates, they will take possession of their superior emotional and superior mental centers. Then, their integrated personality will remain under the service of their Being. Thus, messages that emerge from the highest parts of their Being will pass through these two superior centers to reach each of the five cylinders of their organic machine. This is how the fire will make us sacred individuals.

This is how the fire — by burning and completely disintegrating all the psychic aggregates — will transform us into flames. The fire will burn firstly in the body, thereafter in the soul, and later in the spirit. When these three wicks of fire burn within us, we will then be submerged within our divine prototype, since each one of us has their own prototype in the fire. Thus, for that reason we will become Elohim.

It is necessary for you to understand the necessity of transforming ourselves into Elohim. It is necessary for you to understand the urgency of entering once and for all into the army of the word, the army of the demiurge creator of the universe. It is necessary for you to take the three fundamental steps within the seven regions of the universe.

You cannot be transformed without fire.

The scientists in this physical world do not know anything about fire. They think that fire is the outcome of combustion, but they are mistaken. The reality is the reverse: indeed, combustion is the outcome of fire. Take a match. If we strike it, we will see the fire. Obviously, the scientists would say that because of it, the flame has sprouted, yet they are wrong. What happened is that we have eliminated the receptacle within which the fire was enclosed, by the movement of the arm and the hand that struck the match, which have also fire. If the arm and hand did not have fire, then fire would have not sprouted from the match, because the match would not have been moved by the fire within them, and therefore the fire in the match would have been remained in its completely virginal state.

The hour has arrive to understand that the fire existed before the burning of the match, and the hour to comprehend that once the match is burned out, the fire still continues to exist. Then, what is the origin of the fire? Where is it? Listen: the fire has no beginning, and it has no end. I said and I repeat it again:, what is important for us is the fire of the fire, the flame of the flame, the astral signature of the fire.

It is by means of the fire of Vulcan, the Christic solar fire, that we can indeed burn all the psychic aggregates, to reduce them to cosmic dust. What is enclosed within the psychic aggregates? It is the Essence. What is the Essence? It is living fire. Thus, when the psychic aggregates have been burned, what remains? Fire. Consciousness is fire. It is the fire that crackles and the fire that sizzles within the flaming aura of the universe. Again, all the sacred books have been written with flaming coals.

So, brothers and sisters, render cult to the fire, work with the fire, and in the name of truth and justice, I assure you that you will be liberated.

Right now, you all are just coals. Thus, the hour to ignite the fire has arrived, the hour has arrived to understand that we must shine like igneous flames within the aura of the universe. So, this is the conclusion of my words.

Questions and Answers

Now, you can ask questions, esoteric types of questions, exclusively related to the theme that we have developed. The brothers and sisters can ask what ever they want in relation to the theme. Do not be afraid to express your questions. We have freedom of expression.

Audience: Venerable Master, regarding the remembrance of oneself, and alluding to the words of Master Jesus, “Let the dead bury their dead,” is a person who does not live in Self-remembrance dead?

Samael Aun Weor: So indeed, they are robots programmed by the law of recurrence.

Audience: Regarding the fire that you addressed at the beginning, as the fires that are lit to mourn the dead, the fires of the kitchen, of the stove, can we consider these as negative aspects of the great sacred Fohat?

Samael Aun Weor: No, there are simply many kinds of fire, that is all. There are many levels of the fire.

Audience: I had an experience in the astral plane; the fire was assisting me.

Samael Aun Weor: Independently, the fire is compassionate, and it also tends to help those who are fallen, those who walk in darkness. Therefore, it is stated that we must lift the torch well aloft in order to illuminate the path for others. That is all.

Audience: Venerable Master what relationship has the aura with the fire?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the aura is also an igneous radiation. Obviously, the fire is latent in the aura, in every atom, although indeed, truly this is only an inner fire. What we must be concerned with is to develop the Vulcan fire within us. If what we actually, really want is to become soldiers of the army of the word, we must be concerned to take the three steps within the seven regions.

Audience: Master, can we awaken the fire without a spouse?

Samael Aun Weor: It is written that the Vulcan fire only awakens in the forge of the cyclops. Nevertheless, bachelors and bachelorettes can work on their ego, and by means of transcendental efforts with the help of their divine mother Kundalini, which is fire, they may eliminate twenty-five, thirty, or even fifty percent of their psychic aggregates. However, if they truly want to eliminate one hundred percent of their psychic aggregates, then later they will have to descend to the flaming forge of Vulcan.

vajrayogini tantra

Audience: Venerable Master, I remember your lecture: the Father is fire, the Son is fire, the Holy Spirit is fire, the Divine Mother is fire; can we conceive any difference, some degradation, we might say?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, there are degrees and degrees, because one is the Father, a superior flame. One is the Logos, the Son, the Kristus, who is also fire. He is the fire that shines in the consciousness, the fire that sizzles within the rocks, the fire that is crucified in the interior of the Earth, the Anima Mundi. Another is the fire of the Holy Spirit, the fire of Pentecost, the sexual fire that can only be known in the ninth sphere.

Audience: Venerable Master, does the fire have a counterpart?

Samael Aun Weor: The fire has no counterpart. The fire is what is, what has always been, and what always will be. What indeed, truly exists are different gradations of the fire.

Audience: Is our real Being practically fire?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, our Being is fire.

Audience: Venerable Master, you talked about two unities, the unmanifested and the manifested. Is the reason to be for the manifested God influenced by the unmanifested?

Samael Aun Weor: The unmanifested, the incognizable, is Aelohim. Moses rendered cult to Elohim, the Manifested, the second unity. One is the demiurge architect of the universe, who is the fire, the cosmic Krestos, Vishnu, the one who can penetrate within all that has been and will be. Obviously, the reason for the manifested Logos to be is to create and create anew.

After having absorbed ourselves as Elohim within the profound bosom of the unmanifested unity, we will know the living secret of the profound manifestation of each mahamanvantara. We already know that the periodic mahamanvantaric manifestations arise from within the bosom of the incognizable. This has no beginning, nor an end, because we only know its fundamental truth, its root. Thus, after having transformed into flames, we will definitely be submerged within the bosom of the eternal, common, cosmic Father.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, Aelohim is what is, what has always been, and what always will be. What is behind the fire is what is important. Blessed are the ones who will definitely be immersed, and forever within that which is the truth.

Nevertheless, now we have to work very much upon ourselves. Now our duty is to chisel our seven minds. Now we have to know the seven truths contained within our seven minds.

It is also urgent, as I previously stated, that we know that in our interior there are seven sublime lords, the seven parts of our own Being. Obviously, by law of the philosophical analogies and correspondences, and numerology, in the microcosm there are seven parts related to the seven worlds, and with the seven sublime lords, seven Buddhas of contemplation.

Thus, to be more specific, in the macrocosmos there are seven worlds above, and within us here and now are seven minds and seven sublime lords: seven sublime lords, seven minds that we have to engrave, to chisel, and profoundly perfect. This is only possible by reducing to ashes the psychic aggregates contained in the five cylinders of the organic machine, perfecting the superior centers in each one of us.

Understand that our seven minds must shine. Understand that the seven sublime lords must act in each one of us, and must be known. Understand that within us there are seven truths.

In order to be converted into columns of the temple of the living God, we have no choice but to work with the fire. As it is written in the book of Revelation 3:12:

“Him that overcomes will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out.”

Audience: Venerable Master, how much percentage of consciousness is necessary for us to remember the self?

Samael Aun Weor: To remember the self is to remember the self. Many will begin with three precent, which we commonly have. Others will work with five percent, and others with ten percent. At the end, and after all, the percentage will increase gradually, and the more the percentage of consciousness increases in us, it is obvious that we will remember ourselves more, in a very splendid manner, successively, increasingly better.

But, the percentage of consciousness cannot increase within each one of us if we do not eliminate from within ourselves the demons of Seth, namely those tenebrous creatures, those monsters of the Earth, living representation of our psychological defects.

Schools that do not teach the path of christification, schools that do not teach people how to work with the marvelous Fohat that weaves and unweaves the loom of the universe, are dead schools where only lunar coldness reigns.

Audience: Regarding the statement about the school of the Tibetan Böns who are very radical?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, there are two clans in eastern Tibet, namely the clan of the Drukpa, red caps, and another, the Böns. Unquestionably, the adepts of the Drukpa [literally “people of the dragon.” Read the glossary definition here] work with abysmal, poisonous fire. Another thing are the Böns. I do not deny that they are one hundred percent radical, but they work with the fire.

If someone knocked at the doors of a Bön monastery with the purpose of asking for initiation, he would be welcomed by a priest dressed in a blood-red tunic, a red miter on his head, necklaces of dead bones, and a bloodied dagger in the right hand. “What do you want?” This is the question of the Bön priest.

When the adept answers, “I want to depart from this universe forever,” then the Bön priest leads him to the patio.

“Pronounce this mantra,” he says. When the devotee pronounces the mantra, he then falls instantly dead. Yes, the subject is disembodied. Then, in the astral world, those Böns place the subject in intimate relationship with his Father-Mother, and he is subjected to rigorous ordeals. The Mother Kundalini acting upon her child will help him so that his psychic aggregates will be annihilated. Hard work awaits the aspirant who passes through that door. The Cosmic Mother will have to work severely with him until he achieves the total disintegration of his ego. His free consciousness then will be submerged within the bosom of that which is not of time. But since he has not created the existential, superior bodies of the Being, indubitably because of that he will not have reached adepthood. He will be a flame, a small star of the infinite universe. Madam Blavatsky said:

“If Sun thou can'st not be, then be the humble planet. Aye, if thou art debarred from flaming like the noon-day Sun upon the snow-capped mount of purity eternal, then choose, O neophyte, a humbler course. Point out the “Way” - however dimly, and lost among the host – as does the evening star to those who tread their path in darkness.” - The Voice of the Silence

Another thing happens when the aspirant, before the Bön priest, states in an emphatic way that he wants to follow the path of adepthood. Then, he is taken to a lonely forest. They shut him in a cabin. Not a luxurious cabin like those here in these lands of America, but a true cabin made of palms and vines of all species, where the subject will have to pass through horrific terrors, through speechless ordeals. A bugle made from the bones of the dead will resound. The priests will advise the applicant to leave that path. They will tell him that there are better paths to leave the wheel of Samsara, there are other ways, but if the disciple says, “No, the only thing I want is adepthood,” then with special formulas they invoke his psychic aggregates. The Böns crystallize those aggregates and make them visible and tangible within the cabin, and depart, leaving the initiate alone. He will have to contend against those aggregates, some bestial and monstrous. He will have to fight with them all night, and if by chance he manages to survive, if he is not strangled by some, if perhaps he survives, he will already know what kind of aggregates he has, and will successfully work against them. So, if he passes that ordeal, he will be taken into another place, a secret temple, where he will be taught eastern Tantra, where he will learn the secret secretorum of Alchemy, where he will be taught how to work with the fire so that he can achieve adepthood. That is the path of the Böns, a path of violence and death, for which reason Madam Blavatsky believed that it was a school of black magic, but it is not; their path is just very dangerous and violent — radical, that is all, as I have explained.

Audience: Venerable Master, how is it possible that some gods are fallen, when they are gods?

Samael Aun Weor: They made the three steps from the top downwards to the bottom throughout the seven regions of the universe. When manifesting themselves in the world of forms, they committed the mistake of casting the philosophical stone into water. So, this is why they are now fallen. They are dead. In the superior worlds, each of them is represented in the shape of statues, as stone sculptures. That is all. This how it has been and will be.

If they take the three steps up— when the fire again burns within their physical bodies, then in their souls, and finally in their spirits, and returns finally to their original prototypes — they will once again be the gods they always were, yet now returning in a higher way, terribly divine, more powerful than before, because of the gained experience. Understand?

Medieval Persian manuscript Muhammad leads Abraham Moses Jesus

Audience: Venerable Master, in our case, who are sleeping people, is our real Being manifested in life?

Samael Aun Weor: How is the Being going to manifest while each of you are in the state that you are, with the ego alive — super-duper alive? The Being and the ego are incompatible. They are like oil and water: they cannot not mix. Either the ego is manifesting, or the Being. If the ego is manifesting, the Being is absent. If the Being is manifesting, it is because the ego has been previously disintegrated. Therefore, you are nothing but robots programmed by the law of recurrence, machines driven by the ego, and that is all. Understood?

Audience: Venerable Master, if a person owed a certain karmic debt, and then kills the ego that originated that karma, does he then become liberated from it?

Samael Aun Weor: That is only possible based on negotiations with the lords of the law. If such negotiations are done, the corresponding psychic aggregate is eliminated. There are psychic aggregates related to the law of cause and effect; the elimination of those aggregates is only possible by means of negotiations and payments. Nonetheless, I do not want to say that all psychic aggregates are linked to negotiations with the law of karma; I clarify, it is only certain aggregates, that is all. When one has done the disintegration of the corresponding aggregate, it is obvious that one become free from that debt. Brothers and sisters, regarding this we have spoken clearly.

The topics of this lecture are continued in: The Doctrine of Fire.