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The Avenue of Sphinxes
The Avenue of Sphinxes

Egyptian Bodies and the Rites for Rejuvenation

Student: The other day, while we were talking with the master Litelantes, you were talking to our brothers and sisters from Colombia about your Egyptian body, or something similar; if possible, tell us about all that.

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure I am going to give some brief, simple explanations about all this. Certainly, reincarnation or the law of eternal return, etc., for some it is a theory, for others a hypothesis, for others a superstition, for others a blind belief, for others a dogma, for others a reason for mockery, for laughter, or sarcasm, or a laugh and nothing more. However, for those of us who remember our past existences, reincarnation is a fact.

In the name of truth, I have to declare before the solemn verdict of the public conscience that I completely remember all my previous existences! And I remember them, my dear brothers and sisters, simply because I am awake. When all of you awaken your consciousness, you will also be able to remember your previous lives.

I will now cite a very interesting reincarnation: I want to refer, emphatically, to the dynasty of Pharaoh Khafre, in the old country of the Pharaohs, in the sunny country of Kem. Still, I have not been able to forget (and I think I will never forget), all the details of that existence...

I was still a young man, and walking through the deserts, I crossed a street of sphinxes (by the way and in parentheses, I tell you, I tell you, that archaeologists recently discovered such a street). It was a street of black and white sphinxes. In front of each white sphinx there was a black one and vice versa.

I remember a group of people, who seemed rather nomadic, who watched me from afar.

Dressed in a white tunic, sandals and cloak to defend myself from the sunlight, or from the sun's rays; I arrived at the foot of the pyramid, in the shade I fixed a sandal, I looked for the entrance. A guard blocked my path. He, with an unsheathed sword and apron, with which he covered his creative organs, face to face, staring at me, he asked me, "What do you want?"

I answered, "I am a blind man who comes in search of light."

"What do you want?"


"What do you want?"


I remember the moment when he abruptly took me by the right hand and put me inside the temple. I have not been able to forget that "DO" of ancient Egypt and that moment when a great stone turned on its hinges, producing that sound (the basic “DO” of the musical scale)...

Once inside, and completely stripped of all the elements I was wearing (such as precious stones, or metals, jewelry, etc.), I was subjected to tremendous tests: when I passed the fire test, I had to cross through an igneous room; long, red-hot metal beams produced unbearable heat; between metal beam and beam, my feet could hardly fit. Many who wanted, before me, to go through such a terrible ordeal, fell on those red-hot iron masses, and died, horribly burned...

When I passed the air ordeal, I was hung from a ring over a black and hideous precipice. Horrible hurricane currents chilled my body, but I remained serene, impassive... The stone turned its hinges, and I entered a temple...

And when I passed the water ordeal, I had to use wise exorcisms to conjure the sacred crocodiles. If I had not done so, I would have inevitably died. Many before me perished in those cruel teeth...

And when I crossed the earth ordeal, I had to remain serene and impassive, seeing two masses that threatened, well, to crush me.

I came out victorious in the four ordeals (the one of fire, the one of air, the one of water and the one of earth), I entered the initiation school; I went through the various ordeals of initiations, etc.

Finally, my dear brothers and sisters, I climbed the mountain of initiation, yes, the first mountain! Upon reaching those heights, having recapitulated all the initiatory esoteric processes, then there were superior transcendental orders: I was ordered, yes, by my real inner Being, and by the great white lodge, to place that physical body that I possessed into state of catalepsy; Obviously, that body was left like this. It was then duly bandaged and placed inside a sarcophagus. It was not necessary for that body to die, I repeat, it remained in catalepsy! Yes, I know where it is buried, but that is a secret I will never tell...

Centuries passed. I continued to take physicalities in different places on planet Earth. From time to time, I have been allowed to use that vehicle. Before taking this present physicality, I used it for some time: when I disincarnated, when I left my past body here in Mexico, I was allowed, for a time, to use that Egyptian physical body, yes!

Later, I had to leave it in its tomb, when I returned again to reincarnate. Here I am! But I'm still in contact with that vehicle and I still use it every time it's necessary.

It is not dead, it is alive! From time to time I take it out of the burial pit, through the fourth dimension, then I put it into the three-dimensional world and give it food and drink to preserve it, and I preserve it. There is that vehicle, yes! for what purpose? The Father will know when I will definitely have to use it, but there it is, alive!...

This belongs to the mysteries of the Egypt of the pharaohs; this belongs to the mysteries of the Amenti, to the mysteries of the Amen-Ra, to the mysteries of the sunny country of Kem. This kind of knowledge is currently unknown to this suffering humanity.

I am therefore giving details of something that current science does not know and that it does not even remotely suspect. I am not, therefore, the only one who has a physical body in a state of catalepsy. In the land of Egypt, in the land of the pharaohs, there are other initiates, other masters, who also have their bodies in these conditions.

On a certain occasion, a lady who visited me had to give me some very important news: at that time, yes, many years ago, certainly, that lady talked with me about very interesting things... I, a little tired of this physical world, told her, "I would prefer to die!"

She answered, "I wish you could die. But neither you nor I can die. What year do you say you were born?"

I then replied, "I was born on March 6, 1917."

"Oh!" the lady replied, "Don't you remember that in that year you lived in the north of Mexico?"

"Yes, I do remember."

"Don't you remember when you were going to collect the money that I owed you, to Los Angeles, in that warehouse where I worked?"

I told her, " Yes, I do remember."

"Don't you remember that I paid you that money in the form of bills of exchange?"

"Yes, yes you paid me. Yes, I remember everything..."

A little astonished, the lady told me, "And what I have told you is only part of the great secret that surrounds you..."

Years passed; Yes, I was able to evidence everything that that lady had told me. Certainly, she also retains her body. Yes! An Egyptian body that she had, and she preserves it very well in a state of catalepsy, buried in the land of the pharaohs. So, neither she nor I have the right to die.

We can leave these karmic bodies, but we are always linked by the silver cord to the Egyptian body. It is clear, at the time of March 6, 1917, when I was taking the present vehicle, I was still using that Egyptian vehicle. Yes, I used it! I was allowed to use it for a while, after having left my personality, known as “Daniel Coronado”, here in the capital city of Mexico. That is to say, between my past body, left behind, and the present body, I was allowed for a short period of one year to use that vehicle, the Egyptian vehicle. I think you have understood me; and I still use it, from time to time, not always, but from time to time I do.

There are mysteries that you do not know and that you must know one day. What I am telling you may surprise you a little, yes, I am not surprised that it surprises you. I am giving news that you do not know. I am talking about Egyptian mysteries, and you do not know that kind of mysteries. Wake up so that you know those mysteries, understood?

Student: Venerable master, continuing our questions so that you may enlighten us more and more, we ask you: how is the common and current being constituted, and how can he make his bodies? What if there is one, two, or three ways to build these bodies?

Samael Aun Weor: I will gladly give explanations in relation to this matter. If we carefully study Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Blavatsky, Steiner, Max Heindel, etc., we will fully realize that all these authors emphasized the idea that the human being or that all human beings, have the physical, etheric, astral, mental, causal, buddhic and atmic vehicles. That is to say, they all support the idea that the "intellectual animal" or "rational animal" (as defined by the natural sciences), possesses the superior existential bodies of the Being. However, we disagree with such assertions; we know very well, by direct experience, what the "intellectual animal" mistakenly called "human being" really is. Obviously, the "intellectual animal" only possesses the human physical body with its vital seat, nothing more. The "intellectual animal" does not yet possess the astral, mental, and causal vehicles. Such vehicles must be created, inevitably, if we really want to reach the intimate self-realization of the being.

Normally, ordinary people only possess, as I have already said and I repeat again for the good of all of you, the human physical body with its vital seat. What is beyond these vehicles is the ego, the I, the myself, the self-willed. There is nothing divine about such an ego. It is wrong, it is absurd to say that "the ego is divine." It is also absurd to divide the ego into two: one of a higher type and another of a lower type. It is absurd to say that "the higher ego is divine"...

Friends, brothers and sisters who listen to me, listen to me well: superior and inferior are two sections of the same thing; Higher ego, lower ego are two sections of the same ego. And the I, the ego, is not divine, it is tenebrous, one hundred percent. It is a sum of psychic aggregates that clearly personify our defects, namely, anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony.

In the ego, in the “I,” is the inheritance of our family, of our race, our habits, our customs, our prejudices, our hatreds, our bitterness, etc. The ego is a conglomerate or group of egos. It is not then, the ego, something individual. It is composed of multiple egos, by multiple aggregates called "egos". These, as I have already said and I repeat again for your good, personify our different psychological defects.

Within each one of these aggregates that constitute the “I,” the myself, is embedded, bottled up, trapped the psychic essence, the psychic material. This essence, this psychic, psychic material, is the most decent, the most worthy, the most beautiful thing that exists in the depths of each one of us.

If you were to ask me: what else does the humanoid have? I would tell you: nothing more! What there is of soul, of being, of essence, I already told you, is embedded within the ego. But nothing else has. And what about the spirit, what about the divinity what? I do not deny it, my dear brothers and sisters, that the divine, the innermost, the ineffable Atman, together with Buddhi, the superlative consciousness of the Being, with the superior manas, the human soul, is related to each one of us by means of a thread very subtle, very fine.

But one thing is to be related in this way, and another thing is that we have the ineffable divine trimurti incarnated within us. This trimurti: atman-buddhi-manas, that is, the Innermost, the spirit with its two souls (the spiritual soul, which is feminine, and the human soul, which is masculine), are disembodied, unfortunately. That is, they have not entered the physicality of the "intellectual animal mistakenly called" human."

tree of life monad soul

However, it is obvious that the divine trimurti of each of those who are listening to me here is united to the physical body; yes, yes, yes, indisputably united by means of a very fine thread or cord, I mean the Antahkarana. Yes, to the "silver cord" that the ancients spoke of. The interesting thing is to incarnate this ineffable divine trimurti, in order to become humans. However, brothers and sisters, this would only be possible by dying within oneself and creating the superior existential bodies of the being (bodies that the pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists mistakenly believe that we all possess).

Do you want to know how the astral body is created? Listen to me: during the sexual trance, yes, at that moment, if we restrain the animal impulse, if we do not spill the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, if we do not ejaculate the ens-seminis, if we carefully avoid the orgasm of the physiology of eros and know how to withdraw in time, the sexual hydrogen SI-12 (contained in our sexual glands), will be transmuted, will be passed to a higher order octave and after saturating the organic cells, it will inevitably become the astral body, the "sidereal body". ” that Theophrastus Philippus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, Paracelsus, spoke to us about; in the precious vehicle, with which we can travel through the starry space.

However, this requires work, yes, a lot of patience, a single practice would not be enough. This means that we have to work for several years, until we finally achieve success, triumph: the manufacture of the astral body.

After having carried out this work, it becomes essential, urgent, and imperative to create the mental body. Such a body is also created with wonderful transmutations of sexual hydrogen SI-12. It is necessary, indispensable, to pass such hydrogen to a second octave of a higher order. The process is repeated in the forge of the cyclops. It is there, precisely, in the flaming forge of Vulcan, at the very moment of chemical coitus or metaphysical copulation, when we can carry out the transmutation of such a wonderful substance. Once that is achieved, then we will have had a mental body. The work is long, difficult, but in the end, it is achieved if we have patience.

Much later, in time, we will have to create the causal body. The procedure is as always: transmutation of the sexual hydrogen SI-12. By creating the causal body or body of the conscious will, we are then ready, prepared to incarnate the third aspect of our divine triad. I refer emphatically to the human soul, to the superior manas that Eastern theosophy spoke of, a subject with a human soul, that is the result. Thus, we certainly cease to be "intellectual animals" and become humans.

However, I clarify, although many have achieved this, if someone does not dissolve the ego (hear me well), that someone would become a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity.

Any of you, working in the forge of the Cyclopes, can, through the transmutation of the hydrogens, become an authentic human, a subject with a human soul, a real human. However, if such subject does not dissolve the ego, I repeat, that subject becomes a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, that is, an abortion of the cosmic mother.

Do you want to know what a “hasnamuss” is? Hear me: a "hasnamuss" is a subject with two personalities (one white, one black, one angelic, one tenebrous), have you heard me?

A specific case is that of Andrameleck. When we invoke him in the supersensible worlds, the Andrameleck throne or his dark antithesis can concur to us, his animal ego turned into a diabolical power. Behold Andrameleck, then, converted into a double personage! Behold a hasnamuss!

I don't want you to become hasnamussen, I don't want you to convert into hasnamussen! Those who teach the transmutation of the creative energy excluding the dissolution of the ego, the only thing they achieve is to create millions of hasnamussen.

The fabrication of the existential bodies is not enough. There is the need to reduce the animal ego to cosmic dust. Both things are essential. “Solve et coagula” (“to dissolve and coagulate”), dissolve the ego and coagulate the sexual hydrogen SI-12, in the splendid and marvelous form of suprasensible bodies. "Solve et coagula" is the formula of the old medieval alchemists, the transcendental formula of practical magic, do not forget it, dear brothers and sisters, go ahead, go ahead!...

Student: Beloved master, you told us that we only have the physical body and the vital seat. What do we have in the place of the astral and the mental? And the essence, do we have it within us or not?

Samael Aun Weor: With great pleasure, I answer what you have asked me. I have said, clarified, that the essence is within each one of us. I have explained that the essence is bottled up, unfortunately, in the myself, in the ego, in the psychic aggregates that constitute the ego. You want me to clarify what the “intellectual animal” has instead of the suprasensible bodies of the Being, I tell you: the ego, the “I”; that's all. However, it is good to affirm that many people who believe they do not possess suprasensible bodies actually do. These are usually fallen bodhisattvas. However, as they developed too much the ego, their essence, their consciousness was engrossed within themselves. And so, they fell asleep. That is the reason why they ignore that in a remote past they manufactured the superior existential bodies of the being. But if, those people, those fallen bodhisattvas eliminate their ego, they wake up. And when they wake up, they come to show that already, in a remote past, they created the superior existential bodies of the Being. Thus, there are many who have created bodies and are unaware that they have them; and there are many who believe that they have them and in truth, they still do not have them. Understood?

Student: So, is it possible to have the existential bodies and ignore it?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, there are people whose consciousness is asleep, even though they have created in a remote past, in ancient times, such suprasensible vehicles, it is clear that they ignore it, precisely because they are asleep.

Student: Venerable master, those people, those fallen bodhisattvas, do they still need to work in the flaming forge of Vulcan?

Samael Aun Weor: Distinguished brother, distinguished brothers listening to this recording: it is clear that those people who created the superior existential vehicles of the Being in past existences, and who now, because they are asleep, ignore that they created them, need to work in the forge of the Cyclopes, with the purpose of using the transcendent sexual electricity, in order to destroy their ego, those aggregates that make up their ego. Because only by destroying such receptacles, such psychic dwellings within which the essence is bottled up, can they achieve the awakening of their consciousness.

And from another point of view, it is obvious that these people also need to transmute their creative energy, in order to restore the fire in each of their internal bodies. Without the maithuna, it would not be possible for these people to restore the fire in their higher existential vehicles; that is all.

Student: Now, we once again ask to our dear master, our venerable master, we ask him to give us an orientation of practical magic, how we will proceed with sexual transmutation, and to show us the energy path; also complementing, show us the direct spinning of the chakras in a practical way, so that we can understand perfectly.

Samael Aun Weor: It is clear, my dear brothers and sisters, that the creative energy always ascends from the gonads, from the sexual glands; it intelligently orients itself from them, that is, from the situated gonads..., from the gonadic chakras, in the sexual glands, through the Ida and Pingala cords to the brain, that is obvious.

When the solar and lunar currents make contact in the triveni, near the coccyx, then the igneous serpent of our magical powers awakens. She ascends through the sushumna channel along the spine to open the chakras, to develop them splendidly. These will allow us to see, hear, touch and feel the great realities of the superior worlds.

Let's specify now, a little; Let's go into some important details: the chakras must always rotate positively; never negatively. The chakras rotate positively from left to right. Imagine for a moment the hands of a clock, but seen from the front, the needles, the hours of a clock, but always seen from the front, not from the side, I clarify, but seen from the front. Put the clock in front of your eyes and see how the hands turn, from left to right, right? In the same way the chakras must rotate. You have to make them turn intensely, always, from left to right. This way they will rotate positively. From right to left is negative. Rotate them positively: from left to right, got it?


Well, I am going to give here to our brother J.G., and for him to teach there, to all the brothers of the Brazilian Gnostic movement, some practices for the development of the chakras. If the brothers and sisters practice these exercises, these rites, they will be able to rejuvenate themselves if they are already old, and if they are young, they will be able to preserve their youth for many years. With these exercises, a 70-year-old man can become a 40-year-old man. That is, he can rejuvenate himself very well. We are going, first of all, to give the instructions to our brother J.G., but in practice. So, as you listen to this recording, know that we are practically giving it to our brother J.G. [Learn them here: Rites for Rejuvenation]

Well, now you have to go to practice, well, that's why I tell you that in writing is difficult. Go to do the practice; you stand up (you're going to take off your jacket, when you're listening to this recording, don't forget it). Your arms extended to the right and left. You are going to turn in the way that the whirling dervishes do: from left to right, as the hands of a clock turn, when one is looking at them from the front, but begging, praying to the divine mother kundalini to make the chakras turn.

rites 1

It is not about turning the chakras, it is not about, shall we say, physical exercise, physical culture or gymnastics, no! These are rites, movements that are combined with meditation and prayer.

Well, that's enough. I want you to know that with these exercises the following chakras rotate: the occipital, frontal, thyroid, hepatic, prostate and the two of the knees. Through there, the forces of life enter the physical organism and they have to be turned so that the physical organism, then, is rejuvenated. All the other chakras also rotate with this movement. Well, you've done this movement, you've already spun on your heels the way the whirling dervishes spin: but from left to right.

rites 2

Well, now you need to lie down on the carpet, or the bare floor. Very well, lying there with your arms open, from left to right, and your legs placed in the figure of Savasana, that is, in the figure of a dead man, heels together touching together; the tips of the feet open in the form of a fan, correct. Now give yourself to meditation and prayer.

So, in meditation and prayer, you can practice, you can spend as much time as you want in that position.

rites 11

Now, you will raise your legs vertically. With this vertical movement of the legs, keeping them in this form, the blood flows to the head. That blood, naturally, will activate certain areas of the brain that are atrophied in the human race; to awaken certain faculties that the human race has atrophied; fortify the sight and sense organs, etc., etc., etc. You can stay there as long as you want. Now, for instruction purposes, you can lower your legs. You have done, then, a very good part of a rite.

Okay, now move on to another rite. You are going to get down on your knees, in prayer and meditation.

rites 4

All your prayer, all your meditation must be on the divine mother kundalini, beseeching her, begging her to make your chakras rotate, or to help you awaken the kundalini, in short, whatever you yearn for the most, because these rites are for prayer.

These rites are practiced in Tibet. In the lamasery called "the spring of youth".

This is how they call it, because those who arrive there are old, and return from there, young. A 70-year-old man who went that way came down as a 40-year-old man.

rites 5

Well, now, you have stood there for a little while with your head bowed on your chest. Now tilt your head back, well back, with your whole body bent backwards. Well, there intensify the prayer, the supplication to the divine mother Kundalini, the igneous serpent of our magical powers, begging her for what you most want: whether it is the movement of the chakras, the awakening of the kundalini, in short, or that she eliminates this or that psychological error, or that she heals this or that disease, whatever you want, whatever you want...

You can also through this exercise, heal yourself. One has to learn how to heal oneself. You can beg her to heal this or that diseased organ, etc., etc., etc. With these exercises one can make all those supplications, all those supplications, all those supplications. To heal oneself, yes, to beg the divine mother to heal oneself; to beg her, yes, with these exercises.

Very well, now that this practice is done, you go onto the next one. You know what the other one is, right?

rites 6

You sit down, sit down as I sat down now, next to you: well seated, with your right and left hands placed on the rug, your feet and legs extended horizontally, your heels together, the tips of your feet wide open as a fan, a little leaning back the trunk, but supported with your two hands right and left on the carpet, just as you are, you're fine. I think you will not forget that you have to be in: Prayer, supplication, meditation, you can spend as much time as you want on this.

Ok, now we are going to do the table position, you already know how to do it, right?

rites 7

And look how you're sitting. In the “table position”, all you have to do is stand on your two hands and two feet, but with the, let's say, chest up, looking at the ceiling above you; the whole trunk up; low behind your back is the hard floor, under your back is the floor. You are looking up at the ceiling. Your body is directed all the way up, but you hold yourself on both hands and two feet.

This is easy, I see that you do it very easily. In that lamasery that I told you about, in Tibet, well, many elderly individuals even had to put a kind of bed under them and someone was taking that bed out of them until they were supported on their two hands and on their two feet...

I see you do it very easily. Although you can improve a little more, raising the chest more..., correct, correct. The prayer, supplication, should be intensified like this to the maximum that it can. That's already done, well, that's already done...

Now, after you finish that rite, comes the position that we would call the "lizard". Yes, the "lizard", as practiced in Tibet; not as it is practiced here in the western world, but as it is practiced in Tibet.

rites 8rites 9

Put yourself in a position where that chair doesn't bother you because I see that there is a chair is bothering you, the best you can, yes, that's it, you stand on the tip balls of your feet, and on the palms of your hands. The elbows do not bend, they remain firm. The whole body supported on the palms of the hands and the balls of your feet, but without bending the elbows. The head rises, now, yes, as lizards do. Prayer, supplication, meditation, prayer, you are asked to put your chakras into activity, you pray to your divine mother, you lower your head and now the movement begins, well, of the [abdomen], downwards, upwards, downwards, toward above, intensifying supplication, prayer, petitions, etc., etc., etc.

Well, yeah. Now your hands remain steady, your feet take a few steps forward.

Okay, now, well supported on your hands, don't bend your knees, don't bend your knees. Lift your knees, your whole body lift it, that's it. Now you are on all fours, without bending your knees, supported on the tips of your feet and on the palms of your hands, that is, you have the shape of a bridge, exactly a bridge.

rites 10

So, head down, well tilted head down. So that the blood flows to the head and the prayers intensify, etc., etc., etc. The position is fine, it's correct.

You've concluded that position, good.

Now comes the practice of Vajroli Mudra, let's see: you are going to do it as I am indicating it to you, right? First of all, lower the palms of your hands directly to the knees, first of all, you are going to stand up well, very well: stand facing forward, facing forward, good; the palms of the hands are lowered to the knees while exhaling the air, emptying the lungs of air, no air in the lungs, and you must not breathe, no breath. You go up your hands (without breathing, without breathing, without breathing), you place them on the waist (without breathing, without breathing)...

You lower your hands again, leaning your body a little forward and lower your hands towards the prostate and sexual organs, do some strong massages on the sexual organs and prostate...

Then (still not breathing), then you lean back up again, your palms placed on your waist, arms forming a jug-shaped, okay, now inhale. At the moment of inhaling, you imagine that the sexual force is rising to your brain, it is rising, it is rising, it reaches your brain. Now you exhale slowly. That's it, you exhaled it correctly. That is called “Vajroli Mudra”.

During the inhalation, not only can one imagine that his creative energy rises, but also, one must concentrate on the Logos, on the third Logos, begging him to pull the sexual energy, to raise it himself, to the brain (because he has the power to make it go up to the brain, he); and he with his strength makes her to go up. You ask the Logos, your inner god, your intimate Logos. Understood?

Well, I think you have understood this, right? These, practically, are six rites; one begins, naturally, by practicing one (this series of the six rites) once a day, then it goes up to twice a day, and thus, little by little, the number of times a day is increased, until the time comes. The day when one can practice 21 times a day, which is indicated, the goal.

What is achieved with this is the development of all the chakras, first. Second, to rejuvenate the physical body. An individual who is 70 years old can be, after four or five years of exercises, at an age of 40 to 45 years. That is, stay with that appearance from 40 to 45 years.

Well, so with this, by doing these exercises the whole body is rejuvenated because the chakras rotate and more prana enters, more life in the organism, through those chakras. And every year it is convenient (for those who want to be young again, after being old), every year they should practice a fast based on water with lemon and raw garlic.

Student: Garlic?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, raw garlic...

Student: In Portuguese is alhos?

Samael Aun Weor: Garlic, garlic, garlic. Everybody knows the garlic.

Student: The alhos, grow like that, they look like balls.

Samael Aun Weor: Here they will now show you what garlic is. Because there, in Brazil, you speak Portuguese, and possibly they have another name for those garlic, I don't know; but now they will show you those garlics. Well, and then, naturally, that fast based on garlic and water with lemon, for a day. The next year, it is practiced two days, the other three; each year it is practiced once a year, but one day is increased until the moment comes when one can practice nine days each year. One's body gets used to it.

Those garlic and that lemon then kill the worms, the parasites that form inside the stomach. They clean the stomach, so that the body is in good condition.

Thus, with these rites the development of the chakras is achieved; on these rites one prays to the Divine Mother Kundalini asking for what one needs; With these rite exercises it is possible to transmute the creative energies; with these rite exercises it is possible to rejuvenate the body. But one has to get used to these rite exercises and perform them throughout life. There are six rites. These exercises or rites are practiced in Tibet, in the lamasery entitled "the spring of youth".

Is there any question about this subject-matter? You can ask with complete freedom.

Student: No there is none, it seems to me that everything is clear, master, understood.

Samael Aun Weor: Is everything clear? Well, I highly advise you to teach all the brothers and sisters in Brazil, this kind of rite exercises.

Now, the Vajroli Mudra, I clarify, the Vajroli Mudra is not to awaken the kundalini or to manufacture the superior existential bodies of the Being, or anything like that. It is a system that serves singles to help to sublimate and transmute their sexual energy, yes; Vajroli Mudra also helps married couples to sublimate. Now, as for singles, of course, massages can be made a little stronger on the creative organs and phallus. Even if the phallus becomes erect with the massages, because in this way it is possible to transmute the creative energies.

If the single man wants to stay in brahmacharya, he can, with the Vajroli Mudra, stay in brahmacharya. "Brahmacharya" is perfect chastity. And the bachelor can remain absolutely chaste without sexual problems of any kind with the Vajroli Mudra.

Massages must be strong on bachelors. Because the phallus, in this way, becomes erect, and then the semen is transmuted into energy and the bachelor solves his problem.

As for the married man, he doesn't need to do a strong massage, because for that he has his wife. Only a light massage, very gentle, barely touching the creative organs and the rest as taught, combined with his breathing. The bachelor, after he already gets his wife, continues with the maithuna to awaken kundalini, develop his powers and self-realization. In that case, he continues with the Vajroli but very softly, just as every married person does it, that is, the creative organs are barely touched, inhaling, just as I have taught here, in these practices, to our brother J. G. He will teach them there, in Brazil, and those who listen to this tape should know that he has the mission of teaching them.

It is necessary for the old to become young, old age does not have to reach decrepitude. One can stay young, jovial and strong, even though one is advanced in years. I am a man who, for example, I am already reaching the age of 60, there is very little left for me, and yet, I do not believe that I am so old, so decrepit. What do you say?

Student: Yes, you look very good, you look young, you look like me!

Samael Aun Weor: You see, I'm already reaching 60 springs. I'm sure in a few years my body, instead of getting older, will be even younger. So, teach all this there, to the brothers and sisters of the republic of Brazil.

Student: Thanks for everything, master.

Samael Aun Weor: In any case, my dear Brazilian brothers and sisters, I want you to know that it is possible to rejuvenate ourselves. That is why we have given these exercises here to our brother J. G.

Some time ago, an English colonel who lived in India, aged about 70 years, invited a friend of his, precisely to look for that lamasery called "fountain of youth", in Tibet. His friend declined the invitation. When the colonel left, his friend laughed, he said to himself: “This man is so old, and he wants to be young again” ...

But four months later he received a letter from his friend. That the colonel already found the lamasery; that he was already on the track. And four years later, someone knocks on the young Englishman's door. The young man opens the door, and he meets a young man, about 35 to 40 years old. The newcomer greets the young man by his name. He is surprised.

"Don't you know me?"

The young man says, "No, I do not know you."

The newcomer continue saying, "I'm Colonel so-and-so!"

"Impossible!" the young man answers. "Colonel so-and-so is my friend, a man in his 70s, an old man, and he left for Tibet four years ago. Are you the colonel's son?"

"I'm not the colonel's son, I'm the colonel!"

"Are you the colonel?

"Yes, I'm the colonel!" And then he identified himself.

Thus, it was verified that that 70-year-old old man had become 40 years old. You see how wonderful these rites are that I have taught here to our brother J. G.

You can do the same. You can rejuvenate yourself if you are old, if you are young, you can spin your chakras with all these exercises, heal yourself of your illnesses, preserve your youth. The important thing is that they practice, that they begin by repeating these rites, all of them, once a day. Then they repeat them twice, and until the day comes when they can repeat them 21 times a day. That's all, my dear brothers and sisters. Inverential peace!...


Good sister you will be a little surprised that from here from the patriarchal headquarters of the Gnostic movement, in the capital city of Mexico, D.F. I am addressing you. Right now, your husband is here, yes, J. G. He is a magnificent brother, I am very happy that he is the director of the Brazilian Gnostic movement.

You are his priestess-wife. You couldn't come to the congress this time, but don't lose heart, sister. Let's see, if you attend the next congress, I'm sure you will be able to attend. The next one is a little late, I'm not telling you how close it is. It's delayed, it's for 1981 in Bogota, which is closer to you. Closer than here in El Salvador, of course. Because from Brazil to here, to El Salvador is far away. Instead, Colombia is close to you there. Colombia is a neighbor of Brazil. In this way you will be able to attend the Colombian Gnostic Congress of 1981.

I hope you have then made great esoteric progress. You are the priestess of J. G., yes, and working intensely in the flaming forge of Vulcan, with the creative energy of the third Logos, you will have to reach the intimate self-realization of the Being. You know very well what that forge is, right? Sure, it's about sex. Working with the force of sex, with sexual energy, the self-realization of the Being is achieved.

You have been very long suffering, I understand. You've been through a lot of bitterness, that's clear. But you are very well prepared to follow the path of gnosis, and you can get very high if you propose. Fortunately, you have a good man; and with it you can achieve what you want: you can achieve the intimate self-realization of Being. So, do not forget that you are called to tread that path of liberation.

Well, sister, by means of this tape recorder I have addressed my words to you. Receive my Gnostic blessing.

Inverential peace!

Your master, Samael Aun Weor