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Aquarius Opposite Leo

Cosmic Transmigration of Souls

Once the cosmic journey of the solar system around the zodiac was complete, when it arrived to its point of departure in the Lemurian epoch, Hercolubus arrived.

Lemuria was a continent located in the Pacific Ocean, and had a wonderful race; how long did that race last? It lasted the length of time that the journey of the solar system takes around the zodiac. Once the journey concluded, when that cosmic trip came to an end, then Hercolubus arrived, which plays a marvelous cosmic role in that trip, an extraordinary, cosmic, mechanical play. With its mighty, magnetic force, it pulled fire from the interior of the Earth, thus volcanoes sprouted everywhere in Lemuria that caused massive earthquakes, and through 10,000 years of incessant earthquakes and tsunamis Lemuria sank into the Pacific Ocean.

Then, the new journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt served as a foundation for the Atlantean race. How long did the Atlantean race endure? It endured the length of time that the journey of the solar system takes around the zodiac. Once that voyage concluded, Hercolubus arrived, which caused a revolution to the axis of the Earth; then, the seas changed their beds, and Atlantis ended.

Now, at this very moment, the present voyage, the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt, is finalizing as well. After the sinking of Atlantis, the present journey was initiated in the constellation of Aquarius, the water bearer, which perpendicularly points to the direction of the constellation of Leo, the lion. Now, the new journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt is ending, so what will occur? What will occur is the sinking of the Aryan race, which is our case.

root races terrestrial

So, following the universal flood, along with the new journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt, our Aryan root race began. At these moments the trip is over, it has come to an end; we are again in Aquarius. The trip began in Aquarius and will end in Aquarius, thus our root race will last until the end of the journey; it cannot last a little longer or a little less, but to the end of the trip. So, the journey is just concluding.

I repeat, right now we are in Aquarius, and before Aquarius is the constellation of Leo, the lion.

What will happen now? As this planet Hercolubus gets closer and closer, the fires that lie within the interior of the Earth, attracted by the magnetic mass of Hercolubus, will sprout to the surface, then volcanoes will appear, causing earthquakes everywhere. Thus, this is how this root race will perish by fire and earthquakes; the fire and the earthquakes together will make a killing.


Hercolubus, also called Barnard's Star

The complete approach of Hercolubus to the Earth will exactly produce a revolution of the axis of the Earth. Then the seas will change their beds, and the present continents will be swallowed by them. Thereafter comes a duel to the death between fire and water, which will last several centuries. Meanwhile, the chosen race, the selected ones, will have to live on a certain island in the Pacific Ocean until the appearance of a double rainbow in the clouds. When that happens, the chosen race, this core of chosen ones, will live in “new heavens and a new earth” that have emerged from the depths of the seas. Then the golden age will have arrived.

Now, in terms of seasons, you know very well that there are four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Our Earth travels around the Sun and has four seasons; at this moment we are exactly in the spring, then summer, autumn, and winter will come. Likewise, in the journey of the solar system around the zodiacal belt — that is, in the great sidereal year, the great sidereal solar cycle — four seasons also happen, namely spring (the golden age), summer (the silver age), fall (the copper age), and winter (the iron age).

Spring: there are no borders or customs, no police or armies, nor any kind of wars. Everybody venerates the Sun, everybody worships the king star. Love, fraternity, reigns. People have no ego. They have come clean from the hands of their creator.

Silver age: the beauty of humanity slightly loses splendor, but nonetheless it continues splendidly.

Copper age: the first wars start. Customs, borders, begin. Kingdoms, empires, come into existence.

Iron age: we are in it right now. When a race reaches its iron age, it turns as it is now, as we are now: terribly perverse. Then it is destroyed, either by fire or water or both.

If we examine the zodiac now, we see that we are in the constellation of Aquarius [a water sign], which is facing Leo, a fire sign. What does this mean? The answer is clear, it is before our sight: that is, in this century there will be a deadly duel between water and fire, fire against water.

Look at Aquarius; it is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a hugely catastrophic planet, revolutionary, dreadful. Concerning Saturn, it is represented in alchemy by a black crow, death, the return to the original, primeval chaos.

If we observe that Aquarius is facing Leo, which at this time is facing us (it is a sign of fire), we understand that the lion of the law launches itself with fire against this perverse humanity.

So, at this time the two signs (water and fire) are face to face, and this is terrible. It means the complete destruction of this race.

There is no chance that everything will be love, that borders will disappear, and that all evil will disappear by itself after the year 2000, that an era of fraternity will come, as expected by the “Aquarians,” no! As if the ego could create a golden age! Would you perhaps believe that the ego could create a golden age? Listen, while the factors of discord continue to exist within oneself, there must be wars in the world. While the factors of selfishness and greed, lust and pride, continue to exist within us, there must be wars.

That the ego will create a golden age? That is absurd! From where will the ego get a golden age? In order for there to be a golden age, the destruction of this humanity is necessary, so that from the chaos a new land will arise to be inhabited by an innocent humanity, a humanity devoid of ego.

In the golden age, anyone with ego will not receive a physical body. Any soul with ego will be held back, because a single soul having the ego within (that takes a physical body) will end the golden age; that one will corrupt everyone else, of course.

A golden age is an age of innocence, beauty, and goodness, of love, fraternity, brotherhood among people without ego.

Student: Venerable master, since that humanity will be innocent and pure, is it eventually going to have silver, copper, and iron ages?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed.

Student: Does this mean that in later stages egos will access it, I mean some people with ego will belong to it?

Samael Aun Weor: Subsequently, in the later stages, the ego emerges within the same human beings; the ego begins, is born, among humans. This is the harsh reality of the facts. Fortunately, there is a law named the law of the transmigration of souls. It was taught by Lord Krishna in India, around, about 1,000 years before Christ. The doctrine of the transmigration of souls establishes a foundation for the golden age.

It is clear that all these millions, 4,500 million human beings who populate the face of the Earth, being incapable of dissolving their egos — since not everyone can do it because of lack of skills or dedication — then nature will be in charge of their disintegration. Where is Nature going to disintegrate their egos? Well, she will do it in the infernal worlds; this is why the infernal worlds exist, why Tartarus exists. Therefore, properly, to the Sufis hell is not a place of punishment, but a place of purification and instruction for the consciousness. As for our ancestors the Aztecs, hell is Mixtlán (as it is called), not a place of punishment, but a place of probation, tests, and if one emerges victorious after passing through the nine circles of Dante, one is entitled to enter paradise.

evolution and devolution kingdoms

So, let hell be considered from that point of view, that is, not only as a place of punishment but of instruction and depuration for the consciousness. This signifies that in the infernal worlds or in the nine Dantesque circles of the Tartarus, the ego is disintegrated, it gradually becomes dust; that is the famous Second Death. Thereafter, the best, the most decent, the most worthy, the most aristocratic that we carry inside, which is the Essence, emerges free in the sunlight in order to start a new march. It will start evolving from the mineral, eventually continue in the plant, then the animal, and subsequently the Essence reconquers again the humanoid state it formerly lost.

So, let us apply this to the 4,500 million human beings who will enter the Tartarus. Those 4,500 million will one day emerge from the Tartarus without ego; thus, devoid of ego they will have physical bodies from among the descendants of the chosen core, and as they are physically born, the race will be increased, but an innocent race, because they will not have ego. That innocent race, devoid of ego, will then be carefully directed by the solar dynasties.

Student: In those infra-dimensions, will one's soul pass through many sufferings, horrible sufferings, and will the passage through each of those circles be very long?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, one suffers very much, because one has to confront, face to face, oneself.

For example, if you were an assassin or had committed such crimes, you have the "I" of assassination. Then, there you will find yourself face to face with that "I" of assassination, that “I” chasing you, a monster who is lurking to kill you, and you will hide behind the rocks, and the monster will be waiting for you at all times. Thus, at all hours, that awful, armed monster wants to kill you, and yet you cannot remove it because it is you, too, it is part of you; it is your "I" of assassination.

The “I's" of lust will harass you there stormily; you will see multiple lustful monsters that attack you, thus, you will want to remove them from yourself but you cannot, and you will see them horrifying and frightening in the darkness of the underworld, and yet those "I's" are yourself.

So, therefore, the consciousness is instructed therein. As a cognizant instruction, it is first class, because the consciousness receives a direct, formidable instruction, and the ego is disintegrated in the full knowledge of the facts, so that when the Essence manages to become liberated through the gates of the Second Death, indeed, it leaves to the surface of the Earth completely happy and highly educated, and in the sunlight.

It leaves in order to start new evolving processes that will start in the mineral kingdom. It will again be a gnome, but no longer a gnome as in the beginning, as in the past, behind the former human cycles, but it will be a gnome of hierarchy, of its category, due to the spiral. When it enters into the elemental paradises of the plant kingdom, it will always be a certain vegetable elemental with a certain category; and when it enters into the paradises of the animal kingdom, it will always be an elemental of its category, and when it enters into the human state, it will be with more cognizance, but innocent.

Thus, such will be the innocent people of the future, people who went through the terrible Second Death, and that will be governed by the solar dynasties, and then the golden age will dawn. This is why Virgil, the poet of Mantua, exclaimed:

“The golden age has arrived and new progeny commands.”

Which progeny commands? Which is this new progeny? The solar dynasties, of course.

The golden age will be precious. The gospel of Luke corresponds precisely to the future golden age. This is why it is called “the gospel according to Saint Luke,” since it is the gospel of light, the solar gospel that says.

“And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.” —Luke 21:20

As far the gospel of Matthew is concerned, it is the gospel of science, and if we read it, we know through it when these shall things be. The gospel of Matthew tells us:

“And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these are the beginning of sorrows.” —Matthew 24:6-8

We currently have Jerusalem surrounded by armies, earthquakes everywhere, famines, epidemics, disease, hunger — this is what we are seeing. Saint Matthew is scientifically telling us that it is for this epoch.

Now, if we look broadly at Daniel the prophet, he sees: “the four winds of the heavens striving upon the great sea.” And he beholds a monster, a beast that comes at first from the sea, and that great beast “had eagle's wings” (it is a great lion with eagle’s wings) and “a man's heart was given to it” — this is the golden age. And “behold a second” beast arises, “like to a bear,” the silver age. And after he beheld the third beast that looks like a sphinx, the copper age. Then, a fourth different beast arises, “dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.” The fourth beast is the current iron age. The fourth beast is capable to prevail against the saints of heaven and is capable of destroying everything in its path.


“But the just [Christ] shall sit, and they shall [open the books and] take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end. And the kingdom and dominion, and the greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven, shall be given to the people of the saints of the most High, whose kingdom is an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey him.” —Daniel 7

That is, the iron age will end with great cataclysms.

And when Daniel asks, “O my Lord, when shall be the end of these things?”

He replied: "It shall be for a time, times, and an half."

“Time,” what is the time within a time? It is the golden age.

"Times?" The ages of silver and copper.

"And half?" Half of the iron age.

So, therefore, we are in the half, the middle (according to eastern calculations) of the iron age. Then the end is for this half time, because the other half of the iron age will be spent within the chaos, and it will be tough. So, this is what time, times, and an half means.

Student: Venerable master, now that I hear from you the reference about monsters and the infernal worlds, it turns out that when I was two or three years old, at the moment when going to bed to sleep I saw hidden within the great walls of my room monsters that always attacked me. My father scolded me because I was always crying, scared; he told me that it was just foolish things of mine, and that there was nothing there.

Samael Aun Weor: Such things are not always foolish; this is why when I was a boy I kept quiet and shut my trap so much, and did not tell anyone about such things. The difference between you and me is that you “sang” and I did not sing. I shut my trap, because I knew that if I sang, my relatives would qualify me as a wisecracker. I knew that those around me (my father, my mother, my brothers) were completely asleep and unconscious people. I knew that because I had incarnated into this physical body at will, I had entered into this "shell" at will, so I knew very well. So, what did I do? I shut my trap. I thought, "These people do not understand one iota. What I am just going to do is to not contradict these people, but as soon as I grow a little I will leave."

So, those monsters are what you carry inside, your “I’s.” Are you already disintegrating them? Because you have to reduce them to cosmic dust; those are your "I's" that you have carried with you from ancient times, from ancient centuries that have already passed into history. We must reduce them to dust, reduce them to ashes, to cosmic dust. This is the crude reality of the facts. Otherwise, you will have to confront them in the underworld. What effect did those monsters cause you as a child?

Student. Much terror, venerable master.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in the underworld you are going to feel the same terror but multiplied a thousandfold if you do not turn them into dust now. If you do not turn them into dust now, nature will do it for you, she will help you, by performing surgery on you. Oh yes, she will swallow you into her entrails; thus there in her entrails she will perform the very hard, very difficult operation. You will find them candidly, point-black, face to face; you will see what you do with them. You know that is not nice, to live thousands and thousands of years confronting those monsters.

If at times they produced such afflictions on you as a child, how about alive and in the flesh, fighting, hiding yourself among the rocks, to see if you can protect yourself, and in vain because you do not find protection anywhere? Those are the torments of Tartarus.

Therefore, I suggest that you disintegrate your ego.

And, study my book "Revolutionary Psychology.” That is the book that must serve you as a bedside companion. That book should be reproduced by the thousands across America and around the world, because the annihilation of the ego is fundamental.

Without disintegration, one is worth nothing. You have to disintegrate the ego, otherwise one is not doing anything, one is wasting time miserably.

Let us say if someone unfortunately has not finished developing the existential superior bodies of the Being, but dissolved the ego, turned it into dust; only with that he is saved from having to go down into the abyss, and already with that he has the right to take a physical body in the future golden age. But if you have not dissolved the ego, even if you built the superior existential bodies of the Being and therefore are a true human, you will not be given entry into the golden age, because this human will do a lot of damage. I am speaking about true humans, and not about "intellectual humanoids.” In other words those who reached the level of human will not be given entry into the golden age if they continue with their ego alive.


The golden age is the age of paradise. It is represented in the gospel of St. Luke by the winged bull. It is the gospel according to light, the solar gospel. In order for someone to enter into the golden age, that someone has to be clean of ego. The golden age will be the humanity of innocence — I repeat: innocence! When one destroys the egos one becomes so innocent that one does not even remotely suspect it. I myself became terrified of the degree of innocence that I had achieved, which I did not know that I had achieved; all of a sudden, the time came when I found that I was ignorant of basic things that all mankind basically knows; that is something outstanding.

Student: I listened to what you just said about reincarnation. As a child I also thought that I had lived in many previous times and that I had been liquid, water, or plant. To what was this concern due?

Samael Aun Weor: You already had inner, intuitive knowledge because you had been initiated in other centuries, in other ages, and obviously you carry that knowledge within you. Because of that you could recollect some reminiscences of that ancient knowledge.

Now, regarding the transmigration of souls, as an example, I am also one of those souls who has lived it. This is why I speak about the doctrine of transmigration, which is a revolutionary doctrine, which I am sure is not accepted by the ultramodern schools of Theosophy, or cheap pseudo-Rosicrucianism, or Spiritism, and all those pseudo-esoteric contortionists and cartwheelers of yoga, and things of the sort in the world. They do not accept it. They reject the doctrine of the transmigration of souls despite the fact that Lord Krishna taught it. Even so the Theosophists do not accept it. Nonetheless, if in life one has awakened the consciousness, if one has been awakened for a moment, then obviously one has to recognize the harsh reality of the doctrine of the transmigration of souls, that is clear.

But let me tell you on what I base the doctrine of the transmigration of souls. I simply base myself on the fact that I perfectly remember the stages of evolution and devolution through which I, as a soul, previously passed. Precisely, I was developed on a very ancient planet that does not even belong to the ancient Earth-Moon. Before our present Earth chain came into existence the lunar chain existed, and before that lunar chain existed, there was another planetary chain. Well, I belonged to that very ancient planetary chain. Thus, on that planet, on that ancient planet, I evolved as every soul in the world evolves. I evolved through the mineral, vegetable, and animal, and finally attained entrance into human organisms, a state that once I lost, etc. So, I passed through all those stages, and when I arrived to the human level, 108 existences were assigned unto me (as always, since this is what is normal).

During those 108 lives, I was not even interested in the least, not even in a slightest fraction, to anything related to spirituality. I devoted myself exclusively to earthly things, to profane things, and threw into oblivion anything that seemed like spirituality. I was not interested in it. Then I got the last existence (which was the 108th existence); in that last, 108th, I had the life, the existence, I may say, of an evil personality. That 108th physicality was of a female personality, evil; a really little woman, small, but evil. That was the last human body that I had, and after I left that female body clearly I entered the infernal worlds; this is how I entered into the infernal worlds.

I devolved within the bowels of that planet. I cursed and swore. I hated the Divine. I was a perverse soul until I passed through the Second Death. I was disintegrating myself, becoming dust. All of my "I's" were turning into shells, were becoming dust. Finally, there was nothing left. When nothing was left, I felt like I died forever, a great annihilation. Then I saw myself converted into an innocent child, a boy. What happened? The Essence, the elemental, had become free of subjective elements; the subjective elements of perceptions had been eliminated, the psychic aggregates entirely disintegrated, reduced to cosmic dust by the centrifugal forces of that planet. My Essence remained therefore free, naked, before the sun.

Well, freedom was then granted onto it. The devas examined my Essence from head to toe in order to see if any undesirable element was left in my interior. When they were convinced that there was not a single undesirable element, then the devas granted me exit through the atomic doors and I went out into the surface of that planet, now free and in the sunlight of a hydrogenated sun that illuminated that planet of that solar system, of which today not even its shadows exist, but only memories, at least, the memories of it in the Akashic Records).

Then I entered the evolutions of the mineral kingdom. Then I saw myself converted into a gnome, but not a gnome as I had been before; no, now I was a gnome of a higher rate.

Much later, through the centuries, I earned the right to enter the evolution of the plant kingdom. I was again an elemental plant, but a more cognizant elemental. Then I moved to the states of the animal kingdom where I evolved in different animal creatures. I speak about that in my book "The Three Mountains,” when through evolution I had the body of that little creature named “frog.” I was all over, hopping on the banks of a stream of pure, singing water. I remember, indeed, I had not forgotten the terrible sufferings I had in the underworld, and I did not want to return to the underworld ever again because of the horrors I had suffered there. I became a friend, yes, of the elemental of that river, a great friend. Thus, when I felt steps there of humanoids, which I knew were terribly perverse, I dove into the water in order to avoid those humanoids, because I knew they were evil, and so this is how I passed the time.

Later, I was given the right to enter into higher evolutions, thus I could enter into the realm of highly intelligent fish that lived on that planet. I always liked to go to the back, not the forefront, since sometimes a monster suddenly appeared. Thus, I remember a terrible monster that swallowed the whole school; I was in the rear, so he failed to devour me, but he swallowed the others. Still I remember how after filling its tummy that miserable one turned its back and retreated very quietly. I was among a few survivors. And so this is how I lived in the deep ocean as a fish.

Later, I entered into a kingdom of amphibians that came to Earth to take a sunshine. I swam among the pack of those amphibians.

Later, I subsequently gained the right to take human body. I reincorporated with the promise of not returning to the abyss again. That memory had remained alive within my consciousness, namely, the tortures of the abyss, the frights, the horrors through which I had passed. Then, out there, already with a human body, I said, "Well, I am going to transform myself into a true human being, since I know I am a humanoid but I have the resolution of becoming a true human."

I found the guru (my guru). He instructed me in the mysteries, precisely, of life and death. He gave me the key, the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum. I worked in the forge of the Cyclops because he guided me. I built the existential superior bodies of the Being by exercising the Being-Partkdolg-Duty, and this is how I performed the great transformations, we may say, of the sacred sperm (the mercury of the wise), and thus I managed by means of the mercury to crystallize my bodies, because it is very true that the sacred sperm is the Brute Azoth of alchemy that, when transmuting it, becomes mercury.

Sexual energy is the mercury, the metallic soul of the sperm, and the mercury in turn (which is energy that rises through the sympathetic cords to the brain) is fertilized by the sulfur, that is, the fire that awakens. Salt is the raw matter of the Great Work. Salt is in the sperm, there is salt also in the metals, there is salt in gold, there is salt within everything; thus, it is necessary that we must sublimate the salt as well.

I am talking onto you about the time when I became a true human being for the first time. I am speaking of a very ancient solar system, when I first managed to reach the state, we may say, of a true human being on a planet that has disappeared, of which nothing remains, not even the dust of the centuries. So that is what we are talking about.

Then, by means of the operations of sulfur and mercury over the salt, I managed to crystallize sulfur, mercury, and salt into an astral body; in other words, I fabricated an astral body. In a higher octave, that sublimated salt which formed the basis for the operations of sulfur and mercury crystallized in the form of a mental body, and subsequently, with that same base I managed the creation of the causal body.

tree of life twelve bodies

Thus, already in possession of the physical, astral, mental, and causal bodies, I then managed to incorporate the psychic ethnic principles (Pneuma of the Gnostics) within myself, and so I became, I transformed, converted myself into a human being. I became a true human. I had left the state of humanoid. Then, already having become a human, I kept working. Posteriorly, I attained other states. I arrived at the angelic state, archangel, etc., etc., etc. Well, in conclusion (in order not to go around with so many details): I managed the integration with my Logoi, and (in this mahamanvantara) I became the governor of the planet Mars and acquired all the powers of the heavens and of the abysses, all wisdom and all universal powers.

You might say, "Well, if that is so, then why are you now living here among us, the earthlings?"

And I will tell you sincerely why. Thereafter, I continued living in different solar systems. In my past cosmic existence I was in the ancient Moon-Earth. I lived among the Selenites. Therefore, I formed the Gnostic movement among the Selenites; I spoke to them as I am now speaking to you. The Selenites created a powerful civilization. I lived among them. Yet, there I was terminated, since the Selenites were very cruel. There were many people in a religion that was terrible, worse than the Catholic religion; they prosecuted me, thus I was sentenced to death and they crucified me, just as I am telling you.

Then, at the beginning of the aurora of this present mahamanvantara, I — integrated with my inner god — became the living spirit of the core of the planet Mars. But my inner profound lord, comprehending the necessity of acquiring qualities of earthlings that we do not have over there (certain characteristics such as those of Count Saint Germain, Count Cagliostro, characteristics of a diplomat, of a politician of their kind), he sent me here in order to acquire those characteristics that I did not have.

I retained characteristics of innocence and sapience, but not that spirit that the Cagliostros have, the Saint Germains (masters here on Earth) have; thus, he sent me here, while in the meantime, I could help. So, certainly he sent me, but yes, I made a mistake. When? In that revolt of the angels in Lemuria. I was among the first who entered into that wave, right? It was that subject matter of the fall into animal generation. Nonetheless, in the same Lemuria I managed to rise up, and in the same Lemuria managed to again acquire the Elixir of Long Life, the Philosophical Stone.

I lived with a Lemurian body in Lemuria and Atlantis, so I saw Lemuria sink to the bottom of the sea, and I saw the civilization of Atlantis rise, and later I saw it swallowed by the ocean. I have all of this knowledge here, and I can talk about Lemuria and Atlantis. I have not lost any knowledge. My memory is accurate.

On the central plateau of Asia I committed another mistake. I threw the stone into the water again, and so I "fell again on the Sabbath day.” Then I had to suffer a lot upon the face of the Earth. So far, up to this era I am finishing the making of the Philosophical Stone again. In 1978 I will have again in my possession that precious gem.

So, certainly, truly, this is the reason why I am here. Of course, when I entered into the superior aspect of the work in the Great Work, I was taken into the abyss by the Father. He instructed me from the planet Mars, and he gave a tremendous reprimand. He said, "You had all the powers of the universe, all the sapience of the infinite, all the wisdom of the cosmos, and nonetheless, you threw yourself into the precipice. Why did you do that?"

Then my answer was, ”Lord, I recognize my mistake, but now what can I do? The only thing that I can do is to ask for your forgiveness."

And indeed, the Lord forgave me. Thus, I continued working in the Great Work, and I am still working in the Great Work. With what purpose? With the purpose of getting the Philosophical Stone again in my power, the red carbuncle, the precious gem. In 1978 I will have it in my power, the red carbuncle. When that happens, I will leave for Europe in order to start my work there, which will be very similar to that of Cagliostro in Europe. This is the crude reality of the facts.

So, at this time, it is clear that I know all the cosmic processes of the transmigration of souls, and if I talk about the transmigration of souls it is because I lived it, I know it.

I am teaching therefore a doctrine that is rejected by all the pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists of our epoch. This is because they have not gone through these phases; they have not had to live the transmigration of souls. They only have lived in the fanciful world of different Kalkian schools. Kalkian personalities are abundant in those Kalkian schools: they know nothing, and theorize too much. What do we mean by Kalkian personalities? They are personalities full of pseudo-esotericism and cheap pseudo-occultism. I am not interested in those little schools of pseudo-esotericism and pseudo-occultism. I am only concerned with one thing: I am only concerned with the eagle and the serpent, my eagle and my serpent. The eagle is my inner profound lord, and my snake is my Divine Mother Kundalini.

Since several years ago, I am settled in Isis. I live in Isis. In other words, I was "devoured" by the serpent. I am a serpent that utters, that speaks, that explains. To that end, I am a serpent because I was "swallowed" by the serpent. This is why I say onto you that I am established in Isis, and the only thing that I am interested in is that. I think that the most important thing in life is to become a superhuman.

First, we have to create the human, and thereafter we have to acquire the stature of the superhuman. The human is something that must be created, since it is something that still does not exist. What exists now is the intellectual animal mistakenly called “human."

Once the human is created, it is necessary to reach the stature of the superhuman; that is what matters. The superhuman is the human who has achieved full integration with the divine, who has been integrated, who has merged with God; that is the superhuman.

If someone awakens the serpent, makes it to rise up to the brain, that is not enough, since one cannot enjoy the powers of the serpent as long as one does not become a serpent, and in order for one to be transformed into a serpent, one must be "swallowed" by the serpent.

In Yucatan, in the temples, I found a stone snake swallowing a man. Only thus can one become a snake; this is the only way.

That the snake ends being devoured by the eagle, the inner god? He devours it, the Logoi swallows it, and this is how the feathered serpent appears as our Lord Quetzalcoatl, the Mexican Christ.

Thus, the crude reality of the facts is that one must become a feathered serpent like Quetzalcoatl. That is what counts.

Thus, in order to reach the heights of the superhuman — that is, in order to be able to convert oneself into a feathered serpent, one has to go beyond good and evil — one has to step aside from good and to step aside from evil, to step aside from all conventional moral codes written by stale and dull minds, to replace all of that with comprehension.

We have to make an inventory of ourselves and see what is left and what is missing, and to step aside from all the codes of ethics and from all the prejudices of this epoch, to march on the rebellious and revolutionary path that leads to the superhuman, to step aside from the lines of evolution and devolution, which are mechanical laws of nature that lead nowhere but to mechanics of nature. We have to enter into the path of the great rebellion. Only in that way will one reach the superhuman.

Virtues, as noble as they may seem, sometimes serve as obstacles to the superhuman, because if we do not know how to handle virtues, one can do much harm with them: how many virtuous people fulfilling their rightful duty led many innocent people to prison or to the gallows — by means of the virtue of rightful duty? Many judges condemned the innocent or led them to the guillotine. So, therefore one has to step aside from good and bad, and walk on the path of comprehension — so, instead of good and evil — comprehension.

With comprehension one can advance very much. One has to make an inventory of oneself in order to know what is left in us and what is missing, and this is how one must change. One must resolve to die in oneself.

In order to die in oneself, the best is the forge of the Cyclops. When one works in the flaming forge of Vulcan, one must use the spear. All of the sexual electric power must be used in order to destroy the demons that we created, all those psychic aggregates, all those "I's" that we ourselves gave life. One must destroy them oneself, and one can destroy them with great force in the bottom of the abyss.

No one could rise without having previously descended. "Whosoever wants to ascend must first descend.” It is absurd to want to rise without having previously descend. The treasure must not be sought up in heaven; it must be sought in hell, in the Ninth Sphere, in the forge of the Cyclops: that is where the treasure is, among the demons. The treasure that one is looking for, the Golden Fleece, is saved, yes, it is properly kept by none other than Lucifer, but one has to be smart enough to defeat Lucifer.

Lucifer is the great dragon that must be overcome with the lance. I do not want to state that Lucifer is evil — on the contrary, he must be our best friend. Lucifer is a great friend, is Christ in disguise. Lucifer is Christ in disguise, that is, adapted to our conditions, converted into the force that can free us, because if it were not for the Luciferic impulse, no one could perform the sacred copulation, or chemical or metaphysical copulation, or however we like to call it.

The Luciferic impulse — which is a rebellious impulse — is needed in order for one to truly perform the chemical copulation; then one defeats Lucifer with the lance. In other words, one needs to be strong enough in order to avoid the spilling of the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the thrice-great Ibis god of Thoth), to be astute enough in order to make the move to Lucifer, to play with him, to be smart enough in order to defeat him. If one succeeds, then one climbs on the back of Lucifer, which serve us as stairs. "Lucifer is a ladder to descend. Lucifer is a ladder to climb.” That is the reality of the facts.

If one manages to defeat Lucifer, who is the dragon, one takes possession of the Golden Fleece, that is to say the treasure. The treasure is down there in hell, underground. The treasures are hidden underground. Any treasure is hidden in the earth, and it is necessary to dig very much into the earth in order to find it. The roots of the superhuman are down in the abyss, in the precipice, because from where does the tree of life takes its strength? Is it not perhaps from the interior of the earth [Malkuth], the abyss? A tree will grow as high as its roots are deep; the more a tree grows, the deeper its roots get, and a tree cannot grow taller if its roots do not get deeper.

Likewise, no one could rise to the level of the superhuman, no one could, we may say, become emancipated or liberated, to be transformed into a god with power over fire, air, water, and earth, if previously one does not descend to the bottom of the precipice, and there one has to live among the demons, as a demon among the demons.

We must learn how to walk with two feet. Many little brothers — especially the Kalkian personalities that are so abundant in the ultra small schools of pseudo-esotericism and cheap pseudo-occultism — want to walk with one foot. They do not realize that one has to walk with two feet; since they ignore that, they want to walk with one foot.

For example, what would we say of a tightrope walker who performs acrobatic stunts on a tightrope, hopping? And who would like to stay in balance on one foot, how could he walk with only one foot? He would fall down. Likewise whosoever wants to attain the inner realization of the Being has to walk with two feet, and not to be afraid of Satan or hell, or the Abyss. Hell is needed and Satan is needed; what would we do without Satan, without the Abyss? From where will we get the treasure? With what impulse is one going to work in the forge of the Cyclops? This must be taken into account, ladies and gentlemen.

In the Middle Ages, there was a sect called the Satanians. The horrific Inquisition terminated that sect. All of the members of that institution were burned alive at the stake; but what did they worship? They worshiped, of course, Lucifer. And who is Lucifer? Well, Lucifer is Christus Lucifer, the reflection of the Logos within us, so without Christus Lucifer there can never be an "electric spark" for the work in the forge of the Cyclops.

There was another sect in the Middle Ages, it was the sect of the Cainites, who worshiped Cain. They were also burned alive at the stake. But let us see the argument, the base, of that sect. Their argument was very interesting: it was the fire. How do we pronounce "Cain" backwards? We pronounce it “Inca”: the Incas or priests of the fire. So, "Cain" means "fire priest.” What fire? The sacred fire within the interior of the human.

And why does Cain kill Abel? Who is Abel? One finds "Abel" when one finds “Isabel." Here one has to appeal to the roots of all the studies, better said, to the etymology of all languages. Is-abel is is a syllable that reminds us of the Isiac mysteries, which is nothing but Buddhi, Guinevere, the queen of the Jinn knights, who poured wine into the delicious cups of shukra and manthin for Lancelot. She is the inner Buddhi.

As for Abel, he is the Human Soul, which is masculine, the causal. Behold the sign of Gemini within us: Isabel, the twins, the spiritual soul who is feminine, and the Human Soul who is masculine.

The Innermost has two souls: one is the Spiritual Soul (which is Isis or Is, the Spiritual Soul, Buddhi, feminine) and the Human Soul that is masculine (the causal).

Cain kills Abel. Who is Cain? Cain is the fire that kills Abel. Who is Abel? The Human Soul. With what does Cain kill Abel? He kills him with the jawbone of a donkey. And what does the donkey symbolize in alchemy? The donkey symbolizes the mercury of the wise, the sacred sperm, the brute azoth. So, what happened then? Simply, when one spills the cup of Hermes Trismegistus (the thrice-great ibis god of Thoth), the sacred fire went down; when the fire went down, the fire went out of Eden and killed the spiritual man, and lost all of his powers; this is why it is said that Cain kills Abel (that is, the Spiritual Soul), with the "jaws of a donkey," the sacred sperm, because Abel spilled it, and then the Spiritual Soul entered into mystical death; he lost all of his powers, in other words Abel came out of paradise. Well, that was the basis of the doctrine of the Cainites. They were burned alive at the stake by the Inquisition.

Moreover, there was another, equally important Gnostic sect that was in Europe, the sect of the Iscariots, supporters, followers, of Judas Iscariot. They were also burned at the stake without any consideration. The “Holy Inquisition” took care of them. But what were the Iscariots?

Let us note that Judas, the apostle of the divine Nazarene, is not as they say, a traitor; this is slander raised against that apostle. Judas Iscariot is the best disciple of our Lord the Christ. He is a great hierophant who only performed a role that he learned by memory.


It is a cosmic drama, a drama that is represented in all epochs and in all ages. The cosmic drama is written in the Christic gospels. That drama was brought to the Earth by the Elohim; it came from other spheres. Besides, Judas did not want to play that role; he wanted the role of Peter, but Jesus had already chosen him for the role of Judas.

So, each of the twelve apostles learned their role by heart. It is a work of art, a dramatic play; thus each of them had to memorize their role, as Judas had to learn his role. Judas rehearsed it many times, and it had to be perfect in order to coincide with the sacred scriptures.

Student: Then, venerable master, when fulfilling that role did Judas not receive karma?

Samael Aun Weor: Rather, dharma by millions, by the tons. Judas Iscariot is a great master. I repeat, he did not want that role, either. He did nothing but repeat what he had learned by heart, as that role had to be represented. It had to be exact, accurate, precise, timely; everything had to be perfect, according to the play. Thus, he has never betrayed Jesus; rather he is the best disciple of Jesus. And Judas did not stop there, but moreover, he descended into the abyss and lives in the infernal worlds.

When I went to visit the abyss I saw Judas being hanged. In the abyss they were putting ropes around him, and he allowed himself to be hanged by them. Because he killed the ego he has a unique humility. He has no ego, and nonetheless he lives in the abyss.

What does he do there? He struggles to save the lost, those who have no remedy. He is like a ray of Christ lost in the abyss, suffering for the lost.

It is extraordinary. No one knows how far Judas has gone. If there is a man who has earned the right to enter into the unmanifested Absolute, that man is Judas Iscariot.

None of us are worthy of taking off the sandals of Judas. Not even I feel capable of taking the sandals off Judas. I still do not feel able to do what Judas did. I do not feel capable. I do not know if any of you feel capable.

That about living in the Abyss, renouncing all happiness, devoid of ego, yet living in the abyss trying to save the lost — not even in the physical world — and hated by all the crowds and the whole rest of that matter, considered as a traitor, when all that he has done is to obey the Lord.

Not even one person of all of humanity remotely suspects the sacrifice of Judas. He is the only one who has not had honors. For him there has been no praises. No one has praised him. How dead his ego must be!

So, Judas is the best among the disciples of Christ, well, and nonetheless...

His body of doctrine is extraordinary. The Iscariots studied the body of doctrine of Judas: the total death of the ego. All the mysteries of Judas have to be lived in the causal world: the mysteries of Judas, the absolute death of the animal ego, because nothing that pertains to the ego can be left, given that Judas, as a master, left nothing of ego. He gave up everything that is known as happiness; thus he lives in the abyss among the lost… the best of the disciples of the Lord, the greatest of the sacrificed ones, the one who has more right to happiness, and nonetheless lives in the abyss among the reprobates, among those without remedy. He is there only because for his love for humanity, searching, trying within the darkness to find someone who wants the light. When he manages to find someone who repents, he goes to him and instructs him, and if he can get it out, he takes him out of the abyss. This is what Judas does. Therefore, to condemn Judas is the worst of crimes.

The one we must condemn is our inner Judas; that is the main point of Judas’s body of doctrine.

The inner Judas is the traitor who sells the Lord for thirty pieces of silver, which is nothing other than to exchange Christ for pleasures, liquors, and all mundane things of the world. That is what we must condemn and judge. Judas taught all of that to us by means of his doctrine. That is his doctrine. The doctrine of Judas is the deepest of all: the absolute death of the ego.

If there is a man worthy of reverence, that is Judas Iscariot.

The Gnostic sect of the Iscariots in Europe was persecuted by the Inquisition. All of the members of the sect of the Iscariots were burned alive in the fires that were burning in Europe. So, behold, you are becoming aware of many terrible things, right?

I want to tell you in an emphatic manner that all the humanoids who inhabit the face of the Earth are nothing but little machines charged to capture certain types and subtypes of cosmic energy, which is then automatically transformed and retransmitted to the interior layers of the planetary organism, and thanks to that, the planet Earth can live. So, behold, the intellectual animal is placed solely and exclusively for the service of nature, that is their only goal: the economy of Nature.

Now, however, the Sun is not cruel. The Sun has also deposited in the glands of these little gadgets the genetic material for the human. But, genetic material can be lost, and usually they are lost. But if one cooperates with the Sun, if one truly cooperates with the king star, then that genetic material develops and unfolds, and a human emerges from within the intellectual animal, in the same way as the butterfly is formed within the chrysalis, which one day emerges from it and flies. So, the interesting thing is to cooperate with the Sun, and one of the greatest ways to cooperate is not to alter the "ground" within which these germs have to be developed.

Student: The ground?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, I am addressing the ground [אדמה adamah], the earth [הארץ ha-aretz], better said, the field [שדה sadeh] where those germs have to be developed, which is none other than precisely the human body.

If the glands are altered, if the body of people is subjected to transplants of animal tissues, if one lends his body to experimenting with glands (i.e. replacing human glands with monkey glands), or thyroxine therapy diets in order to become slim, and things of the sort, the outcome is that the human germs are altered and cannot develop, and thus the solar experiment fails.

When a race becomes too mechanistic and loses all interest in solar ideas, interest in the solar intelligence, then in turn the Sun loses all interest in that race and destroys it, since it is no longer useful for its solar experiment. And the Sun is right, quite right, because the Sun has created this delicate film of organic life upon the Earth's crust, a very detailed and very meticulous job for the Sun; thus it is rightly just for the Sun to take its reward, namely a harvest of solar humans. The Sun has the right to get that reward, a harvest of solar humans. So, if a race does not serve the solar aim, the Sun destroys it, which is what is happening with this present root race. This race does not serve the solar aim, therefore it will be destroyed. It will be destroyed because it is useless for the solar experiment. So then, it is necessary to cooperate with the Sun so that the human being can be born inside of us.

Now then, I read a codex of Anahuac where it is written the following: "The gods created men of wood and thereafter merged them with the divine,” but then the same codex adds, "Not all men achieve integration with the divine."

So, behold, to create the human being is one thing, and to merge that human with the divine is another. When the human merges with the divine, it becomes a superhuman. Then indeed, the superhuman can be born if the human is merged with the divine, since the human does not always merge with the divine. The human being does not merge with the divine when the undesirable elements that we carry inside are not eliminated, that is when the psychological defects of anger, greed, gluttony, pride, sloth, and etc., etc., etc., and many other weeds are not eliminated. Thus, while these undesirable elements that we carry within are not removed, it is not possible to be integrated with the divine, and if one is not integrated with the divine, then one becomes a hasnamuss with a double center of gravity, an abortion of the cosmic Mother, a failure. There are many hasnamussen; they have failed. They have created the human within, but they have not achieved integration with the divine.

Did you thoroughly comprehend in depth what hasnamussen are?

Well, allow me now to specify this issue of the hasnamussen, since it is worth knowing them: there are four classes of hasnamussen.

The first class of hasnamussen are individuals who only possess a planetary body and nothing else. Do you know what is the planetary body? It is the physical body. Beyond it, what they have within them is the ego and nothing more; they have the Essence bottled up within their ego. Then, they are subjects that due to the activities of their ego and some black magic, create a — we may say — fatal substance, which is practically a hasnamuss’s substance. Well, the first class is deadly because when the time to die arrives, all those "I's" disembody and are left in the internal worlds, but their hasnamuss substance continues to exist for a short time, but does not cause major damage since they do not have the superior existential bodies of the Being. There is no focal point, there is no permanent center of gravity. This class of hasnamussen is mortal. The substance disintegrates, and the ego returns, as always, into new physical bodies.

But there is a second class of hasnamussen who created the astral body, who have it, but they did not create any other vehicle; they only manufactured the astral body. Well, this class of individuals, obviously, if they do not eliminate what they have of hasnamussen (witchcraft, black magic and all of those things of the sort), then there is no choice but to reincorporate them into animal organisms: dogs, horses, cats, etc., etc., etc. They have to keep reincorporating themselves into animal bodies in order to eliminate what they have of hasnamussen.

There is a third kind of hasnamussen who are true human beings but who did not eliminate their ego. This class is what we might call hasnamussen with a double center of gravity. They have two personalities: one divine, dressed with the existential superior bodies of the Being, and the other terribly malignant, consisting of their ego and the abominable Kundabuffer organ developed in their chakras. These are very dangerous hasnamussen. If they do not eliminate what they have of hasnamussen, there is not other choice but to pass them through the Second Death in the infernal worlds.

Finally, there is a fourth class of hasnamussen: fallen dhyani bodhisattvas. I was a fourth class of hasnamussen when I was fallen. I belonged to the fourth class. I had formed two distinct personalities: one divine and the other tenebrous. The fourth class preserves the memory of the ages, the awakened consciousness. They always suffer a lot, the unspeakable, until they rise up again, but if they do not rise again, there is no choice for them but to enter into the submerged regions of the infernal worlds until the Second Death.

So behold, these are the four classes of hasnamussen, four types of maruts.

Student: Then, in the common and ordinary world, the first class devolve better, although as individuals they did not do anything on behalf of themselves?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, they are just a little in service to the economy of nature, and thanks to that nature is getting enough food, since they are just machines in service to Nature. As machines they are useful and necessary to feed the planet Earth.

Disciple: Master, I want to ask you a question so that you may clarify my mind a bit, and be recorded. It is the following: the Gnostic movement of South America was especially moved when hearing the sad reality that the movement went into decline and degeneration. What can you tell us about this?

Samael Aun Weor: There were some degenerate sectors, it is true. Some sectors were marching in a devolving manner. This is why this is the year of the law, where we had to take strong and rigorous measures, and it is necessary for these measures to become even stronger, because there is no other choice. This is in order to straighten out the movement.

There were processes of decay in some sections. I am not addressing only Colombia, no! I clarify: I am addressing the entire western hemisphere in general. This is why we had to take austerity measures. There were processes of decay including in Mexico, but it can be said in terms — we may say, in synthesis — that the movement advances victoriously, triumphantly; it marches towards total success. Thus, today it is triumphant in all of America. While it is true that corrections had to be made, as is natural, the movement is triumphant in all America, victorious, including the U.S. and with basic principles in Canada. That is the reality.

Same Disciple: Because in South America everybody accepted everything as it was said. Because rumors said that everyone, absolutely everyone in the entire movement was degenerating, that they were failures of the avatar who went a quarter of a century sowing seeds in the wilderness.

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the reality is that the movement is triumphant. There were sections, places, regions, where there were processes of decay, decadence, but all that has already been overcome, and today the movement marches triumphant. This is the crude reality of the facts.

Well, so, I see that you have understood this whole matter about what hasnamussen are.

Indeed, this is very important to know. One must walk very consciously on this path, right? We must have the complete knowledge.

There are also very serious, very serious cases. Let me tell you about a very serious case. For example: we have a case like Moloch. I decided to investigate him. I descended into the infernal worlds in order to investigate him. I called him there with the great call of Petrus De Apono, Petrus Aponensis, also named Pietro d’Abano. Thus, Moloch came riding on a lively steed on the red plain (speaking in Dantesque terms). Then, these were his words, “Oh, Samael, I thought you were up there among the little angels. So, you are down here too?”

My answer, “You are wrong, Moloch. I do not live down here. I only came down to investigate you, that’s all.”

He turned and went away, riding on his lively steed. Nonetheless, through the sarcasm with which he said, "I thought you were up there among the little angels,” I managed to investigate him. Moloch does not give a damn about “the little angels.” They are worth like kindergarten booklets for him. I realized I was able to evidence that this man was in a larger enterprise. Investigating him I knew that he was a fallen throne. He is nothing less that the bodhisattva of a throne, a throne, a fallen throne: Moloch.

Student: One of the four thrones?

Samael Aun Weor: No, he is different, one among the fallen thrones.

What is this man looking for if he is a throne? And why does he speak with that sarcasm about the angels? What is that man looking for?

I tried to know more about him, and came to realize the conclusion of his aim: obviously, he will undergo the Second Death with the destruction of the ego and his existential superior bodies of the Being. He will live perhaps some millions of years more in the Abyss, but finally he will be atomically disintegrated and his Essence will emerge again into the light of the Sun, in order to start a new journey on a higher level, according to the law of the spiral of life. Then, he will become a superior, hierarchical type of gnome that with his consciousness will carefully examine the laws that govern the mineral world. And when he enters into the vegetable havens he will be an elemental that will study in depth the science of plants, he will practice and learn to handle the laws of the plants. He will be a very intelligent, hierarchical plant elemental. And when he enter in animal evolution, he will be an animal elemental with the ability to study the laws of the animal world, and will learn how to drive these laws.

Then, when he re-enters the human state that he once lost, he will again be a humanoid, yet a humanoid with a superior consciousness, right? We may say he will be, in the humanoid state, a kind of superconscious humanoid. Thus, then as a humanoid he will then manufacture the existential superior bodies of the Being again, yet due to his knowledge and mastery he will create even greater existential bodies. And when he becomes integrated with his god, which is a throne, he will have raised himself to the level of a cosmocreator. He will have learned how to create worlds and how to drive cosmic laws. So, that is what I came to discover. This is a procedure that is used by those gods who want to go climbing in degrees. This is why on one occasion I said in my book The Revolution of Beelzebub:

“Those who became gods were devils before; the most divine gods are those who were devils.”

"Demons are transformed into gods” — that is one of the great mysteries... I am divulging nothing less than the secret of the abyss.

As for my part, I tell you frankly, thanks to my inner God I attained the degree of cosmocreator with descents into the abyss, but now I only crave one thing: to step away from the path of the cosmocreators, if this is what my Father wants as well, and to follow the path to the Absolute. Why? Because, for example, I see the god Sirius: how many times has the god Sirius descended into the abyss? How many times did the soul of that god go through the Second Death in order to become now the governor of the Milky Way? Therefore, that is a path in which one entangles in the karma of the worlds. Therefore, it is better to reach the Absolute.

And what is the Absolute? You may explain it from the point of view of the Middle East, or in Turkmenistani manner, or Armenian or Persian manner, but I prefer to think of the eternal common cosmic Father not in a cold but a warmer manner, which is the point of view of the substance of Siam, as the cosmic common eternal Father, the omnimerciful, the infinitude that sustains all. Sure, it is necessary for one to merge with one’s inner god in order for one to become true superhuman, a true kumara, but subsequently it is better to merge with the cosmic common eternal Father, the ineffable god, the Ain Soph Aur or Ain, the cosmic common eternal Father, the infinitude that sustains all. When reaching that point it is said that one has achieved the sacred Anklad, but to remain within the bosom of the cosmic common eternal Father is difficult, because longing, even for a second, the longing to be something or someone or to exist in any form, in any world, or to be something, is enough to immediately discard oneself from the cosmic common eternal Father and fall into the world of three laws, into the kingdom of the Demiurge Creator. So, behold, to remain within the cosmic common eternal Father is what is difficult.

We have before us two paths. Among those who follow the direct path, there is the path in order to become cosmocreators, or the path in order to be merged in the bosom of the eternal common cosmic Father.

I would say: why be more and more hierarchical within the dust of the worlds? It is better to become merged in the bosom of the cosmic common eternal Father, who has all powers and attributes and all happiness. This is my explanation for you about the paths, and that is very important. So behold: "the gods were demons before."

In any case, the gods were devils before and often a hierarchical god as the god Neptune launches himself into the abyss in order to resurface later, more powerful. Neptune, once here, let himself fall. But hey, there are gods who descend into the abyss intentionally and become confused with the demons and disintegrate, they become cosmic dust — gods who fall, who precipitate themselves into the averno, and later, much later, they resurface more powerful than before. The alchemist also casts the stone into the water; later he gives life onto it and becomes more powerful than before, that is obvious.

Disciple: I have always felt a profound respect for the wisdom of evil.

Samael Aun Weor: The wisdom of evil is tremendous, but nonetheless let us think... For example, the Marquis de Sade, who thought to achieve liberation through evil, certainly, despite that there is some reason, in a devolving way he was right. Obviously, when the perverse passes through the Second Death, his Essence is released, that is obvious, but after many horrors and many sufferings, and all of that torment. The passing of the soul through the averno is dreadful, horrible, and manages to go out to the other side, but after passing through the nine Dantesque circles.

Disciple: Well, and there might be something in the wisdom of the circles, because one not only sees in the path of light; in the material path I have seen many elementals of nature describing beautiful circles around me, some of defense, other of protection, others of information, very beautiful circles.

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, but elementals are everybody. Anyone who has not reached the state of human being is an elemental bottled up within the “I’s." So, humanoids are just elementals. If a humanoid destroys the “I," what remains of him is a pure elemental, the same elemental that began as mineral and as plant, and continued as animal, so it is the same elemental. Thus, when destroying the “I," what remains is the elemental. The humanoid becomes an elemental, and nothing else.

Disciple: I think that presently those who form part as elementals, namely, as gnomes of the Earth, as undines and nereids, as sylphs and sylphids, who are in a paradisiacal state, have a gigantic wisdom and they inform and direct events.

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed they have it, because their consciousness is awakened. The elementals are awakened, but what I want to tell you is this: an elemental incorporated into a human body or into a plant or into an animal or living within the world of rocks, it is the same elemental. I have seen this in experiments.

This is why the subject XX, a gentleman who was listening to me in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, he was not an initiate, nor anything of their kind, but he accepted the doctrine regarding the disintegration of the red demons of Seth — as we called the ego in the Upper and Lower Egypt — in other words, the “I’s." He managed to perform part of the work during his life, he disintegrated, we would say, about 50%. Thus, after his death he received instruction. We taught him how to close womb-doors. Therefore, after death, when the hurricane of karma horribly howled, he remained calm, unmoved. When the tenebrous demons furiously attacked him, he remained serene, impassive. When the storm over his head poured rain, thunder, and lightning, he continued, impassive. When he reached a certain place where men and women copulated, he was serene, without sympathy for anyone, nor antipathy for anyone; he did not seek refuge within any cave in the middle of the storm, because he knew that seeking shelter in the storm was equivalent to becoming a prisoner in a womb. That cave would be a womb. Thus, he did not seek shelter within anything or within anyone. Finally, the Father-Mother submitted him to terrible trials, yet he remained firm.

The priests of the temple aided him by reminding him his purpose, which was to never return to the world. Finally in the end, he was admitted into a realm of those many kingdoms of the Molecular World, namely the Tlalocan, the Kingdom of Long Hair or the High Concentration, into those different realms that are there in the beyond.

So, finally, when that Essence was admitted into one of those many kingdoms, his Divine Mother helped him to eliminate the rest of the “I's" that Essence needed to eliminate. And finally the Essence became free, and started taking beautiful shapes. First, the Essence took the shape of a maiden of 14 or 12 years old, then she took the shape of a very beautiful girl, finally, became transformed into a simple, most beautiful female elemental. Then, having that aspect, as that she immersed within the great alaya of the universe as a single elemental.

Here also, in ancient Mexico, many initiates did the same, and as that they departed from the cosmic scenario. They did not return to take part of it. In other words, they were elementals that were not interested in reaching the heights of humans or gods, or anything, but they remain being elementals in the great bosom of the universe. Some initiates of ancient Mexico did it intentionally in order to return later in golden age, and to enter into a mystery school to become qualified adepts. Meanwhile, they step aside from the evolutions and devolutions, and withdrew from the cosmic scenario and immersed themselves within the great alaya of the universe, exclusively through that process.

Student: Venerable master, then in the golden age those elementals from the great alaya can reincorporate into human bodies?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, if that is their will they can reincorporate into human bodies, and then create the existential superior bodies of the Being, and become human beings, then adepts, and thereafter gods, but many of them prefer to defer, and some of them simply do not want to be human beings, nor gods, nor anything, but they simply want to remain forever within eternity as simple elementals submerged in the great alaya of the universe.

So behold, there is variety. There are individuals who have gone through all cycles of manifestation, for 3,000 cycles, and never created the superior existential bodies of the Being, nor did they perform any work on themselves. Those who finally ended their 3,000 cycles of manifestation will be submerged within the universal spirit of life as simple elementals — elementals with knowledge of good and evil, but elementals.

To be a human being is something very different. When one become a human being, one is no longer an elemental. In order to become human being, one has to create the solar bodies, to have performed all the work upon oneself, to have disintegrated the ego, to have created vehicles, to have performed everything. Yet, there are many who prefer to remain as simple elementals. So behold, I have shown onto you different types of souls.

I follow the direct path, which is the most exalted path but also the most difficult and the most dangerous. I march on that path, the direct.

Student: Venerable master, can one also reach the human level through the spiral path?

Samael Aun Weor: The spiral path can only be taken by a human being, only by human beings. When someone becomes a human being, one faces two paths: the spiral path that is one hundred percent Nirvanic (the Nirvanis rarely take a physical body), and the direct path that goes straight to the bosom of the eternal common cosmic Father. Of course, those who take the spiral path do not get to have the same triumphs as the one who takes the direct path, since, ladies and gentlemen, the spiral path has fewer dangers.

The direct path, for example, is so terrible that very few humans can follow it. It steps aside from the laws of evolution of devolution. It revolutionizes against everything and everyone. It is a chain-breaker in every way, a way with a sword in hand, against oneself, against the world, against all — this is the doctrine of the red Christ on the march, a rebellious Christ that has nothing to do with blockheads or prudes, such as those of parish churches, but a revolutionary and terrible Christ that walks on the direct path. So, very few can follow it.

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Student: Venerable master, in the end is the red Christ of those who take the direct path the same Christ of those who follow the spiral path?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, undoubtedly Christ is always Christ. But comprehend that those who take the direct path acquire certain powers, certain qualities, certain deep esoteric attributes that will never be achieved by those who take the spiral path.

Those of the spiral path spend their time enjoying Nirvana. They rarely take a body.

The one who walks on the direct path renounces all happiness and remains down here in flesh and bone, living as a man among men, fighting, suffering throughout the mahamanvantara to see if at the end of the mahamanvantara he can submerge himself within the bosom of the eternal common cosmic Father forever, and if not, he has to again follow the same path until finally at the end of some mahamanvantara achieving it.

I have been following this path for several mahamanvantaras and I still have not achieved it — and I walk on the direct path, but I have not achieved it.

Student: Did Master Jesus Christ achieve it?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, indeed, he did it. But I did not achieve it. Let us see if I succeed. I do not know. For my part, I have decided to renounce all happiness up and down and stay here, as they say, “point-blank, face to face,” to work for humanity, terribly, renouncing all happiness, all paradise and all joy. That is pretty tough, right?

To that end, in order to continue working for humanity, I had no other choice but to pass through a process of reincarnation, therefore presently I am in a process of reincarnation. I do not need to pass through reincarnation in the way every common and ordinary human being passes it, no! I am performing that process while still alive. The total lifetime span of my South American physical body did not give more than 58 years. That body died at the age of 58. Thus, that life does not exist any longer; that physicality died. It died last year. You may say, “How strange is that,” right? Since last year, I started to be reincarnated in my Egyptian body, and began an atomic exchange between the South American and Egyptian physical vehicle, a body that is tucked inside a sarcophagus under a pyramid. Thus, a very interesting molecular atomic exchange began. That atomic molecular exchange allows all those South American atoms to stay there, stuck in Egypt, in the sarcophagus, and all the atoms of my mummy to stay here. In short, let us for instance imagine an experiment: an atom of our brother “A” emerges from his arm and that atom goes there to the arm of our brother “B.” In turn, an atom of the arm of Brother “B,” in the exact same point, goes to the arm of brother “A” exactly where the atom must be placed, and returns and occupies the empty atomic space. Thus this is how an atomic exchange is performed between the two of them; brother “A” ends up wearing the body of Brother “B” and Brother “B” ends dressed with the body of brother “A,” that is obvious; this is what an atomic exchange is.

Student: Venerable master, in one of your first books you tell us the case of a master who also had to do this work.

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, in a similar way, but is not the same because the atomic exchange that I am performing is with my own Egyptian body that is alive in a coffin, alive in a cataleptic state, so I am exchanging my physical atoms, reincarnating in my own Egyptian body.

Today, esoterically speaking, it is said that I am one year old.

Student: That sarcophagus, venerable master, is it concealed?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, it is under a pyramid, and I have my Egyptian body there. I have at least part of the Egyptian head, and the rest of the whole body is under constant atomic exchange, from moment to moment, from second to second. When I reach two years old it will be noticed more. When I get the age of seven years old this reincarnation will be more noticeable. And when I reach the age of twenty-one, you will see the full Egyptian, and it will be totally complete at the age of thirty years. Then, the whole Egyptian body will be here, and the entire South American body will remain in Egypt, within the sarcophagus. This atomic exchange is called in esotericism “reincarnation." I am reincarnating in life in order to remain with the Egyptian body working on behalf of humanity for infinite time, throughout the mahamanvantara.

Student: Venerable master, then your South American body remains like a vehicle reserved for any need?

Samael Aun Weor: For every need it will remain there within the sarcophagus. So, I do not have here all the South American body that you once knew. Already the head is another. If you look closely at the head, you will see that this is no longer the same. My physical head is mostly Egyptian. I do not want to tell you that the total physical exchange has been already made, it just began and is now one year old and nothing more.

The South American body died. The vital body I have here is the Egyptian vital body. I made the switch. The vital body that my South American body had is there in Egypt. The vital body of the mummy is here.

The personality of my South American body (that personality that talked with you and all that), I am constantly fighting with it. Sometimes when that personality presents itself before me, I unsheathe my sword and push it away. One day I was giving a lecture and he sat beside me; he came to give a lecture. I had to unsheathe my sword and run him off, to push him away. "Return to the tomb," I said to him. Thus he went to Egypt. I discarded it.

The personality that I have here is the same one that I had in the time of ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs. That is what I have here, the Egyptian personality. Through that personality I am talking and acting. It is clear that by having the Egyptian vital body and the Egyptian personality here, I am pulling the atoms of my Egyptian body faster and more effectively from moment to moment. So in that way I will continue working, because my South American physical body died at the age of fifty-eight.

Student: Is it true that in the near future you will possess the power of tongues?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, that depends on the Father, and if he grants it to me, so much the better, since I need it in order to work for humanity.

Student: Could you give us a complete definition of what the Philosophical Stone really is?

Samael Aun Weor: The Philosophical Stone is the Intimate Christ dressed with the bodies of gold. Nonetheless, in order for the existential bodies of the Being can become pure gold, it necessary to be an alchemist and to work hard in the Great Work. All alchemists can have the luxury of possessing bodies of pure gold, but of course, an alchemist is not run-of-the-mill.

Student: Venerable master, when will you attain that Philosophical Stone?

Samael Aun Weor: In 1978 the red carbuncle will be given onto me. Fortunately, with the carbuncle we will really help humanity very much. This red carbuncle is also called "precious diamond," with which the walls of the Temple of Solomon were chiseled (whosoever has understanding let him understand, for there is wisdom therein). It is not easy to get the superior vehicles of the Being, and no one can possess them if previously he does not eliminate the Dry Mercury of Philosophy. That Dry Mercury is nothing other than the "inhuman psychic aggregates," living personifications of our errors, our psychological defects.

It would be impossible to chisel the Philosophical Stone if one doest not disintegrate the Dry Mercury and if the Arsenic Sulfur or poison, bestial, animal fire is not removed. There are many initiates who have had the luxury of fabricating the existential bodies of the Being, but rare are those who have managed to set the gold in those bodies. That gold is found in the sacred sperm. Fortunately, within every human being there is an alchemist called Antimony. Certainly: the Antimony has the task of fixing the spirit of the gold within the existential bodies of the Being... This is how the existential bodies of the Being manufactured in the forge of the Cyclops can become vehicles of pure gold, can become the Intimate Christ covered with such bodies, who is the same Philosophical Stone...

Student: Can you tell us what powers the Philosophical Stone grants?

Samael Aun Weor: When the master acquires the Philosophical Stone, he has, in addition, the universal medicine. This means that the master will never be sick again. It means that the master can live healthily, because between the Being and the physical body there is no longer the obstacle of the ego, since the ego is the one who destroys the vital body with its brutal impacts, namely with its lusts, resentments, and so on. When the vital body is altered, so is the physical body, and then come diseases that obviously shorten life... The ego injects poison into the physical body and little by little destroys it until its total death. So, therefore, if the ego is destroyed, nothing can affect the body, except the personality. Thus, that personality must also be destroyed. Then, indeed all interferences between the Being and the physical body will have been radically eliminated. When the Being is integrated, without interferences with the human body, a total harmony that allows one to be fed with the fruits of the Tree of Life is set...

The best way to eliminate the ego and the personality is by the cooperation of man and woman during the chemical copulation. The man, during sexual transmutation, must implore the Divine Mother Kundalini the disintegration of this or that psychological aggregate, and the woman, at that very moment, must accompany the man imploring to his Divine Mother Kundalini for the dissolution of the same aggregates, and vice versa.