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Easter Island
Easter Island

Consciousness, Hypnosis, Science, Evolution, and the Kundabuffer Organ

We are going to begin our lecture tonight. I hope you pay maximum attention...

The important thing for all of us is to come to know that we find ourselves with an asleep consciousness...

It is unfortunate that all of you still do not know the planet we live on. How could you know it when you don't even know yourselves? It seems incredible, but at this time of life, we do not know the planet Earth. The world that you see is not how it really is. When you achieve the awakening of the consciousness, you will see the world in a completely different way. Today, you do not know it. You dream of a planet called Earth and you suppose that it is as you see it.  

Actually, I have to tell you that you, indeed, still do not know the planet Earth. It is obvious that our world has seven dimensions, and therefore, since you are engrossed in a world of three dimensions, you do not really know the planet Earth, and that is deeply unfortunate.

The valleys, the mountains, the seas, the hills, the great mountain ranges, are not how you see them. They are different. It so happens that you all have your consciousness in a state of deep sleep, therefore you see the world through a sleepy state. When you wake up from the state you are in, you will see that everything is different.

If people had their consciousness awake, there would be no wars in the world. If people had their consciousness awake, there would be no conflicts, problems of any kind, fights between workers and bosses, between different nations, between different interests; if all of humanity had an awakened consciousness, every living being would have peace, and happiness would reign on the face of the earth.

The gospels insist on awakening, but they do not say how to wake up. We, in our studies, fight for people to know the techniques that lead to that awakening. It is not that easy, but it is possible.

The Kundabuffer Organ

People have had their consciousness asleep since they developed the abominable Kundabuffer organ in the past. That “organ” is an appendage of the human organism. It was a downward projection of the dorsal spine. It is the same simian tail that is still seen in "monkeys" in general, and that even gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans had...

In very remote times of the history of the world, there was a great catastrophe: the comet Kondoor collided with the planet Earth, and as a consequence or corollary of it, a series of earthquakes and great tidal waves resulted. Over the centuries those were processed in an endless manner. It was then that a group of sacred individuals, headed by the archangel Sakaki, coming from another place of the infinite cosmos, had to study the problem...

The chances of life on planet Earth were diminishing considerably, the species were disappearing. Those divine beings, who dressed or covered their divine presences with human physical bodies, studied the matter and truly resolved to give onto humanity the abominable Kundabuffer organ. This is how many living beings began to be born with the ape-like tail of monkeys, simians, orangutans, or whatever we want to call them, more and more developed... That appendix is ​​given an esoteric name, it is obvious: It is about the abominable Kundabuffer organ.

Since the human body is an energy-transforming machine, the expected result was wonderful. Undoubtedly, the human body captures certain types of cosmic energy and transforms them automatically, to later retransmit them to the previous layers of the planetary organism in which we live, and any transformation that appears in the physical human body would undoubtedly vary the type of transformed energy.

This is how the cosmic energy (force coming from the infinite megalocosmos), within the human body, became specifically defined lunar force.

Such a force, relayed to the inner layers of the Earth in a massive or collective manner, resulted in the stabilization of the geological layers of the world; earthquakes ceased and it became possible to live on the face of the Earth.

Unfortunately, my dear friends, I have to tell you that the archangel Sakaki and his highest entourage erred in their transfinite mathematical calculations, and as a result there was a great failure...

It is obvious that if that organ had been extirpated from the human organism in due time, within normal limits, none of what happened later would have happened...

It was a long time that humanity possessed such an abominable "organ." When the common arch-physical-chemical Loisos intervened (after many centuries), eliminating that appendage of the abominations from the human form, it was already too late, because then the evil consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ remained in the five cylinders of the organic machine (known as intellect, emotion, movement, instinct and sex).

Those evil consequences are the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry within, namely, anger, greed, lust, envy, pride, laziness, gluttony, etc., etc., etc. As Virgil, the poet of Mantua, said:

"No, not if I had a hundred mouths, a hundred tongues, and throats of brass, inspired with iron lungs, I could not half those my horrid crimes describe, nor half the punishments those crimes have met.” —The Aeneid

So, within the psychic aggregates, the human consciousness was trapped; since then our consciousness, our living essence, is processed according to its bottle.

Hypnosis: Sleeping Consciousness

With just reason it can be emphatically affirmed that all human beings are in a state of hypnosis, that all are massively hypnotized, that all have their consciousness deeply asleep.

But no one realizes general hypnosis until they watch a hypnotism session.

There the hypnotic force flows in a precipitous, violent manner, and that is when we come to realize the hypnotic force.

When the hypnotic force rushes in, we recognize it, we know it exists; that is only known in reality, or is known, in a hypnology session, more, in reality, one does not have to resort to a hypnology session to know the hypnotic force exists. Observe people on the street, and you will be able to prove, for yourself, that they are hypnotized, and that is unfortunate... They drive cars in a state of hypnosis, they work hypnotized, they live hypnotized.

It would be absurd to suppose that a person with an awake consciousness, for example, driving a car, murdered another. I have been driving cars for ten years (my own car), and I have never run over even a small animal, but I do find many run over animals on the roads: dogs, cats, etc. Who does that? If that were a law (having one to run over the creatures that live on the face of the earth), then this one (addressing himself) who is present here would have also run over many creatures, but I have never done that.

Recently, in the federal district (Mexico), there was the case of a subject x, whose name I do not mention, who ran over three children who were crossing a public road; he hid, but in the end remorse triumphed and he had to appear before the authorities; it is clear, that later he went free of charge, paying a penalty.

But why did he run over those children? There is nothing that can justify it! Anyone may say that there are justifications. I reply that there aren't, and say I've been driving for over ten years, and I've never run over a child or anyone.

So why do they do it? I am not at this moment condemning that man (far be it from me to condemn anyone), I only want to use him as an example to say, emphatically, that all human beings are hypnotized. If that gentleman hadn't been hypnotized, he wouldn't have committed such a crime...

So, indeed, and without wanting to exaggerate the note, I must say that all beings that populate the face of the Earth are in a state of hypnosis. But what or who has them in that state? Why are they like this? In truth, the abominable Kundabuffer organ is the causa causorum of such massive or collective hypnosis.

An incipient particle of such an "organ" still remains in the human organism (and no one can deny that). I want to refer, clearly, to that little bony residue at the end of the spine (cauda equina). Such an incipient bone particle still has hypnotic powers; it can still crystallize the evil consequences in each one of us; it can still make wicked thoughts, wicked desires, etc., take shape, become new psychic aggregates, inhuman or undesirable in our psyche.

Undoubtedly, it was unfortunately that such organ of abominations originated the various undesirable psychic elements that we carry within us today. And within these multiple “elements, the consciousness is engrossed; thus engrossed, it is in a state of hypnosis, processing itself according to its bottle.

Thus, if I tell you that "we do not see the world as it is," I am not exaggerating.

When someone manages to break those undesirable psychic elements that we carry within, then they see the world in a different way: they see it with seven dimensions and not three; they know their intimate mechanisms, they know that they are organized in a similar way to the real human, they know that they have seven marvelous bodies, etc. Because really, our planet Earth has seven bodies (it's all not physical matter, as materialistic fanatics suppose).

Our world has a vital body. Thanks to that body life can exist on the face of the Earth. Purely chemical and physical elements do not guarantee the existence of a simple herb; if they guaranteed it, chemicals could fabricate life.

Creating Life

Let us put on a laboratory table the physical elements that are needed to make a simple herb. Let's tell the scientists to make the vegetable they want, and you will see their failure.

Powerful planes have been built that fly through the atmosphere, with capacity for up to three or four hundred passengers, rockets have been built that have landed on the Moon, probes have been launched to Mars and to Jupiter as well; you travel in huge ships across the ocean, there are atomic ships, such as the "nautilus," that can navigate under the ice of the pole, but not even the best scientist in the world has managed to make a simple vegetable seed capable of germinating.

On a certain occasion, an atheist materialist (enemy of the eternal living God) and a religious man were arguing; they discussed the topic of “who came first, the chicken or the egg?” Sure, one says it was the egg. Okay, it was the egg, and who laid the egg? It was the chicken. The other says what was the chicken... and where did the chicken come from? Well, from the egg... Total that is "the never ending story." Finally, a little impatiently, the priest said, "Could you make an egg, like God did?"

The materialist replied, "Yes, I can!"

"Do it!"

And he did it; just like a chicken egg, its white, its yolk, its shell, etc. Then the priest tells him, Well, since you made the egg, wonderful!; we are going to have a chick... Let's put the egg, then, in an incubator, so that the chicken comes out..."

"Accepted!" said the materialist.

And they put the egg in the incubator, but the chicken didn't come out...

The wise don Alfonso Herrera (author of the "plasmogenesis" theory), managed to create the cell, a cell absolutely equal to the human one, but it was a dead cell, it never had life.

Plant grafts are made: a tree is grafted with any branch from another tree, "to improve the fruits" they say; that is, the know-it-alls are correcting nature. Of course, what they do is a monstrosity, because the fruits that are the product of the graft do not carry the same living natural force of the megalocosmos, they are adulterating fruits that from the energetic point of view are going to damage the human organism. However, the know-it-alls feel satisfied with their experiment, they do not understand that each tree captures the energies of the cosmos and transforms them and retransmits them to the fruit. By altering the tree, the energies of the megalocosmos are altered, thus, such fruit is no longer the same, it is the product of adultery, which is going to harm the organisms. But they think they know, when in reality they really don't know; As Socrates said: "not only do they ignore, but they also ignore that they ignore..." and that is the serious thing...

Artificial inseminations are carried out, life-giving germs are extracted from an organism (the famous life-giving cell, zoosperms), and for this reason the wise think that they are creating life. They don't realize that they are just using what nature has made...

Let's put on a laboratory table the chemical elements needed to make a zoosperm and an ovule, and let's tell the scientists to make the zoosperm and to make the ovule. Would they? I say yes, they could do it; but would that zoosperm and that ovule have life? Would they be able to get a creature out of there? Never ever! They don't know how to create life! So, with what evidence do they deny divinity?

If they have not been able to prove otherwise, if they are not capable to create even the seed of a tree, a seed that can germinate, then what is the basis they have for denying divinity, to pronounce themselves against the eternal living God?

I refer to the facts: has any materialist shown that he can create life? When? Where did he show it? Playing with what is made, with what nature made, is a very easy thing, but let them make life, let's see if they can make it!

They split an amoeba in two, and one piece they put together with another piece of another microscopic organism and then they stand on the lab bench and say, “eureka, eureka, eureka, we're creating another amoeba...!” But they are not capable to make an amoeba itself. Let them do it! Which one did it? So where is the science of those materialistic gentlemen? When have they shown that they can replace God? Never ever!

The harsh reality of the facts is that "not only do they ignore, but what is worse, they ignore that they ignore"... Facts are what we demand, and until now they have not shown it.

Evolution of Species and Natural Selection

They have stated that “humans evolved from monkeys;” yes, they came out with that theory; it is not perhaps over there that they state:

“These have nothing to do with the “angels.” Their only concern is the human ancestor, the pithecoid Noah gave birth to three sons—the tailed Cynocephalus, the tailless Ape, and the “arboreal” Palæolithic man…” - The Secret Doctrine, ii 649–655

But, who among them would then be the “missing link?” “Humans evolved from monkeys!” It's easy to say it, but where is the connection between humans and monkeys? Where is the “missing link”? Have you ever found it? Where is the link? Such link would have to be a monkey capable of speaking, a kind of ape-human already with a word, endowed with language. So far it has not appeared. So, these materialistic gentlemen are empirical: they are not presenting us facts, but suppositions, utopianisms.

Now, let's look at the volume of the brain of the best of the "monkeys", of a gorilla, and compare it with the brain of the most backward man there is (for example, that of the tribes of Australia, people with flattened skulls), it turns out that the brain of the most advanced monkey is not even half (in volume) of the brain of the most backward man in Australia.

So, the theory of Darwin and his henchmen which states that "humans evolved from the monkeys” is not working out, is false, a lie; since it has not been demonstrated! On what basis are they holding it?

Let them show us the "missing link,” publicly, we want to see that kind of "change," speaking like the people. But it has not appeared, so it is an assumption, a fantasy that has no reality...

Why do ultramodern scientists affirm these things? Why do they talk about things they don't know? Why so many cheap utopianisms? Simply because their consciousness is asleep; that is the harsh reality of the facts, they are hypnotized...

They come out with another theory: “that of the selection of species.” Beyond an insignificant mollusk, then, different living species are developing, that the selection process, that the "selective master" or their "selective god" is selecting the species, and from so much selection, in the end, the human appears. The theory is pretty but can they prove it? They cannot prove it.

We do not deny that there are, in each species, certain selective processes, we would not deny it. There are birds, for example, that migrate at a certain time; one is amazed to see them all together, how strange they become! then they take flight, many times, to cross the ocean; along the way many die, but the strongest manage to survive. And those that survive the flight, transmit their characteristics to their descendants. This is how the selective law works... There are fish that fight incessantly against sea monsters, and by dint of fighting so much, they are also strong, and transmit their characteristics to their descendants. There are quadrupedal creatures, beasts, that by dint of so much fighting, become stronger and stronger, transmitting their psychological characteristics to their descendants. It is the fight for the strongest, the selection process, the survival of the fittest, but it has never been seen that one species comes out of another. At most, the characteristics of the species have improved, but that a new one comes out of it, has never been known, in the course of the history of the world. However, there are many who have given natural selection the characteristics of a creator god. Behold how the materialistic fanatics exaggerate the note! Natural selection has been given very handy features of rhetoric. But natural selection has never been able to present us with a new species on the table of existence.

Much has been said, in the field of science, about "protoplasm". The protoplasm, there submerged in the salty sea millions of years ago... "and that from that protoplasm, say the scientists, universal life became..." The fanatic “protists” (those ignoramuses, those paragons of wisdom, who make their supportive henchmen, ignoramuses like them), believe “that the psychological development of the «intellectual animal» mistakenly called «human», comes from the molecular development of the protoplasm, and runs parallel to the processes thereof”; They want the soul, the consciousness, or whatever they want to call it, to be nothing more than the outcome of the different evolutionary processes of the protoplasm through the centuries. This is how the “protists” think, those paragons of wisdom.

At this moment, Haeckel's "Moneron" comes to mind (that atom submerged there, between the watery abyss), from which he (Haeckel and his henchmen) want to make all life to come... But Haeckel does not realize, that such Moneron is a very well organized atom, it is not something, then, without organization, it is something complicated that had to go through diverse universal cosmic processes.

So, really, indeed, scientists don't know anything about life or death, or where we come from, or where we're going to, or what the point of existence is. Why? It is simply, for one thing only: their consciousness is asleep, they are in a state of massive or collective hypnosis; that's obvious.

Thus, my dear friends, materialistic science is on the path of error. Materialistic science knows nothing about the origin of the human being, absolutely nothing. That the law of natural selection has existed, we do not deny it; but natural selection has not created anything new.

That the species vary through time and over the years, we cannot deny it; but the variability factors of any species only come into action after the original prototypes of it have crystallized in the physical world.

These prototypes of any living species develop previously in the psychological space of nature, in the superior dimensions of this planet Earth, in those dimensions that materialistic scientists deny because they do not perceive them, and they do not perceive them because they are hypnotized.

If first they come out of their hypnotic state and then spoke, their concepts would be different. But they sleep terribly.

If someone wants to know about the history of the human being, they have to take a good look at ontogeny. Ontogeny is a recapitulation of phylogeny.

But what is ontogeny in anthropology? It is the process of development of the fetus inside the womb. If we observe the processes of gestation, in a woman, in a mother. We come to show that ontogeny is a recapitulation of phylogeny. Phylogeny is the state of evolution, transformation, through which the human race has passed, through the centuries. Ontogeny recapitulates those states in the womb.

An analysis of ontogenesis would lead us to the logical conclusion that the human species and other animal species have similarities, in their origin, and that they all come from the psychological space.

But that about natural selection, that about the different variants or factors that produce variations in the human race, only comes into action after the species, whatever they may be, have physically crystallized.

But in truth, before the physical crystallization, there are different psychological evolutionary and devolutionary processes between the living bosom of a nature unknown to a Maxwell, to a Haeckel, to a Darwin and their henchmen.

So, really, indeed, materialist science knows nothing about the origin of the human being. How is it possible that those materialistic sages say that there are certain variations in the different types of living species, either by accident or spontaneously? Isn't this perhaps a contradiction? Aren't they themselves the ones who say that "this universe is the outcome of force, matter and necessity"? How is it that they contradict each other and then talk to us about spontaneous variations? Spontaneous variations in a universe of force, matter and necessity? is that possible?

A universe of force, matter and necessity does not admit spontaneous or accidental variations. If the variations in the species exist, it is because of something that those materialistic sages do not know.

So, really, indeed, materialistic science "not only ignores, but also ignores that it ignores..."

We go with Gnostic anthropology; with it we delve deeply into the past.

Alas! That theory from those materialistic scientists and their henchmen about “the pithecoid Noah and his three sons,” do not convince us.

Indeed, this human race that today populates the face of the Earth is nothing more than a race of "intellectual animals."

Our Ancestors

You might feel offended (if you want to be offended), but before the race of "intellectual animals" existed, human beings existed. The human beings of the Lemurian epoch, the Hyperborean humans and the polar humans. The "intellectual animals" came later.

This race of "intellectual animals" comes from Atlantis, was born in Atlantis. The real human beings of Lemuria, in their last times, were withdrawing from the world scene, and they were leaving their organisms to the superior elementals of the animal kingdoms.

So those elementals of the animal kingdoms entered those human organisms and here they are, present.

They were created from Atlantis to here. Because the Lemurians were not animals, nor the Hyperboreans, nor the Polars. The race of "intellectual animals" was preceded by that of human beings, who existed in Lemuria, in the Hyperborean continent and in the North Pole (which at that time was located in the equatorial zone).

What is Gnostic anthropology based on to affirm this? Why does it state this? It is based not only on all the traditions that come from the sacred books of Egypt and ancient Mexico, the Inca peoples, the land of the Mayans, Greece, India, Persia, Tibet, etc., but also on direct investigations from those who have managed to awaken the consciousness.

Here, in this institution, we are delivering to you all the systems that are needed for the awakening of the consciousness. Thus, when you awake your consciousness, investigate for yourselves, and you will see that what I am telling you is true. You will evidence it directly, and not because I come to tell you; but wake up! Because just as you are (asleep), you could also be victims of those theories of Haeckel and his henchmen... That there were three races of human beings, it is true. but how could one know that, when one’s consciousness is asleep? Those who manage to awaken will be able to investigate this in the akashic archives of nature...

The First Root Race

How was the first root race? how did it exist? At that time, about three hundred million years ago (according to the research that we, all of us, have done), there were protoplasmic human beings, and the earth itself was also a protoplasm. Not that "protoplasm" of Haeckel, that pinch of salt, between "the salty sea" and fifty thousand of those nonsensical theories without any confirmation, no! The protoplasmic root race, which is different. A human race that floated above the environment. It hadn't hit the humid earth yet.

How did that root race breed or reproduce and what was its origin? That root race had evolved and devolved (yes, devolve, we, Gnostics, are not slaves of the dogma of evolution). I say, I repeat: it evolved and devolved within the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos, and crystallized, yes, on a protoplasmic earth, after multiple involutionary processes that emerged from its original germ, located in the chaos, in the magnus-limbus, in the Iliaster of the world.

When that root race crystallized, it was beautiful, elastic, ductile; it could just as easily assume gigantic figures or reduce themselves to a mathematical point...

What am I basing myself on? In my awakened consciousness. Did I verify this? Yes, I did, because I am an awakened human. If I were not an awakened human, I would not be speaking to you as I am speaking. I know this...

If you accept the doctrine of reincarnation, the better. Obviously, I was incarnated in that root race, and since I am awake I cannot forget its evolutionary and devolutionary processes. That is why I testify before you, knowing that you are asleep, but I must deposit in you the data that you need, so that you may awaken your consciousness. 

How did that root race multiply? How did it reproduce? It is not as the Master Blavatsky said, "that it was in an a-sexual manner," "that they did not need sex for that". Such a statement is wrong! Because the force of the Maha-Chohan (the creative energy of the third logos) flows in everything that is, in everything that has been and in everything that will be.

The breeding genus was fissiparous. Then the sexual form was expressed in a different way. Organisms were divided, as the living cell divides. Biology students know well how a cell divides, I think they are not ignorant of it. I think they are not unaware that a certain part of the protoplasm or the cytoplasm with a piece of the nucleus separates, they are not unaware of that. So also, those organisms were divided.

The fissiparous process, since then, has remained in the blood, and the cells continue to multiply in us by division. Is not that true? who could deny it? I present facts! Do you believe that this cell division process does not have a root, does not have an origin? If that were the case, then it would be stupid, because there can be no effect without a cause, and no cause without an effect. We have inherited that, from whom? From the human beings of the first root race. That's obvious. The detached organism could continue developing, thanks to the fact that it could continue capturing, assimilating protoplasm from the surrounding environment.

The Second Root Race

Later, the Hyperboreans emerged, those of whom Frederick Nietzsche speaks about, people who lived in that "horseshoe" lands that surround the North Pole, a northern country. Do we have cognizance of that? Yes or no? You don't because you're asleep, but I am cognizant of it because I'm awake.

Deny it? I do not deny it, and if you consider me crazy, consider me so, but I have to give a testimony, and say it at all costs, because the truth must always be told, even if people do not like it, it must be said.

The Hyperboreans also existed. Those bodies had more consistency, their bodies were no longer gelatinous, protoplasmic. Nevertheless, when speaking like this now, I am not in any way referring to Haeckel's gelatinous “bathybius”, no,! I am not referring to that protoplasm; to that “cell-soul” of the same author, within the “salty sea.” Woe to Haeckel and his henchmen, and his Moneron and everything that he wanted with his absurd theories!

Listen, as I already said, I am clearly referring to a protoplasmic root race, which is different. From this protoplasmic root race, by condensation, the Hyperboreans derived: a more physical race; a race that continued to reproduce, not by asexual methods, as Helen Petrovna Blavatsky said, but through a directed sexuality, in the form of budding.

Have you seen the corals on the cliffs of the stormy ocean? They reproduce by budding (from one coral comes another, and from another, another, and this is how corals reproduce). There are plants that continue to multiply through their shoots.

So too, it happened that a certain bud appeared in the body of the father-mother. This is how the sexual force operated until that bud broke off, which gave rise to a new creature. That was the mode of reproduction of the Hyperboreans.

The Third Root Race

And finally, there in the stormy Pacific Ocean, after millions of years of evolutions and devolutions of this fertile and tremendous nature, Lemuria sprang up: a gigantic continent emerged from the bottom of the seas, which covered the entire Pacific Ocean.

It was at that time that the human race, for the first time, settled on the hard crust of the earth. So, they appeared on the continent Mu, not by spontaneous generation, as an Epicurus and his henchmen believed, nor by natural selection, elevating this theory to the category of a creator god (wonderful conception that has been made to the rhetoric of the absurd), no! How then? How did they come about? The Hyperboreans crystallized, their human bodies took on a hard shape in the gigantic Lemurean hermaphrodites, as they appear symbolized there in those sculptures of Tula, they walked on the face of the earth.

In the beginning, their mode of reproduction was not exactly the oviparous, no! In the beginning, an egg-cells were detached from those organisms, and these egg-cells developed to give rise to the appearance of a new creature.

It was the epoch when the phallus and the uterus had not yet been formed. It was the era when the lingam-yoni were still incipient, in a germinal state. It was the period when the ovary had not yet developed.

But as time passed in Lemurian, finally, the system of reproduction by gemmation appeared. Such a system was an astonishment for that time. The ovary contained a fertilizing cell, that is, a zoosperm. So, when that little egg came off from the ovary of a hermaphrodite, it was already previously fertilized.

So, when coming into existence, that egg would open after a certain time of fertilization and from there a new creature would come out. That is why the Nahuas said that "the children of the third sun had been transformed into birds...," a wise assertion of the ancient Nahua culture.

But nearing the time of the end of Lemuria, from the third or fourth sub-race onwards, human beings divided into opposite sexes. And then sexual cooperation was necessary in order to create.

This system of creating, through sexual cooperation, comes from Lemuria. It is obvious that a fertilizer cell is needed for an ovarian egg. Only in this way, from the union of that fertilizing cell with an ovule, can the original cell arise with its 48 chromosomes (a very debatable number in biology, but exact). From the germinal cell, in turn, through cellular division comes the process of the fetus, gestation. Thus, from the end of Lemuria to the present time, this is how the creatures are born.

But what do those who have an asleep consciousness know about this? Would they accept those tremendous realities? They will never, ever! They prefer to think of that simple molluscoid, over there, of the most incipient invertebrates, developing through time, through extraordinary selective processes, going through different variations according to the selection of the species, until finally their pithecoid Noah appears with its famous three bastard children... Do you think that such a theory, based on mere disquietudes from humanoid ignoramuses, could have the consistency, strength and experience of a cognizant human being? Obviously not. 

So, indeed, as long as one does not awaken one’s own consciousness, one cannot know anything about the origin of the human being, nothing about the origin of life, nothing about what is, has been and will be...

Darwin's dogma of evolution swallowed many people, too many... There is a talk about that from the seed-germ the plant is developed and that through evolution the fruit eventually appears, they have made of it an incomplete theory based on the same dogma of evolution.

We go further; we know that the seed-germ from where the plant emerged and that ultimately resulted in fruits comes from another plant; and ultimately, if we go through involutionary retrospective processes, studied among the Akashic archives (a word that greatly displeases Darwinists and materialists), we find the protoplasm of plants, plants in a protoplasmic state, existing at the dawn of life, in the polar epoch…

But do you think that the evolution of plants is over? What shall we say of the future development of vegetables through the ages? Do materialists know that, or has it occurred to them? Or do they know if the evolution of vegetables has already ended? They don't know anything about that, nothing...!

There is no nonsense so great, to think, that the human psyche is the outcome of the evolutionary molecular processes of the protoplasm through the centuries... this is how they talk... Finally, the come out with the "monkey, from which humans come ,” when nobody has ever seen a human born from a "monkey", ever. And if we compare the brain of a monkey with the brain of the most backward humanoid, it is vastly larger than the brain of the orangutan, or the most intelligent gorilla.  A link is missing in order to proof their theory. How funny is their theory! A type of monkey walking and talking even if its talk is about nonsensical matters. We have never seen such missing link anywhere! They have never shown it! Where is it, let them show it, let them prove it!

Then, on what is based the materialistic science? So many missing links are needed, my dear friends; but many links are needed to be able to put together a theory with the pithecoid Noah that gave birth to his three children, namely, the tailed Cynocephalus, the tailless Ape, and the “arboreal” Palæolithic man…”  and fifty thousand more theories, which are nothing but the product of the ignorance of the know-it-alls ignoramuses...

What shall we say about language? We know very well that any language has its etymological roots. Therefore, from where the first roots of these poor “humanoids that populate the face of the earth emerged?

In the caves of the Cro-Magnon and those of Grimaldi by the way, which are said to have been the ancestors of these poor "humanoids," and it turns out that they are not. By studying with an awaken consciousness we will clearly realize that the humanoids of those caves are nothing else than the degenerate descendants of the Atlantean people.

The materialistic scientists do not want to see that the primitive Cro-Magnon are nothing more than degenerates of a glorious past, what do they know about that, nothing... And the language of such groups of Cro-Magnon where did it come from? We return to the little problem: “who came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

The Fourth Root Race

Unquestionably, our language, for example, has as a root: Latin; and the roots of the Latin will come from the Greek and from there we start discovering roots and roots; and if we arrived at the last, we would find the Atlantean roots. But where did the Atlanteans come from? Behold the problem: of Lemuria; And where did Lemurian come from?... ...the materialistic gentlemen, once again, are so wise that they do not accept Lemurian and Atlantis.

For them, Plato's Atlantis is a myth; and yet, they want to tell us that humans come from the “monkeys.”

But let us return to the question of the roots: where did the roots of all the current languages ​​come from? From the "monkey?" And where did the "monkey" get them? From another “monkey”. And if that "monkey" did not exist, where did our languages come from?

That is a problem on which... ...materialistic science; they don't want to know anything about the language question, nothing.

That the agglutinating words exist (linguistics) and are organized in the form of juxtaposition... ...etc., etc., to finally give form to different languages, accepted! But, the roots of those words, where did they come from? From where...?  Where is the monkey that gave us those words?

We can present the science that leads to the awakening of the consciousness. There is no doubt that whoever works with this science will awaken their consciousness and will be able to discover, directly, the mysteries of life and death, which are beyond of materialistic science.

What do materialistic science give us with their theories, with their concepts, with their techniques. Where is the famous pithecoid and his minions? Where is the missing link? Where are they?

Friends, the time has come to work on the awakening of the consciousness; the time has come to become independent from the materialists; It is the moment in which we must, indeed, radically change!...

Here we are giving you the science so that you wake up, so that you become true sages, in the most transcendental sense of the word, truly enlightened beings!...

So ends my lecture tonight.

Questions and Answers

Now I give opportunity for questions; whoever wishes to ask, can do so with complete freedom. There is freedom of speech. Who wants to refute, let him refute; Here, everyone is free to speak...

Student: Where we can find then the origin of the human being?

Samael Aun Weor: Well first, we have to explain the difference between the "intellectual animal" and the human being. Before the "intellectual animal" existed, there were humans. We already spoke about it, I already said in this lecture that there were three races before the “intellectual animal”; I want to refer frankly to the Lemurians, the Hyperboreans and the Polar root race. I said that the Lemurians existed in the Pacific Ocean.

Evidence? There is one, let's remember Easter Island (which is a residue of ancient Lemuria), there we still find tremendous monoliths chiseled by titans. Australia is also another remnant of Lemuria, where many traditions of the old continent are found.

Thus, the Lemurian root race existed, and they reproduced through the gemmation system. We have already explained that the Lemurian race went through three sexual processes: first, reproduction only by means of the egg-cell; then the system that we would call “gemmation” and third, the cooperation system (which is the one that still exists).

We also said that the Lemurians were the materialization or crystallization of the organisms developed by Hyperboreans. We do not deny that the Hyperboreans, in their turn, were the crystallization of the first root race, the protoplasmic root race.

We refute the theory of the famous "protoplasm" of the protists, there among the blue water of the salty sea (product of feverish imaginations); and we said that a protoplasmic root race existed. We emphatically affirm that before this root race definitively crystallized on our planet earth (which was then also in a protoplasmic state), that same race evolved, and devolved and went through many processes within the superior dimensions of nature. and the cosmos.

Arriving at this part, we have run into, precisely, the problem of the materialists, who do not want to accept the superior dimensions of nature and who, in no way, are resigned to admitting their ignorance.

Through the awakening of consciousness, anyone can experience the harsh reality of the higher dimensions of nature and the cosmos. And whoever awakens the consciousness, will also be able to evidence the evolutions and devolutions of that root race, which finally crystallized in the polar continent.

Such race emerged from the primitive elemental germs deposited in the chaos, before life had taken shape. So, we are talking about issues of anthropogenesis, or Gnostic anthropology; because we dedicate ourselves to that kind of studies since this institution is Gnostic-anthropological.

We do not accept the materialistic theories because after reviewing them, they did not withstand a thorough analysis. We cannot accept what does not stand up to analysis...

Any other questions... You have the floor...

Student: From where the roots of all languages come?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, it is clear that the languages have their roots; these are roots that juxtapose one another, who could deny it? Now those roots come from other roots, and by retrospective examination (which is difficult for materialist scientists to discover) we discover where the first roots came from. Yes, we do know where they came from; keep in mind that the Lemurians pronounced perfectly, used perfectly in their language 300 consonants and 51 vowels. They had a speech capacity vastly superior to ours, because they were humans; we are “intellectual animals,” we do not have that capacity.

Human organisms degenerated after they were handed over to the superior animal elementals of nature, that is, to the elementals from the superior animal kingdom; then, it is clear that the ability to speak had diminished, it degenerated: today we hardly use vowels and consonants in our language.

Any other question? Let's see...

Student: What makes the difference among blood types?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, there must be, we could say, defined particularities, because everything in nature has its own tonic tonality, each one of us has their own particularity; That's what makes the blood type difference...

Student: Does this have as a consequence, the mode of thinking?

Samael Aun Weor: Obviously yes, but “every head is a world”: some of us think in one way and others in another; speaking in a symbolical manner, some go with their heads up and others go with their heads down.

Any other question?

Student:  You stated that the world has seven dimensions and that we can see them only if we awaken our consciousness. Thus, you stated that you are awaken, then can you tell me in a concrete manner how is the seventh dimension?

Samael Aun Weor:  It will be as a voiceless language for you, since you cannot see it. Yet, if I tell you something about the world of three dimensions, namely, long, wide and tall, and if I tell you that the world of the fourth dimension, is time, that is right. Well, you can have an idea about it. 

Recently, I met in Durango a very extraordinary atomic physicist, who learned to travel through time, forwards and backwards, with a physical body, and is a very respectable atomic physicist...

There is also a fifth dimension, which is eternity; and there is a sixth that is beyond eternity and time; and finally, follows the seventh or zero dimension, unknown, which relates to pure spirit...

Student: What are the requirements for the awakening of the consciousness?

Samael Aun Weor:  In order to awaken the consciousness, what is needed is to reduce the animal ego to dust.

This ego is nothing more than a bunch of desires, passions, anger, hatred, etc., etc., etc., and many other weeds... If you renounce all that and go through the Buddhist annihilation, you will awaken your consciousness; and an awakened consciousness is enlightened consciousness.

First of all, I have to tell you, my friends, that there is a need to create bodhichitta.  What is meant by "bodhichitta?" "The enlightened and awakened consciousness," that is the bodhichitta.

It is obvious that, if we disintegrate, for example, the defect of anger (which is a psychic aggregate that we carry within), the virtue of serenity will crystallize in us; if we disintegrate the defect or the psychic aggregate of greed, the deepest selflessness will crystallize in us. If we reduce the psychic aggregate of lust to dust, chastity will crystallize in us; if we break and turn to dust the psychic defect of hate, love will crystallize; and so on and so forth: every time we break a defect we crystallize some virtue in us...

What is the soul? The soul is a product, or rather, a sum of virtues, laws, powers, etc.; so that, as we break down all our psychological defects, our psychic essence, our soul, crystallizes within us. That is why Christ said:

“In patience you will possess your souls…”

When one comes to possess his soul, he also has all the gifts and powers of the soul; And what is the crystallized soul in a human, in a human organism? It is what is called in the East the “bodhichitta.”

Those divine crystallizations mixed with the essence, is the bodhichitta. A human who has bodhichitta within is an awakened human; he is a human who can travel out of the body with bodhichitta through infinity; that's a human who can travel through time (back and forth); that is a human who can study the history of nature, the history of the earth and of its races, in the akashic archives of living nature.

So, it is well worth crystallizing the bodhichitta in us. But for this it is necessary to disintegrate the psychic aggregates; and it is only possible to disintegrate them based on conscious work and voluntary suffering.

"If the water does not boil at one hundred degrees, what it has to crystallize does not crystallize, what it has to disintegrate does not disintegrate"... Likewise, if we do not go through serious emotional crises and true repentance, we will not be able to disintegrate the psychic aggregates, to crystallize soul in us.

When someone crystallizes his soul, when someone owns his soul, unquestionably, he is awake. Jesus the Christ said: “in patience you will possess your souls…”

So, the awakened consciousness will give rise to pure science, because the human with awakened consciousness will have access to pure science; he or she will free themselves from all that rot of materialistic theories that abound so much here, there and everywhere, and they will be able to see and experience, directly, what is the reality.

If we want to get to know the truth, the origin of the human being (where we come from and where we are going to), we need special instruments... ...we need bodhicitta, which is the awakened consciousness.

The best research devices are inside the human beings. And if the human beings prepares themselves, they become true investigators of the reality...

Is there any other question?

Student: About the person who killed the children, could that accident happen also to an awakened person?

Samael Aun Weor: No never! It is not possible for an awakened human, driving a car, to run over another. That is not possible...

Student: But how is one going to realize, when one is driving, that a child all of sudden will cross our way; one is unaware of that?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, precisely, you don't realize it because you are asleep. If you were awake, you would realize it and not kill him.

Student: So, being awake one is not going to kill him?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, of course, a human who is awake (I mean a human who has an awakened consciousness), would not be able to run over anyone. A human like that would have prevented it in advance...

Student: But what about the children that unexpectedly run?

Samael Aun Weor:  So, what… if you are awake, you avoid it, because you are awake; but if you are asleep, well, you don't avoid it; but if you are awake you avoid it and before it happens you already know it, because you are awake and then you correct...

Well, is there any other question?

Student:  Can you explain to us about Atlantis?

Samael Aun Weor: Plato's Atlantis, the famous Atlantis is not a myth as the materialistic scientists of this degenerate age believe. Plato's Atlantis is a harsh reality, and every human who has an awakened consciousness knows that, because he can search for Atlantis among the akashic records of nature...

A human with an awakened consciousness was Don Mario Rosa de Luna. You have to see the studies that he did on his behalf, directly, with an awakened consciousness in the records about Atlantis...

Student:  And where was Atlantis situated?

Samael Aun Weor:  In the ocean that bears its name. Already today among many other things they have evidence. There is no doubt that they have evidence somewhere around, since they have managed to photograph an platform between Europe and America and these submerged cities of Atlantis, and at certain times they have taken photographs. It is planned to explore it, but for the time being they continue to deny the existence of Atlantis. They will discover more but we better wake up right now, so we don't fall victim to dilutions.

Does anyone else have anything to ask? Let him do it freely and if he doesn't agree let him stand up and refute; here we have freedom of speech for everyone... Let's see, take the floor brother...

Student: What is the importance of the sexual energy for the awakening of the consciousness, how important is this?

Samael Aun Weor:  The sexual energy is vital for the awakening of the consciousness; it is an extremely fine and sufficiently powerful type of energy, which has its own established system in the human organism: its circulation channels... Unquestionably, it is the strongest energy that exists in the entire universe. All human activities gravitate around sex.

So, the sexual energy can enslave humans as well as liberate them. If a person uses the sexual energy for the satisfaction of animal passions (something that Lemurians never did; at least as they did not degenerate, because at the end of their time they also degenerate)... ...well, then comes the awakening of the consciousness, because that wisely directed energy serves to awaken the consciousness; but you have to learn to direct it, to govern it, not to be a slave of it.

Here we are given the instructions with the transmutational science of Yesod-Mercury; here we are instructed on the creative energy. Those who learn how to handle it will unlock all the treasures of nature. Those who learn how to use it will be able to reach omniscience.

But you have to learn how to use it wisely...

Any other questions?...

Student: What is the reason for us to be intellectual animals since the Lemurians were humans?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, we simply have to be grateful, because the true human beings (which were the Lemurians) ... had human organisms, which they left to the elementals coming from the higher animal kingdoms; then those elementals or souls, or principles of life or essences, or animas, entered the human organisms, which human beings left for them; since then, this entire race of human bodies has been evolving and devolving incessantly. But we owed these human organisms to them; their psyche left, but they left their human organisms, so that these could be inhabited by the superior elementals coming from the animal kingdom... ...physically speaking, all of you at that time were quadruped animals or birds... ...etc., but you were already developed superior elementals; thus, it was we as elementals that we occupied those human organisms that the Lemurians were leaving. It is due to them, then, that today you have human bodies. And not to the famous "pithecoid Noah with his three bastard children;” an absurd theory...

Student:  Is it sad that we, as Lemurian descendants, are marching downwardly instead of upwardly?

Samael Aun Weor:  Well, unfortunately, this root race is currently devolving, and will be destroyed also in a short time. But a new root race will arise anyway. This root race will emerge from the core, from the most select, from the most distinguished of our root race. A new root race will arise that will live on new lands, on new continents, because these current lands will be burned and then submerged within the very bottom of the oceans... ... new continents will appear, on new lands that will emerge from the bottom of the oceans.

Well, I think we have talked enough, my dear friends; thank you for your assistance.

Inverential peace!...