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Baptism is Alchemy

Baptism and the Philosophical Stone

Baptism and marriage, the hermetic cup, the philosophical stone…

I hope everyone will pay maximum attention.

Today, we are going to celebrate the christening of a child. What name will the child receive?

Child’s Father: Michael. 

Samael Aun Weor: Michael it will be, then.

It is necessary to understand what baptism represents. Obviously, baptism represents a pact of sexual magic. If the child that will be solemnity baptized will later in life fulfill the covenant of sexual magic, the baptism will then serve its purpose. Yet, if he does not comply with the pact of sexual magic, then what is the point of this?

In the Eastern churches, baptism performed on the day of Epiphany is associated with the marriage at Cana. In the Western churches, when contemplating epiphany, baptism is associated with the marriage of Jesus with his church. So as in the east as well as in the west, baptism is associated with sex. In both cases it is related to marriage. Baptism represents, therefore, a pact of sexual magic.

If sexual magic is fulfilled, baptism serves its purpose; if it is not fulfilled, then baptism is useless. This is the harsh reality of the facts. 

I illustrate all of this to you so that you will understand the esoteric transcendence of baptism.

For example, in the Christian churches the baptismal font represents precisely the philosophical stone, the creative organs. As for the magnetized waters or lustral waters contained in the stone, they undoubtedly represent the sacred sperm. In other words, we would say that water represents the mercury of secret philosophy and the fire of candles represent the sulfur of alchemy.

Only through mercury—that is, the entity of semen—and sulfur—that is, the entity of fire—is it possible to achieve the second birth.

To Be Born Again: The Second Birth

What is meant by second birth? Second birth means the birth of the true human being. Let us remember the words of Jesus to Nicodemus:

"Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

To achieve the second birth, this is what is fundamental. But that second birth is not achieved if the superior existential bodies of the Being have not been created, and the superior existential bodies of the Being cannot be created out of nothing, for out of nothing comes nothing. Thus, the superior existential bodies of the Being must be created based on mercury and sulfur.

Mercury, that is, the metallic soul of the sperm, is represented here in our rituals with the bread of transubstantiation. As for sulfur, that is, the fire of alchemy, it is represented with the sacred wine.

Therefore, mercury and sulfur have to be combine incessantly within us, in order to create through them the superior existential bodies of the Being.

By comprehending all of this is how you will become aware of the mystery of the seal of Solomon. The upward triangle, the superior triangle, indicates sulfur, fire. The lower triangle that links with the superior triangle represents the mercury, meaning the metallic soul of the sacred sperm.

When one has finished the great work, one receives in the upper worlds a wonderful ring that is of divine matter. It is always placed on the ring finger of the right hand. What appears on that ring? Solomon's seal. What does that seal indicate? That through the incessant crossing of mercury and sulfur the initiate achieved the philosophical stone.

So therefore, through the incessant crossing of mercury and sulfur, first it is possible to create the astral body; as a second step, to create the mental, and as a third, to create the causal body.

Whosoever possesses a physical body, an astral body, a mental body, and a causal body, receives for that reason their psychic spiritual principles, and becomes an authentic human, a real human, a true human.

So, whosoever becomes a true human is said to have reached the second birth, because if with the first birth one was born as an intellectual animal, with the second birth one is born as a true human. The second birth is for real humans.

All this is achieved through the incessant crossing of mercury with sulfur, which is wisely allegorized in the baptism: the water contained in the stone represents precisely the mercury, and the fire of the candles represent the sulfur of alchemy.

If the one who is baptized knows how to intelligently combine mercury with sulfur, then one achieves the second birth, one enters the kingdom of heaven. but if the one who is baptized, never works with mercury and sulfur, then that baptism is worthless.

Thus, baptism is a pact of sexual magic. You have to understand it this way and not otherwise.

It is said that in baptism, the white dove of the Holy Spirit floats upon the head of the child to be baptized. Certainly! It is because the Holy Spirit is the same mercury of the secret philosophy.

When I entered the most important part of the great work, I was presented precisely before the alchemical mirror. There I saw my own mercury reflected on the crystal. In the name of truth I must tell you that mercury gives the great initiates precisely that transcendental aspect of the gentleman and gentlewoman. Let us see, if not, for example, men like Kout Humi. The sapience that he shows as a man is due to the mercury, which is the very Holy Spirit in manifestation. Let us see, for example, the Count of Saint Germain, who I have cited many times as a living example of a superhuman, someone who manages world politics so formidably, someone who knows psycho-politics, and who really knows how to handle it, who knows how to adapt to all diplomatic conditions in the world; that characteristic is due to the mercury of the wise.

When I saw my mercury reflected in the mirror, I was simply amazed. It was when I learned how mercury comes to give to one the transcendental characteristic of the gentle-man. It makes one wise, in the fullest sense of the word.

So my dear brothers and sisters, it is well worth it to understand the importance of baptism.

As far as sulfur is concerned, it is fire; this is how it must be understood. Sulfur obviously relates to Lucifer [Latin: “light-bringer”; ie. Prometheus]. One would not have the sexual impulse if the luciferic power [fire] was not within oneself. That sulfuric power is extraordinary.

Mercury by itself could do nothing. But when mercury is fertilized by sulfur—that is, by fire—then from that mixture the superior existential bodies of the Being are the outcome.

It is good to understand all of these things in order to know how to value baptism. And it is good not to forget why the Christian churches, both from the east and from the west, with the question of epiphany—that is, the ascension of the cosmic Chrestos in us—always relate baptism with marriage.

Indeed, as holy as a church may appear, if it does not teach the keys of self-realization it could not save anyone; this is obvious. Therefore, when one thoroughly studies all of these queries about mercury and sulfur, one then knows how to value baptism as it should be valued. Baptism is sacred in the most transcendental sense of the word.

Do not forget also that the Sacred Absolute Sun wants to crystallize in us the three primary forces of nature and the cosmos, which are:

  • Holy Affirming
  • Holy Denying
  • Holy Reconciling

Holy Affirming is the positive force, that of the Father. Holy Denying is the negative force, that of the Son. Holy Reconciling is the neutral force, that of the Holy Spirit.

In the east, the Father is Brahma, the Son is Vishnu, the Holy Spirit is Lord Shiva.

The Holy Spirit—that is, the mercury of secret philosophy—crystallizes in us when we work with sulfur and mercury. This work could not be done outside the laboratory. One has to know how to mix the different parts of the mercury with the different parts of the sulfur, but this is inside the laboratory, and that laboratory is the human organism.

So therefore, mercury—that is, the metallic soul of the sperm—is intelligently combined within our own laboratory; mercury is combined with sulfur. The outcome of this combination becomes formidable: the first outcome would be the birth of the astral body in the humanoid; the second outcome is the birth of the mental body in the humanoid; the third outcome is the birth of the causal body in the humanoid. When one has those vehicles, as I told you, then comes the second birth; that is, the true human is born, born of mercury and sulfur, that is, of water and fire; So this is how one has to understand it.

That is why Christ said: 

"Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of heaven."

We must be born again. It is not enough to have been born as intellectual animals; that is very relative. Now we need to be born as humans, but as true humans, and the true human is born of sulfur and mercury, as this is always taught in baptism.

If the sacrament with mercury and sulfur is not fulfilled, the baptism is useless. Without mercury and sulfur, what would the use of baptism be? It would be worthless!

So my dear brothers and sisters, it is good that you understand all of these things. 

Now, in everything there are rules and measures. Justice is something very sacred, and it exists. Ancient alchemists represented justice by an ineffable creature, a kind of queen-goddess with a scale in her left hand; in it she has some weights. These are necessary in order to balance the scale. She stands on a cubic stone: it is the philosophical stone. Naturally, she wears a white robe. On top of the robe is a purple mantle, and alighting the head is a golden crown. So, on the left she carries a scale, while on the right she carries a sword, the sword of justice. What is interesting is the weights and measures of the scale of cosmic justice. This clearly indicates that the work to be done in the laboratory must be in accordance with the law.


What amounts of sulfur, for example, are mixed with what amounts of mercury? That is not known by ordinary people, not even by the alchemists themselves. Those are secrets of great nature.

In any case, justice governs the work of the alchemist, and justice is the law.

If an alchemist, for example, has a priestess-wife, and suddenly leaves his priestess-wife, and—being in full sexual activity—goes and becomes sexually involved with another woman, then he adulterates. Why? Because two mixed currents inside the dorsal spine collide with each other. An alchemist charges an electric current; if he then gets sexually involved with another woman, then an opposite current is mixed with the first current that charged his body. The outcome is a short circuit, and a “wire” is burned which is where the sacred snake rises; that thread is the nadi chitra. So then, if the nadi chitra is burned, then the snake, that is, the fire, which is, the sulfur mixed with the mercury, which has the figure of the snake, descends one or more vertebrae, according with the magnitude of the fault. Therefore, adultery is very grave.

Another serious thing is fornication. If the alchemist spills the cup of Hermes Trismegistus, if the alchemist loses the mercury, the nadi chitra unquestionably burns and the sacred snake descends.

In order to perform the great work, one must be subject to the goddess of justice. If one violates the law of the scale, the work of the alchemist utterly fails.

Keep in mind that the building of the superior existential bodies of the Being is a work of alchemy, and that this work has to be within the canons of the law of cosmic justice, otherwise there is an inevitable failure.

Another very different case—and this is already after some reflections—is the case where the alchemist, for example, does not have a hermetic cup. Let us suppose that the alchemist has, we would say, a destroyed hermetic cup. Thus, it is no longer useful, since it does not work. The work in the laboratory, in this case, will be stopped, will not work, because he does not have a hermetic cup in order to combine sulfur and mercury.

But what is meant by a hermetic cup? These are terms that the brothers and sisters must understand. A hermetic cup is what is called the chalice, or the female yoni itself. That is what is understood by a hermetic cup: the female sexual organ.

And what is meant by lingam? These are terms with which the brothers and sisters, especially the instructors, should become familiar, because one is not going to speak to the people in a vulgar language. The sacred things of sex should be exposed honestly. Thus, lingam means the male sexual organ, the Greek phallus. Thus observe how I explain the mysteries of sex, that I am not using any vulgar term, and I do it on purpose so that the instructors in turn, when they are teaching, know how to teach, and carefully avoid grotesque terms, or better said, immodest.

Thus, if a hermetic cup—I already explained what a hermetic cup is—does not work, if it has been destroyed, if it is no longer useful for the great work, the alchemist has every right, by law, to choose a new hermetic cup, and this is not a crime. More serious would be that the great work became stagnant and the alchemist failed; that would be serious. But moreover, the alchemist must never do his personal will, because if he does his personal will, he fails. The alchemist has to obey the will of the Father.

Keep in mind that one cannot understand the science of the great work if one has not received the “donum Dei.” The donum Dei is the “gift of God” that allows to understand the science of the great work. One could not understand this science if one has not received the donum Dei, the gift of God that allows one to understand it; and the only one that can give that gift is the Father of all the lights. Only he can give the donum Dei. So, the science of alchemy is very sacred.

To have a hermetic cup for the alchemical work is commendable, but as long as it is the Father of all the lights who commands it, and not our whim. Because if one does one’s personal will, if one follows one’s own whim, one fails in the great work.

These are very important points in relation to alchemy, and very important points in relation to baptism, because when one speaks of baptism and alchemy, one speaks of the same thing. Baptism represents a pact of sexual magic.

Thus, baptism contains in itself a formula: the extraordinary formula of alchemy. In these studies, what should interest us is the great work. Exclusively that. 

Thus, in the realization of the great work, the only thing that counts is the law of the scale, which is the law of cosmic justice. That law is above all the false codes of morality out there; yes, it is above all prejudices and separate from all kinds of morbid sentimentalities.

Those who are only slaves of prejudices, of “what people will say,” of maxims, we would say, of the ethics in the different moral codes of the world, will remain with the world, but not with the great work.


If we are to fulfill the baptism, we have to be sincere with ourselves and to really work in order to achieve the second birth. And, once the second birth is achieved, in no way should we stop there. Whosoever has achieved the second birth must fight intensively in order to be integrated with divinity. If a human being does not integrate his soul with the divinity, sooner or later he will have to devolve within the bowels of the earth. 

The humans who do not eliminate the inhuman psychic aggregates that we carry within ourselves do not integrate themselves with divinity. Those inhuman psychic aggregates constitute dry mercury. Every human being carries within a lot of dry mercury and poisonous or arsenic sulfur. Dry mercury must be eliminated. 

Now, regarding poisonous sulfur, this resides within the lower animal depths of any living being. Thus, if we do not eliminate that poisonous or arsenic sulfur, we do not progress, and likewise if we do not eliminate the dry mercury, we do not progress.

When one eliminates dry mercury and poisonous sulfur, then one achieves fixing gold in the mercury.

If we consider that the superior existential bodies of a human being are essentially condensations of sulfur mercury with some sublimated salt, then we can understand the relationship between gold and mercury.

Even in the mines we see the intimate relationship between gold and mercury. The atoms of gold must be fixed in the mercury. Mercury is usually associated with gold.

Within us there is antimony. This is not a mere chemical substance, as many believe. Antimony is one of the self-cognizant parts of the Being. That cognizant part is a skilled alchemical artisan that we all carry inside. We all carry antimony in the most intimate part of our psyche. That self-cognizant part, that artisan, that alchemist, is the one who fixes the atoms of gold in the mercury, that is, in our higher existential bodies of the Being.

When the superior existential vehicles of the human being have been constituted by pure gold, they unquestionably serve to cover the metallic spirit that we all carry within. I want to refer to the Intimate Christ, to the Interior Magnes of kabbalah and alchemy, to the Lord. These vehicles, interpenetrating each other and interacting with each other, are denominated in alchemy as To-Soma-Heliakon, the Body of Gold of the solar man. Whosoever possesses To-Soma-Heliakon can obviously cover the Intimate Christ with it. The Intimate Christ covered with To-Soma-Heliakon constitutes the Philosophical Stone. Now, you can see what the philosophical stone is.

It is said that this stone can live among the fire, which is fusible like butter; but woe to the alchemist who throws it into water, because it dissolves!

What does it mean or what does “throwing the stone into water” want to express? Simply, the one who spills the cup of Hermes: the adulterer. For such kinds of beings are the outer darkness where only weeping and the gnashing of teeth can be heard. So, this is what throwing the philosophical stone into water means. In such a case, it is said that a metal melts and the stone evaporates, that is, the metallic spirit escapes, the Christ escapes, the stone is lost, it dissolves. 

The Importance of Gold

The Philosophical Stone can pass through glass without breaking it or staining it. The elixir of long life can be attained from the Philosophical Stone. The powders of projection with which gold, physical gold, effective, material gold can be manufactured, can be taken out of the Philosophical Stone.

I clarify: if an alchemist who has already achieved, who already has the philosophical stone in his power, in a state of ecstasy, deposits, for example, here in this water, his atoms of gold, then this water becomes for that reason an extraordinary liquor, becomes the same powders of projection. And if the alchemist then put a little drop like that within a crucible where melted lead would be, that lead would become effective, physical, material gold... and with that gold the alchemist could make a living.

The Count of Saint Germain, for example, made physical gold, and he invested that gold. Into what did he invest his gold? He invested it in different material goods. When the French police invaded the house of Saint Germain in order to know where his wealth came from, they were amazed to see that everything was in perfect order; he had in perfect order his account books, all the goods he had, all duly documented; that is, not a single fault was found. He never performed his metal transmutations publicly, always in secret. So, apparently, he lived exclusively from his estates, properties, farms, real estate, etc., and everything was properly documented.

Thus, my dear brothers and sisters, it is for something that when one concludes the great work, one finds oneself before the tree of life, bearing in one’s right hand the horn of Amaltheia. What is that horn? The horn of abundance, the horn of Amaltheia. Nonetheless, in the Apocalypse of St. John, we are told: 

“Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.” - Revelation 3: 17, 18

Well, it would be very long to quote the whole thing, but let me tell you, a little more or less, the meaning of the words “And knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked” since these are words that are not understood but only by the initiates and nobody else.

In what sense one is wretched and miserable? Well, I am going to tell you something that the different schools would not understand in depth: gold is what commands, my dear friends, gold and nothing else but gold.

In the physical world we see that an individual who has a lot of money, commands with his money, even if we say what we might say, he commands. If we did not have money in order to pay for this house, what would happen? They would put us out in the street. Well, to that end, such is, physically, the harsh reality of the facts.

But, well, you might say: “But what does all of this have to do with the esoteric, with the spiritual, with the transcendental, with the divine? It is not perhaps that the master is materializing or metallizing the teachings?

Not my friends, it is not that. The harsh reality of the facts is that if we do not have gold in our superior existential bodies of the Being after we have manufactured them, we are then wretched, or as the Apocalypse treats us, we are wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked, and this is the truth.

Saint Germain could not have made gold if he had no gold inside. Where did he have it? He has it in his bodies, in his aura; gold of the best quality; gold which none of the mines of the earth can produce.

So, in an alchemical synthesis, what do we want?

We are gathered here in third chamber. What are we looking for? I am going to be honest with you: we want to make gold! The one who does not know how to make gold knows nothing, even if he has millions of volumes [of books] in his head! If he doesn't know how to make gold, he is ignorant, he does not know anything.

Make gold? Where are we going to make gold? Well, we make it in the superior existential bodies of the Being! We want vehicles of pure gold with which we will shield the presence of the Logos in us! That is what we want!

Each one of us carries a temple inside. We already mentioned the case of our noble dear mother Dolores. Well, we were already talking about the subject-matter of a temple. That temple belongs to her, she carries it; that is her temple. Anyone can visit her temple. I have my temple, I also have it, and if you, in astral, intend to visit my temple, you can visit it. But do not forget that when you enter into that temple, you have entered into my consciousness. I carry the temple here, and it is projected in the superior worlds. In what way is it projected? Like a cathedral, indeed. And if I tell you that in that cathedral, all of the objects are made of gold, I am not exaggerating; obviously this is how it is. But in order to make that gold in that cathedral of the soul, I had to work in the forge of the Cyclops; this is obvious; the forge is the laboratorium oratorium of the Third Logos. I say the Third Logos, do not forget it. Why do I say the Third Logos? Let us see, who answers me?

A student responded: The Holy Spirit!

Samael Aun Weor: Exactly, the Holy Spirit, who is so associated with baptism. This is indubitable. So you have to know how to understand this.

The Cup, the Holy Grail

Any of you can visit the cathedral of Master Samael Aun Weor in your astral body. You will find it; it is there. Of course, on the altar of that cathedral, the chalice is not missing. Yes, the chalice which is the same hermetic cup will never be missing on a Master’s altar. If it were missing, the temple would be sad, wretched, and miserable, and poor.

How can the holy grail be missing upon the altar? That would be absurd! In no temple of greater mysteries is the holy grail missing; That is indubitable.

Do you know what the Holy Grail is? I think that some of you do know. The Holy Grail is the same hermetic cup. The Holy Grail is even in the temples of the gods. Within that hermetic cup the Jews placed the manna of the desert, with that manna the Israelites fed themselves in the sands of the desert, within which they remained for forty years.

But why did the manna of the desert, which the Jews fed on, have to be precisely within the Gomor [העמר], the chalice, the hermetic cup? Now, keep in mind that such a chalice is in turn placed inside the ark of the covenant. Within it is also the rod of Aaron, which represents the lingam generator and the tablets of the law. All of this is documented, everything I have said.

As for the cherubim, Madam Blavatsky states that on the ark of science there were two cherubim touching each other with their wings, and that they were in the attitude of man and woman during copulation. Eliphas Levi sustains that there were four cherubim who touched each other with their wings, male and female. Anyway, it coincide that the cherubim, male and female, touched their wings and were in the attitude of the chemical copulation in the sanctum sanctorum.

The soldiers of king Nebuchadnezzar, when they invaded the temple of Solomon, destroyed it, and when previously they saw, the ark of science, they said: “This is the god that you Jews worship so much? Was this the god of so much chastity and holiness that you mentioned?” Of course, they quickly finished everything, they destroyed the temple of Jerusalem. So my dear brothers and sisters, they did not understand.

But, well, let us not wander away from the theme. Why was the manna of the Gomor with which the Jews fed themselves in the desert within the cup? I explain: simply, the manna (of העמר Ha'Gomor) is the nectar of immortality. The sacred nectar is not elsewhere, but in the hermetic cup, and the hermetic cup is within the ark of science. If the gods did not have the manna of the desert—because life is a desert when true nirvanic happiness is renounced—then, humans’ physical bodies, their physical bodies would grow old and die. Thus, they need that hermetic cup in which the manna is contained. Those who have understanding let them understand, because there is wisdom within. We have to know how to understand.

Unquestionably, the most serious mistake of the different groups, or pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools, lies precisely in believing that the intimate self-realization of the Being is based on theories; they are wrong.

Let us think for a moment about the way we came into existence, on those enchantments of Holy Friday. What is the root of our life? A man, a woman, a chemical or metaphysical copulation; our physical body came out from this copulation. What preceded such conception? What moments? This brings us to the enchantments of Holy Friday. Unquestionably, then, in all this there was love, eros was active, etc. There were also the most powerful cosmic forces of the universe, precisely, the forces which created the universe. But, the theories, where were they? All those millions of volumes, of schools, where were they? For us, in those enchanted moments, none of them existed. So, from where did this body that we have come? Why did it come into existence?

I also say to you, that only by understanding those mysteries of Holy Friday, so fundamental to the laborers of the great work, is Christification achieved, that is, the intimate self-realization of the Being. This is a matter of sex, of erotic force, of cosmic undulations of love, of transcendental emotion and of great will.

Gold is made by working through that way, and whosoever gets gold is immensely rich. By means of gold one can command nature, and nature obeys.

Whosoever has existential vehicles of gold is the master, king and lord of the universe, according to the order of Melchizedek.

But, if one does not have gold inside, one is wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked, even if one believes to be very rich and powerful.

Thus, the objective of our studies is one: to make gold!

Gold is made when the mystery of baptism is known, which, as I have told you, is a pact of sexual magic.

Questions and Answers

Well my dear brothers and sisters, thus ends tonight’s talk. But, yes, all of you have the perfect right to ask, because I do not want you to have doubts of any kind, and what you did not understand will be explained.

Audience: Venerable master, how could one notice when the destruction of the lingam or the hermetic cup has been verified?

Samael Aun Weor: Facts are facts, and before the facts we have to surrender. If, for example, a man wants to work with his priestess wife, and her state of health or physiological state does not work for that, if she already passed through her sexual functions, if she can no longer work, it is said that the hermetic cup has been destroyed, and thus it is how it is represented in alchemy: her hermetic cup is destroyed. Any other question?

Audience: Venerable master, since you say that dry mercury is the ego, then how could we understand the arsenic sulfur, what is it? And how it can be destroyed?

Samael Aun Weor: Arsenic sulfur is the poisonous animal sexual fire, which everyone carries in their atomic hells, a beastly, unclean, abominable fire. Every human being carries it. In that type of animal fire, there are many living psychic aggregates; their type, we can say, belongs to the world of ninety-six laws or infernal world. How do we eliminate that poisonous or arsenic sulfur? Well, this is eliminated by working in a pure and clean manner eliminating the same dry mercury; likewise, the poison sulfur is eliminated. When the dry mercury is eliminated, the poisonous sulfur is in fact also eliminated. This is all.

Audience: Venerable master, the hermetic cup destroyed in a person in which it cannot be rebuilt, if it cannot be rebuilt, how does that person do? How can that person work in the great work?

Samael Aun Weor: Let it be understood, in this alchemist case, as hermetic cup, the yoni, which as we know, is not the lingam.

Audience: I meant the yoni.

Samael Aun Weor: A destroyed yoni does not work for the great work. If an alchemist has a cup in his laboratory and it breaks, he has to get a new cup. But since the laws are very sacred, it happens that the first cup is charged with a certain force, with a certain radiation, and that radiation has permeated the alchemist; it becomes necessary for a time, not less than three years, to pass, before the alchemist can get a new cup, if he does not want a short circuit within his spinal central system, because a short circuit can burn a wire of his laboratory. In the latter case, the sulfur and mercury descend and there is even a metallic reduction. In other words, it would be said that the alchemist has gone headlong into the abyss.

Audience: Venerable master, specifically, if the case arrive to whosoever possesses the feminine element, who has her cup damaged, how can she work in the great work?

Samael Aun Weor: Repeat, clarify your question.

Audience: I clarify it, I mean that the feminine element has her creative organs, let us say, damaged, but then that person, meaning, that feminine element is working in the great work, how can she continue if she is damaged, I mean, her organs?

Samael Aun Weor: It is not possible, she cannot, she cannot continue. Likewise, if the male element, the alchemist, destroys its generator lingam. In this case, he cannot work in the great work. How would he? He would need to change physical body in order to work. Meaning, if the lingam generator is destroyed, how does he work? How would, for example, an individual who was castrated work? In this case, then, there is a failure.

Audience: Master, what are the causes for a hermetic cup to be damaged?

Samael Aun Weor: It may be damaged by accident; it can be damaged by age. It can be damaged by karma. If that cup is not useful for the laboratory, then the alchemist has to use a new hermetic cup, and there is no crime in this. Crime would be if the alchemist, having a healthy hermetic cup, despise such a cup and cast it out in order to take a new one. In that case, yes, there would be a crime.

Audience: Venerable master, and if it were the opposite, if the lingam that the woman has for her work is damaged?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, in this case, if the woman is working with a suitable male, everything is going very well. But, if the man does not serve her, everything goes wrong.

Audience: Thus, would it be operated equally? As the male alchemist would operate in the already cited case, right?

Samael Aun Weor: For this even the law, the human justice itself, has its postulates. If a man, for example, is impotent, and the woman complains before the law, she undoubtedly receives a divorce letter; this is obvious. If a man does not fulfill his duties to the woman, his sexual duties, and the woman complains, that is more than enough grounds for divorce. So, if a woman is working on the great work and the alchemist is not useful, if she does not have a generating lingam, a spear for the mysteries, a spear with which she can fight the psychic aggregates, a spear with which she can hurt Lucifer's side, in that case, she is faced with a dilemma: with the dilemma of having to marry again with an ideal alchemist, or before the dilemma of having to wait until a future existence. In that case, either of those two resolutions is fair; this is obvious. 

Audience: If the case is presented by karma, venerable master, could one wait until one of those people cancels their karmic debts?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, you can wait perfectly well. Likewise, an alchemist who has lost his hermetic cup, he can wait, if he wants, until the future existence, or wait fifty existences until he finds a good cup, but that would be the breaking point of points. The best thing would be that the initiate abandons all kinds of morbid sentimentalities and takes hermetic cup suitable for work in the laboratory. We must leave behind the pessimistic attitudes, say, the tamas of inertia, that kind of mental or spiritual laziness that abounds so much in the pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occultist schools; this is clear.

Audience: Master, in the case that the hermetic cup is good, but the lady does not want to collaborate in the sexual forge, that is, the lady does not want to work in the forge, and she already takes a certain time to collaborate, in this case, what can the husband do?

Samael Aun Weor: Well, the cup is good, but if she does not want to work in the great work, if she does not give her cup for working, then—I was going to say a harder term, but it would leave the concept of this lecture—naturally, the alchemist has no choice but to find a suitable hermetic cup that serves him, someone who will collaborate, or cooperate. Yet, he could not do it but after of several years of hard begging and pleas to his priestess wife. Because it is written, that only for the cause of fornication, the woman should be given, we might say, divorce; if there is fornication. So, if the woman fornicates, he is right. If a woman wants the alchemist to fornicate and the alchemist wants to self-realize, but she wants to fornicate, he then must give her a divorce letter immediately, so that she can fornicate with another, but not with the alchemist. Here, in this, there is one of two: either we resolve to enter the kingdom of heaven by assault, or we fail. “The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force” (Matthew 11: 12). If this is not done, one fails.

Being precisely in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness, I had to ask the Father to show me the synthesis of my most recent works in the forge of Vulcan. Then the Father took me to a big city, one of those jinn cities, magical cities, of which there are four major cities in Europe. We have one in Yucatan, formerly founded by the Tuath Dé Danann, who were, among other things, great travelers, jinn travelers.

Well, there I found many adepts of varying degrees of splendor. I even found adeptus exemptus. Do you know what an adeptus exemptus is? Adeptus exemptus means already “taken out” of karma; they do not owe karma. In esotericism it is said, "adeptus exemptus." Of course, together we organized an excursion to the top of the mountain of the Being. How grandiose was that excursion. Indeed, in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness one passes through transcendental divine, formidable experiences. When we got to the top, with the longing of meeting Iod-Heva, the Ancient of Days, we had the pleasant surprise of finding him transformed into a very tall palm. The palm is the symbol of the victory of the Chrestos. All the adepts prostrated themselves on the ground in order to worship Iod-Heva. I knew that palm was my real Being, the Ancient of Days, that is, the interior of my interior, so to speak to you this time in the language of Pistis Sophia; which is an esoteric, symbolic, allegorical language. Of course, I advanced, and since the astral body has some elasticity, ductility, it was not difficult for me to increase my size in order to take that palm tree by the top, as I might says, by the neck, and to grasp it tightly with force towards my chest, and thus, to caress its leaves, its branches.

Those venerable, very venerable adepts looked at me in terror. There was a clamor. They were amazed to see how I took no less than the Ancient of Days in that way, but later, the palm tree was transformed into a great tower, in the tower of my inner temple, of my own cathedral. That tower corresponds to the head of the divine.

It was decorated, full of precious stones. The eyes were those of the very same divinity, and he had arms, like the arms of man, but they were the arms of God…

[The recording ended here. An attendee of this lecture wrote about what happened next…]

Consequently, the conscious circle of the solar humanity, in its entirety, was filled with horror because of Samael Aun Weor’s attitude. There were voices considering Samael Aun Weor as “sacrilegious.” Then, heroically, Samael Aun Weor turned towards them and spoke to them in the following terms, "Imbeciles, you do not know about these things."

After uttering these words, surprisingly, the Great Face, the Mercy of Mercies, the Ancient of Days, who was previously transformed into a very high palm tree, was now transformed into a great tower, the tower of Samael Aun Weor’s own inner temple, and with his right hand handed out a pen and said to Samael Aun Weor, "Write these things." 

Samael Aun Weor said, "Yes, yes, my Father, I will obey you. I will write all these things for the good of humanity..." 

The adepts kept silence; they did not dare not to say another word. They were perplexed, amazed, before this unusual scene. 

“The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.” —Matthew 11:12 

Undoubtedly we need to take tremendous steps until we get the ring of king Solomon, whatever it takes, even if the world comes against us. Those who remain only worshiping but do not dare to grab the palm of victory with violence, fail in the great work.