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Lamech and his Two Wives 1795 William Blake

Authentic Consciousness and False Consciousness

Certainly, the situation is that humanoids are not human beings in the full sense of the word. If we thoroughly examine the humanoid, we discover first of all his physical body, that is, his planetary body; that vehicle has a vital seat, I want to refer emphatically to the lingam sarira of the Hindustani, that is, the thermo-electromagnetic vehicle or superior section of the physical body; that vehicle serves as a base for all the biochemical, physiological, light, caloric processes, etc., etc. However, deep down, this vital body is nothing more than the upper section of the physical body.

Beyond the planetary body, with its vital or mechanical seat, the only thing that we can painfully find are the psychic aggregates, which as a whole constitute the myself, the ego.

At the time of death, the dense body goes to the grave; its vital seat or lingam sarira, slowly decomposes floating upon the burial pit. Simultaneously, the ex-personality also decomposes with the planetary body and its vital seat once it goes to the burial pit.

No one is born with a defined personality. The personality is the child of its time; it is born in its time, it dies in its time. There is no tomorrow for the personality of the dead person. That personality is formed during the first seven years of childhood, and is strengthened with time and experiences.

The personality is energetic; in the process of organic decomposition, the planetary body dissolves first together with the vital body; yet the ex-personality dissolves more slowly. However, during the first days of its dissolution, that ex-personality is discarded by visible and tangible matter in the physical world.

In these moments I have witnessed something unusual. You all know that old lady, Doña Calvita, right? Well, one of her children died; that death happened six months ago. However, one of these days, in an unusual manner, someone called her husband by phone, and he answered; who was calling? It was precisely the representative of a company who wanted a reference for the defunct José Luis. The husband replied, "But how? If José Luis has been dead for six months!"

"What?" responded the caller, "I'm calling representing such a company; two days ago he came here to ask for a job because now he's out of work, he gave me your phone number, he told us that you could give us a references."

“We're sorry," her husband replied, "but he has been dead for about six months”.

"Impossible!" answered the caller, "I'm calling because I have the paper where he wrote your reference, I can't believe you are playing with me.”

"Sir, just as I told you, he died." He was perplexed, because the caller was amazed, through the phone the astonishment increased, I understand that he even panicked.

We know this is simply because the ex-personality of the deceased during the first days after death and for several months afterwards, brought a lot of power to become visible and tangible in the physical world. 

You already know the other case of the lady who was dancing all night at the party, somewhere it's written in some book, but it's worth remembering it, because it's opportune. At three o'clock in the morning, when the parties are more or less suspended, when people want to go to sleep, it's quite cold, especially at dawn; well, the girl said that she wanted to leave, of course the party was done, but she regretted being so cold, especially that she hadn't brought a coat. Those "new wave" youngsters responded enthusiastically, because, as they saw the pretty young woman, she naturally did not lack admirers; one of them offered her his jacket; she gladly accepted it and since she wanted him to proceed so kindly, he had his own car, so he had no problem taking her to her house. However, after leaving her at the door, he remembered not having asked her to return his jacket. He delayed retrieving it for another time. 

Certainly, the next day he drove his car and arrived at the door of that mansion; that young man knocked in a very natural way without assuming what he was going to witness. Great was his surprise when an old lady came out. He asked her for his jacket. The lady replied, “My daughter who you lent your jacket has been dead for a year or more. Therefore, if you want your jacket, you will have no choice but to go to the cemetery, there you may find your jacket."

The young man, then, was surprised, since this was something unusual that he did not count on, and said: “But, it is not possible! I was dancing with her last night, she accompanied us at the party and we were so happy!”

The lady replied, “If you don't believe it, go to the cemetery.” Really, the young man went immediately to the cemetery indicated by the old woman, and certainly the young man looked for the tomb, and on it was written on the tombstone the name and even the surname of the deceased. There was no doubt, then, within the mind of the young man.

Know, then, how an ex-personality can become physical, material. It's amazing, right?

However, the ex-personality is never immortal, but eventually dissolves. What continues, what does not go to the grave, is the ego. As I already told you, the ego is nothing more than a set of psychic aggregates. When an esoteric researcher investigates those aggregates in the fifth dimension of nature and the cosmos, they do not possess in any way the superior existential bodies of the Being, as the various pseudo-esoteric or pseudo-occult organizations maintain, both are incoherent. The various aggregates interpenetrate each other, so the figures of the disembodied humanoids, assume gigantic forms that are not pleasant; when one of the inhuman aggregates that constitute the myself, acts independently of the rest, they assume animal like figures, more or less large, more or less small, average, tall, short, imprecise, abominable...

If a competent investigator examines a dead person in the molecular region, that ego does not possess a true personality in a sense. The personality, that person that we have known in the world, perhaps very loved and kind, very dear to us, has died, it is true, has ceased to exist, but what continues is not the person at all; if that which continues to have a defined personality could, we would not say that the person has become immortal; that is, he maintains a defined personality. What is his mortality? The psychic aggregates are not the person, they are a set of psychological defects, better said animalistic, subhuman, we would also say, it is a compendium of memories, as the result of many yesterdays.

Immortality is something different, it is then, something that must be achieved, by killing the dead. Yes, the esotericist can be dead of sin, the ego. If we are in the three-dimensional world we would say we have to kill the living; yet, in the region of the dead we would say you have to kill the dead; indeed, in the region of the living we would say it is necessary to kill the living so that the dead, that is to say, his authentic, legitimate and real Being, resurrects in the three-dimensional world of Euclid; kill the living to resurrect the dead; when the living is the ego, then, the dead is the Being.

So, when contemplating the humanoids both in life and after death, they are absolutely irresponsible machines controlled by their various aggregates who fight for supremacy, each one wants to control the capital centers of the humanoid machine, that is the crude reality of facts; in that sense all humanoids are irresponsible. The psychic aggregates are the result of the consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ. We also said that the consciousness is bottled up within the ego, and that it is processed according to its condition. Now, if the ego is the result of the bad consequences of the abominable Kundabuffer organ, this means that the consciousness is hypnotized by that universal hypnotic force. It is a fact that all humanoids are victims of that hypnotic force, but people do not realize the crude reality until they cross that hypnotic energy more quickly and that it can be demonstrated in a concentrated form, as in hypnotic sessions. But if we carefully observe the humanoids, we will see that they are hypnotized, that they commit hundreds of errors thrown (as karma) into the scale, it is true, but we attribute these to our character, which is the psychological song of people, we look for a hundred and fifty thousand justifications, etc.

Let's observe an ordinary subject in a hypnotic session, a passive subject, a hypnotized subject, he will do everything that the hypnotist tells him; the hypnotist tells him that he has to cross a river from side to side, so he will do it. It does not matter that he is surrounded by many people if the hypnotist tells him that he is being attacked, and he will try to run away in terror, why? Because he does what the hypnotist tells him and believes what the hypnotist tells him. Now, if we observe the basic life of people, we will see the unusual, terrible extravagances, but for everything there is justification we will say; such fashion of the hippies, extravagance in the way of dressing; that someone ends up wearing patched pants with holes, something out of the loop, as they say, are whims, for everything there is a justification; but the harsh reality of things is that everyone is hypnotized and does not know it; the hypnotic force comes –I repeat– from the abominable kundabuffer organ, that is true, the ego comes from the abominable kundabuffer organ, and since it is subjective, it is processed within the ego in a subjective manner, it means that it is hypnotized, it is the victim of a hypnosis, the hypnosis produced by the abominable Kundabuffer organ; this is why we have to repeat what we were told in the last lecture, it is necessary for it to be so. Now we will explain to ourselves what is due to the lack of responsibility of many personalities.

It was also observed in various places (I am talking now about people that arose during the time of the first root sub-race after the second catastrophe that fundamentally altered the geological crust of our world earth); then in-depth studies were made on the irresponsible acts of the hypnotized humanoids. Unfortunately, after those countries that were destroyed by the chain of deserts at that time, they had the same confusion of a human organism in reverse. When a man of that time wanted to revive that ancient science, he was terribly criticized, even if he had time to confiscate it, to redo it, they practically destroyed his work. Physicists, the great rogues of the intellect who are in a state of deep hypnosis, can never accept topics or concepts that escape the vicious circle in which they find themselves; but when one of them wants to break from that circle, they hit him with psychotic blows, as they say around there, they destroy him. That same man sensed that there was a double consciousness in the human being, the true and the false; he then studied that process of collective hypnosis, but yes, his experiments were destroyed.

Well yes, my dear brothers and sisters, we have to recognize the state in which humanoids find themselves, the worst thing is that they believe they are already humans, and there are already shadows on the television screens that boast of the word human. They say: “the human who reached the moon”. But which human? I ask myself. “a human is conquering the north pole”. But which human? Where is that human? Those who walk around the world with the figure of humanoids, are they perhaps humans? They are humanoids! But they are not humans, they will be intellectual mammals, but never humans. So, what is the condition to become a human?

I warn you that I am speaking – as they say – with my hand on my heart. However, in spite of everything, I have told you that in Mexico, perhaps in the same university where the students go they say quite frankly: “we are rational mammals”. Well, that's something, isn't it? But they don't need the word human, they say: “we humans are rational mammals," but they still believe they are humans, and yet they say that they are rational mammals, what are we left with? Either they are rational mammals, or they are humans; but they confuse gymnastics with jinn-gnostics; unfortunate, and that's very sad.

In order to be a human, one must first of all make an inventory of oneself, eliminating what we have that is inhuman, better said, of animal, and create the human factors within us, but we claim the title of human just like that, which is absurd one hundred percent.

In order to be humans, in addition to having eliminated the inhuman elements, it is necessary to create the superior existential bodies of the Being, it is urgent, first of all, to understand how those bodies have to be created, what is the system, the method, the procedure to follow. In this we must be careful, analytical and go to the bottom of this subject-matter.

The Creation of the Superior Bodies

In aspects of alchemy, one speaks of the mercury of the secret philosophy. What is that mercury? It is the metallic soul of the sacred sperm. How many aspects does the Mercury has? It has three. Which are?

The original raw mercury which is the raw azoth. What is raw azoth? It is the mineral mercury, speaking in strictly alchemical terms, it is the metallic chaos, the chaos; but it doesn't matter, we know that our body came out of such chaos, any plant has its chaos from which it springs; the human organism is also born of chaos. But what chaos? The sacred sperm, the ens-seminis; as Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim Aureolus Paracelsus, very well says, in it is found the ens-virtutis of fire; from such metallic sperm the superior existential bodies of the being must come out. So I repeat, the mercury has three aspects:

  1. the brute original mercury, that is the sperm in its raw form.
  2. the metallic soul of that sperm, the outcome of sexual transmutations.
  3. that metallic soul of that sperm or that mercury fertilized by the sacred fire, by the sulfur, which is the fire.

But if we were to affirm in terms of our contemporary erudition, it is obvious that when the sperm is transformed into energy, it passes through many processes, that energy that rises through the ida and pingala cords as the second aspect of the sperm; and when the solar and lunar currents of that mercury merge with the fire to rise through the sushumna canal, or spinal cord canal, we have the third aspect of the mercury, a mercury fertilized by sulfur.

So, in order for you to know how to comprehend me, think of the first mercury as being your sexual secretions; think of that flexible, malleable liquid glass. The second mercury is the outcome of your sexual transmutation, that is, your creative energy rising through Ida and Pingala cords to your brain; such is the second aspect of mercury. Think now of the third aspect of that mercury: the positive and negative poles of the second mercury, fused and blended at the base of the spine, integrated with the sacred and solar fire of the kundalini rising up though the spinal cord canal to open the seven seals of the apocalypse of Saint John; that is the third aspect of the mercury. It is obvious that this third aspect of the mercury, duly fertilized by sulfur, which is fire, can give rise to the superior existential bodies of the Being.

tree of life bodies

The first body that is formed with the mercury fertilized by sulfur is the Kedsjan body. That is a wonderful body; it is normally called the sidereal body; it is also called the eidolon or the astral body. There are various names given to it. Now, such a body is exactly a replica of the physical body. If someone disincarnates after having created the Kedsjan body, he can be seen in those regions with an immortal personality, that is, a new immortal-type of personality has been created. Whoever created the Kedsjan body is immortal in the world of the 24 laws, that is, in the astral world. He is no longer that ghost, that spectrum formed by psychic aggregates; no, he is an immortal creature, someone who, after death, is alive and cognizant in the molecular region. He is no longer just another deceased, ordinary like everyone else; no, she is already someone who has a body, a vehicle, and who is therefore immortal.

The astral body or Kedsjan body (for this is its true name) also has blood. The blood in the Kedsjan body has a name: it is called the Hanbledzoin. Just as our physical body makes its blood through the food we eat and the water we drink, so does the astral body make its blood. And how is it made? It is made by the transformation of the radiation of the stars of the solar system which mix and penetrate and interpenetrate each other, without being confused.

Astrochemistry is extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; the substances made by astrochemistry enter us through the breathing and through the pores of the skin; such substances come to be converted within the Kedsjan body into what is called Hanbledzoin, that is, into the blood of such a vehicle, of such an instrument. So, the astral body is a wonderful body of flesh that does not come from Adam, and blood that does not come from Adam; but it is a body of flesh and bone that has flesh and blood, but not Adam's flesh or Adam's blood, which needs the Hanbledzoin for its improvement, for its nourishment, for its development.

Whoever has a Kedsjan body can use it. In the same way that we know that we have hands, because we can use them, so also those who have a sidereal body, the Kedsjan body, can use it at will, travel with it through space, go through a glass – from side to side – without breaking or staining it, etc.

But once we have built the Kedsjan body, we need to build a mental vehicle, that is, we need to develop objective reasoning within us. That is the holy Anskoan. During the process of the sacred Anskoan, the mercury of the secret philosophy, coagulates in the extraordinary and wonderful form of the body of the mind. One comes to know that one already possesses such mental vehicle, one comes to know that the entire sacred Anskoan has been harmoniously developed in one, when one can use such a vehicle, when one travels with it from sphere to sphere, when one can do voluntary studies in the world of the mind.

So, that mental vehicle is extraordinary; such a vehicle also needs its blood. I could say that the Hanbledzoin or blood substance of the mental body is one octave higher than the Hanbledzoin that circulates through the veins of the Kedsjan body. And this, my dear brothers and sisters, is very important.

When one has already created the Kedsjan (astral) and Anskoan (mental) bodies, one needs to enter a higher order of development; one needs to create the faculty, let us say, the egoaitoorassian will of the Being; that is, to fabricate the body of the cognizant will, or in other words, the causal body. It is obvious that whoever possesses the egoaitoorassian will of the Being is no longer a victim of circumstances, can determine circumstances at will. Such a vehicle can only be created through the third mercury of the secret philosophy.

The vehicle of the cognizant will, that is, the egoaitoorassian will of the being, also has its specific, defined blood, its Hanbledzoin, and this is something that we must understand. Such a Hanbledzoin is the sacred ayasakadana. How is the sacred ayasakadana, or hambledzoin of the Being, formed? You see that I am talking about several Hanbledzoin. I am speaking, first of all, of the Hanbledzoin that circulates through the veins of the Kedsjan body; I am speaking of the Hanbledzoin that circulates through the veins of the Anskoan body of objective reasoning; defined by the sacred Anskoan, but now there has been talk of a new Hanbledzoin; it is no longer that of the astral body or that of the mental body; now I'm talking about the Hanbledzoin of the Being, which is different, right? Why? Because the astral is not the Being, the mental is not the Being; the Being is more inside.

The human soul is the Being; the spiritual soul or buddhi is the Being; atman is the Being. When I say the Hanbledzoin of the Being, the sacred Aiëssakhladonn, I am citing a new type of blood that must be created to feed the body of the sacred will or the cognizant will, the will that can determine or define the circumstances: the egoaitoorassian will. With what is such blood formed, such a Hanbledzoin of the Being? Is formed with the emanations of the most sacred absolute sun. And how would a mystic manage to attract those emanations from the sacred solar absolute to his causal body? In what way could we attract the sacred Aiëssakhladonn? It is simply through contemplation, meditation and prayer. Then such emanations become the blood of the causal, the Hanbledzoin of the Being.

Once we possess the physical, astral, mental, causal bodies or more esoterically speaking solar bodies, once we have created the Kedsjan body, the vehicle Anskoan of objective reasoning and the body of cognizant will or egoaitoorassian faculty, then what happens? That we can embody what? We can embody the psychic principle, that is, the Being in itself, to become what would be called in Kabbalah the Son of Man.

They, humans and humanoids, look alike because of their physical features, but if we look at their behavior, at their way of being, we will find that they are different, the human has nothing in common with the intellectual mammal. That's a bit harsh, right? To think that all the creatures that populate the world are humanoids, but it's the truth! The specific mission that has been given unto me is to create humans; this word seems to sound eccentric, right? Strange, but it is the truth, because whoever follows these types of teaching becomes a human, so I am creating humans and I am left with the satisfaction that I have already created some and that I will continue creating humans.


It is already difficult for an individual to cover the whole of the teachings, due to the fact that everybody is hypnotized; the most serious thing is that he does not realize that he is in a state of hypnosis, that is the most serious thing. I already explained to you what has happened with the consciousness, unfortunately it works now with two systems instead of one. It so happens that when we emerge into existence, as I told you in my last lecture, we bring all the data we need to become real humans, but our parents, our relatives, our teachers at the school, our friends, are in a state of unconsciousness that projects in our psyche, all the fascinations of the state in which they are, their lack of culture, their famous primaries that are worthless, their much vaunted secondary, sleepy things, etc.

If we are mistaken in our minds, in our memories, with all of that which our parents teach us at home, our teachers at the school, our little friends on the street, etc., in addition we create an absurd personality, we become unbalanced. Filled with all that false data, everyone is in a state of hypnosis very far from the real consciousness, to such an extent that the real consciousness is tucked away in a corner, totally forgotten. In it are found, for example, the attributes of authentic faith, real hope, and legitimate love, religion, wisdom, also those particles of pain of our father who is in secret, who suffers for our mistakes, but such data is being relegated, already stuck in the depths, only mistakenly cataloged by the famous contemporary psychologists as subconsciousness, and some define it as the human infraconsciousness, taking as real consciousness the outcome of all the information that we have received during our early years; thus, an artificial, false consciousness is formed, which is the one that dominates, the one that expresses, the one that imposes itself everywhere.

Behold then, my dear brothers and sisters, a consciousness which is divided in two, namely, authentic consciousness and false consciousness.

The consequence of that error is the circulation of the blood; we know that the system of blood vessels during the waking state goes one way and during sleep another; during wakefulness certain vessels of the general system are filled, and at night other vessels of that system are filled. Such systems give a total divided into two and with two circulation systems, all the result of our error; nature itself has had to adapt to our nonsense (excuses to our brothers and sisters who are dedicated to pedagogy).

I had to make myself the exception. I am going to start by defining what was my true consciousness and what was my false one. I had to start by discarding my false consciousness that my relatives, my school teachers, my fellow students had formed in me, and to raise up my authentic consciousness, the one that had rejected all the books and that was mistakenly called subconsciousness; so I had to eliminate what I had learned, the false consciousness that I had formed during my life, and bring out the true consciousness by discarding the false one. It is clear that this work has been very difficult: to eliminate the body of impressions that were deposited in me, those that I had received during my life in the sensory world. That system is divided into two circulatory systems; it is absurd, right?

So, brothers and sisters, let's analyze this. We realize the need to become humans, and once we have become legitimate, authentic and true humans, we will have to perfect the superior part of the Being.

In the world people are happy with money, with vanities, but we should not be happy with that, the joys for us are to overcome the revaluations of the Being; the Being is the Being and the reason for the Being to be is to be the Being itself.

Inverential peace!

An Instructor's Elaboration on the Lecture

Quotes from scriptures of kabbalah with commentary by a gnostic instructor, as an elaboration on the lecture by Samael Aun Weor.


Ha-Bel הבל-The Sun

And thou (Ath את within the Vav ו and the last Hei of יהוה), Bethlehem בית לחם (pineal gland, the house of HaBel הבל, the sun, the consciousness, the supersubstantial bread of the most high) Ephratah (better said, Ephatah אפתח, be open), though thou be little (as a letter Iod י) among (the two Iod י of Aleph א) of (the Arioth אריות, lions of) Judah, yet out of thee (little pineal gland, Oh little upper Iod י of Aleph א) shall come forth unto me that is to be the ruler in (the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים, meaning, all the soul archetypes of) Israel (Tiphereth, human soul, Jacob); whose goings forth (into Mitzrayim מצרים, Egypt) have been from of old, from everlasting.” – Micah 5: 2

“The birthplace of Jesus was Bethlehem (בית לחם); the initials of these two words form the name that derives from the name of the God of the Babylonian and Germanic people, who named their Sun God Bel (בל) or Beleno (בלנו).  Therefore, the birth in Belen (בלן) or Bethlehem (בית לחם) was in order to make the reality of a man who had incarnated (HaBel הבל) the Sun-Christ understandable.” – The Perfect Matrimony by Samael Aun Weor

Zohar states:

הבל הבלים אמר קהלת הבל הבלים הכל הבל

“Breath of breaths, said the Preacher, breath of breaths; all is (HaBel הבל) the solar breath.” - Ecclesiastes 1: 2

"And (HaBel הבל) the sun also rises, and (HaBel הבל) the sun goes down" - Ecclesiastes 1:5

Why did King Solomon begin his book of wisdom with the secret of (HaBel הבל, breath, consciousness, vanity or) the rising and setting of (HaBel הבל) the sun?

Rabbi Eleazar said: Because King Shelomah שלמה (Solomon is a symbol of the developed soul, the solar bodies, therefore), his book is based upon the seven (habelim הבלים or seven solar breaths) upon which the (seven cosmoses or) worlds are established. The pillars and foundations that sustain the world (or universe) is called 'breath' (the great breath from the Sacred Absolute Sun, the most Holy Okidanockh), for just as the body cannot endure without HaBel הבל ('breath or soul'), so the world (or universe) cannot endure without these seven (habelim הבלים or seven solar breaths) mentioned by (the Soliman or the Solar Man) the King Solomon. And these are seven, as it is literally written:

"Vanity (1) of vanities (2), says the preacher, vanity (1) of vanities (2); all is vanity (1)" (Ecclesiastes 1: 2).

By adding altogether, there are seven vanities. (Namely, Protocosmos, Ayocosmos, Macrocosmos, Deuterocosmos, Mesocosmos, Microcosmos and Tritocosmos. And psychologically as HaBel הבל is above in the heavens of Yetzirah so below is HaBel הבל in Klipoth, inferno.)" - Zohar

H.P. Blavatsky stated that the Biblical Solomon was derived from the Persian word Soliman, a title for divine kings.

Alchemy relates to the tree of knowledge of good and evil. In alchemy the brain is Adam, while Eve is the genitalia. In the heart (HaLeb הלב), as well as in the pineal gland we find HaBel הבל, the sun, the breath or consciousness. In the mind we find Kain קין, whose physical vehicle is the brain and spinal medulla, represented in the shape of the letter Kuf קוף (a monkey) that represents the cerebrospinal system made by the letter Resh ר, Rosh, head at its right, and a Zain ז or a Vav ו at its left, both letters represent the consciousness, namely, HaBel הבל, the heart (HaLeb הלב), Tiphereth and Geburah, both siblings of Kain קין. The letter Iod י of Kain קין represents Malkuth and the final letter Nun, represents the fish or sperm in our genitalia. Kain קין also represents the solar fire that descends from Geburah into Malkuth, our physicality.

The Zohar states:

From the words (Ath את, meaning “you” in Hebrew - female singular, the Schekinah) in scripture, we infer that a quarrel arose between Kain קין (solar fire) and HaBel הבל (Tiphereth, human consciousness) respecting Abel's twin sister (or Geburah, divine consciousness), which is further confirmed by the traditional rendering of the words:

ותסף ללדת את־אחיו את־הבל
'And she brought forth again (the fire of Zain ז) with her brother Abel (Vav ו),' showing that Abel (Vav ו) was born with (Zain ז) a twin sister.” - Zohar

Genesis describes HaBel הבל as the soul or consciousness and Kain קין as the fire of the Sanskrit Kundalini, and the actions of both as follows:

“But of the fruit of the tree, which is in the midst of the garden, Elohim hath said: Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch (naga נגע) it, lest ye will touch it gently (תגעו בו פן־תמתֽון).”

And the serpent said unto the woman (the genitalia), (Yes!) Ye shall not die (lest ye will touch it) gently תמתֽון:– Genesis 3: 3, 4

What does it mean “Lest ye touch it gently?” It means to know how to alchemically handle the Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, of our spouse in the sexual act. Let us remember that Adam represents the brain and Eve represents the genitalia in both spouses as it is written:

“(והאדם ידע) And (through the Vav ו, the spine) HaAdam (the brain) knew (the Iod י of) Eve (that is, the Ath of Chavah את־חוה אשתו) his wives; and (within the Vav ו, the spine) she (Ath את) conceived, and bare Ath-Kain (את־קין), and said, I have gotten a male fire (Eish איש) from Ath-IodHavah את-יהוה, (that is, from the Iod י of Malkuth, Havah הוה - passion).   

And (within the Vav ו of Tiphereth) she Ath את again bare his brother Ath-Abel את־הבל. And (within the Vav ו of Tiphereth), HaBel הבל (the human soul) was a bad sheep (רעה צאן), and (from the Zain ז of Geburah) Kain became the (Obd Eish, slave male fire עבד איש) of (the Iod י of) the ground (Adamah אדמה, Malkuth, our physicality).” – Genesis 4: 1, 2


“Lift up your eyes on high, and see (מי ברא אלה Mi Bara Elah) who created Elah (אלה goddess), she brings out (these, Eleh אלה, from her womb) their (צבאם Tzabaom) host by number; he (Adam, the brain, Genesis 2: 19) calls them all by (שם Shem) name (Kain and Abel); by the greatness of his (און-ים ,אונים Aun-Yam, Mi מי in reverse) virilities, and because he is a strong (Ish איש) man, not one failed.” - Isaiah 40: 26

About the Kundabuffer, the descending fire, the tempting serpent, it is alchemically written in Genesis:

"And Kain קין (the mind) saith unto HaBel הבל his brother (HaLeb הלב, the heart), `Let us descend into the field (into שדה into Yesod, into your sister Zain זין, the genitalia);` and it came to pass that they (mind and heart) being in the field (of Zain ז, the genitalia), that Kain קין (the mind as Obd Eish, slave male fire עבד איש) punch down against HaBel הבל (the human soul in Tiphereth, the heart HaLeb הלב) his brother, and slayed him.

And (within the Vav ו the Iod י of Malkuth, Havah הוה (passion) said to Kain (the Obd Eish, slave male fire עבד איש), "Where is Abel, your brother?" He said, "I don't know. Am I (the Obd Eish, slave male fire עבד איש), my brother's keeper (in Tiphereth)?

And He (the Iod י of Malkuth of Havah הוה, passion) saith, `What hast thou done? the voice of (the Iod י of) thy brother`s blood (Dami דמי in Tiphereth, the heart, HaLeb הלב) is crying unto (the Iod י of Eli אלי, Chesed) from the ground (Adamah אדמה).” – Genesis 4: 8-10

What hast thou done (to Mah מה, the Schekinah שכינה)?

"Mah מה (what) I take thee to witness. Mah מה (what) shall I liken thee, O (Schekinah שכינה) daughter of Jerusalem? Mah מה (what) shall I testify concerning thee? that I may comfort thee, O (Schekinah שכינה) virgin daughter of Zion? for thy breach is great like the sea: (only) who (Mi מי) can heal thee." - Lamentations 2: 13

The Zohar states:

‘The fruit of the tree’ denotes the woman(‘s uterus). Thou shalt not eat (orgasm) thereof (with her), because as scripture states: 'Her feet go down to (the second) death and her steps lead into Sheol שאול (Hell)' (Proverb 5: 5).

There is fruit that is salutary when gathered (transmuted) from one tree (to another) and lethal when (by means of the animal orgasm is) plucked from (one tree into) another tree. This latter was the fruit (of passion that) Eve הוה referred to, that of the tree of death (you shall not eat, neither shall ye touch it) as is described by the words of scripture just quoted.” 

"A virtuous wife (Zain זין, genitalia) is a crown to her husband (the brain). And as rottenness (tree of death עץ המות) in his bones (בעצמותיו) is one causing shame. (Proverb 12: 4)" - Zohar

In the beginning:

“Berashith Bara Elohim-Ath בראשית ברא אלהים-את, in the beginning, Elohim created"; or, as it should be rendered:

By ב Rashith ראשית (that is, by the Iod י of It ית (the cross) and the Aleph א of Esh אש (fire), that is in Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, who bears the Iod י of the Ain Soph אין סוף, the infinite; which are shown in the word Berashith בראשית, that is the primal Zohar, the origin of all words), created Elohim Ath ברא אלהים-את.

The use of the word Bara ברא (created) need not excite surprise, for it occurs again in the words:

“And he וי (the Iod י of Ain Soph אין סוף, the infinite) created (ברא bara) Elohim-Ath-HaAdam in his own image ויברא אלהים-את־האדם בצלמו.” In the image of Elohim (Ath את) within the Vav ו of (Ain Soph אין סוף, the infinite) created (Elohim-Ath-HaAdam אלהים-את־האדם); male and female created them." - Genesis 1: 27

To this ‘them, athem אתם” the Zohar denotes the mysterious One called Berashith בראשית as being the beginning of all things, (namely, the two Iod י of Aleph א that with the letter Tav ת and the final Mem ם of water form Athem אתם. Observe that three letters Iod י appear in the word  Elohim אלהים (two in Aleph) along with the Mem ם of water (which is Akash, Ath את, the ether).

In answer to the desire of Moses to know the name of the divine Being, it was given Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה, "I am bliss I am." The sacred name Eheieh אהיה is as a two-sided figure, whilst the name Elohim אלהים is as a crown; and Asher אשר (bliss) formed of the same letters as the word Rosh ראש (head or crown) is a synonym of Elohim אלהים who proceeds or comes forth from Berashith בראשית.  

Whilst the primal Zohar or divine ray of light was quiescent and unmanifested it was impossible for it to become known by any word or term whatsoever. But after operating in the boundless ether (Ath את, Akash, the cosmic water), the receptacle of all forms and prototypes of created things in the universe that was to be, then Asher אשר (bliss), representing the divine essence, took upon itself the form of a (letter Iod י, to become Rosh ראש) head or crown (Asher אשר bliss) between the two Eheieh אהיה of the divine appellation, Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה, "I am bliss I am."

Observe now, that the word Berashith בראשית is composed of Rosh ראש (head or crown), synonym of Asher אשר, and Beth בית (house or palace of Ath את). Hence the esoteric signification or rendering of the words "Berashith Bara Elohim-Ath בראשית ברא אלהים-את" is this:  

When Rosh ראש the divine germ (or Iod י) from which emanated and expanded (Ath את, the Iod י of Ain Soph אין סוף, the infinite) the boundless ether appeared, and this ether (or Ath את) became differentiated into form and color giving rise to the universe or palace (Beth בית) of the great king, then was created Elohim-Ath אלהים-את the great secret (of athem אתם, the) fructifying (male and female) principles of nature, which was and is as a point that gives rise to lines which produce surfaces, or as the letter Iod י, whence proceed all the other letters of the Aleph אלף Beth בית (Alphabeth)." - Zohar