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Hindu Symbol of Christ
Hindu Symbol of Christ

Seven Types of Spiritual People

According to the Greek Language Christos Χριστός means “the one that purifies.” This word comes from another similar word Chrestos Χρήστος which means, “the one that searches for the truth” or, “the one that already knew truth and is capable of explaining it,” or, “the one that already walks on the path and is capable of showing the path. Chrestos is as well “he who interprets oracles.” He who interprets oracles is one who is related with the spirit of truth (Emeth אמת), who in Hebrew is Chokmah חכמה, Wisdom. The goal of any initiate is to incarnate that Spirit, and of course, when you are searching for that Spirit, when you are seeking union with that spirit, you are called “Christian.” When you incarnate the Spirit you become Chrestos Χρήστος, which is a “searcher” or someone who has been on the path and can interpret the truth (Emeth אמת). The goal is to transform ourselves into Christos, which means “the purifier” or “the one who has already reached the goal.” Of course, we have many translations of these terms in our languages.

The word Christ comes from the word Chrestos Χρήστος. In Ancient Greece the oracle was once found in a place where the fire was always burning; there we find the pythonesses or the prophetesses who were women capable of being vehicles for the fire of this spirit, capable of deciphering different types of oracles. In Ancient Greece we find that, instead of men, there were women who were prophetesses; they were pythonesses of the Spirit, of the fire, of Chrestos Χρήστος. This is how the Greeks named that Spirit: the Chrestos. This is how we inherit that name “Christo” or Christ, in order to be called Christians. But, in reality, we have to understand that in order to be a real Christian we have to be, first of all, “Chrestian” because Chrestos is the one who deciphers oracles and Christos is the one who has already reached the goal.  Anyhow, the words come from the same source, and according to the parables and the prophecies of the ancient masters of Israel and also of many stories of the Greeks that they were waiting for the “Messiah משיח.”

This word “Messiah משיח” is of course ancient Hebrew for “one which is anointed.” The one who is anointed is that one which has the Spirit of God or the Spirit of the Prophecy, or the capability of deciphering oracles, according to the Greeks. So, the Hebrews were waiting for the Messiah, and the Greeks for Christos. The word Messiah is a synonym of Christos, but Christos Χριστός is a Greek word and Messiah משיח is a Hebrew word. This is something that we have to understand: in each era or age, the Spirit of the Lord, the Christos or the Messiah, is incarnated in order to teach humankind. This is something that we have to understand because most of the so-called Christians of this epoch, when they talk about the Messiah or the Christos Χριστός (“he who is the illuminated or the anointed”) they think that Jesus is the only one. They ignore that before Jesus there were many Messiahs within Masters who were Avatars or the initiators of different epochs, different ages who came in order to teach the same truth (Emeth אמת).

So, we will talk about that spirit of prophecy, or the one that is capable of deciphering oracles, because he in himself is Chokmah חכמה, wisdom. We have to understand that Chokmah חכמה, wisdom is not a person but a light entity. When we say that Chokmah חכמה, wisdom, is a spirit, an entity we have to understand that it is of course not a person, not an individual but an energy, a strength or force which is diluted in all the universe. So of course, Chrestos, the spirit of life, the spirit of wisdom is diluted in all types of matter that we find in the universe; it is the center of any matter. Without this spirit, matter cannot have life or organization. The whole organization and intelligence we find in different developments of matter in this universe is due to God’s spirit, what we call Chrestos which is, I repeat, not a person but a strength, a force, an intelligence that is diluted everywhere.


"I am the great phoenix bird who is in Heliopolis. I am the keeper of the volume of the book of destiny, within which is inscribed all which has been and all which shall be."

So that intelligence is the great phoenix bird who is in Heliopolis, who is always incarnating as Avatar अवतार in different epochs in order to guide the souls to the absolute truth, because that is the goal of this great phoenix bird: to guide souls towards the Absolute. And this is because it is, in itself, the first emanation of the Absolute. That spirit, that Christ is of course INRI, fire. That is why when we say that we are Christianos Χριστιανός, we have to say that we are worshippers of fire INRI, but not the common and ordinary fire, the fire that these Greek words represent. This spirit of prophecy is always incarnated in many epochs, in different races, in order to guide the souls towards the source of life, which is the Father; the Father being the first emanation of that which is the source of life, Chokmah חכמה, wisdom is of course one with that source. We call the source of life, the Father, and we understand that the fountain of life is the Father and that water that comes from the Lord, the Christ, which is an entity which is diluted in all the matter, as we stated.

In different epochs the Lord Chokmah חכמה, Wisdom, this spirit or entity, is incarnated in different levels, according to the vessel in which it gives the possibility. Among the initiates there are many levels, the highest level that we know of in this solar system is related with the Lord Aberamentho, who we know on this current Earth as Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus of Nazareth is the physical vehicle of the Master Aberamentho who is the highest initiate among all the vessels, the highest among all the vessels that incarnated the Lord. Jesus was a vessel for that spirit which came in order to teach the same thing, the same religion, the same truth in different places. As an example: in India we find the Lord Krishna, who taught the same truth, in different levels of course, according to its own vessel. The vessel of Krishna who is one with that Spirit and is that same Spirit itself is the Bodhisattva; the Bodhisattva of Krishna is of course Arjuna, who we find in the Bhagadvad Gita. Arjuna is the one who is talking to the Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, but you have to understand that Arjuna is the bodhisattva of Krishna. So, Krishna is the master of Arjuna. Krishna is the master and Arjuna is the Bodhisattva, who is learning from him and is at the same time teaching to others through the same. So, Krishna is of course one with the Lord, that spirit. Krishna is itself that same Spirit that we call Vishnu. We find also Rama, another master who was an incarnation of that Spirit. Then in Greece we find Plato, who is another incarnation, among many other masters of that race. Buddha Shakyamuni, and many other Buddhas, were incarnations of that spirit. In the Hebrew pantheon, which is one that we are the most familiar with, Abraham was an incarnation of that spirit, as were Isaac, Jacob, Noah, Moses and the rest of the prophets that we find in the Torah תורה, called Old Testament of the Bible.


The thing is that when we talk about this spiritual prophecy, or this intelligence that is able to incarnate in many places in order to establish the religion or the way to union with God of that time and place, this concept is understood in the western world, through the Bible, but in a very incomplete way. Indeed, in the West there is a lot of ignorance related with this spirit, because in many different places this spirit has received many names. Among the Tibetans, for instance, Christ is known as Avalokiteshvara; you find that name in the Buddhist Pantheon. Among the Taoists you find Kwan Yin. Kwan Yin is of course, according to the Tao, the “subtle voice,” or the “sweet voice,” in other words, the verb, the word, Logos. Among the Mayans, they call this spirit, Kukulkan.  The word “Kukul” means bird and “Kan” means serpent.  So, when you say Kukulkan, this means the “bird-serpent.” That spirit, the “bird-serpent” in Aztec language or Nahua, is Quetzalcoatl. There among the Peruvians, the Incas of Peru they call him Viracocha. Viracocha is the same Vishnu, the Lord. Of course, Chokmah חכמה, in the Kabbalah as you know means “Wisdom” and this is related with this spirit of wisdom.

2000 years ago the Hebrews were waiting for the incarnation of that Spirit of Wisdom that was prophesied by many prophets of the past. The coming of this spirit among the Hebrews, according to the prophesies, was to be the highest incarnation of that spirit in a man and everybody, not only the Hebrews, but also the initiates knew that the Lord, the highest initiate of the Lord was going to be incarnated in the beginning of the era of Pisces that started 2000 years ago. Everybody was waiting for the incarnation of the highest initiate in order to help this planet Earth because he was going to make a special world in relation with this humanity. That is why the Hebrews were preparing the body, the physical body, and the structure or the organization for this great initiate, in order to start an age of gold on this planet Earth in order to teach the solar religion of the Lord, the Christ, everywhere under the direction of the Master Aberamentho.

“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea… for thus it is written by the prophets” - Matthew 2:1-5

The college of initiates gathered in a great hall at the palace of Herod the king with the purpose of communicating unto the monarch the spiritual birth of the savior of the world.

Herod was a man of medium stature, a thin and svelte body with a rosy and youthful face. He wore a garment fashioned according to that epoch, and covered his head with a brilliant warrior’s helmet.

Thus, Herod, seated at his working desk, listened to the report from the initiates of the temple, yet he did not believe it. He did not acknowledge Jesus as the promised Messiah, and with a lot of arguments, he indignantly rejected the report from the initiates.

Jesus said unto Herod, “You are a Justinian; you are just. What happens is that you have never liked me.”

Then, exceedingly wroth, Herod spoke to the council and said, “Do not eat the Moon.” Herod meant with this phrase that they must not abandon their lunar cult. Since all racial religions are lunar, the Jewish religion is lunar.

Herod was totally conservative, and as such, he defended the ancient, traditional Jewish religion. Yes, Herod defended the ancient sacerdotal caste of the people of Judah. This is how Herod rejected the savior of the world.

Thus, the council at the palace of Herod was transcendental, since the new period of solar, Christic development in the world was announced in this initiatic council. Nevertheless, since Herod was strikingly conservative, he seized on to the lunar past and racial prejudices, and did not acknowledge Jesus as the savior of the world. Therefore, this council of initiates was a failure.

Herod then sought after the initiates in order to destroy them. He sent forth his soldiers to slay all the children that were in Bethlehem, since initiates are esoterically called “children.” Therefore, the children are the initiates whom Herod ordered to be slaughtered.

This is how the soldiers went around the streets of Bethlehem and in all the coasts thereof, killing the initiates. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet Jeremiah 31:15 saying, “Thus saith Jehovah; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children refused to be comforted for her children, because they were not.” Nevertheless, Jesus managed to save himself by fleeing into the land of Egypt. This happened in winter and it rained a great deal. Thus, Jesus had to heroically prevail over the storms of the time. When this happened, Joseph and Mary were already old. They greatly suffered because of their son Jesus.

The sacred family departed to the land of Egypt by land and water.” - The Major Mysteries by Samael Aun Weor

Unfortunately, he was betrayed by Herod and the initiates who decided to follow Jahve and his Black Lodge who of course was working very hard at that time, and instead of having Rabbis teaching Gnostic Christianity in relation to the Kabbalah, the Rabbis of Israel turned their back against the Lord and that is why the Greeks were the ones that were preaching the knowledge of the Lord instead of the Rabbis. Though in the beginning there were many Rabbis following the new era, most of the traditional Rabbis of Israel betrayed the Lord and did not follow their new order. When Jesus was teaching there was a tradition among the Hebrews. Rabbis, initiates, or masters that were in agreement with Jesus in order to teach an era of gold, a Solar Age and to disseminate the knowledge among the Gentiles. A Gentile is an Aryan, a gentle or noble people. The word “Arya आर्य” which means “noble, honorable” has the same meaning as Aryan. To be a Gentile or Aryan means that you are not a Jew. So, on this planet Earth you find two types of races: Aryans आर्यान् and Jews יהודים. The Jews were the only survivors of the Atlantean Race that didn’t mix with other races after the deluge. Because they were preparing a special vessel for the Lord. But in the end, the Rabbis of that epoch helped him to be betrayed. Despite, though their traditions still persist, as they are trying to keep their blood different today.

The origin of the Jews is in the 4th sub-race of the Atlantean race. There was a mixture between that Atlantean sub-race and the Hyperboreans, in order to make a special race and start a special organization for the health of this planet, that had already fallen in disgrace. At the beginning of Christianity, the Christians or the Gnostics were preaching Gnosis in relation with the higher Kabbalah, uniting all of the rest of the religions of the world into one. That is why when you find Gnosis in the ancient times, 2000 years ago, many of the searchers today have become mistaken because they ignore that the Gnostics of 2000 years ago were initiating, under the direction of Jesus, the Solar Religion, the Golden Age or the Piscean Era. In order to unite all the lunar religions of the world under the flag of Kabbalah.

They were teaching the same thing in relation to the symbology of the different religions of the world. That is why the Gnostics were talking about Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Brahamanism and even the religions of the Americas, of the Mayans, because Jesus knew, very deeply, the religion of the Mayans, that he learned in Tibet. The Buddhism of Tibet was founded by the Mayans in the time of Atlantis because the Mayan religion was the religion related to Atlantis before the deluge. The Mayans taught the wisdom of the serpent, of the feathered serpent. That religion was transported to Tibet and the Tibetans. That is why they say that first wife of Buddha was called Maya.  So you find the root of all religions on this planet Earth at this moment coming from ancient Atlantis, which I repeat was the principal religion of the Mayans, that we can still find in this very moment in Mexico and Central America, but in a very diluted state, not with the strength that it possessed at the time.

The Mayans were the founders of Buddhism in Tibet and you find in the many scrolls there, stories written in a very ancient language incapable of being translated except in the presence of very rare people. Only initiates can do that. Of course the Mayan religion is the religion of the serpent, the Green Serpent. This teaching of the Green Serpent was inherited by the Atlanteans from the Ancient Lemurians. So, from the Lemurians, which at that time had a different name, were the holders of the real Mayan religion that was worshipped here in America after the deluge. These teachings fertilized in Tibet and other lands of Asia after the deluge. Mayans were the masters who taught in Egypt, the land of Hermes Trismegistus. That is why you find a very close similarity between the pyramids of Mexico and Central America and the pyramids of Egypt, because the actual founders of all of the religions of the Aryan race are the Atlanteans.


Hermes Trismegistus

Jesus knew very well the source of all of the religions of the Aryan race when he was in Tibet.  He even knew the Mayan language, the words that he pronounced on the cross “Eli, Eli, Lama Sabachthani” are Mayan. These words mean, “In this very moment I am entering before the dawn of his presence.” That is the real translation of this statement, but which in the Gospels is translated in different ways because it is not Hebrew but Mayan-Atlantean language.

So, the objective of the Gnostics, under the direction of Jesus, was to organize all of the knowledge of the world that was spread by many masters in different places and epochs into one, in order to give to this humanity the Solar Religion of the world.  But of course, the Rabbis of that epoch with their traditional lunar religion were opposed to the idea of mixing their Kabbalah with the Pagan religions, saying that theirs was the only holy religion. Of course, we know in this very moment that all religions are holy anyhow. That was of course the problem at the beginning of Pisces, 2000 years ago.

Paul was the one that was teaching real Gnosticism in the epoch of Pisces. If you read the Gospels, Paul was very knowledgeable of Paganism. He was teaching the Greeks, and in many other parts of the world, the religion of Jesus in relation to Paganism. He knew this very well and that is why it is very difficult to interpret his epistles, his letters, because they are related with Kabbalah and Paganism at the same time. Something that you would be a scandal for the Christians, who ignore the facts of these matters. So, the Jews, or the fanatics of Judaism, were fighting against Jesus, against his disciples and against Paul who was teaching real Gnosis at that time.

When we read the Gospels the story of Simon the Magician, many initiates at this time thought that he was a white magician but in reality, he was, and is, a black magician due to the fact that he rejected the hierarchy of Jesus as the Avatar अवतार of the era of Pisces. He preferred to teach in his own way without obeying the hierarchy of the Avatar of Pisces who was the Master Aberamentho, Jesus of Nazareth. About Simon the Magician Master Samael wrote:

Simon the Magician

“In Dante’s Inferno, he described Simon the Magician and all sorcerers denominated Simoniacs as walking in the inferno with their heads facing backwards.

The black magic of Simon the Magician is that he remained looking towards the past and he did not want to accept Christ or the new Christic current.

This is a rebellion against the divine hierarchy and, in fact, Simon the Magician remains situated in the worlds of black magic.

Whosoever attentively studies the teachings of Simon the Magician will discover that Simon the Magician does not speak one word in favor of Christ.

Simon the Magician saw that the spark was separated from the flame itself, without remembering the words of the divine rabbi of Galilee, “ man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Simon the Magician saw the Father hidden within him and he wanted to self-realize Him within, but by rejecting Christ. Thus, this in fact is how he fell into black magic.

Simon the Magician fell into black magic by dint of pride.

Simon the Magician did not want to accept Christ due to mere pride.

Something similar is happening now in this twentieth century, with many spiritual devotees that do not want to accept my teachings due to mere pride.

These types of “Simoniac” beings fall into black magic due to mere pride.

Simon the Magician knew the great arcanum and he was completely chaste.” - Treatise of Sexual Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor

The result of a rebellion against the divine hierarchy is that Simon’s teachings turned into black magic by dint of pride. And like him of course there is the example of many initiates, kabbalists, who were turning to the left handed path because they were not following the guidance of Jesus who was the Avatar of Pisces. When we know about the meaning of Avatar, we then understand this. The avatar is always the vehicle of that spirit, which is the Christ. And the Christ, the Messiah, is always working through the Avatar. So, in order to follow the Lord we have to follow the Avatar. When I say we have to follow the Avatar, I mean the teachings of the Avatar because each time the Lord Christ is renewing his own teachings in relation to the epoch.

The problem with the Jews is that they were following Moses who was another Avatar and who was an incarnation of the Lord but when Jesus came, instead of following the new Avatar, the new vessel of the lord, they instead turned their back and followed the past Avatar which was Moses at that time. So, each time the light is renewed and we have to follow the light because the Lord is always teaching at a higher level according to the epoch. So that was the problem among the Jews.

A real initiate is always following within himself the true Avatar because at the time of Jesus there were many masters or many initiates or many people that were claiming that they were the Avatar of Pisces. But only one truly was and that one was Jesus. As a result, you know now that everybody talks about Jesus, but in his time there were many claiming that they themselves were the Avatar.  Once we discover who the Avatar is, the real Avatar, in the way that Paul discovered. Paul, in the time of Jesus was chasing the Gnostics, the Christians at that time that were claiming at that time they were followers of the real Avatar of Pisces. Paul was chasing them and killing them, but Paul was himself an initiate and on the path at a certain level of initiation he discovered within himself the Lord and the path to become a master. He discovered that the real Avatar was Jesus and he discovered that he was chasing him by bothering his people. And he turned back and after that he began to worship Jesus as an Avatar knowing that he was the vessel of the new Spirit of the Lord, working at that time. This is the moment in which we have to understand that in order to discover who that Avatar is one must be initiated. When you reach the fifth initiation of fire is when you discover who the real Avatar is.

For instance, in this time you find that a Swami Prabhupada from India claims to be the Avatar of Aquarius. Sai Baba also claims to be the Avatar of Aquarius. And many other ones. This other founder of the Aquarian organization they call him Jesus of Hatha Yoga, whose name is Serge Raynaud de la Ferrière. And you find seven Avatars, I found them years ago and now more are appearing and they all claim to be the Avatar of Aquarius. So, when you enter into this kind of knowledge in order to learn Gnosis, you find that the Master Samael Aun Weor also claims to be the Avatar of Aquarius. So, then you wonder, right? Who is in reality the Avatar? And when the master Samael was questioned about this type of thing that was happening he said:

“The day of the burning the smoke will be seen. Remember that many prophets also appeared at the time of Jesus and all called themselves Avataras of Pisces, but only one triumphed, that was Jesus of Nazareth.”

"In the same way, during these times, many will be able to say: I am the Avatar अवतार, but the facts will speak for themselves, and it will be known who the Avatar is at the moment of truth. On the day of the Great Fire, whoever is capable of take his own people from within the fire and the flames at the crucial and definitive moment when the end of this Aryan race arrives, that will be the Avatar, the facts will speak by themselves, the tree is known by its fruits, from such a tree to such a fruit."

"I am the Avatar अवतार, even if the humanoids of this world do not believe it and believe it or not, here we are delivering the message and that our great world salvation army be prepared to face the terrible events that are coming, then we will know who is who, that's all". - Samael Aun Weor

I heard that and I didn’t understand, “The day of the burning the smoke will be seen.” Until I reached a certain level of initiation and then I became truly convinced that he is the Avatar because in the moment of the burning of INRI you will see smoke of ignorance. Yes, it was an internal experience that you have to pass through, just as in the case of Paul in the Bible. After being an enemy of the Christians, he turned into the greatest ally of the Christians because he saw the Lord within himself, on his way to Tiphereth תפארת, Damask דם-אשק (a well-watered land).

So, in this time, at this very moment I am telling you that the Master Samael is the Avatar of Aquarius... not because I read it, not because someone told me, but because I experienced it within myself, within my own Spirit. So, I am convinced and that is why I am teaching this. In spite of all of the other “avatars” I know that Master Samael is going to be the one who is going to triumph, and his doctrine speaks by itself.

It is in relation with initiation that you find the path and the truth in order to discover how to follow the real path towards self-realization. As many claim at this time in many places of the world at different schools that teach the self-realization of the being. In relation with the path and its knowledge and in relation to Christians, we find seven types of Christians. We can apply this same principle of the seven types of Christians to any type of religion. In other words, we can say there are seven types of Muslims, seven types of Buddhists, seven types of Jews, seven types of Brahmins, etc etc.

Who is the first type? The heir Christian. The word heir as you know means “he who inherits his own religion” from his own town, from his own people. When you are born with you parents, your grandparents, your family relates to a certain type of religion and then you follow that religion because you inherited it, but not because you wanted to have it. So, this is how you find in these times many people that call themselves Christians and when they are questioned with different things in relation to Christianity, they ignore a lot of it because they don’t know what Christianity actually means. They celebrate of course the festivities of Christianity: Christmas, the Holy Week and many other types of festivities, but without inquiring why.

The second type is the mystical Christian. Mysticism is related to the heart, with the emotional center. These are those Christians who are related with the worshipping of the Lord. They go to their religion to celebrate the masses and they like to go to their temples. They pray and they have strong beliefs. We cannot say it is strong faith, because to say that one has strong faith would be the same as saying they have a strong bond; this is because with our knowledge we know that faith is something that you prove, that you experience, directly with your consciousness. It is something earned, as consequence of our spiritual work, not something that we grasp with the mind. When you merely believe in something, without having proven it to yourself, you are just a mystical type of person. That type or level of person feels in their heart that strength of their belief. Such a person does not know the reality of things, they have not experienced it for themselves. These are a type of people that have a strong blind faith, belief in their religion. For instance, within the Catholics you find these types of people. They go to the church, and they worship the different saints, the angels, the Lord and the Virgin Mary, etc but they don’t know anything about them. But they have faith in that and they put their heart there. They are very faithful people, very faithful worshipers, but who do not truly inquire into anything. They are not mechanical like the first type. The first type do not care at all about worshiping; they are just Christians because they had to be, but they do not care about anything mystical.

The third type is the intellectual type of Christian. They are the ones who inquire because they wants to know every detail of their religion. They read the Bible and they memorize it. And they know every paragraph of it and every verse. Of course, when I say an intellectual worshiper, I am saying that the intellectual part of this person rules over the emotional and the traditional part of them. Indeed, they are Christian by tradition, they are mystical as well, but, the intellectual part is dominant over the other two parts. This is contrasted with the mystical type who has little to no intellectual inquiry, spiritually speaking. 

The mystical Christian is of course also Christian by tradition, by inheritance. But, this type is more of a believer than those of the first level. They in themselves believe in the religion more than the traditional one. But the intellectual type, who already worships in the church and who inherited their beliefs, is also of course studying the Bible. The intellectual type is the one that thinks that by memorizing the different chapters and verses of the Bible he is being a better Christian. This kind of Christian is very singular and very full of pride, thinking that he is better than the others because he knows a lot of the Bible. Without knowing that the animal intellect is not capable of understanding the spiritual things of God even though he thinks he knows because he is memorizing and rationalizing the different truths you find in the Bible. For example, those intellectual Christians are Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, which are very famous for their intellectual way of memorizing the Bible, or any other type of intellectual Christian that you find.

These three types of Christians: Traditional, Mystical and Intellectual are the Tower of Babel. They are the Tower of Babel because they do not understand each other. The intellectual type thinks that he is better than the mystical and the traditional. The traditional does not understand the intellectual, he thinks that it is just a waste of time to memorize or to go to the temple. While the mystical thinks that worshiping the Lord is enough. You find that they fight amongst themselves, saying things like “our religion is better” such as the Catholics. The Catholics argue against the Protestants and the Protestants against the Catholics. That is why this is called the “confusion of tongues” of religions.

But there is one that is of course beyond the Tower of Babel: the searcher. This is the one that is searching for the knowledge. They understand that Christianity is not just the memorization of the chapters, or the worshiping but the understanding of the meaning of Christianity, the esoteric, the occult, the hidden part of Christianity. And among the searchers there are those that know that the kingdom of heaven exists and the higher angels and the saints and the Bible talks about beings etc.  They know that there are extraterrestrial humanities that come from beyond our conventional world. They want to experience; they want to see and to touch by direct experience with their own consciousness the facts of the Bible. The Bible talks about clairvoyants and higher realities, and you see for instance the power of Moses, the power of the Prophets, the Power of the Apostles, and this type of Christian wants to experience and to develop those types of powers. They are not happy being a Christian just because someone says they are a Christian.

Among the searchers unfortunately, some fall into different types of practices which are negative, which are witchcraft, sorcery, black magic. Most of these searchers of course are going into Spiritism. thinking that they can experience and hear the same knowledge of the Bible through the practices of Spiritism. Most of the time they mix the doctrine of the Lord Krishna of India with theories of materialism or of evolution, the works of Darwin, etc. This is something comical, something ridiculous. But these kinds of spiritists are accustomed to mixing the theories of Darwin—that man comes from the ape or the cavemen—with the doctrine of the Lord Krishna, the chakras, reincarnation, etc, and they make a big mess of things. Among such types that you find in these times are the so called “channelers” which are mediums of course. That is the name that they are given in this modern epoch, this type of people.

A very sophisticated person related with this type of searcher, one who claims to be a great guide, is Elizabeth Claire Prophet, who is a medium and mixes faiths from the ancient religion of Buddhism, Islamism and many of other religions with Spiritism.    There were a lot of people following her. We must understand that a spirit of the underworld, of the Kliphoth, in order to catch us, to trick us, to deviate us, such an entity has to speak of beautiful things, of good things, of holy things, because you are a searcher of the light. This is why so many fall for the teachings of those entities that speak through channelers. If you were a searcher of darkness, if you wanted to be a criminal, or something evil, you are not going to search for good. So, this type of Spiritism likes to teach good things because they talk about wisdom, love etc. in order to catch the searcher. This is all simply a way to deviate a searcher of the light from the path.

The reality is that the clue in order to discover this type of individual is to notice if they speak against chastity or against the annihilation of the ego, which are the two main things concerning the organization of the Being. You can find a lot of them, like Elizabeth Claire Prophet.

Sometimes we say that we do not name people in order not to criticize them but this type of woman I like to say her name because I do not like to see people following someone who is not a true master. There are many masters teaching good things. But this one, I saw her on TV knocking the forehead of people with a piece of stone in order to mark the people. Saying that she was the Angel of the Sixth Seal and to admit that they are now saved. It was just a joke. A real joke. There were many people in one line receiving the stone, the crystal, to their foreheads.

So, you can awaken positively or negatively. That is the problem. People when they see a person, an initiate, who is awakening, with clairvoyance and clairaudience they think that it’s a good one. But you can awaken in evil for evil, or in good for good. The only way to discover the awakening in a good way is by annihilating the ego and conserving the sexual force, meaning chastity, to go completely against the animal forces (within us). So, it is very difficult to find a searcher that is on the right path.

In this era of Aquarius, you find a lot of people that are searching for the truth, but unfortunately, they like the easy way. Just chant this mantra “Hare, Hare, Krishna, Hare, Hare” and you are going to be united with the Lord, with Christ, with Krishna. Very easy. It is easy to chant “Hare Hare” right?  This is a mantra, a powerful one, but it is just a tool to awaken the consciousness, it is not the whole path. It is like the Catholics who think that going to the Church and confessing your sins to the priests then they are forgiven and they are ready to go heaven. Or like the fundamentalists who say just believe, just raise your arms and believe in Jesus in accordance with the chapter and verse such and such, and you are saved. Then Jesus will come and take you heaven as well. You know already that the path is not that easy.


The real path is related with the three factors associated with the revolution of the consciousness: to be born again, to awaken the consciousness by the annihilation of the ego, and giving love to humanity, which means to teach the ones who want to awaken. When you create, by alchemy, the Astral Body, then you discover that your Solar Astral Body is the first vehicle that has the shape of the Lord Christ. So, the Astral Body itself is the mediator between the physical body and your own Monad. That is why when you come to have the Astral Body you turn into a true Christian, because the Astral body is the vehicle of the astral light and the astral light is that of the Spirit. When that astral light coagulates within you by the transmutation of the sexual energy and crystallizes as the astral body, you have your own particular Christ, your own particular mediator between your consciousness and your Spirit, your monad. You use the astral body in order to travel, while your physical body sleeps, into the higher dimensions and you investigate the mysteries of the universe, of death and life and you can talk with your own Being, your own Monad in order to seek guidance. When you create the astral body, you receive your own sacred name. Your Monad already has that name, but when you create the astral body then you receive that name in yourself. Then you are called in the astral plane by that name. That is of course your solar personality, the personality of an immortal body. Possessing a solar astral body, you turn into a true Christian because you are now a mediator between your own Monad, your own God, and people and then you can help by teaching truth and wisdom in relation with your own level.  That is the nature of a true Christian.

Then, there is a real Christian. The real Christian is the one who has incarnated the reality within themselves. That reality is the Spirit; it is that Spirit which is beyond the astral light, which is the Logos. When the Logos, the Spirit or the Christ wants to descend to humanity, he needs a vessel. First of all, in order to be a worthy vessel of the Lord, the initiate has to create an astral body. Then, not only the astral body but the solar mental body and the solar causal body, the body of willpower. An initiate that possesses the solar astral, mental and causal bodies who chooses to follow the direct path and not the spiral path, then the Logos descends into the womb of that initiate’s own Divine Mother Kundalini through the grace of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is that 3rd aspect of himself, of the Logos. So, then the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, which is the 3rd aspect of himself, descends into the womb of the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit, which is the Divine Mother Kundalini. Then, when he is born, when the Lord has been birthed by Divine Mother, he is called the only begotten of the Father, because being God the Father, he begot the Christ into the womb of the Divine Mother, who is a virgin; the Divine Mother is a virgin before, during the deliverance and after childbirth, because she is the Divine Mother Kundalini. This is something that we have to understand.

Then that spirit incarnates into that initiate and is united with his causal body. That is the vehicle of the human soul in the 6th dimension. The causal body is called by the Kabbalists the “Son of Man.” So the Son of Man is that human soul within the causal body, and that Son of Man has other bodies which are the mental body, the astral body and the physical body. The incarnation of that Spirit, of the Lord is called the Venustic Initiation. When the lord incarnates within an initiate, that initiate turns into a real Christian, a vehicle of the Lord.

In the beginning the Lord incarnates in that initiate as a child; the child-God. That child-God takes the sins of that initiate as his own sins. That child, being perfect (because he is the only begotten of God), is mixed with the human soul of that initiate. The human soul of that initiate has ego and then we find why he is called the immolated lamb, because being perfect in itself, that spirit is mixed with the imperfection of man, the terrestrial man. This is how the Lord grows within that man in order to defeat the world, in order to kill the ego. This is how the Lord grows within the initiate, and that initiate turns into an Avatar. Among the Avatars there are many levels; Avatar अवतार is a Sanskrit word which means “messenger, descent of a heavenly Deity.” The word for messenger in Greek is “angel,” therefore, when we say the Avatar Samael, or if we say, the angel Samael... it is the same thing.

Among the real Christians, there are three types: the black one, the white one and the yellow. These three colors, black, white and yellow, are related to the three wise men that worship the child-god of the Christians. The black one represents the initiate when the Lord incarnates in the beginning, and that initiate has ego, that is why he is black. But, because he has the astral, mental and causal bodies, he is a king, he is a wiseman, but he is yet black.  When the Lord grows within his Self by annihilating the ego, then that real Christian turns into a white wiseman, that is, turns into someone that has no ego. And with transformation, he turns into the yellow wiseman. This is the part of the path when the initiate is transforming all of his astral, mental and causal bodies into bodies of gold. So, among the real Christians there are many levels... When somebody reaches the level of the yellow wise man, the third type of real Christian, is preparing himself in order to die physically and to resurrect physically, in order to ascend to the level of authentic Christian. As it is written:

"Mary questioneth him again.

It came to pass then, when Jesus had finished saying these words unto his disciples, that Mary, the fair in her discourse and the blessed one, came forward, fell at the feet of Jesus and said: "My Lord, suffer me that I speak before thee, and be not wroth with me, if oft I give thee trouble questioning thee."

The Saviour, full of compassion, answered and said unto Mary: "Speak the word which thou wiliest, and I will reveal it to thee in all openness."

Mary answered and said unto Jesus: "My Lord, in what way will the souls have delayed themselves here outside, and in what type will they be quickly purified?"


"And Jesus answered and said unto Mary: "Well said, Mary; thou questionest finely with thy excellent question, and thou throwest light on all things with surety and precision. Now, therefore, from now on will I hide nothing from you, but I will reveal unto you all things with surety and openness. Hearken then, Mary, and give ear, all ye disciples: Before I made proclamation to all the rulers of the aeons and to all the rulers of the Fate and Of the sphere, they were all bound in their bonds and in their spheres and in their seals, as Yew, the Overseer of the Light, had bound them from the beginning; and everyone of them remained in his order, and every one journeyed according to his course, as Yew, the Overseer of the Light, had established them. And when the time of the number of Melchisedec, the great Receiver of the Light, had established them.”

“Yew, the profoundly sacred name, is related with the light and clairvoyance.

It is written that Jesus, the great Kabir, chanted a song of praise in the great Name.”

It is written that He pronounced the profoundly sacred name Yew and He blew in their eyes saying, “Ye are now clairvoyant.”

Unquestionably, Yew is a mantric word or magic key related to clairvoyance.

The word Yew appears in the Gnostic Mass.”

Excerpt From: “The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

Therefore, an authentic Christian is the one who resurrects from the dead: a resurrected master which gains the purple mantle. The purple mantle or the purple vesture is only for the resurrected Christ, for the resurrected Christian. He is the one that his worthy of being called “Christos”. The seventh type, the real Christos, the authentic Christian, because such a one is of course one with the Lord.

When we talk about the 5th, the 6th and the 7th types of Christians we have to understand that they are related with the kingdom of heaven.  The kingdom of heaven is related with the 5th the 6th and the 7th  levels or types. So the 4th  type, which is a searching Christian, is between the kingdom of heaven and the tower of Babel. If such a person polarizes in a positive way they will become the 5th kind. And I repeat: these levels, these processes are the same thing you can find in other religions, whether it be Islam, Judaism, Brahmanism, Buddhism, etc we find always these seven types.

“All the (4) rivers (of Eden) run into “El-HaYam אל-הים, the Sea-God," (who is Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, Binah בינה, in Yesod יסוד); and the sea is not full (that is, the Yam ים, the sea of Yesod יסוד, where the Nun נון - fish in Aramaic - swim as the sperm and ovum in the sexual waters of  husband, the Tzadik צדיק, the Vav ו; and the wife, the Tzadikah צדיקה, the Hei ה, of VeHaYam והים); unto El-Makom אל־מקום - who is Jah יה in Daath דעת - from whence the rivers come, thither (the sperm and ovum, through alchemical sublimation in the Mikvah Minith מקווה מינית) they return again (as kundalini energy कुण्डलिनी ऊर्जा or the serpent of brass נחש הנחושת).” - Ecclesiastes 1:7