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Not all Monads in heaven want Self-realization or liberation for their Essences. When in this physical plane an Essence, soul, consciousness, is searching for spiritual knowledge, searching for the way in order to attain Self-realization, it is because its inner Monad wants to Self-realize. The Monad exerts pressure upon its Essence. The Essence is the consciousness. The Monad is the Spirit. 

The monad and the soul


Remember that we have stated that the humanoids on this planet Earth do not have human souls. We understand as human soul the complete development of all human principles within us. Most of the time what we find inside humanoids is only the embryo of soul. People confuse mistake the embryo of soul with the actual human soul. In Zen Buddhism, that embryo is called Buddha-Dhatu [“Buddha nature”]. People mistake the Buddha-Dhatu with the human soul, thus they think that the Buddha-Dhatu is the human soul. This is similar to thinking that a sperm is a human body. It is obvious that the sperm has the possibility of becoming a human body, yet they are very different from one another. 

In humanity, the Essence, the Buddha-Dhatu, is bottled up within the ego [“I,” our sense of self], namely into that which we call “my anger, my lust, my pride, my vanity, my laziness, my gluttony, my envy, my greed, my hatred,” etc. The Essence, the embryo of soul, is trapped within these psychological aggregates, but not the human soul as a whole, only a portion of it. We say about 97% of it is trapped (depending on how degenerated a person is).  

People ignore all of this, because they lack knowledge about it, or because they lack experience with those beings who have genuine human souls. Therefore, people think that the embryo is the human soul. 

Listen, the embryo is just the psychic material with which we can create that which we call human soul.

What is a Human Being?

When somebody possesses the human soul, that one is a true human being. Nonetheless, out of respect to all the intellectual creatures of the Earth, we call ourselves “human beings,” even though we are not human beings in the complete sense of the words. 

The words ‘Human Being’ are rooted in the Sanskrit syllables of the mantra Aum Mani Padme Hum


“Hum is the seed, [it corresponds to the first] syllable of [human] Akshobhya — the immovable, the unfluctuating, [the Shakti potential, the Spirit] that which cannot be disturbed by anything.

“Mani [corresponds to the second syllable of human] meaning jewel, symbolizes the factor of method — the altruistic will [of Hum, the seed] to become enlightened, compassionate, and loving. Just as a jewel is capable of removing poverty, so too is the altruistic Mani or mind of enlightenment [superior manas] capable of removing poverty [spiritual ignorance] or difficulties of cyclic existence, and of solitary peace [when blossoming according with heart's merits, Padme]. Similarly, just as a jewel fulfills the wishes of [AUM, Trimurtis, or] sentient beings, so too does [Mani] the altruistic will to become an enlightened [mind] fulfill the wishes of [AUM, Trimurtis, or] sentient beings [or Buddhas].” - Dalai Lama

The syllable -man of human also comes from manas, “mind.” Thus -man is a compound of inferior and superior manas. The superior is mani, “jewel,” an enlightened mind. Thus, a “human” is an incarnated being whose inferior and superior manas or mani blossomed from hum, the Shakti potential of the Spirit. 

The word human also contains AUM between the H and N. The Trimurti AUM expresses through mani, the jewel, the enlightened mind. 

This human is also called a being, because his beingness — as a lotus flower [padme] — blossoms according with the heart's merits. In other words, his mani or superior mind — as a jewel — develops through many levels or blossoms like the petals of a lotus flower according with the heart's merits. The padme or beingness of a human blossoms in his mani, jewel, soul, human consciousness which already has mind, emotion, and body under AUM’s control. 

So, to call somebody a human being is to state that the jewel or mani AUM has blossomed like a lotus flower [padme] with understanding of his own nature (body, emotion, and mind) thanks to hum, the seed. Therefore, a true human has incarnated the mani, the jewel, the human soul, the sephirah Tiphereth.  

Listen, in order to incarnate mani — an enlightened mind, Tiphereth, the human soul — the hum, the seed, has to become soul in the body, emotion, and mind. Hum is the final outcome, the seed, of AUM Mani Padme, the Solar Hum-Mani-ty.

Jesus in the Gospels said, “In patience you will posses your souls.” This is because AUM needs a lot of patience from the embryonic souls in order to create human soul, that is, in order to blossom from Hum that which is Mani, the enlightened soul in us. 

The soul principles are “electronic.” [The Kundalini, the energy of the Holy Spirit, abides within the electrons.] The soul principles always reside with Hum in the Causal World, the sixth dimension. Part of that Hum-Man is the embryo of soul, the Buddha-Datu, which is in the body, here, in this very moment. AUM Mani Padme is in potentiality within the Hum-Man seed. 

Thus, when AUM, the Monad, wants Self-realization, it does it always by pushing the Essence, the consciousness, the embryonic soul, through body, emotion, and mind, in order for the embryonic soul to search for the spiritual path, in order to incarnate the Monad.  

When the essence or embryonic soul is ignorant of AUM in relation with the path, in relation with the way, it commits many mistakes, thus acquiring consequences (suffering). In different bodies, lifetimes, the embryonic soul experiences different spiritual approaches. Eventually, it might discover the right path for liberation, Self-realization, which means the way in order to unite the embryonic soul to the Monad. 

In order to attain that union, we need willpower, which in Greek is called Thelema. 


Without willpower, it is impossible to attain Self-realization. We need willpower to start, to initiate.

Willpower is an attribute of AUM, the Monad. Willpower is Hum. It is related with that statement we find in the Prayer of the Lord, "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.” 

Remember the Prayer of the Lord. If we analyze it, we discover that the earth is our physicality [in the third dimension], and heaven is the sixth dimension where the Spirit or the Monad of every creature abides. [Between the third and sixth dimensions are the fourth and fifth dimensions, in which we find our energy and psyche]. 



The will of AUM or God is in harmony with the laws of the universe. Heaven is always harmonious with the laws of the universe. In heaven, nobody breaks the law, because the will of God is always being performed. That is why we ask for His will to be performed on the earth, or in the earth, which is our physical body, in order to attain union with the Spirit. “Thy will be done on earth (in the physical body), as it is in heaven.” 

To fulfill that prayer, we have to create “the body of willpower.” The body of willpower is that body or jewel with which the soul is dressed in in the sixth dimension. That body is also called the causal body, since it is related with willpower, the cause of action. The causal body is represented by the sephirah Tiphereth. 

The body of willpower, the causal body, is the superior mind we spoke about in other lectures. It is a body or mind that has to be created through profound works of alchemy. Humanity does not have it yet. When someone has created it, they have been “born again.”

The superior mind is a mind that does not think; rather, it is a mind that acts under the direction of the will of God. The superior mind knows; it does not guess or speculate; it knows, because God knows. Here in the earth [the physical body], we think, we analyze, we speculate, because we do not know. We do not have real Gnosis. Real Gnosis, knowing, comes from the Monad. God is God, and knows.

Through Mani, the human soul, the causal body, the will of God is performed on Earth. So, many searchers for Self-realization know that in order to attain perfect union with God, they need to have Thelema, willpower, and they know that when somebody has willpower, the body of will, this one perfectly controls the physical body, starting of course with the essence of AUM which is Hum, the seed, the energy that we call sexual energy. In ancient times, many searchers for the way knew that the key of the whole transformation is the sexual energy. But they knew that it is impossible to control the sexual energy without willpower. This is why we find that the path is always related to chastity.

1. The Way of Physicality

Those who were very concerned with developing willpower were called “fakirs.” They knew that the matter of the physical body was related with the forces of the dragon. Everyone has heard about the dragon, which is always symbolized in many ways, such as in many stories from the Middle Ages. The dragon is not literal, it is symbolic of the energy that circulates, not only in the physical body, but in the air, water, earth. You find the dragon in the trees, within every element, because it is the solar energy, the solar force. 

In Kabbalah, the physical body is represented by the sephirah Malkuth, which means “kingdom.” The physical body is a mixture of forces, as we know, forces that enter into the different plexuses that we have, and also through the mouth, what we eat, through the nose, what we inhale or breathe. All that mixture of forces that we call prana is finally circulating in the blood, in the nervous system; you have it in the brain, you have it in the sexual force, solar plexus, etc. That is the dragon: the fire, the astral light, the prana. In order to control that dragon, that energy inside, we need the power of will. 

The fakirs were always using their willpower to control the different parts of the physical body, such as the arms, legs, etc., even hunger, and of course, controlling the seed, the sexual energy. 


A Fakir

Fakirs are like those people that you find in India or many other places in Asia who are always in front of the people performing shocking acts, like driving long nails through the body, or walking on fiery coals, or standing upright for years, or hanging upside down for years, etc. All of this is supposed to help them develop willpower over the body. The problem is that they ignore that in order to create real willpower, which is the causal body in the sixth dimension, before that we must pass many other initiations. The causal body is the result of passing the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries, which comes after the first four major mysteries, and those come after the nine minor mysteries. All of that is a long process of psychological and sexual transformations. It is true that we need willpower in order to do everything, but just by controlling or using willpower in order to control the different appetites of the physical body, sexual appetite for instance, it is good to control it, but it is not all that is required to create the body of will, the causal body, which is “Mani,” that beautiful body with which all of the angels dress in the Causal world in order to do the will of God. 


Angels / Buddhas / Masters have the innocence and beauty of children.

The fakir develops the force of willpower, physically, yet nothing else. Obviously, the path of the fakir, the way of physicality, is related with the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. Most people who follow this approach to spirituality focus only on willpower over the body, and ignore the heart and mind.


The way of the fakir has many branches. All over the world there are people who are trying to exercise willpower by controlling the body in different ways. In Asia, and many other parts of that land, you find schools of martial arts, that with willpower they exercise and control the energy in order to attain the development of special techniques. In ancient times, all of that was preparation for the spiritual work to cleanse oneself of psychological defects, and to unite the strength of the human soul with the strength of the Monad. Nowadays, martial arts are just physical conditioning; they do not awaken consciousness. They might develop some willpower in the physical body, but that does not create the soul. 

Many pseudo-spiritual groups believe their physical exercises or labors are a spiritual path. They develop a lot of willpower doing millions of prostrations or walking around a holy place repeatedly, yet psychologically and spiritually they are not changing at all.

We can equate this with how some people interpret the Hindu path called “Karma Yoga.” Karma means “action,” and Karma Yoga is how the spiritual seeker acts uprightly in the physical world in order to create benefit for others. Many people believe this is just to perform lots of service for others, such as to volunteer in a hospital or to serve the poor. Granted, this develops some willpower; it is not easy to care for the sick, or perform other acts of charity. And, charity is necessary and good; all spiritual seekers should be performing charity on a daily basis. Yet, these people mistakenly believe that this is all they need to do: they think they only have to do a lot good for others, and liberation will result from that. So, they might give up their career, wealth, comfort, they might go live in a poor country to be a missionary, nurse, or teacher, and thus they develop some willpower over their desire for comfort or wealth. This is just another variety of fakirism: they have some willpower over their physical circumstances, but that is all. 

We also find fakirs amongst those who practice the many varieties of Hatha Yoga. They develop flexibility and strength, and willpower to control the body, but that has nothing to do with creating the soul or awakening consciousness. Some of them learn to hold a posture (asana) for hours, and they believe that is benefitting them spiritually, but how? The physical body is not the soul or the consciousness. The body is just an aggregate of matter and energy. Manipulating the body in different ways does not develop the soul.

modern "yoga."

Modern "yoga."

"AcroYoga Jam" by Earl J McGehee - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

We find this philosophy also amongst those who believe they must forcibly take up a particular posture for many hours a day, and call this “meditation.” From the outside they may appear to be meditating, but really, they are just forcing themselves to stay in a posture for a given time, meanwhile, they are dreaming or thinking as usual. So, they may develop some willpower to sit still for hours, but psychologically and spiritually they are not changing at all. Even if they happen to develop concentration, willpower, or other attributes, this approach cannot create the soul.


There are fakirs in India, who stand in hours, days, weeks, months and years in one position without moving. I read for instance in a magazine about a fakir that kept his right arm straight, and even a bird made a nest on his hand. He had disciples, because he was in front of a temple. His disciples washed him, cleaned him, and brought him food. He wore a diaper. He died in that position. He never put his right arm down. He was also meditating, because fakirs have many techniques in order to rest and control the body. Being in that position for weeks, months, and years, he developed very strong willpower, because you need a lot of willpower in order to be like that for a long time. But really, he was wasting his time, because he never created the causal body, the body of will, even though he was in sexual abstinence. But sexual abstinence is not chastity. Chastity is the ability to control the sexual energy with willpower, but in order to control the sexual energy with willpower, in order to see if you really control that energy, you need to perform the sexual act. How are we going to prove that we control the sexual energy if we do not perform the sexual act?

It is coming into my mind at this very moment the apostle Paul. In the Christian Gospels he wrote a letter to the Corinthians that says:

“For I would that all men were even as I myself [abstinent]. But every man hath his proper gift of God, one after this manner, and another after that. I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I [abstinent]. But if they cannot contain [their sexual power as singles], let them marry [practice white tantra]: for it is better to marry [practice white tantra] than to burn...  But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remained, that both they that have wives be as though they had none.” - 1 Corinthians 7: 7-9, 29 

“Have we not power to walk about with a sister, a wife, as well as other apostles, and as the brethren of the Lord, and Peter?” - 1 Corinthians 9: 5  

Paul meant that he controls his sexual energy with willpower, because he already had the Causal body. But then he said, "But if they cannot contain” that power, “let them marry” [and learn], for it is better to marry than to burn." Then he added "But this I say, brethren, the time is short: it remained, that both they that have wives be as though they had none [as those who are single.]" When you are single like him you are in abstinence. But now when you are married, continue being the same way, like a single in abstinence. So how will you be in abstinence now that you are married? Simple: sexually unite with your partner, and do not spill the sexual force [avoid the orgasm]. It is simple, but without willpower it is impossible. 

There were many initiates in the past who knew the secret of the development of the bodies of willpower. First they were in abstinence, celibate, and then —as required by the stages of the path — they got married. So, when they were uniting sexually, they had to control the dragon, the energy of nature, by restraining that force by willpower. The secret was to be united in the sexual act for hours without thinking of the spasm or orgasm, instead always doing the will of God, who said, “Thou shall not fornicate [orgasm].” So the initiates prayed, "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” and then the restrained energy, now transformed, returned to its place of origin, creating inside a tremendous willpower. The goal was to start creating that willpower from the bottom (physicality) to the top, which is the Casual World. Along the way, one develops willpower in the physical body, then the vital body (energy), astral body (emotion), mental body (lower manas), and finally the causal body (willpower). These are the five Initiations of Major Mysteries.

Paul of course had that willpower already developed, so he was saying if you do not have that power, then marry. Because “it is better to be married than to burn,” which means if you do not have that power, you are trying to control the sexual energy without the Causal body, without the body of will, the result is that during the night people have what we call “wet dreams” in which the orgasm occurs and the energy is lost. Most of the people who are trying to control that energy have wet dreams, so they do not have sufficient willpower. Maybe they control that energy during the day, but because the body is accustomed to fornication, wet dreams occur. The only way is to teach the body like the fakir: with willpower. The fakir wants to control all the parts of the body in order to exercise willpower over it. 

So, here we learn about the way of physicality: how to use willpower to control the energies of the body. Yet, this is not all of the teaching.

The problem with people who follow the philosophy of the fakirs is that they do not know the complete doctrine. They just know about Thelema, willpower. We have to understand that in order to develop willpower, we need to utilize the way of the fakir, which is dealing with the physical world, society, life, especially when we have a partner, in order to control the energies of the body, especially those energies we call anger, hatred, self love, vanity, laziness, greed, etc. All those energies are false creations of the past, and always emerge in relationships between two, three, four, five, etc. when you are at work, when you are at a party, everywhere. How are you going to control those forces? If you do not save energy, you will not have willpower, so that is the way of the fakir: knowledge to control the energies that are acting through the physical body. Mainly the sexual energy, because the person that does not control the sexual energy cannot control any other energy. The sexual energy is the source of all the forces that are in the physical body. All the strength of the dragon is there. If you control the sexual energy, you are capable of controlling the rest of the energies in the physical body. Then of course you will be a person with Thelema. 

That energy called Thelema, willpower, rises in the spinal column. It is also called love, the energy of love, energy of Thelema, and it is also called in India, Kundalini. The Kundalini is has seven degrees, which are related to the seven bodies of the Being. You have to develop the seven powers of Thelema, Kundalini, in steps. Those are the initiations. We mentioned five, because we are talking about willpower, which is the fifth. The sixth and seventh are related to the Monad.


When somebody develops the seven forces, it is because they already have willpower. That is why the ancient patriarchs, avatars, initiates, always have a staff.

Birth of Dionysus

The staff is the symbol of the spinal column, because in the spinal column we have the power of Thelema, willpower. The source of the Kundalini or willpower is the sexual energy, which is electronic energy, solar energy, and the soul, the Essence, the consciousness is electronic [from the electron]. We need to create the bodies of solar light, the electronic bodies, we need to create soul, we need to create willpower. But I repeat, this willpower has different degrees. 

2. The Way of Emotionality

Let us now talk about what some call “the way of the monk.” 

In addition to those who pursue the way of physicality, there are other Essences that know that we need to develop devotion, love for our own Spirit, because as souls we need religion. The word religion is rooted in the Latin word religare, which means “to bind again.” It is obvious that we want to unite again the soul to the Spirit; the way of the monk is the way in order to attain a brief experience of that union before we attain the complete union. This is the way of the heart, the way of the monk, the devotional way, the emotional way.


In Hinduism, it is called Bhakti yoga, the devotional path. Obviously, it is related with the emotional center.

"The Supreme Personality of Godhead said: My dear Arjuna, this form of Mine you are now seeing is very difficult to behold. Even the demigods are ever seeking the opportunity to see this form, which is so dear.

"The form you are seeing with your transcendental eyes cannot be understood simply by studying the Vedas, nor by undergoing serious penances, nor by charity, nor by worship. It is not by these means that one can see Me as I am.

"My dear Arjuna, only by undivided devotional service can I be understood as I am, standing before you, and can thus be seen directly. Only in this way can you enter into the mysteries of My understanding.

"My dear Arjuna, he who engages in My pure devotional service, free from the contaminations of fruitive activities and mental speculation, he who works for Me, who makes Me the supreme goal of his life, and who is friendly to every living being — he certainly comes to Me." - Krishna (Christ), in The Bhagavad-Gita 11

Undoubtedly, divinity can only by known thorugh the heart. However, most people who follow this approach to spirituality focus only on experiencing intense emotions. Through various methods — such as prayer, song, poetry, art, ritual — they seek to create and sustain feelings of bliss, joy, “oneness,” etc, and believe that is the complete path of realization. Yet, they ignore the body and mind.

All spiritual seekers need to develop the devotional, emotional aspect. This is why we pray to our Father who is in heaven. Yet we also need to develop our mind and body: we need all of our capacities fully developed. We cannot develop ourselves if we avoid or ignore parts of ourselves. Self-knowledge, self-realization, must penetrate and reveal everything about ourselves. Thus, we need the light of understanding to shine in every part of ourselves.

This is why when we observe most spiritual seekers, we feel compassion for them, because most people choose only to focus themselves on one part of themselves, and avoid the rest. The emotional people focus on devotion. Intellectuals focus on the mind. Instinctive types focus on the body. Thus, each one ignores the rest of themselves, yet believe they will reach complete development. Most profoundly, all of them avoid purifying and perfecting the most powerful force we have inside: the sexual energy, which is best used in a loving relationship. Where do we find the beauty of devotion naturally occuring in our lives? Between man and woman. 


Krishna and his wife Radha.

Sadly, these days monks and nuns are always single. They ignore that a true monk needs a nun. A real nun needs a monk. How can you have one without the other? Moreover, how can a monk learn what love is, if he suppresses his attraction, his devotion, to a woman? Likewise, how can a nun learn what love is if she avoids her feelings towards a man? The natural attraction between man and woman reflects the creative powers of the divine.


Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene

We learn about the creative powers of Elohim (“god and goddess”) through sexual cooperation. The stage of being single (as a monk or a nun) is just preparation for the union of man and woman. When they unite sexually, they become a reflection of Elohim, Yab Yum, Father Mother. In this union they learn how to maintain purity, and transform the sexual matter into superior matter. Nevertheless, even the union of man and woman is just another stage of the work; it is not the entire path. 


Adi-Buddha: Samantabhadra and Ssamantabhadri, the highest aspect of the Buddha.

When talking about the word nun, into my mind comes the Hebrew letter Nun. The letter Nun represents a fish. You know that the fish is the ancient symbol of the Christians, and the fish plays a significant role in the Bible. In Hebrew, the letter Nun is spelled with the two forms of the letter: the regular Nun and the final Nun, with a Vav between them, like this: נון. The two nuns — regular and final — are related to the masculine and feminine powers of sex within the waters of the sephirah Malkuth. The power of the creative waters is within the fish. The fish, the two Nuns which are moving in the sexual waters, are the ovum and the sperm. When a monk and a nun are devoted to their Almighty God, one hundred percent, then in the sexual act they are not focused on lust but on love and prayer, and all of their sexual energies rise up along their letter Vav, their spinal column, to the brain, and descend into their heart, thus the heart is charged with a lot of power, a lot of creative energy. 

The ancient mystics, saints of the middle ages, were always in celibacy. Transmuting all of the sexual energy with their devotion, from the sexual glands towards the heart, normally. All of their love was directly delivered to their inner God, which is always in the heart, because the heart is the altar of God. 


“Oh generation of vipers, how can you, being evil, speak good words? For out of the abundance of the heart [emotionality] the mouth speaks. A good man [mind] out of the good treasure of the heart brings forth good words: and an evil man [mind] out of the evil treasure brings forth evil words. But I say unto you, that every idle word that men shall speak,they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shall be justified, and by thy words thou shall be condemned.”  -   Matthew 12: 34-37

We have to build an altar in our heart for our inner God, so when we are loving our God here, in our heart, we are transmuting the sexual energy. 

The best way to reach God is through the sexual act. Why else would the first miracle of Jesus be at a wedding? He transformed the sexual water into wine: the intoxicating power of love, which can only be vintaged by man and woman.

Wedding at Cana

So, a real monk always has his nun-wife, and a real nun always has her monk-husband. Through that devotional way they create the devotional body, the body of superior emotions, which in esoteric Christianity is called our own particular Jesus Christ. Yes, we have to form Jesus Christ within. Jesus Christ within is a devotional body that we have to create, a body related to the heart, that unites our essence with our inner God. So, the Astral body is also called devotional body. It is related with the sephirah Hod.


Clairvoyants who ignore sexual alchemy, the doctrine of love, think that everyone has an astral body, but the reality is that they mistake the ego with the real astral body. The ego is astral, but lunar, mechanical. It is “molecular” rather than electronic. The lunar ego, what people call “the astral body,” is only related with desire, which is why in Hinduism it is called kama rupa, “the body of desire.” It resides in the fifth dimension, which is what we call the astral dimension. 

Desire is in relation with the psychic forces of the body, namely, mental, emotional and instinctual energies. Desire enslaves the embryonic soul to these animal forces of the body, especially the ones in the emotional center, or the grand sympathetic nervous system. This is how humanity is: enslaved by desires, and enslaved by emotions.

Yet, when somebody has a Solar Astral Body, this one controls his emotions. He is not enslaved by inferior emotions. Instead, such a person understands superior emotions, qualities of the consciousness, related with genuine happiness, contentment, peace, serenity, all of which have a defining characteristic: they have no desire. 

Thus, people who have the Solar Astral Body are different. They are not victims of emotions or desires. Most of the time, they are not understood by others, who say, "This person is cold. He is strange. He does not like anything we like.”

Such a person can smile but is not a slave of laughter, crazed or frenzied. That is, they experience emotions, but do not let the emotions be in charge. When you are laughing, you have to limit it. Sometimes one can be sad, but not desperate, because one is controlling one’s emotions. One is delivering all of the emotional force to God. This person does not allow the ego or desire to take the emotional force out of himself, from his Monad, because this person wants to develop the Astral Body, and in order to develop the Astral Body, you need to love, because here in the heart is love.

People think that to love is something different from sexuality, but they ignore that the energy of sex is the same energy of love, which rises up. When that energy is going down, satisfying animal desire, it is not love, just passion. Somebody who really loves in his heart, he knows God is love, and that energy has to rise in order to feed that love, and this is how you develop the powers of the heart. 

“There are two types of Brahmacharya (sexual abstention): solar and lunar. Solar Brahmacharya is obligatory for all those who have already been born in the superior worlds with solar bodies, that is, for those who have left the Ninth Sphere. Lunar Brahmacharya is practiced by many sincerely mistaken people, by many ignoramuses who have never worked in the Ninth Sphere, who have not built the solar bodies, who are without inner self-realization. The practice of lunar Brahmacharya is harmful to those who have not built the solar bodies because they become charged with frightfully evil and terrible vibrations." - Samael Aun Weor, Light from Darkness

Master Samael Aun Weor tells us that when he investigated the saints of the middle ages, males and females, they were in sexual abstinence, but in their past lives they were practicing the Sahaja Maithuna, or what we call Sexual Magic with their respective partners in order to develop the powers they had when they were saints. And of course, they already had all the solar bodies created, that is why they were in celibacy, but it is an absurdity to practice celibacy when we do not have the Solar Bodies created. We have to create them. 

“Saint Cupertino in Italy was praying to his own Divine Mother before the symbol that was the Virgin Mary, and imagining that she was within his heart, because each one of us has their own Divine Mother and Father. Suddenly, being in that devotional attitude, he was uttering a high-pitched cry while floating in the air, levitating, very high, sometimes reaching the ceiling of the cathedral in Italy, and then landing magically. 

“It is stated that this pious monk whose name was Joseph of Cupertino rose up in the air seventy times. These magical events - which took place around 1650 - allowed him to be canonized.  Every time this cited sweet face hermit flew height above the ground, he let out a high-pitched cry.  Asked by the Cardinal Lauria about that mysterious and strange cry in the precise moment of his flight, the saint answered in an esoteric manner: “The gun powder, when triggered in the harquibus explodes with a great noise, likewise the heart embraced by divine love. Amen!”  -  Samael Aun Weor

When one sublimates the creative energy to the heart, when that love, that energy reaches the heart, it explodes in a superior emotion. In order to liberate the energy that one is holding, sometimes one has to shout, because one is feeling a lot of love in the heart. Meaning, the emotional center is overloaded with Prana. When one is in that emotional state, one needs to shout in order to liberate the energy. 

That is why it is written that Christ is love, that energy that unites our physical personality with our Father in Heaven. The Inner Christ is the Astral Body, the emotional superior body that one creates when one really love. The Astral Body is electronic, because it is created with the sexual energy, which is electronic energy, when you really learn how to love. 

The Gnostic practitioners develop the devotional center. That is why we have in our school religion but not fanaticism, since we know that religion is to unite in steps, in different levels, our consciousness to our Spirit. 

Most of the monks and nuns of these times have no fire within them; they waste it, either through fanaticism, masturbation, or other abuses. They may be celibate, but they do not transmute their sexual energy. That is why they lack spiritual experiences in the internal planes. Without the powers of the heart, it is impossible to experience the astral plane, mental plane, causal plane, and other planes. We can talk about religion, spirituality, scripture, philosophy, etc. but it is better to experience that directly with our consciousness, and we can if we develop the powers of the heart. 

The best way to develop the powers of the heart is when man and woman love each other with all their hearts, but without committing the crime of abusing the sexual energy. For that, we need willpower. It is in the moment of the sexual act when the soul is tested, to see who they love more: God or their desires and passions.

Most spiritual searcher ignore all of this, and believe they will reach God just by believing, praying, going to church or temple. They do not that the energy that takes us to the house of God is the sexual energy. 

When someone is in sexual abstinence and does not have the Solar Astral Body created, their repressed sexual energy creates degenerated, harmful energies, which are called Poisonioonoskirian vibrations. Have you seen how sexually repressed priests and nuns become crazy? They end up as homosexuals, pedophiles, murderers, and torturers: remember the Spanish Inquisition, the Crusades, the genocide of many peoples, the craziness of fundamentalists who kill, torture, pillage, steal, kidnap, rape, all in “the name of God.” They become that way because of the wrong transformation of sexual energy, negative energies that feeding the egos of pride, of that particular psychological aggregate that we call “the Pharisee,” that particular aggregate or psychological fanatic ego that feels that he is good and holy, like the monks of the the Middle Ages who were burning people alive “in the name of God.” That is the sanctimonious interior Pharisee, which is what we develop when we are blindly following a particular religion without knowing about the reality of devotion, thinking that God is outside, ignoring that God is inside, as an energy. 

God is a creator, and as a creator resides in our body, but also the dragon is there tempting us to satisfy desires. So, religions are good, any religion is good, if we know how to love, if we know that the fires of the heart control the fires of sex, if we know how to love.

3. The Way of Intellectuality

Let us now talk about what some call the way of the “yogi,” which is an approach to spirituality related with the intellect, also called mind. 

There are many students of Yoga today, but they think that to be a Yogi is to stand on their head, or to touch your head with your foot, or to do contortions. They think all yoga is Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is good for the elasticity of the physical body, but that is it. Hatha yoga exists only to prepare the body for the real yogas. 

A real yogi is that one that controls his mind. In order to control the mind, we need to know jnana yoga, kundalini yoga, dhyana yoga, raja yoga, all the yogas, especially tantra yoga.

In Hinduism, this intellectual way is called Jnana Yoga, or the path of knowledge. Jnana means knowledge. This path of yoga begins by studying scripture, and understanding the hows and whys of spirituality. Yet, that is only the first of its seven stages, and moreover, Jnana yoga is not the whole path, the whole of Yoga. Sadly, many people think that by memorizing scriptures and being capable in debate, they will unite with God. Therefore, they strengthen the intellect, but ignore the heart and body.

We know that we need to control the mind, and develop the powers of the mind. It is also essential to have a rich and expanded intellectual culture; that is, we should study and know the scriptures. Yet, intellectual knowledge does not awaken the consciousness, nor does it create the soul.

The real yogi has the Solar Mental Body created, which is a body in the fifth dimension (the sephirah Netzach). We need to create a Solar Mind. As we are now, our mind is lunar, mechanical. It only knows how to store information, compare A to B, and look for contradictions. The Solar Mind, on the other hand, has many powers related to the Being. For example, the synthesis of the power of the mind resides in AUM, pronounced Om. The mantra Om develops clairvoyance, which is the ability to see more than just the physical level. Most people do not believe this is even possible, yet it is latent within them. 

In these times people think that the brain is the mind, even the very self. They do not realize that the brain is only the physical vehicle of the mind, not the mind itself. The brain is not the mind. The brain is just a machine. Moreover, the brain is not in use one hundred percent, only three percent or so. Humanity only uses a fraction of the brain, because humanity only has the lunar, animal mind, which is just an animal mind with the addition of the intellect. It is not a human mind. The real yogi gains access to the entire brain. How? By creating the human mind, which is the Solar Mental body. Whoever has a Solar Mental Body can utilize all of the brain. 

In order to utilize all of the brain, we need to have control in the pineal and pituitary glands. Remember that the pituitary gland is in relation with clairvoyance, the Ajna chakra, and the pineal gland with the chakra Sahasrara, the crown chakra. These two chakras give the mind a lot of power, but it is impossible to develop those chakras if we do not control the sexual energy. Scientifically speaking, doctors know about the influence of the pineal gland in the ovaries or testicles; the pituitary and pineal glands exercise control in the development of the sexual glands. The hormones of the sexual glands are very important in order to have a very strong pineal gland. If you are not in chastity and you are trying to awaken powers of the mind, what you develop is evil powers, subjective powers, negative powers, like hypnotism and many other faculties that are related to infra-dimensions (hell). Those are demonic powers, in other words. The upright powers of the mind are related with the Solar Mind. Most people who develop spiritual powers have the ego very alive in the mind, because the mind is a den of defects. We have to clean our minds and become pure in order to have true, divine, spiritual powers. 

A real yogi is always meditating, not only to attain samadhi (ecstasy). They meditate in order to annihilate the ego, and to acquire real knowledge. The knowledge the consciousness acquires in meditation is conscious knowledge, gnosis, jnana. They also meditate in order to control their matter, which is the physical body. The mind is controlled with willpower as well. The whip is the symbol of willpower, with which we have to whip the donkey, which is the mind. To transform the donkey into a man, into a human being, is difficult. 

A real yogi knows that the development of the powers of the mind is possible only by awakening the kundalini, by bringing the sexual energy to the mind: that energy is called Ojas in Sanskrit.   Yogi and yogini (man and wife) put their bare backs together for a space of a time and thus being nude, they meditate, in order to for their minds to become serene. Thus, when they reach tranquility of mind, they turn around, and the woman yogini sits on the legs of the yogi man and absorbs his sexual organ, and like that, in that attitude they remain for hours, without thinking about sex, in order to develop a hundred percent of power in their minds. Indeed, in order to reach that level we have to control a lot of sexual force, only then we will have a lot of power in the mind. That is the real way of the yogi, and of course they vocalize their mantras for the different chakras when they are united. They know that the sexual energy, which is the Kundalini, which is in the Muladhara chakra nourishes the different chakras, and with the power of the mind they project the energy to the chakra Ajna, to the chakra Vishuddha, to the chakra Anahata, to the chakra Manipura, etc. while they vocalize the different mantras, while they are united. When they withdraw from the sexual act, instead of spilling the sexual energy and wasting a lot of force, all of that energy is already in the chakras, and that is why they have a lot of powers. 

There are yogis who can walk on the fire; there are yogis who can go down in the river and stay for hours under water, without breathing. Milarepa, the great yogi in Tibet, was capable of flying.


The case of Milarepa is very special, because he had a special initiate in order to transmute his sexual energies, a Dakini. Do you know what a Dakini is? A Dakini is a female master of the astral plane.


In special cases, when somebody is prepared, a Dakini, a female master comes to the yogi and helps the yogi transmute the sexual energy in the sexual act. But in order to gain the right to have a Dakini, you have to annihilate a lot of ego, and have a lot of control in your mind. As well, the woman can have a male Daka. In these times, what men and women have are not Dakinis, but incubbi and succubi, which are aggregates of lust that assault the dreamer in order to fornicate, which is the opposite of the Dakini. 

We have to use mantras and perform a lot of spiritual exercises in order to awaken our inner powers, but the best way is in the sexual act, without committing adultery, because it has to between the couple that love each other. Those that are fooling around do not awaken anything, so we have to be serious in this matter. 

4. The Balanced Way

The Gnostic lives all of these paths together: the way of the fakir, the way of the monk, the way of the yogi. The fourth way is the Tao way. The Tao way is for those who already know the three ways, then unite them, and work with Kabbalah and Alchemy; that is the fourth way. The fourth way synthesizes all three ways. 

“Religion must educate and develop the whole man—his head, heart and hand. Then only there will be perfection. One-sided development is not commendable.” - Swami Sivananda

We do not need to go to the mountain in order to be yogis, we can live the spiritual path in the city, in the fourth way, because we have the practices. What we need is only a partner, somebody that is serious, that is not going to be with us just for a week, month, or a year, but till death. We need a partner who wants to share the forces of the heart, mind, and body, and of course to walk the Tao way. 

We do not need to go into a monastery for all our lives in order to follow the way of the monk. We can develop that in the city as well. The devotional path is not made by our external circumstances, but by the attitude of our heart: by remembering God at all times, in all places.

By living in society we also develop the way of the fakir, because it takes willpower for us to remain in this degenerated world. Society, in our home, in our work, people tell us, “You are crazy, don't follow that path, come with us.” You have to develop willpower in order to stay on your path, because there are many temptations out there: money, sex, alcohol, drugs, money, property, wealth, power. So, staying on the path without leaving it is very difficult, it is not easy, you need willpower. 

The synthesis of all of this is willpower. To help us, we have a lot of tools, and one of those tools are the runes. We need to develop willpower, so we need to practice the runes. 

Special Practice to Strengthen Willpower

There are two runes that we need to know in order to develop willpower: the rune Tyr, which is the form of an arrow pointing up, and the rune Thorn / Dorn, which develop willpower. We need to practice those runes everyday in order to have willpower to do our psychological work, our esoteric work, because there are a lot of temptations out there there that do not allow us to work. We always have excuses, "I am tired, I am sleep, I have to do this or that.” We always have time for the outside duties, but never for our inside duties. So, in order for us to remember "Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven,” we have to do the runes of willpower. 

Standing, we put our arms together straight above our head, and then we lower our hands, making a shell with each hand, like trying to collect the prana in the atmosphere, and descending, we form the arrow with our body; meanwhile we vocalize the mantra TIIIRRRRRRR. The letter T strikes the consciousness, the I is vibrates in the pituitary gland, the prana, and the R circulates that energy in the blood, because the R is the mantra of fire, INRI, RA, Rudra, the god of fire. Vocalizing in that way as many times as we can, we develop Christic atoms of higher voltage in order to develop willpower. 
Then the Rune Dorn or Thorn: stand straight, put your right hand on your right hip, then vocalize the mantra, concentrating on your willpower. TAAA TEEE TIIII TOOO TUUUU, as many times as you can, you vocalize the five vowels: TA, TE, TI, TO, TU. 

If you do that every morning at least seven times, everyday, you will develop a very strong willpower in order to do the different practices and exercises you have to perform. 

Also we have another rune, which is the rune Bar. We can combine the rune Bar with the rune Tyr. We use rune Tyr to attract all of the forces, and with the rune Bar we deposit them into the consciousness. So, vocalize TIIIIRRRRRR as explained above, and when you reach the shape of the arrow, you then vocalize the mantra BARRRRR. Then repeat. TYR BAR is the two runes in combination in order to develop willpower, because we need a lot of discipline. 

The Fourth way, the Tao way, is where we learn Kabbalah and Alchemy, which are very profound sciences about how to annihilate the ego. We are very concerned with the annihilation of our defects, vices, errors that we have within. Without the annihilation of the ego, vices, defects, errors that we have within, we are wasting our time. 

“Man know Thyself and you will know the universe.” When I say “man” I am not referring to the male, because man, manas, mind, indicates somebody that is working with the mind, whether they are male or female. 

Aum Mani Padme Hum!