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We are going to give the lecture related with belief and faith, in order to understand our position related with the path of Self-realization, a path that some people call “salvation.”

First, we have to place ourselves in the right point of view in order to understand who we are. When we talk about ourselves, we always talk as if we are the physical body. We are so identified with the physical body that we feel that we are three dimensional. But remember that the physical body is only a vehicle that the soul utilizes.

In Gnosis, we call the soul “consciousness.” The consciousness, the soul, the essence, are all the same. In Latin, we call it anima. In Greek, psyche. We need to be familiar with these words, which all point to the same element: the soul. That spark is our reality within this physical body.

The consciousness needs to realize itself. What do we understand as self-realization? Self-realization is the development of all the inner human capacities. The Soul is that element that has to develop all the inner capacities related with the Being.

The Being is not the consciousness. We need to see the difference between the consciousness and the Being. The Being is the Spirit. It is that which we call God within each one of us.

To realize ourselves means to performs the religare. Religare is Latin and means “to reunite.” The English word religion comes from religare: to reunite. What we want is to reunite the soul with the spirit.

For that, we need to understand that the essence, the soul, the spark that is our own reality within the physical body, comes from the stars: the sixth dimension, the higher dimensions.

Within the higher dimensions resides the Spirit. The Spirit, the Being, is also called the Monad, from the Greek word “monas,” which means unity. Each one of us has our own unity, our own Monad.

From the Monad, Spirit, or Being, our particular individual God, unfolds the spark, the essence, the soul, the consciousness. It enters the physical body. In Zen Buddhism that spark is called Buddhata. It that element that comes into this matter, in this physical world, in order to attain the realization of the Being. So, we call this religare, to reunite, because in the beginning the consciousness, the soul, was united with the Spirit. In the beginning, the soul, the spark, the consciousness, was one with the Spirit. But because this Being, Spirit, has the mission of awakening and performing its duty, the Spirit sent the sparks of consciousness into the physical plane. Now the soul has to fight, to work, in order to reunite again with the Spirit. That is why the word religion in the Latin language has been explained to us. This is what most of the searchers of the path of the realization of the self are trying to perform: to reunite themselves as souls again with the Being, with the Spirit.

This is the only reason why we are here in this physical world: in order to attain that union. In Sanskrit, that union is called “yug.” From that word comes the word “yoga,” union. Yoga, religion, self-realization of the Being, are the same. In other organizations they call it “salvation,” meaning salvation from the laws of matter.

When the soul enters into the physical world (which is also called the wheel of Samasara, a mechanical wheel related with many laws), within this mechanical wheel we find the law of evolution and devolution. We find the law of Karma. There are many laws to which the consciousness is submitted. If the consciousness, the soul, wants to reunite again, to attain the religion with its own Spirit, the consciousness needs to work very hard to be freed from the laws of matter. That is why the path of the realization of the Being is also called salvation: salvation from these laws.

If the consciousness is not controlling the laws of matter of this physical world or the inferior worlds, then that union is impossible. The laws of the cosmos of nature are within ourselves and act through ourselves.

We need to understand that the path of the self-realization of the Being has been taught by many Masters, Avatars, or Messengers, for many centuries. Their teachings are always the same, yet given in different ways, according to the customs, habits of different countries or people. That is why we find in this physical world, seven orthodox religions. From these seven orthodox religions we find 5,000 sects. The seven orthodox religions are Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Taoism, Zoroasterism. The Soul, the consciousness, has many doors in order to find a way for the religare, the religion, the yoga.

The problem is what we call the Mystical Mind that we need to control and utilize for our service. The Mystical Mind is related with what we call “belief.”

The Sensual Mind

Within each one of us, we have a Sensual Mind that we talked about in the other lectures. The consciousness utilizes the Sensual Mind in order to face the physical, three dimensional world. Each one of us needs to have a job, endure, and survive in this society.

The Sensual Mind is related with this three dimensional world. It called “sensual” because it is related with the five senses. The five physical senses are those windows through which the vibrations of light, sound, and color enter into the brain. The brain is a physical vehicle of the Sensual Mind.

The Sensual Mind is related only with the physical world. The Sensual Mind does not know anything about the fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions. It cannot know about them, because the Sensual Mind only receives information through the five senses, and with the five senses of this physical body we only perceive length, width, and height, the three dimensions of this physical world. Can we see the fourth dimension with the five senses? Can we see the sixth or seventh? No. It is impossible. That is why the Sensual Mind is related with skepticism.

The intellectual person is based in the Sensual Mind. When they hear about spirituality or any type of knowledge associated with the fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions, or something beyond the physical world, they do not care about it. They doubt it, or they do not have any interest in it. This is because for the Sensual Mind, the studies of esotericism or occultism, which is the sacred knowledge, is beyond its capacities.

But there is another type of mind.

The Mystical Mind

The Mystical Mind [or Intermediate Mind] is related with beliefs. The Mystical Mind is studies the doctrine of spirituality. Not the doctrine that is related with this physical world, but the doctrine related with other dimensions. We need to know about that which is beyond death. We need to know about the Being, Spirit, God. We need to know information, but we have to understand that mere information is not enough.

It is obvious that like the Sensual Mind, the Mystical Mind also receives information, knowledge, through the five senses. Yet, the type of information that the Mystical Mind receives through the five senses is abstract. This is how we differentiate between the Sensual and Mystical Minds. What we receive through the Sensual Mind, the intellectual mind, is concrete.

For instance, if we talk about a chair, everybody can touch the chair. We know this is concrete, physical. You can prove that the chair is in front of your eyes. Touch it. Sit on it. But the information in the Mystical Mind is abstract. You cannot touch the spiritual doctrine. When we talk about God, some of you say “Can I see a piece of God in order to understand more about it?” God is not concrete. God is not related with the Sensual Mind. When we talk about the fourth or fifth dimensions, again the Sensual Mind says “ I want proof. I want to see what you are telling me.” It is impossible. You cannot show the fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions to the Sensual Mind, because it only perceives the third dimension through the five senses. In order to show the Sensual Mind something from the higher dimensions you would need to have higher powers in order to crystallize things from the other dimensions, to make it visible and tangible to the five senses. Yet, the Sensual Mind is very skeptical. If someone were to bring such elements to the physical world to prove it to you, the Sensual Mind will think, “This man is hypnotizing me. What I am seeing is not true.” That is why we need to awaken the consciousness. We need to awaken what we call faith.


Faith is different. The Mystical Mind is not related with Faith. This is something we have to understand, to comprehend. Today, people mistake belief with faith. They say, “I have a lot of faith because I believe.” That is wrong. Belief has nothing to do with faith, neither faith with belief.

Faith is pure knowledge, direct experiential wisdom. Faith has always been confused with vain beliefs; Gnostics must never make such a serious mistake. Faith is direct experience of the real, the magnificent vivification of the Inner Human Being, authentic divine cognition... Faith is the direct perception of what is real, it is fundamental wisdom; it is the experience of that which is beyond the body, the affections and the mind. - Samael Aun Weor, The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

To believe is easy. It is just to hear about abstract knowledge, then believe or disbelieve in it. We can accept it or reject it at a whim.

In the Mystical Mind we have our beliefs. These beliefs are related with the doctrine that we are following. But I repeat, the doctrine is always abstract. We call abstract that which we cannot prove with our five senses, but that we know because we have the information within ourselves, within the Mystical Mind. This is how we find that people believe in God very seriously. To believe in God is a matter of the Mystical Mind. It is never related with faith.

Faith is related with another mind, but unfortunately that mind does not exist within each one of us. The mind that has real faith has to be created, and in order to create that mind we need the knowledge of alchemy, tantra.

The Inner Mind

We need to understand that the Inner Mind must be created, developed.

The Inner Mind is related with faith. We need to understand the difference between the Mystical and Inner Minds, in order to not confuse them.

We need to study the different beliefs that we have within in our Mystical Mind. In the Mystical Mind, not only do we find beliefs related with orthodox religion, but also other types of belief. For instance, we have many beliefs related with the Sensual Mind. They are interrelated. Many people believe the theory of Darwin that man comes from the ape. In the Sensual Mind, we have information such as photos of old skeletons. This is sensual data. In the Mystical Mind is abstract information: beliefs or interpretations of those photos. Many people believe in the theory of the “missing link” between man and ape,  that they never found yet they are trying to find. They are trying to prove that theory, and there are many people who believe the human being comes from the ape. Yet, this is merely a theory, a belief. It is no different from a religious belief, because it is not based on real experience, real faith. It is only bits of sensual data and lots of theories. There is no proof that the human being comes from the ape, because it is not the reality. Yet, the believers become enraged when their beloved theory is doubted.

There is another belief related to Marxism and Leninism. They say that God does not exist. Of course, that is related with the Sensual Mind, because they say that with the five senses we cannot prove the existence of God, so therefore, they say, God does not exist. And, because they see that matter is the main element in this physical world, they say that the origin of everything is in matter. That is why they call this “the doctrine of materialism.” It is also a belief, because what they call matter is just forms of the matter.

Matter without form exists. Can we see matter without form with the five senses? Can we perceive the matter without form with the Sensual Mind? No.

The followers of materialism do not believe in God, only matter. They also have beliefs. They do not believe in matter without form, but they believe in matter.

We have to state that matter without form takes form as the physical shape of a tree, chair, world, planet, moon, a comet, etc. So, the materialist people only see forms of the matter, but never the matter itself. Only the Inner Mind can see matter itself. Not even the Mystical Mind can see it, because in the Mystical Mind we have mere beliefs.

For instance, let us discuss the atom. Atomic science is related with the Mystical Mind, because nobody can see an atom with the five senses. Not even the most powerful microscope can show us an atom. So when we talk about an atom, we discuss it from the mystical point of view. The atom exists, but nobody can see it. It is an abstract element within the Mystical Mind. So you see, the Mystical Mind has a lot information that you cannot prove with the five senses.

Many great Avatars (messengers) came in the past in order to show us the way to build, to awaken, the Inner Mind.

The Types of Men

The word mind relates to the Sanskrit word “manas.” Manas is the word that originated the English word “man.” When we talk about the man, we are talking about the “manas,” the mind. From this point of view we have to state that there are three types of men. We also have to make the assertion that we are not talking about “male.” In many languages they utilize the word man to point towards the male sex. Here we have to state that “man” is related with the mind. It does not matter whether that mind is within a male or female body. The Sensual Mind can be in a male or female body. The Mystical Mind can be in a male or female body, and as well the Inner Mind. From this point of view, in Gnosis the word man points towards the mind, the real self, the human being.

The intellectual man is related with the Sensual Mind.

The mystical man is related with the Mystical Mind.

The inner man is related with the Inner Mind.

In the physical world, we find mystical men and sensual men. Very seldom do we find the inner man. The great Avatars (messengers) are always inner men, beings with fully awakened Inner Minds.

The Inner Mind is a vehicle, a body that we have to build. It is a beautiful yellow color.

The Inner Mind is not only related with the five senses of the physical body but also it is related with the senses related with the superlative consciousness of the Being. The superlative consciousness of the Being proceeds through seven senses. The seven senses of the superlative consciousness of the Being have been taught many ways. In Hinduism, for instance, they talk about chakras. In Christianity, in the beginning of the book Revelation, we read about the seven churches. People who study the book of Revelation who do not have the Inner Mind, but just the Mystical Mind, believe that these seven churches are related with physical churches, buildings, from that time when Christianity existed on the continent of Asia. They ignore that those churches are related with senses the internal man has fully developed.

Through the seven senses the superlative consciousness of the Being perceives phenomena from the fourth dimension (which is time), the fifth dimension (which is eternity).  Beyond time and eternity we find the sixth dimension, the causal world.  Beyond the sixth dimension is the seventh dimension. The zero dimension. The Absolute.

In order to perceive, to have an experience within the fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions of the universe, we need to awaken the seven senses.

Heaven is that which is above the physical world. Heaven is the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions.

Below this physical world are the infradimensions of nature and the cosmos. Can we perceive the infradimensions of nature and the cosmos with the Sensual Mind? No. Most of us only know about them through the Mystical Mind, as information. But if we develop the seven senses related with the superlative consciousness of the Being, then we will know, we will have faith, because we experienced it.

The Inner Mind can know the dimensions of nature directly, through experience.

In this very moment for instance you are seeing this room, the chairs, everything. Your Sensual Mind has the information of this room. With the Inner Mind, in the same way you will have information. Concrete information. Tangible. With your Inner Mind, if you awaken the seven superlative senses of the consciousness of the Being. Then the infradimensions of the world will be something real for you.

The infradimensions of nature are called “infernos” in Latin. In English, it is Hell. Within the Mystical Mind, people have many symbols of hell, the infradimensions. The Roman Catholic Church for instance believes that hell, the inferno is full of fire. The Buddhists of Tibet say that hell is full of ice, very cold. The Islamic religion believes that hell is an island where all the people are suffering. So there are many “flags” that symbolize the many different infernos. In India, the infradimensions are called avitchi, the inferior world. We need to understand that no matter what inferno we have in our head, it is just a symbol of the reality. The beliefs are just related with the Mystical Mind.

We should not mistake the path. We should not confuse ourselves along the way of the Self-realization of the Being in these times of Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga is the dark age, the Age of Iron. People are very materialistic. Very sensual. Some of the people in this humanity are very mystical. That is why we find followers of Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Taoism, etc. Most of them are situated in the Mystical Mind. They are mistaking the path. They think because they have the information in their Mystical Mind about such and such abstract knowledge related with the doctrine of salvation, self-realization, religion, etc., that they are already done, ready to go into the higher levels.

We need to understand it is one thing to have the doctrine in the Mystical Mind and another thing is to perform the work. It is not enough to have the information. We need that information. We need the Mystical Mind, because we need to put abstract information in ourselves, to understand and believe in it, before making it a fact for our consciousness. It is a big error, a terrible mistake, to think that only with the information we have, only the doctrine, is enough. In this very moment it comes into my mind the words of Jesus of Nazareth. When he was teaching the doctrine, he said, “Whosoever hears my words.” You see, “My words.” Always when someone gives the doctrine, they must talk as I am now. Jesus talked, Krishna talked, and all the great Masters talked. The word goes into your ears. The word enters through the senses. So he said,

Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it. - Matthew 7:24-27

Many people in these times have a lot of information in their heads. They think that their house is strong, meanwhile you see how the Mystical Mind changes like the fashions of women. It changes many times. For example, a person is Catholic, and someone knocks at the door. It is a Jehovah’s Witness. And this Jehovah’s Witness with a lot of information in his head changes the fashion of the Mystical Mind of the Catholic. That person moves his house, destroys it and builds another in the sand. That is how we find different types of believers that change from one belief to another like fashion. They believe that they are saved because now they have in their Mystical Mind another type of information. Meanwhile, it is still abstract. They do not really know anything about it. They think that they know, but really, they only have ideas and beliefs.

To really have faith is to build the house on the rock. The rock is faith. But faith is something that you perceive, something concrete. Something that is in your consciousness as a fact. It is not abstract. It is experienced.

There are many people in the Mystical Mind who believe in God. It is not enough. The real initiate who has an experience of what the people of the Mystical Mind call God, no longer needs to believe in God. They have faith in God, because they experience that which the people call God, Truth, or by whatever name. In the Mystical Mind people call God Jehovah, Allah, Yeshua, Jesus, INRI, Brahma, Buddha, etc.

The one who has built his house on the rock knows the name of God within. He or she has experience of God. To have experience, to perceive God with the consciousness, is related with the Inner Mind, with the superlative consciousness. It has nothing to do with the Sensual or Mystical Minds. That is why when a person with an Inner Mind is asked, “Do you believe in that?” The person with the Inner Mind says, “I do not believe that.” That does not mean the person is denying it. If somebody asks me, for instance, “Do you believe in God?” I would say, “No, I do not believe in God.” I am not denying God, because thanks to this knowledge, to this doctrine that I practice, I experience what God is.

That is why Jesus, the Lord, the Christ, the Great Master Jesus said:

If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. - Matthew 17:20

A single experience the size of a mustard seed is enough to know God. Then, you no longer believe in the Mystical Mind. That experience is within your superlative consciousness. Then, that information in you is concrete. A fact. Not a sensual fact, no: a physical fact. It is a fact within. A cognition that you have had with your consciousness. That is faith.

People mistake faith with belief. They say “I believe,” and assume they have faith. We can call it blind faith, maybe. Blind faith is belief, in other words. It is to believe in something that you do not see. It is to be blind. It is something that we have to understand, because in the doctrine we find that the Master says,

...blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. - John 20:29

They are ourselves. If we believe in the doctrine, if we believe in the path of self-realization, we are blessed. If we are going to perform the work, first we have to believe without seeing. It is obvious that is exactly the point, because if you do not believe, how are you going to do the work? That is why the great Master Paracelsus explained that first we have to study the doctrine and then practice it. But many people study the doctrine in the wrong way. They never practice it. Moses came and he gave the doctrine. People are studying his doctrine but is very rare to find someone what is practicing his doctrine. Jesus came and taught his doctrine, but it is very rare to find someone practicing his doctrine. It is not enough to believe what we are reading. We have to perform it.

...blessed are they that hear the word of God, and φυλάσσοντες (phulassontes: to observe, to watch). - Luke 11:28

The Greek word φυλάσσοντες clearly indicates that we need to awaken the consciousness.


It is not enough to believe what we are reading. We have to perform what we are reading. It is not enough to read and know about the word, we have to perform the word. See all of the sects related with Christianity, the fact that they do not have faith is obvious. If they had faith, if they experienced what Jesus taught in the gospels, it would be only one religion. One sect. But there are many sects.

If we talk for instance about the chair, and I tell you this chair is bamboo, yellow with a green cushion. Everybody agrees, right? It is not a red chair or metal chair. You know that is is bamboo, right? But if I tell you there is another chair that you cannot see with your physical eyes because it in the 4th dimension, it is a red chair. You can believe or not believe. Those that believe will say that chair is not bamboo it is metal and then a bunch of people will follow that person, saying the chair is metal not bamboo. In the same do we find all religions. In Christianity, they study the Gospels and interpret them according to their Mystical Mind. One group interprets one way, then another group says, “No, that is not right, we have the truth. We know how to interpret the Gospels.” With one verse of the Bible you can make a sect. You can name it according to your own taste. The same thing that has happened with Christianty happened with Buddhism, Judaism, Hinduism, and all of the Orthodox religions. That is why we say there are five thousand sects. They do not experience, thus they do not have faith. They only have beliefs. That is why they fight with each other, saying, “You are wrong, I am right. This is the way. You are worshipping the devil, I am worshipping God, because I believe in this and you don’t believe in that.”

The Mystical Mind is like sand. It rises and falls. It is unstable. That is why you find a lot of confusion among believers.

Yet, we do not have to fall into confusion. We need to understand that to study the doctrine—whether Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Hinduism—is good. All of them point to the same union with God. We have to study with the esoteric point of view, the Kabbalistic point of view, in order not to commit a mistake.  When a blind man guides blind men, all of them will fall into the hole. We need someone that is working and seeing so that we can understand the basis in order to develop the Inner Mind, in order to awaken the consciousness. It is not a matter of following somebody. We have to follow our inner Spirit. Our inner Being. But how are we going to follow our inner Being if we keep building our house on sand?

There is another types of believer in this Kali Yuga, called the Kalkian personality.  The Kalkian personality characterizes him or herself because they study a mixture of doctrines. They know about Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, but never has experience. They have a lot of information but no direct experience. Only those who know the secret of Tantra or Alchemy develop the seven superior senses, then they enter into the Inner Mind.

The Kalkian personality talks about the seven chakras, the seven basic dimensions, the great Masters of the brotherhood, such as Kout Humi, Morya, St. Germaine, and many other great Masters that are abstract to the Mystical Mind. They talk about the internal brotherhood as if they see them or talk to them. They talk as if they know. Yet, these Kalkian personalities suffer in secret. They talk about higher dimensions but they have never had an experience in the higher dimensions. They talk about the seven bodies of the human being but they never have an experience with them. They talk about Astral projection beautifully, but they never had an Astral projection. They talk about aliens, people from other planets, but they never have experiences with people from other planets. For instance, in Mexico, I met people that were pretending to be from other planets. They were pretending to be from Mars, meanwhile they were just from Venezuela. The people from Mexico did not know they were from Venezuela. People say, “I am going to introduce you to people from Venus.” Meanwhile, they were just from Ireland, and cheating others.

To really know a Master or a person from another planet, you need to awaken the seven chakras and senses. If you have a direct experience with the Inner Mind, it is easy. Then you do not make a mistake. Within this physical world of five senses, if you do not have at least clairvoyance in order to see if in reality the physical body that is in front of you is from this planet or other planets. You may see an extraterrestrial in front of you and you will not know it is an extraterrestrial, because in order to know that you have to have clairvoyance.  With the five senses you see only bones and flesh, and a hairy head on the shoulders. That is not the truth.

We need to comprehend and understand that the Kalkian personality is the most deviated type. They think they are already done, because they already heard this type of seminar, because they have read a hundred books related with this topic. They waste time fluttering from one flower to another flower like a butterfly. They never experience the truth directly. They are not serious. We have to be serious if we want the Religare, if we want the Self-realization of the Being. We have to be serious, not with me, with yourselves. Seriousness is towards your Being. If we are receiving information, if we are reading books and having a lot of knowledge related with the abstract dimensions beyond our five senses, it is good. Yet if we do not experience, if we do not open the Inner Mind and develop the internal senses, we are just cheating ourselves. The worst cheat is when you cheat yourself.

With your Mystical Mind, you believe that you are ok. “I am doing well.” Meanwhile you are just the same as when you did not know anything about the doctrine. If you examine your psyche, for instance, before you were studying this type of knowledge, if you your behavior and customs are the same as when you did not know anything about this knowledge, then you are cheating yourself.

We have to change, and that change is not just information in the head. That change is to awake to the unknown, to see, to touch the things of the fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh dimensions. For that, we need the tools, the codes, the keys to awake the internal senses in order to put the consciousness in contact with our Being. Then we will walk with certainty, with faith. Not with doubts.

The one that awakens faith will never leave the path. He will always walk ahead because it is something that is experienced. It is like the person that touches the fire and gets burned. It is faith. We have to then understand that faith is something that you experience. Something that you perceive through your five senses and through the seven superior senses. In total, there are twelve senses. The twelve senses are related with the Inner Mind. Five physical senses and seven internal senses, but only five senses by themselves are related to the Sensual Mind. The Mystical Mind has nothing to do with any sense. You cannot prove even with the five senses what they believe.

Questions and Answers

Audience: [inaudible]

Instructor: Yes, of course. The process is in the abstract as well. When that abstract knowledge comes into the consciousness it no longer belongs to the Mystical Mind, it belongs to the Inner Mind. In the beginning, for instance, the believer believes in God. But then when that belief is experienced with the superlative consciousness of the Being, that information no longer belongs to the Mystical Mind but the Inner Mind. That is faith. Then you know what God is.

We are here in order to perform what we have to perform, and in order to perform that we have to reunite again through experience and through knowledge. When the consciousness is with God, that consciousness cannot know anything because it is within God. God is everything. If that consciousness wants to know, it first has to believe. When it reunites again, that consciousness has knowledge, information, experience. That is called Self-realization. That is why God, the Being, the Spirit, needs to know Itself. But to know itself within itself is impossible. It needs to project the consciousness into the Universe in order for that consciousness to return, but knowing. Through the process of returning, the consciousness knows itself. That is the religare, the religion.

If we perform the religare, God will know his reality through us. We will know about our own reality, our works, our deeds. That which is the Spirit does not know itself; it needs to awaken in order to know. In Brahmanism, they say Brahma is sleeping and needs to awaken. In order to awaken the consciousness, we need to work. When the consciousness awakens, we have absolute consciousness of the Being.

The consciousness builds. It is the work of the consciousness. You have to realize that. It is not the work of the just the soul, it is the work of the Being. The Being works above and we work here. He works above, we work below. Both elements or parts are parts of one thing- the Monad. The soul below, the Spirit above, and when they are reunited, Religare, Self-realization is done. They are awake.

We have to make effort. That is why we have to pray:

Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Give us this day our daily bread.

And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

That is the soul praying to the Being, to the Spirit, to our own particular, individual God. God is individual in each one of us. A drop of the Great Ocean. When that drop enters again into the Great Ocean, that is what we call the multiple perfect unity. The unity is multiple and perfect. Multiple because it is in each one of us. Perfect because it is perfect. One in many.

Remember Parsifal, the great opera by Richard Wagner. Parsifal did not perform the work in the beginning because he did not ask. He did not get the Grail. Then he had to do the work again a second time and he did it.

Audience: [inaudible]

Instructor: No, but the ego can awaken.  The consciousness can awaken when it is free from the ego. But because the ego belongs to the infradimensions of nature, those people awaken in evil. Those people are called demons or black magicians. They are awakened within the ego, in the infradimensions. When we awaken consciousness, we have to annihilate the ego.

Audience: [inaudible]

Instructor: We need to understand that when the soul penetrates the physical matter it is entangled in that which we call karma. Karma is related with the laws of nature, or the planet which we are on. In order to go to another planet, to develop ourselves on another planet, we have to first annihilate the Karma we have here.

It is not possible to go to another planet like some people believe in their Mystical Mind. They think that we are going to perform a certain work here on this planet and then we will go to another planet just like that. Mechanically, without doing other work. First, we have to annihilate the Karma that we have here. Karma is the debt we have. The soul is entangled in this law. How are we going to go into a superior law?

We live on this planet Earth. It does not mean we are imprisoned. For instance, if we have internal bodies we can go to other planets. I myself have many experiences away from this planet, but if I want to leave for good with all of my soul and Being to other planets, I first have to pay what I owe here. And I owe a lot. Karma. Karma is cause and effect.

The Law of Karma is related with reincarnation and return. We are for instance paying in this life for what we have done in other lives. But we have not only two lives here, according to Buddhism we have 108 lives. And in more than 100 lives you have made a lot of mistakes. That is why we return or reincarnate again, in order to pay what we owe. That is why many people are being born in physical bodies that belong to rich families, or poor families. People with those physical bodies are being born. Why are souls being reincarnated there? They have to pay what they owe. So when you discover how much you owe in this physical world, your soul, when you awaken your consciousness you discover that you did a lot of evil deeds in your past lives. You have to pay.

The Karma that we have is because of ignorance. The way that we have behaved is because of ignorance. When we are ignorant of the Law, we commit a lot of mistakes. When we know the Law, then we know the Cosmic Laws that we did not know before. If we awaken the consciousness we will know about it. First, we receive the information in the Mystical Mind about those laws. We then know directly how to deal with it. Then we will free ourselves from this mechanical life.

To be here and now is to be awake, to work with the consciousness, because when we are identified with the Sensual Mind or Mystical Mind we are out of ourselves. Usually we are always out of ourselves. We have to remember God. We have to remember the Spirit. That is why the great Avatars and Masters brought us many great prayers, in order to pull the force, to attract the force of God to our souls. We learn many mantras, but we have to work with those practices consciously.

We have to feel ourselves always within the body. Do not forget that you are here in this room when you are walking, do not forget that you are walking. If you are eating, do not forget that you are eating. Usually the consciousness is not there, always when we are thinking. When we are listening to this lecture, we have to listen to this lecture. To be here.

The consciousness is like a lantern. You project that light many ways. So, the light of our consciousness right now could be for instance at the super market, or our home or a restaurant. It could be anywhere, right? We should not project that light, that consciousness, out. We have to be here. To illuminate the bulb that is the physical body. Let that consciousness shine always in the physical body, no matter where the physical body will be. If it is here, let it illuminate this place. Sometimes when we see a person speaking there is no light there, because the light is wandering somewhere else, at a restaurant or at a park. Another place, the store, with the boyfriend, the girlfriend, mom, dad. So to put into activity the inner senses, first, we have to illuminate ourselves. We have to illuminate ourselves.