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Assiah is related to matter and action.

ImageThe Four Manifested Worlds are related to the Hieroglyphic Tree of Life as follows:

  • Atziluth -1st world related to first triangle: Kether, Chokmah, Binah
  • Briah - 2nd world related to second triangle: Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth
  • Yetzirah - 3rd world related to third triangle: Netzach, Hod, Yesod
  • Assiah - 4th world related to Malkuth, "Kingdom."

Assiah is where we find finally all of the mixture of forces that are coming from the worlds above.

We have to understand how this world of Assiah comes into existence and how this world of Assiah is related with us.

In Assiah we find the Hieroglyphic Tree of Life in relation to the physical world.

Let us synthesize:

  • Atziluth: 10 attributes- manifestations of Deity, which is called Adam Kadmon.
  • Briah: the 10 Sephiroth are channels of the world of Atziluth, 10 messengers that express for Atziluth.
  • Yetzirah: 10 hosts of forces that manifest in all universes under the Seven Mighty Rays of Briah.

In Assiah we find the results, the different forms of those energies/ forces; we call them matter, but we only see the forms of the matter, we do not see matter itself. Matter itself is beyond form.

Malkuth (Assiah) is the inferior manifestation of Yesod, the 4th dimension (the Foundation of matter).

In Malkuth, we see the Kingdom (Four Kingdoms).

The Four Kingdoms here in physical plane: Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Human kingdoms.

Malkuth (Assiah) has the different forms of matter in the physical plane, different varieties and forms within which energy AUR, Light, is enclosed.

Remember that the Ray of Creation begins in the Absolute with Ain Soph Aur that is the 1st manifestation of Light (Limitless Light), which then passes from within without into Atziluth. In so doing, this light suffers transformations.

From Atziluth, the light passes from within without into Briah, and suffers further transformations.

From Briah, the light passes from within without into Yetzirah, and suffers further transformations.

From Yetzirah (Angels of formation), the light finally passes from within without into Assiah, the physical plane: and then we physically see that which we call Solar Light.

Christ is the light in Ain Soph Aur, Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah; it is the light that we see here in Assiah as solar light/ physical light.

Then Jesus (the Bodhisattva of the Solar Logos) spoke again unto them, saying, I am (‘Eheie’ Kether is) the light (Aur) of the world: he that follows me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light (Aur) of life. - John 8:12

The Solar Light is the first manifestation in the physical world of this Cosmic Light that we call the Cosmic Christ.

As long as ‘I am’ (‘Eheie’ Kether is) in the world, ‘I am’ (‘Eheie’ Kether is) the light (Aur) of the world. - John 9:5

This is why Gnostic Kabbalah studies the Sephiroth from the point of view of the Quantum table or the radiant energy that comes from the Ain Soph Aur.

Samael Aun Weor stated:

The cause of the effulgence of the atoms comes from units of energy which are called quanta.

The quanta move themselves within the diamond at the half of their velocity, their velocity progressively decreases within the air, water and earth.

An atom is like a vibrometer that produces waves whose momentum flows in accordance with its own type.

Normally, the quanta travel at the speed of light and in a circular way.

The secret of time is hidden within the atom. The concept about time is negative. No one could demonstrate the velocity of time. Time cannot be enclosed in a laboratory.

We place the concept of time between one event and another. The proof of this is in the great number of different calendars.

The attitude that we have at a given instant is what decreases the velocity of the quantum. This same quantum phenomenon is what usually occurs at spiritualistic meetings.

The processes of the Cosmos are performed in an eternal now. The rising and setting of the Sun are performed in an eternal instant.

We must move on towards the developing of our own way of thinking. From the energetic point of view, each of us is a mathematical point that allows to serve as a vehicle of specific values, whether they are positive or negative.

Quanta = package of solar energy, traveling at the speed of light and in circles.

The Solar light that expresses in the physical world modifies and creates the different forms of matter that we know in the physical world.

Quantas: we have to understand that these packages of energy travel in the different dimensions, in the four worlds: Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah.

We only see final transformation of the solar light (Ain Soph Aur) that is happening in the physical world.

Assiah becomes the physical vehicle of that solar light (Ain Soph Aur).

Behind the physical sun (from without within) we find the Spiritual Sun (Ain Soph Aur).

The main element in the physical sun is the Hydrogen (H).

Scientists state that the sun is a ball of Helium (He).

Master Samael Aun Weor states:

The active element in the Christ-Sun is an infinite quantity of hydrogen. Hydrogen atom possesses only one electron revolving around its nucleus. The hydrogen atom is the border line between matter in a molecular state and matter in an electronic state. Sequentially, the next hydrogen’s subtle state corresponds to free electrons, light, magnetic waves, and the spiritual state.

In order to create an atom of helium and two sunbeams, it is necessary to consume four atoms of hydrogen.

The (solar) sexual energy of the Third Logos flows pervasively from the center of every atom, galaxy, and solar system, uniting opposite poles in order to produce new creations.

Hydrogen atoms and carbon atoms complement each other in order to initiate the development of light. The masculine hydrogen atoms with only one electron bombard the feminine carbon atoms with six electrons, thus creating nitrogen atoms with seven electrons.

Sequentially, the nitrogen atoms unite sexually with new hydrogen atoms, thus transforming themselves into light-oxygen atoms. When there is a great amount of light-oxygen atoms, a free electron escapes and with it, a certain quantity of radiant energy.

Afterwards, the resulting heavy nitrogen atom is once again sexually bombarded by hydrogen atoms. This time, however, the result differs.
The hydrogen atom captures one electron from the nitrogen atom in order to form an atom of helium with two electrons. Sequentially, the nitrogen atom of seven electrons is reduced to a carbon atom with six electrons. Returning in this way to the point of departure with which we began because the ending is equal to the beginning plus the experience of the cycle. This is the law.

This is how the sexual cycle of carbon ends. The solar light is sexually created in the Ninth Sphere (Yesod, sex). The great solar light is the chemical and mathematical outcome of the various sexual-atomic processes of carbon.

The hydrogen atoms constitute a bridge between the Universal Spirit of Life and matter of various densities. The combination of hydrogen atoms with atoms of various substances already existing in the universe gives rise to all known forms of life.

The splitting of the atom and nuclear explosions releases submerged abysmal matter as well as new and terribly malicious atomic elements: neptunium (93), plutonium (94), americium (95), and curium (96). Through bomb atomic explosions these terribly malicious infernal substances escape from the abyss (Klipoth) thus attracting certain frightful and monstrous psychological characteristics onto the surface of the earth and into the minds of people.

The splitting of the atom is a blasphemy, a scientific madness that not only brings physical damage to this afflicted world (of Assiah), but also psychic and mental monstrosities, horrible abominations of an infernal type. If human beings would study solar energy and learn to use it intelligently, liquid fuel would be eliminated and the conquest of space would be possible, based on an upright conduct of humanity.

A place reached by a ray of light is a place that can be reached by the human being. Solar energy is millions of times more powerful than atomic energy. The Solar System Ors functions marvelously as a great molecule thanks to the solar energy’s almighty power.

Hydrogen (H) is the simplest element: Proton, Neutron, Electron. It is the first crystallization of that light we call Positive, Negative, Neutral.

Positive, Negative, Neutral (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) are the Three primary forces of the universe.

Behind the Hydrogen (H) we find the pure light (Christ-Energy). Not only in Hydrogen (H) of the sun but in all the Hydrogen of the Universe. Remember that Hydrogen (H) is also found in all planets.

Because of the atmosphere of the earth or of any other given planet, that energy called solar light is transformed into color, light, sound, heat.

When we talk of light, the light above the physical plane is darkness for us - by this we do not mean that it is not light. It is darkness for our physical sight because we have not the power or spiritual sense to see it.

Spiritual light is dazzling for the eyes.

Outside the atmosphere of the earth there is darkness for us, but there exists solar light (Quantum) in circles.

When this solar energy penetrates the atmosphere of the planets then we see it as light.

But light is everywhere- for instance, in the astral plane we see light out of the atmosphere, there the outer space is not in darkness.

Real light is unknown for the intellectual animal.

When the Ain Soph Aur crystallizes into Hydrogen (H) and sequentially into other different simple and compound elements, what we see is only the transformation of the Quantum within the elements into light for the physical sight, color for sight, sounds, heat.

This is why in Assiah, Kether is represented as pure light related with the firmament, the light of the infinite, of all the stars.


Kether in Assiah is related to the Firmament = Premium Mobile: related to all stars, the radiant energy that comes from within the Ain Soph Aur to without through Kether. This represents in Assiah the World of Atziluth. Kether as related to the Infinite, the Fire coming from above, enters into the Zodiac.

Chokmah, in Assiah, is related to the Zodiac, the 12 constellations, because the energy that enters from the infinite, or quantum energy that enters into the galaxy, enters into the 12 constellations and from them into the solar system.

These 12 constellations are each related to 2 Elders resulting in the 24 Elders. They represent the World of Briah in Assiah.

From the Zodiac into the Solar System: Each solar system always has 7 Mighty Rays.

The first Ray that the Light encounters in its descent according to the Hieroglyphic Tree of Life is related to Saturn, which is related to Binah in Assiah. Binah rules Yetzirah through Yesod, the origin or foundation of life in Assiah.

Yesod is located in the 4th Dimension where the Light (Prana that comes from the Ain Soph Aur through the Ray of Creation), before appearing in the physical world, is transformed into the different Tattvas.

Synthesis: Prana (pure light) coming from the Ain Soph Aur enters into the Infinite through Kether.

It then passes into the constellations with Chokmah, into the solar system with Binah and into the planets through Yesod, then into the physical plane.

Light as radiant energy coming from the sun enters into the atmosphere through the Moon-Yesod.

The activity of the Hydrogen transforms the solar energy into different elements.

There are about 118 simple elements discovered so far (The “Periodic Table” of the chemists) and they are still finding more.

These simple elements are simple crystallizations of the Fire, of the Light.

The Sephiroth must also be studied in relation to these simple elements.

When we study the Tree of Life, quanta exist in all the planes, that radiant energy is light even in Hell, but in Hell it is the infrared, whereas above, this light is related to the ultraviolet.

This light is different in each plane.

There are 12 types of Hydrogen related to 12 different planes.

The Tree of Life is also studied in relation to the compound elements.

Compound elements are those that are made of the combination of 2,3,4 or more simple elements. There exists an infinite amount of compound elements.

For instance, H2O (2 atoms of Hydrogen, 1 atom of Oxygen) = Water. There is a mathematical element-entity that is missing in this formula: this is "Binah," the intelligent spiritual fire from the Ain Soph Aur, that makes such combinations.

So, within compounds there is always the intelligence of Binah, the Holy Spirit.

The physical plane always needs the Holy Spirit.

The real water equation is = H2O + Fire (the atomic intelligence of God that unites the elements).

Intellectual Animals can separate the atoms from the element water, but they cannot unite them because they are not Gods. To unite them the intelligence of the Holy Spirit (Spiritual Fire) is indispensable.

Apple, corn, wheat, animals, plants, etc., are all compound elements.

The physical body is composed of compounds.

So the Table of Simple Elements, Compounds, and Weight is the mystical ladder from matter to the Spirit, from Hell to Heaven, the Ladder of Jacob that we enter to experience the different levels.

When we enter the world of matter we discover in initiation that our physical body is also the World of Assiah.

Man is the microcosm of the macrocosm.

Everything that happens in the macrocosm is repeated in the microcosm.

We study the world of Assiah from the point of view of the physical body; we discover that Assiah, the physical body, is a mixture of forces, it is a fallen Sephirah.

Within the physical body and within the earth we find all the elements.

The Tattvas from the Ether of the fourth dimension crystallize as the different elements in the physical plane.

These are the different forms of matter in Malkuth, in the different kingdoms and also in our physical bodies.

We have different forms of minerals, plants, animals' etc., in us. This is one of the Meanings of the Sphinx that holds the mystery of the universe.

The Sphinx’s forms are also related to the higher worlds.

How does the Energy of the Ain Soph Aur enter into our physical body?

Fire enters into the physical body, our particular Malkuth (Assiah), through the Three Nervous Systems.

Fire comes from from different directions into the Three Nervous Systems of Assiah (the physical body).

This is why we must take care of these Three Nervous Systems.

  • The Positive Force flows into the Cerebrospinal NS, the Force of Kether related to Sahasrara Chakra
  • The Negative Force flows into Grand Sympathetic NS, the Force of Chokmah related to Anahata Chakra
  • The Neutral Force flows into Parasympathetic (Vagus) NS, the Force of Binah related to Muladhara and Swadisthana Charkas, Sexual force

The Pure Light...

...of the Father is Intelligence in Brain.
...of the Son is Love in Heart.
...of the Holy Spirit is Creative Energy in the Sex. Creative energy is that energy which creates.

These three forms of Light develop in the spinal column.

In the Planet Earth, the spinal column is found in the Himalayas. The Coccyx is found in Israel, Jerusalem. That energy goes from the bottom upwards to the Cranium of the Earth: Tibet.

In the continents of America the forces of Assiah are related to the Rocky Mountains. But the main force is in the Middle East, that is why it is that everything happens there that is most important.

In the spinal column we find the Seven Magnetic Centers.

Assiah = Asia.

The Seven Magnetic Centers in Assiah/Asia, are seven forces in Assiah in that continent, in the internal worlds, the superior part of earth.

Greek Echlasias are Chakras in Sanskrit = "Place of energy-gathering."

We must gather the superior forces of the solar light in our spinal column.

Jeshuah, the Solar Light, commands John the Divine in the Book of Revelation: “Go and tell to the 7 churches of Asia.”

He was not talking about Asia, but about the 7 churches of Assiah, the dorsal spine that are inner related to the seven temples of the higher worlds.

We are not denying that there were seven churches made of brick and stone located in Asia. We just point out that this Great Kabbalist knew how to hide the truth behind something pretty obvious.

So, the seven forces of Assiah are related to the three primary forces that enter into the three nervous systems, directly related to our particular Monad, the higher bodies, related to the different planes of manifestation.

  • Atziluth in our Head.
  • Briah in our Heart.
  • Yetzirah in our Sex.

Assiah is the Mixture of forces in the physical body. Initiation begins here, using all those forces in Assiah.

The Nerves are wires for that light we have in the physical body (Quanta in physical plane).

We also have that light in the simple elements in the physical body. Also in compounds.

Assiah/Malkuth is the physical organism, formed by the different organs related to the different forces.

If we disintegrate an atom from Assiah we liberate energy.

ImageWe are pure energy integrated in the form of a physical body. This is a Mixture, containing everything.

  1. Iod - Atziluth
  2. He - Briah
  3. Vau - Yetzirah
  4. He - Assiah (always feminine)

Kabbalistically we state that Woman is the Sephirah Malkuth, Assiah that emanated from Yesod (the Hermaphrodite Human Being).

To make the Kingdom, we need the King and Queen united, the 2 polarities united.

Man/Woman have the power of the elements.

United to take advantage of the Kingdom.

Everything in Nature is Dual: active, passive.

This is how we form the androgyne in us.

Assiah and duality are represented by Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden: They are the synthesis of that energy that is in matter. When expressed in Assiah, their simplest expression is as sperm and ovum.

In the physical body, ‘Assiah,’ we have Adam and Eve, Male/ Female represented by the Serpents OD and Ob of the Caduceus of Mercury (the Spinal column, World of Assiah).

In the medulla, in the center of the spine, we find the Fire that creates, the Kundalini that is related to the higher dimensions.

That Fire, the Kundalini, unites our physical body to Yetzirah, Briah, Atziluth:

The Kundalini is Iod Heva, the Holy Spirit in the spinal column.

Assiah in relation to polarities:

Our Garden of Eden is the place we find the Holy Spirit, sexual force. That is why we have 2 testicles, 2 ovaries (Adam and Eve in the individual).

These two forces (Adam and Eve) left Eden (Voluptuousness) through fornication.

We need to return these two forces (Adam and Eve) into Eden (Voluptuousness) through chastity.

When they return into Eden then Iod Heva (Jehovah) rises in the spinal column as the fire of Kundalini.

ImageKabbalists say:

  • Iod = Od, male, red, solar, fire (Sanskrit: Pingala)
  • Heva = Ob, female, blue, cold, water (Sanskrit: Ida)

Iod rises from the bottom (coccyx) up to the brain.

Hevah is the cold fallen serpent, descending from the top downwards to the inferior forces of Hell.

In Ancient times, in Paradise, Adam and Eve were entwined and in the middle of the spine was Iod Heva as the fire of Kundalini.

Now, these forces are from the coccyx downwards to the infernos.

The cold serpent is fallen, the Lunar force related to the mechanism of Nature, reproduction.

When this lunar force fell, in the physical plane humanity became crystallized into the 3rd dimension.

This is called Cain: the sexual Fire going downwards to earth. This is why in Genesis we find Cain always working with earth.

Jehovah, Iod Heva, does not like the work of Cain, which is related to inferior matter, to the fornication of the inferior mind.

Gnostic Kabbalah teaches the way for the physical body's energy to be used in the physical plane, only related to the Lord.

We have to work with the fire of the physical body ‘Assiah’ to enlighten our Monad.

Only Abel (the Buddhata) can do this. Most people do not work for it.

This humanity has killed Abel and wants nothing to do with the Spirit.

Cain killed Abel. Mind worships matter, the mind working for matter.

These 2 brothers Cain and Abel come from Adam/ Eve, Ida/ Pingala when used in the wrong way. The Soul Abel is dead in each of us. Cain is very strong, the intellect used in the wrong way.

The Gnostic Esoteric Work allows us to enter into the path of Asia and give birth to a third aspect = Seth, that is the aspect of initiation that awakens when we go beyond Cain and Abel.

Thanks to the polarization of Adam and Eve through Daath, we have the birth of Seth, which gives us the Vision of Enoch (the seer).

To acquire Spiritual sight, it is necessary to use Adam and Eve to kill Cain.

We must kill him 7 times: the 7 inferior forces.

Kabbalah related to Alchemy:

We cannot explain the Tree of Life (Spine) without the Tree of Knowledge (Sexual organs).

Alchemy = Study of the transformations of forces and working with them in the physical body.

We work with the two polarizations Adam and Eve through chastity in order to transform:

Cain (Human mind)
Abel (Soul)
Seth (The Real Man)

Seth gives us access to the Tree of Life, the spinal column. Thus we develop the Seven Magnetic Centers and enter into connection with the different worlds.

The Gods in relation to the Sephiroth in Assiah:

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Binah is only related to Saturn. But Binah is also related to Jupiter because the Holy Spirit is King, the Inner Monad is King.

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Gedulah is related to Jupiter alone. But Gedulah is also related to Mars because the Inner Spirit, Atman always fights for his Self-realization.

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Geburah is related to Mars alone. But Gedulah is also related to the Sun because Justice, Law = Sun, and so we have Sun, Light, Christ in Geburah.

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Tiphereth is ruled by the Sun alone. But Tiphereth is also ruled by Venus because of the Human Soul, the causal world, the body of Will, always united with Light.

The Human Soul serves the Light in the physical world.

Bodhi: Wisdom, Sun
Sattva: Soul, Venus

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Netzach is ruled by Venus. This is not so, as Netzach is ruled only by Mercury because the Mind is Mercurial, and here we find Hermetic magic (of Hermes) which is related to the mind.

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Hod is ruled by Mercury. This is not so, as Hod is ruled only by the Moon. To acquire consciousness in the Astral Plane it is good to take advantage of the cresent moon, because the whole Astral World is related to Yesod and also the Moon.

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Chokmah is related only to the Zodiac. This is not so, as Chokmah is related also to Uranus (the Sky).

The Intellectual Kabbalists say that Kether is related only to the Infinite. This is not so, as Kether is also related to Neptune and trident (symbol of the 3 Forces). The Firmament.

In the World of Assiah, we find the crystallizations of the Light of the Worlds of Yetzirah, Briah, Atziluth, and ALSO the crystallizations of Klipoth (Failure).

Many Kabbalists say that in Assiah we get the crystallizations of Klipoth, in fact mostly they are from Klipoth, and rarely from Yetzirah, Briah, Atziluth.

Assiah is the physical body which expresses any kind of Light, whether ultraviolet or infrared.

Malkuth in the Four Worlds:

Name of God = Adonai (Melech), Lord of the Earth, in Atziluth.

Melchisedec related to Briah.

Ischim related to Yetzirah.

Physical planets related to Assiah.

Everything enters into Assiah and multiplies in it through woman, represented by Eve.

We came out from woman.

Malkuth represented by Mother Nature.

Everything comes from woman because of Yesod = male aspect.

Yesod engenders Malkuth.

We need to take the forces from the opposite polarity to get into the higher worlds.

Masculine needs feminine and vice versa.

Almighty God is Shadai El Chai in ‘Yesod,’ who created the world of Assiah.

Eve is in relation to the Moon, reproduction.

When we follow Eve, the result is the fall of the physical body into animal generation.

Eve engenders Cain as a result of falling.

This is the humanity in the 3rd dimension related to earth, ‘Assiah’.

Abel = Soul of fallen humanity.

Cain/ Abel came after fall of Adam/ Eve.

The Cold serpent Ida goes down.

Eve/ Nature/ Instinct wants reproduction, but when we follow initiation, Seth enters us and engenders Enoch (he who acquires spiritual vision).

Cain/ Abel are the wicked of the earth.

Cain = strong, but forgetting Being.

Abel = weak, but remembers Being.

All the Divine Forces from the Absolute, Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah are mixed within the physical body whose final synthesis is the Ens Seminis.

Be wise as serpents and meek as a dove.