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This commandment is related with the mind.

Seventh Sephirah: נצח Netzach (Hebrew for Victory)

Then said Jesus (the Atom Nous) unto them again, Verily, verily, I say unto you, I am the (one who controls the sexual fires of the) door of (Yesod, where the igneous souls) the sheep (ascend to the brain).

All (those liars) that ever came before me are thieves and robbers (fornicators): but (the igneous souls) the sheep did not hear them.

I am (the Atom Nous that controls the christic fires of) the door (of Yesod, sex): by me if any man enters in (the Initiation), he shall be saved (from the Second Death from the Abyss, Klipoth), and shall go in and out, and find pasture (food with plenty of solar fire).

(Cain, the Bestial Fornicator Mind is a) thief (that) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am (the Atom Nous in the left Ventricle of the Heart) come that they might have (spiritual) life (through scientific chastity), and that they might have it more abundantly.

I (the Atom Nous) am the good shepherd (because I give life to the souls through the transmutation of the sexual fires of Yesod): the good shepherd (through the fires of the cardias) giveth his life for the sheep.

But he that is a hireling (who does not hear the voice of God within his heart), and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, sees the wolf coming, and leaves the sheep, and flees: and the wolf catches them, and scatters the sheep.

The hireling flees, because he is a hireling (and does not hear the voice of God within his heart), and cares not for the sheep.

I (the Atom Nous) am the good shepherd, and know my sheep (because they practice scientific chastity), and am known of mine (when they awaken the Superlative Intuition). - John 10:7-14

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew: 5:3

The poverty in Spirit is based in the Being-Partkdolg-Duty, that is, the constant and infinite upright transformation of life. The Being does not hoard but transforms, takes from eternity what belongs to him and is never tired of giving.

kabbalah-the-tree-of-life Netzach is the mind - that mind that we have to transform, to command, to unite to our Spirit, so that we become HUMANS.

HUMAN is derived from Hum (Spirit- Sanskrit) and Manas (mind- Sanskrit).

The Human is the Being whose mind is controlled by his true self as Spirit. This type of being develops that virtue called Faithfulness – the direct experience of the truth through the consciousness when the Mind is in silence. This is experience through the discipline of meditation, by controlling the mind – this is how we acquire the Self Gnosis or Objective Reasoning.

Objective Reasoning is the ability of comprehending, understanding, the truth with the consciousness united in ecstasy with the Being, with God, without the activity of Subjective Reasoning.

The purpose of Divinity for dividing the Third Root Race (Lemurians) into opposite sexes was to develop in the human a brain and a throat in order to create like Gods.

The throat is related with the Verb, with the Word, and this is related with the Brain and with the Sexual Gonads. The Brain is the physical vehicle of the Mind and these, the Brain as well as the Mind, are developed through the activity of the sexual hormones which contain the forces of the Holy Spirit or Jehovah Elohim.

The Human Beings (men and women) get objective reasoning when they learn how to use these two polarities, Ida and Pingala, Adam and Eve, Yin and Yan, Od and Ob, from their physical bodies, when they unite themselves sexually in scientific chastity.

The reason for the division of sexes was precisely that – to develop a human mind and not a bestial intellectual animal mind.

When the Solar Mind is created and fully developed and controlled by the Spirit, then we have a Human Being, an illuminated being, a Buddha – someone who has developed conscious faithfulness, a complete illumination, a complete understanding and comprehension of God, in his intellect. But that intellect is an illuminated intellect. Moses, Jesus, Hermes, all have an illuminated intellect, an illuminated mind. This Mind is in communion with the Spirit, goes in parallel with the Spirit. We need to develop and to put into activity 100% of the brain in the physical body. The brain is the physical vehicle of the mind.

The division of sexes is indispensable because it is through sexual cooperation (sexual intercourse) that the necessary cosmic forces act for the development of the brain and the throat.

Image Previously, Adam and Heva were one being אדם Adam.

  • איש Ish – is a word that signifies man in Hebrew, and is also the masculine aspect of the fire (Fire in Hebrew is אש Esh)
  • אשה Isha – is a word that signifies woman in Hebrew, and is also the feminine aspect of the fire.

Adam-Eve is Adam (איש Ish) and Eve (אשה Isha), entwined in the dorsal spine of every person. The sexual potency (Lucifer) tempted Isha, Eve; the serpent Ob infected the serpent Od of the caduceus of Mercury. Mercury rules the Sephirah Netzach, the Mind.

The Lemurian Root Race are a representation of Adam Eve – when they separated in opposite sexes they fornicated in the sexual act, this is, they lost through Ob, Eve the fire of the Holy Spirit, the Serpent Eve represents the Moon or the force “Mother of all living beings,” however, they only fornicated when they wanted to procreate a child.

When this Root Race fell into animal generation, the fire of the Holy Spirit descended from the Tree of Life (their Spinal Medulla) of their physical bodies and the eyes of both of them were opened – this means that the senses of the physical world were opened. They saw or became identified with the world outside of them (Physical World) because before they were more conscious of their own P-S-Y-C-H-O-L-O-G-Y. Psyche = Soul, Logos = Internal Christ.

The Cyclops, beings with one eye, are one of the symbols of the Lemurian Root Race; this signifies that in the beginning they only saw with their internal eye, the psychic sight of the internal worlds. The Cyclops were "eating men" – signifying that they were swallowing matter, that they were living more in the internal worlds. When Ulysses kills the Cyclops, this symbolises the sacrifice of the inner sight for the development of cunning - an intellectual Atlantean faculty. To develop the intellect we always do it at the expense of the powers of the heart (intuition).

Adam knew (Daath) Eve by means of fornication and she begat קין Cain.

Explanation: the brain, Adam, Pingala, Od, the intellect, engendered Cain (the Bestial Subjective Mind) by means of the fornication through Eve, the Lunar Serpent Ob. Cain is not illuminated intellect but Satanic Intellect.

The Consciousness, הבל “Abel,” is part of Neshamah, the Spiritual Soul. With subjective reasoning we get the birth of Cain – animal intellect, or bestial mind. Cain was working with the earth, with the senses of the physical body. Cain was stronger than his brother Abel (Soul or better said; Buddhata).

Cain kills Abel, symbolising that the Soul was not strong enough to control the sensual mind.

Abel (the Buddhata) was weak and identified with the vanities of world through Cain, the sensual mind. And so Cain, the Bestial Subjective Intellectual Mind was the first murderer of the soul, and also a thief, because he stole the consciousness “Abel” when the latter remained trapped within the sensual mind; or in other words, Cain (the subjective intellect) killed Abel (the consciousness or Buddhata).

The blood of your brother cries to me from the earth (physical body)...

Blood is fire; the fire of that soul that circulated in the spinal medulla of the physical body before the downfall into the sin of fornication.

Within our infra-consciousness we have our past origins related with our animal mind, our ego. Here is where we find the protoplasmic bodies – the bodies that nature gives us, to pass through the plant, mineral, animal kingdoms in our evolution. This is the mind-matter that serves evolution and devolution.

Reasoning starts to develop in the human kingdom with the purpose of creating Objective Reasoning, but because of fornication and the development of the ego we have subjective reasoning related with the five senses, a reasoning that has nothing to do with the Spirit. The subjective reasoning is useless for the things beyond the physical senses.

Cain is related with this sensual mind, the mind that uses only the five physical senses. The subjective mind (Cain) steals the power of intuition, of the consciousness, in order to develop its intellectual subjective knowledge through subjective reasoning.

To develop objective reasoning you have to develop conscious faithfulness.

The mind that is connected with the Spirit gives the knowledge of the Spirit.

God (the Monad) does not like the subjective offerings related with the vanity of a wicked soul, when the Soul or Buddhata (Abel) is a slave of the intellect (Cain).

This infra-consciousness is the origin of the sub-consciousness and un-consciousness that now we are a slave of. The animal instincts are in the infra-consciousness. When these animal instincts enter into the human level they become ego or Mind-Cain.

The infra-consciousness is polarised into two (masculine and feminine) opposed perversities.

The feminine aspect is related with the sex – here we find IDA- EVE the origin of sexual perversity originated by the orgasm. This is Nahemah: prostitution, sexual perversity.

The masculine aspect develops an intellectual mind that becomes a thief, Pingala-Cain that for its development is constantly stealing the spiritual values of the consciousness.

One polarity descends to fornicate; the other ascends towards the brain in order to think subjectively. Both are polarities from the infra-consciousness (egoic mind) the two infernal polarities, in other words, inferior polarities.

The ascending polarity of the infraconsciousness develops a type of subjective reasoning by stealing from the outside world the impressions and depositing them in wrong places in the psyche, and justifying the sexual perversity originated for the fornication of the descending polarity, the prostitute that alchemically is also called the Bad Thief.

Cain was labouring with the earth (five senses, subjective reasoning), and God always rejected his offerings. What were these offerings?

And Cain said unto Jehovah Elohim, My punishment (that is the subjective reasoning) is greater than I can bear.

Behold, thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the (Edenic) earth; and from thy face shall I be hid (within the Intellect); and I shall be a fugitive and a vagabond in the earth (Physical Body); and it shall come to pass, that every one that finds me (through meditation) shall slay me.

And Jehovah Elohim said unto him, (it wont be so easy) therefore whosoever slays Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold (he will pay the karma of his seven capital sins). - Genesis: 4:13,15

The mind is the den of the ego. The ego is seven, the ego is mind, Cain is mind, the seven capital sins.

In the physical body we know that we have five senses and five centers (intellect, emotions, movement, instincts, sex) also which we always synthesise into three brains (intellectual brain, emotional brain, motor-instinctive-sexual brain).

When any of the seven vices related to Cain enter these five centers then we find sexual abuse - sexual perversity (the Bad Thief, the prostitute) that steals the sexual energy in order to fortify the Mind (this other thief, the intellectual Cain).

In order to work the five centers have to use the Bobikandelnots – the vital values deposited in the five centers. Every center uses different hydrogens, vital values – but when you abuse the intellect, by reading, reading, reading, then the vital values of the intellect are exhausted... When the vital values of the intellectual center are exhausted, then in order to continue being active, this center starts to steal energy from the sexual center, but the hydrogens of the sexual center destroy the intellectual center because the sexual energy is too strong for the intellectual center and damages it. Thus the sexual center is also damaged and resulting in sexual abuse (abuse of the sexual energy).

In this day and age, there are many ways to abuse the sexual energy with the intellect.

When listening to rock ‘n roll or Afro-Cuban music, also with dances etc., which are related with the lower dimensions, makes us steal the sexual energy through the negative emotions (Emotional Brain). Cain steals sexual energy through the emotional brain when watching pornographic movies. This is also sexual abuse.

Cain also steals through the Motor Brain; to exercise is good but sometimes people exaggerate and abuse this (motor) center – football players, sports people training for the Olympics, etc., steal sexual energy through their motor center. Almost all of the people who practice sports steal the sexual energy from their bodies in order to perform these sports – this is done at the expense of the sexual energy, stealing energy from the sexual center.

Boxers, martial artists abuse the instinctive center, they steal the sexual energy when abusing of these physical disciplines. There are many instinctive abuses, related to the animal soul Nephesh, animals always being very territorial, etc. This is a type of instinctual abuse.  When the animal soul enters the human kingdom with the intellect, these instincts become man’s identification with flags, wars etc, instead of the obvious animal kingdom ‘marking or spraying the territory,’ the intellectual animal does it through more complicated instinctual ways. And so there is sexual abuse through all the five centers.

‘You shall not steal’ – means you have to be balanced your psyche in your five centers.

In this our outrageous sleepy or unconscious state the sexual center now has to steal from the other centres in order to work.

This is the reason why psychologically we are a mess and are not equilibrated. And so we can see now that this commandment is not just related with the physical stealing of possessions etc., but rather, the psychological way in which we steal from our physical body through the satisfaction of Pride, Envy, Anger, Greed, Lust, Laziness, Gluttony, etc.

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man (or a woman) be born of (their sexual) waters and of the (fire of the Holy) Spirit (of their sexual center), (they) cannot enter into the kingdom of God. - John 3:5

So, we have to be born again; yet, this is only possible through the sexual energy, by utilizing the sexual center in the right way.

But how can we create the solar bodies that will allow us to enter into the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life if we do not have the Hydrogen Ti-12 in Yesod, the sexual organs?

How are we going to penetrate into the Nine Heavens or Parallel Universes when we are stealing the fuel or sexual energy with which we can develop the human soul? How can we if we are stealing through the other centers the creative energy, when the energy for the creation of soul is exhausted?

When we steal the sexual energy through the other centers there is nothing left to create the Soul.

We need to be equilibrated for this path; we need to be beings that know how to use the centers in a wise way:

Schizophrenia, Neurasthenia, Mythomania, Megalomania, Paranoia, etc, all type of dementia are the outcomes of a wrong psychological work.

The intellectual mind “Cain” feeds itself with wrong transformed impressions in order to feel secure.

Adam and Eve saw that they were naked – this means that they now had ignorance, because “Binah,” understanding, the divine fire, was not any more within them, they, Adam and Eve, were without knowledge. They were ashamed, and covered their sexual organs with fig leaves – this plant represents the sexual feminine energy – meaning that the Lemurian Root Race utilised their sexual Isha Ida-Eve the pole of the sexual force related with procreation in the wrong way.

And they (Od and Ob, Adam and Eve, Pingala and Ida, Yan and Yin) heard the voice of Jehovah Elohim walking in the garden (physical body) in the cool of the day: and Adam (Od, Pingala in the Brain) and his wife (the Brute Mercury, Ob, Ida, Eve in the sexual organs) hid themselves from the presence of the (the Holy Spirit of) God amongst the trees (physical senses) of the garden (physical body).

And Jehovah Elohim called unto Adam (Pingala, through the Central Nervous System), and said unto him, Where art thou (where is thy solar fire)?

And he said, I heard thy voice in the garden (physical body), and I was afraid, because I was naked (without divine solar fire); and I hid myself (within the sensual mind).

And he said, Who told thee that thou were naked (without understanding, without Binah, the fire of the Holy Spirit)? Hast thou eaten (fornicated through Ida, the Lunar Serpent Eve related with procreation) of the (sexual) tree, whereof I commanded thee that thou should not eat (from it like the animals or like the beasts)?

And the man (Pingala, the Brain) answered: the woman (the Isha or Yin of my sex) who (is the sexual organ that) thou gave (me) to be (in sexual communion) with me, she (Eve, Ob, the Lunar Serpent) gave me of the (sexual) tree (through fornication or the spasm), and I (through the orgasm) did eat (like the animals). - Genesis 3:8-12

Fear is the origin of many defects. Fear is originated when the fire of the Holy Spirit Kundalini abandons us, then we search for security within the exterior world. If we were strong people with conscious faithfulness we wouldn’t be afraid. Security is felt when God is united with the mind. But, we look for security through our pride, and so we steal from the physical world the impressions which give security, vanities.

We steal from the five senses. Cain, the sensual mind, the subjective reasoning, is a thief that steals the values of God in order to become secure, steals the impressions of the five senses to not be afraid. Cain ignores that the human being without God is nothing.

When the infraconsciousness definitively is bipolarised in us the result is a thief within the mind (Cain) and (the bad thief) a whore (Nahemah) in the sexual center.

When we are slaves of the infraconsciousness then it polarises itself completely in a devolving way within the brain and sexual center – the result is all types of sexual perversities, and the decomposing germination of a sick degenerated intellectuality (Lilith) within the brain.

But if we still have remorse – we then must know how to behave, in order not to fall into error. We have to learn how to control the infra-consciousness. But when we do not care to control in any way our sexual perversion – this means that sexual perversion has reached the intellect, sex has contaminated the brain, then the brain justifies it.

In this day and age, there are a lot of people who justify their sexual perversion; this is because their infra-consciousness is completely degenerately bipolarised in their bodies. These people carry a thief (Tubal Cain) in their mind and a whore (Lilith) in their sex.

Sin is the outcome of a wrong transformation of the energies by our consciousness through the five centers. This is why it is important to always be present, to learn how to transform impressions, to comprehend and disintegrate Cain, because our animal minds are always getting the impressions of the world for subjective purposes.

Always be present and observing the three brains – observe your thoughts, emotions, the motor brain. Cain is the mind, the den of desire.

How do we expect to get into Heaven, when we have all this perversity inside of us? We have to be equilibrated, to control the mind, to learn how to transform impressions.

A thief cannot enter into Heaven. The beginning of stealing was when we fornicated.

We have also talked of the sexual abuse, of how we squander the sexual energy of the sexual center through the other centers, of how we steal the energy of the sexual center.

We have to transmute the sexual energy in order to create the Human Solar Mind that God wants us to create. We have to develop Objective Reasoning, and when we illuminate the mind we will receive blessings from the Spirit.

ImageAlchemically, there exist the Bad thief and Good thief – Agathos is the Good thief, the Will-Power that takes the sexual energy and the works that we do for God – takes what is his, the consciousness belongs to God. The Good thief takes like Moses takes the people to Israel, takes the parts of the consciousness to the Being.

But the Bad Thief “Cain” pilfers in order to feel powerful, steals the vital values of our five centers and robs when justifying fornication in many psychological ways.

The Bad Thief steals because of envy the good image that the neighbour has of people; he does this through slander, in other words, he places in the mind of the neighbour bad images of those towards whom he feels envy. Thus, in this way, by stealing the prestige of others, he feels psychologically secure in his “Cain” (Bestial Mind) because his “Abel” (Buddhata) is being bottled up in his bestial mind and is a victim of the vanities of the world.

…Abel (the human soul connected to the Atom Nous in the heart) was a keeper of sheep (Igneous Souls), but Cain (the Animal Mind) was a tiller of the ground (Intellectualism, wealth and materialistic positions).

And in process of time it came to pass, that Cain (the Bestial Mind) brought of the fruit of the ground (Intellectualism, wealth and materialistic positions) an offering unto Jehovah Elohim.

And Abel (the human soul connected to the Atom Nous in the heart), he also brought of the firstlings of his flock (Igneous Souls) and of the fat thereof. And Jehovah Elohim had respect unto Abel and to his offering:

But unto Cain (the Bestial Mind) and to his offering he had not respect. - Genesis 4:2-5

One does not reach the High Initiation with the intellect, but with the heart.

Cain, the intellect never attains the Initiation. Only the heart attains the Golgotha of the High Initiation. The majority of people have their heads (Cain) filled with absurd theories and ancestral prejudices; they do not open their minds to anything new.

In the world there have not been worst thieves than our own minds.

Let us quote Samael Aun Weor:

The Psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud should be studied in order to know the first notions of sexuality in relation with the mind.

Some believe that by playing sports, riding horses or by selecting other sensations, they will get that which pompously is called “the newest conceptions,” “mental erudition,” “aristocracy of intelligence,” and spiritual rebirth.

How can an individual degenerated by the morbidity of carnal passion talk of having a methodical life and complete attention?

How can an individual whose Mental Body still has not been transformed by the Transformation Atoms talk about associations of ideas and of longings?

How can someone who has yet to have the Master Atom on his throne talk of having mental expansion?

How can the oversexed person talk of having a creative mind?

Do they not know that the thoughts which are not penetrated by the Determinative Energy of Nature (sexual energy) become disintegrated?

Do they ignore that the Determinative Energy is the sexual force?

How can an individual whose pineal gland is atrophied because of fornication talk of having courage, willpower, and triumph?

Is it perhaps that the intimate existent relationship between the pineal gland and the sexual glands is unknown, and also because the pineal gland is the messenger of the center of thought?

How can an individual whose brain is weakened, because of the vice of coitus, talk of mental concentration?

How can an individual who has not re-encountered himself and who has become far away from his Innermost due to black magic, talk about personal satisfaction and of being sufficient in oneself?

How can a weak soul be sufficient in itself?

Do they not realize that the souls who are far away from the Innermost are weak souls?

The mind is divided into concrete mind and abstract mind.

The critique of practical reasoning is one thing and the critique of pure reasoning is another.

The contextual concepts which belong to the critic of practical reasoning are based upon experiences of external sensorial perceptions.  Yet, the contextual concepts which belong to the critic of pure reasoning are nourished with prompt ideas and intuition.

The philosophy of Mr. Emmanuel Kant, the great philosopher from Koenissberg, is totally ignored.

Therefore, the systems of “control” and of selection of sensations yearn only for enslaving the disciples of the critic of practical reasoning and the disciples of the inferior mind and concrete mind.  Those systems are nothing but pure and legitimate black magic.  To convert the disciple into a slave of the exterior sensations and into a black magician is the outcome of such systems.

The Brahma-Vidya is the mind of the Innermost.

The mind of the Innermost becomes the fruit or extract of all of the experiences acquired with the Mental Body.

The Brahma-Vidya becomes the aureole body of victory, mentioned in the book The Dayspring of Youth.

The mind as a mind is one thing and the mind as an instrument is another.  The great cosmic illuminations are the outcome of the momentous unions of Brahma-vidya with the Mental Body.  Thus the soul, united with its Innermost, is submerged within the great soul of the world, within Emerson’s “super-soul” and perceives all of the macro-cosmic marvels.  Yet, in order to achieve these marvels, the opening of the eye of Dangma is necessary.  This eye is intuition.

The one who is already intuitive is so because he has a specially constructed Mental Body.  The nucleus from such a mind is a circle of a resplendent violet color.  Within the book Azug, the mind which is thus organized is called “Damiorfla.”

A Damiorfla person does not bend himself before the potencies of evil, neither is he a slave of maya (illusion).

Whosoever wants to study the book of oriental wisdom entitled Azug has first of all to submit himself to great and terrible Initiatic ordeals.  I received this book from the hands of the authentic Master of wisdom Kout Humi (K. H.).

So, the system of selecting sensations and piercing the mind with “controls” and more mind controls everyday, only achieves to enslave the disciple to his animal mind and to his no less fatalistic intellect.  All of this is nothing but black magic.  The only thing which is achieved with these tenebrous teachings is the total separation of the Monad and the personality.  Hence, the person ends up despising his Monad and rendering cult to his Guardian of the Threshold, to his internal beast.

Reasoning is one thing and intuition is another.  Reasoning only nourishes itself with external sensorial perceptions (by means of the senses it perceives or receives impressions and then produces sensations).  Thus, reasoning ends up being negative and limited.

The reasoning person believes that he can attain the truth through the struggle of antithesis, but this struggle only divides the mind and incapacitates its ability to comprehend the truth.

The intuitive person knows how to listen only to the voice of the silence.  Thus, within his serene mind, the eternal truths of life are reflected with splendid beauty.

The reasoning person converts his mind into a battlefield filled with prejudices, fears, anxieties, fanaticism, and theories, and his conclusions are always favorable to him.  Yet, such a turbulent lake can never reflect the sun of truth.

The mind of the intuitive one serenely and silently flows very far away from the black struggle of antithesis and from the storm of exclusivity.

The mind of the reasoner is like a ship that only knows how to change harbors.  From these harbors, which are called schools, theories, religions, political parties, etc., he acts and reacts with already established precepts.  A mind like this is a slave of the stagnant energies of life.  Therefore, it ends up with complications and pain.

The children of intuition, as rebellious, high flying eagles, soar towards the sun of the great ineffable truths, free from fear, free from the longing of accumulation, free from sects, religions, schools, social prejudices, fanaticism of flags, anxieties, theories, intellectualism, hatred, selfishness, etc.

The mind of the intuitive one serenely and silently flows as a delectable, crystalline fountain of resplendent beauty within the august thunder of thought.

The Mental Body of the intuitive one is a marvelous vehicle of the Innermost.  The mind of such an intuitive one only acts under the direction of the Innermost.  Hence, from this action emerges right exertion, right thinking, and right feeling.

The human being who only moves himself under the direction of his Innermost in the world is a happy human being because he is far away from many types of complications and conflicts.

In order to reach the ineffable summits of intuition, there is the necessity of integrally living in accordance with the wise teachings brought unto the earth by the Divine Rabbi of Galilee.  Therefore, the teachings of Christ are the teachings which lead us towards the ineffable summits of intuition.

What is interesting is to exactly move ourselves in this physical world in accordance with the wise teachings of the Master.  What is important is to make the teachings of Christ become flesh and blood within ourselves.

Christ did not come in order to found religions.  Christ came so that we could unite ourselves with the Innermost (our eternal Father).

The entire teaching of Christ has the great musical rhythm from the plane of the waves of life, which is the Buddhic or intuitive world.

The mantra Aum Masi Padme Yum develops intuition when it is daily vocalized for ten minutes. This mantra is vocalized as follows: Ooooommmm mmmmaaaa ssssssssiiiiiiiii padddddmeeeee yommmmmm.  This is the mantra of intuition.

The practices of the teaching of Christ awaken the chakra of the heart within us and put into activity the Buddhic or Intuitive body, which leads us towards wisdom and eternal happiness.

Sexual Magic forms part of the teachings which Christ taught to his seventy disciples in secrecy.

While we practice the Christic teachings, the Ethereal (vital) body becomes totally reorganized and its two superior ethers are increased in volume.  Then, a certain center which is formed within the head descends into the heart and organizes a center for the intuition.

A protector net is formed around the Ethereal body when we do not waste our Christic force.  This is how this body remains protected from the exterior currents.  The physical body becomes more fine and also more strong, and even the face is transformed and gains beauty.

The teachings of the Solar Logos operate upon all of our internal bodies, thus converting them into fine instruments of the Innermost.  What is important is to live these teachings in our practical life.

Sadly, many people confuse the cosmic mind with the cosmic consciousness.  The waves of the mind are one thing and the waves of the consciousness are another.

The mind is nourished by the consciousness.

The cosmic consciousness reunites the affine waves of the mind.

The trident symbolizes the triple set of forces of the Transformation Atoms of the mind.

The Mental Body is not the “I.”  The Mental Body is only an instrument of the “I.”  Thus, to pretend to be enslaved by this material instrument is the breaking point of stubbornness.

The mind of the intuitive one is an ineffable chalice filled with beauty.

The mind of the intuitive one is the chalice of the Holy Grail saturated with the blood of the Martyr of Golgotha.

The mind of the intuitive one is the sacred cup of Pleroma, the sacred cup of Samadhi, the liquor of the Gods.  It is the Soma, drunk by the Lords of the Mind.  It is the liquor of love, the Buddhic liquor, which is the wine of light already transmuted within the igneous vessel of the beautiful Helen.  It is the cup of the immortal Gods!  - The Revolution of Beelzebub by Samael Aun Weor