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ImageThere are Twelve Saviors that are related to the twelve Sephiroth, since each Sephiroth is related to a planet that is the physical body of a Logos. A Logos is a Monad that Self-realized the 10 Sephiroth in itself. These Twelve Saviors are also related to the Twelve Constellations.

The Fifth Savior is Samael, the Logos of Mars.

The Buddhata is that fifth aspect or essence that is part of the Human Soul. The Human Soul is that Human Will that has to dominate the fifth center or sexual center of the human machine.

In the Fifth Initiation the Fifth Helper deposits in the mixture (the physical body - Malkuth) his own essence in order to perform the Great Work.

Mars governs the head in Aries and the sex in Scorpio.

In the Fifth Chakra "Vishuddha" the throat, the Fifth of the Seven Logoi has a sword (symbol of the Triangular Solar Tongue of Tonatiuh, the Verb of Saint John that grants the comprehension of the Word, the Verb, the Doctrine of the Synthesis that hurts the perverse egos).

The Fifth Truth teaches the doctrine of the many egos and their Buddhist Decapitation in the Flaming Forge of Vulcan; its motto is Thelema - Willpower.

The Fifth Savior, Samael, has the key of the abysses of the animal mind and a great chain or didactic in order to comprehend and eliminate the Ego.

ImageThe Self-realization of the Being is directly related to the Sephiroth that are related with the planet Mars. The Sephiroth related to the planet Mars on the Tree of Life are Geburah and Gedulah, the Divine Soul and Atman, our Spirit, who together form the Master, the Monad. Our Spirit is a warrior that shines within a fine and transparent cup of alabaster, his Divine Soul. The Monad fights for his Self-realization through his Human Soul, through his human will, in order to liberate all of that parts of himself that are bottled up within those elements that constitute the ego and that dwell in the Infradimensions of nature.

Human derives from:
  • HU: related to the Spirit
  • MAN: from Manas - the mind
When Catholic priests asked the Mayans, "What is God for you; do you have a name for your God?"

The Mayans answered by just sighing, ‘hhhhhhhhhh' - the Breath of Life.

HU is the sound of the wind, the Intimate, the Spirit.

When HUM, the Spirit, is commanding MANAS, the mind, then we have the HUM-Manas, the Human.

Image In the Popol-Vuh, the Sacred Kabbalistic Bible of the Mayan Religion, the Solar Logos, the Ray of Okidanock, the Ain Soph Aur, is named: Heart of Heaven, the Creator, Sculptor, Bearer, Engender, Heart of the Lake, Heart of the Sea and Sovereign Feathered Serpent (Kukulkan).

The Three Primary Forces Kether, Chokmah and Binah are named:
  1. Lightning Hurricane or Holy Affirmation
  2. New Born Lightning or Holy Denying
  3. Lively Lightning or Holy Conciliation
Lightning Hurricane, New Born Lightning and Lively Lightning, who incarnated within each Elohim, begin a dialogue among the Gods or Elohim who descended from the primordial heaven named Heart of Heaven, Heart of the Earth (the Absolute) and during their dialogue they conceive the emergence of the Earth (or Matter) from the sea (or sexual chaos of Daath) along with the sprout of plants and people on its surface. With their will they put in movement a process that they called the "Sowing" and the "Dawning,"

The First Divine Couple that are perpetually united in the Sephirah Daath are named:
"Grandfather of the Day, Grandmother of the Light" or as the Creator and Sculptor named them, these are their names: Xpiyacoc and Xmucane.

Xpiyacoc and Xmucane: Xpiyacoc is the Divine Matchmaker (The Holy Spirit) and therefore the Prior or Divine Priest in any marriage and Xmucane is his Divine Spouse (the Divine Mother Aima Kundalini).

Hunahpu and Xbalanque: the twins or two polarities Ida and Pingala, Yin and Yang.

Chimalmat is the feminine force that can be positive or negative. Chimalmat can be the Divine Mother Kundalini or the Prostitute, the abominable Kundabuffer organ. Chimalmat as prostitute or Kundabuffer organ is the spouse of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw), lust or sexual desire, the Ego, the seven capital sins in the Motor-Instinctual-Sexual Brain.

The Children of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw) are: Zipacna, a monster with the face of a crocodile who boasts of being the maker of mountains, and Kabrakan or Earthquake who boasts of being the destroyer of mountains.

Zipacna dwells within the Intellectual Brain.

Kabrakan or Earthquake, the Evil-Will, dwells in the Emotional Brain.

"Behold, here I am: I am the sun," says Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw).

"Behold, here I am: I am the maker of the earth," says Zipacna.

"On what is concerned to me, I low the sky, I make an avalanche with the whole earth," says Kabrakan or Earthquake.

The children of Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw) are like him and similar to him. They inherited the great insolence and arrogance of their father Vukub Kaquich (Seven Macaw), the Ego.

The Four Solar Bodies that must be created with the seed maíz (symbol of the sexual seed) are:

Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar of the Night, Mahucutah, and True Jaguar: Physical, Astral, Mental and Causal Bodies.

The three aspects of the Monad are: Tohil, Auilix, and Hacauitz: Spirit, Divine Soul and Human Soul, who in the end dwell within the Philosophical Stone.

The underworld, the Infradimensions or the Inferno is named "Xibalba."

Thus, in "Xibalba," the Egyptian Amenti, the Klipoth, the Infradimensions of nature, is where the Initiate, the Son of Man, has to remain for three days and three nights in order to perform the Great Work under the command of his Monad.

This is why we state that the Human Soul is that part of the Monad that has to perform the Great Work, because it is the human consciousness, that part which the Spirit has to control in order to achieve his Self-realization.

So, the consciousness, or that human part, that soul part of the Being, united with the Being is that which we call the Human Being.

When the Human is there with all the Solar Bodies, when the Spirit is united to that Human Soul, to that superior mind that obeys the will of the Spirit, then we have the true warrior.
The true warrior is that Being that fights for his Self-realization.

In each of us, inside of us, we have our animal mind which thinks (not the mind we have been discussing previously which the Superior Manas is). The animal mind is bottled up in the opposites, it is the mind that tries to analyze things. We also have the emotions. But within the mind, the emotions and the physical body, there is something that is pure, something that is part of the HU-MAN, which is the Buddhata, the embryo of the soul, part of the Human Soul.

Paul of Tarsus talks of the "Heavenly Man" = the Hu-Man.

Image The Bibles of India, the Mahabharata, etc., talk of the Heavenly Man, doing battle, performing his Self-realisation. This man or being is Arjuna.

Arjuna is the Hu-Man, that soul or consciousness, or Superior Manas, which is united with the Spirit, who is Atman-Buddhi-Manas, which as a warrior is performing the Self-realization. Arjuna is under the command of Krishna (Christ).

Christ is not the Intimate, Atman, the Monad, but that which is beyond the Monad.

This energy has not individuality as we know it. Master Samael says that Christ was not Jesus, but was incarnated within him, Christ was not Krishna but was incarnated within him; likewise with Buddha, Moses etc. Christ was illuminating Moses on Mount Sinai, Mount Nebo.

The person who incarnates the Christ is precisely what we call the authentic Hu-Man.

Krishna is always with Arjuna, and Arjuna obeys the directives of Krishna in order to win the battle. Krishna is the charioteer who guides the chariot, drawn by four horses, representing the four bodies of the authentic Hu-Man, Physical, Astral, Mental, Causal Bodies, under the command of Arjuna. We do not mention the Vital Body here because the Vital and Physical Bodies are one in the last synthesis.

Arjuna and Krishna in the chariot is that which is called in the Gospels the Son of Man, doing battle, the great struggle of the Self-realization of the Being.

Any type of psychological battle is related to Mars, the Great Work of the Martians, the Warriors. This is the fight of the Will, Will-Power in activity, but this is only possible with the help of Christ, or Krishna, incarnated.

Krishna is that superior consciousness that is advising us in the work we have to do inside. Arjuna is that human part of us that is doing the work. But we have to connect ourselves with that superior part, and therefore we have to work here in the Self-realization.

We have to unite all of the parts of the Being into one.

In other words, in the Bhagavad Gita - when Arjuna is going to start the battle, he gets off the chariot guided by Krishna, and says, "Suddenly my courage is fading when I see all my family and friends in the opposing army, why do I have to fight them?" This invites us to reflect.

The Bhagavad Gita is part of the Mahabharata - the Great (Maha) Warrior (Bharata).

Who is the Great Warrior - it is that person that Self-realises themselves.

When you start doing the work inside of you, you discover that you have to fight against your own psychological aggregates, against things that you love the most, things that you are. This is a type of confusion that emerges in us - we do not know who we are. Sometimes we don't know if we are doing the right thing or the wrong thing - why we are walking on this path, internally or psychologically speaking. This arises because we are identified with the false, with that which has no reality.

Scribes, intellectuals come to Jesus, and ask him "Master, what do we have to do in order to attain the kingdom of Heaven?" - or in other words to enter into the superior dimensions, which is what we want.

Jesus answered, "(all the commandments are synthesised in one commandment:) You have to love your God with all your strength, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and love thy neighbour as thyself."

Who is God? God is something that has no form, but that dwells in every creature. That which has no form cannot have form, bodies. God is omnipresent in each one of us.

"To love thy God..." - we have to love our own Inner God, residing within the profound parts of your consciousness. To love your God is to serve Him.

‘With all your strength...' - we are not talking of physical strength, but of sexual strength.

Strength in Hebrew is written "ON," but it refers to the same strength that Samson (Shemesh-ON) had. In Kabbalah, in the Tree of Life, the name of God in Yesod, which is related with the sexual organs, is El Shaddai - the Almighty God. The Mighty One, the Strong One - the sexual force that is the Holy Spirit.

The Beings related to Yesod are called Cherubim - the Strong Ones.

Upon the top of the Ark of the Alliance, the Ark of the Covenant, there were two Cherubim performing the sexual act. The Strong Ones, those that are related with the sexual strength.

"You shall love your God with all your strength..." - means with your whole sexual strength.

This is why the Hebrews give special attention to the sexual energy, studying this in secret, as all religions do so - it is the energy that can give us a lot of energy, light, if we know how to take advantage of it. And it is related of course to the Motor-Instinctive-Sexual brain that we have.

"With all of your soul..." - the seat of the soul is in the Pineal Gland, this is related with the Self-remembrance of the Being and willpower.

"With all of your mind..." - the vehicle of the mind is the brain, the intellectual brain.

"With all of your heart..." - the vehicle of the Astral Body or emotional body is the heart, the emotional brain.

So we have to love our God with all of our three brains and to remember him while being here and now in the pineal gland.

And in the same level that we love our Being with our three brains and remember him while being here and now in the pineal gland, we have to love our neighbour, as thyself. Thyself is God.

Here is the confusion, the scribes say ‘thyself' is the ego - thus they confuse the ego with the Being.

In Gnostic Psychology we say that the "ourself," myself, the ego, is subjective, negative. We are identified with the pluralized ego, which is the opposite of the Being. The Being is the positive part of us, but we swap the ego for the Being.

Our three brains are in relation to lust, envy, pride, gluttony etc, this is why we take this as our-self. The ego is not the Thyself of the Gospels.

We love ourselves, our ego, very much.

When we think, it is the ego the one that thinking through the mind.

When we feel, it is the ego that feels through our heart, but we think it is our consciousness, our soul.

In the sex, any activity that we have is in relation to the ego.

This is the problem - we are so far from recognising our own Being, our own God, that we see incorrectly. We love our ego, our lust, anger etc.

To love our Being with all our three brains implies an activity of Thelema (willpower), which is Self-realization: a constant battle, in which you have to remember God.

The consciousness has to perform a super-effort to remember God - not just to have a memory in the mind, or an image, but to do the work - Self contemplation.

That attitude in the moment when there is a lot of ego activity and we have to stop and contemplate in order that the Being is there in the three brains.

"To love thy God with all thy strength, heart, mind and soul..." is to remember God and have God in all three brains acting, guiding you. You have to worship him, with your body as a temple. Contemplation is to have God in your three brains, which is part of meditation, a tool for Self-realization. Deliver your three brains to your God - contemplate (remember him).

"Because thine is the Kingdom" - the physical body.

Who is your neighbour? Everyone. But not the ego of your neighbour - the God of your neighbour.

You see the God of your neighbour as you work. Every single person is the vehicle of a God. Every one is a star.

We have to respect the Gods - and there are many levels among the Gods. There are many Gods in people that do not care about Self-realisation, they don't want to awaken. There are many Monads, Gods in people that want to work, and they have awakened already, and these Monads are controlling the forces in nature - they really are Gods.

"You shall love your Inner God by contmeplating him in your pineal gland with all your Motor-Instinctive-Sexual Brain, your Emotional Brain, your Intellectual Brain, and you shall love the Gods that are inside of your neighbours in the same way that you love your Inner God."
This implies psychological work.

This is why Arjuna under the direction of Krishna is killing his relatives. But he loves his relatives, the God in them, but he doesn't love that ego inside of them.

We have to be against all the unfaithful or unbelievers, these are all of our egos. We have to drink their "blood," which is the fire or energy that we have to take out of them.

In our three brains we find sub-consciousness, un-consciousness, infra-consciousness, that part in which the consciousness of the Being is bottled up, the Buddhata, which we have to liberate.

To liberate the Being is to perform the Mahabharata - there are many parts that we ignore, and many parts that we know.

The only way to win this battle is with the help of Christ. This is why we have to work with Christ. Remember that Christ is an energy that we have to control and manage in the three brains.

The whole work is divided into three factors, related to the three brains.

The false and correct function of the three brains is a matter of study that we have to do in all our life.

Of course, to remember God is indispensable, to be here and now.

Most of the time we are identified with the false part of ourselves.

Image When we study the Ray of Creation we discover that in any cosmos there are many laws:

In the first cosmos there is only one atom of the Father, and therefore only one Law - the life there is freedom, liberty, happiness. The one Law of the Father is fulfilled and that law is Truth.

But in the second cosmos this law is divided into three, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, even though we still find freedom and happiness there.

In the third cosmos, the laws are multiplied, and we have six laws, six wills in different directions, and mechanicity begins.

Then twelve laws, and more mechanicity, related with the mind.

Then 24 laws related with the astral world.

Then 48 laws related with the physical world.

Imagine that the Will of the Absolute is divided into 48 parts. Every activity of each part, in intellectual terms, takes a certain time.

That's why in this world, time is slower in comparison with the astral world.

There is no time in the world of the Absolute - all there is just the Will of God.

48 laws means many complications.

As the Ray descends, time increases with the increased laws, increased mechanicity.

In the Fifth Sphere of the Inferno there are 480 laws, or wills - imagine our complicated 48-law life, and how much harder will be this sphere of hell.

This is the Hell of Mars.

Time in hell is very slow; every activity is tedious, boring, painful.

Here we find those defects related to pride, vanity, self-conceit, self-importance, self-pity, self-esteem. All of those defects in which we feel ourselves. If we observe our-self we find that those defects that we feel that we are, are those defects related to pride, vanity, self-esteem, self-importance, self-sufficiency etc. The parts of the ego that you feel you have to defend - and we do defend those parts, even with our own physical life.

This is what Arjuna felt in front of Krishna - "What? To kill my self-esteem, my pride? And now I am really discouraged, because this is something that I love the most." This is what we do. This is why it is very rare to find Self-realised people. Even though we talk about this, we find we don't like to hear it.

The ego in us tries to push aside this knowledge, tries to make us feel tired, or want to do something else, because it is against it.

You feel bad, but you have to fight against this, with the goal of awakening. Awakening to see the reality that you are not that, to see the real you, that you are the Being. But you don't know your Being - this is the problem.

In every part of the world there are many groups where people want to Self-realise but in reality what they want to do is Self-realise the ego, and not the Self. They think that the ego is the Self.

The psychologists in these times are asleep. They do not know their own reality. They think that self-esteem is good, that pride is good, that vanity is good, but really it is the opposite. They think this way because they do not know themselves, they do not know their Inner God, the Divine, the reality within themselves.

The same as with Arjuna - when he is in front of the part of him that he has to kill, he is doubting. He is inside of us.

We identify with our race, our sex, our nationality etc.

All of these things are transient, mental forms, nothing is eternal in this physical world. Everything passes but we are attached to these things, even to the extent of making wars.

Flags and their mottoes - all of these are related with pride, with inheritance, with ‘my blood' etc.

My knowledge, the traditions of my family accumulated over centuries etc - to kill that is very difficult.

We have to forget all of that completely in the 49 levels of the mind, get rid of it totally, in order to find our reality.

"Who are you?"

We have to kill every psychological aggregate inside of ourselves. This is our psychological duty.

There are people completely divorced from their Being, completely self-sufficient, self-important.

If you forget your God, and are not in contemplation from moment to moment, then you are being self-sufficient, feeling that you can do without God.

So in order not to be self-sufficient you have to remember God and allow him to guide you from instant to instant, from second to second. We don't do this.

If the Being is not there acting, then we have self-sufficiency acting there.

When we do things and don't consult God then we are being self-important.

Self-importance, self-sufficiency are parts of pride.

When we are offended by people we say "Don't tell me that, you are hurting me." God is indifferent before praise and slander. It is your ego, self-esteem, self-love, that is hurt, offended. You build resentment, the result of hurt self-esteem. Re-sentiment - a feeling inside of you. You want this feeling of people treating you nicely again, and so you are demanding this feeling of the people again. Resentment is part of pride.

If you don't receive this nice feeling then next you hate the person, because you don't feel love inside you for the person. You are refusing to feel love for them because they refuse to give you what you want to feel in your heart - and this is hatred, the opposite of love.

Anyone who hates is against the Lord, the Christ, who is Love. We sin against the Son when we hate.

To not resent, not to be identified with your self-esteem, to love your enemy, the person that hurts you, who doesn't feed your ego, is to work against your family, against your relatives, the ones who you love the most, in other words, your egos of pride, vanity, self-esteem, resentment etc.

This is how the consciousness awakens. When we annihilate all this, then we are awakening to the truth of our Being. Most people do not care about this - they think that they will be saved with beliefs.

To see the internal worlds we need our internal senses, we need to awaken our Buddhata, implying activity, will-power, self-contemplation etc.

The Buddhata is bottled up into the false, the ego, and if the work is not performed, then the Buddhata descends into the infernos. The Buddhata successively descends through the circles of hell, staying in these regions until the specific karmas are paid, and then descending again, until reaching the Fifth Circle.

That soul then faces this reality that we are discussing above, but now in the negative way. The Buddhata starts to awake in the evil and for the evil - not in the way that we are explaining in the Self-realisation of the Being, but in the failed way. The Buddhata has to face all of its own creations, hatred, anger, self-esteem, pride, fear.. The soul faces this in hell in the Fifth Sphere.

Whether you like it or not, you have to awaken the consciousness. And you will awaken it, either here positively, in the Solar Way to attain Self-realisation and wisdom, or, if you do not choose this path, then you will awaken in hell, in Klipoth.

In the Fifth Sphere the consciousness starts to awaken in evil and for evil, by knowing its own insane reality.

To be cognizant of all the different evil parts within which the essence is divided and bottled up, to recognise that is a hell - it is an activity that is taking place in a world of 480 laws, and it is a very slow process. Here it is slow, but there it is infernally slow, in which the catabolic forces of nature take place.

Catabolism - the forces that act downwards spreading apart all the parts of one thing because of pressure.

Part of you is bottled up in one aggregate of fear - and it is scared, because behind is an assassin (another of your egos), and this assassin is chasing the aggregate of fear and is going to kill him - and all of this process is happening in this circle of hell. The essence escapes. The fear is you, the murderer is you. The aggregate of fear is becoming conscious of the aggregate of murder (the assassin), and the murderer is burning up with hatred.

Your aggregate of curiosity is watching, which is you as well - "What is the fear going to do?"

Many parts of you are watching this - some parts say; "That's un-Godly!," other parts say, "Yeah, kill him!!"

Many, many parts of ourselves - this is insanity, hell, feeling all of these parts of ourselves at once.

This is similar to the circus mirrors, where we see ourselves as fat, short, tall, thin etc. but we feel this all at once - we become aware of every single psychological aggregate that we have.
The catabolic forces of Mars will force the soul to realize their own hell.

When we are here trying to see part of ourselves, and we are scared, or ashamed of part of ourselves, imagine in this circle that we are aware of it all, all our beasts of hell.

In that sphere of Klipoth the souls became ashamed of the degenerate sexual aggregates that they have in the depths of their soul. They look like beasts, look at the way they are behaving, look at what they are doing - meanwhile it is you that is doing that. And you are seeing the other parts of you looking at you while you are doing that, and there is also shame, fear etc.

Every single sin that you do, you are performing it then and there - not like here where we analyse one single part at a time, but there it is all at once, every moment, performing it in hell.

In all this confusion you see other souls doing the same, dealing with their insanity, and you have that all around you. You have everyone-elses hell as well all around you.

You awake to your own insane reality, which is really hell. And your Intimate, your Spirit, is not there. Here, physically, when we do the work in the Solar Way we have our Intimate helping us, pulling us from our defects, in order to be one with Him. But when we are a failure, down there, God is only waiting until you disintegrate; you have to descend into more and more spheres in order to pay your karma. Only then can you see your Being, your Spirit.

But when you enter hell, you can forget about your Being, because you are divorced from your Being, and nature will do what you didn't do, only nature does it without your Inner God helping you.

To work properly here, we first become aware of ourselves, examining our moods, thoughts, in meditation. That part that has to do this is your Intimate, you have to remember your Intimate, and to study your internal hell.

Kabbalistic Analysis of The Mahabharata:

Image The Pandava - the five, are related to the human part, or that conscious part of the bodies.

Bima - the very strong one, is related with the physical body, all the strength, all the energy that we need to perform the work is in the physical body.

The Twins -Sahadeva and Najuda - represent Jakin and Boaz in Kabbalah, the Astral and Mental Bodies, Hod and Netzach. The twins who in the Old Testament are called Isiah and Jacob - the mind and the emotion.

The Vital Body is represented by Bakim, the one who has to be the King, who is going to inherit the kingdom, the elder of the brothers, the son of Darma. He is represented in Buddhism as the Bodhicitta, which is when the consciousness completely awakens, and then the Bodhicitta, which is the Buddhata itself, takes over us. But that Buddhata is related with the Vital Body, with the superior part of the physical body.

The Causal Body is Arjuna.

The Pandava are the five bodies of the human being, and they have to fight, all the parts have to fight against their relatives.

Part of the consciousness is inside the relatives, bottled up in the egos, inside the anger, lust, gluttony etc. - which is part of us. But who has the Kingdom right now? Who controls the Kingdom (Malkuth) now? The egos of lust, anger, laziness etc. And not the superior parts, therefore we need to kill them and take over the Kingdom.

The King is blind. Everything happens in us, in the Kingdom, without us noticing it. The King is blind, and also the Queen.

This is related to the transformation that we have to perform, the Great Work, that is why it is called the Mahabarata, the Great Battle, the Great Warrior.

If we don't do this we will awaken in Hell anyway.

People say "I don't believe I hell, the inferno doesn't exist" etc. When they reach the Fifth level of hell, they will KNOW that it exists, in their own consciousness. Then they will realise their mistake, but too late.

Let us read what the gospels say about the Ego and the Infradimensions:

Luke, chapter 8: 26 - 39:
"And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes (from Klipoth), which is over against the Sea of Galilee (or the inverted Yesod).

Image "And when he (from the boat of Charon) went forth to land, there met him out of the city (of Dis) a certain man (or soul), which had devils long time, and ware no (solar) clothes, neither abode in any (human) house, but in the (49 Infradimensional) tombs (of the mind).

"When he saw Jesus (the Internal Savior), he cried out (IIIIAAAOOOO), and fell down before him (adoring him), and with a loud voice said, what have I to do with thee, (IEOUA, pentagrammaton) Jesus (Cosmic Christ, Solar Fire), thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not (in this deep spheres of hell or Klipoth).

"For he (IEOUA, the Pentagrammaton, Jesus the Cosmic Christ, Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), had commanded the unclean spirit (or Ego) to come out of the (physical body of the) man (by saying KRRRIIIMMM). For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with (conjurations and) chains and in (esoteric) fetters; and he brake the bands (of his mind), and was driven of the devil (or ego) into the wilderness (of insanity).

"And Jesus asked him (while in profound meditation), saying, what is thy name? And he (the ego) said, Legion (of egos): because many devils (or psychological aggregates) were entered into him.

"And they (the devilish egos) besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep (of the Infradimensions of Klipoth yet).

"And there was there a herd of many swine (or devolving animas or animals) feeding on the (intellectual) mountain (of reasoning): and they besought him that he would suffer them to enter into them. And he suffered them.

"Then went the devils (or egos) out of the (psyche of the) man, and entered into the swine (in order to continue with their filthy fornication and bestial desires): and the herd ran violently down (into) a (devolving) steep place into the lake (of sexual degeneration), and were choked (with their own sexual putrefaction).

"When they (the Intellectual animals) that fed them (the egos of the animal intellect) saw what was (psychologically) done, they fled, and went and told (about the doctrine of the many egos) in the city and in the country.

"Then they went out to see what was done; and came to (IEOUA) Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), and found the man (or Initiate), out of whom the devils (or seven capital sins) were departed, sitting (on the cubic Stone of Yesod) at the feet of Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior), clothed (with the Solar Bodies), and in his right mind (with his awakened consciousness): and they were afraid (of loosing their business with the souls).

"They also which saw (or comprehended) it told them (the false guides, etc., those who make business with the souls) by what means (or doctrine) he that was possessed of the devils was healed.

"Then the whole multitude of the country of the Gadarenes round about (Klipoth) besought him to depart from them (from their infernal places); for they were taken with great fear: and he went up into the ship (of Charon), and returned back again (into the superior dimensions of the tree of life).

"Now the man out of whom the devils were departed besought him that he might be with him (in Nirvana): but Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior) sent him away (in the Direct Path), saying,

"Return (to the physical world) to thine own house, and (sacrifice yourself for your fellow men) shew (to all of humanity) how great things God (the Solar Logos) hath done unto thee. And he went his way, and published (the doctrine of the many egos) throughout the whole city and how great things Jesus (the Cosmic Christ, the Solar Fire, the Internal Savior) had done unto him."