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“There are two types of Kabbalists: intellectual Kabbalists and intuitive Kabbalists. The intellectual Kabbalists are Black Magicians, whilst the intuitive Kabbalists are White Magicians.” - Samael Aun Weor

In today’s lecture, we are going to make an emphasis in our physiology, our physicality. Specifically, in relation with the Lord Christ; knowing that the Lord is not a person, but an energy, a force like electricity. The Lord indeed is the light that fills the endless space within which we find all souls.

That substance that is called “the mother,” that Gurdjieff in his book named “Etherokrilno,” is what in Hinduism is called the Akasha; it is the substance that contains the light, or that is fecundated by the light.

Our physical body is composed of over 70% water. If you cut your flesh the first thing that comes is fluid. Think about that... indeed, in our body even though it looks solid, we have many fluids inside. It is the same way for the Earth. When we look at any planet from space, especially our planet Earth, we think of something solid, but indeed all the planets have water.

The Earth has water above and water below. The water above, of course, is in the atmosphere. When you hear the thunder before any rain, you know that the water will fall from the sky. This is because water exists in different levels: as liquid, we find it in the seas, the oceans, rivers; as gas, in the clouds; and as a solid, we usually find it in the poles, the ice caps.

Water is indeed a main element that serves as a channel for the Law of Seven and the Law of Three that we mentioned in previous lectures, and as they relate with the cosmic common Trogoautoegocrat Law, which governs the universe. This law relates with the Law of Three and the Law of Seven. When we talk about the Cosmic Common Trogoautoegocrat, it is the law of “to swallow and to be swallowed”; we have to face ourselves not only physically, but psychologically and spiritually. 

Since we are in this physical world, we have to start studying the physical body, which is “Hyle” as they called it in Greek. We explained in previous lecture how we eat, how we nourish ourselves through three methods: through the mouth, through the nose, and through the impressions that we receive through the senses. We also talked about the law of Three and the law of Seven, from the macrocosmic and microcosmic standpoints.

The law of the Lord, which is the first law, states: “I am the Light I am the life I am the path.” That is why we quoted two paragraphs of the Gospels. The first one that we read is:

“And He said to them all”

We have to understand that when we read “And He said to them all” or when the Gospel are talking about Jesus Christ let us bear in mind that we are not talking about Jesus Christ of 2000 years ago, but the Lord, the carrier of the light that is INRI, that was incarnated in Jesus.

When we talk about the Lord the Christ, we see him as without form, diluted in space as energy that could become light that we can see, and light that we cannot see. So, the Lord is divided in many parts, but that work to become worthy of inheriting that light is a work that we have to perform within ourselves.

We who are at the level of the intellectual animal, possess three brains. We are the only creatures on this planet that have the capabilities of becoming vehicles of the light, to become Christified in other words, just as Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated 2000 years ago.  When he was talking, it was the Lord talking through him, because he was a vessel of that light that the gospels call the Word, the Son of God. 

Understanding this, we know that God is not a person, but a force, an energy which is the abstract absolute space; the first emanation of that abstract absolute space is the light, which we call the Son, but is also the Word. Remember that it is also written:

“In the beginning it was the word, the word was with God and the word was God” – John 1: 1

So, the Word, the solar light, the Son is the life that enters into our organism.

If we perform the work, then we become Christified, like Jesus, like Muhammad, like Krishna, like Quetzalcoatl, like Quan Yin. If you inquire into many different religions, you will find these types of individuals that performed the work in themselves and therefore became vessels of that light.

The master Jesus of Nazareth came to show, with his own life, what it is that we must do, in order for us to become like him or like any other Christified adept. What the Lord said, through the lips of Master Jesus, is related with this Alchemical Kabbalistic Christ; it is related with the way in which we manage the forces in our organism. That is why when the gospel said: “And He said to them all”

Just picture Christ to comprehend, because it is not the personality of the Master Jesus of Nazareth that we are talking about here, but Christ the light, Christ is the life, Christ is the path, that is there talking, that is there becoming human.


Here is something that will help us to understand this: the son of God is Christ, is INRI, but when somebody realizes the fire within, when someone incarnates that force within themselves, they become Moses, the son of man. As it is writen:

"And no (rich) man has ascended up to the heavens (HaShamayim השמים), but he (Who Moses, Mi Moshe מי-משה?) that came down from the heavens (HaShamayim השמים), even the Son of man (Who Moses, Mi Moshe מי-משה?) which is in the heavens (HaShamayim השמים of Tiphereth, the causal world).

And as (through Brith-Esh ברית-אש) Moses lifted up the (brazen) serpent (kundalini) in the wilderness (bamidbar במדבר), even so (through Brith-Esh ברית-אש) must the Son of man (Who Moses, Mi Moshe מי-משה? Yes, Moses as the body of willpower) be lifted up (in HaShamayim השמים that is Mi Moshe מי-משה backwards, in the heavens of Tiphereth, the causal world)." - John 3: 13, 14

Burning Bush

So, behold that the son of man is Moses, that man, that superior manas, that human being, that human soul, that willpower that incarnates INRI in the burning bush. So, when that Universal Cosmic Christ, that force, becomes human, that force becomes Moses, the son of man; but, that son of man is Krishna, that son of man is Buddha, that son of man is Samael Aun Weor, that son of man is Quetzalcoatl, Quan Yin and many others great masters, who with their life gave that light to humanity. So, INRI said:

“If any man will come after me let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me.” – Luke 9: 23

We are going to explain about this taking of the cross daily, not every week, but daily. In order to understand this statement kabbalistically, we have to address the seven days of Genesis. The word “daily” relates with the seven days of Genesis. Remember that when we celebrate the passion of the Lord every year, sometime in March or April… well, here in the United States, we celebrate only Holy Fridays, sometimes Holy Thursday, but in the south it is the whole week. All seven days are holy, because those seven days symbolized the seven days of Genesis, which are related with the law of Heptaparaparshinock which are very well addressed in the book of Revelation.

We have to emphasize that it is to take “up” the cross... not down, but up. The Stauros σταυρóς in Greek is symbolized by a pole. But, for the Stauros to be vertical it has to be inserted in the Cteïs. The Cteïs was like a pedestal where the Stauros was inserted in order to hold it, so that pedestal or Cteïs in this case symbolizes the earth.

The earth itself as we explained is Malkuth מלכות (the kingdom in Kabbalah), which is feminine. When we inserted this Stauros in the earth, we are forming a cross. In this case, if you visualize the horizontal line is the earth, you will see how the Stauros represent the phallus, it is a phallic symbol, and the earth, the Cteïs represent the vagina.

People are scandalized when they discover that the cross is a symbol of genitalia. Some fanatic sects of this day and age preach that the Lord was not crucified on a cross, because it is symbol of the phallus and the vagina, but that the Lord was nailed on a Stauros which is a vertical pole. Unfortunately, what they do not realize is that, in order for the Stauros to be vertical it has to be inserted in the earth and that this insertion forms a cross.

So, not matter what they want to believe, they cannot avoid the true nature of the cross. The truth is always present there, because the Lord is activated through the cross. In other words, through the union of the masculine and feminine forces, positive and negative forces, the third force emerges. That is why you find that in the cross is the human being crucified, because the female is the Cteïs, and the male is the Stauros.

The outcome of the cross in its higher aspect is HaAdam האדם, the true human being. Here, at this level, we understand that we are the outcome of the physical union of our mother and father. The phallus, the Stauros of our father penetrated the earth, our mother in the ninth sphere (Yesod, sex).

In many lectures we say that the physical body is represented by Malkuth מלכות, the kingdom, the earth, and is feminine, and it is true. But, if we want to visualize the earth represented in human form, it is in the form of the women. This is because the females have more of the earth than the male, because within her womb which is inside her body is where the life is built.

The same way that the solar light penetrates into the earth, and from it emerges life, nutrients which nourish the foods of the earth with life, likewise, in order for the intellectual animal to ripen their fruits, we have to fill our earth with that solar light. Thus, if we want to enter into the kingdom of heaven we have to go into the ninth sphere. That ninth sphere is the Cteïs where the Lord (as solar light) penetrates in order to give life to the planet. So, when the man penetrates the woman he is entering into her particular individual ninth sphere, which is inside her. To enter into the ninth sphere is to, in the words of some, go into hell in order to steal the fire from the devil.

Talking about the water among the many symbols related with the cross, the water as you know is the crossing of three atoms: two of hydrogen and one of oxygen. The number two is always feminine and the number one is always masculine; when they interpenetrate or join, they cross, they make the water, so we can see the cross as a symbol in many ways. That is why it is stated that we have to take up our cross daily. Meaning, that we have to take up this crossing of forces because the Lord emerges from the cross.

 “And whosoever does not take their cross and follow me or go after me is not worthy of me.” – Matthew 10: 38


That cross is working with the two polarities as we see in the graphic; the crossing of what we call in Hinduism, Ida and Pingala, which are the left and the right of our physiology. It is from the combination of the two forces that the light emerges.

When you unite one negative wire with one positive you have light. The Lord is the light, but the light in different levels or voltages.

In the next graphic we find the quotation that says:

“And this is the condemnation that light has come to the world (this world is our physicality microcosmic physicality) and men loves darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” - John 3:19

When we read this quotation, we find ourselves asking, “What is the darkness?” We know that after the sunset, darkness appears and there are many people that celebrate this darkness. There are many types of darkness, but the darkness that we are talking about here is related with the cross and it is because the Lord is crucified between the good thief in the right and the bad thief in the left, as we explained in the previous lecture.

The right is Pingala, and the left is Ida, and we have that in our physicality. Pingala is related with the head, with the brain, with Adam אדם, but Ida relates to the woman Eve the sexual organ; remember that Chavah, Eve חוה is called the mother of all living (אם כל־חי).

Without Eve, without a sexual organ, we cannot procreate or multiply. So, the thief in the left is related to Eve, Ida and the one on the right to Pingala, but both of them work with the two polarities, because they are on the cross, on this Stauros and in the middle is the Lord, the light. In other words, we can say that the people on the right are working with the light, and the people on the left are working with the darkness.

Now, the main thing to remember is that the Stauros is inserted in Malkuth מלכות (the earth), and what is inside the earth, psychologically speaking? The infradimensions, which in Kabbalah are called Klipoth קליפות.

tree of life back of body

This is why if you look at the 7th graphic, you find Malkuth מלכות in the coccyx and beneath it is Klipoth קליפות, the infernal worlds; above is the Tree of Life, the spinal column, the energy of the Lord that descends from above, from the Ain Soph Aur, which is the Solar Absolute, through the ray of creation goes down into Klipoth קליפות, thanks to Ida which is govern by the moon. Remember that Klipoth קליפות is governed by the moon. It is written that after the fall of Adam into Klipoth קליפות, he had two wives Lilith and Nahemah. Lilith is called night, which is the darkness that the verse “people love more darkness (Lilith) than light” is talking about.

People love more darkness than light, because when the individual fornicates, when the individual ejaculates their semen, or they reach the orgasm then the fire that descends from above, goes down to Klipoth קליפות to darkness, through Ida. Then, the light of the Lord is cast out, and instead of that light, an infrared light enters into us, which is darkness related with the moon with Naamah נעמה, Nahemah נחמה or Nahemad נחמד which means “pleasure.”

So, in synthesis, these Hebrew words Naamah נעמה, Nahemah נחמה or Nahemad נחמד, mean pleasure. What type of pleasure? Pleasure of the sexual act, of course; like an animal, the light descends and forms the tail that goes from Malkuth מלכות down to Klipoth קליפות, that is darkness, so that is why is written:

“And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.” – John 3: 19

Because deeds happen daily, you see daily with what we eat, with what we breathe, in our brain with impressions, all of that is transformed into what we call spermatozoid and ovum, the seed in our human organism, the seed is where the Lord as light as life is in our organism.

If, during the moment of the sexual act we spill, we eject that seed within which the Lord is waiting in order to awake in us as light, obviously, we lose the light and we enter into darkness which is ignorance.

Master Samael Aun Weor in his book “The Revolution of Beelzebub” wrote:

“The cerebral spinal fluid and the semen are the two poles of the sexual energy”

So, we have two fluids in our physical organism: the cerebral spinal fluid relates with Pingala, but the semen which is another fluid in our organism is related with Ida. This is Adam and Eve in our organism.

An angel has both of these two poles directed upward, toward his head. But common and ordinary human beings and demons have one pole upward and the other downward; in this scenario Pingala is up and Ida is down. They form the brain with one pole and they fornicate with the other pole.

When we fornicate, the type of intellect or reasoning that we develop is subjective. Why subjective? Because the type of reasoning that we develop relates with the infra-dimensions which are ‘subjective, from subiectus "lying under, below, near bordering on,’ this type of reasoning is not “up,” elevated, superior but “sub,” inferior, below in Klipoth קליפות. In other words, all the vibrations, all of that which is related to darkness, to Lilith and Nahemah, goes into the brain and develops the subjective reasoning, related with the five senses. This is precisely the type of intellect or reasoning that this humanity has in this day and age.

The more they fornicate the more they develop their subjective reasoning. The Kundalini of an angel goes upwards, yet the devil’s Kundabuffer goes downwards. This is related with the law of Heptaparaparshinockh, the law of seven, because remember that in the spinal column we have the seven churches, the seven chakras.

We talked extensively about the notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si in the previously lecture related, with the Harnel-miatznel in which the two polarities Pingala and Ida cross in our body with the practice of Tantra, which leads to the awakening of the seven churches in the seven levels. These churches are related with the Tree of Life, as we see in the graphic: seven up, seven down with the seven that we mentioned here relate to the seven lower sephiroth of the Tree of Life and the three primary forces in the brain.

When the human being transmutes their sexual energies, they alchemically extract the light which is in the sperm and the ovum; then, the light emerges in the Sushumna canal, which is the spinal medulla. Pingala is the father, Ida is the mother, and Sushumna is the son. The fire of Sushumna is that which awakens the seven churches, the seven chakras, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si.

Chakras Spinning Harnel miatznel2

However, when the individual, instead of transmuting, fornicates and practices animal sex then the light descends and activates the seven lower chakras of the lower abdomen which Muhammad talks about; he says that there are seven doors of hell, which are the seven magnetic forces related with Harnel-miatznel descending in the tail of satan, the seven lower chakras.

There are many individuals that know how to activate those chakras and become as they say between quotation “Psychic” with the ego very fat inside. That is easy to develop that type of psychic powers, but related only to Klipoth, the chakras rotating backward or counterclockwise: that is the Harnel-miatznel, the Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, going down to Klipoth קליפות.

That is why certain individuals who have developed intellect, when they discover esotericism, they start practicing black Tantra which is practices of sexual magic with ejaculation, with the orgasm, without renouncing the animal, because they love more darkness than light. Those types of individuals become thieves of the left, individuals know about Tantra that know about the cross, the mysteries of the two polarities in the physical body but they are awakened negatively in Klipoth קליפות and that is why that it is very clear there in the second graphic that the Lord says:

“And man (manas, mind) love darkness rather than the light, because their deeds were evil.”

Their sexual deeds were related with Klipoth. It is easier to be awaken in the negative way than in the positive way. Everyone that performs evil, that fornicates, they hate the light; but, when you work on this path of the cross in order to awaken the Kundalini, the Sushumna, the son of God within you, then of course you will have to fight, because the first command of the Lord that says:

“Whosoever wants to come after me deny himself.” – Matthew 16: 24

To deny oneself is to deny our own animality. That is not easy. It is easier to love darkness than the light. But, when you do that, when you start performing what you have to do with the cross, then you understand that your previous deeds were evil.

That is why after that he said:

“But he that does truth comes to the light, but his deed may be made manifest that they are work in God.” – John 3: 21

When we love the truth and we want to become vehicles of the Lord, obviously our deeds of the past are shown when we start working with the light and the light sees that we were fornicators, adulterers, and with all of those different vices within. So, our deeds, our evil deeds are shown clearly, that is why when we enter this path, we are not presuming of being saints, that we are holy, and the rest are evil. No!

We are awakening the light of the Lord in the positive manner, and because of this, we are aware of our evil, of our ego that we have within and that presently we are always in front of the light and the light sees that. That is why we have to deny ourselves through the techniques that we know, namely, meditation, in order to walk ahead.

Those that love the darkness, and who know that their deeds are evil before the light, and who do not want to have their deeds to be reproved by the light, those are people that knowing this path, they think that they will enter into heaven while fornicating.

This is because they believe in what is written in the Gospels: that they will go into the rapture with their subjective reasoning that they fortified with their fornication. They believe as Pharisees that will enter into heaven. That is precisely the point, because they do not want to go into the light, into the right path. That is why the thief in the left say:

“You who are going to destroy the temple and build it in three days, save yourself! Come down from the cross, if you are the Son of God!” – Matthew 27: 40

What is that statement? “If you are really the son God do not practice that, you are all powerful, you are all mightily, the son of the highest. Why are you practicing that?”

It is because, he is a filthy fornicator, like an animal, and he does not want to renounce his darkness, which he loves. Then the thief in the right says:

“Dost not thou fear God, seeing thou art in the same condemnation? And we indeed justly; for we receive the due reward of our deeds: but this man (who is INRI, who carries the light, the fire that we expend as we please) hath done nothing amiss. And he said unto Jesus, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom. And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, To day shalt thou be with me in paradise.” - Luke 23: 40-43

And then he says “Lord, well, I am also a thief, but you know I am meditating and annihilating my ego and I am with you, walking in a positive way. Remember me when you come into thy Kingdom. Your kingdom which is Malkuth מלכות.” And the Lord says to the good thief: “I tell you that today, today, not tomorrow, not yesterday, today, you will be with me in paradise,” which is the fourth dimension, which is the superior aspect of Malkuth מלכות (the kingdom). So, that is the good thief.

Behold, there is a battle here in the earth, between the good thief and the bad thief. The bad thief is always accusing the good thief. He is a stealer, a plagiarist, etc…

Of course, the good thief is always teaching how to go on the right path, but followers of the bad thieves are many, they number in the millions. There is an internal battle between the two of them and in the middle is the Lord. The bad thief, in order to be a bad thief, he has to steal the energy of the Lord in order to fornicate, because the energy enters into the physical body every day of the week, with what we eat, with what we breathe, with what we think. The light is always there, however the manner of its use depends on us.

We are bad thieves for sure. Nobody could say here that they are a good thief... maybe they are on the path to being a good thief. But, in order to be a really good thief the bad thief has to be annihilated completely, and that is a long work for the good thief.

You are not going to annihilate the bad thief, which is your lust in one day, in one week, in one month, in one year. Listen, it is a process of comprehension, because that bad thief, which is called lust within us, has many psychological aggregates. This is what we have to realize.

While we are in the left path of the fornicator, the good thief is always inside, but doing nothing, inactive. But, if we take the right path of the good thief, which is the path of the cross of transmuting the sexual energy, then we have to fight against the bad thief, because it is inside, inside of us. Those people that fortify the bad thief, they mock us, they ridicule us in different ways, but we have to walk ahead, so that is precisely the point of the cross. In the third graphic, we wrote:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Berasheeth Bara Elohim Ath HaShamayim VeAth HaAretz.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth.

This is the English translation of the original Hebrew. As we always point out, these words hide the alchemical work that we have to perform, which is the work with the Lord. 

We find for instance that the first word Berasheeth בראשית. if you inquire about the first letter Beth ב and the last which is Tav ת, you find the word Bath בת, which means daughter. This daughter is the one that generates, remember that the woman, the daughter generates.

Who is that daughter?

The daughter is the Etherokrilno, the Akashic waters in the space which fills the endless space. That is what Bath בת is: it is the astral space. Within Bath בת, or in the middle of the Beth ב and Tav ת, you find the word Rashi ראשי. Within this word Rashi ראשי is hidden Ish יש, the Iod י, Shin ש and Ra רא of Israel ישראל, but behold one letter is missing, which is Lamed ל, which we are going to talk about. Why Lamed ל is hidden, why Lamed ל is missing?

Letter Lamed 2

Lamed ל is missing, because it is not in activity. In order for the fires or the archetypes related with all the parts of God within with our own Monad to be active, they need the letter Lamed למד.

The archetypes need to learn how to teach; they need to develop their comprehension, and understanding in order to teach. You see, I am teaching here because I understand in a certain level, that which is called in Hebrew Lamed למד.

Lamed למד means “to learn, to acquire knowledge; to understand, to draw conclusions, to learn a lesson; to study, to delve into in order to teach.”

Lamed ל is the letter L. Lamed ל is the letter that touches heaven and touches the earth, that is how you trace Lamed ל. When that letter enters into activity, then we find that the daughter, Bath בת, delivers Israel ישראל into the universe in order to be developed. That is why it is written that Christ is the king of Israel ישראל, the activity of the Lord, the light is king of Israel ישראל. This Israel ישראל is a mysterious, kabbalistic word that encloses all the archetypes, all the parts of our own Monad, that we have and that everyone has within, kabbalistically speaking.

Understand: Israel ישראל does not relate to a specific race!

Even though we know that in the Middle East exists the state of Israel. That is precisely the race that received that knowledge in the past... but just as in many other religions, for example, when we talk about the real Brahmans, the real Brahmans relate to that part ourselves related with Brahma, the Monad. Brahma does not relate only to the Hindus, as many people think. We have to know how to read with the eyes of the spirit in order to understand what is written.

When you develop the parts of Israel within you, you become a king of Israel ישראל. You become a Melech מלך or מלאך, a word which relates to the Malachim מלאכים, or your own divine forces inside. This is precisely what the Zohar talks about, because the Zohar always emphasizes Israel ישראל. But we have to understand that, kabbalistically, Israel ישראל relates to our own spiritual archetypes or parts. Master Samael Aun Weon stated:

“Israel is a word that must be analyzed.

“Is” reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries.

“Ra” reminds us of the Solar Logos.

Let us remember the disc of Ra found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.

“El” is “El.” “El” is the interior, profound God within each one of us.

In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the various parts of the Being.

All of the multiple self-cognizant and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.” - Samael Aun Weor

So, the letter Lamed ל at the end of EL אל, which means God; again Aleph א, and Lamed ל from El אל , which is the Hebrew word for God, so that is precisely what appears here in the word Elohim אלהים, Berasheeth Bera Elohim בראשית ברא אלהים: The beginning created Elohim אלהים.

Do you realize that?

“The beginning created Elohim” means that the first thing that is created in the beginning is Elohim אלהים. Eleh אלה are “these” parts of Elohim אלהים that we call here various parts of the Being as is written on the mysteries of Israel ישראל by Samael Aun Weor, which are Eleh אלה (these) archetypes of Israel ישראל.

Now when you divide the word Elohim אלהים in to two words, one word we find is Eleh אלה. By taking the letters Iod י and Mem-final ם out of Elohim אלהים, we are left with Aleph א, Lamed ל, Hei ה. These three letters together form the word, Elah אלה (“goddess”) or Eleh אלה (“these”) in Hebrew.

In the fourth verse of the book of Genesis, second chapter it is written:

“These (Eleh אלה) are the generations of the heaven and the earth” – Genesis 2: 4

When people read the former verse, they do not realize that Eleh אלה (“these”) the letters Aleph א, Lamed ל, Hei ה are precisely the generations, they do not realize that Eleh אלה are the generations of the heavens and the earth.

And this precisely what we understand when we read with the eyes of the spirit, that these letters Aleph א, Lamed ל, Hei ה (Eleh אלה) are what the Zohar calls Israel.

What do you mean “these” (Eleh אלה) is Israel?

Zohar answers: Because to this mystery the worshippers of the golden calf alluded when they cried: “Eleh אלה (these) are your Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל!” – Exodus 32: 8

Because Eleh אלה (“these”) is plural. Many parts of what we call Roshi ראשי between the Beth ב and Tav ת. By the way, the letter Beth בית means “house”. Beth בית is the womb of Bath בת in Berasheeth בראשית, the beginning. When Eleh אלה (“these”) of Elohim אלהים appear, they are the house (Beth בית) of Israel ישראל, which are Eleh אלה (“these” archetypes); in other words the parts of El אל God, which we call Elohim אלהים. That is why the end of Eleh אלה (“these”) is Iod-Mem final ים, IM, which, at the end of a word, indicates that it is a masculine plural word. In summary: Eleh אלה (“these”) is plural, thus, Elohim אלהים is plural. Elohim אלהים is the plurality of that which is Elohim-Israel אלהים ישראל, within each one of us.

So, Bath בת Roshi ראשי created Elohim אלהים in Brith-Esh ברית-אש, in the beginning. Elohim אלהים is the first that is created, because Elohim-Israel אלהים ישראל is an extension of Bath בת Roshi ראשי, thanks to Brith-Esh ברית-אש, in the point of view that Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל is within Abraham אברהם, our own particular Monad. Our particular monad, Abraham אברהם, enters into activity in heaven (as the names HaShemim השמים) and in (Mitzarimah מצרימה) the earth (as Eleh Shemoth Beni Israel אלה שמות בני ישראל).

This is precisely what we have to comprehend and understand, because when you read with the Hebrew letters then you discover what Ath את has to do in your Vav ו  (spinal medulla), which is HaAretz הארץ (the earth, your body), which is precisely the activity of Aleph א, your breath, by means of the Tav ת, which is the alchemical cross that we are talking about. 

The book of Genesis teaches the alchemical path and that is why is written for initiated kabbalists, but now we are teaching this publicly, because we are at the times of the end and humanity needs it. This, in order to have the opportunity to do the work or not to do it; is up to us. Do we want to be a good thief or a bad thief? Before the great catastrophe it is necessary to first give the doctrine, then it is up to you to do whatever you want to do with it.

This phrase Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל esoterically means Eleh אלה (“these”) many parts of Israel (as, “the names” HaShemim השמים) are within Ath את, which is a Hebrew word that means “you.” So, within Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, are the names HaShemim השמים in the heavens. This also means that all the archetypes that we are talking about are symbolized in the alphabet as Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, given that the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet is Aleph א and the last is Tav ת. Moreover, all the letters symbolize IAOH יהוה, the Logos, the word of Elohim אלהים, as it is written in Genesis: “OIAmar Elohim ויאמר אלהים, And Elohim said.”

All the parts of our own particular Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל, which we all have within, are symbolized by Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, which is feminine. We have to put them into activity, which means to develop them. In Kabbalah all these archetypes, which are symbolized by the letters Aleph and Tav ת, are the Logoi in the heavens, HaShemim השמים. Yet, they are in potentiality in our spinal medulla, the Vav ו of the earth, VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ, which is our physicality.

We have our own particular Elohim אלהים within heaven Ath HaShamayim את השמים, and in the Earth physically speaking we have VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ, meaning, in our Vav ו or spinal medulla, between Heaven and Earth, those generation those letters those parts of God which is Israel those parts of Elohim should be developed by Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה. In other words, we have to develop them between heaven and earth, because remember that is written:

"These are the generations (of the archetypes) of the heavens and of the earth (and all the host of them) Behebaram בהבראם (by Abraham, Chesed, our own particular innermost), in the day that Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים (Binah בינה) made the earth and the heavens.” – Genesis 2: 4

The former is precisely related with us all: we have to visualize that in order to comprehend that we have to put them into activity there, in our Vav ו or spinal medulla. That is a task for the good thief that through the light of Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה (the Kundalini), will put those archetypes into activity; this, in order to develop objective reasoning, superior reasoning, superior intellect.

When talking about the three mother letters, the letter Aleph א becomes a very interesting letter. Aleph א is the first letter of the kabbalistic alphabet. We explained that the letter Aleph א is the symbol of air, the symbol of the spirit, symbol of the wind. Shin ש symbolizes fire, and Mem water.

But again, the first words of Genesis—Berasheeth Bera Elohim בראשית ברא אלהים—if we take the letter Aleph א that symbolizes air, at the end of Bera ברא, and put in the middle, we form the word באר... well, you might ask: Why are we moving Aleph א? Because Aleph א is like a hurricane that moves everywhere. Aleph א is breath. That is why we find Aleph א in the beginning of the word Ain אין, the breath of the absolute; and in the second aspect of the absolute, the breath of the divine mother, the Ain Soph אין סוף; and two Aleph א in the third aspect of the absolute the Ain Soph Aur אין סוף אור, one in the beginning of the word Ain אין and the other in the beginning of the word Aur אור, which means light, so, we find the hurricane everywhere. But, creation (Bera ברא) has the letter Aleph א at the end; yet, if we put it in the middle, then we read Bair or Beir באר, which means “Well.” Behold, this mysterious word Bera ברא means “the forces from the Beir באר, the well of the universe in activity.” When is not in activity it is a dry well, even if the Aleph א is in the middle. Listen: all of us have a Beir באר, a well. That well, physically speaking, is in our sexual organs; a Beir באר, a well, from where we can take HaMayim המים, the waters.

בראשית בר אאלהים

Let us now talk about the Messiah משיח, the Son (Bar בר in Aramaic) of Brith-Esh ברית-אש or Berasheeth בראשית, the Son of Aelohim בר אאלהים.

Contemplating this, into my mind comes the Messiah Jesus משיח יהשוה, the Son (Bar בר in Aramaic), the Lord Christ talking with the Samaritan at Yesod יסוד, sex, the well of Jacob, Tiphereth (the human soul).

“Then comes he (the Bar בר, the Son in Aramaic) to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to (Yesod יסוד) the parcel of ground (HaAdamah האדמה) that Jacob (Tiphereth) gave to his son Joseph. Now Jacob's well (Yesod יסוד) was there. (the Bar בר) Jesus, therefore, being wearied with his journey, sat thus on the well (Beir באר): and it was about the sixth hour (the lovers). There comes a woman of Samaria to draw water (from the Beir באר): Jesus (the Bar בר) saith unto her, Give me to drink.

Then saith the woman of Samaria unto him, How is it that thou, being a Jew (from the tribe of Judah יהודה), asks drink of me, which am a woman of Samaria? for the Jews (from the tribe of Judah יהודה) have no dealings with the Samaritans. Jesus (the Bar בר) answered and said unto her, If thou knew the gift of God, and who it is that said to thee, Give me to drink; thou would have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water.” – John 4: 5-10

The point here is that, in the conversation between the Samaritan and Jesus, we find the well (the Beir באר) in the middle. And that well (the Beir באר) is written with the Aleph in the middle of Bar בר, the middle of the letters Beth ב and Reish ר. Jesus (the Bar בר) is saying “give me to drink from your well (the Beir באר)” for if that Aleph א will be at the end of Bar בר, then you will create (Bera ברא) life, eternal life, for you. Behold how everything is hidden within these letters.

So that is why Bath בת Roshi ראשי created Elohim אלהים in Brith-Esh ברית-אש, in the beginning. Because the letters Aleph א and Shin ש, which is the air and fire and the letter Mem מם, are always there in Ath-Ha-Shamayim את-השמים, which are the waters of heaven within Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה. So, when you want to take the water out of your well you do it as a good thief, meaning, in the right way.

Now let us read what the book of Zohar states, related with what we are teaching here, or with what we are talking about here, related to Ath-Ha-Shamayim את-השמים, the heavenly waters of our physicality, as well as our own physiology.

"Mi מי, the extremity of heaven above, the head; Mah מה, the extremity of heaven below, the genitalia. And Aleph א (Chesed) and Shin ש (Geburah), which are Esh אש fire, is what Jacob, inherited, as Jacob is the lightning bolt (Esh אש) that passes from one extremity to the other extremity of the letter Vav ו. That is from the extremity below, which is Mah מה up to the extremity above, which is Mi מי; because Jacob (the Vav ו, Tiphereth) stands in the middle from Yesod יסוד to Kether כתר; thus, because of Mah מה (which is Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה), Mi מי created Eleh אלה (these 12 archetypes or tribes of Israel at the heavens and at the earth, Ath HaShamayim VeAth HaAretz את השמים ואת הארץ)!” - Zohar

Please read that carefully, because it is written in Hebrew and translated into English, but we have to understand what it is all about.

Beneath it we find Leb Mebin Daath לב מבין דעת, which means, “the heart that understands knowledge.” That is the phrase that you form when you arrive at the letter Lamed למד. Lamed למד is written with Lamed ל, Mem מ, Daleth ד. Lamed למד means to teach, but when you take every letter and separate you form Leb Mebin Daath לב מבין דעת, meaning, “the heart that understands knowledge.” That is Lamed למד, which we are talking about here.

According to the Tree of Life, your heart is Tiphereth, which is in the middle of the Tree of Life, and Daath דעת is in your throat. Visualize the Tree of Life: Daath דעת is in your throat, from there you go towards the left, up to Binah בינה, which means understanding. That is Lamed, namely, Leb Mebin Daath לב מבין דעת, a heart that understands knowledge.

Knowledge is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Remember that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil is related to Ida and Pingala, the two sexual ganglionic forces. When you transmute your sexual force is when you work with your Alchemical Kabbalistic Christ.

So, what is Mi מי? In Hebrew Mi מי means “Who.” Mi מי is the opposite of Yam ים, which means “ocean.” The word Mi מי contain the same letters of the word Yam ים, but backwards. Yam ים is at the very end the word HaMayim המים (the waters) and HaShamayim השמים (the heavens). So, Mi מי as Yam ים, is at the extremity of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens above.

Look at the word HaShamayim השמים and see that Yam ים, is precisely at the very end, at the extreme of the HaShamayim השמים (the heavens); the word Yam ים of HaShamayim השמים (the heavens) is Mi מי but backwards. So, visualize those two letters at the other extreme of the word HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, because the Iod י of Mi מי is precisely what you have to visualize in your head, in your pineal gland.

So, at the beginning of the word HaMayim המים is the word Mah מה, but backwards.

In Hebrew, Mah מה means “What” Which is the other Mem מ with the letter Hei ה, but in middle of the word HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, better said, in the middle of Mah מה of HaShamayim השמים, is the letter Shin (ש) which symbolizes fire. So, the letter Shin (ש) is hidden in Mah מה.

The Zohar says:

“Mi מי the extremity of heaven above; Mah מה the extremity of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens below. So, Mah מה is below, since in HaMayim המים backwards is מימה, Mi מי is first and Mah מה is second. Thus Aleph א (Chesed) and Shin ש (Geburah), which are Esh אש fire, is what Jacob, inherited, as Shin (ש) is "the lightning bolt that passes from extremity to extremity."

Remember Jacob’s well: when Jesus is talking to the Samaritan woman, that well is Beir באר in Hebrew, which becomes Bera ברא (creation) when we, as alchemists, put those sexual forces in us into activity. Jacob as you see is the heart, Tiphereth, because the letter Shin (ש) symbolizes Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth, but is particularly represented by Tiphereth, where all the parts of the fire of Brith-Esh ברית-אש are joined within Elah-Yam אלה-ים, Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה. They are within us as Shin ש (fire) which is the Shin ש (fire) of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens in us.

So, in the middle is the heart and the heart is related with Lamed למד, a heart that knows or that understands knowledge. So, when we develop our own particular Jacob within, then we unite heaven and earth inside of us.

Let us explain this physically: Mi מי is the cerebrospinal fluid where your brain and your spinal medulla float, that is Yam ים, the ocean above. Mah מה, which also has the letter Mem מם, the symbol of water, is the ocean below, your genital fluid. So, Mah מה is below and Mi מי is above, as the waters, HaMayim המים which is מימה backwards.

Again, Mi מי is “who?” And Mah מה is “what?” These are two interrogative words. Who? What? But in the middle of Mah מה of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, is the letter Shin ש which is Jacob, your human soul. Jacob is the archetype that unites Abraham and Isaac, our own Monad. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob together form the trimurti in Kabbalah, which is the Monad that we all have within, because within them is Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל; or is it not? Jacob is Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל. As it is written:

“Eleh אלה (these Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) are your Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל!” – Exodus 32: 8

The Ath of Jacob את יעקב is the one with the twelve tribes of Israel that went into Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Malkuth, in order for his Shemoth שמות to be developed. As it is written:

“And Eleh אלה, these are the names (Shemoth שמות) of the children of Israel, which came into Mitzrahimah מצרימה; every man and his household came within the Ath of Jacob את יעקב.” - Exodus 1`: 1

So, between Mi מי and Mah מה (heaven and earth) is Shin ש, which is Jacob.

This is how the Zohar explains it, but if you do not know Kabbalah, you do not know what you are reading.

Mi מי the extremity of heaven above, is your head, Mah מה the extremity below, is your sex.

This is what Jacob inherited. Jacob is the lightning bolt that passes from extremity to extremity. Jacob is the heart; is in the middle, it is the lightning bolt that unites Abraham and Isaac, the two forces in your body. From the extremity above which is Mi מי, down to the extremity below which is Mah מה, because Jacob stands in Tiphereth, the middle, and because of Mah מה, Mi מי created Eleh אלה, these.

In other words, the force of Mi מי, the father above, the Holy Spirit, created Eleh אלה “these”, which are represented in the Shin ש, which in us, are within Mah מה. Therefore, Mah מה is what creates the Shin ש, as you can see in the word HaShamayim השמים, the heavens.

HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, is something that we have to develop inside of us, with the help of the earth, our physicality. The letters in HaShamayim השמים are Hei ה, Shin ש, Mem מ, Iod י, Mem final ם. When reading the five letters backward, we read: Mem מ Iod י Mi מי, and the other three letters Mem מ, Shin ש,  Hei ה, Moshe; we read: Mi Moshe מי משה; “Who Moses?”

Yes, here, we are talking about Moshe משה, Moses, who is Mi מי, willpower, as you can see. Moshe משה, Moses, is the only one that reaches the heavens to talk to Elohim face to face, because Moshe משה, Moses, is our own particular HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, that we have to develop. Moshe משה, Moses, is not just there in heaven; Moshe משה, Moses, is undeveloped. We all have Moshe משה, Moses, in potentiality.

We all have the Shin ש, fire of Mah מה, Moshe משה, Moses, in our genitalia, in potentiality. So, we have to rise that Shin ש, fire of Mah מה, to Mi מי, in the pineal gland, which according to Descartes is the seat of Moshe משה (the body of willpower), there in HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, our brain. In the pineal gland vibrates Mi מי, the atom of the holy spirit. So, who (Mi מי backwards) is in Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, the Holy Spirit.

Mi Moshe מי משה; Who Moses? Yes, HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, backwards.

So, Mi מי (“who”) created this?

Mi מי, “Who?”

Moshe משה, Moses?

Yes, because Moshe משה, Moses, is Mi מי, willpower. So, Mi מי, Moshe משה, Moses, created what we are talking about here, which is HaShamayim השמים, the heavens. Because Moshe משה, Moses is a good thief, Joshua יהושע aka Jesus too.

All the great avatars were good thieves. So, do not wonder why we, Gnostics, are accused of thievery, this is nothing new. All the great initiates were accused of thievery, robbery, plagiarisms, because they steal the fire from the earth in order to develop their own particular Moses Tzabaoth, the army of all the parts of the Being, HaShamayim השמים, the heavens. Who is the one that takes all Israel from slavery into the promise land?

Who is the one that takes them?


Moshe משה, yes, Moses. You see in the words Mi Moshe מי משה is hidden HaShamayim השמים. When you read it backwards, then you understand, oh! HaShamayim השמים the heavens, is Mi Moshe מי משה backwards.

Mi מי is the force of Binah בינה, the Holy Spirit in the cerebrospinal fluid and Mah מה, the genital fluid. Remember that Moshe משה, Moses, is the one born from HaMayim המים, the waters. So, Moshe משה, Moses, is from Tzar צר, in the Vav ו (spinal medulla), the womb of the earth, our physicality, by means of Mi מי and Mah מה of Mitzrahimah מצרימה; because Moses was born in Egypt, Malkuth.

So, Moshe משה, Moses, is born from Mitzrahimah מצרימה; thus, if we want to develop Moshe משה, Moses in us, we have to work in ourselves, because Moshe משה, is the word Hashem השם backwards. When we take the Iod and the Mem out of HaShamayim השמים, the heavens, then we read Hashem השם. What does Hashem השם mean? Hashem השם means, “the name” or, “the word.” When you develop the astral body, the mental body and the finally the causal body (body of willpower), through all the alchemical work that we have to perform, then you have your own Moshe משה within you.

With that causal body or body of willpower, you present yourself before your own particular Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל, which is your Monad. Then your own particular Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל will say: “Go down to Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt because all the parts of Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל as HaShemoth השמות are slaves there in Malkuth, within the wheel of Samsara, so, take them up to me as HaShemim השמים, because I want to be a self-realized monad, and you are my willpower, you are the only one that can take them out from slavery.” This is why it is written:

“Eleh אלה, these are the names (Shemoth שמות) of the children of Israel, which came into Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt.” – Exodus 1: 1

“You are the only one that can do it, you proved it to me, since you are now here with me, Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל, face to face.”

It is only possible to be worthy of this command from your Monad if you have already created your astral body, your mental body, and causal body, since you are a good thief. Those of Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt might accuse you of bad things, because anyone who reaches Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל face to face is accused there in Malkuth in Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt, of being a thief or being a wicked mugger. But that does not matter, such an initiate must go back there, to Egypt, abandon nirvana and take all the people, the archetypes, the names, HaShemoth השמות, the children of Israel, up to God as HaShemim השמים.

Thus, this is what we have to do, this is the work with Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה, the brazen serpent, which is precisely the activity of Aleph א, our breath, by means of the Tav ת, which is the alchemical cross that we are talking about.

Then we go down as, Mi Moshe מי משה, Moses did, and show the power of the cross the Stauros, to Pharoah, that is, to the mind of people; as it is written by Moses:

brazen serpent

“And Moses made a serpent of brass, and put it upon a Stauros, and it came to pass, that if a serpent had bitten any man, when he beheld the serpent of brass, he lived.” – Numbers 21: 9

So, in the wilderness Moses shows the brazen serpent on the Stauros, and when the Israelites beheld the brazen serpent, they lived by the word במ דבר of Iod-Havah יהוה.

Mi Moshe מי משה, Moses, descends from HaShamayim השמים, and with his willpower shows the power of the brazen serpent Kundalini to all those black magicians, bad thieves of Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt. Thus, they are abandoned, because they have the Kundabuffer power, as in this day and age, if you inquire who is the king of this Mitzrahimah מצרימה, Egypt, Malkuth, these are the intellectuals, those that fornicate a lot as any animal, and that develop subjective reasoning. Yes, the very intellectuals of the world that deny their own self, are in other words atheists, because when we find somebody that is an atheist, we do not say that he is denying God somewhere in space. No! He is denying himself.

God is within not without. Somebody that says to us “I am an atheist,” we answer: “Oh, you are denying yourself, the superior part of yourself (who is in heaven), and you are affirming the inferior part, which is you (who is in hell), so, good luck!” Yes, and that is the point... we want to be in heaven, right? Remember what Jesus said when pointing the ninth Sphere:

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” John 3: 5

The kingdom of God is in heaven. But “who” is the spirit (in Latin, spirit derives from spirare, which means to breathe). That is why we say that when somebody says: “I am an atheist” we answer: “Stop breathing, if you want to be a 100 atheist, do not breathe, do not breathe the Aleph א, which is the Aleph א of EL אל, which is God in Hebrew. Be completely an atheist, stop breathing.” He or she will die of course, because without the Aleph א of EL אל, which is God, he or she cannot be alive. One, without the breath without the spirit, all of us, cannot survive. This is why we have to breathe. We have to learn to manage the breath in the sexual alchemical act. This, in order to enter into the kingdom of God.

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh; and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” – John 3: 6

Now in Greek, because we are reading the Gospels which are written in Greek, spirit is called Pneuma πνεύμα.

Marvel not that I said unto thee, Ye must be born again. The wind (also Pneuma πνεύμα in Greek) blows where it wants, and thou hear the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it comes, and whither it goes; so is every one that is born of the Spirit.” – John 3: 7, 8

In Hebrew, Ruach רוח is Spirit. And Moses wrote: 

“And the Spirit (Hebrew Ruach רוח, Pneuma πνεύμα in Greek) of Elohim hovered upon the face of HaMayim המים, the waters.” Genesis 1: 2

When we talk about HaMayim המים, the waters or fluids, we have two: Pingala and Ida, namely, the cerebral spinal fluid and the genital fluid in our sexual organs. Those are the two fluids where the Aleph א of EL אל (Chesed חסד) floats as Spirit. So, therefore, behold where you have the waters of Genesis. We have to put those waters into activity by our own willpower, who is Moses. Your own willpower is Moses, who put those waters into activity. Yes, your own willpower is Moses.

“Who Moses” and who is Moses?

Moses is Mi Moshe מי משה? He is HaShamayim השמים, backwards.

Mi מי descends from HaShamayim השמים, your heaven and Mi מי starts controlling desires, because if you want to develop willpower, which is the symbol of Moses, then you have to stop desire, you have to control desire, sexual desire. When you transmute your sexual desire into willpower there is the beginning of the building of your own Moses. Moses as willpower has to be developed in the physical body, in the vital body, the astral body, the mental body, and finally, as an adult (esoterically speaking), in the casual body; this in order to be willing to go up to the top to the mountain of God, to see God face to face.

Who is Moses? Who is Moses in heaven?

“Who” is Moses in heaven? Moses is Mi Moshe מי משה, that is, HaShamayim השמים, backwards.

And Moses, Moshe משה says: Yes! I am HaShem השם, backwards.

“What” do you know מה את יודע? Well, what is Mah מה, the earth.

So, the Shin ש of Moshe משה, Moses comes from the very bottom, the womb of the earth, which is Mah מה, the genitalia of mother earth; this is where we all come from.  Behold, the Shin ש, sexual fire, carries the light, as it is written:

ויקרא אלהים לאור יום

"And Elohim called the light Day (IOM יום)" - Genesis 1: 5 

Chakras Spinning Harnel miatznel

ויום השביעי שבת ליהוה אלהיך

"And the seventh light (IOM יום, day) is a sabbath to your Iod-Havah Elohim" - Deuteronomy 5: 14 

This is why you find what Gurdjieff wrote:

“A new arising from the previously arisen through the "Harnel-miatznel," the process of which is actualized thus the higher blends with the lower in order together to actualize the middle, and thus to become either higher for the preceding lower or lower for the succeeding higher.”

We find the symbol of the Harnel-miatznel in the spinal column, and the two forces from the three primary forces.

The seven notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, at the levels through which the fire ascends. This precisely what we have to understand, to comprehend the path, because by blending the higher with the lower, is how we actualize the middle, meaning, the fire of Sushumna, right?  Mi מי is the higher that blends with the lower, which is Mah מה, thus, by uniting the brain and sex or the battle between sex and brain, brain and sex you actualize the heart which is the process of the Harnel-miatznel which begin here in the bottom, Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, the seven notes in your physical body.

Let us start with the single person that is not married, whether a bachelor or a bachelorette, they must follow conscious, upright abstention, celibacy, to put an activity heaven and earth, through pranayama. There are many monks and nuns in different religions that they do not marry, they just abstain of sex, thus they do not put in activity their heaven and the earth. Because they ignore that “Eleh אלה, these are the generation of Mi מי, the heaven and Mah מה, the earth.”

So, your heaven is Mi מי, your brain and the earth is Mah מה, your sexual organ. And your heaven is in the middle and that brings me the second day of Genesis that says:

“Let there be a firmament in (the Vav ו, the spinal medulla, which is tzar צר) in the mist of the waters and let and let it divide the waters from the waters.” – Genesis 1: 6

Two Witnesses3

This firmament is Tzar צר, which is in the middle of Mitzrahimah מצרימה (Egypt), which is the firmament made by Brith-Esh ברית-אש, fire, where the superior waters (Mi מי), within your brain, will be separated from your Mah מה (the inferior genital waters.) This firmament is heaven within you, your firmament will put in activity Eleh אלה (“these”), your archetypes by means of Brith-Esh ברית-אש, fire.

The superior agrees with the inferior and the inferior with the superior to make the miracle of one thing, heaven in us, who is Mi-Moshe מי-משה, in other words, HaShamayim השמים, backwards.

So, the single person has to practice the pranayama to put in activity the two polarities; it comes to my mind the Egyptian Pranayama. Why Egyptian?

Because Egypt is Mitzrahimah מצרימה in Hebrew, which relates to the two polarities in the physical body, Pingala and Ida. Master Samael teaches this in his Yellow Book. In that book the Master Samael explains how single person puts in activity the two polarities Ida and Pingala by practicing Ton-Sah-Ham, Ton-Rah-Ham by alternating the two nostrils, because the nostrils are connected to the testicles or ovaries. In other words, the breath of Aleph א, of EL אל, God, connects the forces of the water below with waters above, when you put in activity the energy of Brith-Esh ברית-אש and transmute it by means of the Egyptian Pranayama, or better said, in Hebrew, Mitzrahimah מצרימה Pranayama.

This is how the single people enter into the initiation of the Minor Mysteries. Abraham, the Monad, begins with the Minor Mysteries. All people who begin practicing transmutation, through Pranayama, especially as we kabbalistically said the Egyptian Pranayama (Mitzrahimah מצרימה Pranayama), start receiving minor initiation degrees in the internal planes.

These nine minor initiations are related with the descension into the nine spheres. We said nine spheres, plural, because remember that underneath Malkuth you find the other nine layers related with Klipoth קליפות. We need to face our own darkness, because if you are afraid of showing your evil deeds to the light, then you cannot progress. But, if you are not afraid of showing your deeds to the light, which is the Lord Christ, then start with this and then you will see how the Lord, the Messiah, will point to you the different defects and vices that you have, according to your own psychology.

Then, once you become conscious of the different vices, errors, egos, you have to meditate and that is what you have to do in order to advance in the nine Minor Mysteries. When you enter into the ninth sphere then you are ready to be married. Remember that in order to enter into the ninth sphere you, as a male you have to penetrate your wife, because her womb, her uterus, is at the very center of her body, inside. It is the center of the earth. As a female, your husband has to penetrate you, because his phallus is the ninth sphere. Both husband and wife must transmute their sexual force with Brith-Esh ברית-אש, in order to enter into the Major Mysteries; this is how husband and wife enter and develop in the ninth sphere.

Remember, the Harnel-miatznel is related with the seven notes that Gurdjieff explains in his book. Between every note there is a ‘Stopinder’ or ‘gravity-center’ of the fundamental ‘common-cosmic law,’ the sacred Heptaparaparshinock, a process in which you activate another note and another note, but when you enter for instance you start with Do, Re, Mi.

Mi vibrates in the solar plexus and Fa vibrates in your heart, as you can see there in the graphic: Do, Re, Mi... Fa is the heart; the fourth note and we taught you in previous lectures that you have to be aware of the impressions that you receive at every moment. That is why you have to be attentive of your breathing.

Remember the breath is Aleph א, the breath of EL אל, God, that enters into your lungs, the oxygen moves into tiny blood vessels called capillaries and into your blood. A protein called hemoglobin in the red blood cells then carries the oxygen around your body. At the same time, carbon dioxide that is dissolved in the blood comes out of the capillaries back into the air sacs, ready to be breathed out. Blood with fresh oxygen is carried from your lungs to the left side of your heart, which pumps blood around your body through the arteries.

Blood without oxygen returns through the veins, to the right side of your heart. From there it is pumped to your lungs so that you can breathe out the carbon dioxide and breathe in more oxygen. That process is what you have to be always aware of, because that is the note Fa; it is to be here and now. Cognizance is the note FA. Everybody has to do it in order to put into activity the Harnel-miatznel, in order for your Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל to be active within you. In other words, in order for Moses to be active within your own heaven between the two waters.

Remember that Moses is the one that is born from the water: the two waters, above and below, Mi מי, and Mah מה, the cerebral spinal fluid and your genital fluid, the two forces where the fire is active. There is fire in Mi מי, the heaven, in our own head, the thunder the lighting shows it, and in the earth as well, the fire of Mah מה, the Kundalini, the outcome of the magma, the fire of the earth, whose king is Samael, king of volcanos, the liquid fire that we have also in our sex, in Scorpio. So, there is where you have to be active, cognizant.

In other words, we have to be conscious, that we are acting within the two polarities when we activate them with our Pranayama the forces of your physicality Ida and Pingala, Mah מה and Mi מי, mother and father. Then we are activating the EL אל, God, when we are practicing with your heart, which is Leb לב in Hebrew.

You want to teach, you want to develop understanding of this knowledge that is the way, the way of the heart. But you have to be aware when you are breathing, every second. Every second you have to be here and now, cognizant, in order to receive from EL אל, God, who is the one that gives you.

Remember that you have to remember yourself. The real Self is inside, but also enters through your nostril because Aleph א, is the breath of EL אל, God, that gives you life. By doing that you are activating your consciousness, here in your throat, your word. The name, Hashem השם develops here in Daath דעת, because from the heart comes through the larynx which is Daath דעת knowledge, the sephirah of mysteries; from the throat it goes up to the top of your head to form the Iod י which is on top of the letter Lamed ל, to be activated when the sexual energy reaches the top of your head in the chakra Sahasrara, which is here at the top of your head, the seventh note Si.

The note Si is the Sahasrara Chakra, Kether כתר in the pineal gland. If you want to advance in another octave, when you reach the note Si you have to understand what Gurdjieff states, that this is another Stopinder, that is short. The first one in the heart, with the note Fa, is long; we have to make a great effort in order to rise it to the head… it is a long process. But, the Stopinder of the note Si is short, this is the last Stopinder. It is the Stopinder that will give you access to another octave which will be your vital body. And, after the vital body, the astral body and higher initiations. So, that last octave is related with the pineal gland note Si, the last Stopinder, you discover that the pineal gland is directly related with your sexual glands. The hormones or your pineal gland activates your sexual hormones, and your sexual hormones activate the pineal gland.

The more you develop the pineal gland the more you develop superlative intuition. When you are acting in your heart you develop intuition, but this intuition of the heart is by hunches. “I feel something” you say, but, here in the pineal gland those hunches or intuitions come with images... behold the relationship of the heart with pineal gland.

Intuition is here in the heart and superlative intuition is here in pineal gland both relate to each other, and both relate to two shocks that we have to give to ourselves. The first is to remember ourselves when we are breathing especially when doing Pranayama in order to activate the fire of the heart. In order to activate Daath דעת, knowledge in our throat in order to activate superlative intuition that gives us comprehension, understanding of the word of God

The second is the way that you remember your Self in the brain, in doing that you also activate the pineal gland, and that is the way to enter into initiation, to be here and now. With the activation of the pineal gland and chakra Sahasrara you are developing superlative intuition, understanding, comprehension, because in the middle of those two intuitions is clairaudience (in the throat) and clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the faculty that allows you to see things psychologically, spiritually, and clairaudience is the way that you understand things psychologically kabbalistically, alchemically.

This is how you understand and develop the language of God within you, but remember that the pineal gland, in order to enter into another octave, it needs a strong shock. That shock is related with the sexual energy. You have to transmute the sexual energy again. If you fornicate, if you spill the sexual energy, you lose everything, because you cannot enter into another octave. In order to enter into another octave of the Harnel-miatznel you have to work with the sexual energy.

That is the main point of the cross of the good thief: to activate the sexual energy always, because the source of the kundabuffer of the bad thief is the sexual energy and the source of the kundalini of the good thief is the sexual energy. God is hidden, Christ is hidden in the sexual seed.

This is why initiates like Gurdjieff, like Krishnamurti taught humanity good things like how to meditate how to comprehend the ego. If you listen to the lectures of Krishnamurti, he explains very well how to comprehend things, but unfortunately his followers do not know anything about Tantra, they perform many exercises, they practice meditation, as well as the disciples of Gurdjieff, but they fornicate. They do not enter into another octave, they always remain in Malkuth doing the work, because when they have to reach another octave, the last Stopinder, the second shock, they are unable to perform it. They just go back to the bottom and again start doing the same whole thing, and when they reach the note Si, because they do not know alchemy, because they are fornicators, they go down again and again to the bottom.


They, the followers of these doctrines, are like the mythological Sisyphus who is carrying a rock from the very bottom and when he reaches the summit, the rock goes down again, it rolls down again to the very bottom, likewise they go down again, and they carry it again and again. You see that rock is the sexual force, the son of the Iod יוד of Yesod יסוד.

“The stone (Eben אבן) which the Mason (מאסון) rejected is become (the Iod י, Kether כתר, the crown on) the head (the Metzach מצח or Netzach נצח of David דויד; behold this is the) stone of the corner. This is the Iod י of passion (Havah הוה) of Assiah עָשָׂה (Malkuth); it is marvelous in our eyes.” - Psalm 118: 22, 23

Thus, we have to build the son, but you have to know that the sexual energy is what builds the son. So, we actualize the son when we transmute; when we reach a certain level, if we practice sexual magic, we may enter the Harnel-miatznel in another octave.

Do you realize that?

First you have to begin here, you enter the first shock, the note FA in your heart, which is to be here and now, awakened. The second shock, with the note Si, is to be chaste here in the physical body, that is the note Si. This in order to enter into the vital body, into the astral body, the mental body, casual body and all the levels of heavens.

Esotericists, Gnostics, are fighting in order to awaken consciousness in the internal planes, but they are not awakened here, in other words they want to put in activity their Harnel-miatznel in the astral body, in the mental body, and the casual body. How are they going to do that, if they did not start from the bottom?

We have to start here and now, to raise the seven notes in the physical body and for that you have to be aware of the first shock and the second shock. But, if we are wasting the sexual energy how are we going to raise those notes? Remember that the work is between heaven and earth; remember that Israel, Jacob, Tiphereth, is in between right and left pillars. It is in the heart where you find Jacob.

Jacob is fighting there in the heart with the mighty angel of Geburah, but the mighty angel of Geburah is the one that takes the impure blood revitalizes it with the lungs, and then takes the pure blood and distributes it to the body. Thus, between Jacob, Israel and that angel which is Samael is the work which we have to do. These are two suns Tiphereth and Geburah, if we succeed, we will receive the name (Hashem השם, which is Moshe משה  backwards) as it is written symbolically in the bible:

Jacob Israel Gustave Moreau

“And he said, thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Mother of Israel (אם־ישראל): for as a prince hast thou served the Em of Elohim and (in the Vav ו, the womb of the Schekinah שכינה) the Em of Men (עם־אלהים ועם־אנשים), and hast prevailed. And Jacob asked him, and said, tell me, I pray thee, thy name.

And he said, wherefore is it that thou dost ask after my name? And he blessed him there. And Jacob called the name of the place Peniel פניאל (Pineal): for I have seen Elohim face to face, and my Nephesh (animal substance ותנצל נפשי) is preserved." - Genesis 32: 28-30

Explanation: “Thy name shall be called no more Jacob, but Mother Israel (אם־ישראל):  For as a prince hast thou power with the Em of Elohim and with the Em of Enoshim (עם־אלהים ועם-אנשים), and hast prevailed.”

In other words: you have fought against the sexual forces of Elohim and the sexual forces of Enoshim (Aviv אביב, the 12 spring forces of Enosh), in your body, since in your Vav ו, your spinal medulla, the womb of the Schekinah שכינה, your (Am אם, Mother) you have developed 11 children of Elohim Israel אלהים ישראל, and your 12th son, the son of your sex (Benjamin בנימין), the superior astral light, the Messiah משיח, will be with you all.  

Secular people, people without knowledge of alchemy and kabbalah, believe that it was a physical fight in some forest with a certain angel... no, while the fight is indeed physical, it is rather a fight against the sexual animal forces inside us.

The might of Samael as the demiurge is inside us; you have to fight against your animal forces, thus, you have to fight against yourself, and you do it within your heart knowing that Fa, the note Fa vibrates here and now in your heart. Thus you reject the negative thief, you reject darkness, Lilith., and you go up and when you reach the note Si, then you develop your chastity further and through meditation you have to comprehend your lust, otherwise you do not advance. 

Now you understand what Hermes said:


“It is true, no lie, certain and to be dependent upon.

The superior agrees with the inferior, and the inferior agrees with the superior, to effect that one truly wonderful work. All things owe their existence to the will of the only one, so all things owe their origin to the one only thing, the most hidden by the arrangement of the only God.”

“The Father of that one thing is the sun (Pingala, Mi מי, in your head), its mother is the moon, (Ida, Mah מה,  in your sexual force) the wind carries (Aleph א, which is the breath of EL אל, God) in its belly (thus, when you breathe in, Aleph א, enters into your lungs, be aware of that, since as we know the air that we breathe carries Aleph א in its belly), but its nurse is the spiritus earth.”

“But its nurse is the spiritus earth (Malkuth, the physical body).” From your heart, Aleph א, descends into your sexual force. “That one thing (the sexual force) is the Father of all  things in the universe,” as you see that is so easy to understand when we follow the explanation, then, we understand that in us “its power remains perfect after it has been united with the spiritual earth.” So, when heaven and earth are united in the way that we explained, which is “separate that spiritual earth from the dense or crude by mean of a gentle hit with much attention.”

With your original seed you have to reach more chastity; when you penetrate the earth, when you go to the sexual act you have to be very attentive, very gentle, in order to develop Moses, willpower, in order to extract or separate that spirit from the earth. “In great measure ascend from the earth up to heaven,” this, when you don’t reach the orgasm of the beasts. And in that fire, that light ascends with a lot of strength, according to your sexual power “and descends again newborn on the earth (in another octet, because the one doing the work is your physicality).”

When you practice sexual magic, you are born into another octet with the earth, you rise to another octet, and another octet, another level “and the superior and the inferior are increased in power.” This you feel physically and internally. You start having experiences in the internal planes, because in the physical plane you are more aware, active, more comprehending, and attentive, of many different things, “by this will thou partake the glory of the whole word and darkness will flight from thee.” When you comprehend your lust, you accumulate the sexual force and darkness will flight from thee. Because you become filled with the very light itself, more and more light, “this is the strength of all power with this thou will be able to overcome all things and transmute all what is fine and what is course. In this manner the world was created; the arrangement to follow this road are hidden.”

We will say, were hidden, since we unveiled for you in order you to see, how to do that miracle of one thing, which is:

"And (in the Vav ו, the spinal medulla, the womb of Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) יהוה אלהים formed (yetziyr יציר) HaAdam (האדם) from the dust (עפר, that her ovaries through chemistry collected from Yesod יסוד, that is the Manna מן) of (HaAdamah האדמה) the ground. And (in the resurrection) HaAdam האדם (Moses, Moshe משה together with Mi מי, Asher אשר, Binah בינה, the God Shiva, Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים) become (Eheie אהיה) a Nephesh Chaiah לנפש חיה, living soul (in Eden עדן, the Promised Land)." - Genesis 2: 7


"During the Great Pralaya, the Prakriti (Ath את, the Schekinah שכינה) is unitotal, integral.  In the manifestation, in the Mahamanvantara, the Prakriti is differentiated by the three cosmic aspects.

The three aspects of the Prakriti during the manifestation are: first, the infinite space; second, her aspect in Nature; third, her aspect within any human being.

1.- The Divine Mother in infinite space (the Schekinah שכינה, Ath HaShamayim את השמים).

2.- The Divine Mother in Nature (the Schekinah שכינה, VeAth HaAretz ואת הארץ).

3.- And the Divine Mother in any human being (the Schekinah שכינה, the Iod of Elohim who (Mi מי) created HaAdam - Who Moses, Mi Moshe מי משה? - in the Vav of Ath, in their own image. In other words, VeIBera Elohim Ath HaAdam BeTzalemu ויברא אלהים את־האדם בצלמו).

These are the three mothers, the three Marys of Christianity." - Samael Aun Weor

“For this reason, I (Binah בינה, the God Shiva, Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, the Theomertmalogos, Raphael, the God Mercury), am called Hermes-Trismegistus one in essence but three in aspect"

1: Brute Mercury (Nephesh נפש).

2: Soul of Mercury ("Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים hovering upon the face of Hamayim המים, the waters").

3: And (Mi Moshe מי משה) fecundated Mercury (Neshamah נשמה). "And Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים breathed into (Moshe משה)'s nostrils the Neshamoth Chayim נשמת חיים, breath of life. And HaAdam האדם - Moshe משה - became a living soul" - Genesis 2: 7

In this trinity (we would say, in this Triamatzikamno or three Marys) is hidden the wisdom of the whole world.”

In other words: I, Binah בינה, Hermes-Trismegistus, the God Shiva, Iod-Havah Elohim יהוה אלהים, the Theomertmalogos, Raphael, the God Mercury, am the Word:


It is ended now what I have said concerning the effects of the sun (the Cosmic Christ).”

Any questions?

Audience: How do we identified when we get a different note? Can we hear it? Is it a kind of an experience?

Instructor: Do we hear the notes? When we activate them?

Well, in order to hear the notes, we would have to be very awakened. But, if we were very attentive, we would see how those notes are activated. Remember that the word is light. First you see the light inside of you and then you hear the thunder; the same happens in nature. Thus, if you are attentive, you will see the lightning in any of the chakras activated and after that the word, the note. But I repeat!

I am telling you, in the beginning it is very difficult, because we are asleep, we are in darkness. We have to put the light into activity. A lot of willpower is needed in order to be here and now, in order to be attentive of the notes. But remember that the main note that we have to reach is the note Fa, because Fa is the solar force in nature. Whether we are in that note Fa, or not, with the sexual energy that we transmute we activate our consciousness, our awareness… whether we are in Do, Re, or Mi, etc. It is not really necessarily that we are in the level of the note Fa, since Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si are notes of awareness. Attentiveness is the only way, personally I hear and see at any level in which the energy is in my spinal column when I am very attentive.

Audience: So, when we reach another note, you said that we need to be more chaste... does that mean if we do not have more chastity than we had before that we could fall from nocturnal pollution? Or are you saying that we need more chastity to continue to the next octet?

Instructor: Well, nocturnal pollutions are precisely the clues in order for us to give another note. Obviously, internally we want to enter into another octet, but the one that opposes that light is the darkness. The darkness is the ego, it is lust. Proof that we are failing to reach another note is a nocturnal pollution, obviously. If this is the case, what do we have to do?

What we have to do is to remember very well that experience, and to meditate on that ego, on that darkness, in order to extract the light from it, in order to give the note that we want to give. Remember that we have to reach seven notes Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, and every note is a kind of darkness that we have to overcome, or an Stopinder, as we say. The one that opposes that progression to that light is always inside of us, and that is why we have to be attentive.

If we are attentive during the day and we remember our dreams, then, we have to meditate on those elements that are within; this, in order to get access to another light note sound inside of us. So, meditation, comprehension is the clue, because the light showed us our evils deeds. So, when we start this, we want to be chaste from the beginning, we do not want to lose the sexual energy, but the ego inside of us which is Lilith, which is darkness, which is Nahemad (“pleasure”) will say: “no way Jose.” So, you have to comprehend it and annihilate it.

Audience: Is the simple awareness of breath, without a specific mantra ,is it also considered a Pranayama?

Instructor: Pranayama is considered Pranayama when you control the energy with your breathing. Whether is Egyptian Pranayama or any type of Pranayama, when you are controlling the sexual force of the energy, of your emotional center, or your mental center, with your breathing that is Pranayama, especially when you control your sexual force. There are many types of Pranayama, but I mentioned this one specifically today because it is related with the two polarities, Sah-Ra, moon and sun.

Audience: When we fornicate, when we ejaculate there is no other choice, than to start over and not fornicate the next time?

Speaker: Well, the thing is we do not have to fall into that mistake of doing that for tomorrow, the sickness of tomorrow: “oh today I couldn’t, but tomorrow I will” and when tomorrow arrives “oh today I couldn’t, but tomorrow I will” so, weeks pass, months pass, years pass. “Oh this year I couldn’t, but next year I will,” and like that we will never do it. We have to fight against our own demons and the fight is difficult. That is why it is written:

“The cerebrospinal fluid and the semen are the two poles of the sexual energy. The angel has the two poles upwards, towards his head. Common and ordinary human beings and Demons have one pole upward and the other downward. They form the brain with one pole, and they fornicate with the other pole. The Kundalini of the angel goes upwards; yet, the demon’s Kundabuffer goes downwards.” Samael Aun Weor

Let me tell you fornication strengthens subjective reasoning. If you observe the great intellectuals of this day and age, they are great fornicators, they enter into Klipoth קליפות and with their reasoning they start justifying their own way; their way of Lilith or their way of Nahemah. 

They justify their sexual pleasure: “If god gives that, then this is what we have to do.” This is what these intellectual animals say, and they justify their own behavior, their wrong behavior related with the two moons Nahemah and Lilith. Nahemah, which is also written Nehemah נהמה or Nechemah נחמה, even Naamah נעמה, is related with adultery and fornication, prostitution. Lilith homosexuality, lesbianism and many other aberrations of sexuality.

Audience: Previously we spoke about the Kalkian personality. It seems as though it relates to subjective reasoning obviously, right? And how we substitute our intuition with subjective reasoning... How do we go about “regenerating our heart chakra again?”

Speaker: This term “Kalkian personalities” is mentioned by Gurdjieff. These types are related with those personalities that exist in this day and age, which is the Kali Yuga (dark age) in which people know about esotericism or about religion. The most dangerous Kalkian personalities are the ones involved in esoterism, all of them develop the lower seven chakras that Muhammad talks about, which are the seven doors of hell. These are the chakras that, when activated, allow one to enter easily into the infra-dimensions, in order words, the hells of nature. These are the opposite of the heavens.

Ordinary people enter into those levels when they have nightmares, but black magician do it consciously. They develop their lower chakras of their Harnel-miatznel through fornication in that note Re, which is beneath the earth. When taking about the ray of creation: SI is the infinite, LA is the galaxy, SOL is the solar system, FA is the earth, MI is the true human being, and RE is hell. So, they are awakened and are in communication with other people in limbo and other levels of hell, and because most of this humanity belongs to hell, to the infra-dimensions. Because of the fact that we have ego, they cando things like read your cards or your hand and tell you many things in relation with your ego, because they are activating their chakras and can read your ego… But, they cannot see your monad, they cannot see the internal superior aspect of your being, because they are not capable of entering there, only in the lower levels of the earth. Therefore, they are always astonishing people, because they tell you many things in relation with your ego.

Those are precisely the “Kalkian personalities” and they know about your life, they know about reincarnation and many other things, subjectively, in relation with Klipoth קליפות. They appear on tv, they are applauded, but really, they do not know anything about the superior levels, or the octet, or the Harnel-miatznel; and they think sometimes that the Kundalini is the Kundabuffer.

The Kundabuffer develops with the orgasm, with animal passion easily, because we are already here in the lower levels, but the Kundalini is very difficult to awaken. For that you have to deny yourself, take up your cross daily and to follow the light, which is the process of being here and now; light and awakened consciousness belong to each other.

You want to be awakened; you want to be enlightened? Well, remember yourself, every moment, here and now, then you will see how you really will be awakened. Be careful with those who are awakened in evil and for evil, they are bad thieves, there are many millions... we are among them, but we have to fight against that, because we want to be good thief.

Audience: Is a minor nocturnal pollution, for example one that happens even if you do not have a dream… is that different than fornication? Do we fall just as drastically?

Speaker: Is a minor pollution qualified as fornication? Fornication means ejaculation, when the semen is ejected from the sexual organ… but, of course, there are levels of fornication. Sometimes, if the individual is fighting, if they discover that they are very close to reaching theorgasm and the want to stop it, whilst in a dream, but they ejaculate a little bit... well, they are still feeding that ego, but less so than if you were awake, or if you were choosing to reach the orgasm, because at least in that scenario, you are fighting against it. So, go and meditate, comprehend and ask your Divine Mother for annihilation. Do not be afraid of showing your evil deeds to your Lord, the Christ, to your Divine Mother: show them. “Divine Mother I confess, I am a fornicator, I did this, please help me.” Meditate and ask for annihilation, that is the way.

Do not ever presume of being a saint, because we are not. Sanctimonious maybe, but that is another thing.

Audience: So, what you are suggesting is that we should be celibate and practice the pranayama until we reach a certain point where we are then able to work in the ninth sphere?

Speaker: Well of course if you are single, if you are not married, if you have no wife or husband, our advice is not to be celibate, because celibacy means just sexual abstention; rather, we suggest that you put into activity your sexual energy, as a single, in the way that the master teaches in the yellow book, with pranayama. However, if you already have your wife, or you have your partner and you have a marital life, then practice sexual magic, because the nine initiations of the minor mysteries will be passed by you very quickly, because you are activating the fires.

The single people pass those initiation very slowly, because they active their sacred fires with only one energy. Remember that in the sexual act the man is the heaven and the woman is the earth, that is a symbol, because really, we see the reality that women look more like heaven and we look like hell.

So, practice that sexual magic if you already have your partner. Otherwise, if you are single, put into activity your sexual fires with pranayama. Do not make the same mistake of other Gnostics they know that the sexual energy is vital, but they do not practice anything during the day. They build energy and when the night comes, they are having nocturnal pollutions, because the animal physical body knows how to fornicate; if you do not do it willingly, the physical will do it instinctually. So, you have to teach the physical body; in order to teach the physical body, you have to do your pranayama every day, many times. Practice sexual transmutation once a day, for one hour if you can endure it... but that is up to the temperament of everyone.

Thank you very much.