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Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld, The Wedding Feast at Cana

The topic of our lecture today has to do with love. Love is the essence of religion. Love is the highest wisdom.

We tend to use the word love in a way that lessens it or disfigures it. When we use it to describe very superficial, transitory type things. Real love is what the soul is always yearning for to be close to. Love is happiness which all of us, in our depth, wish to have.

There is nobody who wants to avoid happiness. Everybody wants to have happiness. It is just that our ideas of what happiness is, tends to be confused. So, we end up not actually doing the things or behaving in the way that will bring us towards it.

In our previous lectures, we introduced Esoteric Christianity as a form of Christianity is deeper than normally taught in the public today. There has always been the inner doctrine, which relates to certain ways of understanding the scriptures. Never forget that the true content of esoteric Christianity has something to do within us. The content of our soul of our spirit. That is the esoteric doctrine. The doctrine within, which unfolds itself through our experience, through our spiritual work. That is the real Esoteric Christianity. Because within us is a divinity, some spark of light, some connection, to the universal light that we call Christ: that light within us.

We discussed the beginning of the book of John, and we took apart some of the Greek words.

In particular, in the very beginning (John 1:1), when it says:

En arche en o logos.

“In the beginning was the word.”

We normally view this temporally, meaning some point in time in the past. But we need to look at that beginning as a point in our interior space. Within that origin is the activity of the logos. The activity of Christ is at our origin. And the light emerges from our origin, or the beginning.

Therefore, this is not something that happened a long time ago. This is something that we inspect, we can experience at any time. When we look within ourselves profoundly, we can find the origin of our activity, which is the Verb, the Word, the Logos.

Unfortunately, what usually occurs is we only find is the activity of our mind, and our heart (emotions). Obviously, what is going on in our mind is not close to the qualities of Christ, Universal Love. Instead, what we will find within ourselves is suffering and contradiction, desires, conditioned ways of thinking and behaving, and ignorance.

But if you keep our attention, and you follow the light of your consciousness, you can unweave the very fabric of your mind. There you will find there is a deeper level of activity.

We must keep going deeper.

People think that their “truth” is the thoughts and the emotions they can feel at any particular moment. They think that is their authentic truth. Yet, they have never inquired beyond that or deeper than that.

We must understand that there is consciousness or cognizance, which is aware of those thoughts. If you follow that light of awareness, you can penetrate through your superficial mind, through your thoughts, and go to something deeper. If you keep following that then you will find a more radical origin.

Any one of us can do that. That is what this doctrine teaches. Perhaps it is easier said than done, but perhaps we just need to make the effort.

There is a lot to do with the way we behave in the world that prevents us from having that type of access, so that we can experience that universal compassion.

We must perform a psychological work, to transform our soul, to develop our soul.

In the book of John, the first miracle that Jesus performs, is at the wedding. Where he transforms or transmutes the water into wine. We are going to look at this scripture to understand how it has to do with our spiritual work. Obviously, the common interpretation that Jesus came to a wedding in some literal historical past and decided it was a good idea to help the celebrants become intoxicated with wine has nothing to do with Christianity. That is a very superficial, ignorant analysis.

Let us read John 2.

1 And the third [Gimel ג] day [יום yom] there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee [גליל]; and the mother of Jesus [Ἰησοῦ, יהשוה] was there:

2 And both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage.

3 And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.

4 Jesus saith unto her, Woman, what have I to do with thee? mine hour is not yet come.

Well, what we're going to do is analyze this book, which is in the New Testament by looking how those words are kabbalistically impregnated with more information. Because those people who wrote in Greek, the New Testament they were kabbalists, they knew the old wisdom. When they were presenting it to a more general public, they were using the language at that time. When those who wrote this in Greek, they were still teaching orally how to comprehend this kabbalistically.

A lot of times when we talk about the kabbalah, it is about the Old Testament because that's the language it's written in. The New Testament has those same symbols in different ways. So we must understand the Greek in terms of Kabbalah, and relate it to Hebrew letters.

Now, this was taking place in Cana of Galilee. Once again, we interpret traditionally that this was some place in the Middle East or Palestine. And this was happening a long time ago, and people put all these biblical locations on the map. We do not deny that there were certain towns and cities that may (or may not) have been the location of certain events.

In any case, we need to go deeper. What was written down was Cana of Galilee. What is cana (kana)? Kana is the name of a stream between the territories Ephraim and Manasseh, who were sons of Joseph.

In Greek, the word kalamos means reed or reed pen.

In Hebrew Kaneh or Qaneh (קנה) means a reed, a rod, a shaft, a tube or a stem.

When we say Qaneh we are pointing towards a reed or a staff. As we discussed in our previous lectures the reed or the staff is related to our spinal column. In the same way a bamboo reed has certain pockets of water, certain cells, and you can see that water has to rise to the top from the ground. This is related to our spinal column and the energies which are flowing through the spinal column.

Any staff of the hierarchs or Patriarchs, the staff of the wise, that is our that's our spinal column. So kana (Qaneh) is the spinal column.

The word Galilee has just a rich interpretation. In Greek there different ways relating to Galil or Gal Elias. From Galil which we get the route of Galilee. Galil means a circuit or district meaning a circular district of an area, or, it can mean rolling, turning as a door, or a ring on a finger, a cycle.

In Kabbalah we find the word Gilgal and Galgal: rolling, wheel, whirl, whirlwind, whirling; in Kabbalah, the returning souls.

Of course, Galilee, we can define traditionally, as a northern region of Palestine, and also the name of a sea, also a circle or area of the heathens.

Galilee comes from Galil (גליל). Which in Hebrew is Gimel ג, Lamed ל, Iod י, Lamed ל. In English: G-L-I-L approximately.

There is another term, another place is referenced, quite a bit in the Old Testament called Gilgal, or Beth-Gilgal. Gilgal is very similar, except it's Gimel ג, Lamed ל, Gimel ג, Lamed ל. The Iod י of Galil is replaced with another Gimel ג to make Gilgal.

Gilgal is traditionally understood as a very spiritual place. Joshua, who came after Moses, turned the River Jordan upward. Then there was land for the Israelites to cross over the River of Jordan and go into the promised land. Where they had a base camp there, it was called Gilgal.

The word Jordan (ירדן) means descender. Joshua made that dissension of energy go up. All of the Israelites come over to the other side and they made camp in Gilgal. That is the account to told in the Bible.

What we are describing today is not about Gilgal, but Galil (Galilee), which is different.

Let us look at the letters a little bit more. We are going to go through all of them.

Gimel ג is the 3rd letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Gimel ג is like the word camel, so Gimel ג is like the camel that is walking in the desert. Gimel ג is related to gemul (גמול), which means a recompense or retribution: giving reward or giving punishment for actions performed.

Gemal (גמל) means camel literally, to deal fully or adequately with to deal out to. To wean. To ripen. Gemal is about a ripening, about a traversing or developing by walking the path.

Gimel ג is the camel that walks the desert to reconnect with God. Gimel ג itself, is said to be formed by two other other letters that we are going to discuss: Vav ו, and Iod י. Vav ו is like vertical line. Iod י is a dot, which on the Gimel ג is the little foot at the bottom right. Gimel ג is like a long line with a dot, the Iod י is the foot to walk with. Vav ו within Gimel ג is the vertial aspect.

The Zohar states that Eve was tempted by Samael flying on a Serpent-Camel. Those who overcome temptation become ‘gibor’, strong.

We are going to combine this understanding of Gimel ג with Lamed ל. Remember Galil is: Gimel ג, Lamed ל, Iod י, Lamed ל.

Lamed ל is the 12th letter, Lamed ל is formed with Vav ו and Kaph כ. Lamed ל has this extra extension going above the normal line of letters. Lamed ל is like a great tower reaching into the Sky, but it is grounded in the earth. Lamed ל is the connection between body, soul, and spirit. As the 12th letter, it is a letter of completion seen in the 12 Apostles, 12 Labors, 12 tribes, etc. Lamed ל is the center letter of the alphabet and the source of our connection to God, which is in the center, the לב leb, which is heart. Through the heart we lamed למד (learn) the highest wisdom.

You can see how Gimel ג and Lamed ל could be connected to each other. Do you see a relationship there: to walk the path? To have that inner wisdom connecting you. Because, at any moment we can remember ourselves and make a connection. When we when we remember ourselves, that connection becomes more active and then we can walk the path.

We also talked about the letter Iod י. This is the 10th letter and it is like a little dot. So everywhere you see, all the letters are formed with a dot that then gets extended in some way. The dot is just a potential, and we can say therefore that all letters are a Iod י that has been extended.

Iod י is is the smallest of the twenty-two Hebrew letters, and looks like a small dot or a little dash.

Iod י is related with the initial emanation of creation, before it is fully unfolded or developed.

Iod י is related to the “foundation” (יסוד yesod) and the crossing of the threshold of the door (ד) of secrets (סוד). Initiation of the mystery of the covenant of God.

Iod י is the first letter of the Four Lettered Name (Tetragrammaton), יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei (Jehovah).

Our final letter, to understand our current topic, is Vav ו, which we've already mentioned in these other letters. Vav ו is like a Iod י that has been pulled down or extended down. It has been elongated vertically. Vav ו, which is the six letter is literally how you say and in the Bible.

When it says “and God did this, and this happened”, that is Vav ו.

Vav ו is the word and Vav ו is a connector or bridge between ideas. Vav ו is the conduit between man and God between heaven and earth. That Vav ו is the same thing as the reed, the spinal column. When we talk about Vav ו, it is related to our connection with God. What connects us to God physically is our nervous system being in phase or in sympathy, with divinity, like an antenna that's tuned for the right frequency to receive those messages.

Vav ו is related to a spinal column. Vav ו is the vertical staff of the wise, the spinal column, the reed, the measure of wisdom, so our wisdom is measured with a Vav ו, how connected our Vav ו is with the Lord.

The temple is always measured with our wisdom. They say measure something on a reed in the Bible, it means look at your spinal column. Or we can say, search your heart, see what is inside of yourself. Measure yourself.

The Lord measures us. He looks in our spinal column and sees how much we are developed. It does not matter how many ideas we have in our head, or how eloquent we could be. What matters is how connected or how much work we have done. Because as we do more work that Vav ו becomes more connected.

We are discussing all of these letters because it has to do with Galilee. All these letters are related there.

Galilee גליל is the opposite of Gilgal גלגל. Why? Because it is missing one of the Lameds ג of Gilgal, which is a spiritual place.

Gigal is Gimel-Lamed, and then another Gimel-Lambed. A Gimel-Lamed for the Right and a Gimel-Lamed for the Left.

But Galilee is different. It has a Gimel-Lamed גל for the Right, but a Iod-Lamed יל for the Left. Remember that Hebrew goes right to left.

The lack of a Gimel ג on the left side represents our fallen state. Thus Galilee is a place of heathens, while Gigal is a holy place.

Although we talk about Vav ו being the vertical connection. We can also talk about there being a dual duality of that connection. This is the Right and Left aspects of the Vav ו connection. This what we call the left and the right columns of the temple.

Our spinal column has two primary energy paths, ss we talked about in the previous lectures as being the servant and the witness. Or the witness in a servant. Two primary energy channels which begin in the olives, or the testicles or ovaries. They go up the column to the top where an oil ss then delivered, which gives the light or Halo of the Saints. This is what we talked about in the prior lectures.

We said this is how you understand the book of Zachariah, and a certain chapter in the Book of Revelation, which talks about the Two Witnesses. It is a teaching of sexual transmutation.

At that time, we said we need to develop that concept more, so that's what we're doing today. That is why we are talking about the Spiritual Marriage.

The chapter of John continues.

5 His mother saith unto the servants [diakonos, עבד obd], Whatsoever he saith unto you, do it.

6 And there were set there six [Vav ו] waterpots of stone, after the manner of the purifying of the Jews, containing two or three firkins apiece.

 7 Jesus saith unto them, Fill the waterpots with water. And they filled them up to the brim.

8 And he saith unto them, Draw out now, and bear unto the master of the feast. And they bare it.

So, now we are at the wedding. We are going to understand this esoterically. What this is talking about is something going on within ourselves. Jesus, in this story represents something within us. Mary, in this story, represents something with us. The waterpots represents something within us. The servant represents something within us.

What about the servant? We already talked about the servant in the previous lecture. The servant has to do with the energy channel. You either say there's two witnesses, or two servants, or, a witness in a servant, depending on how you want to talk about it.

The servants are the ones doing this work of putting the water pot, putting the water in the water pots. In other words, our nervous system is continually filling up our water pots with water.

There is always a pooling of creative sexual energy within us, as our bodies are always regenerating the sexual impulse and filling the water pots. There are six water pots, which we know, six is related to the sixth letter, which is the Vav ו. Therefore it is related with the connection to our spinal column, to a nervous system. There is a collection of water at the bottom, the water pots of stone. This is related to our sexual impulse. The servants are always gathering water. In other words, our nervous system is developing our sexual impulse.

9 When the master [architriklinos: host or ruler of the three seats] of the feast had tasted the water that was made wine, and knew not whence it was: (but the servants [diakonos, עבד obd] which drew the water knew;) the master [architriklinos] of the feast called the bridegroom,

10 And saith unto him, Every man at the beginning doth set forth good [kalon, טוב tob] wine [οἶνος, oinos,וין  vayin]; and when men have well drunk, then that which is worse [elasson, less]: but thou hast kept the good [kalon, טוב tob] wine until now.

11 This beginning [arche] of miracles [σημεῖον, sémeion, sign, נס nes] did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth [ephanerosen: to bring into light] his glory [doxan; כבוד kabowd]; and his disciples believed on him.

Well, if we look at the original text, we now have a master of the feast in addition to the servants, the bride and bridegroom, and Jesus and Mary. This word master, actually in Greek, is not the word master. The way you normally translate Master is from the Greek kyrie or kyrios.

This is a different word: architriklinos. Architriklinos gets translated as master in this particular translation and other translations, it's various other things, but none of them really capture exactly what that Greek word is saying.

Arche, in one sense means origin, but in this sense it means the host or ruler. Tri is three. Klinos means something you sit on, like a recliner. Archi-tri-klinos: ruler of the three seats.

What are the three seats within us? Because everything can easily be interpreted within. What are the three seats within us? How does the energy of life seed itself within our within?

  • Intellectually
  • Emotionally
  • Motor-instinctive-sexually

Three ways in which energy finds itself seated within us.

This is what this master of the feasts are. The Lord, our inner Master, needs to find his seat within us, because we must become the throne of our Innermost or inner Lord. We do that by doing the work and little by little by becoming psychologically balanced and working with this. Then, that energy is able to seat itself more and more.

However, in the beginning, the Master does not know that the water has been drawn forth.

This is a great mystery: we must do our inner work as much as our Innermost must also do “His” side of the work.

Without our side of the work being done that wine cannot come forth. The wine is that which is a spiritual intoxication. We need to develop all of these seeds or these potentials within our self which flourish in heaven. In the beginning the Innermost is not actually a Master yet. Through the work that we do here, all of those fruits and treasures go up to heaven. The potentials within our within our Innermost become connected, and then the Innermost becomes a Master. As the soul is doing work, the Innermost is also integrating.

It says everyone, every man, at the beginning set forth good wine, and when everyone has gotten drunk, then you give them the lesser wine, the worst wine. But thou hast kept the good wine until now.

In other words: traditionally, if someone's drinking, you give them the good alcohol first, and then when they are when they are drunk, they cannot tell the difference. So, you give a worse wine. The esoteric meaning of course is different. Those who know this teaching, those who how to work with transmuting water into wine, find the best wine at the end.

Why is the best wine at the end? Because the refinement continues to happen, and best wine always appears not at the beginning, but at the end.

Most people, when they work, when they activate their sexual impulse, and they are in the bedroom, their wine becomes much worse. They fornicate, they get intoxicated with the first few drops of pleasant sensations. Those sensations, which are very nice of course, they take that and they become very drunk with sensations, and they pollute the rest of their wine and they make everything worse.

In other words, we become identified with all of those pleasant sensations and engorge our ego and our desires in the bedroom. So, we take something and make it much worse. This is the normal way, because every time someone charges themselves with sexual energy and they orgasm, a descent of energies go out of the body. And it is always combined with a very dirty type of psychological impulse related to our instincts, our animal nature. It creates a very conditioned state of mind amongst other things.

Although our nervous system is always pulling the sexual impulse from the higher dimensions, it is our job to turn that River of Jordan back up like Joshua did, and if we do not, we expel the energy, and then there is a vacuity of energy within ourselves. So, our body then absorbs other types of energies which are very dirty for our psychology.

That type of behavior creates a mind which is very conditioned, and very dull, and becomes more and more ugly inside.

People think that after the orgasm that they are very relaxed, and everything is very nice. And prior to that, they are sexually agitated. But, that relaxed state is more actually described as a state of dull lassitude.

Obviously, the sexual impulse awakens something within us. We can sense that. Just a simple impression can awaken that sense within us. The sexual impulse is enlightening. Something about our heart and mind comes to light, and usually what we find there is a lot of desire. And then we think, oh, that is what I really am: I am an animal that needs to just needs to fornicate. Because again and again I see that desire within myself.

The sexual impulse is an illuminating factor. It is always a type of light. There we see our desire.

But what do you do with it? That is the question most people answer by developing the desire more. Well, that is where Christianity is saying you have to destroy that desire and you need to keep that energy because the light is there.

If you expel the light, you are full of darkness. People think after they orgasm that now that agitation is gone. So, one feels relaxed again. But that is not really what is happening. This is like a person walking into a room. They turn the lights on, and they see something horrific. They get scared, and then they turn off the lights and they think oh, everything is better. Actually, everything is the same, just there is no light to see it.

Every time you orgasm, you are turning the lights off, and people do not see all of the horrendous conditioned factors of their mind anymore, because there's no light to even see it. Then, little by little, the energy accumulates again. The return of our sexual impulse occurs, which illuminates our desires. We then see those desires again, and we want to become an animal again.

The orgasm is a great exchange of temporary sensations for long-term ignorance, darkness, and desire.

We also mistake that the sensation of dullness is happiness.

Every time we see something within ourselves, whether it is an agitation, a nervousness, or anxiety, fear, pride, humiliation because someone said something against us, these are all things we are sensing within ourselves, and we would like to just turn the lights off. We would like to escape it, to forget it, to hide from it. In this sense we actually want darkness!

We do not really want to see or deal with our psychological states. The more you begin to transform your sexual energy and try to eliminate your desires, the more that light of your transformed sexual impulse is going to illuminate deeper factors within yourself, you're going to continue to see more and more things within your mind.

The animal mind will rebel and say that such a task is a violence against nature. Yes, this practice is a violence against our ego. If you believe you are nothing other than the ego, you believe this teaching is heresy. However, we know that our true nature is not the ego.

The scripture also says: “This is the beginning of miracles.” Which is another reference to the word arche.

The beginning of miracles is the transformation of water into wine. This is not just something that Jesus did first as some random reason. In other words, for all of the other miracles of Jesus to occur, you first must have this one. You must first transform the water into wine. Then all of the energy is there in order for all of the other miracles to occur. If you do not perform this miracle, you have no wine. You have no spiritual intoxication.

People want to be compassionate. They want to be loving. But when life strikes us very hard, we react and we find nothing but angst and confusion within ourselves. We feel like we are in a desert. Where is this compassion? Where is the Lord?

Every time you spill the energy, you're removing the ability for you to connect very powerfully with God. Tthe transformation of our sexual impulse is the very connection. This is very type of energy that allows us to receive and send the information between us (as soul) and the spirit.

If you have a cell phone, but it has no battery, it has no energy. It does not matter what that cell phone is made from, or what type of mobile plan you have, you cannot do anything with it.

Our energy is like a fluidic transceiver, like an antenna that's made out of fluid, and that fluid is all of our nervous energies. (Not nervous as in anxious, but as in our nervous system.)

When you transmute sexual energy, your whole body becomes an antenna for receiving the signals, for receiving the beauty of the of the world. Then you are tapped into a limitless universal nature of compassion.

We need to begin to do that. When you are tapped into that, the small types of trivial things do not upset us so much and we find a wellspring of happiness of joy, of beauty, of knowledge coming from within ourselves, because we have done at least the first miracle of transforming our sexual energy.

The base sexual energy, obviously the water, the water is always coming. The servants are always filling the water pots with water. Then we must do something with it. It is the most powerful energy that we have and you can't just ignore it. You end up doing something with it, either consciously or unconsciously.

There are two main ways people deal with the sexual problem in relation to spirituality.

One side recognizes that when the sexual impulse comes, it is enlightening all of these desires you have within yourself. This type of person identifies with those desires as their true nature. Therefore, such a person believes you should just do whatever that your mind and heart are telling you to do in those moments. What happens when you do that is you reinforce all those conditions. All those desires, and they grow bigger. And the person thinks that they are becoming more and more actualized, but they are just growing their ego and their desires more and more and more. And at some point, that is a fulminated tower that that falls.

Let us remember that all of us have a big ego whether we think about it or not. But when we mix spiritual aspiration with sexual practices which deify lust and orgasm, the result is always suffering in the end.

Now the other side is to reject that sexual impulse because the people believe that those desires which are illuminated when there is sexual activity must be rejected. Therefore, such a person believes they should stay away from the whole sphere of sex. They believe that sex is the desire itself. They do not realize that the sexual impulse is just the illuminator of those desires which exist whether the lights are on or off.

So, by rejecting all manner of sex, such a person believes to be holy and spiritual. They view sex itself as filthy and dirty because they cannot discriminate between the sexual impulse and lust. They think they are the same thing.

And traditionally, most of us think that too, because we are uneducated, and we have not begun to understand the difference. So, they step away from sexuality completely. They reject it, they repress their sexual impulse. So, what happens in this case is that one psychology becomes more repressed.

And especially if they really ignore themselves, this sort of prevents a psychological development of the person.

And they have a repressed sexual libido that is infantilized. In many cases this has led to sexual predators, particularly amongst priests who do not know anything about this doctrine, because they repressed their sexual impulse, it never developed. Sexuality remains in an infantile state within them. So very horrendous crimes are occurring because this doctrine has been lost in the traditional aspects of Christianity. It is not a coincidence the esoteric doctrine has been lost and the developments that we unfortunately see is a result of ignoring the sexual impulse and repressing it.

Therefore, must neither express sexuality naively or ignorantly, but we must neither repress it naively nor ignorantly. We must deal with it. We must uncover it and extract the light from it.

Now let us close our topic of the two Gimel-Lameds. Remember, I talked about Gilgal as a holy place, but the wedding is happening in Galil: Galilee. Well, if we replace the Iod י of Galilee with a Gimel ג, we have Gilgal.

We say that we are in a fallen state. What does this mean when we are talking about the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation, or the Book of Zachariah? In us, one of those witnesses is fallen. The left side is fallen, our left energy channel is completely fallen into our psychological infernos. On the right side we always have a connection with God. The right witness is still connected. We know it is still connected because we are here right now, and we are discussing these things and we are working on ourselves. If we did not have that connection, we would be totally lost.

Galilee [גליל], going right to left (when you write Hebrew you go from right to left) is Gimel-Lamed on the right, Iod-Lamed on the left.

Our right side is Gimel-Lamed, but our left side is Iod-Lamed. Our left side is still only in potential. We must rectify our left side. When this is done, the left column, that Iod י, becomes another Lamed ל. Remember Lamed ל is the is the is the letter that goes above all the other letters. So, when you rectify the left side that Iod י becomes another Lamed ל, and Galil becomes Gilgal.

How does this correspond to the Tree of Life? What is Gilgal on the Tree of Life? Where are the two Gimels on the tree of life? Well, there is exactly Gimels on the Tree of Life: one on the right and one on the left.

The right Gimel ג is Gedulah (גדולה), which is also called Chesed. That is our inner spirit. We have our inner spirit, we have a connection there, that is why we have this impulse that we want to do the work.

As I said, the left Gimel ג is not there. It is only in potential. We need to do the work.

The left Gimel ג is in Geburah (גבורה). When you have both Gimels fully developed, you are in the land of Gilgal. But to do that, you must start in Galil, where we are right now.

There are many of Kabbalistic concepts that we could talk about here. You see the right side. The right Gimel ג is made with a Vav ו and a Iod י as we said, and those numbers are 10 + 6, because Vav is 10 and Iod י is 6. 10 + 6 = 16. If you reduce 16 (1+ 6) you get 7.

Seven is a number we have not talked about in this lecture. This is the letter Zayin ז. Zayin ז looks like a Vav ו except the vertical line is slightly to the left of where the vertical line is on the Vav ו.

Zayin ז is similar to the letter Vav ו. The only difference in shape between the letters Zayin ז and Vav ו is where the vertical line protrudes from the Iod י.  Zayin ז means sword. It is also associated with the tongue. The tongue is a two-edged sword. The sword is carried by the hero, the one who does the work. The one who does the work needs the sword to defeat all the enemies.

Zayin ז is the left the Left Witness (or Servant) (עבד Obd), Vav ו is the Right Witness (עד Od). Obd and Od are discuss in the previous lectures.

Zayin ז is also related with breathing. Zayin ז is the awakened 'breathing' of life, as in Zechariah 4:1-9, "And the angel who spoke with me returned, and he awakened me as a man who wakes up from his sleep. And he said to me, 'what do you see?’" The Hebrew name Zechariah starts with Zayin ז. It comes from זכור zehair, “to remember,” and יה Jah, the name of God at the end of the phrase הללו יה Hallelu Jah (Praise Jah).

The Book of Zachariah talks about the two olive branches and the oil that goes up them. They always produce olive oil, which is the transmutation of energy goes up. The oil goes to the top where our penal gland is, or our brain. Our top of our head, where it becomes enlightened.

We have a form of connection, regardless of whether we truly are remembering ourselves. This is the right side, represented by the right side of the Tree of Life. In this sense, there is always some latent connection. As for the left side, we need to start remembering ourselves and doing the psychological work. Then we are starting to work on the left side. So, the right side of the Tree of Life is what is always descending into us. We do not have to do a work in that sense. But if we want to develop our soul, we need to work with the left side because the left side is what is currently in hell. Need to raise that energy.

The solution of the right Gimel ג is the number 7, which is Zayin ז. Gimel ג is made with Iod י (10) and Vav ו (6): 10 + 6 = 16, which then reduces to 1 + 6 = 7. The solution of the right side is Zayin ז, and Zayin ז itself represents the left side. So the solution of the right side says: work on the left side.

If we say that that left Gimel ג, instead of being Iod י and Vav ו, but instead Iod י (10) and Zayin ז (7), we get 10 + 7 = 17, which reduces to 1 + 7 = 8. The eighth letter is Chet ח, which means life.

The solution of the left side is to work with life, Chet ח. We want life within ourselves. We need to work with transmuting our sexual energies. That is what that means.

When we look at the Tree of life and relate it to the human form, it is viewed from the back. So, the right side of the tree of life is the true right side of the person, as if you were standing in line behind a person. Remember, if a person is standing facing you, their right shoulder is on your left. So, when we talk about the human form superimposed upon the tree of life, the right side (Chokmah, Gedulah/Chesed, Netzach) is the true right side, so you must image seeing the back of a person, not the front of the person.

The right side is represented by Vav ו, and the left side is Zayin ז. They touch at the top. When you place a Vav ו on the right, and the Zayin ז on the left, to make them touch at the top, the letter Chet ח is formed. The letter Chet ח is the letter of life. So, these are the two olive branches mentioned in Zachariah.

What are the two olive branches [זית שבלי shibbol zayith] beside the two golden vats that empty out the gold [זהב zahab] from themselves?  And he spoke to me, saying, Do you not know what these are? And I said, No, my lord.

And he said, These are the two anointed [היצהר yitshar] ones who stand before the Lord [אדון Adown (Adoni)] of all the earth [הארץ erets]. Zechariah 4: 11 – 14

These are the two olive trees [duo elaia: two olives], and the two candlesticks [duo luchnia] standing before the God of the earth [ghay: soil]. Revelation 11:1 – 4

The Earth is our lower nature, which can represent our whole physical body, but the “Earth of our Earth” is related to the lower half of our body. Our sexual energy starts at Earth and we must send it up to heaven rhrough the two witnesses. Whether we talk about the water becoming wine, or we talk about the olives, the olive oil being pressed out of the olives, this is this is the doctrine of sexual transmutation.

The doctrine of sexual transmutation is at the very essence the very core, the very beginning Esoteric Christianity.

There are many books written on Esoteric Christianity. Written by many people in the past. Some of them really knew this doctrine. They really knew this wisdom, but none of them spoke this clearly because they couldn't at that time. Other books on the topic may be well intentioned, but unfortunately, they miss the main point.

They do not tell you a lot of ideas, some philosophical concepts, but they do not talk about how to actually work with transmuting and transforming your energies. And that is what's so essential.

Matthew 19 talks about eunuchs, meaning someone who has removed their sexual organ. Jesus mentions this but it has not been understood correctly.  Jesus says:

11 But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, only they to whom it is given.

12 For there are some eunuchs, who were so born from their mother's womb: and there are some eunuchs, who were made eunuchs of men: and there are eunuchs, who have made themselves eunuchs for the kingdom of heaven's sake. He that is able to receive it, let him receive it. – Matthew 19

So people translate this in a very poor way and they think that to have to literally castrate themselves for the Kingdom of Heaven's sake. No, this needs to be understood symbolically. Jesus is teaching the method of transmutation, to not to use the energy to procreate, and instead use the energy for developing the soul.

And it's the same thing that Paul States in first Corinthians 7:29:

But this I say, brethren, the time is short, so that from now on even those who have wives should be as though they had none...

1 Corinthians 7:29

There are many different interpretations about that verse. Many scholars have written articles about this and they all did interpret it in different ways, because they do not know the doctrine of the spiritual marriage, the true esoteric Christianity.

As we have stated in some other lectures there is a technical term, a Greek term syneisaktism, which is translated normally as spiritual marriage.

Syneisaktism (‘sin-ay-sak-tism’, from Greek συνεισάκ “to add or bring together”): the practice of a chaste man and woman living together in a spiritual marriage. The term is most closely associated with early and medieval Christianity. Several related terms are used to label such communities, for example, the virgins subintroductae, the agapetae, and the gynaikes syneisaktoi.

In other words, these are things that no one can deny, that there was these communities of monks and nuns, or so-called celibate men and women living together, and sometimes they were living together in the same house or the same bed. All the scholars always interpret this as if they were either, (1) not really celebrate or chaste, or, (2) this was just some kind of convenient way of allowing communities like allowing women to live a nontraditional lifestyle, to be patronized by the monks to allow them to live in the same house, because they want to live a spiritual lifestyle.

These various interpretations are unaware of true Esoteric Christianity. The real correct interpretation of this is that they were practicing what we are talking about today. These communities knew the esoteric doctrine.

According to the scholars syneisaktism was widely adopted in early Christianity.

“Nor was syneisaktism a phenomenon peculiar to one locality; it can be found in Ireland, Syria, North Africa, and many other centers of Christianity.”
Clark, Elizabeth A., John Chrysostom and the Subintroductae, Church History, 46(1977), p. 173

“Of one thing we can be sure: there was hardly a church province in ancient Christianity in which spiritual marriages were unknown.”
Seboldt, Roland H. A. Spiritual Marriage In the Early Church: A Suggested Interpretation of 1 Cor. 7:36-38, part 2, Concordia Theological Monthly Volume: 30 Number: 3 in 1959, p. 176-189

The practice of spiritual marriage, in which all of one’s sexual energy is used specifically and completely for spiritual development has been a part of the original Christianity since the beginning. It has also been a part of all the other ancient traditions. It is only the modern outer interpretations that have forgotten this, and of course even at that time they were being ridiculed, stamped out, and viewed as heretical. Many thought Spiritual Marriage was a very bad thing. Unfortunately, the church authorities inherited only the cloak, or the outer vesture of the doctrine, and they threw out, or forgot, or lost these inner teachings.

Samael Aun Weor writes:

During the Middle Ages, many Gnostics practiced the Maithuna with Vestal Virgins, calling this marvelous practice Virgine Subintroductis

The Virgine Subintroductis with Vestal Virgins was formidable. It was practiced in the form of Karezza, so that the vestals retained their virginity. In this excellent practice, the man and the priestess lay on their sides, making sexual contact. The man introduced his phallus gradually, with extreme caution, between the vaginal labia and the hymen. With time the hymen became elastic, thus enabling deeper penetrations each time. Thus, this is how vestals never lost their virginity; they remained virgins for their entire life. 

—Samael Aun Weor, Light from Darkness

Obviously, this type of specific practice (retaining the hymen) is not practical in our modern era. But this is what was being practiced in the past. What is important is the fact that sexual connection was made without orgasm or ejaculation as any part of the sexual act. Therefore, all the sexual energy, instead of being used up in an orgasm and/or ejaculation, is transmuted.

There are methods of transmutation for single people, related to breathing techniques. Those of us who are married must learn how to transmute our sexual energy in the sexual act itself.

The word karezza is an Italian word, and there are several books on this topic. Not everyone who uses this word, karezza, is in sympathy with the doctrine. Authentic karezza is in alignment with the doctrine.  Karezza is the word for caress: to enter into sexual contact without reaching the orgasm or ejaculation. This is what karezza truly a means.

The true spiritual marriage is the marriage that makes use of all sexual energies between a man and woman for spiritual development. That is what the spiritual marriage actually is, because there is no real marriage if there is not sexual contact.

How can you have marriage without sexual contact? Marriage means sexual contact. Spiritual marriage means sexual contact without orgasm or ejaculation.

And on the other side of this realty: any any type of sexual contact is a type of marriage. And of course, as you have a longer relationship, that marriage becomes stronger. But all sexual activity, all sexual contact is a type of marriage because you're mixing certain energies. This is something very serious, obviously.

It is very common for people to have many different sexual partners before coming into these teachings. This is true for everybody because actually we have all been having many different lives. We have had many different sexual partners through our lifetimes. So, we have a lot of relationships from previous lives and this is why we have a lot of suffering related to a lot of relationships in this life:  we created energy patterns from previous lives that come and return in this life.

The basic thing is that we need to know the value of our sexual energy. There is a basic ignorance amongst just about everyone about what potential sexual energy has. Recall what I already said: there is there is a light, even a type of consciousness within our sexual energy, and we must know how to work with that. That will allow the flourishing of our soul so that a beautiful garden is developed, a paradise within ourselves.

All of that is within but we do not know about it. What people do is they just follow very blindly a sexual impulse. They do not understand that they are destroying their very connection, their very potential. They are selling their birthright of self-realization, of theosis or unity with God. We sell it for a couple pleasurable moments, which just furthers our suffering.

As we have been talking about in this lecture and many other lectures, this is really the crux. This is the root of Christianity. This is really when we talk about the Virgin birth, that Virgin birth has to do with our soul.

Achieving an Immaculate whiteness: the virginity of our soul. From that is birthed the Savior within us. This occurs a certain stage in the path, but at the lower stages, we can say that is always happening. Always giving birth to things within ourselves. When you water the garden, it says in the Book of Genesis a mist came to give fertility to the Earth. The mist comes up as sexual vapors when we are transmuting. Those vapors give the humidity or the activation of all our inner potential to develop, just like a garden. Just like a rose emerges from the mud of the earth, it eventually blossoms in the direction of the sun, and for everybody who keeps the rose’s company, they are always intoxicated with a beautiful scent.

When we learn how to develop our own inner rose to blossom, our heart, we give off a very beautiful sent to the world, and people enjoy our company.

Everywhere today you find truly miserable people. True victims of life, and certainly we should not exclude our self from this category. People get annoyed by us because we are so petty and selfish, and we are always irritable, and we are afraid, and we are projecting things on to other people. We are living in the wilderness.

Well, we are like the heathens living in Galilee when we develop this doctrine within ourselves. We take part in the transmutation of water into wine at the Spiritual Marriage, and then we begin to become exceptionally beautiful inside. We should never forget that even when we start to develop some of that beauty, we still have a lot of ugliness as well. We do not develop love just by thinking about it or just by talking beautiful words. This is a real presence that we achieved through a spiritual work of sexual transmutation.

People who hear about this for the first time are very confused, they have a lot of reactions in their mind, because for most people, marriage is about having children. Or perhaps, for most people, marriage in terms of the bedroom is where everything is allowed, because now that you are married, it is all ‘sanctified’ from the view of having children and procreating. That is a very normal response.

Realize: the doctrine of Esoteric Christianity has never been for everybody. Nevertheless, we assert that everybody has the right and the capacity to walk this path and develop this doctrine within themselves. We also must face the reality that it has never been a popular doctrine. This has never been a doctrine that everybody followed.

This is a type of rebellious doctrine you have to study and define yourself what you want to do.

There is a saying: having children is one of the most beautiful blessings in the world. It is one of the greatest gifts if you know how to make use of the gift. If you do not know how to make use of the gift. Then children can cause a lot of problems. Every psychological conflict of the parent gets passed down to the children every insecurity and projection gets absorbed, and the child is molded in the image of the of its creator. We can say so that is the type of struggle and working out of karma that everybody who is a parent has to go through. And if you extract the wisdom out of that relationship, the end is a very beautiful thing.

And if you do not extract the wisdom out of that relationship, well, there is a lot of suffering. Anybody can attest to the suffering that happens in a family. Many people have experienced that very deeply.

The same can be said of those who do not have children. Not having children is a beautiful gift if you know how to make use of it. If you not, if you do not have children and you just waste your time doing whatever getting drunk, gambling on sports, doing whatever. You are just wasting your life. You are being selfish.

But if you sacrificed that type of lifestyle to have a spiritual life, then it is a very beautiful thing.

For everybody, it is a different situation. So, let us not think that one way is better than the other.

But this is a practical reality: when there's a relationship, if one person finds this doctrine very beautiful and wants to follow it, the partner may not, and this may be one of those things that is very difficult to affirm. People think that having a marriage but using your sexual nature for spiritual development as opposed to physical development (children) is somehow wrong. But this is just because such individuals are not ready for this doctrine, or they do not understand it. They think only in terms of the physical world.

Or they say, very silly, very silly things like: “Well, you Gnostics. If everybody practiced like you. Then there would be no more children. How would that work?

It's a very silly, very superficial type of response, because obviously iIf that were the case, this would be a very different society. Very, very, different society. There are ways of procreation without losing one's chastity. There is a type of virginal birth where one select sperm can be chosen or emitted (without ejaculation) in order to make that connection with the egg, but that is a will of God.

Most people think: I'll get married and I want two children, no I want three children, I want two girls and three boys. That is extremely selfish from a certain perspective. That is the will of our ego.

Other people say what about be fruitful and multiply? Doesn't that mean that God needs us to multiply? Isn't that saying that this idea of spiritual marriage is wrong?

And this is not true, because what's actually happening in Genesis, in that phrase, is it states:

Elohim created Adam in their own image, in the image of Elohim [they] created Adam; male and female [in other words, androgynous] Elohim created [Adam]. And Elohim blessed them [the nephesh chaiah], and Elohim said unto them, 'Be fruitful, and multiply [רבה]  - Genesis 1:28

In other words, the command of being fruitful and multiply was to the androgyne Adam before the splitting of sexes.

Are we that Adam? The answer of course is no.

And Secondly that word multiply is the same word for Master or Rabbi. Rabbi [רבי] is usually spelled with a Iod י at the end, while Rabha [רבה], which is the word they're translating as a multiply, ends with Hei. Well, Iod י represents male sexuality, and Hei represents female sexuality.

And the word rab רב just by itself is master. So you put the female sexuality (Hei), you put the female element after the master. It means master your sexual nature: multiply your mastery by transmuting your sexual nature.

A final thing that I wanted to talk about: people are very confused when we talk about sexual transmutation, we say do not reach orgasm or ejaculation during the sexual act. That is the key. I say that specifically, because we are very aware of all the doctrines that are saying you do one but not the other. There are many of them, and they think, well, you can avoid one but not the other. That is wrong. Orgasm and ejaculation are both loss of energy. You must avoid both. Those doctrines that only say to avoid ejaculation, but not to avoid orgasm, this is very negative.

People wonder: how do I transmit the energy? What do you actually have to do? And people some people want like a recipe card. Well, let us think about this. How does your body digest food? How does your body circulate the blood in your body throughout all the vessels? How does your body exchange the oxygen and carbon dioxide in your lungs? Yeah, you have no working of any of that. The body is doing it for you. However, if you are underwater, you cannot breathe. You need to give your body the right place. If you do not eat, your body cannot digest the food. Right? you need to give your body the right condition. And from there the body will do things for you.

And in in the bedchamber, when we are talking about spiritual marriage, this means to make a sexual connection. In order to make sexual connection the body must be prepared. That is something that is going to happen through the sexual impulse. But you should not be focused on those sensations as being the ultimate nature of what you are.

Never forget your inner God. Never forget your inner mother. That is that self-remembering while being in that act.

So obviously, to place your body in the right condition, you must be psychologically balanced, and you must of course avoid the orgasm, and you must refrain from engorging your desires. But everybody is at a different level, so what that means is something different for everybody. The fundamental thing is not to reach spasm, and if you follow that, and you keep reflecting on your practice, you will discover how you are still very lustful and you will start modifying your practice little by little, because we are all at the level of the devil.

It is not realistic that we practice like a Saint at first. A male-devil is matched with a female-devil, and they tempt each other, of course. Yet, they have to reflect on their practice, because the first level is to not reach orgasm or ejaculation. That is a physical response to your body being extremely charged with energy.

It is like when you have a pot of water and you have a lot of heat. If you do not remove the pot as soon that water is going to boil over. In the act, you are being charged more and more with energy, so you have to remember yourself. You must know where you are at. And that comes by learning through experience how your body responds and how the energy moves in relationship with where your mind and heart are.

In terms of the mind, many people like to work out, go for a run, go for a swim. This can help calm ourselves down and get ourselves in a better state of mind, and that way we are using our physical body to calm down the mind.

But in a sexual act, it goes both ways. Where your mind is will push the energy in that direction. The energy becomes more and more subtle and more and more excited. Having a lustful thought, or engorging your mind with a sensation, will push the energy out. This is how someone, just by an instant of a thought in their mind, condenses that into a current of energy. It is going to want to push that energy out of the body. So people trying to practice this, they accidentally spill. This is unfortunately very common, but you have to keep working. You have to recognize how your mind was related with that energy.

The impulse arrives, and then your mind feels the nice sensations the nervous system becomes active. All that chemistry happens and if course it is very pleasant. But you cannot focus on just the sensations because then your mind will cause a spilling of energy. When the energies spilled out, of course something has to replace it, and the energy is quickly replaced with a type of energy that is related to Mother Nature.

We are talking about a subtle energy. What happens is like opening up the gate of hell for a little bit and all the demons come into your mind. Except you have expelled all the light so you do not recognize that. You just let the demons in, you just fed them all. You recognize that later, when the light returns and now your sexual lusts are stronger than they were before.

So, this is a very delicate practice. This is very practical practice. What is most principle is the presence love.

Another common, very sarcastic comment that I heard about this was: “What about those marriages where the woman must submit to all the things that the man wants, and the woman never has any pleasures related to sex. So, shouldn’t that woman be enlightened according to your doctrine?”

And the answer is no because there is no love in that relationship. There is no cognizance, there is no consciousness. It is a completely mechanical thing. There is no self-remembrance in that type of relationship. It is very animalistic.

In a Spiritual Marriage, genuine sexual enjoyment is experienced by the couple.

It is not just that a refrainment of the orgasm occurs. It is that you are very awake and aware, and self-remembering, and all those elements of your soul are active.

You must be in the garden where the temptation occurs, and to be in the garden is to be in the place of love. The fires of the heart must be enlivened. They must be present.

No mechanical type of relationship. Even relationships where two Gnostics get together, if they do not love each other, then this act will not will not raise the energy. The fires of the heart must be present. This is something you remember so moment by moment. Trying to always remember your inner God while in that in that bedchamber sexually connected.

Everybody has a different practice related to the level that they are at. Some people may practice in one way, which would not work for another person because they are a different level. This is how we develop love within ourselves.

For singles, you need to work with the Zayin ז in a different way through breathing techniques such as what we call pranayama. That is called the science of Peter, where Peter has the two keys to heaven. Two keys, the same two witnesses, the same thing. Once gold and one silver. Peter, the keys of heaven, is the same two, left and right columns of the temple. So this is the science of Peter for those who are married. The science of Peter for those who are single, is to learn how to breathe the energy. What we call pranayama, which we have a lot of information about on our website.

Do you have any questions?

Audience: In India, for instance, we find examples there about people that know some of this knowledge, but they did not know the complete teachings, like Yogananda. He did a lot of work being single. Then we also have Mhatma Ghandi. He was married, but he also did not understand very well because he was sleeping in bed with his wife, but without touching, sexually speaking.

Speaker: Yes, this is an interesting topic. You can have a lot of development with chastity as a single person. And someone like Yogananda, he was a master at meditation. He would go into; it would go into meditation for hours at a time out of his body. A very psychologically clean in that sense.

The tradition that he was related with, knew Tantra, knew how to work in sexual cooperation. Because this teaching is no just a part of Christianity, it is the found at the heart of all world religions.

But somehow, he did not take a wife to practice a Spiritual Marriage. I read that his Guru encouraged him to take a wife for this type of practice, but he declined and said “I only love my divine mother.” This is a very noble answer, yet, he did not realize that he needs to develop the love for his Divine Mother while in the sexual act. He mistook something there. He should have gotten married to have the sexual cooperation, because in a sexual act, you are still loving your Divine Mother, because that energy is the same energies your Divine Mother.

So, even though he was a master of meditation, and even though he created a very good group, there is something missing there. His group does a lot of breathing techniques. They are transforming energy, very good, but that group is only at the very threshold or door of esoterism. To develop the inner mastery, you have to work with sexual cooperation.

Someone like Gandhi. Mahatma, Great Soul, in that respect, obviously held a lot of energy. He moved the energy of a whole country in order to help them change, and he was at the focal point of that. That is an enormous task, very beneficial for humanity. He acquired a lot of positive results due to that. Of course he gave, he was always giving his life to his mission. He will receive a positive recompense because of that in his future lives.

He thought he was being spiritual by not having sexual contact with his wife anymore. But he missed something. He misunderstood the exact teaching. It is not just that you retain the sexual energy, as you can read that in the Vedas and Upanishads. You see in those scriptures that semen is important and that you should retain it and transmute it. But you can only acquire a certain level of transformation of energy as a single person. To go further you need the opposite polarity, here physically on Earth, in order to charge that energy to the degree that it can develop internally all the inner archetypes.

If we do not develop those inner archetypes, we cannot be born again. This is what Jesus meant about being born again. We will talk in more detail about being born again in a future lecture. That is a sexual problem, not a theoretical one.

Spiritual marriage is required for the full development of the soul. There are many cases that spiritual teachers do not mention this. There are several reasons why:

  • False or mistaken teachers.
  • An authentic teacher that does not know the esoteric doctrine. They are a “minor” teacher.
  • An authentic teacher that does not speak publicly about the esoteric doctrine.

Additionally, there exists authentic teachers that practiced spiritual marriage in prior lives, but not in their current life. Fundamentally, spiritual marriage is necessary to develop all the aspects of the soul. Sometimes, the soul can choose to pause from spiritual marriage for a period (such as a lifetime). However, ultimately, there is a final termination of the sexual act (for good) when all the archetypes are formed.

Sex is necessary to create all the aspects of the soul. However, once those aspects are created and perfected, the sexual act is then forbidden. The problem is many mistaken teachers believe they can reject sexual contact before first creating and perfecting all the aspects of the soul.

So, there exists a lot of confusion on this matter. Some teachers are teaching good meditation, chastity, and they have inner experiences. They simply do not know the full esoteric doctrine. They think they are completely awakened because they can get out of their body. They can have experiences and it is positive, but they do not realize there is something still missing, so the will teach that: you don't need to have a partner, it is all possible without the partner.

The sexual aspect, this is a unique factor of this of this doctrine. We are really teaching the whole thing, all sides of it. There are a lot of subtle details that need to be understood.

Then you have a lot of people teaching very openly about Tantra, but not about chastity. They are combing spiritual yearning with lust, and just pretend that your orgasms are spiritual, and you will reach God through orgasm.

It is very seductive. People fall into that all the time. People thing Tantra is about gratify desires. That is wrong. Authentic Tantra is chastity combined with sexual union. What you find are people were speaking very explicitly about Tantra but combining it with lust, and that is negative. That fortifies our desires and develops the ego.

This is nothing new. You find that in India, you find that in Tibet, you will find that among the Kabbalists. There is always these two sides of Tantra.

Kabbalah comes from kabel, which means “to receive.” Some Kabbalists say, “God has given this given us this huge bounty. It is like a table full of all this food and we must receive it,” meaning receiving all the impressions and just eating all the impressions of life. And they want to grow, receiving, and they are just growing a big ego. They will teach something that may sound similar to this lecture, but without chastity. They might know the value of the sexual energy, but they want to use it to develop the ego.

This is everywhere, there are so many wrong interpretations, and there's only one true way, which Jesus says is a narrow way.

Audience: You said that Peter has two keys…

Speaker: The two keys of Peter. There are some images of him holding one gold key and one silver key. These two keys are the same two olive branches, the same two witnesses of God. So, it just means we have the solar energies, and we have the lunar energies. These are the two principal columns: Vav ו and Zayin ז.

They are the two keys within us that we must unlock. It unlocks the Kingdom of Heaven. When you have this sort of energy moving through us, that is how we have an inner experience. We transmute the energy by refraining from the animal sexual impulse. That causes a reflection. The sexual impulse wants to push itself out of our body, but if we reflect that using mantras, using breathing, and remembering our inner God, the energy then reflects up. That takes with it our consciousness. And now you have that connection.

There are many of people who are in a group calling themselves “the Gnostics.” Some of them were teaching exactly what we are teaching, and some of them were teaching the exact opposite. Really the true Gnostics doctrine is what we are teaching here.

This is like the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, other groups with various names, teaching about sex, but always polarized negatively. You can find allusions to these teachings in all those ancient manuscripts that have been found. Sometimes they are positive, sometimes they are negative. In those manuscripts they will never teach it explicitly.

Audience: What is your advice to a person who is trying to do this work but is having difficulty?

Speaker: This is very this is a path that really tests our will. It pushes us to the very edge, to see what we are, what is inside of us. It's not an easy path. And what's normal in the beginning, for most people, is failure to keep the energy within.

Either in the moment of the sexual act, spilling due to the sexual spasm, or after or during the night when the mind goes to the “devil's playground” and starts fornicating to images in a dream. Then the energy comes out of the body at night.

The answer to this is that we must keep working. One perspective is that it is not something that we can change in one day, or one week, or one month. Depending on our past, we might have a lot of things (lustful egos) that we must recognize within ourselves. We should not fret just because we have those types of initial difficulties. We have habits that are in our instinctual center that want to fornicate. Just like a stubborn donkey does not want behave. We must keep persuading that stubborn donkey in the right way and keep working in the right way.

We often say that King Herod killed all the firstborns, and Jesus was saved. All those other firstborns that were killed by the King (which is our ego). The ego kills are attempts at chastity. Difficult things. So we have to keep reflecting on the teachings, we have to keep meditating and reflecting on how it is occurring. And not to give up. And to pray to our inner Divine Mother, our Father as well. To ask for help. Ask for assistance.

The second aspect, more practically, this means that we should have shorter, less intense sexual connection. Even if this means barely any sexual connection at all. And we must recognize what level of heat we can withstand before our body has a as the impulse or the reflex to orgasm. The body itself has this reflex that we must retrain. So, instead of having the reflex of the orgasm, it can start to have the reflex to transmute.

In the beginning, a lot of couples have to just barely contact. Very little contact. And you start with short periods. And then, little by little, you make longer, sessions with more contact.

As with the referenced example of the Virgine Subintroductis, right, just a little bit of contact, and that is enough to start the transmutation process. Work little by little, that's really the key.

Everything changes when she start transmuting. The sensitivity and the sexual impulse becomes much more refined and delicate. And you are more aware, and more sensitive, to all of those things. You have to adjust and recognize what is possible and that more delicate nature is a more subtle energy that is capable of recognizing and illuminating your conscious and more and more subtle levels.

This energy is present in your in your sex first. It is very delicate and will be broken or shattered very easily. That is why it is so sensitive, and we do not at first know how to handle it. We must educate ourselves.

We should just keep getting back, returning to the practice, reflecting and starting with shorter and less intense periods and growing. Growing that a little bit.

It is true, many people tried this practice and it is very difficult. Because our whole mind is going in one direction (to spill). And then we want to change the direction with our body. And it's really the way we do it. The body changes first, meaning that we just refrain from sexual orgasm. Then we see that our mind is still wanting to go in the other direction and then we can reflect on that. We meditate, we start removing our lust.

We speak of all the beautiful nature of this doctrine. It is very inspiring. And then the practical reality is a lot of work. But is it worth it? Yes, it is worth it. Traditionally, this specific practice would usually be only taught after someone spent a lot of years just purifying their mind. Years and years and years. From that perspective, it would be easier for that person, but we do not have that time to do it that way any long.

There are too many distractions in the world today, and people are suffering intesnly. So instead of requiring someone to purify their mind for decades before having access to this practice, we now give it freely, at the beginning.

For us, we are really stuck in a lot of psychological muck, so we are using this very powerful technique that is dredging all this soil from the bottom. And there is a lot of stuff in there, and it's frightening. But, after years of working with it, you really advance, little by little, of course.

That is what is so wonderful about this is that this teaching: it works, and you do not have to believe me on that. You know transmitting your sexual energies is going to be a great thing, because once you start doing it, you see the results in your mind and in your heart.