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In this lecture, we are going to penetrate into the mysteries of what we call the Spiritual Sun. And, for that, we have to quote the Master Yeshua (Jesus) who, in the Pistis Sophia, stated:

“And Jesus, ― that is Aberamentho, ― said unto his disciples, “Amen, I say unto you: I have brought nothing into the world when I came, save this fire, this water, this wine and this blood. I have brought the water and the fire out of the region of the Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; and I have brought the wine and the blood out of the region of Barbelo.”

The region of Barbelo, is the great power of the universal God... if we can call it God.

When we read this from the Pistis Sophia, by the Master Aberamentho, who was named Jesus on this planet Earth — a word which means Savior, Yeshua in Hebrew — we have to penetrate into, or to inquire about Barbelo. Barbelo is a region that he describes as being where the light is. Indubitably, Barbelo is what in Kabbalah is called the Ain Soph Aur, which is the third aspect of the Absolute Abstract Space. It is also called the Solar Absolute. When we talk about the Solar Absolute (the Ain Soph Aur) we have to understand that it is always related with what we call the Spiritual Sun. The Spiritual Sun is not the physical Sun that shines upon us. The physical Sun is only the physical body of the Spiritual Sun (the Solar Absolute.)

The word Barbelo comes from the Aramaic language. Bar, which means son, and Bel (Belo or Belus) which means Sun. In English, we pronounce the two words in the same way. So, Barbelo is translated as, "the son of the Sun." And, Master Jesus of Nazareth (Master Aberamentho) said that he came from that region. When we read this, we have to comprehend that he is not addressing his physical personality, but his own spiritual force, his own archetype, which is one with that Solar Absolute.

Now, we stated that the physical Sun that shines upon us in this physical world is only the physical body of one of those (Spiritual) Suns. Indeed, the Solar Absolute is not formed by one Sun, but by many. We will say that the union of all the Suns of the universe form that Solar Absolute. Master Samael Aun Weor called the abode of the Solar Absolute, in his book Hell, the Devil and Karma, the Protocosmos (the first cosmos.) The Protocosmos is formed by millions of Suns. All of those Suns, in themselves, form that Protocosmos, which is the third aspect of that Abstract Absolute Space, which in Greek we call the Cosmic Christ. All of the Suns, in themselves, form a singular force, which is Barbelo; the son of Bel, the Sun of the Sun. Master Jesus of Nazareth became one with our own particular Universal Cosmic Common Sun in past cosmic days.

As a consequence of meditating on this aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space, we have to state that each one of us, without exception, has part of that Abstract Absolute Sun within the Spirit. That aspect is an archetype that in Christianity is called Jesus Christ. Jesus means Savior, and Christ relates to the light. So, since we are part of the universe, it is obvious that we are part of that light.

There is a big difference between the archetype that we have, and what Master Aberamentho has: meaning, our own particular Jesus Christ is not developed — it is like a cosmic germ (waiting to be germinated) within us — while in the Master Jesus (Aberamentho), it is completely developed. That is why, when you develop that archetype completely within yourself, then you become one with the Solar Absolute. You and the Solar Absolute become one force, even though you retain your individuality.

If somebody wants to investigate your archetype there, or the self-realized atom of Jesus of Nazareth, that person will find that his particular archetype is one with all of the Suns of the universe, not only with our particular Sun, but with all of the Suns of the universe.

I said to you that I was meditating on this, and while meditating a friend of mine, whose name is Christian, came into my experience. He began asking, "Give me the 12 details of your own individuality." And, as I was about to answer, another Christian appeared to my left side, and said, "He is not Christian. I am Christian." And then, the experience ended. Then I was talking with a friend of mine, and we arrived at the conclusion that my own, individual, particular Christ — because the person in that experience is named Christian, from the word Christ — was addressing my own particular Christ. But, the fact that in my experience, one of the Christians was saying, "He is not Christian, I am Christian" means that he also has that particular, individuality within himself. I am not unique (in possessing that archetype); each one of you is unique in the sense that you have that particular element, archetype within yourselves. The great hope of any initiate is to develop that... but for that, we have a long path to walk.

It is not as people think; that because they believe in the Master Jesus who came 2000 years ago, that their inner archetype will become developed... No. That is something that is your business, that has to be performed. The point is this: if Krishna states that he came from the region of Barbelo, we will understand, because he is also part of that Abstract Solar Absolute. If any self-realized Master comes to us and says, "I am part of that region of Barbelo" we will understand that; any self-realized Master is part of that. This is how the Master Jesus addresses this in the Pistis Sophia. But, we have to understand a great deal of Kabbalah in order to understand what he is addressing.

Master Samael states that in that Protocosmos exists what we call the planets of Christ. When we say planets of Christ, we are again addressing those Suns; a Sun is a perfectly developed planet. So, in those regions there exists a type of nature which is 100% perfect, in all of its kingdoms. Many meditators, when they enter into samadhi, have the bliss of entering into that region; they experience those planets of Christ and remain there as though they were on a vacation, as a tourist. You can experience that region as a "tourist"... but that doesn't mean you belong there. In order to belong to that planet, that region of Barbelo, you have to develop your own particular individual archetype, which in Christianity is called Jesus Christ. Understand that Jesus is a Hebrew word which means savior (Yeshuah) and Christ is a Greek word that relates to the light, to the fire; it is from that point of view that we have to understand that name, in order to comprehend the gospels.

Now, this Protocosmos emanated from another part of the Absolute. In Kabbalah, Master Samael Aun Weor tells us that the Ain Soph Aur is an emanation of the Ain Soph. The Abstract Absolute Space has three aspects:

  1. Ain
  2. Ain Soph
  3. Ain Soph Aur

We were addressing the region of Barbelo which is the Ain Soph Aur, which is called Bar-Bel (the son of Bel, the son of the Sun). But, of course, when we are addressing Bel, we are addressing the light. Master Samael Aun Weor says in his book, Cosmic Teachings of a Lama:

cosmic nebula

“In the beginning or dawn of each universe, the eternal dark light or absolute obscurity is converted into the Chaos. It is written and with words of fire within all the sacred books of the world that the Chaos is the seed-plot of the cosmos. The Nothingness, the Chaos, is certainly and without the least bit of doubt the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end of all the worlds that live and palpitate within the inalterable infinite.”

Obviously, everything emerges from the Chaos. In order to understand this, let us give the example of the womb. Within the womb of any woman exists all the elements that are necessary in order to develop life. But, those elements are developed in darkness. There is no light there. In the same way, Master Samael Aun Weor says that the Ain Soph is the womb from where the Chaos comes; everything is there in Chaos, but from that Chaos will eventually emerge any universe; the same happened to us. As microcosmos we came from the Chaos, which is the womb of the mother; our intelligence developed there, within her womb.

There is intelligence in the Chaos, this is what we have to understand: it is a type of intelligence that is beyond our comprehension, because it is abstract. That intelligence is represented by the letter Hei of the sacred name of God in Kabbalah; Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. We have stated many times that the first triangle of the Tree of Life, named Kether-Chokmah-Binah, are three aspects of the one unity, that in Christianity is called Father-Son-Holy Spirit and that relates to the Iod-Hei-Vav of the Holy name of God. From where did this Iod-Hei-Vav emanate? From the other Hei, which we are addressing here; the Abstract Absolute Space, the divine unmanifested Mother. She is not manifested, but abstract, a feminine force. That force, in Sanskrit, we call Akasha (a substance that permeates the space). But, there is another element that we have spoken about in other lectures, called Prana (energy). We will say that Prana and Akash are the duality: energy and matter. But, Akash is matter as a substance; not concrete, but matter that has the possibility of having form. This is how we have to understand Akasha and Prana.

Now, those substances are related with the letter Hei, that is why the letter Hei is spelled Hei-Aleph. In many lectures, people ask us why does the Bible, the book of Genesis, begin with the letter Beth and not the letter Aleph... we state that this is because the letter Aleph relates with the unmanifested aspect of creation. The fact is that the first aspect of the Absolute is called Ain, which means "nothing." The first letter of Ain, is Aleph. The second aspect is the Ain Soph; there we see the letter Aleph again. The third aspect is Ain Soph Aur; another A, another Aleph. So, the letter Aleph is related with אין Ain, which is what we call the Abstract. Thus, within the letter Aleph is hidden אאלהים Aelohim, the mysterious source of the word of God — or better said, the creator, Elohim — which is unknown. אאלהים Aelohim relates to what Moses said when he proclaimed:

“I am Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei (26 = 8, the infinite) יהוה thy אלהים Elohim, which have brought thee out of the land of מצרים Mitzrayim, out of the house of bondage. Thou shalt have no other (26 = 8, infinite, יהוה) Elohim beyond my face. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in (the space of) heaven above, or that is in the (space of the) earth beneath, or that is in the (space of the) water under the earth." - Exodus 20: 2-4

How could we personify the Absolute Abstract Space? It is impossible. We can only name it, because it is Space.

Nonetheless, in the Aztec language, the language of the Nahuas that was spoken by the Toltecs in Atlantis, they called that aspect that we are addressing here, Omeyocan.

“In the Omeyocan there is only wind and darkness.

The Omeyocan is also call Yoalli-Ehecatl, because of the wind and the darkness.

In the Omeyocan the infinite stillness swirls about before the manifestation of the Solar Logos.

The Omeyocan is the cosmic navel of the Universe where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, into reciprocal whirlwinds.

The Omeyocan is the Tloque-Nahuaque, it is nocturnal tempest of all possibilities.

The Omeyocan is the navel where the Diverse becomes Universe.


The Omeyocan is the Lord of the Night, the black Tezcatlipoca who by denying her Self, bursts into Light and is born in the Universe that fecundates Quetzalcoatl (the Feathered Serpent), the Solar Logos. - Samael Aun Weor

The Omeyocan is the place where we find only darkness and wind in reciprocal whirlwinds, like chaos. That is the Omeyocan. We will say that the Omeyocan is that Chaos within the second aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space.

Let us examine the letter Aleph. The shape of the letter Aleph is formed by two Iods; one above, and the other below. Those two Iods are cut by the letter Vav, which is the number 6. The letter Iod is the number 10. If you add together these three letters — Iod + Iod + Vav — you find the number 26. The number 26, kabbalistically, adds to the number 8. The number 8 is the symbol of the infinite. The number 8 (26) relates to the sacred name of God: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. When you add together the letters of the name of God, you find that the Holy Tetragrammaton, the power of that Tetragrammaton is hidden in the letter Hei of His own name. This is why, when we address the Holy Tetragrammaton (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) we understand that it is related with the letter Aleph, in its shape: that is, through the values of the letters that together form the shape of Aleph, which is the Holy Tetragrammaton.

Now, that Hei is in each one of us too. We have our own particular, individual Ain Soph, and, within that Ain Soph is hidden the Infinite as the Tetragrammaton, that has to manifest in the universe. This is necessary to understand, because we are addressing the light, which is the light from above. Comprehend that scientists state that energy and matter are aspects of the same thing, that they think know very well, and which we are studying here, from this kabbalistic perspective.

Master Samael Aun Weor, when talking about the universe, said:

tree of life for poster no names

"The Sephiroth are atomic. The ten Sephiroth can be reduced into three tables:

"1. A quantum table of the radiant energy that comes from the sun"

This is what we are talking about: we are talking about the radiant energy that comes from the Sun, but understanding that the Sun that shines on us is the physical body of a Spiritual Sun that is the Solar Absolute, which is formed by all the Suns of the universe. If we comprehend that in this way, there is no problem in understanding that:

"2. An atomic weight table of the elements of nature."

What nature? Any nature.

3.  "A molecular weight table of compounds."

This is the science that we learn in school: that a compound element is formed by conjoining simple elements. This is the complication that we call nature; this is what life is, in us and in the universe.

"This is Jacob’s ladder, which goes from Earth to heaven. All of the worlds of cosmic Consciousness are reduced to the three tables."

In the beginning of the Bible, we always address the first verse, which says:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

"בר אשית — Barashith — The Innermost Son

בר אאלהים — Bara Elohim — The son of AElohim

אתה שמים — Aleph-Tav in the Hei of Schamayim — Thou Heavens

ואתה ארץ — And Aleph-Tav in the Hei of Aretz — And thou earth" - Genesis 1: 1

Literally translated as; In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth.

But, we always state that that verse is an anagram. The Zohar addresses that anagram in different ways. Here, we are addressing this in an objective cosmic way:

When you divide the word Berashith בראשית, extracting from it the Bar בר, then we see that it is addressing that particular, individual son (בר Bar) within us. That Bar בר (son) is that archetype that we call Jesus Christ; the name for that archetype in Aramaic is Bar. Ashith אשית means something personal, individual, particular to you: thus Bar Ashith בר אשית is your own particular Christ. In my experience they were asking about my own particular cosmic development, and I was about to answer, when the other Christian said, "No, I am Christian." That means that particular individuality is in everybody. Bar Aelohim בר אאלהים is what the book of Genesis calls ברא אלהים Bara Elohim. Bar Aelohim means the son of Aeholim. The first Aleph of אאלהים Aelohim represents אין Ain, the unknowable; as we said, the letter Aleph relates to the Abstract. So, אאלהים Aelohim means "no Elohim;" together with בר Bar — Jesus Christ, the archetype — is an emanation of אאלהים Aelohim, and בר Bar is the Logos (את Att) in the ה Hei of Heaven: Atta HaSchamayim אתה שמים means "Your Heaven" and Ve-Atta Haretz ואתה ארץ, "And the Logos (Att את) in the ה Hei of your physicality (Earth)." So, the Logos (את Aleph Tav) is the radiant energy that comes from the Sun; it is in your Heaven, your own Spirit, your own soul, and also in your physicality — but as yet undeveloped, which is why the next verse says:

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו

"And (‘Vav’ the womb of) the earth (your physicality) was formless and void”

Thereafter Genesis says.

וחשך על־פני תהום

“And darkness (the abstract light of the Ain Soph) was upon (Yesod, sex) the face of the deep."

So, let us understand that in Yesod, sex, is where we have those archetypes, but, that they are still in darkness.

ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים

“And the Spirit of El-Ha-Yam (the Sea-God, Binah) moved upon the face of the (sexual) waters.” Thereafter, Genesis continues:

ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי־אור

“And El-Ha-Yam (the Sea-God, Binah) said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

Thus, by means of the Prana of Akash, the sexual waters, is how our רוח אלהים Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of El-Ha-Yam (the Sea-God, Binah) makes light in the darkness.

The Prana of our creative waters is always represented by the two Iods shown in the shape of the letter Aleph, which is hidden within the spelling of the letter Hei, this, in order for us to understand that the letter Aleph (which is seen many times in the first verse of the Bible) is from which everything emerges: the Aleph from the Hei.


Now, when we address the Tree of Life, in the world of Atziluth, we name each Sephirah with a sacred name — that we have written in English (with Latin letters) and in Hebrew, and we place the word אין אלהים Ain-Elohim (Aelohim) in order to show you how this is hidden in the scriptures. In the book of Isaiah, chapter 44: 6 it is written:

כה־אמר יהוה מלך־ישראל

Thus said יהוה, king of Israel,

וגאלו יהוה צבאות

And his Redeemer, Jehovah Tzabaoth:

Tzabaoth in Hebrew means hosts, army. In the beginning of the verse, it says the king of Israel is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. In many lectures we explain that Israel is related with all the archetypes from that particular Sun that is placed in us; in our Heaven and in our Earth (the physicality), in potentiality. That is why the next verse says, Jehovah Tzabaoth, which means the army of Jehovah, the army of all of those elements that are in each one of you. That is the redeemer.

And יהוה says:

"אני ראשון ואני אחרון

`I am (Aleph) the first, and I am (Tav) the last”

Which, as the Master Samael explains, is the Greek Alpha and Omega, but from the Hebrew language it is translated as, "I am the first and the last."

ומבלעדי אין אלהים

“And over and above Me is Aelohim.” - Isaiah 44: 6

The word Aelohim is formed by two words. The first is אין Ain, which means nothing, zero. The second is אלהים Elohim. By putting the Aleph in front of the word Elohim, we find the word Aelohim. This is saying that above Jehovah is Aelohim. We explained that the letter Aleph is equal to 26 and that 26, kabbalistically, is 8, which is the number that is synthesized in Christ. So, this is how you have to understand the unfoldment, the descent of that light, little by little in us.

Here we have another quotation from Psalm 16: 2:

אמרת ליהוה אדני

You said unto Lord Jehovah

אתה טובתי

You are my goodness,

בל עליך

Bel the supreme.

(Aramaic: בל עליא Bel Elija)

Bel means the solar light. Elija (עליא), in Aramaic, means the supreme, the highest. In many verses of the Bible, it states, "You are (the archetypes) children of the highest (עליא Elija)." Elija עליא is similar to the Hebrew name אליה Elijah which always relates to the Greek Ἡλίας (Hēlías), or אליהו Eliao, Hēlios Ἠέλιος in ancient Greek, the solar light. It is written that before the Lord comes to manifest, Elijah has to manifest first. But, that Elijah that is being addressed here is not a person, but the solar light that has to build, within each one of us, the solar bodies. That is עליא Elija. When we address Elija, we are addressing the solar light, the Solar Logos in other words, which is precisely Barbelo.

Now, from the Omeyocan, from that Absolute Abstract Space, emerges any infinite. In the presently accepted science, they call the infinite something that is expanding in space: they say the infinite is something that is expanding left to right, up to down, back to front... but, in Gnosticism, Master Samael Aun Weor stated:

“The Central Sun or Intergalactic Center of this infinite, governs all our infinity with its one hundred thousand galaxies and millions of worlds and suns.”

Behold how the intelligence of the Absolute Abstract Space becomes the center of an infinite.

He goes on to state:

“The Universe is sustained by music.”

Now, before continuing with this, let me tell you of another experience I had while meditating on this. My Being, my inner luminary, took me into the Abstract Space, and showed me a river of music. You might ask, "A river of music?" Here in this physical world this is something impossible to see... but, the music was flowing from the Abstract Space into the space. I heard the sound, and I saw the river of sound, with geometrical figures. That river was the 7th symphony of Beethoven. Nobody was playing it, but it sounded beautiful. If you don't know what the 7th symphony of Beethoven is, I advise you to listen to it; that is beautiful... but, in comparison with hearing that in space; everything was completely dark, only the river of sound is what I saw and heard. It was a beautiful spectacle; a samadhi. As an example let us listen the third movement of the 7th symphony.

That is why the Master said that the universe is sustained by music; from my understanding, I see that it is true. That music, that sound, makes any infinite.

Now, what is an infinite? It is what is called in the Nahua language, the Teuhtlampa. The Teuhtlampa is a sphere; that is what an infinite is. The Master Samael says:


“The spheres and luminaries extend through the Teuhtlampa. The infinite is quantitative although necessarily spherical (and unquantifiable). The spheres multiply outwardly and inwardly, both in the infinitely large and in the infinitely small. The infinite is reversible towards the navel, that is in all quantifiable points. Everything emerges from the Omeyocan, everything returns to the Omeyocan.”

An infinite is a sphere. From the center of that sphere, flows all the galaxies towards the surface, or we will say, the periphery, and from the periphery to the center. This is what the scientists see in their telescopes; the galaxies moving from each other in the infinite space. But, they think that they are just moving further and further away from one another, into the empty space in a never ending way... No: The infinite has a limit; it is called the Teuhtlampa. Of course, this sphere, which we are showing in this graphic, is not easy to perceive — like when we perceive the Earth; the sphere of the Earth, in comparison with the infinite, is nothing.

Let us understand that infinite is a sphere, in its movement. It is not static; it is moving from the center to the periphery, and from the periphery to the center, in a gigantic movement. This is something impossible to grasp, unless we are using our intuition. Intuition is that common sense, about which many people talk.

What is this common sense that people talk about? We see animals who use that common sense. That common sense, in animals, is called instinct. But, animals use instinct to defend themselves, to do what they have to do... that instinct is intelligence that is related to the consciousness of that animal, or anima in Latin, which means "soul." People talk about common sense, referring to our instinct, because we are still animals. But, our duty, in this path, is to transform that common sense — which is instinctual — into intuition. What is intuition? It is the same instinct that we have, but developed in the heart, in relation with the pineal gland: that is intuition, and, what we call "common sense." Let me tell you that all of this that we are talking about here, I have experienced with my common sense. I have worked with it, and I am developing it. The common sense really can become very well-developed; in accordance with our work. It is very sad to see, in this day and age, the intellectual souls or intellectual animas, the intellectual animals, scarcely do they have intuition; they have instinct. If you observe a common, ordinary irrational animal — that common sense is stronger in them, than in us, sadly, because we have the ego very strong within us. Obviously, if we disintegrate the ego without developing intuition inside, we will have the common sense in relation with our instinct. This is how God talks to us, as an animal; through the instinct. But, when we learn to develop intuition, that instinct becomes an intuitive sense, and we say, "I hear the word of God." This is how we understand that.

For instance, it is written in the Bible that Moses could talk face to face with God. People think that it means that Moses was literally talking face to face with God... about what? In God's own language. Moses developed intuition — Moses in himself is intuition, that we have to develop. Moses represents that archetype called the Causal body. When that is developed, then we understand what God is doing, at our own level. So, we will say that there are many levels in common sense. That is why, when people say that common sense is the most common of the senses, I say, that is wrong. It is not the most common of the senses. The most common of the senses are our sight, our smell, touch, hearing... but common sense itself? It is very hard to develop. But, everybody is welcome to develop it.

Imagine with your common sense, the infinite: it is a sphere. That is why the scientists think that the galaxies are expanding outwardly into space; it's true. But, if they say that the origin of that expansion is the big bang, an explosion, that is wrong. The galaxies are expanding and rotating in spherical manner, from the center to the periphery and from the periphery back to the center: that is how any infinite is. How many infinites are there in the space? Many. There is not only one. We live in this infinite, with, as the Master says, its hundreds of thousands of galaxies... but there are other infinites.

So, the consciousness, the common sense, is that which has to penetrate into all of that — as the quanta, the energy that emerges from the Sun, explains. Everything is quanta.

Master Jesus of Nazareth (Master Aberamentho) perceives with his common sense (with his consciousness, which is called "Paramartha") many infinites. Not only our infinite; many infinites. That is why, when we address Master Jesus of Nazareth, we are amazed: he has in his consciousness the perception of many infinites. That is why we have to respect this type of being. We will also say that he is not the only one that has this type of perception; there are many Paramarthasatyas that have that type of perception — the perception of many infinites. Master Samael says the infinite is symbolized with the 8. 8 + 8 = 8. And, 8 is equal to the pentalpha. There we have something to meditate on. What he said is true. When we meditate, when we comprehend that with our consciousness, we understand that type of mentality; objective reasoning. Not the subjective reasoning of this day and age, of the scientists that try to explain these things, and in doing so, explain them in the wrong way.

Understand that the center of this infinite is what the Master Samael calls, the Central Sun or Intergalactic Center of this infinite. That is a type of intelligence that controls this infinite and that is in union with all of the Suns of this infinite, which, in turn, are related with all the galaxies of this infinite, including our solar system.

We are penetrating into what we call Christ; the cosmic consciousness. Let us understand that when people say that they are Christian, we understand that they do not comprehend what Christ, the cosmic consciousness is... to be Christian is to perceive that, to penetrate into that; not intellectually, but consciously. The Master Samael says, when going down into a particular, individual galaxy:


“We need to fill the inexhaustible bag of great possibilities. The inexhaustible bag of great possibilities has the shape of a spiral galaxy...”

We need to fill that in us. Here we are not addressing the infinite; we are only addressing our own particular galaxy. The Central Sun of this galaxy that controls all of its stars, is called Sirius. That is the Central Sun of our galaxy. In the graphic we see this beautiful image of the galaxy that is the neighbor of our own, which is called Andromeda: beautiful. Of course, at the center of Andromeda is the Sun that controls the galaxy of Andromeda, but, in our galaxy, the Central Sun is Sirius. Sirius is talked about in many texts of ancient Egypt; in the past, they knew about this. All of that is Bar-Belo. When we talk about somebody who for instance is called Sam; Sam has three brains, but the whole body, the whole organism, is formed by many organs; and each of those organs by many cells. And, if we investigate a cell — which is to the physical body what a galaxy is to the infinite — of that person named Sam, we find that it belongs to that body, but it also has its own particular intelligence. It is one with all of the infinite, it is one with the other galaxies — just as our own particular cells, in our physical body, are one with the functionalism of our physicality; likewise our internal bodies. That is what we have to understand about what the Solar Absolute is: it is everywhere. We are in that space too. What we call Elija (עליא), the most supreme divinity, is the space — it is not even a physical or spiritual Sun; it is beyond.

Now, let us penetrate, from the galaxy, into our solar system. Our solar system is governed by Barbelo. This particular Sun, the Sun of our solar system, which is called Ors, is one of those particles of Barbelo. If we go there, we become one with all the Sun of the universe; not only of this galaxy, not only of this infinite, but of all the infinites — that is what Christ is.

Master Samael stated:

solar system

"The Equatorial Astral Sun is located in the Pleiades, because the physical Sun that illuminates and gives us life is the seventh Sun of the Pleiades. Such Sun unifies and coordinates the Pleiades in their entirety."

The Pleiades are comprised of seven Suns; ours is the 7th. It is, in other words, a constellation. If you observe from the Earth the many constellations in space, you find that we have named them; the constellation of Taurus, the constellation of Aries, the constellation of Virgo... and many other constellations made of many stars. We belong to the constellation of the Pleiades, of which our Sun is the 7th. Our Sun rotates around the centre of the Pleiades, whose Central Sun is called Alcyone. That is what we are; everything is mathematically related. That Alcyone is Barbelo. That Sun that rotates around Alcyone is also Barbelo; any Sun is Barbelo, "the son of the Sun."

Now you understand, when you walk on the path, why it is that you are developing solar force. If we become solar men — that is what the Absolute wants; for us to become Solar men, Solar human beings, in order to be one, as Jesus is, with the infinite. There are men, which are Solar men; other men which are galactic men; other men which are infinite men and other men who are multi-infinite men, whose consciousness penetrates many infinites, whole universes. So, what is the sphere which we are penetrating? At least, our own sphere, which is our own physicality.

It comes to my mind, one of the lectures of the Master Samael Aun Weor, who said; we have to know ourselves, and, if we know ourselves, we will know the Gods and the universe — this is the Greek axiom: Homo Nosce Te Ipsum. One of the persons of the audience said, "I know myself!" The Master looked at him and said, "So, you know yourself? Can you tell me, since you know yourself, how many atoms are there in just one hair of your mustache?" And the man was frozen. He didn't know the answer. The Master said, "If you don't know how many atoms comprise even a single hair of your mustache, how dare you say that you know yourself!" He didn't ask about all of the parts of the body, only a single hair of his mustache. So, obviously, the type of consciousness, the type of penetration that we have to have in order to develop intuition, the common sense, is why we are here; it is why we meditate.

The Master related a story about a queen who asked a wise man about intuition. She said; "I don't understand what intuition is. Give me, physically, an example of that which you call intuition, the faculty of inter-penetration. How can my consciousness, with intuition, inter-penetrate everything?... I don't understand." The wise man told the queen to have her subjects gather 100 mirrors. So, the subjects of that queen brought those 100 mirrors, and the wise man said, "Put those mirrors in a circle facing each other. Then form another circle outside of that, and another outside of that, etc." And then, in the centre of those mirrors, the wise man placed a candle, and lit it. He said, "Now, look at the light of that candle" because the light was now reflected in each one of those mirrors, and the reflections were reflecting back into the other mirrors and every mirror was filled with the light of that candle. "That light" said the wise man, "is the same light of the candle, reflected in all the mirrors; that is intuition, the common sense. That is the faculty of inter-penetration." Easy to understand, right? Do we have that faculty? No. But, we have the possibility of developing it. That is precisely the point.

Now, let us dive further down through the cosmos, into our planet Earth. The planet Earth is also the outcome of all of that solar light. That is why, in Kabbalah, we call Malkuth (the Earth), the mixture. It is the mixture of all of the forces, of all of the solar light. Without the solar light there can be no life on this planet. You find that solar light in the volcano Kilauea; that volcano is vomiting the solar light in the form of lava, that is erupting from its center, within the earth. That lava is solar light, coagulated. We find the solar light in all of the mineral kingdom; as in the example of Kilauea and other volcanoes. We find the solar light in the plant kingdom; when we eat any plant, we absorb the vitamins from that plant. What is a vitamin? It is the solar light within the plant kingdom. When we eat animals, who also collect the solar light, we gain that light. That is why the law, which is called the Cosmic-Common-Trogo-Auto-Egocrat — the law of the reciprocal nourishment of all species, on every planet; "eat, and be eaten" — is related with the solar light. We need to be alive; we need to eat. The solar light is also transformed in us. We are, in other words, packages of solar energy. As machines, we feed the planet. But, if we are intelligent, we can take advantage of that solar energy in us, in order to become solar men. That is the purpose of having a physical body; to transmute that solar light. That is why that mixture of forces is what the Bible calls Balal. The Bible says, in Genesis 11: 9:


“Therefore is the name of it called בבל Babel;"

Babel is formed with two words: Ba ב, which means gate, and Bel בל, which means Sun. Thus, Babel, is the gate of the Sun.

"because יהוה did there (בלל balal) confound (mix, blend, intermingle; mash) the language of all the earth: and from thence did יהוה scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.”

The word Balal is similar to the word Babel.

This is related with what we call, the period after the building of the Tower of Babel; the scattering of the languages. But, this isn't something that only happened in the past; this is something happening right now. All of the languages of this Earth are developed in different parts of the world, in accordance with the solar light. That solar light, Bel, is in Christianity called Belen.

In the Perfect Matrimony, Master Samael Aun Weor wrote:

“The birthplace of Jesus was (the stable of) Beth-Lehem. This name comes from the name of the God of the Babylonian and Germanic people, who named their Sun God בל Bel or Beleno. Therefore, the birth in (בלן) Belen or (לחם -בית) Bethlehem was in order to make the reality of a man who had incarnated (בל Bel) the Christ-Sun understandable.”

If you observe the word Beth-Lehem, it is formed by two words. Beth, which means house; and Lehem, which means bread. Thus, Beth-Lehem, is the house of the bread. But, if you take the beginning of the two words, it is Bel. Bethlehem is showing you the solar light; the house of the bread of life.

What does the wheat need in order to grow? Solar light. When you harvest that wheat, you make flour and with that flour you make bread. This is what you eat. Bread, or the solar light, is in the Middle East symbolized with wheat. But, here in America, that solar light is symbolized with corn; the people of America didn't eat bread, but tortillas, made with corn. It has the same energy. In China they say, I don't like tortillas, nor bread, give me rice. It is the same thing. The solar energy is also in rice. Whether rice, wheat, or corn, it is the same symbol; Beth-lehem.

What is that stable of Bethlehem? The stable is made, as you know, of many ingredients. When you go into a stable, you do not only find animals there; you find hay, you find the many grains that people collect, which is solar energy. So, the stable of Bethlehem is a symbol of the planet Earth; that is the stable where all the solar lights from our solar system, from our galaxy, from our constellation, from our infinite are gathered — remember that different types of plants collect different forms of solar energy from different parts, different levels of the cosmoses that abide within the abstract Absolute Space, and this is what we feed ourselves with. As Master Samael stated in his book “Cosmic Teachings of a Lama:”

“From this unknowable entirety, or radical zero, emanates in the beginning any sidereal universe, Pythagorean Monad, Gnostic Father/Mother, Hindu Purusha-Prakriti, Egyptian Osiris-Isis, dual Protocosmos or Kabbalistic Adam Kadmon, the Theos-Chaos of the Theogony of Hesiod, the Chaldean Ur-Anas or fire and water, Semitic Iod-Heve, Parsi Zeru-Ama, Unique-One, Buddhist Aunadad-Ad, Ruach Elohim or Divine Spirit of the Lord floating upon Genesis’ waters of the first instant.

In the profound Night...

“Darkness alone filled the boundless all, for father, mother and son were once more one, and the son had not awakened yet for the new wheel, and his pilgrimage thereon.” - Stanzas of Dzyan 1:5

This is the reason why the universe is called ברא אלהים the created Elohim or בר אאלהים Bar Aelohim - The son of אאלהים Aelohim.

So, when you ask, "Where is the region of Barbelo?" It is above, it is below, in the middle: it is everywhere. Barbelo, the solar light permeates the space; Bel is everywhere, just as Prana is everywhere, as quanta is everywhere, in the form of energy. Quanta and matter.

Now, let us read what the Master Huiracocha — whose personality was called Arnold Krumm-Heller, and who lived in Mexico — wrote about this subject, but first, a quote from the Bible:

“And Adam (the brain) again knew (את־אשת Ath Eshoth) his wife (through sexual transmutation), and she bear a son, and called his name (שת) Seth, for Elohim has appointed for me another seed instead of (הבל) Abel: For (קין) Kain had slain him. And to (שת) Seth, to him also a son has been born, and he called his name Enosh (human being אנוש); then they (those initiates) began to be named as the name of (יהוה Chokmah).”- Genesis 4: 25, 26

So, when through sexual transmutation you become a real human being, God (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) is in you, personalized, and you are named Jehovah יהוה. That is the meaning of Genesis 4: 25, 26.

Now, the reason we quoted that from the Bible is to show that in Hebrew the name Abel is written with the letter Hei followed by the word Bel... people translate that word as Abel, but in reality, in Hebrew, we say Habel, which means "the Sun." Habel is the Sun, in us. Habel is related with our consciousness. But, now let us read what Master Huiracocha stated;

“The Sethian Initiates worshiped the Divine (יהוה Chokmah) Wisdom, they were undoubtedly the first Theosophists. They said that (שת) Seth was the son of (יהוה Chokmah) Wisdom. Their Triad was represented by (שת) Seth, (קין) Kain, and (הבל) Abel; Kain (קין nest) represented the flesh and Abel (הבל vanity, the Bel) the mediator (the mediator is the Christ, the Son, the solar force). Yet (שת) Seth was the God-Wisdom. They claimed that Jesus Christ and Seth were the same since both were children of (יהוה Chokmah) Wisdom."

Of course, we understand that: Yeshuah, the savior, comes from Chokmah (wisdom), as does Seth.

“When the Sarcophagus of (שת) Seth was found, the Catholic Church hid the Book of the Dead in the Vatican, losing with it a multitude of teachings of inestimable value."

“The Sethians worshiped the Great Light (Bel, Christ), they said that the light emanations of the divine substance of the Sun form a nest in us (in other words, form Kain in us) and that this constitutes the Serpent (the Kundalini). They said that mankind should only fear what Darkness represents, which is hell (none developed seed-germs), since Light is imprisoned by Darkness itself and tries to free itself from it. This Darkness is contained within the Uterus and that the Great Wind, the Great Breath, (Ruach Elohim — our own, particular Chesed, the Spirit of God) must come in order to free it. In these Mysteries, Light was represented by an Elder and Darkness by a young and beautiful woman. The Sethian Poets, in their Odes, sang such a persecution...”

So, now you understand that when the Bible addresses Seth, it says, "And Adam has a son, and his name was Seth." It doesn't talk about Kain and Abel; it talks about Seth. Why? Because Kain and Abel are symbols of a permutation that we have to work with. Abel — the Bel, the Sun — is located in the pineal gland. Descartes stated that pineal gland is the seat of the soul, and Moses called the soul Ba-Bel, the tower of fire. Kain, which means nest, forms a nest in the Muladhara chakra. It is solar energy too. But, what do the intellectual animals do with that fire, that solar energy? They fornicate; they waste Kain. With that fornication, they develop the intellectual animal mind — that is what Kain represents.

We have to control Kain, which is the nest of solar energy that we have in the Muladhara chakra, in order to develop it. When you fornicate, you destroy your common sense: intuition is related with the pineal gland. This is how we kill the Bel, Habel, Abel. This is why it is stated that Kain and Abel were brothers, because of the inner-relationship of the sexual glands with the pineal gland. The development of the pineal gland (Habel, the Bel) is dependant upon the sexual organs. The development of the sexual organs depends upon the pineal gland, because it is through the pineal gland that we receive the solar light, which then descends into our sexual organs. So, by performing this permutation, this transmutation, is how we develop Seth, which Krumm-Hellar stated is the same Christ. But, we have to control these two forces; Kain and Abel. Obviously, in most people, Kain always kills the common sense, the soul, intuition. The more we fornicate, the more we destroy the pineal gland, the gland that relates to the development of intuition, to common sense.

Seth replaces Habel when we transmute the solar light, when we control Kain, and kill Kain. Killing Kain means killing our animal instinct, and transforming it into intuition. That is a permutation that is written about in the book of Genesis that people do not understand. That is why it is stated that the one who gave birth to Kain and Abel was Havah (Eve). Eve represents our physicality, and our sexual organs; while, Adam represents the brain. So, when the brain develops and creates Seth, we are done. Because, from Seth, we have Enosh; Enosh is called the human being, the true, self-realized initiates. Remember that Enosh (or Enoch, which is the same name), was taken by God into Heaven.

tree of life INGWAS

We have stated in other lectures that the word Bar-Belos is formed by two words: Bar, which in Aramaic means son: And, Belos which derives from Bel, which in Greek is written as Belos, and in Latin as Belus, and are rooted in the Chaldean word Bel, meaning tower of fire. Among the Gauls, Bel was the name of the Sun. So, Bar-Belos is the son of Belos, the tower of fire. Bel also represents the solar light, that a bowl, amphora, or the rune Ingwaz, can gather. We placed upon the Tree of Life the rune Ingwaz, so that you can see what we are talking about. The rune Ingwaz is made by two crosses in X, of two forces; the one above and the other below. The one above is rooted in Kether, and the one below in Yesod.

If you observe these two words, Kether and Yesod, we say that Kether is always related with the letter Iod, of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. So, we receive the energy of the Sun, the solar Kether, from the upper V or upper angle of the rune Ingwaz. But, from the lower angle of Ingwaz, we receive the solar energy from Yesod. We have told you many times that within the word Yesod is hidden the word Yod, and also the serpent, which is the letter Samech. Ye-S-Od is formed by the serpent, Kain, which represents that nest, together with the Yod. So, the nest of the Yod, in us, as a serpent, is the sexual organs. So, the ֻlow angle which is also the rune Ar, in the amphora, represents the female aspect; the Moon, the Divine Mother Kundalini, the wife of Belos (the Sun) whose name was Belit-ili, the lady of the Gods among the Akkadians.

So, the base of the rune Ingwaz is an upside down V, an upside down rune Kaum, or more specifically, a rune Ar. The rune Ar relates to Bar, Baron, the son. The Bar is Ing, son of the Earth. In English, the suffix "ing" is added to any verb, when that verb is in action. I talk, but, I am talkING... that ING is the "son" of my throat, because it is from my throat that the words emerge. That is why the Son is called the Word, which is found in the upper part of the Ingwaz. We will say that the land of that Ing is here in the throat — Ing-Land. And this is the language we speak, Ing-lish, English. But, that Ing-Land is not only in the upper part of the Tree of Life, but is also found in Yesod; when a man develops, sexually speaking, from a child to maturity, his throat and voice change, becoming much deeper as a result of testosterone. That sexual development occurs in the woman too.

So, you see the relationship of Yesod with Daath, in the throat; Ing-Land. Of course, we are talking about the Ing-land, England, of ancient times. Nowadays, the English that we use, of modern England, is the universal language. It is used by many peoples, in order to make understandable all of the Balal — the confusion of tongues, of languages. This is especially true in New York, where there are many languages spoken; there is a great confusion here.

Do you understand that? The relationship between sex, the solar energy and the throat? If we develop the capacity to speak the universal, golden language, then we will understand all languages, because all languages derive from the original, universal language.

So, you can see the beauty of that Ing, which is call the son, the outcome of the verb; it is the action. Here, the world of Assiah, is the world of matter and action. Thanks to that action, I am communicating with you, in ING-lish, English. I can also speak Spanish, but, in English you understand this very well.

The square in the center of Ingwaz relates to Tiphereth; the human soul, or Bel-Ing — the son of Bel. The ING (son) of Bel, the son of the Sun, or Bar-on, the son of the Earth. The human soul, or in other words Tiphereth, receives from above and from below. The man above, the woman below. Malkuth and Yesod below, and Kether above. Through the base of the amphorah — meaning, through sexual alchemy — Bar (or Ing), the child of Bel, collects the solar light, the strength of Yesod, the sexual energy, the strength of Malkuth (the Earth). Yesod and Malkuth, together, are one feminine sephirah; they are called the physical body and the vital body — they are one body. Those Bars, or Ings, are the sons of Belit-Ili (the Moon and the Earth) and Bel (the Sun). Our physicality are amphoras that receive the strength of Bar-Bel (the son of Bel) into our Adam (the head) bowl or tower, to effect the work of salvation that Bar (Chokmah, the Son) or Ing (Son of) has to perform in us. So, you understand what salvation is: it is the union of two forces — Mother and Father — and that goes into Tiphereth, the Son, Bel-Ing.

With this, you understand why the Master Samael taught to us about this conjuration; Belilin. If we wonder, what is Belilin? Is it a Spirit? An Angel? A Master? And we answer; Belilin is Bel, Christ, the solar light, which is everywhere. It is everywhere in the space; everywhere in the infinite; everywhere in the galaxy; everywhere in any constellation; everywhere in any solar system; everywhere in any nature, and, it is in us. It has to be in us too, because we are part of this cosmos. We are the Microcosmos.

Now, where do you find the word Belilin in the Bible? You find Belilin in Psalm 49: 12. There, it is written:

ואדם ביקר בלילין נמשל כבהמות נדמו

And Adam visited the abode of Bel (לב - heart) to rule over (בהמות - Behemoth) the beasts of  (דמו) his blood.

Of course, in the Bible, they translate the Hebrew word בל Bel as 'no', yet, Belilin means "the abode of Bel (לב - heart)." In Hebrew, the word לין Lin, Leen means; to lodge, stop over, pass the night, to dwell, abide, (make to) murmur, to stop (usually overnight); abide (all night), continue, dwell, be left, lie all night, (cause to) lodge (all night, in, -ing, this night), remain, tarry (all night, that night). Of course, Ileen, Ilin, the word Leen with the Yod in front, means, "your Yod — above and below." Bel-I-Lin. That is why it is chanted three times, because you have, in your heart (לב leb), the outcome of your work; your Bel, the Sun... as you know, Tiphereth is ruled by the Sun. But, you have a Solar Absolute above, as well, that sends the energy through Kether, which is the superior Bel. And, you know that we also have the solar energy that we collect from the Mother, below, which is the Belit-ili — the wife of Bel.

Temptation is fire, the triumph over temptation is light, the light from Bel, Belen, which derives from Beleno.

“The birthplace of Jesus was (the stable of) Beth-Lehem. This name comes from the name of the God of the Babylonian and Germanic people, who named their Sun God בל Bel or Beleno. Therefore, the birth in (בלן) Belen or (בית -לחם) Bethlehem was in order to make the reality of a man who had incarnated (בל Bel) the Christ-Sun understandable.”

"Unquestionably, it (Bel) is the Christ Sun who must guide us in the superior worlds of cosmic consciousness. Any mystic who learns how to operate outside of the physical body by will is guided by (Belilin) the Sun of Midnight, by the Cosmic Christ." - Samael Aun Weor


We are talking here about energies. If we were to say that Belilin is a Spirit, it would be true, because it is a Solar spirit, which is everywhere. But, how much solar energy we have within depends upon the quality of work that we do, in order to gather that force. We gather that energy inwardly, and we project it outwardly; that outward projection is called our AU-RA, the aura. The word Aura comes from the Hebrew word Aur, which means light. Our aura is the outcome of that Belilin. So, that Mantra, that conjuration, is very strong. This is how we gather these forces. The word Belilin means the manner, and outcome, of the gathering of those forces, those energies, of Bel.

Here is how we chant this mantra;

Belilin, Belilin, Belilin,

Amphora of Salvation, I would like to be next to thee,

Materialism has no power over me,

Belilin, Belilin, Belilin.

Amphora of Salvation, I would like to be next to thee,

Materialism has no power over me,

Belilin, Belilin, Belilin.

When we sing this mantra, in this way, we understand that Bel is the solar energy that is entering into our three brains. This is why this is the most powerful conjuration in order to reject the darkness. When you sing this internally, you are bringing the solar light from above, from the environment that surrounds you, from the Earth, and from yourself. We are, of course, three-brained individuals. That is why we have to understand that when we are chanting this mantra, we have to be very concentrated in our three-brains. The first Belilin that we sing, brings the forces from above. The second Belilin brings the energies from the heart. And the third, the forces from the Mother, which is our sexual organs... which you have to transmute, if you want to receive that energy. If you sing that, with concentration, you bring to yourself a great deal of solar energy. In doing so, you understand that you are the rune Ingwaz, the shape of which is an amphora. The amphora absorbs, takes the energy from its base, and from the bowl that is above, into our heart; this is why we sing, "Amphora of Salvation, I would like to be next to thee..." Who is this "thee"? It is Bel, the solar light. "Materialism has no power over me," because I am filled with the solar light. This is understandable, right?

Obviously, you have to sing that with concentration. You cannot sing it mechanically, because you will receive little benefit from it. The greater the concentration with which you sing the mantra, concentrating on what Bel is, and what Ilin means, the more powerful it is, the more forces you gather. You gather the Bel, the solar force in you... Bel-Ilin. You gather those forces in your head, in your heart and in your sex. What you gather inwardly, you send outwardly; that is why you sing:

Here is how we chant this mantra;

Belilin, Belilin, Belilin (you gather those solar forces, inwardly),

Amphora of Salvation (you are the amphora), I would like to be next to thee,

Materialism has no power over me (because you are filled with the solar light),

Belilin, Belilin, Belilin (and singing this, you send that solar energy outwardly, from your three centers — your Iod-Hei-Vav, the Trinity, the three brains).

In order to comprehend this conjuration, we need to understand that our physicalities are crystallizations of the solar energy that came from space. When you are singing that mantra, you are taking that energy from the space. When we say, "space" people think that we are referring to that space above, in the cosmos, in the heavens... No, the space is everywhere. When you go to hell, there is space even there. As an example of the ubiquity of space; that 7th symphony of Beethoven which I spoke about earlier, it was emanating from space. But, what space? The space above, of course, which is the 7th dimension, which is where the Logos, the Word, reside; that is music. But, in Hell, there is also music... but it is noise. In this day and age, a lot of people bring that noise from that space which we call Hell. That is what Master Huiracocha called the darkness from below. Remember, there is also darkness above, the space, but that darkness is a dark light, that is the divine, unmanifested Mother.

So, rock and roll, rap, etc, that comes from the space, but from down there, the space below. From the space above, if you meditate and have a samadhi, you will hear beautiful music. But, the nonsense music that you hear in this day and age comes from the space below, and unfortunately, everybody vibrates with that music, because we have a lot of that, a lot of ego within.


Audience: When you're sending out the solar energy, singing the mantra Belilin, is the shape that that energy takes, the aura, reminiscent of the shape of the universe, in the manner that it expands outwardly and then flows back inwardly to the center.

Instructor: Yes; the shape of the infinite, as we explained it, right? Each one of us, in ourselves, is an amphora, that takes in, and sends out. But, when we talk about that type of inter-penetration, the solar light penetrating and going out, it is what is called the Cosmic-Common-Trogo-Auto-Egocrat, the law of reciprocal nourishment of all living cosmoses. All things receive and give. Obviously, the planet Earth, in itself, is an amphora. Any planet, in itself, is an amphora that receives and gives. We, physically, psychologically, are amphoras.

Imagine, if Master Jesus were to sing Belilin, he would gather the energy of many infinites, and send it from himself outwardly. All of the darkness would run. That is why he is a great Master. So, in other words, the energy that we collect by chanting Belilin is in accordance with our level of consciousness. If you sing it mechanically, you are not going to have anything. You have to put your consciousness into what you are doing; then your amphora, your body, your three-brains, will be full. Your amphora, the sign of the infinite, has to be part of the center, the top and the bottom of the sign of the infinity which is the center of the Earth also, the Sun also. If you observe a galaxy, it too is an amphora, or as the Master called, the inexhaustible bag of all possibilities.

So, that is the expansion that we need. When we start doing that, expanding our consciousness, that is when we become what we call, Christian. To be a Christian is not merely to say, "I am a Christian because I was born into Christianity." No; to be a Christian is to walk the path. There are many levels of Christians.

Audience: Talking about the central Suns of the galaxies, it is also said that we observe black holes, do they have any relation with this?

Instructor: The black holes that the scientists say they discover in the center of any galaxy? Well, we will state, according to my understanding, that those black holes is what we call the Omeyocan. That Omeyocan is everywhere; it is not only at the center of a galaxy, it is also at the center of any solar system, and at your own center too. But, though we call it a black hole, in truth it is not really black. It is only black to our sight, because with our physical sight we only perceive a narrow band of light. We do not see the ultra-violet light. You see, we call it ultra-violet... violet is always dark, but it shines.

I have had many experiences in the interior worlds, where that ultra-violet light is, for me, darkness, because I still do not possess the common sense necessary to penetrate into that light. But, a Paramarthasatya, like Master Jesus, penetrates into that light. For Master Jesus, that which we call a black hole is not a black hole; it is a lot of light, concentrated. We will say, it is the Chaos; it is a Chaos in repose.

Audience: According to scientists, 96% of the observable universe is what they call "dark matter" or "dark energy." All they know of the universe, according to their own measurements, is about 4%.

Instructor: According to the measurements of their intellect, which is very subjective. But, let me tell you; when you develop your common-sense, your intuition, the type of intellect that you develop expands in another level, and is difficult for person that is a fornicator to understand that type of intellect. This is because that type of intellect is not only nourished with the five senses, as the common intellect that the people of the Earth have — whose intellect is governed, informed and nourished by the five senses and what is observable through the instruments that they invent with their intellect — intuition, the common-sense about which we are talking about here, is nourished with the spinal medulla. Intuition, the common-sense, is nourished the fives senses, and all of the senses related with the spinal medulla, the Vav.

In the spinal medulla, we have the seven churches. Why does the book of Revelation call the seven chakras of the medulla, the seven churches of Assiah? What is a church? There are many beautiful churches, temples, etc of the different religions; if the adherents of those religions really practiced what they preach, those temples, synagogues, mosques, or any temples of any religion, would gather Christ. It doesn't matter what name you give to that force, if you are not Christian, you don't need to call it Christ; it is Ahura-Mazda, it is Krishna, it is Osiris... The Egyptians call the Solar Absolute, together with the Trinity, Osiris-Ra. Ra is the solar light. But, nowadays, ignoramuses think that the Egyptians were so ignorant, that they were worshiping the physical Sun. No, they knew that the Sun was the physical body of one of those Suns, of the Solar Absolute, which they called Ra. That is why Osiris was "dark", they called him a dark God; if you look at any pictures of Osiris, he is dark. Why? Because that light is dark to our eyes. Osiris is a dark God, for us, because we do not see that light.

Now, when that light descends, and then unfolds into Osiris-Isis-Aurus (Horus)... do you see this? AURus, it is the light. Osiris-Isis-Horus is the Trinity, but, there is another Trinity... there are many Trinities that are into Theosophy, or in Kabbalah, that we have to understand: Osiris-Isis-Horus is the Trinity of Briah, the world of Creation. Above that is another Trinity; and we are showing this with the word Hei.

Audience: Speaking about this, my question, correct me if I'm wrong, but about the uncreated. So, we have Kether-Chokmah-Binah. So from my understanding, this is Father-Mother-Son; the Ain Soph Aur is Christ, and the Ain Soph is the unmanifested Mother, and the Ain is...

Instructor: The unmanifested Father. Ain, the uncreated Father; the Ain Soph, the uncreated Mother; and the Ain Soph Aur, the uncreated Son, the third Abstract Aspect of the Absolute. We state, as the Master Samael stated; when we self-realize ourselves as Christs, when Jesus Christ, as an archetype, develops completely in us, then we enter into the Army of the Voice, the Army of the Logos, the Word. That army is formed many millions of self-realized Masters. Not only of this solar system, but many solar systems. They become one, and, all of them together are the Son; the Son of the Sun.

If that initiate of the Solar Absolute, if that Barbelo — you could also call it Barbelo, individually speaking... but Barbelo is something expanded, it is beyond the infinite. Every Lord, every infinite has its own Barbelo. The union of many Barbelos is the Barbelo, the Solar Absolute — wanted to enter into the womb of the unmanifested Mother, they can do that after penetrating into Aur, the Aurus, Horus. You have to be an Aurus in order to enter into the unmanifested Isis. And, from the unmanifested Isis, the Ain Soph, many initiates prepare themselves in order to enter into the Ain, the bosom of the Father, which is beyond the Ain Soph. How many Masters manage to enter into the bosom of the Father, the Ain? Very few. But there some; Master Jesus of Nazareth is the only example that we find here.

Master Samael Aun Weor taught us this, when he was alive; I made the great work three times, and in previous times I penetrated only into the Ain Soph. I want this time to enter into the Ain, but that depends upon the will of my God. The only one that I know who penetrated into the Ain, and then came out in order to help us, is the Master Aberamentho, Jesus of Nazareth.

Imagine the level of inter-penetration that the Master Jesus has... it is huge. And, that is precisely the goal; to develop that level of intuition, of consciousness, because it is not as though only he can achieve that, and that we are not capable of it. We are capable of achieving that too. He didn't begin at the level he is right now. He started just as any of us. Of course, he is a Master of many previous cosmic days, and now he is manifesting as a Paramarthasatya in this cosmic day; but he fought for that.

And, of course, we have to be patient, because little by little we can penetrate into all of the firmaments. Or, we will say, in the Nahua language, we can penetrate into all of the Teuhtlampas, infinites. That is beautiful word, Teuhtlampa. We give to the gathering of many galaxies the name "infinite" — there is no real name for it, in English. But, in the Aztec language they call it the Teuhtlampa, and they call the space, Omeyocan — and so we use these words, because there are none in English. English is only for Ing-Land, Hyperborea, the land of the Sun.

Audience: Does the Auric embryo develop into Aurus?

Instructor: Yes. The Auric embryo is Aurus itself, vested with the Solar bodies, and no ego.

Audience: So, the true Aurus is...

Instructor: the Auric embryo. It is the completion of all the work. As an Aurus, we enter into the Ain Soph Aurus, the Ain Soph Aur.

Audience: Could you explain the first slide with the extract from the Pistis Sophia, mentioning that only one is element is brought from Barbelo, and that the others are from the treasury of the Light?

Instructor: Well, the first slide says:

“And Jesus, ― that is Aberamentho, ― said unto his disciples, “Amen, I say unto you: I have brought nothing into the world when I came, save this fire, this water, this wine and this blood. I have brought the water and the fire out of the region of the Light of the lights of the Treasury of the Light; and I have brought the wine and the blood out of the region of Barbelo.”

The fire is the Barbelo. The treasury of the Light is Barbelo. These are different titles for the same thing; what is the Treasury of the Light? It is the Barbelo. He names them in different ways in order for us to understand... what is the Treasury of the Light? It is the Solar Absolute. Where is the Treasury of the Light, physically in us? Where is the Solar Absolute, Barbelo, in other words, in us? Where in us can we extract the light? The sexual organs, the genitalia. There is where we find the region of Barbelo, in us. So, if we ejaculate the solar energy, the sexual energy, we remain in darkness. But, if we transmute it, we make that permutation, obviously the solar light will shine in us, because Barbelo will be with us, in different levels... in accordance with our level of initiation. Those who fornicate become Bel-zebub. There are many fallen Angels whose names contain the word Bel... Bel-ial. It doesn't mean that those names are negative. No, those are the names of those Monads, but the Bodhisattva fell, unfortunately. That is why, when you study those names, you have to understand that there are many fallen Angels that have Bel at the beginning of their name. But, remember that Jesus was born in Beth-Lehem, Bel-en, and he is the son of Bel. So, there are many ways that we have to understand that.

Audience: When you say the word Bethlehem, it comes to me the prayer of the Lord; "give us this day our daily bread."

Instructor: That daily bread of the prayer of the Lord is not the bread that we eat physically. It means that the Bel is the light: "give us this light, which is our daily bread in our meditation." Give us this day, that Bel, the bread.

When we feed ourselves with that bread, which is symbolized in the ritual of the Eucharist, you take the solar light in you, through your mouth. We feed ourselves with solar light in many ways. But, the ritual of the Eucharist, when celebrated by someone that is truly following Barbelo, it is powerful. That depends on the priest.

Audience: Does Seth have two different meanings?

Instructor: Well, Seth is the dark light. Seth was the brother of Osiris, in accordance with Egyptian mythology, and Seth killed Osiris, which is the solar light. If you understand the meaning of Seth, in this way, you understand how he killed him, and cut him into many pieces; because he wanted to be the king of that kingdom, and so cut Osiris into 13 pieces, and spread them in the Nile. Then, Isis gathered all of those pieces, in order to resuscitate Osiris, with the help of Horus. She collected 12 pieces, and there was one part they couldn't find; the 13th. And what was that 13th part of Osiris they couldn't find? The genitalia, because all lustful things were already dead within him. He resurrected in the Light. In Egyptian mythology Seth has two meanings; positive and negative, it depends on the angle from which you study these things.

Now, in the Bible, Seth is similar to Jesus Christ, in that way. But, if talk about this from the Egyptian perspective, it has another meaning.

Thank you very much.

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