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“A Yogi generally performs his wonders by means of Iccha-Shakti and Kriyashakti.” - H.P. Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

Iccha-shakti is the will of our consciousness and the sexual force of life. It is the will in all dynamic forces of the universe; it is willpower. In order to develop willpower, we need to act spiritually; we need Kriya-Shakti, that is, to act with the heart, with intuition. These are two of the three parts of the creative cosmic power called Shakti. The other is Jnanashakti, the power to know.

“Moses, the man who liberated the electric might of Iccha-Shakti, willpower, possesses the gift of prodigies. This is known by the Divine Ones and humans. So it is written. All that the sacred scriptures state about this Hebrew leader is certainly extraordinary, portentous.” - Samael Aun Weor

Regarding Iccha-Shakti, the willpower of our consciousness and the sexual force of life, the Lord prayer states:

“Thy kingdom come thy will (Iccha-Shakti) be done on earth as it is in heaven” - Matthew 6: 10

The great Rabbi of Galilee, Jesus, knew that the Yoni, the feminine cup, was kabbalistically associated with the letter Kaf, this is why he said:

“O my Father, if this cup (כ Kaf) may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will (Iccha-Shakti) be done.” - Matthew 26: 42

So, Iccha-Shakti is a Sanskrit word that means willpower, that develops through Kriya, action, whereas Jnana, is another Sanskrit word that means “knowledge.”

The electric might of Iccha-Shakti–Willpower, or Kundalini, is liberated by means of Tantra Yoga, which in the western world is known as the science of Alchemy. The Kabbalists, the Gnostics, in the time of Jesus, in order to introduce Sexual Alchemy into the western world, replaced or adapted the Sanskrit term Iccha-Shakti with the Greek word Thelema, this is why in their ceremonies within the Catacombs of Rome they said:

“Whosoever calls ye Thelemites shall not commit an injustice as long as they comprehend the word with perfection, because it contains exactly three degrees:

1) The man who dwells within silence (which relates with Binah),

2) The man who loves (related with Gedulah, also called Chesed), and

3) The vulgar man of the Earth”

Which is Tiphereth, because that is the only part of the Monad – the Spirit, Spiritual-Soul and Human Soul – that descends down the left column of the Tree of Life into the physical world, Malkuth, our physicality. This is what we call the Essence, or in Buddhism the Buddhadatu, which is part of Buddha, which in this case is our own individual, particular, Buddha. This is why the third degree is called the vulgar man of the Earth, because it comprises from Tiphereth down: Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth, which is what we have. We have an Essence, an embryo of soul, and we have a Mental body, Emotional body, Ethereal body and physical body – whether they are Lunar or Solar. The quote continues:

“What you want, what you will, that shall be the meaning of the word. It shall be up to you.

The Hierophant observes three ordeals in one, and it may be given in three ways: The gross or vulgar must pass through the ordeal of fire.”

Which is the very bottom. The ordeal of fire is the gossiping, the criticism, even from those who are among the path, those who are always talking about many things in relation with other people. That is fire, criticism.

“The evolved or educated are tried in the mind,”

This is related with the air. The mind is Netzach. When you advance in the doctrine, and you understand more, then you are tested in the mind, which is related with the air, thoughts, etc.

“and the lofty selected ones or chosen ones in the highest.”

This relates with Binah. It is for those that have already passed the other trials, and abide within the man of Silence. The virtue of Binah is Silence. Binah is ruled by Saturn, and Saturn relates to death, and is written about in the book of Revelation,

“And when he (the Lamb) had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.” - Revelation 8: 1

This is the Heaven of Binah that Revelation is talking about. The chosen ones, the highest, are not selected by some body else, it is that they choose to go up there, through many ordeals and initiations.

“Thus, ye have stars and stars, systems and systems, degrees and degrees, but let not one know well the other.”

Whatever we receive, whatever grade we have, it is something individual. No one else needs to know about that, because it is something very spiritual, something that relates to the soul, the Spirit, not to the personality that we have here.

All of us have a personality, a name, which we used to be known in this physical world, etc etc. That is the vulgar man of the Earth. But, when you enter into initiation, it is the Inner Being that receives those initiations, that has a particular name, in each one of us. And, when you discover the name, you have to keep it in silence – unless you are commanded to give it. But, in this day and age, I don’t see the necessity of talking about inner names, with the exception of Master Samael Aun Weor and Master Litelantes, who are the ones that are responsible for this doctrine. It was not their physical personalities that wrote all of the books that we study, but their Inner Being. So, therefore, in order to point towards the fact that it is the Being that does the work, they unveiled the names of their Beings. In our case, we don’t need to give our inner name, because those two Masters are still in charge. This is related with that last phrase, “But let not one know well the other.”

four worlds color

Kabbalah provides a view of creation and existence based upon a division into four levels, which are beautifully illustrated in this verse from the Bible:

"Everyone that is [1] called by My name, and [2] whom I created for My glory, [3] I formed him, yea [4] I made him. - Isaiah / Yeshayahu 43:7

  1. Atziluth [אצילות], the world of Archetypes or Emanations, the level of potentialities or "blueprints." Example: In the sperm and ovum are the possibilities for a child.

  2. Briah [בריאה], the world of Creation. Example: the father and mother unite sexually and the embryo of a human being is created.

  3. Yetzirah [יצירה], the world of Formation. Example: the child is formed in the womb for nine months.

  4. Assiah [עשיה], the world of Action. Example: the child is born into the physical world.

These four levels are called the Four Worlds, and outline a conceptual view of how subtle, latent potentialites become manifested into physical form. The first world relates to the highest, most subtle level, and the lowest world relates to the physical world, while the middle two illustrate the stages towards full manifestation.

As you know, we always use the Tree of Life, in order for us to comprehend things that are written in our literature. This is necessary because Master Samael Aun Weor always states that we need to study Alchemy and Kabbalah in order to understand the messages that our Inner Being, or the Masters of the White Lodge, give us when we are in the internal planes. We have to know how to interpret these things, and this interpretation is always associated with our own particular level, because everyone receives indications, guidance, in accordance with the level which they are. It is good for us to study and make that effort, in order to discover what it is they are telling us.

So, Iccha-Shakti means willpower, but the word for willpower in Hebrew is Ratzon רצון. In Kabbalah, we study three types of Ratzon or Iccha-Shakti, in order for us to understand which level we are in.

The first Iccha-Shakti or Ratzon is Ratzon La’Hshpia רצון להשפיע – the will to influence. All of us have that, the will to influence in the positive way. However, because we have the ego, we usually influence in the negative way, which is, Tshukah La’Hshpia תשוקה להשפיע; likewise with all the Essences of this planet Earth in which we live.

This Ratzon or Iccha-Shakti, will to influence relates with the Monad, which is the second triangle of the Tree of Life. When that רצון Ratzon is utilized by the ego, it is no longer will, it is called Tshukah תשוקה desire, Ahamkara in Sanskrit. Usually, what the Kabbalists state – those Kabbalists that are not initiates, but intellectual Kabbalists – is that this will relates with Tshukah תשוקה desire. Well, we are going to talk about that too, but first let us talk about רצון Ratzon, willpower, Ratzon La’Hshpia רצון להשפיע, the will to influence, is related with the Monad, which is above. Desire to influence Tshukah La’Hshpia תשוקה להשפיע is related with the four inferior Sephiroth and even Klipoth.

To those Monads that abide in the Ain Soph, Absolute Abstract Space, many of us always ask, what is the reason for those Monads to descend into this universe, why do they come into existence?

The answer is because our Monad, and every other Monad, has to discover all of the powers of the universe within themselves. Not outside. Today, the sciences are teaching us many things in relation with the universe; things that have been discovered with the five senses. But, in initiation, in the path, you have to discover all of those mysteries within you, within your Monad. Not all the Monads that abide in the Ain Soph, Abstract Absolute Space, know themselves in depth. To put a limit on space is impossible: it is infinite.

Now, regarding Ratzon La’Hshpia רצון להשפיע – the Iccha-Shakti or willpower to influence, Master Samael Aun Weor wrote in Pistis Sophia Unveiled the following:

“Any longing, as insignificant as it may be, for a separate existence or to be someone (to be better than), is enough to cause one (Monad) to be self-released from Aelohim and to fall under the reign of (Elohim) the Demiurge Creator.” - Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

This is a statement you read in many books of Gnosis. The word Aelohim is a contraction of what is called Ain-Elohim. Ain, in Hebrew, means “nothingness.” Ain, is something, but it is nothing related with Elohim, which is the existent universe. In any galaxy, solar system and planet, the Elohim are the ones that control the universe. But, beyond that, in the Abstract Absolute Space is the A-Elohim, Aelohim, which means, “No-Elohim.” This is how we name the Father of All the Lights, which has no form but can take any form that He wishes. Whatever form He takes is through those Monads that experience that longing. Obviously, all of us that are present here, our Monads felt that longing. That is why we are in this existence, that is why we live. Our duty is to discover that in each one of us. Nobody can do it for us, but our Inner Being, with the assistance of the Cosmic Christ.

tree of life twelve bodies aelohim 500

Obviously, all of us, at that moment, received the will to influence. Then, the Absolute, with His will, pushed us from within the Ain Soph into existence, in order for that to be fulfilled. That longing is transformed, in the universe, into what is Kabbalistically called רצון לקבל Ratzon La’Kabel – will to receive. From this word קבל Kabel comes the word קבלה Kabbalah, which means to receive.

All of us who are present here have the will to receive, that is why we are here. This will to receive is name אברם Abram, חסד Chesed. And why does אברם Abram, חסד Chesed, want to receive? אברם Abram, חסד Chesed, wants to receive because it is in receiving that we are then capable of giving. Of course, among those Elohim that have that Ratzon La’Hshpia, the will to influence any Monad, are what is called the Cosmo-Creators. All of the Cosmo-Creators together is what the Bible calls the Elohim, our Father who is in Heaven, and which is translated as “God.” But, this is a wrong translation. Elohim means, “Gods and Goddesses”; it is plural. All of these Gods and Goddesses are Cosmo-Creators. It is written:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Barashyth Bera Elohim Ath Ha’Schamayim Ve’Ath Ha’Aretz

“In the beginning, the Gods and Goddesses created the Heavens and the Earth.”

Elohim is the Demiurge-Creator. Among them are degrees and degrees. The top of all of them, which relates to the world of Atziluth, is the Angel Metatron. Master Samael says:

“The Kabbalah is lost within the night of time, within the womb of Maha Kundalini (Iccha-Shakti), the Great Mother (the Ain Soph), where the universe was engendered. The Kabbalah is the science of numbers.

The author of the Tarot was the Angel Metatron. He is lord of the serpent wisdom. The Bible refers to him as the Prophet Enoch. The Angel Metatron, or Enoch, delivered the Tarot in which the entirety of divine wisdom is enclosed. The Tarot remains written in stone. He also left us the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet. This great master lives in the superior worlds in the world of Atziluth, which is a world of indescribable happiness.” - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

We quoted that because all of us study Kabbalah, and all of us, in any part of this planet, has the right to receive. As we were previously speaking, I told you that the Master Litelantes came and give me a gift in the internal planes, and I received it. Of course, this gift that I received there, at that time in the internal planes, is not a single moment; rather, I am receiving and receiving and receiving. Why? Because I have to give. If you receive but do not give, then, those types of gifts are not given any more. Of course, you also have to create the vessels in order to receive and to give – these are the two aspects of the science that we study – in all of the levels of the Sephiroth. These 22 letters that this great Master gave us, are those that we always insist that we study, not only intellectually, but to meditate on every symbol of each letter, because they all have something that we need to discover with our heart, with our intuition. I am going to address something about this, but, not all the letters right now, because there are 22, and they are all profound. If you want to study further, you can go on the website, and read the lecture series that we gave on them.

Here we have the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet that the Angel Metatron gave us. These letters are the letters with which the Hebrew language is written. Many Masters – those that have that will to influence, that power – who came many centuries ago, were born among the Jews, who spoke this language. But, those Jews kept this knowledge for themselves, and, unfortunately, this doctrine never spread throughout the whole world, for the whole world to study it. So, we are performing this task, spreading this knowledge to the whole world.

One of the reasons why we have the will to give this doctrine, is what in Kabbalah is called, Ratzon La’Tet רצון לתת. La’tet is written Lamed-Tav-Tav לתת, and means the will to give. In order to have the will to give, you have to first receive. When you receive, as in my case, I am anxious, because I have to give, in order to release myself of a responsibility, which is the ability to respond, to give in other words.

In the Bible, Master Jesus, in regards to Ratzon La’Tet רצון לתת – the will to give, said:

“For Moses said, Honour (give your chastity to Shiva-Shakti) thy father and thy mother; and, Whoso (in the sexual act) - מקלל mkll – execrate (Shiva-Shakti) father or mother, let him die the (second) death: But ye say, If a man shall say to his (Shiva-Shakti) father or mother, It is קרבן Korban (Sacrifice, offering, oblation, immolation) that is to say ( רצון לתת Ratzon La’Tet), a gift to God, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; he shall be free of charge.” - Mark 7: 10- 13

For a better comprehension of the former sexual alchemical statement; let us read what Moses said according to Deuteronomy:

“When a איש (man) has taken a new אשה (woman), he shall not go out to public service, neither shall he be charged with other matter: but he shall be free at home one year, and shall cheer up his wife which he has taken.” - Deuteronomy 24: 5

Alchemically, Korban קרבן means sexual sublimation, because through your sexual sublimation you are giving to your (Shiva-Shakti) Father and Mother what your physicality collected, in your genitalia, from the Elohim (Gods and Goddesses), and thereafter you love your neighbor, that is, you sacrifice yourself for others. Whether you give the doctrine, the knowledge, or whatever you do in order to help the souls. This is why Jesus continue saying:

“And ye suffer him no more to do anything for his (Shiva-Shakti) father or his mother; Making (in Daath) the word of Elohim of none effect through your tradition, which you have delivered: and you do many other things like that.” - Mark 7: 10- 13

Shiva Shakti

During the sexual act, man and woman transmute their sexual matter into Iccha-Shakti by restraining ahamkara, their animal desire, their bestial orgasm. Iccha-Shakti then rises from their sexual glands upwards towards the head, through two nervous canals of their vagus and sympathetic nervous systems. When this happens, Shiva, our Inner Father in the head, smells the scent of the Ether, the Akasha Tattva, our Divine Mother; this is how Shiva becomes delighted with the scent of Iccha-Shakti, his wife.

“The Hindus gave the name “Ida and Pingala” to these spermatic canals through which the sexual energy internally rises towards the head. These are nerve cords related with the vagus and sympathetic systems. These cords are entwined along the spinal column in the symbolic shape represented by the Caduceus of Mercury.” - Samael Aun Weor

“He that has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says unto the churches; He that overcomes (תשוקה Tshukah- desire) shall not be hurt of the second death.” - Revelation 2: 11

When you study Kabbalah intellectually, and you comprehend this intellectually, and you never go deeper, never walk, act, spiritually in initiation, you start interpreting the laws according to your own whim, making laws, traditions – such as those that exist now in many organizations, religions – which the followers fulfill, but that were not given by God, by the Elohim. They think that by following those traditions, customs or habits that they will go to Heaven, just by doing that, without walking the path.

“The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. This is יהוה Iod-Havah’s doing; it is marvellous in (עין-Ayin) our (pineal and pituitary) eyes.” - Psalm 118: 22, 23

Who are this Shiva-Shakti, father and mother? They are our own particular Binah, which is the very top. Binah is the third aspect of the first triangle of the Tree of Life. Binah is the third aspect of the Trinity; Kether-Chokmah-Binah; Father-Son-Holy Spirit; Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva. Binah (Understanding), when descending into this mysterious Sephirah called Daath (knowledge), splits into Iod and Kaf, for כי Ki is Father and Mother, Shiva-Shakti. Iod gives and Kaf receives; these are the two hands of Binah at the level of the genitalia. This is the fourth commandment: honor your father and your mother. To whom is that commandment talking? It is talking to Chesed, whose throne is the central nervous system, because Chesed is the outcome of Binah, which is the third Sephirah whose will split asunder as כי Ki – Iccha-Shakti, Shiva-Shakti, Father-Mother – in Daath, in relation to the ray of creation.

All of us have our own particular Shiva-Shakti, Mother and Father. So, this commandment to honor father and mother does not mean our physical father and mother, who we of course have to love and respect, but that commandment does not have to do with them – because our physical parents can follow their own whim, to give us many different rules to follow – that is not related with this commandment being fulfilled. This is something alchemically internal. In order to know the laws of Father-Mother, you have to study the 10 commandments, and one of them is honor father and mother, which is something very spiritual and that relates to the letter Kaf, which is the eleventh letter of the kabbalistic alphabet. About the number eleven Master Samael stated:

“It is not irrelevant to emphasize the transcendental idea that two more commandments exist in the esotericism of Moses. I am referring to the eleventh and twelfth commandments, which are intimately related with the Arcana 11 and 12 of the Kabbalah. “The first of these, that is to say the eleventh, has its classical expression in the Sanskrit Dharman Chara: “Thou shalt perform thy duty.”

Remember, beloved reader, that it is your duty to quest for the straight, narrow, and difficult path, which leads unto light.

So, (the letter כ Kaf in) the Arcanum 11 of the Tarot reveals this duty:” - The Mystery of the Golden Flower by Samael Aun Weor

Tarot 11"The Eleventh Arcanum is known in Kabbalah as Persuasion. The hieroglyphic of this arcanum is a beautiful woman that with tranquillity and olympic serenity closes the jaws of a furious lion with her own hands. The number eleven is thus Kabbalistically modified: 1 + 1 = 2.

1 = masculine

2 = feminine

1 man + 1 woman = 2, manwoman, the fire

The number eleven is formed by two unities that Heinrich Kunrath translated in these two words, “Coagula et solve.” We need to accumulate (Ratzon La’Kabel) the sacred fire and then learn to project it (Ratzon La’Tet). The clue of this is in the connection of the membrum virile (the Iod) with the genitalia murielis (the Kaf), with quietude of the membrum virile and the genitalia murielis, and using a very soft movement once in a while. Thus, we transmute the animal instincts (desire) into willpower, sexual passion into love, lustful thoughts into comprehension, and vocalize the secret mantras.

Man is one unity; woman is the other. This is the number eleven of the Tarot. Therefore, only by working in the Great Work can the man with the woman incarnate the Child of Gold, Horus, the Verb, the great Word. Accordingly, the number eleven is the most multiplicable number.” - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

There is something here that relates to Ratzon La’Hshpia רצון להשפיע – the will to influence, and in order to know it, let us study this next graphic, which is the word which you read in the Bible in the beginning, which is:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Barashyth Bera Elohim Ath Ha’Schamayim Ve’Ath Ha’Aretz

“In the beginning, the Gods and Goddesses created the Heavens and the Earth (through Ratzon La’Hshpia רצון להשפיע – the will to influence).”

The word את Ath that precedes the heaven and the earth, is formed by Aleph-Tav את. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and Tav the last. When you read the word את Ath in Hebrew, in the Bible – which is never translated, because in English, they simply translate Ath as “the” - it implies all of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and that is what is called the Logos, the word. “In the beginning was the word, the word was with God and the word was Elohim (Gods and Goddesses.)”

Ath את is the word that we have to understand, for (כי Ki) in this lecture, we are going to explain how all of the letters relate to כי Ki, in synthesis, with self-realization, and how Iccha-Shakti develops inside of us as we become Alchemists, because the whole path is Iccha-Shakti. What do the beginners have instead of Iccha-Shakti, willpower? They have Ahamkara, desire. Master Samael Aun Weor in his book Aquarian Message says that in the beginning of the path, we have to transform desire into willpower. Let us read:

“We need to be alchemists. Only with Alchemy can the “I” be dissolved. The root of the “I” is desire, and desire can be transmuted with Alchemy. If you want to annihilate desire, then you must transmute it: Sexual desire is transmuted into willpower, and willpower is fire.” - Aquarian Message by Samael Aun Weor

Yet, Master Samael Aun Weor in his book Christ’s Will says that once we reach the fifth initiation of major mysteries, we have to only practice sexual alchemy with willpower. Let us read:

“Willpower and desire are the two poles of one thing. Willpower is positive, and desire is negative.

Many make the mistake of confusing willpower with desire, and desire with willpower. Nevertheless, willpower and desire are the two poles, positive and negative, in humans. Now, (in Tiphereth) oh Buddha! You must exchange sensation-desire for sensation-willpower. Long ago, you abandoned desire, yet now you must forget even the very knowledge of desire. Formerly, you practiced the rite of Sexual Magic with the ardent incentive of desire. Yet now (in Tiphereth), oh Buddha! You must practice the rite of Sexual Magic without the ardent incentive of desire. Formerly, you dominated desire by means of willpower, yet now desire has no right to exist within you. It is necessary not only to abandon desire, but to finish with the incitement to desire. Incitement-desire must be transformed into Christ's will.

Disciples practice Sexual Magic with the ardent incentive of desire. Yet (in Tiphereth) you, oh Buddha, can only practice the rite of Sexual Magic with sensation-willpower, which is Christ's will. The body of willpower also has sensations, which have nothing to do with the sensations of the body of desire.

Sensation-willpower is sensation-Spirit; it is Christic sensation. The sensations of the body of willpower (in Tiphereth) have nothing to do with the sensations of the four bodies of sin.....” - Christ Will by Samael Aun Weor

It is impossible to find somebody who is at the very beginning of the path, walking with Iccha-Shakti, even though our motto, the motto of the Gnostics, is Thelema, willpower, Iccha-Shakti. But, we have to admit that we really only have 3% of Ratzon, Iccha-Shakti, and 97% of Tshukah, desire. This is what many Kabbalists confuse themselves with: they think that רצון Ratzon and תשוקה Tshukah are the same. Listen, in any animal, including the intellectual animal (which intellectual kabbalists call Adam by mistake), תשוקה לקבל Tshukah La’Kabel is Ahamkara, the desire to receive, the desire to accumulate.

“And Iod-Havah Elohim (Binah) said, It is not good that האדם Ha’Adam should be alone (in Yesod); I will make him an help meet for him. And out of the ground Iod-Havah Elohim formed every beast of the field (Hod), and every fowl of the air (Netzach); and brought them unto (Yesod) Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature (solar body), that was the name thereof. And Adam (Yesod) gave names to all cattle (Malkuth), and to the fowl of the air (Netzach), and to every beast of the field (Hod); but for Adam (in Yesod) there was not found an help meet for him.” - Genesis 2: 18-20

You can read in the previous quotation that all animals of the kingdoms of nature, such as all cattle, and the fowl of the air, and every beast of the field, are animals that are divided in two genders in Yesod, sex, this, in order to reproduce themselves and receive, accumulate, kill prey to eat, etc etc. This תשוקה לקבל Tshukah La’Kabel, Ahamkara, desire to receive is something normal in all animals.

When we enter into the level of the intellectual animal, we receive the intellect, and we think that we have to continue with desire. Many Kabbalists state that Ratzon La’Kabel is to accumulate a lot of money, more and more money… the more money you have, the better, because then you are a great Kabbalist, yet this is תשוקה לקבל Tshukah La’Kabel, desire to accumulate. Thus, we must say that all the great millionaires and billionaires are practicing תשוקה לקבל Tshukah La’Kabel, because they are covetous. They are accumulating with their animal ego.

What we have to understand is that if you follow this word Kabel with desire, accumulating a lot of money, well, you could do a lot of good with charity, Tshukah La'Tet תשוקה לתת, but that belongs to that which is temporal, the circle of time, what we call the Mahakala, the “great time.” We have to overcome this, in order to enter into Ratzon La’Tet רצון לתת, the circle of Moses, who represents Iccha-Shakti, willpower in Tiphereth. And, for that, we have to create the body of Iccha-Shakti, willpower, this, in order to concentrate the will of Elohim in our heart.

“And Iod-Havah Elohim (Binah) caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam (in Tiphereth) and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which Iod-Havah Elohim (Binah) had taken from Adam, made he a woman (in Yesod, the letter Kaf כ), and brought her unto Adam (in Yesod).” - Genesis 2: 21, 22

Thus, the more we accumulate, receive, intuitively and spiritually and psychologically, the more we can help our neighbour. This is why the divine name of Tiphereth is אלוה ודעת יהוה Eloah Va Daath Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei. Remember the commandment of Jesus that says, love thy Inner God, with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your soul, and thy neighbour as you love thyself.

But, are we fulfilling that? Most religious organizations in this day and age exist only to accumulate more and more money. Some even say, send us such and such an amount of money, and we will bless you. Well, you receive blessings in accordance with the level at which you are. But here, in this doctrine, we have to know that what we need to receive is spiritual, light. This is precisely what the Monads in the Abstract Absolute Space lack: they lack light. We need to receive and give light.

We are talking about light; light is perceived through the eyes, it is through the eyes that we receive the light. See, this is how we Ratzon La’Kabel the light. And, most of us want more light. And, we teach you and give you what we have accumulated, but, you have to place that in yourself, and to develop it according to your level. You have the duty of giving, because if you receive and don’t give, then the process becomes stagnant. The more light you give, the more light you receive. This is the secret of intuitive Kabbalah. In intellectual Kabbalah, they are only interested in money and power. For instance, we will explain something about this so that you can understand: talking about the sense of sight, light is perceived through the eyes. But, you know that when you see the lightning coming from the Heavens, and you receive the light in your eyes, you have to wait for a while for the roaring sound to come to your ears. Then you realise, “Oh, there is also the Word of God there.” The word of God is the thunder, and God is the lightning, that light. Thus, it depends on how much we accumulate, we receive, in order to give.

We also receive through the five senses, which is why we have upon our heads all of the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste. But, there is one sense that is not primarily associated with the head; when we go to touch something, we always use the hands. And, previously, we were mentioning about the hands. But, if you notice, if you look, the hands, which are associated with the sense of touch, is the only sense that also goes down to the genitalia, to the same level. That is why everything we use for the sense of touch is related with the hands. However, the most sensitive organ to the sense of touch that we have is the sexual organ: it is more sensitive than the hands, and it also relates to the sense of touch. That is why, when the serpent was tempting Eve – who represents the genitalia, whether in a masculine or feminine body – the serpent said to Eve:

“Yea, has Elohim said, Ye shall not eat of every tree of the garden?
And the woman said unto the serpent, We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden: But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, the Elohim has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it, lest ye die.” - Genesis 3: 1-3

Eve responded, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden’.” this is precisely what we call the human will, the Iccha-Shakti. We have to fill our bodies, we have to fill our psyche, our spirit, and we have to take in order to feed that, which is the will to receive. “So eat of that, I give you freedom” this is how we are free. But, after that, Elohim said, “But, of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall not eat. The day that you eat of it (through your own whim) you shall surely die.” The meaning of this is very open and clear. What is the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil? It is related with the sexual organs. Eve added, “the Elohim has said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it.” But, when you read the sentence in Genesis, Elohim didn’t say “neither shall ye touch it”, Eve added that. This is because Havah-Eve is related with the sense of touch, this is clear, that is why she added “neither shall ye touch it”.

Lingam Yoni

The Lingam-Yoni is Ki כי, the Iod (the Lingam) within the Kaf (the cup, the Yoni)

“And Adam called his wife's name (חוה כי) Havah-Ki, Eve-Ki, because (Ki כי) is becoming the mother of all living.” - Genesis 3: 20

Havah-Eve Ki חוה כי means the mother of the living, because (Ki כי) is the masculine and feminine sexual energy. The sexual organ, can only be used by God, by our own particular God. Don’t touch that of your own will, you can eat anything you want of your own whim, but related with this tree? Don’t even touch it: it is Binah’s Tree. Because, in it, says Binah, is (Ki כי) the strength of my wife, the Divine Mother, the Iccha-Shakti. Binah is Mother-Father above, and wife and husband below. For (כי Ki) is the sexual energy of the Divine Mother Kundalini.

If you want to advance on the path, understand why it is written, “For this reason a man (the brain, Adam, the center of the four senses, the head) shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife (the sexual organ); and they (the husband and wife) shall become one flesh.” - Genesis 2:24

In the beginning, father-mother were in the androgynous body, the hermaphrodite body, but they were separated, as it is written in the Bible. Eve was separated from Adam. How do we understand this? Eve (the sexual organ) was separated into (Ki כי) two polarities. We, the males, have Iod, the masculine polarity, and the female has Kaf, the feminine polarity; Ki כי is the same Goddess. When Ki כי unite in the sexual act, then you see the magic: we become like Elohim. But, you have to invoke God in order to perform the sexual act.

During the times of Lemuria, when the separation of the sexes occurred, they were performing Kriya Shakti, the sexual act under the will of the heart, only in the temples, under the guidance of the Angels. The Angels had the power of Ratzon La’Hshpia, the will to influence, to help them. But, one day, the Lemurians decided to perform the sexual act out of the temples. And, since the Elohim were not present, they could not control Ki כי, the Iccha-Shakti, that is there. The outcome was that they fell into animal generation; every animal fornicates. Any animal has no control in sex. It is only to us, the intellectual animals, that is given the gift to start controlling the sexual energy. But, in order to do that, you have to remember God, because it is His or Her Tree. The problem of this humanity is that they have completely forgotten God… nobody remembers God in the sexual act, with the exception of certain groups about which the Master comments in his books. About these groups which the Master spoke, he said that in the moment that they are in the sexual act, and they reach the orgasm, the spasm of the animals, the excuse they have is that they do so with a lot of respect, worshiping God, etc etc. This is hypocrisy. That is to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge; whether you eat that fruit with a lot of respect or not, it is not good.

We learn in this doctrine that the sexual act is a right of the human being, between man and woman. This is how we learn, little by little, how to leave the animal kingdom. The intellectual animals are animals that enter into the doctrine in order to become humans. That is the secret. But, everybody believes that he or she is a human. Well, we have to be cruel, but it is necessary to say that the only ones that are human are those that possess the Solar Bodies. These Solar Bodies are created by God. Why Solar Bodies? Because those bodies receive the light that our Monad is longing for, in different degrees. The problem is that in the beginning we create that, but we have the ego alive, which is animal, and we have the duty of disintegrating the ego. But, the first duty is to be born again. Master Jesus says, no one can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven if he is not born again; meaning, creating the solar vehicles necessary to receive the light that we need to receive.

Here, that process of receiving the light is what in the book of Exodus is called the parting of the Red Sea. People that ignore Kabbalah and Alchemy think that the Exodus that is written about in the Bible is something that happened some many thousands of years ago, and that the people that are in the Middle East, who call themselves Israelites, were the ones who left Egypt into that land. Well, about beliefs, we respect them, but we leave the beliefs in the mind of believers. Indeed, Egypt represents our own particular physical body, Mitzrayim is what it is called in Hebrew.

According to the doctrine of the great Kabbalists that were left to us, it is precisely this passage of Exodus 15: 16. We remember the chosen people, the Israelites, are related with the spiritual archetypes that all of us have within. We live in Egypt, esoterically speaking, because Egypt represents our physicality. Where are those archetypes that we are talking about, the power of the 22 letters… where can we find that place where they are gathered? It is called the genitalia. This is the creative power. By tradition, by inheritance, we receive in our genes, in our sexual organs – our testicles or ovaries – the seed of our ancestors; father-mother, grand parents, etc etc. And, we multiply and give our genes to our children. And in turn, they inherit the physical, psychological animal characteristics, because this is what we are. We express that inheritance, and we say, “Like father, like son; like mother, like daughter.”

Our physicality is the outcome of that sexual crossing. But, there are other elements that the Elohim put there, by His own influence, as fire in Yesod, which is represented in Shemoth שמות, Exodus, as the Red Sea. Water is the habitat of fire. In those sexual waters of Genesis is where we have the fire of אל El, God. We want to liberate that fire and to transmute it in שמות Shemoth, Exodus; then, we become, we develop, משה Moshe, Moses, Iccha-Shakti within.

In many of our lectures, we said that, משה Moshe, Moses represents Iccha-Shakti, willpower, Tiphereth. Moses is that Iccha-Shakti element that we have to develop for the Exodus. But, you know that משה Moshe, Moses did not appear easily… from one day to the next, inside of us. If you read “Eleh Shemoth אלה שמות,” these names, you will see how by means of the power of אל El, God, a baby is born through תו Tav, the cross, the crossing of the fires of "בית beth” the house of לוי Levi with Ath את, the power of ־ בת־לוי Bath Levi, the doughter of Levi, that then develops, and eventually becomes משה Moshe. Then, he, Moses, is the one that goes to the Mount Sinai, and there sees God as fire. Do you understand this? We need willpower, we need Iccha-Shakti; we have to be Alchemists, in order to see our God face to face. This is a long process.

It is not as though, simply because we belong to this or that religion, this or that sect, that they will come to us and say, “You have worshiped us for many years. Come with us to Heaven.” That would be all too easy. It is very difficult, and the ordeals of the path have to be faced.

Moses and the fire of God

In this passage that we are mentioning in Shemoth שמות, Exodus 15: 16, it is written:

“Terror and dread falls on them. By the greatness of your arm they are as still as a stone; Until your people pass over, יהוה, Until the people, who you have created, pass over.” - Exodus 15:16

Who are the people who Iod-Havah has created? They are the children of יש-ר-אל Ish-ra-el, which are the (אש) fiery, solar archetypes of ר Ra, אל El, God, that are inside of (איש וביתו) a man and his house, physicality. This is what God created; these are the fiery elements that, if we develop them, then we have what we call all the archetypes developed.

Then, we start seeing, start receiving light. In the Bible, in the book of Shemoth שמות, Exodus, it is written:

“And these names (ואלה שמות Va’Eleh Shemoth) are the children of Israel, which came into מצרימה Mitzrayimah; every man and his household came with Jacob.

(ר) Reuben, (ש) Simeon, (ל) Levi, and (י) Judah, (י) Issachar, (ז) Zebulun, and (ב) Benjamin, (ד) Dan, and (נ) Naphtali, (ג) Gad, and (א) Asher.

And all the souls that came out of the loins of Jacob were seventy souls: for (יוסף) Joseph was in מצרים Mitzrayim already.” - Exodus 1: 1-5

When we look for the letters, Kabbalistically, we find that 70 is related with the letter Ayin ע. There are two letters in the Hebrew alphabet that make the sound, “Ah.” Aleph א and Ayin ע. Aleph א is the “Ah” sound that vibrates in the mouth. But, Ayin ע, is the “Ah” sound that vibrates in the back of the throat. That is why the word Daath דעת is written with Ayin ע, not Aleph א. Daath דעת (knowledge) is that mysterious Sephirah that is located at the level of the throat. Do you hear here the two sounds of these two letters? They sound similar.

Here we have this word, with the letter Aleph, which is read תאו Tav, meaning: cell, compartment, chamber

Sometimes people pronounce the word תאו Tav as Tau, because the Vav can also be pronounced as a “U” sound. These chambers that תאו Tav is referring to, are the 33 chambers of our spinal column, alchemically speaking. The letter Aleph, here, represents the spinal column. If you look at the letter א Aleph, you see that it is composed of a Vav and 2 Iod’s. The Vav is the spinal column, and, the letter Iod relates with both Kether (the pineal gland, the head), and Yesod (literally, “the secret of Yod”).

Aleph א represents “air, spirit.” When you breathe, you are breathing א Aleph through your nose, and that spirit descends into your sexual organs, which is the other Iod. That is the secret of the letter Aleph. So, when you say that Tav is “cell, compartment, chamber,” we are addressing the spinal column, with which we work. Because, it is there where we we have to ascend, when we fight desire.

But, if we write תעו Tav with Ayin, instead of Aleph it sounds exactly the same, “Tau, Tav.” But, when תעו Tav is written with Ayin, it then takes the meaning of: to go astray, wander, lose one's way.

You see? תעו Tav has a completely different meaning. The point of this is that, in Hebrew, “Terror and dread falls on them” is written in this way:

“Terror and dread falls on them” תפל עליהם אימתה ופחד

                                                                     ת     ע        א        ו

By taking the first letter of each word of the phrase in Hebrew, “Terror and dread falls on them,” we form the word ת ע א ו Taav.

Who is “them?” They are the egos that we carry within, which makes us to go astray. When we are working, the ones that go astray and wander are those that go to the left, because the letter Ayin is related with the eyes. The word Ayin means “eye, eyes.” But, what are eyes are we referring to? The physical eyes? No. It is the spiritual eyes, which are the pineal and pituitary glands: these are the two eyes that we are addressing. We can also address the physical eyes, but that is really in relation with the physical animals. Any animals sees with the physical eyes, but to have spiritual eyes, you have to develop דעת Daath. That is written with the letter Ayin and Tav.

Letter AyinIf you observe the letter Ayin ע, it contains a stretched letter Nun נ. The letter Nun נ itself is a broken Vav ו. In Kabbalah, we know that if you brake the letter Vav ו at the bottom, we find the letter Nun נ. Nun means “fish.” That “fish,” esoterically, is the sperm or the ovum, in the sexual organs. On top of the broken Nun נ, we find Zayin ז. These two together form the letter Ayin, which means “eyes.” Zayin ז represents the feminine aspect: it is the Nun + the feminine aspect (the sexual organs, whether masculine or feminine) connected.

When you study endocrinology, you discover that the pineal gland and the pituitary gland have influence over your sexual organs. This is very common in women; they know, according to the hormones of these two glands, that is how they have their menstrual cycles, and how all of those contraceptives we see in this day and age were invented, in order to avoid being pregnant. This is nothing more than an adulteration of this marvelous axis of these two glands with the sexual organs.

The letter Ayin, if you are not careful, can take you from Yesod (sex) all the way down to hell. That is why we find the letter Zayin in Ayin; it is telling us to be careful with the woman. But, if you read that literally, you might think to yourself, “I am a man, I have to be careful with women.” No. Your “woman,” your Zayin, the feminine principle, is the sexual organ, whether in a male or female. She likes to tempt, to entice you, through sexual desire. And, if you are not careful, she will touch you and you will fall into animal generation, and you will go down to Klipoth. Which is what Solomon the Wise said.

“My son, attend unto my wisdom (Chokmah), and bow thine ear to my understanding (Binah): That thou mayest regard discretion, and that thy lips may keep knowledge (דעת Daath). For (כי Ki) the lips of a strange woman drop as an honeycomb, and her mouth is smoother than oil: But her end is bitter as wormwood, sharp as a twoedged sword. Her feet (genitalia) go down to death; her steps take hold on hell.” - Proverbs 5: 1-5

But, those Kabbalists that are men, males, they say, “Be careful with women.” And, they don’t know that Solomon is talking about זין Zayin, their sexual organs. The woman that is a Kabbalist also has to be careful with her own womanhood, her own Zayin, her sexual organs. If she also is not careful with her own womanhood, it will take her to hell too. Hell is divided into two women: Lilith and Nahemah. Nahemah is adultery, prostitution, etc.; Lilith is homosexuality, lesbianism, and all that degeneration that is very common in this day and age. These two women are related with our own, particular animal ego.

Ancient letter Tau or Tav

So, returning to that quotation: when you read this like that, you’ll understand, because the Kabbalists say that the word Taav תעאו is a secret word. But, for us, this is not a secret; this word is simply saying, “CROSS.” This means that you have to fight your enemies with the cross, because the cross was precisely the ancient symbol of the letter Tav.

When you see both the letters Aleph and Ayin written in ת ע א ו Taav, you understand that they are referring to all the alchemical systems between the mysteries of the spelling of the letter Tav. The Kabbalists state that we have to fight the fallen Angels with this sacred word; that, if you meditate on this word, you will fight the fallen Angels… and they think that they are special, and that the fallen Angels want to take them. We are not special. All of us are fallen. The fallen Angels that we have to take care is what we call ego; it is inside. When we are passing through the Red Sea, we are passing from desire into willpower, Iccha-Shakti; yes, we have to go to the other shore with Iccha-Shakti, Moses. It is not by believing that we transmute desire into Iccha-Shakti, willpower, it is through practicing Sexual Alchemy that we can pass through the Red Sea of desire. And, of course, along the way, the Pharaoh, the intellect, and his warriors have to die. This occurs inside of you, not outside; everything is inside.

So, that is why the verse says, “By the greatness of your arm...” Arm, in Hebrew, is יד Yad. Yad יד can mean either hand or arm; either way, it represents the power of the Yad יד of God, inside your ו Vav. “They are as still as a stone; Until your people pass over, יהוה" God is called Jehovah, יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, Iod-Havah-יוד-הוה.

Are you getting this? This is precisely the mystery of Iccha-Shakti. The one that performs this is Moses, and Moses is Iccha-Shakti. But, in the beginning, our Moses is a child; we have to make our Moses grow up inside of us. The day that we have the body of willpower, the Causal body, we will say, “Now, my Moses is very strong, we have Iccha-Shakti, willpower.” This is why people who are beginning say things like, “I try to concentrate, to focus, but it is very difficult for me.” That is because, in the beginning, our will is only 3%. We have to transmute, we have to reinforce our willpower; not only in meditation, but in Alchemy. This is how Moses becomes strong. Remember, Moses is the only one that can see God face to face – your own Inner God, of course. This is the mystery of this sacred word that the Kabbalists teach: “Terror and dread falls on them.” Who? Your ego, my ego, their ego, etc. This is what a fallen Angel is: a Monad who’s soul is very fat with egos.

It is written:

“Thy people also shall be all righteous (Tzaddiq in Hebrew, which means chaste, because all of them know the secret of sexuality): they shall inherit the land for ever, the branch of my planting, the work of my hands, that I may be glorified.” - Isaiah 60:21

The Zohar states:

“The work of my hands' refers to a special formation (solar bodies, this is the work of the hands of God) that should characterize humans from other creatures.” - Zohar

Meaning that animals, plants, do not have Solar bodies; they have Lunar bodies. The difference between a human being, and a plant, an animal, an intellectual animal, is that the human being has Astral, Mental and Causal Solar bodies. That is the difference. If we do not have those bodies, well, we could call ourselves human if we want, but it would not be true. We call others human out of respect because of the customs of this civilization, but the truth is we are not.

“It is also written: 'In the day thou plantest, thy seed shall only produce wild fruits” - Isaiah 17: 11

This means that, when you forget God and you perform the sexual act through your own whim, well, everything inside you is wild – lust, anger, pride, envy, gluttony, laziness, greed, etc – all of that is wild, animal. We created that with our own behaviour, with our desire.


It is written:

In the same day יהוה made a ברית Berith covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy semen have I given this land, from the river of Mitzrayim מצרים unto the great river, the river Phrat פרת.” - Genesis 15: 18

“In the same day יהוה made a ברית Berith (covenant) with Abram:”

Berith ברית is a contraction of בראשית Berashith, which is ברית-אש Berith-Esh, the covenant of fire, which is what we are talking about: sexual Alchemy, the covenant of fire. This is when the husband makes sexual contact with his wife, or like wise, the wife makes sexual contact with her husband, and they do not behave as animals, but instead transmute the sexual force, in order for them to create the Solar bodies. But, the one that creates those bodies is God, not us. We do not have the power to create those bodies; God does. So, in the sexual act, invoke God, and He will do it, little by little, in degrees. But, if you do not invoke God, and you allow the devil, Shatan, to enter into your sexual act, well, you will have maybe a daughter, a boy, twins… this is what the beasts do, by following the ordinary and normal sexual act, at the level of the animal kingdom.

Who is Abraham? It is Chesed. Which, in the world of Atziluth is called El (God). So, Abraham made a covenant with Elohim, but that Abraham that came many thousands of years ago who is a Master, came in order to represent that archetype that each of us have within; we all have our own Abraham within.

“saying, Unto thy semen have I given this land, from the river of Mitzrayim מצרים (Malkuth, Egypt) unto the great river, the river Phrat פרת."

This river Phrat is the fourth river of Eden. This is the female of the female Eve. The female body is related with the river Phrat, from the river of Mitzrayim. The woman is the one that has the power to create. The male only places the seed, in the animal way, and the woman creates a creature, in the animal way. In the same way, in the alchemical sexual act, the spinal medulla becomes the womb of those that are practicing, through which God will create, through initiations, the Solar bodies. It is our Inner God that receives these initiations, and when we reach the level of human being we will no longer be the vulgar man of the earth, but instead educated, selected. This is what this symbol is telling us.

As we can see here on the Rosicross, we know that there are 22 letters. The Rosicross symbolizes all of the 22 commandments.


“Ani אני is as the lilies of Sharon, as the Shoshanas of the valleys. As a שושנה Shoshana among thorns, so is my love among the daughters. As the apple tree among the trees of the wood, so is my beloved among the sons. I sat down under his shadow with great delight, and his fruit was sweet to my taste” - Song of Solomon 2: 1-3

The Tree of Life itself only contains 10 Sephiroth. Once, Master Samael Aun Weor was asked:

10 Sephiroth

“Student: Do Gnostics accept the ten commandments of Moses?

Samael Aun Weor: Yes, of course. But I must tell you that esoterically there really are 22 commandments by which the life of every human being who boasts of righteous in the eyes of the creator must be governed...

Student: But Master, I had never heard of 22 commandments?

Samael Aun Weor: Let me tell you that the ten commandments that the Judeo-Christian religion presents and that were handed over to humanity by Moses are not everything. What happens is that, in the time of Moses and Jesus, humanity was not prepared to receive publicly the 22 paths or 22 commandments that lead to the true and authentic holiness of the Soul. The Egyptian Kabbalah and the Hebrew Kabbalah always taught 22 commandments to their most advanced devotees who had delved into the mysteries of the Being.

Student: I am bewildered, is this Kabbalah?

Samael Aun Weor: Indeed, my friend. Kabbalah is the religious science that reveals, Christian, Hebrew, Egyptian, Persian, Sufi, etc. religious texts. There are many forms of Kabbalah according to what you want to reveal. For example, there is the numerical Kabbalah that reveals the mystery of numbers or numbers that are cited in religious texts, but there is also the phonetic Kabbalah that explains why the biblical or Talmudic names, or Sanskrit, etc. There is also the symbolic Kabbalah to interpret the mystery of sacred symbols, etc., etc., etc. And that is why the Hebrew alphabet has 22 Hebrew letters and that is the reason for the 22 major arcana to be present in the ancient Egyptian religion and that today are synthesized in what is popularly called: The Tarot.” - Samael Aun Weor

So, this humanity, this intellectual animal civilization is only ready to receive the first 10. This is how the Alphabet is; Aleph, Beth, Gimel, Daleth, Hei, Vav, Zayin, Chet, Teth, Iod, as they correspond to the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life. After this, if we enter into initiation, then the mystery of the other letters are opened to us. Then, we find that the vulgar man of the earth is represented as in this graphic; having all of this in potentiality, but not in activity. We enter into the path as the vulgar man of the earth, and, little by little, we penetrate into the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation. Here, where we are, is the world of Assiah, the world of matter and action. Everything that we need, the Kriya-Shakti, that is, the dinamic energy to develop spiritually is here in our physicality, but, it is up to us, to our will, our Ratzon, our Iccha-Shakti, whether we do it or not; to be or not to be. We are only giving you Gnosis, the Jnana, the knowledge.


Sequentially, the letter Iod is at the bottom of Assiah, Malkuth.  If you notice, we have placed the third triangle Yesod, Hod and Netzach, in relation to the central column, namely, Yesod, Tiphereth, Kether. Thus, we find in Yetzirah, the letter Kaf in Yesod, then the letter Lamed in Hod, then the letter Mem in Netzach. We have written the letter Mem in a different way. Mem can be written as normal Mem מ, and Mem-final ם. If you place these two letters, with the Iod between them, we form the word Mayim, which means “waters.” But, if we read all these letters together, we find Kaf-Lamed-Iod-Mem כלים, which is Kelim, Kalim, Klim. Do you know what this word Kalim means? It is plural. It means “vessels.” That means that, in the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation, we start forming all of the bodies that we need – Astral, Mental Solar bodies – that we need to enter into that world of Yeztirah, which is the Heaven above us. We are in this physical world, עשה Assiah, the world of matter and action; but, above us, is יצירה Yetzirah, the world of formation. We enter in degrees, in levels. If you want to know more about Yetzrah יצרה, study the books of Samael Aun Weor.

“Behold, it is (Anichi אנכי) who have created the Artisan that blows the coals in the fire, and that brings forth the (כלים kalim) vessels for his work, And it is (An-ki אן-כי) who have created the destroyer to destroy.” - Isaiah 54:16

Aniki אנכי is our inner God who creates these כלים kalim, vessels, in order to receive the light. Those are the vessels that have Ratzon La’Kabel, the will to receive. We all have Tshukah, desire, the desire to receive, but in order to receive the light, you have to have the vessels capable of receiving that light. And, in order to have those vessels, you have to allow your Inner God to create (כלם) all of them. “And it is (An-ki אן-כי) who have created the destroyer to destroy” your ego. That is why, in the beginning, you struggle, because the animal in you is very fat, very strong. And, the animal in you does not care about your sexual transmutation, your spirituality, it just wants to follow fornication, the mechanical laws of nature. And, what are the laws of nature? To grow and multiply.

“And Elohim said, Let the waters (of Yesod, sex) bring forth abundantly the (spermatozoon and ovum) moving creature that has life, and fowl (solar bodies) that may fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven (of Yetzirah). And Elohim created great whales, and every living creature that moves, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their sex, and every winged fowl (solar body) after his sex: and Elohim saw that it was good. And Elohim blessed them, saying, Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the waters in the seas, and (through alchemy) let fowl (solar bodies) multiply in the earth.”

Observe, the commandment “Be fruitful, and multiply” is given to the animal first. If you carefully read the book of Genesis, you will see that. Then, after that, God creates Adam, He says grow and multiply, again, to Adam and Eve. But, the first creatures that receives that commandment – grow and multiply – are the animals. The problem is, we believe that we are human beings. No, we are still animals, and we are multiplying like animals. God said grow and multiply, yes; but, he said it twice: first to the animals, and then to Adam and Eve. In order to be at the level of Adam and Eve, we have to create the Astral, Mental and Causal Solar bodies by means of Iccha-Shakti. This is precisely what Kaf-Lamed-Mem means.

Do you see that Lamed is in the heart? Lamed is always related with the heart. The curiosity of these three letters here, is that, if you observe, this letter Lamed is also a Kaf, but with a Vav added at the top. And, here, the letter Mem, there is another Kaf there; the first is open, and then here it is closed. It is the same letters. This is telling us that we have to work in the spinal column with the Vav, and with the Kaf.

How many hands do we have? Well, we are normal, so we have two, right? What is the Hebrew word for hands? Yad יד and Kaf כף. Remember that we said that the left receives; this is what in Hebrew is called כף Kaf, to receive with the palm of your hand. And, the right gives; this is יד Yad. Masculine on the right, feminine on the left. The כף Kaf is here in Yesod. This is what we call uterus. That is why, in the sexual act, the woman receives, takes the man. The man penetrates, because the letter Iod, when it is extended, is a letter Vav, in action. When it is not in action, it is a Iod, but, that Iod becomes a Vav when it is erected, and then it penetrates the Kaf. Add these two letters together, the Kaf and the Iod, we have the word כי Ki, which means, “because, that, for, as.” Ki כי has many meanings. But,כי Ki appears for the first time in Genesis as “that,” which is כי Ki, Kaf-Iod.

וירא אלהים את־האור כי־טוב

“And Elohim saw את Ath, the light, (כי־טוב) that good.” - Genesis 1: 4

This means that the mystery of "האור Ha'Aur-the light," is “את Ath,” which is כי Ki, Kaf-Iod, the phallus and the uterus. The curiosity of this is that כי Ki, when written with the Latin letters to make this same sound in German, we write the letters C-H-I, Chi, which is the same sound. The person that speaks one of the Latin languages will say that that is pronounced Chi, as in church, but really it is Ki. And what is Ki, Chi? It is energy. We learn this in Taoism. We have to learn to control the כי Ki, as Abraham did it, Isaac did it, Jacob did it… When you read any words in Hebrew with כי Ki, it is telling you that the rest of that which is written there is related with Alchemy; it is not related with the physicality, it is something alchemical. It is from this כי Ki that the sexual forces rises from the heart into the brain.

Klim mantraKlim is a shakti mantra that we utilize, but that is Sanskrit. We use Klim, that is for extracting the Iccha-Shakti or willpower potential, in the sexual act. This is the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation, that we have to enter in different levels, different degrees. With כלים klim we manage to pass the Red Sea of Passion.


After Kaph, Lamed Mem, come the letters Nun in Tiphereth, Samech in Geburah and Ayin in Chesed; which together form the word, נסע Nasa in the central column. Samech is the “S” sound, Ayin is the “Ah” sound, Nun is the “N” sound. It is not by coincidence that we are relating these letters with the three brains, because we are three-centered beings, thus, the letters coincide with Tiphereth, Geburah and Chesed, at the level of Briah, in the three brains. Thus, Tiphereth becomes Yesod; Geburah becomes Tiphereth, and Chesed becomes Kether, in the three brains. This word נסע Nasa means “to go, to continue,” doing the work that you have to do, in the world of Briah, the world of creation. Once you have created Yetzirah, those Solar vessels, your Kelim within, you have to continue ahead. You are human at that point, yes, but this is just the beginning of the path. You have to go ahead, נסע Nasa, doing the work, with the two Iods that you see in the head and sex of this graphic.

“And Pharaoh drew near, and the children of Israel lift up their eyes, and lo, (Mitzrayim nasa - מצרים נסע) Mitzrayim (Malkuth) is marching after them, and they fear exceedingly, and the children of Israel cry unto Iod-Havah.” - Exodus 14:10

“Terror and dread falls on them. By the greatness of your arm they are as still as a stone; Until your people pass over, יהוה, Until the people, who you have created, pass over.” - Exodus 15:16

Of course, this is what we call, “the man that dwells in silence.” It comes to my mind, the word silence, that in some Slavic languages it is written “Mertma.” Many of these Slavic-European languages use the word Mertma for silence. Silence, as I told you, is the virtue of Binah. When you enter into Binah, it becomes a man that dwells in silence. Then, you become part of the Theomertmalogos. “Theo” means God, Logos is the Word, and Mertma, silence; this means that we become part of the silent word of God, related with creation. In the world of Briah, which is the world of creation, which is above Yetzirah, is where you find the world of Archangels. Each one of them obey the commands of the higher worlds. They have Ratzon La-Hshpia, the will to influence; your Monad, my Monad, and any Monad of any kingdom. But, if we want to be influenced at the human level, well, we have to reach that level. We have to go, to continue, which is what this word נסע Nasa means.

However, the alphabet does not end at the letter Ayin, which as I told you, is the spiritual eyes. We have to have our spiritual eyes very open, in order to not fall. Anyone can fall, at any level, so we need to have our eyes open.


So, when the initiate passes the level of Briah, they enter into the world of Atziluth, which is the world of Kether, who is in a state eternal becoming. At this level, the Kether of the initiate has the power to influence; then the initiate influences from above to below through the letters Kuf in Kether, Tzaddi in Chokmah and Pei in Binah, which in the central column spells קצף Ketzeph, which is translated as ferocity.

“Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error: wherefore should (יקצף האלהים) the Elohim be testy-קצף ktzoph- at thy voice, and distort the work of thine (ידי Iodi) hands” - Ecclesiastes 5: 6

We, as animals, have fury; this is the negative aspect, the negative pole of ferocity, which is something that is positive. There are many examples in the Bible where it talks about the ferocity of God, and we always assume that it is talking about anger. It is not talking about anger; this ferocity is a power, a strength from above to below. When the initiate has the power to influence at the level of the world of Atziluth, the world of archetypes, you can influence all things. That is why Master Samael Aun Weor is a Monad that belongs to this world, and beyond. As an archetype Samael is inside of us. He has the power to influence us, because we have an archetype that is called Samael, within each and every one of us. But, that Samael, in order for it to develop to the level at which is should be, inside of us, we first have to create Moses, in order to have Iccha-Shakti, the willpower to influence. If you noticed, the other words we were reading from Yesod up – Kaf-Lamed-(Iod)-Mem, Kelim; Nun-Samech-Ayin, Nasa – but this word we are reading from Kether down. This is because we influence Yesod, creation. We can place our archetype inside Yesod; which is why you now read Binah, Chokmah, Kether, in the levels of the three brains; the three kingdoms of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. At this level, we receive the forces of those Elohim, and they are placed there in our sexual organs.

“The fifth Helper (Samael), acting with great power, takes a certain quantity of the substance of love in order to cast it into (Malkuth) the mixture, into the world.”

“And the fifth saviour of the fifth Voice of the Treasury of the Light will be in the regions of the souls of those who have received the fifth mystery of the First Mystery in the inheritances of the Light.” - The Pistis Sophia Unveiled by Samael Aun Weor

They have the power to do that, but not only in our level – in the plant level; the animal level, the mineral level – they have that power. They say that Samael is the king of volcanoes and earthquakes, and this is true, but there is another God there that is also related with earthquakes, which is the God Neptune. Remember, Neptune is related with Kether, at which level we find the Angel Metatron. Do you see this?

This is the reason why we placed the human being this way, against the Tree of Life. Because there are many levels. We begin as the vulgar man of the earth, but you enter into in the world of Briah like this: this is the world in which the Master Samael Aun Weor is. In the story that I was telling you earlier, where he came with his wife Master Litelantes, in the internal worlds, he was silent. The Master Litelantes said to me, “He told me...” Well, how did he tell her, if he was in silence? Well, they have all the powers develop, such as telepathy.

We have to understand that we are poor, spiritually speaking; and, the one that gives, is the one that has a lot of gold, a lot of Solar light. But, if you interpret that physically, you will think that you’ll have to accumulate a lot of physical gold in order to have power… well, you’ll have a lot of power, yes, but in hell, not in Heaven.


So, what is the goal? Because there still remains three letters that we haven’t spoken about. Resh-Shin-Tav. Tav is the last letter of the alphabet. These letters together, spell Resheth, which means net, network, matrix.

What is the Ain? It is the Abstract Absolute Space. That is why, those who enter into that (רשת Resheth) net become one with that network, and they influence every single soul, every single Monad, because they become one with that network. Those that accomplish this, are called Paramarthasatyas. Jesus of Nazareth is one of those. This is the goal of the Absolute. The Absolute says, “All of these Monads have the will to receive, now, let us put them in the universe. I hope all of them will return as Paramarthasatyas.” This is what Jesus came to teach. But, we are so entangled in traditions, etc, and think that merely by belonging to this sect, or believing this or that, we will ascend like rockets to the Ain. No. We have to have the Ain Soph Aur, the Iccha-Shakti in our sexual organs. Do you know what it is to have that? Iccha-Shakti is the power of creation, together with the Theomertmalogos. We have to have the letter Shin in the Ain Soph. The letter Shin relates to the three primary letters – Aleph, Shin and Mem. Shin is the symbol of fire, the Iccha-Shakti in our heart. This is what a Paramarthasatya has; the fire of the Ain Soph in the heart. Such an individual has Iccha-Shakti, willpower over the Gods. It is in the Ain Soph where we find the womb of Iccha-Shakti, the Mother-Kundalini, where all those Monads want to appear, because they are thirsty for light.

“Again, the kingdom of heaven is like unto a (רשת Resheth) net, that was cast into the (Akashic) sea, and gathered of every kind of fish (archetypes): Which, when it was full, they drew to shore, and sat down, and gathered the good into (כלים kalim) vessels, but cast (Tshukah) the bad away. So shall it be at the (completion) end of the world: the angels shall come forth, and sever the wicked (fornicators) from among the just (the sexual alchemists), and shall cast them into the furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” - Matthew 13: 47-50

All Monads want to receive, or better said, perceive. The word Kabel is translated as “to receive,” but, I have the boldness of saying that it should be “to perceive,” spiritually speaking. This is what we want, to perceive all of the light. Right now, where are in this physical world, only perceiving physically. But, a Paramarthasatya perceives all of the light of Aelohim; they are an inhabitant of the Resheth, the network. Then, you will learn what your purpose is. But, there are many Monads that still need to ascend, to go up.

Do you have questions?

Audience: So, just to make sure I’m understanding this appropriately – because, there was a lecture, but there was also a graphical aspect of the lecture that was speaking along with you – when you were working through the man in the Four Worlds of Kabbalah (Atziluth, Briah, Yetzirah and Assiah), you showed the graphics of the different Sephiroth, reigning over the head, the heart and the sex. You associated that to the three levels of development of Thelemites. So, there is some complexity here. Are you saying by that, that mans development through these three levels, these three degrees, corresponds to his development within these Four Worlds?

Instructor: Yes. It corresponds, but in many degrees.

Audience: The other implication, is that are you also saying that, like you spoke of having the three aspects of the Absolute in the head, the heart and the sex… like in Atziluth, for instance, where you showed Kether in the head, Chokmah in the heart and Binah in the sex; that the development of that World corresponds to having Kether rule our head, Chokmah rule our heart, etc.

Instructor: The goal of the Father, the Ain, is to vibrate his absolute abstract motion in every Monad, in those three aspects that belong to him: the Ain Soph Aur, the Ain Soph and the Ain, that is the Abstract Absolute Space. But, for that, the Monad first has to vibrate Iccha-Shakti in all the Heavens: Yetzirah, Briah, Atziluth. But, this all happens in steps, because there are many that are stagnant at the level of the Ain Soph. They return over and over again, in order to acquire enough light, enough knowledge, to enter into the Ain. That level of development is called the path of the Cosmo-Creators. They are under the command of the Father, who is in Heaven, who is abstract. We call that the Father because He is the generator of all, but, He is beyond that; the Abstract Absolute Space is formless.

So, in order to enter into the Ain, the Cosmo-Creators have to work here, for many Mahamanvantaras, to have sacrificed themselves many times, in order to gain the right to enter there. Then, you complete the whole alphabet; you complete Ath, Aleph-Tav. That is why that word is there, because it implies the entire path.

Audience: So, the development in Yetzirah corresponds to the vulgar man of the earth?

Instructor: Yes.

Audience: Even he is greater than we?

Instructor: Yes, exactly.

Audience: Can you talk about the fact that we pretty much have borrowed light. At what stage does the Essence, or the Being, have its own light?

Instructor: At the level of Moses. Before that level, the Gods, the Elohim give us light. All the experiences that we have in the internal planes, we say that it is borrowed light, that the Masters that have that will to influence give us. But, when you reach the level of Moses, the level of human being, with the Solar Causal body, they say, “You are grown now. Now you work for yourself, and develop your own light.” And they take their light back. This is precisely the most painful thing, because you enter into your spiritual night. They say, “Father, father, why have you forsaken me?” Who is that Father? It is those Elohim who were influencing you to reach that level. But now, you are a responsible person. Now you’re a human being, and your duty is to take all those Israelites out of Egypt. How many of those do we have? Thousands. Take all of those Israelites out, then you will develop your light. That is a long process.

Audience: Is that the resurrection?

Instructor: Resurrection is a level that you reach when you are already with Moses inside. You are working by making your own light, and you make your own light by facing the Pharaoh, face to face, and performing all those marvels inside of you. And, finally you reach that level in which, little by little, you rise up to Binah, the man that dwells in silence. When you reach all of those degrees, then you have to die physically, and to resurrect, in order to enter into the world of creation, which is Briah. You are asking about the end of the world of Yetzirah, which is called the vulgar man of the earth.

Master Samael often said, I call you vulgar man of the earth, but really, all of us are vulgar men of the earth; because he was still at the level of Yetzirah. Now, he is no longer there, because he resurrected, and entered into the world of Briah. You have to die, psychologically first to get to that level, then to die physically. Then you enter into the world of Briah, and continue your path. That is the path to Ain, the Absolute.

When someone says, “I am a resurrected Master,” well, they are saying they belong to the world of Briah, the world of creation. But, for that, we have to have a new physicality. The physicality that we have right now is a child of fornication. My father and my mother created this body, which is a gift from nature, but they created it as animals. This is an animal body. And, I am utilizing this body in order to do the work. But, there will come the point in which I have to die physically too, in order for my Inner Being, who created all of my bodies inside, to create a resurrected body, and that is very painful. That is the end of the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation, which ends in resurrection.  

Audience: Earlier when you talked about entering into the world of Briah, you said you enter into Briah like “this” and you pointed at a picture of a man in Atziluth. Did you mean to point to the picture of the man in Briah, or did that have some other meaning there?

Question: Good question. I am going to answer why I did that. All that information that I was receiving, regarding this lecture, it was coming to me one hour before we had to leaving for this retreat – I was receiving a lot of information... While I was trying to get all the information down into the slides, my wife was pushing me to get ready, to put the heavy things into the car, etc etc, and I was saying, “Why are you pushing me to do this right now? I have no time, I have to go to the computer!” There was much more information that I wanted to put here than I did, because I ran out of time. While I was making the slides, I realised I still had to do the graphics, so I did them very quickly. And, throughout this, I was struggling to find the meaning of a particular word, which is precisely the word that we saw in this lecture, related with world of Atziluth: Ketzeph, Kuf-Tzaddi-Pei.

qebehsenuefThere is a deity in Egypt which is Kebhsenuf, which comes into my mind right now; it is the same as ketzeph, but with Beth and without the Nun... And, that word, קצף ketzeph, I found out was translated as “fury, anger, be reprimanded.” And, of course, while looking up that word, my wife was saying to me, “We need to do this, to do that…” And I was saying, “Please, I am trying out how to pronounce this word!” And it just so happened that the meaning of the word was in relation with ego, with anger, and it was bothering me that it was to do with ego, because I felt it had to do with something positive. And, I was really with anger, with “fury” at the time. And, she just reprimanded me, “Don’t be like that, don’t talk to me like that.” And when I found the meaning of the word, I thought, “This is really like a joke.” It was as if it was telling me that I was with fury, and that I did not yet have the capacity to be with ferocity rather than fury. Well, I understand that; but, I am doing my work, I am working on myself… I showed this to me wife, and I said, “Look, this is the meaning of the word that I am looking for. Isn’t it funny that it means furious?”

I guess that, in the moment in which I was searching for that word, it was necessary for me to feel that way, that fury, in order for me to understand. It was as though my Being was saying, “Are you looking for the meaning of this word? Well, here it is!” And not in the positive way. And I thought, “I have to קצף ketzeph-fiercely give!” That is why you find that slides are sparse this time, because I ran out of time. Sometimes I have more time, I meditate, and put more information there, and I think, “I hope I am able to give all that I am receiving.” In other words, Ratzon La’Kabel, Ratzon La’Tet, in order to Ratzon La’Hshpia, to influence you… And I think I achieved that.

Thank you very much.

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