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"We need to fill the inexhaustible bag of great possibilities. The inexhaustible bag of great possibilities has the shaped of a spiral galaxy ..." - Samael Aun Weor

Evolution comes from the word evolve from Latin Evolvere, “to unroll, to unfold, to produce, create, develop, open out, expand (as in vulva).” That is the meaning of the word. The Bible talks about evolution from the esoteric point of view. We are going to study that point of view in this lecture, in order to comprehend how this law acts in the universe and in ourselves.

Let us again study the Tree of Life, which is the synthesis of all the laws that are written in the Bible and any Kabbalistic book. In this graphic, we have written the first words of the first chapter of the Bible:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

Berashith Bara Elohim Ath Hashamayim VeAth HaAretz.

The Beginning created Elohim, in the heavens and in the Earth.” - Genesis 1: 1


For the comprehension of the former kabbalistic statement, we find the Tree of Life, on the back of this symbolic human body. In it we find the four worlds of Kabbalah: Atziluth, the world of splendors; Briah, the world of creation; Yetzirah, the world of formation; and Assiah, the world of action. In the central column we have placed the Hebrew letters Hei, Aleph, Shin and Mem. The first letter we read above the head and the words ‘Adam Kadmon’ is the letter Hei. That Hei is the letter that is twice repeated in the word of the sacred name of God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.

The second letter Hei ה of the sacred name (Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) of Elohim, symbolizes the Ain Soph (limitless אין סוף). The letter Hei הא is guttural, it is the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, it is created in the throat along with Aleph, at that point both letters symbolize ‘the breath’ which in esoteric kabbalah is named the ray of Okidanock, in esotericism this ray is related with the activity of the Ain Soph (limitless אין סוף) and also the Ain Soph Aur (limitless light אין סוף אור); the ray of Okidanokh radiates from them. We state that the Ray of Okidanock is the eternal breath profoundly unknowable to itself. Thus, this is why the letter Hei ה spells Hei-Aleph הא, because Hei-הא represents a kind of cosmic breath, esoterically speaking.

In Sanskrit, Akasha (आकाश literally, “space”) is the source of the eternal breath-Okidanokh, which is profoundly unknowable to itself. Okidanokh also emanates from the three Holy Primary Sources of the sacred Theomertmalogos, which is, an emanation of the Sacred Absolute Sun, the Ain Soph Aur (limitless light אין סוף אור).

We know that there is air in the atmosphere of the Earth, yet at the same time, we find it inside of our organism, as a result of our breathing. In this same way, that breath of the unknowable divine is outside of us, in the infinite space, yet also within everything that is created because it is the very living source of everything that exists.


So in that way you understand why the letter ‘Hei הא’ (which in the Nordic runic alphabet is the rune Hagal) is stated as being the origin of all the letters.

In Hebrew, the letter Hei ה is spelled, Hei-Aleph הא. This is profoundly significant because the letter Aleph א is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and it encloses the mystery of the trinity as breath. Aleph א represents what in Sanskrit is called the three breaths of आकाश Akash or Akasha. We find that the first part of the letter Aleph א, which is the first dot in the upper right on the shape of the letter, symbolizes the activity of that ray; in other words, how that breath enters into the universe. That is why in Kabbalah, when we talk about Kether, we say Kether is a spot that appears in the universe. That spot is the very end of that breath that emerges from the unknowable divine. That is why it is stated in Kabbalah that Kether shows the right side to the universe and the left side to the unknowable; in other words Kether receives from the Absolute, and gives to manifestation. The straight diagonal line in the center of the shape of the letter Aleph א is a letter Vav ו, it represents what we call Chokmah (Wisdom), which is the second sephirah of the first triangle of the Tree of Life. That line or letter Vav ו is nothing other than an elongated letter Iod י, showing us that from Kether emerges a stream of light into the universe. That stream of light that extends from Kether to the universe is Chokmah (Wisdom), which is the second Sephirah. That is why it is stated that Kether and Chokmah are one, the same force. From Chokmah emerges on the bottom left of the shape of the letter Aleph א the other letter Iod י, which relates to Binah. Binah is what in Christianity is called the Holy Spirit. Thus, in the shape of the letter Aleph א we find the three breaths or the three logoi (words) from the absolute: Kether-Chokmah-Binah. Aleph אrepresents what is called, the holy tri-unity or trinity.

So, the breath or letter Aleph אלף contains in its shape the three breaths of the Absolute. As you can see, the three breaths in the shape of the letter Aleph א are hidden within the spelling of the letter ‘Hei הא’, since the letter ‘Hei ה’ represents the breath, the Aleph א, of the Ain Soph אין סוף. So, when you pronounce the letter ‘Hei ה’ or when you point to the spelling of the letter ‘Hei הא’, you have to understand that the letter Aleph א is the breath within it, because the letter ‘Hei ה’ is a very profound kabbalastic symbol. Indeed, just by pronouncing the letter ‘Hei הא’, you are really invoking, summoning the four winds of outer-space, namely, the Ain Soph, Kether, Chokmah and Binah (the Tetragrammaton) or as Master Samael Aun Weor states:

Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the perfect triad within the unity of life. Therefore, this triad, plus the unity of life are the holy four; the four eternal carpenters, the four horns of the altar, the four winds of the sea, the holy and mysterious Tetragrammaton whose mantric word is Iod Hei Vav Hei, the outstanding name of the Eternal..” - Samael Aun Weor

This ‘Hei ה’ is what in kabbalah is called Ain Elohim אין אלהים. Ain אין means “nothing” or “no.” Thus, Ain Elohim אין אלהים means, “No Elohim.” What is this “No Elohim”? It is a Not Deity, but a Seity, which is diluted as breath throughout the abstract space of the entire universe, thus, אין אלהים Ain Elohim exists as the very root of everything in the universe. This is why in kabbalah the holy name of Elohim אלהים is Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, which in the bible is translated as Jehovah, and which in kabbalah we name it Iod-Havah. Behold here the meaning of why the letter ‘Hei ה’ is twice in Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. This is why the spelling of the letter Aleph אלף contains at the end the letter Peh פ, which represents the mouth that blows the air, the wind, the breath, represented by the left bottom Iod י in the shape of the letter Aleph א of El אל (God).

Below the letter Aleph א, on the tree of life graphic, we find the letter Shin ש, which as a symbol represents fire. Here, this letter Shin ש symbolizes the three sephiroth of the second triangle, Chesed-Geburah-Tiphereth, which in kabbalah represents the Monad. The Monad is the Spirit, our own interior God. Below the letter Shin ש we find the letter Mem מ and Mem ם final, which symbolizes water. The letter Mem מ and Mem ם final relates to the three sephiroth of the third triangle to the Tree of Life, namely, Netzach-Hod-Yesod, which is the triangle of priesthood, the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation. If we take all of these four letters, Hei-Aleph-Shin-Mem האשמ, and pronounce the word that is formed with them, we then say Hashem האשם. Hashem השם with final Mem ם means, “the name.” This is why when you want to name the universal God in Kabbalah, that which relates to the entirety of the Tree of Life along the unknowable divine, we say Hashem השם; remember the letter Aleph א is hidden within the spelling of the letter ‘Hei הא’. This is why Kabbalists instead of pronouncing Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, they say Baruch Hashem ברוךהשם, “the blessed name.” This is because Hei-Aleph-Shin-Mem האשמ symbolize all of this; we also find in the Aleph-Shin-Mem of האשמ Hashem, the mystery of the three elements: air, fire and water, inside us, the ‘Hei ה’, “the earth” (Malkuth), the unknowable light mystery of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה within us.

We understand these three basic elements air, fire and water, from the point of view that the physical universe in itself symbolizes matter, which is Malkuth, which contains these elements. That matter or Malkuth is always symbolized by the element earth, and is found in different densities; different levels in which matter evolves, energy evolves, expands in different dimensions. This is how we understand it. That is why when you take the first triangle of the Tree of Life by itself, you find those three elements: Aleph, Shin, and Mem. Here you find the relationship of the first triangle with the three elements—air, fire and water—as they relate with the three triangles of the Tree of Life. The earth, which is Malkuth is at the very bottom, the 10th sphere or sephirah.

When you want to understand how the forces roll out from the top of the Tree of Life to the very bottom of it, this is how you have to visualize it; this is how the Bible explains creation, in a kabbalistic manner. This is especially true in the very beginning of the book of Genesis. Barashith Bara (“In the beginning, created”) refers to Kether (the crown) and to Chokmah (wisdom). Bara means “create.” The word Barashith בראשית has six letters and this is significant: in synthesis, this relates to the letters ‘Hei ה’ and Aleph א. Why? Because the letter ‘Hei ה’ has a numerical value of 5, and the letter Aleph א of 1. Together, Hei and Aleph are 6. This is why the secret word, the very first word of the Bible, Barashith בראשית has 6 letters. In other words, Barashyth בראשית means that ‘Hei הא’, that is, Hei and Aleph together created (ברא Bara) Elohim אלהים.

What is Elohim אלהים? The Aleph א of Elohim אלהים contains, above and below, the union of the three breaths of ‘Hei הא’ as well. Elohim אלהים is written Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem. Elohim אלהים is broken as follows: Aleph א and Lamed ל is pronounced El אל and means God-Kether. Aleph-Lamed-Hei אלה is pronounced “Eleh or Elah” and means “these or goddess” in Chokmah. The Iod and Mem at the end of any word indicates plurality, thus, Aleph-Lamed-Hei-Iod-Mem is pronounced Elohim אלהים and means “gods and goddesses” in Binah. We have already explained this word in many lectures. So behold the beauty of בראשית ברא אלהים Barashyth Bara Elohim: kabbalistically, we are saying that ‘Hei הא’, which is Barashith בראשית, Bara Elohim (created - above and below - Elohim ברא אלהים), in the heavens and in the Earth (את השמים ואת הארץ). The Elohim אלהים are the creative forces, the cosmo-creators that extend themselves in the Tree of Life from above to below. They are those gods and goddesses that appear in order to produce the evolution or unfoldment of the uncreated light or the unknowable breath of Okidanock, in different levels.

Let us synthesize this matter further. In the world of Atziluth the word Elohim refers to Binah, which is the third Sephirah of the tree of life. So in the Bible, when you find the word Elohim you have to understand that it is really saying, Kether-Chokmah-Binah. The three together form one Elohim. In Elohim-Binah is contained the Elohim-Kether and Elohim-Chokmah. This is because kabbalistically, Kether is an Elohim, Chokmah is another Elohim, and Binah is another Elohim; or as we say, the first logos, the second logos, and the third logos; the first beginning, the second beginning, and the third beginning. The three of them are a beginning. Thus, as you see here, Barashith Bara Elohim is saying “Barashith created Elohim”; meaning that these two (Kether and Chokmah) created the third (Binah), in other words, the Holy Conciliation is the outcome of Barashith, the union of the three brains of two. That is why the Bible says:

“For (כי Ki, the two hands of) Jehovah יהוה, your Elohim אלהים, He is the God (אלהי Elhi) of the Gods (אלהים Elohim), and Lord of the lords; the God (האל Ha’El), the great, the mighty, and the fearful; (אשר Asher, the Holy Spirit) who has not chosen people, nor takes a bribe” - Deuteronomy 10: 17

Now, the next words in the verse (בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים-Barashith Bara Elohim Ath HaShamayim) is Ath Ha’Shamayim את השמים. Ath את refers to the Sephiroth Gedulah and Geburah. In the word Ath את we see again the Hebrew letter Aleph א, which again is the very beginning, and Tav ת, which is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Thus, the word Ath את is, as we say in Greek, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

So, Ath את refers to Gedulah (Chesed) and Geburah. Why? Because all of the power of the Tree of Life is placed in these two Sephiroth, which represent the spirit and the spiritual soul. Ath את represents the whole Hebrew alphabet, from Aleph to Tav, all of the 22 spiritual archetypes that the great light places in our spirit and our spiritual soul for our spiritual revolution or creative development. Ath את represent those archetypes that in the Bible are named Israel.

Israel is a word that must be analyzed.

Is” reminds us of Isis and the Isiac mysteries.

Ra” reminds us of the Solar Logos.

Let us remember the disc of Ra found in the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs.

El” is “El.” “El” is the interior, profound God within each one of us.

In sequence and correct etymological corollary, the people of Israel are constituted by the various parts of the Being. All of the multiple self-cognizant and independent parts of our own individual Being constitute the people of Israel.” - Samael Aun Weor

Israel contains the whole alphabet; it is a compound of all those archetypes that everybody carries in his own God or Spirit, and his divine soul, but are just archetypes in potentiality. Those archetypes need to be developed; they need to revolve around “Ra,’ the Solar Logos, Christ. That is why Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth, need to send a spark from heaven into the Earth. Of course this Heaven (which in Hebrew is Hashamayim השמים), relates to Tiphereth, which in esotericism represents the human soul.

The human soul is at the very center of the Tree of Life. Those three aspects, spirit, divine soul, and human soul are what we call Shin ש (fire). That is why you see pictures of Jesus pointing to his heart, filled with fire, because the human soul contains the two polarities: the spirit and the spiritual soul in the heart. The three are one in the heart. A spark, an Essence of that is what we have in the heart. That is why it is said that Ha’Shamayim השמים (the heavens) relate to Tiphereth, because when we say ‘Our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,’ we are referencing these three aspects of our monad and beyond. Chesed, Geburah, and Tiphereth together are called the monad, they are the unity within each one of us. That Monad, in itself, is just a spark sent from above, from the trinity, the creator, in order to evolve. When we began our journey from the unknowable divine into the universe, we exited that unknowable divinity as a ray. In the depth of each one of us there is a ray. That ray is what we call the Glorian. The Glorian is that unknowable breath, that mysterious breath profoundly unknowable to itself.

The Glorian is the ray who “strikes His bell” when He comes into the physical world. The Glorian is the Law and the incognito root of the human being. The Glorian is the Being of the Being. The Glorian is the Law within us.” - Samael Aun Weor

The Glorian is a ray of light that emerges from the unknowable divine, in order to acquire knowledge, Gnosis of its own capacities. That breath is ‘Hei הא’.

Understand this: the cosmic breath is ‘Hei הא’. Remember the spelling of the letter Hei ה, which is the breath and the three primary forces of the universe within. Those three primary forces are, the first logos, second logos and third logos. In Christianity we call these three forces Father, Son and Holy Spirit. They have the power of creation, but they need help, because all of those rays that appear in the universe are unconscious rays, meaning without self-cognizance, self-realization. In order to acquire that consciousness of their own power, they need help.

Let us observe the third graphic. Here we find the Hebrew alphabet in the center of this graphic. In the very center of that Alphabet you find the three mother letters of Hebrew that we have been talking about. The Zohar states:


The waters (המים HaMayim) proceeds from (‘Hei הא’) the air (Aleph, the breath), the air (Aleph א) from the (אש Esh) fire, and fire (Shin ש) from (within) the waters (of the heavens ה ש מים Ha-Shin-Mayim). Thus these elements (air, fire, water), though apparently different, are radically the same (in Ha’Shamayim הא-שמים, the heavens).” - Zohar

As we know, the fire of Kundalini comes from our creative waters. Thus, by understanding how to breathe is how you succeed in sexual alchemy.

On the next ring of this graphic you find the seven double letters of the Hebrew Alphabet, which symbolize the law of seven. The law of seven organizes and it relates to those cosmic rays that have acquired the development of all of the letters within themselves. In other words, those who have all of the archetypes fully developed. That is why the Book of Revelation, when addressing those seven elements that are synthesized by the law of seven, says “I saw the lamb of God with seven horns and seven eyes.” Those seven eyes and seven horns relates to the law of seven, which is the second circle, and which symbolizes the cosmo-creators. In other words, when the cosmocreators (those fully developed rays) see those unconscious, undeveloped rays appearing in the universe, they engender within them a spark of light.

In order to understand this, imagine that you are one of those unconscious rays who is holding a candle, and you see a big bonfire. As you are, you cannot see, because you are in the dark. Thus, you take your candle and light it in that bonfire. When you take the candle out of the bonfire you have your own fire, you are now at least able to see a little. However, if you have the longing, if you are smart, you can take the fire of that candle and expand it, until it, until you become another bonfire. Indeed, that is the very purpose of the path, but of course to achieve that depends on your will, your action. A single spark can become a roaring flame; as we know, fire has the ability to expand. That spark that is placed in our own ray is the monad, our trio of spirit, divine soul, and human soul, which are as yet undeveloped; archetypes in potentiality.

Within that spark, that monad, the cosmo-creators place all of the archetypes, which in Hebrew are esoterically given the name Israel. That action of the cosmo-creators is the beginning of the spiritual evolution of any monad, any Glorian, because physical evolution cannot exist if the spirit is not evolving. So, first is the spirit, then the mind, then the physical matter. That is the way we have to study, we have to understand evolution. Indeed, what we are explaining here doesn’t relate to this three-dimensional world, rather it relates to the higher worlds.

From these seven letters emerge the twelve. These twelve letters are called simple letters of the Hebrew alphabet. If you add together all of these letters, you get 22 letters. Thus, from the very center the ray of the unknowable divine emanates into the three mother letters, then the seven rays which engender the spark in each Glorian, and then twelve zodiacal signs which symbolize the twelve tribes of Israel that contain everything within. This is how we esoterically explain the evolution of the spirit.

Before reaching physical maturity, our body was just as sperm that developed in the womb of our mother, as a consequence of her ovum taking the seed of our father; these two united and engendered the division of cells (two, four eight, etc) within the womb. We can see how, physically speaking, the sperm and ovum united in the sexual act evolve in the womb. Before that union, the sperm was developed in the physical body of the father and the ovum in the physical body of the mother. Those two intelligent beings joined in sexual act and united their gametes in order to form a child. Thus this creation, this evolution was an act of intelligence. It is not possible to create without intelligence; it is not possible for a sperm and ovum to be unified without intelligence. Even the scientist that performs the experiment of unifying a sperm and ovum in a laboratory are using their intelligence in order to do so. If you placed a sperm and ovum in a laboratory together, they are not going to unite just by themselves. That intelligence that enables that act is what we call Elohim, Binah. Binah in Hebrew means “intelligence.”

There are those in these modern times who succumb to the dogma of evolution, and deny intelligence. Of course, those that deny that intelligence do so with their intelligence. And from where do they acquire that intelligence? If we have intelligence it is because intelligence exists. But, there are different levels of intelligence of Binah that we have to understand. Elohim is precisely the very beginning of that intelligence. As we see in the second graphic, Elohim relates to Binah.

When we talk about Elohim we are talking about the intelligence behind the action, be it mechanical or conscious, according to the level of the monad. That which we call evolution - the descent of the monad into matter, is actually called involution. Evolution as a force is just a complication of the energy in matter; the opposite of evolution is entropy, which is the process of things returning to their lowest, simplest form, in other words devolution. Entropy, is the steady deterioration of matter and energy, a devolving process, the return into chaos,

And, let us now talk about evolution in the earth. As you see here in the second graphic, Ve’Ath Ha’Aretz ואת הארץ. The three letters of Ve’Ath ואת form the sixth word of this first verse of the Bible, they relate to Netzach, Hod and Yesod. The letter Vav of Ve’Ath ואת indicates the vertical descent of Ath את, the 22 archetypes, into the mental plane because Netzach is the mind. The involution or involvement of the archetypres in the matter begins in the mind. The seventh word Ha’Aretz הארץ is Malkuth, this physical world.

Let us now go more deeply into this word Ve-Ath ואת, which relates with those 22 attributes or archetypes entering into the mind. Netzach relates to the mental plane, Hod to the emotional plane, and Yesod to the vital plane. When those forces or archetypes descend for their mental evolution, they receive what we call the protoplasmic bodies or lunar bodies. This bodies relate to that type of matter which is mental, emotional, and vital. These bodies develop in the lowest level of development in any planet. That mental evolution relates to the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanoid kingdom, which is the level in which we are now. Understand we are not talking about the brain. We are talking about that mind (that is thinking), the emotion that is feeling right now and the vitality (that exists inside of us) that starts its evolution in the mineral kingdom. First the spirit descends into matter, then, that matter evolves from the mineral kingdom, to the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and humanoid kingdom in which we are in right now. The evolution of those protoplasmic bodies (mind and emotion), produce the final outcome which is the physicality.

In the mineral kingdom, you find different minerals, different plants in the plant kingdom, different animals in the animal kingdom, and humanoids in the humanoid kingdom.


The female physical body is the final outcome of what we call evolution, a complication of matter. So, we have three aspects: spiritual, mental, and physical. This is how we have to see ourselves. This is why it is written:

"And Adam (Kadmon-Binah) said, This (זאת Zoth) is now bone of my bones (Chesed), and flesh of my flesh (Geburah): she shall be called Woman (אשה Ashah), because this (זאת Zoth) was taken out of Man (איש Eysh)." - Genesis 2: 23

"Who (מי Mi) is this (זאת Zoth) that ascends to the speech (מדבר medabar)?" (Song of Solomon 3: 6). The two words "who" (מי Mi) and "this" (זאת Zoth) refer to two holy beings (מי Mi, Binah in the pineal gland and זאת Zoth, the Shekinah in the sexual glands) intimately associated and joined together by a tie which is termed olah (עלה to ascend). The literal meaning of this word is to ascend or come up, yet it occultly refers to (Binah) the "Holy Spirit." Again "who" (Mi, the Holy Spirit) is united to "this" (Zoth, the Shekinah) in order that these two holy beings, may come out (עלה to ascend) as the speech (the Logos in Daath) .” - Zohar

There exist three aspects of cosmic evolution that are found mixed and entwined everywhere upon our Earth. These three aspects are Monadic evolution, mental evolution and physical evolution. However, the Monadic Essences are the fundamental base of the mental and physical development in the processes of evolution. As long as the Monadic Essences are evolving, all of great Nature is transforming. Each one of these three evolving currents is directed and governed by various groups of Dhyanis or Logoi. These groups of divine beings are found represented in our entire human constitution. That which is called “human being” is constituted by the Monadic current in union with the evolving wave of the mind and with the evolution of the physical body.” - Samael Aun Weor

Thus, we are not only physical beings. If we study the law of evolution only as it pertains to the physical plane, then we will fall into many mistakes, inventing theories and dogmas to explain non-physical things, such as the mind, consciousness. Materialists state that consciousness and mind are the outcome of physical evolution. This is wrong: the mind/emotion evolves first, from the very bottom of the mineral kingdom, and the ones that are performing that evolution are the monads. Without the monad, the spirit, there cannot be mental evolution, let alone physical evolution because the monad itself is intelligence. The monad itself is united to the great breath and ‘Hei הא’, the great breath, in order to act in the physical plane, needs intelligence which is Binah. This si why it is written: “‘Ha’Aretz’ הא-ארץ" Do you get that?

From ‘Hei הא,’ that intelligence, that spiritual force, not only do the archetypes develop, but also other elements that we need, because we are just talking about the left side of the Tree of Life. The left side of the Tree of Life is related with that mechanicity that we call involution; the descension of the spirit into matter, into those protoplasmic bodies. Finally seeing how matter exists and develops mechanically under the guidance of course of other higher intelligences. It is the same process that we physically go through, in order for us to develop intellectually; in order to function in this society, we begin in kindergarten, go to high school and then to college, and there we have to deal with, interact with more intelligent individuals, which will guide us, giving us titles, degrees, etc etc, so that we may take our place in society. This is how it is organized. Just as there are always degrees and rules in society, so too are there in the spiritual world and world of evolution. Those intelligences which move the different forces of nature are those that we have to comprehend and understand, in order to understand the Bible.

The Bible talks about this, this is why the Zohar explains the way we need to divide, to organize this verse of the Bible, Barashith Bara Elohim Ath Hashamayim Ve-Ath Ha-Aretz; “The beginning created Elohim in the heavens and in the Earth.” The 10 Sephiroth relate to that and even the unknowable breath of the absolute are hidden within it, as we are explaining here. Let us now look at the fourth graphic. It is written in the book of Genesis.

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על־פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים

“And the Earth was formless and void (תהו Tohu); And darkness was upon the face of the void (תהום Tohum). And the Ruach Elohim moved upon the face of the Waters (המים Ha'Mayim).” - Genesis 1: 2

In this second verse, we find the four elements; however, you need a lot of intuition and a lot of knowledge of kabbalah to see those four elements there. Firstly, ‘And the Earth- Ve-Ha-Aretz והארץ” refers to the bottom of the Tree of Life, the Earth, where those archetypes began their evolution within those protoplasmic bodies. Those archetypes need to develop, that is why we are manifested, to develop with the help of those cosmo-creators who instilled within us the monad. Just as we physically go through the levels of schooling, so do do we need to develop, graduate spiritually, from one step to the next. This is why it says, “And the Earth (matter) exist formless and void (תהו Tohu)”; little by little the Earth (matter) evolves and aquires different forms, where different spiritual qualities and capacities develop within.

“And darkness was upon the face of the abyss (the void, תהום Tohum)”: when we talk about darkness we talk about fire. That darkness is fire. It is easy to see: go get one pound of charcoal and you will see the color of that charcoal, it is black right? If you know how to evoke fire from that charcoal, that fire will emerge from within the darkness of that coal. In this same way we have to understand that the space within the void of each one of us is fire, but we have to evoke it. It is not active. To us that space, that void is darkness, thus this is why we have to put that fire into activity because that fire is the source of life. That is why it reads, “and darkness was upon the face of the abyss (the void, תהום Tohum)”. The void (תהום Tohum) inside of us contains the final Mem ם, the waters, it is not outside, but it is inside. Remember everything that is outside is inside of us.

“And the Ruach Elohim”: Ruach רוח is wind/spirit/air. That Ruach Elohim רוח אלהים is the spirit of Jehovah Elohim יהוה אלהים which is Binah. It is the spirit of that intelligence which is our own spiritual spark that moves upon the face of the waters. Obviously it is easy to see the symbol of the waters here in הא-מים Ha'Mayim. So, this is how we see the four elements in this second verse. The Zohar states:

The Ruach Elohim is the intelligence.” Intelligence is Binah, it is: “what shapes the substance of fire, water, and Earth inside of us.” - Zohar

That is why Jehovah Elohim יהוה אלהים, which is the synthesis of all of this, is that intelligence (Binah) that shapes the water, fire, air, and earth in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, human kingdom; in this planet and in any planet. This is how we need to understand what evolution is.

Now, let us read the Zohar. Remember ‘Hei spells הא’, Hei ה is 5 and Aleph א is 1, thus, 'הא' sum 6, the six letters of Barashyth (בראשית). Moreover, Hei 'הא' represents the Ain Soph (limitless אין סוף). Thus, Barashyth Bara (created) Elohim (בראשית ברא אלהים). Thus, Barashyth (בראשית) represents Ain-Elohim (אין אלהים), or the No-Elohim (לא-אלהים) or the Aelohim (הא-אלהים), which is that unknowable Seity diluted in the abstract absolute space.

When Aelohim (לא-אלהים) wished to create, threw over its radiance a veil and in its pleats it cast its shadow. From this shadow there arose giants who said: "We are Malachim." - Zohar

In other words, from the shadows of the absolute emerged the cosmo-creators, the archangels angels. Those cosmo-creators said, “We are malachim.” If they said that, it is because they already have cognizance, realization of themselves.

But they were nothing more than phantoms. They appear because Aelohim (לא-אלהים) had hidden itself by creating darkness within chaos.”

This is because when cosmo-creators see the Seity of the Absolute, which is very difficult to comprehend, those cosmo-creators, malachim or angels, which in other religions are called gods, devas, are just phantoms in comparison with that Luminous Head of the Cosmic Common Universal Unknowable Father. About this luminous head, Moses wrote:

“You shall not have any image of any Elohim above my face.” - Exodus 20: 3

Why? Because it is impossible to symbolize with form that which is the Abstract Absolute Space; that which is the origin of everything that exist, namely, infinites, galaxies, solar systems, etc. How could we symbolize that? There is no way.

They (the Elohim) appeared because Aelohim (לא-אלהים) had hidden itself by creating darkness within chaos”. - Zohar

In other words, when Aelohim (לא-אלהים) which is pure abstract absolute light - hides his self, darkness appears.

They disappeared when there was brought forth in the east that luminous head, that glowing head that humanity gives itself by proclaiming the existence of Aelohim (לא-אלהים), the sun [Solar Absolute, the Ain Soph Aur], governor of our aspirations and our thoughts. The Elohim are mirages made of shadow¨ and Aelohim is the synthesis of splendors [Zohar]. Usurpers fall away when the king [sexually] mounts his throne [wife]¨ and when [the light of] Aelohim appears, the Elohim are banished” - Zohar

We have to see the Elohim under the uncreated light of the Absolute. Zohar states that the Elohim or the malachim, the gods are gigants images that arise from shadow, and who disappear when there was brought forth in the east that luminous head of Aelohim (לא-אלהים), who is the synthesis of splendors [Zohar].

"Usurpers fall away when the king [sexually] mounts his throne [wife], and when [the light of] Aelohim (לא-אלהים) appears, the Elohim are banished.” – Zohar

This is a very alchemical statement. The king sexually mounting his “throne” (his wife) is when the male force unites sexually with the female force. And, if that man and woman know how to transmute their sexual energy, then in the spinal column appears the light of Aelohim (לא-אלהים), rising as the Kundalini, that fire of the holy ghost. When that fire appears, the Elohim are banished. This is why Moses said:

Hear, O Israel: יהוה our Elohim as one is יהוה: and you shall love (את יהוה אלהים) Ath Iod-Havah Elohim with all your mind, with all your heart, with all your strength.” - Deuteronomy 6: 4, 5  

The former verses are an alchemical statement; the Zohar continues, saying:

“Thus, when Aelohim (לא-אלהים) had permitted the darkness to exist, in order that the stars [the Elohim] might appear, he turned towards the shadow he had made and considered it, to give it a face. Aelohim formed an image on the veil with which it had covered its glory, and this image smiled at Aelohim (לא-אלהים), thus, Aelohim (לא-אלהים) regarded this image as its own, so that he might create Adam in accordance with it.” - Zohar

That image is what is called in kabbalah the Tzalem. That image is all those archetypes that in the Bible are called Israel. That is the first begotten.

In a manner of speaking, Aelohim (לא-אלהים) tried out this prison reserved for created spirits. He looked at this face that was to become one day the face of Adam, and his heart was moved, for already he seemed to hear the lamentations of his creation. You who wish to subject me to the law, it seemed to say, give me proof that this law is just, by subjecting yourself to it as well. And so [one ray of] Aelohim (לא-אלהים) became Adam in order that he (Aelohim) might be loved and understood by Adam. Now, of Aelohim we know only this image, formed on the veil which hides his splendor. This image is our own, and he wishes that we recognize it to be also his.” - Zohar

This ray that Aelohim (לא-אלהים) sent into manifestation is precisely what we call the Messiah. It is Israel, the Tzelem, this image which descends into evolution, in order to begin the process of returning to Aelohim (לא-אלהים) with self-cognizance; in other words, to become the microcosmos of that macrocosmos. But of course, the universe is submitted to many laws as you see here.

The universe is comprised of, ruled by different laws at different levels; those spiritual forces and the mind have to submit to those laws, in order to develop, which is not easy. The self-realization of those archetypes is a great task. Israel has to develop within us, and in order to do it one ray of Aelohim (לא-אלהים) descends and unites with Adam, the solar human soul. That ray is the savior; it is the descension of Christ within the initiate. The messiah descends into the initiates in order to help develop the archetypes. So, through this process, Aelohim becomes Adam; in other words, Aelohim (לא-אלהים) becomes man and man receives that force of Aelohim (לא-אלהים). This can only be performed through initiation, as a consequence of developing through the stages that we are talking about here. That ray of Aelohim (לא-אלהים), that we call Christ, becomes Adam in order to save humanity, in order to love and be understood by Adam.

There is something here we must understand: we have to be an Adam, that is, someone who possesses the Solar Bodies, in order to receive that aspect of divinity within. This process of receiving the Christ is called revolution, because that incarnation of that ray of Aelohim doesn’t descend within us mechanically. It comes as a result of immense spiritual work; it comes as a result of conscious revolution. You see the word Evolve again? This is a different type of evolution than that which is performed by nature; this is a spiritual evolution born of conscious will, Thelema. This is a revolution that occurs through the utilization of that light of Aelohim (לא-אלהים), which is Christ. There is no way to reach that level, to incarnate the Christ, without that light. That Christ, that ray of Aelohim, develops little by little within the initiate, when the king mounts his throne which is his wife. Alchemy develops that ray within us.

Thus we know him without knowing him; Aelohim (לא-אלהים) shows us a form yet Aelohim (לא-אלהים) possesses no form.” - Zohar

Do you understand that? When the Abstract penetrates within us it takes a form, our form, but that Abstract has no form of itself; it is before form. That is why when we Gnostics we pray to master Jesus of Nazareth, who is an incarnation of one of those rays, he has a form. But when we address that force itself, which is the Cosmic Christ, that force has no form. That force is diluted in the common cosmic space of that intelligence, beyond any understanding.

We have given Aelohim (לא-אלהים) the image of Atik Yomin, he who has no age (which is what Atik Yomin means). He is seated on a throne [the Ain Soph Aur] from which escape eternally sparks of light by the millions, and he commands them to become worlds. His hair radiates and stirs the stars Universes revolve around his head, and suns bathe themselves in his light.” – Zohar

“He is seated on a throne [the Ain Soph Aur – the solar absolute in the 7th dimension].”

Seated there before a throne does not mean you see someone seated there, no. The light essence of Aelohim (לא-אלהים) is seated there in the Ain Soph Aur, which is the union of all the rays. The unity of your ray, my ray, everybody’s ray forms the Ain Soph Aur. Not only from this planet, but the entirety of the universe.

Atik Yomin

Do you see how beautiful this symbol is? Do you see how the masters of the Zohar are expressing, through their intellect, that which has no form? You need to possess a lot of intuition to read that; you have to meditate on these symbols, in order to “drink of that wine of light.” That is why in this graphic you find that head which is called Adam Kadmon, the ancient Adam, the ancient man. Here, “ancient” means that it encloses, encompasses all of the mysteries. The words above this head are Atik Yomin, “the ancient of days.” If you observe the word ancient, we can see that it is comprised of two words: ain-scient, in other words, ain-scientia from the Latin; that is to have knowledge, sentience, cognizance of the Ain. That is what we are trying to achieve. Then we have Arik Anpin, another word which means, “the great face.” This face symbolizes the first three Sephiroth Kether, Chokmah and Binah. Below this you find the Sephiroth Daath, divided as father and mother (Abba/Aima), and then the rest of the Sephiroth down to Yesod. On the right you find the same symbol which is called the man of the Zohar. Of course, we are presenting this with form here, in order to explain that which has no form. It is a symbol.

In the first book of Chronicles 29: 11, you find this beautiful thought, that relates to the same Sephiroth. It says:

Arik Anpin

Thine oh Iod-Havah, is Gedulah, and Geburah, and Tiphereth, and Netzach, and Hod: for all that is in the heaven and in the Earth is thine; thine oh Iod-Havah is Malkah [the Queen], and the one who [in Yesod] is rising his Self above all as head [Adam Kadmon].” - Chronicles 29: 11

The word Malkuth means “kingdom,” but here it is written as Malkah, which means “queen”; in other words, this is the physical matter, our physicality, which esoterically speaking is our wife. The one in Yesod who rises himself above all as head is Adam Kadmon. Yesod is the sexual energy. It is through Yesod, sex that we revolve, we enact a revolution within. As we said, those monads born from the union of a cosmo-creator and an unrealized Glorian involve in a mechanical manner into the fifth and fourth dimensions, and receive the protoplasmic bodies. That process of involution has its limit, and then mechanical evolution has its limit; it is cyclic in nature, the wheel of Samsara. In this day and age many doctrines believe that those protoplasmic bodies will continue their evolution internally/mechanically, until reaching enlightenment, spiritual mastery... but that is a big lie. The mechanical evolution of the mental protoplasmic bodies has a limit and that limit is the intellect. This is the highest degree to which nature can mechanically take us.

We possess this physicality that is the outcome of the evolution of different rounds; a process of complication until reaching this physical body that we have now, and our mind and emotion within, that we have been developing since the mineral kingdom, into the plant kingdom, animal kingdom and finally in this level. But, the intelligence that is behind that evolution is our spirit. Those archetypes that we have within had to learn many things through different lives, different bodies. But, if we want to develop spiritually we have to act consciously in those archetypes. By developing those archetypes within, a conscious revolution will occur inside of us, creating through the power of Binah in Yesod our solar bodies; in other words, by working with the sexual force and rising it up our spinal column, we can, little by little, begin to create the superior bodies of the Being: the astral, mental and causal bodies. These bodies are what the Bible esoterically refers to as, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, the three children of Noah. This is the generation of Noah. Noah engendered Shem, Ham and Japheth. These three are the bodies that we have to create if we want is to exit that cyclic, mechanical evolution, which can only take us to the level of intellectual animal.

What do we call that mental force that develops from the mineral kingdom to the level in which we are? In Latin, it is called Eggo. In Greek it is called Ego. It is that element which gives us the sensation of having individuality, because with that ego we think, we feel and in it are trapped the archetypes of Israel.

How do we name the Ego in Kabbalah? There is always a name for everything in Kabbalah, in Alchemy... Indeed, Kabbalists in the Zohar refer in a symbolic, esoteric manner to that entity, that ego, which has nothing to do with spiritual revolution, but solely belongs to mechanical evolution and devolution. Remember: evolution and devolution are mechanical; they are two sides of the same coin. Revolution, however, is conscious action. So, In kabbalah, if you take the word ego (יגו) and you reverse the sound of the “e” and “go,” you find the word Goy גוי. The plural of goy (גוי) is Goyim (גוים). In the Zohar or the Bible you find goy/goyim גוי/גוים translated as nations, people. It refers to those people, like us, whose psyche is submitted to mechanicity. The Goyim (גוים), of course, go through processes of evolution, wherein they create societies, but also, inevitably, devolution, because that mental matter is subject to those laws. Unfortunately, within the Goyim (גוים) elements are trapped the archetypes of Israel. That is the esoteric of the meaning of the Goyim (גוים egos), of the Goy גוי, the ego, as we say in kabbalah.

It is necessary to understand the difference, esoterically speaking, between Israel (the archetypes) and the Goyim (גוים egos). Israel is the totality of the spiritual archetypes, elements that we all carry within, and that we have to develop. Contrary to those elements are the Goyim (גוים egos), or egos, satan (שטן the adversary), in other words, which are mechanical elements that everybody has whether they are Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, Jewish, Taoists, etc.

So, we can study these things, study Kabbalah, memorize these concepts, etc, but what we have to do is consciously work to put into activity these archetypes that we are talking about. That is why it is written,

The divine image is a double one. There are the heads of light and of shadow.” - Zohar

This shadow, this dark is related to the Goyim (גוים egos), the egos that somehow develops certain levels but are submitted to the law of devolution.

The white ideal and the black ideal, the upper head and the lower. One is the dream of the Adam-Elohim, the other is the invention of the Elohim-Adam. Because everything is sustained by Elohim, the creator.

One represents the Elohim of the wise, and the other, the idol of the lowly. All light, in truth, implies shadow and possesses its brilliance only in opposition to that shadow.” – Zohar

When you make the effort to enter into meditation, in order to comprehend and annihilate that shadow that we carry within, you liberate those archetypes and spiritually develop them. When performing this, then you comprehend how, “the light comes from the darkness” or as the Master Samael Aun Weor says, “the gods emerge from the abyss.” If those gods emerge from abyss it is because they are demons first. In other words, if we want to emerge as gods, Elohim, we first have to defeat the demons, the shadows, the egos, the Goyim (גוים). Thus, the Elohim emerge as light from the abyss and thereafter they get lost into the abstract absolute space. They return as rays completely developed. This is the very purpose of life. Now let us read the Zohar again.


The luminous head [of Aelohim] pours out [from the womb of L'aimah] upon [Elohim] the dark one a constant dew of splendor.”

We are demons, we are shadows, but we are receiving that constant stream because as machines we give sustenance to the planet, to the forces of nature. Our physical bodies act as transformers for the planet. If we are not wise, if we are stupid, we fail to take advantage of that constant stream and enter into those devolutionary processes that the book of revelation calls, the second death.

"Let me in, my beloved," says Aelohim (לא-אלהים) to (Jehovah Elohim יהוה אלהים) Binah [intelligence], "for my head is filled with dew, and among the curls of my [central nervous system] hair wander the tears of night."

This dew is the manna that the Israelites were eating in the desert: the Ens Seminis. Those Israelites are the archetypes; the desert symbolizes the path. Those on the path feel themselves to be alone, because all of the world has no interest in walking that path. They look at you as “look at this ding dong, crazy person, trying to become a god?” The Goyim (גוים) just like the mechanicity of nature, right? So we take advantage of our Ens Seminis, which just means the entity of our seed, our semen with which the souls of the just are nourished.

This dew is the manna [Ens Seminis] by which the souls of the just are nourished. The elect are hungry for it and gather it abundantly in [Yesod] the fields of heaven.” – Zohar


"I am El Shaddai (אל שדי); walk before me, and be thou perfect." - Genesis 17: 1

The heavens begin at the level of Yesod-Eden, upward, on the Tree of Life. These are the fields (שדהים שדים Sheddahim Sheddim) of Eden, that is why you say “Shaddai-שדי” or “Shaddai El Chai (שדי אל חי),” which is the God of Abraham in Yesod, the fields (שדהים Sheddahim) of heaven, the breasts of life (שדיים חי-Sheddyim Chai). You carry Eden, the fields of heaven, in your sexual physical organs.


You can see in this image the symbol of a female seated in the padmasana posture, in meditation. Why a female? We have repeated many times that the physicality is female, esoterically speaking, whether we have a male or female body. It is female because Malkuth receives, takes all of the forces from above. Of the male and female physicalities in this physical world, the one who receives more forces of nature is the woman.

These drops (of milk of שדיים-the sheddyim) are round pearls, brilliant as diamonds and clear as crystal. They are white and glow with all colors, for there is one simple truth alone: the splendor of all things.” – Zohar

When sexually excited, the woman has the power to transplant the synthetic principles of the twelve salts to the larynx of the man. This is how such an organ acquires hermaphrodite principles that later give the Innermost the power to create by means of the word.

The combination of the igneous principles between the man and the woman are also intimately related with a sequence of salty interchanges that prepare the feminine larynx as an angelic creative organ.

The very ardent fire of great sexual excitement gives origin to gigantic combinations of principles, whose synthetic outcome becomes the opening of the spinal chambers. The stronger the restraint of the act is, and the more violent the fight is, the more potent will be the seminal steam that rises. Thus, the force of the ascension of the Kundalini will be more terrific.

The key of sexual dominion resides in the mind. The mind is dominated by means of willpower. We must flagellate the mind with the terrific whip of willpower when restraining passionate excitement, because the den of desire resides in the mind. We must speak to the mind as this:

Mind, take this sexual excitement away from me immediately.”

This formula permits us to take away the intense passion in the precise moment of the restraint of the act. The union with the Innermost is possible only by means of sexual alchemy.” - Samael Aun Weor

This is why, when the husband is mounting his wife, if he is wise, he will take all of the energy, because the woman when sexually excited attracts all of the forces of nature; and, if she transmutes that, she gets filled with the forces of the Elohim, her husband likewise.

Aurora Borealis

You can see that in this next graphic: how all the light forces from above are descending into the earth's body. The physical body is a reflection of nature: the pines that you see in this image represent the forces of the mind. If you don’t take advantage of the sexual energy; if you don’t learn how to sublimate the sexual energy in a conscious, upright manner towards your mind, then you are achieving nothing in your spiritual development.

Master Samael says, “The worshipers of Elohim (אלהים) and Aelohim or No-Elohim (לא-אלהים) number in there millions, but those worshipers don’t transmute their sexual energy, their beliefs, their worshiping, is in vain.” This worship of gods, or the Elohim and Aelohim is found in all religions; that worship is good, but if you don’t do the work, it is in vain. It is worthless, in other words.

The water is the habitat of those forces, and this is always symbolically hinted to in the bible. For instance, it is written:

The Logos (קול kol) Iod-Havah-יהוה, is above the [Akashic] waters, The God (El אל) of glory hath thundered, Iod-Havah יהוה is above many [Akashic] waters.” - Psalm 29: 3

We placed within this quote the word “Akashic.” When El (the spirit, our Innermost) is united with Iod-Havah (the logos) they form what is called, the Ruach Elohim, which thunders above the waters. Those waters are the sexual waters. The Ruach Elohim controls the waters.

Remember that the fire emerges from the water and the Ruach is the wind (the air); those waters are your own sustenance in your physicality. The physical body is the Earth, the waters are in the sexual fluid. The fire emerges from the waters thanks to the activities of the intelligence that is your own Ruach Elohim, your own El, your own God.

These words allude to the heavenly river whose life-giving waters circulate and flow throughout the universe and give life and strength to every creature that breathes and moves upon the face of [any] Earth. The God of glory thundered” signifies the Sephirah Geburah (power) as expressed in the words:

Lo, these [Eleh אלה] are parts of his way: but how little of his Logos is heard? But the thunder of his power [Geburah] who can understand?” Job 26: 14

We know very well that this Geburah is the divine soul. It is the force of Samael that descends down to Yesod as fire. When you are working with your own waters, you are working with the forces of Samael, with fire. It is that power of the left side of the Tree of Life which in Hebrew is called Pechad. Pechad means fear or awe, to be in awe. That word Pechad is found on the left leg of the pentagram. Pechad is spelled, Pei-Chet-Daleth. The beginning of wisdom is the fear of Iod-Havah, Elohim, God; that fear is the first logos, second logos, third logos working together inside of you. That is why this word is found on the left thigh of the pentagram. That is why the rider, the white horseman in the Book of Revelations who appears from heaven, has written upon his thigh, “king of kings and lord of lords.” In synthesis that king of kings and lord of lords is Pechad, because in that force, that sexual energy the three primary forces of the universe are synthesized; that is fire, the fire of Geburah.

"This awful power [Geburah גבורה] is what proceeds from the left side of the Sephirothic tree, by and through the God [El אל] of glory that is [Gedulah] on the right side. “Iod-Havah יהוה is above mighty waters” alludes to the Sephirah Chokmah (heavenly wisdom) described as God upon mighty waters, that is upon the secret place from which they flow forth, as it is written:

In the [Akashic] sea is thy way, and thy path is in mighty [Akashic] waters, and thy footsteps have not been known (by the fornicators).” - Psalm 77: 19

Creation occurs, spiritual development begins when you allow your being—within which the archetypes are hidden—to work in your own fluids, the sexual creative waters of Genesis. When you allow that and you pray to your inner God, with the understanding that Ruach Elohim is that spark that emerges from the trinity, then you understand the law of three creates through that spirit in you. Then, a revolution occurs within you as a consequence of transmuting the sexual energy. This is how the Ruach Elohim that is moving upon the face of the waters performs, “Let there be light!”

The phrase “Let there be light!” is spoken by Elohim, but to whom? To whom is that Elohim saying “Let there be light!”? Esoterically speaking, that Elohim within you is proclaiming that to all of the dwellers of the Earth, all the children of Israel, all of the archetypes: “Let there be light!” But, if you don’t make that effort to transmute, to perform Alchemy, with what fire, what light can your spirit, your own Elohim make that proclamation? If we want our own Being, our own God to say that within us, we have to give him that fuel, the fire he needs in order to make that light; when you start making that effort, the first sparks of light emerge in your spinal column, then the Shechinah, your Divine Mother can say to your being “And there was light!” Then he smiles. I want more light. This is how the light is made. He is talking to your Shechinah!

Let there be light and there was light!” This is what is occurring in the very sexual act, when you are transmuting. These verses of the Bible hide this. Your inner being wants to enter into revolution. He wants to go ascend from the very bottom. As we are, through evolution, we have already reached the level of Goyim (גוים), that is, intellectual animals. This is as far as nature can take us. We need to exit this cyclic existence, and enter into the kingdom of Israel; but remember, this is an internal revolution, it has nothing to do with that country of the Middle East, it is just a symbol. If you interpret everything literally you might start thinking the Goyim (גוים) are the Gentiles and the Israelites are Jewish. This is how people understand these matters in this day and age. But this is a very shallow, superficial level; if you go into this esoterically, then you find that Israel and the goyim are within each one of us. The Goyim (גוים) are those that worship idols and those idols are not outside of you, they are inside of you too. Everything is within. Nothing is outside. The Ain is outside and inside. Again, this is why Master Samael wrote:

There exist three aspects of cosmic evolution that are found mixed and entwined everywhere upon our Earth. These three aspects are Monadic evolution, mental evolution and physical evolution. However, the Monadic Essences are the fundamental base of the mental and physical development in the processes of evolution. As long as the Monadic Essences are evolving, all of great Nature is transforming.

Each one of these three evolving currents are directed and governed by various groups of Logoi (meaning logos, angels, cosmocreators – that have already developed that are therefore professors and teachers in those universities of nature in order for those elements that are still learning to learn from them). These groups of divine beings are found represented in our entire human constitution.” - Samael Aun Weor

This means that everything that you find in nature is also inside of you. That is why we are called the microcosmos of the macrocosmos. Our problem in our present condition is that we are microcosmos in potentiality only. All of those prototypes, those archetypes are within us, but what is more developed are the Goyim, our egos that are the root of all the problems we see in this day and age. To find individuals that are fully developed is very difficult. That is why master Samael Aun Weor stated:


That which is called “human being” is constituted by the Monadic current in union with the evolving wave of the mind and with the evolution of the physical body.” - Samael Aun Weor

Of course, when we talk about the human being, you have to imagine that as it is in the graphic. It has the shape of a human body but it is a current of forces that are internal and external. This is why, when you start developing your inner archetypes and you look at people, the vibrations of those forces that you are becoming united with, are also in your brother, your sister, relates, friends, etc, but in potentiality; you see their suffering and understand it, because you are awakening those archetypes that all of us possess within. You are not separated, that is why in the individuals that are completely awakened can see and understand all the suffering of humanity, and thus try to help them reach their level.

Those that kill others, for any excuse or reason, whether it is a scientific reason or religious reason, or whatever, are completely blind to their archetypes. They are not developed, because when you develop your archetypes within, you become conscious of the suffering of others. That is why the great masters can talk to those forces which are in evolution. Do you remember, for instance, Master Jesus talking to the elements in the bible? In the Bible it is written, a fully developed master Jesus with all the archetypes of Israel within himself in himself says to the wind, “Wind, calm! And waves of the ocean also calm and be quiet.” Why is it that he is talking to the wind? If any ordinary person attempted to command the wind or the ocean, nothing would happen. A master that is fully developed can control the elements, just as Moses did. That symbol of Moses separating the seas represents willpower, and the action of freeing all the archetypes from Egypt in order to take them to Israel. This story symbolizes all of those elements that are in the wilderness with him, but also all of the Goyim (egos), but he is of course in control because he is developing spiritually; this story shows us what it is we have to do, in order to spiritually develop. It is important to remember however, as you spiritually develop, if you develop certain capacities, certain abilities or powers, to remain humble with them, and not to show off, proclaiming yourself to have this or that power. Those powers belong to the Being.

Here we find the ten commandments, given by one of those beings who developed his inner archetypes. When you build the superior bodies within you, you understand that all those people who do not yet possess those bodies, even though they are at a lower level then you, are unified with you, because all things emanate from the same source. God is everywhere. If you don’t develop then that God (Elohim) is the god of the nations (Goyim). If you develop, then that God turns into the God of Israel. Right now, because we have the ego very alive, God, the creator is the god of the nations, the god of the Goyim. But, if we destroy the Goyim (egos) inside of us, then the archetypes of Israel will develop and we will be our own god, the god of Israel. This is how you have to understand and comprehend what evolution is in the Bible. Questions?

Audience: In the Zohar when it mentions darkness, they say there are four types of fire within that. Can you speak about that?

Instructor: Well there are types of fires related with darkness. The first one is the very dark fire, and you see it in any flame. Then it is yellow, then red, then white. Well that is the development of what we are talking about here. The evolution of that force in a simple flame. You have to develop that within you. These are the different colors, the different levels of alchemy produced by that fire.

Audience: Can you explain further how we associate Netzach, Hod, Yesod with Ve’Ath? How does that word connect to them?

Instructor: Ve’Ath (ואת) literally means “and you” in Hebrew. Vav (ו) is associated with Netzach, Aleph (א) with Hod, and  (ת) Tav, the cross, with Yesod. Ath (את) refers to the entire alphabet, Aleph-Tav, the archetypes that enter into the mental level, because Netzach is the mind, and Hod even though it is related with the emotion is the intuitive mind, it is mental matter but in an emotional level. That matter develops in accordance with the forces of Yesod which are the forces of Elohim, Binah. This development is always in accordance with the Vav. The letter Vav is of course related with the central nervous system, which is why the shape of the letter Vav (ו) is a straight line. Ve’ath (ואת) means that all of the forces of heaven—symbolized in Tiphereth, which is Vav (ו) or 'Ve’, the 6th letter of the alphabet, the 6th Sephirah of the Tree of Life—are developing in the spinal column. Tiphereth is that which develops within the elementals of all the levels of nature.

Listen, when we talk about elementals let it be understood that they are monads with protoplasmic bodies which are evolving, but still have not reached the level in which we are. At this level, our intellect is already fully developed. This is as far as mechanical evolution of the mental bodies or protoplasmic bodies can go. However, if you investigate any plant internally, you find souls of that kingdom in the internal planes, dressed with those protoplasmic bodies, which are beautiful.

These bodies are given by nature: just as we receive the physical body, we also receive the protoplasmic bodies as a gift, in order to learn and develop in accordance with the law of evolution. Within every single elemental, in those protoplasmic bodies, in their spinal column, their Vav, the forces of Elohim are working. That which we call divine intelligence related with that particular soul in any plant, is acting there. Every plant relates to different forces of the cosmos and of nature.

So, those creatures called elementals move forces that relates to certain levels of our mind and our spirit. For instance, the Maguey (Agave Americana) is a Jupiterian plant. Why do we say it is Jupiterian? Because it channels the forces from the planet Jupiter. The elemental or the soul connected to that plant appears as a beautiful boy, like a 12 year old, with rosy cheeky. That elemental has a lot of powers and those powers emerge from the spinal column, their vav, related with their own protoplasmic bodies. So likewise, every animal, every plant, has those powers but they exert and exercise those powers under the command of other higher intelligences. When an individual develops black powers, they know how to command those elementals. While we have the capacity to know and do good or evil, the elemental does not; the elemental only does what a higher intelligence commands it to do. That is why we have to develop the capacity to know how to use the forces of the plants for the good of humanity. That is called Shamanism.

Question: In the book Esoteric Medicine by Master Samael Aun Weor he says to be a gnostic doctor you have to meditate of the elementals of plants. Why only the plants and not the an elementals of mineral and the animals?

Instructor: Why only the plants and not the elementals of minerals or animals? Well that gnostic doctor that develops internally can use the other kingdoms too. But we use especially use the plant kingdom because the elementals from the plant kingdom are in chastity; they are chaste forces, chaste souls. The fruits of any plant are the outcome of the alchemical transmutation that the souls of the plants perform, under the guidance of those intelligences that we call angels, devas or monads (superior monads).

Of course, the forces that the plants control are pure forces, directly related with all of the cosmoses, with all dimensions. They are pure because they are chaste. However, in the case of animals, for instance, you can utilize them for spiritual practices but animals are not as pure as plants, because animals fornicate. Though they are innocent, and they don’t know that they are fornicating, they do so because they are commanded by their instinct, thus, they are less pure than plants. The minerals are just beginning to develop. In Alchemy you utilize the forces of the metals, minerals as well in order to help. For instance Salt, Sulphur, Mercury, and many other elements that when you know how to command the spiritual forces of those minerals, you can take advantage of them. But the best elementals for magic and especially medicine, of course, are the plants, because they are precisely the most powerful elementals that are related with the forces of the mind. Unfortunately, there are many sorcerers and witches that utilize those elementals in a negative manner, in order to hurt others.

Question: In the Talmud, a Kabbalistic text, is the term Goyim purely derogatory when used in referring to Christians?

Instructor: Well yes, the translators are non-initiates that do not understand the esotericism of the words written by the great masters of Kabbalah. They always associate the word Goyim-גוים to the Christians, or to those that are not Jewish, right? In an esoteric sense, a true Jew is someone united with the solar force of Leo, which is the forces of Judah Iod-Hei-Vav-Daleth-Hei יהודה; if you are working with the solar absolute, the Ain Soph Aur, you become a Jew. A Jew is Iod-Hei-Vav יהו. This is how you spell it. When you are working with that you are becoming a true Jew, esoterically speaking.

“Authentic Jews are only the children of the lion from the tribe of Judah יהודה, meaning, the Christified Souls. Those who say that they are Jews (enlightened souls) and are not, do lie. Really, these people (are egotistical, they are Goyim-גוים-and) belong to the synagogue of Satan (שטן the adversary).” - Samael Aun Weor

You have to fight against your own inner Goyim-גוים (egos). That is very clear. However, if you study those Kabbalistic texts as Christians study the Bible, mechanically and without any profundity, you will start interpreting them in a very shallow level, and fall into the error of believing that the Goyim-גוים are merely non-Jews. It is as shallow a level of comprehension as raising your hand and saying you believe in Jesus, and believing that is all you need to be saved. This is ridiculous right? But what can we do? There are many millions of people that still think that to be an Israelite or Jew is to belong to a certain race. We the Gnostics interpret things as they should be, as the masters of Kabbalah taught. Those that follow the rules, that develop the archetypes are true initiates, true Israelites. If not, you are developing your Goyim. The truth is this: the Goyim-גוים are those who are not Jews, and the Jews are any individual who has developed their inner spiritual archetypes, be they Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. If you walk the path you enter into the kingdom of Tiphereth-Israel which is inside, not outside.

Question: What is the separation between light and darkness? It is the same thing spoken about earlier?

Instructor: The separation of light and darkness has different aspects. Different symbols that we have to understand. We have explained that in many lectures. In the lower level we will say that darkness, that night is Lilith, our own particular defects, and the light is related with our own particular spirit or archetypes. This symbol is also related with man and woman. When the bible says that dark should be separated from light, that relates to the separation of the sexes. Day is man and night is woman, but the evening and the day were one day; you see? When the man and the woman unite in sex there is one day, Echad as you said (the first day). The first day is when the night and the day are united in Alchemy. This is how the light comes from the darkness. It has many meanings.

Question: If some monads devolve, do they devolve through the plant kingdom? So are there only certain plants that should be used for magic?

Instructor: Well, when we talk about devolution, it is not the monad that devolves. The monad is always up in heaven. The ones that devolve are the certain archetypes that are trapped within the ego; they devolve through the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms. We are not referring to physical plants, physical minerals. The ones who take the shapes of animals, plants and minerals in devolution are the protoplasmic bodies after the death of the physical body.

Of course, we cannot deny that we can find certain egotistical elements that are attached to plants or to animals, because they are so identified with matter that they don’t want to leave. You find many egos attached to certain plants, certain animals before entering into devolution and there are many animals that are the outcome of evolution and devolution too. But, in order to know this, to experience this, you have to awaken your consciousness and to be in contact with your being if you want to know how to work with elementals. But, let me tell you one thing. There is one being that is a cosmo-creator whose name is Samael Aun Weor. He wrote books on this subject for you already, in order for you to not waste too much time thinking about it. He wrote the Igneous Rose, the book of Practical Medicine, and other books in which you exercizes in order to take advantage of those plants for your spiritual benefit. Of course, he did not write about all the plants and animals of nature, that would be too big a task; however, he wrote about the main ones we need to know and if you develop, you will discover others that you can take advantage of for your own revolution.

Question: What are the spiritual implications of trying to modify plants?

Instructor: Well that is a good question. The spiritual implication of those grafted plants? Of course, this is an action of stupidity; those that adulterate plants are destroying them and the forces that they attract. When plants are adulterated, they no longer contain the substances, cosmic substances that are good for our body. On the contrary, they become harmful to our bodies. Therefore we have to look for those fruits that are not adulterated, because remember the spirit is the source of it.

When scientists cross one plant with another to make “better fruits,” they are adulterating the intelligence of nature. In this day in age, most of the fruit you find is the outcome of adulteration. That fruit no longer has the spiritual power within it. If you want to exercise the power of the plant you have to find plants that are normally grown, and not cross breeds like that because they are harmful; not only for our physicality, but also for our own spiritual development. In order for our Being to say, “let there be light!” we need to give him the forces that he needs to create that light, and when we eat food that is empty of those forces, he looks into your physicality and says “Where are those elements?I need those forces!” So, you need to feed yourselves very well, with pure food, food rich in the solar Christic forces, in order to do the work of your God.

Question: What happens when you are vaccinated?

Instructor: Well that I don’t know, but you can use a cleanse with different elements that we know. But the best way is to not being vaccinated. Unfortunately, the black lodge has forced that into schools, into the minds of people. We agree that sometimes vaccines are good, when there is an epidemic with certain sicknesses. When there is not, it is very stupid right? If that is optional it will be good for humanity but unfortunately in many schools it is mandatory right? That is bad. There are many vaccines that we don’t need, and sometimes the body doesn’t develop the defenses that the vaccine supposedly has to develop. Someone that is very weak, and easily succumbs to sickness, people say of such a person “Oh it is because of his DNA, he was going to be like that anyhow.” Well, perhaps that physical weakness is a result of the body not developing the defenses that it was supposed to develop. So, my personal advice is don’t vaccine yourself. You should vote against vaccines but there are a lot of people that think different and think they are good unfortunately.

Thank you very much.