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“Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb: honey and milk are under thy tongue; and the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon.

A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.
Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire, with spikenard,
Spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices:
A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.
Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits....

“This thy stature is like to a palm tree, and thy breasts to clusters of grapes.
I said, I will go up to the palm tree, I will take hold of the boughs thereof: now also thy breasts shall be as clusters of the vine, and the smell of thy nose like apples;
And the roof of thy mouth like the best wine for my beloved, that goeth down sweetly, causing the lips of those that are asleep to speak.
I am my beloved's, and his desire is toward me.
Come, my beloved, let us go forth into the field; let us lodge in the villages.
Let us get up early to the vineyards; let us see if the vine flourish, whether the tender grape appear, and the pomegranates bud forth: there will I give thee my loves.
The mandrakes give a smell, and at our gates are all manner of pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.” - Song of Solomon

Remember that the central goal of Gnostic Kabbalah is the creation of the perfect human being through sexual Alchemy. According to the tree of life, the perfect human being is related in seven levels. These seven levels are in Kabbalah named: Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth, the seven lower Sephiroth.

This is the being, about which we said in the previous lecture, that is placed in the Garden of Eden, or Garden of Pleasure or Delight (עדן, Eden) and that the book of Genesis named, Adam-אדם. We stated that this Adam-אדם, kabbalistically, has the numerical value of 9, which corresponds to the sephirah Yesod (foundation). We stated that in Kabbalah numbers are living entities.

Now, we are going to enter the work of the Sun, in order for us to better grasp the meaning of the Garden of Eden. Remember that in the previous lecture, we stated that in our sexual seed are placed the elements that we need in order to create the human being. As the Master Samael stated:

“Fortunately, the Sun has deposited in the sexual glands the seed needed in order to create the authentic human being. This seed could develop if we were to cooperate with the Sun. Then, we no longer would be simple speaking machines as we are currently, since we would transform ourselves into real humans, into kings and queens of creation.” - Samael Aun Weor, Harvest of the Sun

We have to talk about this creation. When we address creation, we have stated in other lectures that the creation that the Bible calls the Earth, or the Garden of Eden, is formed by the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom and the humanoid kingdom. But, when we were addressing the plant kingdom, we said that the Master Samael Aun Weor did not talk very much about this kingdom in the book, “The Revolution of Beelzebub.”

He states in that book that in the Saturnian round, we were simply seed-germs of the mineral kingdom, or better said, that our physicality was just a germ. Then, he stated that in the Lunar round, we were the animals of that epoch. But, in this, he skips the plant kingdom. He does not mention that in the Solar epoch, the Monads were animating the plant kingdom. However, he mentioned it in many of his other books and lectures.

I was meditating on this curious fact, and I arrived at the conclusion that he didn’t mention the plant kingdom in the book “The Revolution of Beelzebub,” because it is very obvious, in the Bible and in his books, regarding the esoteric symbolism of the plant kingdom… So, we are going to make further emphasis on the plant kingdom, in order for us to comprehend why the Bible, in the book of Genesis, utilizes a lot of symbolism related with the plant kingdom. And, it is not only in the Bible, but many other sacred texts always emphasize the plant kingdom, in order to show us the mysteries of Alchemy.

This is something very intriguing. Why not, for example, use the mineral kingdom or animal kingdom to illustrate the mysteries of Alchemy? Of course, sometimes we find examples of the animal kingdom, such as the eagle, the winged bull, the Angel and the lion, that symbolize in the sphinx the four elements. We also mention the cubic stone of Yesod, as an example of the mineral kingdom relating with Alchemy. But, as we said, the Bible specifically talks about the Garden of Eden.

We find many examples of this plant kingdom, that show us that the plants are indeed a kingdom in which the absolute chastity of the elementals that animate that kingdom experience.

We know that when we look at the plant kingdom, we delight in the flowers, in the fruits, seeds, and in many other aspects of those beautiful plants. Forests enchant us, and we like oxygen that the plants give us, in order for us to breathe, to live. Or, as the Master Samael states:

“If we observe with the eyes of the spirit the ardent depth of a millenarian rock, then we see that each atom is the physical body of a mineral elemental creature that struggles, loves, and works within the ardent crackling of the universal flames. That elemental intensely longs to climb the ardent steps of carbon and diamond in order to have the joy of entering into the sublime kingdom of the plants...”

Master Samael states that, in order to show us that the Sun is the main element of the kingdom of the plants. Remember that we have stated that in the Solar round is where the most elevated being that this planet has known, with the name of Jesus Christ, achieved in that epoch the highest level of spiritual development.

When we observe the plants, we understand the magnificence of this kingdom, because we feed ourselves with plants, but also the animals feed themselves with the plants. Indeed, the plant kingdom contains all of those elements that the Bible talks about, which are related with the Garden of Eden.

Master Samael continues:

“All of the ancient religions depict their founders acquiring wisdom under a tree. This is how we see the great Gautama, the Buddha Amitabha, who still lives in ancient India, achieving illumination beneath the Bodhi tree.

From left to right: the burning bush of Moses; the tree of the Greek Hesperides; an Egyptian tree of life; the Buddhist Nagarjuna drinking from the tree of life.

Christ is an exception to this rule, since Christ is the very same wisdom. He is the Solar Logos whose physical body is the Sun. Thus, Christ walks with his Sun in the same way as the human souls walk with their bodies of flesh and bones. Christ is the light of the Sun. Therefore, the light of the Sun is the light of (the Cosmic) Christ.

The light of the Sun is a christonic substance that makes the plants grow and the seeds sprout. Thus, within the compact hardness of the grain the substance of the Solar Logos remains enclosed, and it is what permits the plant to reproduce itself constantly with this glorious, hardy and active life.…

There are two types of angels: innocent angels and virtuous angels.

Nymph of the forest

The innocent angels are the elementals of plants. 


And the virtuous angels are perfect human beings.

In the glorious India of the “Rishis,” there is not a town lacking a magical tree whose “elemental genie” the population renders worship to. The Hellenic traditions sustain that each jungle has its own “genie” and each tree its “nymph.”

The eminent Master Paracelsus has expressed in his Fundamento Sapientia the following:

“There are two types of knowledge. There is one science and one medical wisdom. The animal comprehension belongs to the animal man, but the comprehension of divine mysteries belongs to the Spirit of God within him.”

Master Paracelsus gives the name of “sylvesters” to the elementals of the forests and “nymphs” to those of aquatic plants. The holy symbology of plants is found broadly exposed in the sacred books of all ancient religions. It is enough for us to remember the Tree of the Science of Good and Evil from the Garden of Eden, a tremendous symbol of the sexual force, within which is found the redemption or condemnation of the human being.

The Sephirotic tree of the Kabbalah and the Aswatta or sacred fig tree are symbols of divine wisdom. Zoroaster represented the nervous system and the liquid system of human beings by the “Haona”of the Mazdeists. Other symbols are the “Kumbum” of Tibet and the “Yggdrasil,” the Pheredydes oak of the ancient Celts.” - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

This is why Isaiah states:

כי כרם יהוה צבאות בית ישראל ואיש יהודה נטע שעשועיו

“For the vineyard of Jehovah Tzabaoth (יהוה צבאות) is the house of Israel, and the איש Eish (male fire) of Judah (Leo) his pleasant plant.” - Isaiah 5: 7

This is why Moses said:

כי יהוה אלהיך אש אכלה הוא אל קנא

“For Jehovah your Elohim is a devouring fire, even a jealous God.” - Deuteronomy 4: 24

So, Moses stated that Jehovah, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei is a devouring fire. And Samael Aun Weor says:

“The waters (Ha'Mayim המים) are the habitat of (Esh אש) fire. The one who wastes the water also wastes the fire and remains in darkness.” - Samael Aun Weor “The mysteries of the Fire” 

The Lake of Double Fire

The Lake of Double Fire

The Waters Ha’mayim המים

In the previous lecture we mentioned that the letter Mem represents the waters. The Hebrew word Ha’mayim המים, the waters, when read backwards, relates to the property of the Holy Spirit, Mi-מי and Mah-מה, which represent the cerebral-spinal fluid and the genitals fluid, respectively.

As you can see, the letter Iod י symbolizes the positive pole of the sexual energy. The letter Hei ה represents the negative, receptive or feminine pole of the sexual energy. The same mystery we find in the word Esh אש, which in Hebrew means, “fire.” This word is written, Aleph-Shin. If we observe the words for male and female in Hebrew, we discover that the mysterious letters Iod י and Hei ה are also related with Eish איש, the masculine fire and Esha אשה, the feminine fire.

Eish איש and Esha אשה

By placing the letter Iod between the letters Aleph and Shin, then we find that the translation of this word, Aleph-Iod-Shin, is Eish איש “male” in Hebrew. This is very intruiging, because the word for “female,” is form by the letters Aleph and Shin, plus the letter Hei. “Female” in Hebrew is Esha אשה. If you observe this, you find that it is directly stating that there are two types of fire: the masculine and the feminine. We discover that the Master Samael Aun Weor states, clearly, that the water is the habitat of the fire. That “the waters” is Ha’mayim המים in Hebrew, where we find the letter Mem, which in Kabbalah symbolizes the element water.

Behold here how Ha’mayim המים, the waters, are the habitat of Esh אש, fire, or, better said, the habitat of יה Jah is in Mi-מי and Mah-מה as well as in Eish איש and Esha אשה respectively. This means that we have Esh אש, the devouring fire of Jehovah יהוה in our own fluids, whether these are the cerebral-spinal fluid or genital fluids - which are represented by Mi-מי and Mah-מה, which in Hebrew means, “who and what” respectively, the book of Zohar speaks a lot about these two polarities. So, we will say then, that the Iod of Mi-מי is within Eish איש, Aleph-Iod-Shin, the male fire. And that the Hei of Mah-מה, is at the end of Esha אשה, which is the receptive or negative pole of the waters. So we find the same Esh אש fire, but with the letters Iod and Hei. So, Esha אשה is in Mah-מה, and Eish איש is in Mi-מי, the lake of double fire. Behold here the two polarities of the fire and of the water, related always with our cerebral-spinal fluid and genital fluids. Those are the positive and negative poles of the sexual energy.

This is why the book of Isaiah states:

“For the vineyard (Eden, the garden) of Jehovah Tzabaoth (יהוה צבאות) is the house of Israel, and the Eish איש (male fire) of Judah (Leo) his pleasant plant.” - Isaiah 5: 7

The Zohar teaches that Matronithah (Shekinah, symbolically the wife of Metatron) is "the path towards the great Tree of Life, the powerful tree," and the Shekinah is the divine grace. There is no doubt that this marvellous tree reaches the celestial valley and is found hidden within the Three Mountains. This tree ascends towards the heights of these ‘Three Mountains.’ Afterwards, it descends again towards the bottom. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil grows from the roots of the Tree of Life." —Samael Aun Weor, The Three Mountains

Tree of lifeDaath

"But of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden (which canopy is in Daath, the throat, which is a feminine sexual organ, where the Logos is gestated), Elohim hath said, Ye shall not eat of it, neither shall ye touch it (because its roots are in Yesod, the genitalia, the most sensitive organ of the sense of touch), lest ye die (because your physicality will fall to Limbo, Klipoth, the tree of death, where Saturn, Binah, will kill you physically and psychologically through the second death)." - Genesis 3: 3

The expression, "House of Israel," in the first instance, refers – at the creation of this Terrestrial Round – to the first born children of Light, the zodiac stars, the Cosmocreators or, morning stars, as they are termed in the Book of Job 38: 7:

“When the morning stars sang together, and all the Beni Elohim shouted for joy.” - Job 38: 7:

In an extended sense, it includes the true children (the Haishim האישים) of the light of Judah, constellation of Leo, who have attained union with the Divine Light of the Spiritual Sun, the Solar Absolute.

With this, we are pointing to the fact that this vineyard, or Garden of Eden of Jehovah Tzabaoth, is the house of Israel. We are showing that the house of Israel relates with the 12 constellations of the Zodiac, being Leo or Judah in this case, “his pleasant plant.” Judah is Leo, and Leo is represented by the Sun. So, all of the solar energy of the Sun is channeled in this planet thanks to the water. When we say “in this planet,” we are also referring to the philosophical planet or the human body, because we are directly addressing the alchemical elements in the human organism or the lake of double fire.

Willpower Souls Haishim האישים

That is why in the world of Yetzirah, the world of formation, it is stated that those begins that abide in the Sephirah Malkuth, are named Haishim האישים. This is very interesting name, Haishim האישים. Haishim is written Hei-Aleph-Iod-Shin-Iod-Mem. Behold here with your spiritual eyes the three mother letters of Hebrew in the name Haishim. Master Samael stated:

"The atoms carry within their interior that which the Hebrews call "igneous particles," "Haishim האישים" or "igneous souls." These igneous souls are formidable. The atoms cannot process themselves within the living constitution of matter without these igneous souls. Therefore, indeed, no one truly knows the power, for instance, of a few grains of dust. We can be sure that nobody knows the power which is enclosed or what it is capable of doing. The Haishim האישים or igneous souls are enclosed within each atom (of HaAdamah האדמה 'the dust of the ground'). The great magicians of the east (alchemists of Tiphereth) know how to work with these igneous particles of the atoms, and in any situation, the atoms are impelled by these igneous particles." —Samael Aun Weor, "Alcyone and Negative Emotions"

The letter Aleph  א symbolizes air; the letter Shin ש symbolizes fire; and the letter Mem מם symbolizes water. The letter Iod י is masculine; the letter Hei ה is feminine. So then, we find in the word Haishim האישים the three elements of Alchemy, namely, Salt, Mercury and Sulfur. That is why, in Malkuth, Haishim האישים are those souls which have already acquired the body of willpower, the Causal body, which we talked about in the previous lectures.

Haishim האישים could be translated as: “willpower-souls.” This is very interesting, because this relates to those beings that have already incarnated the human soul, because they have the Causal body, the body of willpower, which is Tiphereth. It is Tiphereth, the human soul, manifesting itself through Malkuth, our physicality. This is very intruiging.

When these Haishim האישים appear in Malkuth of Yetzirah (world of formation), they already have the seven bodies of the human being. Remember that we stated that the human being has seven bodies, beginning from the bottom to the top: Malkuth, the physical body; Yesod, the vital body; Hod, the astral body; Netzach, the mental body; Tiphereth, the body of willpower; Geburah, the body of the consciousness; and Chesed, the Spirit of the human being.

Chesed and Geburah are what we call the Monad. When in the world of Yetzirah the Haishim האישים appear, it is because they are human souls that are already united with the Monad. They are a complete human being, with seven bodies.

Observe that the three mother letters are in the word Haishim האישים: Aleph, Shin and Mem. And the two polarities of the water and fire are also found in this name, Iod and Hei. We might inquire, “what about the element air?” Well, the air is together in the letter Shin, making the word fire, Esh אש, in Hebrew. The air goes along with the fire. Shin, the fire, is the Second Logos in the heart, and Aleph, the air is the First Logos that enters the lungs through the nostrils of the first triangle. The lungs are represented by all the Alephs of Abraham-Chesed and the life-force of Geburah-Sarah in Malkuth, both, children of the Third Logos in Daath-דעת.

Remember that we stated that Aleph relates with the three aspects of the Logos: Kether-Chokmah-Binah. These three Logoi are represented by Aleph-Shin-Mem. Aleph relates to the head; Shin to the heart; and Mem to the genitalia or tree of knowledge, Daath-דעת.

This is how we find Haishim האישים in us. Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ, when representing the Cosmic Christ, said:

“The Father and I are one.”

In other words, Aleph א and Shin ש are one אש Esh, fire, which is a devouring fire. The “jealous God” refers to two Mems מם, water, directly related to the cerebral-spinal fluid and the genitals fluid. In these three letters, we find the Trinity. There are many fanatical people that state that God is one, and not a trinity. But, kabbalistically, we say that Elohim is not one but the Oneness represented by Haishim האישים, the three mother letters, in the feminine body and in the masculine body. All of us have head, heart and sex. We have three brains, or three nervous systems: the central nervous system; the grand-sympathetic nervous system; and the para-sympathetic nervous system. That is why Zoroaster represented these nervous systems, and the liquid systems of human beings, by the Haona of the Mazdeists. This is significant, because all of them represent these mysteries with the plant kingdom.

Everywhere, we always find that the plant kingdom is the best kingdom to represent the solar force. This is because, in the Solar epoch, we, as elementals, were animating that plant kingdom. Of course, that which is now our sexual seed contains all of that solar light, which the Bible calls, Judah, Yehudah יהודה. The book of Revelation states:

“Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie.” - Revelation 3: 9

Master Samael explained:

“Authentic Jews are only the children (the Haishim האישים) of (Leo) the lion from the tribe of Judah, Yehudah יהודה, meaning, the Christified Ones. Those who say that they are Jews (illuminated ones) and are not, do lie. Really, these people belong to the synagogue of Satan.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Aquarian Message

So, Jews are really those people that relate to the constellation of Leo, and that are working with the Haishim האישים, the solar light. Authentic Jews are those that exercise this alchemical mystery of transmutation. Those that ejaculate the sexual force are elements that are not Jews, because, according to Isaiah, “the vineyard of Jehovah Tzabaoth is the house of Israel. And, the man (or the fire in this case), of Judah, Yehudah יהודה, his pleasant plant.”


So, we have to work with (the Haishim האישים) the solar fires of Judah, Yehudah יהודה, which are represented in the letter Daleth ד, that represents the four rivers of Eden. These four rivers relate with יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, the four fires of the Spiritual Sun. When addressing the house of Israel, we have to understand that the house of Israel is the Zodiac, containing 12 tribes, or 12 zodiacal signs, 12 fires. That is why, in the graphic here, we find that the three mother letters, whether in the male or female body, are related with the three mother letters that we find in the center of the rose or lily, which is the symbol of the plant kingdom. This is “a plant from Venus.” Venus is love, the love between Iod and Hei, which is Jah, Hallelujah.

So, in order to activate these fires and waters, or as we stated in other lectures, in order to be born by the fire and the water of the Holy Spirit, we have to unite the two waters and the two fires. In order to perform a higher work, we have to work with the 12 apostles, the 12 tribes, 12 fires, which relate with the same topic.

Behold: the seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet, are represented by the seven bodies of the true human being, the seven medullas; or, as the book of Revelation states, the seven rays or horns of the lamb, which in this case are represented by the Haishim האישים or "igneous particles," of the head house or constellation of Aries, the ram, in other words, Berashith בראשית, the head house, Bet Rosh בית ראש of Israel.

We have the three mother letters and the seven double letters in the sense that could be related with the man, Eish איש , or the woman, Esha אשה. Of course, around the seven bodies of the true human being the twelve parts, twelve apostles, 12 fires of the zodiac express themselves. These twelve zodiacal houses of Israel rotate around Tiphereth, which is the house of Haishim האישים of Judah, Leo, the Sun.

So, all of those (Haishim האישים) fires from the twelve constellations enter through the Sun, into our seven bodies, and from the seven bodies into the three nervous systems, thanks to the activity of the fluids, which are related with the cerebral-spinal fluids and genital fluids, in the sexual act. That is why it is stated that Elohim said:

“Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land (יבשה Iebash) appear: and it was so.” - Genesis 1: 9

The waters under the heavens are the four rivers of Eden. Master Samael stated:

“The name of the first is Pison: that is it which compasseth the whole land of Havilah, where there is gold; and the gold of that land is good: there is bdellium and the onyx stone.”

The land of Havilah is our own physical body, and the gold of this land is the solar atoms from our seminal system—that is to say, the semen’s potable gold.

“And the name of the second river is Gihon: the same is it that compasseth the whole land of Ethiopia.”

This second river is the cerebrospinal fluid, which is the other pole of our seminal system. With it we encompass the whole land of Ethiopia—that is to say, the whole of our head and throat, since we form the brain and throat with the cerebrospinal fluid.

“And the name of the third river is Hiddekel: that is it which goeth toward the east of Assyria. And the fourth river is Euphrates.” - Genesis 2:10-14

The river that goes toward the east of Assyria and the river Euphrates are the two poles of the woman’s seminal system.” - Samael Aun Weor. “The Revolution of Beelzebub”


So, the waters under the heavens are the cerebral-spinal fluids and the genital fluids, in both male and female in Malkuth.

In order to gather those waters together, to one place, obviously the fiery sexual act is necessary. But, since we are talking about Alchemy, we have to state that husband and wife have to unite the fires of their waters in the sexual act; in this way, the male-female Cherubim is formed through the use of their “dry lands” or physicalities. This, in order for another, superior “dry land” to appear.

“And Elohim called the dry land (Iebash יבשה) Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and Elohim saw that it was good.”

"And Elohim said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so." - Genesis 1: 9-11

This is a work of Alchemy that we have to comprehend and understand. As we said, in order for the waters under the heavens to be gathered together, we have to understand the question, “Under what heavens?” When we are in the physical plane, which is called Malkuth, above Malkuth there is Yesod (the vital heaven, or 4th dimension); Hod and Netzach, the 5th dimension, which is the heaven that is called Eternity. Above further still, there are other heavens, according to the Tree of Life. But, the waters that we are mentioning here are not the upper waters, because in the heavens you find Ath-את, the Schekinah, in the fiery waters, or Ath Ha’Schamayim את השמים , as we say in Hebrew, which is the Ath-את or Schekinah in the heavens. Ath-את are those 22 elements (2+2 = 4 = יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) that are also related with creation and with the development of the true human being.

However, here in this chapter 1: 9-11 of Genesis, Elohim said, “Let the waters under the heavens be gathered together under one place.” We will say that, such place is Ath-את in the Vav of the Earth or VaAth HaAretz ואת הארץ, which is also called in the Bible, Mitzrahim-מצרים, which in our physicality is our Vav ו, or spinal medulla, where we find the Ath-את or Schekinah in exile. Let us now alchemically explain:

Exodus from Mitzrahim-מצרים Egypt

If you observe the word Mitzrahim-מצרים, you will find that it has the letter Reish ר, and the letter Tzadi צ in between the word Mayim מים, which in Hebrew means, “waters.” So, the letter letter Tzadi צ represents the letter Nun, which is the seed, which is the sperm, called fish in Aramaic. It contains the letter Iod י in the spinal column of the letter Nun נ. This tells us that in order to be a Tzadic, a righteous one, as chaste person, we have to raise the fire of the Schekinah, the Haishim, whether masculine or feminine, up to the Reish ר, the Rosh ראש, the head. Remember that the letter Iod י is the tenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Therefore the letter Iod י correspond to the tenth sephirah Malkuth, Mitzrahim-מצרים Egypt.

Tzar צר

Tzadi צ and Reish ר together make the word Tzar צר that means “to shape, to form; to mold,” it also means "strait," a comparatively narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water.” This is the meaning of the word Mitzrahim-מצרים. Mitzrahim-מצרים is Egypt. Egypt represents Malkuth. Malkuth, Mitzrahim-מצרים, Egypt is the physicality of every human being. So, this is talking about two large bodies of water. These two large bodies of water are in the body of the man and in the body of a woman. As it is written:

"And Elohim said, Let there be a (Tzar-צר) firmament in (the spinal medulla, which is in) the midst of the waters (of Mi-מי and Mah-מה), and let it divide the waters from the waters." - Genesis 1: 6

This “Tzar-צר, strait” is described in the book of Exodus as follows:


“And lift thou up thy rod (spinal medulla), and stretch out ‘Ath-את thine Iod (ידך)’ over the sea (Ha-Yam הים), and divide it: and the children of Israel shall go on dry land (Iebash יבשה) through the midst of the sea (הים Ha-Yam).” - Exodus 14: 16

Moses (Moshe משה) represents willpower in any initiation. As an Embryo of Soul, Moses (Moshe משה) begins to develop in the physical body (Mitzrahim-מצרים) of a priest and priestess of Levi (לוי), better said, Lebi לבי (“my heart”) or as it is alchemically written:

“And there went a man (Eish איש, male fire) of the house of Levi (לבי my heart), and took Ath את (the Schekinah), the daughter of Levi (לבי, “my heart”). And the woman (Esha אשה, female fire) conceived, and bare a son (Moshe משה)” - Exodus 2: 1

In synthesis, when this (Moshe משה) finally dies psychologically, he enters the promised land as Yeshua-יהושע, Jesus in the Body of Willpower of a Monad united with Mi מי (Yam ים) the fiery waters of the heaven (Ha-Shamayim השמים) as a Mimoshe מימשה (“a realized”) Monad. As it is written:

“Moses my servant is dead; now therefore (Yeshua-יהושע, Jesus) arise (from the dead), go over this Jordan, thou, and all this people, unto the (dry) land (Iebash יבשה, the body of liberation) which I do give to them (in Yesod), even to the children of Israel (in the fourth dimension).” - Yeshua-יהושע, Jesus 1: 2

When (during sexual alchemy) the waters (or mercury of philosophy) had been thus brought into one place (the spinal medulla), or when the strife of the (male-female) contending (boisterous sexual) elements had subsided and ceased, then began the work of generation and procreation resulting in the appearance (Iebash יבשה or the dry land or astral body) of those innumerable chaste devotees, delighting in the service of their Lord (in Shemoth-שמות, the names, the Exodus).


The letter Mem is the symbol of water; ruled by the Moon that governs Yesod and Hod, Master Samael stated:

“Hod is the astral world, the astral body (the first Iebash יבשה, dry land). The astral world is governed by the Moon. This is why astral projections become easier during the crescent moon and a little bit more arduous during the waning moon.…

When we refer to the Moon, we must not think about the Moon as the physical satellite. The sub-lunar diabolical regions must not be searched for in the Moon but in the interior of the Earth.

Let us consider now the lunar heaven. These heavens do not mean precisely that they are related to the physical Moon, but to the superior regions, those molecular regions which are lunar. They are governed by the Moon. It is a molecular lunar world which is found here in our world.

This first heaven of the Moon has its science; here we find the souls that deserve to rise into that region because not all of the dead achieve the arrival into that heaven. The majority of the dead return from the threshold in order to enter into the region of the dead; then they penetrate into a new womb. Others enter into the submerged devolution of the nine infernal spheres.

The first heaven of the Moon is entered as a resting place. The Moon is related with chastity, with sex. Here, one can remember the distinct errors committed with sex.

A grave problem exists because the Moon tends towards materiality. The whole terrestrial mechanism is controlled by the Moon. The whole life of the Earth, the whole terrestrial mechanism, is controlled by the Moon. This whole mechanical life in which we live in is of a lunar type.

The Moon, like the weight of a great clock, makes the terrestrial machinery move. The sprouting of vegetables, the animals, ovulation in women, the flux and reflux of the ocean, high and low tides, etc., all depend on the Moon. Since life is so mechanical, if triumphing is what is really required, then the Moon must be taken advantage of. The crescent moon as well as the full moon is for our activities. However, if the waning moon is utilized, we fail.” - Samael Aun Weor


The letter Shin ש is the symbol of fire, the second Iebash יבשה, dry land, mental body. The three prongs of Shin ש symbolize three flames. This shape is known in many traditions by the trident of Neptune / Poseidon, and the trishula ("three-spear") of Shiva. This is the weapon of the Gods. Shiva is always holding a trident. This is something very significant. In Hebrew, the word Shin שין means "tooth" and "fork." The trident or Trishula is a fork. The letter Shin is the symbol, the very head of the fork, which spells שין Shin, so the three prongs that make the head of the Trishula of Shiva spells Shin, fork in Hebrew. We also find the symbol of the trident in the hands of the God Neptune / Poseidon. The atom of the Holy Spirit is in the pineal gland that is ruled by the God Neptune, Shiva, Binah, Jehovah Elohim, who rules the Solar Mind or Sephirah Netzach in the fifth dimension. The physical vehicle of the solar mind is the brain in the Rosh ראש head in Hebrew.

Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה = He will be Who He will be (who? Asher אשר in the head ראש rosh).

“The objective reasoning is the mind of light, it is real intelligence, exalted thoughts.” - Samael Aun Weor

The development of the Objective Reasoning of the mind is measured by the number of fiery tridents, Shin ש on the silver horns of the Elohim.


“Letter Aleph א” is the symbol of air, the third Iebash יבשה, dry land, willpower body. Aleph א is hidden in all the A’s of Abraham or Brahma, our Innermost, also symbol of the wind, the spirit. “This is” the Aleph א of Ain, the three aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space; the Aleph א of Elohim, likewise, the Aleph hidden in the spelling of the letter Hei הא (which means ‘this is’ in Aramaic) of Moshe משה Moses, the body of willpower. In short the Aleph א hidden in all the spelled letters of the verses of the chapter 2 verse 7 of Genesis. As it is written:

“And Iod-Hai-Vav-Hai Elohim יהוה אלהים formed HaAdam האדם of the dust of HaAdamah האדמה (the ground), and breathed into his nostrils the Neshamah (breath of life); and HaAdam האדם became a living soul (within the Hei ה or body of liberation, the fourth dry land-Iebash יבשה, in the garden of HaShem הא`שם, the fourth dimension).” - Genesis 2: 7

So, “let the waters under the heavens be gathered together under one place” is talking about the sexual act, alchemically speaking. Those engaged in the act of Alchemy have to raise their Haishim האישים, sexual fires in the spinal column toward their head, as the letter Tzadi and Reish in the word Tzar צר alchemically indicates; the sexual fires of Eish איש and Esha אשה have to ascend to the head, in order for the “dry land” of the Exodus to appear. This “dry land” is the Astral body. Of course, this “dry land” eventually, will appear as the Mental body. Then, finally, the Causal body, the body of willpower.

That is why it is stated:

The mercury of philosophy is the outcome of transmutation.

“When the waters (or mercury of philosophy) had been thus brought into one place (in the sexual act), or when the strife of the contending elements had subsided and ceased, then began the work of generation and procreation resulting in the appearance (of the astral body) of those innumerable chaste devotees, delighting in the service of their Lord. This is expressed in the words (of the Psalms):

"He (Binah) causeth the grass (Cḥatzir חציר) to grow for the cattle, and herb (ēśeḇ עשב) for the service of HaAdam-האדם: that he may bring forth food out of the earth (on a thousand -אלף -Aleph - hills, for whose sustenance it - Eheieh Asher Eheieh אהיה אשר אהיה - shoots forth daily).” - Psalm 104:14

“By the word grass (חציר Cḥatzir) is denoted those angelic beings appointed and ordained to administer to the necessities of cattle and supply them with food.

And by the word herb (עשב Eseb) for the service of HaAdam-האדם" designates and refers to the ministering angels called Ophanim, Chayoth and Cherubim, whose special and peculiar mission and service is to aid and assist in the celebration of sacrifices and worship of the Creator, which constitutes the true service of mankind. Included under the sane terms are those spiritual beings whose study it is to supply the needs of those whose works are good and their worship acceptable to the divine Being, and also to look after their means and sustenance, as it is written: "To bring forth food out of the earth," which connotes the herb seeding seed (not seed of the grass) for the good and welfare of the world. All these various orders of spiritual beings by the divine prevision have been delegated for the service of humanity, that it may enjoy the greatest benefactions and blessings from on high.

"Fruit tree bearing fruit after his kind whose seed is in itself."

These words (of Genesis) designate the man who conserves his seed to advantage.”

The word fruit here repeated twice indicates the male and female sexes, for as one tree is fructified by another tree, so is the female made prolific by the male (during sexual Alchemy). Who amongst these angels then were male and female! They are those called cherubim and thimroth. Who and what are the thimroth? They are angelic beings who are present in the incense of burnt offerings and are therefore called thimroth ashan (תימרות עשן) and are thus helpers to man in his worship. "Yielding fruit," that is to say, angels in male and female forms resembling human beings with this special difference, they are of majestic form and noble countenance, whilst the cherubim are smaller in stature and of frailer build. Scripture saith of them, "they have the figure of a man," which is the synthesis of all figures and forms, because bearing the impress of the Holy Name whose four letters correspond to and symbolize the four quarters of the world, North, South, East and West. Michael is stationed at the north and the faces of all the angelic hosts are directed towards him as being their chief. Scripture further states, they have the forms of a man (water), a lion (fire), an ox (earth) and an eagle (air). By the face of a man (HaAdam-האדם, water) is meant the face of the male and female blended into one.” - Zohar

Remember that in Alchemy HaAdam-האדם symbolizes the waters, and it is only through the fiery sexual waters that the male and female are blended into one. Those are precisely “the waters under the heavens” that have to gather together, in order for the creation of the Astral body to occur inside of the true human being.

This is why the Zohar states:

"From the time of Ha-Adam's transgression of the divine command ('you shall not eat of (Daath-דעת) the tree of knowledge of good and evil) all his descendants were called “Children of HaAdam (Beni Ha-Adam בני האדם),” not as a term of honor, but as a characteristic of birth from an ancestor who by his disobedience had broken the divine law (of chastity).” - Zohar. Remember that - in the tree of life - the canopy of the tree of knowledge - sephirah Daath-דעת - is located at the level of the throat, yet its roots are in the genitalia.

William Blakes Cain and Abel

This is why Solomon, the King stated:

“I said in mine heart concerning the estate of the Children of Ha-Adam (Beni Ha-Adam בני האדם), that Elohim (אלהים) might manifest them, and that they might see that they themselves are beasts.

For that which befalls the Children of Ha-Adam (Beni Ha-Adam בני האדם) befalls beasts; even one thing befalls them: as the one dies, so dies the other; yea, they have all one breath; so that the (fornicator) Adam has no preeminence above a beast: for everything (in him) is (Abel הבל) vanity. All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.”

“Who (Mi מי, Binah, Shiva) knows the spirit (Innermost) of the Children of Ha-Adam (Beni Ha-Adam בני האדם) that is going (HaAlah העלה) up on high, and the spirit (Innermost) of the beast that is going down below to the earth” - Ecclesiastes 3: 18-21

So, as you see, when HaAdam-האדם transgressed against the divine law of chastity, it means that he fornicated; he spilled the water within which is the Haishim or the fires of Ha’Shem.

The Alchemical Mystery of Ath-את

It is also written:

ויגרש את־האדם

And he expelled Ath HaAdam

Rabbi Eleazar said:

“We do not know who expelled him out, nor who it was that was expelled out, whether the Holy One or not. The words are 'Vaigaresh Ath' (and he drove out Ath-את). Who was this Ath-את (He)? The scripture says 'HaAdam-האדם' (the man).”

“After sinning it was HaAdam-האדם who drove out here below (his Hei ה) who is here called 'Ath-את.'

Therefore Scripture first informs us the Jehovah Elohim drove HaAdam-האדם from out of the garden of Eden, as he had already driven away the 'Ath-את' (the Schekinah or the indweller of the Holy Spirit, his Hei ה or Shakti) when Eden became closed to him, and the path leading to it obliterated or hidden.” - Zohar

Ath-את is the symbol of the Hebrew alphabet, Aleph-Tav; it encapsulates all of the alphabet. This symbolizes the Divine Mother, or we will say, the matter that is built in the Hei ה, the genitalia, which is called semen. That matter, that water contains the 22 letters (2+2 = 4 = יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei) of the Hebrew alphabet. 

If you make the addition of the numerical value of the letters of HaAdam-האדם, which is 9 (Adam) + the letter Hei (5) = 14. In the spelling of the HaAdam-האדם we see the Hei and the Aleph. HaAdam-האדם itself is 14. 1 + 4 = 5. This reminds us of the five aspects of the Schekinah. HaAdam (with the Hei before the name Adam) implies that this HaAdam-האדם was already a perfect man, who committed the crime of fornication, expelling Ath-את. What is it to expel Ath-את? We stated that the Haishim are male and female, water, fire and air, in Malkuth, Mitzrahim-מצרים, Egypt, in the world of formation, Yetzirah.

In this case, Malkuth is the Garden of Eden, as Egypt is like the Garden of Eden.

The Upper Eden

“Even as the garden of Jehovah (יהוה), like the land of Mitzrahim-מצרים, Egypt.” - Genesis 13: 10

The seven bodies are the seven double letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Around these seven bodies are the twelve simple letters, which are represented by the twelve tribes of Israel. Israel is Tiphereth, the human will. So, it is obvious that around the human will, the human soul, are the seven bodies, the three mother letters and the twelve simple letters, which are the twelve tribes of Israel, Tiphereth.

So, when we say Ath-את: Aleph (1 א) + Tav (400 ת) = 401, then, 4+0+1 = 5, we are pointing to all the five aspects of the Schekinah, within which we find the 22 kabbalistic letters, namely, the three mother letters, the seven double letters and the twelve simple letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet have the numerical value of four: 2+2 = 4 = יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, alchemically and kabbalistically.

The Name - HaShem הא`שמם


This is very interesting, because when we observe the work on the path, we can say that the whole work is the effort to create the name, HaShem הא`שמם, within. Obviously, to create any name, we have to alchemically spell the name HaShem הא`שמם. To spell any word is to gather together (the fiery forces of Ath-את in the waters of the heaven, Ath Ha'Shamayim את השמים) the letters of that word, that name, in order to create it. Thus, we can say that, esoterically speaking, the act of spelling is the act of accumulating the forces of Ath-את, in order to create the “dry land,” the name, HaShem הא`שמם, within. However, the opposite of this effort to accumulate, to gather these forces, to “spell” the name, HaShem הא`שמם, is that of expelling Garesh-גרש. To expel Garesh-גרש the forces of Ath-את is to eject these forces that we have within, and thus to not create the “dry land” that is, the promised land.

So, when HaAdam-האדם ate of the Tree of Good and Evil, he expelled Ath-את. That is why in Genesis 3: 24, it is stated:

"And he expelled Ath-את, the Hei ה of HaAdam-האדם; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.” - (Genesis 3: 24)

After Ath את, is the Hei ה, which is also the synthesis of that Schekinah that - in its spelling  (הא) - contains the Aleph א of Elohim-אלהים and Adam-אדם. Schekinah as the letter Hei ה is the “in-dwelling” of the Aleph א of Elohim-אלהים and Adam-אדם.

Elohim-אלהים is the divine name in Binah, which relates to creation. So, when it is written that, “and he expelled Ath-את” it means that he threw on the ground all of the work of creation of Elohim-אלהים and Adam Kadmon אדם קדמון, in one moment, when fornicating with his Chavah חוה, his Eve, his genitalia.

That is why the Bible states that, after that transgression, Eve (in other words, the genitalia, the womb) engendered “like a beast” Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel were the outcome of fornication. In order words, when that HaAdam-האדם, that represents the five-pointed star – because Adam (9) +Hei (5) = 14. The number 14 is the combination of the two waters, the two Nuns, which means “fish” in Aramaic. These two fish are of course the sperm and the ovum. That is what the number 14 represents. 1 + 4 = 5, which represents HaAdam-האדם, the human being made into the image and likeness of Elohim.


Geresh-גרש means “to divorce"

That human being fornicated and expelled Ath-את, the whole work. That act is called divorce, because the word Geresh-גרש means “to divorce (talmudic, Jewish law).”  So, if that HaAdam-האדם was expelled from the Garden of Eden, it means that that garden represents chastity. And thus, he fell into the kingdom of the beasts that ejaculate, expel the seed, every time that they perform the sexual act. In other words, if we were expelled, dropped out of the Garden of Eden, it is firstly because we expelled Ath-את from ourselves. That is cause and effect. The effect of being kicked out of Eden is originated in fornication. So, we first fornicated, and then the consequence is that we are expelled.

That is what happened in Lemuria, when we were expelled. That is why, when inquiring about the word Adam, we find that Adam has the letter Aleph and the letter Mem: air and water. We are the vehicle of the fire, God is a devouring fire, Elohim is a devouring fire, and that Elohim enters into us thanks to the letter Mem, the water of the four rivers of Eden. That is why Adam אדם contains the letter Daleth ד in the middle.

In many lectures we have stated that the fluid that contains that fire is the blood. The word Jehovah, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei, who is fire, abides in the blood. That is why it is written:

“The sword of Jehovah (יהוה) is filled with blood (Dam דם).” - Isaiah 34: 6

In Hebrew, the word blood is Dam, Daleth-Mem. The swords reminds us of that divine sword of the Lord, which is the fire that ascends the spinal column.

Let us be more specific, in order to explain, through the light of Alchemy and Kabbalah, all of these mysteries that we are explaining here.

In order to comprehend that the word Mitzrahim-מצרים, which is translated as “Egypt” and, is the union of two waters, in the sexual act of Alchemy, let us read Genesis 13: 10. At the very end, it is written:

כגן יהוה כארץ מצרים

“Even as the garden of Jehovah (יהוה), like the land of Mitzrahim-מצרים, Egypt.” - Genesis 13: 10

In other words, Egypt-Mitzarhim-Malkuth, our physicality, is even as the garden of Jehovah, which is the Garden of Eden. Behold here the similitude of the physical body, which is not fallen, and the physical body that is fallen. That physical body that is fallen is called, “Even as the garden of Jehovah (יהוה), like the land of Mitzrahim (Egypt).”

“These are the (Alchemical) generations of the heavens and of the earth "when they were created" Behibaram (this word is an anagram meaning by Abraham), in the day that Jehovah Elohim (Binah) made the earth and the heavens, and every (herb) plant of the field before it was in the earth, and every herb of the field before it grew: for Jehovah Elohim (Binah) had not caused it to rain upon the earth, and there was not a man to till the ground. And a mist (ואד) went up from the earth, and watered the whole face of the ground.” - Genesis 2: 4-6

Observe here that the word mist has the first two letters of the word Adam אדם, Aleph-Daleth, which is pronounced Od אד, which as we said means “mist.” Obviously, mist is the outcome of water, by heat (fire). Thus, the first letters of Adam אדם contain Aleph-Daleth, which means “mist.”

The Zohar states:

“This (mist - Od אד) refers to the sexual desires experienced by (Mah-מה, the genitalia) the female (fluids) towards the male (Mi-מי, the cerebral spinal fluids, according to Hamayim המים). Mists (or the soul of the brute mercury) rise at first from the earth (through Ida and Pingala of both sexes), heavenwards and, after forming clouds, heaven (Shamayim) causes them to descend and water the earth (the physicality). This applies also to the offering up of sacrifices (of our animal egos), the smoke and fume of (the sexual fire) which ascending on high are caused to descend in blessings on HaAdam-האדם. If the congregation of Israel had not first offered up these sacrifices (of chastity), blessings would never have been showered upon the world (of Malkuth or Mitzrahim-מצרים).” - Zohar

We see here how the word mist in the name Adam אדם is hidden, but also the word Dam דם, which is Daleth-Mem and means, “blood.” Behold here the relationship of the blood, which contains the fire in our organism, and the mist, the Od אד. In other words, we are pointing here to the Od אד of Alchemy, which is hidden in the name Adam אדם. But, if we add the letter Hei to the name Adam אדם, we have HaAdam-האדם, which is translated as “the Adam,” the man in other words.

Tarot 14

We have to understand that when the word HaAdam-האדם, “the man, the true human being” is written, when the Hei is added to the word Adam אדם, then we see very clearly that this is pointing towards the transmutation of the waters, which are the arcanum 14. The mixture of the two waters is HaAdam-האדם. It doesnt mean a male individual, but it is the union of both genders.

Moreover, if we look at the spelling of the letter Hei, which is the 5th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, we find that it is spelled Hei-Aleph הא. This word Hei הא, in Aramaic, means, “this.” So, if we want a more specific alchemical symbol, we can say that HaAdam-האדם means, “this הא blood דם.” Remember, Dam דם is blood. Dam דם is the fluid, the vehicle of the fire. Do you see here the meaning of this? If you seperate HaAdam-האדם into two syllables: Ha הא (Hei-Aleph) means, “this” and Dam דם (Daleth-Mem) means, “blood," the fluid vehicle of the fire.

When we read, “and he” we see the letters Vav and Iod וי. The letter Vav ו is the symbol of Tiphereth, because Tiphereth is the 6th Sephirah. Iod י represents the male force, which is the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet that correlates with Malkuth. When we read, “and he-וי,” we are alchemically seeing that this Tiphereth, the Vav ו, that works through the spinal medulla, expelled the Iod י, the male substance that contains the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in heaven.

That is why it is stated, “Vaigaresh-ויגרש” which means, “and he expelled.”  Well, who, and what? He expelled Ath-את. Ath-את encapsulates the 22 letters, which are the twelve tribes of Israel, the seven bodies of the human and the Garden of Eden, which is the union of the three mother letters.

So, in one fornication, Ath-את was expelled through the body of HaAdam-האדם, which in this case is “this blood” HaAdam-האדם. This is because the blood is Dam דם, and Dam דם has the value of 8, because Daleth ד is 4 and Mem ם is 40, which added together is 8. The holy eight is formed by the brain, heart and sex. The holy eight is a symbol of the union of the three brains. That is why Dam דם (blood) relates to the whole organism. It circulates the solar fire in the brain, in the heart and in the sex. Of course, the center of gravity of the blood is the heart, which relates to Tiphereth.

Further, when we observe the three mother letters, Aleph-Shin-Mem, we find that they have the kabbalistical value of 8: Aleph (1) = Shin (300) + Mem (40) = 341, 3 + 4 + 1 = 8. Thus, again, we find there the holy eight, around which the Dam דם (8, the blood) circulates. This holy eight of the three mother letters is none other than the three brains, which, esoterically, we can relate with something like Moses, Moshe משהא, Tiphereth, willpower.

So, when Tiphereth, which is willpower, fornicates, Tiphereth loses the twelve unions, the twelve constellations, the twelve forces which comprise the man, and the seven serpents of fire and light descend, and his three brains (Aleph-Shin-Mem) become chaos. This is why it is written:


“And (through Vav ו, the spine, the Iod י of Mi-מי, cerebral spinal fluid) divorced Ath-את, (the Hei ה of Mah-מה, in Yesod, the genitalia of) HaAdam-האדם (or Mitzrahimah מצרימה); and causeth Ath-את, the Cherubims, to dwell at (Tiphereth) the east of the garden of Eden, and Ath-את, the flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of (Vav ו, the spine) the tree of life.” - (Genesis 3: 24)

These Cherubims are the male-female forces related with Yesod, with the sexual energy. So, when HaAdam-האדם expelled the Ath-את, he placed this Ath-את at the East (Tiphereth) of the Garden of Eden, which in this case is Yesod. The east of Yesod is Tiphereth, because the west is Malkuth, Mitzrahimah מצרימה, our physicality.

So, Ath-את in the blood circulated to the brain, to the heart, and to the sex, from the heart. That is the Cherubim. That Cherubim is a fiery energy that circulates in the moment of the sexual act. The one that cannot control the fire of the blood in the sexual act, ends up fornicating, ejaculating the Ath-את, again and again and again, from their sexual organs.

This Ath-את, which is in the blood (the Schekinah), never abandons us, but is not alive or acting within us, because we fornicated, and thus expelled these forces and transformed it into a fire that avoids the entrance into the Tree of Life, which is the spinal column. The flaming sword, which is spoken about in this verse, is that which raises in the spinal column. It is that sword that all the angels, archangels and all beings from heaven have in their spinal column, in their physicality; the flaming sword relates to the physical body.

When we were in chastity in Eden, that flaming sword was in our spine. It is Excalibur, a weapon that we had from the Lady of the Lake, Mother Nature. But, when we expelled Ath-את from our body, the flaming sword “turns every way to keep the way of the Tree of Life.” Do you understand that? Behold here the meaning of what Isaiah said, that the sword of Jehovah is filled with blood. It is filled with blood when we do not fornicate.

According to Taoism, forty meals make a dropof blood, 40 drops of bloodmake a dropof bone marrow, 40 dropsof bone marrow make a drop of semen. Thus, if we transmute the sexual energy, we liberate the sword, the fire in the body. And thus, we recuperate the flaming sword. But, the clue is to control the fire in the sexual act, because, if we do not control the fire in the sexual act, that flaming sword “turns everyway to keep from us the way of the Tree of Life” which is the spinal medulla.


“For יהוה your Elohim is (8) a devouring fire, even a jealous God.”

So, by controlling the fire, we transmute the energy, and we acquire, we gain that flaming sword that we had, but which, as particles, circulates in the holy eight, from the heart towards the brain, towards the sex. When we are in the sexual act, that sword of fire is brandished by a Cherubim; that Cherubim is formed in the very moment of the sexual act, because that Cherubim is fire. The Cherubim holds the flaming sword. Most of the males and females in this day and age cannot control that flaming sword, because it “turns everyway” from the brain to the heart to the sex, from the sex to the heart to the brain, in the very sexual act. In that way, all fornicators stay out of Eden, because that sword guards the Tree of Life against fornicators.

Behold here the relationship of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is Daath-דעת, the sexual force, that Adam and Eve ate of. Adam, in this case, symbolizes the brain, and Eve symbolizes the genitalia and throat. Of course, the Divine Mother Schekinah, Ath-את, is in the presence of the couple in the moment of the sexual act. When Eve experiences the orgasm, in other words, when the genitalia expels Ath-את, through the orgasm, that Ath-את turns to the heart and sends to the brain the outcome of that bestiality, and becomes the flaming sword which turns everyway to keep the Tree of Life from the fornicators. The seed or fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil resides in the sexual organs, and also in the brain; remember that the positive force of the sexual energy is found cerebral-spinal fluid, and the feminine, negative, passive pole of the sexual energy is Chavah חוה, Eve, in the genitalia and throat. So, the sin of Adam and Eve was against the heart, because the heart, with the blood, nourishes the brain and the genitalia (the throat is also Chavah-חוה Eve, a feminine sexual organ where the word is gestated by the brain or Adam-אדם). The heart is the sanctuary of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.