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In this lecture, let us enter into greater depths, in order to better understand the subject of the creation of the human being. Remember that the word anthropogenesis is derived from the words anthropos, which in Greek means, “human being” and genesis, which in Greek means, “creation.”

The universe descends and extends from the 0 or 7th dimension, the Abstract Absolute Space. The Abstract Absolute Space is divided into three aspects: Ain (אין), Ain Soph (אין סוף), and Ain Soph Aur (אין סוף אור); the Cosmic Endlessness Unmanifested Father, Mother, Son. The Ain Soph Aur (אין סוף אור), the Unmanifested Son, contains the word Aur (אור), which is pronounced “Or,” and is a word that means “light” in Hebrew.

If you observe the three aspects of the Absolute, you will see that each of them contains the word Ain (אין). This word Ain (אין) is formed by the letters Aleph-Iod-Nun(-final). This letter (ן) Nun(-final) relates to the three aspects. When we say light (Aur אור in Hebrew) in the Abstract Absolute Space, we say A-I-N (אין) Soph Aur (סוף אור), which is the endless light of the Solar Absolute. This Solar Absolute is the first manifestation of the Abstract Absolute Space, which is called Ain Soph.

Berashyth בראשית

In Aramaic, the word for fire is Nur (נור). It is written with the letters Nun-Vav-Resh. This word for fire in Aramaic is associated with the word “light,” Aur אור in Hebrew. That is why, when we pronounce the first word in Genesis, Berashyth בראשית, we divide this word in three parts: Bar-בר, Esh-אש, Ith-ית.

Bar-בר (Beth-Reish), in Aramaic, means, “son.” The word Esh-אש (Aleph-Shin) in Hebrew means, “fire”; this word, as you can see, is associated with the Aramaic word Nour (נור), which means “fire.” Interestingly, the word Naur (נאור) in Hebrew means “enlightened.” Thus, by adding the element air (Aleph א) to the fire (Nur נור), we become Naur (נאור) enlightened; in other words, Alchemically speaking, it is by rising the fires of Nur with the breath of Aleph that we develop spiritually.

So, the first two syllables of the word Berashyth בראשית can be translated as “Son of Fire” or “the enlightened Sun.” That is why, when we examine the word Berashyth, we discover that it is stated: Son of fire, or enlightened Sun, which addresses the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute, because when the fire is raised, enlightenment is the outcome. The Solar Absolute is the Protocosmos, the first cosmos, the Son, Christ, that exists within that 0 or 7th dimension, within the Abstract Absolute Space; it is related with the spiritual suns, which are impossible to see with a telescope, because the telescope can only see the physical suns, not the spiritual suns. Every solar system has its particular Solar Absolute. The physical Sun that we have is only the physical expression of that spiritual sun. It is remarkable to see the esoteric affinity of the English words sun and son.

Remember, that as the physical sun is the physical body of the spiritual sun or solar absolute; it relates to Tiphereth-Jacob-Israel. The 12 tribes relate to the 12 zodiac constellations and the nine heavens are the nine Sephiroth between Malkuth and the Ain Soph Aur or Solar Absolute, namely: Kether, Chokmah, Binah, Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, Netzach, Hod and Yesod.

The descent of the ray of creation from the Solar Absolute into the world of Malkuth is represented in Genesis by the descent of the 12 tribes (archetypes) of Israel into Egypt; through the 4 Yugas or 4 Cosmic Rounds in the descending arch. We call this process involution. And the Exodus is the ascent of the 12 tribes (archetypes) from Malkuth to the Solar Absolute or Ain Soph Aur; through the 4 Yugas or 4 Cosmic Rounds in the ascending arch. We call this process revolution.

However, it is important to differentiate between the mechanical ascension of nature through the respective Yugas, or densities of matter, and the spiritual revolution of the acquirement of the solar bodies of the true human being. Whereas the ascension of the macrocosmic nature through the successive levels of creation, upon reaching the very bottom, the Kali Yuga or Terrestrial round is an inevitability of nature, the creation of the true human being, the birth of the Solar bodies, or Manavas is not.

Malkuth-Egypt is our physicality, Kali Yuga

Yesod is the Bodhichitta, Dwapara Yuga

Hod is the Astral Solar Body, Treta Yuga

Netzach is the Mental Solar Body, Satya Yuga

Tiphereth, the Causal Body is Moses or Arjuna united to Geburah and Chesed, our Monad, guided by the Glorian of the Cosmocreators, Christ or Krishna, our Father who is in Heaven.


Binah, Chokmah and Kether are Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, our three Logoic forces within ParaBrahman the Ain Soph, they form the Tetragrammaton.

The first emanation of the Solar Absolute is the Theomertmalogos. This word Theomertmalogos is a compound word which brings together the two Greek words Theos and Logos—which mean “God” and “Word” respectively—by the action of the Hebrew word Meritma מרתמה, which means “harness” (of weaving looms) . So, the word Theomertmalogos is a compound word that relates to the first spiritual activity of the Logos from the Solar Absolute in the weaving loom of Theos.

Tarot 24

“The “Theomertmalogos” weaves and unweaves its own loom with infinite wisdom. All of Nature is the loom of God.” - Samael Aun Weor The Pistis Sophia Unveiled.

The word Berashyth בראשית, which we are addressing, contains a third syllable, which is “It” or “Ith, Ioth.” This word Ioth-ית, Iod-Tav, means, “who” in Aramaic. The word “who” in Hebrew is Mi מי, Mem-Iod. So, this word Berashyth is addressing the first emanation of the Solar Absolute, which is the Son of the Light, which is Ioth-ית “who” in Aramaic.

This Ioth-ית (“who”) is a very interesting word, because in Aramaic they say that It ית (Ioth, Iod-Tav) can also mean “whom.” These words who and whom are essentially the same word. This “who” is an interrogative word, because it is not something concrete, something that we can describe; it is something that has no form, it is formless. We will say that it is that formless entity that gives form to the substance, which is the “Akash” that element that exists in space. We call it dark matter, which is related with dark energy. It is dark in the sense that is it not comprehensible to our intellect.

In Sanskrit, there is a word that describes this non-existent substance or entity in a concrete manner, and that word is Shiva. Shiva literally means “who is not.” So, the Theomertmalogos is Shiva, “who is not,” and also Ioth-ית (Iod-Tav, “who”) in Aramaic. It is very interesting to see the relationship of Aramaic, Hebrew and Sanskrit, which shows us that the word Berashyth addresses that 0 dimension, that relates to the Abstract Absolute Space, that from which the universe emerged.

That is why, when we talk about the phrase Berashyth Bera Elohim (בראשית ברא אלהים), we have to analyse the normal translation, which states, “In the beginning, God created.” But, the literal esoteric translation of Berashyth בראשית is: Berashyth (“the son of fire,” Ioth-ית “who”) “created” (ברא Bera) Elohim אלהים (“the gods and goddesses”). This word Elohim אלהים is also a compound word, formed by the words Eleh אלה, which means “these” in Hebrew; and the word Im ים, Yam, Iod-Mem, which backwards is the same “who” (Mi מי), but manifested.

The word “who” in Aramaic, Ioth-ית, is unmanifested, but the word Yam, ים Im, Iod-Mem, is the same Mi מי (“who”) but manifested, and is united to the word Eleh אלה, which means “these.” So, the word Elohim אלהים is plural, because the word Eleh אלה “these” is plural. So, in creation (ברא Bera) these (Eleh אלה) are the elements that relate to “who” (Mi מי), which Genesis call Elohim אלהים.

From this abstract point of view, we can clearly see that the Elohim אלהים exist in HaSchamayim השמים and HaAretz הארץ, which in Hebrew means, the “heavens and the earth.” The word HaSchamayim השמים encloses the word Mayim, Maim מים, which means “waters” in Hebrew. So, when we are pointing to HaSchamayim השמים, the common translation is, “in the heavens.” But, the correct esoteric translation would be, “in the fire “ש Shin” of the waters above.”

The letter Shin ש symbolizes “fire” in Hebrew, and the word HaMayim המים means “the waters.” So, Schamayim, which is translated as “heaven” is related with those elements, Eleh אלה (“these”), archetypes, which are in that dimension which we call the 6th and 7th dimensions of the universe. That is why, “In the beginning created Elohim אלהים Ath Ha-Schamayim” occurred in that dimension, which is beyond the three-dimensional world. Ha-Aretz is the Earth, the matter as substance, which is always without form, but that takes form according to the law of karma.


In synthesis:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

“Berashyth Bera Elohim Ath Ha-Schamayim Ve’Ath Ha-Aretz”

Which is translated as, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth” is really a description of how, in creation (ברא Bera), "who" (Ioth-ית in Aramaic), from the Solar Absolute, the Theomertmalogos harnesses these (Eleh אלה) threads or solar archetypes above, in HaSchamayim השמים, the 0 dimension, and below as “who” (Mi מי in Hebrew), in the form of matter, which is called Earth, our physicality, the loom of God.

Since this is very important for us to understand—because, as we said, the universe descends and extends from the 0 or 7th dimension, the Absolute, into the 6th dimension, called the Causal world—here is something very important that we have to address: within the Absolute, we find what we call the Ain Soph, which in English means, “the limitless.” Everyone, individually, has their own particular Ain Soph, a particle of that Abstract Absolute Space. Within that Ain Soph, we find 3 particles, 3 atoms more specifically. These are not three-dimensional atoms, but they are atoms in the sense that they are small particles of that Abstract Absolute Space. These three particles, that any Ain Soph has within its womb, are what we call the Trinity, or the Triamatzikamno, the law of three, the law that creates. This law of the Triamatzikamno has to descend into the 6th dimension, the Causal world, in order to be active in the universe; active in the sense in order to exercise this creation.

Obviously, these three aspects of the Ain Soph, together with the Ain Soph, are what in Kabbalah are called the Tetragrammaton: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, the sacred name of the Unmanifested. From these three aspects of the Absolute, the Ain Soph, emerges the Tetragrammaton, but only the three aspects of those four appear in the 6th dimension, because the Ain Soph is unmanifested.

The Ain Soph is that, that is also called in Hebrew Elah אלה. This word Elah אלה - which is spelled exactly the same as Eleh אלה (“these”): Aleph-Lamed-Hei—means, “Goddess.” So, the Ain Soph itself is that Goddess, or feminine aspect of creation, which contains within her womb, these three aspects that we name, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, or Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva, or Kether, Chokmah, Binah, that have the ability to create. Without these three aspects (the Triamatzikamno), creation cannot exist, because the law of three creates.

A simple example here, in this three-dimensional world: a man is the father, a woman is the mother, when they unite sexually by the third force (Shiva), then creation emerges, and the son appears. Of course, in the universe, that son, related with the Abstract Absolute Space, is called the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute. That is why, in many lectures, when we are addressing the Solar Absolute we are addressing the Christ, the Cosmic Christ, which is the Son. That Christ is the outcome of the law of three, which acted in previous cosmic days.

The Solar Absolute contains all of those Cosmo-Creators that emerge in any solar system, in order for that solar system to exist. That Ain Soph Aur is what we call the Cosmic Christ. They relate to Monads, cosmic unities, that are fully developed; or, as we say, self-realized. Therefore, they assist the Solar Absolute in order to give help to those particles of the Absolute that still need to express the Triamatzikamno in the universe. But, there are also unconscious particles that have that power of creation, but who do not yet know creation or how to create; therefore, within the womb of those Ain Sophs and three particles of the Absolute, the Cosmo-Creators engender a particle of themselves that knows how to create. That particle is called, in Sanskrit, Brahma.

We have our own, particular Brahma within the womb of the Ain Soph. But, this Brahma is a particle of the Solar Absolute, which forms within the womb of the Ain Soph four particles. This is something that we have to understand: when that fourth particle enters into the womb of the Ain Soph, then that particle helps the development of the power of creation, through that particular Ain Soph.

The Cosmo-Creator is the one who exercises that help. That is why, when that Ain Soph manifests in the zero dimension, we see in it five aspects; four that relate to its own idiosyncrasy, plus the 5th that is called Brahma, in the universe. One thing is Brahma in the Absolute, which is a particle of Parabrahma, and another thing is that particle that is manifested in the universe; that Brahma is a child of Vishnu. Vishnu is the same Cosmic Christ, that wisdom that contains the knowledge of the universe, the Protocosmos, the Solar Absolute: that is Vishnu.

vishnu lakshmi

This image of Vishnu with Lakshmi represents a Cosmo Creator with 12 serpents or 12 self-realized Aeons, in other words, an Ain Soph Paranishpanna, someone who has self-realized Lakshmi, the Ain Soph.

That is why we see in many depictions of Vishnu that he is floating in space, in the waters of space, with his wife Lakshmi. From the navel of Vishnu a lotus flower is seen being created, and on top of that lotus flower is Brahma, which is part of that Vishnu.

Behold: Brahma has, in the beginning, 5 heads. Those 5 heads of Brahma are what we are explaining here: the 3 particles within the womb of the Ain Soph, plus that particle given by Vishnu in order to assist that particular Ain Soph in creation. The four, or in other words, the five heads of Brahma relate to the three aspects of the Absolute, plus the Ain Soph, which is unmanifested, and the 5th, which is that particle of the Cosmo-Creators.


We always state that a simple way to understand these 5 heads of Brahma is when we associate those 5 heads with the 5 senses, in the physical body. Sight is the first head; hearing, the second head; smell, the third; taste, the fourth; and touch is the fifth. Obviously, the sense of touch is associated with the word, because, through the word is how the Elohim אלהים create. Remember that it is written:

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.” - John1: 1

So, in the beginning, creation is always active through the word. That is why we understand that the word, the larynx, is associated with Shiva-Shakti, with the Theomertmalogos. That 5th head is associated with the word. But, only the Gods can create with the power of the word, the Alpha in the throat of the Pentalpha.


That is why, when Brahma manifests himself in the universe the 5th head, which relates to the power of the Ain Soph Aur, manifests in the genitalia and not in the larynx; both are related to the male-female creative power of Shiva-Shakti. As it is written:

“Now the serpent (Ida or left serpentine ganglionic chord that connects the genitalia to the brain) was more subtil than all lives (חית) of the field (physical organism) which Jehovah Elohim (Binah) had made (in Yesod). And he said unto the woman (male or female genitalia, that collects in the ovaries or testicles the energies of the tree of life), Yea, hath Elohim said, Ye shall not eat (collect) of every tree (nervous system) of the garden (Malkuth)?

And the woman (male or female genitalia, that collects in the ovaries or testicles the energies of the tree of life) said unto the serpent (Ida or left serpentine ganglionic chord of the caduceus of mercury), We (either male or female genitalia) may eat (collect) of the fruit of the trees (nervous system) of the garden (Malkuth, physical organism):

But of the fruit (sperm or ovum) of the tree (feminine and masculine sexual organs, namely, phallus in the male, and vagina in the female, respectively) which is in the midst of the garden (physicality), Elohim hath said, Ye shall not eat of it (as the beasts do), neither shall ye touch it (with masturbation), lest ye die (through devolution, the second death in hell).

And the serpent (Ida or left serpentine ganglionic chord that connects the genitalia to the brain) said unto the woman (male or female genitalia, that collects in the ovaries or testicles the energies of the tree of life), Ye shall not surely die (through devolution, the second death in hell, if you practice White Vajroli Mudra and Maithuna):

For Elohim doth know that in the day ye eat (transmute the sperm into energy) thereof (as the Elohim do), then your (pineal and pituitary) eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as Elohim, knowing good and evil.

And when the woman (male or female genitalia, that collects in the ovaries or testicles the energies of the tree of life) saw (comprehended) that the tree was good for (spiritual) food, and that it was pleasant to the (pineal and pituitary) eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise, (but) she (the sexual organ, unfortunately could not control the spasm of the beasts and) took of the fruit (through the orgasm) thereof, and did eat (as the beasts), and gave also unto her husband (the brain) with her; and he (the brain) did eat (experienced the orgasm of the beasts).” - Genesis 3: 1-6

Therefore, only 4 heads are manifested in the beginning of creation, because Brahma is the one that has to learn how to create, with the power of the word of his missing fifth head, which, in this case, relates to the Tetragrammaton, the unmanifested power of Ain Soph and its 3 particles in the Absolute.


These four manifested heads of Brahma also relate with the 4 Yugas. The power of creation of Brahma manifests in different dimensions. When the Monad of the Ain Soph receives Brahma from the Cosmo-Creators in her womb, it descends into the 6th dimension, the Causal world, with only four heads. Thereafter, it continues descending and extending into the circle of Eternity, the 5th dimension. In the 5th dimension, that Brahma starts creation in what we call the Satya yuga, and continues descending and extending into the same circle of Eternity (5th dimension) into the Astral plane or Treta yuga.


In the 5th dimension we find two main planes: the Mental plane and the Astral or Emotional plane. In our previous lectures, we have explained about the the Saturnian round and the Solar round; it is in the circle of Eternity (5th dimension) where the Saturnian and Solar rounds develop. These are called the Satya yuga and the Treta yuga in Sanskrit.

In the 5th dimension, the circle of Eternity, Brahma descends and extends His creation into the circle of Time, which is the 4th dimension, the Dwapara yuga. And, from the 4th dimension (the circle of Time) Brahma descends and extends into the three-dimensional world, the physical world, the Kali yuga.

All of this descension and extension, in different dimensions, is made with the objective of creating the Human Being, which in Sanskrit is called Manu. In Sanskrit the word Manvantara means "an age, an era, an aeon," or, a "life-span of a Manu," where Manavas or humans are created. In other words, a Manvantara is an age or life-span of a Manu necessary for the creation of Manavas or humans, which begins in the mental plane within the circle of eternity, thereafter descending into the circle of Time (4th dimension), and finally reaching the physical world (3rd dimension). Then, upon the completion of that descension, or involution, it begins ascending from the physical world into the 4th dimension (circle of Time) and ending when returning into the circle of Eternity in order to complete an entire circuit or Mahakalpa, through all of these mentioned dimensions.


So, behold that Brahma descends from the 7th or zero dimension, from the Protocosmos (the 1st cosmos, the Solar Absolute) through the 6th dimension into the 5th dimension, 4th dimension, until finally appearing in the three-dimensional world in which we are right now. We have to understand that the time of these cycles that we are talking about are symbolic. You cannot give exact measurements to these cycles of expression of creation, because they descend from the higher dimensions into the three-dimensional world. This is how we have to understand Anthropogenesis: it begins from the top, to the bottom.

Let us now read the Zohar, regarding the occult origins of the Elohim אלהים , which as we said, Berashyth created.

It is written in the Zohar, quoting Isaiah 40: 26:

“Lift up your eyes on high, and behold who hath created "these things" (אלה דברים Eleh Debarim; also - these words),”

Remember that the word "these” in Hebrew is Eleh אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei.

“Lift up (Mah מה towards Mi מי in) your eyes on high. Where?  To the place (Brahma's head) whither all eyes are turned. There is the Petach Aiyanim (פתח עיניים), or opening of eyes (the Ajna and Sahasrara chakras, root of the nose, that connects the pituitary gland to the pineal gland-the abode of Neptune-Shiva, God of - HaMayim המים - the waters).” - Zohar

This Petach Aiyanim (פתח עיניים) is an interesting phrase. The word Petach (פתח) contains many meanings, chief among which are, “to open, to develop, to grow, to improve,” but also, interestingly, “gateway, doorway.” The word Aiyanim (עיניים) means “eyes,” from the word (and letter) Ayin (עין), meaning “eye.” Thus, in synthesis, we can say this phrase means the development or opening of our eyes, or better said, our internal senses in each one of the seven horns or medullas of the seven bodies of the true human being, our inner gateways to comprehension, to understanding, to awareness. This is why it is written:

“And I beheld, and, lo, in the midst of the throne (central nervous system) and of the four beasts (4 heads of Brahma, 4 Gospels, 4 Yugas, namely, winged eagle, winged lion, winged angel, winged bull), and in the midst of the (24) elders (of the 12 zodiac signs), stood a Lamb (fire of Aries, in the fifth head of Brahma) as it had been slain, having seven horns (medullas) and seven eyes (inner senses), which are (governed by) the seven Spirits of God (the seven cosmocreators) sent forth into all (the four Yugas of) the earth.” - Revelation 5: 6


“There you will recognize the mysterious Ancient One who created these (with the power of the word) and is the object of research. And who is he? He is Mi מי (which in Hebrew means, “who”) that is called the summit of the heavens above, for all things exist by his will. Because he is the object concealed and invisible after which all seek. Therefore is this mysterious being (Shiva) called Who(is not - Yam ים water, backwards: Mi מי), and beyond him search in vain. 

Maa Parvati

Rut at the other extremity is another being known as What! (which in Hebrew is Mah מה, his Shakti, his Shekinah שכינה).” - Zohar

As you see, this Mi מי and Mah מה together, backwards, form the word HaMayim המים, which means, “the waters.” But, related to this Who that created “These,” in order to form the word Elohim אלהים , we find that the book of Genesis or ברא שתי (Bera Shaty) Hebrew words which mean, “creation two,” better said, "created two") states the following, in Genesis 2: 4:

Abraham and the Trinity

“These (Eleh אלה - Aleph-Lamed-Hei) are the generations of (two, Shaty שתי) the heavens and of the earth when they were created (Behibaram בהבראם - by Abraham - Brahma), in the day that the Jehovah Elohim (Binah - Shiva) made (two, Shaty שתי) the earth and the heavens.” - Genesis 2: 4

As you can see here, we said that Jehovah Elohim is Binah. Binah is the third Sephirah of the Tree of Life, who is called the Holy Spirit in Christianity, and Shiva in Hinduism. It is stated here that the word, when they were created, in Hebrew, is Behibaram בהבראם. Behibaram בהבראם, according to the Zohar, is an anagram, which means “By Abraham ב'אברהם.” But, also, if we say that the heavens and the earth were created by Abraham, then we understand this when we see that Abraham אברהם is the same Bramah בראמה of the Hindus.

Brahma בראמה and Abraham אברהם have the same letters. According to the Zohar, Abraham relates with the Sephirah Chesed (our Innermost); the Hindus associate creation with Brahma, and Brahma, we have stated, is the Innermost, that particle that was inserted in our Ain Soph, in order to learn creation, how to create.

So, Behibaram, “by Abraham,” can also be translated as: “by Brahma.”

“These are the generations of the heavens and of the earth, by Brahma, in the day that Shiva made the Earth and the heavens.”

Do you see that both parts of the Trinity are involved? According to the Zohar, and this verse: the heavens and the earth were created by Abraham in the day that Jehovah Elohim made the earth and the heavens… this means that the power of Shiva, who is not manifested, manifests when Brahma creates through the three primary forces of the Triamatzikamno.

“These” (Eleh אלה, Aleph-Lamed-Hei) are the first three letters of Elohim אלהים . If look at the end of the word Elohim אלהים , you find the letters Iod-Mem, which backwards form the word Mi מי (“who”), the same Holy Spirit. So, “Who created these” is not a question, but an assertion, that “Who” (the Holy Spirit, the creative force of Jehovah Elohim) created the heavens and the earth through Brahma or Abraham if you want.

In the bible we find the same mystery that we find in the Rig Veda, regarding creation by Brahma and Shiva; Shiva, who creates through Brahma, who is an extension, an unfoldment of Vishnu. Vishnu observes creation through Brahma, and Brahma performs creation through Shiva, that is the meaning of this.

In Hebrew terms, we would say that Abraham performs the work of Jehovah Elohim, or Jehovah Elohim, through Abraham, creates the heavens and the earth, in our own, particular microcosmos, but in the macrocosmos too. Remember that Abraham, Brahma is an extension of the Ain Soph Aur, inside our Monad. In other words, Brahma (Abraham) is an igneous particle of Christ, our Innermost within our heart.

Before the creation of the true human being, the psychology of people is wrapped and enshrouded in darkness and chaos reigns supreme among mankind, as it is written,

“And the earth was formless and void.” - Genesis 1: 2

Meaning that the substance of matter was formless and void.

“And darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters.” - Genesis 1: 2

This statement is clearly telling us that the human body, is the only human form that we have, because our psychology is enwrapped and enshrouded in darkness.

“And the earth (our physicality) was formless and void.” - Genesis 1: 2

It means that there is nothing within our body that can be called “human,” there is only darkness upon the face of the deep (our psychology).  Yet, in the depths of our selves....


 "And the Ruach Elohim is hovering over the face of the waters."

This is something very important to understand. That spirit, that Ruach Elohim is Chesed; that spirit is Brahma, that spirit is Abraham, that through the word Behibaram creates the heaves and the earth, by virtue of the Holy Spirit, Shiva, the one “who is not” but that could become the human being in us, if we know how to apply Tantric practices.

"Pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult reactionaries suppose they can awaken Kundalini by means of brahmacharya or forced celibacy. All initiates of authentic mystery schools know, through direct experience, that it is impossible to achieve the awakening and development of the seven grades of the power of fire without Tantric practices. There are two types of brahmacharya (sexual abstention): solar and lunar. Solar Brahmacharya is obligatory for all those who have already been born in the superior worlds with solar bodies, that is, for those who have left the Ninth Sphere. Lunar brahmacharya is practiced by many sincerely mistaken people, by many ignoramuses who have never worked in the Ninth Sphere, who have not built the solar bodies, who are without inner self-realization. The practice of lunar brahmacharya is harmful to those who have not built the solar bodies because they become charged with frightfully evil and terrible vibrations." - Samael Aun Weor, Light from Darkness

This word Brahmacharya means, “the way in which Brahma handles the energies of the physical body.” Brahma is the only one that can create the Manu, the true human being, those elements that relate to matter, to mind and what is called, Manavas, which is nothing other than the interior Solar bodies that are created when we apply Tantric practices.

We have to explain Brahmacharya, because there are two types of Brahmacharya: lunar Brahmacharya and solar Brahmacharya. Lunar Brahmacharya is for beginners, for those elements that do not have solar bodies, because the physicality has to be trained in order for us to know how to manipulate the forces, the energies of Shiva, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah Elohim in our bodies. Jehovah Elohim, Shiva, Binah, the 3rd Logos, creates through the waters of Tantrism. Remember:

“And the Spirit of Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters.” - Genesis 1: 2

“The waters” are called HaMayim המים in Hebrew. Reading HaMayim המים backwards, we find Mi מי (“who”) and Mah מה (“what”). These two words are hidden in the waters. Which waters? In us, the cerebral spinal fluid is called Mi מי , and the genital sexual fluid is called Mah מה.

So, these are the two polarities of the sexual energy, which relate to the two serpents of the Caduceus of Mercury. When we read that the spirit of Elohim moved upon the face of the waters, we have to understand that they are talking about the fluids of creation, which in the human organism are related with the cerebral spinal fluid and the genital fluid. That is what we call HaMayim המים, which backwards is Mi מי and Mah מה, the presence of the Holy Spirit in us.

That is why Paul of Tarsus states:

“What (Mah מה)? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, who (Mi מי) ye have of God (Elohim אלהים), and ye are not your own?” - 1 Corinthians 6: 19

Paul is skillfully addressing Mi מי and Mah מה in Greek, namely, Ay-ἤ and Hos-ὅς, respectively, the two polarities of Shiva-Shakti in our physicality. HaMayim המים, the waters, these fluids are the vehicle for all the energies that circulate in our physicality. When someone starts manipulating, through pranayama and other different exercises, through yogic practices, they begin learning to intelligently work with and utilize these forces of Shiva-Shakti within. Remember that to be a yogi is to be learning to unite (Yug in Sanskrit) the Mi מי and Mah מה, the positive and negative, or masculine and feminine creative powers in our body. We have to learn how to handle them; this is what is called Tantra.

But, the main manipulation of the energies of the body, which is called Tantra, is done through Maithuna. What is Maithuna? It is the way in which the man and the woman together, in the sexual act, manipulate their own waters, Mi מי and Mah מה, HaMayim המים, in order to create, or better said, in order for their particular, individual Brahma, who is the Innermost, to learn how to manipulate the forces of Shiva-Shakti in the physical body and to create the Manavas, which in esotericism are the Astral solar body, the Mental solar body and the Causal solar body.

Once these solar bodies are created within, then Brahma continues his creation in the solar manner. That is what is called solar Brahmacharya. Before entering into the solar Brahmacharya, we have to practice lunar Brahmacharya; in other words, we have to work individually, as a celibate monk or nun. This in order to learn how handle the energies of the body as a yogi or yogini, individually, preparing themselves for Maithuna, which is the way in which the Manavas are created.

In order for creation to occur, the two polarities, man and woman, Yin and Yang have to be united in the sexual act. This because the Manavas, the human beings, are created in the same way that the physicality, the physical body is created. But, the procedure is different.

Anybody can create a physical body, by uniting in the sexual act; all of us, all of our physical bodies are children of the sexual act. But, the Manavas are the outcome of the transmutation of the sperm and the ovum into energy, in the very sexual act between husband and wife. There we see the two polarities. This is the mystery of creation, of solar creation, Surya: fire creates.

There are certain yogis, such as Yogananda, that thought that they could create the Manavas, the solar bodies, just by practicing the Kriya yoga; the practices that allow you to experience many things through Kriya. But, he refused marriage when his guru Sri Yukteswar offered him the opportunity to be married, thinking that he could self-realize and create all the Manavas through sexual abstention, or what is called in Christianity celibacy. This was a big mistake. No one can create the solar bodies through celibacy. It is impossible.

Remember that it is stated that Mary (Malkuth), was a nun, a vestal of the temple of Jerusalem, (נ nun is also the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, nun נ symbolizes 'a fish' in Aramaic). So the nun, symbol of the soul of the mercury, became pregnant by the fire of the Holy Spirit, and the fire Holy Spirit only acts in the sexual act as Shiva-Shakti, through Maithuna. There are many yogis and yoginis that practice Brahmacharya, but lunar Brahmacharya, and they develop certain positive spiritual faculties, but they cannot create the solar bodies with that method. Only solar Maithuna can create. After that, you can practice solar Brahmacharya if you want; in other words, if you want to continue in the path, called the Spiral Path of Nirvana through many Mahamanvantaras, you can continue like that, without the necessity of the sexual act. That is called Solar Brahmacharya for Nirvanis, but only after creating the Manavas, not before. Before, it is called lunar Brahmacharya, which is actually the Brahmacharya that everyone practices that does not know about the sexual mystery of Brahma with Saraswati. Solar Brahmacharya is the correct functioning of Mi מי (Shiva) in the Mah מה (Shakti) of Abraham and Sarah or Brahma and Saraswati through “these” (Eleh אלה) manavas or solar bodies of any Elohim אלהים.


Brahma and Saraswati

“The Nirvanis work under the direction of their Stellar Fathers. The Innermost of every human being is (Brahma) a child of a sidereal genie (from the Genii, the Logoi of the Solar Absolute) and there are as many Fathers (Brahmas or Innermosts) in heaven as there are human beings on earth.” Samael Aun Weor

Krishna 1Yet, the ray of Aelohim, the Cosmic Christ, Vishnu, the Solar Absolute only incarnates in the Nirvanis who renounce Nirvana and take the Path of the long and bitter duty.

“I tell my Arhats that it is better to enter the Path of long and bitter duty. I tell them that the Nirvanic Logoic path (the Spiral Path) offers us many paradises, but it is dangerous… There are millions of Gods laden with very serious Karmic compromises. There are millions of Gods that have been unable to enter the ineffable happiness of the (Solar) Absolute. The Path of the long and bitter duty leads us directly to the uncreated light of the Absolute.” - Samael Aun Weor

Remember that Brahma is seated on the top of the lotus flower that sprouts from the navel of Vishnu. Vishnu is the Solar Absolute. This is how we understand how creation occurs through Brahma, but it is because Vishnu assists Brahma in the creation of the solar bodies, and Brahma is perforing that work through the activity of Shiva-Shakti. The three of them are associated in the creation of the Manavas.

Moreover, the creation of the physicality is something that we have to comprehend very deeply. The physical body does not just appear, from one round to the next. Remember that in the womb, during pregnancy the woman (Malkuth) is recapitulating during nine months all of the levels and states of previous cosmic rounds, according to the Yugas of the Hindus and according to the nine sephiroth or spheres above Malkuth, in the Tree of Life.

Master Samael Aun Weor explains in synthesis about this. If we study the Revolution of Beelzebub, we discover what the Master Samael Aun Weor stated regarding this subject. But, before going into this quote from the Master Samael Aun Weor, he says that a Mahamanvantara is comprised by “big human cycles.” These cycles that the Master Samael numbered as the Saturnian round, Solar round, Lunar round and the Terrestrial round, in Hinduism are called Mahamanvantaras. Yuga means “an age, an aeon” in Sanskrit.

There are four Yugas. The development of any Yuga is called a Mahamanvantara. So, a Mahamanvantara is comprised of "great human cycles' or 8 Mahamanvantaras, governed by a particular Manu or super human being (the Gods or Elohim), who are small-scale microcosmic images of their respective Mahamanvantaras of about 4,320,000 cosmic years. Their respective symbolic length, kabbalistically, will then be 4 for Satya, 3 for Treta, 2 for Dwapara and 0 or 1 for Kali; these numbers when added amongst themselves always give the number 9, their common denominator.

The Satya, Treta, Dwapara and Kali Mahamanvantaras last 1,728,000 (which = 9), 1,296,000 (which = 9), 864,000 (which = 9), and 432,000 (which = 9) cosmic years, respectively. All of them develop in a circular manner and the sum of their digits is always nine, and are therefore sub-multiples of 25,920 (a sidereal year) = 9, which is the length of the cycle of precession of the equinoxes, which likewise is a circular number.

The Satya yuga is called the Saturnian round; Treta yuga is called the Solar round; Dwapara yuga is called the Lunar round; and the Kali yuga is called the Terrestrial round, this from the macrocosmic point of view.

Master Samael Aun Weor states:

“The human beings of the epoch of Saturn (the Saturnian round, the Satya yuga) were using Astral bodies and they were tall in stature. At that time, our modern human bodies were only germs with the possibility of unfolding.

The present human “Innermosts” (our own Spirits, Brahmas or Abrahams) were just virginal sparks who were animating the mineral kingdom.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

So, the development of our present physicality started in the Saturnian round, when we were just germs, and our Abraham-Brahma started to learn about creation in the mineral kingdom.

“When the cosmic night of the Solar epoch approached, after millions of years, the Four Lords of Flame endowed the present human Innermosts (Spirits) with a Spiritual Soul or Buddhic body, which is the body of intuition.”  - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

In that Buddhic body is where the Cosmo-Creators implanted “these”; in other words, the archetypes that need to develop consciously, through the action of our own particular Brahma, the Spirit.

“The vehicle of intuition is directly connected with the heart. Accordingly, the heart is the center of intuition. Its chakra (Anahata) or lotus flower spins and shines with extraordinary beauty. Seven atomic centers exist in this chakra Anahata, which serve as instruments for the seven great cosmic hierarchies, in order for them to act upon our marvelous organism.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

In this way, we will say that we are talking about the physical organism. At that time, our Brahma, our Innermost was animating the plant kingdom. The plant kingdom knows how to transmute the solar light beautifully; that is why the solar hierarchies teach Brahma, the spirit of each one of us, how to transmute, by using the symbolism of plants… remember the Garden of Eden, where everything is symbolized with plants, with trees.

“As we have already stated in our book entitled The Perfect Matrimony or The Door to Enter into Initiation, the heart of the Sun is constructed like the heart of our human organism. Just as seven hierarchs exist in the Sun who direct the seven cosmic rays, seven brains exist in our heart that belong to the seven great cosmic hierarchies.

The Sun has an atomic central nucleus, which is the Atom Nous, and this atom is the dwelling of Brahma within us. This atom is the first vital center that functions in the fetus, and also the last atom that stops living in our organism.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

As you see, the development of these Mahamanvantaras is related with the development of our present physicality. Master Samael says:

“During the Lunar period (which in Sanskrit is called the Dwapara yuga), the physical bodies of our present humanity reached a high degree in their perfection. We acquired the (lunar) Astral Body (protoplasmic body) during that period.

We, the human beings of present times, were the animals of the Lunar period (Dwapara yuga).”  - Samael Aun Weor, The Revolution of Beelzebub

We have to understand that this human shape that we have acquired in this day and age is the outcome of the development of previous cosmic days, what we call Mahamanvantaras, in other words, we are saying that the 3 previous Mahamanvantaras plus this present Mahamanvantara are the 4 Yugas, namely, the Satya yuga, Treta yuga, Dwapara yuga and the Kali yuga.

The Kali yuga is what is called, in the Revolution of Beelzebub, “the Terrestrial Round.” It is very important for us to understand what the Terrestrial round is, because it is equal to the Kali yuga. The whole Mahakalpa is the descent of life through many dimensions. We stated that the descent of the Yugas begins at the level of the Mental plane, which is the 5th dimension, the circle of Eternity. From the Mental plane, we enter into the Solar round, the Treta yuga.

The Mental and Emotional development of these Yugas occur in Eternity, the 5th dimension. But, when the Yugas continue descending into the 4th dimension, then the Dwapara yuga begins, which is the bronze age. Remember, we are talking about the Mahakalpa here, because these 4 Yugas develop in different dimensions, in different levels. Each root race of any round, for example, of the Saturnian (which had 7 root races); each root race develops around the zodiacal belt, but the Saturnian round developed in the level of Eternity.

Let us take this example, in order for us to understand what a Mahakalpa is. What we call winter in the northern hemisphere, is summer in the south. But, when winter begins in the south of the planet, we have summer here in the north. So, as you can see, the four seasons of a year happen twice, in different latitudes of the planet. The four seasons in the north begin in a certain epoch, or time, whereas in the south, they develop in the reverse.

What we call here autumn, is spring there; what we call winter is summer for them, etc etc etc. In other words, the four seasons happen twice in one year. Depending upon which part of the planet we live, it will determine which season we will experience at any one time. There are always four seasons, but they occur in different precessions.

The tilt of Earth's rotation axis causes the four seasons of a year that we experience. The Earth precesses, meaning, the rotation axis wobbles or changes direction throughout the Mahamanvantara.

A Mahamanvantara is the exact amount of sidereal time needed for the whole Solar System to orbit the Sun Alcyone in a circle of 360 degrees throughout the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions.


This Earth’s wobble is a very precisely measurable behavior since the direction of the rotation axis moves in a circle of 360 degrees. This wobble is termed "precession." The rotation axis precesses very slowly through space, a span of time which is 25,920 earth years.

The Earth’s position moves a degree about every 20 minutes in each orbit around the Sun in a circle of 360 degrees. Thus if we divide 360 degrees = 518400 minutes by 20 minutes per its rotation around the sun, we will get the 25,920 years of the earth needed for a sidereal year.

Therefore, the orientation of the north pole of the earth, with respect to the Sun, is not fixed to the orbital period of Earth around the Sun because of the precesses of the Earth.

This is also used in order to determine the first day of spring and fall, called the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, referred as the precession of the equinoxes.

A similitude in order to understand the precesses of the Earth in relation to the four seasons and the Yugas is the following: Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere and Canada is in the northern, so their seasons are opposite. When it's spring (Satya yuga) in Canada, it's fall (Dwapara yuga) in Argentina, and vice-versa. Similarly when it's summer (Treta yuga) in Canada, it's winter (Kali yuga) in Argentina, and vice-versa.

Thus, as the seasons move on the Earth's orbit around the sun, likewise the Yugas of a Mahakalpa, a Mahamanvantara, and a Manvantara move in a different spot in the ascending arch of 180 degrees of a circle of 360 degrees.

This orbital sidereal year is also measured with respect to the positions of the 12 zodiac constellations in relation to nine heavenly spheres through which the consciousness gets rounded off through 108 lives: 12 x 9 = 108. This gives a very good esoteric reference system in order to measure the esoteric motions of the Sun, Tiphereth, around the 12 zodiac constellations in relation to the Enneagram or the nine Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, in the world of Yetzirah, the world of Formation.


A Mahamanvantara is then 1 sidereal year of 25,920 earth years, in which the Solar System orbits around the Sun Alcyone from the beginning to the end in a circle of 360 degrees. A Mahamanvantara has 7 Root Races and each Root Race is a Manvantara with the same length of the 25,920 sidereal year.

In the same way, when we talk about the Mahamanvantaras, we have to understand how the Puranas illustrates this. The Yugas relate to the cosmic year. The cosmic year, or sidereal year, endures (according to this calculation) 25,920 cosmic years. I said cosmic because those cosmic years happen in the 5th, 4th and 3rd dimensions, in the Mahamanvantara, in the cosmic rounds, and in every root race.

Remember that in the last lecture we stated that the protoplasmic root race, the Polar race, was a recapitulation of the Satya yuga, the Saturnian round; the Hyperborean root race was a recapitulation of the Solar round, the Treta yuga; the Lemurian race was a recapitulation of the Lunar round, the Dwapara yuga. But, this round happened in another dimension, likewise the root races.


The first root race that existed in this three-dimensional world was the Atlantean root race; that root race was the first to be completely related with the Kali yuga or Terrestrial round. Right now, we are in the 5th root race of the Terrestrial round, which is called, among the Yugas, the Kali yuga of the Mahakalpa. We are the very bottom of the Mahamanvantara, or Mahakalpa. That is why, in Hinduism, they state that the Kali yuga is still in activity; yes, in relation with the Mahakalpa, the Mahamanvantara. The Kali yuga will end in the 7th root race of this Terrestrial round, which is called the Kali yuga, from the perspective of the largest cycle, the Mahakalpa.

Of course, the 6th root race, which is approaching, will have their own particular Yugas, in a higher octave. The 7th root race will have the same Yugas, in another octave. But, they will develop in the Kali yuga of the Mahakalpa. That is why the 5th round, which will start after the 7th root race of this Terrestrial round, the 4th round, will develop in the 4th dimension. That 4th dimension is related to that Yuga called the Dwapara yuga, because when the arch begins its upwards ascent, then the Yugas are repeated, in reverse, just as the seasons are repeated in our planet in different ways depending upon which part of the planet that we live. If you live in Australia, you will understand what I mean... because Australia experiences the four seasons too, but in another manner.

We will say that there are two types of the four seasons in one year. In the same way, we will say that there are really 8 Yugas in the same Mahamanvantara, but in a different manner. We have experienced the Yugas in the descending manner; now, the Mahakalpa will again experiences the Yugas, but now in the ascending manner.

Terrestrial Round

Seven root races

Seven Root Races

So, we are now going to return from the Kali into the Dwapara, then into the Treta, and finally into the Satya yuga of the Mahakalpa. But, right now, we are in the very bottom, the Kali yuga, or what we call the Terrestrial round, which must have its own seven root races; and each root race has to have its own 8 Yugas. This is something important to understand, because the Mahamanvantaras occur in both the descending manner and the ascending manner. This is the great circle. That is why we state that every root race develops in 25,920 years, which, kabbalistically added together is 9. You might say that it is written that the Mahamanvantara or Mahakalpa has 311,040,000,000 according to other calculations… but, if you make the addition of the digits of that number, we still find the number 9. In other words, in every round, every root race, every sub-race is related with the four seasons, with the four Yugas, in different cosmic times, that are always symbolic.

Maha Kalpa

“Truthfully, the quantities of years assigned to a Cosmic Day are symbolic. The Cosmic Night arrives when the ingathering of the perfect souls is complete, which means, when the Cosmic Day is absolutely perfected.” - Samael Aun Weor The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

The main point here is that in Kabbalah, the perfect human being, which is created in the seven levels or cosmic days, is called Adam אדם. That is the being that is placed in the Garden of Eden. This name Adam אדם is written Aleph-Daleth-Mem: Aleph א is 1, Daleth ד is 4 and Mem ם is 40. If you make the addition of these numbers, you have the number 9. Kabbalah is related with numbers, and numbers are living entities.

It is written in the book of Revelation, that the chosen ones that will be selected will number 144,000, and that number again, kabbalistically added, is 9. This is because 9 months are needed in order to create a human body. 9 also relates to the 9th sphere, Yesod. We work in Yesod, in order to create Adam, which is related with the Manavas, the real Manu, that has to emerge through those 9 periods, whether these are months, years, or aeons.

AdamThe Mahamanvatara is comprised of 7 human cycles, in which the Manavas are created. The number 9 relates to Adam, according to Genesis. According to the book of Revelation, the chosen ones will number 144,000 = 9.

"And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the (12) tribes of the children (archetypes) of Israel." - Revelation 7: 4

MotorInstinctualSexual Brain

This invites us to reflect upon the 9th sphere, Yesod, which is the abode of Binah; the sexual-instinctual-motor brain is ruled by Binah, the Holy Spirit, Jehovah Elohim, who in Sanskrit is called Shiva, and is related to the creative forces, the sexual creative fluids. This sexual fluid is HaMayim המים, which we repeat written backwards, is Mi מי and Mah מה. Mi מי and Mah מה are the fluids of our body. Mi מי are the positive, masculine fluids of the brain and spine; Mah מה are the fluids of the genitals; the intellecual brain is ruled by Brahma; and the emotional brain is ruled by Vishnu, in both the female and male bodies.  This invite us to reflect.

HaMayim המים are the waters upon which Brahma, the Ruach Elohim has to create: “These (Eleh אלה) are the generations of the heavens and the earth - when they were created (Behibaram בהבראם - by Brahma, Abraham).” For that, we need a physical body. So, in synthesis, do you see that the whole creation is made in order to create the perfect vehicle, which in Kabbalah is called Malkuth, which will attract the necessary elements and place them in these two waters, Mi מי and Mah מה, HaMayim המים, which are in our physicality. This physicality that we inherit in this Terrestrial round is the development from the Saturnian round, Solar round, Lunar round and finally the Terrestrial round, in which all of us have our present physical body. It is a long development from the 5th dimension, into the 4th and finally into the 3rd. This body is given to us with the purpose of creating Adam, with the purpose of creating the Manavas inside of us.

“Fortunately, the Sun has deposited in the sexual glands the seed needed in order to create the authentic human. This seed could develop if we were to cooperate with the Sun. Then, we no longer would be simple speaking machines as we are currently, since we would transform ourselves into real humans, into kings and queens of creation....

Indeed, even if we presume we are humans, we are in reality nothing more than simple intellectual animals who are sentenced to live the sadness of life. Yet, the seed of the true human exists within our glands. Yes, such a seed can transform us into solar humans. This seed can germinate within ourselves if we cooperate with the Sun and its solar ideas. The Sun has created this root race not only to be useful to the economy of Nature, but also with the clear intention of attaining a harvest of solar humans.....

The seed exists, yet it can be lost, and this is normal since this seed is very difficult to germinate. We need to develop this seed. We can do it if we cooperate with the Sun.

The “secretum secretorum” of the inner self-realization of the Being lies in sex. However, we must not become scandalized before the “secretum secretorum.” Usually, when people think about sex, they remember only their vices, their lasciviousness, their filthy fornication, their abominable adulteries...

The (sexual alchemical) work is very delicate. This is why it is stated in the Apocalypse of St. John that neither fornicators nor adulterers will be able to enter into the new Jerusalem. This is obvious.

Fornicators and adulterers stray very far away from the holy Sun Absolute, thus the emanations of the sacred Absolute Sun do not reach them, they do not touch their sexual seed-germs. Their seed-germs then turn to devolution, and are finally lost....” Harvest of the Sun by Samael Aun Weor

In every round, in every cosmic day, different developments occur, in order for us to inherit this human physicality, that we have been given freely. But, if we do not take advantage of this laboratory that the Great Law gave us, if we play with it, then we lose the opportunity of creating the true human being within us, because the true human being has to have an Astral body that belongs to the circle of Eternity; a Mental body that also belongs to the circle of Eternity; and the Causal body that belongs to the 6th dimension, to the Monad. This is what we have to have, in order to become a true human being, in order to enter into the path of the solar Brahmacharya. We practice solar Brahmacharya after we live Maithuna, the sexual act, Tantra, between man and woman, in order to create the Manavas.

Unfortunately, in this day and age, people are playing with the DNA, and with the genders. The creation of the true human being only happens when the vehicle, the loom of God, the instrument, the laboratory of Shiva, the Holy Spirit, that nature gives us freely is perfect. Not modified by surgery. If it is modified by surgery, we lose the opportunity to create the true human being inside, and, the only fate that we have, will be devolution; the destruction not only of this physical body, but of the protoplasmic bodies in the inferior fifth dimension; physicality and protoplasmic bodies that were given to us in other cosmic rounds. Thus, having no choice but to enter “a new era” again in another cycle of “a new root race” on the wheel of Samsara in order to build new physical and protoplasmic bodies from the mineral, plant, animal and humanoid kingdoms, as a Yugantar, a kind of yoke for those souls who did not overcome the humanoid state in this Aryan root race of Kaliyuga.


It would be a great tragedy if any Samson of kabbalah were to allow himself to be put to sleep by the sinful Delilah (Lilith)! - Eliphas Levi