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We are going to give a continuation of a lecture that we gave before in relation with the human being. In order to be more specific, let us start with the title of this lecture, which is “To be, or not to be human”; and, this is because the word itself that we want to explain is “human being.” Obviously, the word “being” relates to the verb, to be.

So, we find in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, this phrase that is pronounced by Hamlet in that tragedy in which he is wondering, “To be, or not to be?” And there are many explanations that people give related with this phrase, but those explanations ignore the esotericism of this question. They, of course, ignore the whole thing.

This is precisely what we have been explaining in the previous lecture, and what we will be discussing today; that is, the question of, to be or not to be a human being.

The problem that we face in regards to this dilemma is that all of us depart from the point of view that we are already human beings. Here, in gnosticism, we state that we are not human beings; that is why it is necessary to explain what it is to be a human being.

Focusing on the word “being”, we remember that we always beg, we always beseech, our inner being, our innermost, which is the spirit, to do this or that practice, this or that exercise, if we want to have success in what we are performing. And it is because the monad, which is a Greek word which means “unity” - monas μονάς - is that part of ourselves which is real, which is the reality within us. We call reality that which is eternal, which is always perennial. And when we say that we are not perennial, I am pointing out to your physicality. You know that we were born, grew up to this level at which we are right now, and eventually, we will die. This physicality that we have is not eternal. That is why everybody is afraid of dying, afraid of death.

Indeed, whether we are afraid of death or not, we will die. Yet, our being is eternal; it is that which will not die. And it is inside; we are part of him. When we say that we are part of him, we are addressing the soul, the consciousness, the essence, which is not our physicality. Our physicality is just a physical vessel, that we use in order to be, or not to be. That depends on the will of each one of us.

So, the being, the monad “unity” (monas μονάς), descends from the abstract absolute space that we call the Solar Absolute. It is a spark of the Solar Absolute. That is the being.

So, that monad “unity” (monas μονάς) has the duty of awakening and knowing its own spiritual capabilities. That is why it appears in the universe. That is the reason of existence for the being: to develop all the infinite, spiritual capabilities inherent within the being. In order to accomplish, the monad has to descend into any planetary scenario. That scenario could be the planet Earth, the planet Mars, Jupiter, or any other planet of any other solar systems. It does not matter were. It has to descend in order to evolve.

Here we arrive at this word which is very common in this day and age: evolution. This evolution that we are speaking about happens in the level of the monad “unity” (monas μονάς), in the mental level, and physical level. The physical and mental level cannot act or develop without the spiritual evolution. And this is what we have to understand.

Now this evolution has a beginning and an ending; or, better said, it has a limit. In Kabbalah, we call any planet Malkuth. That is, the physical, three-dimensional aspect of any planet is Malkuth מלכות, in the same way that our physical body is our Malkuth מלכות. Every planet has its evolutionary and devolutionary forces. The lunar bodies are the vehicles that the monad receives, which are developed during the process of evolution, in order for the monad to be able to experience and interact with the phenomenal universe. These bodies are received in the kingdoms of nature, and it is no coincidence that the word Malkuth מלכות, means “kingdom” in Hebrew.

These kingdoms are the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the humanoid kingdom, which we also call the intellectual animal kingdom.

The word animal comes from the Latin word anima, which means “soul.” The soul is what descends into these kingdoms from Tiphereth תפארת, while the monad (Geburah גבורה and Chesed חסד) remains in the superior dimensions, receiving the knowledge, the experience that the essence, the consciousness, the soul, is acquiring. In other words, it is a communion of soul and the spirit, in any kingdom.

When you investigate for instance, the kingdom of the minerals, then you find consciousnesses, souls, which are connected to their own particular monad that is in turn receiving all of the experience this his soul is acquiring in that kingdom and, as a consequence, is able to evolve through that kingdom.

In Gnosticism all kingdoms have life and consciousness. We state that any atom is a trio of matter, energy, and consciousness. Consciousness is soul.

So, this is how the monad “unity” (monas μονάς) learns, through his soul, through his consciousness, in any kingdom. Through that evolution, which is spiritual — the monad, mental — which is a gift that mother nature gives us — we call it protoplasmic lunar bodies or mind bodies because through the mind, through the “manas” is how we learn this development. And of course, the physical, the physicality.

The physicality of any soul in these evolutionary kingdoms are the vessels through which the consciousness can experience creation. In the mineral kingdom, those bodies are the stones, the metals, rocks, precious gems. Etc. In the vegetable kingdom, they are the trees, the flowers, all different levels of plants. In the animal kingdom, you find many types of beasts. If we compare the physical body of any animal to a plant or mineral, you can see that their physicality is more evolved; it moves, it is dynamic, whereas the plant and the mineral are much more fixed, yet, consciousness is always there. Indeed, scientists are starting to discover this activity of the consciousness in the plants, but it also exists in the minerals.

Now, of course, the most obvious example of sentience is in the intellectual animal, that represents a certain level in evolution, in his mind. At this level of spiritual development, the consciousness acquires the faculty of intellect. However, and this is what is most important to understand: this level, the intellectual animal is the limit, the border, of evolution. That is to say, the mechanical evolution of nature can take any consciousness to this level of intellectual animal, but not further. Beyond that, we have to work.

In this day and age, everybody has developed intellect. This society works with, and is predicated on, the intellect. You know this. This world that we have created, that is in chaos, we have built with the intellect.

Intellectuality comes in many forms, with many levels. Even those that work in the movie business or in other forms of entertainment, that use the emotional center, also utilize the intellectual center in order to act. Even those that act primarily with the motor center, in sports for example, they also use the intellect, on another level. So, every one of us is an intellectual animal.

Physically, we are like humans, which is why in Gnosticism we call ourselves “humanoids.” Of course, outside of this lecture, this room, when we are communicating with people in society, we refer to people as “humans” out of respect, because if we were to refer to them as beasts, animals or humanoids, they would feel hurt. But that is the truth. The problem is that we like to be lied to, we like to believe things about ourselves that are untrue… People love lies. So, we call people “human beings” out of respect, in order to avoid conflict.

But the truth is that we are actually intellectual animals, beasts with the faculty of intellect, and we when we look at the world that we have created this is clear to see. So, if what we are is intellectual animals, then we need to understand what it is to be an actual human being.

As we know, the being is the one that has to do the work. The reason that we are here now is so that the being can acquire knowledge and mastery of itself, and of creation. The spirit thinks, “I already learned to be a beast. I already learned to be a plant and a mineral. Now I want to be a human being.” That is precisely the objective, the cause of any religion: to create true human beings.

When we observe this so-called, “humanity”, of humanity we can find nothing... wars, cruelty, violence, greed, these are not the attributes of humanity; these are what we find in the animal kingdom. When you observe any animal in the kingdom of irrational animals, you see how they are jealous, how they are violent, lustful. Perhaps some creatures are not so lustful as others, but lust is a very common element among beasts, including us.

In order to become a human, we have to renounce our own bestiality. Indeed, we have to begin from the point of view that we are beasts, because while we, with the ego of Phariseeism that we have so strongly, believe that we are good humans, then we embark on the spiritual journey from a position of falsity. It is necessary for us to comprehend that we are animals. That is the main point. We are the type of animal that has the possibility of becoming human. That is precisely the beauty of the level in which we are right now.

If a dog, a cat, a bull, a horse, wants to be a human being, it cannot. That soul does not possess that possibility, because in order to reach that level, you need to be an intellectual animal. You have to have intellect. And this is because a human being is one that develops what we call “reasoning.” That why in this level in which we are, which is the intellectual animal, we have started developing the intellect which is equal to subjective reasoning, This is a type of reasoning that is very low. It is just the surface, very shallow.

Any soul that by chance is born in a planet where there are human beings in the complete sense of the word, will realize that he is an illiterate. Even with all his intellect, he cannot reach the level of human being. The intellect is not the summit of reasoning; in fact, it is the basement. Any soul that wants to become a human being has to go beyond the intellect, they have to develop objective reasoning. Objective reasoning is a reasoning that envelops seven dimensions. It is a reasoning that is fed by the consciousness, and that develops little by little through initiations that the book of Genesis describes very beautifully.

Moses wrote the book of Genesis in order to guide those intellectual animals who want to eventually become human beings in such a way that only if you study alchemy and Kabbalah will you understand.

“There are two types of Kabbalists: intellectual Kabbalists and intuitive Kabbalists. The intellectual Kabbalists are Black Magicians, whilst the intuitive Kabbalists are White Magicians.” - Tarot and Kabbala by Samael Aun Weor

We, the Gnostics of Samael, from strength, Geburah גבורה or law, Din דין, in this day and age, are trying to explain this process through our lectures to all the people, all the souls that come into our lectures, in order to teach them how to understand the book of Genesis.

There are many people, believers or non-believers, theists or atheists alike, that try to decipher the book of Genesis and they cannot. This is because, in order to decipher these teachings, you have to be an alchemist, a kabbalist. That is why in this day and age you find a lot of misinterpretations of Daath דעת, Gnosis. One example is Simon the Magician:

“In Dante’s Inferno, he described Simon the Magician and all sorcerers denominated Simoniacs as walking in the inferno with their heads facing backwards.

The black magic of Simon the Magician is that he remained looking towards the past and he did not want to accept Christ or the new Christic current.

This is a rebellion against the divine hierarchy and, in fact, Simon the Magician remains situated in the worlds of black magic.

Whosoever attentively studies the teachings of Simon the Magician will discover that Simon the Magician does not speak one word in favor of Christ.

Simon the Magician saw that the spark was separated from the flame itself, without remembering the words of the divine rabbi of Galilee, “ man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

Simon the Magician saw the Father hidden within him and he wanted to self-realize Him within, but by rejecting Christ. Thus, this in fact is how he fell into black magic.

Simon the Magician fell into black magic by dint of pride.

Simon the Magician did not want to accept Christ due to mere pride.

Something similar is happening now in this twentieth century, with many spiritual devotees that do not want to accept my teachings due to mere pride.

These types of “Simoniac” beings fall into black magic due to mere pride.

Simon the Magician knew the great arcanum and he was completely chaste.

The Master Huiracocha, on page fifty of the book The Gnostic Church, quoted a paragraph from the book The Preaching of Simon the Magician, that states:

“Unto you I speak in metaphors, but you must comprehend what I say.... There are two Stocks of all the Aeons put together, having neither beginning nor end, springing out of one Root, the which is the INFINITE POWER, the INVISIBLE SILENCE; of which Stocks, the one shows itself from above, the which is a Great Power, understanding of the All, pervading all things, and of the male sex. The other showing itself from below, is the Great Mind, and is of the female sex; generating all things. The resolution of all problems is in the union of the two. The Power Itself is both male and female.” —The Preaching of Simon the Magician

At that time, Simon the Magician profoundly knew about sexual alchemy and the great arcanum.

However, he fell into black magic because he continued to look to the past and he did not want to accept Christ.

The mind is then the most dangerous animal of the alchemist.

If Simon Magus had dominated the mind with the whip of willpower he would not have fallen into the abyss.

The alchemist who lets himself be carried away by the reasoning of his mind’s pride fails in the great work and falls into the abyss.

The alchemist must be very humble before the divine hierarchies to not fail in the great work.

The mind must become as a humble and simple child.

The mind must humiliate itself before the divine hierarchies.

The mind must humiliate itself before the majesty of the Innermost.

It is impossible to rise to the Father without elaborating the Child of Gold of sexual alchemy.

This Child of Gold is the Intimate Christ.

It is necessary to form Christ within ourselves to rise to the Father.” - Treatise-of-Sexual-Alchemy by Samael Aun Weor 

Bear that in mind that our Being and Christ are necessary. Many people, when entering into the doctrine of kabbalah, start working, and they forget their Being and Christ. They do not understand that it is the Being and Christ, the Child of Gold of sexual alchemy, the ones who mold the consciousness in order for us to be a human. This work, the spiritual path, is the work of the Being and Christ. This is precisely what we have to understand in the word, “human being” which, as we were explaining, relates to the whole universe.


We have here, in front of your eyes, that rune that is called Hagal or Hagalaz. This rune has three forms; we always portray it with three lines. The main way we show it is the one in the middle, which is an X divided by a vertical line.. This vertical line could be a horizontal line too, as we have previously explained.

Now, to the left, we find the letter H, the Latin letter H, which also has the three lines, two verticals and one perpendicular, horizontally uniting the two vertical lines. That is the letter H; that also represents the rune Hagalaz.

The letter N also has the three lines. Now, you see there, in the word, “human”; you find the first letter is the H, and the last is N. Both enclose the rune Hagal, Hagalaz.

Now, the rune Hagalaz is what in Hebrew language is the letter Hei ה. This letter Hei ה is found twice in the holy name of God: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. This is the same in the word, human, where you find that Hei ה twice too: the H and the N. This is very significant, because the Hei ה in Hebrew, in Kabbalah, is related with breath, Hei ה is the breath. There is another letter, similar to this, which is the letter Chet ח. But, the pronounce of the letter Chet ח is a much more guttural sound, akin to the sound of clearing the throat.

Indeed, the sound of the letter Hei ה is very soft. It is the breath itself. That is why we state that any word, any letter, any sound that you are going to pronounce with your mouth secretly contains the letter, Hei ה. This letter vibrates in the throat.

In order to spell the letter Hei ה, you write Hei-Aleph הא. Aleph א is the letter A in Hebrew.

The letter Aleph א is a symbol of air. So, the letter Aleph א needs the Hei ה in order to be expressed. That is why this letter is in the holy name of God, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, which is translated as Yehovah. Without the letter Hei ה you cannot speak.

When we are choked, we cannot breathe, you cannot pronounce anything. And that is the mystery precisely of Hagalaz.

That is why in the Futharkh, which is the runic alphabet, it is stated, “All the letters, all the runes, emanate from this rune, Hagal.” We understand why. Because it relates to the throat. But Hagal also relates with the universe because all the universe is created with the breath.

Adi Parashakti

“Berasheeth בראשית” says the Bible. Berasheeth בראשית begins with the letter Beth ב, the B of the Hebrew language. “To be or not to be.” It is not coincidence that the word Berasheeth בראשית begins with the letter B, with Beth ב. This is precisely how, through the Hagal, the (Hoiah הויה) BE-ing (Eheieh אהיה, Kether) enters into the universe. That is why Moses wrote Berasheeth בראשית, that we have explained in many lectures. The (Hoiah הויה) BE-ing (Eheieh אהיה, Kether) is the monad “unity” (monas μονάς), the trinity (Haiahu היהו) penetrating the universe through the breath of Hagal or the Hei ה, the Ain Soph אין סוף or Adi-Parashakti  महादेवी, from where Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva or Kether, Chokmah, Binah, emanated.

Through the mechanical evolutionary process, the Being, up to a certain limit, learns what it has to learn. It is only at this level that we are in right now, in the intellectual level, that we can be taught these matters, in order for us to understand that we have to work with the elements of nature in order to develop the true human being within.

So, listen, the being is the monad “unity” (monas μονάς), the one “Echad אחד,” the trinity (Haiahu היהו) from the breath of Hagal or the Hei ה, the Ain Soph אין סוף.

“And (in Tiphereth תפארת) Moses (the causal body) called all (the archetypes of) Israel ישראל, and said unto them:

“Hear, O Israel: יהוה our Elohim אלהים is one Iod-Havah אחד יהוה.” - Deuteronomy 5:1, 6:4

Now let us study the human, which is before the monad “unity” (monas μονάς).


Some time ago, I found this beautiful picture or graphic of the Hebrew alphabet mingled with the Latin alphabet, and with the runes. Obviously, this graphic shows us the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet, but as they were written in the beginning. Indeed, the Hebrew letters that we have now are the outcome, of course, of different alchemical and kabbalistic studies; they are the outcome of the processes of change that all things go through over time.

Regardless, this is how the Hebrew letters were in ancient writings. You do not find the modern Hebrew letters, with the dots to denote pronunciations, etc, in the ancient texts.

As you see there, the name of every letter is there. And the runic way in which they were written from the same Hagal. Imagine from the same Hagal or Hei ה, the Ain Soph אין סוף, emanate all the twenty-two letters. That is why we state that the Hebrew alphabet emerges from the runic alphabet.

Only those that are studying and who know how the Hebrew letters were written in the past understand what we are talking about. In these modern times, of course, the beautiful Hebrew letters that we find are better suited to explaining these spiritual concepts to the intellect.

The point is that these twenty-two letters are the twenty-two Major Arcana that we have to memorize and to know in order to comprehend the language of the Elohim אלהים, the language of God.

When I say language of God, remember that God in Hebrew is אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, and we are talking about the seventh dimension, not the physical dimension. We are not going to fall into the absurdity of trying to find God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה physically. God is not matter. God is energy. That energy, pure energy, is beyond the three-dimensional world.

Understanding it in this way, we stop falling into the absurdity of thinking that the image of God that the Bible talks about is our physicality, so therefore, God has to be physical too. That is ludicrous.

There are some sects in Christianity, people that I have talked with, that believe that God Itself is physical, and lives in such-and such planet and beyond the solar system with the angels, physical angels. And I asked, “Why do you say that?” And they reply, “Because He made us into His own image! So He is physical too.”

Before that kind ludicrousness, we cannot argue. How could we explain what God is? Even the scientists, the modern evolutionists, believe, they think, that God is an old man there, floating in space!

Well… The astronauts, Russian astronauts and American astronauts, who were in space did not find any old man there.

God does not need to have form in order to act. God is one with the universe! If, as it says in one of the Koan (Japanese: 公案; Chinese: 公案; Korean: 화두) such as:

“All things are reducible to one; to what is the one reducible?” —Garma C. C. Chang, The Practice of Zen. - Cosmic Teachings of a Lama by Samael Aun Weor

In other words: "If all Logoi λόγοι are reducible to ONE (Ehad אחד), the Tetragrammaton, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, to what is the ONE (Ehad אחד) reducible?”

Obviously, the ONE (Ehad אחד) is reducible to all Logoi λόγοι (words Debarim דברים) within each ONE (Ehad אחד) of us.


Listen, the letters of אחד Ehad sum 1+8+4= 13. In other words, 13 is the Tetragrammaton, because 1+3= 4, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, whose letters sum 26, and 2+6=8, is the infinite, or the manifested universe, which is equal to Vishnu-Christ, because 8 is the number of Sri Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya, that is, Vishnu and Maya. 

Since, Maya is Mary, the unmanifested Ain Soph אין סוף, from where Vishnu-Christ emerged. 

So, Christ-Vishnu is the life within the infinite, the blood that pumps up to the head through the veins of the heart of the universe. 

And Mem מם, the 13th letter, symbolizes the sexual waters, מים Mayim = 40+10+40 = 9, the nineth sphere or sephirah Yesod יסוד that contains Maya, the Akashatattwa.

This is why, Yeshuah יהשוה said (in Tiphereth תפארת):

(In Malkuth מלכות, your second Hei ה) “Thou shalt love (Binah בינה) Iod-Havah יהוה thy Elohim אלהים with all thy heart (Neshamah נשמה, spiritual soul), and with all thy soul (Nephesh Chaiah נפש חיה, Binah בינה, animal soul, in Yesod יסוד), and with all thy mind (Ruach רוח, the thinking soul). This is (IAO יהו, the three souls, the trinity of your own Eliao אליהו) the first and great commandment.

And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love (the Malkuth מלכות, the second Hei ה of) thy neighbor as (the IAO יהו of) thy Self (who is Eliao אליהו). On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” - Matthew 22:36-40

So, God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is your Eliao אליהו, your Monad “unity” (monas μονάς), your IAO יהו in your three brains. It is the sexual energy, who in Yesod יסוד, sex, can transform itself and become forms, a material form. That is what a human being is: God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, with a vessel, a physical vessel, Malkuth מלכות, the second Hei ה of Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, made in the likeness. The human being is that which was created in the likeness and image of God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה. But, to become a human being, we first have to study how. We have to not fall into the absurdity of thinking that God, אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה is physical, because the ONE (Ehad אחד) is not, but the ONE (Ehad אחד) can become Yeshuah יהשוה, a human being, if the ONE (Ehad אחד, the Tetragrammaton, Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה) wills it. As it is written:

“I have said, Ye are Elohim אלהים; and all of you are children of the most High (the Ain Soph אין סוף). But (in Tiphereth תפארת) ye shall die like Adam and fall like one of the princes (that is to say: one of the  fallen bodhisattvas). Arise (from Klipoth קליפות), O Elohim אלהים, judge the earth: for (if you arise like Moshe משה to Tiphereth תפארת) thou shalt inherit all nations.” - Psalm 82:6,7,8

So, you see that this is why, when we talk about the Hebrew alphabet, we also talk about the Futharkh, or runic alphabet, or any other alphabet, because they all derive from the same sounds that we pronounce in different languages. Of course, there are other alphabets that are very complicated, like the Chinese “alphabet”, which is a very difficult language to learn.

The relationships with Kabbalah and Alchemy and these alphabets — the runic alphabet, Latin alphabet, and Hebrew alphabet — are very important. Here again, we arrive at this beautiful mantra, that is pronounced in Tibet with Sanskrit letters, which as you can see are also very profound letters:

Om Mani Padme Hum

Aum Mani Padme Hum ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ.

We wrote the transliteration of every mantra in the Hebrew letters. Underneath the Latin letters, the Hebrew letters, in order for you to learn how to write Aum Mani Padme Hum ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ in Hebrew, in Kabbalah. And that will help us.

The Dalai Lama gives a lot of lectures related with that mantra. Of course, he was born in Tibet, and he knew how to read and write Tibetan, which is derived from Sanskrit. The letter A for instance, in Sanskrit, you might think that it is above, but it is below. The letter M, or Mem מם in Hebrew, is on top of it. If you do not know Sanskrit, you might think that it is the other way around.

Behold here how you write Aum Mani Padme Hum ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ. As we were explaining in a previous lecture, this mantra hides the meaning of what it is to be human. After learning what the Hagal is, then we understand why the word, or that mantra, relates to being a human.

To begin, the Dalai Lama says that the first syllable Aum ॐ relates to speech, feeling, and action. We will say that this relates to the three brains. Remember that we have three brains: intellect, emotion, and our motor-instinctual-sexual brain, which itself is comprised of three centers. Indeed, physically speaking, in the level in which we are, we have five centers: we have the intellectual center, in the head; the emotional center between the heart and the navel; the motor center, located at the very top of the spinal column; the instinctual center, in the very bottom of the spinal column; and finally the sexual center in the sexual glands.

As you see, the whole spine is related with what we call the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. Samael Aun Weor, when he was addressing the humanoid, he would always say, “the three-centered animal” or “the three-centered being.” We are the three-brained-centered beings. We have intellect, emotion, and a motor-sexual-instinctual brains, energies that we utilize in different activities in life.


All of that is related with the mantra Aum ॐ. We are an impure version of that mantra Aum ॐ, because when the mantra is pure, when the three brains of a human machine are clean and acting in perfect harmony with the consciousness and with the being, with the spirit, with the monad, and then, behold, what you find is a Buddha, whose centers are enlightened.

We are not Buddhas, but we can be. To be a Buddha is to be a human being, it is the same thing. The being, the monad wants to be a Buddha. And for that, it has to enlighten the intellect, the heart, and the sex, and all the spinal medulla, the seven chakras. A being cannot be a Buddha, a human being, without purifying and awakening those centers.

That is why we find here the mantra AUM ॐ, written in three languages, in order for you to understand it better. Really, these three ways show the same thing. Sanskrit, of course, is above. While it is written as AUM ॐ, it is a mantra that we pronounce, and the master says that we contract it as OM. We pronounce it like that, but it is derived from the three letters, and there is a beautiful explanation of why.

Aum ॐ in Sanskrit is like “Amen אמן” in Hebrew. In this Hebrew word Amen אמן, we find three letters: Aleph א, Mem מ and Nun final ן. Of course like in Sanskrit आमेन, in Latin, we write Amen placing another vowel there, in order for it to make sense, but the origin of the word is three letters: Aleph א, Mem מ and Nun final ן, like the three letters of Aum ॐ.

Aum ॐ represents the holy Trinity, that in Christianity is called the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. In Kabbalah this Trinity is Kether, Chokmah, Binah. In Sanskrit it is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

Behold here, this word Brahma. Brahma is in Sanskrit related with the El of Hebrew, and is utilized for Kether or for Chesed, meaning the God there in the universe and God within us. That is Brahma. Brahma is within us, but it is also outside. We have our own particular Brahma, that in Hebrew, in Genesis, is called the Ruach Elohim, that in the beginning was “hovering upon the face of the waters.”

That is Aum ॐ. But, since we are familiar with the kabbalistic alphabet, behold here, how we write it in Hebrew: Aum אום, Aleph א-Vav ו-closed Mem ם. This word, Aleph א-Vav ו-closed Mem ם, in Hebrew, means “nut.” A Stubborn Nut. This is what we are, before being purified.

When we are purified, we become Buddha, but now we are just stubborn nuts (egoz אגוז). That is why we call it, or this is a nutshell, Kliphah קליפה, because we utilize the three brains in the wrong way. When we observe this humanity, we see that the three brains are being used in the wrong way. And this is how you write it in Hebrew.

Let us study the first letter, Aleph א, that we have explained in other lectures already. There is the letter Vav ו that symbolizes the spinal column with the two shakti potentials of the waters. The Iod י which is written as just a dot, symbolizes Kether, the first emanation of that spiritual sun that we were talking about, which is the Solar Absolute in the seven dimensions. The first emanation of that is called Kether, which in Hebrew means “crown,” and represents the Father in Christianity. Iod י is that spot of light that appears in the universe.

So, that is the shakti potential of the waters. Do you understand that, without the water, the solar light cannot manifest in this planet? Or, indeed, in the universe? That shakti potential is called Prana in Sanskrit. That Prana is positive, active; the passive aspect of prana is called Akash.

So, Prana is positive, Akash is negative, or passive. When we say that Akash is the negative pole of Prana, this is not to imply that it is something “bad,” merely that it is the contrary or pole. In truth, both are “positive” forces.

Prana exists within the Akash. In other words, Iod י exists within the water. That is why, thanks to modern science that can take that potentiality from the waters, we have electricity. But we have to understand that that water that we call Akash exists above and below.

In the clouds, it is Jupiter who gathers the clouds, the Akashic clouds, and throws lightning from above. That is a symbol. That lightning is the Iod י, the solar energy that emerges from the clouds, the waters from heaven. But, it also exists in the waters of the earth. That is why they proved that water is a very good conductor of electricity. 

These two letters Iod י divided by the letter Vav ו are the symbol of God, the Father. That is why Kether is also the symbol of Aleph א, which is the wind, the air, the breath.

In our physicality, that Aleph א is our spinal column and the Iod י above is the cerebro-spinal fluid. The Iod י below is the sexual fluid, the waters below. So, we have that potentiality in our physicality. It is there. Always working. That is the letter Aleph א. And that is why we say that the throne of the Father is the central nervous system; it is the center of the central spinal column.

Now, we have the letter Vav ו, which commonly has an “O” or  “U” sound. That “O” sound is related of course with the marvelous sound that vibrates in the heart.

The Vav ו is in the heart and also in sex. Kabbalistically, we say the letter Vav וו relates to Tiphereth תפארת, the heart, and to Yesod יסוד, the sex. The letter Vav ו is spelled with two Vav וו, and the pronunciation of that letter has two letters because it is an androgynous force.

Finally, we have the letter Mem-final, which is related to the rune Man, Manas. When we pronounce or we practice the rune Man, we do it like this, with arms extended upward and outward, that is an open Mem, in order to receive. Once we finish the prayer, we lower our hands that had elevated towards heaven and we give thanks by forming the final Mem, that we call Manas.

So, the two forms of Mem מם exist in the runic alphabet too, not only in the Hebrew alphabet. In the Hebrew alphabet, we have an open Mem מ and a closed Mem ם (Mem-final).

So, this is AUM. You see here, the three lines of the letter A are here too, and the letter Ansus, or as it is called, the rune Os. Ansus or Os, which is “A.” The letter “U” which is the rune “Ur” is here, and then it ends with the rune Manas. A-U-M.

If you observe the letters of the word  Aum אום in Hebrew (Aleph א, Vav ו, final-Mem ם) you will see that you find three Vav ו there:. the Vav ו of Aleph א, the Vav ו that is independent, and the other which is within the letter Mem-final ם, which we also find in the name Adam אדם.

But, let me tell you one thing. According to certain kabbalists, they say that the letter final- Mem ם is made by a letter Kaf כ, which is the letter that they utilize in order to write Kether כתר, which is the crown atop the head. So Kether כתר, the crown, is above your head. It is that light, the Sahasrara chakra, that vibrates with solar light. When that chakra is united with the waters of the spinal column, and the waters of the sexual organs, then we have the letter Mem מם. The letter Mem מם, in Hebrew, in Kabbalah means Mayim מים, waters.

But, as we stated, there are two Mems מם: an open Mem מ, which is formed by a letter Kaf כ and the letter Vav ו; and a closed Mem ם, like Manas. But according to my observation, this is not formed by Kaf כ and Vav ו, but by Kaf כ and Zayin ז, which is the letter that we always state is similar to Vav ו. As you can see there, it is very similar. The only difference is that Zayin ז is united exactly in the middle of the Iod י, where the letter Vav ו is to the right.

Why do we state that this final- Mem ם is formed with Zayin ז and not Vav ו It is because the letter Zayin ז connects to the sexual organs and to the physicality. There are three Vavs on the Tree of Life: three pillars, or three columns. The pillar in the center is a Vav ו; the pillar on the right is another Vav ו. These two together are Vav וו, Vav. But the left pillar is always Zayin ז. That is why it is stated that when God made woman, he took it from the left side of Adam אדם, because Zayin ז is the seventh letter and Vav וו, Vav ו is the sixth. I repeat: Adam אדם was made in the sixth day, and Eve, the woman, was made in the seventh day.

So, kabbalistically, alchemically, we say Adam אדם, the androgynous Adam אדם, it is represented by the Vav ו. Vav וו, Vav ו, the two Vav וו. And the seventh is Zayin ז, which is the Vagus system. So, we have three there. And of course, that is in the letter final- Mem ם of AUM אום (which is called Mem-Sophit in Hebrew).

We say Aum אום is the trinity in Daath, namely, Father Aleph א or the central nervous system, Son Vav ו or the grand sympathetic nervous system, and Mother final- Mem ם of Mayim מים, sexual waters, the parasympathetic nervous system.

And this is what we have to have within. When you study this kabbalistic alphabet, you discover that this Aum אום should develop inside of us, in the three brains. But remember this: you cannot pronounce the Aum האום without the Hei ה of human, without the Hagal. Aum אום.

Remember also this: the transformation that occurs in our physicality, that transformation that we call the metabolism, ends in the lower waters, the sexual waters, the semen. This process occurs in both female and male bodies; Malkuth מלכות is divided in two sexes. And you know that.

So that is how the waters that are below have to unite. When man and woman are united sexually, they are uniting thanks to the waters below, because that is the connection. So, the lower waters are the main thing. Unfortunately, humanity is squandering the waters below, through many ways.

We, the Gnostics, have to take care of the waters below because we have to make of the waters below a closed Mem, a final-Mem; that is, we have to created a sealed loop of our sexual waters, our sexual energy. We have to not allow that energy, those waters to escape. We will say that the fornicators end their Aum אומ with an open- Mem מ because all the shakti potential escapes downwardly.

But, if you want to be worthy of entrance into HaSchamayim השמים (the heavens) one must posses HaMayim המים (the waters, with a closed Mem) and this is only possible in the one who has made of their sexual forces, a closed, sealed loop , through the retention and sublimation of those forces.

God, in order to create, opens the Mem, but this is done in a chaste manner. This is why we find the word “Elohim אלהים” ends with Mem-final; for the Elohim אלהים, the waters (HaMayim המים ), those forces do not escape, they are not wasted.

Regardless, in order for form that sealed loop of your sexual waters, in order to retain them internally and to regenerate yourself with that force, you have to transmute it. We need Zayin ז in order to transmute, because Zayin ז connects to the physical body, to the spinal column, and we raise the lower waters to Kether, to the crown with the Zayin ז, and that is the final-Mem.

So that is the difference between an open Mem מ and a closed Mem ם. These are the two wombs; indeed, in Kabbalah, we say there are two wombs. Of course, we are familiar with the physical womb of the woman, but there is another womb, which is the womb that we are talking about here, and that is the spinal medulla, the Vav. That Vav ו is the spiritual womb that God utilizes in order to create.

That is AUM. Three. We always repeat that there are three Vavs, because for us, Zayin ז, is another Vav, but feminine. That Zayin ז is Eve, made out of one of the ribs of Adam אדם. Those two ribs are two letter Vavs וו because the androgynous Adam אדם was created on the sixth day and the sixth letter is Vav וו.

In order to write Vav ו, you write it with two Vavs וו. That is the androgynous Adam אדם. When we take one Vav, one is left. But the one we took is no longer a Vav ו; it is a Zayin ז. Because it is a feminine. So therefore, we have three, namely, one Zayin ז and two Vav וו.

Three Mother Letters2

But even in our physicality, which is feminine, we have three Vavs or one Zayin ז and two Vav וו, which are the three nervous systems: the central nervous system that is related with the Vav ו of letter Aleph א; the grand sympathetic nervous system that is related with one Zayin ז and two Vav וו of the letter Shin ש; and the parasympathetic nervous system that is related with the two Vav וו of the two letters Mem מם. Those are the three nervous systems that are related with the spinal column that we study.

 "I went down (to Klipoth קליפות) into the garden of nuts (egoz אגוז) to see the fruits of the valley, and to see whether the vine flourished, and the pomegranates budded." - Song of Songs 6:11

That is why the word, the mantra Aum אום is significant. And that is why the word Aum אום—which is related with the triangle, the Holy Trinity, with the three Mother Letters (Aleph א, Shin ש and Mem מם), three brains that we have—is in the middle of the body. Aum אום is also in the middle of the word human, because if you take away the H and the N, then you find AUM in the middle. That is in English what we, call, “human.”

But as you can see, the letter Nun, which is the same Hagal, is the substance in the Mem, in the sexual organs. That is why this letter Nun, in Aramaic, means “fish.” The Nun (“fish”) is the sperm and ovum, which is the outcome of the metabolism of our physicality.

So a human is the one that returns the solar fire, the solar force, up to the crown; it is an individual with a closed Mem, sealed loop internally that does not permit the sexual force to escape. As we find the akashic waters above, because this Aum אום is related with the universe. We are talking here only of our physicality, but when you study the mantra, AUM, you find that that mantra relates to the universe. It is a mantra that is very sacred for the Hindus. They always carry the symbol of this mantra. It is very sacred.

If you study the runes, you will find the same. We always say that the letter Vav ו is a spiritual uterus, and the rune Ur in the Futharkh is also a uterus. The letter Mem-final as well. You find the forces there, mixed and the letter A, that we call Ansus, because in the Futharkh, or runic alphabet, you find many vowels, many As. But that is the simple meaning of what we call Aum אום.

But you see, if we are ejaculating the sexual waters, the semen, through the orgasm, we are making of that mantra an open Mem; that is a nut. If you want to make a Buddha, to purify these three letters, or to put that syllable inside of ourselves, then we have to be chaste. That is the difference between an ordinary person that does not know anything about this doctrine and an enlightened one, a Buddha. We reach that level in different steps.

That is why we emphasize the importance of the sexual energy, because the letter N at the end of “human” is precisely the sperm, the letter Nun, the fish. Whether you call it the sperm—which in another lecture we said is a moving Vav ו, that looks like an elongated Iod, which is the ovum of the jellyfish,— or any other term, we have to sublimate that force, in order for a hu-man-oid to appear in the physical world.

Gnostically speaking, when the man and the woman are united in the holy matrimony, they learn not to mix the sperm—that is, the physical sperm and the ovum—but to extract the energy, the Iod, the shakti potential, or the sperm and rather to mix them energetically, in the sexual act. The men absorb it, and the women absorb it as well.

In that way, that energy rises to the Tree of Life, which is the spinal medulla, and awakens the chakras. If we spill the water, the Iod also escapes, and is wasted. In this scenario, there is not spiritual creation there, but animal generation, which we know. Everybody here, atheist or religious, knows how to multiply as an animal, because we are animals.

But here, we teach that we have to learn how to create spiritually. And for that, we have to extract the shakti potential, or the spirit, or the solar absolute, which is the spirit of the sun. What spiritual benefit is there to multiply like animals multiply? We do not need lectures for this.

In order to learn how to extract the shakti potential, the Iod from the waters as we are speaking about here, then we have to learn how to do it through our Zayin ז, which is that parasympathetic nervous system connected to our sexual glands that allows us to raise the energy to our Kether, the crown, in our head.

Now, let us investigate the second and third syllables. The word Mani, is formed with two syllables. Well, you can study that in books, but we are going to teach here in the Hebrew, kabbalistic alphabet.

Mani is an Aramaic word, which means “vessel.” Of course, in Sanskrit Mani means “jewel, stone.” In reality, it has many meanings, but the main meaning is jewel. Here, you find the word Man as well or, Manas, which likewise means many things in Sanskrit, but primarily means “mind.”

So, Mani מאני means “vessel” or “vessels,” because really “man” in Aramaic is “vessel.” Remember: Aramaic derives also from the runic alphabet.

“Then they brought the golden vessels (Mani מאני) that were taken out of the temple of the house of the Goddess (Elha אלהא) which was at Jerusalem; and the king (in Tiphereth תפארת) and his lords with their wives and their concubines, drank from them.” - Daniel 5:3

What golden vessels are we talking about? In order for us to be an exact the Mani of that mantra, we have to build golden vessels of light, solar vessels. Any animal, any plant, any mineral has vessels, but they are lunar, mechanical, developed over the course of the mechanical evolution in nature that we spoke about, and that nature utilizes in order to feed nature, with its own nature.

The solar light that shines in the space descends on this planet and through the vessels of minerals, plants, and animals, is transformed into the food for the planet. You know that. This is called the ecosystem, in which all elements are feeding the other elements. We are in that, we are part of that. And this is because, in spite of ourselves, we have those lunar, protoplasmic elements that relate to nature! We feed ourselves in nature, through the solar light, mechanically speaking, but in this doctrine, we have to learn to build those solar vessels, in order for that solar light to fill our spirit.

Those bodies of light, the solar bodies are what we call the astral solar body (Joseph יוסף), the mental solar body (Aaron אהרן), and the causal solar body (Moses משה). These are the three golden vessels that we need to possess in order to reach the level of Tiphereth תפארת. Tiphereth תפארת is symbolized by the Sun in the Tree of Life; it is the very center of the Tree of Life.

This symbol, the location of Tiphereth תפארת on the Tree of Life, is showing us that, in order for us to feed our soul, Tiphereth תפארת, which is the human soul, we have to have the causal vessel. Yet, no one can have a causal vessel if they have not previously built the mental solar vessel, and before that, the solar emotional vessel. As we said, these are what in esotericism are called the solar astral, mental, and causal bodies.

That is the esotericism of this word Mani, the spiritual vessels. It is not enough to purify our three brains, we must also build those golden vessels if we want to reach the level of human being.

Now, look let us explore the third and fourth syllables of that sacred mantra, that together form the word Padme: Pad Me. If you remove the letter P at the end, you find the word Adamah אדמה; then, if you remove the last letter, you are left with the name Adam, right?

That is Padme. In Sanskrit, they say that Padme means “lotus flower.” A lotus flower is a beautiful flower with a beautiful fragrance, but that is fed with rotten things. It is fed with the mud of the earth mingled with water. That is the lotus flower. Obviously, this is a beautiful symbol.

But in Hebrew, you find that beautiful mystery here that that lotus flower is Adam אדם. And if you take the P and the Hei, the first and the last letter of Padme in Hebrew, you form the word Peh פה. Peh פה is the Hebrew letter P, and it means “mouth.”

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things (words, debarim דברים) were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.” John 1:1-3

That is to say:

ברית-אש ברא אלה-ים את השמים ואת הארץ

"Covenant of fire (Chamah חמה, Chokmah חכמה, Christ, Yah יה in the brain - Vah -וה in the genitalia) created Eleh אלה (these archetypes) from ים Yam (Mi-Mah מי-מה, the waters, HaMayim המים reversed, which is Mercury, Kokhab Chamah כוכב חמה, the Theomertmalogos) Ath HaShamayim (את השמים, the Akasha आकाश and the Prana प्राण, the Mercury, Kokhab Chamah כוכב חמה) of the heavens and (Elah-Yam אלה-ים in the Vav, spinal medulla) Ath (the Akasha आकाश and the Prana प्राण, the Mercury of Secret Philosophy) of the earth (our male or female physicality).

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על־פני תהום

And (our Vav ו or spinal medulla of) the earth (the Hei ה, our male or female physicality) was formless and void; and darkness (or ignorance) was upon their face of their abyss.

 ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים

And the Spirit (VeRuach ורוח, Ruach רוח, the thinking soul or Objective Reasoning of Brahma and Saraswati ब्रह्मा-सरस्वती or Abraham and Sarah אברהם-שרה - better said Asher אשר and Asherah אשרה -, in the central nervous system) of (El-HaYam אל-הים and Elah-Yam אלה-ים) hovered upon the face of (HaMayim המים) the waters (of Yah יה, which are, who - Mi מי, and Vah וה, which are, what - Mah מה; in other words,Yah-Vah יה-וה Elohim אלהים, Binah בינה, the Mercury of Secret Philosophy)." - Genesis 1: 1-2

The beautiful mantras that we pronounce, whether they are Latin mantras, Hebrew mantras, Sanskrit mantras, we do so with our mouths, and the Hei ה is always there, whenever we pronounce a mantra, even if it is hidden. That is why you find the letter Hei ה there.

In Hebrew, you spell the letter Peh פה, Peh Peh פ-Hei ה. So in other words, Adam אדם is the one who, according to the Bible, was naming the animals, naming everything in the Garden of Eden, and that Garden of Eden is symbolized by פאדמה Padme पद्म the lotus flower. In other words, that is why you find in Tibetan pictures or in Sanskrit pictures, old deities that they paint emerging from a lotus flower. It is showing you that Adam אדם, a real human being is פאדמה Padme पद्म, a lotus flower!


"And Elohim אלהים said (ויאמר אלהים, with their Peh פה), Let us make (פאדמה Padme पद्म, a "Lotus flower") Adam אדם in our image, after our likeness" - Genesis 1:26

We have to be a lotus flower that will emerge from the rottenness that we have, because that is the truth: our waters are rotten. We are filthy. But with the work that we are going to do, with patience, eventually that lotus flower will blossom, and then we will be a Buddha emerging from HUM हूँ, which is the letter symbolizing the seed, the sexual seed that hides the breath of Elohim אלהים.

Then, all the seven lotus flowers of our spinal medulla, the chakras, will bloom as well. If we do the work, then we will be a beautiful, blossomed Buddha. That is what פאדמה Padme पद्मे is. In other words, Adam אדם, which is in the middle of פאדמה Padme पद्मे, is a perfect being, a lotus flower purified by the word of the Peh פה of Elohim אלהים.

And the word HUM, as you can see there, begins with the letter Hei ה that we have spoken about. Hei ה is spelled Hei ה-Aleph א, thus, within the Hei ה is hidden the Aleph א, within the word HUM.

That is why the Dalai Lama says that the last syllable of the Mantra. HUM, is the letter with the seed, the sexual seed that hides the breath of God. The Aleph א “Aaah” is the breath. That is why we say, that there are three witnesses in heaven: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. In the earth there are also three witnesses, which are: the breath, Aleph א; the blood, Dam דם, the symbol of fire, symbolized by the letter Shin—and if you observe the letter Shin, it has three Vavs, or better put, two Vavs and one Zayin ז —and the Mem, the sexual waters, the last letter of the AUM. That is the three nervous systems: Aleph, Vav ו and Mem; air, fire and water.

So there are three elements in Kabbalah that we study. Right? That is why we need to learn how to manipulate, how to handle the HUM, which is our own particular Akash. Remember that we said that Akasha is the celestial water in heaven. But in our physical body, that Akasha is called semen. This is not only referring to the male physicality, because in gnosticism, we call those sexual waters in the female body semen too. In ordinary, materialistic science, they refer to semen only in the male. No. For us, the female physicality also has that.

So, those waters contain the HUM in substance. That is why we are HUM-AN. You see? This represents the Hagal above united with the Hagal below, our physicality, energetically, physically, and this is the important of practicing the rune Hagal, because that is the synthesis of the human being. It is when we invoke the five elements.


In Sanskrit, there is a God with five faces, which is a symbol of the five elements. It is called Sadashiva. We invoke Sadashiva, during the practice of the rune Hagal, and it is related to the ether, which in Sanskrit is the Tattva Akash. Why? Because the Akash transforms into ether and the ether into Tattvas. That is what that symbol represents, the Panchatattva of Sadashiva, is.

Sri Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya

Sadashiva's wife is always symbolized by Sri Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya, which is, of course, את Ath 1+400=5, the Schekinah שכינה, the creator Goddess, the Weaver, the 24th arcanum - 2+4= 6 - the Vav ו, Tiphereth תפארת, the human soul, the lover of the Tarot - who has to choose between two females, namely, Lilith, mother of all sexual abominations OR Sadashiva's wife, the female Theomertmalogos's wife of Binah בינה, who is named Mary in Christianity, the intelligent five female aspects of the fifth letter ה Hei, within all the elements of nature.

In Tiphereth תפארת Mary is Eloha VaDaath אלוה ודעת Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה.

All the elements are ether. We call this the Akashatattva. Air: Vayutattva. Fire: Tejastattva. Water: Apastattva. Earth: Prithvitattva. Five. That,  is Sadashiva and Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya together. Those elements are in our physicality, we have explained this in many lectures.

From the root of our nose to the top is Akashatattva. From the root of our nose to the heart is the Vayutattva, the air. From the heart to the sex is the Tejastattva, or fire. From the sex to the knees is the Apastattva, water. And from the knees to the feet is the Prithvitattva, earth.

So this is what we are. This is what the human being is, energetically, in relation with the elements. We have to learn to command, to control those elements. If we can control the Tattva Akasha, which vibrates in us as Sadashiva, then, from there, we continue controlling the rest, because the other elements are controlled from there by the five faces. Obviously, the center is Akasha above, Akasha below.

We explain in other lectures that the Akasha above is called Indra. The  Akasha below is Sadashiva and Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya together. Sadashiva and Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya together unfold into the four elements in our physicality. This is how the holy initiation is; it is to learn to control of all the elements. That is why we know that we need those elements in order to do this alchemical work, in order to become a human that is in harmony with the universe. This is what we call a human being made into the image and likeness of God אל El (1+30= 4) Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei יהוה, that is Sadashiva and Adi Parashakti Vishnumaya together. This is not merely a physical matter; of course, it is related with the physicality, but this spiritual development only occurs with all the elements, within and without.

We must be conscious of that. Right now, you are listening to this, but are we conscious of that? Are we aware of that? Consciously speaking?

When you read the book of Exodus, of course, you see how Moses was utilizing those elements marvelously, right? Moving the waters and the fire and the air in front of the Pharaoh. You might ask, “From where did Moses get all of those powers?” Well, Moses is the causal body, which is the fifth; the fifth body, the fifth Sephirah, counting from the bottom up. Of course, this fifth element is controlling the rest, and that is willpower.

That is why we always advise practicing the Panchatattva ritual, in order to fill our bodies with the four elements. How do we fill our bodies with the four elements? Water: with seafood, fish. Earth: cereals, grains, plants. Fire: meat, red meat, beef. Air: well, the main element for the air are grapes, or things that grow on vines.

The thing is that the elements of the air are related with vines. Right? Like the grape plant. But this is related with other vines too, for instance, pumpkin, or the gourd, there is also air there in relation with the water too.

But the grape juice is that element that we should drink from seeded grapes, because ignoramuses do not know that the Shakti potential of the air is in the seed of the grape. Yet, in order to make it “easier” to eat grapes for the lazy, they have created seedless grapes. The energetic, spiritual potential of any fruit is only present when the seed is there… why? Because the seed is that which permits the continuation of the plant; the seed contains the archetype and the energy of that plant. So, from where will you gather the Shakti potential relating with the air from seedless grapes?

It is better to eat grapes with seeds, and to make juice of seeded grapes, whether they are organic or not, but make it. And drink it. That is the Vayu tattva of the Panchatattva.

So we have there air, fire, water, and earth. You might wonder, “What about the Akasha?” Well, the Akasha is a woman, and that woman is your physical body. Do not confuse yourselves by thinking this means a female body; we are talking about your body. Your physicality, any physicality is female, esoterically speaking, because Malkuth מלכות (the physical body) is a feminine sephirah. The physical body has the sexual energy which is called Akasha, the HUM, which is transmuted when we perform the ritual. Of course, in order to transmute it, you have to have the sexual act.

Remember that the physical body is divided. Even though it is female, it is divided into male and female. This is how you practice the Panchatattva ritual, the Sadashiva: Ishvara, which is the air; Rudra which is the fire; Narayana, which is the water; and, Brahma which is the earth. Those are the names of the Hindu Gods or Elohim אלהים of the five elements in your body. What we call the archetypes related with the elements.

When you read in Hinduism, you find these archetypes in different manners, like human beings acting there, dancing. You will find that o the internet. But these are symbols of our consciousness and the elements that we have within, in relation with our hum-an-ity.

Do you have questions?

Audience: Could you repeat the correlation between food and the elements?

Instructor: Between food and the elements? Yes, the earth, called Prithvi, related with cereals, grains, all that vegetarian people like to eat. If they drink grape juice, that is air. But the element, fire, is only contained in red meat, beef, goat, lamb, etc. We know that those animals are very commonly eaten by those people in the books of the Bible. You find that they were celebrating, like Master Jesus who was celebrating the dinner of the lamb, and it is because that animal contains fire, just as the goat or the bull or the deer, or any except the pig.

The pig is not good. It is a devolving animal, a devolving humanoid, that lost its intellect. Such a soul lost the opportunities in order to become human, and is now devolving; they are going backwards. That is the pig. And that is why those that want to evolve, or to develop, we will say, into the human level should stop eating pork. If they do not want to be human, keep eating pork. No problem.

The water is found in fish and seafood. Everything in moderation. All of these foods will be always our nourishment because an alchemist, a gnostic takes that energy in order to develop to the level of human being, as we are learning here.

This is what a human being is. Then, the being, the monad, develops a human in us. Eventually, we will reach that level that we call human beings, in harmony with nature and the universe, commanding nature. Right now, those people that are called human beings, and they are shaken by an earthquake, by a tsunami…. where is the power of the human being there, a human being that is a king or queen of nature? We are rather slaves of nature, because we are not humans. But, we have the potentiality of being so, if we work on this path.

Another question?

Audience: You mentioned Adam giving the names of the animals and plants. I was wondering what is the relationship of that in the Bible is with initiations?

Instructor: Well, it is when you reach that level of human being, which is Tiphereth תפארת, which is in the sixth day, then you develop that power by annihilating that animal level, which is the bestial level that everyone of us has. The naming of that relates with when you sit down and meditate on your lust or your anger or whatever defect you want to comprehend, and then you annihilate that with the power of God within, and then that name of the holy one, which is in His image, will develop there. That is why it is said that Adam אדם named the animals and the plants. To name that is to pronounce, to speak the Peh, right? Pad-me; this is the letter Peh, the mouth. To name something is to develop the power of the throat, Daath, knowledge of any particular psychological element that you are comprehending.

That is why we have the necessity of annihilating the animal elements that we have within, in order to name, in order to multiply the human species. Once we reach the level of human being, we have to multiply that level. How do we multiply that? By annihilating the bestiality within, with patience. Then, the human level, or the humane level in us develops, and grows.

“Grow and multiply” says the Bible, right? This is what the Adam אדם was doing, when he was created. People think that this means, “Go and fornicate.” No. The animals do that. Why would God have to tell you to multiply as the animals do? No one needs instruction in that; everybody is doing it, whether they read the Bible or not.

Instead, in order to grow means to develop spiritual; it is to multiply that human element within, through alchemy. That is what it is to name something. To name is to acquire knowledge because if you are going to name something, it is because you have knowledge of that; you cannot name that which you do not know.

It was not that Adam אדם was just naming things according to his own whim. “Oh, you will be a horse. And you a cat.” No, no, no.

It is about developing that which you already know. Then, you “name” it, until the whole name is found there. That is alchemy. Do you have another question?

Audience: Could you go back to the slide that has the mantra written on it? Yes, thank you. So, in Sanskrit, I noticed that the MA and the Me are identical. Is Sanskrit similar to Hebrew in the sense of the vowels do not actually have…

Instructor: Actually, according to my knowledge, I see that in Sanskrit they write syllables, not letters. And, depending on the word, the syllable that they are writing, the form of the letter is very similar. For instance, the letter here, “A”, right? Here, it is combined with “ma.” It is the “A” there in combination with the Mem. Then the letter N or Nun here, which is similar to the Mem, but with “I” sound above. Man-i, right?

And then you find “P” there, and the “D.” This is “Pad”,  and then the “M”, the Mem again. “Pad-me”, and the whole word at the end, “hum!” It is just one, one syllable. It is just one word. It is not like how we spell a word, with individual letters. It is like this in Chinese also, characters modified a little bit in order to pronounce syllables. That is why I find the Sanskrit language interesting because it is syllables. The letters are there but modified according to whatever word you are pronouncing.

Audience: Could you elaborate a little on how the Vav ו is related to the blood?

Instructor: The letter Vav ו?

Audience: Well, the Hei הא the breath, hides Aleph א, the air. Mem מם symbolizes water. And you said that the Vav ו is the blood?

Instructor: Yes, Vav ו is related with the Aleph א of Tiphereth תפארת, and also with the Vav ו of Yesod יסוד. Tiphereth תפארת is the heart, which is the blood. And also, the semen, which is Yesod יסוד. That is another Vav וו. This is why when you name Adam אדם in the sixth day, which is the sixth letter, the letter Vav ו has two Vav וו, right? And that is the six; the six is Adam אדם, with two Vavs. In this case, we will say it is the heart, Tiphereth תפארת, and Yesod יסוד, which is from where you get all the energy.

Interestingly, when we look at the Tree of Life, we notice that Tiphereth תפארת is the 6th sephirah (counting down from the top) and Yesod יסוד is the 9th sephirah. Obviously, in Arabic numerals, the numbers 6 and 9 are identical, save that they are flipped opposite from one another. When you really observe these numbers, you see that they share a strong resemblance with the shape of the letter Vav ו in Hebrew.

The letter Vav ו is formed by a dot (the letter Iod) with a tail; likewise, the numbers 6 and 9 are a dot (in this case, a circle) with a tail.

Remember, as we said, the Vav ו represents a spiritual womb; the solar bodies are born from the energy of Yesod יסוד, while in the Venustic initiation, Christ is born in Tiphereth תפארת.

And it is also the Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is in Yesod יסוד, which is the semen as well, and Adam אדם is in the heart. So the two combined, the heart, which is the blood, and Yesod יסוד is the same blood too, because in order to form a drop of semen, you need many drops of blood.

You need a great many drops of blood in order to make a single drop of semen! So when you ejaculate a semen, you are ejaculating your blood, in other words. So that is why the semen is more precious than your own blood. Think about that! In order to make a drop of semen, you need 40 to 80 drops of blood. And that is why, you cannot have consciousness, or the heart developed, if you are a fornicator.

If you are spilling your sexual seed, semen — imagine how many semen people ejaculate in one orgasm — it is a lot of blood going there. Because in order to have an erection, you need blood too.

This is what people that created that pill called Viagra know. It is the heart. It says, if your heart conditions are no good, do not take it, because the strength of the sexual force is in the blood. That drug acts in the blood and gives an erection to the phallus, because the blood is intimately related with Yesod יסוד, or Tiphereth תפארת in Yesod יסוד. Do you see?

This is what these black magicians called doctors are doing with this humanity.

Audience: How?

Instructor: Doctors today teach us, and facilitate us in how to fornicate, instead of learning to control and transmute the sexual force. That is why the letter Vav ו is there, in relation with the three brains and in relation also with the heart and the sex.

Audience: So, you said that Padme was the lotus and you talked about how, in the lotus, the roots go down into the mud and the flower blooms up on top, and you were saying that Adam אדם is in the center and related to what John was saying about the initiation. In The Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky talks about Adam אדם being translated as “red earth.” Would that “red earth” be essentially the egos?

Instructor: No. In this case, the red earth is what is Adamah אדמה. Adamah אדמה is translated as “the ground.” The Bible says that God made Adam אדם from the ground, or from the dust of the ground; this is Adamah אדמה. Adam אדם from Adamah אדמה, right?

"And blew into his nostrils the breath of life.” - Genesis 2:7

That breath is the Aleph א. “Whoosh!” And become “Aah-Daaam אדם”. You see the two Vavs וו? Aleph א and closed Mem ם in Yesod יסוד there. It is a beautiful word that implies somebody whose blood (Dam דם) is completely one with God, right?

And of course, that is related with the color red; the red earth. It is important to note also that in Latin, “human” comes from “humus,” which means “earth, soil.” Homunculus has the same roots.

That is why the lotus flower hides a beautiful meaning for the human being, because it is a beautiful flower that comes from the mud.

Right now, sorry to tell you, but I do not see any lotus flowers. I only see mud. Just mud! But, if we work with the seed, we can blossom, as a beautiful lotus flower, a Buddha. Then, in some beautiful future, some future cosmic day, somebody will paint your picture, like that, you see, on top of the lotus flower.

But right now, we are down here. We are slugs from the mud of the earth. But, remember that God made Adam from the dust of Adamah, from the dust of the earth. We are that dust. We have that dust, which is the elements. The dust is the atomic elements that we have, which we need in order to create that, if we work with alchemy. It is not about believing. You can believe whatever you want. If you do not practice what we preach here, it is a waste of time.


Audience: You said the final Mem?

Instructor: Yes, closed Mem.

Audience: What is the difference between that and Dagaz?

Instructor: Dagaz is the same. Dagaz is Manas; it can be called Dagaz, or Manas as well. But it is also called the Mem מם because it is precisely the way that you connect to your inner being, with Dagaz, or prayer, or Manas. It is called also Man-As, which is mind, because you pray there. It is with your mind, with your manas, your consciousness that you pray.

So that is Mem מם. Two Mem מם. Also, in the Futharkh: open Mem מ, closed Mem ם.


Audience: Sometimes, we replace the N in Mani with an S. Would the Nun become a Shin or a Samech?

A: Shin, I believe. Shin, because Shin is using the three Vav ווו there. The three nervous systems. That is the symbol of fire: three Vavs.

And of course, that is a good question because the master Samael says, “Do not pronounce  the mantra: Aum Mani Padme Hum, as it is written. Rather, pronounce it Om Masi Padme Hum. People that do not understand alchemy, will say, “Why? Why?” It is because the N, which is the Nun, the fish, the sperm, the ovum, becomes energy, and that is the Ssssss, the fire.

This is what we do: Om Ma... and then imagine your sperm, your ovum, Ssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiii. That is the esoteric way to pronounce the mantra, because we are alchemists. People who are not alchemists, they repeat that mechanically. They say, Aum Mani Padme Hum, Aum Mani Padme Hum, Aum Mani Padme Hum…. But they do not understand. We understand it. That is why we say, Masi.

That is the jewel. In order to create the jewel, you need to transmute the energy, with the S, the Shin, the fire.


Audience: So you talked about that we are the human soul, that we are the essence, right? And then, you said that there is the Chesed, or the being, and then, you talked about the ego, that we have the ego. So is there really three different wills there? Is there the will of the ego, the will of the human soul, and the will of Chesed? Or is it only the will of Chesed versus the will of the ego?

Instructor: There are only two wills there. Remember that the will of Tiphereth תפארת is that will that says, “My Father,” or, “My God,” “please, if it is possible, take this ordeal from me. But not my will, but thine be done.” This is when we deliver our own will because God wants that human to deliver himself to Him, willingly, because God is not a tyrant. That is why He gave freedom, free will, to us.

But unfortunately, our free will is bottled up within the ego, which is evil will. So, in this case, it is not the will of Atman, the monad, that is mingled with the ego, but us, our consciousness, that is trapped in the animality we have; that is the evil will.

The evil will is called desire. If you observe yourself, you have desire, a lot of desire to do thing; evil will. It is animal. We have to transform that evil will into willpower for God. That is the transformation of the animal into human. Or, as Greek mythology says, to transform the donkey into a man. We are the donkey. Jesus rode the donkey, but in us, that donkey is riding us; that is the problem. That is the animality that we have.

So, this is the effort that we have to do: to transform the animal into human. That is the great work, to become a human being, to have the right to be called human being. This mantra that we explained encloses all of that.

That is why that mantra is very popular with Tibetans. The reason is because when we fulfill the whole mantra, in us, it says, “Behold, a Buddha.” Hmm? The whole mantra, it says, is the mantra of Chenrezig which is Avalokitesvara, the same Christ, materialized in us. It is the mantra of Chenrezig.

Okay, thank you very much.