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Three Brains and Five CentersThe Humanoid, or the Intellectual Animal, rational animal, is the only creature that has Three Brains.  We find in other kingdoms other living things, but with different types of brains.  But when the Essence, or the Buddhata (the consciousness), reaches the top of the wheel of mechanical evolution through the four kingdoms - Mineral, Plant, Animal, and Humanoid - here, at the latter, the Buddhata possesses a vehicle with Three Brains.

Usually we use the word brain for the grey mass that we have in the skull.  But we have to realize that the meaning of "brain" is an organ, or center, where we find the functions of certain types of activities of the consciousness through the body.  So, that's why when we talk about the mind and we talk about rationalism, we find then the Intellectual Brain, which is the one that is most used in this time.  That is why we are called Intellectual Animals, because our center of gravity is always in the intellect.

But we have to realize, as well, that we have the Emotional Brain, which is related with all of the terminations of all of the nerves, which are going exactly in the area of the heart and navel.  All of this area is the way in which we find our Emotional Brain related with, I repeat, different nerves and plexus.  So, when we feel any emotion, always we feel it in this area, never in the intellectual brain.  Even the inner organs related with the digestive system that we have in this area are always affected when we have a strong emotion.  So, of course the Emotional Brain is related with our heart and with other organs, I repeat, because the heart is related with the Emotional Superior Center.

Today, we are just talking about the Three Brains and the Five Centers.  But later on we are going to talk to you about other types of centers that we have, because in reality there are seven.  But we are talking just about five because these five are related with that which is the subconsciousness, unconsciousness, other words with the Ego.

So, then we have the other brain, which is the Motor Brain, which is located in the medulla, which is that nerve matter that we have in the spinal column.  You open the spinal column and you find 33 vertebrae.  But there is a nerve matter, which is a type of yellow-reddish nerve matter, which is unites the 33 vertebrae... This is related, of course, with the Motor Brain.

So, when we talk about the three brains we have to state that the Motor Brain is in all the spinal medulla, the Emotional Brain is in the center which we call the solar plexus, and the Intellectual Brain is up there in our head. 

You will see that when you awaken your consciousness, you will see very carefully that most of the movements in the instinctive actions always are related with the lower part of our physical body.

Let's put an example: when you touch a hot iron, immediately you make an instinctive movement.  And after that, later on, seconds after, you think and you say "Oh, it is hot," right?  So you see that most people think that the mind is the fastest brain or center, but in reality it is the slowest one in our body.

When we talk about the Three Brains also we have to talk about the Five Centers, which are similar but not the same.

Question: So the Motor Brain is in the spinal column?

Yes, the Motor Brain is located in the whole spinal column.  If you hurt your spinal column, you can't walk, even if you have very strong legs.

So then we talk about the Five Centers: 

The Intellectual Center, which is also located in the head. 

And then we have the Emotional Center, which is located as well in the solar plexus, the center of emotions. 

And the Motor Center, the center of movement...the center is located here at the end of the upper part of the spinal column. 

And then the Instinctive Center, located at the beginning, the coccyx of the spinal column. 

So we have two centers, the Motor at the top of the spinal column and Instinctive located at the bottom of the spinal column; they are located in the same medulla, right?  That is why sometimes we confuse or we mix the movements with the Instincts, which are completely different. 

And the fifth center is the Sexual Center, located directly in our sexual glands - the genitals. 

So, that is why when we talk about observing the Ego we always say that we have to be divided in three - mind, heart, and sex - because in the sex we have a little bit behind the coccyx, where the Instinctive Center is and related with the medulla, which is related with the Motor Center and the Motor Brain.

So, each one of the centers moves at a different speed; the slowest one is the Intellectual Center.  The Emotional Center moves 30,000 times faster than the mind.  And the Motor Center moves at the speed of 60,000 times faster than the Intellectual Center.  So, the Instinctive Center moves 90,000 times faster than the mind and Sex is 120,000 times faster.  So that is why it is pretty difficult to catch the Egos related with the Sexual Center, because they are moving at that velocity - 120,000 faster than the mind.  I don't mean that we are not to work with the Sexual Center.  Of course we have to work with the Sexual Center, because the Sexual Center is the center which is more directly related with the control of the other centers.  If we control the Sexual Center, which is the fastest center in the entire organism, we are going to control the rest of them.

Consequently, we have to understand that each center is divided into three. 

When we investigate the Intellectual Center we discover that the Intellectual Center has a part related with the Intellectual Brain and even has a part related with the Emotional Brain and a part related with the Motor Brain.  In other words, when we are using the Intellectual Center and we want to do something related with the Motor Brain, we are going to move at a very slow speed.  Let's see, for instance, when you are drawing a plan... an architect who is thinking with the Intellectual Center to make a plan for a building.  He is imagining with his Intellectual Center.  He is using his Intellectual Center.  He is seeing the entire plan in his head and then he is drafting according to what he is thinking.  And all the movements of his Motor Brain will be related with his Intellectual Center, slowly.  Even the emotions that he is going to feel are going to be related with that Intellectual Center, right?  Maybe he is going to think, "Oh, I am drawing this straight line, what a sight this is..." right?  Or maybe not, he could feel bored.

There are people with their center of gravity in the Intellectual Center.  They are called ‘intellectuals.'  Their personality is of an intellectual type.  They are very slow in the way that they do everything, even if they seem to be moving fast, they are actually doing everything with the slowest center, so they always need to think about everything, to analyze, to compare... If they get excited about something, they will use the emotional part of the intellectual center.

Any teacher of any university, college, or school is going to act in this way because his job is related with the intellectual center, his life will be surrounded with the intellectual center, and most of his dreams and activities and behavior will be related with the intellectual center... which for anyone else is really monotonous, right? But for the intellectual, it is what they like.

If you are an emotional person... someone who has his center of gravity in the Emotional Center, you will be someone who is an actor or actress... or a painter, because a painter has to use his Emotional Center in order to paint what he is feeling. (Of course, there are intellectual painters, and their work is dry, cold, and calculating).  The intellectual part of the Emotional Center has a lot of imagination, it is emotional through visualization. 

Let's say I am a musician.  Obviously a musician should be more emotional than intellectual, because you feel the music in the heart/solar plexus, not in the brain.  And if you want to write the music, you are going to use the intellectual part of your Emotional Center in order to write, or to express, what you feel in your heart.  Most of the emotional personalities that were great musicians like Beethoven and Mozart, etc...they were, of course, utilizing the Intellectual Brain in order to write what they feel emotionally.

And, for instance, when somebody is hearing music and dancing, he is utilizing the Motor Brain of the Emotional Center.  So, when you dance you don't use the Intellectual Center, you just take the rhythm of the music... but if you start thinking "Oh, what type of steps am I doing," then you don't hear the rhythm properly, because you are so slow.  That is why many intellectuals don't know how to dance; if they want to learn it is frustrating for them because you cannot dance with the intellect, it is too slow.  So when you learn how to dance you have to do it with the Motor Brain or the Emotional Center.

So you see how the emotional people are always faster. 

And the Motor Center, which is faster than the Emotional Center.  This type of personality is, of course, in relation with movement.  Let's give a simple example: people who are in sports, athletes.  They are utilizing the Intellectual Brain while they are exercising or using the movement... thinking faster.  And the Emotional Brain is in relation with the Motor Center as well, in the emotion.  An activity of the Motor Center, for instance, is when you drive.  When you are driving you are utilizing the Motor Center, and the intellectual part of the Motor Center.  If, while driving a car on the freeway, you start thinking with your Intellectual Center about the way your drive, how you move the steering wheel, then you are going to have an accident,.  You cannot drive with your Intellectual Center; you drive with your Motor Center, the intellectual part of that, even the emotional.  It is faster.  Or when you are typing you are utilizing your Motor Center.  But if you were to start thinking and analyzing what you are reading, utilizing your Intellectual Center, then you are going type very slowly.

So, there are people related with the Motor Center. Of course, I am talking about the types of sports which are related with the Motor Center.  But there are also some kinds of sports, like boxing, for instance, that are related with the Instinctive Center. In this way the Intellectual Brain is very fast.  The personalities that are Instinctive say that they don't think.  The thing is that they utilize the Intellectual Brain in an instinctive way.  And most of the instinctive parts of ourselves in the Instinctive Center are very low, animalistic, because the instinct is animalistic... bestial.  You see most of the boxers, for instance, are instinctive persons.  Their emotions are in relation with the Instinctive Center, animalistic.  All that is animalistic is within the Intellectual Brain as well... When I say ‘animalistic,' we have to understand that everything is animal within each one of us, but in this case more in the instinctive way.  This is why the instinctive person acts without utilizing the Intellectual Center.   For instance when an instinctive person is taken by any of the instinctive Egos related with the Instinctive Center, sometimes they kill and they make very bloody crimes.  Later on they think, utilizing the Intellectual Center, "Why did I do that?" And in jail, in prison, you find a lot of criminals who were slaves of their Instinctive Center.

So, when you utilize your Motor Brain or your Emotional Brain or your Intellectual Brain through the Instinctive Center it is the most horrible thing that you can find.  A homosexual, for instance, is centered in the Instinctive Center.  A lesbian is very instinctive, very low, as a degeneration of the Instinctive Center.

Anyhow, we know that the fastest one of all the centers is the Sexual Center.  It moves 120,000 times faster than the mind.  And this center is very difficult to control.  But if we control this center then we are able to control the other ones.  And in the beginning we have to control the sexual energy.  You see, for instance, when your Sexual Center is in activity in your Motor Brain, because it is related with the lower part, your way of thinking is so fast that you cannot even analyze or catch those types of Egos that are active there.  You will find, for instance, if a man is married to a woman who is exactly his opposite in the Sexual Center, this means their sexual temperaments are opposed; he is hot and she is cold. They may be very similar in the Intellectual Center, Emotional, Motor, Instinctive, but they are not equal in the Sexual Center.  There are differences.  And then suddenly this man finds another woman who shares the same temperament, and they have an affair, quickly, passionately, without realizing what they are doing...

Related with temperaments in the Sexual Center you find three types of people: Hot, Warm, and Cold.  See, for instance, this man here is ‘hot' and his wife is ‘cold'.  Suddenly that man finds another girl that is hot like him, and immediately the Egos of lust, in the Sexual Center, are in communication... intercommunication.  So they commit adultery and they have an affair.  But the man is not thinking in the Intellectual Center.  He is just being driven by the Egos of the Sexual Center.  This affair begins and then one month later the man starts to think about his situation.  The Intellectual Center is analyzing what he did and wife, my family, my children.  And, of course, the other woman is pregnant and the result is divorce and problems, right?  That is very common in this society, because it is very difficult to control the Sexual Center.  And, of course, the Motor Brain acts at the speed of the Sexual Center when those Egos are entering into activity.  So, that is why we have to be aware of ourselves here and now.

In the work that we have to perform, the Great Work, we have to start by controlling the Egos that manifest through the Intellectual Center and through the Emotional Center.  There is no way that we can destroy the Egos related with the Motor Center, Instinctive Center, and Sexual Center... because we are asleep, we are snoring as a consciousness.  We are just three percent of consciousness awake and ninety-seven percent Ego.  So it is obvious that with the three percent of consciousness that we have freed that we can see the activities of the Egos in the Mind, in the Intellect and in the Emotional Center.  They are very easy to catch, right?  And that is how we have to start.  Then we advance and then when the consciousness is awakening, then we are going to go directly within the other centers, which are faster than the Emotional and the Intellectual.  That is why, in the beginning, when you start The Way and you want to reach chastity 100% there are many Gnostics who say "Oh, I have a problem in the Astral Plane because I am trying to be in chastity 100%."  It's impossible!  How are you going to be in chastity 100% when you don't even know how your lust is acting in the Sexual Center, and doing in the internal planes things that you ignore (psychologically and physically).  So, you want to change, okay, this is good.  But you have to start with the logical step.  And this is the Intellectual Center and the Emotional Center, which are slower centers.  And then when you gain a lot of consciousness in those centers then you can go up and down and annihilate the rest of the defects that are related with the other faster centers.

That is why we always indicate, when we said the Intellectual Center and the Emotional Center, which are the slower ones, that doesn't mean that you are not going to watch your Three Brains, right?  Because always, any Ego that you find here in the Intellectual Center, for instance, if you are there by yourself and suddenly you are thinking about lustful things then your Intellectual Center is in activity with lasciviousness.  And then if you observe your heart (Emotional Center) you will feel your heart will begin beating faster.  And then if you observe very carefully you will see that in your sexual organ you will feel a kind of lustful feeling.  And then you are observing an Ego which is acting through your Intellectual Center, but in that very moment is acting through the Three Brains: Sex, Heart, and Mind.  This is how we always have to be aware, because we are going to catch all of the defects related with the Intellectual Center and the Emotional Center while we are in activity remembering ourselves here and now.

Always when we are observing ourselves in any type of center we will see in that very moment an ego acting through the Three Brains: Sex, Heart, and Mind; we have to know in which center the Ego is acting.  Because it will be, for instance, anger of your mind, or anger of our Emotional Center.  And then we will watch to see in which center we are feeling it.  The easier ones to catch, we said, are always these two.   But if the Ego that we are seeing is in the Emotional Center, remember that it is acting here between the heart and the navel more than in these two (head and sex).  But always they act in all Three Brains.  Because any type of Ego, any type of psychological aggregate is always acting through the Three Brains, always, at a different speed.

Mastery, of course, is when we reach a higher level of consciousness and we are able to catch the Egos related with the Sexual Center in activity with the Three Brains.  But that is because you are awakened and capable to catch those defects.  So, that is why the Initiation is a type of action, a type of development, of the consciousness through the study of these Five Centers and the Three Brains.


In the Three Brains, of course, is where we have the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' or the vital principles.  Bobbin-Kandelnosts is a name in esotericism for the vital principles of that type of energy that we have and that we have to take advantage of it in order to self-realize ourselves.  The ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' are the vital energy which are placed in the Three Brains and the Five Centers and which are used in order to be alive here and now in the physical plane.

Of course, the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' are used by the Ego or by the consciousness.  If we enter the Path of Self-realization then it is obvious that it is the consciousness that is going to use the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' and not the Ego. 

When somebody, through the Ego, destroys the energy of the Intellectual Brain, or the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' of the Intellectual Brain - this person becomes crazy, a madman.

Question: Is that the same thing as the Buddhata?

The Buddhata is the essence, the Buddhata is the consciousness. The Buddhata is the embryo of soul that we have.  The ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' are just the gasoline, right?  It is a battery that we have with electricity in order to utilize it.  It is the amount of vital principles that the Law of Destiny, or Karma, placed in the Three Brains in order to have the life that we have to have.  If we save those ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' then we are going to live 80 years.  If we don't save it, but instead spend it on stupidities then maybe we will live 30 years.  It depends on the way that you utilize those forces - in order to live either a short life or a long life.

So, that is why when we die we die in thirds or in trios.  Every person dies in trios.  Somebody, for instance, who utilizes the emotional ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' in the wrong way, or is spending that energy with emotional explosions (listening to rock-n-roll or utilizing drugs or any type of life that is pretty emotional) is going to die of a heart-attack, or is going to be a schizophrenic, right?  A type of person who is always stressed, right, because he no longer has emotional energy in his emotional brain.  He is dead there. 

People who abuse the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' of the Motor Brain are, of course, in a wheelchair (like the stupid daredevils who destroy their motor energy with their insane activties).

We have to save the energy of the Three Brains.  In Tibet there is a temple where the monks save the energy of the Three Brains and they utilize the Five Centers in a very harmonic way.  And they live 300 years and 400 years.  It is very easy to find an old man there of 400 and 500 years, but always with the shape of a 40 year old man.  And those monks are very old.  And how do they do it?  By annihilating the Ego and saving the energy of the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts.'  Anyone can do that, but unfortunately in these times with the Ego alive - 97% of Ego, fat within us - the Ego destroys the ‘Bobbin-Kandelnosts' approximately in 50 years.  The common average of life is 50 years according to life insurance companies.  Sometimes when somebody has reached 100 years old he or she appears in the news, right, on channel xx - "Congratulations to this old lady that has reached the age of 102 years old..."  It is very rare right?  In the time of Egypt people were living at least 150 years.  That was the average of life.

Question: Okay, what was someone who was old?

Well, 300-400 years old.  But 150 years was normal.

And in the time of Lemuria to live 10 or 15 centuries was the normal span of physical life.  To live ten or fifteen centuries was normal.  So imagine how abnormal we are.  Now if we reach beyond 50 we are lucky.

Our Vocation

So, when we learn how to utilize the Three Brains and the Five Centers in a very harmonic way we discover, of course, our own vocation.  What is a vocation?  Your vocation is the vocational attitudes of your consciousness.  Someone is born in order to be a Doctor.  It is his vocation to be a Doctor.  But if this one doesn't know that his vocation is to be a Doctor, maybe he is going to study law and then he is going to make a mess of his life, right?  You have to discover your own vocation.  It is related with the right function of your Three Brains and your Five Centers in relation with your consciousness and your Monad.  When someone discovers his own vocation through the work that we have to perform in ourselves, psychologically speaking, he becomes necessary in life.  Nobody can take his place because he is performing in his own space, his own mission, his own vocation in relation with his own Monad.  And each Monad has his own mission, his own vocation.   

Let's say, for instance, Mahatma Ghandi.  When he was in South Africa, by accident he was involved in this type of prejudice...He was acting as a lawyer.  But that accident that happened there put him in the place that showed him his vocation, related with his own Monad.  And he discovered that by accident.  But not all human beings discover that by accident.  You have to fight for it.  So, when Mahatma Ghandi discovered that, he made of his own life an Apostolate.  So he was acting not because of money, not because of fame, not because of a desire to be better than others...just because he was Mahatma Ghandi, and he knew in his heart and mind what he needed to do no matter the cost.  And he was the only one that could perform the job that he performed in India, because his Being was acting through him, even though he didn't have the solar bodies within.  But he was acting with his own Monad.  So we see that the great job that Mahatma Ghandi performed in India were things that he was doing for his own vocation. 

And other great men, for instance, that do their job that they have to do with their own Monad, they always are great men in history, great personages.  Jesus Christ, he was performing his own vocation, of course.  That is why he did what he did.  Let's say Moses... the great men, always doing what they had to do...Samael Aun Weor.  You see, for instance, Dion Fortune... Blavatsky.  They are people that discovered their own vocation and they succeeded. 

When somebody discovers their own vocation they don't care about money.  They enjoy life and they enjoy doing what they do because it is like a fish when it is in the water.  The fish likes to be in the water because it is an animal that belongs to the water.  So, this is the same thing with the man who discovers his own vocation through the job of the psychological path.  He is like the fish, enjoying and just being a person.

Meanwhile, when someone has not discovered his own vocation and is acting in the Five Centers and the Three Brains in a mistaken way then they are always doing the opposite of their own Monad.  They want to be always better, to step on the heads of others in order to show that they are better than the others and to say, "Here I am.  Behold, I am better than all the rest."  Why?  Because it is the Ego that is the one acting through the Five Centers and the Three Brains instead of the Consciousness, in relation with the Monad.  And when someone is doing that thing that is not related with his own vocation, it is always boring.  He is always protesting.  He is always pointing at others and trying to destroy others in order to put himself in the place that he deserves, according to his own way of thinking.

And, of course, this is the way in which humanity, unfortunately, is in this very moment.  Everybody is having a job which is not related with his own vocation.  Sometimes we find, for instance, a garbage man who is taking garbage from other's house, and his own vocation is not to be a garbage man.  It is to be President of the United States.  And sometimes we find Presidents of the United States that should be working in garbage collection.  But then you find always the opposite.  And that is why society is a mess.  And if you go to any type of government, any type of school or organization or private company, you always find that the President is someone that should not be the President, but should be the one that is mopping the floor.  And the one who is mopping the floor should be in the chair of the presidency of that company.  All the organizations of this world are upside down, because everybody is performing the job that does not belong to his own duties to his own vocation.  So, that is why this world is a mess. 

If each one of us discovered his own vocation then the whole society will be a paradise, because everyone is going to be doing what they enjoy to do.  But here this fisherman is taking the fish and saying "fly" and the fish are trying to fly (gasping) and they can't breathe.  And then you take an eagle, that is built for being in the air, and put him in the water - "swim" - and the eagle is holding its breath within the waters.  This is society right now, unfortunately.  That is why we need the Self-realization of the Being.  Imagine a planet in which everyone is Self-realized and doing what they have to do; a humanity that is organized on all the planes.  But the planet where everybody is doing what they don't have to do is the planet Earth.

I discovered what my vocation is and I am doing that with enjoyment.  But when someone has Ego there is always a battle within.  Remember that always the Ego will try to sabotage the way of your Lord, the way of your Being.  Always!  And that is why you have to destroy it, to annihilate the Ego.  Otherwise, your own mission, your own vocation of your own Monad is going to be sabotaged by your own self, by your own Ego.

Question: Everybody's vocation always has to do with charity doesn't it, helping humanity in different ways?

Charity, in a higher way of understanding, is the way in which the Being, the Monad, acts with freedom doing what he has to do.  The way in which you channel the solar light, the light of the Lord, in your own right way.  That is charity.   Behold the men that always did the job of their Being.  They gave what they gave.  Beethoven, for instance, he gave music that nobody could give.  Because Beethoven is Beethoven.  There is no other like Beethoven.  You might say that Mozart is indeed great, but Mozart is not Beethoven.  Both of them are musicians, but the music of each one of them is completely different, right?  And then you will see the great constructive way of giving.  Because we can also find a destructive way of giving music, but that is not the vocation of the Being but the Ego.

They are exploiting the work of Beethoven even in this time.  And Beethoven didn't even enjoy the luxury of the music at that time.  He was just enjoying the music, but he never made any profit from it.  Like Mozart as well.  Everybody is making money with the music of Mozart.  Meanwhile, when he was alive he was starving to death.  And he died and after that was thrown in a common grave.  They tried later on to find his corpse, but it was mixed with all the smelly ones.  So, even he didn't have any particular special grave.  That is the life, of course, of the great men.  Jesus, he was among the poor and giving teaching.  But now everybody is making money with Jesus - "Send me $1,000 and in the name of Jesus I will send you a miracle." Right?  "You need to put the seed in order to have a miracle."  Etc., etc...making money with Jesus.

A real apostle of Jesus is going to be like St. Francis of Assisi. He was a real apostle. St. Anthony of Padua...he was a real apostle of Jesus.  Paul of Tarsus...but the rest are just baloney.  And we don't want to be baloney!  So we have to discover in which way we are going to work. 

Of course, in this time when we have the Sacred Path revealed, the best thing we can do is to be teaching the knowledge.  That is the best way.  Because teaching the knowledge is the best way in order to help others to find their vocation.  But not all were born for the same thing. Some of us were not born to teach, so we will have to find our way.

Good and Evil

Other things that are related to the Five Centers and the Three Brains are the two terms: good & evil.  Because the Ego is always working through the Three Brains.  And the Ego is also related with good and evil.

What is good?  Everything related with Evolution which is constructive, everything that is in its right place...building.

What is evil?  The force that is going ‘down' and annihilating and destroying.  That is always in relation with matter.

Evolution ...Devolution.  Good and Evil.  We have to go beyond that.  The Monad is beyond good and evil.  And when I say "good and evil" I am talking about the terms of good and evil that people understand. 

What is good for the drunk is to drink and bad, or evil, will be not to drink.  Therefore when he drinks he feels is ‘good' to drink.    What is ‘good' for the drug addict?  To smoke marijuana is ‘good' for him.  If he doesn't smoke marijuana it is bad, right?  So it is relative.  Everything is relative.

Speaking about relativity in relation with the Three Brains and the Five Centers: 

There was a discussion among three men...

Immanuel Kant, who was the last philosopher to establish the end of the Age of Reasoning...the Age of Reason started with Aristotle and ended with Immanuel Kant, the great German philosopher.  So, Immanuel Kant said, "The whole problem of humanity is in the mind," because he was studying very carefully the mind. 

And then Sigmund Freud, who you know as the inventor of psycho-analysis, said, "I disagree with you, the problem with humanity is in the sex.  "Because everything is always rotating in the Sexual Brain," he says. 

"No it is the Intellectual Brain," says Immanuel Kant. 

But then a Jewish man from Russia says, "I, Karl Marx, will tell you the truth.  The problem in humanity is here in the emotional brain.  If you feed the necessities, because they always feel here that they are...they feel in their stomach the emotional necessities of money, of capital, then the problem of humanity will be resolved." 

So the three ‘wise men were in disagreement.

And then came someone with all the hair scattered like this, a scientist.  He was, of course, Albert Einstein.  And he said to the three of them, "All these things you say about the problems of humanity...everything is relative." 

He was right.  Because he is the discoverer of the theory of relativity, which is related.  "Everything is relative," right?  So we have to balance, you see?  This is a scientific joke.  Have you heard that joke before?  It is a very wise joke...

Question: What joke?

Hello! Where have you been? (laughter)

Albert Einstein said to the three of them that everything they stated is relative (theory of relativity).

And between parentheses, the terms good and evil were invented in Atlantis.  At the time of Atlantis there was a priest named Armanotoora.  And he was a priest that was a distinguished gentleman who was associated to the Akaldan society, which was studying the laws of Evolution and Devolution very carefully...the three forces of nature, in other words positive, negative, and neutral.  And he had the occurrence to call the positive ‘good' and the negative ‘evil', but he didn't baptize the neutral forces; but the opposites - positive and negative, ‘good' and ‘evil'. Question: So he called those things those words ‘good' and ‘evil'? 

In the Atlantean language, of course, he called them ‘good' and ‘evil.'

And this Initiate came to Self-realize himself and he was ready to enter into the Absolute.  But because he created these two words that make a lot of mess on this planet, he is waiting in standby.  He is in standby in that area, which is called Alaya.  And he cannot enter until the humanity of the earth is free of that problem of ‘good' and ‘evil.' 

After the submersion of the Atlantic Continent another priest, who was a dervish named Macario Converxion.  At the beginning of the Aryan race he made religious morality based on these two the beginning of this race.  Now we find these two words ‘good' and ‘evil' everywhere.  And now everybody is enslaved in bondage because they say, "Oh this is ‘good'. No, but this is evil."  And they are pointing at the great forces of the universe like Lucifer, which is a very strong force that we can utilize.  They are pointing at it and calling it ‘evil' and they are always avoiding liberation, the Self-realization, because they are always pointing at Lucifer as an evil thing.  Whereas Lucifer is neither good nor evil but is beyond those forces, or the mechanical forces of Nature, right?  So, that is a problem that you find the two words in the Bible.  You find the two words in the Koran.  Everywhere.  So we have to utilize the words ‘wrong' and ‘right.'  It is better because the words ‘good and ‘evil' are relative words.

Sometimes something that is very good according to certain people is very evil for others.  I was telling you in other lectures, for instance, that in China it was very good to kill your father when your father was pretty old.  And everybody looked at that as an act of charity to your old father, because he can't live anymore, because he is too old and he is moving too slow.  So, kill him.  And everybody was applauding that.  It was nice.  Congratulations, you killed your father and you gain something good for the good that you did.  But now, of course, that custom is already obsolete.

So, what is good and evil?  What is good here in America is bad there in Iraq.  That is why they disagree.  Because Bush has a type of morality based in the good and evil in relation with Judeo-Christianity, while Sadam Hussein is having another type of morality related with Islam.  And they think in their way and in America we are taking it our way.  That is why it is impossible to have an order, a universal society, when we are in battle with the Ego.

Well, this is it.  The rest is something you have to discover with your own work in the Three Brains and the Five Centers.