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Today we are going to talk about psychological death. This word psycho-logical is rooted in the Greek language. The word “psyche” relates with our soul, the consciousness; “logical” is related with the Logos, God. There are many words that we use in our present day English that have their origins in these Greek words. The word “death” as it relates to this lecture relates to “daath” (knowledge), or the psychological knowledge required for the death of those psychological aggregate elements that we carry within, that relate with matter. The word matter is very interesting, because in order to say the word mother in Latin, we say mater. This is because mater, mother, encloses the mystery of creation.


In the first image above, we see the Divine Mother Death, as represented in the Greek pantheon, and from the Hindu pantheon here we have MahaKali; both are symbols of death. In Kabbalah the Goddess of terror is named L’aima Elohim, who in Hinduism is Mahakali (what we also call, Mahashakti); “The Greek Proserpine, the Egyptian Hecate, the Aztec Coatlicue (the Queen of the infernos and death, terror of love and law).” - Samael Aun Weor

We have to comprehend that the word “inferno” derives from “inferior.” In the inferior realms of matter we find death. Of course, when we think about ourselves, we always see ourselves physically. Physical matter can be destroyed, but mental matter can also be destroyed, emotional matter too. However, matter in itself, as essence, cannot be destroyed. That essence, that matter is precisely what we call L’aima Elohim; it is what in the Greek mythology is called Urania, “mother space.” When we look up, we are looking at Urania. In space, matter is diluted; it is what we call Akasha in Sanskrit.

Akasha is indestructible. It pervades the Abstract Absolute Space, the abyss that we see when we look at the sky at night, within which we see all of those beautiful stars. Those stars are what in Kabbalah we call Elohim. L’aima Elohim is the womb wherein we find all of those Elohim. All the Elohim are children of the Divine Mother L’aima, which is a word that is also translated as “terror”; the terror of love and law.

We have to understand this, because when we practice psychological death, we have to imagine our Divine Mother, that Seity which in space has no form, but can take any form. The Divine Mother Space has 5 aspects. We are not going to talk about all 5 today, but I am talking about this in order to point towards Mahakali, who in this graphic; we see her with 4 arms. These 4 arms relate to the 4 other aspects of this Seity, this Divine Mother Space, the feminine aspect of what we call the Seity, which in Kabbalah is called Ain Soph.

We have to understand that everyone has within them the essence of the Divine Mother, in all of her aspects, and especially in the case of this lecture, the aspect of death, that we need to know about in order to practice our psychological death. Remember: psyche is soul, the consciousness and Logos is precisely what we are addressing, the Divine Mother. The Logos is the multiple perfect unity, and the feminine aspect of that is our Divine Mother.

In order to understand how we are related to that divine feminine aspect, we have to visualize the womb of our physical mother. When we were within the womb of our physical mother, we were one with her. Obviously, she was nourishing us through her body; we were one with her. We enjoyed nine months within the womb of our physical mother. You have to visualize the Divine Mother in this way, because when we work in psychological death, we do it with the fires of Kundalini that rise in our spinal medulla, the womb of our Divine Mother; thus, when we come out of that psychological death, it is like when we came out of the womb of our physical mother, and though separated we feel one with her. Indeed, we keep a certain spiritual relationship with that force inside of us.

We all know that we are the child of our physical mother, but, here we are addressing the intelligence (Binah) which is within her womb; Binah is that intelligence that united the sperm with the ovum. Indeed, without that intelligence, none of us could exist. This is precisely what we have to visualize when we are addressing the Divine Mother Kundalini. Each one of us has their own particular, individual Divine Mother, within. To have an experience with the Divine Mother Death is something beautiful, because she is love, but also law. What law are we referring to? The law of karma, cause and effect. In the intellectual humanoid kingdom, She is the creator of ourselves, and only she can transform us into true humans, if we know how to work with her. Her husband is called Shiva, the Holy Spirit, they form the Theomertmalogos.

Thundering Rudra

In Christianity, they worship Mary, the Divine Mother, they call her Mother of God. But, of course, when we address the Divine Mother and the Holy Spirit in this way, we are not talking about any physical individual, this is something spiritual. The Divine Mother is the origin of electricity, the origin of life. She is the feminine aspect of what we call Shiva, the Holy Spirit or the Theomertmalogos; that is why in kabbalah, we name her L’aima Elohim. We have to remember her in this path, because she is the one that helps us to comprehend our ego, and to destroy it. That which we call ego – lust, anger, pride, envy, laziness, gluttony, greed, etc – is the animality that should be destroyed in us; especially that which is called fear. We shouldn’t feel fear when we are in front of our Divine Mother Death, because she loves us, and she wants to clean us. Just as when we were children and our physical mother bathed us, in this same way, Mother Death takes care of our soul, our psyche. Remember that. That is why this is called psychological death, because it is relates with the soul.

We don’t need to talk about the death of the physical body, because sooner or later, we are going to die physically. In Hinduism, they say that we have 108 lives, but in reality, it is not 108 lives, but 108 existences. We exist in this physical body, and we have had many bodies before, but it is the same existence, we are the same soul.

Rebirth happens within the circle of time. Time is a circle, and it rotates within another circle, which is called Eternity. In space, the span-rotation of the circle of Eternity endures longer than the span-rotation of the circle of time, this is because it rotates within that dimension called Eternity; but Eternity has a beginning and an end. So, when we talk about the ego, we have to understand that the ego exists in Eternity, and our physical body exists within the circle of Time. Eternity manifests through Time 108 times, in our human organism. When that 108 existences come to an end, then the circle of Eternity continues its rotation, in order for the ego to be disintegrated in Eternity. That is why they say that hell is eternal. People think that this means that hell is a never-ending time: no, time has a beginning and an end, just as with Eternity. But, that Eternity takes “forever” to finish a complete cycle, rotation. This is what we have to understand.

People in this day and age are afraid of losing their physicality, but sooner or later we are going to lose it. What we have to understand is that, after physical death, life continues to exists in a devolving manner within that which is Eternity. In that Eternity exists, in the upper realms, that which we call Heaven, and in the lower realms, that which we call hell. If we want to avoid descending into the lower realms of hell, into the inferior levels of Eternity, we have to disintegrate the ego. The ego belongs to the inferior levels of Eternity. This is why we are urgently teaching people about psychological death; to destroy the ego here and now, and to take advantage of this doctrine; because if we do not do it, nature will do that down there for us. We have an opportunity to do it by ourselves, willingly, or to leave it to nature to do it. Either way, the animal ego will be disintegrated sooner or later, because it is something that shouldn’t exist within us. Why? Because our psyche, our soul, our essence, the consciousness is trapped within that animality, and we act accordingly, we think accordingly and we feel accordingly.

Here, we are addressing something that we have to visualize, very clearly. Aima Elohim, the mother, the Schekinah, as it is called in Kabbalah, the creative Logos, the Samech – which is that letter that resembles a circle – is that which descended from the Ain Soph (the limitless space, the Abyss) in order to dwell in the Sephirah Yesod-Malkuth, so that she could create Adam, along with the Theometmalogos.

We have previously given a lecture about this word Theomertmalogos. Theo means God, and Mertma relates to the harness. Observe this image, the Tarot card called the Weaver. In this card, the weaver is using, handling a meritma מרתמה, which is a Hebrew word which means, “harness.” That harness goes up and down, up and down; that is the intelligence. Master Samael Aun Weor wrote, in the first chapter of Pistis Sophia:

The Weaver

“The Theomertmalogos weaves (Tantra तन्त्र in Sanskrit) and unweaves its own loom (also Tantra तन्त्र in Sanskrit) with infinite wisdom. All of nature is the loom (Tantra तन्त्र) of God. The four and twentieth mystery only functions by way of the sixth mystery (the lovers).”

Flee fornication (orgasm). Every sin that a man does is without the body; but he that commits fornication sinns against his own body.

What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God's.” - 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20

This is a very profound statement, that we have to analyze and to comprehend in ourselves.

MaleFemale nervous system

On the left side of this slide, we find an image of a woman, showing the nervous system. And, on the right, an image of a man, also showing the nervous system. We placed this here in order for us to understand that the loom that we are speaking about here is our physicality, our physical body. In there, that physical body, is where the Holy Spirit, the Divine Mother works. Our physical body is a vehicle, with which we have to know manage the energy of the Divine Mother, who is the Theomertmalogos.

We have to visualize that. That is why, when we talk about the Kundalini, all the energy of the Divine Mother, we have to understand that she works through our nervous systems. We have three nervous systems: the central nervous system, which is related with the brain and spinal medulla; the grand sympathetic nervous system; and the para-sympathetic nervous system. These three nervous systems are related with what we call the three brains. Physically speaking, we have three brains. In order for those brains to act, to function, they need energy, and it is obvious that it is the nervous system in which we find that. That is why we always talk about Yesod-Malkuth, because Malkuth is what we call the kingdom; all of these systems that we have in our physical organism are very intelligent vehicles that function thanks to the nervous system. But, the very source of energy of that nervous systems resides in Yesod, which is the vital body.

We have to comprehend that we have a vitality, which is the fourth dimension of our physicality. We tend to believe that our physical body is three-dimensional, but in reality, it is tetra-dimensional. The three that we see with our physical sight, and the fourth is the energy that is penetrating and co-penetrating each cell, molecule and atom of our physicality. This is how we have to visualize this vehicle; that is the energy, the loom that we are addressing. That loom is precisely what the Divine Mother uses to work. That is why we wrote beneath these images, “The Theomertmalogos is the intelligence that harnesses (in other words, raises and lowers the creative energy) in the warp-threads (warp threads work like a net to hold the weft threads in place so the fabric does not unravel) of our three nervous systems” This is called Alchemy.

“The loom of God, the Great Work, functions only with the Sixth Mystery. The Sixth Mystery is the Lover, the mystery of love.” - Samael Aun Weor

There are two ways two work in Alchemy: pranayama for single people, and sexual alchemy, for those who are married. In those practices, we harness all of that energy inside of our nervous system. This is how we not only fortify our physicality, but also store energy in order to perform the work of psychological death. The Divine Mother needs energy in order to destroy those elements that we have within, and to do that, we have to know how to store, to save our energy within. That is why you see in this graphic of the Tarot card that the Divine Mother is the one that is performing that work. That is why we always state that the physicality is feminine, from the alchemical point of view, because our physicality takes the energy from the Logos. Thus, you can see in the very bottom of that Tarot card, three flowers, which symbolize the three primary forces, or better said, our three brains, physically speaking.

The first brain is related with the intellect, the head. The second brain is the emotional brain, related with our heart. The third brain is called the motor-instinctual-sexual brain, related with the energy that we use to move, instinctively or willingly and of course, the sexual energy. That is why, we find the serpent amongst those three flowers; that serpent symbolizes the energy that we have to know how to handle. This is how our Divine Mother nourishes us; as you can see at the left top of the 24th card of the Tarot, the Divine Mother is feeding her child Horus with her emotional center, her breast; Horus is in this case representing our psyche. This is a beautiful card, the Weaver, the Divine Mother.


In the next graphic, we again see a feminine body. With this, we want to point to the fact that the physical vehicle that we have, Malkuth, is feminine, esoterically speaking. The physical body is the vehicle that we have that stores all of the energy that you see on the Tree of Life. She is the Shekinah and what we call the Theomertmalogos.

When you study Hinduism, you discover that Shiva is called, “the Three-Eyed One.” In Hinduism, they personify those cosmic, spiritual forces that we are talking about in different ways. This is something that you have to understand. When you see the Gods of Greek mythology with human form, and you see in Hinduism those Gods, those energies, with the human shape, and sometimes with other shapes like in the Egyptian pantheon – where they sometimes symbolize those forces with the face or body of animals – we have to understand, to comprehend, to use our intuitive logic, why they represent those forces with a human shape. It is in order to show us that we need to manage those divine forces, which are stored in our physicality. Our physicality is the final form of those forces. Thus, it is not as the ignoramuses think, “they depicted their Gods in a human shape in order to worship them.” No! They did this in order to show that those divine forces, that exist in all of the universe, need to manifest through us, through our physicality. That is why, in order to perform this psychological work, we need a physical body. We don’t need to talk about other bodies, we need only to talk about here and now, our physical bodies; learning to manage, to control the energies of our nervous system.

In this graphic, we placed at the very top of that feminine form a painting by William Blake, depicting the Logos. It is not that the Theomertmalogos, that Jehovah Elohim has to have that shape; he painted it in this way in order to show us that God works through us, by harnessing the forces of our nervous system, from above-below, and below-above. But, where is that Jehovah Elohim? An atom of him is precisely in the pineal gland. Likewise, the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, according to the Descartes, the seat of the consciousness, the seat of the psyche.

When Master Samael Aun Weor teaches us that we have to remember ourselves, we have to understand that, that self vibrates in the pineal gland, in the chakra Sahasrara, the crown chakra, Kether, the father of all the lights. We have to concentrate there, because there is where we find the atom of the Holy Spirit, which in India is called Shiva, and which in Kabbalah is called Binah. So, we have an atom of Binah/Shiva/the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland, and we have the psyche in the pineal gland. Thus, when we say remember yourself, we are not talking about remembering the physical body or the mind, no. Remember that self-power that we have in the pineal gland, which is also known as the third eye, which is why Shiva is called the Three-Eyed One. You might ask, “How can he see through three eyes?” Well, physically, we have two eyes, through which we see the physical world. But, in this case, the Holy Spirit, in the pineal gland, together with the psyche has to see through those three eyes. This is what we called psychology: psyche, the soul; logos, the third logos, the Holy Spirit, united in the pineal gland. For that, we need the power of his wife, who in Sanskrit is called Shakti. The Shekinah or Shakti dwells in Yesod, in our sexual glands. We have to raise our sexual-Shakti-potential to the pineal gland, in order to fortify the third eye of Shiva, or in other words, in order to fortify our three eyes. You might wonder how? Well, you activate your pineal gland when you remember Shiva, when you remember Jehovah, when you remember God within you. God has no form. But, when you remember him, you are strengthening the pineal gland. From that pineal gland you’ll know that you are self-remembering, because you are seated there, consciously speaking; the seat of the soul is the pineal gland, says the great philosopher Descartes.

So, from the pineal gland, from that point internally, you observe, or better said perceive. Can you observe something without eyes? No. When you observe something in detail, you do so with your physical eyes. But, in this case, I am not telling you to observe with your physical eyes. We are telling you to perceive with the eyes of Shiva. Remember that Shiva (the third Logos, the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland), together with the consciousness has to perceive, psychologically, through the three brains. So it is a psychosomatic observation through the pineal gland, a psychological perception. We don’t say “Observe your three brains with your physical eyes,” because that is impossible… but psychologically? That is possible. So, from your pineal gland, consciously observe your three brains within; that is, perceive the thoughts of your mind, perceive your emotions, perceive your instincts, your movements and your sexual activity. That is what we call self-observation. Our self is the psyche, united to the Logos, the Holy Spirit that we are working with. The Holy Spirit is the force from which that psyche emanates. As it is written:

He (the psyche) that is joined unto the Lord (the logos) is one spirit (oneself).” - Corinthians 6: 17

In this way you see how we observe or perceive through the three brains, moment to moment. This is the middle path. Someone might say, “I walk in the middle path,” but if their psyche is not centered in that way, within that atom of the Holy Spirit, they are not. It is only in this way that we can work with psychological death, because that which we need to annihilate, to destroy, are psychological aggregates.

Remember: the physical body is necessary. We need the energies of the physical body in order to perform this psychological work. But, the physical body will die, sooner or later. We have to take advantage of this physicality, in order to do our psychological work.

In order to continue investing this psychological work that we are talking about, let us read this quote from the Master Samael Aun Weor, speaking from the perspective of being in meditation. Of course, it is only in meditation that you can see your Divine Mother Death. As you can see on this slide, we have represented the Divine Mother Death as Hecate, on the right side, and on the left side, you see the statue of Liberty, which is the very same symbol. When you die psychologically, then you understand what freedom, liberty is: it is freedom from the ego that makes our life unbearable. Master Samael Aun Weor states:


“Before me (in Samadhi) the third aspect of Prakriti (which is another name for the Divine Mother) took on the frightful and terrible divine shape of Proserpine (Hecate) and then she spoke to me in a language with apocalyptic significance.

“This perverse civilization of vipers, this great Babylon will be destroyed, and in all of its cities, not one stone upon another will remain. The evil of the world is so great, that it has even reached unto heaven. There is no remedy for this humanity. It is totality lost.”

Then, overflowing with the great terror, I uttered, “Oh mother of mine, we are in a dead-end street.”

Then, with a parable, Proserpine asked me, “Do you want to make a covenant with me?”

“Yes, mother of mine, I am willing to fulfill that covenant,” with great decisiveness came this answer from my lips. Then Proserpine, the queen of the infernos and death, took the floor again with a parable and told me:

“Open the dead-end street, and I will kill them.” I immediately answered:

“I accept, mother of mine, my lady.” - Samael Aun Weor, The Narrow Way

So, here, brothers and sisters, we are delivering the doctrine, to open the dead-end street for us, in order for us to not go down there and be annihilated in the inferior dimensions of nature through the second death; for us to not be victims of the circumstances. For that, we have to learn the path.

MahaShakti MahaRudra

Behold here in this next graphic, we have placed two beautiful pictures of the Hindu pantheon. On the right side, you find Mahakala, also called Maharudra, the destructive aspect of Shiva, the Holy Spirit. On the left side, we find the Divine Mother Mahashakti, Mahakali. Both of them are holding the trident, symbol of the three forces, the three brains that we have to manage and to control. We wrote underneath these two images: the flaming circle around Shiva is Mahashakti, the personification of the Kundalini energy that creates and sustains the garments of the soul, as well as the destructive energy that disintegrates our animal egos. Mahashakti is referred to as Mahakali, and Shiva as Mahakala or Maharudra.

Mahakala or Maharudra is always a terrifying aspect, because it is precisely that energy stored in us that we utilize in order to destroy the animal ego. This is how we work with the Divine Mother Death. Remember: Shiva, in that destructive aspect, is in the pineal gland. From the pineal gland is where you have to remember yourself. That self is not your mind, the ego, but the consciousness, because the pineal gland is the seat of the soul, the seat of the consciousness. From the pineal gland is where we observe and remember ourselves; from there we remember that we, as souls, are part of that divine entity. That which we call Shiva-Shakti is our own, particular, individual Monad. We have to worship our Monad, we have to pray to our Monad. Remember, if we depict our Monad with this shape of Mahakala and Mahakali, it is not because they have that form, but to help give us something to meditate on, to concentrate on, something that the mind can understand. If we have never had an experience with our Being, we need something, some image or form to grasp that which is formless. In my case, when I pray to my Divine Mother and Divine Father, thanks to them I have experiences with them in the superior worlds. So, I see them, and pray to them in that “form” which I experienced. But, in the case of the beginner who has had no such experience, we find those examples in all religions of divinity presented with a human form, in order to give the beginner something to grasp on to, to imagine. We have to understand that God itself has no form, whether feminine or masculine.

If we are Christian, we can visualize these destructive aspects in other ways, but in Hinduism, they always depicts these aspects, because that religion always shows all the different elements of divinity that we need to work with. I am not saying that all Hindus know about this path; they may have many images and idols in their religions that depict the many forces of the universe, but they do not know that they are merely symbols, and they idolize those symbols. But, those idols, those images are representation of something that we have within; that is why we have a human shape. If you observe all the great avatars, the deepest work of transformation, we have images of Krishna, of Rama, of Jesus, Moses, and it is because through these human elements that the divine forces were worshiped. Of course, every one of those examples is a master who humanized those, personified those forces within them. And that is what we are trying to achieve; for that, we have to work psychologically.

Let us look at the next graphic. We talked about the trident, which represents the law of the three and the three brains, through which the Holy Spirit works in ourselves: three brains, three nervous systems. We always talk about the 7 centers. Usually, we speak about the 5 centers – the intellectual, emotional, motor, instinctual and sexual centers – but there are 2 other centers that we have to work with and be in contact with.

Master Samael states:


Now then, if we think of the Ray of Creation, the superior and inferior centers, and the influences descending through the cited cosmic ray, we must admit that some luminous vibratios appear in us. These intend to heal us, to inform us about the in which we are, and more…

It is marvelous, as well, to have intimate dialogue with the highest, diverse parts of our Being.”

That dialogue is called prayer; we have to pray to God.

The superior centers are fully developed in us, and they send us messages which we must learn to consciously grasp.” - Samael Aun Weor

Let us talk about the inferior intellectual center. You cannot deny that, when you are reading or acting with the intelectual brain, with the intellectual center, your movements are slow. They are slow because the intellectual center is very slow. You can experience emotions in that intellectual center that relate with that intellectual center.

centerWith this, we have to inform you that each center is divided into 3: it has its intellectual center, emotional center and motor-instinctual-sexual center. We have to learn how to control the 7 centers. We have to be in contact with the superior emotional center and with the superior intellectual center.

For instance, in my case, as I am giving this lecture... obviously, I have to remember myself, my Being. Through this superior intellect and superior emotional centers, my Being is managing – as you can see in the image of William Blake – my three brains, my three nervous systems, in order for me to organize what I am saying. We have to remember ourselves, always, and to offer to our Being to take over us, and to perform the work that we have to do.

When you are using your emotional center, like actors and actresses, they sometimes have to read the script, and they are acting, emotionally speaking, trying to personify that which they are reading. So, the emotional center has its own intellectual brain. When those people are moving, acting, that is the action of the motor aspect of the emotional center.

We have to know how to visualize ourselves, from within. Each center is divided into three aspects; mind, emotion and sex. Of course, in the beginning, it is very difficult to control the motor-instinctual-sexual centers, because they are very fast. For the beginner it is very easy to see the intellectual and emotional centers. This is where we need to start, with our mind and emotions; then, later on when we are annihilating those psychological aggregates, or better said, when our Divine Mother Death is annihilating those psychological aggregates in those centers of our human machine, and we learn how to worship God, then we see how our consciousness is awakening. Then, we can see other, subtler, deeper levels of ourselves.

Sometimes, Gnostics ask us, “How do I comprehend an ego in the 49 levels of the mind?” How? By meditating. Then they say, “But, it is difficult to understand the 49 levels of the mind when you meditate.” And we reply, “You are committing a mistake here. When the Master Samael Aun Weor states that we have to comprehend our ego in 49 levels of the mind, he doesn’t say that we have to do that in one session, in one shot. That is impossible.” You have to start physically. What the Master is saying is that we have to annihilate any psychological aggregate previously comprehended in any level of the 49 levels of klipoth, the animal mind. It is impossible to demand from someone to comprehend an ego in all 49 levels of klipoth, the animal mind, when he is not even yet awakened in the physical plane.

First, take care of the levels of your physicality. Then, later on, when you ascend to the higher Sephiroth, reaching Chesed – which relates the 49th level of klipoth – then you will understand what it is to comprehend an ego in the 49 levels of klipoth, the animal mind.

In each level, we have many aggregates. Thus, we have to comprehend those aggregates in each level. What level? The level that you are aware of. Little by little, as we awaken consciousness, we have to take care of other, deeper klipothic levels; then you will understand that Chesed, which relates to Ruach, the superior intellectual center, is divided in 3: mind, emotion and action. But, how are you going to know that, if you are not aware even who your Being is? Of course, when you reach that level, then you understand what the Master Samael Aun Weor says in many of his lectures, that in that level, things that look like virtues are not virtues, but are in reality defects. But, we are not going to demand from a beginner to see that, to have that level of perception, because that is too high. Just worry about the lower levels of your physicality, then, later on, someday you will reach Chesed, your Innermost. Then, you will deal with those egos at that level, in the 7 levels of Chesed. Then you will understand your defects in all 49 levels of your klipothic mind. Let us read:

The Klipoth are the inverted Sephiroth, the Sephiroth in their negative aspect, the inverted virtues. For example, the qualities of Geburah are severity, the law, and when it is inverted it is tyranny, dictatorship.

Sometimes a prostitute delivers herself to males because of charity; here we find the principle of an inverted Sephirah. So, the charity of Chesed, when inverted, could be complacency with crime. All Klipoth of Kabbalah are within the Kundabuffer organ, within Malkuth, the physical world, within the interior of the Earth.” - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael Aun Weor

This is why we always insist for students to learn Kabbalah, in order for them to understand what it is that we are talking about, in order to comprehend that we have to begin with our heart. Everybody in this day and age is working with fear. Emotionally, we are altered, because of this pandemic. So, let us read what Master Jesus said:

Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? for they wash not their hands when they eat bread But he answered and said unto them, Why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? For God commanded, saying, Honour thy father and mother: and, He that curseth father or mother, let him die the death (the second death).”

How do you honor your father and mother? How do you honor Shiva-Shakti? How do you honor Binah in the pineal gland and in the lower realms, the Schekinah? How do you honor them? Obviously, people take this commandment to mean their physical father and mother… yes, you have to respect them. But, this commandment is not addressing your physical father and mother. It is addressing those entities that we are talking about, which are energy. If you do not do that work, “let him die the second death.”

But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father or his mother, It is a gift, by whatsoever thou mightest be profited by me; And honour not his father or his mother, he shall be free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. Ye hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy of you, saying, This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. And he called the multitude, and said unto them, Hear, and understand: Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.

Then came his disciples, and said unto him, Knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended, after they heard this saying? But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Then answered Peter and said unto him, Declare unto us this parable”

Peter is that element, that archetype that works in the pineal gland.

So Jesus said, “Are you also still without understanding (Binah, the Holy Spirit, Shiva)?

If you are not performing what we are teaching, which is to remember yourself and to observe yourself, consciously in the three brains, you are also still without understanding:

Do not ye yet understand, “that whatsoever entereth in at the mouth goeth into the belly, and is cast out (into the intestines, then into the toilet) into the draught? But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness, blasphemies: These are the things which defile a man: but to eat with unwashen hands defileth not a man.” Matthew 15: 1-20

When people visualize all of these laws that we find in the Bible and in many other religious books, and they start performing those laws literally, physically, thinking that they are going to save their soul through those beliefs… it doesn’t matter what you eat; that is not what this law is talking about. Many people think, “I have to be vegetarian, in order to be holy.” Eat whatever you want, but remember that you have to observe your heart, that is the beginning. From the heart comes fear. It is that area which all of us are identified in.

We have to work with the superior emotional center in the heart; we have to feel it in the heart. It is in the left ventricle of the heart that we have the atom Nous, which is that atom that is one with the superior intellectual center, which relates to the atom of Shiva in the pineal gland. We have to worship God, we have to pray to God, and we have to feel that in our heart. That is why Master Jesus delivered a marvelous prayer. He says, after this manner therefore pray ye:

Third Image

Our father, which art in heaven.

When we say that, remember that in the pineal gland we have the atom of the Holy Spirit; your Monad is there in the higher dimensions. We are connected to that Monad through that atom, which is the Holy Spirit. It is that atom that we work with, when we are in chastity.

Hallowed be thy name.

What name? Well, if you discover the name of your Being, then pronounce the name of your Being. To know the name of the Being is a gift that our own, particular, individual God gives us. When we say, hallowed be thy name, we pronounce that name mentally. As it is written:

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.” - Revelation 2: 17

Jesus prayer continues:

Thy kingdom come.

The kingdom of God is above. It is not related with lust, with pride, with that ego that we call the pharisee ego, which believes that one is good. Listen, God is beyond good and evil. His kingdom come, and for that to happen, we have to work very hard.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What earth? Our physicality of course. We have to work, to annihilate that ego, to comprehend the ego in the three brains; in our thinking, feeling and acting brains, as we discover it in our daily life. That is why we say:

Give us this day, our daily bread.

That bread is meditation, comprehension of what we are.

Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.

In order to forgive those who trespass against us, we have to annihilate self-esteem, self-love, pride, which is very fat in each one of us. How are we going to forgive the trespasses of our neighbour if we believe that we deserve the best? We deserve nothing. We deserve to die, psychologically speaking.

Lead us not into temptation.

Ignoramuses say, “God cannot lead us into temptation!” Well, God sends Satan to tempt us. Read in the book of Job how Jehovah sent Satan to test Job, to see if he really loved him. God doesn’t tempt, but Satan does it under the commands of God, according to the book of Job. So let us understand:

Blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord has promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempts he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. Then when lust has conceived, it brings forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.” - James 1: 12-15

"And deliver us from evil."

Klipoth is the evil, the ego that we have within.

"For thine is the kingdom (Malkuth, the physicality) and the power (Geburah, our divine soul) and the glory (Hod, the emotional center), forever. Amen."

The Kingdom-Malkuth is of Jehovah Elohim-Binah when we lift Ida, the fallen serpent, when working in the loom of the Shekinah in Yetzirah.  In our psychosomatic nature "Ida" relates to Binah, Geburah and Hod.

Three Sephiroth of form are found in the Pillar of Severity (Binah, Geburah, and Hod).” - Samael Aun Weor

The pater noster is one of the most wonderful prayers that we can perform, when we sit down to meditate, in order to ask help from God to comprehend our psyche.


Master Samael Aun Weor states:

The cardiac chakra has 12 radiations and luminous undulations. The mantra Omnis Jaum Intimo serves to communicate with the Innermost. This mantra shall be vocalized mentally. The disciple will lull himself to sleep adoring the Innermost and mentally pronouncing the mantra Omnis Jaum Intimo.”

If you want to remember your Innermost, when you are in your daily activities, pronounce this mantra and it will help you in that moment. It will help you to observe, from the pineal gland, all your three brains, so that you can see how you are acting, thinking and feeling.

Thus, the disciple will be able to converse with his Innermost. The Innermost will appear to the disciple in visions during sleep.”

I know from experience that this happens. Then you will feel like nothing before the presence of your Innermost. You will ask, “Please to help me to die psychologically; I want to incarnate you. I want to be your vehicle. I understand that so long as I have this ego alive, I cannot be your vehicle. I need to die.”

The mantra to awaken intuition is “Om Mani Padme Hum.” This mantra is vocalized like this: “Om Masi Padme Yom.” The vocalization is letter by letter, like this:

Ooooooommmmmmmm… Maaaaa…. Siiiiiii… Padme Yooooooooommmmmmmmmm…

It’s meaning is, “Oh, my God in me!” - Samael Aun Weor

You might ask, “Why is it written Mani and you pronounce it Masi?” it is because we are Alchemists. The N, the Nun, means “fish” in Aramaic. It is the sperm and ovum that we rise through transmutation, in order to fortify the Lord Shiva in the pineal gland. To do that, we need to raise that energy, that sexual force, to the pineal gland. Then, we transform the N into energy, which is the Sssssssssssssss. Then, we imagine that sexual force, the Shakti, ascending up our spine, to the pineal gland in order to fortify the psyche, the essence, the soul and to fortify Shiva. Then we pray, “help me Lord Shiva, Holy Spirit, Binah, in order to control my three brains. Move, I beg you, your harness in my nervous system, so that I can fill your energy, and work with you.”

The Essence is an unfoldment of Horus. Therefore, it is necessary to ask Horus to fortify our three brains. Horus is being fortified while the ego is dying. That is why it is necessary to ask him to fortify our three brains.” - Tarot and Kabbalah by Samael aun Weor”

This is the work that we have to do. When we walk in the streets, we have to always pray, “Omnis Jaum Intimo,” remembering the self, remembering God. God is the superior part of ourselves. We observe the three brains in order to see how our sinful ego works through us. Remember, from the pineal gland, our watchtower, is where we observe or perceive, that is the center of gravity of the Holy Spirit and our consciousness. We have to control the human machine, the seven centers, and the three brains. Three brains: the law of three; seven centers: the law of seven. Every universe operates through these laws. Don’t worry about the neighbour, don’t worry about what is happening in nature, in the cosmos, worry about yourself. Whether you die because of this virus, or any other cause, you will die sooner or later; so, work on yourself, work in the psychological death. Observe how you feel, how you think, and how you act, in all of the 24 hours of the day, or perhaps better put, the 16 hours of your waking day, and 8 hours of your rest. Then, at that end of the day, you can sit down and perform a retrospection, because you were remembering yourself, your Being, your God, and you were observing your psyche; you were observing how it works through you, physically speaking, emotionally speaking, mentally speaking.

When you perform your retrospection, you have to transform the impressions of that day. You have to feed your soul, your psyche, along with your Logos. That Logos acts in you, in different levels. But, in the beginning, it works in that level… forget about other, higher levels. Later on, if you reach those higher levels, you will work with the Logos in other levels. But, right now, physically speaking, this is how we have to work, this is how we have to behave: remembering God and observing yourself. Thus, after your retrospection, then you choose, you select, among all of the events that happened in that day, which one deserves to be analyzed and comprehended deeply. Which one? You be the judge. In that one event, you concentrate, meditate, pray, in order to annihilate it.

Master Samael Aun Weor would say to his students, “We are going to start a meditation in the annihilation of the ego.” Then, one of his disciples asked, “Master, in which ego are we going to meditate today?” Then, Master Samael looked at him, and asked, “What do you mean, in what ego? The ego that you observed during the day; or were you sleeping all day? Were you not observing yourself? Were you not remembering your God? Then, what were you doing? Obviously if we come here to sit and meditate, it is because we already have an element upon which to meditate. I will not tell you which ego; that you will know, but I won’t. I will annihilate my ego, not yours. So, what ego are you going to meditate upon, according to your observation?” Then, his disciple said, “Well, I remember my anger.” “So, you remember that you had an event of anger. So, concentrate on that, and tell me, why did that anger sprout out of your emotional center.” “Well, because my pride was hurt.” “Ok. So, sit down and meditate in that pride and that anger, related with that event. Then when you have comprehend that, pray to your Divine Mother Death for annihilation.”

That is the way that we be practical in this work of psychological death. Your Divine Mother Death knows very well if you have comprehended it. If you pray to her, she will help you. But, if you ask for annihilation, and you didn’t comprehend that ego in meditation, your Divine Mother will say, “My son, are you dumb? You have to comprehend that ego first, in order for me to annihilate that.” That comprehension is what we call mastery.

What is a master? A master is an awakened being that is a master of himself. From where does he get that light that gives him mastery? From inside. It is that light which is trapped in our ego. If you keep ahead, you develop mastery. But, those that call themselves “masters” and never meditate, that is a joke of a very bad taste.

Mastery is the outcome of meditation. The master is the outcome of comprehension. Meditation is not to lay down in yogic postures, to close your eyes and to start fantasizing… that is not the annihilation of the ego. In order to annihilate your ego, you have to comprehend. And, if you want to comprehend that ego, you should know which one of those egos that manifested during the day is the one that you want to comprehend and annihilate. That is the path of psychological death.

Dont worry: in the beginning, you might understand that ego intellectually. This is the first level. Later on, if you are aware, remembering yourself, observing yourself, you will see how that ego manifests in other, deeper levels. Then, you go deeper and deeper and deeper, through many days, weeks, months, years, until one day you will reach the 49th level. But, for that, you have to awaken. This is how we work psychologically.

But, remember, we have to be in harmony, in union, yug, religare, with our Innermost. The first step is to religare ourselves with God. And, where is God? God is within, in the higher, superior parts of ourselves. We have an atom in our pineal gland that helps us to observe, to watch, to perceive. Lord Shiva has three eyes; those three eyes are precisely the intellectual brain, the emotional brain and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain. Those are the three eyes of Shiva that he utilizes in us. People think that clairvoyance is the third eye, and with that third eye, they will know what other people are thinking, to intrude into others personal lives and to gossip about them… no. We are not doing that. What we need to awaken is the third eye of Shiva, which is in the pineal gland, in order for us to observe through three eyes, three brains, in each of the seven centers of the human machine.

Do you have questions?

Audience: Do you have any insight in the mantra Omnis Jaum Intimo? Omnis suggests all, or totality, and Intimo seems to relate to the word intimate. But, what is Jaum?

Instructor: Well, if you observe, that word contains the mantram Aum. That means that the Innermost, the intimate, our inner Monad, is a child of Aum. That Aum is IAOm, which is related with the letter Iod. That Iod is the first letter of the holy name of God: Iod-Hei-Vav-Hai.

If you observe the word Jaum, it is a tetragrammaton, meaning, four-lettered word. The beautiful mantra Aum is inside. When you pronounce Jaum, obviously you are putting into activity your pineal gland. The mantram Aum, which is pronounced Ooooommmmmm, puts into activity the chakra Sahasrara, which helps to awaken that inner eye that can observe the three brains. The letter that vibrates very strongly in that chakra is the letter “I,” which is the J of Jaum, the letter Iod.

Audience: How are the 49 levels of the mind calculated, relating to the Tree of Life?

Instructor: Well, as you can see, when you observe the Tree of Life, you see that man itself is related with Chesed. Chesed, Geburah and Tiphereth together comprises our Monad. Unfortunately, our Tiphereth is bottled up in Netzach, Hod, Yesod and Malkuth, the mind. All of these elements are the outcome of the Divine Mother; they are that which we call Adam, the seven bodies.

In each body, we have seven chakras, or spiritual senses. In the beginning, you have to worry about the seven senses of your physicality. As long as we walk on the path, those seven senses or chakras are activated in each body. 7 x 7 = 49.

Tree Of Lives 2

“What thou seest (or perceive), write (comprehend) in a book (your consciousness), and send it (as a divine rule) unto the seven churches (chakras) which are in Assiah (that is, Malkuth, the world of matter and action); unto Ephesus (Muladhara chakra), and unto Smyrna (Swadhisthana chakra), and unto Pergamos (Manipura chakra), and unto Thyatira (Anahatha chakra), and unto Sardis (Vishuddha chakra), and unto Philadelphia (Ajna chakra), and unto Laodicea (Sahasrara chakra).” - Revelation 1: 11

So, obviously, the consciousness, along with the Logos, sees, observes, perceives, captures that which comes into Klipoth, our interior. Those are the 49 levels of the mind. The Innermost has his own mind too; but, it is not the sinful mind that we have here in Klipoth. I have personally talked with my Innermost, and he is omniscient. As the Master Samael says, “the wisdom of the Innermost is yes, yes, yes.” When we reach that level, then we will worry about the seven inverted levels of our Innermost, in Klipoth. But, for now, let us be concrete and visualize the seven levels of Malkuth; then, later on, we will reach other Sephiroth, in order to be prepared for resurrection. Resurrection is related with Binah. Binah is the one that enters into the initiate; Binah resurrects in him, and him in Binah, this is how Shiva makes of Chesed an Elohim.

We have to work within the 49 levels of klipoth. Master Samael did that. But, some people do not understand these 49 levels and think, as we said, that we have to understand the ego in all 49 levels of the mind, in one shot… that is impossible. We are not even aware of the physicality, how are we going to be aware of Chesed? But, little by little, we will have experiences, and we will know what the 49 levels of klipoth are, directly.

Audience: How do you know when you have comprehended an ego?

Instructor: If that ego is annihilated, it is because you comprehended it. The Divine Mother Shakti, Mahakali, Death, knows very well, because she is intelligence. If you ask, “Divine Mother, annihilate this ego of mine,” and you pray to her, “But she will say, my child, I cannot annihilate that ego, because you need to comprehend that psychological aggregate further; there is something that you are missing. And, that which you are missing is part of you. So, when you extract all of that light, all of that consciousness from that devil, then I will annihilate it completely.” But, in the action of our daily life, we have to observe ourselves. If you remember and observe yourself, you will see, “Oh, my Divine Mother annihilated this ego of mine.” But, unfortunately, in this other level in which I am now, that ego is still there, but acting in different ways. Remember: every psychological defect acts in the 49 levels of the mind.

Audience: In contemplating your ego, are there any spiritual practices that could help get to the root of it? Could you share one or two techniques?

Instructor: Remember your Being. There are practices in which you can see how your ego is. But, for that, you have to awaken. In the internal planes, if you are awakened, you can kneel and pray to your Divine Mother, and say, “My Divine Mother, I beg you with all my heart, with all my self, please show me this particular ego. I want to see how it is, within me.” And, if you are prepared, your Divine Mother will bring it to you. Then you will see yourself. I am telling you this because I have had this experience, and I saw my ego. That ego looked exactly as though I was watching myself in the mirror. The only difference was that he had red eyes, like a demon. You have to be prepared for that, because that ego can attack you, because he knows, he is not dumb; he knows that you are invoking him because you want to destroy him.

That is one of the practices, but for that you have to awaken in the Astral plane, and to ask your Being. Then, you will see, how fat your ego is, how ugly your ego is.

Audience: Even when we are performing a concentration practice on an image, should we be remembering our Innermost there as well? If so, that would seem like it would make it even more difficult. However, would that practice be more fruitful then?

Instructor: When “we” are doing a concentration practice “we” is the psyche and the logos, so we, the psyche have to remember the self, always. That is the main point of the work. Otherwise, if you are not remembering your self, then, the ego is trying to comprehend the ego, do you understand? Remember yourself, and every time that you lose concentration in yourself, pause and pray: “My god, my Lord, please help me to remember myself. Help me center myself in you, in order to comprehend this ego.”

It is not easy. It is a process of building mastery. But, it is not impossible. Of course, you have to make super efforts; in the beginning, it is very difficult. But, as long as you work in your self, you will see how everything develops easily. Your consciousness is awakening, awakening awakening… the more free consciousness you have, the easier the work becomes.

In the beginning, we have 3% awakened consciousness, and 97% asleep, conditioned consciousness. So, we have to make super efforts. But don’t forget: we have to pray. That is why I put the prayer of the Lord there, because Jesus knew that. He said, pray to your inner God: “Our father who art in heaven, etc....” Remember that your soul is united with a part of your Being, up there in heaven. From there comes the strength, the force that will help you to remember yourself, to observe yourself.

Audience: How does remorse relate to psychological death?

Instructor: One needs to feel remorse. If we don’t feel remorse for what we are doing… we are in a very bad situation. Remorse is indispensable. True remorse comes when you have comprehension. When you comprehend your ego, then the consciousness is freed; then you understand, “Oh, this is the way that I have to behave, to think and to feel. The other way is terrible.” Then you feel remorse, “My God, please help me annihilate this ego, because I feel great pain that I was behaving, thinking and feeling in the wrong way.” That is real remorse. Remorse, for me, comes from comprehension, from the higher parts of your Being.

Audience: What kind of matter is an ego made up of? Why can only our Divine Mother destroy it?

Instructor: As I said in the beginning, the Divine Mother is, in its essence, matter itself; indestructible matter. Everything that exists in the universe is matter and energy. Of course, the ego is a negative creation, that we made by utilizing the energy of creation, of the Divine Mother, in a wrong way. The ego is molecular matter, and atomic matter as well. Our physicality is cellular, but the ego is molecular and atomic. It is created as a consequence of a wrong transformation. That is why it is necessary to always be remembering God and observing yourself, in order to not create new egos, which is a wrong transformation of the energy that we capture through our senses, through our nervous systems. Instead of an explosion of anger, fortifying that ego, observe yourself and suffer, transform that impression in a positive way, and have compassion for that person that is hurting you, because they are a slave of their own psychology.

Audience: Is it a good idea to put oneself in difficult or uncomfortable situations knowingly, to uncover hidden defects? Does a student of Gnosis always have to feel comfortable in all situations?

Instructor: That is something very important. In the beginning, I don’t believe that you should do that. The ego flourishes easily in you, in your mind, in your heart, without putting yourself in difficult situations. Now, if the great law, if your God puts you in that situation, that is different. We have different types of gymnasiums, but we don’t need to go looking for them. For instance, this virus that is acting throughout the world; this is a situation that is given to us, in order for us to comprehend what fear is, and how fear acts through us. But, to look for a situation in order to psychologically die, well, if you have enough energy and confidence in yourself, you can do it… but that is for masters, not for beginners. A beginner has to act as a beginner. We have the tendency of wanting to start as masters and end as beginners.

Audience: Annihilating the ego gives us access to more of the consciousness. We need to save energy to be able to ask for comprehension and annihilation; how much energy can we raise and conserve as a single person? What are the best exercises practices and mantras for the single person? How far can we get in this process as a single person?

Instructor: A single person can practice the Runes. Master Samael wrote a book on the Runes, in which a disciple can practice any rune, in order to strengthen their nervous system, and all the brains, to fortify them in order to utilize them for the psychological work. On the website there are many lectures about the Runes. A Rune that everybody likes to work with is the Rune Fah, which is the Rune of the Fa-ther; in which we charge our bodies through the energy that enters through our hands. There are many other Runes that you can find in the course that we have. That helps. Obviously, pranayama too. Every vocalization of a Rune is a kind of pranayama, in which you are absorbing the energy of nature into your intimate nature, in order to work with Mother Nature, to annihilate your sinful nature. Do you see? Everything is Alchemy.

Audience: Can you say whether or not the temple cleansing in the books of the Gospel, when Jesus went into the temple and chased out the gamblers, merchants, etc, is symbolic of ego elimination?

Instructor: That is what the Logos has to do within us. Let the Logos come, in the way that we are teaching you, and use your whip, your will – the whip is the symbol of willpower – and lash all those defects and vices that are in your temple, which is your body. The physical body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, this is what the scriptures say. The Holy Spirit works in the pineal gland, along with the sexual glands. Remember that the pineal gland controls the sexual glands, and is related with the blood. All of this is the work with the harness of God, inside of us. Then, when you enter into your temple, your body, you discover that there are a lot of merchants inside of you. To remove them from the temple is a very long work. We need patience.

Audience: In John 14: 13, quote “Whatever you ask in my name, this I will do, so that the son can bring glory to the father.” Going by this, can we pray to the lord Jesus to help us annihilate our ego?

Psychological death

Instructor: In order for the Lord Yeshuah to annihilate your ego, you have to reach Tiphereth. Then, Yeshuah, the savior, incarnates in you. This is a higher aspect of the Logos. You have to have the right to receive the Venustic initiation, in order for the Lord Yeshuah to help you with the annihilation of your ego. That is a very high level of development. To pray to Jesus in that way helps, but it is better to incarnate Yeshuah. For that, you have to initiatically raise from Malkuth to Tiphereth. If you eventually incarnate him, he will help you from the very heart of yourself, which is Tiphereth, in the Causal World, this, in order to clean your temple perfectly.

Om Tat Sat

One day, while Master Samael and I were sitting in front of a Gnostic school in Chihuahua Mexico, I asked him what mantra would be advisible to practice in order to control our three brains from the pineal gland. He told me to “practice the mantra “AUM TAT SAT (ॐ तत् सत्).”

I know that the mantra Aum (ॐ) represents the Theomertmalogos or the “Holy Ghost” aspect of Aelohim. Aum in our physicality bear witness of "Tat” (तत्) or the Ain Soph Aur or the Solar Christ Consciousness aspect of Aelohim. Thus Aum is beneficial for our mental, emotional and motor-instinctual-sexual brains. "Tat” (तत्) is the universal intelligence that along with the consciousness vibrates in the pineal gland; and “Sat” (सत्) is the truth absolute bliss; thus, esoterically, “AUM TAT SAT (ॐ तत् सत्)” relate to the Sahasrara Chakra, in the pineal gland.

Another popular mantra from the three texts of the Vedas, namely, Rig veda, Yajur Veda and Atharva Veda, is the MahaRudra Mantra, which relates to the same three brains, it is a beautiful chant to Shiva-Shakti, yet it is very long.  Let us describe this mantra alchemically for all of you:

“Aum (ॐ Om) Tryambakam Yajamahe Sugandhim Pushti Vardhanam Urvarukamiva Bandhanan Mrityormukshiya Mamritat”

Here is an esoteric explanation of this mantra:

“Aum, in our three eyes, we worship the sweet fragrance of (Shiva-Shakti), which nourishes all living souls, as a fruit released from the stem of desire they severe my soul from death to immortality.”

ॐ Aum = is the sacred syllable that vibrates in our three brains, namely, “A” the breath that penetrates the nose of our head descends into “U” and purifies the blood and in the heart becomes the “O,” which descends into our sexual glands and becomes the “M.” Thus AUM vibrates in our three brains, in our

  • त्र्यम्बकम् tryambakam = our three-eyes or brains, that perceive life in our physicality
  • यजामहे yajāmahe = within them we worship, we sacrifice
  • सुगन्धिम् sugandhim = the fragrance of the supreme Shiva-Shakti
  • पुष्टिवर्धनम् puṣṭivardhanam = which nourishes all living souls
  • उर्वारुकम् urvārukamiva = as a fruit released from the stem of desire
  • बन्धनान् bandhanān = they sever my soul
  • मृत्योर्मुक्षीय mṛityormukṣhīya = from death, may I be freed
  • मा ऽमृतात् mā amṛitāt = to immortality


Mahārudrā (महारुद्रा) from Mahā (महा Great) and Rudra (रुद्रा Roar). The Almighty God of cosmic storms, thunder and lightning, is a form of Shiva and his Shakti power (the Kundalini energy).

Now let us listen: