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Artificial Intelligence and Authentic Intelligence

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has recently made several notable advancements. Some are excited about this, while others have great fear.

The most popular AI systems today are based on what are called large language models or LLMs. They are what is behind the popular AI systems that possess these new capabilities. With such systems you can now ask very sophisticated questions, and it will give you a response often quite comprehensive and accurate (or it may be completely wrong).

Not just simple answers either. You can ask it to write a paper on any topic you choose. Not only that, but you could also ask to format the response as a haiku or in Shakespearean iambic pentameter. If it is the first time you have seen this, it may surprise you how good the result can be.

So, it is a new trick of modern technology. It is something that even a few years ago was not possible. The most powerful model currently available to the public passed the Uniform Bar Examination with a result in the 90th percentile of all test takers. This includes both multiple choice and essays it wrote.  The prior version of the same model did not pass the test which shows how quickly things are improving.

AI can also create images. There is also a lot of recent progress in this area. It can now create images of people (celebrates, politicians, etc.) of scenarios and events which never actually occurred.

These AI generated images were not possible just a few years ago. It is inevitable that we will soon get video that will be good enough to fool people. It is going to be more and more difficult to figure out what's real and what is not. This represents an enormous problem for humanity.

Many other areas are assisted or impacted. Protein folding, for example, is a very complicated problem to solve. Proteins are long changers of amino acids linked together in folded chains. The three-dimensional shape of the protein dictates its function within our biology. AI has been very useful in this area of study.

If you're a believer in strong AI, you can see these advancements of the last few years as proof that soon we're going to have systems that can do everything better than a human. Most of the people who are deeply studying and advancing AI believe that there will be a way to achieve what's called AGI or artificial general intelligence. AGI is the concept of a computer system that (they say) would become self-aware, or at the very least, capable of anything a human can do. Extending this concept, they believe that an AGI system could become immeasurably more intelligent than any human being. Those who believe in this are “strong AI” theorists.

Right now, you can ask an LLM to write a college level essay. It will provide something with average to above average in content. It would not be surprising if they soon produced essays amongst the top percentile of college students across all subjects. This is rapidly changing the education system. How can you give a paper to write for a grade if a simple prompt to an LLM will, on average, produce something better than the student could do on their own?

This goes beyond education too. An AI could produce an entire website with content and images for you, with very little assistance. If you have an agenda, it is now significantly easier to spread propaganda to support your ideas and views. In the past if you wanted to create information or “content” you would need to invest enormous time and effort. Even if it was misleading or wrong, at least someone had to type it all out. Today, you don't have to do that. Moreover, certainly these AI models are not going to get worse, they're just going to get better at these tasks.

This means that the value of the written word is going to be radically diminished because the effort to produce it will become just a fraction of what it was in the past. With that all other forms of media will follow, such as images and video.

We already have problems with false information spreading on the internet. Yet, we haven’t begun to see the full impact of AI. It is incumbent upon us to develop the capacity to discern what is real and truthful and what is just a bunch of AI propaganda.

Despite all these advancements, none of these systems are based on intelligence or are approaching intelligence. To even use the term Artificial Intelligence represents a misguided and false premise of the reality of these systems.

Of course, these systems are at the end of the day just computers. A computer is named such because it can do computations. A computation is a type of mathematical operation that begins with a set of initial conditions and produces a result based upon a well-defined set of rules.

For example, mathematical equations and algorithms are types of computations. An algorithm is an ordered logical sequence of steps to be taken based upon the present conditions. It is like following a flow chart: if this condition is true, proceed to these steps, else do these other steps. You can make an algorithm from a recipe card to make a food dish.  You can think of that as an algorithm because it's an ordered number of steps that you do in a well-defined way that should produce a desired result.

At its basis that is all an algorithm really is. It's just an ordered series of steps and logic. Obviously, the computer needs those steps in a special way; they must be encoded by a programmer. The programmer writes the “code” in a computer language.

Computers are excellent at data processing and mathematical operations. Any mathematical operation is extremely well defined. To add or multiply two numbers is something a computer can do very, very quickly, without any issues.

There is a form of theoretical math, called formal systems, that deals with computation and computability itself, which is the origin of what is called Computer Science today. Computer Science is just applied mathematical principles. Computers and computer science came from mathematical arrangement of how data can be processed within a “formalized” and “axiomatic system.”

Any computer algorithm can be formally defined in a mathematical way. Before actual computers, mathematicians designed algorithms that would solve mathematical questions within formal systems, using pen and paper.

The important thing to understand is that anything a computer does can be represented mathematically.

Many believe that math is the most unbiased representation of reality. It removes subjective nature from the result. Meaning, it doesn’t matter who you are, the equation does not lie. The result in this sense is objective.  Unquestionably, the application of math throughout the medical and engineering fields has provided the basis for our modern lifestyle.

This overwhelming success has provided a reason to believe in a reductionistic view of the world. Reductionism, in this sense, is to believe that everything boils down to math.

If we begin with our psychology: what we think, our narrative experience, our thoughts and feelings, is studied and described by psychology. Well, if you're taking a reductionistic view, you would say that your psychology is in your brain and nervous system, which is just biology. So, from this view psychology can be reduced to biological functions.

Biology is just applied chemistry. Everything biological comes down to molecular processes which are studied by chemistry. Chemistry, the study of how energy and atomic elements interact, that can be described with the laws of physics. So, chemistry is reduced to physics. Finally, the foundation of physics is mathematical formulae.

Such is the reductionistic point of view. This is partly why strong AI theorists believe that everything reduces to math and computation. Many believe that all of reality can be reduced to math and that everything that's going on in the universe can be understood as a computation. In this view, even this physical room, the way the atoms are interacting, the way energy is transforming at every level and in every way, everything can be defined by a mathematical model and that model then processes it, and can be seen as a computation.

This is the status quo view for most people who are studying these fields. If math encompasses reality, then the scientific method is in principle the means to all knowledge. Reductionistic science has nothing to say about anything that cannot be measured. It can't be measured, then there's no numeric value. Without numeric values there is no scientific method for the “hard” sciences (biology, chemistry, physics, etc.).

In any case, the scientific method has been incredibly useful from a materialistic perspective. We would not have our modern society without it. We would not have the cell phone in our pocket. If there was not a tremendous explanatory capacity of the scientific method, everything about your phone - not just the computer in it, but the materials such as the glass and metal – would not be possible. The silicon chips require remarkable technology to etch transistors into them. The silicon chip process is measured in nanometers (one billionth of a meter). The only way to create that is for the photolithographic procedure to be incredibly precise. It is not a guessing game, it is science.

Despite all these this, we must challenge and refute the notion that measurement, mathematical analysis, and computation theory explains all of reality.

There was a mathematician named Kurt Gödel who proved that math has an inability to explain itself. This is called Gödel's incompleteness theorems. If math cannot explain itself, certainly it cannot explain all of reality. And to repeat, computers (computation) are just mathematical machines.

We will not go deeply into Gödel's incompleteness theorems – but we will touch upon them to give some level of understanding. If you are a mathematician or a physicist, and you spend your life in this type of world, the implications are extremely important and influential.

In math, there is the concept of something being proven within a formal system. A formal system or axiomatic system is where well-defined grammar (symbols) defines axioms. Such axioms are used as the basis to develop inferences, which can be strung together into proofs.

If you ever took a basic geometry course in school, you were working with a formal system. Using the five Euclidean axioms, proofs about the geometry of shapes can be developed. For example, “What is the sum of the interior angles of a triangle?” Using the formal system Euclid, we can prove it is 180 degrees.

So, in a formal system, you ask a question, and try to use the system (based only upon the axioms) to develop an answer.

In the early 1900s a mathematician named David Hilbert proposed that a complete and consistent set of axioms can be developed for all of math itself. Russel and Whitehead took on the project of doing so in their Principia Mathematica, of which three volumes were published through a decade of intense work.

However, Gödel's incompleteness theorems proved that the effort could never be successful. The idea that math could be defined in a universal system was proven to be impossible. It does not mean that formal systems are useless (far from it), but it does mean using such systems, there will always be some things we know are true but cannot be formally proven by the system.

The key here is that we, as conscious observers to the system, understand something about which cannot be formally proven from within the system.

To repeat in another way: you cannot formalize the corpus of understanding into a scheme which can be put on a computer.

In summary there are three things about math which many hoped would be true:

  1. Is math complete?
  2. Is math consistent?
  3. Is math decidable?

A system is said to be complete if every statement expressible within the system can either be proven or disproven with that system. Specific areas such as Euclidean geometry can be said to be complete. However, for any sufficiently powerful system (for example that includes the basics of arithmetic), there will always be true statements that cannot be proven within that system. Therefore, mathematics is not complete.

Is math consistent? A consistent formal system means there are no contradictions. Yet again Gödel's theorems prove that a sufficiently powerful system cannot prove its own consistency. We, using our own understanding, can see it to be consistent, but we cannot formally prove it using the system itself.

Is math decidable? The decidability of math has to do with the power of algorithms. Turing and Church proved that there are problems in math which cannot be determined to be true or false by following a set of instructions. This is exemplified by the infamous “halting problem” of Computer Science.

If you are being observant, you will notice we keep going back to our understanding vs the process of following axioms of a system. Understanding, intelligence, awareness, and consciousness are all at the root of our Being, and, computation cannot produce any of them.

Thus, the term intelligence in Artificial Intelligence is a fabrication, a fantasy, which has no basis. It should never have been used to describe what a computer does. AI is computation. All the latest AI and everything that runs on the basis of mathematical theory, all computers, are computation. There is no intelligence, understanding, awareness, or consciousness present, nor can there ever be.

That being said, for the most part, this conclusion is irrelevant for the strong AI or AGI believer. For them it doesn’t matter. It usually comes down to some combination of the following beliefs:

First, they believe our brain is somehow like a computer and produces our notion of consciousness through complex states of neuronal activity. It is a theory which has no empirical basis. No combination of matter has ever been produced which displays consciousness or so-called “proto-consciousness.” The correlation between brain states and consciousness is just that – it does not explain the source of consciousness any more than the pixels on a monitor explain the source of images presented on the screen.

Second, they believe that life is not actually conscious in any special way either – we are just complex biological machines obeying the laws of physics, which has no room for free will or awareness, so, from that view, our consciousness is therefore an illusion anyway.

Third, for them it doesn’t matter if AI is reproducing our consciousness or understanding, all that matters is that it is able to behave in a way that is indistinguishable from humans. This is the most pragmatic view for those who are seeing the accelerating advancements in AI in the last few years. For them, all that matters are  the functional results.

The way AI has advanced today starts with vast amounts of training data. Essentially, a large portion of the entire Internet is condensed and encoded using highly dimensional vectors (these are sets of numbers); the latest models today have vectors of over 10,000 dimensions. The vectors capture the semantic information of the input training data. Further encoding occurs through a technique called a transformer which applies dynamic weights to incorporate context into the model.

Basically, all the information is saved into a data set in a very special way, called a neural network. Despite the name there are no literal neurons, just data structures. This process of training costs millions of dollars. The result is a model which has been trained in accordance with the input data. Patterns and correspondences are encoded into the model.

The result is a system that takes in a human language prompt as input, and outputs a single word which has the highest correspondence with that set of input data. It then takes that word it just output as another input and finds the next most likely word that would follow according to its training. In this way, the AI chatbots form their answers: one word at a time. In the later stages of training, many nefarious types of answers must be trained out of the model – like how to build weapons, and a million other terrible things.

As we have already gone over, these systems are capable of generating accurate and sophisticated answers. However, they are also prone to “hallucinate” answers which have no basis.

In fact, if you know how, you can craft special types of input that will break the model, and it will output all sorts of garbage, from random letters and words, to the full text of websites and novels that were used as the training data…

In many ways you can think of these systems as advanced pattern detection machines. They are taking the corpus of information on the internet and regurgitating it. In many ways it is sophisticated and complex, but there is no intelligence here, and despite their novel capabilities, there is nothing authentically new about their output.

This brings us again back to the core topic: What is intelligence? What is understanding? What is consciousness? Contrasted with: what is the mechanical repetition of behaviors based on prior training?

Understanding or comprehension of a fact is something more than intellectual knowledge. For instance, we have a lot of stories and facts about our own life. We see our own life as it happens, and for this reason we believe we have understood it. Yet, how surprising it is when we realize that we had mere labels and concepts that have hid deeper meanings from us. Many people have a breakdown in tears when they have a breakthrough of understanding. When you have real understanding, it is conscious, it becomes a living fact which you possess consciously.

There are many of my own experiences where, in meditation, an insight occurs, and something that was a great struggle suddenly becomes simple and easy. This is because when a problem is understood, it no longer possesses our emotional center with anxiety, and peace takes its place.

From the moment we are born we begin to absorb our environment and learn. Childhood and adolescence are a social training ground. In many ways we are trained with vast amounts of data and modeling just like a modern AI system. Who are the trainers? Who is modeling behavior for us to repeat? Parents, teachers, adults and role models in our life.

This training forms our personality, our pattern of behaviors, and a vast number of intellectual concepts. We are trained, programmed, just like a machine. We take it all in.

As children we are being trained how to act, what to feel, what to think. The vast majority of what we have inside of us right now, and how we express ourselves, is mechanical and unconscious.

We have many algorithms that have been programmed within us. We react to environmental stimulus in preprogrammed ways. Can you deny that? We have algorithms that answer the questions: What is the right way to do things? What is the moral thing to do? What is a good person? What's a bad person? Etc.

We get stimulus from the world, and we just react. Stemming from this in output (an impression of life), an output (behavior, feeling, thought) is generated. Input, output. If we are not conscious, then the machine with all its algorithms runs endlessly without interruption.

If we were trying to work on ourselves, if we are trying to better ourselves, we can awaken to this fact. We can realize our mechanical expressions empirically in this moment. If we become aware, we can see those programmed impulses moving within. We can then realize that just because we have an impulse to behave in some way doesn't mean it is really the right thing for you to do. Then we can comprehend the impulse and dissolve the program.

Training is one thing, and understanding is something else.

Some believe that understanding has to do with intellectual study and conceptual familiarity. Yet, the intellect is nothing more than a very thin veneer or a facade. It feels like it can be very in depth, but the intellect is actually incredibly shallow.

True understanding is conscious. Consciousness, intelligence, and understanding all are quite similar. Through the awakening of our consciousness, we can understand something, and that understanding has a spontaneity to it which is not algorithmic, which is not a result of a process. This means is that our true understanding, our true intelligence arrives from something beyond our body, sentiments, and reasoning. More than this, its source is ultimately beyond causality itself, which gives it (intelligence) the unique power to break the chains of our conditioning.

The top triangle of the Tree of Life contains Kether, Chokmah, and Binah. The top triangle is related to the Trinity. These are cosmic forces well beyond individuality. Binah’s literal meaning is intelligence or understanding.

tree of life binah left and right sides 75pct

The universal becomes individual through the descension of energy through the sephiroth. As we get lower and lower on the Tree of Life, we get down to things we have a lot more experience with, like our mind (Netzach), our emotion (Hod), our vitality and sexuality (Yesod), and our physical body (Malkuth).

The problem is that understanding or intelligence, which is divine, comes down into us in a way of potential. We have the potential for immense intelligence, but it is not actualized.

Someone who has become radically awakened has connected themselves with these cosmic, divine forces related to the top triangle. This is what all the religions teach in some way or another.

We often visualize the descension of energy through the Tree of Life like a bolt of lightning, zigzagging across both sides of the Three of Life. However, it is also correct to see it in terms of the right and life sides. The right side begins at the top with Kether, and proceeds to the right via Chokmah, and then Chesed and Netzach. The left side begins with Binah, and then Geburah, Hod, Yesod, and Malkuth.

The left side begins with Binah, which is Intelligence or Understanding. It ends with Yesod (sex) and Malkuth (physical body).

We are lacking understanding. What we have instead of intelligence is instinct. We have impulses. There are many things that we respond with tremendous force of energy, which we have no control over and no consciousness of.  These are mechanical reactions. The power of our instincts is ultimately related to our potential of intelligence.

The force, the potential of Binah, is a chaotic force within us. We have to work with it to organize it. It is our potential – so, what is the potential? It is the ability to create something, to manifest something that's uniquely and utterly new. We all have that potential, but our unconscious impulses waste it all.

On the right side, you have something that is a little bit different. On the right side we have the mind (Netzach), the spirit (Chesed), and Chokmah the Second Logos.

Chokmah means “Wisdom” and embodies the splendor and light of the Logos. Chesed is our Spirit, our unique spark. Then the mind, Netzach, is very interesting. The mind can conceptualize all types of things. It can conceive of things in the correct way or in an incorrect way. It can deal with reality or with fantasy.

I am using the intellect to give this lecture. The mind conceptualizes these ideas about the Tree of Life we are talking about right now. In that sense it is very useful. To give another example, if I asked you to think about a cosmic force descending, your mind can do that. Maybe it is not completely clear, but there's something that you can kind of grasp. Your mind is the thing that can connect to these extremely remote abstract, ideas, concepts, and ideals. Even if you're not living or experiencing that, even if you're not conscious of it, your intellect and your mind can have a representation of it.

The right side relates to math as well. Our mathematical calculations are immensely precise. For example, the quantum theories that led to the atomic bomb came about through new forms of math. Using newly discovered methods we were able to accurately describe how reality works in such a way that we could manipulate atomic energy. Unfortunately for a terrible result in the case of the atomic bomb. Mathematical equations are pure concepts which in theory have infinite precision. In such a way, one can touch the infinite in the world of math.

Looking at the Tree of Life again, we can see these two sides, the left and the right. On the right we something which has a certain type of preexisting quality, whereas on the left side is likened in an undifferentiated chaos.

Different world traditions view this in different ways. If you look at any religion, it says we are in a type of condition that needs to be changed. We need salvation, enlightenment, Nirvana, Heaven, etc.

For the kabbalists, it is the left side which needs rectification.  What do we need to rectify within ourselves? It is this: we must be aware of all the movements of energy within ourselves!

What types of energy? Energy of mind, energy of emotions, energy of sex, and even our physical energy.

You have thoughts throughout the day – yet, have you observed them? Moreover, do you know where they came from and what they produced? Have you not simply observed your mind but the process of your thoughts? The themes, the patterns, the categories and series of how you think? Can you recognize all your algorithms?

You have emotions too. Have you observed them? Do you notice your emotions or do you simply respond to them unconsciously? Have you seen them not simply in isolation but in correspondence to the stream of emotions preceding and following? What produces your emotions and what is produced by them?

Have you observed your sexual impulse? You may find it to be something nearly impossible. Yet we must work with it. It is like a gigantic bull with very pointed horns. Yet the one who tames the bull possesses all the power of it.

The power of Binah arrives into us through the power of sex. With sexual energy we can give birth to intelligence. Yet, we must know how to use it wisely. This is the meaning of alchemy, to transform the base sexual impulse into spiritual intelligence. This is also known as sexual transmutation.

We have an immense capacity to understand and create. However, because we have not done the work, all of that capacity and power is leaving us in confusion.

Fire is wonderful if you know how to use it. Otherwise, it will burn everything down, and this is what is occurring throughout society today. We have this divine force of Binah but in the form of Nephesh within us. In Kabbalah, Nephesh is the animal soul of instincts. It is the prime animus that we have: to live, to strive, to work, to get up out of bed, to work for something. But it is chaotic within us, and expresses itself as animal instinct.

All this energy is coming down related to the left side. We must know how to organize it. When we listen to our animal instincts, it only wants to fornicate and eject the energy to the four winds (outside of the body). This ejection leaves our vital basis in chaos and darkness. On the other hand when we work with sexual transmutation our vital basis (Yesod) begins to organize. This organized energy becomes the foundation of spiritual development.

Through alchemy (sexual transmutation), the potential energy of Binah becomes actualized. The raw fire becomes spiritual light.

The left side represents everything that must be acquired. It is potential. It is the Promethean fire.

Prometheus steals the fire from the gods and gives it to humanity, but that causes a lot of problems. This fire gives creative potential to humanity and can be transformed into understanding (intelligence).

Prometheus steals the fire, he gets in trouble, and he's bound to a rock. He is chained to a rock. Then every day a vulture comes from the sky, lands, and tears out his liver. It eats his liver while he is still alive. The vulture leaves, and then his wound is repaired and the liver regenerates. Yet the next day the vulture comes and eats his liver again.

Prometheus Bound Rubens

This is a symbol for the misuse of fire. The sky is representative of the mind. The vultures represent things in the sky, polluted elements in the sky that want to feed on the liver. Why? As we said before, the mind can be very expansive, like the sky. It can reach all the way to very elevated or very depraved ideas. Our mind feeds upon our instinctual desires. That is a pollution of the sky. Our liver is the organ that represents how we filter out all the pollution.

Physically the liver contains all the toxins of our body because it must work to filter them. Symbolically therefore the liver represents something regarding pollution. The liver of our soul, you could say the thing in our soul that needs to be purified, is our sexual instincts.

Prometheus, that element which gives us the fire, is continuing to be tortured because we are not using our energy in the right way. If we transform our creative potential, we can transform our heart and mind and awaken our spiritual capacities. This process rectifies the whole left side, and that's what it really means to become awakened or enlightened. That is the birth of real intelligence.

Intelligence is something which is not based upon anything else: authentic creative capacity. Intelligence only arrives from the trop triangle of the Tree of Life.

Artificial intelligence is a misnomer. It's not artificial intelligence, it's just advanced pattern matching. It can do “modern marvels”, but it is not intelligent. To say that AI could become conscious, there is also zero evidence for that.

What happens when AI generated content is increasingly easy to produce and difficult to discern from the real thing?

The unfortunate reality is that on a statistical basis if a person is given a certain message repeatedly, they are likely to start believing it regardless of its veracity.

It is sad, but unless we become cognizant and awakened, we will continue to receive information mechanically. Thus, we will become programmed by our information environment.

The creation of rich content such as written texts, images, or videos are historically very intense to create. AI is lowering that bar so that anybody can create an image, and since we are not conscious, we will accept it as the truth. Certainly, if images are being created today that are fooling people, very soon will be videos created by AI that will do the same. Then what can be believed on the internet?

Samael Aun Weor stated that the Age of Reason began with Aristotle and reached culmination with Immanuel Kant.

Along with the Age of Reason is its overlapping counterpart, the Age of Information. This begins with the printing press, advances through the electronic and digital age. With the birth of the Internet all information has become accessible.

AI systems bring a crashing end to the Age of Information, because when information can be generated en masse, it loses all value. In the past it took incredible resources to write a book, create an image, to create video. Now that it is easy to generate it with AI, there is no longer inherent value to any of these mediums.

How do we know what is real and what is generated? It is a maze we are all susceptible to getting lost within. How do we get out? One person has a website that says one thing, and another person has a website that says the opposite. What is the truth? Which way do we go? What do we do?

The only way forward is to march upon the path of awakening consciousness.

We must work with meditation and the transmutation of sexual energy. Transmuted sexual energy is the fuel for spiritual experience.

Working with meditation is the way. Our practice develops little by little. It is not something that automatically happens right away. We learn how to develop and trust our intuitions. This is very difficult because most of the time what we sense first is our instinct, and we think the instinct is our intuition. We just follow our instinct because it is so powerful and so we think that must be the whole truth.

Really our instinct is just our animal level of “truth.” Usually, our instincts are just looking to feed our desires to maintain our current level of animal intelligence. Thankfully we have a little sliver of human intelligence, but the problem is our animal intelligence (which is our instincts) is much more developed. So that is what we end up following most of the time.

When we follow those types of animal instincts, it is obvious we just develop the animal side of ourselves more and more strongly. Of course, this feels self-gratifying and self-empowering. But the “self” which we are empowering and gratifying through instinctual action is something which cannot exist forever. This “self” is the infamous ego that is often spoken about today.

The ego is a false, illusory light source which exists only because it takes from our authentic source of light. This source of light is our Spirit or Being.

The current state of humanity is degenerating. It is like a pumpkin in the autumn that has sat too long on the front stoop. A jack-o'-lantern in late November is an ugly thing. It is rotten and decaying. There is no future for our ego, its cycle has come to an end. Mental disease, paranoia, depression, anxiety, sexual disfunction, etc., are the results of actions which all can be traced back to a rotten ego. Unfortunately, the trend is getting worse. Fortunately, we can change.

Instead of going deeper into our desire, the way forward is to eliminate our ego and awaken our consciousness.

To go forward we must move beyond our instinctual animal consciousness and tap into our human consciousness. This is something completely radical.

Observe animals and you will see that move in herds. People like to be in a herd because that's the type of animal consciousness we have. We want to be protected in a pack of people who believe and think and dress and talk in the same way. We instinctually feel safe in that and likewise offended by another pack does and feels, or talks and dresses, differently.

As a society we are very prone to falling into a herd mentality, an animal mentality. Better said, we are already in a herd mentality, and it is getting worse.

If we believe that we are essentially a spiritual being, then it is incumbent upon us, that must focus towards that. We must turn our head towards that… to turn our gaze in that direction. That is why we meditate. It is a process because you must learn the skills. First, how to relax. Then, you must get through your mind. The mind is a big problem. The mind's attached to its own process. The mind doesn't want to stop thinking, but through a process and practice we can reach tranquility of mind. Then we can get beyond it. The difficulty is the mind, but beyond the mind is point where we reach our real intelligence.

So that is the way out. If we do not become more conscious, then we are going to be more prone to the confusion of an AI generated world.