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The zodiacal sign of Taurus - according to the esoteric course of astrology or Astrotheurgy - reminds us that the Logos, the Word, is Theos, God itself, who is not a person, but what we call the Army of the Voice.

Taurus opens a very vast scenario in relation with the bull, since we find the symbol of the bull in all religions. Yet before entering into the topic of why all religions have this symbol, we have to explain in detail how we are related to the sign of Taurus. For that we have to apply Alchemy and Kabbalah, because when we study Kabbalah and Alchemy, we have to go into astrology. Many scholars know very well that astrology is a science, a very old science, and it is a science, esoterically speaking, related with the consciousness, the way in which we relate the consciousness with the cosmos, and how the cosmos is related with us.

Remember that it is stated that the human being is the microcosmos of the macrocosmos. So here we have to comprehend how the constellations or the zodiacal signs in astrology are related with the elements. Remember that we stated that fire, air, water and earth are related with the twelve constellations. When we inquire, when we investigate the zodiacal signs, we discover that every element or the four esoteric elements that we name fire, air, water and earth are related with three zodiacal signs. Related to the element earth we have three signs, which are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

So in this lecture we are going to delve into the wisdom of the constellation of Taurus, which is related with the element earth.

Now, why are there always three signs or constellations related with the four elements? It is because the forces of the elements that work through the constellations are related with our three brains. Remember that we always state that the human being is a three-brained being, a three-centered being, because we have three brains. The intellectual brain is located in the cerebrospinal nervous system. We have the emotional brain related with the grand sympathetic nervous system, and the motor-instinctual-sexual brain related to the parasympathetic or Vagus nervous system. This is precisely how we are constituted, and this is how we have to study in relation with astrology, with ourselves. If we study astrology from that point of view, we will understand very well how the stars work in our physical body.

These three brains are always related with the three elements which are called in Alchemy air, fire and water. We stated in other lectures about the mother letters of the Hebrew alphabet which are always placed in the center when we explain the elements; these are the letter Mem (water), the letter Shin (fire), and Aleph (air). So we find here air related with Aleph, Shin related with fire and Mem related with water. All of these three elements are located in the physical body, which in synthesis is the earth, that is why when we talk about the earth we talk directly related to the physical body, to this human organism that has all the elements in potentiality, all the forces of the stars, in order for us to become a microcosmos. With this statement we are emphasizing that the microcosmos is a cosmos that can emerge if we put in activity all the elements that the physical body has, because if we place a true microcosmos, which is a true human being, next to us, we will see that physically they are similar, we will say, they have human bodies. But the difference is inside, in their psyche.

The true human being, the microcosmos, has a complete development of all the human attributes within, in the psyche and in the Spirit. When I say psyche it is because psyche means “soul” in Greek. So we have to understand why we, the Gnostics, emphasize always that we are not human beings, even though we have physical bodies of human beings. A true human being is not only physical but psychological and spiritual.

Many times we explained that the word Human comes from “Hum” which means Spirit -  but the spirituous earth - which is the Latin "Humus," the volatile substance from the earth or soil, and “Man” which is Manas, mind: A mind which is united to the Spirit.

Venus and Mars in Sexual Alchemy
Venus and Mars in Sexual Alchemy

But there went up (through the spinal medulla) a mist (a spirit, a volatile substance) from the earth (the humus, the physical bodies of man and woman in sexual alchemy), and watered the whole face (presence) of Adamah (inner substance).

And (this is how) Iod-Chavah formed Adam (the inner man) of the dust (or the organic components) of the ground (spiritual substance), and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam (man, manas, the mind) became a living soul (a Human). – Genesis 2: 6,7

In Gnosticism, we study two types of mind: the concrete mind and the abstract mind. The abstract mind is what we call Human Soul, and the concrete mind is the mind that we use in order to reason. So that is the man, but when we investigate the psyche of each one of us, we discover that we have all the elements of the microcosmos, but in potentiality. They are like microorganisms that we have to develop and to put in activity in order to become a real microcosmos. And the constellation of Taurus has precisely that beautiful knowledge about it, since when we investigate the bull, Taurus, we discover that it is the symbol of the earth.

The Sphinx

SphinxYou know that the Sphinx is a very ancient symbol. Actually, it is an Atlantean symbol. In the Atlantean civilization, there was a society that was called the Akhaldan or Akhaldana society, that was formed by Masters who had developed the Sphinx within themselves, and who were teaching the Atlanteans this wisdom.

The Sphinx is a symbol of the elements, the four elements. The paws of the lion are related to fire, the wings of the eagle to the air, the face of the human being to the water, and the legs of the bull to the earth. You see the legs? If you stand that Sphinx its feet, the legs, you see that it is the foundation, the earth. That is why when we study the tattwas or elements related with the physical body, we always place the earth at the very bottom. From the knees to the feet, we find the vibration of the element earth. From the knees to the sex; the water. From the sex to the heart; the fire. From the heart to the throat; the air, and from the throat to the pineal gland; the ether, as a fifth element.

So then we find there that the temple of the Sphinx was called in the time of Atlantis the university of Akhaldana, where all the initiates were learning all the forces of the nature in relation with the stars. This temple, this university, still exists, but not in the three-dimensional world. If you go physically to the place where the Sphinx is with the pyramids, in Egypt, you find only ruins of what was in ancient times a great civilization. But the Egyptians, the Atlantean Egyptians (or we will say better, the Atlantean Mayans, because the Mayans and the Egyptians were the same Atlanteans) who built those monuments had a lot of knowledge of the three-dimensional world, but they placed all of their great colleges of this type of wisdom in the fourth dimension. Now, if somebody wants to attend these temples, or universities, colleges of initiates, in order to receive the wisdom of nature and the cosmos, this person has to learn how to project themselves into the astral plane, the fifth dimension, or to place their physical body into Jinn state, which means to put the physical body into the fourth dimension in order to break the law of gravity and to travel in that unknown dimension to Egypt, and then he will discover that this university in which we learn all of this wisdom still exists, but within the unknown dimension. There are many apparatuses that the Akhaldan civilization created that can put physical matter into the fourth dimension in order to levitate it and place it in anywhere they want. Levitation is one of the laws that reign in the fourth, fifth and other dimensions, while the law of gravity as you know reigns in the three-dimensional world.

Let me tell you that the Sphinx with the pyramids in Egypt were previously located in the south of Africa, and before being there in the south of Africa, they were located in Atlantis. At that time the Atlantean ocean was not an ocean, but Atlantis. So the Atlanteans had that power, or we will say the technology, to take the gravity of the physical matter and to transfer it into the fourth dimension, to the place that they wanted, and this is how they built the pyramids. Not only in Egypt, the pyramids of Egypt or the Sphinx, but in other places of the world, because there were many types of Sphinxes and pyramids.

So the Egyptians worshipped the bull Apis, and if you inquire in that civilization you see how they worshipped the bull Apis. Unfortunately, people in this three-dimensional world, who ignore about the signs of the Egyptians and Mayans, state that the ancients were worshipping idols and point at the signs of the bull Apis as “idol worship.” They ignore the deep significance, or the deep meaning, of the esoteric wisdom related with the bull.

The constellation of Taurus

The Pleiades in Taurus

You see for instance that the planet Earth rotates around the Sun. In Esotericism, Gnosticism, we name our Sun “Ors.” That is the name by which the Sun is known or our solar system is known in other parts of the universe, the solar system of Ors, because the name of this sun, I repeat, is Ors. So the solar system of Ors to which the planet Earth belongs, belongs to a constellation.

When you see in the sky different constellations, every star is a sun. So have you ever asked to yourself which constellation our solar system belongs to? Well, we will say, to tell you the truth esoterically and gnostically speaking, it belongs to the constellation of Taurus.

In the constellation of Taurus we find the Pleiades, which are seven, they call it seven sisters or seven cows; sometimes they call it seven goats. The reality is that the Pleiades is a group of stars, or system of stars, whose center is Alcyone. The star Alcyone is the center of the Pleiades, and around Alcyone rotate seven suns. The Bible mentions the Pleiades. People never wonder why, for instance in the book of Job, the Pleiades are mentioned. And it is because the Pleiades is the constellation or the group of stars that we belong to. The seventh sun or solar system that rotates around Alcyone is our solar system. That is why when you see the Pleiades you see only seven (Alcyone plus six others; we are the seventh). Of course, the Pleiades in itself is formed by many stars, but we are talking here only this particular system of seven suns that rotates around Alcyone, and behind them you find many other stars. When you inquire into that, astronomically speaking, you find many stars. So that is why we do not realize it, but esoterically and gnostically speaking, in the Atlantean civilization, in the Akhaldan society, everybody knew that our sun belongs to the Pleiades, and the Pleiades are those stars which are in the constellation of Taurus.

So that is why this constellation of Taurus has had a great significance to the planet Earth, and not only to the planet Earth but to all the planets of this solar system. And that is why the bull, Apis, was worshipped in ancient Egypt; all of the forces that we have in the planet Earth come from the constellation of Taurus, because we belong to it. And of course, the seventh sun that rotates around Alcyone is our sun, Ors.

In the rotation around Alcyone, our sun Ors automatically passes through the whole zodiacal belt. The zodiacal belt as you know is related with the twelve constellations, and the first one is Aries which is precisely, when you see the stellar map, to the right of Taurus. So in its voyage, the solar system passes through the zodiacal belt, or we will say that the radiation of the constellation of the zodiacal belt influences the solar system and the Earth in its voyage.


MithrasYou find this science that is called the science of Tauromachy or bull fighting. When you go to Spain you find a lot of people that like to go to that, what they call “sport,” in which they conquer the bull in different ways. This is called the art of Tauromachy. If you ever question from where this type of art arose, or this type of celebration which is very common in Spain, let us state here and emphasize that Spain was one of the lands of Atlantis, the coast we will say of Atlantis.

Atlantis was a huge continent that occupied all the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantis was not like people think, an island there in the Mediterranean, or in some part of the Earth, a little city. It was a huge continent that united Europe and Africa with the continent of America. America of course at that time was not as we see it in the maps, it was just the coast we will say, Mexico, the southern states of United States, part of South America, Central America, and the Caribbean Islands of course, belonged to Atlantis. At that time, the north of United States, in Canada, was at the bottom of the ocean. After the submerging of that Atlantean continent, those lands emerged and the physiognomy of the Earth changed. Spain was part of Atlantis, so when that continent sank, Spain remained, and also Africa, the north of Africa, where you find now the pyramids and the Sphinx. If people investigate for instance the bottom of the ocean or the coast of Spain, Portugal, they will find remains of Atlantis, and also in all the Atlantic Ocean; it was a huge continent.

So in Atlantis the worship of the bull was something very common because of what I am explaining here in relation with the constellation of Taurus and the forces of Taurus. Not because they thought that the bull was a god, as many ignoramuses think, as if the Atlanteans thought that God has the face of a bull or that God has the face of an Ibis, and all of that, because we know very well that all of that is a symbol of the elements. It depends on what element you are talking about; if you talk about the god Ibis you are talking about the element air, because the air is always related with birds, like eagle, like the white dove of the Holy Spirit. Because we are always, as I said, divided in three brains. When you talk about fire in relation with your heart, then you talk about the lion, but the lower areas are always related with the bull or what the Bible calls the Behemoth, the cattle, strength of the earth, in our body.

Tauromachy was a ceremony celebrated in honor to Poseidon, in honor to Neptune. When we study Astrology, or the forces of the planets related with the physical body, we discover that the pineal gland is governed by Neptune, by Poseidon, astrologically speaking. That is why very psychic people have very strong pineal glands, but behold here that in the science of endocrinology we know that the pineal gland, as we said in the last lecture, controls the development of the sexual glands, and the sexual glands are related with the water, with the waters of creation. So that is why it is stated that Poseidon, in the microcosmic human body, controls the waters in which we find the fish, the symbol of the seed: the sperm and the ovum. So that marvelous axis of the pineal gland and sexual glands is something very common related in the study of endocrinology, the relation of the pineal gland with all the endocrine system. The Atlanteans knew a lot about the endocrine system, not like as we know in this very degenerated age. The science of endocrinology is still in the embryonic state in this day and age; but in the Atlantean civilization, they knew a lot. Not only about the secretions of the endocrine glands, which are called hormones, but also the relation of those glands with the tattwas or vibrations of nature in relation with the planets and the stars. In comparison with the Atlantean civilization, our civilization is at the level of the knees in relation with the knowledge that the Atlanteans had. We are in our Kali Yuga or Dark Age; at that time in Atlantis they already were travelling to all the planets, having better rockets than those that we have.

So the bull was a symbol in Atlantis of how the initiate has to control his animal forces by activating the pineal gland. It comes into my mind this very moment this king Minos from Greece, according to mythology. He promised to the god Poseidon that if Poseidon assists him and protects him, he will offer a bull as a sacrifice; and the god Poseidon approved and gave him a white bull that he created from the foam of the ocean. Poseidon also, according to mythology, created other animals with the foam of the ocean, like horses. It is a symbol of course.

The waters of the ocean: ”In the beginning God was hovering upon the face of the waters” - that Ruach Elohim that the Bible talks about that hovering on top of the waters is the symbol of the energy of the Holy Spirit, which is creation, which creates with the power of the waters, sex. Poseidon, of course, in Greek mythology, represents the Holy Spirit, because the atom of the Holy Spirit in Alchemy is precisely in the pineal gland.

In another lecture we stated that we have the Holy Trinity in our brain. The Father is in the magnetic center of the root of our nose, the Son is in the pituitary gland and the Holy Spirit in the pineal gland. So the pineal gland is the seat of the soul and the forces of the Holy Spirit that control the waters of sexuality.

So when in mythology it is stated that Poseidon created a white bull, that is something that implies the correct use of the sexual energy, because the bull in itself represents the forces of the blood in the physical body that transform themselves into sperm and ovum, which in Alchemy is called “the salt of the earth.” When you go into the ocean, you find that the water is salty, has salt. For the salt of the earth in reality is that matter which is in the water, which in this case in the symbol of Poseidon in mythology is the sperm or the ovum of the sexual water that crystallizes, that is the bull of the strength of the earth, because you know that the sperm and the ovum are in their final synthesis an outcome of the blood. So when somebody transmutes the sexual energy they are of course worshipping the Holy Spirit. The Bible states, “You shall not fornicate,” because he who fornicates sins against the Holy Ghost, or do you ignore that your physical body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, and that God dwells within you? This is referring of course to the sexual creative force of the Holy Spirit that dwells in us. So if you are in chastity and you transmute your sexual energy, you are worshipping the Holy Spirit. That is called the Baptism of waters, of Alchemy. Or this is, as we said, in the ancient times, in Atlantis, that was called the worshipping of Poseidon, the god of the waters, the Holy Spirit.

So Poseidon delivering a white bull to the king Minos symbolizes the transmutation of the sexual matter, done in the right way; that is the way to worship Poseidon. He is offering us a bull, but that bull does not mean the cattle that we find there in the fields, it means your own Behemoth, your own bull force, animal force. You should use and transmute it in order to worship, in order to honor the Holy Spirit, in order to honor Poseidon, in order to activate your pineal gland which is the door of heaven, the chakra Sahasrara or the church of Laodicea that opens the door of heaven in order to go there into the higher levels of your Being.

But the king Minos, when he saw this bull, fell in love with it, he said, ”How am I going to kill this bull?” and hid it, and instead he was of course doing sacrifices with all the other herds that he had in Greece in order to worship Poseidon, and not sacrificing that which Poseidon required when he gave the bull to him. This means that when the Holy Spirit, the forces of heaven, are giving us the strength of the bull in our physical body, we have to transmute the sexual energy in order to return the force and to worship the Holy Spirit, and that is the symbol of the white bull, the symbol of Apis. It is not of course as the people think.

When you see the bull immediately it is a reference to the physical body, because this is what we have, all the strength of the physical body is what we call Behemoth, which is precisely in the blood, related with the systems that we have in the physical body. And all of that strength is what we have to apply in order to worship God. Remember one of the commandments that says,

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment. - Mark 12:30

The strength of any human physical body comes from the blood. If you apply that strength in your motor center, then you will be like those bodybuilders, building a lot of muscles because of using the power of Behemoth in the blood through the motor center. Or you can be a football player or a baseball player; they develop the body. And in the other way for instance, the Karate or Kung Fu fighters, or in boxing, related with the instinctual center, in which you apply that strength to the development of that type of sport, could be instinctual or motor.

In the sex, well, you know, this is a topic which humanity is very preoccupied with in this day and age, how to have sexual strength, how to utilize that sexual strength. And that is the strength that the commandment of Moses states: “You shall love your God with all your strength,” meaning that you have to apply all that energy for your psyche, for your Spirit, in order to worship the Holy Spirit, Poseidon.

To sublimate the energy is to conquer the bull, and that is the whole science that was represented in Tauromachy or bullfighting in the Atlantean civilization. At that time, the bull that they utilized in order to represent the work that we have to perform, was not killed in the cruel way that in this day and age the Toreros do. They just kill the animal in order to satisfy the blood-thirsty multitudes. At the time of Atlantis they did not do that; they conquered the bull, controlling it with ropes, different ways, with mastery. And after they finished that ceremony, or that way in which they were teaching how we have to control our forces, they would release the animal; they would not kill it.

Virgin of CarmelIf you observe the bull arena, which is always a circle, then imagine and understand that the circle arena in which the bullfighting is performed is the symbol of the zodiacal belt, around which all the people sit observing the work that they have to perform within themselves. All the twelve tribes of Israel sit there observing the ritual, the fight. Of course, the twelve tribes of Israel are the twelve zodiacal signs, and twelve forces that we have to put in activity, or that we have to develop by defeating the bull.

Virgin of Carmel

Behold here, if you know about this art of Tauromachy, how the Torero, before going to fight the bull, to fight the beast, to fight the Behemoth, he kneels before God in order to receive help, and this is something very significant and beautiful, because in this day and age, what the Torero does is to kneel before the Virgin, the Virgin of Carmel, the Virgin of the Sea, Stella Maris. Here we have to state, to emphasize again, the duality or the two polarities of the Holy Spirit, because it is always represented in all religions. The feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit is represented in ancient Egypt in many ways, but in this relationship with the bull we can say it is the goddess Hathor which is represented with horns, and with the Sun between her horns, which is Amon-Ra, the solar force. The goddess Hathor is the same Isis, because remember that the feminine forces of the cosmos are related, or divided in five aspects; the goddess Hathor is what in Christianity is called Mary. Isis, Maia, Isoberta, Rhea, Cybeles, Maya, there are many names. Of course, those women that in ancient times achieved the Self-realization of their Being had the privilege or the honor of representing that force which has no form, it can take any form. The Mother Earth, the Mother Moon, or the forces in the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit that manifests itself through the sexual organs cannot create in the man if he does not unite with the Holy Spirit that procreates through the sexual organs of a woman. The two polarities, male-female, is what we call IO, which are precisely the symbol of the number 10 and the base of our decimal numbers.

IO also bring us to memory the goddess IO that transformed herself into a cow in order to escape from Hera who was trying to hurt her, because Zeus was in love with her. And we find how in mythology this god transformed herself into a bull in order to have sexual intercourse, and in this case the female is often transformed into a cow, it is a symbol.

Behold how in India the cow is holy, it is worshipped, but of course many Indians lost the symbol, the meaning of it. The cow is a symbol of life, and as the bull represents the brutal force that we have in the physical body as man, the cow represents that vital force that the woman has in her body, the milk that the woman gives in order to sustain life. And this is how we find this symbol in many religions, the Divine Mother, wife of the Holy Spirit, is represented in many religions in many ways.

Before going to fight against the beast, the initiate kneels before the Divine Mother in order for the Divine Mother to give him the strength to fight the bull. She knows that that bull is circulating in the blood of all her children, and she is the only one that can transform that venous blood into oxygen blood by the way of transmutation. This is why the symbol of the divine cow is in different forms.


The first that appear in the arena, in the center of that circus, are the so-called picadores. The picadores appear with a big lance riding a horse and trying to submit, to control the bull with their lance. That is a crude symbol of the Beginners (apprentices), those that start on the path of the Self-realization. They know that the strength that they have to control is circulating in their blood, that the sexual force is the force that they have to control, the animal force of the bull. But they still have to dominate the physical body, which in this case is the symbol of the horse which they are riding. Trying to control the animal by riding another animal. This is how we start; it is not easy!


With perseverance we advance, and if we keep dominating, controlling the forces of the bull which circulate in the energies of the body, we finally arrive to the level of Companion, which are called in the bullfight the banderilleros, the ones that appear without the horse, and just wait for the bull and put their banderillas in the body of the bull. They are more skillful; they already can face the bull in different ways.

But of course, higher than those banderilleros are the toreros, which are the Masters that already have their solar bodies created. When you see the torero appear in the arena, you see him with a golden suit and walking with elegance. That golden suit is called in the Greek language “To Soma Heliakon,” the solar body of the solar man. Meaning, in order to reach Mastery you have to transmute your sexual force and create the astral body, the mental body, the causal body. These are called solar bodies. That is why those beings that become solar, with those solar bodies, are called Masters, and honor the Sun through their work. That is why in mythology it is stated that Apollo was worshipped by the cowherds, the ones that were submitting the force of the bull to the Sun, because in the end you have to understand that the solar energy is placed in the sexual glands, and when you transmute that you become enlightened.

It comes into my mind the word ”enlightened.” Buddha means “enlightened one.” Buddha Gautama, they say that he was a cowherd, the one that controls the forces in the body. And of course, Apollo is the Sun, Phevo-Apollo in mythology, that the cows were honored to him as well. For that is of course the symbol of the forces that you manage within your psyche, within your Spirit, within your physical body.


When the torero appears in the arena, he has the cape that he puts in front of the bull, which is a symbol of Maya, meaning that he is controlling the animal, and he can do whatever he wants with the animal, the animal is no longer frightening him, because he is a Master, that is why he reached that level. And he has the sword; that sword of course is a symbol of the spinal column, the energy of the Master. He has the sword that can kill the bull. But that bull of course, as I said, is all those animals that we have within, that we have to conquer, that we have to kill.

But you see how everything is misinterpreted in different ways. Now, in Spain, in Portugal, in Mexico also, you find those toreros fight the bull and at the end they kill the bull. But they do not kill their own internal bull; they are not Masters. They are just a symbol. It is like in Masonry; you find that many masons call themselves “of the 33rd degree.” In order to reach the 33rd degree you have to be at the level of Jesus Christ, because he lived 33 years, a symbol of those 33 vertebrae that we have in the spinal column; in other words, we have to conquer ourselves. But in this day and age there are many masons that have that degree, or 32nd degree of Masonry, and they do not know anything about this. As well there are toreros and many people in Spain, Mexico and Portugal, and many other countries that celebrate Tauromachy, and they do not know anything about this, they just follow the current, the traditions. They do not know that it comes from Atlantis.

In the time of Atlantis, they were trying to control the bull, but never kill it. The killing of the bull is a sacrilege; the bull is a symbol, it is an innocent animal. In the book of Exodus, chapter 29, it is described there the way in which a bull has to be killed. And it is unjustly attributed to Moses, that Moses wrote that. But really, the one that adulterated the doctrine of Moses was Edras; he is the one that placed all of those things there that now are attributed to Moses. Never in the ancient times was the bull killed or sacrificed as it is described in this adulteration of the Bible in Exodus, chapter 29. People think, ”Oh yeah, because it is written in the Bible it is holy” - no, there are many things in the Bible that were introduced by the Black Lodge, like those blood sacrifices. The only blood that we have to sacrifice is our own blood, symbolically, psychologically, because this is the whole transformation. Life is in our blood, and a transformation that happens in our body is in relation with our blood.

People in this day talk about the holy blood, the royal blood of Jesus, but always as something physical, while ignoring that that blood that we have to transform is inside. Jesus has to appear inside of us; that is the royal blood that we have to manage by transforming the poison blood that we have, or the venous blood which is related with the bull.

As we were explaining in the beginning, when Poseidon saw that this king Minos did not perform what he promised, then he made his wife to fall in love with the bull, the white bull. And then it is stated that Daedalus, a great inventor, created a cow, an artificial cow, in order to put the queen inside the cow in order to have sex with the bull. So they managed to do it, and the bull had sex with the queen. The outcome was the Minotaur.

The Minotaur
Behemoth - The Minotaur

This is a great symbol there, of course, of our own nature, because when we promise to enter into the path but we do not do it, and we sacrifice all our things but we do not transmute our sexual energy, at the end our own nature, which is the symbol of the queen, transforms the fire, the holy fire of that white bull that represents the force in the body, of the Holy Spirit, into a Minotaur, a monster which dwells within each one of us. That monster is Medusa, Minotaur, and many other names. But in this beautiful myth you find that it has of course a human body but the head of a bull, and a tail. And that is precisely the most beautiful representation of the humanity of this planet Earth, because everybody in himself is a minotaur. In the physical plane we have the face of a human being, but if you inquire and investigate the face of any human being in the mental plane, everybody has a face of an animal, usually a bull. And we see the tail, which symbolizes the wrong way we use the sexual energy, which is called the Kundabuffer or the tail of Satan, which is developed when we manage the forces of the animal in the wrong way. This develops when we do not follow the rules which are written in all religions, and that is why we have to transform ourselves into a Perseus in order to go into the labyrinth, which is our mind. The power in the center of the labyrinth is precisely the bull, the Minotaur, which is ourselves. We have to go there and to kill it. But for that we have to follow the rules which are written in a very wise way in this myth of the Minotaur. So behold here how everything is symbolized.

If you conquer it, of course, then you become a holy bull. But you have to transform it. That is why ancient people knew that, and that is why they were worshipping the bull Apis, the symbol of the Holy Spirit, the spouse of the divine cow, the Divine Mother. And their son was the calf, or kabir, whose name was Horus. It is written Horus, but it is pronounced “Aurus,” and when you add to it the Cross which we have to work with, the result is: Taurus.

Taurus rules the throat. The throat is the area in which Taurus works.  We find that this mysterious sephirah of the Tree of Life called Daath, Gnosis, knowledge, is precisely located at the level of the throat. “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God and the Word was God,” it is written. Here you see Aurus, or Horus, with the Tau, the cross. You can divide them also as Tau, the cross Tau, and Aurus: Taurus.

This is the symbol of the Taurine mysteries which are now lost to most of humanity. Fortunately the Gnostic Church kept that, because everything, old wisdom, old knowledge, that was lost in this three-dimensional world, was not lost in the fourth dimension, it still exists. Maybe here, people will burn books, or destroy the wisdom of other civilizations, but that wisdom remains in the fourth dimension within the sacred temples of the White Lodge.

The letter Tav or the seal, the cross Tau, is the symbol of the Logos. Taurus or the symbol of Aurus. Aurus or Horus, the calf, son of Hathor and Apis, or son of Isis and Osiris, is the symbol of the forces of Taurus that we have to develop in our throat by the mysteries of Daath. When we talk about the sexual forces in relation with the waters, in relation with the body, we always have to pronounce the Word. Do not forget that the Spirit of God was floating on the face of the waters, the sexual waters of Genesis, but in order for those waters to become active and to create, God said, “Let there be light, and the light was,” because the Elohim, the angels, create with the power of the throat; the power of the Logos is here in Daath, in the throat.

The power of God is in the throat, that is why it is called Logos (word), that is why in the book of John it is called the Word; “In the beginning was the Word (Logos),” because God creates with the power of the throat. Here, in this three-dimensional world, we create with the power of the sex, but we have to learn, we have to develop and we have to reach the level of Gods. If we want to become as Elohim, creating like the gods, we have to know good and evil. We have to conquer the Tree of Knowledge, we have to conquer Lucifer, we have to conquer Behemoth, we have to take the stone, the symbol of the foundation of Yesod, and to kill Goliath with the power of our sex. Goliath is that behemoth that everyone has inside; we have to do the work of David. David is a king. So you see here how Taurus is the symbol of the Word. The God created the world, the universe, the solar systems, the galaxies with the power of the Word, which is developed when we know how to transmute the sexual energy.

When one is a child, one has a very, we will say, subtle voice, but when we enter into maturity the voice changes, and it is because from fourteen years of life to twenty-one, the third layer of the testicles create sperm, and hormones go into the level of the throat and we develop that grave voice of a man, a mature man. The woman also changes her voice, within the feminine aspect. So here you see the relationship of the sexual glands with the throat. Obviously the Gods, the Elohim, the angels have that power of the Word. That is what is called “the power of tongues,” which is attributed to the Holy Spirit. Remember that the Holy Spirit, I repeat, is related with the sexual glands and with the pineal gland, but also the sexual glands are related with all the glands of the human organism. So it is stated that when you control the bull, then you develop power in your throat, in your Verb, in your Word, and that is precisely what we call “understanding.”

What is Clairaudience? It is the power related with Taurus, but that is a power that really has many levels, because it is in relation with Daath, which is knowledge. In Daath, knowledge, we find the union of the two polarities of Binah; the Holy Spirit or the bull Apis with the Divine Mother, Hathor. Binah, as you know, in Hebrew means “understanding, comprehension, intelligence.” So when we arrive to this point we have to understand that it is what we want, that it is what we want to attain: The development of objective reasoning. Objective reasoning is interrelated with clairaudience. Clairvoyance is the way in which you see things which are not of this three-dimensional world, while clairaudience is how you hear that which is not from this three-dimensional world, and that is what is called “the power of tongues” - the way in which you understand, comprehend other sounds.

The lectures that we give in relation with Gnosticism sometimes are very difficult to place in the English language. Sometimes we apply Sanskrit, or Hebrew, or Latin, or Greek, in order to point to something that does not have a corresponding word in the English language. Here you can understand how the people degenerated in the ancient times when they did not control the bull, when they allowed their own particular Behemoth, their own bull, to control their life, the power of the Word, the power of the throat, was lost. And then the Tower of Babel emerged. The Tower of Babel as you know is the creation or the emerging of many languages in which people do not understand each other. But the language, the word, is always related with what we speak. If I tell you ”chair,” immediately you associate that word in your mind with a chair, and you see the image of a chair in your mind. And if I said ”table” you associate that word with the image in your mind. So you see how the word is related with objects, that is why it is stated that in the beginning God geometricized.

It is already proved that when you record your words in a tape or a recorder, and if you observe that tape with a microscope you will see that your words are recorded in that tape with geometrical figures: Triangles, squares, circles, pentagons and different geometrical figures. So when the needle, the magnetic needle, passes on top of those geometrical figures of the tape, you hear what you said or what somebody sang. So the Word is associated with geometry, and everything that is created, concretely created, is related with geometry. That is why we said that everything has a sound.

Of course, the language that we speak in this day and age is very poor; scarcely we associate that with images, but when God in the beginning said, ”Let there be light,” that word of course in his own mind is the light, is the things; it is associated with what we call the Golden Language. In ancient times before the emerging of all of those multiple languages that we speak in this planet now, humanity spoke only one language, and that is called the Language of Gold, or the Golden Language, and that language is associated with nature, is associated with the universe.

When people were talking at that time and saying anything, that word, that phrase was associated with the forces of nature, that is why people were very careful to utter words, to say things, because that is the magical word that in this time we call mantras, prayers in which we control the forces of nature or control the forces of the cosmos in our favor. Sages always say, “If you want to receive this help, pronounce this prayer, pronounce this mantra, pronounce this, pronounce that,” because you want those energies to return into your psyche, or to put in activity those forces that you already have in your body.

In ancient times, the Lemurians knew this; they were in communion with nature, and the language that they spoke was related with the forces of nature. They had the power of tongues. That is the Power of Tongues. When they heard the sounds of animals, of the wind, of the forest, of the fire, they knew that that was associated with the forces and understood what was going on. But now we only hear sounds, noises, meows, barks. In Europe, there was St. Francis of Assisi (who everybody of course celebrates); they say of him, “Oh, he is a saint, he knows how to talk with animals.” Anybody can talk with animals if they develop the power of the throat, which is the power of tongues. And not only with animals, but they can be in communication with the forces of the universe, because in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God and with God. And God is everywhere.

So when you enter into the mystery of the Word which is Daath, the throat, then you enter into the mysteries of the Word, into the mysteries of Aurus, which develops because that force develops with the cross, with the Tau cross, with this symbol of the union of the man with the woman. That is the T, the Tau, and Aurus means the fire that develops that within you through the power of the mantras. That is why the Master Samael Aun Weor insisted that we have to practice mantras, vocalizations. That is why in the sexual alchemy you transmute and you pronounce words, because the Word has power over the sexual forces. It is beautiful to see that. And from that comes the Taurinean mysteries.

The Taurinean mysteries are those mysteries associated of course with Tauromachy, the domination of the bull in order to acquire the development of the throat, the clairaudience. Objective reasoning. You might state, “Well, that reasoning should be associated with the brain in the head, because that is how we reason.” But, let me tell you that really in the brain you have the reasoning, but that comes from your throat, and not only from your throat but from all the chakras of the human organism. As you see, objective reasoning is the way in which your reason is associated with the forces of nature and the cosmos, developing your inner Being, the microcosmos, and then you acquire the power of tongues.

Many initiates that acquired the power of tongues wrote sacred books. Those sacred books are written in different languages associated with the forces of nature, with the internal forces of the human being, with the Astros, with the stars. People ignore that. When you read the Bible for instance, you need to see what forces are associated with what is written there, because it is stated that that sacred language that we spoke in the beginning has its own grammar, its own letters. The Nordic alphabet is associated with it, the Hebrew alphabet, the Chinese. These forces associated with the language. So that is precisely written by initiates, initiates that developed that power of objective reasoning and they wrote the books.

In order to understand, to comprehend what is written in the Bible, what is written in the Koran, what is written in many other books, Sanskrit books for instance, or Buddhism, you have to develop at least certain percentage of the chakra of your throat, because it gives clairaudience. Sometimes people say, ”I listen to you, I am hearing it, but I do not understand.” It is the magic ear, clairaudience, which gives the ability to understand what I am saying, to comprehend what is written; you need the magic ear, the clairaudience, because the word is not only spoken but also written, and that is why it is written with those characters, Hebrew characters, Arabic characters which are coming from those ancient times; the Nordic runes for instance are those characters related with the forces of nature. And to grasp that, to understand that, is the power of the Holy Spirit, because Binah is the word that means “intelligence, understanding, comprehension,” in Hebrew, and that is the sephirah related with the Holy Spirit. Kether is the Father, Chokmah is the Son and Binah is the Holy Spirit that divides itself into two forces that we are studying here.

The Holy Spirit is the creator, creator of life, and the destroyer as well. That is why you find in India that Shiva represents the Holy Spirit, because Brahma is the Father, Vishnu is the Son and Shiva is the Holy Spirit. And Shiva is a creator and a destroyer. Shiva is associated with the bull in India, Parvati is the cow, his wife. And in every single religion you find the symbol of the bull. But to sacrifice the bull as it is written in many aspects in the Bible is black magic, because you do not resolve anything by killing a poor animal that is in a state of evolution, in order to satisfy your own necessities. The bull that we have to kill, the Behemoth that we have to kill, is inside of us; it is our own animal nature.

When the Bible or the Koran, or other books, for instance the Bhagavad Gita, tell us as Krishna does, ”You have to fight your relatives,” we have to understand what this means. In the Gita, Arjuna says, ”I have to kill my aunt, my cousins, my nephews? I have to kill my uncles?”

“Yes,” says Krishna, ”you have to.” But it is not referring of course, as people think, to people in the outside world. It is referring to what is inside of us. All of those people that we have to kill, that we have to annihilate; defects, vices, errors, symbolized in different ways. And we do it with the power of the bull, but when we forget about that and we identify with the power of this materialistic world, then we worship the forces of the bull in the wrong way: The Golden Calf.

The Israelites in the beginning were guided according to Moses in the right way, but in the end when he came back from mount Sinai, he found that they were no longer doing the work inside themselves, they were just worshipping the bull in the wrong way. Trying to be greedy, because the power of the earth, the power of voice is also related with black magic, that is the Golden Calf. And then people forgot that the real work that we have to perform is inside.

Egyptian Taurinean Mysteries

The Taurinean mysteries are the levels in which the human being develops objective reasoning in order to understand God. You see? I repeat again, it is written, “In the beginning was the Word, the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Everything was created with the power of the Word, so the Taurinean mysteries teach us that in order to comprehend God we have to have knowledge, Daath, Gnosis, we have to develop the chakra Vishuddha, to comprehend what is written, to comprehend the Word of God.

The power of tongues is not what in this day and age some sects of Christianity state, that the power of tongues is to babble words with no sense. I saw many times in TV people that are talking, and all of a sudden they pronounce something incoherent, and then they say that this is the power of tongues that the Holy Spirit is giving them; that is nonsense. This is how people misunderstand the power of God. God is not making babbling, incoherent words in them. What kind of power is that? To be incoherent? That is useless. God is intelligence, so if you say that you have the power of tongues, then you have to give understanding, comprehension, and to comprehend what is written in the Bible and any book; that is the power of tongues.

It could be developed in different levels, but in the initiation, in the Taurinean mysteries, the initiate wants to comprehend God, that is the goal. They want to understand what God is, within them, and the only way to understand God is by developing objective reasoning, because that is what God wants, to create a being that will understand Him in order to utilize Him. That is why we said in many lectures that the Absolute, the Ain Soph, does not know itself, it is unknowable to itself, but he wants to know himself, and that is why creation exists: to acquire objective reasoning in order to know. Through the consciousness is how we know God, by fighting the bull, by developing ourselves, and then acquiring different levels of objective reasoning.

In the cosmos you find many levels of human beings that understand the meaning of the Word, the meaning of God. Let us start from above, from the top, in accordance with what we know; we are not going to state that he is the only one, but the only one that we know in the planet Earth, who had the highest level, that is in the top of the pyramid, in knowing God, is Jesus of Nazareth whose name is Aberamentho. He acquired the highest level of understanding, of reasoning. He knows God in relation with the infinite. Below him there are other initiates that understand God in other levels, because we have to understand that the universe, the Word creates seven cosmoses.

The first cosmos is called the Protocosmos and is located within the unknowable dimension. The Protocosmos is made by all the stars, all the suns of the universe, which is the foundation or the base of any infinite.

Below the Protocosmos we find the Ayocosmos which is manifested, because I said the Protocosmos is not manifested, but the Ayocosmos is manifested. It is what in Kabbalah is called Atziluth, and the unmanifested is called the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute. There are many in Atziluth that have an understanding of God at that level, they are called of course Cosmocreators.

Below that cosmos you find the Macrocosmos which is the cosmos that people talk more about. The Macrocosmos is related with other levels of understanding of God; there are many Beings that are at that level.

Below the Macrocosmos you find the Deuterocosmos. The Deuterocosmos is in relation with any solar system, any individual that has knowledge or developed understanding in relation with the solar system is an individual of the Deuterocosmos.

Below the Deuterocosmos we find the Mesocosmos which is the planet Earth. Any planet in itself is a Mesocosmos, so if you acquire development and knowledge, the power of tongues in relation with your planet, you are a Mesocosmos individual.

You know that in the Mesocosmos, in the planet or any planet there are many Microcosmoses. We call ourselves microcosmoses, but these microcosmoses are not developed. It could be developed in different levels.

I said the highest level is the one that is at the top and the one who has acquired it is Master Aberamentho, Master Jesus of Nazareth. But below there are many levels.

Here we are in this room, learning about this knowledge, and we have to start understanding, comprehending in our own level this wisdom, and for that we have to start developing the clairaudience which gives us that understanding, that comprehension. That is why the simple practice that we always advise is the vocalization of the letter ”E”, that the sound should be ”Eh,” (as in “red”): Eeeeeeeeeeeeh Eeeeeeeeeeeeh. That is simple, just sense the vibration in your throat.

If you vocalize the “I” sound (as in “tree”): Iiiiiiiiiiiii, it vibrates here (in the head). But “E” is here in the throat, Eeeeeeeeeeeeh. That puts in activity the chakra of the throat.

Of course, any prayer is always related with the throat, and when you do that you are transmuting your sexual force through the throat, and the clairaudient power, the power of the tongues starts to develop, and then you understand more and more deeply the wisdom of God, not only written in the Bible, but in other books. And then when you read something, immediately you find if that is precisely something that was written by Moses or by the prophets, or something that a black magician put there in order to confuse humanity. As I said, the chapter 29 of Exodus is not written by Moses, it was put there to sacrifice the bull. Only the black magicians sacrifice bulls. Still in India, they worship the cow and they respect it, and they know that if they want to sacrifice something it would be the animal within.

Below the Microcosmos is the Tritocosmos, you see? Tritocosmos, Microcosmos, Mesocosmos, Deuterocosmos, Macrocosmos, Ayocosmos and Protocosmos, these are the seven cosmoses beginning from the bottom. The Tritocosmos is what people call Hell, Inferno, Avitchi, Klipoth. That is the confusion of tongues. So there are many people there that appear saying that they have the power of tongues, but really they have the power of the confusion of tongues. Just babbling words with no sense; that is not the power of the Holy Spirit, because we have to be in chastity in order to understand it. And this is how you develop the Taurinean mysteries.

Horns of Moses
Horns of Moses

It is written that when you acquire the higher level or any level of the Taurinean mysteries, then horns of light appear on top of your head. Those horns of light remind us of the horns of light of Moses, or the silver horns of the Nordic gods that appear, meaning that they know what they do. The power of Taurus.

Do you recall, for instance, in this very moment it comes into my mind, the Tuva or the Tuvas. I think this is how they are called, these riders, the Cow Herds Those people that control the herds from one side to the other, they are in Texas, they are in many places, of course in Mongolia, there exist these cowboys. You see how they are called? Cow boys, because they manage with the cows. They control the cows with sound; they know that they have to sing. They have beautiful songs in order for the cow to hear and this is how they control the cows, the herds, you see? By pronouncing, by singing. These Mongolian cowboys are really amazing, they have the way in which they manage to control the throat, the sound of the throat in many ways, and that is very common in Mongolia. In ancient times the cowboys in this area, United States and Canada, knew how to sing, I do not know if they still sing, but this is how they controlled the cattle.

This is how also we control our own particular individual bull, Behemoth, with the power of the Word, Daath, and that is why the most beautiful prayer that we can utter in order to bring the forces of Aleph, the Holy Spirit from above in order to control our own inferior forces is the Prayer of the Lord, the Pater Noster given by Jesus, which is a prayer that has to be combined with meditation, a beautiful prayer. The Prayer of the Lord is as follows:

”Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done on Earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil, because thine is the kingdom, the glory and the power, forever and ever.”

You see here, at the end is something that people do not say, because “thine is the glory”, that is, thine is the energy of Hod or the solar force inside us. The power which is in Yesod, the sexual organs. The kingdom is Malkuth, the physical body. Thine is the kingdom, meaning, “Because yours is my physical body which is the kingdom Malkuth,” yours is. And the Glory of it, which is all the energy that is in the blood, in all the nervous systems, that is the Glory which is the energy, the life, the solar force that circulates. And “the Power in my sexual force” it says at the end of that prayer, in order to bring the forces from Daath and to control the bull.

Question: So what practices can we use to transmute that sexual energy?

Answer: The single people learn how to transmute their sexual force with exercises or pranayamas. Prana is a Sanskrit word which means “energy,” and Yama refers to breathing or respiration. So by the science of breathing we transmute the Prana, the energy of the sexual force. There are many types of pranayamas; we have many of them. A simple pranayama for instance is just to sit down in a chair, relax the body and breathe slowly, imagining that at the moment that you breath the sexual force is going up to your brain and entering into your heart, through the spinal column, and when you exhale the air just pronounce the letter S. Sssssss. This is what is called the still, small sound. It is written that Elias heard the way in which the sound of the S transmutes the force. There are many mantras, but that is the simple one. And of course, the best way in order to transmute the sexual energy is in the sexual act. But that we cannot explain here, because it is more complicated. But we have books, The Perfect Matrimony and other books in which it is explained very carefully how to do the transmutation of the sexual energy in the sexual act with our spouse.

Questions and Answers

Question: So in other words you are not saying that the true initiate must be celibate for his whole life?

Answer: Well, the celibate initiates were preparing themselves for marriage, of course, to practice sexual alchemy; celibacy was used before entering into the higher mysteries. Many young people that enter into this path learn how to transmute the sexual energy as single practitioners, but later on in time they know that they have to marry, because celibacy is good at a certain level. It is good when you know how to transmute the sexual energy, but if you are in celibacy and you do not know how to transmute, then it is wrong, because then the sexual force instead of creating something good is creating a Behemoth, something ominous within you. You need to know how to control the force, and later on in time when you are ready, you can marry and transmute the sexual energy as a couple which is precisely the best way in which the sexual energy creates within you. And that is precisely the way, we will say, in which the Torero is already doing it. In the beginning as we said in the Tauromachy, or bullfighting, the people start riding the horse and trying to dominate the beast with the lance; the lance is always the symbol of the sexual force. If it is a man, it is a symbol of the phallus, or the sexual energy, but remember when we talk about the phallus this is something very important here, because women think that when we talk about the lance it is only related to men, but women also have a “phallus” which is called the clitoris, where the magnetic forces work. That is why you find that in the Nordic mythology for instance, you find the Valkyries, which are women warriors that were riding horses with a lance, and sometimes with a sword. How come? Well, they have their feminine force of the lance in their clitoris. But the man of course is the one that takes more of that energy because the man has the phallus; the clitoris is an atrophied phallus. The woman takes more the feminine aspect of the Holy Spirit and the man the masculine. That is why when we talk about for instance the Holy Grail which is the cup, it is the symbol of the woman there, the feminine yoni. So this is how you understand and comprehend that you have to utilize those forces in order to dominate the bull. You have to dominate with that, to transmute those sexual forces by pranayama and dominate the bull until it becomes a tame ox that will eat only grass, and not that furious animal that in the beginning we have to control. Yes?

Question: What is the difference between transmutation and sublimation?

Answer: Transmutation means to transform one substance into another. To sublimate means to raise that force up. In the beginning of course you transmute; anybody for instance when he is transmuting the sexual energy is changing, because the pranayama of the sexual magic teaches you how to transmute, how to change, how to mutate, trans-mutation, mutation. The sperm and the ovum transform into energy and the energy rises, but according to your behavior, according to what you speak, according to what you think, then it can be sublimated to different octaves. The first octave that they have to be sublimated through is the physical octave. Then the Vital body, then the Astral body, the Mental body, Causal body, Buddhic body, Atmic. Remember that the true Man is seven bodies. To sublimate the energy in the Atmic body, you need to perform the sexual act as when you are in church, praying, you see?

I remember in this very moment a case when we were visiting the Master Samael Aun Weor in Mexico with a group of students that I had in Chihuahua, Mexico, and the students were asking the Master Samael Aun Weor about transmutation. “Well,” said the Master, ”You are beginners, so you have to start as you are because I do not think that you can practice at the level of a saint that is working with the level of Atman,” you know? Atman is here (above, related to the sephirah Chesed) and we are here in Malkuth, the physical world, and sometimes down, in Klipoth. So how will a demon of Klipoth practice sexual magic with somebody in the level of Chesed?  It is impossible. “A saint,” said the Master, “practices in this way. He needs an erection of course,” he says, “but the erection comes naturally when you have sexual force; he penetrates his woman and just stays like this,” he says, remaining perfectly still, and he was quiet, imagining that his hands were on top of the bed and that he was connected with the woman, “Transmuting,” he says.  And then he looked at everyone, because there were two girls who were asking about this. He says to them, “Would you like to have a husband like that?”

And then one of them says, “No, come on, why do I want a man like that?”

”Well, you see? So you need one at your level.” He says, ”Obviously in the beginning, as the apostle Paul says, 'In the beginning is the animal and later is the spiritual.'”

When we discover our lust, we have to transmute it, but in the level in which we are; people think in the beginning they have to be like saints. Sometimes the woman is sleeping, and he says ”Wake up, you have to transmute”, and he is just by himself doing the work, right? But little by little both of them have to learn how to reach higher levels, because the energy has to be sublimated even to Binah and beyond. But if you have the bull alive, scratching the ground, you know, in order to go against you, how do you expect to do the sexual magic like a saint? A Torero will do it because he already controls the beast. But a beginner, he is on top of the horse trying to control the bull and doing what he can. Little by little he is transforming and sublimating and sublimating until he reaches the levels in which he has a lot of control in the sexual energy. That is why we state, we do not have to be discouraged if in the beginning we have downfalls, because the bull is very strong. But we have to keep ahead, because our goal is to become a Torero, with solar bodies. Understood? This is how you enter into the mysteries of Taurus, Taurinean mysteries, the Tauromachy; with the power of your Word, this is how you acquire the power of tongues, this is how you become a true human being with objective reasoning, which is not the crude and rough intellect that we have.

Another question?

Question: Is the meat of the cow related to Taurus or the earth?

Answer: The animal itself is a symbol of the earth, but in that meat as you see, as we explained in other lectures; Behemoth, the animal, the bull, is the strength that we have, but that strength comes from the blood, and the blood is a symbol of the fire. So in the flesh of the bull, the flesh of the cattle, you find the fire of the earth, and that is why the lion needs that fire of the earth, in order to feed itself. If we want Tejas, the fire of the earth... When I said the earth, I am talking about Malkuth, do you understand that? Because Malkuth is the planet Earth itself, our physical body is also Malkuth, the three-dimensional physical body. So in Malkuth you find the forces of the elements which are symbolized by the Sphinx. That is why Ezekiel says that on top of the four animals of the Alchemy he saw the Son of Man. What are those four animals of Alchemy? According to Ezekiel in the Bible he says, “They have the appearance of a man, but one has the face of an eagle which is the air, face of a man which is the water, face of a bull which is the earth, and the other a face of a lion which is the fire.” So those are the Chaioth ha Kadosh, the holy creatures in which all the forces of the elements are, so when you see the bull of course, within the bull is the fire that we need in order to feed ourselves, the meat, the red meat, the beef, but that symbolizes the earth.