Let us now delve within the mysteries of the sign of Cancer in accordance with Esoteric Astrology.  Among the Egyptians, Cancer is the zodiacal sign related with the scarab, the famous symbol of the Soul .  Commonly, you find the symbol of the crab within that sign, which is also, we will say, an insect from the sea; insects characterize themselves because they do not have skeletons but exoskeletons, which is outside.  We have the skeleton inside, but the insects have it outside.

Cancer is a sign governed by the Moon, which is related with the thymus gland.  When we enter into the studies of endocrinology, we discover that the thymus gland starts its functions specifically during infancy, during seven years, according to the cycle of the planets and with the Law of the Heptaparaparshinok (the Law of Seven), the Law that organizes.  So the immune system of the physical body has - among the organs, glands of the endocrine system - the thymus gland as a main gland that provides the "T" cells, to help to fight the different bacteria, viruses, sicknesses, that eventually will enter into the physical body.


It is astonishing to study the thymus gland in relation with the soul .  All souls enter into the physical world through the constellation of Cancer, because if we study Kabbalah, we discover that Yesod, the Ninth Sphere, is governed by the Moon.  Yesod is related with the waters and with the Ethereal world.  Yesod is what we call the Ethereal Body. When we study the human being, we discover that the true Human Being has seven bodies; the second (when counting these bodies from the bottom) is the Vital Body (called the Ethereal Body), which in the Tree of Life is represented by the Sephirah Yesod. Malkuth is the physical body.

The Tree of Life is related with the Macrocosmos and the Microcosmos. In the Macrocosmos, Malkuth is the earth and Yesod is the Moon.  So behold here why we state that everybody enters through the constellation of Cancer into a physical body, no matter what our sign of birth will be, because firstly the soul has to pass through Yesod in order to enter into the physical body.  That's why the thymus gland is a very important gland that enters into activity in childhood in order to provide the necessary defenses for the physical body of that newborn for his upcoming physical life.

The thymus gland related with the Moon reminds us of the Soul , which is submitted to the mechanicity of nature.  Within us we have that scarab, which is the symbol of the Soul , also known as the Buddhata, that in the former lecture is described and explained in many details.  The Buddhata, the Essence (which is part of the Monad or the Spirit), is represented by the Egyptian scarab.


When we study the Egyptian scarab, we see that the Egyptians associated it with the Sun.  We clearly see here in Gnostic Astrology that the scarab is associated with our inner Sun, the heart (Tiphereth), because it is precisely the Essence (the scarab), a part of the Human Soul, that enters into the body and begins to function in the physical body through these two glands, because the thymus gland is precisely above and behind the heart, between the lungs.

The hormones, the energies of the thymus gland, work in relation with the sexual glands during childhood.  It is known that the thymus gland helps or works on the development of the sexual glands in both sexes.  When we study the thymus gland in women, we see that this gland is related with the mammary glands.  Now we can understand why the child needs to drink his mother's milk during childhood, because that milk, that liquid, that emerges from the breast of women, are in direct relation with the thymus gland and with the Moon, with the vitality of the forces of the cosmos that the child needs in order to develop a strong Vital Body.

This is one of the main motives why mother's milk cannot be substituted by cow milk, or any type of substance. Even though in different types of artificial substitutes for the mother's milk you find proteins and vitamins, you do not find the Tattvic substances that the thymus gland extracts from the mother's Ethereal Body and places in the breast milk in order to nourish the little child and to develop the immune system needed in order to survive, especially in this time, in this day and age, when viruses and sicknesses are spreading all over the world.

The hormones of the thymus gland exert influence in the development of the sexual glands.  The testicles and the ovaries give the necessary vital forces, substances, in order for the body to develop the strength of the immune system. This is why if you observe how the sexual glands are related with the thymus gland, it is stated that when the physical body enters into its maturity the thymus gland degenerates. This is because of the abuse of the sexual energy.

In ancient times, the Egyptians knew about the sexual force, as did many of the esoteric religions of the world. Those individuals that transmute their sexual energy can acquire a hyper-functioning of the thymus gland and thus acquire immortality, through that which people call the Elixir of Longevity, the Elixir of Long Life in the physical body.

In this day and age, people abuse the sexual energy.  This is why the thymus gland is degenerated. But in Gnosticism, we teach sexual transmutation, which in the child occurs naturally.

When you see a baby, you see how his sexual energy works together with the forces of his or her mother.  You see, for instance, in the activity of the mother feeding her baby, a sexual activity, related with love.  Remember that the thymus gland is above the heart.  When the mother is giving her milk to her child, she is feeding not only the physical body, but his Soul , and beyond. That love that the mother feels in her heart is associated with the thymus gland and with her breast. She really gives a lot, not only in the physical body, but in the internal soul : i.e. morals, vital principles that the Macrocosmos places, through the Moon, through that milk, into the soul of that baby.

The Egyptian scarab is precisely the soul that we are talking about.  The scarab is a symbol of the soul .

Why is the scarab associated with the soul or with the immortality of the soul ?  Because in the beginning, when we as souls enter into this planetary body, we are associated with the mechanical laws of Nature; our soul is associated with what we call the Tritocosmos, "very tiny cosmos," in which the soul can develop.

When we talk about the Tritocosmos, most of the time we associate it with Hell, with the Infernos, with the inferior dimensions of Nature.  But that tiny cosmos in another aspect is related with insects.  Thus, when we study the Tritocosmos, we associate it with Hell or with insects.  Now, we realize why in ancient times many religions associated certain insects with the soul : the soul that is entangled in the mechanicity of Nature and that eventually should leave that mechanicity in order to enter into the superior worlds, in order - we will say - to become a Microcosmos, a Human Being, who will be able to enter into the superior cosmos.  But before performing that metamorphosis, we are submitted to the mechanicity of the Tritocosmos, which is below, or behind the Mesocomos (the planet Earth).

You see for instance that in childhood everybody likes to hear about fairy tales.  All children like to hear that.  It is due to the fact that when we are at that age, all the chakras - which people in this present time are trying to develop, in order to see the ultra of Nature - are naturally developed in any newborn.  Any newborn is clairvoyant, clairaudient, and sees beyond this three-dimensional world.  The activity of the seven chakras in the scarab, in that embryo of Soul with a new body, is something very normal.


Unfortunately, from birth to seven years of age, that scarab, that embryo of soul , develops his personality. This word personality comes from Latin personae, which means "mask."  Or we will say "a shield" like the scarab needs in order to protect the consciousness; with it he protects himself, the soul , against the exterior world, which is society, this materialistic world in which we live.

The personality is developed based on three factors: genotype, phenotype, and paratype.


Genotype is related with genes. When we investigate the new body of that newborn, we discover that this body is called "organism" because it is a compound of different organs.  Each organ is a compound of cells.  Each cell is a compound of molecules.  And each molecule is a compound of atoms.  And if we destroy an atom we liberate energy. So see here how the physical body is in its last synthesis is just compact energy.  But when we look into the cell, which is the element from which all organs are formed, we discover that the center, the nucleus of the cell, is formed, more or less, of about forty-eight chromosomes [materialist science only recognizes forty-six; the other two are in Yesod]. Each chromosome has a hundred or more genes.  The genes are precisely that element between the physical world and the internal world.

That is the genotype.  Within the internal worlds we find that genotype or that inherence, that the scarab (the child) brings into his new physical body, which Nature has freely given to him.

In order for the soul to develop the personality, that shield of protection, it has to do so in accordance with the Law of Karma.  Of course, the Law of Karma (Cause and Effect) teaches us that such a scarab, before entering into this new body, had another body in former times.

cicadaWhen I say this, it comes into my mind that insect called cicada, which in summer emits a chirping sound continuously; not like a cricket, but more fine, more sharp. There is this belief among people that when this insect finishes its chirping, is because it exploded, and dies.  But this is not true.  What happens is that because of this sound, this vibration, the insect is creating a new body within that body, and the chirping sound is the open of the back of that insect, until it is completely opened and a new body emerges from that carcass.  It is similar to that process of the snake.  So that insect is immortal.  When people find the old carcass, they say, "Oh, it died.  It exploded."  But they don't know that a new body emerged from that and just left there the carcass, the skin.  This is precisely the reason why - because of the activity of this cicada - the ancient Egyptians used the scarab in order to symbolize the soul .  In other words, when the soul leaves the old body it creates a new one and it starts doing the same activity, the same chirping again. Thus according to the chirp, we build a new body, again and again and again.

So this is precisely what happens with the soul : it builds a new body, a new personality, which we are explaining here. So the child has to build them in accordance with the Law of Karma: Cause and Effect.

Through the genes those elements that we call psychological aggregates, which belong to that soul , will channel the energies that the body needs in order to build the personality, because that newborn baby needs to incorporate the rest of itself.  With this we are stating here that we are divided in two, or this soul is divided in two parts.

Three percent of that soul is the innocent element that we see in a newborn.

The ninety-seven percent, the rest of that soul , of the consciousness that is associated with it, is that which cannot enter into the newborn baby because it needs the personality in order to express itself.

It takes about seven years in order for the personality to be completely developed. Thereafter, the rest of that consciousness will enter completely into the new body.  Yet before, I repeat, only the three percent, which is free, free of what we call ego, enters the newborn.  The rest, the ninety-seven percent, is that which is associated with what in psychology is called lust, greed, anger, envy, pride, gluttony, laziness, etc.  These are our heavy psychological elements.

The Essence, the consciousness, is electronic, whereas these psychological aggregates are molecular and atomic.  The personality is energetic and atomic, it has the same atomic substance of the ego; this is why when the personality is completely developed then the ego starts appearing in that newborn.  Sometimes the ego manifests after five years, etc.  Yet, before that ego activity, the powers of the chakras are still active in the child, and this is why it is normal for the child to see phenomena in the fourth dimension, in the fifth dimension, etc.

For instance, when you have experiences out of your body (Astral Projection), you know that it is easy to float or to fly in those dimensions.  For the child, for the consciousness, it is normal to fly and to float.  This is why the newborn soul still does not know how to differentiate between the interior dimensions and the physical dimension.  But little by little, while he develops his personality, he develops that type of understanding, that is, that one thing is the physical world and another is the internal worlds, because the personality also needs to learn about that.


Thymus spleenThis is why there exists the other type, or the other factoring the development of the personality, which is phenotype: education.

Behold here that the development of the personality and the physical body from birth to the seven years of childhood is associated with the motor-instinctual-sexual brain and with the thymus gland, associated with the Moon, which is mechanicity. Thus the child learns through example, not by precept.  What he sees, he repeats, mechanically.

Behold here the necessity of parents to behave, to talk in the right way to the child at that age, in that infancy, in order for children to properly learn what they need to learn.  Unfortunately in this day and age, there exist different types of systems in which children are being taught in a very wrong way, and only that which is related with the materialistic world.  At that age, ancient people taught their children everything related with mythology, with fairy tales, which are so natural for them, because the Essence, the scarab, before entering into the human kingdom, it evolved, it came from the inferior kingdoms of Nature.

It is stated that the Human Soul has 108 physical bodies in order to shape itself and to receive all the influences of the twelve constellations through different lives.

In accordance to the Tree of Life, above Malkuth there are nine sephiroth, nine heavens.  If you multiply those nine heavens by the twelve constellations through which we always enter into the physical world in different lives, we then get the sum of 108 lives that we need in order to be "rounded," in order to form ourselves, to shape, to have the elements that we need in order to create the Microcosmos.

Before entering into the human kingdom, that embryo of soul was evolving in the animal kingdom, it had animal bodies, and before it was evolving in the in the plant kingdom, that soul had physical bodies of plants, and before that, it was evolving in the mineral kingdom. So this is how evolution has to be studied.

Moreover, evolution is not only associated with the physical world but also with the mental world and with the spiritual world. We are talking here only about the soul , but that soul has to create the protoplasmic vehicles, or better said, it has to create the protoplasmic mind, that is indispensable for the Soul to have, because in the physical kingdoms of Nature you only see the physical matter.  You see minerals.  You see plants.  You see animals.  You see people.  But in the interior dimensions, you find the mental and emotional vehicles of those physical bodies.

You know very well that you have mind and emotion.  When you enter into the internal worlds and clairvoyantly study the mind and emotion, you then discover that these are the Protoplasmic Bodies, or what we call Lunar Bodies, that Nature gives to the soul in order for it to express in other dimensions, because the physical body is not enough.  The physical body only serves us in order to act in this three-dimensional world.  But when the physical body dies - as you know, it is a law here that everything that grows and gets mature, gives its fruits, and eventually dies.  Plants die.  Animals die.  We die.  Minerals also die.  So, as souls , after death, we exist with certain vehicles in order to be in this Nature. These vehicles are precisely what in Gnosis we study as the Protoplasmatic Bodies, which are Lunar Bodies related with mind and emotion that any soul in the kingdom possess.

The difference between the souls in the kingdoms of nature is that when their protoplasmic bodies enter into the human kingdom, their mind then acquires intellect.  In the human kingdom, we are at the top or at the peak of mechanical evolution. In the mineral kingdom, the Protoplasmic Bodies are very primitive, not fully developed, whereas in the human kingdom we have them fully developed.  The Protoplasmic Bodies are a gift that the Moon gives to the soul , as we are explaining here related with the scarab, the cicada.

When we lose the physical body, we enter into the interior dimensions of Nature, and we exist there with the Protoplasmic Bodies.  The interior dimensions are what people call the dimension of dreams. Gnostics want to consciously go there through Astral Projection.  When we Astral Project into those dimensions, we go with our Protoplasmatic Bodies or with the Astral Solar Body, but that is another topic.  Now, we are only talking about the mechanical bodies that anybody has.

So, in the fourth dimension, which relates to the Sephirah Yesod, which dimensionally is also "time," or time in its dimensional aspect; in that dimension we find the Ethereal World, or what the Bible calls Eden.  Eden is not a physical garden that existed in ancient times, as people think.  Eden is the fourth dimension. Eden still exists; Eden exists there in the fourth dimension.  If you remember when you were children, your dreams were more vivid; it is because we were able to enter into those dimensions while our physical body was naturally sleeping.

I, myself, remember very well how I entered into Eden, or into the fourth dimension, into that paradise, while my physical body was sleeping, when my physical body was a baby, and in that dimension I saw the souls , which are not human souls , since they did not have human bodies yet. These were the souls of animals, plants, and minerals, what in fairy tales people call fairies, gnomes, pygmies, undines, nereids.  All of that exists in the fourth dimension. It is natural for any child to associate her or himself with that world; the soul enters and leaves Eden, and this is why the Essence is happy, innocent.

Why don't we see them anymore?  Because lust, anger, pride, greed, gluttony, laziness, anger, do not belong to the fourth dimension.  They belongs to the fifth, to what we call Limbo, because the ego is molecular and atomic, and the Essence is electronic.  So the electronic world [Tiphereth - sixth dimension] associates, harmonizes directly with Yesod.  In other words, the Monad, which is a Trio of Spirit, Divine Soul and Human Soul associates with Yesod, and is a wonderful dimension which is very clear for any soul at that infantile age.


Paratype relates to the circumstances in which we live, and the different examples that we learn during life, which transforms the personality into something very materialistic.  If you see the energetic and atomic personality of anybody in this world, you will see that it is made in accordance with this society.  Most common are personalities that only think in making money, personalities that only want money, money, and more money in order to be famous. The personalities in this world are shaped and formed in kindergarten, colleges, high school, universities, which are personalities that are formed in order to confront a society that is very materialistic.

It is very sad to see, for instance, in the news, or on many shows on TV, how materialistic people, atheists (whose minds do not believe in God) take religiosity out from education because they think that religion is just "utopian," that it is something that ancient people imagined.  Indeed, they do not know about God, because their inner senses are atrophied.  Yes, they do not perceive God due to the fact that their ego does not belong to the heavenly dimensions.  Listen: the ego, the personality that we have, is associated with Klipoth, with the lower dimensions of the Tree of Life, the infradimensions, the devolving forces that are controlled by the Moon.

This material world is very heavy, but the infradimensions, Klipoth, are heavier than the physical dimension.  In Klipoth you do not find elementals.  You do not find the beauty that you find in Yesod.

So, little by little the child is mechanically absorbing the negative influence of the Moon, because in this universe we have to learn that everything is double, has two polarities, positive and negative.  The positive ray of the Moon starts working in the thymus gland in the physical body, in the soul , from birth to seven years.  So the child is vibrating positively, and the soul has an opportunity to grow, to develop at that age.  But unfortunately, the personalities of adults intervene and start teaching to their children how to survive in this materialistic life.

Adults ignore that we as souls , as beings, we have to solve an equation.  That equation is divided in two halves.  The first half of the equation relates on how to survive in this physical world: how to have a career, because we need shelter.  We need money in order to eat.  We need clothing.  We need food.  Thus, money is the aim that we need in order to solve the first half of the equation.  So everybody is concerned with that the first part of the equation, or that half of the equation; yes, we know that it is necessary to have a career in order to survive in this jungle of cement and steel.  But nobody cares about that second aspect of that equation!

The second half of the equation is related with what we are talking about here, which is the development of the soul in relation with nature and the universe, which is the true purpose for coming here into this physical world.  Understand that we do not come just to make money, or in order to live like any animal, that is, to have children, and thereafter die.  Anybody can do that.  Everybody does not come here in order to make a lot of money in order to be a millionaire.  People think that in order to fight life it is enough to concentrate in money, in order to be successful. Now people want to be like Trump, people who like money.

Listen: to make the second equation is the most difficult matter. This is not easy.  You can be a billionaire and have nothing, zero regarding the second equation.  People die, and when they enter into the internal worlds they go to Klipoth, because they did not do anything in relation with the second aspect of that equation.

Those individuals who are concerned with this second aspect of the equation are the ones that enter into the superior worlds, they develop, they recognize that in this life it is necessary to have a career, to have money because we need to survive, but they do not identify with it.  We know that money is just something that anybody can have if he makes the effort of making it, but we give priority to the development of the soul .

Unfortunately, the development of the consciousness, of the soul , of the scarab, does not occur mechanically.  The development of the consciousness does not occur because you are reading this lecture, or because you read hundreds of Gnostic lectures, or because you read all of the books of Gnosis, or because you read all of the books of the sacred religions of the world, since the mind can memorize all of that.

For instance, in this day and age, we observe a lot of preachers of different religions who memorize the Bible and repeat chapters and verses very fast, sometimes with periods and semicolons.  But when you observe them internally in order to see if they have developed the second half of the equation, you then find that they have nothing, none, zero, because the second half of the equation has nothing to do with believing in anything.  The second half of the equation is something that we have to perform, to work, to exercise within, and this is something that you learn in this doctrine.  You have to exercise the consciousness. We very clearly explained this psychological work in the previous lecture.

Lilith and Nahemah

Lilith and Nahemah

Regrettably, the negative aspect of the Moon relates with two psychological spheres, which in Kabbalah are called Lilith and Nahemah.  Lilith is the black moon, and Nahemah is related with the white moon, with mechanicity, in which nature utilizes us only for her mechanical purposes.  At the physical level, we transform energies.  And the internal bodies, the Protoplasmic Bodies that nature gave us for free, only serves Nature as channels for forces that it needs in order to survive, in order for the planet to be alive.

In Nature, if some physical bodies die - whether they are plants, animals, or humans - it does not matter since Nature creates new bodies in order to advance with its mechanicity.  This relates to what some people in this day and age scream when wondering, "How come this hurricane or tsunami killed thousands and thousands of people?  Why is Nature doing that?"  It is because Nature is Nature.  It is just a mechanism.  For Nature to have killed thousands of human bodies in this area or in this other area does not matter to Nature, because matter transforms into energy, energy into matter.  Nothing is destroyed.  The soul is immortal.  Thus, if the bodies are destroyed, new bodies can be acquired.

But the spheres of Klipoth are governed by two great spheres, Lilith and Nahemah, lunar forces, in which people are identified with the mechanicity of Nature.

It is stated that the people from Lilith abuse their sexual organs.  They commit sexual abuse: homosexuality, lesbianism, incest, and all of those degenerations in relation with sex belong to Lilith, the Black Moon.  Those people of course atrophied the thymus gland completely.

In the sphere of Nahemah is adultery, prostitution, which is very common.

Cancer is the constellation that brings the karma of the sickness of cancer to the earth. In Gnosticism we call the virus of cancer the "cancro." This illness comes to the earth because of the abuse of sex. Cancer enters into the organisms which develop under the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah because of the abuse of sex.  Cancer is a karmic sickness that has different branches, as you know.

Thus, in the psychological spheres of Lilith and Nahemah, fornication, adultery and any sexual abuse is the law.  When you enter into the infradimensions of Nature, in Klipoth, into that which people call Hell or Inferno, you see that fornication, adultery, and any sexual abuse is very natural.  There, nobody is scandalized because of fornication or adultery. In the third sphere of Hell, in the bars, in the taverns, they toast to adultery.  They are slaves of the mechanicity of the Moon.  Why?  Because the Protoplasmic Bodies that were evolving in the Elementals within the fourth dimension, when they finally enter into the human level, they start to devolve.

This is precisely the beautiful knowledge hidden in the symbol of the crab.  You see how the crab comes from the very bottom of the ocean?  Yes, the crabs come from the abyss of the ocean in order to place their eggs, outside, on the earth. Millions of crabs come out of the ocean, go to a certain spot, a certain island or land, and after they do what they have to do they go back to the abyss.  They go back into the ocean.


But behold how the crab walks: backwards, or sideways.  The crab does not walk forward like the rest of animals, they walk backwards, backwards, until entering into the ocean, in order to go into the abyss again.  This is precisely the beautiful symbol of Cancer. Thus, the scarab, the crab, is that soul who in the spheres of Lilith and Nahemah begins to walk backwards, you see?  The Moon took that embryo of soul , that scarab from the mineral, plant, and animal and human kingdoms, evolving.  Now in the human level, the crab starts walking backwards into animal, plant and mineral kingdoms.  That is precisely going into the Abyss, assuming, in the Protoplasmic Bodies, animal shape, plant shape, mineral shape, until those Protoplasmic Bodies are disintegrated, completely disintegrated.

Do you know that physically we have to die?  Everybody knows that.  If we study the physical body, we see that after it becomes old, it eventually dies, and goes to the grave, and there it disintegrates, it becomes dust.  Everybody knows that.  But did you ever inquire that also those internal things that we call mind and emotion also have to die?  Yet these are not made of physical matter, but Protoplasmic Matter.

This is why when people go physically to bed and go out of their physical bodies, they feel like they are alive and experiencing this and that, thereafter, when they awake, they say, "Oh!  I thought it was physical, but I was dreaming!"  This happens because the Protoplasmic Bodies are matter, but more subtle, and those bodies are submitted to other laws.  Those bodies are not submitted to the laws of this three dimensional world, but submitted to laws of the infradimensions, submitted to the laws of the mechanicity of the Moon. As they were created in the very bottom of the Ninth Sphere, which is the center of the earth, and emerged in the Ethereal World, evolving from the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms, they also have to devolve, to disintegrate.  They have to die, because this is a law in Nature.  Everything that is born has to die.  Nothing is immortal in Nature.

This is the law, the reciprocal law in which everything grows up and dies, physically or molecularly; atomically.  So when somebody ends with his 108 physical lives, he finishes the evolving process, and he starts the devolving process, and enters with his Protoplasmic Bodies into the infradimensions where they protoplasmically speaking have to die, they have to descend in each sphere until reaching the center of the Earth, where the Protoplasmic Bodies die, and since the Essence is trapped within them, this is why they say that the souls enter into Hell.

Nevertheless, we can avoid devolution, but for that we have to be born again.  It is what the Gospels state.  To be born again means to create bodies or vehicles that are not mechanical, because if we begin with the physical body it is mechanical.  It has to die.  To acquire immortal bodies is something very difficult, to have Astral, Mental, immortal bodies.  For that we have to learn Alchemy, but this is a subject matter of another lecture.  I just want to emphasize on this mechanicity.


Thus, when the Protoplasmic Bodies eventually disintegrate, then happens what in the Book of Revelation, the great prophet John called the Second Death.

People wonder: what is the Second Death?  It is the annihilation, the disintegration, the death of the Protoplasmic Bodies, which are mind and emotion, the Protoplasmic Bodies that everybody uses outside of the physical body when it is sleeping.

The Protoplasmic Bodies are joined to the physical body by the famous silver cord, which has the name of Antakarana.  So when the Antakarana cord is cut, then the Protoplasmic Bodies - within which is the Essence, the consciousness, the scarab - remains in the internal dimensions. The soul within the Protoplasmic Bodies remains without a physical body. The Protoplasmic Bodies are what return into the newborn baby, which is a new physical body, in order to build again a new personality in accordance with the time.

Each time that we are born we build a new personality; i.e. it will be absurd to think that we will live in this 21st century with the old personality that we had in the middle ages.  They (personality and time) won't match.  In this 21st century the newborns are building a personality related with technology, related with computers.  But imagine the personality of a Roman soldier returning into this epoch, imagine putting a computer in front of him, he won't understand, because his personality is related to Rome of that ancient epoch; he might say: "What is that?"

So do you follow me?  Do you understand what this mechanicity that starts from childhood and that goes back beyond time is?  What we are doing here, we might say, is an intellectual retrospection, because the thymus gland is related with the pulmonary chakra, because it is located in the middle of the lungs, and this is the chakra related with the subconsciousness.


What is the subconsciousness?  Subconsciousness is related with the memory.  When you start remembering what happened yesterday and before yesterday, the last week, etc., that is called retrospection.  You enter into the memories of your subconsciousness and then you say, "Oh!  I was visiting my friend.  I was in this restaurant.  I was doing this.  I was doing that."

Those images are placed in the subconsciousness.  It is what is called the Akasha, or the Akashic records.  The Akashic Records not only exist as people think, outside.  They are also inside.  That is called our subconsciousness.  The Akasha is related with Yesod, with the superior waters, with the forces of the Moon, and act mechanically in the Protoplasmic Bodies.

So when you are remembering things, you are utilizing the chakra of your thymus gland and going backwards into your mind, which utilizes the brain in connection with that gland. But in the baby, in the newborn child, that chakra of the thymus is fully active, thus the baby through this chakra is remembering his past lives, easily.

He remembers very well where he was in other lives and that is why he cries.  "O again in this hell!  Why do I have to come again in this new body?  Why?  Who sent me here?  I don't want to be here!  Look at these giants, they are monsters!  Look how they treat me!  I want to eat, but they are not telepathic.  They don't understand that I am hungry, so therefore I have to scream like a mad baby, in order for them to hear and say ‘O maybe he is hungry.'"  Yet sometimes the baby is not hungry.  "Oh, I have a stomach ache.  Please do not give me that breast right now; I have a stomach ache right now."  But the mother does not know because she is not telepathic as the child is.

The soul is there in a new body, and as a newborn, he can communicate with a cat, with a dog. He might say: "How come this dog or this cat understands me and communicates with me, while my mother and father do not?"  They are like zombies who only think in money!  "My God, please, help me to not put that idea of money again in my mind, in my personality, because I lost my time in my past life.  Now I want to develop inside, because this is just a materialistic world; very heavy and dense."

But his parents do not listen; they do not know anything about it. They start indoctrinating the new baby with the new technology, and everything changes, thus finally that baby looses his innocence, he builds a new personality, and the egos of past lives start entering his mind and make his life a hell.

You know, Hitler was a beautiful baby; an innocent baby.  Mussolini was a beautiful baby too.  Al Capone likewise, when he was a newborn, his mother never thought that he was going to kill and make big trouble in Chicago.

All of us as babies were so beautiful... so innocent... but look at us now.  Look at us now!  We are really demons... devils... very evil.  We can kill.  Those people who crashed airplanes into the twin towers were also innocent children when they were babies.  Nobody thought that when they were grown up they would go and do that foolishness; but they did.

When we see children in the streets, of any religion, of any race, of any color, we see how innocent they are, and we really admire them.  But then we start analyzing, "My goodness!  These children will loose their innocence because of the stupidity of this society, and they will have enemies, hatred, and all of that."  We have this, and will be again members of this web in which we are.

But when we are babies, newborns, we remember past lives.  Later on when we loose that capacity because of the personality, we need to believe in reincarnation, and if that baby enters into those religions that say believing in reincarnation is a sin, he will reject it.  But when he was a child he was remembering it.  Now he's either rejecting it or believing it.

It would be better if that soul would start to vocalize the vowel "A," the sound of the vowel "A."  If you pronounce that sound and concentrate on the thymus gland, you see how it vibrates, and this is the first sound that any baby utters.

He pronounces the vowel "A" associated with the "M", with the waters of sexuality, since the "M" is Mary, the Mar, the Sea, "Mmmmaaaaaahhhh."  This is what the baby does.  "Mmmaaah!  Mmmaaah!  Ma!" and cries.  The first syllables, "Ma Ma!" or "Pa Pa!"  The "P" is forcing into the "A" the chakra to spin.  That is why children pronounce those first syllables: "Ma Ma!"  "Pa Pa!" and always "A."  "A" develops, in association with the thymus gland, the pituitary gland, clairvoyance, which means that the memories of the subconsciousness start coming into us.

So, the newborn baby is remembering all of that, not because he is reading a book, or because his mother or father is telling him something, no.  He's just seeing the images and is remembering through images just as you remember through images what you did yesterday.  If I ask you, "Where were you yesterday?" you will concentrate and see images in your subconsciousness.  "I was here."  "I was there."  Same as the baby.

The baby remembers through images in the subconsciousness, and this is why he cries because he remembers his past lives.  It was very bitter.  But when he goes into those ages when he was a child, he smiles and is happy, and goes far beyond in other reincarnations.  And that is why when you develop the chakras of the lungs, the thymus gland, you don't need to believe in reincarnation!  You don't need to read books about reincarnation.  You just remember, naturally, like the baby remembers, naturally.

But for that you have to conquer the lost infancy.  You have to become like the baby.  It's coming into my mind Jesus of Nazareth, he said:

BaptismExcept ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. - Matthew 18: 3

He said "as little children" and not as disgusting adults that only have lustful things, greed, and perversity in their mind.  A child does not think like that.  Children only want to play and to enjoy nature.

So, we lost that.  Now, we have to re-conquer that state, and if we do, this is how you will see within the fourth dimension and other dimensions, those creatures - which the ignoramuses laugh about - who are real, who exist, as we exist when we are out of the body, while the physical body sleeps.  So then, through retrospection, the chakra of the thymus gland will takes us back in the subconsciousness, and we will remember all our past.  But of course, retrospection goes beyond the remembrance of past lives.

As subconsciousness exists in each one of us, subconsciousness also exists in Mother Nature.  All of the events of ancient races, countries that existed in the past, exist as images in the subconsciousness of Nature, or what we call the Akashic Records. Akashic images vibrate in the fourth dimension.

We can go there and investigate the life of any personage we want to investigate, and then we won't need to read any book in order to know how this being or how this person was when he was alive in a physical body.  So, that is what the chakra of the thymus will give us, because Nature registers automatically everything and it remains in the past within the fourth dimension.  These are the powers of the Moon.

With those powers we can go beyond this physical world, we can go and inquire and discover within the Akashic Records, the subconsciousness of Nature that before this Root Race was created (after the universal flood), there was another root race, which people call Atlantis.  And this is recorded in the Akashic Records of Nature, in the images of the subconsciousness of Nature.

We do not need to go onto the internet and to discuss about it, or to have an argument about Atlantis there in any forum.  With the chakra of the thymus gland active, we just go into the fourth dimension and we see how Atlantis was, and even beyond that, before Atlantis. Then we go and know that Atlantis was not the First Root Race that existed, or the first continent that existed, because the face of the earth changes periodically, as we change.

Our physical body right now is big, it is an adult body, but it was not always like that, when we were children it was different, and before being a newborn baby body, we were just a fetus developing in the womb of our mother.  Before being a fetus, physically speaking, we were in the testicles of our father, as one sperm.  So obviously that cell changed, evolved with time, and is now what we call physical body with which we manifest here.  Yet, we were sperms, physically speaking, before being what we are right now.

So it's the same with the earth.  The earth was not always as we see it physically.  It changed with time, and this is precisely what the scientists of this day and age do not understand, that before the earth came out of the womb of the Mother Space, it was developing within the other dimensions as a protoplasmic planet.

When we arrive to this protoplasmic body in the fourth dimension, then we enter into the other area of Lemuria, which was half-physical, half-ethereal, and beyond, the Hyperborean Race, the Protoplasmic Race.  But in that time, the earth was not physical as it is right now.  If I tell you that physically, before being what you are right now, you were like protoplasm in the womb of your mother, you will understand me, "Yes, you are right."

As fetuses we were in darkness.  We saw the light of this physical world after we came out from within the womb.  Before that we were in darkness, developing in darkness.  It is the same thing that happened with the planet earth. The earth was developing in darkness, within the fourth dimension, in order to finally appear in the physical dimension.

This Root Race in which we are living right now is physical.  The Atlantean civilization was physical, but the Lemurian civilization was ethereal.  It became physical at the end of its manifestation.

When we talk about Lemuria we then go into the Bible and remember Eden.  Lemuria and Eden are the same thing. In that Eden is where humanity sinned and because of all of the many processes that were happening at that time fell into this three-dimensional world.

Before Lemuria, humanity was "made into the image of God," male-female, and that is the Hyperborean Race, the Protoplasmic Race, in other dimensions.  That is why it is impossible to find ruins or remains of those civilizations because they were not three-dimensional.

Of course, if you do not develop the inner senses of the consciousness, of the soul , how are you going to discover that?  Still there are scientists there, and many skeptical people that think that Atlantis did not exist, and they argue about it. Some of them say: "Yes, Atlantis existed..." And each one of them places Atlantis in different places.  But the reality, the truth of that, is shown to you when you develop clairvoyance, and that chakra of the thymus, which allows you to enter into the subconsciousness of Nature, when it is completely developed.

The Moon

By delving beyond the beginning of the creation of this planet, we then really enter into the mysteries of the Moon... into the mysteries of Cancer, because the Moon, that is reflecting the solar light within the night, was a planet in the previous Cosmic Day; it was alive.  Later on, in the future, the scientists will discover certain ruins on the moon that will show them that it had life before.  Of course now, it is a dead planet.  All the life of the moon has reincarnated on this planet earth.


You see how this wisdom of the constellation of Cancer goes?  By retrospecting in time, you can go even beyond, in the Macrocosm.  That is the power that any true Human Being has.  You can remember that, and even the creation of this solar system, because everything is recorded in space.  Everything that happens in space leaves always an image that vibrates, and that is the record of those events.

So in the past Cosmic Day, the Moon was a planet like this and it had many civilizations, humanities; they also were people that were struggling like we are struggling now, in order to develop the consciousness and the Spirit.  But most of the people of the Moon, they just were not concerned with this, so they just devolved in the infradimensions of that planet at that time.  But at that time in the past Cosmic Day, in esotericism we state, there was one being that was struggling in order to perfect himself, and he finally became the highest Initiate of that past Cosmic Day.  His name is Jehovah, or Iod-Havah as we say in Kabbalah.

This Being, particularly, controls the forces of all the moons - not only our own, but all the moons of the solar system - and He lives in Eden in the fourth dimension.  Many people, many societies and philosophies and schools, talk about Jehovah, and they try to describe and to explain who this Being is.  Individually, Jehovah is a Master of the White Lodge, and in the White Lodge there are many Masters, and Jehovah is one of them.  He is the one who controls the positive Ray of the moon.

Jehovah with his angels work intensely in all of this gigantic nature.  The angels of Jehovah are the angels of the Moon.  Gabriel is one of them.

Gabriel is that angel who announces the birth, the spiritual birth, the esoteric birth of a great Master through the transmutation of the forces of the Moon, which are related with the sea, with the water, with Yesod.

Gabriel and His angels, which are commanded by Jehovah, are the ones that worked intensely in the beginning in order to transfer the energy of the Moon that was active in the past Cosmic Day into this present Cosmic Day, and are still there acting in the fourth dimension, dealing with what we call the Tattvas of Nature, the forces of Nature, which are controlled by the forces of the mechanicity of the moon.

In Gnosticism we learn how to control the Tattvas with our will, because we want to make ourselves a Microcosmos.  The angels of Jehovah only manage the Tattvas in accordance with the Law of Karma.  The Tattvas are the forces, the vibration of the Ethereal World that acts in the elements of the physical world, in the fire, in the water, in the air, and in the earth.  So everywhere there is Tattva, vibration, and this is precisely what the child, the newborn, is obtaining through the thymus gland, through the Vital Body from Nature: Tattvas, vibrations, cosmic forces, in order to create the new body, because really the physical body is like a replica of the planet.  If we study the physical body, we then find that everything that is in the planet is in the physical body as well.  It is a marvelous organism.  And of course, as I said, everything that we are explaining here is registered within your own consciousness.

You can go and vocalize the vowel "A" ("Aaaahh").  Or this other mantra that has been vulgarized in many ways, which is "Abracadabra." This mantra opens the subconsciousness.  This is a simple mantra that you have to vocalize in order to activate the thymus chakra.  You extend the sound of every letter, and that puts into activity the thymus gland, the chakra of the lungs.  And this is how, through Abracadabra, you enter into the past, but beginning with your own past.

This is why the Master Samael Aun Weor advises that in order to activate that chakra related with the subconsciousness, the first thing you have to do at the end of the day is to do a retrospection of your life, but that life that you had that very day in detail.  Like the crab, you have to go backwards, walking backwards, remembering the life that you lived that day, then walking backwards the life that you lived yesterday, walking backwards in your memory with images the life that you had last week, the previous week, the last month, the previous month, the last year, the previous year, and likewise until reaching your childhood.  But it will be very difficult to reach that age of childhood because from birth to seven is the Essence, the pure Essence vibrating there. After the age of seven years, the ego is active, thus, when you are doing that retrospection you are doing it with your ego, because your ego is there inside of you, and this is why it is necessary to combine the retrospective exercise with the annihilation of the ego with meditation, with the techniques that we also teach here.

Then you will be assisted by the angels of the Moon.  Then you will discover what it is to be born again, what is to apply the forces of Jehovah, the Holy Spirit, in the right way, because Jehovah represents the forces of the Holy Spirit in the sexual glands, in Yesod.  And this is how you understand why Jehovah gave that commandment in Genesis:

But of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die. - Genesis 2: 17

The tree of the knowledge is not related with a physical tree.  It is related with the sexual forces of Yesod, the sexual energies that Jehovah works and manages in the whole planet, in the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal, and human kingdoms.  And this is why those who abuse of that force enter into the inferior kingdoms of Nahemah and Lilith, which are completely the opposite of Jehovah.

There is a demon, that is the complete opposite of Jehovah, (or better said Iod-Chavah), and his name is Chavah-Iod.  It is Iod-Chavah backwards; Chavajoth, this how they say it. Jehovah in Kabbalah is pronounced Iod-Havah or Iod-Chavah, but the contrary is Chavah-Iod, and Havah-Iod is a fornicator.  He is a demon of the lunar spheres that teaches Black Tantra. Lilith and Nahemah are related with the moon, with the forces of fornication that sinks the soul into Klipoth where fornication and adultery is a law.

Those laws are surfacing on the planet earth. Now, in this day and age it is difficult to find a city that is channeling the higher forces of Jehovah, the higher forces of the moon, of Yesod above.  In the city of New York, or any city of the planet right now, the forces of Lilith and Nahemah are surfacing, and adultery, fornication, homosexuality and lesbianism are a law.  They want to establish them in the whole planet, they want to surface the whole Klipoth, the whole hell, on the physical world.  Unfortunately, that is what is happening on our beloved planet.

But still we can fight and polarize ourselves with the higher forces of the moon, despite that the inferior forces of Lilith and Nahemah, the negative spheres of the moon, the lunar forces, are very heavy everywhere.

Questions and Answers

Q: You said that there's no ego in the fourth dimension?

A: No.

Q: Is that the dream state?

A: No.  The dream state happens in the fifth dimension which is called the Astral World.  Even though there are inferior and superior aspects of the fourth dimension, we are talking here about the superior aspects of the fourth dimension, which people call Eden, and that Eden or fourth dimension is where you find the Paradise, where you find a humanity which is not like this.  People think that this humanity in the three-dimensional world is the only humanity that exists on this planet.  But they are wrong.  There is another humanity that exists on this planet, but it does not exist in the three-dimensional world.  It exists in the world of Yesod, in the fourth dimension, what people call the Jinn lands, or the enchanted lands of Avalon.

The fourth dimension is the Promised Land that the Bible talks about.  That Promised Land where only milk and honey is poured.  Milk is the symbol of the moon.  It is that force of the moon, the mother, gives milk; and honey is also that substance that has to be transmuted.  Alchemically, honey is that substance that the sexual organs of the female, the Yoni, gives, in order to perform the sexual act, that gives the humidity to the woman.  I do not remember the scientific name that the doctors or physicians give to that secretion of the female sexual organs in order for the woman to be prepared for the sexual act.  Yet, in Alchemy it is called honey.  It is a female force, and the milk is also a feminine force. So milk and honey is related with the sexual forces, because the breasts in women are the masculine organs of the woman, while their vagina is the feminine.  So you see there when the Bible talks about milk and honey, it is talking about the feminine forces of the Moon related with Mother Nature in relation with Yesod.

We stated that in order to go into that Edenic world (fourth dimension) we must be chaste because there nobody fornicates, nobody squanders the sexual energy.  All of them transmute the sexual energy.  That humanity is a heavenly humanity.

Did you hear about Shangri La?  Or about Shambalah, in Tibet?  About that mysterious city that people are trying to find in this three-dimensional world?  Well, that city does not exist in this three-dimensional world.  Shambalah or Shangri La exists in the fourth dimension in Tibet, and there is a humanity that lives there, and that humanity enjoys the Elixir of Longevity because they are not fornicators.  All of them are Masters.  They exist in that dimension.  There are many cities - and not only in Tibet - here, in America, that are within the fourth dimension, where that humanity lives.  They have powers.  And they have cosmic ships, which are fueled with solar light - not gasoline, because that is stupid.  That pollutes the atmosphere, destroys life, you all know that.

Q: The Jinn state is the fourth dimension?

A: We will say that the humanity in the fourth dimension lives in Jinn state.  Yes, they are in Jinn state, normally.  Of course, we, in this school, teach how to enter into the fourth dimension, into Jinn state, how to put the physical body into Jinn state, and that is possible when we take advantage of the slumber state in combination with certain mantras, and invoking certain beings that exist in that dimension, and who are already immortal.  There are many lands in Jinn state, for instance, in India, and great Masters who live there as in the Himalayas, everywhere.

In California, for instance, there is a city in Jinn state, which you can visit if you go in the Astral Plane, and if you ask and if you deserve to go; because in this three-dimensional world... well... only demons live here.  We are called hasnamussen; because we have double polarity.  Only people which are hasnamussen with the ego alive live in this three-dimensional world.  Yet, only people who have no ego live in the fourth dimension, the Promised Land.

Q: What are some exercises that we can do to transmute the sexual energy?  Is meditation, simple meditation, one of them?

A: In order to transmute the sexual energy, we need to learn the science of Pranayama.   Prana is energy.  Yama is respiration.  Pranayama exercises teach how to transmute the sexual energy, and combining them with the word, with mantras it helps to transmute it, mantras are certain magical words, or we will say, powerful words that exercise influence on the sexual organs, in order to make them vibrate; stirring about their energy, and thus sublimating that sexual energy by breathing exercises.

We have to learn how the sexual force, in Yesod, the sexual organs, are connected to the nostrils.  The nostrils are connected to the testicles or the ovaries through two nervous cords which are semi-ethereal and semi-physical, and which are represented by the two serpents of the Caduceus of Mercury. Above is the brain, and the two serpents represent those two cords.  By utilizing those two nervous cords we transmute, or transform, we will say, the sexual matter into energy, thus as energy, the sexual energy rises through the two cords to the brain, and this is how the energy is transmuted.

We have in many books and on the website a lot of lectures which teach how to perform the Pranayama if we are single.  If we are married, we do the same thing in the same way but sexually connected and then both wife and husband take advantage of the two polarities of the moon.  Because when we talk about Jehovah, or Iod-Chavah, here then we apply the symbol of the name to YesodIod is Adam, and Chavah is Eve; so Adam and Eve, Iod-Chavah, the two polarities.

This is why it is written that when Jehovah created the Human Being, He created them male-female, as He is male-female, Iod-Chavah.  Iod is Adam and Chavah is Eve.

So by transmuting the sexual energy in the sexual contact, both Iod-Adam and Chavah-Eve create a new creature within each one of them.  That creature is not physical, but spiritual.  And that is precisely what is called "to be born again."  Because what is flesh is flesh and what is spirit is spirit.  Anybody can know how to create a physical body.  Any animal does it, without reading any book.  Cats do it.  Dogs do it.  Horses do it.  So, in the same way, by applying the two polarities of Adam and Eve we create inside what the Bible calls "to be born again," but not by the flesh or by the will of any man, but by the will of God, and that God is the Holy Spirit, the forces of Jehovah, that you learn to transmute.

Q: I read that the fallen masters have to re-create their solar bodies, is that true?

A: Re-create them, no.  There's a mistake there.  Jesus, or Samael Aun Weor, didn't "re-create" the Astral Body.  Sometimes certain books are wrongly translated.  What happens is that when you are Twice-born, as it is called in esotericism, somebody that acquires the creation of those internal bodies is called a Twice-born.  Jesus of Nazareth is a Twice-born.  Samael Aun Weor is a Twice-born, and any prophet that came into this world is a Twice-born; Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna are Twice-born beings, meaning that they utilized the sexual energy as in the way that we are explaining here and created an Astral Body, a Mental Body, and a Causal Body, bodies that are not mechanical, that are not submitted to the Moon, to the mechanical laws of nature, because what we are explaining in this lecture is how those mechanical bodies eventually die and disintegrate, as the physical body does.

But in the case when we are born again, we create a spiritual Astral Body, a spiritual Mental Body, and a spiritual Causal Body.  Then, those bodies are immortal, because they are Solar.  They are submitted to other laws which are beyond the world of Yesod.  The Astral Body, for instance, in the Tree of Life, is related with Hod.  The Mental Body, on the Tree of Life, is related with Netzach, and the Causal Body on the Tree of Life is related with Tiphereth.

So when someone creates those bodies, they have the right to be called a Human Being.  Before that he is not.  For respect we can call him "a Human Being," but he is not.  He is certainly just an Intellectual Mammal, or an Intellectual Animal... and that is all.

After creating those bodies somebody can return into sin, because there is the story, the legend, of fallen Angels, meaning that they go back and fornicate again.  They eat of the Tree of Good and Evil.  So when that happens, the energy of Iod-Chavah, the forces of the Holy Spirit that were enlightening all the chakras of each body, descends, and that individual sinks into Klipoth, and the Solar Bodies will no longer shine.  They are like a sun without light.  But fallen Angels can repent, and by repenting they raise again the energy of the Holy Spirit in those internal bodies, and then those internal bodies shine again, and that is what we call the Resurrection.

Many Souls created those bodies in past lives, and now they are fallen.  But those souls were the ones who knew Alchemy.  They knew esotericism.  In order to be born again, it is not a matter of believing in the Bible.  There are many Twice-born Masters that exist in the fourth dimension that never read the Bible, that they do not know anything about the New Testament!  That is because they are Twice-born from long time ago, they achieved the Second Birth in other religions, because this is not a patrimony of Christianity, or Judaism, or Islam, or Buddhism.  This is a science that belongs to the Universe, to the space.

So therefore, Samael Aun Weor was fallen.  He confessed that he fell in the past, but that he raised again his Serpents, Kundalini , the sexual forces, and then enlightened again his bodies, because his bodies were always there.

Of course, the solar bodies can be disintegrated if that fallen adept definitively follows the Lunar Path , the path of Black Magic, or the Black Lodge.  Then he enters into Klipoth.  Then the Solar Bodies can be disintegrated, but it will take time, times, and a half of a time, in order to disintegrate them.

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