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letters-ref-vav-1The letter Vav ו is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. In the previous lectures we discussed the letters א Aleph, ב Beth, ג Gimel, ד Daleth, and ה Hei, which are the letters one through five and the numbers one through five. The ו Vav or Vau is the number six.

All of the letters have multiple levels of meaning and significance, but this is very apparent in the letter Vav ו.  The importance of this letter is underscored by its usage in the bible.  If you have in your possession a copy of the book of Genesis / Barasheet [בראשית] in Hebrew, you will be astonished to see that the first letter of nearly every sentence of the first five chapters is the letter Vav ו. There are only a handful of sentences that start with other letters. This is very important, yet is invisible in any translation of the Bible. Here are the first ten sentences:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ׃

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על־פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים׃

ויאמר אלהים יהי אור ויהי־אור׃

וירא אלהים את־האור כי־טוב ויבדל אלהים בין האור ובין החשך׃

והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על־פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על־פני המים׃

ויקרא אלהים לאור יום ולחשך קרא לילה ויהי־ערב ויהי־בקר יום אחד׃ ף

ויאמר אלהים יהי רקיע בתוך המים ויהי מבדיל בין מים למים׃

ויעש אלהים את־הרקיע ויבדל בין המים אשר מתחת לרקיע ובין המים אשר מעל לרקיע ויהי־כן׃

ויקרא אלהים לרקיע שמים ויהי־ערב ויהי־בקר יום שני׃ ף

ויאמר אלהים יקוו המים מתחת השמים אל־מקום אחד ותראה היבשה ויהי־כן׃

ויקרא אלהים ליבשה ארץ ולמקוה המים קרא ימים וירא אלהים כי־טוב׃

The letter ו Vav is a connector; it makes a connection, a bond. Vav is a channel, the means through which forces go from one place to another. This is why aside from being a letter and the number six, Vav is also the Hebrew word for “and.” Of course, in any sentence the word “and” is a connector, a bridge. We say “you and me,” and what connects us is “and.”

In Hebrew, “and” is a ו (Vav).  This is very very important to grasp about the Vav, because the letter Vav is in the Holy Name of God. The four letter name of God (the Tetragrammaton) is יהוה (Iod Hei Vav Hei).


That Vav is very important there. When you look at the Vav as the word “and,” you can discover new meanings in this name of God.  In our lectures, we have explained this four letter name in many ways because it has many applications. But when you see the Vav as “and,” then the name יהוה reads יה and ה: “Jah and Hei.” In other words, it means masculine divinity and feminine divinity. You see the two polarities in this name.

The ו Vav on its own is a letter י Iod extended downwards.  At the top of the letter Vav is a letter Iod, that small dot which is the tenth letter. If you extend a Iod downwards, you create a Vav. We will discuss the letter Iod in another lecture, but in synthesis the Iod represents many things. It is the man, a seed, a spark, and the covenant; it is many things.

kabbalah-the-tree-of-lifeThe Iod is related to the sephirah Kether, the first emergence of the light. When the light that emerges from the unknowable begins to descend into manifestation, the Iod (Kether) extends itself downwards; this is symbolized by the Vav. The Vav in other words represents the bridge, the “and,” the connection between above and below. It is how God creates. This is why in the book of Genesis nearly every sentence of chapters 1-5 begins with Vav. In the English you only see it a few times: Nearly every sentence of these chapters begins with Vav.

And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. - Genesis 1:3

Creation is synthesized in the first five Hebrew letters. The first five lectures of this course have been an attempt to explain to you something that is very elusive to the intellect.  The reality of how subtle energies gradually condense and become matter is something that the mind, the intellect, struggles to grasp because we make it a concept instead of perceiving the realities of it.

To review in synthesis, א Aleph the first letter represents the breath of God, which is unformed and subtle. The Aleph is three in one, represented as Aleph with the letters ב Beth (2) and ג Gimel (3). These three forces act through the letter ד Daleth (4), which relates to Daath [דעת]. Through the mystery of Daath is produced the letter ה Hei, the fifth letter, which represents the Divine Mother impregnated, fecundated, ready to give birth.

So the first five letters bring us to that moment represented in the letter ה Hei, where the Divine Mother, the Shekinah, will give birth.  All of this is synthesized in the holy name of God, יהוה, in the first two letters, Iod and Hei.

The Four Worlds

The letter א Aleph is really three י Iods, but the middle Iod is extended: it is a ו Vav.

When the letter א Aleph combines with its feminine aspect, which is represented by ב Beth (the unfecundated Mother), their union produces ג Gimel, the third letter. These three letters relate to the world of archetypes, or latent potentiality, that in Kabbalah is called Atziluth. All of this is represented in the first letter of יהוה.

When the trinity creates, the doorway of Daath, sexual knowledge, appears. All of that archetypal energy enters into the world of creation, called Briah in Hebrew. Briah is represented in the second letter of יהוה. The second letter is the first ה Hei.

The descent of archetypal forms into creation is the movement from Atziluth to Briah, which is always through the sephirah Daath. Atziluth to Briah are the first two worlds of the Four Worlds of Kabbalah. They are also represented in the first two letters in the holy name of God.  The first letter, Iod, relates to Atziluth, which is that very subtle level of matter and energy of archetypes, where nothing is created yet.  When the Divine Mother and the Divine Father unite in Daath, those forces enter the world of Briah, creation, where those masculine and feminine principles give rise to fecundation, creation. This is why the second letter of the name of God is Hei, the fecundated womb, the feminine principle, the Mother.  So the second letter of the four lettered name relates to the second of the four worlds.

ihvh-bodySo you see, this is beautiful symbolism that the intellect will struggle to understand, but if you grasp it intuitively it is not that hard.

In the world of Briah, the light of the supernal forces condenses and creates a form: this is how we arrive at the third of the four worlds, the World of Formation, called Yetzirah, and related to the third letter in the holy name of God יהוה: the ו Vav.

To explain it a little more clearly or visually, you can write these names of the holy name of God vertically on the Tree of Life. If you put the Iod in the upper triangle, the first Hei in Daath, and the Vav in tiphereth, you start to see how the three worlds Atziluth, Briah, and Yetzirah relate to these triangles on the Tree of Life, and also to the sephiroth.  What we are looking at here is how these forces are descending and ultimately will create the final Hei, which is in Yesod.

This is a synthetic tool to help your visualization of these forces, and as we said before, these are not the only correspondences of these letters.  This is not the only way to look at the four worlds. It is not the only way to apply the three triangles on the Tree of Life to the four worlds.  The Tree of Life is very flexible and very intuitive.

In this process of the descent of energy, the forces of the light of Chokmah, the Christ, descend from the upper Hei, the first Hei, through the Vav, which is through the world of Yetzirah, formation.  This is where those subtle principles of masculine and feminine are poised to become materialized; they still not physical, but through the forces of all the Elohim (the angels, archangels, thrones, potentates), all of those beings who receive that light and deliver that light further through sexual transmutation.

Every level of the Tree of Life is a reflection of the level above. Just as the Ab-Am, the Abba Aima (Father-Mother) unite to deliver that light downwards, so do the angels. They receive that light, and through Daath in the level of Yetzirah, they deliver that light downwards in order to illuminate all the beings in their domains.  This is how the fourth Hei becomes Assiah, the world of matter, the world of action, the world of energy in action.

Adam Kadmon: The Upright Vav

man-in-the-imageAssiah is the fourth world of the four worlds, and it relates to the physical world or a physical body.  It is really beautiful to see how these four letters stacked vertically illustrate the creation of Adam, the celestial man, Adam Kadmon. This is the archetypal man, the perfect man made into the image of God.  In his very structure he reflects all the worlds above him and contains within himself all of the archetypes.  This man in the image of God is a Vav, because you see he is vertical he is standing, he is upright; this is a Vav in synthesis.  Very beautiful. Unfortunately, we are not that. We have to become that perfect Adam, by recovering our Vav.

As written in the Bible, Adam was created male female and placed in the garden of Eden, which is an existence of beatitude, happiness, union with God.  Adam in Eden perfectly reflected his creator. But unfortunately, due to temptation after the division of the sexes, humanity fell, and the archetypes were lost.  When humanity fell into temptation, the Vav was removed.  You see, the Vav represents the upright man.  When the upright man falls from Eden, the letters are taken from him.  The knowledge is taken from him. The empowerment is taken from him.

The Hebrew word אדם (Adam) begins with א Aleph. Aleph is made by three Iods, with the middle Iod extended into Vav. It is a Iod that has extended into nature and become a Vav. When Adam falls, that Vav is removed because he is no longer perfect. That Vav becomes a Iod again which means that Aleph collapses. That Vav is no longer there to provide the structure for Aleph, thus the temple falls into ruin. Aleph represents the principle and forces of God, the archetypes, in Adam.  When that Vav is removed from Aleph, the temple falls, and Adam is outside, in exile.  This is our state. We as a humanity no longer perceive God. We no longer are the Vav, the “and,” the bridge or connection that unites the lower worlds with the upper worlds. We do not have that in our consciousness anymore. Nonetheless, we can recover it. The entire science to do it is hidden in the letter Vav itself.  This is why the letter Vav is at the beginning of nearly every sentence in Genesis. The Vav contains everything.

It is said in The Zohar:

Rabbi Shimon stood up and said, I observed that when the Holy One, blessed be He, planned to create man, the upper and lower worlds trembled. Why? Because they all depend on his actions for good or for evil. Therefore, the creation of man concerned them greatly and they were afraid that he might sin.

The creation of Adam affects all the worlds.

The Sixth Day

The creation of Adam is particularly concerned with the sixth day of Genesis. Remember, the Vav is the number six, and in Genesis on the sixth day through this process of all the forces descending, Elohim has put everything into place then puts the man who is male-female in charge of the garden.

And Elohim said, Let us make Adam in our image, after our likeness... So Elohim created Adam in his [own] image, in the image of Elohim created he him; male and female created he them. And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it... And Elohim saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, [it was] very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day. - Genesis 1

It is very significant that the sixth day is the only day that Elohim says is “very good.” All of the others are merely “good.” In addition, it is the only day that is described as “the” day. On the previous five days, it says 'a' day, such as “It was a first day.” To say “the” in Hebrew, you write the letter ה Hei.  This is a very subtle kabbalistic mystery, because what is written there is וה: feminine, masculine.

The unique aspect of the words, “the sixth day,” is the letter ה hei (heb. ‘The’). The ה hei was used in reference to no day except the sixth. For the formula is not “the first day, the second day, and so on,” but rather “one day, a second day, and so on.” This is because now the world was finished. Which is Zeir Anpin and Nukva, who were combined at the end of the works of creation, as the female was united with the male into one unit, hei, with “sixth,” to be completely one. “Thus the heavens and earth were finished” indicates that the unification of the male and female was complete in every detail. The works of creation were completed in every way and were fully equipped with everything. - The Zohar

The letter ה Hei represents a womb, and the ו Vav represents an erect phallus. The sixth day is the only one written that way, and its because on the sixth day is when all of the matter and energy is manifested and perfected in the union of male-female.  Remember, this is before the fall from Eden.  When the fall happens, everything changes.

Adam first was created male-female, an androgynous being containing both principles within. In this context, Adam is represented by the letter ד Daleth. Daleth, the fourth letter, looks like a ה Hei (the fifth letter) without the little separate leg on its left side.

As we learned in the previous lecture about the letter Hei, the separation of sexes is hidden in the symbolism of the letters Daleth and Hei. The letter Daleth represents the Adam who has those two polarities within. When that polarity is split and the sexes are divided, Hei (the feminine aspect) appears. When the division is complete, the man who is singular masculine - no longer androgynous, but strictly masculine - is now a Vav, the sixth letter.

To repeat, the fourth letter, Daleth, represents the androgynous Adam who is male-female. When the female is separated from the male, the letter Hei emerges to represent the female. The male is represented by the Vav.

The Vav is the man, Adam, as single masculine force. The Hei is the woman.  This is why the sixth day is “very good.”  Even though its not written in Genesis literaly, it is symbolized here kabbalistically: the sixth day is foreshadowing the separation of sexes, saying the Daleth will split into Hei and Vav, male female, two beings, two polarities who stand side by side.

This is also hidden in the holy name of God, יהוה.  The Vav and Hei represent the man and the woman. Because the man and the woman are separated sexes, masculine feminine, the Vav also represents the phallus in a state of erection, the male sexual organ standing upright, energized and ready to serve.  The Hei represents the receptive feminine sexual organ, ready to serve.  So there is a very deep significance here, very profound, as long as the Vav and the Hei are contained in the holy name of God. Then there is something beautiful, something divine, something mystical in that sexual vibration. But unfortunately, as we have learned through the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve fell into temptation.

Now let us recall that Adam and Eve are symbolic. Most of the time in Gnosis, we are not talking about historical events. What we really need to know is how these symbols relate to us now, and how we can change.  When we talk about Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden, then relate it to us now.

Adam and Eve Within

vav-spineAdam and Eve, the man and woman of Eden, relate to energetic principles within us; forces, energies.  Adam relates to our brain and spine. This is the other meaning of the Vav.  The Vav is a masculine principle, but it also relates with our brain and spine. If you superimpose the letter Vav over your body, you will see that the top of the Vav relates to your brain, and the length of the Vav is your spine.  This is Adam in you, whether you are in a male or female body. The Vav in this context is your inner Adam: your brain, spine, and nervous system.


It is through your Vav that you receive and transmit energy. This Vav is your “and,” your connection to life. Life is chaiah, Eve. Without the Vav in your body, you would not be alive. Your Vav, your spine, your brain, is how your nervous systems receive, transmit, and manage so much energy. The very energy that is keeping you alive in this instant is because of your inner Adam: your brain, spine, and nervous system.  It is transforming a vast amount of energy inside of you.

Your nervous system is the connection to your inner God. Your nervous system is also your connection to your inner Heveh, your inner Eve, which is your sexual organs.  Your sexual organs are the most sensitive part of your nervous system. Your sexual organs, whether physically masculine or physically feminine, are your Eve: the most sensitive and the most powerful part of your nervous system.

חוה Eve (Chavah) means “the mother of the living.” Through your Eve you have the power to create chaiah, life. But: the power of creation is not just physical, it is also spiritual. Now you can see why every religion has always emphasized the importance of sexual purity, and not just physically.  First, we need sexual purity physically, but also in the mind, because the relationship between your sexual organs and your mind is the relationship between Adam and Eve.  When your sexual organs become hypnotized, become tempted by the sensations of desire, your sexual organs take that fruit to Adam and corrupt the brain, the nervous system. This is what is symbolized in Genesis.

We are tempted in this way everyday. Our sexual organs tempt us with sensation, with desire, with self-will. When we fall to that temptation, those energies are transformed, and results are transmitted through the nervous system to the brain. This is why our mental institutions are filled with lunatics who are addicted to sexual sensations.  This is why people who abuse sexuality develop severe emotional and psychological problems.  Because Eve takes the fruit to Adam and both fall from Eden, which in Hebrew means “bliss.” Yes, we are tempted by sexual bliss, but when we indulge in it, we are thrown out of it, into suffering.  This is all mystically taught in Kabbalah, in the same way it is taught in the heart doctrine of every religion.

In the kabbalistic tradition, it is said that there are fifteen forms of sexual misconduct.  If you have studied the ancient Tarot, you know the number fifteen relates to passion, the devil, temptation, Lucifer.  But kaballistically, fifteen is also 1 + 5, which is six: Vav.   That means sexual misconduct is always related with the letter Vav.

Why? Because the sixth commandment (when numbered according to Kabbalah) is:

Thou shalt not fornicate.

tipherethThe number six relates to Tiphereth, the Human Soul. Tiphereth is the center of the Tree of Life. It is the axis upon which our life rotates. Tiphereth is our human will. Our life is as it is because of our will, our actions, and their consequences.

Tiphereth is the way through the central column up to heaven, the superior worlds. Tiphereth is the conduit (Vav) between the upper and lower worlds. It is the path (Vav) between the upper Eden (Daath) and the lower Eden (Yesod). It all depends upon how Tiphereth uses the energy of life.

The fifteen forms of sexual misconduct are symbolic and are synthesized in the commandments: though shalt not commit fornication or adultery. In other lectures we have explained these at length. The synthesis of them is that to return to Eden and advance beyond, to heaven (Schamayim), we must take care of the divine sexual forces that we receive from God.  The sexual energy is the very power of the divine, whatever we call it.  In Sanskrit terms, that energy is called bodhichitta. In Tibetan it is called tigle. The Aztecs symbolized it as corn. The Christians symbolized it as water and wine.

The creative power in the sexual energy has many names, but it is a force or energy that is not just physical, it is psychological and spiritual.  From that energy is created a human being, and a human being is not just physical: a human being is spiritual, emotional, psychological, and all of that results from our sexual energy.

All of the potentialities, all of the archetypes from above, are hidden in the sexual seed.  When we abuse that force, when we misuse it, when we corrupt it with desire, that force is corrupted.

Everything in nature is managed by laws. The very existence of our physical bodies and this physical world is possible only because of laws that are immutable, infallible. There are laws that manage energy, such as the law of polarities.  Energies are polarized always, like light. Light is a great scale of vibrations. So is sexual energy. Sexual energy is polarized by our use of it.  If it is expelled, it is wasted, dissipated. Our creative power is dissolved. If it is retained and purified, it is maximized, amplified, and empowered.

In the perfect Adam, in any Buddha, the sexual energy is retained and transformed. It is not infected with desire.  In an Angel, the sexual energy is filled with fire and light. In the true Bodhisattva, the sexual energy is absolutely pure, without any lust, without any desire. Instead, that energy vibrates with a deep profound psychological purity. There is no lust in such a being, there is only the light of Chokmah, the light of Shekinah, the Divine Mother.  This is a beautiful, pure light that illuminates the mind. In that perfected Adam or Buddha, that light fills everything. It descends into the person through their nervous system (the spine, Vav, Adam) to their sexual organs (Hei, Eve) and because it is retained and refined, it flows back upwards through the nervous system again, illuminating the consciousness, illuminating everything.  In that process of transformation, the light is increased.  This is what it means to be fruitful and multiply:

So Elohim created Adam in his [own] image, in the image of Elohim created he him; male and female created he them.

And Elohim blessed them, and Elohim said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

And Elohim said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which [is] upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which [is] the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. - Genesis 1

It is up to us to take that gift of creative power in our seed and grow it, expand it, through action. Action is the world of Assiah, the physical world. This is usually symbolized as "the earth." In religion, the "earth" represents our body. We have to "subdue" our body and have "dominion" over it. This is why the greatest Buddhas, angels, and masters work through physical bodies, because it is in a physical body that the greatest power of transformation exists. That is because the physical body takes all the forces of the whole Tree of Life and puts them in a position where they can be transformed and sent back upwards greater then they were when they first descended.

Unfortunately, we have created a problem because we have succumbed to temptation; we allow desire to exist in our mind.  We allow desire to be there -  in fact, we encourage and feed our desires. So all these forces and energies that descend from above into our own Vav are corrupted by our psychological state.

But in Kabbalah, there is hidden a law, symbolically, that prevents our desire from making a mess even worse than the one we have now. It is symbolized in Genesis after Adam and Eve eat the fruit:

And Jehovah Elohim said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

Therefore Jehovah Elohim sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

So he drove out the man... - Genesis 3

The Elohim say. “They have become one of us, knowing good and evil,” and then they are cast out of Eden. Why is that? Because everything depends on our actions. Whether or not the upper or lower worlds will develop in their evolution in the right way depends on our actions in the physical world.  You see, the letter Vav, which is us, stands between good and evil. This is why in Hebrew the Bible says: טוב ורע (tob ve ra). Tob [טוב] is “goodness.” Ra [רע] is “impurity.” The “ve,” the ו Vav, the “and,” is between them.  That Vav is you and me. It is our inner Adam, the brain, the nervous system.

In an angel, a Buddha, the Vav stands upright, forming the Adam Kadmon, and retaining the Vav in the Holy Name of God: יהוה. An angel or Buddha walks on the middle path between the two Heis on the Tree of Life and in the Holy Name, between Tob (goodness) and Ra (impurity). Yes, the Elohim know good and evil, and are beyond good and evil. In the Elohim, the Vav stands upright and is the connection to the divine powers of creation. Yet, we fell from Eden. At this moment, the power of the Vav is lost. The Vav is removed from the Holy name. The Vav is removed from Aleph. Adam is cast out.

In us, our Vav is dark. Our nervous system is full of mysteries that doctors and scientists do not understand, even though they recognize that we scarcely use a small percentage of our nervous system, and only a fraction of the power of the brain. This is because the light, the force, that illuminates and empowers Vav has been lost. We have to recover it. We stand between two choices.

It is up to us to choose the path of goodness (tob) which leads to Chesed (our inner Being) or to choose the path of Ra (impurity, pollution). A casual observation of our planet reveals that the vast majority of people have chosen the path of Ra, impurity, because the vast majority of people prefer to indulge themselves in their desires as much as they can before they die, and that is all life is for them.  The result is that through through our actions we have created Klipoth.

The Cause of Suffering

Klipoth is a Hebrew term that means “the world of the shells.”  It is synonymous with any other religion or mysticism that explains the existence of inferior dimensions or lower worlds, also called “hell.”  Yes, Hell is a real place, but it is real because it is psychological.  We are in hell now, because of our actions. Is life now a heaven? Absolutely not! Everywhere on this planet we only see hell, Klipoth.

Hell exists because of cause and effect. Through our mind, through our inner Vav, we have created impurities.  God did not create them. The Buddha, the masters, the angels, did not create lust, anger, hate, violence, rape, or theft.  WE did it in our actions, here in Assiah, the physical world. And because we created those psychological elements, there is an aspect of nature that contains them.  That aspect is our own subconsciousness, which is called Klipoth, hell, the infernos. Those energies that should be positive but have polarized negatively create the shadow or the inferior aspect of the Tree of Life.

When we feed a desire - and by desire we mean any self-willed element in the mind, including pride, anger, envy and more -  we transform our psychological, physical, and spiritual energies and polarize them negatively. We take those forces that we receive freely from above, and we infect them with ego.  In that moment something is formed in our mind. In sanskrit, it is called karma. Karma just means “cause and effect.” It is just a law. It is not predetermined fate or destiny.  It is simply cause and effect.

...they that plow iniquity, and sow wickedness, reap the same. - Job

When you perform an action there is a result. When you feed your anger, you create harm. When you feel angry you suffer, and that anger causes others to suffer, people around you, and especially the people that anger is directed toward. This is all karmic, in other words, cause and effect.  That anger is an expression of energies that have been polarized through pride, fear, envy, which are all selfish.  The result is pain and suffering.

All of that negative energy cannot be managed and processed in the superior levels of life, because it does not belong there. Anger cannot exist in heaven. Lust cannot enter into nirvana. Envy cannot ascend, because it is heavy, corrupted. All of these desires (egos) abide in the inferior dimensions, processed through hell, our own subconsciousness, infraconsciousness, and unconsciousness, which are very deep levels within us.

Most of the time we are not even aware of these levels of our mind. We are so asleep (consciously, spiritually) we do not even realize that our day to day existence is a procession of these kind of desires. One after another.  We feel a little afraid, we get a little stressed out, we start getting anxious, and then we suddenly become happy because we got something that we wanted, and then we get worried that we will lose what we acquired, so we become afraid and then we become hungry and want to eat, and than we become frustrated because we cannot eat what we want, perhaps because we are on a diet or it will make us fat, so we become frustrated, angry.  Or we see someone eating and we become envious of them because we want to eat what they are eating but we cannot, perhaps because we cannot afford it so we become bitter about our poverty... This procession of desires (egos) goes on and on and on within us, and strangely we believe it is normal. Listen to me: it is not normal. That is not life, that is not Eden, Nirvana. That is Samsara, suffering.  Sadly, we are so accustomed to our state that we do not realize that it is suffering.

All of those different elements are in our mind: in the intellect as thoughts, in our heart as feelings, in our body as impulses. In Gnosis we call them "I"s, as in ego, “I,” myself, me. We say, “I am angry, I am ashamed. I want, I don’t want.”  We do not realize that those I's are not the real self. We are so hypnotized by these elements that we believe they are our identity.  In fact, they contradict one another; they fight with one another.  We are filled with conflicting desires, wills. And most of them are rooted in sex.  Most of the I's have a sexual connection, even if we do not see it.

When Adam and Eve are cast out of the garden of Eden, it is to prevent them from taking the energies of God and creating more egos, more desires.  It is to put a harness on those forces, it is too take the connection (vav) away.  It is to protect the universe, to isolate Adam and Eve (the brain and the sex) from those divine forces so that that Adam and Eve cannot become a great devil. The power, the Vav, is taken away because of the compassion of the Elohim.  This is why all of us are in spiritual darkness.  You can say its a form of punishment, but it is self-inflicted.  We did it too ourselves, and we continue to do it to ourselves everyday.  As we persist in our desires, as we continue to inhabit the psychological house that we have made out of fear, pride, resentment, and envy, we have exiled ourselves from God.  With compassion, the divinities have taken the Vav away, in order to protect us. Otherwise we would take and eat from that fruit and become as the Elohim, but fully evil.  And we would do it.  With the mind that we have now, if we had access to the powers of God, we would be terrible devils, much worse than we are now.  Its similar to this urge that humanity has to go and inhabit other planets. How absurd is that! We think we are great angels who are going to walk to other planets and bring the glory of our light. We will not! We will only bring our disease!  We will bring our filthiness, our failing economies, our corrupt politics, our addiction to lust, to other planets. How arrogant, how blind!  We do not even see what criminals we are.  But God does, the Buddhas do, and to help us they took the the power of the Vav from us.  One day, if we realize our mistakes, we can correct them.

ihvh-bodyIn The Zohar it says very clearly that through sexual misconduct, the Vav is removed from the holy name of God.  This is to prevent the river that emerges from the upper Eden from reaching the lower Eden.

Those who commit sexual misconduct separate the upper hei of yud-hei-vav-hei from the lower hei of yud-hei-vav-hei, so that the vav of yud-hei-vav-hei may not come between them, as it is written: “You shall not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter” (ibid. 17). The upper hei is the mother and the lower hei is her daughter. Because the vav cannot come between them and allow the abundance from the mother to reach the daughter, they are both harmed and dejected, because the acts of blocking and preventing this abundance from reaching the lower hei is considered to be her nakedness as well. And the mother and the daughter are the upper Shekinah, namely mother, and the lower Shekinah, namely her daughter.

During exile [from Eden], the reason why the vav cannot come between the upper and lower hei is that the mixed multitude [the ego]--which are the nefilim, the giborim, the amalekim, the refaim and the anakim (whose initials spell nega ra, which means evil infliction)--might come forth and receive the abundance from that vav. Thus, the Holy One, blessed be He, who is the vav, is not permitted to come between them. The secret of this issue lies in the verse: “And the river shall be wasted and dried up” (Yeshayah 19:5). The abundance of the upper hei, which is called the river, shall be wasted and the lower hei, which does not receive the abundance, shall dry up. And all this is for the purpose of not allowing the mixed multitude [the ego] to nourish themselves from the vav, which is the Tree of Life. Therefore, the vav is not permitted between the upper hei and the lower hei at the time when the mixed multitude is between them, during exile, at time of exile when they might come and draw sustenance from them. - The Zohar

This is very deep. The Bible is full of references to this. The Bible states

For your transgressions was your mother put away. - Yeshayah 50:1

Your Mother is that upper water, that upper Hei, the Goddess, who is Shamayim, which in Hebrew means “the fiery waters” but is usually translated as “heaven.” Those fiery waters are the Shekinah, the light of Chokmah, the Divine Mother, the Goddess.

amritaThe Goddess and the waters are always related to each other. In India, the great Goddess Sarasvati is also the name of the great river. The Ganges is also a Goddess. The oceans are Stella Maris, “the virgin of the sea.”  You will learn more about this in the lecture about the letter Mem.

Through sexual misconduct, the Vav is removed from Adam and Eve, which is the connector that allows that river from the upper Eden flow to the lower Eden.  Psychologically, this means that the forces of the Divine Mother which in a perfect Adam flow from Daath to Yesod are taken away from the one who falls, from the one who sins. In other words, the bodhisattva, the initiate who sins, who commits a sexual misconduct, loses his Vav, he loses his power, which is sexual, which is spiritual, and as such those energies, those waters no longer connect the two Heis, the two aspects of the Goddess. In the Bible, they are symbolized as a mother and daughter.

In the Bible it says "and the river shall be wasted and dried up." That river is the river of the power of the Divine Mother, Shekinah. Its a river of light, energy, that moves down our spinal column into our sexual organs, to give us the power of creation.

Jesus answered and said unto her, "If thou knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee, Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he would have given thee living water." [Living water, Mayim CHayim, is Hebrew and literally means "living waters."] - John 4

When we commit sexual misconduct (fornication, adultery, etc), the Vav is taken away, and those waters can no longer flow into us. The lower Hei (Yesod) dries up. That lower Hei relates to us and our own inner Divine Mother. She is the Shekinah in us.  This is why it says in the Bible when Israel sinned, the Shekinah abandoned the temple.  That feminine aspect of God leaves the temple, the ark, the aron.  Israel is left with nothing, and this is our state.  Spiritually, we have nothing. Spiritually, we are dried up, we have no life in us, spiritually.  We are dead.  We are a desert. The little bit of energy that we receive, we still use it for crime. That little bit of force that descends into us through our Adam, which gives us just barely enough to scratch out a living on the face of this planet, we still use it for evil.  We cannot even use that to honor the divine.  We do not use that energy and respect it.  Instead we use it and we disgrace it.  And we do this everyday.

Every tradition states clearly that when you utilize your energies and channel them into impurity the path of Ra, we dishonor God, the Buddha. The impurity of our mind takes those forces, which are divine, and corrupts them and fills Klipoth.

The Zohar says the Vav is removed so that force cannot be given to the mixed multitudes.  In the Jewish or Hebraic tradition, the mixed multitudes are five groups.  There talked about as ancient beings or creatures like the nephalim which means “the fallen ones.”  These five groups have a historical relationship with ancient races, but really they are a symbol of the ego.

...the mixed multitude [the ego]--which are the nefilim, the giborim, the amalekim, the refaim and the anakim (whose initials spell nega ra, which means evil infliction)... - The Zohar

The Zohar states that the force is stopped in its flow because otherwise it would feed the mixed multitudes. The mixed multitudes - our egos - would take it, use it, and make suffering worse.  And this is true.  If those forces and energies continued to flow from the divine into our mind as it is now, in other words if our inner, corrupted Adam and Eve were to still take the fruit from the tree, they would become terrible devils. Our mixed multitudes within - all those desires, those egos - would have the powers of God.  What would the world be like if humanity had the power of the angels and Buddhas? You think suffering is bad now? What if humanity had powers?  Such a thing could not be allowed.  This is why it is stopped by laws in nature.

Stated another way, remember the letter Vav represents your spine. The top of the Vav is a Iod, but of course your spine is made by 33 Iods.  Your spinal column has 33 vertebrae. 3 + 3 = 6, your Vav.  In other words, when we sin our inner Vav is not allowed to receive the forces from above. In other words, through sexual misconduct, our spine loses its fire.  That energy is arrested, blocked, stopped and what little energy we have is polarized negatively, and that energy feeds the mixed multitudes, the ego.

The fire, the light of Chokmah, which in an upright Adam fills the Vav, is called in Sanskrit “kundalini.”  The hebrew letter Vav represents a channel in the center of the spine, that in Sanskrit is called shushumna.  It is that central subtle channel in the very center of the spinal column through which the light of Chokmah, the Shekinah, the Divine Mother, can rise and illuminate us.

Shekinah (Kundalini) is the river that brings life, chaiah.  In the upright initiate, the Buddha, the Master, that is only possible when Adam and Eve are in harmony. This has a whole range of meanings. Physically and energetically, it means the nervous system (Adam) and sexual organs (Eve) are pure and free of Ra (pollution). Energetically, physiologically, it means that the caduceus is illuminated. The Caduceus shows two serpents entwined around the spine. Energetically, these two serpents are Adam and Eve (in Sanskrit, Pingala and Ida; in Kabbalah, Od and Obd). In the Bible, they are called “the two witnesses which stand before the God of the earth.”  The “earth” is our physical body. The God of the earth is Chesed, our Being, who can descend into us through this fire in our nervous system, the kundalini.  Chesed only can do this through Shekinah, that river, the light, the Divine Mother.  Those two witnesses stand on either side of the spine. Symbolically, they are the letters Vav and Zayin.  Symbolically, they are Adam Heva.  This is all physiologically within us.  But to accomplish that, to arrive at that we have to work, physically, sexually, spiritually, as Adam and Eve.

Sexual Union and the Divine Mother

The Zohar says that the Shekinah, the Divine Mother can only emerge when male and female are united. did you know that?

And he asks: when does the Shekinah reside within him? And he said: when he marries, and this sign enters to its place, to the Shekinah. Then they are attached together, the male and the female, who are the sign of the covenant and the Shekinah, and are called by one name, and supernal Chesed rests upon them. - Zohar

This is the basis of Kabbalah.  The very basis of kabbalah is sexual union.  It says explicitly in The Zohar: when does the Shekinah reside within a man?  When he marries.  Sex is the clue, the key.

elohaWe have told you that one name of God in hebrew is El [אל].  We have described the meaning of the word אלהים Elohim.  Elohim has many meanings, but it is a plural word.  The singular form of Elohim is אל El, God, masculine.  The feminine form is אלוה Eloah (Eloha). Eloah is a name of the Shekinah. Eloah means “Goddess.”  Yes, the Hebrew, Judeo-Christian tradition includes Goddesses, even though the Christians refuse to accept it.  The Bible is full of references to Eloah, the Goddess, but the translators put “God” instead of Goddess. In fact, as an example, the book of Job is filled with discussions and descriptions of Eloah, the Goddess, but you have to look in Hebrew to find it.

Should thy lies make men hold their peace? and when thou mockest, shall no man make thee ashamed? For thou hast said, "My doctrine [is] pure, and I am clean in thine eyes."

But oh that אלוה [the Goddess] would speak, and open her lips against thee; And that she would shew thee the secrets of חכמה [Chokmah], that [they are] double to that which is! Know therefore that אלוה [the Goddess] exacteth of thee [less] than thine iniquity [deserveth]. Canst thou by searching find out אלוה [the Goddess]? canst thou find out Shaddai unto perfection? [She is] as high as heaven; what canst thou do? [She is] deeper than hell; what canst thou know? The measure thereof [is] longer than the earth, and broader than the sea. - Job 11

Nonetheless, if we want our own inner Being, Chesed, to descend on us, to illuminate us, the clue is given in The Zohar: this happens through the Shekinah, the Divine Mother.  And this happens through the sexual union, the marriage, of male and female.  Let me show you something very beautiful, where this mystery is hidden. The name Eloha in Hebrew is spelled אלוה (Aleph Lamed Vav Hei).  The first two letters אל (Aleph Lamed) spells El, God; this is Chesed, our Being, our Innermost.  Knowing that, let us read from The Zohar:

...the name Eloha (El-Vav-Hei) is interpreted as follows: El is the Light of Chochmah, Vav is the male, and Hei is the female. Male and female are attached together and are called by one name, Eloha. So the holy soul [Shekinah] clings to this place, and everything depends on the sign of the convenant. - The Zohar

goddessThis quote states precisely what Tantra explains. Tantra - whether Buddhist or Hindu - explains very clearly that the goal of the Tantric initiate is to awaken the force of the Divine Mother, which is called “kundalini.” The kundalini is the energy or fire of the Divine Mother. That is why it is called “Divine Mother Kundalini,” or Devi Kundalini, who is Kali Ma, Durga.  All these names refer to Agni, the fire, the force of all creation.  Creation is always through the Divine Mother. The Tantric seeks to awaken that kundalini within, and raise it up through shushumna, which in hebrew is the letter Vav.  The Zohar explains exactly the same thing, and that this can only be accomplished through the marriage of male and female.

When male (Vav) and female (Hei) are sexually united in the presence of God (El), they form this name of Eloah, the Goddess, Kundalini.  When Vav and Hei unite, the force of El, the light of Chokmah, descends upon them.

In other words, God is there in every sexual connection.  How else do you think that we have the power to create through sex? Because God is there.  The power to create life (chaiah) is the power that God has, even if we do not call God “God.” That power of creation is in the Mother: all creation emerges from the creative power of the Divine Mother, who receives the spark of life from the Father, but without fornication, without crime.

If we respect that power, if we obey the guidance that we receive from the Buddhas, from the masters which all guide us to: restrain the sexual impulse, do not spill the tigle, the bodhichitta, the “jasmine flower drops.”  Restrain it. When you do that, the light of Chokmah is the presence of the Shekinah or the Divine Mother who is there to create life, Chaiah. Restrained, purified, that light grows. This is the basis of Tantra.

This is how the light of that Iod, which is the sign of the covenant, descends through the upper Hei in Daath (the secret knowledge) through the Vav (the spinal column) into the lower Hei (Yesod).  This is how our own individual Shekinah, our own individual kundalini, can be awakened. It is beautiful, but not easy.  It takes a great deal of willpower, a great deal of self-knowledge.

If we fail in that moment of sexual union and we become tempted by desire, all of that force and energy is polarized according to our desire.  This is when the man (the Vav) stands at the Tree of Knowledge, and Eve (the sexual organs) is tempted to eat the fruit, and takes it to Adam (the brain). But remember: the Tree of Knowledge is Daath tob veh rah: the knowledge of good and evil, purity and impurity, and the Vav is in the middle.  You are the Vav. You choose in every moment between purity and impurity, but especially in your sexual life.  This is the main opportunity to choose your path. The Zohar states that if we fail, if we commit sexual misconduct, whether in the sexual act or during our day to day life, we unveil the nakedness of the Shekinah.  We use our energy to blaspheme.  We use the sexual force (whether emotionally or in the mind) to look at the nakedness of our Divine Mother.  We convert that energy of chastity into lust and the Shekinah becomes Lilith.   Then, The Divine Mother who gives life becomes Kali Ma, the mother of death, the mother of hell.  Those forces of the Shekinah, instead of creating in the positive way, in the upright way, create in the negative way.  Lilith is Medusa.

Therefore, because of the transgressions of sexual misconduct, the children of Yisrael were banished and the Shechinah was condemned to exile. This is the uncovering of the nakedness of the Shechinah, because the going of the Shechinah into exile is considered to be her nakedness, as it is written: “All that honored her despise her, because they have seen her nakedness” (Eichah 1:8). The nakedness of the Shechinah is Lilith, the mother of the mixed multitude. It is considered nakedness because the rule of the Shechinah, the mother of Yisrael, and her bounty passed to Lilith, the mother of the mixed multitude. - The Zohar

The kundalini is symbolized as a serpent. In the Bible, this serpent is called “nahash.”

God sent poisonous [literally: fiery] snakes against the people, and when they [tempting serpents of Eden] began biting the people, a number of Israelites died.

The people came to Moses and said, 'We have sinned by speaking against God and you. Pray to God, and have Him take the snakes away from us.'

God [Iod-Havah Elohai (Binah)] said to Moses, 'Make yourself [the image of] a snake, and place it on a pole. Everyone who is bitten shall look at it and live.'

Moses made a brazen [Hebrew nechosheth: brass] snake [Hebrew nachash] and placed it on a high pole. Whenever a snake bit a man, he would gaze at the brazen snake and live. - Numbers 21

To raise a serpent upon a pole is to raise the kundalini upon the Vav, to raise the Divine Mother Shekinah on the Vav. That power of life can heal.


This is what we need to do in each moment by intelligent use of our energy: to raise the serpent on the rod (Vav).  This is why the sacred symbol of the Divine Mother is an upraised serpent.  This is why we see images of the Divine Mother with serpents, but particularly Athena, with a serpent who serves her and she always has a staff a spear which is the Vav, the rod.


This is why every Master carries a staff. Aaron carries a staff, a rod, and when he strikes it, becomes a serpent and it consumes the serpent of the Egyptians.  This is why Herakles wrestles the serpents as his first task.  None of this is coincidental. It all emerges from that one truth, which is Daath, Gnosis.

Willpower and Initiation

By wrestling the serpent, which is the power of Samael, with strength like Herakles we can raise the serpent on the staff through willpower over sex.  But also willpower over mind, conquering our mind, dominating our desires with conscious will.  That conscious will to do the work is the Vav.  When you count six sephiroth downwards from the top of the Tree of Life, the sixth sphere is Tiphereth.  Tiphereth is the Vav. Tiphereth is the human soul. This is our human consciousness, but specifically related with willpower, conscious will.


Tiphereth is always symbolized by a warrior, the knight who does battle with the dragon. Tiphereth is Perseus who conquers Medusa.  Athena, the Divine Mother whose symbol is the serpent, provides to her hero the mirror, shield, the helmet, the spear, and through her intelligence (Binah), he conquers Medusa whose head is a chaos of serpents.  Those serpents are the fiery serpents that bit the Israelites in the desert.  The hero can conquer the mixed multitudes which are represented in the Medusa.  This is how this initiate little by little, step by step, perfects himself.

There are many representations of this in the Bible.  In particular, we call your attention to “the three kings.”  Do you know who the three kings are?  Saul, David, and Solomon.  The Christians believe that the three kings, the three wise men, are the magi who came to see the birth of Christ.  They do not realize that these are the same three kings of the Old Testament, symbolically speaking. The story of Saul, David, and Solomon is a story of an individual initiate, who in the beginning is nothing.  He is Samuel, a prophet, but very low. Symbolically, in the Bible we see how that prophet announces the arrival of Saul (Shaoul) who becomes the king. But a low king, impure.  Then from him emerges a new king, David, who is better than Saul, more pure, but has bigger problems. Then from David emerges another king, Solomon, who is better, more pure, but has even bigger problems.  These “kings” symbolically represent stages of initiation.  All of it is with the Vav.  The name David is Daleth, Vav, Daleth.  If you write that name over the Tree of Life, you put that Daleth where that upper Hei is, the Vav is where the Vav is, and the other Daleth is at the bottom.  You see Iod Hei Vav Hei.  David fits there. See, David is only in Malkuth. David is in the beginning. David is a king, a malachim, but needs to become more than that.  In his name is the clue of what he needs. David is a letter Daleth, but he needs the Hei.  He needs Beth-sheba. When David finds Beth-sheba, he finds a big problem. Beth-sheba is his twin soul, his true love, but she is married to another man.  This is called “karma.” David, being impure, has to face the results of his actions. Through paying karma, we face psychological death. You see in the drama of David how beautifully this is represented. It is very painful, but by passing through that pain, that humiliation, David dies psychologically, and through his union with Bathsheba, Solomon is born. Solomon or Schlomo means “man of peace.”  Solomon is the Solar man who is on his way to invite the arrival of Christ.  You see, these three kings are traveling to greet Yeshua.

So the Vav has great significance, many levels of application and meaning.

Questions and Answers

Audience: You said that if we did not have God within us then we would not know how to create with sexual energy however if we are fornicating is the power still there or has the power left us temporarily because we are fornicating.

Instructor: Every sexual union is a transformation of divine forces.  All energy is divine, ultimately, all energy.  The animals, the plants, the minerals, all take energy, which is in its root divine. They take that energy and transform it.  That energy in itself we call Christ; it is just fire.  Life exists because of that energy.  Every atom in your body is active and energetic because it has that force in it.  If that force were removed, it would not be alive, it would be dead.  So that means any act is a transformation of Christic forces. Any act, even the cellular division in your body, is a sacrifice of fire.  Those cells go through a great transformation of energies and they are split and divided. It is a division of sexual forces. The same transformation happens in plants, minerals, animals, everything.  But the sexual act in the humanoid level is the greatest collection of forces that we have access to.  Whether its done in an animal way or an angelic way, the energy is the same; it is the result that is different.

Audience: Are the names meanings of God and Seth refers to keeping traditions because of the biblical animosity to each other?

Instructor: The names in the Bible in relation with Ra and Seth - especially in relation with the Hebrew tradition - is explained pretty fully in the lectures about Daath.  We gave three lectures about Daath where we talked extensively about Seth. Also in the lecture called The Sons of Samael we talked about Seth. But in synthesis, the word Ra is not spelled the same way as the divine name Ra. They are different.  We should not confuse them. Seth, as well, has multiple applications. Seth can be positive or negative, just like us.  We can be positive or negative. It depends how we use our energy.  Seth is the same; we are Seth.

Audience: In the engravings of paintings those with the holy spirit are pictured with a holy fire over the head is this like Vav or Lamed in the way that God raises in the kundalini?

Instructor: The question is about the Pentecostal flame that emerges on the foreheads of the apostles in the book of Acts, and it says that “the spirit of God descended upon them.”  That fire is the fire of Christ. It is the light of Chokmah, which is Shekinah, the Divine Mother.  That light can be represented in many ways. Most significantly, it is visible in the letter Shin which looks like a fire or a flame.  It looks like a flame with three points.  Nonetheless, that fire illuminates all the letters.  The Iod is like a spark of fire. The shin is three Iods.  So you can see that everywhere, in all the letters.  The Shin can also be three Vavs, because those Vavs are the upper triangle, the Aleph.  When those three Vavs descend and unite, that is shin, that is the process of involution from the Absolute to Briah and below.

Audience: You said that subtle energy can turn to matter; what type of matter? And can subtle energies build up into matter overtime provide a very powerful experience for a short period of time?

Instructor: Yes, i was talking about the transformation of energy into matter and matter into energy.  This is the basic postulate that Einstein revealed through his theorem.  This is not an unusual thing.  It is a basic fact of existence, that you really cannot destroy anything completely.  You can only change it from one state to another.  You also cannot create anything, you can only change some things into another state.  The importance of that understanding is that the sexual energy is subject to those laws.  When we have sexual matter in us physically, it is a condensation of subtle energies.  That matter is energy, and that energy is matter, and you cannot separate them, you can only transform them by will.  When you accumulate sexual matter, you are creating a storehouse of forces.  If you do not transform them, those forces will become destructive, they will polarize.  We can witness this all over the world in traditions where religious people teach others to save their energy but they are not taught how to transform it.  Those people become fanatics, abusers of children, homosexuals, masturbators, because that energy needs to work: it has too.  If they ignore it, the energy will go wherever it can.  When that person has a mind full of lust, that energy will power that lust.  It will drive it. So, they end up with a lot of problems.  Yet, if you learn how to transform that energy, it becomes a higher form.  The physical matter is transformed into spiritual matter, which we call kundalini.  There is a lecture called The Fire of Kundalini where we explain that.

Audience: Why are the sexual organs so sensitive and how does positive sexual stimulus affect the nervous system?

Instructor: The sexual organs are so sensitive because they are the prime transformer of energy in the physical body.  They need that degree of sensitivity in order to manage the intensity of the sexual force.  It sounds contradictory but it is necessary.  The sexual energy is extremely fine, it is extremely particularized, it is rarified.  If you do not have the subtlety of sense to perceive it, you will not see it . In other words, if your sexual organ has become desensitized, then you cannot perceive when there is energy that needs to be transformed.  If you are a tantric practicing tantra and you want to transform the totality of your sexual forces, to make them spiritual and divine, if your sexual organs are not sensitive then you cannot perceive those energies. You will not know they are there. In other words, those energies will become harmful, they will hurt you, because they are not transformed.  You need the sensitivity of the organs in order to completely transform all of the energy.  It makes it very difficult but its necessary.

When you are able to positively harness your sexual energies, this has a dramatic impact on the body, the nervous system, and the mind.  This is because the sexual forces are the hormones, the very force of chaiah, life, the force of being.  Our physical bodies grew and developed because of hormones.  From being a baby to being an adult, the whole process of that beautiful flowering is the result of sexual forces. When we become an adult, we can continue the unfolding of that beauty if we harness those energies and use them well.  Then our mind, our body, our heart, become more beautiful.  This is why the angels are so beautiful.  This is why the Masters and Buddhas are so beautiful and radiant, because they irradiate purified sexual fire.

The name Tiphereth in Hebrew means “beauty.”  Tiphereth is related to the letter Vav and the human soul. When our soul transforms the totality of our sexual force, it becomes an angel, it becomes the greatest creation.  This is why its stated in the beginning that when God said he was going to create man, the angels were worried.  They knew if the man became what the man should be, he would be more beautiful than the angels, and some of them became jealous.  Have you heard that before?  It is part of the story of the fall. In fact, those fallen angels sometimes are called “nefalim,” which are one of those five races of the mixed multitude.

Audience: Is playing a video game fornicating at some level is obtaining from playing a video game and then meditating that is better use of the sexual energy clearly.  But is playing a video game fornication.

Instructor: Any activity can be fornication when the energy that is passing through our three brains is infected with desire.  In the Gnostic tradition, we use this phrase “sexual abuse.”  Most people use “sexual abuse” to describe when someone physically sexually abuses another person as in rape, incest, or something like that.  But we use the term more broadly and more specifically at the same time.  In Gnosis, sexual abuse refers to any abuse of sexual energy. All of us abuse our sexual energy psychologically.  We might not do it physically, but we all do it psychologically.

Stated another way, any action we perform is a transformation of forces, whether we see it or not.  The forces of the mind are empowered from the forces of sex.  This is the relationship in us between Adam (brain) and Eve (sexual organs).  When you use your mind in the wrong way, you are taking forces from within you and directing those forces.  In the Bible, this is called “blasphemy.”  It is to use those forces in the wrong way and commit a crime, not only against ourselves, but against God, Christ in us.  So yes, you can fornicate by watching television, by watching movies, by reading books, by fantasizing, by daydreaming even if it isn’t sexual imagery. When you are using those forces to create desire, that is fornication psychologically.

To fornicate is to use the sexual fire to create in the wrong way.  You might fornicate physically, which is a wrong thing to do because it creates suffering.  You can fornicate emotionally when you use your emotional forces to create envy, anger, jealousy, lust. These are all forms of creation but they are fornication, because God does not create envy, anger, lust, fear, we do.  That is fornication psychologically.

Audience: Does transmuting sexual energy completely remove them from you in a gross state completely for awhile is there physically no semen left in you?

Instructor: The transformation of the sexual energies is not limited to physical matter.  A tantric who is working in the practice of White Tantra, restraining the sexual force and the mind, and transmuting that energy, will not necessarily have the physical matter vanish from the organs, but they will take the energy out of that matter.

Chastity is the duty of God in us to transform that matter into energy. That only happens through the lower letter Hei, which is in Yesod.  That represents our own inner Shekinah.  The purpose of the presence and existence of the Shekinah in us is to receive those forces from the upper letter Hei.  She needs to transform those forces and redirect them back upwards and illuminate the Tree of Life.  This is why that energy descends into the physical body and condenses itself as sexual matter, the sperm and the ovum.  That matter is there full of all the archetypes, the potentialities of God, but we waste it, physically, psychologically.  If we harness it, we extract those spiritual essences and send them back upwards.  We transform those forces.  There may not be a visible sign physically.

This is why we state when someone awakens the kundalini, you cannot tell physically.  You cannot look at a person and say, “Oh, that person has awakened their kundalini.” No way! Because that energy is not physical.  In the same way, the forces of the Shekinah are not physical.  You cannot see the forces of God with your physical eyes.

When you transform your sexual matter, you are extracting energy from the physical level and bringing back to the subtle level, but transformed.  The physical vessel remains where it is.  Do not confuse the laws of physical matter with the laws of spiritual matter, they are different.

In the same way, when you leave your body, your body remains where it is.  You cannot tell physically if someone has left their body.  The body is just there.  This is why great masters can leave their body even while their physical body is active.  The spirit, the soul, can leave, and another part of the Being can use the body.

When we talk about sperm and ovum, the same rule applies.  The extraction is to extract the soul and the spirit of the mercury, which are the vital forces, not the physical aspect.  It is to extract the soul and spirit from the matter. That is alchemy.