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the Hebrew letter SamechThe fifteenth letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet, ס Samech, is spelled with three letters סמך: Samech, Mem, and final Kaph.

Samech relates to the Ouroboros, which is that serpent biting its own tail. In Kabbalah, Samech, the Ouroboros, relates to that Ray that we call Okidanokh, the Ray of Creation that emerges from the Unknowable Divine. The Ray of Creation flows down through the Tree of Life (the ten Sephiroth or spheres), to Malkuth (the physical level) and even further, into the world of Klipoth (the inferior dimensions) in the very center of any planet, exactly in the ninth sphere—the ninth sphere in the very center of the Earth where Dante Alighieri, the writer of The Divine Comedy, found Lucifer. So, Samech is the letter related with the mystery of Lucifer, which we are going to explain here related with Kabbalah and with other religions.

Lucifer is a Latin word that means ‘light carrier’—lux or luci is light, and fer is from feri or forus, Latin and Greek for carrier or ferry, a boat that carries from one shore to the other shore. We are going to illustrate these different symbols.

The Absolute

To begin, we have to explain about the three aspects of the Absolute, which are symbolized above the Tree of Life. The Tree of Life, the ten Sephiroth or spheres that describe the universe, are ten spheres that emerge from the Unknowable Divine that we call the Abstract Absolute Space.

The Abstract Absolute Space is divided into three parts. In Kabbalah, the first part is called אין Ain, which means “nothingness.” Ain is formed by three letters: Aleph, Iod, and final Nun. Ain, the nothingness, is the abstract space from where everything emerges. When we say the nothingness, it is not because it is nothing, but because it is something unrelated with what we know in this universe; it is something else, but not matter, not energy. Even though matter and energy emerge from the Ain, it is not matter or energy. It is impossible to describe that which is not matter, that which is not energy—because everything that we might describe will always be explained through matter and energy.


Therefore, in different religions we find many ways in which this nothingness is symbolized. For instance, related with Kabbalah, the word Ain, which means nothingness, is written with Aleph and with Iod, thus immediately we look to the first Sephirah, which is Kether. Kether, the first Sephirah, is symbolized by the letter Aleph but also, we stated, is symbolized by the letter Iod—and both letters are in the word Ain.

In the Zohar, the Kabbalists describe the Ancient of Days, Kether, which is also called Arik Anpin, “the huge face.” They say that it shows only its right side, never the left, because the left side of Arik Anpin, the Ancient of Days, relates to the unknowable and the right side to the knowable. In other words, from Him emerges the universe, but He emerges from the unknowable. That is why we cannot see his left side. Only those beings called Paramarthasatyas are capable of understanding the left side of the Ancient of Days. The Paramarthasatyas are the inhabitants of the unknowable, the inhabitants of Ain. They are not Gods; they are beyond the Gods.

In Kabbalah there is a word that describes the abstract force we call the Cosmic Common Universal Father, which is how we call the Ain. In Kabbalah it is called אאלוהיםAElohim. אלוהים Elohim means “Gods and Goddesses.” The first א Aleph of AElohim negates, changing the meaning to “not Gods or Goddesses.” So AElohim refers to the nothingness. This is how in Kabbalah we describe the Ain: A-Elohim.

In the bosom of the AElohim are the Paramarthasatyas, beings impossible to describe. In Christian terms (such as in The Pistis Sophia), this is called “the thirteenth Aeon.”

Within it, the אין Ain, we find the letter א Aleph, which is the symbol of air, the symbol of the wind; as you remember, we called it the Great Wind.

SmechMemfinalThe letter ס Samech resembles a ם Mem final.  In both, the letter Iod looks like a wave. The letter final Mem  resembles the Samech. Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between the final Mem and Samech, because they look similar. The only difference is that final Mem is a square and Samech is circular. Both have a י Iod at the left—that Iod is like a wave coming out. That Iod represents what in Sanskrit is called Ishvara, which is a wave that appears and disappears in order to manifest some power or wisdom from the unknowable into the universe. Ishvara is a Purusha, the self-begotten, Brahma, the controller of the universe.

Brahma has no form, He is what He is. But, in Himself, He is the governor of the universe. He is Ishvara, the eternal masculine principle, the universal principle of life.

The three Logoi are the Tao, Brahatma, the universal spirit of life; beyond them is the Absolute. These Three Logoi emerge from this universal ocean of life (Mem final); a tide that rises (the Iod) could be Ishvara, a Purusha that instructs. Once he instructs he returns into the ocean of the spirit (Mem final). He fuses himself with the ocean of the spirit. - Samael Aun Weor

When the א Aleph (of אין Ain) rotates, the ס Samech is formed. The rotating Aleph also forms a י Iod, a spinning dot in space. Thus, the spinning letter Aleph protrudes a spinning Iod; yet the spinning force in both (Aleph and Iod) is the Samech; so, upon this Ouroboros (spinning Aleph) appears the spinning Iod as a wave, within which is the fish, the ן Nun Sophit (Nun final) of אין Ain.


The Hebrew word for snake is נחש Nahash and begins with a Nun. In Aramaic, Nun means snake, eel or fish.” Nun is that entity or that force that can become the Messiah if it emerges from the spinning Iod (the wave) from within the Ouroboros, the ס Samech. The Nun symbolizes the sperm and the ovum in us. So, likewise, we may say, if that sperm or ovum is transmuted, then from it the Messiah can emerge. But in order for the Messiah to emerge in the universe, it needs the activity of the Samech. Without the Samech it is impossible for anything to appear from the Ain.

In this physical plane, we have the Nun, sperm and ovum, but without the Samech, which is Lucifer, the sexual potency, no life can emerge. This is why Samech is a spinning energy. It is a force that emerges from the darkness. The Ain is called the Abstract Darkness. From the darkness emerges the light. That light is the Samech, and we are going to Kabbalistically explain why.

When we say darkness, it is darkness to us, because we do not have the eyes to see that uncreated light. Where we see darkness, there is uncreated light. We see it as darkness, but for the Paramarthasatyas it is light. If one of us was taken into the Ain, we would see just a dark abyss—without limits, without bottom, without top—no dimensions—bottomless, bottomless dark abyss. That would be the Ain for us.

The Aztecs, Masters of ancient Mexico, described the Ain as the Omeyocan. The Omeyocan is a place where you find only darkness and wind. Within the Omeyocan is Tezcatlipoca, “the dark one,” who is called the smoking mirror, the Lord of Night. Let me read for you what is written about the Omeyocan:

Within the Omeyócan there are only wind and darkness. The Omeyócan is also call Yoalli-Ehecatl, because of the wind and darkness. Infinite quietude whirls about in the Omeyócan before the manifestation of the Solar Logos (which in this case is the Samech).

The Omeyócan is the cosmic navel of the Universe where the infinitely large bursts into the infinitely small, in reciprocal whirls. The Omeyócan is the Tloque-Nahuaque, it is a nocturnal tempest of all possibilities. The Omeyócan is the navel where the Diverse becomes Universe. The Omeyócan is the Lord of the night, the black Tezcatlipoca who by denying his self bursts into Light and is born within the Universe that Quetzalcoatl, the Solar Logos fecundates. - Nahua philosophy

Quetzalcoatl is called the feathered serpent, the Ouroboros in the Nahua religion—who is the origin of creation.

AElohim—the Ain-Elohim, the Not-Elohim—is that force latent in a very abstract state that—through the Nun, the seed from which everything emerges—originates the next part of the Absolute, which is called the אין סוף Ain Soph.

סוף Soph means “end or final.” From that word Soph comes Sophit, which is used in Hebrew to indicate the final form of a Hebrew letter. There are two types of Hebrew letters: the 22 normal ones and five alternates that are written when the letter is used at the end of a word.

The word סוף Soph also means “reed,” a cane that grows in the water. If you imagine a reed, a cane, it relates to the spinal column. The word Soph is written with ס Samech and ו Vav. The letter Vav symbolizes the reed, the spinal column, the cane, from where the light emerges in us. Soph ends with ף final Peh, which symbolizes a mouth. That reed is Soph. The Ain Soph symbolizes the Divine Mother Kundalini. The feminine aspect of the Abstract Absolute Space is the Ain Soph. We call her the Unmanifested Mother.

Be thou, oh Hadit (Ain), my secret, the Gnostic mystery of my Being, the central point of my connection (Samech), my heart itself (Vav), and bloom on my fertile lips (Peh), made Word!

Up above, in the infinite Heavens, in the profound height of the unknowable (the Ain Soph), the incessant glow of light (Aur) is the naked beauty of Nut. She reclines, she bends in delectable ecstasy, to receive the kiss of secret fervor of Hadit (the Ain). The winged sphere and the blue of the sky are mine. O the Ankh of the princess-nesi-khonsu!

The Unmanifested Mother emerges from the Unmanifested Father. From the Unmanifested Mother emerges the Word, the universe. We explained in other lectures that the Ain Soph, the second aspect of the Absolute, is the origin of the universe and the dissolution of the universe. In Sanskrit, we call the origin Mahamanvantara, the great cosmic day. When that cosmic day finishes, or is dissolved within the Ain Soph, we call it Mahapralaya, great cosmic night. Every single universe, every single solar system has its own Mahamanvantara and Mahapralaya. Likewise, we might say since in this moment, we are alive we are in our own particular Manvantara, cosmic day; but when we die, we enter into our own particular Pralaya, cosmic night.

Ain Soph relates to the second aspect of the Absolute where we find the letter Samech in the word Soph. From the Ain Soph emerges the Ray of Creation. And how do we call that Ray of Creation? It is called light or Aur, in Hebrew—Aleph, Vav, Resh. Aur, light, is the third aspect of the Absolute: the Ain Soph Aur. The light (Aur, Christ) emerges from the Ain Soph and appears in the universe as a lightning bolt; the end of that projecting ray of light is symbolized in the Kabbalah as Kether, as the Iod that emerges, as one spot, one dot that emerges from the Abstract Absolute Space.

The Ain Soph Aur is what we call “the Solar Absolute.” The Solar Absolute is that light—that is why we call it Solar—but does not belong to the three dimensional world; the Solar Absolute belongs to the seventh dimension. It is in the depth of the seventh dimension. Any sun or any star, for instance our own particular sun that is the center of our solar system, is a physical vehicle of the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute. That is why the first manifestation of that light that emerges from that Unknowable is the solar energy. Let us imagine for instance, the ray of creation as the solar light that travels in space in spirals, making a serpentine line. This is called the quanta phenomena; it is the circular movement of the light that forms a straight line; that straight line is what we call Okidanokh, which is that hook, that connection, related with the letter Vav. One extreme reaches to the unknowable, and the other extreme is in the knowable, the universe. So when you see the extreme that is in the universe, you see only one round spot, one dot of light; that dot of light is the very end of the Ray of Creation that appears in the universe, but the other end is in the Abstract Absolute space.

That is why the letter Vav ו of אור AUR (Light) connects the (א Aleph of Ain, the) unknowable to the (ר Reish of the) knowable.

And Ieshua said to his disciples: “(Eheieh) I am (the son of Nun that) come forth out (of the spinning Aleph and Iod) of (Ain, and) that First Mystery (Kether), which is (connected to) the last (the Soph, the Reed, the Vav) mystery that is (the Ain Soph) the four and twentieth mystery (the Unknowable Mother).” And his disciples (the Bodhisattvas) have not known nor understood that anything existeth within that mystery (the Ain); but they thought of that mystery, that it is the head (the Rosh) of the universe and the head (the Reish) of all existence; and they thought it is the completion of all completions, because Ieshua had said to them concerning that mystery (Kether), that it surroundeth the First Commandment and the five (Penta) Impressions (Grammaton) and the great Light (Aur, Okidanokh) and the five Helpers and the whole Treasury of the (uncreated) Light. – Pistis Sophia

ankh-crossIn the Earth, in this planet, the light of the Solar Absolute manifests through the sun, the center of our solar system. From the sun emerges that ray of light that appears first in this Earth as the morning star, which is the planet Venus. Before the sun shines in the east, before sunrise, the first star that appears is Venus. Likewise, after the sun sets the first star that appears is Venus. Venus was symbolized in ancient Egypt with the Ankh cross. Still today in astrology you find the symbol of Venus as a circle with a cross on the bottom. The same symbol symbolizes Lucifer. That is why Venus is called Venus-Lucifer—the first star that appears in the morning, the star of the morning, the dawning star.

The Ankh of the princess Nesi-Khonsu is Lucifer. When that spot of light, Venus, appears in the atmosphere, the solar light emerges afterwards, then all the atmosphere is filled with the solar light of Lucifer—who is “the Carrier of the Light.” In other words, all the wisdom that we receive in the planet Earth comes to us through Venus. It comes from the solar light, from the Solar Absolute, but Venus is the connection. This is how you find the meaning of the name of Lucifer, “carrier of light.”

The Popol Vuh describe this light that appears at the dawn of times, and how two beings Tezcatlipoca, the dark one, and Quetzalcoatl, the light one or the feathered serpent appear.

Then came the (Mayan) word. Tepeu (Tezcatlipoca - Nahua) and Gucumatz (Quetzalcoatl - Nahua) came together in the darkness, in the night, and Tepeu and Gucumatz (Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl) talked together. They talked then, discussing and deliberating; they agreed, they united their words and their thoughts. Then while they meditated, it became clear to them that when dawn would break, man must appear. Then they planned the creation, and the growth of the trees and the thickets and the birth of life and the creation of man. Thus it was arranged in the darkness and in the night by the Heart of Heaven who is called Huracán.

The first is called Caculhá Huracán. The second is ChipiCaculhá. The third is Raxa-Caculhá. And these three are the Heart of Heaven.

Then Tepeu and Gucumatz came together; then they conferred about life and light, what they would do so that there would be light and dawn, who it would be who would provide food and sustenance.

Thus let it be done! Let the emptiness be filled! Let the water recede and make a void, let the earth appear and become solid; let it be done. Thus they spoke. Let there be light, let there be dawn in the sky and on the earth! There shall be neither glory nor grandeur in our creation and formation until the human being is made, man is formed. So they spoke. – Popol Vuh

Tezcatlipoca and Quetzalcoatl refer to the two intelligences: the one that will remain unknowable and the one that emerges from it, the knowable, or in other words as we say in Kabbalah, A-Elohim and Elohim—because Elohim is created from A-Elohim.

We always talk about the Book of Genesis in our lectures and we always talk about בראשית Bereshith, the first word of the Bible. Bereshith is an anagram that explains all of these mysteries.

The unknowable, namely A-Elohim, is hidden in the very first words of Genesis: בראשית ברא אלהים Bereshith Bera Elohim. The word בראשית Bereshith in this case means “the intimate worthy son.” After Bereshith you find the word ברא Bera: Bereshith Bera, which can be translated as, “In the beginning created.” The phrase Bereshith Bera Elohim is usually translated as, “In the beginning God created.” But as we said, Bereshith Bera Elohim means many things. Furthermore, the original Hebrew does not have spaces between letters or words. The spaces are added to clarify meanings. Thus, by looking at the letters without the spaces, other meanings can be seen. So Bereshith can also mean “the intimate worthy son.” Bar means son in Aramaic. Bera is written with ברא Beth, Reish and Aleph. If you separate the Aleph from Bera, you then have בר Bar (Beth and Reish) which means “son.” Then we unite the isolated Aleph to the word Elohim, thus we read Bar AElohim, “the Son of Aelohim” (two Alephs). So you read Bereshith Bar A-Elohim:


Beresheet Bar AElohim

So the translation in this case, related with the letter Samech, will be:

בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

“The intimate worthy Son of Aelohim (which is Lucifer), is the word in Schamayim and the word in the Earth. Yet in the earth it exists without form and it goes astray.”

This means that within us the light exists without form and it goes astray.

Lucifer and Satan

In chemistry, Lucifer is that element called phosphorous. We take phosphorous from the atmosphere, through the food that we eat, through the air that we breathe, through the water that we drink. The word phosphorous comes from φως phos "light" (related to phainein "to show, to bring to light;") + phoros "bearer," from φορέω pherein "to carry"; carrier of light—thus, that is the meaning of phosphorous in Greek. You find phosphorous in your semen, bones, and urine. Scientists discovered that element in urine. We have it everywhere, in the very marrow of our bones.

Phosphorous is Greek, and is similar to Latin, which is Lucifer, literally, "light-bringing," from lux (gen. lucis) + ferre "carrier". Lucifer carries energy, solar force. You use solar force when you strike a match in order to light a candle. So Lucifer, as you see, is not a person; it is a force, it is an energy. Each one of us has his own particular, individual Lucifer. That is why I said, “Yet in the earth it exists without form and it goes astray,” because the synthesis of all of that light resides in the semen, in the sperm and the ovum, and it goes astray because we ejaculate that like animals. Thus, this is how Lucifer is transformed into Shatan, the adversary within us— when we ejaculate Lucifer out, that light is transformed into Shatan or Satan, darkness, and creates that which we call ego, lust, inside of us. Thus darkness is upon the face of the abyss (that abyss is our subconscious, unconscious, infra-conscious);

ורוח אלה ים מרחפת על־פני המים ויאמר אלה ים יהיאור ויהי־אור
"But yields to the Spirit of the Goddess (Elah) of the sea (im) that hovers upon the face of the waters, when the Godess (Elah) fo the sea (im) says: Let there be light: (Aur) and there is (the) light (Aur of the Ain Soph).”

Who is this Spirit of the Goddess (Elah) of the sea (im) or the Ruach Eloh-im that in accordance to the Book of Genesis hovers upon the face of the waters? Remember it is written that, in the beginning the Ruach Elohim was hovering upon the face of the waters. That Ruach Elohim (רוח אלהים) is the same Lucifer, the Spirit (רוח) of the Goddess (אלה) of the sea (ים), the son of the Ain Soph, 'AUR' the son of the dawn, but unfolded, transformed. The first manifestation of 'AUR' Lucifer appears in Kether. The Iod is an unfoldment of Lucifer. If you prefer, you can call him Christophorus, because there are some people who may be Christians and feel scared when hearing the word Lucifer. So, Christophorus is the first manifestation of the Unknowable—Christophorus—which is translated as Christopher. Christophorus means “carrier of Christ.” In the Catholic Church there are people that worship St. Christopher or St. Christophorus; the symbol of this saint relates to Lucifer. Christ is a Greek word while Lucifer is a Latin word, and both have the same meaning.

So that light (Hebrew Aur, Latin Lux, Greek Phos), which is Kether, emerges from the Unknowable then descends through Chokmah into Binah and through Daath into Chesed. Chesed is that Sephirah where we find again the letter Samech. Chesed is spelled Chet, Samech, Daleth. According to Moses and the Zohar, Chesed is that Ruach Elohim that was hovering upon the face of the waters—the Akashic waters of the beginning in the universe and also the Akashic waters in us.

The ray of creation descends through the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, from Chesed to Geburah to Tiphereth to Netzach to Hod and to Yesod. Yesod relates to the sexual force and is where we find the letter Samech again—Yesod (Iod, Samech, Daleth). There are only two Sephiroth in the Tree of Life spelled with Samech: Chesed and Yesod.

Chesed is that Ruach Elohim, our own particular spirit, the only one that can control the waters and who can take the fire from the waters of sexuality, as we explain here—since normally intellectual animals expel that light, that Lucifer, through the orgasm, through the spasm, out of their bodies.

Lucifer is that phosphorous which in our body, gives us sexual strength—it is life in our body. It seems funny that many people, when they name Lucifer, they immediately reject that and say, “Oh, it is an evil entity”—they do not like Lucifer. Meanwhile, Lucifer is in the marrow of their bones. Meanwhile, Lucifer is in their blood. Meanwhile, Lucifer is in their urine, and circulates in their nervous system. So in other words, they are saying that they are afraid of themselves, because Lucifer gives life. Without Lucifer, creation cannot exist; without Lucifer, men cannot have the erection, neither can the woman have humidity for the sexual act. Lucifer grants that in order for us to perform the sexual act.

When Eve was taken from Adam—it is written in the Book of Genesis—Elohim closed up the flesh, because Eve was taken from one side of Adam; that side was the feminine side because at that time Adam was androgynous, male-female. So the word “closed up the flesh” is written with Samech as well: sagar, “close up.” It means that the woman became the support of the man, because the letter Samech means support. That is why the letter Samech is in Yesod, sex, because it is a support of life. Without Samech, life cannot exist; without Samech, the universe cannot exist, because Samech is the Ouroboros that originates the light. The Ouroboros is Lucifer. That is why Samael Aun Weor wrote,

If the Logos surged from within the Unknowable Divine, the Devil gave Him liberty to do it. - Samael Aun Weor

When people read the former quotation they say: “What is this, the devil gave permission to God in order to appear?” Yes. This refers to the Ouroboros, because the Elohim, which is “Gods and Goddesses,” are the creators, but behind them is the Ouroboros that comes from AElohim. In other words the Ouroboros, the ray of creation, divides itself into three aspects when manifesting itself in the universe.

Lucifer emerging from the darkness, from the Unknowable, remains unmanifested within the Solar Absolute, but when he is manifested he divides into three. These three aspects are what we call in Kabbalah Kether, Chokmah, Binah: the crown, wisdom, and understanding. In Christianity they are called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The most beautiful atoms of Lucifer shine in Chokmah which is called the Son, which in Christianity is called the Christ.

Let me now read for you something that is written in the Book of Revelation:

I, Ieshua (Jesus) have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. – Revelation 22: 16

When many people read this statement in the Book of Revelation, they say: “What? Jesus is Lucifer, the bright and the morning star?”—which is Venus. Yes, Jesus said:

I am the light of the world (the solar light): he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life (Yesod, sex). - John 8:12

And Jesus said:

I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. - John 14:6

Ieshua is Lucifer, the Ouroboros. This is why in Gnosticism we call him Christus-Lucifer, that entity that descends from the Unknowable and comes down to hell, because without Christus-Lucifer, the Ouroboros, there can be no life, not even in hell.

shiva-dancingIn India, Christus-Lucifer is called Shiva. Shiva is always represented as dancing in the middle of a circle. In Hindu mythology, Shiva is the originator of life and is unknowable but appears as knowable after that, after Brahma and Vishnu—because the trinity of Hinduism is: Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva; but the one that is behind Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva is Shiva. Shiva is the creator and destroyer. Indeed, Lucifer is a force that creates and destroys. In us that force manifests in the sexual force, sexual energy; it all depends what we do with the sexual energy. If we want to say, “let there be light,” then that light will rise in the spinal column. But remember that the one that says that is the Ruach Elohim that is hovering upon the face of the sexual waters.

That (Lucifer) was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the children of God, even to them that have faith on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God (Chesed). And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth. - John 1: 9-14

That is why the ankh cross which is the symbol of Venus was very sacred in ancient Egypt and here we find also the God Sobek—it begins with Samech as well. This sacred crocodile Sobek is symbolized as one flame with two wicks or two flames which symbolize the divine soul and the human soul, which in Kabbalah are Geburah and Tiphereth. As we always state, the second triangle of the Tree of Life (which is beneath Kether, Chokmah, Binah) and is Chesed, Geburah, Tiphereth, and symbolizes the Monad, the Spirit. In ancient Egypt that is called the sacred crocodile Sobek.

That sacred crocodile Sobek has a human form, just the head with the crocodile, and in his hand he has the ankh cross, symbol of Venus, and the staff of the priests. Let me read for you what Egyptians say about this sacred crocodile, Sobek:

I am Sobek, who dwelleth amid his terrors. I am Sobek, and I seize [my prey] like a ravening beast. I am the great Fish which is in Kamui. I am the Lord to whom bowings and prostrations are made in Sekhem. And the Osiris Ani is the lord to whom bowings and prostrations are made in Sekhem.

This sacred crocodile is a symbol of our own Spirit (Chesed). In other words, every one of us inside has his own Ruach Elohim, his own Sobek, sacred crocodile. And this explains why the Rabbis say in the Zohar that when we talk about Kabbalah we have to become crocodiles, so they took their philosophy, their wisdom from Egypt. Let us interpret for you what the Zohar says.

“The following precept is to discuss the laws concerning locusts. We learned that fish (life-force principles of Chesed) and locusts (life-force principles of Geburah) do not require slaughter, but it is their gathering that makes it permissible to eat them. Such are the sages of the Secret Doctrine תורת סוד. They do not need slaughtering (by Abbadon אבדון) but it says of them, "and expired, and was gathered to his people" (Genesis 49:33). Just as the fish (the Nun נון of the Zera זרע, life-force principles of Chesed) of the sea live in the sea (of Yesod יסוד), so do the students of Kabbalah and the sages of the Secret Doctrine תורת סוד live in the sea (of Yesod יסוד), and if they are separated from the Kabbalah (the tree of life עצ החיים) they immediately die. (Such are) the crocodiles of the Secret Doctrine תורת סוד wherein grow the sea crocodiles. And if those who live on dry land, fall into the water (of Yesod יסוד), but cannot swim (cannot sublimate the Nun נון of their Zera זרע), they die. But 'Adam,' who are the Kabbalah (and the tree of life עצ החיים) sages (in Tiphereth תפארת) are above all. Of them it says, "and have dominion over the fish of the sea (the Nun נון of their Zera זרע in Yesod יסוד), and over the birds of the air (their consciousness in Tiphereth תפארת)" (Genesis1:28), who are the Secret Doctrine תורת סוד sages the crocodiles. The Great Leviathan (הלויתנין הגדול) is (Moses) "the flying serpent (נחש ברח)" (Isaiah 27:1) that corresponds to "the middle bar (בריח bariach) in the midst of the boards (Tiphereth תפארת)" (Exodus 26:28).” - Zohar

The angel of destruction resides in the ninth sphere—according to the Book of Revelation it is the angel of the abyss, the angel Apollyon who releases the locusts in the end of times and punishes only those that do not have the Seal of God on their foreheads. The angel of death, the angel of destruction, Apollyon, relates to the forces of destruction of Shiva, the Holy Spirit, Lucifer. So the sages of Kabbalah are not slaughtered by the angel of destruction.

But it says of them, "and expired, and was gathered to his people" (Genesis 49:33).

Listen now to this:

Just as the fish (Nun) of the sea (Heb. Im) live in the sea, so do the Torah students and the sages of the Mishnah (Kabbalah students and the sages of Eloah-Va-Daath, Schamayim) live in the sea (Mayim, Yesod) and if they are separated from the Torah (Eloah, Schamayim, Daath in Mayim, Yesod) they immediately die.

Who are the sages of Mishna? They are the sages of Eloah Va Daath. Eloah means “Goddess.” Va Daath means “and knowledge”. Eloah Va Daath is the sacred name of God in Tiphereth. These are those who study Kabbalah… They live in the sea (which is Yesod) thus, if they are separated from Shamayim (Daath) they immediately die.

They are the (Tanniyn) men and women (crocodiles of the house of Levi, priesthood of Yesod, sex; they are those who conceive a son, Moses - the Levi-athan within -: And if those who live on dry land (namely those who have not been initiated into the Tantric knowledge of Daath) fall into the water (namely into the studies of Kabbalah) but cannot swim (namely a fornicator who did not become a Master of Daath) yet teaches, they die.

But ‘Man’ (the androgyne Adam), who are (represent) the Kabbalah sages (the Daath Masters of Kabbalah) are above all.

Genesis 1: 28 refers to them when states:

And Eloah-im blessed them, and Eloah-im said unto them, Be fruitful (according with thy Ruach Eloah-im that hovers upon thy waters), and multiply (thy Ruach Eloah-im’s seed), and replenish the earth (Malkuth, your physical body with it), and subdue it: and have dominion (as a Tanniyn, crocodile) over the fish of the sea (Yesod), and (as a Leviathan, flying serpent) over the birds of heaven (Schamayim, Daath), and over every living thing that hovers upon the earth. Who are the Mishnah sages, the crocodiles. The great crocodile is "the flying (Heb. bariach) serpent" (Isaiah 27:1)

In that day Iod-Havah with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the flying serpent (Nachash Bariach), even leviathan that crooked serpent; and he shall slay the crocodile (Tanniyn) that is in the sea. – Isaiah 27: 1 that corresponds to "the middle bar (Heb. bariach) in the midst of the boards" (Exodus 26:28), which is the central column, Tiphereth. - Zohar

All of this means that when we study Kabbalah, we are like fish in the sea; this sea is Yesod and Daath, because there are two seas or two waters. Schamayim is called Daath which is translated as heaven, the fiery waters, and Yesod is Mayim, the lower waters. So we have two waters—the superior and inferior. We manage and control those waters when we know the mystery of alchemy, which is Daath, the tree of good and evil, the tree of knowledge. When we learn how to transmute the sexual waters, we become crocodiles and we develop the wisdom of Kabbalah. This is precisely what the sages of Zohar state; this is why they say they are the tanniyn—which in Hebrew means crocodile. They are the man and woman crocodiles of the house of Levi—priesthood of Yesod (sex) who conceive a son whose name is Moses, the Leviathan—because when we talk about Lucifer we talk about the Leviathan which is precisely that winged serpent that we call Quetzalcoatl in Nahua. So they conceive the Leviathan within; and if those who live on dry land, namely those who have not been initiated into the tantric knowledge of Daath, fall into the water, into the wisdom of Kabbalah, namely into the studies of Kabbalah, but cannot swim, it is because they do not transmute. They cannot swim because they cannot understand the mystery of Daath, you see?—Therefore, a Kabbalist fornicator who did not become a master of Daath yet teaches, they die because they do not pass the ordeal of water.

But the androgynous Adam, who represents the Daath, Master of Kabbalah, is above all of creation. So we have to become an androgynous Adam. Remember that we always state that Adam is Chesed, which represents the crocodile; when you become a real androgynous Adam, made in the image of God, you become a crocodile—and that crocodile becomes a Leviathan—this is what the Zohar states. I was repeating what the Zohar, the book of Kabbalah of Judaism states. Genesis 1:28 states this; it confirms what we are asserting:

And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that hovers upon the earth.

And Elohim blessed them and Elohim said to them, be fruitful in accordance to the Ruach Elohim that hovers upon your waters and multiply thy Ruach Elohim (seed) and replenish the earth, (which is your physical body, Malkuth) and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea, as a Tanniyn, as a crocodile and as a Leviathan (flying serpent) over the birds of heaven (Shamayim) and over every living thing that hovers upon the earth.

Thus according to Genesis, we (as the androgynous Adam) must have dominion over the fish of the sea and every living creature that flies above or that hovers upon the earth; so, this is in regard to the real Adam. This is the mystery of the letter Samech that teaches how to do it through Christus-Lucifer.

The Fire of Christ

We can carry the light of Christ within us. This is the mystery of Christopher or St. Christophorous, who according to legend was a giant, a titan. That titan or giant symbolizes Lucifer, which is that force created before the universe—as you find for instance in the stories of the Eddas (the German Bible), Lucifer appears there with the name of Loki, and in Wagner’s opera, Loki’s name is Loge, which is the God of fire. Like Prometheus in Greek mythology, that is a creature created before the Gods became the owners of the universe.

Remember that according to Greek mythology, Prometheus stole the fire of the sun and gave it to the man; he put that fire into a small cane—symbol of “Soph”—that cane is in the spinal column. Prometheus gave that fire to the man in order to have dominion like the Gods, because only the Gods have power over the fire. In other words, without the fire, the Gods cannot be Gods. You find the same symbol with Agni the God of fire in Hinduism.

Because of the daring act of giving the fire to man, Zeus commanded the Gods to take Prometheus and to chain him to the rock—that rock is called Yesod, or the rock of sex.

We have the solar fire in our body. It is enough for us to transmute it through Tantra in order to make light in the darkness. Prometheus is that, and is suffering, because he is crucified to the rock, sex. This is the same mystery as the crucifixion of Jesus, because of giving the gift of fire to man, Prometheus is chained or crucified to the rock. What is the torture of Prometheus? During the day a vulture—sometimes they says an eagle, but it seems more a vulture than an eagle—descends and starts eating his liver, his guts, during the day and he cannot do anything because his arms, hands, and legs are open and he suffers the indescribable. When the sun sets, the vulture leaves and then by dint of magic his guts are healed during the night; so when the vulture returns the next day—he is already healed—and does the same thing again. That is the torture of Prometheus; and all of this because he gave the fire to man.

Well, you might wonder, “What is the meaning of this?” Well, listen: this is the Samech descending from heaven into our own body! During the night when we go to sleep, the vital body, which is the superior part of the physical body, absorbs the solar energy which Lucifer (Samech) placed in the atmosphere. The chakras of the vital body absorb that energy and transfer it from the vital body into the physical body through the nervous system; this is what happens every time that we go to sleep. This is how Prometheus places the solar light within our bodies. But during the day what do we do? We squander the Luciferic force—we squander the Christic solar force through the seven capital sins that we have within, especially lust, which is represented by that vulture. The solar energy is stored in the liver and the spleen, in this area of the abdomen, you see, it is the solar plexus, where we have the solar energy—in the kidneys also. The kidneys, liver, spleen, are the main organs that absorb the energy from the atmosphere and transfer it into the physical body. But, we fornicate, we commit adultery, we have explosions of hatred and anger, pride, laziness, gluttony, all the defects that we carry within, the ego—that is the vulture that eats the guts of Lucifer, and during the night we rest and we are again energized the next day, ready for the vulture to eat again and again the guts of Lucifer.

Lucifer is suffering inside each one of us. This is what happens every single night, every single day within us. When people read that myth they always associate that with, “Oh, some imaginary God of the past.” Listen: every myth represents a truth hidden within each one of us.

That (Christus-Lucifer) was the true (solar) Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world. He (as solar light) was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not. He (as solar light) came (into the atmosphere of the world and) unto his own (as a thief in the night), and his own received him not (because of their lustful vulture). But as many as received him (through Pranayama or sexual alchemy), to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that have faith on his name: Which were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the (evil) will (Hebrew ratzon) of man, but of God’s (ratzon, the Holy Spirit). - John 1: 9-13

This is why we teach Gnosis (Daath) in order for us to resuscitate Christus-Lucifer, chained to the rock-sex because of our transgression, because of our fornication and all of that perversity that we do. By means of the Gnostic practices we transform that Ouroboros, that light into darkness. As the Book of Genesis states: the earth is in darkness and without form—but if we follow the path the Ruach Elohim will say, “let there be light” and there was light. That light should develop inside of us.

And (this is how) the Word (Christ, the Messiah) was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, - Christus-Lucifer) full of grace and truth. - John 1:14

Samech means “support” and this is why Christ as a baby is being carried by Christophorous, a giant, who carries the baby Christ on his shoulders. This is precisely what we carry when we transmute, because the light, which is Christ, symbol of the solar light, is carried by this giant, which has the face of a dog—the dog is always symbol of lust, symbol of reproduction, symbol of the sexual energy. So it means that in the sexual energy is where we carry the baby Christ.

christophorusAccording to this myth, in the beginning Christophorous was a dog-faced man, he was a man-eating ogre. Yet when he was baptized, he changed into a saint. Let us not talk superficially and think that because he went into a church and received water onto his head he became a saint in that moment. Baptism means to transmute the waters of sexuality; it is a process in which our own dog face is transformed, because in this case, it is each one of us—the dog face is a symbol of this giant that carries the Lord on his shoulders and who changed his habits. That is, we are man-eating ogres doing the ugly things that each one of us does - our doggy ego in other words, does that.

So, Christophorous was a huge giant. He was helping people pass from one shore to the other shore of a river. But one day, they say, a child asked him, “Can you carry me please to the other side?” And he says, “My pleasure, since this is what I do here in this land.” While he was crossing the river from one shore to the other, he was sinking to the bottom. He said, “Who are you? You are heavier than all of those that I helped to pass to the other shore—you really have too much weight.” And then the child says, “I am the Christ. I am Jesus, the one whom you honor, Christ, in the name of whom you were baptized,” meaning Christopher, which means “carrier of Christ.” So this story is a symbol.

You can read the story of Christophorus (carrier of Christ) which has the same meaning of Lucifer (carrier of light)—Yes Saint Christopher is the same Lucifer in each one of us.

When we start transmuting the sexual energy, we as Saint Christopher help people to cross the river of life; yes, we help people who are fornicators on this side, to know how to be in chastity and how to transmute their sexual energy and pass to the other side. When we do this, we are passing the Lord, the baby Jesus, to the other side—because on this side the hypocritical pharisees do not care—they maybe worship the Lord Jesus, the baby Jesus, but they fornicate. It is only by knowing Tantra, sexual transmutation, that people can pass to the other side. On the other side is precisely the great work that Christopher is doing.

Supposedly, this was that great work that Christopher Columbus was going to do, but he brought only bad things to America, even though his name is Christopher.

So, this is precisely the wisdom related with St. Christopher or Christophorous. This is Lucifer. It is Ouroboros, it is that force that descends from the unknowable into the knowable.

ancient-samechThe ancient Samech is written like a straight vertical line with three horizontal lines. If you observe the vertical line crossed by three horizontal lines, you see what in Judaism is called the Menorah, the sevenfold candelabra, the seven lights.

isis-sistrumAlso, this symbol is the sistrum that appears in Egypt that is held by the Goddess… The sistrum is the same three lines that the goddess is holding; this means that the power of the woman is in Lucifer. Of course, we men also have it, we have that power too, the power of Lucifer. But the one that has it more than men is the woman, and the fact is that the woman creates us; we are nine months in the womb of our mother in order to be created, and that light is developing—in the darkness of the womb—the Ain Soph, you see? Creation is made always in the darkness. The light, Aur, emerges always from the darkness of the Ain Soph. If the woman will develop her child out in the solar light, the baby will not develop. So that is why the woman carries more light, she is more associated with Lucifer, as a creator.

When we do not understand this myth, this wisdom, this knowledge, we become as sanctimonious ignoramuses, always condemning the woman. Chavah is the creator of life (“the mother of the living”). Chavah is Eve, who was taken from Adam. Yet remember that the woman was taken from Adam: Aur comes from the Ain Soph and this comes from Ain. So, in other words, the power of Lucifer was divided out from Adam in order for Adam to develop, to become more cognizant through Eve. Thus, when Chavah, Eve, was in front of Adam, they could perform the sexual act thanks to Samech, thanks to Lucifer. So Lucifer is the one that gave the power to the woman in order for the man to evolve and in order for that woman to evolve as well—because the man has the seed, the Nun, and that Nun is transferred into the womb which is the final Mem —into the womb of the woman, thanks to the Samech that rotates there in the sexual act; this is how life appears in the animal kingdom. But we have to invert the current: perform the sexual act and invert the Samech up through the spinal column in order for the light to emerge in the spinal column; that light is called Shechinah that awakens as the Kundalini, the brazen serpent.

Lucifer is always associated with the woman, the feminine aspect. This is why the mystery of the letter Samech is also hidden in the name of סםאל Samael. Samael is written with ס Samech and ם Mem. The only difference is that instead of writing the letter final Kaph at the end of Samech (Sam-Ech), you write at the end אל Aleph Lamed, which means God: Sama-El. This is why the Kabbalists always associate Samael with creation. This is why Samael stated that he was witness of the creation of this solar system, because Samael himself, as a Logos, resides in the Ain Soph; he is an inhabitant of the Ain Soph. The only one we know that is beyond the Ain Soph, which is the Ain, is the Master Aberamentho, who is called the Master Jesus of Nazareth; he is an inhabitant of the 13th Aeon, while Samael is an inhabitant of the 12th aeon, the Ain Soph. That is why the letter Samech is there in Ain Soph, and in Samael Aun Weor (Aun Weor means strength and light, or light and fire—luci, fire. The fire is the power of the light).

SobekSo this is why you see that Sobek, the sacred crocodile of Egypt, has the ankh cross, because the ankh cross represents the power. That is the power of any initiate, the ankh cross—which is Lucifer, the sexual potency—that rises in the spinal column, which is represented by the staff. Sobek, the sacred crocodile, which is called Tanniyn in the Zohar, is Chesed, the Ruach Elohim that hovers on the waters of Genesis. The sacred crocodile is any master, who could be on dry land as any crocodile; when they are outside on the land, under the sun, they are meditating. But in order to show their power they open their mouth (Peh) to show their teeth (the Iod, light)—that is the power of the crocodile. When they are hungry and want to eat wisdom, when they want to eat fish (Nun), they sink into the water and dominate the water. This is what is hidden in that symbol: any sage of Kabbalah is a crocodile—outside and inside. But, those who do not know how to swim in the knowledge of Kabbalah die when they sink into the water—because that is the Torah, that is the Tarot, that is the Dharma, the wisdom of Kabbalah, the Tree of Life—the waters—related with Schamayim (Daath) and with Mayim (Yesod). Let us enter there, let us swim like a crocodile, but first we have to become a crocodile; and for that we have to transmute the waters and as a crocodile we evolve, we are transformed, into a Leviathan (a true priest of the tribe of Levi).

As you see, this word Leviathan comes from Levi, the priests, who become feathered serpents. The Leviathan can fly within Schamayim (the heavenly waters). So when we are in meditation, we are transformed into a Leviathan and we go into the superior dimensions, into heaven. But when we are in the physical plane we can dive into Yesod because the power that the Leviathan and the crocodile have comes from the water, comes from the woman, Yesod, sex. When man and woman are united in sex, they are acquiring the power of Lucifer. That is why the Zohar states that Moses is the Leviathan—because he was born in the waters and was the only one that from Yesod, the waters, went to Schamayim, Daath and saw God face to face—only a Leviathan can do that.

Now to finish with this lecture, let me read for you this beautiful thought of Isaiah talking about Lucifer:

How art thou fallen from (the empyrean, the silent) heaven, O glorified one (the bible says: O Lucifer), (Ben Shaham) son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the Earth, you who did weaken above the Goim! For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of El (Chesed): I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north (Chokmah): I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like (Elion) the most High (the Tetragrammaton).

Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit. Isaiah 14: 12-15

Isaiah was very briefly describing Lucifer; in the beginning he is a beautiful angel, and when he enters into Atziluth is so beautiful, and in Briah more beautiful, because he is a creator, and in Yetzirah expresses in many forms. But unfortunately, when Lucifer reaches Assiah, which is our physical body, then he goes down to hell because we are without form, he comes down into sex—if we do not transmute that force, if we do not transform and make it shine again inside of us, he will take us to hell, to the ninth sphere of Dante; because Lucifer is the one that we transform into Satan.

This is how as Satan is inside of us, our Lucifer is not shining—it is Satan, it is in darkness because of the seven capital sins that we have: lust, anger, greed, envy, gluttony, pride, laziness, etc… and the others. So do not be afraid of Lucifer because wherever you go, you take him with you.

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not. - John 1: 3-5

I am (Christus-Lucifer) the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father (the Ain), but by me. – John 14: 6

Questions and Answers

Audience: You said that Lucifer is the sexual potency; what are some of the benefits of having Lucifer strong with you and what are some of the things you have to watch out for, having a strong Lucifer force?

Instructor: The question is, “what are the benefits of Lucifer being strong inside of us,” in other words, what are the benefits of having a strong sexual force? This is good—the more sexual force we have, the better, but we have to transmute it. Unfortunately, in this day and age people who have sexual strength are just fornicating and committing adultery everywhere. So they are enslaving more their own Lucifer into the rock of sex; their lustful vulture becomes bigger and bigger. The only way to liberate Christus-Lucifer from the rock is by transmuting the sexual energy.

When we transmute our sexual energy, Hercules is born within us—Heracles, “the Aura of Hera,” the wife of Zeus, that is Heracles or Hercules. Hercules has to be born as a child—do you know what Hercules does when he is born? He strangles serpents—serpents of passion, lust—he grows and starts performing great tasks. One of the last ones is that he liberates Prometheus from the rock. By then he is already very strong; he already killed the lion of Nemea, the hydra; he performed ten tasks and then he liberates Prometheus and Prometheus gave him power over heaven and earth after that— Prometheus is Lucifer. So Prometheus gives birth to Hercules and Hercules liberates him. That is why all the great masters say, “I am a child of the dragon,”—that is a great master, the child of the dragon, or the child of Lucifer, or the child of Prometheus. This is what we should become; but for that we have to transmute the sexual energy; the more energy we have the better, but we have to control it. Remember that, unfortunately, right now as animals, Lucifer acts through fornication. If you observe a dog, a horse, a lion, when they perform the sexual act, they spill Lucifer out. We have to learn not to spill it; we have to steal the fire from the devil.

Audience: My question is in regard to fornication. Does it count when it is lost through, when your sexual energy is lost through nocturnal emissions? In other words, physically, we do not engage in fornication with a person of the opposite sex or masturbation—but at night when the body is asleep we may lose it through nocturnal emission—does that count as fornication?

Instructor: Yes, of course, it is fornication—but the fault is the same as when you do it willingly and consciously. When you lose your sexual energy in a nocturnal pollution, your body becomes weak—but your inner God judges you only if you do it consciously. It is obvious that we have fornicated in this life, as in previously lives. So we have in the ego, in the protoplasmic bodies, and in the physical body that lustful inheritance. The habit of fornication is in the blood, in the marrow of our bones, and to stop doing that in one day, one week, is impossible; it takes years. You have to teach the donkey; the donkey is your body. The donkey is accustomed to fornication. So then the donkey has to grow and get accustomed to transmutation. Physically, you start doing it, but inside our mind we also have another donkey and that is lust. So we have to meditate, we have to comprehend and annihilate our ego in order to be in chastity one hundred percent. So, that is a long journey—many years—initiations, degrees, and help that we receive from the internal masters—because the enemy that we have to kill and annihilate is huge—it is Goliath. We have to do it ourselves; we have to have faith in the Lord. But remember we have that inside; it is not outside. We have that inside each one of us; some Goliaths are bigger than others, but little by little you kill it.

Audience: So if we see light in the darkness what is the relation of light then to the Paramarthasatya?

Instructor: Well, light is light, like right now we are seeing this light here in this room but because our physical eyes are accustomed to see the speed of the quanta. You see? What we see are the speed of the quanta. The quanta in the physical world travel at the speed of light and in circles, but have different velocities within the matter. The physical matter that we see with our physical eyes is just the vibration of the quanta within that matter that allows us to see it. The other quanta that speed higher than the physical world or lower, those types of matter disappear from our sight. Of course, the Paramarthasatyas, they see the speed of the quanta within the Ain which is uncreated light—they are capable of seeing the uncreated light. But for us, even for the Gods, the more elevated Gods cannot see that light. It is impossible for the Elohim to see that light. Only those that penetrate within it, already developed, already made as Paramarthasatyas can see the uncreated light.

Audience: Can you elaborate on why God would need the devil’s permission in order to create?

Instructor: Because Samech, Lucifer, the Ouroboros, came from the Ain, the Nothingness, as we explained in the beginning of this lecture. The devil is what we call Lucifer. Remember that we are not talking about a person here; we are talking about an energy. So the Ouroboros is the Soph—the Ain Soph that rotates, originates the Aur, the Ain Soph Aur. And the Ain, the Ain Soph, and the Ain Soph Aur, are the three aspects of the Unknowable Divine which is not manifested. The manifested emerges from the Aur and that manifested one from the Aur is called Kether; so Kether cannot exist without Aur. That Aur is light, Lucifer. Kether, Chokmah, Binah, which are the three primary forces that create, cannot create without the help of Lucifer; behind them in the very bottom is Lucifer, is what we call the Ain Soph Aur, the Solar Absolute.

Audience: Are there any links between St. Christopher and lightning?

Instructor: Well, the lightning is related with the light. Christ, when he was incarnated in the body of Jesus of Nazareth, the Cosmic Christ said, “I am the light of the world”. That light of the world is Solar Light, is Lucifer, in the atmosphere and the lightning comes of course from that Christ, from that Lucifer, and of course Christophorous, Christopher, is a name that means Christ carrier. Of course, the lightning carries the light; that is the same as Christophorous.

Audience: Is there a Gnostic interpretation of the Greek and Roman mythology and Plato’s Republic that you know about? What version of the Zohar and Talmud would you recommend?

Instructor: Read the story of the three aspects of the story of Prometheus: Prometheus Bound, Prometheus Unbound, and Prometheus..—I do not remember the other; those are related with this lecture.

Audience: What version of the Zohar and Talmud would you recommend to read?

Instructor: All of them; the whole thing is related with this. Without the Samech, the Zohar cannot exist, the Talmud cannot exist, the Bible cannot exist, the Koran cannot exist, the Bible cannot exist… Particularly no, there is not any special version—but read it. The Zohar is a huge book, it is too much—and you do not need to read it as a newspaper, you need to meditate on it. Zohar is a book that explains the mysteries of the Bible, specifically the Book of Genesis. Thus, Zohar is not a book for reading, it is a book for meditating. Bereshith is precisely an anagram as we explained here in many lectures that explains the mysteries of creation

Audience: …The crocodile…you go from the crocodile and you transmute the sexual energies in order to…the Hercules, the Leviathan…

Instructor: In Greek and Roman mythology, Hercules symbolizes the strength of sexual transmutation—so as a strength, Hercules develops inside of you. While that strength develops inside of us we have to perform many tasks, which are the destruction of many psychological elements that we have within. The first element or the first task of Hercules is the killing of the lion of Nemea—the lion is the symbol of the sexual fire. Killing all those animalistic elements that like to spill the seed and to transmute, that is the first task but there are many others that go in relation with the Sephiroth, which in reality are the twelve tasks of Hercules that take us to the Ain Soph—from Malkuth to the Ain Soph—those are the twelve tasks of Hercules. Of course, with the transmutation of the sexual energies, is how we begin.

Audience: How is Lucifer related to Baphomet?

arcanum 15 tarotInstructor: Baphomet and Lucifer symbolize the same thing. Baphomet is the symbol of the Male Goat of Mendes pointing his hands up and down and with crossed legs of a calf, with the Caduceus of Mercury in the middle and with the Pentagram in the head. That creature is a symbol of what we are explaining here. Remember that 15 in Tarot is named The Devil, and Baphomet appears there. There are many symbols of Baphomet. The most common is that goat headed creature called the Male Goat of Mendes, with the Pentagram on its forehead… The pentagram indicates that it is positive, that is the Pentagram aiming upwards. Baphomet’s one hand is pointing upwards and the other points downwards; this is the symbol of Aleph, the letter Aleph. In the middle it has the Caduceus of Mercury which is the symbol of the sexual transmutation. That is the whole symbol. If you want to know more about the symbol of Baphomet, read the lecture of Samael Aun Weor called Moses—Kabbalist, Alchemist, and Magi. Baphomet was the way in which the medieval initiates hid the mystery of Lucifer. At that time if we gave this lecture the Inquisition would have come and we would be have burned alive.

Audience: How did Moses incarnate Lucifer?

Instructor: Moses is the same as Lucifer, transformed—the Leviathan. Moses was the expression of one ray of AElohim. That ray of AElohim manifested through Moses. This means that in Tiphereth, which is Moses, in Yesod which is Moses, Daath manifested in him, the ray of AElohim, Lucifer in other words, in order to save the rest of the elements that belonged to that Initiate (Moses) which is called the people of Israel which were enslaved in Matzarim, or Mizrahim, Egypt, which is Malkuth.

In other words, when you visualize your own defects, vices, and errors that you have within, each defect is trapped light. That Light is Lucifer; that Light is Christ; that Light is Ish, the fire of the God Ra: Ish Ra El. So Israel is inside of you; each one of us has Israel inside, but he is a slave of Egypt; it is a slave of Mizrahim (Malkuth). So in other words, we need to transmute the sexual energy, we need to create Moses inside of us, but before creating Moses we have to create Jacob; before creating Jacob we have to create Isaac; before creating Isaac we have to work with Abraham. So when Moses is done, we go out, up to the world of AElohim, and we receive its ray (Lucifer) and then we go down and liberate the rest of our Being. All of that is written in the book of Exodus. So remember that Lucifer is the stairs to heaven and the stairs to hell. It all depends on us.