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the hebrew letter aleph א Aleph is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet, or better said, the Kabbalistic aleph-bet. Aleph is also the first letter in the Arabic alphabet, but it is pronounced Alif.

With this letter we write many names, such as אלוהים Elohim, which is precisely the Hebrew word for Gods and Goddesses. The Hebrew word for God is ‘El,’ written with א Aleph and ל Lamed. The word Elohim is a plural word that means Gods and Goddesses. Other words written with א Aleph are Elah, אדם Adam, and many words related to Aleph that point at divinity. Most of the names of angels end with אל ‘El’ (Aleph Lamed), like Samael, Zachariel, Orifiel, etc.

The word  אלףAleph is written א Aleph, ל Lamed, and ף Peh. (ף or פ Peh is associated with the Latin letters  P and F. This is why we can write Aleph with an F or a PH at the end because the letter Peh of the Hebrew alphabet can be either). It is necessary to explain about these three letters א Aleph, ל Lamed, and ף Peh because the letter א Aleph is associated with the air, with the wind. The letter א Aleph has the numerical value of 1, since it is the first letter. The letter ל Lamed (which is exactly in the middle of the alphabet) has the value of 30. The letter ף or פ Peh has the value of 80. So if you make the addition of 80 + 30 + 1 you have 111. In other words, the result is three ones (three-unities), or better said, three Alephs in one.

The Sacred Breath

The letter א Aleph symbolizes the wind, air. א Aleph is associated with the Sephirah Kether. On the Tree of Life, the first Sephirah is Kether. Kether is the synthesis of three, better said, the synthesis of 111. It is one, one, one; one hundred eleven.

kabbalah-the-tree-of-lifeThese three ones are associated with the three Sephiroth of the first triangle: Kether, Chokmah, Binah; one, one, one. Each of them is one with the other two; this is why the three of them are called the Holy Three-unity or Holy Trinity. This is why the shape of the letter א Aleph is three י Iods. What is the letter י Iod? The letter Iod is just a dot, spot, or point. When you are drawing any letter, that first stroke is the letter י Iod, which is just a point. This is why it is stated that all the letters emerge from Iod, from that dot. This is why that dot (י Iod) is associated with Kether.

The letter י Iod represents Kether, the י Iod of the holy name יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei of the first triangle.

Therefore, since Kether, Chokmah and Binah are the Holy Trinity, the Holy One or three in one, the letter א Aleph is made of three strokes. There is a י Iod at the right of the letter, then a vertical transversal line which is another י Iod but stretched, which a letter ו Vav; then, beneath that vertical transversal line you find another י Iod, the third stroke of the letter.

aleph-lungsIf you move the letter in order to make the transversal line vertical, you can see for yourself the shape of your throat and two lungs. Imagine that the air that you breathe enters through your nostrils, goes through the trachea and into your lungs; this is how we are alive. This is how we breathe. Thus, imagine that the trachea from the nose to the lungs is the letter ו Vav (the י Iod that is stretched, making a vertical line) and the two י Iods at the right and at the left are the two lungs. This is why this marvelous letter is associated with breathing, with air.

Every time that we breathe we put into our lungs the three primary forces, what Samael Aun Weor called the three forces of the Akashic breath: the positive, negative, and neutral forces of the Akashic breath.

A movement of Akashic circulation is established from Shushumna, Ida and Pingala, that flows through the entire body….

The Akashic breath penetrates through our nasal cavities and descends through our Brahmanic cord. - Samael Aun Weor, Igneous Rose

That is how we see in the breath the holy tri-unity represented in the letter א Aleph, in the air that we breathe. Remember that it is written:

God… breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and Adam became a living soul. - Genesis 2:7

The breath of life is associated with the letter א Aleph.  Aleph represents air.

In The Popol Vuh (the Mayan bible) the Mayan name Huracan is associated with the air. Huracan is the root of the word “hurricane.” In the Mayan language Huracan means ‘one legged,’ a stretched leg. Huracan Kakulha is how they say it in Maya.

Huracan Kakulha is Kether, the wind that touches heaven and earth. Or, we can say it touches the waters of heaven and earth, because the letter Aleph also symbolizes the superior and inferior waters that are not yet separated. Remember, on the second day of Genesis, God, the Elohim, divides the superior waters from the inferior waters in order to make the firmament in the middle. The letter aleph symbolizes those waters and the firmament as one; that is, the superior and inferior waters not yet separated. In the Mayan bible, those waters and the firmament are represented by the Huracan Kakulha, the lightning that blazes from the waters of heaven to the waters of earth. When you see a hurricane in the ocean, you see that it touches the waters of the ocean and the waters of heaven, which in Hebrew are called Mayim and Schamayim respectively.

The Mayan bible also states that this hurricane Kakulha is three. They call them Chipí Kakulha  (the Son) and Raxa Kakulha (the Holy Spirit). Huracan Kakulha symbolizes the Elder of Days, the great wind, the Huracan that is the beginning of everything.

In Christianity, the three forces are called Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which represent the three primary forces Kether, Chokmah, Binah. These are not people but forces, energies related with the spiritual wind.

These three Mayan Gods are related with the wind, the letter א Aleph:

  • Huracan Kakulha, the lightning wind that blazes across the waters of heaven and earth
  • Chipi Kakulha, the lightning that flashes from one cloud to another
  • Raxa Kakulha, the lightning that strikes the earth.

This is what you see when you see a hurricane, the three forces in one.

The Great Wind is the terrible law of the Ancient of Days. “Vox Populi Vox Dei.” A social revolt contemplated from the world of the Ancient of Days is a law in action. Each person, the entire multitudes look like leaves detached from the trees, hurled by the terrible wind of the Ancient of Days. – Samael Aun Weor, Tarot and Kabbalah

Here you can see the association of these Kabbalistic statements of the Mayan bible - which is very, very Kabbalistic – with the statements of Gnostic Kabbalah in which Samael Aun Weor states that Kether is the great wind, the air itself, represented in the letter Aleph.

When you examine different religions you find that these three primary forces are named in different languages. For instance, in the Aztec pantheon we find that the God of the wind is Ehekatl. Samael Aun Weor explained in the book The Major Mysteries that Master Jesus' resurrection was associated with the angel Ehekatl, the God of the wind. When this angel Ehekatl is associated with creation, Aztecs name him Ehekatl Quetzalcoatl, which is the second aspect of this trinity in the Aztec Pantheon. The third aspect is Tlaloc, also called Tlaloc Quetzalcoatl. The three of them together are Ehekatl  and are associated with the wind.

In the Hindu pantheon, the holy trinity is Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva.

In the Nordic Edda, these three primary forces are present. The first is named Odin, which is rooted in Otin or Othila. From the rune Othila comes the name Attila, who was like a hurricane in his time, destroying a lot of countries and towns. Odin (also called Wotan) has two children: Balder and Thor. Thor is the God of Thunder. Odin is the father of thunder, and Odin symbolizes wind along with his son Balder.

In the ancient Egypt of the Pharaohs, the three forces together are named Osiris Ra.

These trinities are very significant because when you study Gnostic Kabbalah you find that these three primary forces of the universe represented by the Hurricane, by the wind of Kether, have expressed themselves in different names, in different forms, and in different religions. This is how you find the association of the letter Aleph with the wind of the spirit.

Aleph is pronounced 'ah,' which is the first letter in all the alphabets. ‘A’ in Spanish, ah. Alif in Arabic. Ah is the first sound that any child emits after his birth. It is really like a scream because the child inhales the air and after he cries. That is the first sound of the child: the sound of the wind, the letter Aleph.

By seeing the symbolism of the three letters that spell Aleph, you will see the Kabbalistic meaning of them. Aleph is spelled אלף Aleph, Lamed, Peh.

alephwindmillThe letter א Aleph when rotating is like a swastika, like a fan. The rotating Aleph is the wind, the hurricane (the head of God). When aleph is rotating, spinning, it is making of the air a circle – a single Iod - that descends through the letter ל Lamed to your head.

aleph-breathThe top half of the letter ל Lamed is called “a tower hovering in space.” The topmost י dot or point of the letter ל Lamed represents Kether. That י point emerges from א Aleph, stretches, and makes the line that nose-dives as the wind that descends into your head, which is formed by the lower half of the letter ל Lamed: a letter כ Kaf, which is almost like a half circle that descends a little bit to the bottom. That half circle is the brain, your head. ל Lamed is the tower or the power from י Iod, the head of God descending into the letter Vav and into כ Kaf, your head, and finally arriving at your throat.

When you speak, you do it with ף or פ Peh, your throat. This is why the next letter in order to write the letter Aleph is Peh, which symbolizes the mouth. This is why normal Peh פ (this is how letter Peh is written at the beginning or middle of any word)  or final Peh ף (this is how letter Peh is written at the end of any word) is always represented with a tooth hanging from the mouth. That tooth is another letter י Iod (from Aleph), which symbolizes the air, the power of Kether (the Crown), going through your throat, through your mouth as the AAHH sound.

In the shape of the three letters that spell אלף Aleph you can see how the power of the wind comes into your head, to your throat, in order to pronounce Aleph. The wind, the air, comes out through the sound of the letter Peh. Such is the beginning of the word, the sound AAHH. Remember that it is written:

In the beginning was (Aleph) the Word, and (Aleph) the Word was with God, and (Aleph) the Word was God. - John 1: 1

The same is in the beginning with God inside our bodies. If you want to inquire how God enters into you, into your body, and how God expresses through you, in the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

Right now, for instance, I am telling you about א Aleph, and that sound (of the wind) that comes from above into my כ Kaf, my head, into my brain, into my mind and heart, which is abstract, is pronounced to explain to you through my throat, through my Peh, in other words, through my mouth. But first it comes through ל lamed. Lamed can have no power if there is no א Aleph rotating on top of it – forming a single י dot - which is the wind.

allahIn the Arabic language the name of the letter A is pronounced Alif, almost in the same way as Hebrew. When you spell the letter Alif in Arabic you find that its symbols are different: the letter A in Arabic is just a straight line follow by the letter L which is like a Latin U. I.e. The name الله Allah has two L's like two Latin U's, which together look like a W. Right? Or the Hebrew letter ש Shin. الله Allah has another ‘Alif’ at the end that is another straight line or vertical line that curves at the end.

This is how you write the name الله Allah in Arabic. As you see, in Arabic what looks like a W is actually two Arabic L's. Above the letters that spell Allah is another symbol, a circle with an horizontal line from the Arabic alphabet, which is F, or Fah. Fah is the letter Peh in Hebrew, which is at the end of Aleph or Alif. So when you see this symbol of Allah also you find the letter F which is simply spelling Alif. Both alphabets are rooted in the Shemite language. And most other languages are also rooted in this Shemite language. Actually, it is stated that the Hebrew alphabet and the Arabic alphabet derived from the Runic alphabet.

We also find another symbol from the letter Aleph, which is a vertical line crossed by two diagonal lines. This Aleph is a hieroglyph from ancient times.

There is another word that is good for us to describe: אל El, which is God in Hebrew, and as in Arabic is written with א Aleph and ל Lamed.

In the Hebrew alphabet, there is another “a” sounding letter called ע Ayin, which also sounds like Ah. But the ע Ayin Ah sounds here in the throat. א Aleph sounds AH-Leph as you see, out. The letter ע Ayin sounds in the throat, which for many is difficult to pronounce. Both Arabic and Hebrew have these two Ah sounds, the Ah that goes out and the Ah that stays in the throat. For instance you find these two Ah sounds in that name of an airline called El Al. El Al means “the High God.” Al written with Ayin means high. This is very significant because the word Allah also has two A's and two L's, like El Al.

As I understand it, when pronouncing Allah, the forces from above come from the first vowel ‘Al’ or Alif above, then the second vowel of Allah descend and is pronounced in your throat, or Alif below. This is why in Islam they pronounce everything that is written in the Koran by singing. This is a beautiful way in order to indicate all the laws of God, by singing. When they call to prayer,  they sing all the suras of the Koran with their throat.

If you pay attention to the word, the sound of Ah or this action of the throat together with the lungs that pronounce the truth, we will then comprehend better that which comes from above when saying, preaching the wisdom, when teaching the doctrine of Aaaaa-Uuuu-Mmm and other mantras.

aumIn India, people pay a lot of attention to mantras. The main mantra in India is A-U-M. That mantra has the same significance as when you open your mouth to pronounce Allah or El Al. The power of God expresses itself through our throat when pronouncing the Ah sound of El Al, Allah, or Aum.

The Ah sound reaches here in your throat. This is why in Gnosticism, in Kabbalah, we study the mysterious Sephirah דעת Daath (ד Daleth, ע Ayin, ת Tav) which is in the throat.

The a in דעת Daath is not written with א Aleph but with ע Ayin, because Ayin sounds here in the throat. In Hebrew, דעת Daath is knowledge. But you cannot develop that knowledge if the letter א Aleph, the hurricane, the power of the wind, does not descend through the letter Lamed into your throat, which is the Peh, the mouth.

Imagine for a moment that you cannot breathe. Without air, you cannot talk and will soon die. Spiritually, such air is Kether, the father of all the lights. This is why דעת Daath is the mysterious Sephirah related with creation.

When we say that creation happens in דעת Daath here in the throat it is because the sound of א Aleph, ע Ayin, or Ah is pointing us to that verse that states:

In the beginning was the Word (Ah), and the Word (Ah) was with God, and the Word (Ah) was God (El Al, Allah, Aum). - John 1: 1

Alif, Aleph, El Al, Allah and Aum; God is the same word. All things were made by him, or by this breath of life. This is why the gospel of John begins with the word.

Now we understand why we have to take care of what we say. When you lie, when you utter the word in vain, you are hurting yourself because that is the force of God that you are expressing through your mouth. “Thou shalt not pronounce the name of God in vain.” Such is the second commandment. Yes, listen carefully, the second commandment is “Thou shalt not pronounce the name of God in vain.”

The second commandment is not only associated with יהוה Iod-Hei-Vav-Hei but also with the power of the word that we have to communicate as wisdom, as knowledge to the multitudes. This is how we grasp it and understand the marvelous symbol of the letter Aleph.

The Sacred Bull

When arriving at the throat, astrologically we find the sign of Taurus. Taurus rules the throat. The sign of Taurus is the astrological sign of the bull. Aleph, Alif, means “bull, ox, cattle, cow.” Can you see the relation here? The cow, bull, ox is associated with the throat. Taurus the zodiacal sign rules Daath, knowledge.

Into my mind comes the sacred bull Apis of ancient Egypt, the spouse of the divine cow, and their child or Kabir, the calf. In them you find the three forces. Apis, the great bull, is a symbol of the word. If you go to the southern U.S., to Texas or Colorado where we find a lot of cattle, the cowboys know how to use their throats in order to control all those cows. In Mongolia, you find those throat singers who control the cattle with their songs.

We have to understand that the bull Apis and the sacred cow that is worshipped in India is a symbol of the power of the throat, the power of the word, which we are talking about here. This is the deep symbolism of the bull.

In Taurus is found the constellation of the Pleiades. The Pleiades belong to the sign of Taurus. The Pleiades are the stars that form our own particular constellation. The Sun Ors shining above us (the center of our solar system) belongs to the stars of the constellation of the Pleiades, which are in the constellation of Taurus. Behold here our astrological association: the cow is the symbol of the forces of the Earth that we have to manage. The bull is the power of the throat; the sound of Alif. But, the bull has to be sacrificed; the cow has to be sacrificed, in order for us to develop our own particular spirituality.

Notwithstanding, the word sacrifice derives from “sacred” and “office.” You see, when you are in an office, you officiate. When a priest is officiating he is doing a sacred officiation. Thus the word sacrifice means sacred officiation, a sacred work, prayer that we have to perform in Daath with the power of the bull, the throat.

The bull Apis has Behemoth as its opposite. Remember the golden calf that the Israelites were worshipping instead of Kabir, the calf of Apis, which is the glory of the earth; the Israelites were worshipping the golden calf who symbolizes the power of Behemoth of the earth, related to gold and intellectualism, related to the riches of the earth instead of developing riches (glory) in heaven.  Now, as in the past, we - like the Israelites - are developing riches on the earth, in Malkuth.

This pair of opposites is precisely what we have to understand when we enter these studies. We do not have to develop wealth in the earth, or better said, our goal should not be to develop wealth in the earth, but in heaven, as master Jesus says:

Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal: But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal: For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. – Matthew 6: 19-21

When entering into this knowledge, Behemoth (our ego) wants to make all his earthly treasures here. Our ego wants to be famous here. Our ego want our name to be uttered by many, to the four winds. People think that because our name is uttered by many, we are good. There are many who think that in order for someone to be a master, a lot of people have to utter that, to confirm that, as if mastery is a matter of conversation. Listen, the one who is a master does not care if he is recognized, named, or not. There are many masters who are not recognized and whose names are unknown by the public.  Let us read the following:

ParrotApsethus the Libyan was very desirous of making himself a god, but when, after long labouring, he had failed in his endeavours, he wanted, as the next best thing, to be supposed to have made himself a god; and in fact for a considerable time he did enjoy such a reputation. For the simple Libyans used to sacrifice to him as to a Divine Power, in the belief that they were obeying a voice sent forth out of Heaven. He had got together and confined several parrots in one and the same little room, for parrots are plentiful all over Libya, and they distinctly mimic the human voice; and having kept these birds for some time, he taught them to say 'Apsethus is a god.' And when the birds in course of time were taught, and could speak that sentence which he supposed, when spoken, would cause him to pass for a god, then he opened their place of confinement and allowed the parrots to escape in different directions. And as the birds flew about, the sound was carried all over Libya, and the words travelled as far as the Greek territory (Cyrene); and thus the Libyans, being struck with amazement at the voice of the birds, and not suspecting the trick played them by Apsethus, accounted him a god. But one of the Greeks having clearly detected the contrivance of the supposed deity, did, by means of the self-same parrots, not merely confute, but also extinguish that vain-glorious and impudent fellow. This Greek caged several of the same parrots, and taught them to utter a contrary strain, 'Apsethus shut us up, and forced us to say Apsethus is a god.' But when the Libyans heard this recantation of the parrots, they all came together with one accord, and burnt Apsethus alive.

This is why in the Gnostic tradition the following is also recited:

Holy and blessed be his unutterable name.

This blessed and hallowed unpronounceable name is the name of your inner Being, which when we know it we have to keep in silence, because to utter that name is to bring the forces of our inner God from above. This is why in Gnosticism we state that there are certain very powerful mantras that should not be pronounced in vain. The first one is the name of your inner, particular, individual God. There are other mantras that you should not pronounce in vain. When you are an initiate you are developing power in your throat, because, as you see, the final letter ף Peh of the אלף Aleph, which represents the mouth, goes down straight to your sex. This is how the power of א Aleph works in your body.

When you are performing sexual transmutation, you breathe, inhale, and retain the air of God, then transmute the sexual energy, and pronounce through your mouth (ף Peh) I.A.O. or any other mantra. Now you understand why the throat and the breath are associated with the power of sex, which is connected to דעת Daath through your throat.

The mystery of א Aleph teach us that we have to be careful of what we say when we know these mysteries.

Metatron and Mithra

There is an Angel that controls the letter א Aleph, the breath of God, the wind, and who is associated with Kether. His name is Metatron. The angel Metatron is before the altar of God in the world of Atziluth, the world of the Archetypes. The whole alphabet that we are studying here was brought by Metatron. When Metatron had a physical body in the earth, he was the prophet Enoch. Metatron delivered the 22 letters and the meaning of them, which we are explaining here. Metatron is also associated with a Master from Persia: Mithras.

mithrasMithras is that great master who developed Mithraism in Persia, which is now Iran. Mithras is symbolized with a sword and slaughtering a bull. So behold the association: the bull is associated with the throat, and the symbol of Mithras is the cutting of the throat of a bull. He is not killing the bull miserably like the Toreros when killing the bull in its back, stabbing the bull’s back with the sword in order to kill the poor animal.

Mithras cutting the throat of the bull is a symbol related with the throat, as we are explaining here. The power of God is in דעת Daath. The sword is a symbol of the rays of the sun. Mithras symbolizes the rays of the sun that rise in the spinal column through sexual transmutation; that energy that rises in the spinal column develops the sword of the angels. That is why we call it the flaming sword of the angels. When that fire, that sword, rises from the coccyx and reaches the throat, then occurs “the slaughtering of the bull.” The blood that emerges from the throat of the bull fertilizes all the archetypes that we have within, and develops spirituality. This is why in the symbol of Mithras slaughtering the bull, the blood that is gushing out of his throat is being licked by a dog.  The dog is a symbol of the sexual power. There is also a snake, a serpent, licking the blood. The serpent is also associated with the sexual power, which we can take advantage of in a positive or a negative manner, because the serpent is also associated with Ahriman of the Persians. Ahriman is the Shatan or Satan of the bible, which is none other than the sexual force.

So, the mysteries of Mithras or Mithraic mysteries are something within which we have to delve very deeply and to study in order to comprehend all religions. Many religions emerged from this Mithraic mystery.

Mithras slaughtering the bull symbolizes the forces of the Earth, because the ox, the bull, symbolizes our physical body. Mithras is the force of the father, Metatron, that had to descend and give us the power of the word.

Yes, we have to develop the power of the word of God within us. But for that we have to sacrifice, to perform the sacred office of slaughtering the animal elements, the bullock, the behemoth, the ego, that we carry within, which is precisely the main point here. Indeed, this beautiful myth of Mithras encloses a lot of wisdom.

The Sacred Cow

Lo and behold, that even the Koran starts with that second Sura which is called The Cow. AL-BAQARA is how you write “the cow” in Arabic, AL-BAQARA. AL-BAQARA is the longest sura of the Koran. Devout Muslims sing of the cow, the bull, the power of the throat, which is the power of God.

If you read AL-BAQARA, you find that the letter A and the letter L of ‘Al’ is Alif, ox. Now, if you take the syllable RA out of BAQARA - which means cow – you see the word BAQA. So by taking the letter R and A out of Al BAQARA you end with Al BAQA (Al Qaba), which is Qabala backwards. This is why they say that Kabbalah is Al BAQARA, the science of the cow.

When seeing this, Johann Sebastian Bach comes into my mind. His name is written Bach but pronounced Baq. Baqa. Bach is a composer that, for me, is great. He wrote so many cantatas that people enjoy singing to God. This is precisely what Bach, Baq, wrote: many beautiful songs to God, hundreds and hundreds of them. Do you see, is this what we call coincidence, that his name is Bach? The translation of Bach, Baq, is cow. Johann Sebastian Cow. Sometimes I think that is not a coincidence. His name was Bach (Baq) because he was working with the throat, or cow-octaves, to use his terminology, and teaching everybody to make beautiful music, beautiful cantatas and masses that you can play any time, because he wrote over a thousand works. Johann Sebastian Bach is my favorite composer, and is related with the cow, with the Baq-ara.

Songs, prayers, mantras utilize the power the wind in the lungs. The two י Iods in the letter א Aleph are the lower waters of sexuality (Yesod) and the superior waters of heaven (Daath). When you sing, when you pronounce the word A or any mantra, you are uniting your sexual forces with your throat. This union occurs through the spinal column, which is the letter ו Vav. Behold the א Aleph: the trachea and the lungs. Aren’t these symbols beautiful? If you associate the letter א Aleph with all that we are telling you, you will understand why A is the first letter of any alphabet.

In Al Baqara, verse 67 to 74, the prophet Mohammed said:

67. And remember Moses said to his people: "(Allah) commands that ye sacrifice a Cow." They said: "Makest thou a laughing-stock of us?" He said: "(Allah) save me from being an ignorant (fool)!"

68. They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what (Cow) it is!" He said; "He says: The Cow should be neither too old nor too young, but of middling age. Now do what ye are commanded (sacrifice a cow)!"

Anybody that reads this might think, oh Moses is saying take a cow, a bull and kill it. But these verses are related with the sacred office, which is the sacrifice that we have to do.

The cow represents our physical body. We must sacrifice this cow (physical body). The sephirah Malkuth (the physical body) is always feminine (as a sephirah). Malkuth is the body of the Divine Mother. The bull Apis is in the throat. To sacrifice the cow means to enter into the mysteries of Daath and to sacrifice all the animals, the bullock, we have within, the behemoth that we have within, and to develop with the blood of the cow the sacred forces of God. That blood is the symbol of sexual transmutation, the fire that rises in the spinal medulla. This is why it is written ‘Cow,’ because the power of sex is always feminine (She).

69. And they said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us Her colour." He said: "He says: A fawn-coloured Cow, pure and rich in tone, the admiration of beholders!"

That color is the color of the Divine Mother Kundalini, the golden force that rises in the spinal column. That is the Golden Cow, which should not be confused with the golden calf, because the gold of the golden calf relates with the riches of the earth.

In this day and age, people are worshipping the golden calf: money, wealth, gold, intellectualism, fornication, adultery. All of that is the golden calf. Yet, the cow that Moses is indicating in the Koran is yellow. That cow is the Divine Mother, who is the Shechinah, when you work with the forces of sexuality, with chastity. Then you see that the Divine Mother is energy, light, that rises in your spinal column with a yellow color. When she reaches the throat, then a violet purple color shines in your throat when she is united with the bull Apis.

70. They said: "Beseech on our behalf Thy Lord to make plain to us what she is: To us all Cows are alike: We wish indeed for guidance, if Allah wills."

71. He said: "Moses says: A Cow not trained to till the soil or water the fields; sound and without blemish."

That cow, that power of creation, is in our sexuality. But when you do not know about the mystery of Daath, you do not know how to till the soil or how to water your fields of Yesod with the powers of the cow, the powers of Malkuth, or the powers of Io, as Greek mythology states.


The Goddess Io was transformed into a cow in order to escape from the persecutions of Jupiter’s wife Hera, because Jupiter was in love with Io. Jupiter transformed Io into a cow, hoping to conceal his romance with her from his jealous wife. Jupiter took the shape of a cloud, and as a bull embraced her in order to have her.

As you see, every mythology has the same symbol. This Greek Cloud-Bull-Cow embrace is the sacred sacrifice, the sacred office that we have to perform with Alif, Aleph, the bull.

They said: "Now hast thou brought the truth." Then they offered her in sacrifice, but not with good-will.

This means that in the beginning they did not understand why Moses asked them to sacrifice a cow. It is the mystery we are explaining here of Alif, the cow, the bull, the ox, the work that we have to do with this primary force in our body.

72. And remember ye slew a man [meaning when you fornicate, when you kill the man inside of you when you are fornicating] and fell into a dispute among yourselves as to the crime: But Allah was to bring forth what ye did hide.

73. So We said: "Strike the [dead body] with a piece of the [Sacrificed Cow]." Thus Allah bringeth the dead to life [This means that Allah, the power of the word - when we work with these energies - has the power to resuscitate the dead] and showeth you His Signs: Perchance ye may understand.

All of us intellectual animals, intellectual bulls, bullock, because of fornication, are dead to the Spirit. But if we sacrifice the cow, if we work with these mysteries of Mithras, then Allah, God, El, Elohim, Elah, will resurrect us. He has the power to resuscitate the dead. We are the dead. Do not think superficially that the dead are physical corpses, and that Allah will resuscitate a dead corpse. No. This is a symbol of us who are spiritually dead. Thus Allah gives life to the dead and shows you his signs so that you might understand.

74. Thenceforth were your hearts hardened: They became like a rock and even worse in hardness. For among rocks there are some from which rivers gush forth; others there are which when split asunder send forth water; and others which sink for fear of Allah. And Allah is not unmindful of what ye do.

To physically sacrifice the cattle, cows, bulls, is a horrible crime. When people do not understand the meaning of the scriptures they end up performing physical sacrifices of bulls or cows. It is a crime committed by fanatical people from of this lunar race.

Abraham, Isaac, Yakab, Joseph, Mohammed, and many other prophets were worshippers of the sacred cow, as we can prove it when reading the sura Al Baqara, which was the second and longest sura of the Koran written or dictated by Mohammed. If you carefully read the second sura of the sacred Koran and interpret it in the right way, you will understand why Mohammed entitled it Al Baqara.

Al Baqara, the Cow, the power of the throat, the power of God, Allah through Aleph, Alif, the bull, ox, and the manner how the holy trinity expresses itself through Alif; even the three letters of אלף Aleph are a trinity.

When people talk about the holy trinity, or the three primary forces of the first triangle of the Tree of Life, people think that we are expressing three different things or persons. But in this lecture we are expressing to you that God has no form. The first expression of the letter א Aleph is the wind, the air. What form has the air, the wind? But when expressing its potential you find the hurricane which shows us the power of the wind. But that wind has no form, as God has no form.

That is why it is written that in the beginning, the spirit of God, the wind, א Aleph, was hovering (and spinning) upon the surface of the waters. And that is precisely the symbol of the letter א Aleph, because the power of God is symbolized in א Aleph with the י superior and י inferior waters divided by the letter ו Vav.

Questions and Answers

Audience: Why is it forbidden in India to kill the cow and why is the cow sick in India?

Instructor: The sacred Indian cow derives from the same symbols that we are talking about. The sacred cow is a symbol of the divine forces of nature which express themselves in the physical body. When Moses said to sacrifice a cow, he did not say to kill an animal physically. No. He meant to perform the work with the cow, the Divine Mother, who is within your physical body, which is a bullock. Renounce the animal elements and develop that fire of the cow, which is the sacred cow. This is why the bull, a white bull, is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, Shiva. Shiva is above as a bull and the Divine Mother, the sacred cow, is below, also white. Both male and female have the symbol of the Holy Spirit. I do not know if all the Hindus know about this, because they follow the tradition of their sects. But this is the Gnostic explanation.

In the ancient times, people misunderstood the cryptic messages of the Masters, and they were making animal sacrifices. Even in the Bible in Chapter 29 of Exodus is described the way in which people should kill a bull. Yet, Master Samael Aun Weor in one of his books of astrology states that the whole of chapter 29 of the book of Exodus is authentic black magic. It is attributed to Moses but Moses did not write it. It was modified or inserted there in order for people to misunderstand the message of the Master Moses.

Audience: [inaudible]

Instructor:  אדםAdam begins with א Aleph, because the real man, the true man, begins with the breath of God. Remember that it is written:

And God breathed the breath of life into the nostrils of Adam and Adam became a living soul.

This is the deep meaning of the א A of אדם Adam. The real אדם Adam, the real man, has to have the breath of God within.

For instance, we breathe now, and we are alive physically, but also the animals, the monkeys are alive by breathing. So what is the difference between the monkey and Adam? That breath that makes one a living soul is not a physical breath, it is spiritual. אדם Adam has the breath (Neshamah) of God within, but intellectual animals do not. We have to reach that level. In other words we have to develop that within, and that is precisely the meaning of the word Adam. This is why אדם Adam begins with א Aleph.

a01The three primary forces, which are symbolized in different religions, should be incarnated inside of Adam. This is why the first hieroglyphic in the book of the Tarot is a priest. One hand is pointing down to the ground and another is pointing to heaven. He is representing the letter א Aleph. He is the true Adam that has the three primary forces within him. The Vav relates to his body and the two Iod’s are his arms.

אברהם Abraham also relates with א Aleph and the second letter ב Beth (Bereshith), how the spirit of God creates with the letter Aleph, because אב Aleph-Beth, Abrrrrrraham. Abraham is our own particular individual spirit inside.

Aleph represents Kether, the Father of All Lights, the Ancient of Days. אברהם Abraham is the Spirit inside of us, our own particular, individual Chesed. Abraham is Chesed, the fourth Sephirah, which comes after the holy trinity Kether, Chokmah, Binah. That is Abraham inside of us. God, the Aleph above, makes his work of creation, through the letter Beth, Abraham. Yet, this is another lecture.

Audience: When was the Chapter 29 of the book of Exodus added to it?

Instructor: I do not know. The books of Moses were modified by Ezra. Ezra added many things that Moses did not write. If Moses read the bible and said, “I am going to read my Torah, my five books,” he would be amazed, saying, “What? Why are there so many things that I did not write?” Yes, some of the things that Moses said are written there, but many things are added by the Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, as the Master Jesus said.

Audience: Are Arabic and Hebrew related?

Instructor: Yes, Arabic and Hebrew sprouted form one original language, Aramaic. The Shemites spoke that language. This is also rooted in other languages of the past. The language that was spoken in the Achaldan society of Atlantis was called Watan. The Achaldan society studied that language. Watan is the original language from which Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, Latin many other languages sprout, even Sanskrit.

Audience: Are Watan and the golden language the same?

Instructor:  No. Watan derives from the Golden Language.

Audience: How can we speak the Golden Language?

Instructor: The best thing is to transmute the sexual energy. The Golden Language is there in your sexual force, so when you transmute it then you can eventually understand all the languages of the world, which is called “the power of tongues.” In order to get that power of tongues you have to be in chastity. It is a long process. All of the languages are in our sexual energy, because this is how the throat is related with the sex, Daath, the bull, the energy of Aleph, the bull.

Audience: Is there any significance that the letter A is after the letter I in the mantra I.A.O

Instructor: I is Iod, and A, Aleph is the same Iod (three times). O is the letter Vav of Aleph.

The letter I in Latin is Iod in Hebrew, and the letter A from the Hebrew alphabet is three Iods. IAO is that mantra ‘I’ that comes from above, from Aleph, IIIIIIIIIIII. And then through your brain goes into your throat and you said Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. And places it in your heart OOOOOOOOOOO. The O makes the sexual organs to vibrate at the same time.

The mantra IAO is related with pineal and pituitary glands. The mantra A is related with the lungs. Now you understand why we said the two dots of the letter Aleph are the lungs. And from the nose to your lungs, the Vav. That is A. That is why you are vocalizing the mantra A, which puts in activity the chakra of the lungs. AAA. Thus in sexual transmutation when you say IAO, the O is the Hebrew Vav in your heart which is pronounced OOOO, which is an extended Iod, Kether as well. You see? Iod and Aleph belong to Kether. The O of IAO is the Vav because in Hebrew there are no vowels. The letter O is a Vav, the transversal straight line of Aleph. IAO is related to the lungs, it is also related to the power of the heart, because the heart is between the lungs.

Audience: Are all the Suras in the Arabic Koran beginning with A?

Instructor: Yes, all the Suras in the Arabic Koran begin with A: Al Qabala, Al Baqara, Alif Allah. They begin with Alif because everything comes from God. And the L is the symbol of the spinal column, of the forces that enter your body through your nose. That is why the sacred name in Arabic of God is Allah.

However, for me, in my understanding, I see the same two letters there from the Hebrew alphabet the letter Aleph and the letter Ayin. AAAA Aleph, Alif, coming from above into my brain is the first syllable ‘Alllllllll’ of ‘Allah.’ Then I continue singing the second syllable LlllllAAAAH of Allah and pronounce that with my throat Laaaaaaah. Al-Lah. So Ayin is here in my throat; thus the light of my body is Allah, the power of my body is Allah. It is God. It is Aleph, Alif.

Allah is a sacred name for the Muslims because it is associated with the breath, like El-Al, the higher God in Hebrew. El-Al is inside of you. It is rooted in the breath of God. Now you understand why in Arabic it is said that the highest form of Divinity is Allah. Yes. Because without Allah you cannot be alive, you will die immediately if that breath goes out. But when that breath enters into your lungs, then you are alive. But we have to put that breath into activity through the path of initiation by worshipping the Cow. Al Baqara. Al Baqara. Everything begins there. This is what I understand.

Audience: Does the word Hashem relate to the breath?

Instructor: Hashem, the name, Baruch Hashem... Hashem relates to all the 22 letters that we will talk about, because Hashem relates to the other breath (Neshamah) that we take. It comes into my mind for instance the priests among the Mayans and Aztecs. When the priests from Spain asked the Aztec priests, “How do you name God in your religion, in your race?” The Aztec priest answered with a deep inhalation. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” That was his answer; a beautiful answer. “What is God for you?” “Ahhhhhhhhh.” That is a pure, Kabbalistic answer. That is the breath (the Neshamah of life).

Audience: Is the English word ‘all’ related with Allah?

Instructor: The word ‘all’ as we say in English, meaning every. All is everything. This is a good question, because A-L-L means everything, and Allah is within everything. All the letters are associated with the breath of God.  Unfortunately, in our planet we have so many languages, which are derived from the original golden language. So we lost the root of the sacred language aeons ago, but now with the study of the Hebrew alphabet and ancient alphabets we go into the root of our origin, which is precisely the word, because in the beginning was the word and the word was with God.

There are many sounds that we do not even pronounce in this day and age. There are some words in English that are not written in the way that we pronounce it. Like for instance the word “enough,” phonetically it is “enuf,” but it is not written like that. You do not pronounce all the letters of “enough.” English is a crazy language, and really all the languages are like that, because we lost many sounds.

In Arabic and Hebrew there are many sounds, like the sounds of the letter Aleph and Ayin. Similar sounds, Ah, Ah, one is out and one is in. Some of us cannot pronounce them because our language does not have those sounds, but native Arabic and Hebrew speakers know how to pronounce those sounds.

As we say in Spanish, Ojala, “I hope in God.” That is a word in Spanish: Ojala, Ojala, “I hope in God.” Arabs entered into Spain, as you know, to conquer Spain, a long time ago, and many words were inserted into Spanish, Castellano. So all the modern languages are a mixture of many languages.

Audience: Is the golden language spoken by angels?

Instructor: The golden language is spoken by angels in the internal planes. If we develop our consciousness and awaken and annihilate our egos, the golden language will sprout automatically, naturally, from within us. This is the language that is spoken by the Angels. Hebrew is derived from that language too, just as Arabic, Sanskrit and many others. But the only way to learn that is through chastity, through initiation, because the word is Christ, that encompasses all of it.

Daath is knowledge. Whosoever knows the word receives power; no one uttered it, but only the one that has the word incarnated. So we have to incarnate the word, and that is done in the Fifth Initiation of Major Mysteries if we follow the direct path. Then the word develops in you and explains all the mysteries of any religion. I hope this was an understandable answer.

Audience: Why are the numbers related with the Hebrew letters?

Instructor: Every Hebrew letter is associated with a number. Observe a chart of the Hebrew alphabet. You will find the value of each letter. When you read the Bible, the Hebrew letters have numerical significance. You can determine the value of those letters. Then you go into the Arcana and you find the meaning of the word, by numbers. This is precisely something that develops with patience. It is not easy. If you have a chart of all the 22 letters, you will learn their values, and how the Kabbalists associate them in order to explain what we are explaining here. For example, אלף Aleph: Aleph, Lamed, Pei is 111, 1+1+1=3, the holy three-unity.