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January 20th - 2022 - February 18th - 2022


January 20 marks the beginning of the influence of Aquarius, the bringer of knowledge. Real knowledge is not acquired through books or lectures, but through practical experience. It is wise to take advantage of the help that the Aquarian influence brings, and work practically with the consciousness to acquire genuine knowledge, gnosis. The Greek symbol of Hebe represents the mystery of alchemy: how water is transformed into wine (ambrosia, amrita, soma) to nourish the consciousness and lead us to immortality. The name Hebe means "youth, vigor." Our vigor depends on our waters, which is how Hebe is related to Aquarius, "water carrier." These waters must be brought from within "the earth" and blended with the forces of divinity from "above." During the influence of Aquarius, there is a special way to do this.

The Power of Aquarius

Aquarius influences us strongly from January 20 to February 18, and in our body is most pronounced in the calves and ankles, where the terrestrial and celestial forces meet. Thus during Aquarius it is advantageous to consciously influence this meeting in the following manner. Each day, massage the calves. Starting from the bottom and moving up, pray:

“Energy, pass through! Energy, pass through! Penetrate my organism; current that comes from below, ascend and fuse with your sister, the current which comes from above, from heaven, from Urania.”

Then, enter into meditation. Pray to your Innermost to bring you to the sidereal temple of Aquarius. Relax, concentrate, and bring up sufficient drowsiness to allow your internal sight to show you the entrance into the temple...

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