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  Sunday, 31 March 2024
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Good day instructors and everyone been trying to meditate and getting good but was curious about astralprojection in my first 3 or 4 trials was a success out of body,crazy noises,me spinning and all but not control of my body.

But as I am proressing I don't kinda want to astral travel or astral project for now something or someone is telling me to like work on my small ordeals first before I start but not sure at all.
Was doing it for curioisty but I don't really have the mptivation than like for for meditation,sometimes fear of the unknown creeps in a bit and all but am trying to meditate on it.
- Also twice (one time) I was vibrating when sleeping doing mantra but didn't get out of body could anyone say the reason
2 weeks ago
[quote. Is astral projection dangerous?

Samael Aun Weor: It seems to me that to become cognizant of one’s own natural phenomena can never be dangerous. One must become cognizant of the food that one eats, of what one drinks, of the state of one’s health, and also of the process of astral projection that occurs in any living creature.]

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