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  Sunday, 24 March 2024
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Good day instructors may the
gods be with us asking questions on
sexual transmutation
(1)Is sexual transmutation just transforming semen(liquid matter)to energy through pranayama or can it be done through mantras also?

(2)Also can I be transmuting sexual energy through breathing rhythmically and not the nadi pranayama observed that when I breath rhythmically very subtly yet gently and slowly when fearful,weak,or unaware it makes me more aware and to be in the present moment.

(-3)I don't understand is nadi pranayama(alternate nostril) the only method for sexual transmutation or do we also have to do mantra to transmute the sexual energy?

(4)Is sexual energy transmuted also through liberating and dissolving of the ego in meditation?

(5)Sorry is transmutation like circulation of energy through the vehicles(astral,physical) or is it just like liberation of energy through dissolving egos?

Also when doing nadi pranayama(just being calm,relaxed,present in the moment,feeling of the subtle energy are these forms of transmutation of sexual energy?

could anyone give me insight or passages to meditate on sexual transmutation and can they also tell me more valid benefit of sexual transmutation?
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