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  Sunday, 17 March 2024
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If I want to take herbs like liquorice and lemon balm, is it better to take them as infusion(teas) or tinctures?
Its nice to taste them when drinking and feel it, but I care more about the efficiency here?
Samael Aun Weor mainly said infusion in his esoteric healing book
3 weeks ago
There are three deciding factors to the medical procedures:
1) Stay true to the recipe and to the procedure as it is described. Modifying these can weaken the efficiency or can even have harmful effects.
2) The degree of you awareness, concentration and visualization make it more effective.
3) Ultimately the will of your Being and your karma can make it or break it, so work with Divinity.
Other than that, if this question of comparison is important for you, do your own research and gain experience :)
3 weeks ago
Yes thank you Marius, the second and third points I usually try my best to follow that.
However I want to know if soaking herbs, roots which makes tinctures reduces the effect of these herbs? There is really no true recipe I know of lemon balm or an licorice as people take them as herbs or tinctures. I know tinctures can be more concentrated, but does the process of soaking them alter it potency?
2 weeks ago
Unless no other instructor chimes in, who has actually researched this particular question, we encourage you to try it yourself.

Besides that, the real efficiency lies within the doctor's internal faculties:
The Arhuaco and Lama physicians have developed the sixth sense, clairvoyance. Thus, they can see directly the causes of the sickness and its effects in the internal bodies.

Until we have developed these faculties, we can only observe what is most efficient for our own bodies, because, luckily, we can at least see inside ourselves.
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