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This free service is provided to students who are seeking clarification of their study and practice of the teachings provided in our books, courses, lectures, retreats, etc.

This is not a forum or discussion area. Instead, this is a classroom or sacred environment where those who are learning can ask questions of those with more experience.

  • This free service is available to anyone, regardless of background, religion, culture, etc., To use it, you will need to create an account and log in to the site.
  • Only questions and answers related to spirituality and awakening consciousness are allowed here.
  • Only instructors answer questions.
  • All posts are reviewed by an instructor before being published.
  • Members of this community are expected to conduct themselves as if they are within a very holy temple or church. This guideline will be strictly enforced, in order to preserve the sanctity of this place.

About the Instructors

The instructors who teach the lectures here are volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds. Each has years of experience teaching and working with the practices and exercises that awaken the consciousness.

The goal of real spirituality is to learn how to follow our inner Being, not any physical person. Thus, our instructors do not have spiritual titles or names, do not accept followers, and live their lives anonymously like any other person in society. In keeping with this perspective, the instructors do not provide their names, faces, or personal information, in order to reduce the strong influence that personality has in spiritual communities and to emphasize the message: "Know thyself..."

Welcome! May your path be cleared of obstacles.

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