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We have concluded this Treatise of Sexual Alchemy with the absolute certainty that this twentieth century’s humanity will not be able to understand it.

What is certain is that when reading these lines the pedants of this epoch will throw all their slandering spittle against us.

Fornication is something very terrible in this epoch and the spiritual devotees of all schools defend their lovely fornication with their shield and sword.

This is why after bringing this work into the light, we are willing to patiently tolerate all slander and calumny.

I wrote this book for the Aquarian humanity and for our Gnostic disciples who form the vanguard of human evolution.

The foundation of all mystery schools resides in sex.

This is why we find a masculine deity and a feminine deity in all religions. We see Isis and Osiris in Egypt, Hercules and Dagon in Phoenicia, Apollo and Diana in Greece, Pluto and Persephone in Attica.

Among the Greeks, the phallus and the uterus are frankly spoken of. This is the lingam-yoni of the Eleusinian mysteries.

The Verb, the Word of Gold, is based on the great mysteries of sex. It is impossible to speak the Verb of light without awakening the Kundalini.

IAO, as a mantra, resounds within the unspeakable mysteries of the great arcanum.

DIS, DAS, DOS are the fundamental mantras of sexual alchemy. These mantras were given to one of our disciples by the venerable master OM.

The sound of the vowels must be prolonged as well as the sound of the S, giving it the intonation of a sweet and affable hiss. It must be vocalized as follows:




The Master OM warned our disciple that the practice of sexual magic must be performed slowly and softly.

The mantras DIS, DAS, DOS must be vocalized during the practice of sexual magic. With these mantras, the disciples will avoid the danger of sexual discharge.

During the sexual act, disciples must withdraw from their spouse before the spasm to avoid the seminal ejaculation. These mantras must be vocalized many times during the practice.

In this book, we have delivered to humanity the terrific secret of the great arcanum.

In the Middle Ages, the initiate who divulged this terrific secret was killed with poisoned perfumed bouquets, shirts of Nessus, poisoned soaps, daggers, or on the scaffold.

Those in Egypt who divulged the great arcanum were condemned to the death penalty. Their heads were cut off, their hearts were torn out and their ashes were thrown into the four winds.

Therefore, in this book, we have given to humanity the most terrific secret of the universe. We have uncovered the Philosophical Stone, the elixir of long life, the quadrature of the circle, and the key to perpetual movement.

My brothers and sisters, with the secrets of this book you can transmute lead into gold and convert yourselves into terrific gods of the universe, into inhabitants of the world of the mist of fire and into creators of universes.

All the books of alchemy have been written in codes and whosoever does not know the codes of sexual magic cannot understand the books of alchemy.

All technology of the books of alchemy must be searched for in the sexual organs.

All the books of Raymond Lully, Albert the Great, Sendivogius, Paracelsus, Nicholas Flamel, can only be understood with the supreme code of sexual magic.

All the laboratories of the medieval alchemists must be sought in the sexual organs.

The medieval alchemists hid the great arcanum among innumerable symbols and esoteric allegories. This was to save it from profanity and for them to avoid being burned alive in the blazes of the Inquisition.

All those who divulged the great arcanum prior to me died. There is only one man who divulged the great arcanum and did not die. I am that man.

Here, I deliver it to humanity. Here, I give it away to all living beings so that they may convert themselves into living gods. AMEN.

In closing this work, we must warn our Gnostic disciples that the act of sexual magic can only be performed between husband and wife in legally constituted homes. This is the mystery of the double polarity.

Husband and wife form a complete positive-negative polarity. But, when the husband enters another woman, or the wife receives another man to practice sexual magic, a double polarity is formed that is absolutely negative.

The double polarity has no power to transmute the sexual energy. The double polarity cannot fertilize the Mercury of the secret philosophy with the solar fires. The double polarity cannot awaken the Kundalini because it is absolutely negative. The chaotic waters remain intact without being fertilized or transmuted.

This is the mystery of the double polarity. Therefore, a male or female adulterer cannot awaken the Kundalini.

Fire is the fundamental base of all that exists. The fire, fertilizing the chaotic matter, is the super astral light. In the dawn of life, the fire was revolving within the cosmic dust as an igneous serpent.

This was the first light of the universe. This is the super astral light that is placed in our Christonic semen. This is the cosmic electricity that has the power to prepare the seminal atoms and fertilize them for the germs of life to sprout from within them.

There is a germ of life in each seminal atom. When our planetary universe is dissolved and reduced to atoms, the germs of this universe will sleep in these atoms until the fire of the gods fertilizes them in the new mahamanvantara’s dawn. The divine germs sleep within our seminal system, awaiting only the time to be fertilized by the fire, to give us consciousness as gods.

This super astral light is the first light of creation. It is the primordial Elohim.

The super astral light has two poles: one positive and the other negative. The positive pole is the bronze serpent (Kundalini) that healed the Israelites in the wilderness and the negative pole is the tempting serpent of Eden (Kundabuffer).

The positive pole is od. The negative pole is obd.

The super astral light is the Kundalini that we must awaken by practicing sexual magic. This is fundamental; any other way is foolish.

What is important is the fire; everything else is illusion. The planes of cosmic consciousness are nothing but scales of the serpent of fire.

The serpent leaves its scales at the end of each mahamanvantara.

These scales are nothing more than cosmic dust. We must liberate ourselves from these scales to be born within the Absolute.

The uncreated light, the ‘Non-Being’ which is the ‘Real Being’ subjectively shines within the darkness of the Absolute.

Buddhi (the spiritual soul) is a spark that was engendered by the soul of the world. It must ripen by means of sexual magic to awaken absolute consciousness and to be born in the Absolute. Buddhi (the spiritual soul) can be independent of the soul of the world only by means of sexual alchemy.

Absolute happiness is only for those who liberate themselves from the cosmic dust and who are born in the uncreated light of Life, free in its movement.

Christ is an inhabitant of the Absolute. Christ came to the cosmic garden to guide us and lead us to the uncreated light of the Absolute.

Life free in its movement is the Absolute, where only the uncreated light shines. Human beings and gods are submitted to karma and pain if they are not liberated from the cosmos.

The Fohat hisses when it slithers from one point to another.

The positive pole (Kundalini) of the super astral light converts us into gods.

The negative pole (Kundabuffer) is the fire of fornication that converts us into demons.

We convert ourselves into androgynous flames by means of sexual alchemy.

In the dawn of each mahamanvantara, the Great Mother, the universal feminine principle, steals the fire from the gods to fertilize herself and to shine with pleasure.

This is the universal protogonous; this is the tragedy of the gods. This is what the logoic downfall is.

The gods can be liberated only when their virginal sparks are liberated. Fortunately, in the dawn of each mahamanvantara, the spiral of life causes the universe to ascend one step more on the path of perfection.

There are two paths: the spiral path and the direct path towards the Absolute.

This I say to my arhats: It is better to renounce the happiness of Nirvana and sacrifice yourselves for the great work of the Father to be born within the Absolute.

This I say to my arhats: The masters who renounce the happiness of Nirvana to follow the duty of the long path of woe and bitterness are liberated from the soul of the world after many ages. Thus, they are born within the uncreated light of life, free in its movement, where only absolute happiness, absolute consciousness, and absolute reality of the Being reigns.

May peace be with humanity.