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Change Nature, Thus You Shall Find What You Seek

1. Arnold of Villanova, Albert the Great, Raymond Lully and many other alchemists, give the designation of Mercury to the sperm or semen.

2. There is only one matter that serves as a foundation for the great work of the Father.

3. This raw matter of the great work is the sperm, which is designated as Mercury by the alchemists.

4. “Mercury is the sperm of all metals.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

5. Arnold of Villanova states,

“According to its degree of sulfurization, it [Mercury] generates the various metals in the bosom of the earth.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

6. Therefore, Mercury revests the diverse metallic forms in accordance with the degree of baking.

7. In reality,

“Everything is made up of elements into which it can be broken down.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

8. With the help of heat, we can disarrange ice into water, because water is the element of ice.

9. “Now all metals resolve into Mercury; therefore this Mercury is the raw material of all metals.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

10. Mercury is the spermatic semen in which all the metals can be disarranged because this is the element from which all things emerge.

11. The human being can be disarranged in the semen because this is the element that he departed from. Each thing can be disarranged in its own elements from which it is composed.

12. Before the metals can be transmuted, firstly they must be reduced to their raw matter.

13. As well, before the human being can be redeemed for his sins and enter the kingdom of Heaven, he must firstly be reduced to his raw matter in order for him to be transmuted into the heavenly man that Saint Paul spoke of.

14. For example, if I have a statue and I want to give this statue a completely new form, I must first reduce this statue to its raw matter by disarranging it into the same elements that it is composed of.

15. Then, with this raw matter, I form the statue in a completely new and totally different form.

16. As well, if we want to be transmuted into heavenly people, into masters of wisdom, we must be reduced to the sperm from which we were formed, to elaborate the Intimate Christ, the Child of Gold of sexual alchemy.

17. “Change nature to find what you seek.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

18. “They [the alchemists] said indeed that our Stone has a soul, a body and a spirit, which is true.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

19. Our imperfect body is our individual planet.

20. “They [the alchemists] called the ferment soul,” because during the practices of sexual magic we enter the worlds of darkness and of light, and into the worlds of fire and passion, from which we must pull out the light of the spirit.

21. “We draw first the subtle from the dense... the dry from the wet,” in other words, it is necessary to separate the waters from the waters for the ‘dryness’ to appear.

22. This ‘dryness’ is our divine Earth, our interior universe taken from the waters of life.

23. “The spirit becomes body, then the body becomes spirit.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

24. With this we want to say that the semen is transformed into spirit and the spirit into semen.

25. “All our magisterium is drawn from our Water” of the Father.

26. This blessed water dissolves all the metals of the Earth. It dissolves all the elements of the human universe. It cooks and reduces all into their primitive elements to again make them into more perfect, pure and ineffable forms.

27. This divine water cleans and whitens everything.

28. “The Azoth and the fire clean the brass, that is to say, they clean and completely remove all of its blackness.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

29. The water of our chaos unites the most different principles with the condition that they firstly must be dissolved in the semen, in other words, into the water that we are made of.

30. This chaotic union is eternally inseparable.

31. The first teaching that Christ, the divine rabbi of Galilee gave us was to transmute the water into wine.

32. The first teaching of our divine master was sexual alchemy.

33. Christ transmuted the water into wine in the nuptial wedding of Cana.

34. The first teaching that the divine master gave us was sexual alchemy, when he opened the path of the initiation for all human beings.

35. It is necessary to transmute the water into the wine of light of the alchemist, to deeply self-realize ourselves as masters of the mahamanvantara.

36. In this day and age, among Theosophism, spiritism, Cherenzism, Parsivalism, pseudo-Rosicrucianism, etc., sexual sublimation is often spoken of. Nonetheless, the inexperienced ignorant ones believe that sublimating is elevating.

37. These people want to sublimate impure forces without previously reducing them to the raw matter of the great work.

38. This is why all the ignorant spiritual devotees who eat at Jezebel’s table and who eat food offered unto idols have failed.

39. If we wish to transmute or sublimate our sexual forces, then we must first be chaste and not spill even a single drop of semen.

40. We must reduce all the elements to their raw matter for them to be transmuted.

41. If we want to sublimate our lower passions, then we must first be chaste in order to reduce all our metals to the chaotic semen, and then to transmute them into the Intimate Christ, into the Child of Bethlehem, into the Child of Gold of sexual alchemy.

42. Not a single fornicator can transmute his inferior personality into the Gold of the spirit.

43. Not a single fornicator can transmute his sinner personality into the heavenly-man.

44. This is why all fornicators, all uncircumcised ones and all the satyrs of spiritualism have failed.

45. Neither sublimation nor transmutation can exist without first reducing our old personality into the semen from which it was formed.

46. “Change nature to find what you seek.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

47. “Our Water mortifies, illuminates, cleanses and vivifies.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

48. Our water first becomes black, then red, and it then suddenly turns into distinct colors.

49. “This is how our Magisterium is taken from One, is made with One, and is composed of four and three, and are in One.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae

50. This means that the magisterium is taken from the human being; it is composed of the four elements, and the body, soul, and spirit are all reduced to the semen.

51. Our blessed stone is corporeal and spiritual.

52. Our blessed stone is spiritual in its substance; however, the spirit has become corporeal in it, thanks to the union with the body.

53. “Some call it fermentation, others call it bronze.

54. “Morienus states, ‘The science of our Magisterium is entirely comparable to the procreation of the human being; first of all, the coitus; secondly, the conception; third, the imbibition; fourth, the birth; fifth, the nutrition or nourishment.’”

55. “Our sperm, which is Mercury, unites with the earth, that is to say with the imperfect body, also called Mother Earth (the earth being the mother of all the elements). This is what we [medieval alchemists] mean by coitus.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

56. Thus, the coitus of the alchemist is this union of the semen with our organism.

57. During the practice of sexual magic, the semen is raised to the chalice of the brain instead of being spilled. This is what sexual transmutation is. This is the coitus of medieval alchemists.

58. “This is why the Philosopher Mechardus says: “If our Stone is not put in the womb of the female, in order to be nourished there, she will not increase.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

59. Well now, the female’s womb that Mechardus speaks of is our “Mother Earth,” our own human organism.

60. If we throw that stone out from our divine womb, we can then engender human beings condemned to death, but we cannot engender the king crowned with the red diadem, the Sun-King of sexual alchemy.

61. “Then when the earth has retained in itself a little Mercury [semen], we say that there is conception.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

62. “When we say that the male acts on the female, we must understand by that that the Mercury acts on the earth.” With this we are referring to sexual contact with our spouse. Also, we want to affirm that our semen is acting upon the Earth; that is to say, it is being transmuted within our own organic laboratory, to be converted into light and fire. Thus:

63. “Our magisterium is male and female.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

64. We say that there is imbibition when the sexual fluids are assimilated by our organism after withdrawing from our spouse.

65. “Then the ferment coagulates, that is to say, it joins with the imperfect body.” Thus, we say that there is conception.

66. Then comes the birth of our king.

67. The crowds say:

“Honor our King coming out of the fire, crowned with a golden diadem, obey him until he has reached the age of perfection, feed him until he is grown. The father is the Sun, the mother is the Moon; the Moon is the imperfect body. The Sun is the perfect body.”

68. Finally, his nourishment arrives.

69. The Sun King is fed with his own milk.

70. This milk is the sperm that engendered him.

71. The more he is nourished, the better, because he will grow more rapidly. He will fertilize himself and he will be strong in a total way.

72. Therefore,

“Change Nature to find what you seek.” —Villanova, Semita Semitae (Road of Roads)

Reveals the true meaning of the genuine documents and symbols used by the medieval alchemists, such as Paracelsus, Basil Valentine, Francis Bacon, and more, by showing how those teachings are hidden in the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the Judeo-Christian Bible.

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