The Gnostic Esoteric Work

It is urgent to study Gnosis and to utilize the practical ideas which we give in this book in order to work seriously on ourselves.

Nonetheless, we cannot work on ourselves with the intention of dissolving this or that “I,” without having previously observed it.

The observation of oneself permits a ray of light to penetrate within our interior.

Each “I” manifests itself one way through the head, another way through the heart, and in another way through the sexual center.

We need to observe the “I” which we have captured at a given moment; it is urgent to see it in each of these three centers of our organism.

If we are alert and vigilant, like a watchman in time of war, while relating with other people, we can then discover ourselves.

Do you recall at what time your vanity was hurt by someone? Your pride? What was it that upset you the most during the day? Why did you have that vexation? What was its secret cause? Study this, observe your head, heart and sexual center...

Practical life is a marvelous school. So, through interaction with others we can discover those “I’s” that we carry within our interior.

Any annoyance, any incident can lead us through inner Self-observation to the discovery of any “I,” whether it be of self-esteem, envy, jealousy, anger, covetousness, suspicion, calumny, lust, etc.

We need to know ourselves before being capable of knowing others. It is urgent to learn to see others’ point of view.

If we place ourselves in the place of others, we discover that the psychological defects that we attribute to others exist in abundance within our interior.

To love our neighbor is indispensable; however, in the esoteric work, if one does not firstly learn how to place his own self in the position of another person, one cannot love others.

Cruelty will continue existing on the face of the Earth as long as we have not learned to put ourselves in the place of others.

But if one does not have the courage of seeing himself, then how can one put himself in the place of others?

Why should we only see the bad side of people?

The mechanical antipathy towards another person that we meet for the first time indicates that we do not know how to put ourselves in the place of our fellowmen. This indicates that we do not love our fellowmen, that we have our consciousness extremely asleep.

Do we feel antipathy towards a certain person? Why? Perhaps he drinks? Let us observe him... Are we certain of our virtue? Are we certain of not carrying the “I” of drunkenness within our interior?

When we see a drunkard doing all kinds of stupidities, it would be best if we said to ourselves, “This is me, what tomfoolery am I doing...?”

Are you an honest and virtuous woman and because of that you do not like a certain woman? Do you feel antipathy towards her? Why? Do you feel sure of yourself? Do you believe that you do not have the “I” of lust within your interior? Do you think that this woman, discredited by her scandals and lasciviousness, is perverse? Are you sure that the lasciviousness and perversity that you see in that woman does not exist within your interior? It would be better to observe yourself intimately, and while in profound meditation you may occupy the place of that woman you despise.

If indeed we yearn for a radical change, then it is urgent to value the Gnostic esoteric work. It is indispensable to comprehend and appreciate it.

It is indispensable to know how to love our fellowmen, to study Gnosis and to take these teachings to all people. Otherwise, we will fall into egotism.

If one dedicates himself to the esoteric work on oneself, but does not give these teachings to others, his inner progress becomes then very difficult due to lack of love for our fellow men.

For whosoever gives, to him shall be given, and the more he gives, the more he shall receive, but whosoever gives not, from him shall be taken away even what he has.

This is the Law.

By knowing what is in our hearts and minds, by seeing what we usually ignore, we learn not only what we are capable of, but also what prevents us from developing our full potential.

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